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Warfare Results: 7.21.21
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07-21-2021, 06:33 PM



From !!!

[Image: Disneyland_Christian%20Thompson:Disneyla...ed-1.jpeg%5D]



- vs -
- vs -


All 3 competitors start on a train, they have to get their opponents off the train. The last one left riding the train wins.

NOTE: You have to speak about the train in your promo.


- vs -


STIPS- 1 Roleplay

NOTE: You have to speak about the Astro Orbiter in your promo


- vs -


STIPS- 3 Roleplay

NOTE: You have to speak about the Golden Zephyr in your first promo


- vs -


Xtreme Rules- 3 Roleplays


NOTE: You have to speak about Goofy's Sky School in your first promo.


- vs -



[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -


Champions Choice Located at AMWAY ARENA, ORLANDO, FLORIDA- Thad names stip in first Roleplay- 3 RP Limit




From !!!

[Image: Disneyland_Christian%20Thompson:Disneyla...ed-1.jpeg%5D]


Warfare takes the air live to a huge ovation as Drew Archyle and Chris Page are involved in a heated battle of right hands backstage near the Gorilla position backstage at the Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida!

HHL: We are on the air live for Warfare with Drew Archyle and Chris Page already throwing down backstage!

Pip: The bad blood between these two is well chronicled dating back to March Madness, and after what we saw a month ago in Washington DC you had to expect that this one is not going to be for the weakened heart!

Page gouges Drew in the eyes to gain the upper hand as he brings him through the gorilla position where he drives Drew face first off a table housing Smokin’ Bob and Derrick Diamond producing the announcers. Page flips them both off a he snatches Drew by the head and looks to drive him down face first into the table a second time which see’s Archyle put on the breaks with his hands!

He elbows Page in the ribs breaking his grasps before slamming Page face first off the table, then a second and then a third time before snatching him by his hair and yanking him through a black curtain as we now fade into the area where the sold out crowd’s attention is on the top of the ramp where Page staggers through the curtain followed by a rubber trash can being thrown through the curtain housing various weapons of choice to a huge response from the crowd!

HHL: This was not how we intended to start our program tonight, but we are not cutting away because this fight is just beginning!

Drew emerges out to the top of the ramp to a thunderous ovation as he burst towards Page with a full head of steam driving into him where spears Page on the ramp! Drew takes a side mount and begins hammering down with a flurry of right hands to the face of Page with the Orlando crowd getting louder and louder with each and every strike! He lands six right hands to the head of Page before releasing his side mount and gets to his feet where he dumps out a bunch of weapons on the ramp, one of which is a 2x4. Drew picks Page up off the ramp before taking the garbage can and putting it over Page’s head and upper body! He snatches the 2x4 and starts swinging like there’s no tomorrow smashing the trash can into Page with every shot!

Pip: This match has not even started yet!

Drew takes several steps back before coming forward with a big boot to the trash can that sends Page falling backwards down to the ramp as the red hot crowd erupts or Archlye! Drew comes forward towards the top of the ramp where he starts stomping down on the trash can driving it into the face and body of Chris Page!

Drew takes the trash can off Page’s head and upper body before snatching him back up by the hair before yanking him down the ramp towards the ring! Drew and Page reach ringside where Drew takes Page towards a ring post! He looks to send Page face first off the post only to have Page reverse and it is Drew who goes right shoulder first off the ring post and sent down to the floor.

Page takes a moment to gather himself before he walks over to the timekeepers area and tosses the timekeeper from his chair. Page snatches the steel folding chair and folds it up as he comes back over towards Drew.

Pip: This is going to get a lot worse for Drew before it gets any better.

Page waits for Drew to push himself up to all fours before he raises the chair high in the air and smashes it across the back of Archyle to massive boos from the crowd as it drives Drew back down to the protective mat. Page raises the chair a second time and smashes it across the back of Drew followed by a third and then a fourth and finally a fifth with the crowd booing louder and louder with each strike.

Page throws the chair to the ground before taunting Drew and then the crowd garnering even more heat in the process before he begins stomping away at Archyle on the floor. Chris reaches down picking Drew up where he takes him back into a barricade where he laces him across the chest with a stiff knife edge chop that echoes throughout the building, he delivers a second chop across the chest followed by a third before taking several steps back where he charges forward looking to clothesline Drew into the crowd only to see Drew ducks his head and elevate Chris Page over the barricade to the concrete floor at ringside!

HHL: Ladies and gentleman this was billed as a standard match, they haven’t hit the ring yet so this match is not underway as of now!

Pip: All hell is breaking loose in Orlando!

Drew steps over the guardrail and into the crowd as Chris Page is now crawling away from the barrier and away from Archyle. The ruckus Orlando crowd is on fire as Drew comes up behind Page who is crawling towards a tunnel access off the floor. Drew snatches a chair out from under a fan before folding it up and smashing it down across the back of Page with such force it sounds like a shotgun going off!

Page pushes himself back up to all fours where Drew cracks him across the back a second time knocking him back down to the floor! Drew tosses the chair to the concrete before reaching down snatching Page up by the hair where he takes him through the tunnel and through a curtain spilling into a backstage hallway. Drew hurls Page through a set of closed double doors sending Page spilling to the floor in catering!

HHL: Who’s hungry?!?!

Drew walks through the doors where immediately to the right is a large stainless steel tea pitcher with cups of ice sporadically set up by it. Drew takes a cup and fills it with some sweet tea before taking a drink and as Page starts to stand to his feet Drew spits the tea in his eyes before smashing what is left of the cup in Page’s face sending him staggering backwards towards a set of skirted tables! Drew burst towards Page who manages to delivering a one man flap jack sending Drew crashing down through one of the tables!

Pip: Can security even try to stop this thing?

HHL: I think if they tried to stop this they would get there asses kicked. There nobody dumb enough to try and stop this.

Page takes a moment to gather himself as from the onslaught that has come his way. He walks over to a catering table snatching a towel where he dries his face before turning his attention back towards Drew who lays motionless in the ruble of a table. Page walks over yanking Drew out by one leg before taking a mount position where he starts cramming the towel down the throat of Archyle!

Page then starts hammering down with solid right hands to the face before leaning down where he starts biting Drew’s forehead!

Page releases his chompers from Drew’s forehead before stepping back up to a vertical base. Page reaches down picking Drew up off the floor. He takes Archlye and sends him sailing across a table housing various foods and sandwiches sending food flying. Archlye rolls over the table falling down to the floor where Page comes over and dumps the table on top of Drew before stomping down on the table driving it down into Drew’s body.

Pip: This is nothing more than an all out brawl that mirrors March Madness!

Page pulls the table off Drew’s body before picking him up off the floor where he takes him through a second set of doors causing Drew to spill out into a second area that leads to catering. Page follows him out the door where he stomps down on Drew before picking him up off the floor where he hammers Drew with a series of right hands before driving a boot to the midsection that doubles Drew over! Page sets him up for a Page Plant!

Drew counters with a back body drop on to the concrete floor!

Drew shifts his eyes towards a caged in area that houses janitorial supplies. Drew walks over opening the gate where he pulls out a janitorial large cart! Page is seen starting to negotiate himself back to his feet where Drew runs the cart across the floor smashing it into Page sending Chris backwards into a vending machine causing him to bust through the plexiglass garnering a loud ovation from the crowd!

Drew snatches a mop off the cart before taking the head of the mop and rubbing it in Page’s face!

HHL: There’s no telling where that mops been!!!

Drew raises the mop where he flips it over and as Chris pushes himself up to all fours we see Archyle crack the handle of the wooden mop across the back of Page! Drew tosses the mop to the floor before spitting down on Page! We see Drew pick Chris up off the floor where he takes him by the hair and brings him back down the backstage hallway where there’s a second tunnel that leads out to the floor of the arena. Drew drives Page head first into the concrete wall before hammering Page with a right hand that sends him back out through the tunnel and into the lower bowl of the arena to a huge roar from the crowd.

Drew comes out after Page where he comes forward and walks into a thumb to the eye which shifts the ovation into loud boos as Page comes forward scooping Drew up and slamming him down on the concrete floor!

Pip: Jesus these two are not holding anything back!

HHL: The war between APEX and BOB is as real as real can get. You have to expect that anytime members of these factions are going at it that rules probably won’t apply because they can careless.

Page turns his attention towards a fire extinguisher that is sitting in the tunnel. He makes his way over picking it up and as Drew makes his way to his feet he is sprayed with the fire extinguisher!

HHL: I think it’s safe to say pure wrestling rules have been completely thrown out the window!

Page waits for the huge cloud of smoke to disappear before smashing Drew in the ribs with a fire extinguisher which doubles him over for Page to cracks across the back dropping Drew down to one knee before tossing the fire extinguisher to the ground and delivering a straight kick to the face of Archyle knocking him backwards to the concrete floor.

Page throws up double middle fingers all around garnering massive boos from the crowd.

