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Wednesday Night Warfare - 10/20/21 - Results
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10-20-2021, 03:12 PM



From !!!



- vs -


- vs -


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Savage RP Rules- Xtreme Rules Match


- vs -

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -
Champions Advantage: Corey may name the stipulation in his first Roleplay. If no stipulation is named then Kieran may name the stipulation in his second Roleplay.





From !!!




From !!!


HHL: After a grueling, Three Stages Of Hell match taking place on all three nights of our greatest card of the year, I’m sure Robert has a lot to say…

Pip: This is the XWF and anything can happen... The story of Chris Page and Robert Main is one that is well chronicled, over two in a half years in the making going all the way back to 2019 when Robert was Universal Champion….

Robert walks through the curtains after the instrumental standing at the top of the ramp as the crowd goes bonkers… He is wearing black boots, blue jeans and his new shop XWF shirt that reads Dead Man’s hand established 2015... He then looks to the crowd to his left rolling his shoulders, then to his right smiling through a busted lip and blackeye...

HHL: That’s right Pip, bitter enemies, then Tag Team Champions in one of the longest reigns in modern history… Neither one of these men pulled any punches, creating alliances along the way in this checkered war that entangled the entire XWF…

Pip: Night one was a sixty-minute Iron match going to Chris Page, night two was a No Holds Barred going to Main, and night three was Hell In A Cell, where we saw Robert Main dig deep, bringing out his inner demons to fight Chris Page.. And in the end, it was Robert Main who stood tall…”

He nods along to the chanting crowd as he generally makes his way down the ramp. He stops grabbing a sign from a rabid fan that reads… “THE OMEGA, ENDS CAREERS” Robert holds the sign up for the entire crowd to see before handing it back to the fan with a high five. He shakes a few more hands before stopping the ring steps looking at the crowd once more before slamming his hands on the ring steps shouting!

” YEAH!”

HHL: And let’s not forget that this match was a career - vs - career match at Relentless, with Robert ending the XWF career of his long time nemesis Chris Page…

Robert paces the squared circle for a few moments, then stops dead center in the middle of the ring listening to the roaring crowd…

” It’s good to see you guys too, but I’ve got to get a few things off my chest, first things first Relentless… What a card huh?”

Robert lowers the microphone for a moment and just as Robert is about to speak further...

HHL: Wait just a minute here…

Robert immediately shifts his attention towards the top of the ramp where we see Chris Page emerge through the curtain dressed in a pair of black dress slacks, black dress shoes, a grey button-down with a black sport coat. His hair is pulled back in a ponytail as he stands at the top of the ramp listening to the reception from the crowd.

Pip: What is about to happen here?

Chris starts to make the walk towards the ring as he and Robert haven’t taken their eyes off each other. Once Chris reaches ringside he climbs up on the ring apron and steps through the ropes entering the ring as he now stares across the ring at Robert; intensity in his eyes. Chris walks across the ring where he calls for a microphone.

He’s handed one by the ring attendant before turning his attention back towards Robert who is already jawing Page. The music fades away leaving a solid reception from the crowd directed at both Chris Page and Robert Main, which they acknowledge as they each turn their heads in opposite directions just listening to the ovation.

The ovation breaks out into a thunderous “THANK-YOU-PAGE! THANK-YOU-PAGE! THANK-YOU-PAGE!” chant which is quickly cut off by Chris Page himself.

” Robert, if you want to talk about Relentless, if you want to rub in that career is over then you can do while I am standing in front of you looking me the eyes, man to man.”

The crowd starts to quiet down.

” I’m not out here to apologize, I’m not out here to pretend that over the last two and half years that you and I didn’t make history that culminated at Relentless. We arguably stole the entire weekend as a series of matches unfolded that captivated the world.”

Robert nods along placing his hands on his hips as he intently listens as Chris continues.

” And while shit might not have gone my way, and a thirty-year in-ring career has come to an end doesn’t change the fact that I needed to show up here tonight, look you in the eyes, and tell you, man, to man thank you for the run… but while the XWF door has closed made it all that much easier to leave the doors open for OCW to show up and kick the shit out of the XWF!”

There’s a smirk from Chris followed by a wink towards Robert.

” Happy trails to you…”

Chris turns to exit the ring but as he gets to the ropes he turns back around facing Robert before stating.

” Until we meet again.”

The crowd explodes as XWF Co-Owner Theo Pryce emerges to the top of the ramp in a suit that costs more than OCW’s entire monthly payroll.. He has a microphone in his hand as he stands at the top of the ramp looking at Chris Page who is standing on the apron.

”Hi Chris how are you doing? You good? That’s great. ”

Theo glances around Chris and at Robert.

”Sorry Robert I know you are in the middle of something here and like Kanye, I’mma let you finish but that piece of garbage standing across from you doesn’t belong here at the XWF anymore. Thanks to you..”

Theo shifts his focus back towards Chris who stands on the ring apron.

”I’m honestly shocked you even showed up here tonight being the career coward that you are. And after what you and that punk bitch Marcus Welsh pulled on Monday you’re lucky I don’t just snap my fingers and send the whole of the XWF roster out here to return the favor but let’s face it, EVERYONE’s already beaten you so what’s the point?”

Chris raises his microphone.

” You haven’t. And you won’t.”

”We’ll see about that Chris. Now get the fuck out MY ring.”

Page drops down off the apron down to the floor. He starts to walk up the ramp towards Theo who stands at the top. Just as Chris nears Theo we see four police officers walk out behind Pryce, walking past him and towards Chris Page to a huge ovation from the crowd.

”Chris as much as I would LOVE to get my hands dirty and remove you from this arena myself I exercise some restraint. Instead these fine Police Officers are here to escort you OUT of this building so that you can head on down to the only place that wants you, Key West, we hear OCW needs a boost when it comes to talent… and while you’re on your way out…

” Hey Chris, Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye!”

Robert points to the crowd lifting the microphone high into the air...The crowd begins chanting along, Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye, Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye, Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye, Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye. Page and Main lock eyes one last time as Robert gives Page the middle finger… and Page gives the middle finger right back to Main.

” Now that’s over with, and we did steal the show by the way, like the former XWF employee just said… But right now, I'd like to bring out one of my APEX brothers… Jimmy, come on down we’ve got to chat all these people up, on what’s next for APEX…”

Jim, holding a mic, parts the egress curtain and steps out to an ovation, a colossal shit eating grin crossing his face. He holds the curtain open for Page, the latter who punk fakes at Main's APEX comrade. Jim doesn't sell, making a show of attempting not to laugh as CCP makes his exit while the "Na na na na" chants die down.

Now walking his way down the ramp towards the ring, Caedus raises the mic to his lips.

"Chronic Chris Page everyone, let's give 'im a hand...right across that skeet target he calls a mouth. Boy I gotta tell ya, that was sad havin' to see a legend go out like that, on the business end 'a my brother's fat dick."

Main offers a slight bow to a raucous ovation.

"Oh I'm just kiddin' Page...ain't no one sad to see you go. Good riddance fuck-o."

Jim arrives at the ring, ascending the stairs to the apron and stepping through the ropes to join Robert. He extends his fist to his brother for a dap. "Fuckin' beautiful job smashin' that roach, Bob-O."

Robert pretends to smash a roach in the ring with a huge smile…

”So, Jim, I’ve got a question for you?”


”What are you doing in November, say around I don’t know, Bad Medicine..”

"Oh nothin' much."

” Perfect, because there has been this thin dicked prick running around bragging about how he bashed my head in… And now that I’ve eliminated his puppet master, I’m going to finish what I said I wou9ld… You No Good Bastards, you were in charge of the Tag Team division. Hell, you were probably addicted to it. And now, well, clip, clip… That shits over. We’re calling you out for a Title match at Lethal Lottery... TK, Bobby, it sucks the moment you realize you don’t know a damn thing… And after Jim and I stomp your asses into the canvas, we will take what you two covet the most, your credibility… But we won't be done there, we're going to take everything from you two clowns and head on down to the bingo hall called OCW and take those straps as well… The time has come where the Tag Team Championships come back home to APEX… Welcome to a brand-new beginning, you sorry shits...”

"About gotdamn time they do Bob-O. The XWF's suffered enough embarrassment havin' the division represented by that duo 'a dimwit fucksticks...and that lil' extra with the OCW know that's gotta hurt. 'A course, this is all contingent on if Bobby and Teekay have the spine to accept and uh, I ain't seen much courage comin' from that camp. Think they'll take us on bro?"

HHL: It doesn’t look like it’s going to take the Tag Team Champions long to respond here tonight in the ***Fucking where are we?***!

Pip: It sure doesn’t Heather! This could boil over quickly.

Look at these fucking guys, Bobby. A goddamn walking joke of a man and the guy who brought him the fuck back.

Which one is which?

Doesn’t fucking matter. Here’s a goddamn fact for you, Lame brain Main. You need ‘Ol Thunder Knuckles now-

TK points and laughs at Robert Main. He’s doing a horrible job at regaining composure.

It’s fucking funny-

TK still can't keep his composure.

Wait, I can-

TK begins laughing too hard to continue and hands the mic to Bobby Bourbon. Back in the ring, Jim whispers something to Main who chuckles.

