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Warfare Results: 2.16.22
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02-16-2022, 03:39 PM



From !!!

[Image: aloha-stadium_31095972_ver1.0.jpg?w=900&h=506&crop=1]


- vs -

- vs -

Double Trouble
- vs -
The Disintigrators
Standard Tag Match- 3 RP limit

Mark Flynn and North Korean War Criminal © w. Chris Page
- vs -
Barney Green and Bobby Bourbon

PETER VAUGHN © w. Chris Page
- vs -

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -




From !!!

[Image: aloha-stadium_31095972_ver1.0.jpg?w=900&h=506&crop=1]


The camera pans down the hallway, coming to a stop just outside the door to Jay Omega’s locker room.

That moment, the door opens just a crack and Jay slips out, keeping the opening in the door very narrow behind him.

Inside the room, you can hear a… hissing. Angry, angry hissing…

Jay slips out to the hall and turns around back to the crack in the door.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah! I’ll get you some food from catering! Just stay in there!”

Whatever is in there hisses back, loudly.

"I can get my own food! Why are you keeping me in here?"

“It’s… It’s for… Dramatic effect! C'mon, you're a showman yourself; we don’t want anyone getting a good look at you before the match!”

Omega closes the door.

Just as he does… you can see in his face… The reflection of red and blue lights…?

”Whee ooooh whee ooooh whee ooooh…”

Omega looks up.

Just as the XWF Tag Team Champions, Flynn and NK walk down the hall beside him.

NK is holding a red and blue flashing light in his hands, hence the light in Jay Omega’s face.

”Whee ooooh whee ooooh whee ooooh…”

Flynn reaches in front of him to an imaginary ignition and turns his imaginary key.

”Whee ooooooooooooh…” NK mimes a dying siren. He turns off the lights and sets it on the floor.

Omega takes in the odd couple in front of him, leaning his shoulder against the door.

“...Hi. Officers?”

“Papers. Now.”

“Of course, my papers. My papers for…?”

“Visiting Dimension Code XWF99. We’d like to see your documentation denoting the intentions of your visit, the approximate length of your planned stay, any exotic goods you might have brought with you… Space Fruit.”

“Ex-CUSE me?”

“You know, Space Fruit? Anything that might negatively affect the local plant or animal life of our planetary system.”

Jay laughs.

“Oh, I thought you were calling me… Never mind. Not that there's anything wrong with that, ju-”

That moment, the door rumbles and the hissing inside gets louder. Jay’s shoulder shifts to put more weight against the door. Flynn and NK both eye the door with suspicion.

“We’d also like to see documentation on any… other travelers that you might have brought along with you. Plus-ones and the like…”

Flynn leans towards the door. Jay leans in as he says that last bit. Jay steps a little bit closer, to block more of the door with his body.

“...Sure, yeah. Obviously I have that documentation. It totally sounds like it’s a legit thing people have, so I definitely have it. I just need to... Are you... What exactly is your jurisdiction here, if you don't mind me asking?”

Flynn and NK each reach into their right-side chest pockets. Flynn retrieves and holds up a badge. NK retrieves and holds up… distinctly not a badge.

“We can neither confirm nor deny any representation by any private or public entity, but we can assure you we have the proper authority to request your papers.”

Jay looks at NK’s hand.

“Are you holding a wallet?”

NK blushes, returning his wallet to his chest pocket.

“I lost my badge. I have to wait a week to accrue enough wages for them to take a second badge out of my pay.”

Jay then looks at Flynn's badge, which has a picture of Earth on it.

The spaceship captain smiles.

"Ohhhhh. You guys are... uh... LOCAL law enforcement. Heheh, that's cute. You guys are probably still figuring out all this multiverse stuff, huh?"

NK chuckles. "It is a very new and rather complicated system. We appreciate your patience as we learn it."

Flynn remains all business.

“We’d also like to search and scan your effects and personal belongings for any unintended extra-terrestrial microbiological entities. Standard procedure.”

Flynn goes for the knob of the door, but Jay presses forward, now completely between the door and the tag champs.

“Oh, that's not a good idea, I wouldn’t recommend that. I… uh… Look, I'd love to indulge you, but can we do this whole hick space-cop shakedown later, actually? I have to toss a steak to a dino man.”

NK scratches his head.

“Is that a euphemism for using the restroom?”

“It is not. Look, I gotta get the... guy in there some food or he’s going to literally eat somebody during our tag match. Not like that's some big loss, considering who we're facing, but I'd like to avoid any... incidents, y'know?”

Flynn’s right eye… spasms. Twitching. Angrily.

“...Oh. You’re a... tag team.” Flynn snaps and NK hands over his notebook from his hidden compartment in his right sleeve.

“Our research indicated… You’ve been competing in singles matches recently?”

“Yeah, yeah, wasn't too happy about that. But uh… yeah, I’m a tag-team wrestler. You know, I… I just love… collaboration.”

Flynn seethes, furiously.

“Well, then, we’ll be keeping a… VERY… close eye on your match tonight.”

Flynn, no longer interested in enforcing interdimensional immigration law, turns and walks away…

Leaving NK and Jay together…

NK rifles into his right pants pocket…

And retrieves a brochure. The front cover reads ‘Welcome to the XWF Dimension!’ with a picture of Vinnie Lane, Joe Biden and Kim Jong-Un on the front.

NK bows and hands the reading material over to Omega.

“Welcome to our dimension. We very much hope you enjoy your stay!”

NK steps backwards, grabbing his flashing lights off the floor, before departing as well…

Once both the tag champs leave, the door rumbles again… Until Omega sighs and shoves the brochure under the door. You hear pages tearing and being swallowed, as Omega shakes his head.

"That wasssn't food! Get me sssome meat, or ssso help me, I will take a bite out of the nexsst perssson I sssee!"

“Heh, where's Chris Waynes when I finally have a use for him? All right, chill out; I’ll be right back with actual food, you crazy carnivore!”

Omega departs as we fade to ringside for our opening contest.

“Tonight” by Seether plays as Erica Marie comes down to the ring riding on a skateboard.

She does an ollie in the aisle before kicking the end up and setting it beside the stairs.

Her sister Erin comes out behind her, clapping, showing support. They walk to the ring side and get ready to give Erica some moral support.

“The In-Between” by In This Moment plays as Jenny Myst skips down to the ring with a devious grin upon her face.

Jenny slides into the ring but not before kicking the skateboard over.

HHL: We’re opening the show hot tonight!

PIP: You can say that again! Have you seen what Jenny is wearing? Rawwwr!

HHL: You’re disgusting.

PIP: I know.

- vs -

The bell sounds as Erica Marie and Jenny Myst circle around the ring. Jenny charges across the ring with her forearm ready, but Erica ducks the blow! She bends down and swings with her leg catching Jenny right in the back of her head with a spinning heel kick! The impact sends Jenny flying into the ropes where she catches herself as she tries to shake the cobwebs loose. She turns around only to immediately get blasted!


HHL: Ooooh, what a hit!

PIP: She’s going to need to see a chiropractor for that whiplash! And-

HHL: Leave it.

PIP: …you always ruin my jokes.

Jenny is folded in half as she bends between the bottom and middle rope and falls to the floor! Broken Jenny may indeed be broken as she slowly rises up clutching her head and neck. Erica sees an opportunity and begins charging up. She hits the ropes opposite of Jenny and bounds off of them gathering some speed!


The bullet that is Erica Marie shoots through the ropes and blasts Jenny back into the guardrail. Jenny slumps to the floor clutching everything on her body at this point. Erica stomps on Jenny for a few moments before rolling her back into the ring. Erica moves towards the apron and looks beneath before pulling out something large and wooden.


PIP: Never seen one of those before.

HHL: Never? In all of the history of XWF?

PIP: Never. What is table?

HHL: Jesus Christ, I don’t get paid enough for this.

She sets up the table before giving it a good smack as if to say many bodies could go through this table. She rolls into the ring to immediately receive a forearm smash! Jenny rushes towards her and just begins driving the heel of her boot down on top of her face and neck. She seems to specifically be aiming for the nose.


HHL: Quickest way to draw blood is just to break the nose!

PIP: Honestly, that’s how my first divorce happened.

HHL: You broke her nose?

PIP: No, she broke mine. I got her for everything!

Jenny quickly mounts Erica before driving her elbow directly into the temple. She’s trying to draw blood as quickly as possible. Erica manages to get her hands on her face to protect herself enough to draw the ire of Jenny who stands off her before stomping her midsection. Jenny rolls out of the ring and looks underneath the ring before pulling out a bag of something along with some gloves. Jenny slides back into the ring with a devious look upon her face as she puts on the gloves. She reaches into the bag and pulls out something sharp and jagged before throwing it onto the mat. She then turns the bag upside down allowing the entirety of the contents to spill out.


HHL: Jenny is ready to take this to the next level!

PIP: That’s fucking brutal!

Jenny finally turns back to her opponent who hits her and twists her body around her into a tilt-a-whirl takedown that is heading right for the GLASS! But Jenny realizes this in enough time to turn a little to avoid it! Erica quickly pulls her back to her feet before dragging her towards the glass. She grabs her head and motions for the end!


But Jenny pushes her right as she leaps with enough gusto to send Erica over the glass and through the bottom two ropes! Erica lands in a heap on the outside. Jenny quickly recovers before climbing out onto the apron. She leaps off!


Jenny drives her knees down into Erica’s midsection before rolling through and nailing another backflip with her knees driving down again. Jenny quickly grabs Erica up before rolling her onto the table. She quickly clamors to the top rope.


HHL: I believe she calls that “Identity Crisis now Pip, but oh my god……..HOLY SHIT!

Moonsault from the top rope brings her body down through Erica through the table! Jenny rolls off holding her ribs as the referee slides into place checking to see if there is any blood to be had. After a brief inspection, the referee shakes her head indicating the match is still on! Jenny slowly rises to her feet before kicking wildly at Erica. She lifts her up by her hair before rolling her into the ring. Jenny slides into the ring.


This time she nails it as both ladies are out. The cutter seemed to have done the damage it needed to as Erica slowly rolls to her feet holding her probably bruised ribs. She yells in fury before pulling Jenny to her feet.