Pip: He never claimed to be endeerinmg.

Chris snatches Drew up to his feet and yanks him towards a tunnel on the floor which leads towards the backstage hallway area. Chris hammers Drew with a right hand sending him staggering backwards through the tunnel and into the backstage hallway where there’s a set of double doors. Page comes forward with a boot to the midsection before taking Drew and hurling him through the doors sending him spilling into…


The catering room empties with a quickness as Page enters the ring where he takes Drew and looks to smash him head first off one of many oval tables in the large room. Drew puts on the breaks with his hands before driving an elbow into the gut before smashing Page face-first off the table! He doesn’t stop there! He drives Page face first off the table a second time and then a third before turning his attention towards the food table where he takes a pan of Mac and Cheese and smashes it across the back of Page sending noodle elbows and cheese sailing!

Drew grabs Page by the hair before hurling him across a table with several of tea pitchers causing them to spill all over Page in the process! The crowd is on Fire for Archyle as he walks over picking up a soaked Page before biting him across the forehead that garners an even louder ovation! Drew scoops Page up before body slamming him through a salad table! Lettuce and all the fixings go sailing before Drew reaches to the table next to it getting a thing of Ranch Dressing and pouring it all over CCP!

Pip: This is freaking insane!

Drew picks Page up where he takes him back out into the hallway before sending him smashing face first off the concrete wall. Drew then takes Page back through the very tunnel they went through and back out in front of the Orlando crowd.

The crowd is red hot as Drew laces Page across his ranch soaked chest followed by a right hand to the face sending Page back towards the security railing. Drew charges forward only to be elevated over the barricade with a back body drop of Page sending him cashing down to the ringside area.

Page grabs a member of arena security where he uses his shirt to wipe all the dressing off his face before shoving him away and stepping back over the barricade and to the ringside area. Chris stomps away at Drew on the floor before picking him up off the floor and looking to send him into the ring steps! Drew reverses and it’s Page who is sent smashing into the ring steps right shoulder first!

The crowd is roaring as Drew walks over picking Page up off the floor where he FINALLY hurls him into the ring!

HHL: We might have an actual match after all!

Drew climbs up on the apron of the ring where he then steps into the ring. Scrooge McDuck calls for the bell!


- vs -



Drew walks over towards Page where he looks to pick him up off the mat only to be met with an immediate low blow which causes Scrooge McDuck to call for the bell as a furious Orlando crowd lets their intentions known.


Drew crumbles down to the mat as Page has a sly smirk on his face while stepping back up to a vertical base where he turns and decks Scrooge McDuck sending him sailing out to the floor.

Pip: CCP just got himself intentionally disqualified!

The crowd boos intently towards the ring as Page starts to stomp away at the back of Drew’s head with repeated stiff kicks each harder than the previous!

HHL: But the assault on Archyle continues!

Page continues to stomp on Drew’s head when the crowd ERUPTS as ROBERT “THE OMEGA” MAIN hits the ring!

Pip: MAIN is here to make the save!

Orlando erupts as Main and Page start trading right hands but only get louder as Main starts to get the better of the exchange when boos ring out from all over as MISS FURY, OZZY and ANDRE DIXON hit the ring jumping Main from behind!

HHL: Jesus Christ it’s Savage all over again!

Ozzy and Dixon hold Main by the arms allowing Page to open up on Robert with a series of right hands while Miss Fury takes Drew and hurls him out to the floor! She turns her attention to Page as she walks over and the two share a kiss before she lands the Judas Effect to a held Robert Main!

Page follows up with a boot to the midsection before dropping Robert with a Page Plant!

The crowd roars with massive boos directed towards the ring.

The boos continue to erupt from all over as Dixon, Ozzy, Fury, and CCP raise their arms up in the air before they make their exit from the ring as Drew manage to crawl back into the ring but it is too late as the message has been sent loud and clear to Robert Main.

Pip: The mission of making a statement at the expense of Apex has just been sent loud and clear. Jim Caedus is in California which explains why he did not come out with Main, but this deal between Apex and BOB is going to have to come to a head.

Fury and Page stand at the top of the ramp; Page’s arm wrapped around her waist as Ozzy and Andre stand behind them. Robert and Drew reach one knee as Miss Fury blows them a kiss before the members of BOB disappear behind the curtain.

[Image: REoYLvI.png]

The AMWAY Center comes alive as the high pitched squeal of ‘Hart Attack’ hits the sound system. The panning Lionheart logos wave over the crowd for several seconds before Thad Duke exits the curtain. He wears his now traditional Hitman inspired ring gear tonight complete with gold colored shades. The white unzipped sleeveless hoodie hangs casually on his shoulders.

Paul Heyman as per usual, accompanies him to the ring but tonight, a third man is present. Someone unknown to the XWF Universe.

HHL: The XWF Hart Champion on his way to the ring!

PIP: Paul Heyman is with him, but who is that?

HHL: Pip, my sources tell me that young man is Ian Dream. He’s a protege of sorts of Thaddeus Duke over in OCW.

Thad, Paul and Ian Dream make their way toward the ring. Dream and Paul enter the ring while Thad Duke does Thad Duke things and takes a moment at the top of the steps and looks over his shoulder into the sea of fans making up Duke Nation.

Thad enters the ring as ‘Hart Attack’ fades out.

Ladies… and gentlemen… it is my distinct honor, as the business manager and the rabbi to the single greatest in-ring comp...

With a ‘whoosh’ sound, Paul Heyman’s microphone has vanished.

HHL: What the hell did we just see?

PIP: I-I don’t know that we saw anything!

HHL: In the blink of an eye… Ian Dream, who I swear never left the corner he’s leaning against, is holding Heyman’s microphone and Thaddeus can’t contain his laughter.

”Lookin’ for this?” Ian asks in the mic as Paul looks at him… and is speechless.

PIP: Thank God for Ian Dream!

HHL: I’ve never seen Heyman speechless in his entire career!

Ian Dream tosses the mic to Thad Duke.

Ladies and gentlemen… please give a warm Duke Nation welcome, to Ian DREAM!

The Orlando crowd pops loudly for the young man that saved their ears from bleeding.

XWF Universe: THANK! YOU! IAN! Clap clap clapclapclap

THANK! YOU! IAN! Clap clap clapclapclap

THANK! YOU! IAN! Clap clap clapclapclap

Ian steps forward a moment and bows in curtsy before retreating back to the corner.

There, Thad points to Ian. Stands a future star in this business.

PIP: Oh my God he’s creating another him…. FUCK!

HHL: Shut the hell up Pip, this business could use a lot more Thaddeus Duke’s.

PIP: We’ll agree to disagree.

Let’s get down to fuckin’ business though, amirite?

Quick pop from Orlando.

For going on two months now I’ve been calling him out. I’ve been itching to get him in this ring at Relentless because I like a challenge. He used to be pretty fuckin’ good and maybe its the ‘used to’ part that’s keeping his trap shut.

Maybe its the ‘used to’ part that’s got his balls shriveling back into his body.

Maybe its the ‘used to’ part that’s got him avoiding the XWF like it was the plague.

The Universe boos at the mention of Flynn avoiding the XWF.

I told him…

I told you all last Warfare, that there was a time limit. At the close of War Games, the clock strikes zero and the biggest money match of Mark Flynn’s career comes off the table.

XWF Universe: WE! WANT! FLYNN!



You want Flynn?

Crowd pop.


Another crowd pop.

I’ve been bouncin’ my ass around between the XWF and OCW. I’ve been droppin’ promos left, right and center. I’ve been kickin’ ass and takin’ names like I always do while Robert Main takes a whole fuckin’ month to plan a single promo to drop on me and he can’t even do that right.

I’ve been doin’ all that while Mark Flynn sits on his ass at home, eatin’ away his retirement.

XWF Universe: WE! WANT! FLYNN!



This time, Thad raises his arms up and down, urging their chanting to get louder.

XWF Universe: WE! WANT! FLYNN!



It doesn’t look like you’re getting him.

The Universe’s chants and cheers turn to boos.

With all this booing… I feel like the most hated man in the XWF.

HHL: Wink wink!

PIP: Nod nod!

And suddenly…

And the AMWAY Center in Orlando is rockin’ as the legitimate Mark Flynn theme hits the sound system. In the ring, Thaddeus Duke is beside himself with excitement in anticipation of the arrival of the King of the Midcarders.

HHL: This crowd is red hot!

PIP: I think he’s actually here this time because Thad’s acting like a kid in a candy store!

Thad paces the ring, throwing off his sleeveless zip up hoodie, ready to fight once Mark Flynn makes his entrance. He comes to the center and stops prancing, then runs his fingers through his hair before giving the “come on” hand motions.

After a few seconds, Thad collapses on his back on the mat as ‘Eleanor Rigby’ fades out. Thad laughs his ass off into the mic as the jubilant crowd turns to boos raining down on him.

