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11-25-2022, 12:47 PM

”The Shop” || Queens, New York || 9:14PM

[Image: Warehouse.jpg]
Normally, I try to stay out of everyone’s business.  Even if they’re my friends or family.  Aside from twitter banter, naturally, their business is their business.  There are few exceptions and this, unfortunately for Jason Cashe, is one of those times.  I may have put my military life behind me, but a soldier never forgets.  While the majority of my military has been sold off to the American government, some things I still maintain possession of at the moment.

Again, unfortunately for Jason Cashe.

Cashe is a friend.  Not a close friend per se, but a friend nevertheless.  Sloane Taylor however, is one of my best friends.  The two of them have what you might call, the friendliest war in the history of wars and Sloane’s weapon of choice, is glitter bombs.

During one of their latest friendly fire twitter wars, I got to thinking.  I have the means, I have the equipment, I have the capabilities to modify some things to deliver a stealth glitter bomb equivalent to a nuclear weapon.  As such, I’ve been hard at work in the shop for the last several hours working on a prototype

[Image: MQ1-Predator.jpg]
Basically, it’s a miniaturized version of the now obsolete M1 Predator.  Rather than carrying deadly missiles to its intended target, this little fucker will carry a glitter filled missile hundreds upon hundreds of miles with the sole intent to piss off Jason Cashe when he least suspects it.  Courtesy of the Sky Queen.

To be honest, adapting the drone to carry glitter missiles was easy and took about an hour.  The rest of my time here, I’ve been repainting the missile body from desert camouflage to sky blues, grays and whites while meticulously “signing” each missile with a script style “Sky Queen” in light pink and sprinkling a little glitter over the wet paint.

”Perfect,” I say aloud to myself as I reach for my phone and place a video call to the aforementioned Sloane Taylor.  Being the night before Thanksgiving, Sebastian Everett-Bryce and Sloane are in Chicago with her family for the holiday.

”Heyyy,” she answers warmly with a smile.  ”How are things at home?”

”A lot less interesting with you guys in Chicago,” I admit.  ”But hey, I know you’re with family though so I don’t wanna take up too much of your time, but that thing we talked about.  I’m pretty sure I got it figured out and calibrated.”

”Ohhh?” her ears perk up and her smile grows.

”Wanna see it?”

”God yes,” she replies enthusiastically.

Spinning my phone around, I show her the drone and a collection of about a dozen glitter missiles.

”Hmmm,” she mumbles aloud.

”What’s wrong?” I ask of her while spinning the camera back to me.

”Nothing,” she says quietly.  ”I just thought it’d be bigger is all.”

”What!?  These are pretty big!” I protest.  ”I’ve seen Seb, honey.  There’s no way you’re worried about…” my voice trails off as on the screen, I can see her having trouble following where I’m going.  Instead of continuing on, I switch back to the topic of discussion rather than the joke debate on dick size.

”Anyway, what they lack in size, they more than make up for in ability alone,”
I say to her.

”I concede to your expertise, Thaddy,” she says sweetly.

”Look at that,” I say as I spin the camera lens toward the missiles, showing off the painstaking details of the sky camouflage.

”Oh my God, you did that for me?” she asks as I redirect the lens at myself again.

”Yeah, I mean.  It was nothin’,” I lie.  It was pretty difficult.  ”Wanna see it in action?”

”It’s ready?” she asks excitedly.

”Well, my team is still working on the app for you to control it, but it’s ready for a test run,” I inform her.

”Let’s do it!”

”I thought you’d never ask,” I joke.  ”I’mma put you in my pocket while I carry this thing outside.”

”Okay,” she replies as I slide my phone into my back pocket before lifting the drone from the bench.

”Hey Sloane,” I say as I make my way to the vacant lot outside.

”Hmmmph?” comes her muffled reply from my pocket.

“Stop lookin’ at my ass,” I joke.

”THADDY!?” that one comes through loud and clear, causing me to laugh.

Pacing myself several feet from the garage opening, I lay the drone on the ground and remove my phone from my pocket and set it at roughly a 45 degree angle on top of a crate.

”You ready?” I ask, but I get no reply.  So I crane my neck to look at my phone.  ”Sloane, you ready?”

”Oh my bad,” she says with a laugh.  ”I nodded.”

With the remote control in my hand, I activate the drone.  It rolls forward slowly at first before taking off like a bat out of hell across the lot.  Just before ducking out of the overhead light, it’s wheels up and soaring into the sky.  Most of which I can barely see.

”Where’d it go?” she asks.

”It’s getting pretty dark so it’s hard to see,” I inform her.  ”I can kinda see it though, it’s on its way back down.”


Pressing the ‘fire’ button on the remote, I can hear the whistling coming closer.


And closer.


Very suddenly, and with no warning, Lauren steps into the light from the parking lot carrying a plastic shopping bag.


My warning comes a second too late.  Just as soon as I open my mouth, the missile detonates showering my wife with millions of little bits of glitter.

”UGGGGH!” she stops in a stunned and frozen stance.

”Hey Sloane?”

”Uh huh?”

”I think I gotta go,” I regretfully inform her.

”Yeah I kinda figured so.”

”Talk tomorrow night?” I ask, unable to remove my eyes from my glitter covered wife.


”K,” I say before averting my attention to the trouble I’m in.  ”What are you even doin’ here?” I ask as I make my way toward her.

”Oh… my… fucKING GOD!  LEANDER!” she shouts as I near her.  ”You missed dinner, so I brought it for you!” she shouts angrily.  Luckily for me, there are no house lamps in sight.

”You did?” I ask sweetly.

”Yeah,” she replies angrily before punting the shopping bag.  ”Go fuckin’ get it.”

”I didn’t know you were coming, otherwise I’d have told you where not to walk.”

”What the FUCK was that?”

”One of Sloane’s glitter missiles,” I answer as I start to brush the glitter off of her.  It’s a lot of fuckin’ glitter.  ”C’mon, let’s go home.  I’ll help you wash all this shit off you.”

”God damn right you will!”

[Image: NDdOtwO.png]

[Image: wgqr9W2.png]

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