Well, if it isn't Apex, about time you fellas showed up. Where have you been? I mean, we heard you shooting off at the mouth about how we, the greatest tag team in history, have plowed through every bit of competition this and other companies have had to offer, and you thinking that's embarrassing. Why didn’t y'all? Why couldn't y'all? I tell you what, boys, if you want a shot at these titles, you only gotta do one thing.

Bobby looks nonchalantly at Apex.

Kiss each other.

Jim and Robert both smirk.

Raising mic. ”Eaaaaaasy there Rainbow Laser Death Sequence…ain't no reason to give you two violently alternative asshats an excuse to jack-off in front 'a all these people. And anyway, you see this strap?”

Jim raises the X-treme Championship as the crowd pops…

”This says that every three weeks I hold this Championship, I get a Tag Team Championship shot, and seein' as how I’ve held it goin' on seven weeks now… It says APEX will be seein' you two toddler-dicked politicians at Bad Medicine.”

Robert grins pointing at the Bastards…

” Where you can “kiss” those titles goodbye.” Main and Jim dap as the fans pop.

TK over dramatically slaps his knee laughing. Bobby looks perplexed.

Did you, uh, did you just bring up toddler dicks? You won't kiss each other but you'll bring up a little boy's penis. Nice to see you've gone full pederast in your time off Jim, and citing technicalities and loopholes no less! Too manly to kiss another grown man, but at least you mentioned naked boys. On behalf of ex-Catholics everywhere, whooping the dog piss out of you on Pay-Per-View is going to be a fucking treat. Shame you're going to sacrifice your on-again-off-again Main to keep that

Bobby points at the Xtreme Championship. The crowd gives an audible 'Ooooohhhh' as in 'oh damn he didn't, oh shit, he did'.

Jesus Christ, that's a goddamn good one, Main. Hell, you can't blame Bobby for trying to get you shit-birds to kiss. I mean, out here right now, you just keep talking about cock. What gives, Jim?

Well, since when does Jim not talk about dicks, jizz, pussy, or any of the shit a 13-year-old searches on Google for their mid-afternoon jack-off session? The guy sounds like a living PornHub algorithm.

On drugs.

Nah. Homeboy sounds like he forgot his Adderall while his Bob-O sounds like he took too much. Tell you what, fellas, you had your chance to prove you were darlings and sweethearts here and now, but come Bad Medicine, y'all can kiss your asses goodbye. That said, you short-bus all stars should take note. We saw your little dap, watch how it’s done.

Bobby and TK each raise a fist. They turn from each other and walk to opposite corners of the ring as Apex watches. The crowd starts the slow rolling chant, going from low to high as Bobby and TK moonwalk in stereo back to mid-ring. They stop, and Them No Good Bastards show Apex, the original, only replicated by the weak, no-look fist bump. The crowd goes absolutely insane!


Bobby is beaming from ear to ear as he points to the crowd giving the biggest reaction so far while nodding at Apex.

It's the Year of the Bastard fools!

We were never going to fucking say no. We haven't told a single team to take a goddamn number. Who the Hell do you take us for? Robert Main? With that said we’ll see you bitch made mother fuckers at Bad Medicine. Oh, and Jim nice belt, try to keep a hold of it this time. It could rain and you wouldn’t want to drop it in any puddles. Who fucking knows? If you can keep hold of it, maybe, just maybe, you can get a briefcase and win the goddamn Uni again. God knows that’s the only way you can win it.

The thud of the microphone hitting the ground, as TK drops it, is only shadowed by the sight of Them No Good Bastards holding up their Tag Team Championships in the air. To remind Jim and Robert that’s why they’re out here. The crowd is in an absolute fever pitch over what they're seeing. While Them No Good Bastards hold their titles high, their music hits once again. We fade to commercial.

Quid makes his way to the ring.

The lights fade to black. Lycana's music hits as lime green and red pyros shoot off. She steps out onto the stage and looks around the crowd with a condescending look before walking down the ramp. She slides into the ring, running to the other side to hop onto the ropes looking out over the sea of fans with a sneer on her face. She hops down and turns to face her opponent.


- vs -

Pip: It’s our opening contest of the evening and it’s officially underway. Quid and Lycana are ready to go.

HHL: We’ve got the masked newcomer Quid against the ruthless Lycana to kick things off.

PC: Have you talked to this guy? He sounds like he’s from New England and yet, that mask. What kind of luchadore…?

HHL: Well maybe he doesn’t identify as a luchadore?

PC: Hey, keep your gender politics out of this!

Back in the ring, the bell rings to kick things off. Lycana and Quid circle each other for a moment before Quid goes low with an attempted drop toe hold. Lycana responds by dropping a knee down into his face, followed by an arm wrench with repeated kicks to the ribs.

PC: Not looking good for the little guy early on.

Lycana pulls Quid up and into an armbar, followed by a whip into the turnbuckle. Lycana laughs at Quid, taiunting him back into the action. Quid doesn’t look so sure. He goes low again, trying to sweep Lycana’s leg. But she deftly avoids contact again, but when she goes to counter this time Quid is ready! He rocks her with an uppercut, then into a headlock, then into a headlock takedown. Quid barks for the ref to come over and check to see if Lycana taps!

HHL: Is he serious?

PC: Stranger things, Heather….

Lycana reaches back and gouges Quid’s eyes, drawing a scream from him and a scolding from the ref. But, with a vicious grin, Lycana stays on the attack, lighting Quid’s chest up with a series of chops, followed by pulling him down into a facebuster! Lycana covers!




PC: Kinda surprising actually.

Lycana sneers and belts Quid in the back of the head. Then, kipping up to her feet, she waits for Quid to try to get up before savegely kicking him in the face! She picks Quick up again and tosses him into the corner, where she runs in with a head of steam and leaps into a handspring back elbow! It lands with precision, and Quid flops out of the corner and onto his face. With no wasted movement, Lycana scales to the top rope and takes flight, landing a picture perfect shooting star leg drop!!

HHL: The Dark Vixen of Violence catching some serious air with that one!

Lycana sees that Quid is perilously close to the ropes, so she goes to drag him into the center of the ring before making a cover. But…Quid surprises her with a small package pin!


2….NO! Lycana pops out!

HHL: She looks like she can’t believe what almost happened there!

Now, looking furious, she stalks Quid as they both get to their feet. Quid seems to be begging off, holding his hands out in front of him. Then, he grabs the ref in front of him! The ref hollers in surprise and Lycana shoves the ref out of the way to continue her assault! She goes in with some more deep chops, followed by an arm wringer, and then a bite to the wrist!

PC: Dayum girl!

The ref orders Lycana to stop as Quid pulls away his wounded arm. Lycana wheels back around on him again, tagging him with a stiff clothesline that drops him. Quid pops back up and she drops him again! On the third go round, Quid finally catches a clue and runs underneath the clothesline, hitting the ropes and going for a body splash. But Lycana had the same idea, and they collide mid ring! The crowd Ooooh’s in sympathy. Soon, Lycana is the first to rouse, and she drapes an arm over Quid to pin him!



NO! Quid kicks out again!

Lycana cusses and smacks the mat. As Quid tries to get up, she viciously drops a knee into his forehead, followed by a running basement dropkick. Lycana heads to the top rope again. She signals for the Berzerker!

HHL: She’s going up top again!

Lycana takes flight….and NAILS IT! Checking to make sure Quid isn’t too close to the ropes, she scoops up his leg for a pin.




The winner of the match, via pinfall…..LYCANA!

HHL: Poor Quid not showing much fight here tonight.

Pip: That’s what you can expect from a luchadore from Maine.

Lycana hops down from the turnbuckle, motioning to one of the ring attendents that she has something to say. A mic flies through the air and Lycana grabs it, walking a slow lap around by the ropes before approaching the middle of the ring and bringing it up to her mouth.

“You know, there have been a lot of things that have been weighing on my mind for a while now. I have been in this federation for almost a year, and during that time I have managed to add a couple of achievements to my list. Two of my favorites being, winning the Xtreme title at Leap of Faith... followed closely right after by ending Chris Page’s precious ten month undefeated streak.”

A smattering of cheers makes her pause as she nods slowly, a half smile appearing on her face.

“But something hovers over both of those, as well as all my wins, and everything else I have done here. A dark shadow, a blight on my entire career.”

She begins to pace.

“And that... is doubt.

Doubt in my abilities, and doubts in what I have done. All of them being seen as a fluke, something just to brush off as happenstance. Everything just shrugged off. Doubt that I brought the fight, and was more than I was assumed to be.”

She spins on her heel, marching the other way.

“I don’t have to be in this for the gold and the glory... but what I do desire, is a bit of respect. Respect that I am due and that is deserved.

So, I have made a decision.

I have decided to do something to try and erase some of that looming dubiousness that hovers over my name. A way to set some of this to rights, and prove that I am not just a damn flash in the pan, not the damn fluke of the XWF. So......”

She stops, looking dead into the camera, eyes glittering with determination.


I’m talking to you.

I know we have our truce, and this is nothing personal.