Thad sits up on the mat.

And you thought I was bullshittin’ when I said I was an actor. You guys are just too easy sometimes!

HHL: This pro-Thad crowd has turned anti-Thad in a hurry!

PIP: The fucker got us again, Heather!

With all this negativity y’all throwin’ at me… you’d think I just beat Corey Smith or some shit!

Booing intensifies.

HHL: Damn, Thad!

Oh… I did fuckin’ do that didn’t I...


HHL: Who the hell was that!?

Thad, Ian and Heyman all stare out toward the entrance way.

HHL: It’s Cinderelli!

The Disney Princess makes her way toward the ring to a chorus of boos.

PIP: Cinderelli does NOT have home field advantage tonight in Orlando!

HHL: A few months ago Cinderelli appeared in promos with Corey and Thad warning them repeatedly not to swear!

PIP: They’re incorrigible!

Ian Dream steps on the bottom rope and holds up the middle, allowing Cinderella into the ring.

”You,” she says to Ian. ”Are a very sweet boy thank you.”

”Am not,” Ian replies curtly. ”I’m heckin’ evil.”

“We’ve been over this before,” she begins, looking directly at Thaddeus. ”As a representative of the Disney© Family...”

I’m NOT a part of Disney©!

”You are a part of the Marvel Cinematic...”

Listen lady! Thad cuts her off. Yes, I’m hella pretty. I look fuckin’ great doing all things, but I am NOT who you think I am!

XWF Universe: KICK! HER! THAD!

XWF Universe: KICK! HER! THAD!

XWF Universe: KICK! HER! THAD!

HHL: Unbelievably, this crowd is urging Thaddeus Duke to kick Cinderella!

”If you could please refrain from...”

WHO DO YOU THINK I AM!? he shouts out as he takes a step back.

”Why… of course you’re Spid...”


And the AMWAY Center erupts!

HHL: Thaddeus Duke! With the Heat Seeker on Cinderella!

PIP: The Princess is out!




Thaddeus Duke, his protege, and Paul exit the ring. Thad characteristically claps some hands on his way up the ramp. As he’s been doing of late, he stops on the stage and looks out across Duke Nation.

What’s it gonna be Flynn? he says into the camera. Thad taps the imaginary watch on his wrist. Time is quickly runnin’ out.

Thad and company finally retreat behind the curtain.

[Image: 1JuypZD.png]


- vs -
- vs -


All 3 competitors start on a train, they have to get their opponents off the train. The last one left riding the train wins.

NOTE: You have to speak about the train in your promo.


Thunder Mountain starts to rev up as Centurion is at the end of the train, Betsy is in the center of the train with Vita at front of the train!

HHL: The ride will run non-stop until two of the three onboard are tossed!

[white[Pip: The things we see on Wednesday Night.[/white]

Vita and Centurion start to walks towards Bettsy as the ride begins as Betsy turns and starts to walks towards Vita where they start an exchange of right hands while Centurion clobbers Betsy in the back with a double ax handler sending her smashing into Vita knocking her backwards causing her to stumble and fall in the aisle as Centurion spins Betsy around where he drives a knee to the midsection of Granger before leading her away from Vita who gets back up and charges forward where she leaps on the back of both Granger and Centurion taking them both down!

Vita is back to her feet where she goes after Centurion stomping away at him before picking up Centurion where she takes him towards the side of the train where she tries to toss him off the train. Centurion blocks with both hands to the side of the cart where he then elbows her in the ribs, before driving her head first into the side of the cart! Betsy comes up from behind Centurion spinning him around delivering a superkick to the midsection doubling Centurion over which allows for her to drop Centurion with a DDT!

HHL: This only ends when two participants are thrown from the train. You got all these possible variables to deal with.

Vita catches Betsy with a V-Trigger knee as Granger starts to get back to her feet! Vita doesn’t waste any time as she tries to throw Betsy off the train! Betsy tries to fight back eventually breaking free of Vita’s grasp. Betsy swings at Vita who blocks and counters with a headbut which sends Betsy backwards into a 1,000 Mile Slam from Centurion!

Centurion gets back to his feet where Vita decks him before hurling him off the train!


Pip: One down one to go!

Vita shifts her attention towards Betsy who is starting to stir. She jumps on top of Granger before hammering down with a series of forearm smashes to Betsy! Vita lands several shots before standing back up to a vertical base,

She picks Betsy up and looks to hurl her off the train!

Betsy puts on the breaks and catches Vita with a reverse elbow as she comes up from behind. Granger spins around where she lands a kick to the knee cap knocking hte right leg out from under Vita! Betsy hits a step-up enziguri!

Besty is back to her feet where she takes Vita and hurls her off the train!


HHL: Betsy Granger has succeeded here tonight!

Pip: Momentum builder for Betsy as she is on target for War Games!

[Image: oYUTxg9.png]



[[The man in the vault has his back to the camera, flinging 130 hours of minimum wage into the distance like an adolescent absent-mindedly skipping stones]]

I have to say, while I love a discount as much as the next guy, I was starting to get worried that my offer wasn't being taken seriously. Or that the labor market here had been irretrievably given over to laziness.

But then, with minutes left to go... The forces of inevitability came to bear.

$80,000 is still a lot of money. Well, to your secret admirer. You should take solace, though, that you set me back far more than Spyder Boy or Vayden did.

Do you know who collected yet, Thad?

Or have you been agonizing over which of your "friends" have grown tired of your conditional generosity, second-guessing every move your friends and family make, scrutinizing them for signs of a sudden windfall? Did your snot-nosed guilt trip buy himself a new dirt bike without you knowing?

[[The camera begins a slow circular orbit]]

As you laid in that ambulance, were you racking your brain--did you get a glimpse of whose hands shoved you off that platform? Were they hands you'd held? Hands you'd shaken and pulled into a single-armed hug? Don't forget, they could just as easily be hands you've twisted in a kimura lock.

Or are you still arguing that it was all a case of mistaken identity? That it’s really Sebastian Duke who had the fortitude to stand back up and come to this arena tonight? Honestly, it would make more sense-- Being a real hall-of-famer instead of a lonely man pining for the lost love of Mark Flynn more often than he focuses on the enemies actually standing across from him.

It’s such a shame. All those cameras following your Degrassi Dreams, all those belts--real and fake--and you still fill your glass with salty tears for a man who barely knows your name.

But the funny part is… There will be no second bite at that apple.

[[He lowers his voice to a whisper.]]

“I will not counter.”

[[He raises it again, comically]]

Well, where’s the fucking fun in that?

But hey, maybe when you fail to follow through with the sweet nothings you’ve been whispering in Robert Main’s ears, or better yet-- he smears the canvas with you tonight you can, I don’t know, decide it really WAS you, and blame me? Or maybe it was the time-traveling, contract-violating Paul Heyman, projecting a hologram that he borrowed from your IMF team?

No matter, because tonight...

[[He pauses, seems as if he is just noticing the camera making elaborate cinematic moves in his presumably tightly-secured vault, and turns to directly face the lens.]]

I’m hiring again.

[[There's grey in the temples, his gelled hair seems a little further away from the thicket of scars on his forehead (now joined by subtle creases), and he carries perhaps a few more pounds than he would publicly admit if anyone were bold enough to ask--but the hateful and cold eyes are unmistakable to the thousands of voices behind a cacophonic mix of boos and cheers.]]

[["The Iceman" Alex Braun reaches over to lift the bag slightly, letting the handles tug at his palm as he rattles the weight inside, then lets it drop, producing a resonant, weighty jangle.]]

Don't worry, James Bond Junior, you bore me. Tonight, I'd like to see if Drew Archyle can meet his needs with a broken arm.

[[He produces another coin, displaying its face--his face in golden profile--to the camera.]]

And the pay… Has doubled. Let it not be said that I don’t care about wage stagnation. One million dollars to the man or woman who satisfies my curiosity.


Make that $999,000.

Money moves fast, and that my friends... Is a cold, hard fact.

[hrc=50]red; background-color:

[Image: jjZmrQp.png]

[hrc=50]red;" />

The lights in the arena dim as Calypso's music starts. Several spotlights pan over the crowd and all meet at the entrance where Calypso appears wearing a glittering robe. He walks through the mist and slowly makes his way to the ring riding the astro orbiter.

The honeyed rasp of Atara's voice blares over the facility's PA in unison with those words appearing on the multitude of screens and displays littering the arena.


The crowd pops and gets to their feet shouting in near total unison a single word.


Arena lights start to pulse in time with the music and multiple vertical streams of pyro erupt across the front of stage. Strutting with purpose Atara emerges from the back taking spot centerstage atop the ramp. Posing for the camera, a wink and kiss is given to the viewers at home.

Grunge walking to the ring riding the astro oribter, she climbs and stops at the top to posture again for her adoring public. Hand on her hip, the Grecian moves to the middle of the apron to blows a final kiss to the camera and enters the ring through the middle rope.


