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Warfare Results: 3.2.22
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(heel alignment but liked by many; has earned respect despite breaking the rules often)

03-02-2022, 06:27 PM

WEDNESDAY - 2nd - MARCH - 2022


From !!!



- vs -

- vs -

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[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -


Wednesday Night Warfare takes the air live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois as a shot of the Warfare ring with the soldout crowd going ballistic can be seen…

There’s a loud, mixed reception upon the countdown clock ticking away to zero before breaking out into “Judas” by Fozzy as the attention of the crowd diverts towards the top of the ramp where “Chronic” Chris Page emerges out to the top of the ramp. Page is in a charcoal grey shit, his head is bandaged from the wages of War from the Denzel Porter Invitational from over the weekend.

PIP: You have your eyes locked on the new General Manager of Wednesday Night Warfare.

HHL: You heard Pip right. Don’t adjust your televisions sets because we are about to be involved in a State of Warfare Address.

Chris makes his way towards the ring as the Chicago crowd is split with their response. Chris reaches ringside where he climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into HIS ring. He calls for a microphone as he walks across the ring where he is handed it by the ring announcer.

The music fades away as Chris stands in the center of the ring with his attention on the hard camera. He removes his sunglasses where he places them in the upper pocket of his sport coat before raising the microphone where he address the camera.

CHRIS PAGE: Over the last two weeks I’ve sat back and listened to the backlash that’s unfolded since Derrick Diamond signed over his role as General Manager of Wednesday Night Warfare to yours truly, Chris Page.

The split reaction maintains from the crowd as Chris continues.

CHRIS PAGE: To all the detractors here tonight, for all those around the world, before you judge a book by its cover allow me to take the time to let you know just who the hell I am. I’m not only a former XWF Universal Champion, I’m not only a living legend to this business… but I also happen to be a pretty smart dude that’s ran his own promotion, that knows how to navigate multiple personalities, that knows how to deliver a quality product each and every show we elect to do. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m probably not on a lot of Christmas Card lists, nor do I care. What I do care about is running MY show as I see fit to make Wednesday Night Warfare the premiere program within the XWF.

There’s a quick pause from Chris Page before he states.

CHRIS PAGE: I don’t expect for any of you to take me at face value, I mean I’ve done some pretty shitty things within my career; some I’m proud of, others I am not, and it’s also true that I must adhere to my Relentless 2021 stipulations which states that my XWF in-ring career is over; a stipulation I will uphold. I’ve also heard the rumblings that I might be so inclined to show some favoritism to talents that have signed on with CCPE, so let’s talk about that for a moment.

The crowd starts to quiet down.

CHRIS PAGE: Currently; Peter Vaughn, Mark Flynn, and Elijah Martin all hold Championships in some form whether it be the Universal Championship, Tag Titles, or the Anarchy Title; and I can see how most of you fickle cucks would assume that I will use my power to tilt the balance in their favors or of anyone within CCPE; but in the same token, have any of you paid attention to anything since CCPE has been a thing? Can anyone point out a circumstance at any time where I’ve been ringside and gotten involved? Can anyone please tell me where I’ve done anything to steer victory towards anyone within CCPE? You can’t, do you know why? Because I refuse to give any person that falls to defeat an out other than the lack of talent or ability they possess, so please, do yourselves a favor and can that shit.

There are some cheers mixed with boos as Chris continues on.

CHRIS PAGE: Will I be ringside with my talent? Your damn right I will.

Chris walks towards the ropes where he leans on the top rope talking towards the camera.

CHRIS PAGE: Now that’s out of the way let’s talk about how we’re going to what was once the flagship show of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation BACK to that promised land so that I may take my results and cram them so far up Theo’s ass he’s not going to have a choice but to acknowledge how wrong he has been versus how right I have been. Yet, it's not me that can help me establish my point; it’s ALL the boys and girls in the locker room that elect to compete on this program… but even I have grown bored with the same song and dance that’s just rinsed and repeated with the same cycle of talent. Warfare NEEDS fresh blood on the program, it NEEDS to highlight those that elect to highlight it…

“Point of Authority” by Linkin Park hits the airwaves as the fans go bananas as Theo Pryce makes his way out from the back. He doesn’t waste any time playing to the fans instead opting to make a beeline for the ring where new Warfare GM Chris Page is standing.

”Hey Chris how are you doing? You doing well? Enjoying your moment in the sun? Great. Now let’s cut the crap and get down to brass tacks. When Warfare went off the air last week I had some mixed emotions. Part of me was applauding you on the inside for pulling the wool over on Derrick but let’s be honest the guy is a moron so it’s not that big of accomplishment. Low bar you know? But hey, game respect game. You saw something you wanted and you took it. I’d be a massive hypocrite if I tried to take that away from you.

On the other hand I think you’re an untrustworthy piece of garbage who has spent every second since being forced into retirement by Robert Main, trying to get back into the XWF and now here you are. A General Manager. Out here trying to get the fans to buy into your special Chronic brand of bullshit that you sell everyone on and maybe some of the people out there will buy into it but I don’t and I won’t. You asked a few minutes ago when you’ve used your place as the head of CCPE to help one of your clients win a match and at first I thought maybe Chris is still suffering the after effects of my boot stomping on the back of your head but then I realized that this is just Chris being Chris. Trying to change the narrative. Trying to tell everyone that what they saw with their own eyes wasn’t actually what they saw.

You JUST last week tried to use your position to help a client win a match but in typical Chris Page fashion you failed. And you are going to continue to fail each and every time you try to use your weight to give your clients the edge. You said you aren’t going to do it but guess what Chris? I am going to be here to ensure that you don’t.

You may think you have it made in the shade as you lord over each and every edition of Wednesday Night Warfare but don’t you ever forget that as a General Manager of the XWF you work for me and you work for Vinnie Lane and that is subject to change whenever we see fit. Now you have my permission to go and run your show.”

Chris starts laughing at Theo as he raises his microphone.

CHRIS PAGE: Ladies and gentleman the king of two-faces, Theo Pryce, give it up everybody.

Chris applauds Theo as the mixed reception continues.

CHRIS PAGE: As much as you want this to be about me… it’s not. Never has been, never will be. Funny, you mention being kicked in the head; but uh, for someone that YOU have claimed on COUNTLESS occasions hasn’t been about anything put in more work than ANYONE in this profession, and you want to throw that in my face? Pfft. But you know, you’re right. Technically I do work for you and Vinnie Lane… for now….

There’s a response from the crowd as Theo cocks an eyebrow.

CHRIS PAGE: Yet I’m glad you’re here because it’s only fitting that I usher in a new era for Wednesday Night Warfare with you over my shoulder, watching like a hawk. As I was saying before you rudely interrupted me… Wednesday Night Warfare is in need of new blood, and as much as you want to condemn CCPE, as much as you want to even condemn me… I have something that you nor Lane have had in years; my fingers are on the pulse of this business. New blood, let’s think about that for just a second…

Chris stares into the eyes of Theo Pryce.

