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Warfare Results: 12.15.21
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12-15-2021, 05:54 PM



From !!!

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSos5QwATkRkLMG_mnT_01...A&usqp=CAU]


- vs -

- vs -


- vs -

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -




From !!!

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSos5QwATkRkLMG_mnT_01...A&usqp=CAU]


Wednesday Night Warfare takes the air live from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada as we get a shot of Chris Page, he’s isolated in a part of the backstage area where he is shown speaking to someone, but no one is seen. We pick him up in the midst of his conversation.

CHRIS PAGE: You allow me the chance to make this right and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. The only thing I’m going to ask of you is that WHEN I make this right that you will give some serious consideration to represent you in the future; because if I were representing you now… you’d already have back what you’re looking for.

Chris turns around catching the camera eavesdropping. He quickly palms the lens of the camera shoving it away.

Tig O' Bitties is standing in the ring next to a table that has two official-looking folders on it. The crowd is simmering down as she begins to speak. They were unknowing that any of this was going to happen tonight.

In two weeks XWF will present the final show of 2021. Wednesday Night Warfare will be LIVE from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio!

The crowd erupts in cheers. Tig O' Bitties waits for the crowd to calm again to begin speaking.

You’re going to want to get your tickets now. Because on that evening we will witness two men seeking to settle their differences in what many are calling a grudge match. Tonight, however, we make it official!

The crowd roars in approval not knowing who the two combatants are.

Pip: Who is it, Heather?

HHL: I don't know. I knew nothing about this.

Please join me in welcoming the first of the two men at this time. He is a former two-time Television Champion from Lima, Ohio! THUNDER KNUCKLES!

Thunder Knuckles walks out of the gorilla position dressed to the nines in a sleek black Tom Ford suit. The smile on his face can only be matched by how bright the sun is at high noon. TK does a little shuffle-like dance all the way down to the ring. At the ring apron, he turns back to the entranceway, looks up at the sky, and points to the Heavens.

Fuck, yeah! This is for you Jesus!

TK rolls into the ring not caring about his expensive Tom Ford suit. He walks over to the table and takes a seat. TK is just waiting for Tig O' Bitties to announce his opponent, rubbing his hands.

Thunder Knuckles's opponent on the December 29th edition of Warfare. Is none other than a former two-time Universal Champion from Las Vegas, Nevada!

HHL: Oh, my fucking GOD!

Pip: Heather!

HHL: What? I never thought I'd see the day!


The crowd absolutely loses their shit. Chants of OMEGA fill the air. The music continues to play. Still no sign of Robert Main. Main's music stops. TK looks over to Tig O’ Bitties unamused. Tig Ol' Bitties looks at TK confused as if to say that shouldn't have happened. She tries again.


The music plays again with no sign of Robert Main. TK can be seen looking at Tig O' Bitties mouthing the words: "Are you fucking kidding me?", She shrugs. TK motions for a microphone but all of a sudden Runaway Train by Soul Asylum begins to play.

HHL: That could only mean one person.

Pip: Derrick Diamond is here!

HHL: Of course, he's here, Pip. He's at every Warfare.

Derrick Diamond emerges to the top of the ramp in some red crocs, green slacks, with the ugliest Christmas Sweater ever seen on God’s green Earth. The Toronto crowd greets him with a standing ovation as Double D smiles with his bushy beard waving to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring.

PIP: The fashion sense of our Warfare General Manager is less to be desired.

Derrick Diamond reaches ringside where he makes his way up the steel steps to the apron. He enters the ring where he takes a microphone off the table. The music fades away as Derrick starts to speak to Thunder Knuckles.

DERRICK DIAMOND: I know that I’m not Robert Main, and unfortunately I don’t know if he’s even here right now. What I do know is that I’ve got a verbal commitment from Robert Main that he WILL be on Warfare in two weeks…

The crowd erupts only to be cut short as Derrick states.

DERRICK DIAMOND: He will be meeting you, in… this… ring.

The crowd erupts a second time only to calm down quickly as Derrick throws his left hand up while he then states.


Thunder Knuckles is seen smiling and nodding his head.

DERRICK DIAMOND: Wait guys, that’s the match Robert wanted, what I’m going to do is add on it. The way I see it there doesn’t need to be any interference, you know, a Cage doesn’t have a top on it… So if anyone tries to interject not only will they be suspended but so will the participant involved… much like they can’t come in, neither of you can climb out. This ends with a pinfall in the middle of this ring!

The crowd erupts! Thunder Knuckles yawns.

Only this time ROBERT MAIN walks out to the top of the ramp! Thunder Knuckles mannerism instantly shift as even he’s surprised to see The Omega. Robert walks to the ring with a purpose. He reaches ringside where he stares across at Thunder Knuckles who motions to his with his signature jerk-off hand motion.

Robert steps through the ropes where he walks up to the table, takes the pen and signs the contract before flipping off Thunder Knuckles. Main turns his back exits the ring as Derrick now looks at Thunder Knuckles. He shrugs and signs the contract as we fade to commercial.

”Your opening contest is scheduled for one fall. Coming to the ring, TOMMY WISH!”

The lights start flickering in the arena, and we see smoke blowing out from the stage, and we see Tommy coming out in a light jacket with the hoodie on his head. He then comes out, and he does some shadow boxing on the stage. Then he walks down to the ramp, and he looks at the fans and gives them all a fist bump as he's walking down. Then he slides into the ring, and stands in the middle of the ring poses to the crowd as his theme fades off.

”His opponent, about to make her way to the ring.. LATINA SUBMISSION MACHINA!”

"Salió El Sooooollll"

Green and red pyrotechnics shoot up about five feet in the air on either side of the entrance platform as Latina Submission Machina pops out of the tunnel. The masked wrestler bounces around just outside the tunnel for a moment, her red hair flipping from side to side. She crouches slightly and begins overhead clapping along to the music as she steps forward. Some of the crowd begins to clap along as the luchadora descends down the entrance ramp. The latinx music continues to blast through the speakers as the woman in the green and red wrestling outfit rolls beneath the bottom rope and into the squared circle.

"La pistola, chambonea"

The crowd begins to clap along to the rhythm of the music with greater enthusiasm as Latina Submission Machina performs a modest belly dance in the middle of the ring. Moments later Latina Submission Machina quickly breaks away and starts running the ropes of the ring, testing out the squared circle and getting a feel for it's qualities. Content with it's fitness, the luchadora grabs a hold of the ropes and comes to a controlled halt. She turns to the referee and tells them she's ready to go. The luchadora heads to the corner as instructed and begins rolling her shoulders and neck, stretching in preparation for the coming battle.

- vs -

The bell sounds as LSM and Tommy circle each other. They lock up with Tommy just shoving LSM down to the mat. LSM nips up charging at Tommy who swings with a lariat that LSM ducks and bounces off the ropes where she looks for a cross body block, the larger and stronger Wish catches her in midair, he scoops her up and slams her down to the mat. Wish looks for an elbow drop that is missed as LSM rolls out of the way! She quickly takes a mount and hammers down with right hands and forearm shots to the head before looking to transition into a Japanese Armbar!

Tommy clasps his hands together blocking the attempt at the armbar as he then shifts his weight staking LSM’s shoulders to the mat.




She kicks up which only helps Wish hoist her up into the air for a powerbomb attempt which LSM counters into a flying head scissors before snapping Wish down to the mat! Tommy quickly rolls out to the floor!

PIP: LSM is quickening the pace in the opening moments!

HHL: She’s no stranger to competing against bigger opponents as a former Anarchy Champion and just her bookings in general.

LSM makes her way over to the ropes where she sling shots over the top rope crashing down on top of Tommy Wish taking him down to the floor! The crowd pops as LSM is back to her feet with a quickness where she stomps away at Wish. She slides into the ring as the official is already counting out Wish.