PIP: And that’s how my second divorce ended.

HHL: She maced you?

PIP: No, I maced her! And got everything!

Jenny pulls mace from her tits and sprays Erica right in the face as she screams in pain! Jenny grins and grabs Erica close before kissing her head.

Erica wiggles out. Jenny turns around, and Erica boots her in the mid section. Jenny goes to one knee. Erica comes off the ropes. Hurricanrana!

Heather: Neither of these women want to quit here! This is a first blood match, but it is also a fantastic wrestling match!

Erica wants to put Jenny down. Myst stands up…..Erica hits a straight right hand, trying to drop Jenny to her back…….but doesn’t. She hits another hard right. And another. And another. Jenny laughs it off. She is straight LAUGHING.

PIP: She creeps me out.

Heather: She is creeping out Erica, too. She’s leaving.

She is going to leave when the crowd roars. ASH QUINN is in the ring! Erica bumps into Ash. Ash shakes her head, and Erica turns back around and gets a kick to the gut.


Jenny hits the Sister Abigail and the two begin to stop on Erica.

Erin hits the ring. Erin grabs Ash by the hair and throws her into the corner.

PIP: My god its chaos out here!

Heather: Don’t say that name!

Jenny grabs Erin by the hair, Erin fights out of it. Ash is back up and it looks like it is about to be 2 on one.

Timothy Rassler runs down and hits the ring, he gets in between the two ladies and his squeeze, trying to calm things down. He gets a slap from Ash. Jenny and Ash get the better of Rassler. They continue to hit him, be he won’t hit back. He is refusing to hit a woman. The two evil bitches laugh, then knock him down with a double kick. Jenny has a sick look in her eye as she steps over Erica, and drags Erin by the hair up the ramp.

PIP: Where the hell do they think they are going?!

Erin is trying to wriggle out but Jenny has a death grip on her ponytail. They get to the edge of the stage and Jenny looks at Ash.

Heather: My god, they are gonna throw her off the stage! Someone get out here, someone stop this!

Rassler sees this and heads up the ramp like a tornado. He runs at Jenny, who is still holding Erin. With her other hand, she quickly whips the Pepper Spray out of her bra again, the same one she used on Erica.


Rassler yells, holding his eyes and stumbling around.




Jenny and Ash laugh but then look at Erin.


They laugh as she gets prepared to throw her off too. Just then the crowd roars. It’s Erica!

She is up the ramp, and she has something in her hand.

A mic, and…..a needle?

ERICA: Jenny……Jenny….look…….I know you’re a reasonable woman….someone where in there……..please Jenny……

She is a bit out of breath, but the emotion is there.

ERICA: Jenny….don’t….look……you can win the match, okay? You can win….you’ve won……..

She pricks her finger with the needle, and blood starts to drip from her finger.

ERICA: Just don’t do this to Erin, Jen. Please. She is innocent in all this.

Erica Marie holds out her finger, to show the blood. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Jenny Myst

Jenny cocks her head to the side, looks at Ash. Ash snarls at Erica. Jenny asks to see the hand. Closer…..Closer…….She grabs Erica’s wrists. She sees the blood, and seems captivated by it. She lets go of Erin’s hair.

Just then, Erin attacks from behind in a fit of rage. She grabs Jenny by the head and throws her FACE FIRST into the staging! Jenny bounces off. Ash immediately comes to Jenny’s aid. The two sisters begin to argue, with Erica asking her what the heck she would do that when she just saved her, now she’s a target, she has to use her head!

Jenny sits up.

Heather: Oh boy……

Jenny has blood running down her forehead. She’s been busted open.

PIP: Erica should have waited…..she could have won this thing! Poor planning!

Jenny is SMILING.

A sick smile as she rubs the blood over his face like a small child finger painting.

Ash and Erin are yelling at each other, pointing. Erica is holding her sister back.

Jenny cocks her head to the side, still grinning madly as the scene cuts away from the chaos.

PIP: This is absolute madness! We'll be back when things are under control again!

Derrick Diamond is found in his office pacing the floor with a frantic gaze in his eyes while talking to himself in the process.

DERRICK DIAMOND: I don’t know what to do at this point.

There’s a series of four knocks heard coming from his closed-door which causes Derrick to jump out of fear. He directs his attention towards the door as he starts to walk towards it.

DERRICK DIAMOND: Theo’s going to be so disappointed that I don’t have a prize for my winning team.

Derrick opens the door to his office where he a sense of relief appears on his face as Theo Pryce is not the man on the other side- it’s that of Chris Page. The appearance garners a mixed reception from the crowd as Derrick steps away from his door allowing Chris to step into his office.

CHRIS PAGE: Mr. Diamond.

DERRICK DIAMOND: Thank god you’re here! I’m in the middle of a crisis!”

CHRIS PAGE: Calm your tits, Derrick. Tell me what’s wrong so I can try to help you.

Derrick starts to calm down, gain his composure before he responds.

DERRICK DIAMOND: I have to have a prize for my Fire and Ice team by the end of the night, and I don’t have anything! Pryce and Lane are going to be expecting me to deliver some grand prize. All I’m going to do is let them down.

CHRIS PAGE: Hang on there, grasshopper. The night is young, and where you a problem I see a solution.


CHRIS PAGE: Of course I do, but the question becomes when I bail you out of this unfortunate circumstance, what do I get out of it? Have you had a chance to look over the contract that I left for you?

Derrick walks over to his desk which is in a state of complete dismay yet finds exactly what he’s looking for. He holds up the signed document, handing it over to Chris who gives Derrick a smile.

CHRIS PAGE: Derrick, welcome to CCPE. I’ll fix this for you.

DERRICK DIAMOND: Thanks Chris, I always knew you were a good guy.

Chris winks at Derrick as he takes his leave from Derrick’s office as we fade to ringside.

HHL: Coming up right now and only on Warfare, the new number one contender to the Television title, a newcomer, hot off of victories over both Xavier Lux and Centurion...

PIP: He is red hot, Heather!

HHL: Tonight, Raion Kido goes one on one with Thaddeus Duke.

PIP: What do you get when you put two alpha male lions from different prides together in one ring?

HHL: Probably one hell of a match.

PIP: With all due respect to Kido, his previous opponents have not quite been in Thaddeus Duke’s ballpark.

HHL: That may be true however, I wouldn’t count Raion Kido out just yet. He’s risen to every challenge placed in front of him so far and I have no doubt, he’ll at the very least, push Thaddeus Duke to his absolute limit tonight on Warfare.

RA: Introducing first, standing tall at 6'0" and weighing in at 227 lbs., from Osaka, Japan, “The Lion”... RAIOOOOOOOOOOON… KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Raion Kido appears on stage, letting out a lion’s roar.

“Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Mezasu kiboo no iro wa
Kedakai hodo utsukushii…”

Raion spreads his arms and breaks into a bird run towards the ring, slapping the fans’ hands along the way. He slides into the ring on his belly and springs into his feet.

“Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Tsubasa wa ten wo kakeru
Erabareta moushigo no you niiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

Facing the camera, Raion throws a one-two punch forward, his final pose as the music dies down.

HHL: This crowd loves him, Pip!

PIP: They do!

Kido paces the ring slowly, anticipating the arrival of his opponent.

HHL: Thad was right, this should’ve been tonights main event!

PIP: If you think they love Raion Kido… wait until that countdown hits!

RA: And his opponent!

The house lights fall dark with a loud audible snap. The stage and the ring remain lit in a dim gold colored lighting.

The announcers lay out as the Page countdown begins to play. The countdown transitions to 'Medal' as the crowd roars.

RA: From the Tribeca section of New York City. Weighing 2 hundred 17 pounds.



Thad enters the stage with his hood up. Standing on stage, Thad gives his messiah pose as a triple pyro shot from the top of the X-Tron toward the ring. When it bursts, it reveals a sparkling golden image of a roaring lion above the ring, bringing cheers from the XWF Universe.

After the pyro bursts, Thad in his custom white leather Lionheart jacket, throws his hood off as he begins down the ramp with Chris Page coming out behind him. At the bottom, he slaps a few hands before climbing the ring steps. At the top of the steps he pauses, looking over his shoulder toward the cheering Universe with his sweet smile.

Thad glances down at CCP as Page c;imbs up on the apron giving Duke some last minute words before dropping down to the floor allowing Thad to step to the apron, he slingshots himself over the top and into the ring before traveling to all four corners, climbing to the middle rope and sending out the ‘I Love You’ hand sign to the Universe.

HHL: This crowd is reaching white hot levels… levels we don’t see all the time...

PIP: It’s in the air tonight, Heather! Fans love a great match and I think that these two will deliver an instant classic right here tonight on Warfare!

The referee calls for the bell and the two men advance from their respective corners and start to circle each other for a few moments.

- vs -

XWF Universe: LET’S! GO! KIDO!




The two men tie it up in the center of the ring and immediately find themselves in a stalemate before shoving each other off. Circling each other one more time the lock it up again. This time, Kido gets the leverage advantage and backs Thad into the corner. The referee steps in, asking for and receiving the clean break.

Backing off toward the center, Kido awaits Thad. Thad steps forward and the two lock horns for a third time. After a few seconds, Kido transitions Thad into a side headlock before twisting him down to the mat. Thad and his educated feet grabs Kido in a head scissor, breaking the headlock. Kido though, immediately kips up out of the head scissor and back to his feet.

Thad also kips up.

HHL: And we’re back to square one here between these two lions!

PIP: This has already been one hell of a feeling out process!

Once again, Kido and Thad lock it up and this time, it’s Thad that transitions Kido into a side headlock. Thad tries to twist him down to the mat, but Kido plants his feet in such a way that keeps both men upright. Adjusting on the fly, Kido lifts Thad up into a back suplex kind of counter, but Thad is quick and knows his own game very well as he flips backward over Kido and lands on his feet.

Behind Kido, Thad grabs him into a rear waist lock before hopping upward, locking his ankles beneath Kido’s armpits and taking downward and backward, rolling him into a quick pin attempt.



