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Wednesday Night Warfare - 05/19/21 - RESULTS
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05-19-2021, 05:12 PM

WEDNESDAY - 19 - MAY - 2021


From !!!


- vs -

- vs -

- vs -

[Image: JggTqeU.png]
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- vs -

WEDNESDAY - 19 - MAY - 2021


From !!!



Wednesday Night Warfare takes the air live...

HHL: XWF fans, for the last several weeks we’ve all been witness to this game of cat and mouse between the XWF’s Hart Champion Ned Kaye, and his apparent challenger, Thaddeus Duke.

PIP: Heather, on the last edition of Warfare, Thad manned up and faced EXP in a handicap match with the stipulation being, if he won, he’d face Ned Kaye at Leap of Faith for the championship.

HHL: He did win the match! He is going to Leap of Faith against Ned Kaye!

PIP: But he didn’t win the match! EXP lost it when they were disqualified! This was a miscarriage of justice from the word go!

HHL: A victory... is a victory... is a victory and Thaddeus Duke was declared the winner and he will meet Ned Kaye!

HHL: And here comes the Hart Champion!

PIP: And he’ll still be the Hart Champion after Leap of Faith!

HHL: That remains to be seen, but he’s not comin’ alone!

Ned Kaye with the whole of Avalanche makes their way to the ring to a chorus of boos from the Universe.

HHL: Ned Kaye, looking cocky and confident tonight on Warfare!

The Nefarious One enters the ring with Avalanche on his heels, the Hart title slung over his shoulder. No fanfare except for the steady chorus of boos.

PIP: He should be confident, Heather! He’s the undisputed Hart Champion! He’s the leader of Avalanche! He’s put Thaddeus Duke’s ass in check and tonight! Tonight Heather, he’s gonna put him on notice!

Mark my words!

”X! W! F! Did you miss me?"

The constant stream of the crowd's anger intensifies, Kaye wafting their hatred to breathe it in, totally indulging upon every second.

”Trust me, the feeling was mutual! However, I'm not really here to pronounce how truly unimportant every last one of you is! You live in Arizona, you already know that!"

HHL: "Phoenix showing Avalanche exactly how welcome they are here!"

PIP: "You gotta admit, Heather, they are overreacting a bit. Ned was just poking fun at them and they have to get all hostile on him!"

HHL: "Pip, do you ever get tired of having the taste of boot on your tongue all the time?"

PIP: "Look, their animosity has even infected you. Arizona does suck!"

[color=#4682B4]"No, no, no. I'm here because a trio of entitled children has decided it wants to put sights on me. Continuum, named obviously for its never ending ability to fail at the most important moments, yet continue to exist like a cockroach in nuclear winter. But do any of these bugs deserve a match with me?”

PIP: Short answer: no!

”Maybe Corey Smith, a boy whose first true love was himself in drag. Maybe he's the member of Continuum most worthy. Or perhaps Dock, a manchild who plays around with wizards and demons and fairytale shit because looking into the eye of true horror- staring into my eyes is too much. But Thaddeus Duke? Never. The only reason he got this match is because I said he could. No member of Continuum has earned a real match against me and not one of them ever will! Duke gets to sign on the dotted line tonight so that I can sign his death certificate on the 30th! And there's not a damn thing he can do about it! He and his little group of leftovers can't do sh-!"

HHL: The Continuum theme has Phoenix in an uproar!

PIP: These fans are sheep! They cheer anything those two little idiots do!

HHL: Really Pip? I’m not sure you should be calling anyone little.

PIP: …….

Corey Smith emerges from backstage to the stage, wearing a Karate Kid-like bandana, combat boots and military fatigues.

HHL: Ned Kaye! Directing traffic!

Ned disperses Avalanche from the ring. They line up in front of the ring cutting off Corey Smith and the ramp from Ned Kaye, still standing in the ring with the Hart title slung over his shoulder and the contract clipboard lying beside him.


PIP: Cheap pop!

HHL: Hey! Whatever works.

Corey paces on stage a few moments before bri ging the mic back to his lips.

”Did I hear you right?

“Did I hear you say that Thad doesn’t deserve a shot at your belt?”

”Where is he, Corey? Where’s Thaddeus Duke!? Where’s your boyfriend?”

”I could do worse…

“I’m not sure if anyone is aware of this fact, but Thad is not very good at being punctual.”

”Or hanging onto titles.” Ned grins at his own comment.

”Ned, there’s two things you don’t want: One, is Thaddeus Duke. It’s clear as daylight by the shit you pulled last Warfare that you really have no interest in facing Thaddeus Duke…”


Ned reaches down and lifts the clipboard from the mat, signing his name to the contract to a boisterous reaction from the Phoenix crowd.

”Shut up!

“There it is Corey… my name is signed and your boy has yet to show his face because we all know that Thaddeus Duke is the real coward.”

Ned tosses the contract behind him.

HHL: I can’t believe he said that with a straight face…

”The other thing you don’t really want, Ned… is Continuum.”

