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Wednesday Night Warfare - 09/15/21 - Results
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09-15-2021, 05:45 PM



From !!!



- vs -
w/ North Korean War Criminal

Standard Match

- vs -

No Interference Allowed

- vs -

Xtreme Rules


[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -

Singles Match




From !!!



Wednesday Night Warfare takes the air live….

”Ladies and Gentleman your opening contest LIVE on Wednesday Night Warfare is scheduled for one fall, about to make his way to the ring… MARK FLYNN!

”And his opponent…”

”About to make his way to the ring… THE WIZARD!”

- vs -
w/ North Korean War Criminal

Standard Match

Flynn and Wizard circle each other before locking up center ring. The Wizard is able to use his size to muscle Flynn back into the ropes. The official calls for the clean break which is given as Wizard backs away from Flynn.

HHL: It’s been a minute since we’ve seen the Wizard in the XWF, it’s good to see him back.

Pip: Is it?

Flynn and Wizard circle each other a second time where the lock up once again jockeying for position. Flynn snatches a side headlock only to be backed into the ropes where he’s hurled across the ring, Flynn bounces off the far side looking for a running shoulder block only to see Flynn bounce off the larger Wizard.

Wizard calls for another attempt.

Flynn bounces off the far side only to have the Wizard disappear into a cloud of smoke.

Flynn looks around before immediately rolling out to the floor where he tosses up the ring apron looking for the Wizard when suddenly the Wizard appears behind him where he snatches him up and body slams him on the floor!

HHL: That crafty bastard.

The referee counts both men as we see Wizard pick Flynn up and toss him back into the ring. Wizard rolls in after Flynn where he gets to his feet. He picks up Mark taking him back into the ropes where he looks to shoot him across the ring with an Irish Whip. Flynn counters only when he does he pulls the full arm off the Wizard off!

Flynn looks at the arm and then at the Wizard who suddenly grows another! Flynn takes the arm and starts beating the Wizard over the back of the neck with it! The referee intervenes, jaw-jacking with Flynn and threatening to disqualify him!

HHL: Is the ref implying that Wizard’s arm is a foreign object?

Pip: Well that’s ridiculous, only foreign object here is NKWC!

Pip begins to laugh at his own joke only to have a bag placed over his head and is dragged away from the commentary booth by nameless goons who may or may not be from North Korean descent. Back in the ring, the ref sees the error of his ways realizing that a detached limb is not an illegal weapon. Only in the XWF, ladies and gentlemen. Flynn brushes the ref aside with his spare arm and gives a nasty slap to Wizard before using the arm to choke the prone magical man!

Flynn is squatting over Wizard’s body wretching back with the arm against Wiz’s neck; Wizard tries to reach out for the ropes but alas they are too far away but suddenly the detached arm loosens and taps Mark Flynn’s shoulder who looks at it confused before being poked in the eye! Flynn falls back clutching his eyes as North Korean War Criminal gets up onto the apron to scream at the ref while the loose arm scurries into the crowd terrifying multiple people as it hops the barricade like a crab falling into a bucket.

HHL: NKWC looks to be calling for a DQ on Wizard’s part here due to an illegal eye poke, even though the ref allowed Flynn to use the arm as a weapon?

Pip?: Yes, glory to this man for seeing so clearly that this witch is in the wrong, very good indeed!

Heather grows hesitantly silent as someone who is clearly not Pip Collins speaks. The ref argues back with NK to allow the match to continue as he tries not to fall into existential despair with this absolute clusterfuck of a match. Meanwhile, both men get back to their feet a red-eyed Flynn charges Wizard feigning a clothesline which Wizard ducks for only for Flynn to send a brutal knee into Wizard’s head; which knocks him back down to the mat; Flynn sends a stomp down to Wizard’s midsection which causes him to reel his head forward and Flynn takes to the ropes and bounces back delivering a low dropkick to the hooded visage! Wizard reels on the ground as Mark Flynn goes to the middle turnbuckle, the most deadly turnbuckle and jumps off crashing a knee down onto Wizard! Flynn goes for the pin!



And the arena lights go out!

After several seconds they appear back on and The Wizard is nowhere in sight! Flynn seems dumbfounded looking around the ring. At this time the real Pip Collins shows back up looking damp and bruised. Heather goes to speak.

Pip: Don’t ask, what did I miss?


A plume of smoke bursts from the ring behind Flynn and The Wizard appears once more as his theme erupts along with a pop from the crowd!

HHL: Wizard fucking Prestiged! He did a Prestige, Pip!

Wizard appears refreshed, revitalised and Matrix: Reloaded as he mocks Flynn staring back at him on his knees. Wizard eggs Flynn on as he slowly gets to his feet along with cheers and stomps from the deafening crowd building this match into a crescendo; Flynn glares at the black emptiness of Wizard’s hood and a sneer forms on his face; Flynn leaps into a sprint charging the Wizard who matadors Flynn with his flowing robe and Mark hits the ropes, on the return Wizard gets Flynn to the mat with a big back body drop and throws an arm down which bursts more smoke and Wizard appears above Flynn and drives an elbow down into Mark’s chest! Wizard doesn’t stop the momentum however, quickly getting back onto his feet and punt kicks the ever-loving shit out of Mark Flynn! Flynn falls through the bottom rope and NK rushes over to rally him. Flynn appears dazed as his eyes won’t focus; Wizard gloats on the inside and amps up the crowd; NK slaps some sense into Flynn and pushes him back into the ring. Mark Flynn stumbles toward Wizard halts Flynn with one hand and pulls out some playing cards with the other, fanning them out and asking Mark to pick one who does and then is quickly blindsided as a fist lunges out of Wizard’s hood and rocks Flynn!

Mark Flynn stumbles against the ropes as cards go flying, scattering throughout the ring which then turn into BEES! Which immediately form up to murk a racist in the audience! Nobody cared… Meanwhile, back to the match; Wizard uses his immense strength to pick Flynn up with the arm appearing from his hood and uses Flynn like a body bag as Wizard hits left and right hooks to Mark’s midsection. Wizard face arm disappears quickly and Wizard catches Flynn before dropping him with a Samoan drop! Wizard leans back into a lackadaisical pin and the ref slides in for the count!





HHL: The hell is he doing!?

NKWC holds a rag against the ref’s mouth as he struggles.

Pip: God’s work. I have literally nothing bad to say about this man ever again.

The ref’s throws turn sluggish and his eyelids drop, NK released the ref who drops to the mat; Wizard gets up from the pin as War Criminal pulls out a fucking gun! This gets a few screams from the crowd, which makes sense, as NK takes aim on Wizard but when he pulls the trigger a bunch of flowers spout from the barrel which gets some released gasps from the crowd as well as a respectable golf clap for The Wizard. The mystical entity makes some precise hand movements.

Pip: Woah! Is the Wizard throwing gang signs!? That’s not cool.

HHL: No you moron, he’s casting a spell. Have- … Have you not noticed what Wizard is?

Pip: I was waterboarded, Heather!

And with another plume of smoke, Wizard turns into a log disappearing from the ring once more and appearing behind NKWC! Wizard most likely whispers something cool and edgy here but we’ll never know; a bead of sweat runs down War Criminal’s face as he swings around with the gun only to be kicked so hard in the groin that he cartoonishly flies through the sky and onto the outside. Wizard dusts his hands but is quickly interrupted as Flynn hits him with a running forearm; The Wizard tries to retaliate but The Most Hated Man in the XWF pulls Wizard’s hood down and begins sending kicks in quick succession into Wizard’s head! After a brutal beating Flynn releases Wizard but only sparingly as he delivers the COUNTER POINT!

The Atomic Drop onto the top rope gets a sympathetic groan from the crowd, as Flynn takes a step back he sees the ref begin to revive and Mark runs forward delivering a devastating knee into Wizard’s mush! The Wizard topples hard from the top rope and bounces away from the ropes. Flynn rushes into a tight pin as the ref gives a sluggish count.


Wizard tries to maneuver his arm.


But is unable to get a shoulder up!


BUT does get a hand into Flynn’s face! Showing a playing card The Wizard simply asks…

“Is this your card?”

Pip: Can we just get a normal kickout this match?

And Mark Flynn wilds the fuck out! Releasing the pin he grabs the side of his head and just marks out over the magic trick, only for this to be his downfall as Wizard kips up and gets a hand around Flynn’s throat!


The big chokeslam connects and drops Mark Flynn.

Flynn is down, center of the ring!

The Wizard... points to the top turnbuckle!

HHL: This is very uncharacteristic of the Wizard! How often does he go to the high-risk district?

PIP: Flynn's been a tough man to put down for the count. And desperation inspires innovation!

The Wizard climbs to the top... The official focuses on Wizard and starts the count...

Suddenly, NK rolls into the ring and pushes Flynn out under the ropes! He lies prone, pretending to be unconscious!

The Wizard stands on the turnbuckle, looks down... And points to the official, like "HEY!"

The official turns around and immediately starts yelling at NK, who continues to pretend to be unconscious.

PIP: Whoa! Why is the official admonishing Mark Flynn right now!?!

HHL: Pip, going along with this charade is beneath even you...

PIP: I don't know what you're talking about! I've completely lost track of who's who!

The referee grabs NK by his jacket and starts shaking him. NK pretends to awaken and climbs to his feet, but not before the official starts pushing him out of the ring.


The official backs him into a corner and demands he exit the ring.


The referee shoves NK through the ropes and he finally, somewhat embarrassed, returns to the outside of the ring.

Just as The Wizard oversees NK's removal..

Flynn leaps onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckle!

He grabs Wizard by the waist... catching him by surprise!


Flynn, exhausted, crab-walks a step backwards and bridges into a pin...





HHL: Mark Flynn! Victorious tonight on Warfare!

PIP: He’s passed the final stop on the road to Relentless! And in less than two weeks, Mark Flynn… as good as he is… will have the toughest test maybe of his entire career!

HHL: Thaddeus Duke has manhandled the Hart title division here in the XWF the last several months. In tonight’s main event, he’ll defend against Ciela Luiz but at Relentless, he’ll defend the championship against this man, Mark Flynn!

Mark Flynn celebrates in the ring after a great contest with the Wizard. The fans, of course, give him a mixed reaction.

HHL: It appears as if Paul Heyman is gonna join us here tonight!

Mark Flynn stands in the center of the ring as the ‘Extreme’ theme plays. Paul Heyman emerges from backstage with Thad’s SWAT team flanking him on either side. The group stops on the entrance stage and the XWF Universe gives the group an ice cold reaction.

PIP: Where’s Thaddeus?

The music fades as the Universe continues to boo, heckle, and chide the business manager of the XWF Hart and OCW Savage Champion.

”Mark Flynn,” he begins as the Universe begins to quiet down. ”As the Relentless Rabbi of the Remarkable Revolutionary Thaddeus Duke, I wanted to remind you what’s at stake here at Relentless.”

Paul pauses momentarily as Flynn looks on from the ring.

