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Remember, remember...
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11-19-2022, 09:34 AM

Let’s rip off the Band-Aid, we all know why we are here.

Goth, man, I gotta be honest with you, I know as much about you as you probably know about me... and that's completely fine right? I mean we have been in separate lanes, doing our own thing.

I can take a guess as to why you are in this X-treme title match with us though, and that is simply because you were robbed man... You were due an X-treme title match at the last Warfare in a match against Atara Themis but she ended up losing the title before she got a chance to defend it against you...I know that has got to piss you off, especially since you beat her so easily at Warfare... I mean how long was that match, barely 5 minutes if that? In a Smokin' Bob Special match too? Man, did you choose that or did Atara? Well, if it was her, it clearly "backfired" on her but if it was you, way to capitalize on it... and again, sorry you couldn't win the title that night but "dem is the rulz" of the 24x7 championship...

So here we are, in a match together, both gunning for the same championship and you probably wonder why I am in the match to begin with right? I mean you deserve the shot, but me? Well, the simple answer could be that I'm due? Could be that I just had a nice solid win against one of the best newcomers XWF has seen since Rion Kido: Buster Gloves was tough and there is no denying that kid is going places, but for now, I got the shot but if not that, whatever the reason, there is no point dwelling on it... We’re here and this match is a 3-way dance and since I got no beef with you man, I'll simply wish you luck, may the best men win... That's right, men... And that's not because I'm sexist or anything, I say that because Jenny doesn't deserve to retain, I'll get into her later... But know this Goth, while you may deserve it, I have fucking earned it.

November 5th

Remember, remember, the 5th of November…

The gunpowder, treason and plot…

I know of no reason…

Why the gunpowder treason…

Should ever be forgot.

Xavier Lux has long since left the beautiful island of Waikiki and is back state side, in his hometown of Los Angeles… After getting back home, he didn’t stay long, just took a shower, put on some fresh clothes and headed out in his 1980’s Harley Davidson FX, towards the site of his Mom’s gravesite. After a phone call with his former manager Paco when he was still at the island, he felt like an even bigger piece of shit than he normally feels he is most of the time. He was supposed to fly to El Paso and join Paco and his family for “day of the dead”, Paco’s Latino tradition in which they celebrate all those who’ve passed away. Xavier wasn’t feeling it, so he stayed in the island continuing his drunken ways. In that phone call Paco reminded him that it’s not all about his father, and that he was spending too much time focusing on him, and not so much on his mother which was the one that was there for him from the moment she gave birth to him, to see him graduate wrestling school and sign his first contract with NLW all those years ago. She was there with him through the ups and downs, finally revealing who his father and sticking with him when that very same father tried to murder him numerous times. We won’t get into that, is well documented, you can read up on it, or not, doesn’t matter now… All that matters is that Xavier realized Paco was right, and so he is at his mom’s grave now, paying off some flower vendors and the undertakers for having cleaned up the site and putting fresh flowers all around. Her favorites were carnation, of any color she would tell him though Xavier knew her favorites really were yellow because that was his father’s favorite color. He doesn’t let his hatred for the man stop him from adorning his mom’s grave with them. Surprisingly, Xavier doesn’t have a bottle of any kind with him and looks like after he got cleaned up for the World Series of Wrestling TV program, he has stayed clean. Once all the vendors leave and he is all alone, he starts a conversation with her.

Hey ma, been a while, sorry about that. I-

But before he can say another word, Xavier is shocked by the sight of the man walking up the hill towards him: Marcus Ka’Derrion, his former tag team partner in the team known as “Sins of the Fathers” and whom he currently holds the GCWA World Tag Team Heavyweight championships with… The last time he saw him, was when Xavier blew up not only his private airfield, but his office in Miami as well as his personal chopper. The reason? Marcus tried to bury him alive next to his already deceased father. That was the last time Xavier saw Marcus but that wasn’t the last time we saw Marcus… We saw him in Puerto Rico, but unfortunately for him, he was chased off by some ghosts… and when Xavier came to, only Paco was with him. Speaking of ghosts, that’s how Xavier looks at Marcus, not believing he would be here, now. He wasn’t ready for this confrontation, hell, he was here to confront his mom and just have a heart to heart. With Marcus, he just wants to stab his.

What the hell are you doing here?

Relax X, I come in peace.

Yeah well you’re about to leave in pieces if you don’t turn your nerdy ass around and leave.

