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For the kids
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John Madison Jr. Offline
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Green as Grass

(sloppy in the ring; botches moves regularly; shows up when fans are hoping for anyone else)

11-19-2022, 05:41 PM

Jessica Musk aka Jenny Myst is spewing up more black fluid all over a fan during a Make A Wish meeting. I can appreciate that Jessica is dedicated to her little dark princess act but this was going over the line. I walked up to Jenny and the child dying from bone cancer.  The little girl (the cancer fighter - not the little hot topic barbie doll) is more excited to see John Madison Jr. than Jenny or Jessica, or whatever she is. The little girl says that her wish was to see John Madison Jr. beat Jenny Myst for the X-Treme Title at this very moment. That was when I knocked Jenny's little barbie doll head off with a lariat and pinned her in order to make the dying girl's wish come true. 

For all the suffering children, the ref makes the count

1 2

While the ref is counting, JMJ is responding to Jessica Musk's challenge

"I'm always ready to defend my championship but I make all decisions WITH my partner Angie because I'm a good friend (which might turn into something more serious down the road)."
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Charlie Nickles (11-19-2022)
Jenny Myst Offline
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11-19-2022, 10:15 PM

Really bro? 

Again with this? 

Get a life and get over the fact that you will NEVER hold my title. 


Take the hint. 

She dusts off her shoulders and walks away.
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"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane (11-19-2022)
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Finn Kühn (11-19-2022), John Madison Jr. (11-20-2022)

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