He starts to get up, LSM bounces off the far side looking to deliver a baseball slide drop kick, Wish side steps sending LSM sliding out to the floor landing on her feet where she spins around into a running lariat that turns her inside out! Wish yanks LSM up off the floor hurling her back into the ring. He slides into the ring as well and gets back to his feet where the big man runs towards the ropes and delivers a springboard leg drop!

PIP: Have you ever seen a 320 pound springboard leg drop before!?!?

The crowd roars at the athleticism of Tommy Wish who makes the cover.




LSM kicks out! Tommy steps back up to his feet where he picks LSM up taking her back into the ropes, he shoots her across the ring, she bounces off the ropes ducking under a big boot attempt, she bounces off the near side and as Wish spins around she connects with a low dropkick to the left knee knocking it out from under Tommy!

LSM snatches the left leg before locking in a single leg crab!

The referee slides into position asking Tommy to surrender, he refuses.

PIP: I love the seamlessness of LSM.

HHL: She’s quick, she’s crisp and she’s on point tonight for sure!

The referee asks Wish to surrender, he continues to refuse as he starts to crawl towards the bottom rope! LSM senses it and transitions from the single leg crab into a STF!

PIP: As I was just saying.

The referee repositions and asks Wish to surrender, he refuses as he inches closer and closer to the ropes before reaching out and taking a hold of the bottom rope forcing the break. LSM gets back to her feet where she starts attacking the left knee with kicks as Wish starts pulling himself up to his feet.

LSM connects with a roundhouse kick taking Wish down to the mat! She makes her way to the ropes where she climbs up to the top rope from the inside of the ring. LSM leaps backward with a moonsault press on to Tommy Wish!




Tommy kicks out of the near fall.

HHL: Tommy Wish has a lot left in the tank.

LSM gets back to her feet where she picks up Tommy and attempts to send him into the corner, Tommy counters and it’s LSM that smashes into the buckles, she staggers forward into a boot to the midsection that’s followed up with a brainbuster!

PIP: And just like that Tommy Wish has turned this back around.

Tommy rolls over into a cover.




LSM escapes to a pop from the crowd. Tommy makes his way back to his feet where he shakes the left left and knee before picking LSM up off the mat where he takes her over with a belly to belly suplex. He presses the cover.




LSM kicks out once again.

HHL: LSM won’t quit. She keeps on going.

Tommy picks gets back up picking LSM up where he looks for a right hand, she blocks and counters with a stiff kick to the left knee, she follows up with a second and then a third that drops Wish to one knee! LSM locks in a rear naked choke and is able to fall back to the back while wrapping her legs around Wish!

PIP: Tommy Wish is in serious trouble!

The referee is in perfect position as he starts asking Wish to surrender, he refuses as he waves off the referee as LSM cranks in on the hold. Tommy flips backward over the front of Latina’s body stacking her shoulders to the mat.




LSM releases the hold to break the pin attempt as she beats Wish to his feet. She sets him up for the Machina Roll but before she can deliver it Wish counters with a back body drop! LSM pops back up to her feet where she’s met with a boot to the midsection followed by the Implant DDT!

PIP: Hide Ya Face from Wish! He’s got the cover, leg is hooked!





HHL: Tommy Wish just snuck one over LSM!

Tommy has is arm raised in victory!

PIP: I wouldn’t say he snuck it out, he capitalized at the right time and the right place. Tonight Tommy Wish is the better of the two.

Tommy exits the ring making his way back up the ramp.

On the X-Tron, Thaddeus Duke is tuning his Ed Sheeran guitar while Frankie plays a game on his iPad.

HHL: We know what happened, Pip.

PIP: He hit Smith with the Heat Seeker! The ref was gonna count the 3!

HHL: And then the King of Darkness returned and cost his son the match, we know that Pip. What we don’t know, is if Corey Smith had enough left to kick out.

Corey Smith is the winner and champion of record, and we may never know now just which one of those two boys is better.

Still in the locker room.

You singin’ us a song? the previously unseen Dolly asks of Thad.

Nope, Thad replies coldly.

Just then, a knock at the door. Frankie doesn’t move. Thad keeps tuning his guitar. Dolly looks back and forth between the door and Thad.

Oh no worries, just sit on yer ass, the cripple will get it!

Thanks, he replies to her disinterestedly.

The crutch wielding Dolly Waters makes her way to the locker room door after another knock. Opening up, she steps back revealing Corey Smith on the other side. The fans inside the arena give Smith a big pop.

Oh look! It’s our brother, she says in an accusatory tone toward Thad.

COREY! Frankie yells out. Dropping his iPad, he bolts across the room to give Smith a hug.

Hey bud, he greets the young man before turning his attention to Dolly. Can I uhhh… have a minute?

Depends, she replies. Not if y’all are gonna try and rip each others heads off.


It’s fine, Thad interjects quietly, still messing with his guitar.

Come on Frankie, let’s go find Adi, she says as she and Frankie exit the room, leaving Corey standing uncomfortably in the doorway.

Back at ringside.

HHL: I don’t know what we’re about to see, but I hope security is on standby!

PIP: I hope exactly the opposite!

In the locker room.

You comin’ to me or am I comin’ to you? Thad coldly asks Corey.

Corey steps inside, closing the door behind him before advancing toward Thad and taking a seat in a chair across from him. He puts his arms out as if to say “well, I’m here.”

I’m coming to you, Thad. Just like I said I would, for a little post match discussion where we talk TO each other and not AT each other.

Thad looks like he’s going to interrupt but Corey cuts in.

Wait, just let me finish, ok? And then you can say whatever you want.

Corey sighs.

Look Thad, that match HURT me. Not just physically. Once I got backstage I felt sick to my stomach. Now, I know that what happened at Bad Medicine didn’t solve anything, especially with the interference of your father. But honestly, I don’t give a shit about any of that. I want my friend back.

He pats his chest for emphasis. Thad stops messing with his guitar and looks Corey in the face.

And to do that, I’m gonna start off with a whopper.

You had me beat, okay? You earned that. If it wasn’t for your father that championship would be yours. And I’m not humoring you, or trying to tell you what you want to hear. I didn’t have enough in the tank to kick out. You woulda won. Period.

HHL: Wow.

PIP: There it is!

Corey sits back in his seat, waiting for Thad’s reply with some trepidation.

I know I would have, Thad says quietly before resuming messing with his guitar. That’s what’s different about me compared to most everyone else in the word. I have this unbreakable confidence, Corey, and I know when I have someone beat.

Thad pauses for a beat and looks at Corey again.

I know what they think, he finally continues before returning to his guitar again. I know what everyone thinks. You too. Everyone on this planet thinks I’m wrong for feeling the way I feel.

But none of you know what it’s like to live under the constant pressures that I face on a daily basis. None of you know what it’s like to have the threat of your lives ending…
he looks up at Corey again.

Simply because you chose to turn left instead of right. He pauses again, letting Corey process what he, at least on the surface, seems to be listening to.

I don’t expect anyone to understand it because they can’t possibly know. I’d give away everything I have in order to not have to live the life I live but… It’s the hand I was dealt.

They laugh, they scoff, they downplay it as no big deal, but the threat is real and it’s never ending. It’s a big fucking deal if I’m gone. I have three kids Corey… targets are on their heads just as well as they’re on mine.

Anyway… I don’t care that you won. If you’ll excuse me though, I gotta finish getting this guitar ready for television.

Corey gets up hesitantly and starts for the door.

HHL: I think we just saw an olive branch extended from Corey Smith to Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: I don’t think he took it though! Good for you, Thad!

Smith reaches the door.

Corey wait, he says while laying down his guitar. Corey stops and turns. Kinda funny, isn’t it? This is all I wanted you to do to begin with… just hear what I’m saying.

I never wanted the violence.

Corey nods solemnly. For what it’s worth, I understand how you’re feeling better than you realize. Have a good night, Thad. With a wistful parting glance, Corey sees himself out.

You know what I’ve wondered, Thad says aloud to himself. How is he 18? He’s been 18 for like 3 years.

Thad stands up and a second later, his door swings open and Chris Page steps in.