But you are holding something that is really valuable within this fed, and that is the Universal Championship.

Consider this my formal challenge.

No cages to escape. No bloodlust. No Marf. No gasoline and blowtorches.”

Her lips slowly curve into a smile.

“Just me and you, facing off one more time.

Bigger stage. Bigger stakes. Bigger reward.

Alias versus Lycana, for the Universal title at Bad Medicine. What do you say?”

She tosses the mic aside and rolls over the top rope, sliding down the apron and onto the floor. She walks back up the ramp, pausing to look over the crowd once more before she disappears behind the curtains.

Next up we have the debut match of Olaf the Giant! He’ll be squaring off against Doc D’Ville, who left Relentless empty handed after his Universal Championship match against the ever so dominating Universal Champion, Alias.

HHL: D’Ville probably has a lot on his mind coming into this match. It’s not every day we see him on Warfare, Pip…

Nope, only on Wednesdays.

The arena turns to pitch black as “House of a 1000 Corpses” plays over the PA system. A spotlight shines on the stage where a door has appeared… It opens and out steps Doctor Louis D’Ville! He shuts the door behind him and slowly steps out to the stage where he stops and looks out amongst the crowd within the bright spotlight.

Doctor Louis D’Ville slowly makes his descent to the ring with a determined look about him, Heather.

HHL: Like I said, Pip… A lot on his mind.

Doc then continues slowly down the ramp and rolls under the bottom rope then to the center of the ring where the spotlight remains on him while he stays at one knee.

Look at the size of THIS guy…

Who’s the peewee beside him? It doesn’t look like he ever shuts up.

Olaf walks to the ring with RJ Magnus by his side talking continuously up at him pointing in all directions, but mostly to his opponent in the ring. He rushes him along until they reach the ring where Olaf takes one step up and over into the ring.

Olaf is definitely coming into this with a huge size advantage over D’Ville.

Yeah, but D’Ville is coming into this with the "Doc Advantage"!

Whatever you say, Heather!


- vs -

The bell rings and Olaf and Doc square off in the center of the ring. Doc carries himself with confidence and grace as he slowly circles the center while Olaf the Giant, more bumbly, does the same. From the outside of the ring Olaf’s manager, RJ Magnus, screams and yells while slapping the ring apron with two open palms.

Doc creeps in and with one hand Olaf shoves him away which takes Doc back a couple of steps. He snickers, then moves in again and Olaf retaliates with a back hand then sends Doc straight down on the mat. Magnus reacts outside with a cheer and tells Olaf to “Stay after him!”, so Olaf very slowly reaches down, but before he gets there Doc has already rolled out of the way. Doc circles the giant all the way around and meets him head to head again. Doc grins and goes in one more time and manages to dodge a big over hand slap! He ducks it and loops around behind Olaf and leaps onto his back and crawls up onto his shoulders like a monkey!

Oh we saw Doc do this to Thias Watts!

He destroyed that man’s face...

Doc begins pummeling the giant’s head with fists like a bongo drum and Olaf stumbles around the ring reaching up trying to pry him off! Magnus steps up onto the ring apron and calls after the official who runs over to yell back and tell him to get down and threaten a disqualification. Olaf continues to stumble around the ring with Doc planted tightly on his shoulders! Olaf runs into the ring ropes and instead of springing off, he falls into them pulling the ring ropes down which has such force that it pulls the ring posts in and destroys the ring! Magnus is bounced off the apron and to the floor and the referee over-sells the destruction as well when he nearly does a backflip towards the center of the ring.

Oh no!! The ring has been completely wrecked!

HHL: Ha! We still have most of the show left!

Doc and Olaf begin to stir on the outside. Doc is the first to his feet as Olaf had only managed to reach his knees. Doc leaps forward and dropkicks the giant in the head, but it doesn’t phase him. Doc gets up and lands another one and Olaf actually attempts to swat Doc away, but even if it landed it still didn’t phase him! Olaf starts to use the ring steps to get up the rest of the way and as he is leaned over them, Doc runs up the steps and attempts sentan, but Olaf finds some quickness and Doc lands flat on his back on the steps then rolls off. Olaf walks around to Doc, reaches down but Doc grabs ahold and bites his hand! Olaf pulls back and actually lifts Doc off the ground!! He lets go and Olaf shoves him back over the ring steps where he tumbles over them! The referee doesn’t know whether he should throw out the match or not from inside, or rather ON, the ring due to it being mostly destroyed. He allows it to continue and then focuses on yelling at the competitors to get back in the ring.

Pip: I can’t believe Head Official Chaz Bobo is letting this match go on. We need to fix the ring!

HHL: It’s not like Olaf is going to be doing any springboard action anyway, Pip! Let them fight!

Pip: This resembles less of a wrestling ring and more of a fighting platform!

HHL: Like Bloodsport!!

Pip: Sure…

HHL: Kumite! Kumite!

Olaf grabs Doc and pulls him around to the side of the ring. His now maimed manager Magnus is right there to direct traffic as Olaf rolls Doc back into the ring. The giant crawls back in himself and jumps into the air dropping a big elbow onto the sternum of D’Ville! He stays for the cover!!



Doc kicks out!

Following the kickout, Doc begins to roll away and manages to get to his feet before the giant. Doc runs over and tucks the big head of Olaf under his arm and tries to DDT him, but Olaf is strong enough to stop it and shove the doctor off of him. A look of frustration is crossing D’Ville now as he winds up and just plows Olaf in the face with a fist while the big man is on his knees!

Wow! He cracked him!

Olaf’s blank look turns into one of anguish as his snow white face turns beet red!! He grabs the doctor by his neck with both hands, rises to his feet, then lifts Doc straight up into the air. Doc’s feet dangle as he beats on the hands and arms of the giant while the referee threatens disqualification if he doesn’t let him go. From the outside, Magnus half encourages Olaf to keep going! Olaf eventually heeds the warning and tosses Doc across the ring where he takes several bounces and rolls off the apron and back to the ground!

Doc holds his neck and catches his breath as Olaf celebrates and roars in the ring. D’Ville doesn’t take long to crawl back on. He’s still breathing heavily and every hair on his body is standing on edge. He lunges after the giant and avoids a couple of more downward slaps. Doc then manages to hurry behind Olaf where he dives and takes a shoulder to the back of the giant's knee causing it to buckle!!! Olaf goes down to one knee!! Doc takes a running start and takes Olaf and hits him with a bulldog in the center of the ring!! He follows up by taking a couple of steps, leaping in the air, then cracking Olaf in the back of the skull with a headbutt!! The giant grasps his head and rolls over allowing Doc to make the cover as Magnus screams in the background!!



Olaf pushes out and Doc flies up in the air from the force!!!

Olaf reaches his hands and knees and looks out to Magnus with a questioning look of what to do next…. Magnus yells a bunch of things but none of which Olaf has time to do before Doc has him locked in the 302!!!! The doctor wraps his legs around Olaf's giant upper body and tries bringing him flat to the mat, but cannot!!!

Pip: Doc has his chokehold locked in tight!!! But Olaf is too big that he can't get him down to really put a strain on him!!!

Olaf rises to his feet with Doc still on his back. The giant stumbles around the ring in attempts to fight Doc off like earlier in the match, but the doctor won't leave up on the hold. Magnus is going nuts on the ring apron again… with no ropes he comes all the way onto the mat, but is stopped by the official!! Olaf stumbles some more, he notices Magnus and walks towards him holding out his arms…

HHL: I think Olaf is fading!!!

The giant takes a couple more steps, the official moves out of the way in the knick of time as Olaf falls forward on to his manager!!! Doc reels back on the hold now and the referee sees the giant is out cold and calls for the bell!!!

That's it!!! Doc takes down the giant in his match following Relentless and I don't see him missing a beat here against the newcomer.

WINNER - Doctor Louis D'Ville

NOW they can fix the ring, Pip….

Yes! Let's hit a commercial break in the meantime!!

The scene fades to the loading dock of the Stadium where Cleveland's finest are shown escorting Chris Page out of the building.

”Don’t fucking touch me. I’ll have your badge.”

There’s no real response from the police officers as they form a line in front of the loading entrance of the stadium. Chris reaches into the inner pocket of his sportcoat retrieving his cell phone when he notices a set of headlights flashing just up at the end of the loading dock.

Naturally Chris starts heading in that direction while looking at his phone finding the contact he needs and hits the call button. He places the phone to his ear while getting closer to the unknown car.

”Yeah man… It went exactly as I thought it would.”

Chris listens to the voice on the other end of the line before he continues on.

”While they’re all looking over at the left hand they’re missing everything transpiring with the right hand. Theo is so blinded by his disdain for me it’s clouding his judgment for sure. When all the smoke clears, and dust settles nobody is going to know what hit them.”

As Chris gets closer to the car he notices that it is a limo.

”I gotta call you back.”

He ends the call and slides his phone back into the inner pocket of the sportcoat, and as he reaches the back passenger side door we see the tinted window roll down revealing OCW’s own MARCUS WELSH.

There’s a smirk from Chris as Welsh simply states.

”Great news, Page, we’ve made the purchase.”

Marcus opens the door and slides over.