Dude, why are you always so… you… We’re at your mother’s grave, have some respect for -

You keep my mother’s name out of your damn mouth. You have no right to be here. 

I’m just paying my respects, like you, that’s all.

He opens his black trench coat and while Xavier takes a fighting stance, expecting a weapon of sorts, Marcus simply pulls out a bouquet of flowers, carnations, but bluish in color.

This, was my father’s favorite color… and he loved your mom, they were good friends. So, if you don’t mind…

He places the flowers at the bottom of the tombstone, and the blue does go nicely with the yellow, but Xavier doesn’t care.

Okay, off you go, we’ll do this another time.

What? You’re not even going to ask me how I found you?

I know how you found me… Like you always find me, with all your tech and fancy nerdy toys… I honestly don’t care… I just don’t want to do this now… Anywhere else, anytime, but right here, right now.

Alright, fine, you can find me here, tonight, 10PM… Don’t be late dude.

Marcus produces a card and leaves it on top of the tombstone. He then turns around and heads back the way he came from. Once he is far enough away, Xavier turns his glare down to his mother’s grave.

Again, I’m sorry ma… Look I just came here to say, first and foremost, thank you for all you did… Your effort, as a single mother, was never lost on me… I hope I showed you enough when you were alive that I appreciated it all… but after your passing, I turned even more bitter, and let my hatred for my father consume me.. Consume the love I had for you. But that ends today, I’m moving on ma… If the WSOW has done anything for me, is help me get through that stage of my life… and with Paco’s help of course, I’m focusing instead of filling my heart with your memories, with your love. So again, thanks and -

Before he can continue revealing this side of him we have never seen before, there is a huge explosion in the parking lot. Xavier ducks next to his mom’s tombstone and then looks towards where the huge fireball rose up from and it’s the same way where Marcus came from. Xavier stands up, grabs the card Marcus left and quickly rushes over, heading down the hill and disappearing behind the trees.

Hello Jenny…. Nice hair.

We’ve met before you and me, but it’s been a while… so allow me to refresh your memory.

Saturday Night Savage 4-30-22


- vs -


- vs -


….fast forward…

Vega is out on her feet. Lux whips her off the ropes and drops her with a back body drop. Going for the cover.




Lux rolls off, holding his face.

Jenny's eyes go big as she sees the small amount of blood in the ring, clearly from his face. She claps and jumps up and down as if she was a kid who just accomplished something and was excited.

….fast forward…

Jenny reverses Vega and rolls into a pin.



3----NO!, Lux pulled Jenny off by her blonde hair, tossing her aside. Lux is back to his feet, his face a crimson mask.

….fast forward…

Lux grabs Vega by the hair. Snap Suplex! Into the bridge!



Vega gets her foot on the bottom rope!

Lux gets his arms wrapped around her waist again, however. He delivers another snap suplex.

A third.

A fourth.

Going for the 5th snap Suplex, Jenny comes out of nowhere with a palm to the nose. Lux yells, letting go of Vega-Yin. He stumbles away, holding his nose. Jenny smiles at Vega-Yin before bringing her in.....kissing her forehead....... Jenny is setting up for Myst Opportunities here. Lux, full of rage about the condition of his face, charges from the corner.

As Jenny looks up from the kiss, Lux leads his charge with a lethal kick square in the face!!! The kick forces Jenny backwards, releasing Vega Yin in and process, and sends her through the middle and top rope down to the floor!!!  Lux picks up a staggering Vega-Yin and hoists her up on his shoulders!!  With Vega-Yin cradled, he takes two and a half steps up the corner turnbuckles and dives off hitting a devastating, crushing Death Valley Driver!!!


PIP: Lux covers!!!  He's checking on Jenny, but she hasn't moved!!!!






It’s alright though, I kind of liked it. If I’m not mistaken that was the first time I had bled in an XWF match, in an XWF ring.

Even as hard as I went against Mac Bane at the March Madness pay-per-view, in an amazing wrestling match, match of the night some say, no blood was spilled...

Even as hard as Alias and I fought in our falls count anywhere match; up and down and inside and out of the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada we went, and no blood was spilled...

In two separate matches before ours, against these two legends, I didn't get as much as a cut that could possibly maybe cause some blood to drop... But you, YOU... who are nowhere near their level, nowhere near their talent, nowhere near their respectability, with one 'lucky' shot, you managed to almost break my nose and bust me open.

The wrestling gods are assholes.