Corey drops the mic and dead stares Ned Kaye from the stage. Ned starts barking orders at Avalanche from inside the ring and his brethren begin a slow march up the ramp.


The classic WCW Goldberg theme hits the airwaves and on the X-Tron, Thad’s Lionheart banner “flaps in the breeze.”

HHL: Holy sh…


A very small portion of Thaddeus Duke’s military emerges from backstage. A few carry the banners of the Lionheart himself while many others brandish live weapons.

HHL: There will be no violence on Corey Smith tonight! The war drums beat for Ned Kaye!

As Avalanche has their back to Ned Kaye, and as Ned is focused on the Illuminatus military marching toward the ring, Thaddeus Duke hops the barricade and rolls into the ring behind Ned to a crazed reaction from the Phoenix chapter of the XWF Universe. Quiet as a mouse, he signs the contract for Leap of Faith.

”Ned… this was just too easy.” Corey says with a laugh, and points past Ned to Thaddeus Duke, standing in an attack position, Ned follows Corey’s pointing and turns around right into…




Avalanche takes notice of what’s just transpired as Ned Kaye lies motionless and sprawled out in the center of the ring. Thias Watts is the first to hit the ring. The big man ducks under the top rope to enter and Thad springs to action.

Just as Watts goes to stand upright, Thad uses his shoulder as a springboard, catapulting himself off of Watts and over the top rope and Avalanche into a soft and friendly landing in the arms of his military men. After setting him down, Thad bows in curtsy toward Avalanche and backpedals up the ramp to join Corey on stage. Corey hands him his mic.

Hey Thias, Thad begins. Since you’re about the only one of the bunch that has half a brain. When Ned wakes up, do be a good man and point him to the fine print in the contract we just signed…

Paul Heyman emerges from backstage to join his client and Corey on stage.

Let him know, that LIVE from the GOT DAMN MOON! He and are gonna battle inside… Thad waves his mic to his right so Paul Heyman can finish off the statement.

Heymans! House! Of Horrors!



PIP: This is an injustice that needs to be righted!

HHL: In Eleven days at Leap of Faith, Ned Kaye will defend the Hart Championship against Thaddeus Duke inside Heyman’s House of Horrors!

It opens up to the backstage of the arena, where we see JB and his friends all surround him for this so called big moment, where he’s interviewed by B.O.B’s very own interviewer Tommy Slavino, where we see Reggie holding a sack that looked like a title, as Tommy stood behind Slavino with a gun to his back, face painted like one of the cast members from Dead Presidents movie. As Slavino comes up to JB, he hesitantly talks to him.

“Uh, hey John uh… how do you feel about your, uh… match tonight against Chronic Chris Page for his Universal Championship?”

“How do I feel about that?… that is what you want to know?… what about that interview you did with him last time, where he claimed that I wasn’t playing the spoiler route with him… knowing I won’t have a chance at beating him?”

“Hey, that was Page’s own words, not mines, I was just a messenger for him. All I did was ask him how he felt about you in his last words, plus, you did kinda spoil the match itself so…”

“So what?… you co signed with him, Tommy… you even brought up the fucking card at Leap Of Faith as a matter of fact that he’s going to be one to defend his so called title against his former dead friend Main. You know what Tommy, ask me that question again…”

“What question?”

“How I feel about my impending match where I don’t have a chance at beating Page, ask me that question before I have to have to blow your fucking heart out your chest.”

T then still had the gun on Slav’s back, and he was shaking his mic in fear he’d be killed by them. So he gulps, and tries to fix his tie, and he looks into the camera. Then he looks at John, and redo this interview.

“John, how do you feel about your chances in this match tonight?”

“I have this slight chance of me not winning against this piece of shit, Page… you want to know why?”


“I’m not a white guy like him, I am not in his fucking league… I am a nobody who nobody likes in this federation. I am the guy, who would rather take a chance at fucking up Atty in the moon, then I do in a cage with this wannabe RVD bitch.”

“Whoa, whoa… tough words from you John. You seem not let anything hold you back, what do you mean about nobody liking you in the federation?”

“Day One…. Day one, i’ve been here… I couldn’t even get any respect for what I do. So now, I have to demand respect by fucking up your bitch, Page. The one who apparently plays big bank take little bank with you and the rest of the B.O.B posse. If you see him, tell him he still owe’s me my fucking money!”

Then the camera man signals it’s time to wrap it up, so Salvino then tries to leave, but Tommy then escorts him away from the scene and gunshots are heard off screen. Then Tommy comes back, and laughs while holding the prop gun. Then we see Reggie pulling out the Page’s Universal Championship, and all three men gaze upon it. Then Reggie drops it on the floor, and Tommy grabs a hammer and passes it to JB. Then the cameraman comes back to film this, and all three men stand over the belt as JB speaks.