”I do love when a plan comes into action.”

Chris looks back towards the Stadium.

”Nothing personal XWF.”

Chris gets into the limo closing the door behind him. The window is rolled up as the limo backs up into the street and takes off.

HHL: Keeping things rolling here, we’re moving onto our third match of the night. Centurion takes on Captain Future!

PC: Centurion is still licking his wounds after an incredible matchup with OCW’s Thebe Nwadike, in which, because Cent lost, he had to publicly apologize for wasting Thebe’s time.

HHL: A hard pill to swallow for an XWF Legend. But he swore this week that he was turning over a new leaf! From this point forward, we should expect a more aggressive, risk-tasking Centurion!

PC: He’s taking on Captain Future here… And based on the fact he said losing to Future would be a career-ender, I don’t know how much value he puts in his opponent’s ability tonight.

Captain Future’s music plays. But where is he? Where could he be? Maybe he won’t be in the ring until the time is right! NAH, He rappels down from the rafters! Was the roof the future he came from? Who’s to say?!?

Regardless, he’s in the ring, which is set in the present.

Centurion walks out onto the ramp, where he poses for a moment before making his way down the aisle.

Centurion approaches the ring, where he slides in through the ropes and gets to his feet as the crowd cheers him on. He then heads over to his corner and doesn’t acknowledge his future opponent. I mean, present opponent... that is from the future.

The bell rings and the match begins!

- vs -

Captain Future winds up and swings a big punch at Cent’s face!

Future's fist just kinda slides off Cent's chin... And nothing happens. Cent rubs his jaw like ‘...okay?’.

BAM! All of a sudden, a loud sound of fist-on-face echoes through the arena and Cent staggers backwards!

PC: Captain Future’s offense, of course, takes place in the future.

HHL: Wait, does that make sense? Or do the strike take place in the past and the impact occurs in the present... Which at the time the punch happened, was the future?

PC: Y’know, Captain Future tried to explain it to me once before… Or… Wait, did he explain it to me ten years from now…?

Centurion staggers back to the corner… Captain Future goes for a big splash in the corner....

And his body just awkwardly rubs against Cent harmlessly. He bounces off and does a triumphant pose as Cent is like “...What?”

Suddenly, Cent’s cave compresses inwards and he rebounds off the corner turnbuckle… But he remains on his feet, holding onto the top rope to steady his stance!

HHL: Captain Future’s time-based offense is throwing Cent for a loop, but Cent is a tough, ornery one. He won’t be taken down that easily!

Future goes for a running big boot… BUT CENT DODGES IT and yanks down the top rope! Future gets caught… He doesn’t seem fazed by getting crotched in the ropes…


The referee tries to tell Future to get out of the ropes, but Centurion pushes past the official giving instruction to his opponent!

HHL: This might be what Cent was talking about! A much more aggressive style in the ring! We’re in the early going and he’s already aiming for the killshot!

Cent tucks his head under Future’s arm and heaves him into the air! AND TWISTS SLAMMING HIM TO THE GROUND!


Cent gets back to his feet… And turns back to see Future lying on his back calmly, complacent…

Like a man who knows his time is up.

Future looks up at Centurion somberly.

“I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. I’ve seen space wine bleed from my own hands. I’ve observed Commodore Past get tipsy on space absinthe and refer to smallpox blankets as ‘given with the best of intentions’. I watched Champ Sportsman get to the final 4 of a battle royal. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.”

SUDDENLY, CAPTAIN FUTURE REBOUNDS HARD OFF THE MAT, BOUNCING A GOOD THREE INCHES! The vertebrae that Centurion just slammed him onto jut painfully... His hands reflexively cover his maimed ribs, before he flops over unconscious and his arms go limp where they lay...

PC: Huh. Was that sad?

HHL: I don’t know, Pip. Did it make you feel sad?

PC: ...Maybe it will in the future?

HHL: Okay, shut up about the future.

Meanwhile, in the present, Centurion covers Future’s unconscious body. The official counts!





HHL: Well. Thoroughly impressive showing by Centurion, making very quick work of Captain Future!

PC: If this new aggressive Centurion can win matches that dominantly, we might see a whole new era of accomplishments from the XWF Legend.

HHL: And hopefully we see Captain Future in the ring again very soon!

PC: In the Future!

HHL: Pip, Shut the Fuck up.

HHL: It’s well known by now, Pip, Thaddeus Duke is the first and former Supercontinental Champion after he and Mark Flynn went to a 1-1 draw in the Iron Man Match at Relentless!

PIP: Yeah then Corey Smith, as he usually does, went and ruined everything by lying to the world and cashing in his 24/7 briefcase on Thad!

HHL: We’re told we have Paul Heyman LIVE at the home of Thaddeus Duke.

On the X-Tron, Paul Heyman appears inside Thad’s home in New York.

HHL: Paul, all things considered, how is Thaddeus Duke feeling right now?

Heather, Thaddeus is clearly not in a good mood. He just had his stellar reign as Hart and Supercontinental champion stolen out from under him by a man he used to consider his best friend.

How would you feel?

PIP: Paul, it’s Pip! What are his plans for Bad Medicine? Is he gonna enter the tournament?

Ask him yourself.

Paul turns and knocks on the door behind him, before entering the home office of the Lionheart. Thad sits behind his desk staring at a laptop. He raises his dark brown, in this light, almost black eyes at Paul momentarily before settling them back on whatever he’s looking at on his computer.

Thad, Pip and Heather have some ques…

Thad raises his hand, hushing Heyman for a moment as he watches something quietly.

What are you doing? We’re live.

Looking at a snake.

Paul scrunches up his face for a moment before throwing it away.

PIP: Thad, it’s Pip!

Hey pip, ge replies, not taking his eyes off his computer screen.

First of all, I wanted to congratulate you on your kickass run as Hart champion. It came to a bit of a heartbreaking end at Relentless due to your gutter rat former best friend, but what’s next for you?

Thanks Pip, he says as he clicks some things. What’s next for me, he continues on as he leans back in his chair and continues watching whatever is on his laptop. You’ll all find out by the end of the night.

Closing his laptop, he raises his almost black eyes at Paul Heyman.

YOU should still be the champion!

Thad leans forward.

Yet I’m not.

Next Warfare, I have a surprise for you Champ!

And I have one for you, Thad replies chillingly, sending a shiver up the spine of his close personal Rabbi.

Tell me something Paul… Others have mentioned it several times in the past. Are you afraid of me?

Paul shifts uncomfortably in front of Thad’s desk.

Should I be?

Thad smiles ever so slightly.

Take Frankie to North Carolina, Paul suggests, trying to change the subject. Or go see Adi in Florida. Clear your mind.

Thad just stares at Paul without a response.

I gotta go, Paul says, looking at his watch. I have a meeting about a thing. I’ll see you in a few days!

Paul quickly excuses himself from Thad’s office as the Lionheart reopens his laptop. The camera man comes around the desk to catch a glimpse of what’s on Thad’s screen. A grainy shot of what appears to be Paul Heyman handing the 24/7 briefcase to Corey Smith.

Be afraid, Paul Heyman. Be very afraid.

The X-Tron fades out, leaving Heather and Pip wide eyed and open jawed at what they just saw.



The honeyed rasp of Atara's voice blares over the facility's PA in unison with those words appearing on the multitude of screens and displays littering the arena.


The crowd pops and gets to their feet shouting in near total unison a single word.


Arena lights start to pulse in time with the music and multiple vertical streams of pyro erupt across the front of stage. Strutting with purpose Atara emerges from the back taking spot centerstage atop the ramp. Posing for the camera, a wink and kiss is given to the viewers at home.

Grunge walking to the ringsteps, she climbs and stops at the top to posture again for her adoring public. Hand on her hip, the Grecian moves to the middle of the apron to blows a final kiss to the camera and enters the ring through the middle rope.

The now familiar opening notes to "Ready Steady Go" by Paul Oakenfold begin to blast from the PA moments before the ring announcer plugs. The fans erupt. As the spiel is unloaded the lights cut, plunging the arena in darkness before silver strobes begin to flash and silver spotlights begin to continuously wave from along the length of the entrance walkway to the crowd and back.

Obviously practiced and well-timed, the moment the announcer finishes, "ready, steady, g-g-go!" is let fly by the song's vocalist and silver pyro erupts from the egress. Before the cloud of smoke dissipates, Jim Caedus emerges as the house lights come up. His hair hangs freely, bandanna covering the majority of his face, his eyes absent of emotion as he surveys the crowd of cheering APEX and/or Caedus marks and smarks as well as the BoBliophiles shouting insults, Fuck You and booing.

As the music continues he turns his attention to the ring and it's inhabitant(s) before advancing forward while carefully gathering his long blonde hair into a secured samurai-style bun. At ringside he removes his bandanna and scales the steps, ascending to the apron and stepping through the ropes into battle.


- vs -
Xtreme Rules Match

Pip: The Xtreme Title is up for grabs here as Jim Caedus looks for his fourth successful defense which puts him one step closer to that 24/7 Briefcase for a shot at any Championship at any time.

