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What does everybody want?
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Hello, my friends
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10-17-2021 11:54 PM

It was a dark and stormy night when he find XWF Xtreme Champion Jim Caedus walking through an awfully unkept cemetery. He walks slowly, watching each step as its shown by the light from the lantern he carries with him. Lifting it up and down, looking as far as the light would reach, then back down in front of him so he didn't trip.

He's following a sound he hears in the darkness. A scraping noise, like digging.... And the thought of someone digging in a graveyard was very much worth exploring. As he walks, the sound gets louder and louder. He shines the light up and finally sees someone in the distance and that's exactly what they're doing.

"Hey!" Jim might have yelled out. It was hard to tell over the whistling of the wind and rustling of leaves blowing through.

His steps pick up speed and he begins to use some of that born with athleticism to leap over tombstones to quickly arrive next to the gravesite where the heinous crime is being committed. Before he could announce is disapproval, the graverobber turns around to reveal it is none other than Doctor Louis D'Ville.

Some might have said that Jim's spine turned so yellow at that moment that it glowed in the dark and could have been seen from space... Others might have said that it was just a shine coming from Jim's Xtreme Title from the lantern. There's was actually no one else there, so I don't know who they would have been. Regardless, Jim took a step back when he realized that good ol' Docsy was down about four feet staring up at him.

Well, hello, my friend!

Jim says nothing and just stares back at Doc, so Doc goes back to shoveling. The champ appears like he wants to say something, but also seems like he can't find the words to do so. He mumbles something out, but it's distorted and makes no sense... He stops and looks befuddled and confused at his own audio before looking back down at Doc with a scowl.

If you don't have anything important to say, Jim, why say anything?

Doc, who makes a couple of thuds with his shovel onto something solid below him, looks back to Jim again with a smile.

Wondering what I'm after are you?

Doc leans down into the grave again and shuffles around.. It's out of Jim's sight, so he bends his neck and leans in attempts to see around him, but cannot. Doc stands up and holds something behind his back.

♪♪Close your eyes.♪♪

Jim does not close his eyes. Doc does not wait any longer and reveals what he has behind his back.

[Image: EEh2vz3.png]

It's the head of Unknown Soldier!!!!!!!!!!!

The champ falls back at the sight of the gruesome, decayed head of the former XWF Xtreme, Tag Team, and Universal Champion. He blah blahs some other nonsense out but still cannot form words. It's like a nightmare. To him, not us.
Doc holds Soldier's head up in the air like Persius did Madusa's and Jim was the Krakken! He's frozen in place!!

"What's the matter, Jimmy? Doc thought you would like a little..... HEAD!!!"

What? You were supposed to say, "What's the matter, Jim? Can't get ahead in life?"

"Fuck that. That was always you're problem, Docko... You're too fucking uptight! I thought I loosened that asshole up all of those years ago... What the fuck happened?"

Jim stares at the conversation happening in front of him between Unknown Soldier's head and Doc D'Ville. He's left in a trance for a moment at the nonsense, but then quickly realizes that as this conversation goes on, he should probably scoot. As Jim starts to get up, both heads look his way.

"Quick, Doc! He's getting away!! I'll bite his----"

Before Unknown Soldier's head can finish what he said, he's flying through the air, after Doc threw him, towards Jim Caedus as he reaches his feet.

"---time to die mother-----!!!"


The head bounces off of Caedus's face after it looked like Jimmy leaned into it a little. Before he could step on it or anything, Doc was right behind him with a shovel!!!!! Doc cracks Jim in the back of the head which sends the champ falling into the grave!!!

Doc whistles as he starts to throw dirt onto him. One scoop after another.

"Aren't you going to fucking pin him?"

Doc shrugs and keeps shoveling. Soldier's head looks up at Doc in disbelief then starts bouncing and rolling himself towards the grave until he rolls in and onto Jim.

"Quick mother fucker!!!! Count it!!! Count this mother fucker down!!! Where's the ref?!?! What the fuck?!! Pin this fucking pussy!!!"

Doc throws a shovel full of dirt into Soldier's head's face

"Hold the fuck on, you are NOT burying this bitch with me...."

Doc stops, tosses the shovel down, and walks to the grave.

You're right, I have other plans for you, my friend

Just then, the dirt below Doc's feet gives way and he falls into the grave on top of Jim Caedus covering him!!! A skeleton of a dead XWF referee pops out of the ground and sliiiiiiiiiides into position ONE HOLY SHIT TWO

"Get the fuck off of me you dusty fucking fart!!"

[Image: RCCfUNT.png?1]
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10-18-2021 11:51 AM

Doc's sudden fall into the open grave had caused an avalanche of earth to cover our antihero (fuck am I sayin', ain't no one rootin' for Jimmy 😂) and as artificial lightning flashes over the awfully unkept graveyard- Charlie, what the fuck do we pay you for? -wing of XWF Mobile HQ illuminating the skeletal ref's knobby phalanges while they arc down for the three count, it seems the universally reviled Jim Caedus's X run is at an end.

That IS of course until Jim regains consciousness, his dirt coated right arm stabbing out to prevent the three by catching the ref's hand fleshy palm to boney palm (like lovers, fingers intertwined) in an iron grip. He rolls his hand forward, snapping the ref's fingerbones and eliciting an open-jawed silent scream from the lungless lich. That definitely counts as a-


Doc looks to the mound below him as Jim's face pushes through-

[Image: 61mFpWV.gif]

-and scowls. Jim's left arm stabs free clutching photos of Corey and Alias he shields himself with like a crucifix.

Doc draws back in horror, hissing something incoherent due to his dentures slipping. Ol' fuck. US's head lets loose with a tidal wave of insults but can't be heard clearly as his huge mouth is firmly lodged around Jim's crotch bulge beneath Doc and the dirt.

Hey, blame Doc, Soldier.

Still kickin' around with the guy who left you high and dry with the tag straps so many years ago Docsy?

I apologize for earlier by the way big bro, it may have appeared I was scared 'a ya but we both know we'd not deprive the people of our very first one on one taking place over the Universal strap...should I snatch it I mean.


Anyway...Arcana baby?

Jim sinks his face back below the dirt moments before we hear a-


The graveyard begins to tremble... Doc rises to his feet in bewilderment, poofing from the grave to graveside as the interior quakes amidst a Soldier rant.

Doc wisely poofs even further away (the very edge of the cemetery) the moment the earth beneath his feet at graveside begins to rise-

-for what pierces forth is colossal, the head of Unknown Soldier bouncing away into the shadows as a monumental form skyscrapers upward, crashing through the ceiling of XWF Mobile HQ (it's ok, Arcana will fix it with magick later).

[Image: I5MrMRG.gif]


Doc POOFS away in a cloud of piss-yellow smoke an instant before-

[Image: LFn54SD.gif]

XWF Mobile HQ vanishes in a wash of destruction...

...only to magically (told ya) reassemble as Caedzilla reverts back to the X-treme Champion. When the devastation has been erased-

No worries Docsy. I'll see you soon,

old friend...

[Image: chM1Ri0.gif]

[Image: 8PUrRqK.png]
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