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The Latina Seduction Machina and her Queen
Author Message
Latina Submission Machina Offline
¡La hija bastarda!

XWF FanBase:
Men and Lesbians

(physically attractive female on every level; can seduce you; that disarming smile; those bedroom eyes)

05-12-2022, 12:59 AM

¡La campeón esta aquí!

LSM continually checks her phone as her makeup artist starts packing up. LSM sits on a cushioned chair in front of a mirror, phone in hand, as she looks at the four messages she has sent in a row with no response. The Anarchy champion mutters softly to herself before stuffing the phone into the bralette of her wrestling attire. The make up artist, a young ginger woman a defined underbite, throws her bags over her shoulder. Before the artist leaves the locker room, however, she stands in the doorway and asks LSM a tough question.

You seemed pretty down today- do you want to talk about it? Usually you're cracking jokes and we're listening to Spanish rap music during your match prep, but today you were just on your phone the whole time. Boy problems?

The ginger cocks her head to the side as offers further assistance. LSM smiles, but ultimately shrugs off the friendly gesture.

Oh, I have to talk about it on camera pretty soon anyways, no need to worry you with my little problems. But don't worry, I promise there's no boys involved.

Alright, well let me know when your next booking is and I'll be sure to travel there to do your makeup! You're my best client!

Will do! You do such a fantastico job, I could never go out to the ring with anyone else's art on my face!

The two women exchange waves before the ginger walks away from the scene. LSM tries to resist the urge to check her phone again, but ultimately fails. She pulls it out, looking once more at the text messages she sent without any response. LSM rolls her eyes and tosses the phone onto the makeup table in front of her. Then LSM steps out of her chair and picks up her championship. The woman with the painted face carefully wraps the belt around her waist before securing the straps. LSM rolls her head around on her neck as she cracks her knuckles before she closes her eyes and stands still for a moment.

LSM sighs softly to herself as she lets go of all her inner negativity. It's an old trick her madre taught her, and it still works. When LSM opens her eyes she's ready to confront the world, so naturally she walks out of her locker room and heads towards the promo booth. She catches several glances and stares as she walks down the halls of Anarchy, but they're not looking at her latina booty. Everyone is busy ogling the premiere championship belt strapped around her waist. When the champion finally reaches the promo booth the producers clear the scene and let her go to work. They know she's the best on Thursday nights, and they know that she doesn't need any direction.

La Reina...that's what you like to call yourself. Cute name. But what, exactly, are you the Queen of? It's not the XWF, Jenny's ship sailed out to sea on that one a long, long time ago. La Reina's not the Queen of Thursday nights, how could she be, she'd have to take this belt away from me before she could ever truly claim to be La Reina.

And I promise everyone: that is not going to happen. Ever. Instead, La Reina is going to tap out in the middle of the ring. She's going to submit to me, Latina Submission Machina, like she should have done a long time ago...

LSM stares off into the distance with disappointment. The, she stares into the camera with the rage of a would-be scorned lover.

I think you tricked me, La Reina, and I won't let it happen again. I let you hold my Anarchy championship belt during the awards show we attended together, and I thought we had a bueno time! It was fun, there were bebidas, danzada, pretty much everything you could want! If you wanted to hold my Anarchy championship again, you just had to shoot me a text! I would have brought it over to your hotel room on any night of the Anarchy tour! I thought that's where we were going to go, La Reina. I thought you really wanted to be treated like your namesake. But now you're acting like the Wicked Witch of the West.

What's wrong with you, Daniela? You flirt with a woman all night, you give her your number, you insinuate you know what she wants: but then you ghost her? Eso está mal, chica. I thought we might have had something special, or at least a couple of special nights!

LSM shakes hear head in disgust.

Now she is only going to have one special night: one night where she put it all on the line, ended a blossoming friendship, and soared too close to the sun. We might as well call her La Icarus, because her special night is going to end with me burning her wings off with rapid-fire submissions, one after the other! La Reina acted like she was my friend just so she could get put in the main event last Anarchy. She played pretend with me because she wanted me to carry her past Elijah Martin and Jason Cashe, two luchadors that La Reina has no business competing with. I put that ungrateful puta on my shoulders and I saved her career, and how does she repay me? By challenging me for my championship belt on the very next Anarchy? Some friend she is!

She wanted to be my friend so she could be in the main event. Now she wants to be my enemy just to make another one. La Reina is literally nothing without LSM! If I hadn't won last week's main event FOR La Reina, she wouldn't have the pedigree she needs to main event in a singles match: and that's just a fact. La Reina probably couldn't even main-event a backyard brawl IN HER OWN HOUSE if I hadn't pushed her over Elijah and Cashe!

La Reina is making an enemy out of the best friend she ever could have had. But she didn't want my heart, she only wanted my championship belt. Now she gets neither.

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