The Cleveland crowd explodes as Caedus and Atara gaze across the ring from each other before they walk out and circle each other. They lock up center ring where they each jockey for positioning before shoving off each other with a stalemate. They circle around each other a second time where they lock up center ring once again. This time we see Atara snap Caedus over with an armdrag take over before popping back up to her feet.

Caedus reaches one knee as he smirks towards Atty while stepping back up to his feet. They lock up center ring once again this time with Jim taking a side headlock. He cranks on the head and neck of the challenger before being taken back into the ropes and shoot across the ring, Caedus bounces off the near side where he runs over Atara with a running shoulder block sending her down to the mat.

Caedus bounces off the near side, Atty rolls over to her chest, Caedus leaps over Atty where he bounces off the far side, Atty springs back up to her feet where she leap frogs over Caedus sending him bouncing off the near side again and into a pump kick to the chest sending the Xtreme Champion down to the mat where the momentum sends him rolling out to the floor.

HHL: Caedus has been on the ever impressive role since recapturing the Xtreme Championship following War Games but tonight Atara Themis looks likes she might have his number in the early goings.

Pip: One thing we’ve learned about Caedus is you cannot count him out. He’s gone through war after war after war since becoming the Xtreme Champion, and the only thing that’s going to stop him at this point is a briefcase.

Atara sizes up Caedus who is starting to get himself back to his feet out on the floor. Atara comes towards the top rope where she looks to sling shot herself over the top rope! Caedus side steps but does so too early as Atara is able to change her momentum in the air and land on the apron. Caedus spins around to see Atara running the apron and connecting with a rolling senton taking Caedus back down to the floor!

The crowd pops as Atara gets back to her feet.

She wastes no time in tossing back the ring apron where she pulls out a Ladder.

HHL: Xtreme Rules- anything goes!

The crowd pops huge as Atara rests the Ladder against a ring post before turning around where she picks Jim up off the floor. She runs him towards the Ladder only to see Caedus reverse and send Atty bouncing face first off the Ladder and sending her crumbling down to the floor.

Caedus comes forward where he picks up the Ladder and slams it down on top of Atara!

With the Ladder laying on top of her, Jim steps back before coming forward with a standing shooting star press down on top of the Ladder driving it into Atara’s body sandwiching her between the ladder and the padding covering the football field. He makes the cover.




Atara kicks out of the near fall attempt. Jim gets up to his feet where he slides the Ladder off Atara’s body before picking her up where he drives her lower back first into the ring apron. He pulls her forward driving her back a second time followed by a third before before locking on to the front waist lock where he snaps off an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on the padding!

Caedus pops back up to his feet as the Cleveland crowd erupts.

HHL: This isn’t Caedus’s first rodeo by any means as he is coming in guns blazing tonight on Warfare.

Jim tosses the ring apron back where he pulls out a table to a huge pop from the crowd. He slides it into the ring before shifting his attention back towards his challenger. He picks Atara up off the floor and hurls her back into the ring. Caedus climbs back up on the ring apron before stepping back into the ring.

Caedus reaches down picking up Atara who counters with an inside cradle.




Caedus kicks out of the nearfall as he beats Atara to her feet and is able to drive a boot to the midsection that doubles her over, Caedus bounces off the ropes looking to take Atty’s head off with a clothesline as she raises up only to have her duck and take a back waist lock into a Birth of Venus suplex!

It’s Atara who makes a cover.




Caedus kicks out to a pop from the crowd.

Pip: Atara folded him up with that suplex.

Atara gets back to her feet where she measures Caedus and takes him down with a running clothesline, he pops back up to his feet where he’s mowed down a second time! Atara looks for a trifecta only to see Caedus duck which sends Atara bouncing off the ropes and into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Caedus! The champion forces the cover on Atty.




Atara kicks out to a pop from the crowd.

Pip: Atara knows how big this opportunity is and will not give it up, not yet by any means.

Jim negotiates his way back to his feet where he turns his attention towards the table. He flips it over on the top side and starts opening up the legs. Caedus flips the table over setting it up in the ring. He turns his attention back towards Atty and picks her back up off the mat. He brings her towards the table where he looks to drive her face first off the table top.

Atty blocks her hands before countering with an elbow to the ribs allowing her to break free and it’s Atara who bounces Jim face first off the table! She drives Caedus face first off the table a second time and then a third! Atara sets up Caedus and hoists him up in the air before driving him through the table with a Falcon Arrow Suplex! Cleveland erupts as Atty makes the cover hooking the near leg.




Caedus pops a shoulder off the mat before the fatal three count to a massive gasp from the crowd.

HHL: Atara can’t afford not to press the offense! She’s got Caedus on the ropes here!

Atara gets to her feet where she picks Jim up off the mat before hurling him into a set of buckles. Atara charges in after looking for a running jump up knee strike to the jaw! Caedus manages to throw his head out of the way while countering with a running sit out powerbomb!

The crowd erupts as champion and challenger lay on the mat.

Pip: We are back to square one with this one.

Jim starts to stir as he makes his way back to his feet. He reaches down picking up Atara before shooting her into the ropes. Atty latches on to the top rope breaking the momentum. Jim charges forward and is elevated over the top rope and out to the ring apron with a back body drop attempt!

Atty spins around only to have Caedus look for a shoulder block into the midsection, Atty side steps and hits a devastating v-trigger style knee to the face of Caedus!

Jim crumbles back into the ring between the top and middle rope with Atara making another cover hooking the near leg.




Caedus kicks out to another ovation from the crowd! Atara gets to both knees before stepping back up to her feet. She reaches down picking Caedus up off the mat as the crowd is on fire. She sends Caedus bouncing off the ropes, he bounces off the near side as Atara looks for another pump kick into the solar plexus!

Caedus catches the right boot stopping the challenger in her tracks before countering with a devastating Purgatory Punch that spins Atara around giving Caedus her back which sees him hoist Atara up across his shoulders before delivering the KATABASIS!

Caedus makes the cover hooking the near leg.





Pip: That makes number four for Caedus! He’s one more defense away from racking up a 24/7 briefcase.

HHL: We all know how dangerous those briefcases can be as well.

Caedus is back to his feet where his arm is raised in victory while being awarded the Xtreme Championship following a successful title defense. The Cleveland crowd erupts as he hoists the title up in the air for all to see before we fade.

Mark Flynn and North Korean War Criminal make their way to the ring.


The entirely epic XTron video of TNGB takes over the arena as the lights dim. A spotlight highlights the ramp, and...


Them No Good Bastards are manning the vehicle, Thunder Knuckles driving and the newly unmasked Bobby Bourbon riding shotgun. Both men are wearing fedoras, as Bobby hangs out of the passenger side windows, shooting a classic Thompson Machine gun into the open skies above Soldier Field. The vhecile comes to a rest just in front of the steel cage and the tag champions step out, each man with a Thompson Machine gun and each man emptying their respective clips into the air.

Both Bastards glance at each other and clink their Tag Team Championships together, then in unison point into the ring. The crowd sings along with the song.


Going through the cage door, TK slides into the ring and gets up onto a knee, beckoning the crowd as Bobby climbs the apron and enters the ring behind him. TK stands and appeals to the crowd as Bobby raises his arms at 45-degree angles.

They get into the ring, and get ready for the bell.


- vs -

HHL: Our second of three title matches is officially underway as Them No Good Bastards defend against Mark Flynn and North Korean War Criminal with falls counting anywhere. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Bastards fare following only their third loss as a team over in OCW.

Pip: Don’t forget to mention that the deck was stacked deeply against them. It’s not like OCW beat them on their own accord.

NKWC and Flynn stare across the ring at the Bastards who stare right back across at them. They all walk out towards the center of the ring where the Cleveland crowd explodes with a thunderous ovation as TK and NKWC pair off as Flynn and Bourbon pair off with a heated exchange of right hands between all four!

NKWC gets the upper hand on TK while Bourbon gains the upper hand on Flynn.

TK gouges NKWC in the eye before hurling him out to the floor through the ropes. Bourbon shoots Flynn towards TK, who hits a reverse elbow taking Flynn down to the mat. Bourbon rushes forward with a back senton onto Flynn. He makes the cover.




Flynn kicks out of the pinfall attempt. NKWC reaches under the ropes, yanking the legs out from under TK as he pulls him out to the floor. NKWC takes TK and drives him face first off the ring steps. In the ring Bourbon picks Flynn up off the mat where he takes him back into the ropes and fires him across the ring, Flynn bounces off the ropes ducking under a Bourbon clothesline!

Bourbon turns around eating a boot to the midsection that doubles him over for Flynn to crack in the face with a running knee lift that stands Bourbon up vertically for Flynn to thumb in the eye. NKWC slams TK on the floor before sliding back into the ring where he runs and jumps on the back of Bourbon locking in a sleeper hold while wrapping his legs around Bourbon’s upper body.

HHL: The challengers have come in with a gameplan.

With NKWC cranking on the sleeper, Flynn starts peppering Bourbon in the ribs with rights and lefts until Thunder Knuckles slides back into the ring with a chair in hand! He cracks NKWC across the back causing him to break the sleeper and fall back to the mat.