”Thaddeus Duke respects you Mark Flynn,” he continues on. ”If he didn’t, he wouldn't have spent two months coaxing you out of retirement. You’ve had an impressive restart to your career here in the Xtreme Wrestling Federation, but I think it’s wise for you not to lose sight of just what it is you’re up against, Mr. Flynn.

“The reigning, defending, undisputed XWF Hart Champion, who just so happens to also carry the OCW Savage Championship… The formerly magnanimous but always meritorious Lionheart is the magnificent monarchical yet mutinous megalomaniac truly is the best in the universe.

“Thaddeus Duke is a Living Legend and at just 22 years of age has done everything there is to do and he’s never satisfied with where he’s at.”

HHL: The singles champion of two different companies, Thaddeus Duke, like him or not, is a magnetic being in the world of professional wrestling.

PIP: Thaddeus Duke is what most everyone in this industry should aspire to.

”At Relentless, in a 60 minute Iron Man match, you’ll be entering the ring with a master classman. But tonight… he’d like to welcome you… into the Lion’s Den.”

As Paul finishes, he looks to either side of him at Thaddeus Duke’s SWAT team and nods. The four men and women dressed in their gear with full face helmets begin their march to the ring.

HHL: There is a no contact order between champion and challenger!

PIP: If Thaddeus lays a hand on Flynn, he vacates the Hart title! If Mark lays a hand on Duke he relinquishes the opportunity to face the best athlete, the best wrestler in the business!

The SWAT team surrounds the ring. One member on each side of the ring with Mark Flynn still stuck in the center.

HHL: I have to wonder if the Lionheart is exploiting a loophole, Pip!

PIP: You might be right! Technically, Thaddeus Duke is NOT laying a finger on his Relentless challenger!

The SWAT team jumps to the apron in unison with Flynn retreating to the center of the ring, trying to keep an eye on all four pending assailants. As the SWAT team starts to enter the ring, Mark Flynn wisely runs and slides underneath the ropes to the floor. He hops the railing and bails out of Dodge, choosing to fight another day.

Thad’s SWAT team retreats from the ring back up the ramp to a grinning Paul Heyman as the XWF Universe showers them in boos.

Paul’s theme plays again as he and the SWAT team exit the stage.

When I left
I felt like I had enough
But in this shape and form
I will appear soon
I have learned to cope
and learned to hope
Is why I will be
Returning Soon.

We cut to a shot of Charlie Nickles rolling down a backstage hallway in his wheelchair. Charlie is dressed in a grimy hospital gown and he has a dirty, blood-soaked bandage wrapped around the side of his head. He's looking at a notepad in his hand while he furiously moves down the hallway, passing by production assistants and XWF wrestlers blindly in his chair.

"Hey, watch it!"

"Asshole! You ran over my dress!"

Various shooting stars and crewmembers bicker and holler at Charlie as he drives right by them, but he pays them absolutely no mind at all. The camera flips to a shot looking down Charlie's back as he rolls through the backstage area. We get a clear shot of the notepad in his hand from the new camera angle.

[Image: j2KZWfR.jpg]

HHL: I'm not sure what we're looking at here, Pip....

PC: The written ramblings of a madman in desperate search of his next opponent!

Charlie is looking down at his notepad as his wheelchair continues to fly through the halls. One of the wheels of the chair runs over the toes of Little Feather, the XWF security chief. Little Feather yells at Charlie as he grabs a hold of the chair, stopping it still in it's tracks.

"Hey, knock it off!"

Charlie turns around and starts screaming at Little Feather while he waves the notepad around in front of the security chief's face.

"You can't stop me now! I've been hot on the tracks of my would-be murderer for weeks! I've been scouring these halls, roaming the lockers, gathering clues, interviewing suspects! I have all the clues I need, I'm sure of it! I just have to put them together and find the man who paralyzed me! I won't let you stop my righteous quest!"

Charlie elbows Little Feather in the stomach, forcing the man to let go of his chair. Charlie immediately begins rolling forward again at a breakneck speed.

PC: He's rolling faster than I've ever seen him run!

Little Feather's human legs are no match for Charlie's steel and plastic. The Nickleman rolls far ahead of Little Feather before bursting open the doors of the cafeteria room. Charlie Nickles scans the room before looking back down at his notepad once more. Nickles gives everyone in the room an ocular pat-down while intermittently looking back down at his notepad, as if he had already forgotten the clues he was looking for.

"She wants me to come down to Miami for a poolside photoshoot with her sister? Well...."

Charlie's ears immediately perk up at the word Miami. He looks back down at his notepad with grim satisfaction. The Nickleman nods gruffly to himself before looking back up at the relatively thin man standing in line at the cash register. Charlie Nickles starts rolling towards the unaware man, who is still chatting on his cellphone.

"Dick. Powers.

You thought you could put me down for good, didn't you? ONE SHOT! ONE SHOT! That was all you thought you needed!

You were wrong, Dick, because I'm still standing."

Charlie stops rolling forward momentarily. He looks down at the limp legs hanging out from underneath his short hospital gown.

"Well....shit....but I'm still here, at least!"

Charlie pushes forward his wheels once more as he rambles on, both physically and discursively. The bewildered stares of everyone in the cafeteria room fall upon Charlie....except for Dick Powers, who is still caught up chatting with hot babes.

"What do I think you girls should wear for the photoshoot? Well you two are celebrating your 21st birthdays, so I think your birthday suits would be most appropriate. Oh how I love twins!"

"You were jealous that my team won at war games! You were embarrassed, humiliated, searching for revenge!

So you take the coward's path. You attacked me in the dark with one wild shot before fleeing for your life....pathetic. That kind of milquetoast militance was never going to put me in the grave!"

Charlie has now rolled directly next to Dick Powers, but DP doesn't seem to notice.

"Ohhh you have a friend that's a masseuse? Oh yeah, she should definitely cum too."

HHL: "I think that's a double entendre, Pip!"

PC: "I think he needs to focus on the man in front of him and not the two or three women in Miami!"

Charlie Nickles stares furiously up at Dick Powers, who still isn't noticing him. A nearby production assistant taps Dick Powers on the shoulder before pointing down at Charlie. Dick looks at the crewmember, then down at Charlie. Dick brings the phone away from his face as he speaks.

"What do you want?"

"All the clues lead up to you! Don't act innocent!

You're a DICK like the lady of the night said- that's a checkmark!

You're thin and effeminate like the man in the shadows- that's a checkmark!"

"What the hell is he talking about..."

HHL: "We don't know either, Dick..."

"AND you're heading to MIAMI the home of the DOLPHINS- that's the last checkmark! You're it! You're guilty and we all fucking know it, because I have all the proof!"

"What are you talking about? What proof?"

"I just outlined the proof! The checkmarks, on my notepad!"

Charlie waves his notepad around in Dick Powers face with one hand while pointing an accusatory finger at him with the other. Dick slaps the notepad out of his face and it falls to the ground. Charlie gasps and recoils in his chair.

"YOOOUUUU! You DARE to make another attempt on my life! I will not let your relentless thirst for my BLOOD go unanswered! Taste my steel, you foul sex pest!"

Charlie reaches underneath his chair and pulls out a shiny mac-11 subcompact machine pistol with an extended magazine.



Everyone in the cafeteria begins scurrying out of Charlie's gaze. Dick Powers tries to leap out of the way, but Charlie keeps the barrel pointed at him the entire time! Charlie unlocks the safety and goes to pull the trigger when.....

"Not so fast, Charlie!"

LITTLE FEATHER runs at Charlie from behind and tackles him out of his chair! The mac-11 pistol goes flying, and Little Feather quickly runs after it! Meanwhile, Charlie is crawling out of his chair and towards Dick Powers! Before Dick even notices, Charlie Nickles is biting his ankles!

"Get off me, you cunt!"

Dick Powers tries to kick Charlie off of him, but Charlie catches his leg and forces Dick to the floor! Charlie crawls up Dick's much smaller body, punching Powers in the dick multiple times to keep him manageable. Dick moans in pain as Charlie climbs fully on top of him. Charlie looks straight down into Dick's eyes with his mouth wide open. Charlie's slobber starts to spill on Dick's face as he screams at him.


HHL: "Little Feather needs to get this situation under control! These two need to handle this in the ring, not with machine guns!

PC: "But Charlie's in a wheelchair, Heather! What kind of match is that?!"

Little Feather tucks the mac-11 into his waistband before he starts running towards Charlie and Dick.

"I will end you Dick Powers, I put my fucking career on it!"

Little Feather grabs Charlie and pulls the paralyzed man off of Dick Powers, who quickly scrambles up to his feet while wiping slobber off of his face.

HHL: Did Charlie Nickles just put his career on the line?!

PC: Boy I sure hope so.

”The following contest is scheduled for one fall…”

”Introducing first, she is BETSY GRANGER!

As the opening notes begin, the lights go out, save for a single spotlight on the top of the stage. Betsy comes out, but she’s only a silhouette at this point. Just as the drum strikes it’s second note, Betsy dabs and the lights come back. The song starts from the refrain as Betsy starts dancing down the ramp.

“Sin City’s cold and empty
No one’s around to judge me
I can’t see clearly when your gone-one-one”

Arms out, Betsy begins twirling around wildly, blonde ponytail whipping about with her, as she slaps hands with fans on both sides of the ramp. The chorus hits just as Betsy baseball slides into the ring.

“And I said ooooh, I’m blinded by the lights
I can’t sleep until I feel your touch
And I said ooooh, I’m drowning in the night
Oh, when I’m like this, you’re the one I trust”

As the chorus chimes on, Betsy bounces up and hops up onto every ring corner, pumping her fist and bobing her head in time with the song, getting the fans amped up for the upcoming bout. When she finishes playing up the fans, she starts bouncing in place, preparing mentally for the bout.

”And her opponent…”

”He is one-half of the XWF World Tag Team Champions, BOBBY BOURBON!

As No Good Bastard blares throughout the arena, slowly walking out onto the entrance ramp is Bobby Bourbon. He stops, surveys the whole of the arena, raises his fists at 45 degree angles, and continues his deliberate plod towards the ring. Bobby climbs the steps, then climbs the nearest ring post half way and raises his fists at 45 degree angles. The lights go back to normal and the music stops. The XWF Universe in attendance, becoming hooligans, all chant in unison:


- vs -

No Interference Allowed

HHL: FINALLY it’s Betsy versus Bobby- one on one!

The crowd erupts as the opening bell sounds with Bobby gazing across the ring at Betsy and vice versa. They walk out towards the center of the ring as Bobby points all around telling Betsy the fans can’t help her now. There’s a sly smirk from Granger before she shakes her head before they look to lock up which Betsy ducks out of the way of! Bourbon spins around taking several quick forearms smashes to the jaw from Betsy before he swings with a right hand, Betsy ducks out of the way where she then lays in several low kicks to the right quad of the larger Bourbon!

Bourbon lunges at Betsy who evades again!

Bourbon spins around where Betsy lands several low kicks to the left quad only to be cut off by Bourbon with a knee lift across the midsection of Granger! The crowd boos intently at Bourbon who finally gets his hands on Granger and drives her back into a neutral corner. He starts unloading with a series of stiff forearms across the right and left side of the face of Granger!

