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War Games Update!
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07-21-2021 08:10 PM

As Jim Caedus finds a seat on the plane flying him out of Anaheim, he sighs with relief.

After his championship victory over Lycana in a hell of a match, getting hit with the belt by Marf dressed as Goofy, then getting beaten down by Atara Themis and Terry Borden, it'll be nice to have a few hours where he can relax...

He leans back in his seat and tries to regain his energy with a nap...

Just as the first class drink cart rolls beside his aisle.

And who is pushing the cart? What terrible terror trapzes in teems of treachery to traps the X-Treme title?

Who else but that no-good crooked cad and friend? The North Korean War Criminal.

NKWC gently rests a small napkin on Jim Caedus' sleeping chest and places a bag of complimentary peanuts onto his body, pressing him gently into the back of his seat. He leaves his hand there...

The referee in the window seat beside Jim silently mouths the count...


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07-22-2021 07:57 AM

What a sweet scene we stumble onto, an entire section of First Class at rest...

Jim Caedus is sleeping soundly in his seat, the ref beside him curled up like a kitty snoring away, NKWC himself with his head lying on Jim's chest peacefully asleep as well.

The ref stirs from his snooze and starts, silently kicking himself for a descent into dreamland before raising and slapping his hand down for the three cou-

-Jim's hand catches the ref's arm at the wrist.

Meeting Jim's gaze, he shrivels in fear at the VERY tired and angry red rimmed orbs boring a hole straight through him.


NKWC tumbles to the floor of the plane, rudely awakened, gathers himself on all fours and peers up to see Jim standing over him, the glow of Jim's golden nugget on a chain (essentially granting him super strength) shining from beneath his shirt.

A quick eye poke blinds NKWC before Jim grabs him by the nape of the neck one-handed and lifts him into the air.

Jim walks NKWC, his arms and legs flailing wildly, over to the egress and- oh yes, we're still mid-flight -flings open the door much to the horror of the other passengers.

Jim tosses NKWC out the door with little effort- the latter squealing in terror in free fall -before sliding the door closed. He turns to the passengers, their faces contorted in confusion, gesturing with his thumb over his shoulder like Indy during his Last Crusade.

No ticket.

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