You ready?

A growing smile crosses Thad’s face as he grabs his guitar and slings it over his shoulders.

I’ve been looking forward to this day for four years, Chris. I’m very ready.

Thad follows CCP into the hallway as we fade back to ringside.

PC:Coming up next will be a match not for the taint at heart

HHL: Excuse me, Pip? The what?

PC: The faint at heart-

HHL: -is not what you said. You said taint.

PC: I said no such thing, Heather. Why would you want to put turds in my mouth? Because you know I have a rooting interest in this match?

HHL: You just did it again.

PC: Did what again?

HHL: You’re saying those cliches wrong. FAINT not tain. WORDS not turds.

PC: Would you stop beating that fed horse, already?

HHL: Jesus.

PC: Well here comes anyone BUT Jesus. He is however the Anarchy Champion, live in action tonight on Warfare.

Centurion walks out from the XTron, down the ramp and to the ring.

HHL: And as you attempted to allude to earlier, Centurion will be competing in an anything-goes-match tonight against some very capable competition.

PC:Whoia, whoa! Heather, are you implying that Centurion is not used to the type of competitors we have on Warfare as opposed to Anarchy..

HHL: That’s not at all what I said-

PC: Silence woman!

PC stands in his chair and salutes the next wrestler’s entrance,
NKWC walks in perfect step to the tune of the North Korean National Anthem, wielding a ceremonial sword and immaculate military uniform. A wondrous orchestra of True Koreans trumpet out the beautiful melody any man could ever hear. Two cadets walk several paces after him wielding the glorious flag of True Korea, wavering majestically overhead, leading the way to a brighter future for all mankind. Wherever he is, the True Leader of the Free World, Kim Jong Un sheds a single of tear of pride for the Greatest Warrior on the Planet, aside from himself.

NKWC sheds off the jacket of his military uniform and walks up the steps into the ring. The cadets catch the jacket and without letting it or the flag hit the ground and touching filthy North American soil, quietly scurry back up the ramp.

- vs -

The ref calls for the bell and this no-rules match between the Anarchy Champion and the former Tag Team Champion is underway. Centurion, the more throwback, classic type of wrestler that he is, doesn’t seem eager to lean on the lack of rules right away as he starts a traditional mat circling around NK. NK appears laser focused and willing to play along with Cent in a traditional clean match for the time being.

PC: I don’t know what Centurion thinks he’s going to do against NK, Heather! He doesn't stamp a chance!

HHL: Are you having a stroke?

PC: What?! What now?

HHL: You’re doing it again!

PC: What? Trying to tell the audience that NK has a clear advantage in No-DQ matches?

HHL: Well you do make a point. His entire moveset is one cheat-move after the other.

PC: The dirtiest comrade in the game…

HHL: And there’s another… well on second thought, I guess that one is okay.

Cent shoots at NK’s legs. The old man moves quickly and is able to scoop NK from the mat with a traditional wrestling takedown. Centurion mounts NK, twisting him to his stomach where Centurion easily locks in a camel clutch.

HHL: Centurion with the early advantage here, showing off some technical prowess.

PC: He’s cheating! He’s not supposed to do real wrestling in a no-rules match!

NK gnashes at his teeth, losing his ability to breath as Centurion applies the hold with precession. In just a split second, one of Centurion’s fingers becomes available to NK and he executes the opportunity perfectly.

Centurion hollers out as NK’s teeth break the skin of his index finger. He pulls his hand back, but it doesn’t budge from NK’s mastiff-like bite. Centurion moves from NK’s back in a panic, and still NK refuses to yield from his bite. Centurion stands above a kneeling NK in the center of the ring. With teeth cracking into the bones of his knuckle, Centurion swings at NK with a furious kick to the head. But NK catches him mid kick with a cranium-shot to the testicles while releasing the bite.

Centurion’s face bulges and he gasps. Doubled over and clutching his plums, he starts falling away from NK towards the ropes, about to collapse, but NK offers no reprieve. He stands and charges at Centurion, tackling him through the ropes. Centurion gets tangled up while NK makes a peaceful bounce from the apron to the arena floor. Centurion has his arms wrapped into the ropes and is dangling towards the floor, almost looking like a crucifixion.

NK stands to his feet below Centurion and observes his opponent's condition. He laughs and grabs hold of a television camera cord and slides back under the ropes. NK positions himself behind Centurion and wraps the cord around his throat. Centurion’s arms are still trapped in the ring ropes and he has no way of blocking the strangle. NK demands that Centurion submit from the match, but Centurion refuses. So from there NK sends the point of his boot into Cent’s lower back a few times, and doubles the camera cord around his throat. NK pulls back and starts hanging from the camera cord pulling back on Centurion.

But the pull is just enough leverage to break Cent’s arms out of the ropes, pulling him crashing back into the ring. NK stands over the badly damaged Centurion and pulls him to his knees by the hair. NK bellows out as it’s Centurion delivering an uppercut low blow to the War Criminal’s treasure chests. NK’s face twists as he hits the mat, clutching for his goods and struggling to catch his breath. Centurion has fallen over the cord still tightly wrapped around his neck where bruises and cuts have formed.

NK starts rolling towards the bottom ropes and falls onto the floor to catch his breath. Centurion, having taken considerable damage, is still recuperating in the ring. The ring apron flies up as a partially recovered NK starts digging underneath, producing a steel chair through gasping breaths. NK spots Centurion who is just getting to his feet in the ring. Centurion finds himself still wrapped around the camera cord as NK darts back under the ropes and charges with a chair shot to the stomach.

But Centurion kicks the chair back, it gouges NK in the gut and bends him over. Centurion snatches the falling NK and plants him right back down with a 1000 Mile Slam out of nowhere. The crowd erupts at the shock move as Cent and NK hit the mat. The bounce sends NK off of the mat and tumbling towards the turnbuckle. Centurion turns expecting to pin a nearby NK but finds he’s tumbled across the ring and is down just in front of the corner. Centurion grabs the chair and waits for NK to stand. Just as NK wobbles to his feet, dizzy and spinning backwards towards Centurion, he charges with the chair. A devastating chair shot to the head!


The camera cord is still tied around Cent’s throat, and just as he goes to connect with the chair shot, he flies up in the air and back like a dog on a leash. Centurion hits the mat and NK dives in, folding Centurion’s legs over and grabbing for his trucks!




The pinfall is avoided while the steel chair falls somewhere between NK and Cent. Both men scramble to their feet. NK steps on the chair and it slide to a now standing Cent, the top of the chair stubbing his toe even through his boots.

Cent hollers out, but absorbs the pain and catches NK as he falls towards him on the sliding chair. Cent lifts NK and plants him onto the chair with a saito suplex. The crowd erupts and Centurion goes for the pin near the ropes.




During the pin, NK slid himself under the ropes. With the mangled chair leaning he uses ropes to pull his shoulder off of the mat.

PC: I don’t know if anyone has ever found a way to cheat in a no-rules match, Heather. But I feel like NK has just figured it out!

NK falls out of the ring after the near fall. Centurion is recovering from the mat. Cent makes it to his feet first, clears the cobwebs, and is finally able to remove the cord from his throat. But he doesn’t let go of the cord. He pulls it with him back outside of the ring where NK is crawling away on all fours. Likely headed for the exit ramp. Centurion comes up behind NK, just at the edge of the ringpost and the steps.

Centurion stands over NK and lassos the camera cord around his neck from behind. He yanks and pulls NK back up to a standing position and pulls in closer to strangle NK. But NK spots the ringpost in front of him, kicks his feet out and steps up the ringpost, flipping backward behind Centurion causing both men to fall on the floor.

Centurion gets to his feet. NK is not far behind. Centurion sees his opportunity, grabs NK’s arm and flies at him with a v-trigger knee strike. But the manliest, most nationalistic green mist you’ve ever seen spews from NK’s lips, and coats Centurion’s face, blinding him and stopping the maneuver from being executed. Centurion tries whipping the mist from his eyes, but NK grabs the steel chair from the ring apron, smashing Centurion in the skull before folding him up









NKWC quickly scurries back up the ramp leaving Centurion in a state of shock.