CHRIS PAGE: I have someone I want to reintroduce you to. You might remember him from Sunday Night, he was the guy that put Lane through a flaming table wrapped in barbed wire… He is the SCW World Heavyweight Champion and NEWEST member of the XWF Roster… MAC BANE!

Bane comes out onto the stage, a six-foot, six-inch ball of intensity. He glares at Pryce and nods at Page. He digs the microphone out of his pocket.
Mac Bane: Cut my damn music!

His theme fades to nothing as he approaches the ring.

Mac Bane: I guess Mr. Lane couldn’t make the meeting? That’s a shame, I was really hoping to meet him in a more…civil setting. I suppose he’s still convalescing at home?

Bane smiles at Pryce and then continues.

Mac Bane:You see Theo, that was a small sample of what I do. I’ve heard people accusing Chris of interfering in matches of his clients but we all know that’s bullshit. Chris is our agent, if the members of CCPE were to form a stable, the ability to simply hold a pen would be too much. If we were to take exception to the way that Mister Page was treated. He’d own this damn place. Period.

He steps up the ring steps, stopping on the apron, Mac leans on the ropes. He looks over at Page and smiles.

Mac Bane:Chris, all I need to know is when do I go to work and start teaching lessons to the disrespectful?

Chris raises his microphone as the Chicago crowd is in a state of shock with the arrival of Mac Bane.

CHRIS PAGE: The way I see it, and Mr. Pryce, correct me if I’m wrong but uh… March Madness seems like a fitting time and place… and I’ll take it a step further, since I have so much confidence in what Mac brings to the table, WE will allow YOU to select his opponent.

Theo simply smiles before climbing out of the ring leaving the spotlight on Chris Page and the XWF’s newest Superstar Mac Bane.

CHRIS PAGE: Walk away, Theo. Walk away.

Page and Mac bump fists. Page exits the ring where he and Mac hop down to the floor and make their exit.

PIP: You talk about a way to kick off the CCP era of Warfare, Mac Bane, SCW World Heavyweight Champion is now apart of the XWF, and Heather… It appears as if CCP is going to allow Theo to handpick the first opponent of Mac at March Madness!

HHL: Not even I was expecting that debut, but the bigger picture, can Chris Page back up his awfully big words when it comes to his vision of Wednesday Night’s?

PIP: Thus far we can’t complain about his start.

Mac and Page reach the top of the ramp where they then disappear behind the curtain.

As “Push It” plays, Salt and Pepper make their way down to the ring with a synchronized dance number.

A grinning skull and crossbones flickers onto the X-Tron in a burst of static, accompanied by digitized laughter that lasts only for a moment before the screen and arena go dark. "Pirate Metal Drinking Crew" by Alestorm hits the speakers, and a dozen rowdy men dressed as pirates come dancing and carousing their way out from the back in a double row, then line the entrance ramp and raise battered tin cups in salute.

"This is the tale, of a world gone wrong
A history without a song
The threads of meaning lost to me
We're blind to what we cannot see"

"Aeons ago when the ancients ruled
Otyg and Lumsk, celebrating yule
But then the damn pirates came along and said"

Pirates: "YO HO HO - You're fucking dead!"

Twin golden spotlights illuminate the entryway from opposite angles, as Jay Omega saunters out holding a tin cup as well, accompanied by the Dread Pirate Omega, who likewise has a drink in hand, and the two men dance a merry jig at the head of the ramp.

"Now your world's crashing down
Only one can survive
It's time you woke up
And realized"

OG Omega and DP Omega raise their cups in toast and drain their drinks, tossing the empties out into the crowd.

"We are the pirate metal drinking crew,
We think you're dumb and we hate you too"

Clearly enjoying themselves, the two Omegas cavort down the ramp, each taking the cup of the third pirate on their side and having another drink.

"We are the pirate metal drinking crew,
We don't give a fuck, we think you all suck"

The two men link arms and dance in a circle and a half, switching sides before they continue down the ramp.

"We are the pirate metal drinking crew,
We think you're dumb and we hate you too"

At the bottom of the ramp, both Omegas roll into the ring and pop up to their feet, continuing to dance their jig as they make their ways to opposite corners and climb to the second turnbuckle, raising their arms to soak in the crowd.

"We are the pirate metal drinking crew,
We don't give a fuck, we think you all suck

The Omegas both raise a double gun salute to the sky, then backflip off the turnbuckles and meet in the middle of the ring, where they play Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who will start the match.

- vs -

The bell sounds as it looks like the Dread Pirate Omega is going to be starting off the bout against Salt! Dread Pirate turns to Jay to say something when Salt connects with a big dropkick to the back! DPO slams into the turnbuckle before staggering back out towards Salt who connects with a big kick to the midsection followed by a…


The scoop slam drives him into the mat as Salt goes for the cover!



HHL: Dread Pirate better be careful turning his back to his opponent like that.

PIP: Yeah that’s a quick way to get shooped over!

Salt pulls Dread Pirate up, but Dread nails a jawbreaker. He turns towards Jay, but Salt grabs him and hits a belly-to-back suplex! Salt moves towards her partner and tags out.


Pepper runs in and begins drilling Dread with a series of punches to the midsection followed by a a running jab to the chin!


Pepper covers!




Pepper looks surprised as she picks up Dread Pirate Omega who spins out of her grasp and connects with a spinning heel kick to the back of her head. She slumps to the mat as DPO grabs her legs and gets her ready for a slingshot maneuver. He springs her up right in front of Jay Omega who DOTS her with a forearm smash!


She slumps to the mat as DPO tags in Jay! Jay lifts up Pepper and whips her into the corner before following up with a running kneelift followed directly by a second rope bulldog!


However, instead of going for a pinfall, Jay Omega lifts up Pepper above his body in a vertical suplex and motions towards Dread Pirate Omega who leaps off with a diving spear!


PIP: Gesundheit!

Jay Omega leaps into the pinfall as Dread Pirate Omega runs across the ring and cuts Salt off with a lick to the face!




Winners by Pinfall: Double Trouble

Jay and Dread Pirate Omega celebrate in the ring as Salt and Pepper lick their wounds.

HHL: That was some quality entertainment.

PIP: Double Trouble is gaining some momentum as they are heading into March Madness.

We cut back to the massive office belonging to your Warfare General Manager where we find Chris Page on his phone speaking to someone unknown.

CHRIS PAGE: Listen up, I don’t care how it gets done… just get it done. There’s a lot of moving parts to all of this that you’re not privy to, simply put, it’s above your pay grade. Do yourself a favor and stop questioning the man that’s signing your checks.

Chris turns his attention towards the door to his office as he ends the call with a smile on his face while he states.

CHRIS PAGE: Ah, Mr. Cashe, I’m glad you’ve made it tonight.

The camera pan back to reveal the newly crowned Pro Wrestling Valor Disavowed Champion, Jason Cashe. Jason and Page share a fist bump.

JASON CASHE: Once again, thanks for the invitation, and I see things tend to change rather quickly… Mr. General Manager.

Chris motions off screen. Jason’s attention is also taken as Derrick Diamond walks into frame carrying a tray with two cups of coffee on it.