It’s alright though, I returned the favor, in the same night, in the same match, and I knocked you the fuck out long enough to get the win over Vega, who, God bless her soul, had no business being in this match in the first place. It would have been great if the pin was against you, but clearly, those same wrestling gods had something else in mind for much later down the line... I did enjoy knocking you out though Jenny... I stood on the corner, ref pointing at me as the winner, wearing a crimson mask and looking down at your lifeless body on the outside, with a smile on my face... and I hardly smile, so you know that was a glorious moment.

Good times.

Fast forward almost seven months, and here we are, facing each other again in another three-way match but this time with a title on the line… A title you were recently allowed to win by none other than fellow CCPE member, and our universal champion Mark Flynn. Shout out to Mark, we kicked ass in the TFCE, for sure...

But Jenny, I see you doing all this bragging all over the place... Oh, what’s that? Do you really think you won the match? You really think that you were the better out of the four competitors in the ring that night? Please, everyone knows the snotty brat you have become, especially now with that fucked up haircut you are trying to hide with that horrible wig. Brats have no business being champions, specially holding the X-treme championship which I'm told is the second most prestigious title in XWF and one of the oldest... Yet you get to hold it thanks to Flynn because he was wanting no part of winning a title that way, with Micheal Graves serving it in a silver platter that way they did... But you, who were ripping Marf a new one for winning the title in a way that you are allowed to do, that is LEGALY okay to do, and part of the lure of that title... YOU went on CRYING A DAMN RIVER at the atrocity of XWF officials allowing this to happen, how dare Marf do something he was completely on the right to do. How dare he do something others, me included, have failed at doing. Something you have probably in the pass tried to do and failed... Yet YOU, like a snake slithered in and took the pin that didn't belong to you. That title around your waist or over your shoulder or hiding your messed up haircut, wherever it is that you have it, that title doesn't belong to you, and you know it. You lost it fair and square, and you won it by stealing other people's work... You keep yelling at Marf that he can't beat you for it straight up, but can you retain it on Sunday at Bad Medicine straight up? Or will you be one and done and then the following day, if not that very same night, try to steal the title right back in a way that you were deeming unworthy just hours before?

Stop being a damn hypocrite Jenny Myst, own up and accept that when you hold a 24-7 championship, you are expected to defend it 24-7 regardless of what you may have going that day... Regardless of how you feel or where you are mentally. With this X-treme championship anything goes, and whether it is at a big pay per view event like Bad Medicine, or whether you are at CVS asking the pharmacist for a medicine that will cure the itchiness of your dry ass scalp... You are expected to defend it, bottom line.

That is why I tried to take the title away from you during Thursday Night Anarchy... Because I know how sensitive you are right now.. How fragile your mind is... You are on edge and that makes you perfect and ripe for the picking. Sure, you kicked out, and you had a bunch of nasty stuff to say about and to me... But I can take it, I am thick skinned, and I do all my talking in the ring anyway... But I was taken back a little because I was like, really? Just for trying to pin you, you gonna act that way towards me? You just gonna blow up like I'm Marf or anyone else that pissed you off?

I know you are not mad about me winning that match all those months ago... You brushed me off like a fallen leaf from a tree... Nah, your reaction for me attempting to pin you lets me know that you are not okay Jenny... Mentally, you are not okay... You are paranoid... You are scared because you know you have worked yourself into a corner and you have everyone in the XWF not only against you, but simply not liking you for who you are... Who you've become. Everyone has seen through you after that little temper tantrum that you threw the other night... After seeing how you react after each person who tries to pin you... Hell Charlie didn't even try to pin you and you blew up.

Could you be classy and simply kick out and walk away? Sure, you could, but instead, you choose to attack with your tongue and verbally abuse everyone that tries to pin ya. Just like a little chihuahua who will growl and try to bite at anyone that tries to come near it... That is your defense mechanism because you are small... That is the only thing you got going for yourself Jenny... Words... Well like the old saying goes, sticks, and stones love... They may break me, but your words, your words make me laugh.  Words that are not even worth repeating.... 

I got inside your head a few nights ago, and beat you mentally... Now, when we face off in the ring at Bad Medicine, I will beat you, very brutally, with "x-treme prejudice" because you not only deserve it but need it. At Bad Medicine, I will take the X-treme championship away from you... Because while you may hold that title, you are not a champion…. An X-treme champion, and at the pay per view, I will prove it.

To be continued…

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