HHL: Betsy did a good job of evading Bourbon until now.

Pip: Betsy has been on a roll as of late, if she can pick up the win tonight it only adds more momentum as she and a mystery partner will be taking on the Bastards at Relentless for the Tag Titles.

Bobby brings Betsy out from the corner where he drops her with a short-arm clothesline dropping Granger to the mat. Bourbon bounces off the ropes where he lands a body splash down on top of Granger! He makes the cover.




Granger escapes with a kick out. Bobby starts choking Betsy with one hand across her throat. The referee lays the count to Bourbon who breaks at the four-count. He gets up as the referee tries to admonish Bourbon who blows past him. He reaches down picking Betsy up off the mat where he rocks her with a right hand before taking her back into the ropes.

Bourbon fires Betsy across the ring with an Irish Whip, Betsy bounces off the near side ducking under a Bourbon clothesline attempt, she bounces off the far side where she catches Bourbon with a spinning heel kick that sends Bobby backward where he falls through the ropes and out to the floor. Betsy makes her way towards a set of buckles where she climbs up to the top ropes from the inside of the ring.

HHL: Betsy is throwing caution to the wind in the early goings as she is looking to take to the skies.

Bobby starts to get to his feet out on the floor and as he stands Betsy sets sail with a flying cross-body block down on top of Bourbon taking both participants to the floor! The crowd pops huge as Betsy pops up off the floor soaking in the ovation! She picks Bourbon up and hurls him back into the ring. She slides in after Bourbon quickly locking in a Japanese Armbar submission! Quickly the referee is in a position to ask Bourbon to surrender.

Pip: Betsy’s torquing the right arm of Bourbon!

HHL: If she can ground the Bourbs she knows it only increases her odds.

Bourbon shakes off the referee as Betsy cranks on the right arm bridging up with her legs. Bourbon reaches with his left hand raking Betsy’s eyes effectively breaking the hold. Bobby starts to get up where he shakes his right arm before catching Betsy with a boot to the midsection where he follows up with a double under hook before delivering a Butterfly Suplex to Granger!

Bourbon makes a cover forcing the left arm across the forehead of Granger.




Granger kicks out. Bourbon takes a mount position where he starts hammering down with a series of right hands until Granger counters into a Triangle Choke Submission! The official slides into position as he checks on Bourbon while the crowd grows louder and louder!

Bobby manages to clasp his hands together before using his power to hoist Betsy up into the air where he delivers a sit-out Powerbomb!

HHL: The strength of one-half of the World Tag Team Champions is hard to match even if you are his size, let alone someone the size of Granger.

Bourbon makes a cover.




Granger escapes the near fall with a kick out to the delight of the crowd. Bourbon gets back to his feet where he picks Granger up off the mat where he drives her back into a neutral corner. He drives a series of shoulder blocks to the midsection before hoisting Betsy up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle.

Bobby turns and taunts the crowd before coming back towards the corner only to have Betsy kick him in the face! Staggering the big man back towards the center of the ring. Betsy stands on the middle rope before leaping off with a single-legged dropkick! Betsy knocks Bourbon back across the ring. She nips up to feet where she charges towards Bourbon sending him over the top rope and out to the floor with a running clothesline!

Betsy steps out to the ring apron where she waits for Bourbon who begins working his way back to a vertical base out on the floor. Betsy leaps off the apron with another Cross Body Block! Bourbon catches Betsy in midair before! He runs her into one of the ring post spine first before dropping her down to the floor.

HHL: Bourbon is working over that back, perhaps in an attempt for the Bourbon Bomb.

Bobby slides into the ring breaking the referee’s count before rolling right back out to the floor. He picks Betsy up before running her lower back first into the security barrier to boos from the crowd as he takes Betsy and tosses her back into the ring. Bobby follows her in as he then pushes himself back up to his feet.

Bobby raises his right palm in the air signaling for a Chokeslam as we see Betsy slowly starting to work her way back to her feet. She slowly turns around where Bobby snatches her by the throat! He hoists her up in the air for a thunderous chokeslam only to see Betsy counter with a Tornado DDT spiking Bourbon head first into the mat to a massive ovation from the crowd.

Betsy crawls towards Bobby where she is able to make the cover!




Bobby fires a shoulder up off the mat to a gasp from the crowd.

Pip: Betsy needs this win tonight in order to continue this sea of momentum she’s been building and building since War Games.

The crowd rallies behind Granger as she starts to negotiate her way back up to a vertical base. She reaches down picking Bourbon up off the mat where she hammers him with a stiff forearm shot to the jaw, followed by a second and third before Bobby fires back with a right hand, then a second backing Betsy up. Bourbon bounces off the ropes swinging with clothesline that Betsy ducks and counters with a Camel Clutch Leg Sweep!


Betsy manages to make another cover, this time hooking the near leg.




Bobby kicks out of the near fall to another loud gasp from the crowd but she quickly transitions into a Lotus Lock submission on Bourbon!

HHL: Lotus Lock!

The referee is in position as he asks Bourbon to surrender! Bobby refuses as Betsy continues to crank on the arms with her legs where again Bourbon is asked to surrender and again he refuses! Betsy releases the hold knowing she isn’t going to get a surrender as she beats Bourbon to his feet where she takes Bobby and hurls him through the top and middle turnbuckle sending him smashing right shoulder first into the ring post!

Betsy brings Bobby back out to the ring with a school boy!




Bourbon kicks out!

Pip: Betsy Granger refusing to give up on her quest to defeat one-half of the World Tag Team Champions.

Betsy beats Bobby up where she delivers a roundhouse kick to the side of the head as he reaches one knee that rocks him! She follows it up with a V-Trigger knee strike knocking Bourbon back down to the mat as the crowd is red hot for Granger!

HHL: Betsy can’t waste any time! She’s got Bourbon in a bad, bad way at the moment.

Betsy drops down making another cover as she hooks the near leg.




Bobby shoots a shoulder up off the mat inches away from the fatal and final three count!

Pip: There’s still fight left in the Bourbs!

Betsy goes back to the Japanese arm bar! Bourbon is close enough to the ropes where he’s quickly able to reach out and grab with his left hand. The officially immediately calls for the break which Betsy does and it allows Bourbon to roll out to the floor to create some distance.

Betsy backs away as the referee turns to start counting out Bobby. Bobby shakes the right arm and shoulder as we see Betsy bounce off the far side where she lands a baseball slide dropkick under the bottom rope into the right arm and shouder that sends Bobby flying into the barricade!

Betsy slides out to the floor where she twists the right arm of Boubon and puts him him in a reverse hammer lock where she then turns and runs him shoulder and arm first off the ring post! Bourbon bounces off the ring post dropping to one knee as the crowd roars for Granger!

HHL: Granger’s kicking into that next gear!

Betsy comes around the ring where she takes Bobby and hurls him back into the ring under the bottom ropes. She slides into the ring after him making another cover.




Bobby escapes the near fall! Betsy pops back up to her feet where she picks Bourbon up off the mat. She hammers him with a stiff European Uppercut that sends him back into the ropes. Betsy comes forward where she looks to send Bobby across the ring with an Irish Whip, Bobby reverses and it’s Granger that’s sent across the ring, she bounces off the ropes and into a tilt a whirl back breaker by Bourbon!

Bourbon rests on one knee as Betsy lays on the mat clutching at her lower back in sheer pain.

Bobby steps up to his feet as he clutches his right arm and shoulder.

Pip: Bobby weathered the Granger storm and now it’s time to go to school!

Bobby stomps down on top of Grangers back as she lays on her stomach. He uses the left elbow to drive it across the lower back of Betsy! He gets back to his feet where he picks her up off the mat. He locks in a front face lock before hoisting Granger up in the air and driving her down into the mat with a Falcon Arrow!

HHL: I think the impact of Granger hitting the mat registered in California!

Bourbon makes the cover.




Granger shoots a shoulder up off the mat to a huge pop from the crowd! Bobby gets back up to a vertical base where calls for the Bourbon Bomb that garners loud boos from the crowd.

Pip: Betsy Granger can kiss it all goodbye.

Bobby turns where he reaches down yanking Granger up off the mat where he positions her and then hoists her up into the air where he drives Granger down into the mat with a BOURBON BOMB!!


Bobby looks down at Granger but then his eyes shift towards the top rope of a neutral corner, back down to Granger and back towards the corner. Bourbon opts not to make the cover as he makes his way towards the ropes where he steps out to the ring arpon.

Bourbon makes his way towards the corner and starts to climb up the buckles to the top rope.

Pip: Here comes your exclamation point!

Bourbon stands up on the top rope where he looks down upon Betsy. He leaps off the top for a Swanton Bomb!

Betsy rolls out of the way sending Bobby crashing and burning on the mat! Granger lays on the mat for several seconds before she starts to stir as the crowd gets louder and louder rallying behind her!

Betsy is the first to her feet where she comes up behind Bourbon as he gets to one knee. She locks him in position and as he stands up Betsy plants him with the Full Nelson Front Face Buster!! The crowd explodes as Granger rolls Bobby over making a cover hooking the near leg.





Bobby narrowly gets a shoulder up after the three count. Betsy rolls back and into a seated position, a look of relieved satisfaction across her face as Bourbon rolls onto his side. Betsy slowly gets to her feet as the referee raises her hand.

Well now it’s time for Bourbon to honor his end of the bargain.

Fat chance. Bobby is the smartest man in the XWF, he has a loophole here tonight! No way is he surrendering his trademark mask, that's his face!

Bobby slowly gets to a knee and looks up at Betsy. He hangs his head, realizing what just happened. He brings himself to his feet and puts his hands on his hips.

He looks disappointed here, maybe he's all out of tricks!

Betsy turns and points at Bobby. She starts to chant "take it off", raising her fists with each syllable uttered. The crowd joins in. Bobby looks around sheepishly. He gestures ringside for something.

What’s he doing here?[

I told you, the man is brilliant, any minute and we’re going to see Big Puddin' or Terry Borden here to make the save.

A tech ringside hands Bourbon a microphone.

Shut up!

The crowd boos as Bobby chides them.

You want me to take this off?

The crowd roars. Betsy claps.

I said shut up!

The crowd boos again.

He’s stalling!

He’s got a plan!

I have given all of you everything, and you all want to see everything taken from me? Betsy, strong work, you can have this. Come Relentless, though, nobody is taking the Tag Titles from me and TK. Hang your hat on MY name, Betsy, like all the rest.

Betsy gestures like she's playing the world's smallest violin. Bobby reaches up and undoes the laces of his mask. A million flashes from fans with their cameras ready illuminate the ring. Bobby peels the sweaty, war-worn face we have known for the better part of a decade from his head.

[Image: b14ae71c637afc01220b8d428093ab7b_400x400.jpeg]

Bobby hands the mask over to Betsy. She looks down at it in her hands, almost in disbelief. She then slings it out into the crowd.