HHL: Raion Kido, kicks out here on Warfare!

PIP: Thad almost stole one right there!

Both men are quick to their feet and rush toward each other. Thad quickly side steps Kido before twisting him to the mat with a side headlock take down. Kido though, like Thad moments ago, grips him in a head scissor to break the hold. Unlike earlier, Thad doesn’t nip up out of it. Instead, he twists and turns and gets to his feet while still trapped, before flipping himself on top of Raion Kido for another quick pinfall attempt.



HHL: Count of two and Raion Kido kicks out again!

PIP: These two men are so evenly matched that one of them might have to mess up in order for either of them to gain a little separation!

Both men are back to their feet and once again rush toward each other. Kido gets the upper hand this time with an arm drag take down. Both men are back up and rush again. Another arm drag take down on Thad. Both men back up and Kido goes for a third take down, but Thad counters be flipping to his feet.

His back is turned though so quickly, Kido traps him into a side headlock. Raion attempts to twist him down to the mat, but like Kido did earlier, Thad plants his feet in a way that prevents it. In an attempt to break the hold, Thad backs Kido toward the ropes and tries to use the little momentum from the short rebound to shake Kido off of him. Instead though, Kido maintains his grip on the side of Thaddeus Duke’s head.

Once again, Kido tries to twist him down to the mat, but once more, Thad blocks the attempt, before readjusting and giving Kido a leg trip, forcing him to the mat. Unwilling to let go of Thad’s head, Kido takes Thad with him.

On the mat, Thad wrestles Kido’s trap arm into a hammerlock before doing a handstand type maneuver for a moment, and flipping over Kido, bridging his back and torquing Kido’s arm and shoulder. Trapped chest first on the mat in the bridged hammerlock, Raion Kido winces in pain and tries to fight out of it, but can’t get his free hand anywhere near Thad.

HHL: Thad slips out of the bridge!

PIP: Yeah! But he’s still got Kido trapped in that hammerlock!

Thad springs his body upward before driving his knee and his body weight into the torqued shoulder of Raion Kido before finally releasing the hammerlock. Immediately, Kido pulls his left arm in front of him while laying on the mat. Thad grabs a handful of Kido’s hair and helps him to his feet before whipping him into the corner. Thad follows him in and leaps into the air with a Stinger splash, but Kido rushes out of the corner, causing Thad to impact the turnbuckles.

Thad staggers out of the corner while clutching his midsection. He turns around right into a right jab to the jaw from Kido, sending him to the mat instantly.

HHL: I think that jab caught him off guard!

PIP: He has trained in boxing, there’s videos on the interwebs and everything. In the wrestling ring though, I can certainly throw him off his game!

Thad rolls to his stomach in order to push himself off the mat. When he does so, Kido traps him in a body scissors and rolls toward the center of the ring while locking in a rear naked choke.

HHL: Thad finds himself in a bit of trouble here!

PIP: There’s no way he can reach the ropes!

Thad struggles mightily in the hold, unable to break it physically, unable to reach the ropes. Finally, using their sweat to aid him, he slips his head a little, turning the move into an actual choke and the referee forces Kido to release the hold.

Kido pushes Thad off of him and starts to get to his feet. Thad stays grounded on his hands and knees while he tries to regain his air. Kido grabs a hold of him by his waist and dead lifts him from the mat before spinning him up and over, planting him with a gutwrench suplex. Kido hooks the leg.



HHL: The Lionheart kicks out!

PIP: The was some pretty awesome power displayed there by the Lion of Osaka!

After the kickout, Kido gets to his feet and aids Thad in getting back to his. Kido whips him into the corner and follows him in with a battering ram. Thad though, sidesteps the charging Raion Kido, sending him through the ropes and shoulder first into the ring post.

HHL: The five year veteran wisely steps out of the way!

PIP: Don’t forget now, Thad did a number on that very shoulder earlier on in the match!

Kido hangs in the ropes a few seconds before stepping back and clutching his ailing shoulder. Thad bounces off the ropes and comers flying toward Kido. Kido tries to counter but he’s a step too late as Thad takes the Japanese import to the mat with a sling blade! Thad is quickly back to his feet and lands a quick standing moonsault for the cover.



HHL: Raion Kido survives!

After the kickout, Thad gets back to his feet. To his surprise, Kido is working his way to his feet as well. Thad grabs him in a rear waist lock but Kido sends a back elbow into his opponent. The shot to his temple stuns Thad and loosens his grip, allowing Kido to face front. Kido then breaks the lock and swings Thad’s arm over his own, lifting him up and slamming him to the mat with authority!

HHL: Ura-Nage from Kido to Thad!

PIP: Hook of the leg, this could be it!



HHL: And again the Lionheart kicks out at two!

Kido gets back to his feet as Thad remains on the mat. Raion runs toward the ropes. On the rebound, he leaps into the air landing a legdrop on Thad Duke. Rather than going for any kind of cover, Kido let’s out a lion’s roar to a pop from the Hawaiian crowd. He then looks to take to the skies as he steps to the apron and starts to climb the turnbuckle.

In the ring, Thad leaps from the mat and dives at the top turnbuckle, knocking Kido’s from from beneath him, crotching him on the top rope.

PIP: Ooooo he’s gonna feel that one for a minute!

Thad gets to his feet and quickly scales the turnbuckles and lifts Kido to his feet. With both men perched perilously on the top rope, Thad leaps off, sending Raion Kido overhead and both men crashing hard to the mat with an overhead belly to belly.

HHL: Both men are down here on Warfare!

PIP: This has been one hell of a match between these two competitors!

HHL: It has, Pip! And these fans would agree!

XWF Universe: LET’S! GO! KIDO!




Kip up!

Thad gets back to his feet to a roar from the crowd. He points to the sky as he steps to the apron while in the ring, Kido starts to get back to his feet. On the apron. Thad one hops it to the top rope and starts measuring for distance. Kido gets vertical and turns around as Thad leaps off with a double axe handle. Kido though, sends a hard shot into Thad’s midsection, causing him to double over and stumble forward.

He hits one knee pop backs back up and starts to search for Raion Kido.

HHL: Atomic Thunder!

PIP: That lariat had so much force behind it that it damn near turned Thaddeus Duke inside out!

Kido goes for the cover.



HHL: And the Lionheart lives to see another count!

PIP: Heather, I really don’t know what anyone was expecting when they saw this match on paper, but I had high ones.

HHL: As did I!

PIP: These two have gone above and beyond what I thought we’d see!

Kido is slow to get to his feet while Thad remains down on the mat. Learning his lesson from earlier, Kido doesn’t play to the crowd this time as he makes his way to the top rope. With little to no delay, Raion leaps from the top rope, landing a guillotine legdrop onto the Lionheart before once more hooking the leg.




HHL: Thad kicks out!

PIP: And Kido can barely believe it!

XWF Universe: THIS! IS! AWE! SOME! clap clap clapclapclap

Kido works his way to his feet and brings Thad with him. Raion whips Thad to the ropes. On the rebound, Kido goes for a hip toss, but Thad spins out of it and lands on his feet before sending a back elbow to the midsection of Raion Kido, doubling him over. Thad side flips over Kido’s back, landing on the far side, temporarily disorienting the Lion of Osaka.

Thad grabs a hold of his arm though, and whips him toward the ropes. On the rebound, Thad lifts Kido up, spins, and drives him to the mat with a Double A spine buster before floating over and hooking the leg.




HHL: Raion Kido! He kicks out!

PIP: I’m exhausted just watching these two, Heather!

Thad gets back to his feet and pulls Kido to his. Before whipping him toward the ropes. Thad follows him in, but Kido moves out of the way at the last second, causing Thad to run his ship aground, impacting the turnbuckles chest first.

Acting quickly, Kido pins Thad against the turnbuckles for a moment before lifting him to the top rope and following him up. Both men with their backs toward the ring. Kido locks his feet in the ropes before lifting Thad up and tossing him overhead with a release German Suplex.

Thad impacts the mat hard but miraculously starts to get back to his feet almost immediately. Kido unhooks his legs and lands safely on the mat. Kido charges toward Thad and just as Duke turns to find him, takes a running heart punch to… well… the heart.

HHL: Lightning Bolt!

PIP: That might do it!

Thad falls to the mat with the wind all but knocked out of him as Kido hooks the leg.






HHL: I don’t believe it! Raion has just knocked off a former Universal Champion!

The crowd roars as Kido has his arm raised in victory as a very impressed Chris Page looks on from the floor before reaching into the ring and pulling his client out of the ring under the bottom rope.

PIP: On Savage he knocked off Centurion, and now tonight he’s knocked off the Legacy Duke! What’s next for the ever impressive Raion Kido?

HHL: Whatever he wants because this guy is burning cosmos baby!

Kido celebrates the hard fought victory as the scene fades.

We cut back to the office of Derrick Diamond as he tries to remain calm until his attention is drawn towards his office door as it opens up to reveal Theo Pryce.

THEO PRYCE: Derrick, what’s going on?

Theo walks into the office extending his hand out. Derrick reaches out shaking Theo’s hand, and almost immediately Theo appears disgusted as he releases his grip on Derrick’s hand.

THEO PRYCE: Sweat much?

DERRICK DIAMOND: Sorry boss, it’s just not everyday you or Vinnie are here in person. I’m a little nervous by nature.

THEO PRYCE: Well, do yourself a favor and try and relax, maybe smoke a joint, or seven. I wanted to stop by tonight to see how you decided to reward your Fire and Ice team. Really looking forward to seeing what you have planned.

Theo takes his leave from Derrick’s office where he closes the door on his way out. Derrick immediately snatches a brown paper sack where he starts breathing inside the bag with quick, fast breaths as we cut back to ringside.

DERRICK DIAMOND: Man I’m screwed.

”The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall…”

”Introducing first, about to make their way to the ring… the team of “Dangerous” Dave Mustang and Johnny “Twisted” Steele… The Disintegrators!”

As Megadeth shrieks through the arena, "Dangerous" Dave Mustang and Johnny "Twisted" Steele roar down the entrance ramp on their twin Harleys. They circle the ring once and then park their bikes on either side of the ramp and strut to the ring, giving each other a massive high ten once they are on the apron together. Mustang gets in the ring first and waits for the match to start.

