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PlaceMarker La Verdadera Mente Maestra
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Latina Submission Machina Offline
¡La hija bastarda!

XWF FanBase:
Men and Lesbians

(physically attractive female on every level; can seduce you; that disarming smile; those bedroom eyes)

01-11-2023, 11:40 PM

We open with a shot of the next XWF Universal Champion seated on a stool in front of a locker room mirror. She's applying stylized paint to one side of her face, the hidden symbolisms concealed beneath thick layers of dark acrylic. With her hair tied in a ponytail and her most comfortable sweatpants on, it seemed like LSM was only putting this paint on for her own enjoyment. 

Until you heard a familiar voice call out from another room. 

"I'm ready for ye' any minute darlin'!" 

You'd know that voice from anywhere, but statistically, you most likely know it from Twitter! It's Azurine Vebbins, the newest lover of the Latina Submission Machina! LSM smiles in her mirror before putting her brush down and stepping off the stool. 

"I'm coming!"
"Not yet you're not!"

LSM visibly facepalms before turning to camera, obviously embarrassed. 

"You can't take women like her're not going to use this footage, right?"

The drone camera moves up and down, as if giving a shrug. LSM sighs before looking off to the side, clearly needing a second to gather herself. Then, she turns back to camera with a new gameplan. 

"You really need some footage from me right now? Like tonight?"

The drone camera moves up and down again, although slightly differently than before, as if it were giving a nod. 

"Ughh fine. If I give you some footage right now will you leave me alone, for just a couple hours?"

Another nod from the drone. LSM rolls her eyes before begrudgingly giving Vinnie's drone camera exactly what it wants. 

A mean fucking shoot promo on MasterMids!

Latina Submission Machina leans into the camera as dramatic fight music starts playing out of nowhere!

"I'm going to show the XWF what a Verdadera Mente Maestra looks like! 

I'm the next big thing, the fan favorita, the up and coming legendary luchadora that is going to take this industry by storm in ways unimaginable to minds like yours. 

I'm on an upwards ascension towards the XWF universal championship belt, towards the perpetual main event, and it all started right here on Thursday Nights. People used to belittle Anarchy by calling it the 'C' Show...but me? I've always called it the 'watch and C' show, because I'm going to make everyone watch and see what Anarchy's top talents can do when given the opportunity! 

Now, Anarchy's premiere talent and most beloved shooting star is taking the brand to heights unimaginable. Of course, who else could do it? I'm a 2-time Anarchy champion, the black and blue courses through my veins like my blood was dyed with ink.  

I'm becoming a household name and I'm turning Anarchy into the most watched show in professional lucha libre...these aren't prophecies or predictions; these are the things that are happening RIGHT NOW! If this Master of Mediocrity can't see the writing on the wall, then he is truly blinded by arrogance. 

But things like this don't just happen naturally...they take careful planning, meticulous attention to detail, and a whole lot of chest pounding!

Only La Verdadera Mente Maestra could pull off something like this! With my twitter fingers, my snarky comments, and my incredible in-ring skill I have shown everyone that I am the TRUE Master Mind on Thursday nights! 

The other pendejo wearing the name is a just a sad clown trying to groom young wrestlers into joining his sex cult. "The Hammer", "Crazy Child", "The Huntress", all brought together by the big "Jerk", yeah....we all can see the implications here! MasterMind doesn't have a mind for lucha, but for tricking young people into throwing away their lives. 


His Anarchy Championship run went on for far too long, but now that it's over, it's time to finally bury this old man's career for good. Just like he's buried young talent after young talent who was supposed to be under his tutelage. I'm going to put this parasite to sleep for good, so that way he can't ruin anymore careers through his mentorship! 

This is a go-to-sleep match, and I have a whole arsenal of submissions that should do the trick. I'm built for matches like these, to make rudos like him go to sleep, and I'm built to do it all on the biggest stage there is: Thursday Night Anarchy! 

The age of old men dragging out their careers on my airwaves is over. Tomorrow night, MasterMind's career is going to sleep: and then, maybe his lil' Misfists can finally wake up and become the wrestlers they have the potential to be! Because I'm not just kicking his culo for me and my own bragging rights heading into Warfare....I'm doing it for EVERYONE in the XWF universe! The Misfits, the fans, the up-and-comers on Anarchy who are getting buried in the undercard so washed-out geezers can live their golden years. 

In 2023, things are going to be different around here. Starting now."

LSM gives a cocky grin to the camera before crossing her arms over her chest. The half-painted face of the next Universal champion fills the frame as you hear Azurine call out from the bedroom.

"Darlin I thought you said you were comin! I hope you put on that sexy body paint I like so much!"

"I think Vinnie's got enough footage for one night."

And with that, LSM winks at the drone camera before sending it flying with a SUPER KICK out of nowhere! The camera falls to the floor and the screen goes blurry. We see LSM scampering away from the scene before the shot completely cuts to black, much like MasterMind's career tomorrow night!

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