- vs -



The referee rings the bell and the matchup is underway! The astro orbiter ride starts up and the ring begins taking off into orbit! The two competitors eye each other down from across the ring as the ride begins to pick up momentum.

PC: Atara is going to be looking for revenge tonight, you can count on that! She isn’t happy with how her Savage ended, and I think she’s aiming to take those feelings out on poor Calypso tonight!

HHL: That’s not going to happen if the Blue Tango has anything to say about it!

Atara charges at Calypso! The frail man stomps his feet into the ground in an attempt to, perhaps, draw a charge? Either way, Calypso does nothing except eat a JUDGEMENT OF PARIS TO THE FACE! Atara’s ‘big’ knee absolutely slobberknocks Calypso! Spittle and tooth chips fly out of the man’s mouth as he collapses to the ground!


HHL: I still have faith in the Blue Tango!

Calypso’s body starts sliding down the ring, as if it’s going to fly off the astral orbiter!

HHL: I’m losing that faith by the minute.


Half of Calypso’s body has fully slidden off the ride when the moving contraption makes a sudden rotation that shifts the position of Calypso’s lifeless body towards the center of the ride. Atara holds on tight to the ride equipment as the ride stays in motion.

PC: Well lady luck sure is shining down on Calypso tonight.

HHL: Usually one judgement of Paris from Atara is enough to put anyone down- but there’s no three count here tonight. We’re only using the most arbitrary rules we can find!

Atara walks over to Calypso while the ride is still in motion and picks him up. Immediately after picking up Calypso Atara hits him with a BIRTH OF VENUS that sends the blue tango flying off of the ride and onto the assembled audience below!

Winner - Atara Themis

Backstage, Drew Archyle is walking and tightening up the athletic tape on his wrists.

As he passes by a storage area, he hears something - and looks up just in time to see a large shelving unit falling towards him!

Archyle jumps aside just in the nick of time, and the shelving unit hits the floor with a loud clamor. Glass shatters and metal echoes off the floor, letting Drew know that his fate would have been pretty grim had he not avoided the impact.

With a raised eyebrow, Archyle looks around to see if he can find his assailant, to no avail.

He smiles and walks away nodding.

We return from a commercial break back to a raucous crowd at Amway Arena in Orlando, Pip Collins and Heather Halliwell are calling the action out at Disneyland in Anaheim remotely.

PC: Heather, we’ve already witnessed so much insantey this evening, and I have a feeling that the ride is only beginning.

HHL: I can’t disagree with you there, Pip…

The camera fades from the shot of the commentators in Orlando out to Disneyland, at the entrance of the Tomorrowland park, the site of the next contest. Heather and Pip continue to voice over the feed.

HHL: We see now what looks like a capacity crowd of several thousand members of the XWF Universe surrounding the Golden Zephyr and what is - oh my god

The camera zooms in on the wrestling ring that’s sitting at a dangerous angle on one of the side steel grates that surround the top of the Golden Zephyr, ninety-feet in the air.

PC: Is this- what - How in the HELL do we expect anyone to wrestle up there! And why are all of these fans so close to that structure?!

HHL: JESUS, PIP! There are fans standing in line to ride that thing!

PC: One stiff wind and it looks like that ring is going to slide off and probably kill a lot of people, including our competitors!

HHL: Who dreamt up this nonsense?!

PC: I don’t know, but whoever it is needs to stop. These wrestlers have families and lives outside of the ring. This is going to be nothing but senseless bloodshed.

The air surrounding the theme park is boiling and thick. The smog from the burning wildfires is visible. The camera zooms on a makeshift stage and curtain, Tig O’ Bitties appears from behind the black drapes with a microphone in hand.

TIG O’ BITTIES: The following contest is scheduled for 10 minutes! The only way to win is to throw your opponent over the top rope and off of the Golden Zephyr ride!


TIG O’ BITTIES: Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada… FELIX! JONES!!
Felix walks out from behind the curtain in his ring attire to a mixed reaction. With a smug look on his face he walks between the roped off crowd, flipping a coin and not caring about the horrifying stipulation facing him. He steps inside of a cherrypicker and is lifted 90 feet in the air to the slanted steel grate where the wrestling ring has been mounted down.

He steps through the ropes where a Grumpy the Dwarf mascot is shaking, and clutching the ring ropes in the slanted corner in horror. Felix removes his sunglasses and peaks over the corner to the drop. He tries hiding the gulp in his throat.

The crowd explodes.

TIG O’ BITTIES: and his opponent… From Frankfort, Kentucky! DOLLY! WATERS!!!

HHL: Pip, it’s a good thing Felix Jones is a gambling man!

PC: You’ve got that right, because approaching the cherrypicker right now is one of the more dangerous competitors the XWF has ever known.

HHL: Dangerously talented! Dolly Waters wrestles with reckless abandon and it has always served her well over the years. But tonight she’ll be gambling too… go all out and possibly fall to your death? Or lay off the gas a little and try to beat Felix Jones in a more cautious manner?

PC: Well one thing is for sure, Dolly looks unphased by this climb up the Golden Zephyr and laser focused on Felix Jones.

Dolly steps off into the ring, she looks at the terrified ring official, Grumpy with a cock of the head as her music fades and turns her attention back to Jones. The sound of a bell ringing comes through the loudspeakers of the theme park and the match is underway.


- vs -





Waters keeps her eyes locked on Felix as she instantly starts shifting her feet up to the more vertical side of the leaning ring, trapping Felix into following her in a circle towards the lower base. From there Dolly rushes him. A baseball slide towards Jones’ leg, he tries to leap over Dolly but is still tripped up as Waters grabs his foot midair. Jones falls forward and smacks his head against the leaning canvas. Both wrestlers are in a precarious spot. Dolly tries holding onto Felix’s foot as they both scramble to their feet. But Felix with the high angle takes his free leg and dropkicks Dolly in the face, sending her tumbling down towards the ropes.

The fans gasp as Dolly catches herself from falling off of the ride. Felix takes off after Dolly, but she springs herself from the ropes and impales Jones in the ribs with an impressively landed spear. Felix clutches his side and tries catching his breath as Dolly pulls him up.


Waters has Jones to his feet and starts working him over into the corner where she charges him again for another spear! But Felix avoids the attack! Dolly barrels shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle post and falls backward into the ropes at an awkward angle. But before she can even feel the brunt of the blow, Jones has snagged her out of the corner, forcing her head to smack against the tight ropes in the process. He puts her head under his arm and lifts!



The impact of the bump shifts the steel grate that's attached to the ride and dislodges some portion of the reinforcement. The ring bounces and shifts down causing both Dolly and Felix to slide down the canvas. Felix slides himself into a stop and climbs to his feet. Waters continues to roll down the canvas and Felix catches her, lifting her up. AN ACES HIGH SPINEBUSTER -NOOOOOOO Dolly wraps around Felix’s head and drops him to the mat with a DDT, then locks in a guillotine choke as the two hit the mat. Jones’ arms start failing around as he struggles to keep oxygen going through his lungs.


Felix is fading fast but finds his hands inside of his pocket, where the thick lucky coin he was flipping during his intro is stored. He slides the coin between his fingers and swings as hard as he can at Dolly’s head. The strike splits Dolly’s forehead open. Dolly releases the hold and tries gathering herself while Jones lies on the mat trying to catch his breath. Dolly wipes some blood from her eyes but only more follows in its place. Jones is up! He’s going to take advantage of the situation! He runs at Dolly with a forearm smash, but the cagy Waters! She uses her other senses to avoid the blow and grabs Felix by the arm, taking him to the mat with a rolling arm bar and trying to lock in her modified cross face! But with Dolly’s vision impaired, Jones is able to just slip out of the hold. He stands and loads up his fist with the coin again, waiting for Dolly to get to her feet.


PC: Oh my! Felix Jones is staring down the huge upset here!

Felix swings with a haymaker, but Dolly drops and sweeps his legs!

Jones goes rolling down the canvas! AND HE’S NOT STOPPING! The crowd screams as Felix slides under the bottom rope and grasps onto the ring apron.



Jones’s legs swing 90 feet in the air above what will be a certain death!


She dives down the canvas and slides, stopping herself by grabbing onto the ropes. She holds out her hand and demands that Felix takes it. Jones looks away, and down at the ground. His face turns white before trying to use his own strength to pull up again… BUT THE RING APRON STARTS TO TEAR!

Felix has no choice!

He grabs onto Dolly’s arm and she uses all of her might to pull him back up.

PC: Dolly Waters just saved Felix’s life!

Exhausted, Dolly tries getting back to her feet and just as she does…




Jones swings his spinning back elbow!



Jones sucks air and falls to his knees!


Dolly lets out a scream as her knee smashes Jones right in the face, lifting him from the slanted canvass and through the middle ropes!