”And their opponents…”

”About to make their way to the ring, the team of JAY OMEGA… and… JAY OMEGA, “DOUBLE TROUBLE”!

"Legend" hits the P.A. system and the lights dim, save for a pair of golden spotlights centered on the stage. A thin layer of fog floats across the stage, and Jay Omega struts out to the top of the ramp, followed by this week's alternate iteration of Jay Omega. The two men stand on the stage for a moment, OG Omega with his arms spread and a cocky smirk on his face, while the other Omega soaks in the crowd's reaction. Their egos briefly sated, they casually make their way down the ramp, crisscrossing back and forth to slap hands with fans. At ringside, Original Flavour Jay hops up onto the apron then vaults over the ropes, while the guest star Omega rolls under the bottom rope before they both cross the ring and climb up to the adjacent second turnbuckles. The Omegas pose for the crowd amidst a flickering strobe effect from thousands of cameraphone flashbulbs, then simultaneously backflip off the turnbuckles and high-five in the middle of the ring, before playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who will start the match.

Double Trouble
- vs -
The Disintigrators
Standard Tag Match

Mustang and OG Omega are starting things off as they circle each other within the center of the ring before looking to lock up that see Mustang with a cheap headbutt to gain the early advantage as it allows him to open up with some snazzy right jabs followed by a thumb to the eye! Mustang hurls Omega back into his corner where Steele tags in as Mustang pins OG Omega in the corner with his shoulder allowing Steele to pepper him with more jabs to the jaw. Mustang escapes out to the apron at the referee’s four-count as we see Steele shoot Omega across the ring with an Irish Whip, Jay bounces off the ropes ducking under a lariat attempt from Steele, Johnny spins around into a rolling wheel kick from Omega! OG Omega pops back up to his feet at Steele bounces off the ropes gaining a full ahead of steam only to be sent up and over with a back body drop from Omega, Steele pops back up to his feet where he swings with a wild right hand that Omega ducks and counters with an Atomic Drop! Steele holds onto his butt with his right hand as he slowly spins around where he’s met with an Inverted Atomic Drop before being taken down with a step-up enziguiri! Omega makes the cover.




Steele kicks out.

PIP: This is the first time we have gotten to see Double Trouble here on Warfare, and frankly I’m not sure what to think.

We catch a split screen where the XWF Tag Team Champions Mark Flynn and North Korean War Criminal are watching on from a monitor in their luxurious dressing room as OG Omega steps back up to his feet where he snatches up Steele by his oily locks. Omega shoots Steele into the corner where he hits a running Stinger Splash before tagging in the “other” Omega. Steele staggers out from the corner while the “other” Omega scales the turnbuckles where he comes off the top rope only to eat a right hand to the midsection!

The “other” Omega clutches at his gut as Steele starts to wind up before delivering a Bionic Elbow to the forehead dropping the “other” Omega before making his way to the corner to tag back in Mustang. Dave steps back through the ropes where he starts putting the boots to the “other” Omega as massive boos ring out from all over the stadium as we go back to full screen.

HHL: You can’t ever count out the D-Grators; this team has been around longer than Chris Page so that’s gotta say something.

Mustang picks up the “other” Omega hurling him into a neutral corner where he charges in after him to eat a reverse elbow via the “other” Omega staggering him back out towards the center of the ring where the “other” Omega rushes out from the corner with a flying knee strike taking down Mustang.

PIP: Double Trouble is looking good here.

He makes a cover.




Mustang pops a shoulder up off the mat. The “other” Omega is back to his feet where he picks up Mustang where he nails him with a European Uppercut driving him back into the ropes. The “other” Omega tags Jay back into the mat. We see Omega whip an opponent into the corner and follow them in, with the supporting Omega hot on his heels. Primary Omega hits a jumping knee lift on the opponent's jaw, landing on the second rope, while the supporting Omega drives a shoulder into the opponent's gut. The secondary Omega then lifts the opponent out of the corner in a flapjack position, while the primary Omega leaps off the second rope with a diving bulldog.


Omega makes the cover hooking the near leg.




Steele breaks the pin attempt to boos from the crowd. The “other” Omega lands a roundhouse kick on Steele which sends him spilling out to the floor. The crowd comes alive as Primary Omega gets back to his feet where he reaches down picking up Mustang.

PIP: What’s Double Trouble thinking here?!

Primary Omega lifts the opponent in a powerbomb position, the secondary Omega hits a springboard Blockbuster, followed by primary Omega landing an Asai moonsault while secondary Omega nails a springboard corkscrew leg drop!


Primary Omega makes the cover while the “other” Omega is in position to cut off Steele.





PIP: An impressive outing for Double Trouble as Wednesday Night Warfare just got their first taste of what this team is capable of.

HHL: I’m very interested to see where they go from here. The first win on Warfare is under their belts.

Double Trouble have their arms raised in victory as the scene fades.

We cut backstage where Derrick Diamond rushes up to Chris Page as he is waiting for his client, Mark Flynn, to come forward for his tag match with North Korean War Criminal.

DERRICK DIAMOND: Chris, please tell me that you have this covered?!?! Theo Pryce IS here! He wanted to see what I got for Team Diamond!

Chris places his right hand on the right shoulder of Derrick Diamond.

CHRIS PAGE: Derrick…


CHRIS PAGE: Don’t make me punch you.


CHRIS PAGE: I told you I had you covered. You’re under the CCPE umbrella now, and I always take care of my clients. Do yourself a favor by going back to your office, get yourself together because you’re going to need to be camera-ready by the end of the night. Trust me.

Derrick has a sigh of relief.

DERRICK DIAMOND: Thanks again, Chris.

CHRIS PAGE: You’re welcome.

Derrick walks past Mark Flynn, Peter Vaughn and North Korean War Criminal.

MARK FLYNN: Still not telling us what’s up?

CHRIS PAGE: The winds of change are upon us.

We cut back to ringside.

HHL: All right! I hope our audience at home is ready for more tag-team action! We’ve got our second tag fight and this one has some bad blood brewing!


"Realize" By AC/DC starts to play as the fans start booing. Out walks Barney Green, dressed in a business suit jacket with tights underneath. He slowly walks out and starts greeting the fans. He reaches into his front jacket pocket and starts making it rain into the crowd with slips of paper.


HHL: I’m receiving word now that Barney Green and BG Corporation are spreading the wealth tonight, handing out QR codes for one free BarnCoin after registering an account at the website,!

PIP: Man, how can Barney afford to give away so much BarnCoin for free? His new business must be growing really quickly!

HHL: Or the product is so worthless, he has to beg people to take it.

Barney slowly enters the ring as fans start snatching the papers and opening their phone’s camera to scan them. He waits in the corner as the music fades.

The crowd starts losing their minds in excitement!

The lights in the arena go deep blue as smoke fills the air. Pink and silver laser lights cut through the smoke and it looks fucking rad.

As GWAR blares throughout the arena, slowly walking out onto the entrance ramp is Bobby Bourbon. Immediately, the front-row of the crowd starts leaning over the railing for the returning Bastard!


The crowd pops, going out of the minds all around the arena!

HHL: The XWF Universe is on their feet! Screaming with excitement for the return of Bobby Bourbon!

PIP: He was gone for like three months! What’s the big deal?

HHL: Three long months seems paltry to you, Pip. But the crowd here tonight in Hawaii is making it known that Bourbon coming back out from behind an XWF curtain is a welcome sight indeed!

He stops, surveys the whole of the arena, raises his fists at 45 degree angles, and continues his deliberate plod towards the ring. Bobby climbs the steps, then climbs the nearest ring post half way and raises his fists at 45 degree angles. The lights go back to normal and the music stops. The XWF Universe in attendance, becoming hooligans, all chant in unison.


The lights in the arena go deep blue as smoke fills the air. Pink and silver laser lights cut through the smoke and it looks fucking rad.

As Warlord blares throughout the arena, slowly walking out onto the entrance ramp is Bobby Bourbon. He stops, surveys the whole of the arena, raises his fists at 45 degree angles, and continues his deliberate plod towards the ring. Bobby climbs the steps, then climbs the nearest ring post half way and raises his fists at 45 degree angles. The lights go back to normal and the music stops. The XWF Universe in attendance, becoming hooligans, all chant in unison.


HHL: Lot of electricity in the air for this one, Pip!

PIP: I can’t deny that. Clearly a lot of tickets sold to witness the XWF return of Bobby Bourbon!

Bourbon stands beside Barney as they await their opponents…


Bursting through the curtain, blank expression on his face… Mark Flynn in blue tights and a bomber jacket. At his side, wearing his military fatigues, The North Korean War Criminal with both XWF Tag Title belts on his North Korean shoulders… Trailing just barely behind the tandem is Flynn’s agent, ‘Chronic’ Chris Page.


HHL: What a first challenge for the returning Bobby Bourbon, Pip! Getting lobbed in the ring with the two-time AND current XWF Tag Team champions, Mark Flynn and North Korean War Criminal!

PIP: Absolutely, Heather! Bobby and TK, Them No Good Bastards, last year’s XWF Tag Team of the Year, came gloriously close to having a near-perfect 2021… Then, Flynn and NK scored a huge upset victory and snapped their 8-month winning streak!

HHL: Although, they only won after some interference from APEX!

PIP: FAKE NEWS! APEX got nowhere NEAR the ring! They stood on the ramp! The Bastards took their eyes off the ball and Flynn and NK took advantage! That’s all fair play!

HHL: Pip, you’re being absurd.


Flynn stops at the top of ramp and turns his back on the crowd so the camera catches the back of his bomber jacket… ‘KING OF THE MIDCARDERS’. Under the corner of the slogan, it still bears the CCP Enterprises logo.

NK lifts both tag belts into the air! Page points a finger at the logo.

They start to stroll down the ramp…

HHL: Well, while it could end up mired in controversy, this match shoukd be incredibly important to both teams!