Flynn swings at a dodging Bobby Bourbon causing him to inadvertently hit the chair in TK’s hands! Bourbon then takes Flynn and hurls him over the top rope and out to the floor where he falls hard on his side. TK jabs NKWC in the ribs with the chair doubling him over for him to crack across the back with a shot that echoes throughout the stadium.

Pip: Them No Good Bastards are living up to the moniker.

NKWC is flattened and TK tosses the chair to the mat as he then bounces off the ropes and gains a full ahead of steam delivering a baseball slide dropkick into Flynn who is climbing back up on the apron knocking him back down to the floor. TK slides out to the floor himself as he starts stomping away at Flynn.

Bobby rolls out to the floor as well as he tosses back the ring apron and pulls out a Kendo Stick wrapped in barbed wire.

HHL:How convenient!

TK reaches down picking Flynn up where he flings him towards Bobby who cracks Flynn over the head with the Barbed Wire Kendo Stick! Flynn’s busted wide open as he drops to one knee. NKWC enters the screen leaping over the top rope with a rolling senton down on top of Bourbon and TK taking the Bastards down!

NKWC covers TK on the outside!



Pip: New champions?!


TK escapes the pinfall!

Flynn wipes the blood from his face and grabs Bourbon by the head to direct him over to the steel steps. He throws Bourbon against them then starts attacking him with kicks to the midsection! NKWC joins in while TK tries to gain his bearings after taking the worst of that rolling senton!

Mark Flynn looks back and sees the barbed-wire kendo stick on the ground and points it out to NKWC who hurries and grabs it. As he winds up to strike Bobby Bourbon across the face with it, TK has already made it to his feet and hits NKWC with a big running knee right beside Flynn who immediately starts attacking TK with stomps and kicks to the face! He turns back to Bourbon and is flipped backwards with a powerful lariat!

Them No Good Bastards look down to their challengers and provide the XWF Universe with one of their famous “No-Look Fistbumps” before each of them grab an opponent and bring them to their feet. Bourbon and Flynn go back and forth with fists, while TK works NKWC back into the ring.

Pip: The champs look to be back in control of this match-up… Even with Mark Flynn’s XWF veteran experience, he and North Korean War Criminal don’t have the experience as a team as Them No Good Bastards…

Flynn gets the upper-hand over Bourbon and works him against the barricade. Taking a step back, he yells out before lining up Bourbon and running and looking for another big knee to the face! Bourbon catches him mid-air and hoists him up on his shoulders…. He turns towards the fans in the front couple of rows and they all flee out of the way before Flynn gets BOBBY-BOMBED onto the seats!!! Flynn is left in a massacre of his own blood from his forehead, steel chairs, and popcorn from the evading fans.

HHL: Mark Flynn has been broken into a million pieces, Pip!

Pip: And the fans not only almost got caught in the fire, but they’ve lost their seats! What the hell was Bobby thinking?!

Meanwhile, TK followed NKWC into the ring after rolling him in. As TK picked up his opponent, that’s when Bobby Bobby-Bombed Flynn, accidentally distracting TK where he mouthed the words, “Holy shit!” NKWC takes advantage and hits TK with a most Honorable Hero’s low blow causing the one half of the Tag Team Champions to crumble to the mat.

Pip: That took the wind out of TK’s sails!

War Criminal then slid out of the ring and lifted the curtain on the apron to search for more weapons of mass destruction under the ring. He pulls out a wooden table and sets it aside, then goes again and pulls out a sledgehammer! NKWC face lights up as he admires it then slides back into the ring.

Back outside, Bobby has crawled over the barricade and began to kick the chairs aside that have found themselves somehow wrapped around Flynn's arms and legs. He doesn't attempt a pinfall, instead he takes one of the chairs, sets it up, then grabs Flynn by the hair and sits him down on it. Bobby then takes a dropped bag of popcorn and a mostly empty cup of Sierra Mist and props them up on his lap.

Pip: It looks like Bobby Bourbon is trying to make Mark Flynn as comfortable as possible….

Bobby gives a double thumbs up to Flynn before stepping up on the barricade, then leaping off with a powerful missile dropkick to Flynn's chest and he goes flying back into even more chairs! Inside the ring, TK has recovered from the low blow and has slowly started to make it to his feet when War Criminal slams him in the back with the sledgehammer!! TK is flattened back to the mat and screams out in agony as War Criminal continues the punishment as the half Tag Team Champion tries his best to crawl away from the attack, but there’s nowhere to go. Bourbon sees this going on in the ring, looks back to Flynn who is still laid out in the pile of steel chairs, then back to the ring and decides to leave Flynn.

HHL: What’s Bobby doing? Flynn is laid out!

Bourbon picks up a chair in each hand and hops over the barricade and slides into the ring.

Pip: He’s saving his partner, Heather! These guys may be a couple of No Good Bastards, but they’ve always looked out for each other!

He walks up behind War Criminal who is still handing out the punishment with the hammer to TK in the corner who can barely defend himself at this point. Bourbon whistles to get War Criminal’s attention. When he turns around to face Bobby he gets clapped from each side of his head with the two chairs! War Criminal falls to the mat then hurriedly rolls to the outside of the ring and falls to the floor. Bobby reaches down and pulls a still delirious TK to his feet. TK shakes his head to gain his marbles and gives Bobby a nod. They look out and notice the table that NKWC has already pulled from under the ring and Bobby goes after it while TK grabs War Criminal and throws him back in the ring. Without them noticing, Mark Flynn has started to stir and is getting help from the fans to his feet.

Together, Them No Good Bastards set up the table in the center of the ring. Bourbon takes a seat up on the top turnbuckle and waits as TK lifts War Criminal up and places him on his partner’s shoulders.

It looks like the champs are looking for something big here!

North Korean War Criminal is in some trouble here! But look out!

Before they can execute the move, Mark Flynn comes up from behind with the barbed-wire kendo stick from earlier and smacks Bobby in the back with it! He winces in pain and Flynn doesn’t stop with one! He cracks him three more times, allowing War Criminal to gain his own kind of advantage on Bourbon’s shoulders. He starts planting fists into Bobby’s skull as TK pokes his head out through the ropes to go after Flynn. Flynn swings the kendo stick around and cracks TK in the head with it! TK falls backwards and has a gash in the forehead of his very own. He crawls away while holding his forehead as Flynn enters the ring and joins War Criminal on the turnbuckle. They each throw an arm from Bourbon over their shoulders and superplex him off the top and destroy the table!! Flynn goes for a cover…..

Mark Flynn has recovered and we could be looking at new champions!!



Bobby kicks out!! TK is to his feet and attacks Flynn just as his partner kicked out! He pummels him with fists, but is pulled off of him by War Criminal and reverse DDT’d to the mat! Flynn gives his mark of approval to his partner after the very well executed move and War Criminal responds with a standing salute! Flynn points to Bourbon who’s beginning to stir and War Criminal goes after him while Flynn gets TK off the mat.

Pip: Communication is key, ladies and gentlemen, and even after just a few matches these two seem to be showing it off well!

HHL: Them No Good Bastards have been defending the Tag Team Titles closing in on a year now, Pip! I think they’ve been in this position before and I think they know how to get out of it!

Pip: I’m not saying they don’t! I’m saying that North Korean War Criminal, through their diversities, are showing great team work here!

The challengers take each champion to opposite corners and take a step up to the middle turnbuckles! In sync, they land punches to the tops of the skulls of the Tag Team Champions!










Each Bastard blocks the ninth punch and grabs their opponents! They carry them a couple of steps and drop them with front atomic drops! Flynn and War Criminal both jump in the air from the impact over the knees and as they turn both get clotheslined to the mat by the champions! They rolled back to their feet and the Bastards were waiting! In perfect choreography they pass each other once more and knock the challengers back to the mat! War Criminal stays down and tries scurrying away while Flynn doesn’t stop fighting! He’s back and is telling TK to bring it on! TK shuffles his feet like a boxer and sends a jab… Then another… Then another! Flynn takes each one, unprotected, then blocks the third! He spins around with a roundhouse kick, but TK ducks it and kicks Flynn in the gut before taking a step back and snapping Flynn’s head back with a super kick!

Across the ring, Bourbon followed War Criminal and reaches down to pick him up, but is wrapped up in a small package!!! War Criminal reaches out and holds the bottom rope to keep the pin as tight as possible!!! Bobby struggles but cannot break free!!

Pip: A quick fall!!!

HHL: He’s got the rope!!




Pip: Were were the closest we’ve ever been to new Tag Team Champions there, Heather!!

Bourbon springs to his feet and goes after War Criminal… But the sneaky Korean managed to escape by sliding under the rope and out of the ring. Bourbon and TK stand beside each other and face Mark Flynn who is just rising back up in the opposite corner while War Criminal circles around the outside towards his partner and slides back into the ring.

The crowd is on fire for both teams as they stare across the ring from each other before charging forward with both teams coming to blows in the center of the ring. Flynn kicks Thunder Knuckles in the nuts as Bobby is shown doing a number on NKWC!

The crowd erupts as Bobby turns his attention up the ramp expecting to see Jim Caedus and Robert Main. It’s with this distraction that Flynn and NKWC come up from behind and sling Bobby through the top and middle turnbuckle sending him crashing right shoulder first into the ring post!