PIP: Now that’s what you call stealing one unlike Tommy Wish and LSM earlier, Heather.

We get a split screen where CHRIS PAGE is shown watching on a monitor in the back with a smile on his face as he nods his head in approval.

"My favorite thing about Canada? That's easy! Bagged Milk. That and I'm pretty sure they invented the Moose Knuckle.."

Jason Cashe is quickly seen backstage talking to his phone. His eyes locked on the screen, he was clearly on a video call as he stood leaned up against a random hallway wall.

Cashe: "Wait, why aren't YOU here yet Riddle? Are you in a bathroom right now?"

Riddle: "Yeah, I'm taking a shit. Never get sushi from a Gas Station.."

Cashe: "Never have I ever… So, I take it you won't be here tonight then?"

There was a grunt and the faint sound of something hitting water. After a slight sigh of relief, Riddle responds.

Riddle: "You said they weren't even booked! Why are you showing up if Bourbon and TK aren't there?"

Cashe shrugged as he took a moment to look down the hallway to both his left and his right.

Cashe: "When Adi Gold and Betsy Granger are in the ring together, you show up! That's just good competition right there and.. I ain't been to a Warfare show yet. Catering isn't that much better though. Same same."

Riddle: "You expected something different?"

Cashe: "I guess. You can tell the Bastards aren't here though because all the cheese and meats are still on the table. I had some pretty good salami earlier.."

A courtesy flush filled the speakers and Cashe just shook his head. You have to be good friends, damn near family to be on a video call with someone while they are shitting. What Riddle didn't know was that Cashe knew the cameras were rolling. He winked at the camera.

Riddle: "What would you even do if they were there?"

Cashe: "The Bastards?"

Riddle: No, the Golden Girls.."

Cashe's eyebrows jumped up on his forehead as the thought settled.

Cashe: "First, I'd be like.. Hey, I'm Cashe to Betty White. Go in all smooth like.. You know I do…"

Riddle: "Uh huh.. So smooth.."

Cashe: "Fuck you. How many Goddesses have you slept with this year? Nevermind all that though.. If the Bastards were here? I'd run up on em, fuck em. I might find me a brick cause Bourbon is a constipated toilet clogger but I'd either take one out or get taken out trying.."

On Riddle's end, all you could hear was laughter. Cashe looks away as he can tell Riddle had begun to wipe. It was at this moment, Cashe turned the phone so the cameras could see. Now Riddle could see as well.

Riddle: "What the fuck Cashe?! There are cameras there?"

Now Cashe was laughing as he checked his phone to see that Riddle had hung up. More laughter filled the hallway. Shoving the phone into his pocket, it was now just Cashe and a camera. Backstage at Warfare in Toronto, Canuck.

Cashe: "Bourbon.. Thunder Knuckles.. At one time you said I was an Honorary Member of Them No Good Bastards. I felt that! I feel that we, in a different situation, would become great friends. Yet here we are.. Tonight wasn't about actually finding either of you here, that would have been sprinkles. An add on, the wrapping paper on an expensive gift under the tree..

No, tonight was about just showing up. Being accounted for because truth be told? I've been a little distracted. I've been busy pushing myself in the gym, clearing my head space. Getting this POORLY WIRED Head of mine.. Some much needed tuning. At Bad Medicine, you two showed up and we expected it, we were WAITING for it! We knew that when you did show up it wouldn't be pretty.. Yet I went in for a hug, at least that's what the camera tried showing. I was WALKING into what I knew was deserved, what I KNEW had been earned."

His phone rings, the ringtone was 'Mo'Murda' by Bone Thugs, the official theme song for Riddle and Cashe. Cashe ignores the call, swiping so the ringing stops.

Cashe: "You had every right to be mad. To seek revenge because we took the Tag Titles from a boooshit promotion from you. We invaded XWF during Relentless and left you laid out. We asked for this, remember? I might not be the things that Tommy Wish claimed me to be. There is no flashy lifestyle, there are no Benz and Bentleys, I'm NOT a Player, I just fuck a lot!"

Random add on that last part.

Cashe: "Life isn't pretty. You two rule the WORLD in a Tag setting, not another Tag Team who know each other better. Nobody has the chemistry that you have together but Riddle and I? We took it to you. So much so that upon your return TK? You made it a point to come see us.. Make a statement and it was loud and clear. You want another fight! Cool, bet, let's get some because I am all for that! I'm built for that and if it's attention you want from us? Then I will give it to you on sight! I'll come where you kick it and enter where you stay. It's WHY we came to XWF.. Your home is invaded, show us where you keep the valuables."

Again, his phone rings and this time he answers it as he pushes off the wall and heads around a corner.


HHL: We’re back here LIVE on Warfare and Pip, through Twitter we found out that Thaddeus Duke’s manager…

PIP: The GREAT Chronic Chris Page!

HHL: ...yeah… before he even left Bad Medicine, he was able to confirm that Sebastian Duke WOULD be in attendance here tonight in Toronto!

PIP: Sayors just told me that he is here and in fact, he’s coming out right now!

No sooner do the announcers confirm the appearance of the King of Darkness, the lights fall dark in the arena. The fans come alive with anticipation as thunder rolls.

As the intro ends and the theme begins, the X-Tron rigging bursts into flames. Sebastian Duke emerges onto the entrance stage as flashbulbs and the burning X-Tron are the only lighting yet available. He stalks toward the empty ring with an ominous red glow. The lights come on as he makes his way up the steps. After reaching the apron, he steps into the ring. Unbuckling his cape, he retrieves a mic from inside.

For the moment, he waits for the crowd to quiet down while his music and tron fade out.

I know what you’ve heard, Sebastian Duke begins. I know the stories he’s fed you, I know the rumors he’s spread...


Sebastian takes a moment to soak in the respect and adulation from the Toronto crowd.

As you can see, the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

This revelation coaxes a boisterous reaction from the Universe.

PIP: Hold up a second here!

The crowd in Toronto explodes with a very mixed reception upon the arrival of one “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE. Chris, dressed in a Versace Suit, black, minus a tie, hair pulled back in a ponytail with a microphone in hand as he stops at the top of the ramp. He looks at the ring where Sebastian doesn’t appear to be entirely amused by the presence of his son’s manager. The music fades away as Chris removes the black aviators covering his eyes and places them in the upper pocket of his sport coat as he raises the microphone to address Sebastian.

Hold up before we get too deep into this party, Sebastian. You’ve had the tendency to pop in and out on the drop of a dime starting with that joke of a Relentless return that nobody really seemed to care about BUT you.

The crowd starts to boo Page as he turns his attention towards them, throwing up his free hand as he responds to them.

Hold on, hold on hear me out before you all start taking that fickle route you're expected to and you shall see that I speak nothing but the truth.

Chris redirects his attention towards Sebastian as he continues.

Do you know what your biggest problem is, Sebastian? Your biggest problem rests within the realization that when it comes to the Duke Legacy the first Duke that anyone thinks about, is Thaddeus. So, let’s cut the formalities and get right to business before you disappear again. Are you going to FIGHT the SUPERIOR Duke, or not?

The crowd pops a little in anticipation of the Sebastian Duke response.

The way I see it, I have nothing left to prove. Thad is what he is but the one thing he'll never be

Sebastian Duke points to the XWF Hall of Legends ring on his finger as a slight smile crosses his face. in the Hall of Legends.

Are you really going to feed me of all people that horseshit? Nah Sebastian, that dog doesn't hunt, brother. You stuck your nose in Thad’s business at Bad Medicine, knowing full well that actions have consequences.

But hey, thanks for just establishing that ring on your finger isn’t anything more than a fucking prop for someone like you.

Chris raises up his left hand, (not that left hand,) displaying his own Hall of Legends ring.

You give guys like me a bad name.