JASON CASHE: No thanks.

Chris turns his head towards Derrick.

CHRIS PAGE: Dismissed.

Derrick reluctantly nods before leaving the screen as Page takes a seat on the edge of his desk.

CHRIS PAGE: Congrats on the Disavowed, it was good to see you win that strap… the only thing that would have made it better is if I was standing in your corner when it happened. I’m not going to lie to ya, kid. You got something. You just need the right person to help you tap into your full potential.

Chris states as he looks into the eyes of Jason.

CHRIS PAGE: I don’t have a lot of time right this moment but after the show… if you got some time let’s sit down and further discuss your career. I’ve got you a luxury box ready, and security prepared to escort you to the suite.

JASON CASHE: That sounds great, and thank you for the hospitality.

CHRIS PAGE: You sign on with CCPE this is mere peanuts.

JASON CASHE: It’s certainly on my mind.

CHRIS PAGE: Enjoy the rest of the show.

Chris and Jason shake hands as Jason is led by his own private security team to a luxury box within the United Center.

"Realize" By AC/DC starts to play as the fans start booing. Out walks Barney Green, dressed in his garbage man uniform. He slowly walks out and starts arguing back with the fans. He reveals his trash can and dumps a bunch of trash out of it onto the fans. He slowly enters the ring as fans start throwing garbage back at him. He waits in the corner as the music fades.

PC: Barney Green is coming out tonight looking for blood- he told me that while we were waiting in line for the bathroom during commercial break!

HHL: Well then his opponent had better watch out, because a motivated Barney is a tough man to stop!

Some Guy...

Some Guy

Yeah, That Guy.

That Guy bursts through the curtains with a microphone.

He raps the opening bars of his entrance theme.


He walks along the side of the entrance ramp to the fans in the audience.


He holds the mic out to the crowd. No one says anything...


He does it again... Nothing.


The same. Silence.


He hands the mic to someone from the ring crew, as to not break it, before sliding into the ring, ready to go!

HHL: “Who the hell is this guy?”

PC: “Ya’ll already know who he is!”

HHL: “I really, really don’t, Pip.”

- vs -

Barney Green and Ya’ll Know Who circle each other for a few moments once the bell rings, then, they both charge in! Barney Green quickly gets the upper hand and pushes YKW into the corner. Barney immediately starts laying in with repeated headbutts followed by a gut punch that forces YKW to keel over. Barney then pulls YKW out of the corner and DDTs him to the mat!

PC: “Barney is off to a red-hot start so far!”

HHL: “Barney really showed up to this one!”

PC: “Ya’ll know who is going to need to change his gameplan up if he wants to walk away from warfare with a victory over the Daddy of Violence!”

HHL: “He should go grab a chair or something crazy!”

Barney quickly climbs on top of YKW and starts laying in a flurry of punches and elbows to the downed opponent. After about a dozen blows, Barney decides to change tracks and starts trying to choke out the man you all already know. Barney wraps his arm around YKW’s neck and begins applying a rear naked chokehold! The referee drops to the ground and asks YKW if he wants to quit….but he most definitely does NOT!

PC: “Barney has a choke locked in already! This match could be over quickly!”

HHL: “His opponent needs to get out of that move anyway he can! He’s in a dangerous, vulnerable position right now!”

Barney cranks back on YKW’s neck, and it’s clear that YKW is feeling the pain! He grits his teeth as he fights through the pain. Barney continues to crank and crank on that neck..but then his sweaty hands lose their grip! Barney falls off YKW as he tries to crank back one more time, instead just propelling himself to the ground!

Both men quickly scramble to their feet. Barney charges forward again…but this time YKW ducks underneath a clothesline attempt! Both men run into the ropes and come charging back at each other. When the sprinting men meet in the middle of the ring, YKW leaves his feet and delivers an epic dropkick that collapses Barney Green!

YKW goes for the cover after the dropkick. Blood is leaking out of Barney’s nose and mouth.




PC: Barney is a tough son of a bitch, one dropkick will not be enough to put him out!

HHL: But it’s definitely a VERY good start!

YKW jumps to his feet and immediately begins trying to amp up the crowd. He waves his arms up and down and tells the people to “GET LOUD! YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN!”....but they didn’t. The folks in the stands were silent, as they had no clue what was about to occur.

HHL: “What the hell is this guy doing?”

PC: “I…I don’t even know anymore, Heather.”

Barney Green rolls over to the ropes and begins pulling himself up to his feet. He wipes away some of the blood from his face and begins walking back over to YKW……


Y'all Know Who plays some SWEET CHIN MUSIC on Barney’s jaw! The Daddy of Violence falls to the ground! YKW jumps up and down as the crowd FINALLY goes wild for him! He eagerly hops on top of Barney Green and hooks his leg for a cover!





PIP: Poor Barney Green, you think he had to many White Claws?

HHL: Or just enough, depends on your viewpoint.

PIP: Well played.

A luxury box was not where Jason Cashe should be but as the cameras rolled away from the ring, he is seen with his feet perched up on a table, popping a grape into his mouth and chewing, more smacking on it with his smile bones. An elegant champagne glass sitting on the same table, he was soaking in the good life. All thanks to Chris Page.

JASON CASHE: Yoo! Alfred!

Snapping his fingers, Cashe was maybe living too deep in the fancy. One of the Luxury Box attendants hurried over to Cashe.

ATTENDANT: It's not Alfred but what can I do for you?

JASON CASHE: Mr. Belvedere?



The guy laughed while shaking his head from side to side.

ATTENDANT: Unfortunately, no.. It's R--

JASON CASHE: Riff Raff?! Who doesn't like Rocky Horror?

ATTENDANT: It's Randall. What can I get you?

Eating another grape, Cashe sits up in his chair and places the bowl of fruit on the table.

JASON CASHE: I'ma need some Tomatoes, I'm more of a Tomatoes fruit guy.


JASON CASHE: Chop, Chop! Heh.. I could get used to this!

The Attendant named Randall leaves to fetch the request. Cashe smiles and let's the situation and offer behind it settle some in thought.

JASON CASHE: CCPE.. The good life.. Hmmm...

Adjusting back into the chair, Cashe looks out back towards the ring, ready to enjoy the night's show.

”The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first… TOMMY WISH!”

The lights start flickering in the arena, and we see smoke blowing out from the stage, and we see Tommy coming out in a light jacket with the hoodie on his head. He then comes out, and he does some shadow boxing on the stage. Then he walks down to the ramp, and he looks at the fans and gives them all a fist bump as he's walking down. Then he slides into the ring, and stands in the middle of the ring poses to the crowd as his theme fades off.

[pink]”And his opponent, ASH Q!

Ash Q skips onto the stage as the song begins, she looks around with her hand above her eyes bent at the waist. Once the music starts in again she prances around the stage. When the refrain kicks in she claps her hands over her head skipping down to the ring as strobes flash in time to the beat. Stepping up to the apron she does the splits sliding under the ropes. As the song continues she mounts the turn buckle creepy smile on her face and waves like a little girl.