PIP: Agreed! This is Bobby Bourbon’s first match against the Tag Team champs since he and TK lost to them last year! It’s time to see if he took the lessons from that loss and applied them to his training regimen. Scoring a win over the tag champs, even in this non-title match, would go a long way to skyrocketing Them No Good Bastards back to #1 contender status!

HHL: I was actually thinking about Flynn and NK! After the two beat TNGB for their first tag title reign, they took an immediate loss to Impossible Entity, followed by a controversial loss to APEX! They’ve been on a winning streak since then… But if they want the second reign to be more prestigious than their first one, a victory over Bobby and Barney would go a long way to legitimizing their claims as the rightful tag team champs!

Flynn and NK circle around the edge of the ring to the far-side. NK hands the belts off at the timekeeper’s table. Page stands beside the steel steps as the pair make a synchronized hop from the floor up to the ring apron.

Flynn sheds his bomber jacket and tosses it down to Page.

The official directs both teams to the center.

Bourbon steps through the ropes, eager to start the action.

Flynn first starts to dip through the middle, but then NK leaps over the top rope into the ring.

Flynn’s face scrunches irritated, then he sighs and ducks back out onto the apron.

HHL: Some possible miscommunication here in the early going between the tag champs!

PIP: Well, you have to remember before any of this tag-team division rivalry! Way back in 2016! Bobby Bourbon and NK battled for the XWF Federweight championship, and both times NK walked away the victor! NK has asserted multiple times that Bourbon has never defeated the War Criminal in competition, and subsequently the North Korean has insisted that he has Bourbon’s number, so to speak.

HHL: Well, we’re about to put that theory to the test!

The official signals for the bell!

Mark Flynn and North Korean War Criminal © w. Chris Page
- vs -
Barney Green and Bobby Bourbon


All of a sudden, Bourbon puts the brakes and NK continues to circle right into his grip! In one swift motion, Bourbon grabs NK’s arm and JUDO THROWS HIM TO THE MAT! HUGE BIG BOY TOSS!

NK flops onto his back, shaking his head…

HHL: NK may believe he has Bobby’s number on paper, but in the real world, Bourbon has a 116 pound size advantage on the totalitarian!

PIP: Size isn’t everything, Heather! There’s also speeeeHOLY SHIT!

As NK stays on the ground, Bobby immediately somersaults forward and bounds into a SENTON SPLASH! 291 pounds of Bourbon crashes ontop of the North Korean’s torso!

HHL: People forget how deceptively quick Bobby Bourbon is!

PIP: I know! He’s so quick that I feel deceived!

Bourbon grabs NK by the scruff of his neck and thrusts him between his legs!

HHL: This match just got started and we might already be looking at a Bobby Bomb!

Bobby cracks his neck, like he’s shaking off rust as the crowd chants…


Suddenly, NK drops to his knees and starts crawling through Bourbon’s legs! Bourbon reaches down and latches onto NK’s right leg!

HHL: Very on-the-fly attempt to keep control here, Bourbon might try to turn this into a One-Legged Boston Crab…

NK fights, his body desperately contorting and twisting like a rat trying to chew off its own tail to escape… Bourbon won’t release the leg…

Until finally, NK wiggles his way to the ropes, latching onto the middle rope. The official rushes up to Bourbon, starting a five count to break the hold on NK’s leg…

But behind the official and Bourbon, NK’s free left leg kicks backwards in between Bourbon’s legs! Bourbon loses his grip and drops to one knee!

PIP: Honorable Hero's Low Blow To The Nether Regions!

NK gathers himself and catches his breath as Bourbon retches in the center of the ring… The official checks on Bourbon, but not 100% sure what just happened!

Seeing an opening, NK runs from one side of the ring toward the other…

HHL: We’ve seen this before! NK might be aiming to score that Glorious Triumph Kick!

He leaps! His foot hits the second rope and he launches himself…


Bourbon, from the sheer force of that slam, back-pedals a couple of steps into his corner to regain his balance!

NK looks like a fucking skidmark on the mat.

As Bourbon reels back into his corner, he finds his balance… Just as Barney Green reaches over to make the tag!

The crowd starts screaming!


Green tosses off his suit jacket and steps through the ropes! He starts stomping towards NK! He grabs a hold of the top rope and starts stomping a mud hole into NK’s chest!

HHL: My, Oh My! The match just started but one side is looking dominant thus far… And it is NOT the current Tag Team Champions!

After four or five stomps… Flynn drops off the apron. Barney comes up screaming and signaling that it’s the end! The crowd is on its feet…

Green goes to peel NK off the mat… Just as Flynn reaches in and yanks NK by his foot below the ropes and outside to the floor.

HHL: Dammit! Mark Flynn does this every time his opponents build any kind of momentum!

PIP: It’s a strategic retreat and regroup! Flynn’s a ring general! A tactician!

HHL: He’s a coward and a cheat!

PIP: Is dragging your partner out of the ring against the rules, Heather?!? No? THEN IT’S A LEGITIMATE STRATEGY!

Flynn stands over NK’s fallen body, giving him little smacks in the face to wake him back up.

‘Chronic’ Chris Page leans over the two, trying to chime in with some advice.

The official starts shouting at the three to break it up and for NK to get back in the ring! The official starts to count NK out… 1! 2!

But as he does, Bourbon steps through the ropes into the ring and nods at Barney… Barney nods back!

They both hit the ropes and start running!

Page looks up to see what’s coming and splits!

Flynn looks up just in time to see…


The crowd is absolutely on fire right now!


Bobby raises his fists at a trademark 45 degree angle while Barney howls! And the audience is absolutely loving it!

The official steps outside the ring under the ropes and starts directing Bobby back to his team’s corner… Bobby acquiesces, still posing for the crowd as he walks around the ring…

Green grabs NK by the scruff of his neck and tosses him back into the ring under the bottom rope…

Barney tries to roll in after the North Korean… but remains held!

Green looks down at the floor, where Mark Flynn has his arm wrapped around Green’s heel and has him anchored!

Green tries to scamper up the side of the ring, but Flynn remains deadweighted…

NK finally starts to gather himself, just Green releases the ropes and stomps Flynn once in the chest!

Flynn release Green’s ankle and Green slides back into the ring…

Just in time to eat a kick to the face from NK!

HHL: Damn! Flynn and NK again using scrappy isolation tactics to kill their opponents’ momentum in its tracks!

Green flops backwards towards the bottom turnbuckle of the Tag Champs’ corner…

NK sticks his foot onto Barney’s throat and starts choking him against the turnbuckle, as Flynn crawls back up to the apron!

The official starts a five count on NK… Just as NK grabs the ropes and uses the torque to increase his force against Green’s throat!

PIP: Pure-Hearted, Valiant Lionhearted Champion's Using-the-Ropes-for-Leverage-During-Illegal-Chokehold!

Bourbon tries to step in the ring to save his partner, but the moment he does, Flynn starts screaming to get the official’s attention and the referee catches Bourbon inside the ropes!

The official directs Bourbon back to his corner, as Flynn loudly claps and steps through the ring ropes. NK exits out to the apron.

Green starts trying to crawl his way back to his feet, as Flynn lines up a kick across Barney’s chest! And a second! Green gets embedded into the turnbuckle by Flynn’s kicks!

Flynn sticks his head under Green’s shoulder… And goes to heeeeeeeeeeave…

HHL: Flynn is looking for that trademark Northern Lights Suplex! It’s going to be a challenge though, Barney is a big guy!

Barney’s feet start leaving the ground… Flynn lifts with all his might…

…He’s not quite up…

But just as it looks like Flynn might lose his grip, NK leans in over the ropes and presses forward on Barney’s legs! Barney ends up in the air! AND FLYNN GETS HIM UP AND OVER! NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!

PIP: WOW! Incredible strength from Flynn!

HHL: What a crock! NK just pushed Barney the rest of the way over!

PIP: Heather, I think your echochamber of bias is making you hallucinate!

Flynn bridges the pin! The official drops to count!



And Green forces the shoulder up!

Flynn scrambles back to his feet before Barney can recover and stomps Green rapidly in the gut!

Green continues to try and scramble back to a vertical base… Just as Flynn wraps him in a front-facelock…

Flynn tries to drop to one knee to keep Green from advancing back towards his and Bourbon’s corner…

PIP: Incredible intelligence by Flynn, stopping Green while at a size disadvantage!

…Suddenly, Green takes a deep breath… And lifts Flynn off the mat and into the air!

HHL: I’d hesitate to say Barney has been stopped!

Barney takes a couple steps forward… Then drops Flynn again. They’re back in the center of the ring!

Green lifts Flynn again… And advances another couple of steps!

Bourbon is smacking the top turnbuckle! The crowd claps along, eager for the hot tag!

Just a few steps now… Barney goes to lift Flynn! He does!

… But his feet stick! Green looks down…

And he sees the North Korean War Criminal hanging onto his ankle!

Green tries to swing his foot out of NK’s grip… But Flynn rotates his body mid-air, still holding Barney in a front facelock…

AND SWINGING DDTs Barney facefirst into the mat!

The official starts shouting at NK to vacate the ring, which the North Korean does quickly… Meanwhile, Flynn rolls Green off his face and onto his back with some difficulty!

He hooks the leg!



Bourbon sprints into the ring and stomps Flynn in the face!

The official admonishes Bourbon back towards his corner, as Flynn springs back up and shoves Bourbon back towards his corner! Bourbon bounces off and the two start reeling back fists! Just as the official steps in between them to break up the aggression!

As this plays out in Bourbon and Green’s corner, NK crawls back in through the ropes and drags Green back toward the champion’s turnbuckle!

HHL: Dammit Dammit Dammit all to Hell! Once again, Flynn and NK bend the rules behind the official’s back!

After a brief scuffle, Bourbon steps back out to the apron, fuming mad, and Flynn runs back to his corner, delivering a sliding dropkick to Barney’s face!

Green rolls onto his side, gripping his face in pain, as Flynn reaches up and tags in his partner.

PIP: This is where Flynn and NK excel! Quick tags, isolation![/white[

HHL: And cheating!

[white]PIP: Semantics!

NK leaps over the top rope and delivers a leg drop across the throat of Barney!