NKWC turns his attention towards Thunder Knuckles! He picks him up off the mat where he sets him up and delivers an awkward North Korean Nuclear Arms Test!!!




Winners AND NEW XWF Tag Team Champions: Mark Flynn and North Korean War Criminal

The crowd is stunned with the turn of events as Flynn and War Criminal are awarded the XWF Tag Team Championships!

HHL: What the hell did we just see?!?!?!

Pip: The crowning of new Champions!

Flynn and War Criminal quickly exit the ring celebrating the victory!

HHL: I don’t feel like we’ve seen the last of this situation by any stretch of the imagination.

Pip: What does this do to Bad Medicine?

HHL: All bets are off.

Pip: We gotta take a commercial break.


Beast by Puppy plays over the sound system as there's massive amount of boos when Kieran Overton walks out as he screams on top of his lungs with his hands in the air on top of the ramp, wearing shorts, shirt, gloves and boots before walking down as he ignores each one of the fans before he goes up the steps and goes over the top rope and places his hand on his left arm, basically not giving a damn about them before he turns to anger, while he goes to sit in the corner, waiting for his opponent to come to the ring.

The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Someone Else” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. Corey comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way.

Corey gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. He looks pumped as hell, and starts pointing out at the fans before rushing to the top rope, surveying the crowd from on high, before dropping down to the canvas and handing off his jacket. He paces the ring now, waiting for the match to begin as the music and lighting effects wind down.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -
First Man to Three Pinfalls wins.

HHL: And we are set for our Main Event and the first title defense of the Supercontinental Championship! Corey Smith shocked the world at Relentless with a cash-in on former friend Thaddeus Duke, and now he’s poised for his first defense.

Pip: An interesting choice of the Champion’s Advantage; the first to three pinfalls is leaving tonight with the Championship.

The Cleveland crowd responds with a pop as Corey and Kieran circle each other around the center of the ring before locking up that sees the challenger shove the champion back into a neutral corner.

HHL: No doubt that Overton is going to have a massive height/weight advantage that Corey is going to have to overcome if he’s leaving tonight still with the gold.

There’s a sly smirk from Smith as he walks back out from the neutral corner. They circle each other a second time and for a second time, there’s a lock-up, and a second time there’s Corey being driven back into a neutral corner by Overton. The referee does not call for a break.

Pip: With three pinfalls being the only way to win the referee’s only job in this Main Event is to make a count.

Overton starts driving a series of shoulder blocks into the midsection of the smaller Smith driving him back into the buckles with each shoulder block landed. Overton lands four before taking Corey and shooting him across the ring into the opposite set of buckles.

Overton charges across the ring looking for a big splash onto Corey who sidesteps at the last minute sending Overton sternum first into the buckles where Corey charges and bounces off the far side, Overton staggers back towards the center as he turns around just in time for Corey to take him down with a running STO! Smith quickly looks for the cover.




Overton escapes with a kick out. Corey doesn’t hesitate as he is back to his feet. He picks up Overton before taking him back into the ropes, he looks for an Irish Whip, Overton reverses and it’s Smith sent bouncing off the near side and into a scoop up over the shoulder of the challenger who then delivers a shoulder breaker! Overton forces the cover on Smith.




Corey kicks out of the near fall.

HHL: Both Champion and Challenger looking to go up 1-0 in the early goings.

Pip: With it being the first to three falls you have to think that the first is arguably the most critical if you’re trying to get inside your opponent’s head.

Overton steps back up to his feet where he picks up Smith and delivers a body slam. Overton bounces off the ropes where he follows up by delivering a running back senton on to the sternum of Smith. Overton forces another cover.




Smith escapes with a kick out to a pop from the crowd. Overton once again is shown getting back to his feet where he picks Corey up and hammers him with several hard right hands backing the champion up against the ropes. Overton fires Smith across the ring, he bounces off the far side ducking under a clothesline attempt which allows him to bounce off the near side where he catches Overton with a leaping knee under the chin sending Overton back into a neutral corner!

Corey charges in after him with a Helluva Kick to the face that sends Overton falling down to the mat with Corey quick to make a cover.




Overton kicks out of the near fall.

HHL: Neither Smith nor Overton seem to be playing around in order to score this first of three falls to secure the win here.

Pip: We could literally see up to five pinfalls before this is over.

Corey is the first back up to his feet where he picks Overton up and starts blasting him with rapid fire forearm shots to the face and jaw before smashing him with a European Uppercut rocking him back into the ropes.

Smith charges forward looking to his challenger spilling over the top rope only it’s Overton that elevates Smith up and over the top rope with a back drop that see’s Corey land on his feet on the ring apron. Overton turns around where Corey catches by the head before dropping down to the floor handing Overton up throat first across the top rope.

Overton staggers out towards the center of the ring as we see Corey step back through the ropes where he runs towards Kieran only to see Overton counter with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker! Overton again looks for the cover.




Corey pops a shoulder up off the mat to a pop from the crowd as Overton starts to get back up to his feet. He reaches down picking Corey up where he locks in a Mandible Claw! Corey starts fighting back with rapid fire reverse elbows to the temple where he’s able to break free and immediately land PAIN DE-LUX crumbling Overton to the mat!

Corey drops down into the cover hooking the near leg.




Corey Smith: 1
Kieran Overton: 0

Pip: From out of nowhere Corey with that Pain De-Lux has went up one pinfall to none. He’s two falls away from securing a successful title defense.

HHL: Can Kieran bounce back?

Corey gets up off the cover and heads back to a neutral corner until the referee signals to continue. He rushes over making a second cover.




Overton manages to kick out before the three count.

HHL: Smart to try but to much time passed to score two quick falls.

Corey pops back up to his feet where he starts to stomp away at Overton before reaching down picking him up off the mat. Smith lands a spin kick to the midsection doubling over Overton, Corey bounces off the near side where he looks to deliver an Axe kick across the back of the neck. Overton throws his head out of the way evading the contact and as Corey spins around he walks right into a Spinbuster Slam!

Overton and Smith lay on the mat as the referee steps back into a neutral corner not executing a standing ten count.

Pip: Once again the only way to score a point is with a pinfall which is why the official isn’t counting either man out.

Overton and Smith lay on the mat for several seconds before Kieran begins to stir as he rolls over on his chest and starts to push himself up off the mat and back to his feet. He reaches down picking the Supercontinental Champion up off the mat where he hoists him up into the air with a Military Press before transitioning into a gut buster!

Overton makes the cover hooking the near leg.




Corey once again escapes the near fall with a kick out. Overton cuts his eyes towards the referee as he steps back up to his feet. He looks down at Corey before bouncing off the ropes where he looks to deliver a big body splash!

Smith sees it come and tucks up his knees driving them into the midsection of Overton!

The crowd rallies behind Corey as he starts to work his way back up to his feet where he snatches the right ankle and locks in an Ankle Lock Submission! Once again the referee slides back into a neutral corner as Corey cranks on the right ankle.

HHL: Once again, not to beat a dead horse, but you can only score a point with a pinfall or submission. Corey Smith is being smart by applying the ankle lock forcing Overton to try and make something happen here.

Corey continues to crank on the ankle as we see Overton start to push himself up off the mat before being able to roll through and send Corey crashing face first into the top turnbuckle of a neutral corner. Corey staggers backward into a school boy from Overton.




Corey escapes with a kick out.

Pip: Overton is desperate to find a combination to put Corey away and tie this up at one a piece.

Overton is back up to a vertical base as he reaches down picking Corey up off the mat where he hurls him through the ropes having Smith spill out to the floor. Overton walks over to the ropes where he hops down to the padding surrounding the ring. He stomps away at Corey’s back before picking him up off the floor.

Overton runs Corey back first into the security railing surrounding ringside as the referee is forced to do nothing but look on. Overton yanks Corey forward before running Corey back first into the barrier a second time. Overton then yanks Corey forward turning him inside out with a short arm clothesline.

Overton picks Corey up before hurling him back into the ring. Overton slides into the ring after the champion where he makes the cover.




Smith shoots a shoulder up off the mat once again to a huge ovation from the crowd.

HHL: Overton has got to land that knockout shot.

Overton gets back up to a vertical base where he picks up Corey. He shoots him into the ropes, Smith bounces off the ropes ducking under a clothesline, Overton spins around as we see Corey look for a second Pain De-Lux!

Overton ducks out of the way sending Corey spinning around where he’s met with a boot to the midsection doubling over the Supercontinental Champion for him to hit the FLIP PILEDRIVER!

Pip: The Destructive Driver! Is it enough?!?!

Overton makes the cover by hooking a near leg.




Corey Smith: 1
Kieran Overton: 1

HHL: Overton has managed to tie it up at one.

Pip: We got to see what happens next here.

Overton celebrates his fall over Corey as the referee signals to continue. Kieran comes forward where he reaches down to pick up Corey who counters the pick-up attempt with an Inside Cradle!




The crowd pops huge as Corey gains a surprising pinfall!

Corey Smith: 2
Kieran Overton: 1

HHL: A huge pickup by the Champion to go up 2-1 on Overton! One more fall for Smith garners the victory!