“Page, this belt is your lifeline… this belt is the companies lifeline… for so long, i’ve been thinking about getting this championship. For nine years of days and nights, i’ve been dreaming of this once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the fold of this belt. I’ve had thoughts that I wouldn’t be able to get to that promise land of a bigger payday, more main eventing spots and the works. But ever since you had that interview with Tommy Salvino, I got myself heated at the thought of you mentioning that your name is on the Leap Of Faith Card for this belt. I already knew the time, so I had to make this moment a declaration…”

JB then kneels and smashes the title to pieces, and the camera pans up close to the smashed title plate. Then we see Tommy hitting it also, with Reggie getting his shots in to with the hammer. Then the camera man pans back up to a pissed off JB, as the camera cuts back to the arena where the fans boo the shit out this moment, as they watch it unfold on the X-Tron.

“This is a declaration of War Page, this is a sign that this belt don’t mean a damn thing to me, since you already had proved to be a big mouth bastard to Tommy and to the world, saying that your name on the Leap Of Faith is a guarantee you’ll come home with your so called precious title. I know i am going to get heat for this moment, but I don’t give a fuck anymore… it’s time to let the THUG inside of me roam free, and this cage will not be anything new. So Page, I want you and these fans take a good look on what I did to the championship, take a look of all my rage I put into this bad thing i’ve committed.”

Then the camera man pans to the broken title once again, then JB forcibly takes the camera off he title, and focused on him once again as he was in rage, as Reggie and Tommy are destroying the set in the background.

“Page, consider this match to be your hell to pay against me. Consider this as your shot to prove how much of a mark you are, since you tend to believe in your own shit; prove to these fans that you might be a cocky prick, but you can hang with a THUG like me in the ring. Earn your shot at giving these fans what they want to see, a match of the year against you and your old bitch Main… that’ll put butts in seats. So Page, fuck this title… fuck you… and fuck everything you stand for what is wrong in this place, I am going to kill you in that cage by tonight.”

Then JB does an X with his arms, while Tommy and Reggie does the same taunt as the camera looms back at the broken title, as we fade to commerical.

Ladies and gentleman the following contest is scheduled for one fall, currently in the ring to the corner to my left, AIREL DIXON!

Airel raises an arm to a pop from the crowd.

And in the corner to my right, her opponent… MICKEY KINKADE!

Mickey Kinkade stretches using the top ropes as the referee calls for the opening bell.

- vs -

Rel and Kinkade lock up center ring when suddenly SIL and CORPORATE CHAOS come through the crowd with chairs in hand!

HHL: Chaos and Sil!

Chaos and Sil hit the ring cracking Rel and Kinkade with chairs to the back! Sil tosses his chair down to the mat before picking Rel up locking in a Full Nelson! Chaos sizes up Mickey and drills him with a Spear as Sil rag dolls Rel!

Pip: Sil, Chaos and Rel are all involved in the Leap of Faith Briefcase match! Chaos and Sil wasting no time in making a statement!

Chaos sets up and charges towards Rel who is slung towards Chaos who drills her with a Spear! Chaos pops back up to his feet where he and Sil looks down at the carnage they have left in their wake. We see the two exit the ring and go back out through the crowd as they came.

HHL: They came, they conquered.

Pip: If Sil and Chaos work together come Leap of Faith there is a good chance that one of these two will leave the owner of a 24/7 Briefcase.

The camera opens backstage on X-Treme Champion and 24/725/8 Briefcase holder, Alias making his way through the backstage area of the Talking Stick Arena. He is keenly aware of the camera’s presence, and turns to face it, speaking in a hushed voice barely above a whisper.

ALIAS: Things are quiet, folks. Even Demos hasn’t tried to pin me in like two days. That’s quite a kind gesture on his behalf.

Some noise can be heard around a corner in the corridor, and he momentarily takes his attention away from the camera, flicking his eyes forwards. Though the murmur continues nobody comes around, so he turns back to the camera.

ALIAS: It won’t stay quiet for long, though. In my, admittedly muddied experience, the trick to getting ahead in the world is not to passively wait for things - I tried that and have the scars to prove it. Rather, you need to get ahead of any potential challenges. Kind of like this…

He motions with his head towards the camera, asking for it to follow him. He then turns and steps forward around the corner of the corridor. The murmuring stops, and Alias opens his arms wide, the briefcase in one hand and championship in the other, with a grin on his face.

ALIAS: Why hello there!

Shakily, the camera catches up to ALIAS and turns around the corner to see him walking towards three men:

Jim Caedus.

Drew Archyle.

Robert Main.


ALIAS: I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure, gentlemen!

He steps close to them and stares, eye to eye, across from one of the most dominant trios in XWF history.

ALIAS: Allow me to introduce myself! I’m the guy with this…

Holding up the 24/725/8 Briefcase, his grin fades as he makes particular eye contact with Main.

ALIAS: Now I get that you all have your own little vendetta going, and I fully encourage you to explore every last impulse and yearning that comes from that, no matter how unsettling it may be. You do you, bud…

He winks at Main.

ALIAS: And you…

He turns to Caedus.