[Image: mjDI6WV.png]


- vs -


Xtreme Rules-


We cut to the very top of the massive Goofy’s Pilot School structure where a slightly over-sized ring has been placed on top of. The bookers have wonderful gimmicks but clearly no architectural knowledge with how to set them up so with no real way for the ring to be anywhere else on the structure or attached to it, a big enough ring was created and welded to the highest point of the ride. Luckily the ride is shut down for the day. If a lightning storm rolls in then everyone up there is screwed.

Both Lycana and Jim Caedus are already inside the big ring along with our special guest referee, Goofy himself. He’s actually taller than both Lycana and Jim which makes it look even funnier. The ring is surrounded by a huge steel cage and thanks to the way the track curls, there’s only a few spots to climb down from on the other side. Lycana checks around for a moment before turning and facing Jim Caedus. She nods and snarls while he cracks his knuckles and neck. Goofy makes a signal and somewhere a bell rings to start the match.

Heather: Thanks to XWF sparing no expense with these drones filming this match, I believe we’re about to witness a true war.

Pip: Caedus and Lycana have hurled an unbelievable amount of harsh insults and bold claims at one another leading up to this.

Heather: Way up on that ride plus inside a caged ring, I don’t think we’ll see any outside interference. Just two warriors doing battle for the Xtreme title!

Pip: Pfft, doesn’t matter where they are, nobody is messing with this match as long as referee Goofy is in there!

Heather: Right...

Lycana and Jim slowly circle one another as the match begins. They get closer and closer to one another and then finally lock up. Jim backs Lycana up until she’s pressed against the corner. He pushes against her so she’s squashed into the corner while Goofy paces nearby. Goofy steps in and breaks it up while Jim backs off, a bit confused. He goes to get in Goofy’s face but it is no use. Lycana somersaults out of the corner and hits Jim by surprise with a clothesline. She hits the ropes and comes roaring back as Jim gets up, looking for another clothesline.

Jim ducks the clothesline attempt and immediately chases her to the ropes. As she goes to bounce off them she’s met with a big knee to the gut, stopping her in her tracks. He grabs hold of her and hits a snap suplex, followed by another and then a third before he gets up. He drops right back down with an elbow to her back, keeping her grounded. Jim gets on top and applied a modified camel clutch. He goes to wrench back but she somehow squirms and rolls through, popping up and catching him in a triangle choke out of nowhere.

Heather: Lycana just sunk that choke deep!

Pip: You can’t win by submission in this one!

Heather: Yeah but it’s a lot easier to escape a cage when your opponent is outcold.

Pip: Fair point.

Lycana squeezes as hard as she can while Jim growls in pain but starts to fight his way back to his knees. He powers himself up and slowly starts to stand up, pulling Lycana up with him. He almost gets into a standing position while still in the triangle choke but Lycana torques her body which causes Jim to lose his balance and drop to a knee again. He looks like he might fade out but then Jim grimaces, let’s out a big roar and somehow powers back up to his feet, pulling Lycana up with him. He takes a few running steps and swings, using the momentum to throw Lycana right into the unforgiving steel cage.

Lycana’s body slams into the cage and she drops to the mat, under the bottom rope. Jim massages his shoulder for a moment in pain before running and baseball sliding into Lycana, smashing her against the cage. Jim gets back up and walks to the other side of the ring. He turns and races back towards Lycana, going for another baseball slide. She rolls out of the way and Jim hits the cage instead. They both get up and glare at one another. They slowly begin to circle one another as Goofy keeps a close eye on everything. He yells at them suddenly in a weird voice.

Keep it clean now, ah hyuk!

Lycana and Jim lock up once more but this time Jim has trouble forcing her back so easily as his shoulder is still tender. He applies a headlock instead but she squirms loose and catches him with a schoolboy that she transitions into a modified knee lock. Jim grabs hold of her before she can sink the hold and rolls her up into a small package which he then drops out of so he’s mounted her. He goes to drop a heavy elbow into her skull but Lycana slides out underneath him. She pops up as he tries to turn around and catches him with a stiff kick to the chest.

Jim backs up and Lycana hits another nasty stiff kick to the thigh this time. She follows through with a spinning heel kick that Jim manages to just barely block before he spins himself and clocks her in the side of the head with a spinning back fist. She stumbles back into the ropes and cage then as she comes back at him Jim grabs her and goes for a tilt-a-whirl back breaker but Lycana reverses it into a hurricarana that sends Jim rolling into the corner. He pops up and they run at each other, Jim catching her by surprise with an overhead belly to belly release suplex. She manages to land on her feet and use the momentum to hop onto the second rope. She bounces off and turns for a flying crossbody only to be nailed with a perfect standing drop kick out of mid air.

Heather: Wow what a sequence!

Pip: This has got to be the most pure wrestling seen in an Xtreme rules title match before!

Heather: Unbelievable effort shown so far from both Caedus and Lycana.

Pip: How much longer can they keep this pace up!?

Jim pulls himself back up to his feet while Lycana is still down in pain. He walks over and grabs her by the hair looking to pull her back to her feet. She looks up and smiles viciously at him before reaching up and jamming a thumb into his eye. Jim swears and let’s go of her, back up holding his left eye. Lycana gets up right as Jim throws a blind, wild side kick that catches Lycana in the side of the head, knocking her back down. Jim rubs at his eye while stumbling back over to her. Jim grabs hold of Lycana by the waist and begins to lift her up.

Jim gets her off the mat and keeps his grip before hauling Lycana over his head and hitting a big German suplex. Jim keeps hold of her waist and gets back up, working on picking her up once again. As he goes to lift for another German suplex Lycana throws her leg back and nails Jim in the balls with the heel of her foot. He hollers in pain while letting go of her. Lycana grabs him in a headlock and then leaps forward, driving his face to the mat with a bulldog. She gets up and as Jim tries to get back up Lycana goes for a shining wizard but he catches her, turns and then drives her into the cage before spinning back and slamming her down with a spine buster.

Heather: Huge counter from Caedus!

Pip: How in the world are these two going to be able to climb out of this cage let alone scale down the ride afterwards!?

Heather: A daunting task absolutely!

Pip: Who booked this HR nightmare waiting to happen!?

Jim pulls himself back up, once again trying to rotate and massage his right shoulder which is clearly giving him some trouble. He scowls and looks over at Lycana who is slowly trying to push herself up. She gets to a knee as Jim charges and goes for a shining wizard of his own but she blocks it. Lycana rises up and goes to kick Jim below the belt but he manages to catch her foot just in time. He grins and kicks her hard between the legs. Jim let’s go of her leg as Lycana drops to both knees doubled over in pain. He chuckles and raises his hands before stepping towards her to pull her up. Lycana stuns him by leaping up and catching him in the face with a knee. Goofy waves his hands at them both as Jim stumbles back, his nose starting to bleed.

Gawrsh, I don’t want to see anymore low blows ah hyuk!

Lycana has risen to her feet while Jim wipes away some blood from his dripping nose, smearing it across his face. They pace around one another slowly before locking up once again. Lycana twists Jim’s right arm into a quick arm wrench but he follows through and starts to haul her up into a gorilla press. Lycana uses her palm to strike the top of Jim’s shoulder and he loses grip, letting her drop behind him. She grabs hold of him and hits a quick Russian leg sweep. As soon as they hit the mat Lycana spins and applies an arm bar on Jim’s right arm.

Jim locks his hands to avoid the arm bar getting put on fully. He holds on while Lycana wrenches back as best she can. She stretches her leg up and then slams it over Jim’s face, momentarily stunning him. She wrenches back again and slaps on the full arm bar while Jim hollers in pain and scrambles to get free. He manages to roll into Lycana but there are no pinfalls in this cage match. The blood from his nose drips down onto Lycana’s face as she glares up unfazed, trying to rip Jim’s arm out of the socket. He screams out in pain as he pulls her up in the air and launches her at the cage, sending her crashing face first into the wall of steel before dropping to the mat.

Heather: Good grief these two are simply punishing one another.

Pip: I have got to tell ya, referee Goofy has been outstanding tonight, so attentive and on the ball!

Heather: Seriously?

Pip: Yes seriously! He’s already been better than any ref on Anarchy!

Jim leans on the ropes and against the cage, pulling himself back to his feet. Lycana crawls back up also with the help of the ropes, the side of her forehead bleeding from a big gash from hitting the cage. Jim pushes off the cage and runs over, jumping and splashing against Lycana and squashing her into the steel cage. She hangs onto the ropes as she almost slumps back to the mat. Jim runs to the other side of the ring and then comes racing back, going for a bigger splash but Lycana moves at the last second and Jim slams into the cage. He hits hard and as soon as he turns around Lycana catches him with a diamond cutter.