Are you insane? That's worth more than Barry Bonds's 716th home run ball! I was going to sell it on Pawn Stars and hang out with Chumlee!

Suddenly TK slides in from behind Betsy as the crowd starts to respond. Betsy turns seeing TK behind her before quickly backing away.

HHL: This isn’t looking good for the Impossible Traveler, Pip! Every time Them No Good Bastards has played the numbers game with her, it’s ended in carnage!

Pip: I know the kids got heart, but maybe this is a battle she shouldn’t engage in on her own. Especially this close to Relentless, when she’s meant to challenge for the tag belts.

Both the Bastards are grinning at Betsy now as Bobby and TK stare down Betsy.

The lights suddenly dim down to nothing as red and lime green spotlights frantically race around the arena. The X-tron lights up as a howl reverberates through the air.

The stage fills with smoke and strobing lights as both Bastards turn to face the incoming threat, scowls crossing their faces at the knowledge of who it was. TK slides out to the floor where TK tenses into readiness on the floor.

They wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Abruptly the music cuts off, the lights returning to normal with no sign of Lycana coming out. Betsy’s face falls slightly as TK and Bourbon begin to laugh hysterically.

Pip: Betsy thought Lycana was here to help her out of this mess, but it seems as if Lycana only meant to attempt to spook the Bastards here tonight.

HHL: Maybe she should have taken the distraction as a chance to run. I shudder to think what those two have in store for her based on what we’ve already seen.

TK throws his head back and continues to laugh, Bourbon joining in, leaning on the ropes. Thunder Knuckles begins to say something to Bobby, the words dying in his throat as his eyes catch sight of something entering the ring behind Betsy. Bourbon frowns, staring at his partner's fixed expression, slowly turning around to see.

[Image: BFEA0455-B0-A0-4-A42-BF6-D-42-E59-DCC3454.gif]


Pip: A strong message of unity is being sent to the Bastards tonight by these Femme Fatales heading into Relentless!

Betsy’s smug smirk has returned as Lycana steps beside Betsy, the two women now shoulder to shoulder and staring down Them No Good Bastards. TK stands just behind Bourbon now, still on the floor, unsure of his next course of action. Bourbon takes a cocky step forward, inviting both women to step up to him. Exchanging a glance, Lycana and Betsy nod to each other before lurching forward. Bourbon tenses, preparing to take both, but it’s only Betsy who rails him with a sudden dropkick; Lycana, on the other hand, suicide dives out of the ring and straight into TK, where fists immediately begin to fly.

HHL: Lycana wasting no time in getting TK out of the way!

Pip: It can’t go down like this! Betsy should have a lot more respect! If she were as good as she claims to be, she’d never make him take it off!

HHL: Pip, BOURBON is the one who made the stipulation! He put the cards on the table and he lost, payment due! I’m with the fans.

As TK and Lycana war on the outside, Bourbon is still shaking off the cobwebs of Betsy’s sudden kick, only to be met with a sickening European Uppercut that sends him flying back into the ropes. Wasting no time, Betsy hurdles forward and launches herself on top of his back. As her long legs straddle his shoulders, trapping him between the top and middle ropes, his neck is pressed directly into the center rope. Bourbon flails about desperately as Granger applies pressure by scooching forward slightly, wrapping one arm over the top rope to keep her balance. TK hears Bourbon’s calls for assistance and attempts to shake off Lycana, but the blue-haired beauty is fired up. Before he can make it three steps to the ring, Lycana is on him again, tripping him up lithely, sending the big man crashing to the floor. His head bounces off the metal stairs as he lands with a sickening thud, clearly knocking him out for a few moments.

It’s more than enough time.

Bobby rolls out to the floor while Lycana slides into the ring joining Betsy in the ring as the crowd responds with a huge ovation for Granger and Lycana as we fade to commercial.

PC: Welcome back to XWF Wednesday Warfare! This match coming up should be a doozy. We’ve got the XTreme Champion, the legendary Jim Caedus defending the gold against the sparky newcomer, the Billion Dollar Champion, Latina Submission Machina!

HHL: And, as always with the XTreme Championship, this match will be contested under Xtreme Rules!

PC: That’s right, Heather! This will be Jim Caedus’ first official defense since winning the XTreme Title from Corey Smith about a month ago. If Jim Caedus can put LSM away tonight, he will be one step closer to claiming a 24/7 case!

"Salió El Sooooollll"

Green and red pyrotechnics shoot up about five feet in the air on either side of the entrance platform as Latina Submission Machina pops out of the tunnel. The masked wrestler bounces around just outside the tunnel for a moment, her red hair flipping from side to side. She crouches slightly and begins overhead clapping along to the music as she steps forward. Some of the crowd begins to clap along as the luchadora descends down the entrance ramp. The latinx music continues to blast through the speakers as the woman in the green and red wrestling outfit rolls beneath the bottom rope and into the squared circle.

"La pistola, chambonea"

The crowd begins to clap along to the rhythm of the music with greater enthusiasm as Latina Submission Machina performs a modest belly dance in the middle of the ring. Moments later Latina Submission Machina quickly breaks away and starts running the ropes of the ring, testing out the squared circle and getting a feel for it's qualities. Content with it's fitness, the luchadora grabs a hold of the ropes and comes to a controlled halt. She turns to the referee and tells them she's ready to go. The luchadora heads to the corner as instructed and begins rolling her shoulders and neck, stretching in preparation for the coming battle.

The now familiar opening notes to "Ready Steady Go" by Paul Oakenfold begin to blast from the PA moments before the ring announcer plugs. The fans erupt. As the spiel is unloaded the lights cut, plunging the arena in darkness before silver strobes begin to flash and silver spotlights begin to continuously wave from along the length of the entrance walkway to the crowd and back.

Obviously practiced and well-timed, the moment the announcer finishes, "ready, steady, g-g-go!" is let fly by the song's vocalist and silver pyro erupts from the egress. Before the cloud of smoke dissipates, Jim Caedus emerges as the house lights come up. His hair hangs freely, bandanna covering the majority of his face, his eyes absent of emotion as he surveys the crowd of cheering APEX and/or Caedus marks and smarks as well as the BoBliophiles shouting insults, Fuck You and booing.

As the music continues he turns his attention to the ring and it's inhabitant(s) before advancing forward while carefully gathering his long blonde hair into a secured samurai-style bun. At ringside he removes his bandanna and scales the steps, ascending to the apron and stepping through the ropes into battle.

- vs -

Xtreme Rules

The bell rings, leaving Jim and LSM to start circling one another. Caedus seems interested in putting the young luchadoras’ ring work to the test. The two lock horns near the center of the ring, but LSM is overpowered right away. Jim forces her into the corner of the ring with a running shove that sends her back buckling into the turnbuckle pads. Caedus backs up a few feet and charges in, blasting LSM with a short clothesline before she can fall in the corner. The blow keeps her upright but dazed.

PC: The rookie, LSM getting learned-up by the very experienced Jim Caedus here in the early going.

Jim wraps LSM up, Belly to Belly, and flips the young rookie over his head from the corner to the center of the ring. LSM’s body smacks the mat hard, but Caedus, being a veteran, doesn't go for the cover. He knows it’ll take more to put this young spark-plug away. He snatches LSM up by the hair, causing her to howl out, and quickly plants her down with a spinebuster.

HHL: And still, Caedus not going for the pin here, Pip.

PC: Two fold, Heather. Caedus is a veteran, he knows he needs to inflict more damage -and- Caedus is the XTreme Champion, he thrives on his inflicting more damage. He wants that 24/7 case, and that journey starts tonight.

A series of quick falling and standing elbow drops find their way across LSM’s collar. Then a series of falling knee-drops across the leather of her mask. Jim hoists LSM up, grabs around her waist and snaps her down with a vicious german suplex, the back of her head smacking across the ropes on the way down.

LSM is mangled and out on the mat, Jim lays across her chest, his back facing her head and hooks her leg.





HHL: Look at this, Pip! LSM has sprung up and is locking in a rear naked choke!

PC:An impressive move, gutsy move! I’m not sure how much fight LSM has left in her, but she’s going to try getting the most of it now!

LSM straddles Caedus’ back, and locks around his throat, pulling him down onto her chest as she wrenches back, her head touching the bottom ring rope. Caedus tries lifting his back, pushing with his legs, sliding LSM, who keeps the hold locked in, under the bottom rope, leaving the both of them dangling from the apron. Jim thrusts again, and the two tumble to the arena floor, but still LSM holds onto the choke.

Jim’s face is turning red, he uses all of his might to roll himself, LSM still latched on his shoulder, over to his stomach. He gets a knee underneath himself and thrusts up to his feet in desperation, practically falling backwards and sending LSM’s lower back into the ring apron.

PC: And still LSM doesn’t let go of the choke!

Jim steadies his feet and runs backwards again, smashing LSM into the apron a second time. She drops an arm, and Jim is quick, flipping her over his shoulder and to the floor. He takes a deep breath as the air rushes back into his lungs. Jim holds onto her arm and goes to wrench it back, but LSM shifts and drags Caedus back to the floor. He’s face first on the floor, LSM has his arm and goes to sit on Jim’s back. She’s got an armbar! Cinching it in!

HHL: Caedus sensing trouble here!

He shifts and slides up to his knees, not wanting to get locked in this armbar. LSM holds onto his arm, but slips off Jim’s back and lands on her feet as Caedus stands. Caedus overpowers LSM and takes her arm, and irish whips her towards the barricade. BUT LSM COUNTERS! Caedus goes crashing into the barricade and LSM is already running after him, connecting chest and face first with a running dropkick that leaves Jim folded along the structure. She pops up to her feet, and looks fired up, hollering out in Spanish to the crowd. She runs back to the opposite side of the barricade and charges Jim. Just as he’s crawling back up to his feet, LSM connects with a devastating spear! The two of them explode through the barricade and onto the concrete floor of the arena.

PC: My goodness! What an impact!

HHL: Caedus and LSM have destroyed that section of the barricade. They’re both strung out on the floor, looking worse for the wea- - WAIT! Look, Pip!

Caedus now has LSM locked into a choke of his own! While still taking a nasty bump through the barricade, he countered the spear with a guillotine choke! Jim is wrenching LSM’s head down and putting pressure on her larynx. Her feet are kicking at a frantic pace. Jim goes to wrap his legs around LSM, but that sudden shift was just quick, just lucky enough for LSM to pullback, getting free and smacking Caedus’ face with a falling forearm.

LSM, on all fours, catches her breath, before crawling away from Jim, back towards the ring. But Jim is up, bleeding from his nose, and grabs onto one of LSM’s legs. She jumps up to one leg, bounces a few times and swings with a beautiful roundhouse kick, right at Jim’s head. But the XTreme Champion ducks while letting go of the leg he was holding. LSM lands on her newly free leg after missing the roundhouse kick.


Out of nowhere, Caedus cracks LSM in the skull with a sickening headbutt. The move spins her around, and Caedus shoves her in the back, sending her colliding face first into the ring post. The sound of impact is gruesome, causing the fans to collectively gasp. Jim has fallen to both knees having pushed LSM so hard, and watches as she slides, lifelessly on her face, down the ring post to the floor. Caedus scurries over and pins LSM on the arena floor.