- vs -

The bell sounds as Tommy Wish and Ash Q circle around the ring. They lock up in the center of the ring before Tommy just pushes her back head over heels towards the corner. He smirks and waves a finger towards Ash knowing that strength isn’t how she’s going to overcome him. Ash gives him a twisted smile as she rises back to her feet. Tommy beckons her to approach which she does with a super kick feinted high before connecting with a stiff kick to the side of Wish’s knee! His leg buckles a bit allowing for Ash to leap up and come down with a…

HHL: Codebreaker!

PIP: She calls it SHOCKER! A special move of hers!

HHL: Looks like Tommy caught a nasty hit early on!

Tommy flips back from the impact as Ash leaps into the cover!




Ash gets to her feet with a grin pulling Tommy up with her. But he drills her with a stiff jab to the midsection followed by a quick rising elbow smash to the chin! Ash’s head shoots up as Tommy quickly grabs her arm and nails a Japanese armdrag pulling her right back up into another stiff forearm smash! He pulls her between his legs before hoisting her up and back down into a stiff powerbomb!


He pins her with her legs stiff folded over on top of herself!

HHL: Well that’s a provocative pinfall!

PIP: If you wanted to get her angry, that might just do it…



Ash forces out of the pinning predicament.

They both struggle to their feet, but Ash rushes towards him and rakes his eyes! Tommy pushes her away as he tries to fix his eyes. Ash hits the ropes behind him and rushes towards him with a huge chop block! The knees buckle as Tommy slams to the mat. She rushes towards the ropes again as Tommy gets back to his knees. She slams into him with a sliding clothesline that takes them both to the mat. She pops back up and begins yelling out towards the crowd.

HHL: Ash Q is fired up tonight!

PIP: Tommy needs to be careful!

Ash Q grabs Tommy by his ear and pulls him to his feet. She hooks his head for a bulldog and runs forward, but Tommy pushes her off of him. She turns around just in time for a chop to the chest. He hooks her arm over his head and lifts her up quick before dropping her for a brainbuster! Ash’s eyes seemingly roll into the back of her head with the impact. Tommy grabs her by the hair and lifts her back up.

He grabs her into a DDT position and motions for the end! He lifts her up, but she lowers her body weight. He’s struggling to lift her from this position. He clubs her back as she falls to her knees. He lifts her up again. But she pounds on his knee which forces him to release her. Wish staggers back checking on his knee which seems to be compromised. He turns back to Ash who is leaping towards him.


The slingblade connects which turns him inside out! She goes for the cover!




She raises her hand, but the referee quickly calls it off! Wish’s foot was on the bottom rope.

PIP: She won! She won!

HHL: No! Look! Wish’s foot made it to the bottom rope.

PIP: She was robbed!

Ash bounces off the second rope and stomps on the ankle of Wish which was on the bottom rope. She grabs that same injured leg and begins kicking him right in the back of his knee!





She’s wearing out his foundation. She climbs to the top rope and motions towards him with a finger pointed out. SHE LEAPS!


HHL: Here comes the senton!

PIP: But Tommy rolled out of the way!


Ash lands hard on her back as Tommy rolled towards the corner. He slowly gets up, hobbling on one leg.

A) Tommy Wish wins.

Ash slowly staggers to her feet, but Tommy hops towards her before diving into her with a big spear that folds her in half!


HHL: The UAS connected!

PIP: That looked like a hail mary play for him!

Tommy covers!




Winner by pinfall: Tommy Wish

The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Identity” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. Corey comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way.

Corey gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. He looks pumped as hell, and starts pointing out at the fans before rushing to the top rope, surveying the crowd from on high, before dropping down to the canvas and asking for a mic.

PC: I think I liked our Supercontinental champion better when he didn’t talk at Warfare.

HHL: Don’t you mean, “super Super SUPER” Continental champion?

PC: No. I did, in fact, not.

Heeeelllloooooo ladies and gentlemen!

The crowd gives a sizable pop.

You know, I was chillin’ at the commune recently, playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with some adorable little orphan rapscallions, when I was stunned by a sudden and vexing revelation. March Madness is getting very close and yours truly, the super Super SUPER Continental champion does NOT have a dance partner!

Well, actually, I just lied. I DO have a dance partner, but the dance has just been very one sided. You see I’ve had my eye on a potential opponent for a little while now. Somebody I’ve been watching from the sidelines in a manner that is so not creepy or stalky by any means. It’s, well, somebody rather new to the XWF. But it’s also someone with a pedigree. Someone who was a mainstay in one of XWF’s sister promotions, wracking up plenty of gold and proving themselves time and time again.

Now, I almost gave up on this dance partner because they stumbled a bit out of the block here in the XWF. But, after a solid win over someone I know very well, I think my confidence in them has been regained.

PC: Would you get to the point already, who is it?!

So I bet you’re all waiting for me to get to the point?

Crowd: Yes!

The meat and pa-tay-tahs.

Crowd: Yes!

The very HEART of the matter!

Crowd: YES!

PC: Oh for godsakes….

Corey stops, dramatically holding up a hand. Well, I have one word for you.


The crowd pops HUGE.

HHL: The Universal Champion?! But how?!

Corey suddenly looks perplexed, and then he chuckles. Oh, I’m afraid we have a misunderstanding. Not THAT Vaughn. The OTHER Vaughin. ANGIE Vaughn.

The crowd gives another, slightly less sizable pop. But still respectable!

I would never dream of getting in the way of Alias’ mission of tearing that dude a new one, so I’m extending an invite to Angie Vaughn. Angie? Are you game? I will be waiting with baited breath to hear your answer, mon ami.

Oh, and one more thing. It’s to my understanding you may have picked up a particularly pasty goiter along the way. Might wanna get that lanced before you answer.
Corey pinches his face in disgust before signaling for his music to play once again and mounting the turnbuckle to play to the ground some more.

HHL: Corey Smith has just thrown down the gauntlet to Angie Vaughn! And you know Lacklan is going to have something to say about that.

PC: Or maybe not. What do either of them have to prove to Corey Smith? I'm sure Lacklan has much loftier ambitions for Angie.

HHL: Lacklan might, but will Angie bite regardless? We don't have too long to find out, March Madness is right around the corner!

”The following contest is an INFERNO MATCH where the only way a competitor can win is by setting their opponent on fire!

”Introducing first, he is the XWF Television Champion… CHARLIE NICKELS!

Charlie walks out with Goldie over his shoulder as he makes the way towards the ring. He reaches ringside where flames shoot up from around a structure that runs along the apron. He walks up the steps where he steps over the now much smaller flame and into the ring.

”His opponent… He is the number one contender for the Universal Championship, ALIAS!

Alias emerges through the crowd as he climbs over the guardrail to ringside. He enters the ring as he and Charlie stare across the ring from each other.

- vs -

The flames surrounding the apron shoot up into the air higher than the ropes as the bell sounds. Alias stares across the ring at Charlie with no love lost in his eyes that matched by the Nickelman. The two men walk with a purpose towards the center of the ring where the shit-talking begins between them as the flames shoot up around the apron as the fist start to fly between the TV Champion and the Number One Contender for the Universal Title!