I’ve done everything there is to do, Chris. I’ve done and won it all and Thaddeus can send you out here to run me down but my place in the history of this company is forever etched in stone.

My place is in the Hall of Legends at the XWF Headquarters.

I will not… accept… that challenge.

Just then, a strumming of an acoustic guitar is heard and the Lionheart logo appears on the X-Tron drawing the attention and the ire of both Sebastian Duke and the Universe. A moment later, Thaddeus Duke emerges from backstage wearing his customary Lionheart hoodie and Wrangler jeans with the guitar slung over his shoulders.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: And his chicken shit father just denied his challenge!

HHL: Somehow Pip, I don’t think we’ve reached the end of that story.

I’m happy you’ve all turned out to listen to me serenade my father, he begins as he stops on stage and eyes Chris Page. In step with one another, and Cyrus Braddock emerging behind them, they begin a slow stroll toward the ring.

Thad starts strumming on his guitar.

This song is about anger… honestly, no one incites rage and anger in me more than that fucker, he says, pointing toward his father with the neck of the guitar.

Y’all know the song though… it’s almost as famous as I am…

Page smirks at the comment as they continue to make their way down the ramp.

I can feel it coooomin’ in the aiiiir toniiiiight… oh looorrrrd…

The fans respond positively to ‘In The Air Tonight’.

Right!? I’m so freakin’ talented. Rest assured. I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled hate programming momentarily.

And I've been waiting for this moment, for alllll myyy liiiife, oh loooorrrd
Can you feel it coooomin’ in the aiiiir toniiiiight, oh lorrrrd

Well, if you tolllld meeee you were drowniiiing
I would notttt lennnnd a hannnd

I've seeeen yourrr face beforrrre my friend
But I don't know if you know who I am

Advancing up the ring steps, leaving CCP and Braddock on the floor, Thad pauses and looks into the ring at the 6’9” Tower of Power staring back at him. Resuming his impromptu acoustic concert:

Well, I was therrrre and I sawww what you did
I saw it with myyy owwwn two eyyyes

So you can wipe off that grin, I know where you've been

It's all been a pack of lies

I can feel it coooomin’ in the aiiiir toniiiiight… oh looorrrrd…

Thad strums the guitar wildly for a moment before laying it against the corner.

Can you feel it dad? Can you?

Sebastian stands stoically.

You know…

Last time I saw you, your little twink bitch boyfriend was pinnin’ your ass to the mat.

Big pop.

Yeah man! You came back and made a statement. You came back and cost me my match with Corey. I warned you three months ago to stay the fuck away but you didn’t listen.

I kicked your teeth down your throat because you didn’t listen. At least I had the ability to not make it about myself and I waited until… after… you beat Samuels.

But everything is about you, isn’t it? Everything you’ve ever done was to preserve yourself. To preserve your own image. I come back to the XWF and mother fucker, you gotta show your face again just to make sure they don’t forget!

Everything you are dad, is because of me. You’re held in high regard, because of me. You’re looked at in a better light than in your active days BECAUSE OF ME!

Thad pauses for a breath as Sebastian Duke considers what he’s hearing.

You might well be right Thad but… you exist because of me.

The XWF Universe pops for the truth bomb dropped in Thaddeus Duke’s lap.

They cheer you dad, these fans cheer for you and make no mistake it’s not because they’ve had a sudden change of heart and they decided you weren’t so bad after all. It wasn’t because they respect what you’ve done in your own career.

They cheer you…

Only because…

They hate... me.

Thad turns to the crowd.

A couple minutes ago I told you I’d return you to your regularly scheduled hate programming so here it is.

You love this man?
he asks, pointing over his shoulder at his father. To which, the crowd pops. You respect the legacy he left behind him? Again, the crowd pops.

Well then I’ve got some fantastic news, he says, turnin to his dad. Tell me one marquee fucking win you’ve had that doesn’t include World War X.

Not just me.

Tell them.

Sebastian Duke goes to speak, but Thad cuts him off.

Don’t include your Universal title win either, you big dumb bitch because the only reason you got it was because Uncle Theo gave you a fucking briefcase.

It’s not really the same as winning it outright, is it?

Mark Flynn? Beginners luck.

Eli James? Come on man, it’s not like you faced Eli when he was at his very best. The Eli James you beat… was a shell of his former self.

Thad turns toward the crowd.

He doesn’t have a single marquee win to his name in all of his sixty career wins so the legacy you idiots claim to love and respect, is the legacy that I forged.

You remember him for more than he was… because I am so fucking good at what I do. You remember him fondly…

Thad smiles.

Because of me…

Turning back to his father.

See, since the day I stepped back into this company, all I’ve done is defeat big name after big name and I’ve taken my share of lumps but people like you… they protect themselves by facing lesser opponents, falsely inflating their statistics.

People like me, want the biggest and the best… win… lose… or draw...

We are not the same.

Again, he turns to the crowd.

Here’s the biggest piece of evidence that I am everything he pretended to be for the last decade.

During Robert Main’s first run as Universal Champion, you remember that short lived return this fucker made? You know the one. It’s the one where he was fast tracked into the Universal title picture and he… took his ball and went home out of fear that Robert Main would expose him for the fraud he is, the fraud he was, and the fraud he always will be.

He returns his attention to his dad.

You know what I did to Robert Main?

First I conquered the unconquerable Cataclysm. Through that experience, I knew I wanted Robert Main one on one but I bided my time. When the time was right, I poked… I prodded… I stuck figurative daggers into his fuckin’ side until he challenged me.

Then one on one…

I beat him again.

Once more, he turns to the crowd.

I’m going to dismantle the false facade that is Sebastian Duke and I’m going to make all of you watch while I do it. I’m going to tear him down brick by fucking brick until there’s nothing left so you can all go on and cheer for your murderer hero…

Reacting quickly to being called a murderer, Sebastian Duke spins his son around and grips him by his throat to a roar from the crowd. Cyrus Braddock quickly enters the ring behind the elder Duke, clubbing him in the back of the neck. The elder Duke releases his grip on his son and turns around. He stands face to face and nose to nose with Thad’s very large bodyguard as Thad drops to a knee while he tries to regain his air.

[Image: CnMFoXW.jpg]

HHL: These two giants are gonna fight!

From the floor, CCP springs to action. Grabbing Thad’s guitar, he slides it to his client. Picking up the guitar. Braddock, spying what’s going on behind the elder Duke, backs off and steps to the apron.

Sebastian smiles, then turns around toward Thad.


HHL: Thaddeus Duke’s prized Ed Sheeran guitar is in smithereens!

Thad with the guitar, swings overhand, and smashes it over Sebastian Duke’s head. The King of Darkness falls to his back, fading in and out of consciousness.

Thaddeus stands over him. Leaning down, he grabs his fathers left hand and relieves him of his Hall of Legends ring before sliding it onto his own finger.

You denied the challenge so you left me no choice. Consider this your new official challenge for Fire & Ice, since now I possess something so dear to you.

You want it back, Old Man?

Come fucking take it.

Thad spikes the mic in his dads face then exits the ring. The trio of Thad, CCP and the monstrous Cyrus Braddock begin making their way up the ramp.

PIP: Holy shit!

HHL: Duke versus Duke at Fire & Ice!???

PIP: Sebastian Duke denied the challenge! But now Thaddeus has possession of his Hall of Legends ring and Heather, that might get this match booked quickly!

HHL: Welcome back folks. We’ve got a helluva match up next as XWF newcomer Adi Gold goes one on one with Betsy Granger. And, we have a special guest for this bout, Supercontinental Champion Corey Smith!

PC: I’m not sure special is the term I’d use.

Corey: I love you too Pip.

The Magic Bomb hits over the PA System. Adi Gold comes behind the curtain. Adi smiles looking down at the audience as she head down towards the ring. Adi ignoring the crowd as much as possible but all smiles. She does this until they get near the ring and Adi slides into the ring under the ropes as she prances around the ring. Adi smiles holding her hands in the air smirking.

PC: There’s your next challenger, Corey.