Jim sits up to his knees panting a bit and gives the floor a good slap in frustration. He stands and grabs LSM up from tights and rolls her into the ring. He stalks behind her, climbing through the ropes and looking ready to put this match in the books. He leans down and grabs her hair.







HHL: Cagey maneuver! Let’s see if she can capitalize!

Both competitors spring back to their feet. Jim runs at LSM with a clothesline, but LSM rolls on the mat, gets back to her feet and charges the ropes, she’s right at Jim on the rebound. She sends a running knee into Caedus’ stomach, as he bends over, LSM grabs him into a headlock…







LSM falls into the ropes unconsciously and falls into Jim’s waiting arms…


Jim executes the wheelbarrow driver and holds onto LSM for the cover!




Jim looks down at LSM, and is happy to find her still breathing. He moves away and accepts his XTreme Championship from the ref and raises the title into the air.

PC: Just like that Heather, Jim Caedus has made one of the five defenses required to earn him a 24/7 briefcase.

HHL: Next up on his quest to capture the case? Relentless Noir! Now we don’t know who Jim will be facing for sure, but there have been rumors floating around that-

The crowd pops as Dolly Waters’ music hits the speakers. With a microphone in hand, she steps out from under the XTron to a shower of cheers and locks eyes with Caedus in the ring.

PC: I Think those rumors might be true, Heather!

Dolly makes her way to the ring. Caedus is breathing heavily, the Xtreme Championship dangling by his side. But he looks prepared to fight again if need-be. Dolly climbs through the ropes, never once taking her eyes off Caedus as kneels down and helps LSM to her feet. Dolly gives LSM her attention for a moment, showing her a warm, encouraging regard and helping her out of the ropes.

Jim edges closer to Dolly as she turns around. The music dies and there’s a quiet tension between the two as they stand just a few feet apart. The fans begin going wild. Dolly turns her head to look at the fans to the right, Jim looks over to the crowd on his left. The roars grow louder and louder. The XWF Universe senses it… they want to see this fight.





The fans show their appreciation for both of these warriors as Dolly pulls the microphone up to her lips.

Jim. You’ve got something that I never should’ve lost...

Jim pulls his eyes down to the XTreme Championship in his hand and looks back up at Dolly,

...and it’s time for me to take it back.

Jim flings his arms open, still holding his XTreme Championship and mouthing a challenge to Dolly for right here, right now. His voice is inaudible under the chorus of the roaring crowd.


Not yet, Jim.

When I beat you for the XTreme Championship, I want you at 100%.

I want you at yer’ best.

I want you at…

Dolly points up to a sign in the corner of the arena

The crowd goes wild!

PC: Jim Caedus?! Dolly Waters?! Relentless Noir?!

HHL: The Untouchables! Yes please!

PC: Talk about a match up, these two legends will make magic happen in that ring!

Jim looks up at the sign, then back to Dolly. He nods his head “yes” and then raises the XTreme Championship into the air. The camera bringing us the image is shaking from the earthquake like rumbles from the fans in the arena.

Dolly Waters and Jim Caedus stand face to face, the lens of the camera turns to a film noir black and white before fading out to commercial.

We open backstage to a close-up shot of the XWF Hart Championship that rests around the waist of Thaddeus Duke as he makes his way through the halls for his match.

HHL: Just moments from now, Thaddeus Duke will defend the Hart Championship against Ciela Luiz!

PIP: Say what you want about him, but he has taken on all comers during his career. He fears no one and nothing.

HHL: I won’t argue with that! Just during his Hart title reign he’s defeated Ned Kaye, Rel Dixon…

PIP: Who has never been seen again!

HHL: Two time former Universal Champion Morbid Angel, one of the absolute greatest of all time in Robert Main…

PIP: Solidifying himself in the face of any remaining doubters, that he IS as good as he says!

HHL: Reggie Estrada and tonight, a young woman with a pedigree!

The camera pans back revealing the Hart Champion, his manager, AND his SWAT team. The OCW Savage title is slung over his shoulder.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke and his entourage!

PIP: A veritable Lion’s Den, if you will!

As the group makes their way through the halls, they’re cut off by Warfare General Manager Derrick Diamond at the catering tables.

”Thaddeus Duke,” he begins as Thad and his people come to a stop. ”Just the man I was looking for.”

”I’m not that hard to find Derrick,” Thad begins in response. ”You can hear this one,” he throws his thumb over his shoulder to Paul Heyman. ”From a mile away.”

”Be that as it may, Champ…” Diamond continues on. ”I’m now closing the loophole that you nearly exploited earlier tonight. Attacks by proxy, Thaddeus, they now carry the same stipulations as if you handled an attack by yourself.”

”Mark is fine Derrick… If I really wanted him to get got, he would’ve been gotten.”

”Nevertheless, consider this your only warning. Any more attempts to harm Mark Flynn before Relentless, you vacate the Hart Championship.

“Do I make myself clear?”

HHL: Derrick Diamond with a shot across the bow of the Thaddeus camp!

PIP: He isn’t wrong though! If he truly wanted to have Mark Flynn taken out, Mark Flynn would’ve been taken out!

Grabbing a hold of Derrick’s lapel, Thad mockingly wipes the figurative chip from Diamond’s shoulder.

”Loud and clear sir,” the Champion replies. ”But no one said anything about you.”

Diamond looks at Thaddeus, contorting his face into a bit of a confused look. The camera backs off, revealing a rather large man standing behind Derrick Diamond.

[Image: Z6rGz7X.gif]

HHL: Look at the size of that man!

PIP: That man is Cyrus Braddock! He made an appearance in a recent Thaddeus Duke promo!

After brushing off the figurative chip, Thad gives Diamond a light push. Backing up a step, Diamond bumps into the 6 foot 9 inch monster standing behind him. Startled for a second, Diamond turns around face to chest with the mountain of a man.

Cyrus grabs Diamond by the throat.

”YOU DON’T GIVE THADDEUS DUKE… ANY WARNINGS!” the man shouts in a thick Southern drawl at Derrick. Diamond’s eyes grow wide with fear. ”YOU SHOW HIM… NOTHING…………. BUT RESPECT!”

Cyrus Braddock shoves Diamond backward. Derrick collides with the wall and falls to his hands and knees. Cyrus grabs Derrick by his head and pulls him to his feet while placing his head between his legs.

HHL: Cyrus Braddock!

PIP: Defending the honor of the Hart Champion!

Braddock then lifts Diamond up and sends him down through the catering table with a powerbomb. Cyrus looks down at his victim, out cold amid the busted up table and resulting food debris with a cold stoic look as Thaddeus Duke appears by his side.

”Nice job Cyrus,” he says to the man as he looks at the out cold Warfare GM.

”Entering the Lion’s Den, Derrick… you should really know that we protect one another. Play stupid games… win stupid prizes.”

Looking to his side and up at Braddock. ”You’re gonna make one hell of a bodyguard,” he concludes with a pat on the big mans back. Cyrus looks down at Thaddeus and gives a single nod before the entourage, now collectively known as the Lion’s Den, resumes making their way toward the arena.

Cyrus Braddock stays close to the back of Thaddeus Duke.

HHL: Someone get Diamond some help!

PIP: Let him suffer!


We cut to a shot of Steve Sayors sitting in a chair with his attention directed to the camera.

” Ladies and Gentleman with Relentless 2021 set to take place next weekend in Chicago we are going to see a weekend event like no other. Every Championship is on the line, issues are going to be personal, but there’s no issue more heated or more anticipated for Three Stages of Hell Match that will take place over the course of the weekend between my guests at this time; Chris Page and Robert Main.”

The screen cuts into thirds with Chris Page on the left with the words “Live: Tampa, Florida” and Robert Main on the right with the words “Live: Las Vegas, Nevada” each in the corner of their portions of the screen.

” Gentleman, I appreciate each of you agreeing to sit down with me tonight for we are just nine days away from the kick-off to Relentless and first of possible three matches over the course of the weekend. Chris, I’m going to start with you. Why has this gotten so personal between the two of you? I mean you were the mastermind behind an attack that nearly cost Robert his life.”

There’s a cocky smirk on Chris’s face as he answers.

” Listen, Steve, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that everyone isn’t already well aware of the history between Robert and me because it’s well chronicled. The only reason I am giving either of you mother fuckers a piece of my time tonight is to hear what the Stipulation for Night One is going to be based on the results from two weeks ago.”

There’s an audible chuckle from Robert…

” Robert, let me turn to you, Page just asked what the stipulation for night one will be, do you have an answer?”

“The Omega” pauses for a moment staring off screen before nodding…

” Steve, I do have an answer, but before I dive into the stipulation for night one, I’ve got to get a few things off my chest. Now I know that I’ve made some serious personal choices over the past years and a half that have not only affected the people I love dearly in my life but myself as well. I was the one who allowed the poison to be poured into my ear, I bought into the propaganda being sold by a master manipulator… And to be honest, I have no one to blame but myself. I allowed all of this to unfold before my very eyes when I could have stopped it… Chris Page and B.o.B have not only hurt my family but my closest friends as well. And for those of you who were caught in the crossfire…”

Robert looks directly into the camera.

” I’m sorry that I put any of you in this position. I own my choices wholeheartedly, you lay with snakes eventually you’ll get bitten. I ate from the apple tree when I was told not too and now I’m being punished for it… To those of you who stood by my side I wanted to take this opportunity to say, thank you… When I needed help out of a hole I dug for myself, people like Drew, Jim, Shawn, Besty and Raven showed up ready to carpet bomb the living shit out of B.o.B. They hopped into a fight head first and didn’t think twice, I called and they were there ready and willing…”

The camera “LIVE: from Las Vegas” pans out revealing all of APEX-LEGACY surrounding Robert…

” Chris, this right here, these people, are true friends. No matter the time or distance or circumstances between us, we are always here for one another even when one of us makes a boneheaded mistake. Page, you attached yourself to my coat tails for one simple reason. The business forgot who you were. You needed me to slingshot your dying career into prominence once again, like a leach you sucked everything that you could out of me until the well ran dry. You betrayed me and in doing so you gained something that took you over twenty years to achieve… Now Chris Page you will pay for those transgressions… Night one I’m dragging you into deep waters and I’m going to drown you. Our first match is going to be a sixty minute IRON MAN match!”

Steve tries to interject but is quickly cut off by Main...

” Steve, with all due respect I’m not finished… Now, I've thought about this entire debocial for months and with everything that has transpired… I’ve come to one conclusion. This entire fiasco will never come to an end unless one of two things happen. I leave the XWF or Chris Page leaves the XWF. So, Chris, let’s up the ante. Let’s go ahead and put all the cards out on the table for the world to see... XWF Career - vs - XWF Career… Winner takes all. You defeat me, I’ll leave the XWF and retire 6 years into my career. I beat you Page, you do the same… That’s if you have the stomach for it.”

All of APEX-LEGACY collectly ghasps...