Lycana rolls onto her stomach, slowly getting back to her knees. Jim is breathing heavy but still down. Lycana wipes the side of her forehead and looks at her hand now covered in blood. She slowly licks it before getting back to her feet with a vicious, blood red smile. Jim rolls over and starts to push himself up slowly. Before he can fully get up Lycana kicks him hard in the chest, driving him backward. He hits the cage and leans himself there. Lycana rushes and hits a handspring back elbow, slamming into Jim and the cage. As he stumbles away Lycana grabs hold of his and hits the Curse double wrist lock suplex while Goofy jumps around in excitement.

Heather: Lycana starting to turn up the heat here!

Pip: She hasn’t just defended the Xtreme title against all comers, she’s destroyed everyone in her way so far.

Heather: Jim Caedus may be her toughest challenge yet in this steel cage!

Pip: This is right up there with her wars against Page and Alias!

Lycana is back up and seething now. She pulls Jim back up to his feet and drives her knee deep into his gut. As he doubles over she hooks him and then lifts for a pump handle drop but Jim somehow manages to counter it and drop her with a DDT. They’re both laid out for a moment while Goofy stumbles back and forth between each fallen competitor. He drops to a knee and checks on Lycana who mildly bats him away. Goofy turns and checks on Jim who tells him to fuck off while he tries to pull himself back up to his feet.

Ohhh gawrsh!!!

Jim is up first but Lycana isn’t far behind. He goes for a high kick but she ducks out of the way. She hits a low kick to the thigh but Jim spins and hits a Purgatory Punch that catches her completely off guard. Instead of falling back though she drops forwards and Jim catches her and then hits a release T-Bone suplex that sends her crashing into the cage wall. Jim gets up and surveys the damage before finally going over to the cage and starting to climb. He uses the ropes for balance as he gets going.

Lycana stirs as Goofy is carefully watching Jim balance on the top rope. He reaches up as Lycana throws herself into Goofy from behind. Goofy stumbles forward and bumps into where Jim is, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the mat. Goofy comically stumbles backwards before wiping out and laying flat on his back outcold. Jim starts to get up from the mat but Lycana grabs him and hits a swinging neck breaker. She pushes herself back up and goes to the ropes and starts to climb for her first attempt out of the cage.

Heather: Looks like these two are finally done ripping each other apart.

Pip: Don’t jinx it!

Heather: Lycana looking to scale the cage here while Caedus is stunned.

Pip: She better speed up she also has to climb down the rollercoaster!

Heather: Oof...

Lycana continues to scale the cage, nearing the top as both Jim and Goofy are still down. Jim slightly stirs but Goofy isn’t moving at all. Lycana looks down and sees Jim making movement. She suddenly turns and leaps off with the Berzerker 540 corkscrew senton. Just before she lands Jim rolls out of the way and she slams hard on the mat, bouncing and then lying in a heap. Jim crawls over to the ropes and begins to pull himself up while Lycana is down in serious pain. Goofy twitches and jolts for a moment then remains down on the mat still.

Jim gets to his feet, still a bit dazed but he shakes the cobwebs and walks over to Lycana. He pulls her back to her feet and she catches him by surprise with a forearm to the face. She grabs hold of him but is delayed by still trying to recover. Jim manages to pull away and then spin and hit a nasty Wrexus Plexus kick to Lycana’s gut. She hunches over and Jim pulls her to him and hits a picture perfect Katabasis in the middle of the ring. They’re both laid out for a moment while Goofy finally starts to get up. Jim pulls himself to the ropes and begins to climb.

Ah’hyuk!!! Don’t forget to climb all the way to the bottom! And don’t look dowwwwn, gawrsh!

Jim climbs up and gets to the top of the steel cage. With Lycana still down he begins to scale down the opposite side of the cage. He has to stop and hold still for a moment as a huge gust of wind shakes the entire steel cage. Jim carefully begins to make his way down the rest of the cage. Lycana is getting back up when she sees Jim on the other side of the cage. She growls and charges over, leaping up and delivering a big drop kick against the cage, causing Jim to lose his grip and balance. He falls from the cage and slams hard onto the rollercoaster track.

Jim is about three feet shy of falling a solid fifty plus feet to a crippling injury or death. Lycana starts to climb the cage while Jim slowly tries to get himself up on the track. Goofy also starts to climb out of the cage for a better look at the carnage. Lycana is about halfway down the outside of the cage when she eyes Jim getting to his feet. She aims and then drops herself onto Jim and hits a hurricarona that nearly sends Jim over the edge of the track. He holds on and struggles for a moment with his bad shoulder.

Heather: Jim is in big trouble here, again how did this match get sanctioned he’s gonna fall to his death!

Pip: If he drops he will win though right?

Heather: I’d rather not know the answer...

Lycana goes for a knee strike but Jim just barely blocks it and then drives an elbow to the inside of her knee. Jim gets up and grabs Lycana for another T-bone suplex. Lycana head butts Jim point blank to break the hold. She grabs hold of him and hits a face buster onto the track. Lycana rolls through and starts to carefully scale her way down the side of the big ride. Jim lies stunned before rolling over and starts climbing down as well. They both shake but hang on as they head down to the bottom of the ride. Goofy is climbing down as well.

After a while Lycana spots a platform several feet below her and she hops down to it, misjudging and almost falling off the edge. She recovers as Jim hopes down to the platform as well. They trade vicious blows for a moment until Jim starts to get the upper hand. After a few nasty punches to Lycana’s wounded forehead she counters out of desperation and out of nowhere has Jim hooked for the Metamorphosis. The platform they are on is still at least ten feet above the ground but she leaps off with the avalanche moonsault side slam.

Heather: NOOOO!!!

Pip: OH MY...!!!

Lycana and Jim sail through the air and drop while Goofy has climbed to the bottom and is watching carefully. Jim slams onto the ground and Lycana crushes into him right after. Goofy points while staring at them both. Jim and Lycana lay in a pile of battered bones and blood while Goofy calls the match. He reaches over to their broken bodies and pulls Jim out by the arm. He points at the brand new Xtreme Champion!

Winner and NEW Xtreme champion, Jim Caedus!!!

Heather: He did it! Caedus actually beat Lycana! Incredible match!

Pip: That was unbelievable and what a wild finish!

Heather: What a huge victory for Jim Caedus! He truly is back!!!

Pip: Well I hope he’s prepared, Lycana has left some massive shoes to fill what an incredible Xtreme champion she’s been!

Goofy raises Jim Caedus’ arm in the air and points to him excitedly, jumping up and down. He lets go of Jim and runs over to a grab a bag. Jim drops to his knees, still in a lot of pain. Goofy opens the random bag and pulls out the Xtreme Championship title. He walks back over to Jim and motions for him to get up and accept his prize. Goofy is jumping around for joy and raising the title as though he won it himself. Jim struggles to get back to his feet when suddenly Goofy levels him with the Xtreme belt right in the head.

Heather: What the hell!?

Pip: Is Goofy gonna go for a pin already!?

Goofy stands still, breathing heavy while watching Jim struggle to recover. Along with his bloodied nose, Jim’s head is now busted wide open and bleeding. He slowly tries to pull himself up as Goofy beckons for him to stand up once more. He rears back and then drives the Xtreme title right into Jim’s face again, knocking him to the ground in a bloodied heap. Goofy stands over Jim who is struggling to see with the blood all over his face. He rolls to his side in pain while Goofy slowly pulls off the head piece of his costume to reveal it is Marf!

Heather: Marf is Goofy!?

Pip: We knew that long ago...

Heather: I can’t believe he’s here!

Pip: This does not bode well for Jim or even Lycana with War Games approaching...

Heather: Marf wouldn’t...

Marf tosses the Goofy head to the side and glares down at Jim Caedus, his eyes drowning in fury. He sneers and pulls the battered man slowly to his feet. He looks over at Lycana who is also still down but starting to move around a bit. Marf takes a long breath and then pulls Jim in and hits the Sway Canadian destroyer, taking Jim out. Marf gets back up and grabs the Xtreme title, draping over the fallen body of Jim Caedus. Marf crouches down so he can whisper into Jim’s ear.

Marf: Congrats buddy, see you at War Games, ah’hyuk!

Marf gets back up, leaving Jim Caedus where he lies. He turns and stands over Lycana now. Marf reaches down while glaring at her. He helps her up and then scoops her in his arms, carrying her out.

Pip: Oh that’s bs! Totally sexist! He should have laid them both out!

Heather: You’re an idiot, they’re partners. They won’t come to blows before War Games anymore than Atara and BoB would...

Pip: You just gotta suck the fun out of everything I swear...

[Image: kDpPcgU.png]

Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is your MAIN EVENT of the evening! It is scheduled for one fall and is for the XWF HART CHAMPIONSHIP!

The crowd pops huge!

Introducing first, representing APEX… he is ROBERT “THE OMEGA” MAIN!

haman’s harvest begins blaring throughout the arena. Robert walks through the curtains after the instrumental “I make them for you”! He then looks to the crowd to his left and then right rolling his shoulders. He smiles shaking his head and slowly walks down the ramp. He stops at the ring steps looking to the crowd once more before slamming his hands on the ring steps entering the ring.