ALIAS: You be a good little puppet for DiCtAtOr LaNe and go get you one of these too - if the hype is real. While you…

He turns to Archyle.

ALIAS: You do… whatever it is you do around here. Lose a match and then never take another for the next two months? I suppose everyone has a role to fill.

His eyes settle back upon Main.

ALIAS: But so… do… I. And though your deepest, darkest desires might see you putting Chris Page through hell and walking away the Universal Champion, my desires, my role, my next story is already written, and when I come to cash my goddamn cheque, your quest for vengeance DOES NOT MATTER. My ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE rests in my own hands now.

Drew steps forward leering over Alias from head to toe shaking his head... Drew takes another step forward now completely violating Alias's personal space. Drew whispers in Alias's ear...

ARCHYLE: You're low on fiber hoss...

Drew takes a gigantic step back nearly stepping on Jim's feet as Robert sighs.

ARCHYLE: Jim you've got to watch out, I'm trying to save this man's life.

Jim puts his hands up stepping back as Drew begins rummaging around in his zebra print fanny pack. Drew pulls out a rubber chicken, takes one look at it and holds it up to Alias's face then squeezes...


Alias looks at Robert and Jim confused as Drew holds up one finger tossing the rubber chicken over his shoulder smacking Jim in the head. Jim places his hands on his hips as Drew holds one finger up motioning for Alias to hang on... Drew then pulls out a water pistol pointing it directly at Alias squirting him right between the eyes... Alias frustratingly blinks the water away as Drew shrugs, dropping the water pistol to the floor as his eyes light up...

ARCHYLE: Found it... Made it yesterday morning... Oh, all that stuff you said that's just like your opinion man. Also, can I interest you in a kale and banana smoothie? It's good for the soul.

Drew pulls the kale and banana smoothie from his fanny pack, held neatly in a zip lock bag... Main and Jim simultaneously as Drew slaps the bag into Alias’s chest... Alias waves Drew off shaking his head...

ARCHYLE: Fine chief, but don't come to me if you change your mind because this bad boy will be gone.

Drew points at Alias as he walks off camera, then Jim steps forward, closing the distance between the two to pin Alias with an unblinking steely glare.

Several seconds of silent tension pass before…

CAEDUS: A puppet am I? First of all Pinocchi-ho, there are no strings on me, it's called loyalty. Loyalty for APEX, for the XWF and yes, indeed, loyalty for the man who has been instrumental in encouraging Caedus since day fuckin' one; Boss Lane. "Dictator Lane" by the way? You takin' cues from Demos of all people? Jesus...

Second, you ain't gotta tell me shit about "go get you one of these too", I've held a 24/7 Briefcase twice in my time here thus far bro and I had to face overwhelming odds in both epics to achieve that. So miss me with the patronizing passive aggressive attitude, asshat.

And third-

Jim pushes in ever closer.

CAEDUS: -you may have defeated Docsy, and all due respect, but you intimidate me about as far as The Bourbs's blubbery half ton ass can pole vault. Anytime you feel the urge to see what I'm capable of firsthand, you go right ahead and sign on the dotted line. You think Somethin' In The Way with Demos, I'll drop you on your skull so stiff and fuckin' fast that balloon dome 'a yours will pop out the opposite end and grant new meanin' to the term shithead. Now you tell me, the hype real?

Jim maintains close proximity for another drawn out moment of silence, Alias not offering much but a half grin of utter confidence.

You smell wonderful for the record. Drakkar?

Suck it, Thad.

At long last Jim, still holding Alias's gaze, steps slowly out of frame.

Robert nods to Jim, lighting a cigar and stepping up to Alias, their eyes locked for a moment as time seemed to stand still. Robert, wondered if he was leering into the eyes of the Alpha? Or a man writing a check his ass can't cash... Only time will tell... The tip of Robert's cigar burned cherry red as he blew the smoke up over Alias's head out of respect...

SHOUTING comes from off in the distance


Robert rolls his eyes not responding to Drew...

MAIN: First things first, I want to congratulate you...

Robert grins extending his hand. Alias seems hesitant before giving in and shaking Robert's hand.

MAIN: It's not every day a man takes Doc out and receives a case all in one swoop... The two birds one stone theory happened for you... Great job and I mean that.

Alias begins to pull away as Robert locks onto his hand like a pitbull.

MAIN: You did something extraordinary, hell, maybe once in a lifetime and you rightfully deserve all the credit in the world for doing what you did... So, good for you...

Robert pulls Alias in closer…

MAIN: But in doing so, you've created a monstrosity and guess who this deviant's going to come looking for...

Robert releases his grip then points at Alias...

MAIN: You big dog and no one else... And that right there is a monumental problem if you are in the Alias camp... But thankfully for me, I'm not...

Robert winks before eyeing the case...

MAIN: The amount of shit that you've stirred up is memorizing and you don't even have the strap draped over that shoulder yet.

Robert dusts off Alias's right shoulder.