Overton beats Corey to his feet where he catches him with a boot to the midsection! He quickly locks into a front face lock where he hoists Corey up in the air vertically before dropping down with a Brainbuster!

Overton floats over into the cover!




Corey kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd as Overton reaches both knees barking out at the referee to count faster. He steps back up to his feet where he rolls over Corey to his stomach. He calls for the Camel Clutch.

Pip: Overton’s looking for the Beast Pain!

Overton stands over Corey where he looks to lock in the Camel Clutch, Corey manages to scramble free as he shoots back through the legs of Overton where he catches him with a right hand to the midsection before stepping up to one knee and finally to his feet.

Overton swings with a right hand that Smith blocks and counters with a spinning back fist that rocks the challenger. Smith delivers a second spinning back fist to the temple! Corey takes a wrist lock into a knee to the face that staggers Overton backward!

Corey hits a superkick to the right knee knocking it out from under Overton dropping him to one knee before uncorking with a vicious V-Trigger style knee to the jaw that’s pinpoint accurate as it knocks Overton backward to the mat. Corey dives on top with a cover.




Kieran shoots a shoulder up off the mat to a massive gasp from the crowd.

HHL: Kieran Overton says not just yet as he manages to escape what could have been the end of his quest for the Supercontinental Championship.

Corey starts getting back to his feet where he picks up his challenger by the arm and head. He takes him back into a neutral corner where he lays in several stiff kicks to the chest and midsection. Corey takes Overton by the arm yanking Overton forward for a clothesline.

Overton ducks under taking a back waist lock where he delivers a German Suplex with a bridge.




Corey kicks out to a pop from the crowd. Overton lays on the mat for several seconds recovering from the Champion’s onslaught.

Pip: Overton is back on chase mode as he needs to tie this up once again.

Overton starts to stir as he sits up and gets back to his feet. He stomps down viciously to the sternum of Smith as he continues to try and soften Smith up for the Camel Clutch. He reaches down picking up Smith where he takes back into the ropes.

Overton shoots Corey across the ring, he bounces off the ropes as Overton drops his head looking for a back body drop that Corey capitalizes on with an Axe Kick across the back of the neck! He rolls Overton over making a cover while hooking the near leg.




Overton shoots a shoulder up off the mat saving the contest.

HHL: The momentum of this Supercontinental Championship Match is back and forth between Champion and Challenger.

Corey starts to work his way back to his feet as he reaches down picking up the challenger. He looks for another spinning back fist that Overton ducks and counters with a half nelson that he then delivers a half nelson suplex folding up Corey in half!

Overton pops back up to his feet with fire in his eyes! He picks Corey up of the mat where he takes him up into a torture rack! He racks Smith several times before delivering an inverted Death Valley Driver to the Supercontinental Champion!

Pip: We could have ourselves a tie!

Overton rolls over making the cover hooking the near leg as the referee slides into position with the crowd counting along with the count.




There’s a huge ovation as Corey pops a shoulder up off the mat! Overton has a look of shock on his face.

Pip: Corey’s return to Warfare will not be met with defeat, at least for the time being as he somehow, some way got the shoulder up.

Overton, still in shock, gets up to a vertical base. He shows a sign of frustration before he calms himself down. He reaches down picking Corey up off the mat where he sets him up for a second Destructive Driver! Corey spins around and catches Overton with a second PAIN DE-LUX only the momentum sends Overton spilling through the top and middle ropes out to the floor!

HHL: Overton might have been touched by an angel.

Corey rolls out to the floor where he starts to pick up Overton up off the floor where he struggles but manages to roll him back into the ring. Corey slides into the ring making the cover.




Overton gets a foot across the bottom rope breaking the count.

Pip: Some great ring awareness from Overton to get his foot across the bottom rope.

Corey Smith starts to pull himself back up to his feet where he takes a few steps back and calls for the Extra Face Pain De-Lux drawing a huge ovation from the crowd.

HHL: The Champ is seizing the moment!

Overton slowly starts to stir as he rolls over to his stomach and begins pushing himself up off the mat to one knee, as he does Corey looks to a buzzsaw kick to the temple! Overton ducks his head and counters with a School Boy.




Corey kicks out of the near fall where he beats Overton to his feet and swings with a right hand, Overton ducks and drives Corey back into a neutral corner. He hoists him up to a seated position on the top rope before decking him with a right hand.

Overton then delivers an open handed chop across the chest that echoes throughout the stadium!

Overton steps up to the middle ropes where he delivers a headbut to Corey. He locks in a front face lock looking to deliver a Superplex! Corey manages to latch on to the top ropes blocking the attempt. He drives several jabs to the ribs before breaking free of Overton’s grasp and is able to shove him backward and crashing down to the mat.

Corey stands up on the middle ropes before stepping up to the top ropes. Kieran starts to work his way back to a vertical base in the ring and as he does we see Corey leap off and connect with COREY SPECIAL NUMBER FOUR! Cleveland explodes into a thunderous ovation as the Supercontinental Champion makes the cover hooking the far leg.





Corey Smith’s music plays after his victory. The Cleveland chapter of the XWF Universe is on their feet with approval of the Supercontinental champion.

HHL: Corey Smith is victorious here tonight in his return to Warfare!

PIP: One defense in the books Heather, but he’s got a ways to go before he can live up to the man he unseated at Relentless!

On the X-Tron, Thaddeus Duke appears live via satellite from New York City. Cleveland begins to boo as Thad slow claps Corey’s victory. Corey Smith meanwhile, stares at Thad on the screen.

Congratulations Cor’ he says before ending his slow clap. Congratulations on your triumphant return to the ring. Congratulations on becoming the Supercontinental Champion.

Corey goes to speak, but Thad quickly shuts him down.

Relax Corey, you’ll get your chance to speak.

We go back a long way, you and I… Years of friendship. Ran the road together. Infiltrated Disney together. Made out once. Held championship gold together...

You’re welcome, by the way.

You look good.

You look comfortable.

Thad shifts in his directors chair and smiles briefly.

But I don’t want you gettin’ too comfortable. I don’t want you doin’ something foolish like declaring intent for Bad Medicine because I am your intent. I want you 100% focused on your title challenger at Bad Medicine Corey… because you’re looking at him.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke making his intentions known here tonight on Warfare!

PIP: As the victim of a cash in, he has that right!

If you’re gonna take the mantle from me of being a great champion, Corey, you’re damn well gonna earn it first.

FirstEnergy Stadium begins to stir as a hooded man hops the security barrier and rolls into the ring behind Corey Smith’s back. The man jumps up to his feet and throws off the hood.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke is here in Cleveland!

PIP: Corey Smith might indeed become a great singles champion like the man he dethroned, but THAT man is literally breathing down his neck!

Before I go Cor’, you might wanna watch your back a little more. You know me better than anyone.

You know my tricks. You’ve helped me with some of them in the past.

The X-Tron fades out and suddenly, the stadium lights go out and the ring is lit with Lionheart gold mood lighting. Corey sighs deeply before turning around to face his former best friend.

HHL: Champion and challenger! Face to face for the first time outside of combat in months!

Face to face in the ring, Thad holds his thumb and forefinger close together and mouths the words: “That close.” But without another word, Thad backs up toward the ropes and leans, flipping out of the ring to the floor.

PIP: The line in the sand has been drawn! Thaddeus Duke will challenge Corey Smith for the Supercontinental championship at Bad Medicine!

Just as it seems Warfare is about to go off the air, the cameras in the back flicker to life, projecting an image of the hallway leading out to the parking garage. A lone figure strolls down it, footsteps echoing lightly within the corridor. As it gets closer, the bright LEDs of the garage light up her sapphire hair, revealing Lycana headed home after winning her match. She strolls to a rental car, sliding her hand into her jacket pocket to pull out a set of keys.

“Lycana! Hold up a second!”

She pauses in the act of unlocking the trunk, looking over her shoulder to see Steve Sayors rushing her way. She shifts her bag off her shoulder onto the floor, turning to face him with a small, welcoming smile as he runs up, puffing slightly, microphone in hand.

“Lycana, do you actually think you can beat Alias for the XWF Universal Championship?”

He grins widely, eagerly extending the mic, shoving it in her face as her smile disappears, and she stares at him.



He holds steady, smile on point, mic still inches from her lips.

“You don’t think I can do it.”

He blinks.

She doesn’t.

His smile falters as her face hardens. She lifts the lid of the trunk, still not looking away from him. She picks up her bag and slings it, narrowly missing Steve, into the trunk. She slams it closed.

“Uhh... Do... do YOU think that you can beat... Alias?”

She tilts her head, with a clear ‘Are you kidding me?’ expression.

[Image: giphy.gif]

She turns away opening the driver's side door and sliding behind the wheel.

“Wait! You didn’t answer! Do you think you can win it? What about your tag run?!”


The door shuts, the engine roaring to life, as the window rolls down and her head pops out.

“The ball is in your court Alias.”

And with a squeal of tires, she zips out of the parking spot, forcing Sayors to dive out of the way, and drives off, tail lights winking into the night as Warfare goes off the air

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