The high pitched squeal of the ‘Hart Attack’ guitar riff hits the sound system and the AMWAY Center in Orlando comes alive. They rage with love and adoration, anticipating the arrival of their Hart champion.

And his opponent...

Thaddeus Duke’s gold Lionheart logos wave over the exceedingly boisterous crowd as ‘Hart Attack’ plays for several moments.

Currently residing in New York City...Weighing 2 hundred 17 pounds... the reigning... defending... XWF Hart Champion!!!



Coming through the curtain in his Hitman inspired gear, Thad enters the AMWAY Center to his typical babyface heat with Paul Heyman carrying the Hart title in tow. Thaddeus stops at the top of the ramp and smiles as he soaks in the response from Duke Nation. Seconds later, he starts making his way down the ramp as the old school pyro pops and pops overhead.

Slapping a few hands as he walks by, Thad climbs the steps and stops at the top. Heyman hands him the Hart title and Thad looks over his shoulder at the Orlando chapter of Duke Nation with one hand raising the title and the other giving the ‘I love you’ hand sign.

Thaddeus steps through the ropes and he stands his corner with the Hart title draped over his shoulder. The official retrieves the Hart title after a kiss from the champion to the center plate and we're set to go on Warfare.


[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -


Champions Choice Located at AMWAY ARENA, ORLANDO, FLORIDA- Thad names stip in first Roleplay

HHL: It’s Robert Main vs Thaddeus Duke for the Hart Championship!

Pip: Arguably one of the most anticipated matches of the week is about to unfold in front of our very eyes.

The fans inside the Amway Arena erupt with a loud, mixed reception as we see Chris Page emerge out to the top of the ramp. Thad and Main shift attention towards Page as he starts to make the walk down the ramp.

HHL: This is billed as Pure Rules No Interference contest, why the hell is Chris Page here?

Page reaches ringside flipping off both Main and Duke before coming around the ring with a purpose towards the announcer’s table. He takes a vacant seat next to Heather before putting on a headset.

HHL: To what do we owe the honor now? I mean it’s not like you can get involved in this match….

” Heather I am here to officially accept the challenge for the 12-Person Tag and inject this Main Event for some quality commentary; don’t they both deserve that?”

Page looks on as Thad and Robert refocus on each other as they circle the ring before locking up with a coller and elbow tie-up. Main uses his size and strength to muscle Duke back up against the ropes where the referee calls for the break. Main holds Thad against the ropes as the referee starts lay the five count to Main. Robert backs away from Duke at the four count before calling him back out towards the center of the ring.

The cocky prick that is Robert Main couldn’t just break at the referee’s request, he had to hold Duke against the ropes in order to feed his inferior complex.”

Pip: Why do I feel this is going to be some of the best commentaries in a very long time?

” Uh because it is.”

Thad smirks at Main as he walks forward off the ropes where he starts to circle Robert. They look to lock up a second time, yet this time Thad exercises his quickness as he drops down and goes behind Main taking a back waist lock. He lifts Robert up in the air before planting him down into the mat on his stomach. Duke quickly floats over into a front face lock before quickly getting to his knees where he paintbrush slaps Main across the back of the head before popping back up to his feet!

Main gets to his knees where he looks directly at Thad who motions for him to “bring it”.

HHL: A little mind games being played between Thad and Main in the opening minutes.

” It’s not like Robert is THAT hard to outsmart, Walnut brain after all.”

Pip: Well said.

Robert steps back up to his feet where he returns the smirk to Thad. The two start to circle each other where they lock up center ring. Main drives Thad back towards a neutral corner only to have Duke reverse the positioning at the last second sending Robert back against the buckles Duke laces Main across the chest with several knife edge chops before shooting Main across the ring and into the opposite buckles.

Duke charges in after Main where he eats a reverse elbow from the former Universal Champion staggering him backwards towards the center of the ring and allows Main to charge out from the corner delivering a running boot to the face of Duke sending the Hart Champion down to the mat. Main drops down making a cover.




Duke kicks out of the pinfall attempt as Robert quickly locks in a rear chin lock.

HHL: First near fall of the contest goes to the challenger.

Pip: Let’s be fair it’s going to take a lot more than a boot to the face to put down Duke.

” Take it from somebody that has defeated Thaddeus for his last two singles championships; the Uni and the TV, he is not an easy win by any stretch of the imagination. If you want to take down Duke you have to be prepared to go the distance; and seeing as this is Robert’s third or fourth match back since returning in March I highly doubt Robert can make that happen.”

Main is the first back to his feet. He reaches down picking up the HArt Champion where he hammers away with a series of right hands before taking Thaddeus back into the ropes, he shoots him across the ring with an Irish Whip, Thad bounces off the far side, Main ducks his head, Duke leap frogs over Main where he bounces off the near side, Main stands up and spins around swinging with a clothesline, Duke ducks and counters with a Crucifixion Pinfall attempt!




Main escapes the near fall as we see both Main and Duke back to their feet with Main swinging with a right hand, Duke blocks and counters with a right, followed by a second and then a third before being cut off by Main with a knee across the midsection. He takes Thad and positions him for a powerbomb! Main hoists up Duke and runs towards a neutral corner delivering a Buckle Bomb to the Hart Champion!

Duke crumbles down to the mat before rolling out to the floor.

Pip: Smart move by Thad to roll out to the floor and avoid a possible pinning combination.

HHL: Yeah but in the process he just opened up the possibilities of the floor and ringside area coming into play.

Main steps out to the ring apron before hopping down to the floor. He picks Duke up off the floor before driving him head first into the top of the ring steps which sends Duke around the side of the ring with Robert coming after him. Main spins Duke around where he scoops him up over his shoulder before pointing towards a ring post.

”Robert is wasting time per the usual like the damn chode he is.”

Robert lowers his pointing hand and charges towards the ring post! Duke manages to slide down the back of Main while shoving him forward into the ring post sending him smashing right shoulder first off the post before falling to the floor in front of the announcers position.

”Told ya.”

Thaddeus comes around the ring where he and Page lock eyes. There’s a sly smirk from Page followed by a headnod of approval.

”Don’t look at me, you’re fighting him!

A smirk is returned from Thad as he shifts his attention towards Robert where he picks him up off the floor before driving him head first into the announcers table right in front of Chris Page! Duke drives Main face first off the table a second time and then a third time before taking his challenger and hurling him into the ring under the bottom rope while Thad climbs back up on the ring apron before shooting towards the nearest set of buckles. Duke climbs to the top turnbuckle as he waits for Main who begins to work his way back up to his feet where Duke sets sail with a Bulldog from the top rope driving Main down into the canvass. Duke rolls Main over making hte cover.




Main kicks out of the near fall to a huge gasp from the crowd.

HHL: Duke nearly pulled off the upset!

”Come on Heather, get with the times because Duke beating Main is hardly considered an upset. Even I expected better out of you, it’s not like Duke is beating Page here. Now that’s an upset.”

Thad starts hammering away with a series of right hands to the downed Robert Main. He lands four or five strikes before he gets back to his feet where he picks his challenger up off the mat. Thad delivers a Side Russian Leg Sweep to Main before nipping up to his feet to a pop from the crowd. Duke wastres no time in stepping back out to the ring apron before climbing back up to the top turnbuckles. He looks down at Main before setting sail with a Swanton Bomb!

Main rolls out of the way before impact sending Thad crashing into the canvass.

Pip: Thad taking to many chances to early gave the veteran Main more than enough time to get out of the way.

Robert pushes himself up off the mat and back to his feet with Thad not far behind only as Thad reaches his feet he walks into a back breaker by Main who follows up with a standing moonsault down on to the Champion! Main makes the cover!




Duke kicks out!

”Again you can’t expect to beat Main or Duke with run of the mill moves. It boggles my mind for Robert Main to be so smart just how fucking stupid he can be.”

Main gets back to his feet where he picks up the Champion. He nails him with several open handed chops across the chest before taking him back into the ropes. Main successfully ties Thad’s arms in the ropes leaving him exposed for a flury of right hand shots to the head and face by the challenger while the official lays the count to Main.

At the four count Robert backs away allowing the referee to assist in freeing Thad from the ropes. Main comes forward where he hurls Thad across the ring with an Irish Whip sending Duke bouncing off the near side and into a Spinbuster slam from the challenger! Main makes another cover.




Duke escapes with a kick out at the last moment drawing a gasp from the crowd. Main steps back up to his feet where he turns his attention towards Page. He barks out some words as Chris blows him a kiss garnering a middle finger from Main to a roar from the crowd.

”Let the record show I did not instigate Main’s attention.”

Main turns his attention back towards Duke where he reaches down picking him up off the mat only to be countered with a dreaded inside cradle!