NK slides into the cover… The official drops…



THR- NO! Barney Green finds the will to kick out!

NK forces Barney onto his chest, and wraps him in a sleeper hold!

PIP: Ha! See! This is where Flynn’s wrestling coaching pays off! NK keeps adding new moves to his arsenal!

NK anchors his body low to the ground as Green tries to pry the North Korean’s arm loose…

Still, the Korean’s grip only tightens… Barney’s hand starts to look shaky…

Bourbon smacks the turnbuckle again! The crowd claps and chants…


Barney’s fist closes! It starts to shake! NK’s face opens wide as his body, against his will, starts rising off the mat…

Barney gets back to his feet, as NK remains on Green’s side, clinging desperately to a side headlock!

Barney liiiiiiiiiifts the North Korean! AND DROPS HIM ON HIS BACK! VICIOUS BACK SUPLEX!


Barney starts crawling back towards his corner… NK rolls on his side wearily… Both Flynn and Bourbon are desperate to make their way in…

NK crawls arm over arm… And reaches…

Flynn tags in! He dives through the middle ropes as Barney crawls..

He grabs Green’s ankle…

But he loses his grip just as Green dives! And tags in Bobby Bourbon!

The crowd is on their feet! Bourbon steps through the ropes as Flynn starts backpedaling towards his corner! NK reaches in and slaps Flynn’s back…

Bobby runs forward and crushes Flynn in the corner! Flynn stumbles out of the corner on shaky footing! Just as Bourbon scoops him up over his shoulder! OKLAHOMA SLAM!

HHL: HONESTLY BRUTAL! What a move by Bobby Bourbon!

NK is still catching his breath on the corner as Bourbon slides into the cover on Flynn!

But the official caught the tag! NK is the legal man!

Just out of view, NK leaps over the rope again… Trying to ambush Bourbon with a flying elbow

But Bobby dodges! And NK inadvertently elbows Flynn across the face!

NK stands up shakily… As Bobby boots him in the stomach… He thrusts NK into powerbomb position! Bourbon heaves NK up onto his Bastardly shoulders…

HHL: We’re gonna see it! The Bobby Bomb!

Just that second, Flynn shouts!


Reflexively, NK grabs onto Bourbon’s head with his arms and wraps his legs around Bourbon’s neck, blocking the slam…

Flynn scrambles off the mat, running! He bounces off the ropes…

And chop-blocks Bobby low across the back of the knee! Bourbon topples and NK lands ontop of him!

The official drops to count as the Korean holds on tight like a buckin’ bronco to Bourbon’s face!



From just off-screen, Barney Green dive tackles the North Korean, breaking up the count!

HHL: Like all Flynn & NK matches, things are getting a little chaotic here near the conclusion! For the benefit of the viewers at home, the legal men are currently NK and Bobby Bourbon!

As Heather helps the viewer, the official starts directing Barney out of the ring… Flynn steps back outside the ring and calls for NK to tag!

But NK shakes his head… Bourbon is almost back to his feet…


NK runs for the ropes again!

He leaps! Bounces off!

And delivers a picture perfect Glorious Triumph Kick across Bourbon’s skull!

Bourbon spins, dizzied by the strike! NK pumps his fist victoriously!

”HAHA! Yes! Did you witness me, Mark Flynn? Chris Page? I triumphed!”

Bobby spins once more, shaky as NK eagerly waits for him to hit the ground…



The Korean rolls ass-over-end TWICE after the devastating uppercut, rolling him all the way back to his corner! Flynn makes the tag!

As Flynn does though, the still dizzied Bourbon leans backwards towards his corner… And his hand clips Barney’s!

Barney leaps through the ropes and this time, Flynn doesn’t retreat, delivering a vicious chop across Green’s chest! Green shouts like it didn’t hurt and punches Flynn in the face!





Flynn is starting to look a little worse for wear from this exchange…

He reels back a chop…


Flynn tries to scramble back to his feet defensively! But not before Barney scoops Flynn in a front facelock and heaves him and over!


The official drops to count…



THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE? But Flynn’s foot is on the rope!

PIP: Say what you will about Mark Flynn, but he knows exactly where he is in the ring at all times! Great awareness!

As the official shows Barney that Flynn’s foot was on the rope, Green stands up! Barney signals for the end of the match! The Green Dream!

He tries to scoop Flynn off the mat for the Crossface Chickenwing… But just as he’s pulling Flynn up, NK leans in over the top rope and spits a gullet full of Manly, Machismo Blinding Green Mist into Green’s face!

Green flops backwards blinded as NK laughs confidently, even stepping inside the ring to stomp Green twice in the face…

Bourbon runs through the ropes and comes after the Korean, who turns tail and dips outside the ring!

Bourbon follows him… sliding under the ropes… And ends up face-to-face with ‘Chronic’ Chris Page!

HHL: Oh My! Former B.o.B.mates Chris Page and Bobby Bourbon!

PIP: Former until Bourbon and the rest of of BoB ambushed Page! I can’t imagine there’s any love loss between these two men!

NK dives around the corner, then rolls under the ring…

Bourbon and Page have a staredown, Page briefly daring Bourbon to make a move…

But before either man could disengage, Bourbon collapses grabbing his knee!

NK swings out from under the side of the ring, shoulder first, right against Bourbon’s knee!

PIP: Adventurous, Masculine Chop-Block-To-Inflict-Knee-Injury!

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Green blindly grapples Flynn from behind… AND MANAGES TO LOCK IT IN! THE GREEN DREAM!

HHL: Incredible! Barney Green, still blinded by the War Criminal’s mist, manages to secure his finishing submission maneuver!

Flynn desperately tries to wriggle out of Green’s grip, but the blinded Green holds on tight as a vice!

Flynn rotates slightly, pointing both himself and Green towards the turnbuckle… Still struggling for air…

The official asks if Flynn wants to surrender…

Just as Flynn presses forward..

His feet deftly travel up the side of the turnbuckle! And he kicks off, driving his skull backwards into Barney’s face!


The hold is broken!

Flynn somersaults backwards over Green’s fallen body with great dexterity…

Green, still blinded, stumbles his way to his feet, bleeding slightly from the nose…

Just as Flynn kicks him in the back of the knee to weaken his stance and locks in a guillotine…

Flynn delivers a Backbreaker… INTO THE ROLLING CUTTER.

PIP: Hey Heather…

HHL: Don’t say it…

PIP: I think this match just reached its LOGICAL CONCLUSION!

HHL: I hate you so much, Pip…

… Outside the ring, Bourbon throws NK off to the side with another Big Boy toss outside the ring… NK lands with a sickening thud, his back flat on the padded concrete…

Flynn rolls into the cover…


Bourbon tries to hobble into the ring…


But he’s too slowed from getting his knee clipped… He’s just a few feet away…



Flynn immediately rolls outside as the bell rings! Bourbon tries to crawl after Flynn but can’t block his escape.

Page grabs the belts off the timekeeper’s table and helps NK up to his feet, as he hangs one of the belts around his neck, aiding the hobbling authoritarian around the rim of the ring…

PIP: Score 2 for Flynn & NK! And zero for Them No Good Bastards!

HHL Pip! As Barney and Bourbon already mentioned, they, in no way, represent TNGB!

PIP: Which is just what the Bastards want you to think!

HHL: …Sigh.

Bourbon and Green kneel in the ring recovering, Barney’s face still covered in green mist, both still obviously eager for a fight…

Meanwhile, Flynn and NK backpedal up the ramp, NK is holding his aching back, still being aided by Chris Page… Page hands the other belt over to Flynn and the two champs, bruised but not defeated, raise the belts up to a loud, negative reception from the crowd!

HHL: Welp, incredibly impressive return match by Bobby Bourbon! Very impressive work from the tandem of Bourbon and Barney… But unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough to overcome the scrappy XWF Tag Team Champions…

PIP: What a dominant victory! What flawless execution! We are witnessing the ascension of The Greatest Tag Team in XWF HIstory! Mark Flynn and North Korean War Criminal!

HHL: *Self-Proclaimed Greatest Tag Team in XWF HIstory!


We once again cut back to the loading dock of the arena where Chris Page is standing by looking out the loading dock with a smile on his face where we see the Anarchy Champion Elijah Martin alongside Jason Cashe walk on screen.

CHRIS PAGE: What’s up champ…”

Chris and Elijah fist bump before Elijah hands Chris a large black sack. Chris shifts attention towards Jason Cashe as he states.

CHRIS PAGE: I trust that Elijah is helping make this decision a little easier for you, Jason?

Chris opens the sack looking inside the bag where his eyes draw back up towards Elijah.

CHRIS PAGE: You should know that you just helped change the landscape.

Chris winks at Elijah before closing the black sack up as we fade back to ringside.

PIP: I don’t know what CCP has up his sleeve but it looks like he’s come to the aid of Derrick Diamond.

HHL: From past experiences I know that if there’s something in it for Page he’s going to handle it.

”The following contest is scheduled for one fall…

”Introducing first, about to make his way to the ring… He is TOMMY WISH!

The lights start flickering in the arena, and we see smoke blowing out from the stage, and we see Tommy coming out in a light jacket with the hoodie on his head. He then comes out, and he does some shadow boxing on the stage. Then he walks down to the ramp, and he looks at the fans and gives them all a fist bump as he's walking down. Then he slides into the ring, and stands in the middle of the ring poses to the crowd as his theme fades off.

”And his opponent…

The lights in the arena go out, causing the usual hysteria from the crowd. After a few seconds, Peter Vaughn's face appears on the big tron, darkly smirking down at the fans.

"This Time... It's Different."

