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Important! XWF Judging Rubric
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10-28-2021, 10:41 AM

XWF Rubric

Relevance: 0-5

How does the RP relate to the XWF as a whole, the opponent in particular, and the match specifically? Is it a story piece heavy on development and plot but with no connection to any of the above? Is there a bit of mention here and there about the above? Or does every bit of the RP tie into the above in some fashion?

Shoot: 0-5

How did the subject of this RP address his/her opponent? Did they simply react and respond to what the other said about them, or were they clever and creative in the way they approached/described their opponent? Were the put-downs funny/biting/unique in some way? Do you feel they were sufficient to land, or were they more of a childish/banal/predictable nature? Did they support their claims with “facts” (i.e. did they believe what they were saying, or were they just spouting off for a reaction?)

Story: 0-5

Did the plot makes sense and was there a clear beginning/middle/end (if it is a chapter in a larger piece, did the story move along in some substantive enough way to make this standalone bit make sense on its own?) If there’s dialogue, is it realistic/does it fit the characters involved? Do people actually converse this way or do they sound robotic? Was there a point, or is it just a “day in the life?” Is there a hook that makes you want to read the next installment, or, conversely, is there a sufficient ending to a story here that satisfies the rest of the story heretofore given (no plot holes, loose ends, etc).

Development: 0-5

Does the character in this RP grow or change in some way? Is there something revealed about them that was not previously seen or known? Is it in line with what we DO already know about them (not out of character or vastly different from other times we have seen them)? Is there something about this specific story/chapter that matters to the character, or do they come out of it the same as they went in? Is there something to be built on in the future?

Character: 0-5

Did the RP portray the character in accordance to previously presented alignments/behaviors? For instance, is the character ostensibly a face but behaving like a vicious heel for some unexplained reason instead? If there IS some discrepancy, is it explained? Is it shown to be something “wrong” in the character’s universe? Also, do details match established attributes of the character? (Are they suddenly talking about their childhood in California when before this they said they were from New York, etc.)

Entertainment Value: 0-10

It is thoroughly possible to hit the mark on all of the above categories and still have written something boring or uninteresting. This is a highly subjective and individualized area that is extremely difficult to qualify. IS THIS ROLEPLAY ENTERTAINING? Did you like reading it? Was it a chore to get through? (Too long? Repetitive? Not creative enough?) Did reading it make you look forward to more of the same kind? Are you glad you read this roleplay or was it work? This is, in my opinion, where we would see the most variation and what will more times than not make the difference between winners/losers.```

Gimme Points

IC: (-1)-1

Is everything in this roleplay fully IC? If there are veiled OOC references, are they done in a believable and acceptable way (is it possible the character would actually say those things if the handler didn’t exist with OOC information?) If everything is fully IC, it’s a free point. If there is some questionable content, it’s a 0. Something blatant will lose a point. Keep in mind, for something particularly egregious the RP itself could be disqualified and potentially even the handler could be banned.

Within Limits: (-1)-1

Was everything posted within the constraints of the match rules? Did it stay under a word limit? Was it posted in accordance with rules in regard to timeframe? Did the handler request a specific roleplay limit and then fail to live up to that limit? This should be an easy point, but if for instance an Anarchy roleplay is 1,500 words then only the qualifying 1,000 would be read/judged and the free point would be abandoned. Total disregard for limits/etc. can result in loss of a point (I imagine this would be rare). As always, anything posted after a deadline is disqualified.

Presentability: 0-1

This should be simple. Is the roleplay presentable or is it a mess? Are there coding issues and messed up tags all over the place that ruin the immersion of the reader? If color is used, is it consistent and not a distraction? If yes, there’s a free point.

Legibility: 0-1

Grammar, spelling and syntax. No one expects a college essay or a doctoral thesis, but if there are so many mistakes and issues that someone has to re-read the RP or figure out what it is SUPPOSED to say, it can cost this otherwise free point off the score.

Effort: 0-1

Did the handler try at all to make the RP count, or is it just something thrown up to avoid a no-show/allow for “soft deadline” considerations?

Maximum Possible Score: 40

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