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XWF Inactive Title Histories (2012-Present)
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11-29-2021, 09:15 AM


    Trio Title History - Defunct
#HolderDate Won
01Poppa Feder/Unknown Soldier/Peter Gilmour03/21/13
02Peter Gilmour (Prev.), Cam Lang, Sebastian Duke09/30/13
03Azrael Erebus (Repl.), Jessie Diaz, Tri Bute10/09/13
04Anonymous, Brock Lesnar, Elisha05/04/14
05Eli James IV, Azrael Erebus (2), The Dimallisher (Repl.)06/04/14
07Sebastian Duke (2), Theo Pryce as Enigma, Azrael Erebus (3)07/29/14
08Zoey Ryback, "Loverboy" Vinnie Lane, Clean Lucena08/22/14
09John Madison, John Samuels, Theo Pryce (2)11/12/14
10John Black, Shade, Lord of Darkness Reaver - "The Blackest Hole"??/??/16
11Guppy Parsh, Jervis Cottonbelly, Benito Angelo - "PATROL"12/10/16
12Ax3 -
Micheal Graves, Robert Main, Jim Caedus
13The Kings™ - John Samuels (2), John Madison (2), Doctor Louis D'Ville, Theo Pryce(3)06/24/2017 (Trios then unified with the tag team titles on this date)


    Intercontinental Championship Title History - Defunct
#HolderDate Won
01Sebastian Duke02/25/15
02Game Girl05/23/15
03Christopher Isles09/02/15
04Ghost Tank12/16/15
05Morbid Angel01/06/16
06Ginger Snaps01/30/16
08"Mr. F'n Dominance" Trax04/06/16
10Ophelia McVeigh (Ophelia stripped for dipshittery)05/29/16
12Bearded War Pig09/28/16


    Identity Title History - Defunct
#HolderDate Won
01Tommy Gunn05/16/14
03Guppy Parsh (The Ruler of the Road to Extreme Xtreme Title)07/21/14
04Hysteria (Prophetic Belt of the Almighty Higher Power)12/04/14


    United States Title History - Defunct
#HolderDate Won
01Jose Chavez04/11/12
03T. Slater06/02/12
05J. Page07/07/12
06Unknown Soldier11/19/12
08Mark Flynn01/31/13
09Sebastian Duke03/31/13
10Mr. Satellite05/25/13
12Eli James IV07/25/13
13John Austin11/27/13
15Cheat Lucena03/16/14
16Theo Pryce as Enigma04/04/14
17Azrael Erebus (2)04/29/14


    European Title History - Defunct
#HolderDate Won
01Karl Cross09/17/12
03Mark Flynn12/03/12
05Jeff Hardy02/18/13
06Neonero (2)03/31/13
07Senator John Samuels04/15/13
08CM Punk06/03/13
09Dean Moxley McGovern06/15/13
10Sid Feder07/13/13
11Luca Arzegotti (2)08/19/13
12Sid Feder11/27/13
13Eli James IV01/13/14
14Amos James Jr.01/17/14
15Wyatt Reynolds02/11/14
16Kendall Sawyer04/27/14


    Hart Championship Title History - Defunct
#HolderDate Won
01"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane03/16/15
02Ginger Snaps06/15/15
03Drew Archyle07/01/15 (Stripped immediately)
05Peter Gilmour01/06/16
06Sir Chris Macbeth04/27/16
07Ghost Tank06/08/16
08Michael McBride10/12/16
09Dolly Waters10/29/16
10Robbie Bourbon01/18/17
11Robert Main04/01/17
12Cadryn Tiberius06/13/17
13Peter Gilmour08/19/17
14Cadryn Tiberius(2)10/14/17
15Danny Imperial11/08/17
16Robert Main(2)12/06/17
17Death/Mandii Riderl09/12/18 (Vacated on 11/15/18
18Zane Norrison11/21/18
19Dolly Waters (2)02/13/19
20Tony Santos04/24/19
22The Hired Gun06/17/20
23Nathaniel Idenhaus07/01/20
24Pasha (Disputed - Interfed)07/28/20
25Nathaniel Idenhaus(2) (Served as Interim Champion during Pasha's reign)09/26/20
26Robbie Bourbon10/14/20
27Notorious Ned Kaye11/29/20
28R L Edgar1/31/21
29Nefarious Ned Kaye (2)03/28/21
30Thaddeus Duke05/30/21


    XWF Anarchy Internet Title History - Defunct
#HolderDate Won
01Beautiful Bobbi London05/30/19
02Geri Miller01/16/2020
03Beautiful Bobbi London x2???
04Big D6/25/2020
06Dark Warrior Michael Graves11/29/20
07Barney Green1/31/2021
08Dean Rose03/11/21
09Atara Themis05/01/2021


    Shooting Star Championship - Defunct
#HolderDate Won
02Miss Michelle09/09/17
03Jenny Myst10/14/2017
04Madison Dyson02/03/17
05Mandi Rider03/04/18
06Azrael Erebus05/27/17
07Nyx Nephthys06/13/18
08Hot Todd10/24/18
01Atara Themis07/26/20
02Madison Dyson08/15/20
03Jenny Myst (2)09/27/20
04Geri Vayden01/06/21
05Betsy Granger01/31/21
06Atara Themis (2)01/06/21
07Atara Themis (3)06/20/21


    Supercontinental Championship Title History - Now Defunct
#HolderDate Won
01Thaddeus Duke09/26/21
02Corey Smith09/26/21
03Peter Vaughn05/29/22
04Charlie Nickles10/26/22
05Ned Kaye11/27/22

XWF Title (defunct)
Tristan C Slater - 7/2/12
Mark Flynn - MITB / 10/8/12
Tristan C Slater / 11/12/12 
Scorpio - MITB / 12/12/12
Tristan C Slater -(Title disposed of when Slater tested positive for roids 2nd time in a row!)

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