After Vaughn finishes speaking, he begins to laugh. His laughter carries on as the Tron video overtakes his image, beginning with "This Time It's Different" by Evans Blue. Sparks begin to erupt around the stage, showering nearby fans who feel like they're a little too close to the action. As the fireworks die down, a figure appears through the smoke and haze. Peter Vaughn walks forward wearing his dark blue gear, with the TPW International Championship wrapped around his waist, the PWV Heavyweight Championship over his left shoulder, the XWF Universal Championship over his right shoulder. He stops at the top of the ramp, surveying the negative reaction from the crowd before pointing back towards the curtain as Chris Page is shown walking out joining his client at the top of the ramp. From his reaction, you'd think they were chanting his name, as he walks down the aisle with a cocky smile. Vaughn and Page reach ringside with Page giving Vaughn some last-minute instructions as 3-Pete hands Page the PWV and Universal Championships before he unstraps the TPW International Title from his waist and places it on the apron. Vaughn bumps fists with Page before rolling into the ring while Chris collects the TPW Title and places all the gold in the corner of Vaughn.

PETER VAUGHN © w. Chris Page
- vs -

The bell sounds as we are underway. Vaughn and Wish lock up in the center of the ring with Wish using his size to muscle Vaughn back into a neutral corner where the referee starts to execute his five-count where Wish looks to give the clean break only to have Vaughn thumb him in the eye garnering boos from the crowd. The Universal Champion starts to open up with right hands before scooping Wish up and slamming him down to the mat. Vaughn looks for an elbow drop that Wish rolls out of the way of sending the Universal Champion elbow dropping the mat.

Tommy is the first to his feet where Vaughn isn’t far behind as he walks into a Belly to Belly Suplex by Wish! Tommy pops back up to his feet where he rushes towards the ropes nailing a springboard leg drop across the throat of Vaughn! The crowd pops as Wish quickly makes the cover hooking the near leg.




Peter kicks out.

PIP: Tommy Wish perhaps looking to catch Vaughn off guard! Talk about a huge victory that would be!

HHL: It would no doubt catapult Tommy to the top of the contender's list.

Tommy is back to his feet where he picks up Vaughn, he hammers him with a European Uppercut that rocks the Champion back into the ropes. Wish rushes forward only to see Vaughn throw a reverse elbow, Vaughn snatches the head of Wish where he hits a springboard bulldog! It’s now Vaughn who rolls over Wish making the cover hooking the far leg.




Wish kicks out as Peter locks in a rear chin lock. The referee slides into position asking Wish to surrender, Tommy refuses as he starts to work his way back up to his feet where he breaks the hold with a jawbreaker to Vaughn! Wish gets back to his feet where he rushes towards Peter sending him over the top rope and out to the floor with a running lariat.

PIP: Wish sends the Champion out to the floor!

CCP, while maintaining his distance from Vaughn tries to instruct as Peter gets to his feet to have Wish baseball slide dropkick Peter back into the security railing. Wish slides out to the floor where he points towards Page who holds up both hands backing away. Wish turns his attention back towards Vaughn where he snatches Peter and hurls him towards the steel steps, Vaughn reverses and it’s Wish who crashes into the steps right shoulder first.

Peter comes forward picking Tommy up off the floor where he hurls him back into the ring. Vaughn climbs up on the ring apron where he lands a slingshot leg drop across the throat Wish! He presses the cover.




Wish escapes the near fall.

HHL: Peter Vaughn can turn it on at a moment's notice, and if I’m Tommy Wish I need to turn this around much sooner rather than later.

Peter starts choking Wish right in front of the referee. The official lays the count to Vaughn who breaks away at the four-count as he rolls Wish over and starts rubbing his face into the mat to add insult to injury. The crowd boos Vaughn’s antics as the referee lays the count to him a second time, and a second time he breaks at the four-count.

Vaughn steps back up to his feet where he reaches down picking Tommy up off the mat. He takes him back into the ropes where he shoots him across the ring, Tommy bounces off the ropes into a handstand head-scissor takeover from Vaughn. The Universal Champion makes the cover once again.




Wish shoots a shoulder up off the mat as Vaughn demands a faster count as he steps back up to his feet. He reaches down picking Tommy up where he shoots him into the ropes with an Irish Whip, Wish bounces off the ropes as Vaughn ducks his head looking for a back body drop that Wish counters with a stiff J-Bomb! The crowd erupts as Chris Page looks on with a shocked look in his eyes while Tommy manages to make a cover!




Vaughn kicks out to a huge gasp from the crowd.

PIP: Tommy was inches away from defeating the Universal Champion! This crowd in Hawaii is rallying behind him!

The crowd chants for Wish as he starts to pull himself back up to his feet while we see Peter starting to stir himself. Tommy picks Vaughn up where he twists the right arm before backing up into a neutral corner. Tommy steps up to the middle rope followed by the top as he holds onto Peter’s arm while walking the top rope before leaping off connecting with Old School to a huge ovation from the crowd!

HHL: Listen to this ovation!

Tommy backs up across the ring into a neutral corner as he sizes up Peter who begins to work his way back up to a vertical base, Wish explodes from a crouched position where he nails Vaughn with a Spear! The ovation grows louder as Tommy pops up to his feet where he screams out to the crowd!

PIP: Tommy’s feeling it!

Wish pulls Vaughn towards a set of buckles where he turns his back and starts to climb up to the top turnbuckle from the inside of the ring.

HHL: Tommy is going to seize the moment!

Wish stands on the top turnbuckle where he sets sail with a picture perfect moonsault that lands right on the money! The massive crowd roars as Tommy makes the cover hooking the near leg.




Vaughn kicks out moments before the three to a massive gasp from the crowd!

PIP: It doesn’t get closer than that without the bell ringing!

The crowd is solidly behind Tommy Wish as he reaches a vertical base where he calls for the Implant DDT!

HHL: Wish is going to do it!

Tommy reaches down picking the Universal Champion up off the mat where he locks in the front face lock but before he can hoist Vaughn up in the air we see the cagey Vaughn spin out of the front face lock while transitioning into the REVENGED!

Peter makes the cover!





After the match, Peter Vaughn is standing in the ring, as Chris Page hands him the Universal Championship through the ropes. He holds it above his head to a mixed response from the crowd.

Until the lights drop out.

HHL: Hold on a minute, what’s going on here?

PIP: I think I have a pretty good guess!

In the darkness, fire rises around the ring. At the same time, snow begins to fall from the ceiling, catching the light of the flames and shimmering like stars.

There is fire.

There is ice.

And standing in the middle of the ring as the lights come up…

PIP: I knew it!

There is ALIAS.

Somehow, he now holds the XWF Universal Championship in his hands. He hoists it above his head - and above Peter Vaughn’s too.

Vaughn’s knuckles clench, and he takes half a step forward. The slightest smirk crosses over ALIAS’s face, and he drops the title on the ground in between them. Vaughn eyes ALIAS cautiously. He bends towards the championship, but a flinch from Alias, is enough to give Vaughn a second thought.

ALIAS takes the moment to reach into Hammerspace and pull out a microphone.

The rumbling crowd doesn’t give him an immediate chance to speak, but ALIAS is patient and waits for his moment.

It comes, and the former Universal Champion keeps his words short to force them into the quiet space.

ALIAS: You didn’t cash-in, but it doesn’t matter whose face is across from me.


March Madness.

The Universe returns to my hands.

Peter Vaughn: Yeah? Well, I took care of the man who pinned you. I've shocked the world plenty this year, and I'm going to do it again by taking care of you! Now give me back MY title!

The microphone drops to the mat with a buzzing thud. The lights don’t go out, they merely flicker. But it’s enough for ALIAS to be gone, and the Universal Championship to already be back over Peter Vaughn’s shoulders, without him ever needing to pick it up.

HHL: It looks like we have our March Madness main event set! There were whispers of it ever since he returned at the end of Fire and Ice, but now it’s official! ALIAS is claiming his rematch for the Universal Championship at March Madness! And he wants Peter Vaughn!

PIP: We also know that Charlie Nickles is waiting in the wings for his shot. And he and ALIAS will be in the same ring next week!

HHL: I’m sure Peter Vaughn will be watching closely!

We cut to a backstage shot of Raion Kido in the locker room. Raion is seated upon a wooden examination table and talking to a medical assistant. Behind Raion and the medical assistant there is an open door to the hallway and we can see all kinds of people walking past in the background. Kido looks to be in pretty good shape and seems to be waving away the concerns of the over-worried nursing aide. The medical assistant throws his hands up in frustration and just walks away as Kido hops off of the examination table.

HHL: Raion Kido had one hell of a match tonight, he really should get looked at!

PC: He's clearly fine, Heather, he's a WARRIOR! He can handle all the bumps and bruises of the XWF!

Suddenly a large man with a barbed-wire baseball bat and a championship belt appears in the doorway behind Raion Kido.


HHL: Oh no, what is he doing here?!

Charlie's cracked lips curl into a devilish grin.

PC: Heather, he's Charlie FUCKING Nickles, you already know what he's here to do!

HHL: But he's not even on the card!

PC: But Raion was, and Charlie told Raion he was going to smoke him when he saw him!

Charlie Nickles advances through the open doorway with the barbed-wire slugger in his grip. Raion turns around and takes a step forward before suddenly pausing when he sees The Nickleman. The Nickleman now takes one step forward as he readies his weapon.

HHL: Watch out, Raion!

Charlie: "Good effort out there tonight, Kiddo.....but don't you remember what I said?"

A brief look of confusion washes over Raion's face before the barbed-wire bat connects with his head! The home-run hit collapses Raion against the exam table before he falls to the ground! Charlie chuckles to himself as he places the bat on his shoulder and walks right back out the doorway from whence he came. The medical assistant who had just left suddenly comes rushing back into the scene to check on the victim of Charlie's most recent assault.

PC: Now Raion might REALLY need medical attention!

HHL: That bastard! That cowardly, deceitful, and grotesque bastard! He didn't have to do this!

The camera pans down briefly to see Raion slowly blinking his eyes while the medical examiner starts inspecting the head wound.

PC: Charlie and Raion are going to see each other again in the main event of the next Savage, the champion clearly wanted to give himself an early advantage! But, will Raion be the one to force The Nickleman to finally eat his just desserts?!

HHL: I sure hope so!

We return ringside to find a new ring design is in place, a special ring in the shape of a star.

”The following contest is for the SUPERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP! It’s a special 5 corners match in which the only way to win to to drag your opponent to all five corners touching them in succession. If your momentum is halted you must start from the beginning. Currently in the ring, he is the challenger… JIN ISHIDA!