MAIN: That case right there damn near guarantees you'll become champion... Here's some advice my man, heavy is the head that wears the crown. I've been in those same shoes, standing there with all the power, waiting for that perfect moment. Cashing in and cementing your spot in history... It's exhilarating I get it... And what you choose to do with that case is up to you. But, know one thing it's a lonely road...

Robert taps the case with his index finger.

MAIN: You'll find out soon enough that this case can become a nightmare real quick...

Robert pauses...

MAIN: My match against Chris Page isn't about the Universal Championship like most people think... I've been there and done that, punching my ticket into the hall of legends... Number two on the list... This is about retribution, and once I'm done with Chris Page there isn't going to be anything left but a man I sent into retirement... That belt isn't even on my radar, I've got much larger fish to fry... Once I cross Page off the list I move on to the rest of B.o.B... So you go ahead and do what you've got to...

Robert starts to walk away then stops...

MAIN: But remember one thing... What goes around comes around... Good luck champ...

Robert slaps Alias on the back as he walks off screen.

Alias, turns and watches him go. His face breaks into a goofy grin, and his attention shifts towards the camera, looking and speaking directly into it.

ALIAS: What’d I tell you, folks? THAT’s how you stir the pot. This is fun!

He looks down the corridor again, in the direction that Apex left.

ALIAS: Kind of wish I took that smoothie though… HEY DREW!”

Alias walks off screen as the scene fades to commercial.

The camera cuts to Rel striding with a purpose through the hallways. She has a wide smile on her face as she stops and studies the door nearest to her. She jiggles the handle and then flings it open, disappearing inside for a few moments. She reappears in the doorway, a slight frown taking the place of her smile as she pauses. She looks both ways before continuing onwards, poking her head into the open doors she comes across.

Heather: Ariel Dixon is a newcomer to the XWF.

Pip: I wonder what, or who she is looking for.

Rel continues to stride down the hall, and she appears to be talking to herself. Her eyes land on another closed door, and she stops, eyeballing it. Her head tilts slowly to the side as we hear her muttering under her breath. She nods, as if answering her own question, then suddenly lunges at the door, slamming her foot into it, making it fly open.


A voice bellows from within before the door slams into the inner wall then bounces back hard enough to shut again. Rel skips forward and opens the door like a normal human being, a wide grin coming across her features as she steps inside. She waves cheerfully at...

Heather: LYCANA?!

Pip: Why was Rel looking for her?

Lycana is on her feet, staring with narrowed eyes at Rel who places her hands behind her back, rocking back and forth on her feet, a small giggle coming from her as she observes Lycana’s expression.

Lycana: What do you want?

Rel bounces into the room, leaping onto a chair with wheels, sending it scooting across the floor. She uses her foot to steer it in the general direction of Lycana, before sending into a fast spin. She tilts her head back, letting her hair dangle as she goes around and around, coming to a stop before a now irritated looking Lycana. Rel grins, staring at her upside down.

Rel: You’re the chick that can turn into a puppy, right?

She flips quickly into a seated position on the chair, reaching out to run her hands down Lycana’s long, sapphire tresses, lifting it to watch it cascade down, as her mouth forms a little ‘O’.

Rel: I loooooove your hair. Who does it?

Lycana: I do.

She steps backwards, putting herself out of Ariel’s reach as she studies the other woman, a mildly perplexed expression on her face at this strange turn of events.

Lycana: Now, what do you want?

Rel: Ya got anything you can give me? Like, some witchy potion or something?

Lycana looks confused.

Lycana: You want a potion? What kind of potion?

Rel giggles as she starts to spin around in the chair once more, whirling faster and faster.

Rel: A love potion. Something to make that sexy piece of man meat to notice me!

Lycana blinks. Then blinks again, before she snorts back a little bit of laughter. She shakes her head, holding her arms out wide.

Lycana: Do I LOOK like the type of person to make LOVE potion? I’m sorry, you're going to have to figure something else out to help you get your hot little hands on Corey...

Rel: No.

Lycana: Mickey...?

Rel begins to pout as the chair winds down to a stop.

Rel: Nuh uh.

Lycana: Thad...?

Rel: Nope.

Lycana: R.L.?

Rel: Wrong again. You’re terrible at this game.

She crosses her arms and stomps a foot on the floor, her lower lip jutting out at Lycana’s failure to guess who it was she wanted a love potion for.

Lycana: Oh lord, please don’t tell me its Centurion.... It doesn’t even matter. Look hun, I can't help you. I don’t do this sort of thing; I think you should...

Rel: But Demos is such a sweetheart!

Lycana: …. just... you know, work your charms and stuff. I'm sure you have a ton to offer! Some guys dig crazy. And then...

She stops, her jaw hanging open as she stares at Rel.

Lycana: Did you.... did you say... DEMOS?

Rel:I need something that will make him want to rip my clothes off and take me for HOURS! He wont even french kiss me!

Rel sighs dramatically, folding her hands under her chin as she nods eagerly at Lycana, whose mouth closes with a sharp snap. A flicker of something passes through her eyes, as the corners of her lips tilt upwards in an absolutely predatory smile.