We go to the screen housing Chris Page who casually sits pretending to doze off before waking himself up.

” With all due respect, what kind of career do you have left? It’s funny to me how you consider me the leech when you’ve had your fangs in the flesh of anyone and everyone you could in order to prop yourself up on that silver platter. Cute, truly it is.”

” What about the challenge just issued by Robert upping the stakes for a career versus career match at Relentless?”

” If you’d give me a second to get there I will answer walnut brain’s challenge.”

” My apologies.”

” I have taken Robert’s pride, I have taken Robert’s dignity, hell I have even taken Robert’s War Games undefeated streak… the only other logical step is to go ahead and take Robert’s career! I don’t run from challenges, that’s more his speed. If he wants to put careers on the line then, fuck it, let’s do it. The winner of our Three Stages of Hell Match will not only reap the rewards of sweet, sweet victory but will be able to say they’ve ended the other man’s career.”

Chris gazes deeply into the camera as he then states.

” No Apex, No Legacy, No B.o.B… just me and you, and brother trust me when I tell you that you aren’t ready for what I am going to bring you. This one moment is a moment I’ve been longing for nearly two years. All the preparations, all the fun, and games have led us to this one defining moment. You selected an Iron Man Match for Friday Night; the only fair thing to do moving forward is for the man who leaves the Iron Man match with a win to name the second stipulation… we don’t need to worry about a third because Robert can kiss his career goodbye in two straight.”

Robert nods…

" You know Chris, they say never trust your lying eyes. This is a defining moment in each of our careers, I just hope the final paycheck will be worth all the guilt and shame. Because this time, I'm playing for keeps, this time around, I take twenty-plus years away. And for the rest of your pathetic life, you'll walk around this planet, carrying one thing on your shoulders. You will have to live with the fact that Robert Main ended your career. Every time you gaze into a mirror, you’ll remember the end came at my hands."

” That sounds all well and good, doesn’t it? The great Robert Main suddenly finding something to give a shit about? Continue to think that you seriously have what it takes, continue to think that you haven’t lost a step or two, continue to think that you’re the smartest man in the room while I will take a lot of solace in knowing that when the smoke clears and the dust settles there’s going to be one man left standing, one man that’s left with a job in this sport… you’re looking at him. Chicago isn’t going to be able to contain the shit storm that’s brewing your way, and much like I left you a bloody mess in DC, much like I left you a broken man in Atlanta is the same way you’re going to be left in Chicago. Only this time you won’t be able to bounce back; mark my words.”

There’s a pause from Chris before he continues with.

” Playtime is over, Robert. You’re not going to leave Chicago in one fucking piece.”

Robert grins…

” I might not leave Chicago in one piece Chris, but I will leave with my career!”

” You just keep telling yourself that just like you keep telling yourself you are better than me. I have waited a very long time for this one moment, this one dance… and you sir, you sir about to find out what the real Chris Page is all about.”

The screen splits as tight shots as Page and Main respectively is shown before we fade back to

HHL: We're back here LIVE on Warfare!

PIP: It's been an incredible night so far and Heather, still to come, the Hart Championship is on the line.

HHL: Public Enemy number one, Thaddeus Duke defends against upstart Ciela Luiz.


The house lights go out.

HHL: Pip, Bankers Life Fieldhouse is shrouded in Darkness!

Thunder rolls inside the arena. Lightning flashes across the XWF Universe.

PIP: Heather, I swear I just felt raindrops.

A spotlight lights up the center of the ring as the thunder continues to roll. Inside the ring, and engulfed in the light, rests the Hall of Legends display containing the gear of the King of Darkness: Sebastian Duke's cape and fight gloves. As the fans begin to take notice of what's in the ring, their anticipation grows. Thunder continues to roll, lightning continues to flash.

HHL: That is the gear of the legendary Sebastian Duke!

PIP: Call him a legend if you will, Heather! The most legendary thing he's ever done was father that phenomenal kid of his!

The spotlight goes out again with a streak of lightning and a clap of thunder.

Moments later, another streak and a clap, and this time, the lightning strikes the X-Tron, engulfing it in flames.

Several seconds go by before the King himself rises from beneath the entrance stage illuminated by a dim spotlight.

HHL: The King has returned to his Kingdom!

PIP: Don't tell him what I said!

The spotlight fades and once more illuminates Duke's gear in the ring. The King of Darkness stalks slowly toward the ring, only illuminated by lightning flashes every so often. Reaching the ring, he stares inside at his gear. Reaching up to the top rope, he pulls himself up to the apron before stepping over the top rope and into the ring.

HHL: He's really here!

PIP: It's been rumored, at Relentless, two legends will go one on one!

HHL: To pillars of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation! Sebastian Duke will go one on one with John Samuels in Chicago!


Sebastian Duke stands within the spotlight in the center of the ring. He retrieves his cape from the mannequin, and puts it on. Then the gloves.

HHL: The 6 foot 9 inch Tower of Power that is Sebastian Duke!

PIP: I think we're witnessing the confirmation of the rumor and innuendo!

Wearing his gear, he exits the ring and begins his slow walk up the ramp as the Universe continues their excitement. The spotlight in the ring disappears and as Duke reaches the ramp, the spotlight again illuminates the ring. The mannequin is gone and in its place: a portrait of the Senator, John Samuels. Sebastian Duke stops on stage and looks over his shoulder.

[Image: HFjZQ0E.png]

He stares over his shoulder for several seconds before throwing his arm in the air. As he does so, the X-Tron again bursts into flames. On the screen itself:

[Image: JFibtyF.png]

A moment later, Sebastian Duke disappears backstage as the scene fades out.

The bell rings, grabbing the attention of the XWF Universe as the ring announcer stands in the center of the ring.

The following main event is set for one fall… and its for… the XWF HART CHAMPIONSHIIIIP!

The crowd erupts with cheers and applause.

Introducing the challenger...

From the near future, weighing one hundred pounnnds… CIELLLLAAAAA LUUUUIIIIIIIIZ!

HHL: Ciela Luiz, on her way to the ring tonight to challenge the Lionheart!

PIP: She’s a young competitor with a lot of heart, Heather! But does she have enough heart to out-wrestle the LIONHart Champion?

HHL: You’re such a mark!

PIP: No, it’s Pip.

With Ciela Luiz in the ring, the announcer steps to the center again.

And her opponent...

The house lights fall dark with a loud audible snap. The stage and the ring remain lit in a dim gold colored lighting.

The announcers lay out as ‘Sirius’ by the Alan Parsons Project begins to play. A pulse effect with the stage lighting matches the guitar strumming. About 30 seconds in, two men and two women dressed in full S.W.A.T. team gear, complete with full face helmets emerge from backstage. They separate, two on each end of the stage as ‘Sirius’ fades with a triple pyro shot from the top of the X-Tron toward the ring. When it bursts, it reveals a sparkling golden image of a roaring lion above the ring, bringing thousands of boos from the XWF Universe.

HHL: A contingent of the Lion’s Den, making their presence known here tonight!

From New York City... weighing 2 hundred 17 pouuunds... he is the OCW Savage champion... and the reigning, defending XWF Hart Champion... the Lionhearrrrt... THAAADEUSSS DUUUUUUKE!

After the pyro bursts, ‘Anti-You’ begins. Again, the lighting stays dark, only pulsating in gold with the beat of the music. Emerging from backstage, is Thaddeus Duke with Paul Heyman by his side and his bodyguard Cyrus Braddock behind him. Thad in his customary white Lionheart hoodie stands on stage as Heyman backs off to the side and Cyrus keeps his distance.

Thad hits his knees to a chorus of boos, striking a messiah-like pose as the camera pans out and golden pyro bursts behind Thad in front of the X-Tron. After the pyro bursts Thad basks in the hate from the XWF Universe. Duke gets to his feet and makes his way to the ring, no longer spending time with his adoring fans.

Inside the ring, he climbs the turnbuckles on the far side, welcoming the hate from the crowd with a smile before throwing both the Hart and OCW Savage titles into the air.

PIP: I guess you could say he’s the King of both Warfare AND Savage!

HHL: It’s Ciela Luiz!

PIP: It’s Thaddeus Duke!

HHL: It’s for the Hart Championship, and it’s right now!

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -

Singles Match

The music fades out and Thad hands the OCW Savage title off to Paul Heyman before removing the Hart title from his waist. He gives the centerpiece a customary kiss before handing it off to the ring attendant as the referee checks Ciela for foreign objects.

Satisfied with Ciela, the official makes his way to Thad and starts checking his boots. Ciela Luiz stands in her corner, staring across the ring at Thaddeus. Inexplicable, Thad paint brushes the back of the referees head while he’s checking Thad’s boots. He takes a moment to admonish Thad, but the Lionheart shrugs before the official calls for the bell.

Both competitors exit their corners and lock horns in the center of the ring. Thad uses his size, weight and strength advantage to easily back Ciela into the corner. The referee asks for a clean break and Thaddeus obliges, slowly breaking and backing away toward the center. Ciela measures Thad with her eyes a moment before exiting the corner again and locking horns with the Hart champion. This time, Thad just about bull rushes Ciela Luiz into the corner. Using his size and strength advantage, he forces her backward while in the corner, arching her back over the top rope and forcing her head back toward the ring post.

HHL: The once sweet hearted Thaddeus Duke, bullying his younger, smaller opponent!

PIP: He warned her for more than a month that she didn’t want this match and now Heather, he’s gonna prove why that’s true!

Stepping in and counting to five, the referee tries to physically force Thad to back off. Hesitating for a long moment, he finally lets her off the ropes, setting her down in the corner, he backs off before sending an open hand slap across her face to a chorus of boos from the Indianapolis crowd.

HHL: Very unsportsmanlike from Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: He just slapped the taste out of her mouth! I love it, Heather!

Thad backs off to the center of the ring again, letting Ciela have some breathing room. Ciela clutches her face a moment before leaving the corner. The left side of her face almost glowing red from the slap. Exiting the corner, she approaches the defending champion in the center of the ring and Thad hits his knees, reaching his right hand into the air.

PIP: I think the champion wants a test of strength!

HHL: All he’s doing is being a bully, Pip.

PIP: He’s on his knees Heather, he’s literally giving her the size and stance advantage. That’s a very gracious opponent if I’ve ever seen one.

Ciela locks her left hand with Thad’s and without a warning, she sends a slap of her own with her right across the face of the XWF Hart Champion to a huge pop from the Universe. With Thaddeus stunned for a moment, Ciela unlocks their fingers and she dives onto the champion, adopting a ground and pound approach sending right fists into the side of Thaddeus Duke’s head.

XWF Universe: GET! HIM! CIELA! clap clap clapclapclap

PIP: These ungrateful jerks are loving it and Thad was just trying to be nice!

HHL: You have a warped sense of reality, Pip!

PIP: Welcome to the XWF, Heather.