Corey: Yeah…I know…

PC: You don’t sound confident.

Corey: It’s more like, “boy I wish I wasn’t facing the girl my estranged best friend is bumping bits with”.

As the opening notes begin, the lights go out, save for a single spotlight on the top of the stage. Betsy comes out, but she’s only a silhouette at this point. Just as the drum strikes it’s second note, Betsy dabs and the lights come back. The song starts from the refrain as Betsy starts dancing down the ramp.

“Sin City’s cold and empty
No one’s around to judge me
I can’t see clearly when your gone-one-one”

Arms out, Betsy begins twirling around wildly, blonde ponytail whipping about with her, as she slaps hands with fans on both sides of the ramp. The chorus hits just as Betsy baseball slides into the ring.

“And I said ooooh, I’m blinded by the lights
I can’t sleep until I feel your touch
And I said ooooh, I’m drowning in the night
Oh, when I’m like this, you’re the one I trust”

As the chorus chimes on, Betsy bounces up and hops up onto every ring corner, pumping her fist and bobing her head in time with the song, getting the fans amped up for the upcoming bout. When she finishes playing up the fans, she starts bouncing in place, preparing mentally for the bout.

HHL: And what are your thoughts on Betsy, Corey?

Corey: Betsy’s a stud, or whatever the lady equivalent of a stud is. She knows how to go in the ring, and has has some serious talent borne out by an extensive championship pedigree.

PC: Biased much?

Corey: Oh ho! YUP!

- vs -

Both competitors meet in the center of the ring as the ref gives some final instructions. Adi mostly looks bored and Betsy shoots her an annoyed look. But, the bell soon rings to kick things off. And Betsy Granger immediately rocks Adi with a Pele Kick!

Corey: She came to fight!

Adi, caught off guard by the sudden attack, falls into the ropes. Betsy stays on her, scooping her up into a slam, followed by a leaping double knee drop to her head. Betsy rolls to her feet, taking a brief moment to soak up the crowd pop, as Adi gets up to her knees. With a head of steam, Betsy runs at Adi, perhaps going for a running knee, but Adi snaps up to her feet and counter dropkicks Betsy out of the air.

PC: Not gonna make it that easy!

Corey: A nice counter from Adi, I gotta admit.

Adi, recovering, then opts to go on the attack, stomping the hell out of Betsy before heaving her up and over into a headrop suplex! Adi covers!


2….NOPE! Kick out from Betsy!

Adi clubs Betsy a few times for good measure before tagging her with a headlock takedown. Adi synched in the headlock good and tight, until Betsy is able to get her legs underneath her and flip up and over Adi! Adi spins around on Betsy and blocks a shot from her, followed by another shot. Adi hits a kick to Betsy’s gut and then drops to her knees and hits a quick uppercut right to the chin!

Corey: Adi’s got some speed to her.

HHL: She certainly does. And I imagine your scouting that speed as we speak.

Corey: Scoutin’ it like a boss.

As Betsy recovers, Adi stays on her, going for a reverse DDT. But Betsy is able to counter, spinning out and grabbing hold of Adi’s arm with the intent to lariat her. But Adi ducks and turns Betsy’s momentum into a backslide!

1…..NO! Betsy kicks out quick.

Betsy, looking annoyed now, kips up to her feet and starts laying in some closed fist shots on Adi, backing her into the corner. Betsy then facebusters Adi back into the center of the ring before mounting the top turnbuckle and landing a twisting legdrop to Adi’s throat!

Corey: Ouch!

PC: I would have to begrudgingly agree.

Betsy covers!


2…..Kick out by Adi!

Betsy then scoop slams Adi followed by a quick back senton splash. She grabs Adi’s legs and pins again!


2….Adi kicks out again!

Betsy stays on the offense, ripping Adi up and kicking her in the stomach, doubling her over. Betsy then floats over and picks Adi up in a crucifix position, spinning her out into a Crucifix toss! Betsy covers again.



3…NO! Yet another kickout by Adi Gold!

Corey: Adi may be good at kicking out but she needs to start to mount some offense again.

Betsy measures Adi, waiting for her to rise, before going in for a stiff roundhouse kick to her head, but Adi barely ducks and counters with a double leg takedown and a series of vicious mounted fists to Betsy’s face! The ref has to practically pull Adi off of her. Adi seems to have gotten a second wind and it is mean! In fact, she spares a moment to point out Corey and mutter something at him.

Corey: Whoa, Pip, I think she just told you to “fudge off”!

PC: I kind of hate you.

Adi hits an implant DDT on Betsy and covers her.



3…NO! Betsy kicks out!

Adi gets up, albeit a little slowly as Betsy’s previous attacks wear on her. This gives Betsy some time to recover as well. Both women meet at center ring and lock up. Betsy gets an advantage, going for a headlock takedown, but Adi is able to headscissors out of it on the canvas. Betsy throws off the headscissors and pops up to her feet, looking for an elbow drop. But Adi rolls out of the way, and then leaps on Betsy with a rear naked choke! Betsy, knowing she’s in trouble, immediately stretchges a leg under the bottom rope, forcing a break!

Corey: Some spicy ring awareness from Betsy there.

Adi refuses to break at first, but eventually complies. She grabs hold of Betsy's hair, yanking her to her feet. Betsy lands a jab to Adi's midsection, Adi replies with a chop! And before long they are both throwing wild blows at each other as the fans pop! Adi gets the better of the exchange as she sends Betsy over the top rope with a Lariat. The referee starts to lay the count to Betsy as she gets up. Betsy starts to climb up on the ring apron before throwing her hands at the ring. She turns and starts to walk back up the ramp and walk out on the match itself as the referee counts her out.


PIP: Betsy has walked out on the match!

Corey removes his headset as he and Adi stare each other down.

The lights in the arena shut off. The fans are on their feet wondering what is about to happen. Then suddenly, the titantron lights up and reads.......


Then flashes


Then flashes


The fans have a mixed reaction of boos and cheers because they know what is about to happen next.


Pyros are shooting off. Lasers are being directed all over the arena.

Then you see the spotlight hit the entrance ramp. Its none other then "Twizted Thoughtz" Joe Montuori with his fiance Mia.

PIP: He has finally arrived. The man known as J Mont and his woman Mia are finally here in the XWF

HHL: I have heard good and bad things about this J Mont guy. He has all the talent in the world but loves to play mind games which causes issues.

J Mont is making his way down the ramp holding Mia's hand. He is engaging with the fans. The cheers, the boo's. He is loving it all. This is what he signed up for. They finally make it to the ring and J Mont helps Mia up the steps and follows behind her. He holds the rope up as she makes her way into the ring. Right behind her is J Mont. Now standing tall. FINALLY in the XWF ring. J Mont holds both arms up high as Mia claps for her man. He walks over to the side of the ring and gets handed a mic.

PIP: Mia looks great tonight but look at that cocky smile on the face of J Mont. I don't know if he realizes what he has stepped into to.

HHL: Either way. J Mont is here and looks like he is staying for a while.

J Mont starts to waves his arms in a down motion to calm the fans down.

J Mont: I have arrived and what a day it has been. From finalizing all the details to my mega contract to the new endorsement deals. Things are really turning up. From getting engaged to Mia recently to having Vhodka Black and Vincent Black join me in the Denzel Tournament for charity. I feel on top of the world right now and there is still BIG THINGS coming soon. You definitely wanna stay tuned and follow me because if you don't, you will miss out.

PIP: I wonder what these so called BIG PLANS he has in store for us here.

HHL: I hope it's not that old school FOCUS team coming here.

FOCUS chants start through the arena. J Mont is laughing in the ring.

J Mont: Maybe, maybe not. But a magician never gives away his good tricks. But if you want a trick, just check out Sahara at FIGHT NYC. She is pretty easy and won't cost much.

You hear the chants of TRICK being called out.

PIP: And here we go with the J Mont antics.

HHL: I need proof about this Sahara girl before i make a judgement call.