Lycana: You know what, maybe I can help you out with this little man problem after all. A love potion, was it?

A sharp squeal rips through the air as Rel launches herself at Lycana, wrapping her arms around her in an exuberant hug, nearly knocking her off her feet. Rels high pitched giggles are joined by Lycana’s throaty chuckles, blending into a maniacal chorus as the camera cut out.

Heather: That was.... That was....

Pip: Weird? Terrifying? Creepy? All of the above?

Heather: Let's just... get back to the ring.

PC: "Coming up next, we've got a non-title Street Fight between XWF Television Champion, Andre Dixon, and the younger half of EXP, Eobard Stone."

HHL: "These two have a little bit of history as Avalanche attacked Dixon after his win over Dean Rose a few weeks back. You can be sure Andre hasn't forgotten about that."

"Nightforce" hits over the PA system as the fans begin to boo. Eobard Stone pushes his way through the curtain, with Steven Cooper following close behind as he makes his way down the aisle.

PC: "According to Stone, The Trooper is out here merely to spectate."

HHL: "Yeah, we'll see about THAT. Can't say I trust anybody who jumps people from behind."

Eobard makes his way to the ring where he hops up onto the apron and grabs onto the top rope, causing fireworks to shoot from each corner post. He then climbs in and shows off for the crowd as Steve Cooper claps for him on the outside.

PC: "Even if Cooper doesn't get involved, his presence is bound to be a distraction for the TV Champion."

HHL: "No doubt, having someone in your corner to cheer you on and coach you can be a HUGE advantage; but certainly one Andre Dixon is more than capable of overcoming."

As his theme begins to play, Andre Dixon walks out onto the ramp to a roar from the crowd. He takes a moment to pat his TV Title before heading towards the ring, a look of business in his eyes.

PC: "I don't think I've seen Andre Dixon more focused than he appears to be right now."

HHL: "He may not be able to get his hands on ALL of Avalanche, but this is certainly the next best thing."

PC: "You can't chop a tree down in one swing."

HHL: "I'm assuming, in this case, Avalanche is the tree?"

PC: "What? No! I was talking about something completely different!"

HHL: "..............."

Andre Dixon slaps a few hands as he heads over to the steps and runs up them. Once on the apron, he quickly climbs in and hoists his belt high above his head as Eobard flees to the outside and over to Cooper for some advice.

PC: "This will be Stone's first match on his own; a big moment for both him AND his trainer."

HHL: "Easily the biggest match of the Game Master's short career, a win here would certainly get people talking!"

Andre hands his Title over to the ref and motions for Eobard to get back in the ring, which he slowly does. With both men ready to go, the referee takes Dixon's Championship over to the time keeper and calls for the bell.


- vs -

PC: "And this one's under way!"

Stone and Dixon lock-up in the center of the ring, with the TV Champion delivering a Knee to his opponent's gut right out the gate, forcing him to let go. Andre follows it up with a hard Forearm to the back of Eobard's head before running to the ropes. On his way back, The Game Master is able to hit a Jumping Heel Kick out of nowhere that nearly takes The King's head off! Despite the heavy blow, Dixon immediately gets back up, where Stone greets him with an Arm Drag Takedown. Both men quickly get to their feet, where Eobard hits a second one. Upon going for a third, Andre is able to overpower his opponent and prevent him from doing so, dropping him with a Clothesline that sends The Game Master rolling to the outside.

HHL: "A quick start to this one, let's see if they keep this pace moving forward."

PC: "Looks like Stone wants to slow it down a bit."

Before Eobard can get anymore advice from his partner, Dixon follows him out and grabs him from behind. Cooper backs away, allowing Andre to Irish Whip Stone into the barricade with ease. The TV Champion then charges towards The Game Master in an attempted Spear, only for Stone to move out of the way, causing Dixon's head to collide with the cold steel of the barrier!

PC: "The TV Champion could be out! If Stone can get him back in the ring, this one could be over already!"

HHL: "What an upset THAT'D be!"

Eobard bends down and brings his opponent to a vertical base as Steven Cooper praises him. Stone drags Dixon over to the apron, where he rolls the TV Champion in and follows close behind with a cover.




PC: "Looks like Dixon came to JUST in the nick of time!"

Eobard Stone slaps the mat in frustration, before turning his attention back to the outside. He begins searching under the ring, Cooper standing next to him with suggestions on which weapon to use.

HHL: "Is this NOT helping him???"

PC: "Absolutely not! All Cooper's doing is giving his student advice; it's really no different than a Coach!"

Eventually, Eobard settles on a Ladder, which he tries to take into the ring............... only to have it shoved into his AND Cooper's chest thanks to a timely Baseball Slide from Dixon! Both members of EXP fly back into the barricade as Andre climbs back out, grabs his opponent, and tosses him into the ring. Rather than following him, though, Dixon begins searching for a weapon of his own. It doesn't take him long to come back up with a Fire Extinguisher, which he takes with him into the ring.