Hopping off of the grounded Lionheart, Ciela jumps to her feet. Running off the ropes, she rebounds and hops over Thaddeus who rolls to his stomach before jumping to his feet. On the rebound from the far side, the champion catches her, tilt-a-whirls Luiz around presumably for a back breaker, but at the last possible moment she wraps her legs around Thad’s head, taking him down to the mat with a head scissor.

Thaddeus rolls through and out of the ring while Ciela gets back to her feet. The official starts his ten count on the champion as Thad retreats to Paul Heyman and Cyrus on the floor.

HHL: Ciela Luiz suddenly has the champion in full retreat!

PIP: She pulled his hair! That’s unsportswomanlike!

On the floor, Thad is conversing with Heyman while Cyrus keeps his eyes on Ciela Luiz like any good bodyguard. In the ring, Ciela Luiz approaches the ropes in an attempt to enter the so called ‘Lion’s Den’ but the official stops her and warns her to keep it in the ring. Ciela backs off, conceding to the referees wishes. The official resumes his count at four as the three men on the floor, including the champion, make their way to the entrance side of the ring. Heyman continues to lend his advice to Thad as Cyrus keeps his eyes locked on the challenger.

At six, Ciela throws caution to the wind and runs toward the far side ropes. After the rebound as she closes in on the near side ropes, she leaps and uses the top rope as a spring board.

On the floor, Cyrus sees her coming while the champion and the manager do not. Grabbing Thad by his waistband, Cyrus pulls Thaddeus out of harms way as Ciela crashes into Paul Heyman with a flying version of a senton like maneuver.



Thankful for the intervention, Thad gives Cyrus Braddock a side hug and a pat on the chest as Ciela Luiz gets back to her feet. Not initially aware that she missed out on hitting Thaddeus, she looks around for him before being turned inside out with a vicious clothesline from the Hart Champion.

Ducking his head through the ropes, the official advises Thaddeus to bring it in the ring. Ignoring the referee as his count reaches four again, the champion reaches down and grabs himself a handful of Ciela’s hair, pulling her back to her feet. With a burst of energy, she drives Thaddeus backwards, back first into the ring apron.

Clutching his lower back, he staggers away from the apron as Ciela backs off. Gaining a head of steam, she rushes toward the Hart Champion and jumps into the air. Thaddeus though, catches her in mid air and delivers a popup powerbomb to his challenger, sending her back first into the ring apron before rolling into the ring as the referee’s count reaches seven.

HHL: Ciela Luiz is in a bad way here, Pip!

PIP: That modified powerbomb on the apron just about broke her in half! I love it!

With Ciela on the floor in danger of being counted out, Thad approaches the ropes only for the referee to hold him back, pausing the countout. Amid the distraction, Thad gives Cyrus a nod. The mountain of a bodyguard bends down and dead lifts Ciela Luiz before placing her on the apron and rolling her into the ring.

Cyrus backs away from the ring as the referee returns his attention to Ciela Luiz. Thaddeus grabs her by her foot and pulls her further into the ring and goes for the cover.




HHL: The challenger kicks out!

PIP: I’ll be honest and say that I admire her resilience there. That powerbomb against the ring apron really freakin’ hurt and she willed herself to stay alive in this match!

Wasting very little time, Thad gets back to his feet and reaches down. Grabbing a handful of hair, he pulls Ciela to her feet then whips her hard into the corner. Upon colliding with the turnbuckles, Ciela falls face first to the mat giving Thad a brief smile.

HHL: The champion, still intent on just being a bully to the much smaller Ciela Luiz here tonight on Warfare.

PIP: He stepped out of her way and accepted this much to teach her a lesson Heather. You can’t criticize Thaddeus Duke when he repeatedly warned her.

HHL: The challenger is in desperate need of some serious separation here or this match will be over shortly!

Approaching the downed Ciela Luiz, Thaddeus once again grabs a handful of hair and pulls her to her feet. Out of nowhere, Ciela rolls Thad up with an inside cradle.




HHL: Oooooh we damn near had a new champion!

PIP: That would’ve shocked the world, Heather! Ciela Luiz is the clear underdog!

HHL: She is, but once upon a time, Thaddeus Duke was an underdog too!

Ciela is slow to get to her feet after the kick out, but Thad is up quickly. Just as Luiz reaches her feet, he sends her into the far corner again. Unlike last time, Ciela hooks her arms over the top rope, keeping herself in the corner.

HHL: Thad may be a ring master, but Ciela Luiz just proved she learns quickly!

Thad charges into the corner after her and at the last second, she gets a boot up, driving it into Thad’s midsection. The blow doubles him over and causes him to back up a step. Acting quickly, Ciela hops up on the ropes and leaps off and over the champion with a sunset flip pinning combination.




HHL: Reversal from the champion!

PIP: Shoulders down!




HHL: Ciela Luiz with a reversal of her own!

PIP: But Thaddeus Duke rolls through to his feet!

Back to his feet, Thad sends a vicious stomp toward the face of Ciela Luiz, but she telegraphs it by laying her upper body against the mat and it causes Thad to stomp the mat above her head and stumble. Quickly, she reaches up between his legs and rolls him up again trying once more for the victory.




HHL: Kick out from the champion!

Ciela Luiz quickly gets back to her feet. She knows if she takes her time, Thad will be all over her again like flies on shit. Back to his feet now as well, Ciela gets a head of steam behind her and ducks a late clothesline attempt from Thad. Bouncing off the far side ropes she leaps and delivers a beautifully executed dropkick to Thad’s upper chest causing him to fall to his back.

Rolling through the landing, Thad again starts to get to his feet as Ciela is already up. Once again gaining a head of steam she runs toward the ropes. On the rebound, she hooks her arm with his and flips around him with a float over, driving the Hart champion head first in to the mat with a DDT.

With the champion down and clutching his head, she briefly considers going for the cover but with momentum now full in her favor she elects to keep up the offense.

HHL: Ciela Luiz riding the wave of momentum!

PIP: She really needed this separation from the defending champion and now she got it!

With Thad still on the mat, Ciela runs toward the ropes. Using the middle rope as a spring board, she back flips and lands a moonsault on the XWF Hart champion and hooks the leg upon landing.



HHL: Thaddeus kicks out here!

PIP: Ciela Luiz is in firm control now! She can’t take her foot off the gas pedal!

XWF Universe: LETS! GO! LU-IZ! clap clap clapclapclap

HHL: The XWF Universe, firmly in the corner of Ciela Luiz here tonight in Indianapolis!

PIP: If I know Thaddeus Duke, he wouldn’t have it any other way!

HHL: He calls ‘em traitors.

PIP: Is he wrong?

HHL: I guess that depends on perspective.

Ciela Luiz is back to her feet and wisely waits on Thaddeus Duke to get up under his own power. Just as he does so, she quickly hooks him up and sends him back to the mat with a snap-like suplex. Getting vertical quickly, Ciela retreats to the corner and climbs to the top rope. Leaping off, she lands a guillotine leg drop to the grounded Hart Champion and rolls over, hooking the leg.




HHL: Kick out by Thaddeus Duke and this match continues on!

PIP: Looks like Paul Heyman has finally made it back to his feet.

Back in the ring, Ciela Luiz gets to her feet and once again she waits for Thaddeus to rise to his feet under his own power, forcing him to expend his own energy in order to do so. Once he’s vertical, Ciela sends a hard kick into his midsection, nearly doubling him over. She spins, sending a back kick into his midsection, successfully doubling him over this time.

Luiz runs toward the ropes. On the rebound, she spins and rolls over Thad’s back and rolls to her feet. He tries to grab her on her way over him but he just misses his opportunity. Turning to face her, she sends another kick into his midsection but this time catches her foot. Yanking her forward toward the center of the ring, she hops on her only available foot, trying to keep her balance.


Out of nowhere, she leaps into the air sending an enziguiri kick into the side of his head. The Hart Champion crumbles to the mat.

HHL: What a kick to the head of Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: He has a history of concussion, Heather! How could you possibly cheer for such a thing!?

Ciela quickly goes for the cover and hooks the leg.





HHL: The champion survives!

PIP: C’mon Thad! Get back innit!

Ciela Luiz is beside herself knowing she was just a hair away from shocking the world and defeating Thaddeus Duke. She gets back to her feet and grabs Thad by his hair. Aiding him to his feet, she runs toward the far side ropes. On the rebound, Thad digs down deep and lifts her high into the air with a gorilla press. Not wasting any time and needing separation for himself, he launches her over the top rope and into the awaiting arms of his bodyguard Cyrus Braddock.

Immediately the referee warns Cyrus to let her down but Thaddeus intervenes, causing the distraction. With the referees back turned, Cyrus drives Ciela Luiz back first into the ring post before quickly walking away around the corner to a chorus of boos from the XWF universe. Thad backs off letting the referee return his attention to Ciela Luiz who lies in a crumpled heap on the floor. Realizing something clearly happened behind his back, he starts interrogating Cyrus Braddock.

HHL: Of course he’s innocent.

PIP: I don’t like your mocking tone, Heather! Cyrus clearly stumbled when he went to put her down and accidentally drove her into the post!

HHL: What’s infuriating to these fans...

PIP: Traitors.

HHL: Is that everyone knows Thaddeus Duke is capable of beating anyone at any time, but he consciously chooses to use these cheap tactics!

PIP: He warned everyone, Heather! They turned their backs on him so in return, he was going to burn down everything they loved about him!

He’s doing just that!

Thaddeus retreats to the arena floor against the protests of the official. Grabbing Luiz by her hair, he pulls her to her feet then rolls her into the ring. He makes his way back into the ring as Ciela slowly tries to get to her feet. Before she can get fully upright, Thad locks her into a front face lock and lays out, planting her on the mat. After a few seconds, he gator rolls, taking Luiz with him. A few seconds later, he rolls again. Then again, and then a fourth time.

HHL: The defending champion, with a gator roll on his challenger!

PIP: It’s a very disorienting move, Heather!

One more time, he rolls, but stops when his back is against the mat. Bridging upward, he takes himself and Ciela Luiz to their feet before dropping back to the mat with a neck breaker. He goes for the cover but doesn’t hook the leg.




HHL: And the champions arrogance forces him to lift Ciela’s shoulder off the mat on his own!

PIP: He’s not done punishing his challenger for having the audacity to challenge him!

Leaving Luiz on the mat, Thad gets back to his feet. He points down at Ciela while looking on at the crowd.

XWF Universe: LETS! GO! CIELA! clap clap clapclapclap

Thaddeus even joins in on the clapping portion of their chanting. The chanting though is urging Ciela to get up. Rolling over to her stomach, she pushes herself from the mat only for Thad to drop an elbow on her lower back forcing her to the mat again and causing the crowd to erupt in boos.

Back to his feet again, he backs off of Ciela, stalking her from behind her back as she begins the long slow climb back to her feet. On her hands and knees, she searches around in vain for Thad. Unable to find his location, she reaches a vertical base and turns to find him, walking right into Corey Smith’s finisher!

HHL: Face Pain De-Lux from Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: No, that’s the Fuck Corey De-Lux!

HHL: No doubt, just another dig at these fans...

PIP: Traitors.

HHL: And his former friend, Corey Smith!