Back and forth they go before Charlie cuts off Alias with a knee to the midsection. The flames dissipate down around the ring as Charlie hurls Alias into a neutral corner. He charges in after him where he eats a reverse elbow before Alias takes Charlie and smashes his headfirst into the top turnbuckle before spinning him around and hurling him across the ring into the opposite buckles.

Alias charges in after him, Charlie bounces off the buckles taking Alias down with a running clothesline from the corner! The flames shoot back up around the ring as we see The Nickelman stomps away at Alias before dropping down choking him with both hands across the throat before resorting to biting Alias across the forehead!

PIP: Charlie isn’t wasting any time in taking some flesh from Alias’s forehead!

HHL: This is not the way I thought this one was going to start.

Charlie steps back up to his feet where he picks up Alias and takes him towards the ropes where the flames are shooting up higher than the top rope! He tries to put Alias’s face in the flames only to see Alias block by getting his hands on the top rope while pushing back before mule kicking Nickels in the groin! Charlie drops to his knees as we see Alias spin around where he starts gouging at both eyes of the Nickleman!

Charlie screams out in pain as the flames around the ring apron die back down.

Alias throws Charlie down to the mat where he takes a full mount hammering down with a series of right hands! Charlie reverses the positioning where he takes the mount and chokes away at Alias as he screams down at him in the process! Alias reverses the positioning re-taking the mount, Charlie rolls through as they roll under the bottom ropes, over the non-flames out to the floor. Just as they fall down to the floor the flames shoot up in the air as they narrowly escape before both being set on fire.

PIP: Two seconds later and both men could have been set on fire.

Alias and Charlie are both back to their feet with Charlie swinging at Alias who blocks the attempt before headbutting Nickels in the nose! Alias snatches Charlie by the hair where he drives him towards the flames surrounding the ring! Charlie elbows Alias in the midsection before taking Alias and driving him face-first off the ring post!

The flames die down around the ring.

Charlie reaches under the ring where he pulls out a Barbed wire Wrapped Kendo Stick.

HHL: There’s no disqualifications in this Inferno Match. This is all perfectly legal.

Alias rolls over where he gets to all fours as Charlie cracks him across the back with the Barbed wire Kendo Stick ripping away at his shit while laserating his back in the process. Charlie picks Alias up where he looks to use the Barbedwire Wrapped Kendo Stick to assist with a Side Russian Leg Sweep! Alias ducks out of the way while taking a back waist lock where he snatches the ankles out from under Charlie sending him falling face and body into the barbed wire kendo stick with his body smashing it between him and the floor.

The flames around the ring shoot back up in the air as Alias picks Charlie up off the floor where he takes him around the ring towards the announcer's table! He drives Charlie face-first off the table before rolling Charlie onto the table!

PIP: They’re on our table!

Alias climbs up on the table where he sets up Charlie for a Piledriver! The Nickelman counters with a back body drop off the announcer's table sending him crashing down into the floor! Charlie doesn’t waste time as he leaps off the table with an elbow drop across Alias sternum! The flames shoot up around the ring as he lands on top of Alias. Charlie picks up Alias where he starts to take him towards the high flames that surround the ring.

He takes Alias and shoots him towards the Flames with an Irish Whip that Alias baseball slides under the ring!

Charlie comes forward where he raises up the apron as he’s sprayed in the face with a Fire Extinguisher!

HHL: They’ve spent more time on the floor than they have in the ring!

With Charlie temporarily blinded Alias comes out from under the ring with the fire extinguisher. He gets to his feet before ramming it into the ribs of Charlie before smashing the extinguisher across his back! Charlie hits the floor as the flames around the ring die down. Alias drops the extinguisher as he picks up Charlie and hurls him back into the ring. Alias is quick to dive back unti the ropes to avoid the possibility of being set on fire.

Alias gets to his feet using the ropes.

Charlie pushes himself up to one knee where Alias delivers a running knee strike as the flames shoot up outside the ring apron. Alias seizes the moment as drags Charlie by the arm towards the ropes. He’s looking to set Nickels arm on fire as he gets him closer to the ropes. Charlie yanks his arm free seconds before Alias was going to put it in the flames. Alias spins around where Charlie steps up to his feet thumbing Alias in the eyes where he takes Alias and hurls him through the top and middle rope, and as he does the flames suddenly die out which allows Alias to crash down to the floor! The Nickleman steps out to the apron where he runs the apron leaping off with an elbow drop that Alias rolls out of the way sending Charlie splatting against the floor!

PIP: Alias evades! Charlie splat down to the floor.

HHL: This has been nasty since the opening bell.

Alias gets to his feet where he see’s Charlie starting to work his way to one knee. Alias comes forward towards Alias where he plants Charlie face first into the floor with a DDT! The crowd roars for Alias as he gets back to his feet. He reaches down picking up Nickles where he sends Charlie bouncing face-first off the ring post where he crumbles down to the floor. Alias comes around the ring after Charlie where he has him set up for Eat the Left Hand!

The crowd roars loudly as Alias measures Charlie and as Charlie gets up we see Alias come forward looking for the Mandible Claw! Charlie ducks, takes Alias left hand putting it on the small flame but Alias yanks it out before he catches fire and as he yanks it out the wall of fire shoots back up in the air synging some hair of the Nickelman in the process!

Alias catches Charlie with a reverse elbow before attempt to shoot him towards the flames with an Irish Whip, Charlie puts on the breaks at the last second as the flames die back down. Charlie spins around where Alias crams the Mandible Claw down his throat!


Charlie’s only counter is a kick to the nuts immediately breaking the hold as Alias crumbles down to the floor holding his junk. Charlie picks up Alias where he hurls him back into the ring. He carefully climbs up on the ring apron where he steps back into the ring as he sizes up Alias who starts to work himself up to his feet. Charlie comes forward with a boot to the midsection where he looks to hit his double arm DDT only to have Alias counter with a Northern Light Suplex.

Alias backs up into a neutral corner where he climbs up on the middle ropes with his eyes on The Nickleman.

Alias leaps off the middle rope with a Second Rope Fist drop as the Flames shoot back up around the ring apron! The crowd roars for Alias as he gazes around at the flames that are surrounding them with a smile on his face as he throws his arms out bringing the flames higher! He picks up Charlie where he takes him by the head towards the ropes with the Flames a foot or so on the outside.

Charlie blocks the attempt to have his face run into the flames as he rakes the eyes of Alias!

The flames disperse down as The Nickleman takes Alias down with a running clothesline! Alias starts to get back up to his feet where he walks into a BIG SIDEWALK SLAM!

HHL: These two aren’t pulling any punches.

PIP: It’s not like they’re friends or anything. This isn’t ballet.

The crowd responds as Charlie calls for the Devil’s Hook as the flames shoot up around the ring apron. We see Charlie reach down picking Alias up of the mat where he sets him up with the double under-hook of the arms! Alias shifts his weight before driving Nickles back into the ropes before yanking away from the double underhook of the arms as he shoves Charlie through the ropes into the flames that ignite his attire which ends the contest.