PC: "What the hell's he gonna do with that???"

HHL: "I'm not sure, but something tells me he isn't about to put out a fire!"

Andre points the hose at Stone, who manages to Kick the extinguisher out of his opponent's hands, sending it flying into the audience. Eobard follows it up with Roundhouse that dazes Dixon, causing him to fall backwards against the ropes, and back at Stone who lifts him up onto his shoulders.

PC: "The Game Master could be looking for a Critical Hit here!"

Eobard walks Andre over to the ropes and proceeds to toss him off, hoping his head will bounce off the top rope causing whiplash. Unfortunately for Stone, Dixon is able to shift in mid-air and land on his feet. Realizing his opponent is still up, Eobard turns around and is met with a Clothesline From Hell............ except he ducks it and responds with a vicious Superkick! Luckily for Dixon, he sees the Kick coming and is able to catch it, before using Stone's leg to spin him around and catch him with a Spinebuster! HOWEVER, on the way down, The Game Master is able to maneuver The King's head between his arm so that it collides with the mat simultaneously with his back!

PC: "Deadly Force!!!!!"

HHL: "It looks like Stone shifted into a DDT at the last second!"

PC: "I think you might be right."

Despite Eobard Stone being laid out from his finisher, Andre Dixon is unable to cover him due to the blow to his skull. He lays there clutching his head for a bit, trying to shake the cobwebs out as his opponent slowly recuperates.

PC: "Andre's wasting too much time! Cover him now, worry about the concussion later!"

Following Pip's wonderful advice, Andre rolls over onto his opponent, for an extremely laxed pin attempt.




HHL: "If it wasn't for Stone's quick thinking, this match would be over!"

PC: "I gotta admit, The Trooper's taught him well!"

Andre rolls off of Eobard, still trying to collect himself after that vicious DDT counter. He goes to pick Stone up, but the Game Master breaks free and thrusts his hand into Dixon's throat, backing him off a bit. This allows Eobard to step forward and wrap his hand around the TV Champion's throat, before lifting him up and bringing him down for a Chokeslam. The Game Master casually rests his hands over Dixon's chest for a cover.



SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!

PC: "Cooper might wanna teach Stone proper pin technique."

HHL: "No doubt he HAS, but sometimes the heat of the moment, as well as fatigue, takes over."

PC: "Sounds like a rookie mistake, to me!"

The Game Master rises up and yells something to Cooper, pointing to the front row as he does so. Steven nods, before heading over to a fan, reaching over the barricade, and stealing their chair. The frat boy throws his arms up and argues with The Trooper, who snatches the man's beer out of his hands before walking over to the ring and sliding the chair in. As Eobard grabs the weapon, Steven gives him a thumbs up while taking a large gulp of the stolen beverage.

HHL: "So much for not helping........."

PC: "Hey! The only thing Cooper's helping is himself to a beer!"

The Game Master heads over to a now vertical Andre Dixon and tosses the chair at him. Dixon catches it and Stone goes to Superkick it into his face, but the TV Champion sidesteps him and smashes the chair into his leg! He then follows it up with a shot to the head, sending Eobard toppling to the mat as blood drips out of his mask.

PC: "The Game Master's been busted open!"

HHL: "I'm curious to see how he'll respond, this isn't something Cooper could prepare him for!"

PC: "Nope, this is something he's gonna have to learn on the fly!"

Andre Dixon tosses the chair aside and motions for Stone to get up. He eventually does, very slowly, as the yellow of his mask/suit gets stained crimson. Once to his feet, Eobard turns around and gets leveled with a nasty Clothesline From Hell that bends him backwards in an awkward way! Upon hitting the mat, Andre Dixon drops down and hooks both legs for a cover.




PC: "I don't think The Trooper taught him THAT, either. Pretty sure that was purely instinct!"

Andre Dixon rises up and drags The Game Master with him. He then whips his opponent to the ropes, but Eobard manages to catch onto them, preventing himself from slinging back at Andre. Dixon charges forward and Clotheslines Stone over the top rope, but Eobard is able to skin the cat and pull himself onto the apron. The Game Master tugs on the ropes for a moment, testing them, before slingshotting himself onto the top one and jumping at Dixon with the fluidity of a Cruiserweight! Unfortunately for Stone, though, Andre is able to turn around just in time and catch him with a Bear Hug submission hold.

PC: "What athleticism by The Game Master!"

HHL: "What a catch by The King!"

The TV Champion applies pressure to Eobard's back, causing him to cry out in pain. He tries to maneuver his arms out of Andre's grasp, but the Champ's grip is too strong. It's at this point, that Steven Cooper climbs onto the apron behind Dixon and prepares to go in. However, to his amazement, Stone looks at him from within the hold and shakes his head, refusing his mentor's help. The Trooper hesitates for a moment, wanting to do what he feels is best for his student.

HHL: "Is he gonna interfere?"

PC: "He's thinking about it!"