Thaddeus hooks the leg!





PIP: Thad thinks he’s just won the match!

HHL: There was no bell! And the official is trying to explain to him what he saw!

The official and Thaddeus Duke argue for several moments. Paul Heyman even climbs up on the apron trying to plead his case that even though her foot was on the rope, the referee’s hand still came down for the third time. Behind the commotion, Ciela Luiz is struggling to her feet.

On the floor, Cyrus Braddock is trying to point it out to Thad, but Duke is still preoccupied with the referee and his failure to award him the match anyway. Using a short burst of energy, Ciela wills herself to her feet and gains a head of steam before leaping in the air and delivering a drop kick between the shoulder blades of the Hart champion. Thad is thrust forward and collides with Paul Heyman standing on the ring apron. Heyman tumbles his fat ass to the floor as Thad stumbles backward where Ciela dlivers a chop block to the back of the knee.

HHL: She’s studied him very well!

PIP: At last years Relentless, thanks to a two on one attack by the former Cataclysm, Thaddeus Duke suffered a sprained ACL on the knee and Ciela just underhandedly took it out from under him.

With the momentum shift, Ciela knows she can’t let up. With a flurry, she leaps back to her feet and drops repeated elbows to the upper chest of Thad Duke. After the third or fourth one, Ciela backs off and lets Thad rolls to his stomach. As he starts to climb to his feet, she takes off across the ring nailing the Hart Champion with a shining wizard to a thunderous pop!


PIP: Another head shot to the champion!

HHL: I think he’s on dream street!

Ciela hooks the leg and the universe counts along.





HHL: Once again, Thaddeus Duke survives!

PIP: He’s incredibly resilient, Heather! That’s no secret!

Once again feeling like she was just a hair away from shocking the world, Ciela gets back to her feet. Grabbing the mane of the Lionheart, she pulls him to his feet. She goes to run toward the ropes but out of desperation, he grabs a handful of her hair, halting her charge away from him.

Thinking and acting quickly, Ciela back flips, sending a Pele kick to the front and side of Thaddeus Duke’s head. He staggers backward as she lands on her back. After a kip up, she sends her own variant of the super kick to the chin of the Hart Champion. He falls flat on his back and she quickly hops onto him for the cover and again, the Universe counts along.





HHL: Yet again, Thaddeus Duke survives!

PIP: We’re getting down to it now! Whoever makes the next miscalculation loses this match!

HHL: You may well be right!

Feeling the sting of another near fall, Ciela cries out in frustration. She slowly makes her way back to her feet and wisely backs off of Thaddeus Duke, electing to make him get up under his own power. Thaddeus rolls to his stomach and pushes himself from the mat. On the far side of the ring, Ciela runs at him. Thad digs down deep and hops to his feet as Ciela leaps. Thad catches her, spins, and drives her into the mat!

HHL: Double A Spinbuster!

PIP: There’s a lot of spinebuster variation in this sport, but none more devastating and disorienting than the Arn Anderson variant!

Thad looks like he wants to go for the cover, but falls off of Ciela Luiz and rolls to his back. Both valiant competitors are nearly spent.

HHL: A long, grueling match up from the champion and his challenger in tonights main event!

PIP: I said the next mistake ends this match, but I was wrong! Ciela got a little over zealous and paid for it, but the defending champion is unable to capitalize.

HHL: Whether he’ll admit it or not, I think Thaddeus Duke sees a little bit of himself in Ciela Luiz!

PIP: They might be on different planes but you have to respect Ciela’s refusal to quit, her refusal to just accept defeat and that’s one of the things that made the Lionheart a big star in this business!

The champion makes his way to his feet and only now takes a moment to shake off the chop block to his formerly injured knee from Ciela a little while earlier. Limping across the ring a bit, he continues to shake the injury as he steps through the ropes to the apron.

HHL: It looks like the Lionheart is fixin’ to take flight!

PIP: But does he have enough strength and flexibility in his right leg to really fly?

Thaddeus slowly makes his way to the top rope and measures the distance between he and Ciela Luiz. Perching himself on the top, he raises his head only to catch Ciela Luiz charging toward him. In a last ditch effort, she dives at Thad’s legs knocking them from under him causing him to crotch himself on the top turnbuckle to a roar of approval from the Universe.

PIP: Man! He feels like he was just split in half from the groin up!

HHL: Adi Gold ain’t getting’ none tonight!

Climbing back to her feet, Ciela approaches the pain ridden Hart Champion, still straddled on the turnbuckle. Reaching over the top rope, Luiz pulls each of Thad’s legs over the top and points to the sky.

HHL: This could be it!

PIP: C’mon Thad! Fight it!

HHL: The Universe is lending their support and approval to Ciela Luiz as she scales the turnbuckles!

Steadying herself on the top rope with the fans firmly behind her…

HHL: Sky’s The Limit! If she hits it, she wins the title!

Ciela leaves her feet, wrapping her legs around the head of Thaddeus Duke for the top rope Frankensteiner. Thaddeus though has other ideas and holds on to the top rope with one hand, and both of Ciela’s legs with the other stopping her from flipping off of him entirely.

Quickly repositioning himself and using both arms now, he pulls her back upward and leaps off the middle rope, planting Ciela Luiz with a rink shaking sit-out powerbomb!

Both champion and challenger remain flat on their backs but Ciela landed with her legs on top of Thad’s so the referee has no choice but to count!




HHL: Unsure who was pinning who, they both kicked out!

PIP: This has been an incredible main event to send us to Relentless!

HHL: Indeed it has!

Thaddeus uses the ropes near the corner to get to his feet. Slowly, but he’s doing so. Ciela on the other hand remains down and is just starting to try and climb to her feet. Standing in the corner with his back to Luiz, using the top rope to hold him upright, Thad sends a hand through his sweat drenched hair.

Behind him, Ciela is just about upright but has her back to him. Peeking over his shoulder toward her, she turns to find him…


HHL: Heat Seeker from Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: The best fucking super kick in the business, bar none!

Ciela lands flat on her back and Thad falls to his knees and leans on her with a lateral press pinning predicament.





WINNER and STILL XWF Hart Champion – Thaddeus Duke

HHL: Thaddeus Duke wins the day!

PIP: I’ll hand it to Ciela Luiz. She stood toe to toe with one of the best this business has ever seen and didn’t back down!

Thaddeus Duke’s custom theme begins to play over the sound system. A mixed response from the Universe as a lot of people cheer. A lot of people boo. But most all of them applaud the match in general. Paul Heyman enters the ring carrying the Hart title and hands it to Thad who remains on his knees.

After a short conversation with his client, Paul Heyman exits the ring to the floor.

Still kneeling beside his defeated challenger, Thaddeus reaches his hand toward her and applauds briefly, causing the crowd to respond to him positively. After his applause, she clutches his hand and as he gets to his feet, he pulls Ciela Luiz to hers.

Thad briefly embraces the upstart Ciela Luiz and raises her hand, allowing her a moment to soak in the crowd reaction. After a nod of his head, he applauds Luiz again and she starts to make her exit.

HHL: Aw come on!


With her back turned, Thaddeus shoves her in the back and she spills out of the ring in front of the announcers. The referee tries to step in but eats a Heat Seeker for his trouble as the crowd starts booing loudly at the Hart champion.

With Ciela Luiz out of it on the floor, Cyrus Braddock moves in on her and lifts her to her feet before lifting her up and sending her crashing down through the announce table with a powerbomb!

PIP: And with that, Thaddeus Duke passes another title defense test with flying colors!

HHL: Ciela Luiz put on the strongest performance of her career, but came just short of taking the W here!

PIP: As promised, Thad made her look like a million bucks!

HHL: Right before sending her out to get demolished by his bodyguard!

Thaddeus Duke stands on the turnbuckles post-victory. He raises the Hart Title belt with one hand… then the OCW Savage Title with the other.

HHL: And with that, we sign off. I’m Heather Halliwell, here with Pip Coll-

All of a sudden, the lights go out… Through the darkness, the camera can barely catch an outline of Cyrus Braddock rolling into the ring and Thad stepping to the center of the mat, ready in a fighting stance.

PIP: Whoa, what’s happening…?

HHL: Someone less experienced with the show might guess technical difficulties. If I had to guess… It’s an ambush!

Suddenly, the lights come back.

And in the ring with SIXTEEN WIZARDS surrounding Cyrus and Thad!



PIP: Thaddeus!

HHL: And Cyrus!

PIP: And Wizards!


PIP: …


HHL: Shut up, Pip.

Thad and Cyrus waste no time fighting their way out. Thad delivers a Heat Seeker to the nearest one! Cyrus grabs another by the throat and chokeslams them!

The wizards move to surround Thad… But his bodyguard stampedes to clear a path to his boss, bowling over another 5!

PIP: If this attack was planned by Flynn, psssssh, some master tactician he is! His wizard squad is getting absolutely decimated!

HHL: Clearly, unlike Flynn, Thad has no issues with rhabdophobia. He and Cyrus Braddock are handing out an equal opportunity ass-kicking.

Thad delivers a dropkick to one wizard, who trips and collides with another…

The hood of the fallen wizard’s robe falls… Revealing it’s a North Korean band member! Thad’s eyes widen in realization. Panicking, the band member pulls up his hood again and rolls out of the ring!

PIP: These Wizards are North Korean!

The rest of the beaten, and even the few unbeaten, North Korean wizards retreat back to the ramp… Save for one who moves toward Cyrus Braddock.

Cyrus grabs him by the throat, lifting him in the air!

Thad… grabs Cyrus by the arm, shaking his head!

PIP: Is Thad trying to stop Cyrus!?!

Cyrus looks at Thad confused… Before dropping the final wizard back to his feet.

Thad steps forward and pushes off his last attacker’s hood…

Revealing Mark Flynn’s face!

The crowd screams!

PIP: What the Hell is going on here!?!

HHL: Elementary, Pip! Derrick Diamond declared attacks by proxy were off-limits. Flynn set up a dummy ambush to get Thad’s hired gun to attack him… Thus, Thad would have to forfeit the Hart Title. It’s all pre-fight head games!

Flynn tosses off the Wizard robe with one arm and hurls it into the crowd. Under the robe, his King of the Midcarder’s Jacket and trademark blue tights.

He smiles a sinister grin and pinches his fingers together, indicating just how close Thad came to falling into his trap…

Thad responds by moving beside Cyrus, who seethes looking down at Flynn.

Thad lifts both the OCW Savage belt and Hart Title belt in the air.

Flynn nods, then points to Thad’s Hart Title and then to his waist.

PIP: Wow! Thad and Flynn have been trying to game the system all night… But the next time they meet, there will be no rules holding them back!

HHL: There’s less than two weeks until these two face off… A dream match comes to life! September 26th! Mark Flynn versus Thaddeus Duke! RELENTLESS!

Thaddeus Duke
Dolly Waters
Chris Page
Smoking Bob Williams
Bobby Bourbon
Betsy Granger
Dick Powers
Charlie Nichols
Mark Flynn
… I think I got all of you.[/white]
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