There’s a smattering of applause for Jin as he throws an arm up in the air.

”And his opponent… about to make his way to the ring, he is the SUPERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, COREY SMITH!

The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Identity” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. Corey comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way.

Corey gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. He looks pumped as hell, and starts pointing out at the fans before rushing to the top rope, surveying the crowd from on high, before dropping down to the canvas and handing off his jacket. He paces the ring now, waiting for the match to begin as the music and lighting effects wind down.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -

The referee attaches a leather strap to the right wrist of Corey and then attaches the other end to the wrist of Jin as we are underway with our Main Event of the evening.

HHL: For the last four and a half months Corey has dominated the Supercon scene with an iron fist. Can this upstart Jin do the unthinkable? We’re about to find out.

Jin and Corey start a tug-a-war with the strap that sees Jin yank Corey forward towards him, Smith baseball slides between the legs of Jin where he quickly gets to his feet yanking the strap up causing Jin to nutshot himself before flipping over to the mat landing on his back. Jin rolls over to his chest where he pushes himself to all fours as we see the Supercontinental Champion start lashing the challenger across the back with several loud smacks of the strap as it meets the challenger's bareback.

Corey reaches down picking Jin up off the mat where he hurls him back into one of the corners. Smith rushes in after him where he eats a boot to the face staggering Smith back towards the center of the ring. Jin explodes towards Smith where he runs into a perfectly timed spinning back fist followed by a leaping knee to the chin sending Jin back into the ropes!

Smith runs towards Jin who elevates him over the top rope with a back body drop, Smith lands on the ring apron and as Jin spins around Corey lands a spinning back kick through the top and middle rope into the midsection of Jin doubling him over. Corey slingshots over the top rope with a slingshot DDT driving Jin down into the canvass.

PIP: Ishida hasn’t really been able to counter the offense of the Supercontinental Champion. There’s a reason why Corey is looked at as one of the top-tier talents in the business today.

Corey starts to walk towards one of the points of the star ring where he smacks the top turnbuckle that the official signals. He walks towards the second point of the star ring where he slaps the turnbuckle. He heads towards the third turnbuckle where his momentum is broken by Jin who is now on one knee yanking Corey back out towards the center of the ring and into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

Jin steps up to his feet where he lands a standing moonsault to the Supercontinental Champion!

Ishida is back to his feet where he rolls Corey over and wraps the strap around the Supercontinental Champion’s neck where he starts to drag him towards the nearest corner. He smacks the top turnbuckle, Corey manages to slip out to the floor where he yanks the strap pulling Jin back down to the mat where he yanks him out to the floor before ramming him lower back first into the ring apron.

Smith brings Jin forward before driving him back into the ring apron a second time. He hurls him back into the ring under the bottom rope where he slides back into the ring after him. Corey starts hammering down with his right hand to the forehead of Ishida. Smith steps back up to his feet where he backs up into a neutral corner and hops up on the middle ropes.

HHL: Ishida had better watch out because Corey is really starting to turn it on!

Jin starts to work his way to one knee where he sees Corey on the top rope. He yanks the strap which yanks Corey off the top rope flipping down to the mat where he lands on his back! Jin steps up to his feet where he staggers backward into a corner. He slaps the buckle before making his way towards a second corner!

Jin slaps the second buckle before starting to make his way towards the third buckle! He slaps it!

He starts to head towards the fourth buckle before Corey breaks the momentum as he lungs on the back of Ishida before delivering a backstabber!

PIP: Ishida had a shot but it was not to be! Corey breaks the momentum with a hellacious backstabber!

Jin backs up into a corner where he starts to pull himself up to his feet just in time for Corey to land a beautiful Helluva Kick to the jaw before spinning Jin out towards the center of the ring where Smith hops back up on the middle turnbuckle where he leaps off with a Blockbuster style neckbreaker! The Hawaiian crowd rallies behind the Supercontinental Champion as he once again reaches his feet!

HHL: The crowd is really, really digging Corey Smith tonight!

They chant his name as he starts to get back to his feet. He stomps away at Jin before reaching down and picking him up off the mat. Smith fires away with a series of palm strikes mixed with open handed chops before landing a stiff back kick dropping Jin to one knee for Smith to follow up with a V-Trigger style knee strike!

Jin crumbles down to the mat as we see Corey motion for the Pain De-Lux that fires the lively crowd back up.

PIP: If Corey hits this it’s going to be thanks for coming, Jin.

We see the challenger slowly, slowly start to push himself up off the mat, he gets to one knee before standing up only to be blasted with a Black Mass kick delivering with pinpoint accuracy! Ishida crumbles to the mat upon impact as we see Corey drag his challenger to the first corner where he slaps the turnbuckle.

HHL: Pain De-Lux was right on the money!

Corey reaches the second corner where he smacks the turnbuckle before dragging Jin towards the third which he smacks with ease.

PIP: Two corners away from victory and no signs of life from Jin Ishida!

Corey slaps the fourth buckle before heading to the fifth and final to complete the star! He reaches the corner smacking the buckle signifying the end of the contest.


HHL: Corey wasn’t getting paid by the hour here tonight as he came, he saw, he defended as he is STILL the Supercontinental Champion.[/white]

PIP: Another impressive showing for Corey, another impressive win. This guy has his division on lock.

Corey is awarded the Supercontinental Championship as his arm is raised in victory to a huge ovation as pyro shoots up from the corner posts into stars.

[red]HHL: There’s only one star standing tall in our Main Event tonight, and that’s Corey Smith.

[Image: PvUHyan.gif]

Returning from the commercial there’s a black carpet covering the ring with a long white skirted table across the center of the ring with five individually covered items separated evenly down the table.

The crowd erupts with a huge ovation as Derrick Diamond emerges out to the top of the ramp followed by the XWF Universal Champion Peter Vaughn, the Anarchy Champion Elijah Martin, the top contender for the Xtreme Championship in Thunder Knuckles, followed by Barney Green and rounded out by Ruby!

PIP: Team Diamond, the winning team from Fire and Ice are on their way to the ring to see what the General Manager Derrick Diamond’s prize for coming out on top at the Pay-Per-View is going to be.

HHL: We’ve seen all night how unprepared Double D has been over this.

Derrick and Team Diamond reach the ringside area where we find Theo Pryce already in the ring leaning back against a set of turnbuckles. Team Diamond all enter the ring while Derrick makes his way up the steel steps to the ring apron. He steps through the ropes entering the ring to join his team as Theo applauds their winning efforts. Theo produces a microphone and passes it over to Derrick Diamond who has a look of sheer excitement in his eye. The music fades away as Derrick addresses the camera.

DERRICK DIAMOND: Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you the winning HOUSE OF DIAMOND from Fire and Ice! RUBY! BARNEY GREEN! THUNDER KNUCKLES! The ANARCHY CHAMPION ELIJAH MARTIN, and your NEW Universal Champion, PETER VAUGHN!

A mixture of cheers and boos is heard from the crowd as Derrick continues.

DERRICK DIAMOND: To be honest with you, this is the first time that I’ve ever won anything, so coming up with a prize for my team wasn’t a task that I took lightly. All five of these individuals played their part in securing this victory… so it’s only fitting that I ask all of you to step up to the table.

Vaughn, Martin, Ruby, Barney, and Thunder Knuckles all step forward to the table behind a small covered area evenly separated throughout the long table.

DERRICK DIAMOND: I’m so excited to see the reactions to these little beauts.

Derrick motions for Team Diamond to remove the covers. In unison they do and they reveal a lump of coal. Derrick is all smiles before he directs his attention towards the coal, then towards Team Diamond, and then towards an irate Theo Pryce!

Theo storms over demanding the microphone.

THEO PRYCE: Are you fucking kidding me?

All attention hits the top of the ramp where we see Chris Page walking out with a microphone in hand.

CHRIS PAGE: Wait, wait, wait…

The music cuts off before it can get to the chorus.

CHRIS PAGE: Mr. Pryce.

Theo cuts his eyes up the ramp at CCP as we see Chris reach into the inner pocket of his sport coat pulling out the set of documents handed over by Diamond earlier in the evening.

CHRIS PAGE: While Team Diamond was successful at Fire and Ice I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but uh, the man you’re trying to hold accountable for that mishap in the ring isn’t the man that you need to be addressing your qualms with.

HHL: What the hell is he talking about?

CHRIS PAGE: This contract in my hand has the signature of one Derrick Diamond on it; and it’s a contract to be a part of CCPE, which means that Mr. Diamond falls under my umbrella. Anything you want to say to him… you talk to with me.

Theo yawns as Page finishes his statement.

THEO PRYCE: That’s cute and all, but aren’t you just an agent in the XWF because Robert Main ended your XWF career, and as an agent to the likes of Vaughn, Martin, Duke, and others that’s really the only stroke you have. If you’ll excuse me, I have a General Manager to tend with.

Theo turns to direct his attention towards an incredibly confused Derrick Diamond but before he can address him Chris responds.

CHRIS PAGE: Theo, I don’t think I have to be the first guy to tell you that Mr. Diamond right there, he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed if you catch my drift.

Theo slowly starts to turn his attention back towards Chris Page who stands at the top of the ramp.

CHRIS PAGE: He didn’t bother to read the fine print. By signing on with CCPE he has signed over the General Manager’s Position to ME!

PIP: What the hell?!?!

CHRIS PAGE:: It’s legal, it’s binding, and to the winning members to the HOUSE OF PAGE…

Chris motions up to the X-Tron where a shot of the parking lot is seen with five brand new 2022 Ferrari Convertibles are shown with bows on the windshields.

CHRIS PAGE: Now that’s how you show appreciation on the XWF’s dime.

Vaughn and Martin applaud this decision as Diamond looks like his heart has been broken while Ruby is unfazed, and Barney is just here to have a good time while Theo is seething as he and Page maintain eye contact before Chris blows him a kiss to close out Wednesday Night Warefare.

Charlie Nickels
Thaddeus Duke
Mark Flynn
GM Team
Jenny Myst

[Image: Jkq64Z1.png]
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