J Mont: Now i promised myself and the XWF i wouldn't take up a lot of time here today. But i want to set the record straight. I don't know most of you here. I don't care about any of you really. And i don't give a fuck what you have to say to me. If you got a problem with me, set up the match. If you got something to say to me, say it to my face. If you want to team with me, let's sit down and talk. But one thing is for certain. J Mont is here in the XWF and its time for a CHANGE. And i will make sure that happens. If you don't believe me. TRY me and my friends and see what happens.

PIP: I wonder what FRIENDS he is talking about.

HHL: He doesn't know anyone here. He has to be bringing some outside help.

Mia grabs the hand of J Mont as they stand tall in the center of the ring. The fans are glued in waiting to see what is going to be said next.

J Mont: And to set the record straight. Mia is not wrestling here. She is here to support me and be by my side. But if anyone tries her, i will get my shovel and dig a hole 6 feet deep for you. But stay FOCUSED, because the plan is underway and has started. You all are in for a rude awakening.

J Mont drops the mic and kisses Mia in the middle of the ring.

PIP: This should be very interesting to say the least.

HHL:He is one of the Kings of the mastermind games. I wonder what his agenda is.

PIP: I hate to say this, we will have to stay tuned to see what it is.

HHL: He has truly made some new enemies tonight though.

”The following contest is a Fall’s Count Anywhere Match, about to make his way to the ring… MARK FLYNN!

Comes out in a dazzling blue robe. Across the back, it says "King of the Midcarders". He has no expression and makes no eye contact with his opponent. When the bell rings, he shifts gear and a snarl comes across his face.

[pink]”And his opponent…”

[pink]”About to make his way to the ring, PETER VAUGHN!”

Peter Vaughn walks out to tremendous boos from the crowd. He reaches the ring where he slides in as we are now set for our Main Event of the evening.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -

PIP: It’s Main Event time here in Toronto as both Vaughn and Flynn each have Apex issues but tonight those aren’t in the equation.

HHL: A true test for both men to say the very least.

Flynn and Vaughn circle each other inside the ring…

Suddenly all attention hits the top of the ramp where we see “Chronic” Chris Page walk out to the top of the ramp.

PIP: Hang on a second, Chris Page is on his way to the ring?!?!

HHL: He’s had eyes on Peter Vaughn for a minute. Perhaps he’s coming for a up close view.

Chris makes the walk to the ring, he comes around the ring headed towards the announce table.

PIP: It looks like he’s joining us on commentary!

Chris reaches the commentator’s table where he takes a vacant seat as he places on a headset.

HHL: Chris Page, what do we owe the pleasure?

CHRIS PAGE: As a man with a vested interest in Peter Vaughn what better place to get a bird’s eye view than here at ringside.

The music fades away as Vaughn and Flynn direct attention back towards each other. They circle each other inside the ring before locking up where Flynn muscles Vaughn back into a corner. He lays in several stiff kicks to the midsection before hurling him across the ring into the opposite buckles. Flynn charges in after Vaughn who throws a reverse elbow catching Mark coming in.

Vaughn comes out from the corner with a series of forearm shots to the face backing Flynn up into the ropes where he shoots him across the ring, Flynn counters and it’s Vaughn who bounces off the ropes into a tilt-a-whirl that’s countered by Vaughn with an arm drag take over. Both men are back to their feet where they charge towards each other colliding with a shoulder block causing them to bounce off each other before immediately throwing right hands with a heated exchange.

PIP: Chris you said both of these guys are on your radar, what exactly does that mean?

CHRIS PAGE: CCP Enterprises is a thing, I’m not sure how much you’ve paid attention since my XWF career has ended; but uh, I’m more over worldwide right now than I ever was under contract here in the XWF. Both of these guys bring something to the table that interests not only me but some of my other clients as well.

Vaughn takes the upper hand with a thumb to the eye. He runs towards the roes where he springboards off the middle rope landing a bulldog headlock! Peter makes the cover.




Flynn pops a shoulder off the mat. Peter is back to his feet where he picks Flynn up off the mat where he hammers him with a forearm smash. Peter takes Flynn back into the ropes where he shoots him across the ring, Flynn bounces off the near side ducking under a Vaughn clothesline while taking a back waist lock and snapping of a German Release Suplex!

CHRIS PAGE: I tell you what though, that was about as beautiful a German release suplex you’ll see by Mark Flynn right there.

Flynn gets back to his feet where he starts stomping away at Vaughn who ends up rolling under the ropes and out to the floor to create some distance only to see a pugnacious Flynn sliding out to the floor after him followed by the referee. Flynn comes up behind Vaughn rolling him up with a school boy!




Vaughn kicks out at the final second.

HHL: Flynn tried to sneak one on ole Vaughn!

Flynn and Vaughn each get back to their feet with Peter looking for a lariat, Flynn ducks! Vaughn spins around into a Belly-to-Belly suplex on the floor! Flynn holds the front press with hooking a near leg.




Vaughn kicks out once again as we see Flynn start biting Vaughn across the forehead!

PIP: He’s biting him! Mark Flynn is trying to take a bite outta the janitor!

CHRIS PAGE: I’ve heard about taking a bite out of crime! I’m loving the physicality shown by Mark Flynn right here, but if I know Peter Vaughn he’s got something up his sleeves.

Flynn steps up to his feet where he picks Vaughn up off the floor. Flynn looks to send Vaughn crashing off the ring post, Peter reverses and it’s Flynn that smacks off the ring post crumbling down to the floor. Peter comes around the corner of the ring picking Flynn up before driving him face first off the apron before hurling him into the steel steps!

Vaughn climbs up on the ring apron measuring Flynn before coming off the apron with an elbow drop! Vaughn makes the cover!




Flynn kicks out of the near fall attempt.

HHL: Peter Vaughn showing he’s not afraid to take some chances.

CHRIS PAGE: Vaughn cares about the “w”. He’s on a crash course with Jim Caedus for the Universal Championship, any win is a big win on his road to Fire and Ice.

PIP: But you also can’t count out Mark Flynn. Since he’s returned at Relentless he’s been a force within the XWF.

Vaughn starts hammering away with right hands to the forehead of Flynn before returning the favor and biting him across the forehead!

CHRIS PAGE: Flynn’s getting that receipt!

Vaughn releases and is back to his feet where he picks up Flynn before throwing him back into the ring. We see Vaughn climb up on the ring apron where he starts to scale the turnbuckles up to the top rope.

HHL: Another high risk move on deck!

Peter waits as Flynn starts getting back up to a vertical base and as he does Peter leaps off the top rope with perfect timing landing a flying cross body block!




Flynn escapes to a gasp from the crowd! Vaughn is back to his feet where picks up Flynn before landing a European Uppercut sending Mark salling back into a neutral corner. Peter explodes towards Flynn looking diving shoulder block, Flynn side steps sending Vaughn crashing right shoulder first off the ring post!

Flynn yanks Vaughn out to the center of the ring where he takes him up into an Argentine Backbreaker!

Flynn quickly follows up by locking in a surfboard stretch! The referee is in position asking Vaughn to surrender which he immediately refuses!

HHL: Vaughn’s in serious trouble!

The referee continues asking Vaughn to surrender which he continues to refuse. Flynn refuses to let go as he maintains the surfboard yet transitions into a chin lock releasing the arms of Vaughn. That proves to be costly as Vaughn is now able to gouge the eyes of Flynn to get a break from the hold.

CHRIS PAGE: Like it or not that’s a counter for that hold.[/green]

Vaughn starts to work his way back up to his feet as does Flynn. Vaughn rushes towards him delivers a running dropkick sending Flynn backward over the top rope and crashing down to the floor!

PIP: He calls that Get Out of My Ring!

Vaughn isn’t through as he bounces off the far side where he gains a full head of steam delivering a suicide dive through the top and middle rope to Flynn as Mark is standing back up! The momentum drives Flynn violently back into the security railing. Vaughn brings Flynn off the security railing where he delivers a sit out jaw breaker to Flynn! Vaughn quickly makes a cover on the floor.