Ring attendants flood Nickles where they put out the blaze with fire extinguishers.

HHL: That’s it! Alias has set the Nickleman on fire!

PIP: If he isn’t primed and ready for March Madness and his rematch for the Universal Championship nobody is.

Alias stares into the camera with the flames surrounding him as he runs his hands across his waist.

The VinniefredAnastasiaLaneTron flares to life with the image of, you guessed it:

[Image: Qu6NGMe.gif]

Sarah:HIIIIIIIIII-iiiiiiI! Coming to you LIVE from the Egg in BEAUTIFUL SoCol, this is Sarah Lacklan-

Crowd: *massive trumpet noises*

Sarah:-YOUR Anarchy Commissioner! And I'm taking a few moments of your Warfare time to talk to you about the BEST thing going right now. But! Oh holy hell BUT! I realized that my heavily-produces, super-duper expensive commercial I filmed at Dark Goddess Production Studios somehow got sent to Madness instead of Warfare (I blame're on the THINNEST of ice, pal!), which means that, like, literally no one saw it. I mean, shit, 5 X-Bux says that Centy doesn't even watch his show anymore! You do NOT want to see those analytics, mang! Really need to get my buddy Shortstuff Sierra onto a REAL Anarchy!

Now, yes, I COULD have made a SECOND commercial, right? I COULD have busted out the checkbook AGAIN. But! Since literally NO ONE saw that commercial (rewind a few secs if you forgot why), I figured I'd just replay it. After it, it's basically brand new to everyone! So....ENJOY!

This promotional video is paid for by the Ga(y)la Foundation

#FuckCancer #SoireesToEndCancer #SaveTheSkin #SarWinsLOL



But THE #1 Tournament in the HISTORY of tournaments!

Mama Tournament’s own….



THIS Thursday night….LIVE from-

……what the……






SEE! The Big Double V fight the #HotBoi in a cape!

SEE! The LAMEST match there could possibly be with Barndoor against Generic Everything!

SEE! Tommy Wish lose to my (non-spouse, non-blood-family) bestie Ruby!

SEE! Ruby’s undead zombie boyfriend get an automatic 2 points (#YoureWelcome)

SEE! The dude with the, like, 5th place XWF manager fight that 4CW dude

SEE! My ward, my padawan, with the WORST taste in…well…can’t exactly call Corey a MAN…so…um…worst taste in somewhere in between…fight…um…someone I didn’t approve of being in my tourney? GODDAMNITVINNIE


And in the MAIN EVENT of the evening!

SEE! Three n00bs go at it to determine the next person to lose to Elijah.

Tune in on Thursday for all this….AND MORE! And remember, keep your….




[Image: MM4-Test-Poster_1.png]

The cameras pan the crowd before settling on the commentary team at ringside.

HHL: Last Warfare Pip, we were treated to really, an incredible contest between Raion Kido and Thaddeus Duke.

PIP: We were, and in what some might call an upset, the Lion of Osaka took the victory from the Lionheart and Heather, I’m told that Thaddeus Duke has something to address.

HHL: And it seems we’re gonna get that address right now!

As the Thaddeus Duke Tron plays, Chris Page and Thaddeus Duke emerge from backstage. Both men are dressed similarly, expensive suit, no tie and loose collars. The XWF Universe cheers loudly for their Lionheart as he and Page make their way to the ring. Near the bottom of the ramp, Thad touches hands with the ringside fans before he and Page climb the steps and enter the ring.

Thad’s music fades out as Page gets set to speak. The crowd though, hasn’t quieted as Thad circles the ring a bit, throwing up the ‘I love you’ hand sign.

CHRIS PAGE:You know Thad, sometimes I don’t get why they love you so much,”[/green] Page begins, causing Thad to laugh a little and the crowd to come alive. ”Maybe its because they know how hard you work for them.”

Crowd pop.

CHRIS PAGE:Maybe its because they know you physically put everything you got into making sure they get their monies worth.”

Another crowd pop as Chris diverts his attention towards the luxury box where Jason Cashe sits enjoying himself.

CHRIS PAGE: Sup Jason, hope you’re enjoying yourself.

Jason throws a thumbs up as Chris redirects towards Thad while picking right up where he left off.

CHRIS PAGE:”So it pains me to say that… at March Madness, they will NOT get… a Thaddeus Duke matchup.”

The crowds cheering turns to boo’s as Page hands the microphone off to Thad.

”How we doin’ tonight Chicago!?”

The boos, quickly turn to cheers because cheap pop.

”It’s true,” Thad begins, laying out for a moment to let the crowd die down. ”Before I get to that though, I wanted to give a nice big fat public shout out to Raion Kido.”

The crowd cheers again as he stares directly into the hard camera.

”Raion, tough luck on that TV title match, but keep your head up. Big things are comin’ for you sooner rather than later. Truth be told Raion… you’re too good for that division anyway.”

He peels away from the hard camera and paces a moment.

”I’ve made no secret that I’m currently mulling over my future,” he begins again, causing the crowd to give him a mixed reaction. ”My XWF contract is winding down. On May Thirty-One at 11:59:59, unless I sign my new one that’s sitting on my desk at home in New York… your Lionheart is a free agent.”

The crowd boos him causing him to laugh a little bit.

”Sorry ‘bout that,” he laughs again. ”Truth is, I don’t really know what I want. Over the course of the last several weeks, Page and I have had conversations with Vinnie Lane and Theo Pryce, we’ve had conversations with other companies as…”

Again, the crowd boos the latter revelation.

”We’ve had conversations privately too, about whether or not it’s time for me to just hang it up. I know it sound ridiculous because I’m only 23 years old, but I got a wife and kids at home…”

Thad points to the camera, holding his hands in the shape of a heart.

”And the thought of just staying home and being a dad and a husband has legitimately crossed my mind. It does have some appeal, I won’t lie about it… my family means more to me than anything else.

“With that said… For nearly two years now, I’ve had no shortage of plans. I’ve had no shortage of opponents and I think what I’ve run into now, is a very clear indication that maybe my time here in the Xtreme Wrestling Federation really is coming to an end.”

The crowd starts to boo again.

”When I can’t score a match at an XWF pay per view, what am I supposed to think?

“Every viable option has been considered and the reality is, there are no viable options left for me…”

Unfamiliar music to the XWF Universe begins to play over the sound system of the United Center drawing the attention of both Page and Thad, and as well as the crowd. For a long few moments, nothing and no one appears at the entrance way.

Finally, appearing on the X-Tron screen…

[Image: 9WJkQUq.png]

With Ricky Rodriguez’s name on the screen, the crowd pops and Thad grins and looks over at Page. A short moment later, the man himself emerges from backstage to a pop from the XWF Universe. He stops on stage a moment, soaking in the response before he starts to make his way toward the ring.

PIP: Ricky Rodriguez!

HHL: Pip, he’s a contracted talent to FIGHT!, Liberty Pro Wrestling and most recently debuted for ZION wrestling!