Main kicks out and beats Thad to his feet where he cuts him off with boot to the midsection. Main nails Duke with a right hook to Duke’s head followed by a left hook to the body before taking the Hart Champion back into a neutral corner. Main lays in several reverse elbows to the temple. He hurls him across the ring and into the opposite buckles. Robert charges across the ring looking for a corner splash!

Duke side steps Main sending him crashing sternum first into the buckles. Main staggers backwards towards the center of the ring as Thad hits a springboard cutter on Main to a mixed pop from the crowd! Thad executs the cover hooking the near leg.




Main escapes the near fall.

HHL: Back and forth this one has gone between two top tier athletes in the XWF today. All eyes are locked on this one here and now.

Pip: It’s sink or swim with both of these guys because neither of them can afford a loss as we are heading into War Games.

Thad gets back to his feet where he picks up Main. Duke laces the challenger across the chest with a series of knife edge chops. He takes Main back into the ropes where he shoots him across the ring, Main reverses and it’s Duke that bounces off the near side while Main ducks his head looking for a back body drop only to find a swinging neckbreaker from Duke! Thad quickly makes another cover forcing Main’s shoulders to the mat.




Main kicks out once again.

”Nothing would make me happier than to see Thad Duke, the very man I took the Uni from to pin Robert Main right here, right now and kill what is left of his credibility.”

Duke gets back up to his feet where he makes his way towards the ropes. Duke steps out to the ring apron before once again starting to make his way to the top rope while in the ring Main is getting back to his feet and as Thad reaches the top turnbuckle Main hits the ropes causing Duke to crotch himself on the top turnbuckles! Main comes towards the corner nailing Thad in the jaw, he steps up on the middle ropes where he locks in a front face lock before stepping up to the top rope where he delivers a Superplex to Duke yet sending both men crashing dpwn to the mat! Both Champion and Challenger lay on the mat as the referee is forced to lay a double count on each man.

HHL: It looks like we are back to square one as both Champion and Challenger are down following that Superplex by Main to Thaddeus.

Pip: First person to recover here is going to land the advantage

The referee reaches a five count before we see Robert Main rolls over and make a cover on Duke!




Duke escapes to a massive gasp from the crowd.

HHL: This one isn’t over yet!

Robert Main starts to work his way back to his feet drawing a response from the crowd as he calls for the DEAD MAN’S HAND!

”If Robert Main wins this goddamn match I am going to riot worse than what we saw Savage!

Thaddeus is shown pushing himself up to all fours before reaching one knee. He stands up to a vertical base as we see Robert come up from behind taking him up in the air across his shoulders only to see Thad squirm free sliding down the back of Main and seamlessly delivering a backstabber! Duke now makes a cover hooking the far leg.




Main kicks out to a massive gasp from the crowd before it breaks out into a huge “THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME!” chant from the crowd! Duke is shown rolling out towards the ring apron where he uses the ropes to pull himself back up to his feet!

Pip: Duke is refusing to play this safe at every turn as he is going back up to the High Rent District!

Duke starts to climb the buckles as Main is still laying on the mat. The crowd gets louder and louder as Duke stands up on the top rope before throwing both hands up in the air as he then dives off the top rope with a Flying Elbow Drop to the sternum of Main!

HHL: Huge elbow drop from the Champion!

Thad opts not to make the cover as he quickly gets back to his feet before making his way back into a neutral corner where he starts to stomp his right boot on the mat!

”If Thad connects with this Superkick it’s going to be lights out for Main! I should know, that damn thing has gotten me a few times in the past.”

Thad repeatedly gets faster and faster with his stomping on the mat as we see Robert start to work his way back up to a vertical base, and as he does Thad comes out of the corner looking to deliver the BETTER THAN YOU SUPERKICK! Main ducks and counters with an ELECTRIC CHAIR!

Pip: A desperation counter by the challenger!

Once again both men are laid out on the mat forcing the official to start his ten count.

”Would somebody win this goddamn thing?!?!”

Main and Duke each lay on the mat as the count continues. It reaches a six count before both men start to negotiate their way back to their feet at the referee’s eight count. Robert nails Thad with a right hand, Thad fires back with a right hand, Robert fires back with a right hand, Thad fires back with a right, then a second and a third rocking the challenger backward before Thad takes him back into the ropes where he shoots him across the ring with an Irish Whip, Main bounces off the ropes and into a one man flap jack from Duke! Thad executes the cover hooking the near leg.




Main kicks out of the near fall to another gasp from the crowd as we see Thad reach both knees with his hands on his hips as he cuts his eyes towards the official who shows him two fingers and inches away from successfully retaining the Hart Title.

HHL: Frustration has to be setting in because neiether man can seem to put the other one away.

Thaddeus steps back up to his feet where he reaches down picking Robert up only to have Robert counter with an inside cradle!




Duke escapes the near fall with a kick out! Both men are back to a vertical base with Duke popping up first where he runs with a clothesline, Main ducks and sends Thad bouncing off the near side and into a snap powerslam from the challenger! The crowd is on fire for both men as Main pops back up to his feet.

He picks the Hart Champion up off the mat where he takes him back up in the air for the Dead Man’s Hand only to see Duke counter with a Tornado DDT spiking Robert Main head first into the mat!

Pip: The sheer back and forth nature of this Main Event is absolutely off the charts!

”I wouldn’t give it THAT much credit.”

Duke makes the cover on Main!




Main kicks out of the near fall to a huge gasp from the crowd.

”Did I mention that I have a little surprise for both of these turds?”

HHL: What surprise?”

Thad starts to get back up to a vertical base where he grabs the right leg of Robert and looks to lock in a Figure Four Leg Lock! Main counters with an Inside Cradle of his own!




Duke escapes! Both Duke and Main get to their feet only to take each other down with a double clothesline!

The crowd ERUPTS as Drew Archlye comes up behind Page from behind the barricade where he reaches over and locks in a sleeper which brings Page up out of his chair and his headset is sent flying! Drew pulls Page into the crowd where he releases his sleeper and drives Page head first into the security barrier!

HHL: Drew Archlye is picking up where he left off with Chris Page!

Pip: In the ring the referee is at a six count!

Main and Duke start to stir in the ring while in the crowd we see Drew smack Page in the skull with a steel chair busting Page wide open! In the ring Main and Thad are both working their way back to their feet where Main goes for the Dead Man’s Hand a third time and for a third time Thad escapes free, Main spins around where Thad looks for another Superkick! Main ducks out of the way where he snatches Thad by the throat where he looks to deliver a Chokeslam, Thad slips away mid air where he rolls Main up with a School Boy!






Thad quickly escapes out to the floor followed by the referee as Robert shockingly looks on as Thad’s arm is raised in victory! The celebration doesn’t last as OSWALD blasts Thad from behind while THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS and MISS FURY hit the ring jumping Robert Main!


Ozzy stomps away at the Hart Champion on the floor! The crowd roars as Drew jumps the barrier hitting the ring only to quickly have the numbers dominate him.

We go to a split-screen in ANAHEIM as ATARA THEMIS is putting the boots to a downed Jim Caedus with TERRY BORDEN!

[white]Pip: Atara and Borden have jumped Jim Caedus in Anaheim! The Bastards and Miss Fury are destroying Main and Archyle. Chris Page slides into the ring where he joins in on the assault on Robert Main and Drew Archlye!

Betsy Granger enters the screen pulling Atara off Caedus- Atara and Betsy stare each other down which allows Caedus to get the upper hand on Borden as Terry picks him up! Caedus disposes of Borden while back in Orlando the crowd erupts as…

JAMES RAVEN and SHAWN WARSTEIN hit the ring from out of nowhere!

Raven and Page start throwing blows as Bourbon and Warstein go at it. Main and Drew get back in the mix but before everything can combust the ring floods with black-shirted security hit the ring quickly separating the eight in the ring

All attention diverts towards the top of the ramp as we see General Manager Derrick Diamond emerge with a microphone

”I can’t speak for the rest of the world but I am about tired of all this back and forth between Apex/Legacy and BOB, Now I know War Games is right around the corner, and while we clearly can’t settle this there… we sure as hell CAN settle it on the Road To Relentless! Mark your calendars for Wednesday Night, September 3nd because your Main Event is going to be a 12 Person Tag Team Match in which Apex and Legacy will meet 6 members of BOB! And BOB must reveal the 6 on the next edition of WARFARE!"

The crowd roars as Warfare fades to black.

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Robert, it was a pleasure doin' business with you.

Main... much respect, sir.

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(07-21-2021, 06:43 PM)Thaddeus Duke Said: Robert, it was a pleasure doin' business with you.

Main... much respect, sir.

Congratulations my friend ❤👏

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Congrats Jimmy! Well deserved, and a ton of fun!

....... I'll be coming back for a rematch.... j/s ;)

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Ooc: whoever wrote that cage match...ultimate, fam. Ultimate. That shit was amazing, thank you! Kickass card all around to all involved. Lycana, you're fuckin' hardcore girl.

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RECORDING DATA..................
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