Flynn kicks out

CHRIS PAGE: See how quickly Peter went for that cover out on the floor fully trying to take advantage of the falls count anywhere stipulation this one carries.

Vaughn starts hammering away at Flynn’s forehead before reaching under the ring where he pulls out…

HHL: A staple gun!

Vaughn uses the staple gun into the forehead of Flynn!

PIP: No disqualification!

Vaughn puts another staple into the forehead of Flynn before picking him up and tossing him back into the ring. Peter slides into the ring after Flynn. He gets to his feet where he holds up the Staple Gun…

Peter’s attention is drawn towards the top of the ramp. It’s with this distraction Flynn catches a School Boy with his feet on the ropes!





The Pack (an affectionate term recently coined by the fans of APEX; as in Pack of Predators, or, P.O.P.) erupts with a staggering ovation as the all too familiar acoustic strum of the opening notes to the faction's entrance theme hits. Moments later, APEX themselves step forth from the egress curtains and into their natural state-- the fucking spotlight --each member clutching his own mic (yuuuuup), both Robert and Drew adorned with a Tag Championship strap each and Jim with the custom APEX XWF Universal Championship slung over his left shoulder with Oliver Main taking up a position to Drew’s immediate right flank.

Peter Vaughn and Mark Flynn look on, unimpressed, irritated even, as Drew, Robert, Jim and Oliver soak in the adoration...before Jim raises his mic and the music dies down, the ovation calming to a buzz throughout the arena.

"What a goddamn disappointment...the two 'a you still drawin' breath. Personally I'd hoped the vicious nature inherent in a couple 'a jackass scavengers like you (y'know, the type that'll rip one another's throats out to claim the carcass remnants- essentially the succulent, musky bunghole of the kill -APEX Predators leave behind) woulda organically given way to a mutual merking but NOOOOOOOOO ya just HAD to keep kickin', ya sacks 'a selfish shit.

Ah well, s' Ollie here made short work 'a your buddy Bam and 'is bike on Savage, Pete, we in APEX don't mind havin' to handle hacks like you and The Exiles- or YOU and NK for that matter Mark -ourselves.

Speakin' 'a which...did we hear you correctly on Savage with that bitchmade conspiracy piss-fit, Flynn? You gotta problem with how shit went down at Bad Medicine? Quite the bitter pill to swallow amirite? Especially when that pill's a dose 'a your own medicine, motherfucker. And don't get me wrong, that ain't what we set out to do, shit happens...but any time you wanna "set the record straight" and take that definitive dick up the ass-




Tell 'im Bob-O."

" Ladies we walked into Bad Medicine and did exactly what we said we were going to do… Captured the XWF Tag Team Championships and brought them out of the gutter and back home to prominence. We showed the world what real tag team wrestling is and what a brotherhood looks like… And like Jimmy said, if either one of you has an issue with how it all went down. We here in Apex have no issue taking scalps one more time around."

Robert pauses for a moment…

" Now then Xaiver Lux, if you think for a second picking up a cheap ten count victory over me in TPW will keep me at bay. You my friend have another thing coming. Round two will be sooner rather than later here in the XWF where I'll grind you into dust, you fired a shot in a war you'll never win. You've been warned Venmon! "

”Hey Peter how ya doing ole buddy ole pal? Look I know you want to face Jim and I know Jim really wants to turn your face into hamburger but I gotta be honest with you ole chap, I’m not really sure you’re gonna be able to make that match. You see I have every intention of beating you from pillar to post at Winter Wonderland. If that match ends and you aren’t sent to the hospital I’ll consider it a failure on my part. Even if I am wearing the TPW International Title which, I assure you I absolutely will. I’m sorry to say this Peter because I don’t enjoy hurting people but you Peter, you deserve every bit of what you are going to get. Consider your bill past due and I’m going to collect on the debt you’ve been racking up.”


Pleasantly surprised- and I mean like Christmas morning -as the fans ovate, looking from Drew back down to Vaughn as Jim raises his mic. "GoooooooodDAMN, Pete, _look_ how _lit_ you got Drewski! My bro's as close to Sainthood as it gets in this shady world and y'have 'im lookin' to lynch ya with, I'm assumin', your own tongue right after he rips it free from that cocktastic custodial cum-trap. Christ...Drewski PLEASE leamme sum'in- some THING (die Mark) -to manhandle at a later date.

Right Vaughn?

I mean, let's face it, the people DO wanna see Drew mop up The Janitor like so much splooge splattered onto the Dollar Booth floor- or more appropriately, Betsy's face followin' her Diva Does Demon skits -but I KNOW they all wanna see ol' Jimmy here beat Peter bloody too. And ooooooh how BADLY I'm jonesin' to smack Peter around, I really am. I wanna whack Peter to and fro, rub that prick out sum'in' fierce, really give Peter a good lickin'-"

Drew, Robert and Oliver face palm in unison.

"-before I finish 'im off with a Nail Driver so fuckin' stiff Peter's head'll come blastin' out the O-ring like a suckling pig with a sweet plump poop protruding from porky chops in place 'a the apple.

I guess what I'm tryna say here Peter is that I'ma wear you the fuck out to flaccidity then bend you over and boot you the fuck outta OUR yard, rinse and repeat as required whether here, out in Thunder Pro or wherever, and it ain't gonna end 'til you and your Exiles experience extinction.

Oh and by the way..."
Expression darkens. "...I. Want. My. Bike. Back."

Vaughn shakes his head, seemingly disappointed at Caedus’ request, before walking over and gesturing for his own mic. He turns back to the Apex members, slowly smiling before speaking.

Peter Vaughn: You want your bike back? Well, you know, Jim, my friends in the Exiles had actually discussed this recently. There was the thought of letting bygones be bygones, and maybe wheeling your tricycle in here for you to have back. Why, it might be coming in behind you as we speak…

Caedus turns around, both ready to see his motorcycle and ready for a fight. Neither happens. They turn back to Vaughn, who is laughing to himself.

Peter Vaughn: Maybe it would have. But then we have Saturday Savage. We have your little Ollie getting involved, trying to prove what a big man he is by taking Bam’s personal property. He thought it was a great idea to send Bam’s bike into the lake.

The camera turns to Oliver Main, who doesn’t look at all apologetic for what happened at Savage.

Peter Vaughn: Back in the day, when I went to school, they taught me a lot of useless information. But one item of importance does come to mind: Newton’s Third Law. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Observe.

Vaughn gestures to the Tron screen, with all of Apex focusing on it, wondering what’s going on. The image appears, showing Jim Caedus’ prized motorcycle in a close-up. The camera slowly starts zooming out, showing Bam Miller standing behind it, holding up a sledgehammer! The crowd boos, as Caedus’ eyes go wide. Bam raises up the sledgehammer… then drops it off to the side. He smirks at the camera, then pats the motorcycle on its side and starts to walk away.

PIP: Wait, he’s not going to smash it?

As Miller gets further away, we see a blast shield set up to the side with a small remote control box set up behind it. There are some cables leaving out from the shield, which appear to go to the motorcycle. The members of Apex are starting to figure it out, with Caedus beginning to yell towards Vaughn not to do it. Of course, Miller can’t hear any of this. He picks up the remote, switching the “On” switch to light it up. He looks down at the largest button, then glances back at the motorcycle one more time.

Bam Miller: Fire in the hole!

The button is jammed down, and just a moment later, the explosives placed throughout the motorcycle go off, sending debris flying in all directions!!! When the smoke clears, there’s barely any framework left of the once magnificent motorcycle. Miller, his job complete, throws down the remote and walks away. Back in the arena, Caedus is beside himself, while the rest of Apex appears to be in shock. But they follow Caedus anyway, as he begins to run for the ring! However, during the explosion, Vaughn jumped through the ropes and entered the crowd. Despite the audience’s efforts to slow him down, Vaughn has made a lot of progress, charging up and away from the enraged Apex members.

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