PIP: Not to be that guy, but he also lives in Thaddeus Duke’s house! And also Heather, I don’t know if you know this, but Ricky is also the master of the Nut Slip!

Ricky takes his time as he starts to make his way around the ring.

[Image: bUMw587.gif]

HHL: The… what?

PIP: You know… when one of the boys fall out…

HHL: That’s… okay but also, I think it needs to be stated, Ricky Rodriguez does in fact, fall under the CCP Enterprises umbrella. Warfare General Manager Chris Page, is agent to both of these men!

Ricky finally steps into the ring where he comes face to face with Thaddeus Duke and a bro hug.

”Ricky… you know I love you but… what the hell are you doing here?”

Page takes a microphone from the ring announcer and hands it to Ricky Rodriguez.

”Thad,” Ricky begins. ”I don’t know what your plans are… If you’re gonna retire, or sign some other place… but… You’ve done so much for this place over the years. You can’t make your exit quietly out the back door.

“If this is really the beginning of the end of your XWF run then Thad… I think these people deserve to see you at March Madness.”

Thad goes to speak, but Ricky cuts him off with a spin away toward the Universe.

”Duke Nation!” Ricky calls out, revving up the crowd. ”You wanna see Thaddeus Duke at March Madness!?”

Crowd pop. Ricky spins back to face Thad.

”March Madness, Thad… you and me.”

Again the crowd pops. Thad looks at a grinning Chris Page a moment.

XWF Universe: THANK YOU! RICKY! clap clap clapclapclap

”Chris, you have something to do with this?”

[green]CHRIS PAGE: To borrow a little of RickySpeak… Alottabit.

”Ricky… you sure you wanna do this?” he asks. ”I mean, I’mma have homefield advantage. No one shows out on pay per view like Duke Nation shows out!”

Crowd pop.

"Of course you are. But that don't mean I ain't gonna bring my happy ass down there and give you alll the fight I got."

”You know I love you Ricky, but that ends when the cycle begins. I’m hot tempered, I pull no punches… and I don’t take it easy.

“You’re really sure?”

"Maann..I'm all the bit sure. I know just how great you are out here and I know where the lines are. You're gonna work as hard as you've ever worked for this. Ricky winks.

Thad smiles. ”These people are gonna fuckin’ love you. Let’s do it!”

HHL: There you have it!

PIP: Thaddeus Duke will go one on one with Ricky Rodriguez at March Madness!

The trio of Page, Thad and Ricky start to make their way up the ramp.

HHL: I’m not sure if Chris Page set this up as General Manager of Warfare, or as agent to two of the best pure athletes in the game today, but regardless, it will be one hell of a match at March Madness!

PIP: The night started with Page saying he was bringing new blood, and thus far we’ve seen SCW World Champion Mac Bane, and now Ricky Rodriguez! These are some huge pickups.

On stage, the trio looks out toward the crowd as Thad throws his arm around Ricky’s shoulder and plants a kiss on the side of his head before they disappear through the curtain.

Lights in the Sky by Les Claypool hits and the fans immediately start booing for the arrival of what they think will be the reigning Xtreme champion, Marf. Except it’s Chameleon stepping out, mimicking Marf while flipping off the crowd to a more mixed reaction now. He stomps angrily towards the ring while raising a regular looking belt in the air. Most likely purchased at a Walmart for nine bucks. He holds it up proudly as if it really is the Xtreme title while the fans laugh at the strange but entertaining sight.

Heather: Well even though he’s copying the entrance, this is not Marf. It’s the Chameleon coming out first, just as our main event is ready to begin!

Pip: The Chameleon is a strange one but still dangerous once that bell sounds.

Heather: Well if he’s emulating Marf tonight, this one could get very ugly and violent very quickly.

Pip: One could even say…

Heather: Don’t…

Pip:…Extremely quickly!

Heather: Ugh…

The real Marf steps out to a resounding chorus of boos while he stops and grins at the very vocal fans. He raises the real Xtreme title high in the air while mouthing off to the fans. Marf flips them off with his free hand while marching down to the ring.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -


Chameleon slides out of the ring and races up to meet Marf. They begin trading vicious punches before Marf has even made it to the ring. They battle their way to ringside now and Marf goes to slam Chameleon into the steel steps but he blocks it and smashes Marf’s head off the top of the steps instead.

Marf winces while grinning and shakes his head at chameleon before telling him to do it again. Chameleon obliges and slams Marf’s face off the steps once more with even more intensity. Marf feels it more this time and gives a thumbs up before grabbing Chameleon and smashing his face off the steps. Now the two men begin taking turns while the referee is yelling at them to at least get inside the ring. Finally chameleon blocks Marf and then spins him and rolls him into the ring. Chameleon follows after him as the bell finally rings to start the match.

Heather: Finally the match is started!

Pip: Not sure why it didn’t start as soon as they attacked each other…it’s an Xtreme title match, there are no rules.

Heather: Stop making sense of things!

Chameleon is up and as Marf rises Chameleon goes for a running big boot. Marf catches it and then spins him before going for a clothesline except Chameleon anticipates it and ducks. He bounces off the ropes and then goes for a discus clothesline but Marf counters it into an atomic drop. Marf now bounces off the ropes and goes for his own discus clothesline but Chameleon stuns him by countering into a huge, spinning spine buster out of nowhere. He hooks a leg for the quick pin.



Kick out by Marf!

Heather: Wow! These guys are countering everything!

Pip: Marf already is a very underrated mat technician. And chameleon has such an interesting style that nobody realizes how skilled he is in the ring as well.

Heather: No fart or dick jokes? Solid analysis work? Who are you and what did you do to Pip!?

Pip: Why don’t you shout “wow” another thirty times…

Chameleon gets up and flips off the crowd before turning and stomping on Marf. He kicks at him a few times before Marf rolls and sweeps Chameleon’s feet out from under him, taking him down. Marf goes for a mount and starts raining down stiff punches but after a couple chameleon manages to grab an arm and then transition beautifully into a modified arm bar. He torques on the arm while Marf growls with more anger than pain. Marf somehow manages to roll backwards and then slip out of the hold while grabbing a leg and locking in an ankle lock out of nowhere.

Chameleon tries to kick at Marf with his free leg but winds up getting tied up into a strange looking version of the sharpshooter. Marf leans back but it isn’t sunk in tight enough and Chameleon is able to scramble along the mat and grabs the ropes for a break. Marf refuses to break the hold though and blatantly stares at the referee while holding on. The Chameleon yells at the referee in pain but Marf keeps the modified sharpshooter locked. The referee shoves at Marf to stop and finally he let’s go and gets in the referee’s face.

Heather: Marf showing a lot of disrespect right there.

Pip: To be fair, there are no rules…

Heather: Quiet you!

Marf goes back to Chameleon and hauls him up, lifting him in the air for a stalling suplex. Chameleon twists and falls behind Marf. He grabs hold of Marf and looks for a full nelson slam but as he lifts him up, Marf shifts and then comes down and takes Chameleon down with an arm drag. As he gets up, Marf goes for a big clothesline but Chameleon moves and catches him with a drop toe hold. Marf falls into the middle ropes and Chameleon drives his knee into Marf’s back, pushing him against the ropes.

Marf struggles while being choked against the middle rope and again the referee can’t do anything to stop Chameleon. Marf tries to shove him off but Chameleon pulls him off the ropes and knees him in the gut. Chameleon pulls him in and goes for a gutwrench suplex but Marf catches him with a nasty elbow by surprise. Marf breaks free and goes for another big elbow but Chameleon runs underneath and heads to the ropes. He hops onto the middle rope and then comes flying back with a crossbody only for Marf to catch him. Marf goes for a fall away slam but Chameleon shifts and rolls him up instead.



Kick out by Marf!

Heather: This match is gonna set a record for the amount of counters!

Pip: These two are surprisingly well matched.

Heather: It is hard to pick a winner here.

Pip: Good thing it isn’t up to you.

Both of them start to get back to their feet and Chameleon attempts to strike first with another big boot attempt but Marf side steps him. Chameleon turns and Marf hoists him up into the air, looking for a gorilla press slam. Chameleon once again is able to shift on the way down and reverse right into a hurricarona except Marf holds on to Chameleon and doesn’t move. Marf roars with effort and pulls chameleon back up into the air and drills him to the mat. Marf then begins lifting Chameleon up off the mat and hits another big powerbomb. Marf shows off his strength and hits a third straight powerbomb before holding on for the pin.



TH…NO!!! Kick out by Chameleon!

Heather: Wow!

Pip: Seriously?

Marf gets up and screams at the referee in frustration. He stomps on Chameleon a few times before pulling him back up. Before he can get him on his feet, Marf stops dead as Chameleon hits him with a well timed low blow. Chameleon gets up now and goes for a DDT but Marf shoves him back and they crash into the corner. They start pounding on one another while the fans are cheering them on. Marf backs off and then throws a heavy haymaker but Chameleon just narrowly ducks out of the way. He grabs Marf and slams him face first against the turnbuckle.

Chameleon grabs Marf’s arm and wrenches it before climbing up the corner. Before he can get to the top rope Marf struggles to fight back. He actually starts climbing up after Chameleon and they throw a few punches at each other while barely maintaining balance. Chameleon steps up to the top of the turnbuckle but Marf climbs right up with him. They trade a few more shots before Chameleon surprises Marf with a headbutt and he slumps forward. Chameleon stops and yells out at the crowd, flipping them all off just like Marf.

Heather: Chameleon even stealing Marf’s taunts!

Pip: This is not going to end well…

Chameleon makes sure everyone in the crowd sees those middle fingers held high. Marf uses the distraction to suddenly grab hold of Chameleon by surprise. Marf hooks him and then leaps off the top rope, hitting a picture perfect Spanish Fly. As they come crashing down to the mat, the ring suddenly collapses in on itself! The fans go wild in disbelief as Marf and Chameleon disappear into the carnage of the now destroyed ring. The referee just barely makes it out of the wreckage, yelling for the bell.

Heather: What just happened!?

Pip: I don’t believe my eyes! They went through the ring!

No Contest!

A massive HOLY SHIT chant breaks out, deafening throughout the arena as several trainers and medical staff come racing out from the back. Pip and Heather are both standing up at their table to try and see the chaos. Wednesday night Warfare goes off the air while Marf and the Chameleon are still trapped in the destroyed ring.


Charlie Nickles
Corey Smith
Jason Cashe
Mac Bane
Thad Duke
Ricky Rodriguez
GM Team

- 2019 Heel of the Year
- 2019 Locker Room Leader of the Year
- 2019 Feud of the Year w. Robert Main (you’re welcome)
- Former
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Robert "The Omega" Main
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Wait, so when I hand in my matches earlier the show goes up earlier? That's good to know! ;)

Great show, loved all the segments, loled for minutes at the Vaughn gag in Corey's segment. Congratulations to Alias, of course!

Easily the best show of the month so far.

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“YARRRRRR! ‘Twas a fine battle indeed!” Dread Pirate Omega bellows as Double Trouble comes back through the curtain, after one last bow to the arena’s audience. He wraps his arm around the shoulder of Jay Omega in a jovial fashion. Jay is affably pleased with the team’s second straight win in the tag team division.

“Absolutely. 5 out of 5 stars - Will be recommending you to other Jay Omegas in my network. And also to my drinking buddies.”

“Good show, me hearty! Now, such a fine skirmish calls fer a celebration!” Dread Pirate says slapping Jay on the back. “What say we sojourn back to my port for some merrymaking! I know of a tavern that's not marked on any skipper's charts, where we can drench ourselves in that famous Old Spiced Rum, then we'll find some buxom wenches and crack Jenny's teacup until the dawn light sends the bilgerats scurrying back to their holes, savvy?”

Jay nods, smiling as the two Omegas walk side-by-side down the hallways.

“I like your funny words, pirate man. Y’know, you had me at ‘tavern’… Then, you had me all over again at ‘rum’.”

The two turn the corner.

“THEN, Y-”

Jay trails off. And his smile disappears.

The camera pans down the hall. To the Double Trouble locker room.

The door is ajar… And dangling by one hinge.

Wordlessly, Jay sprints down the hall with Dread Pirate following his lead.

Double Trouble slips into the door…

And the camera catches the scene.

On the floor, suitcases and duffel bags have been ripped open and flipped upside down.

Clothes and personal items are scattered and hang around the walls and nooks.


“I mean, it's obviously poetic justice, not irony. But still, who would have do-”

As Jay turns back to Dread Pirate, he stops… His eye catches on the inside of the door.

A slip of paper taped up against the panel.

Jay reaches over and snatches it off the door. He holds it up to his face and Dread Pirate reaches into his chest pocket, retrieving with his hook his reading spectacles.

Quote:To Whom It May Concern,
Attempt was made to knock on the locker room door during your match. No Response.

Search Warrant Obtained and Executed Upon. Inspected Premises.

All Clear. Only one item was found to violate Interplanetary Customs (see attached image)

We appreciate your understanding that these procedures were conducted for your safety and the preservation of our planet’s environment.

Thank you for your acquiescence,
Dictated but not read by Interplanetary Security and Defense Agent Mark Flynn
Written by Interplanetary Security and Defense Agent North Korean War Criminal

As Jay finishes the letter, a small polaroid picture drops from the back of the letter.

Jay and Dread Pirate watch it flutter to the ground.

And they see the image.

What Flynn and NK confiscated.

Jay Omega’s flexible forearm tablet

The W.E.I.R.D.

The master control device for all of his gadgets.

Now, confiscated by the XWF Tag Team Champions.

Jay’s face scrunches in determination.


Jay looks at Dread Pirate.


Jay points at the ground.

“This moment.”

“THIS. Is when things got personal.”

Dread Pirate nods emphatically.

“Yarrrrr! If it's vengeance ye be seekin', this old sea dog would be happy to offer me cutlass.”

His face a mask of cold rage, Omega nods fiercely and leads the way out of the trashed locker room, intent on searching every nook and cranny until he finds his stolen property.
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