Cooper runs his hands through his hair before climbing down, letting Eobard fend for himself. Dixon continues to squeeze the life out of The Game Master, until an opportune moment allows him to slip a hand out and deliver a thumb to the eye of his opponent. The cheapshot forces Andre to let go of Stone and back away, checking on his potentially injured eye.

PC: "I guess he didn't need Cooper, afterall!"

HHL: "Nope, just underhanded tactics."

PC: "A thumb to the eye's legal in a Street Fight, Heather!"

HHL: "Yeah, well, that still don't make it right!"

Both men take a second to recover, with Andre Dixon making the first move by running at his opponent at full speed. A quick thinking Stone bends down and picks up the chair Dixon threw aside earlier. He then drops the TV Champion with a Jumping Heel Kick, holding the chair in front of his leg for extra power. Upon impact, blood flies everywhere and Eobard hooks both of Dixon's legs in an attempt to put the match away for good.




PC: "I don't know HOW Andre Dixon kicked out of that; but I suppose that's why he's the Television Champion and I'm NOT!"

A frustrated Eobard climbs over to Steven and points at the time keeper. Cooper nods before heading over and grabbing at the TV Title. Nipsy refuses to give it up at first but, eventually, the wrestler overpowers him and snatches the belt right out of his hands. The Trooper then walks back to the ring and slides it in to Stone, who picks it up and waits for his opponent.

HHL: "Eobard Stone has the TV Title and he's looking to clock Andre Dixon with it!"

The Game Master waits for The King to get to a vertical base before stepping forward and swinging. Luckily, the Champ is able to see it coming and duck under it, causing the belt to fly out of Stone's hand from the sheer force of his attempted blow. Eobard turns around and is lifted up by Dixon into a devastating Deadly Force Spinebuster, which he connects with in the center of the ring, laying over top of Stone for the cover.


PC: "Cooper's climbing on the apron, again!"


HHL: "No! He's backing down!!!"


Winner- Andre Dixon via pinfall

PC: "I can't believe Steven Cooper didn't help!"

HHL: "I honestly can't, either, I thought for sure he was going to go against The Game Master's wishes!"

PC: "Never the less, Andre Dixon picks up another impressive victory heading into Leap of Faith, where he will be defending his Television Championship against Morbid Angel."

As Steve Cooper cusses at himself on the outside, the ref hands Andre Dixon his TV Title, which he celebrates with. Eobard Stone rolls out of the ring and rests against the side of it, where his mentor bends down and pats him on the shoulder. The camera picks up The Game Master mouthing "Thank you" to The Trooper, before getting up and making their way to the back.

PC: "I'm sure this kid has a bright future ahead of him but, right now, it's all about Andre Dixon!"

We go to a hallway in the back where a wall of glorious blackwater iris seem to be in motion. The deep sangria hued petals were nearly obsidian in color, only the bright lights bringing the dark purple undertones to life. The camera pulls back to reveal a young man in a baseball cap, peering around the side of the massive bouquet of flowers in his hands. He whistles a jaunty little tune as he slows down, staring at the doors as strolls by.

PIP: I wonder who those are for....

He comes to a halt, shifting the vase to one arm, as he looks at a slip of paper in his hand, comparing it to the door he is standing in front of. He crumples up the paper and puts it in a back pocket as he moves closer, reaching out to knock sharply. He takes a large step back, putting both hands on the vase now, waiting patiently.

The door opens barely a sliver, holding there for a long moment before swinging the rest of the way open revealing a very confused looking Lycana.

HEATHER: Lycana!

PIP: She probably thought it was Rel at the door again.

HEATHER: She’s popular tonight... But who could be sending her flowers?!

Lycana’s expression is nearly comically bewildered as she stares at the beautiful flowers held out in offering to her. She blinks owlishly, looking from the petals to the man carrying them and back again.

Lycana: I think you have the wrong door...

Delivery Dude: Are you Lycana?

Lycana: Yes....

Delivery Dude: Then I don’t have the wrong door. These are for you.

He holds them out insistently. After a brief hesitation, Lycana accepts them, holding the bouquet out like it was a bomb ready to go off at any second. Her brow furrows as she studies them, noting the lack of card or any identifying feature on the gift.

Lycana: Who are they from?

Delivery Dude: I don’t know Miss; I just deliver them.

Lycana nods slowly, the addled expression still on her face. She softly expresses her thanks as the young man tips his hat at her, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he begins to walk back the way he had come, whistling a jaunty tune. Lycana stares off after him, before frowning at the flowers. She slowly draws them in, cautiously as she backs into the doorway. Unable to resist, she brings the irises up to her nose, inhaling their fragrance. Her face softens, as a genuine smile curves the corners of her lips upwards. Her eyes sparkle as she takes her unexpected present into the room and shuts the door, unaware that the young man had been watching over his shoulder.

We suddenly shift to another angle, as the flower delivery guy turns the corner, smiling now as he approaches a figure leaning against the wall.

Man: Did you give them to her?

Delivery Dude: Sure did. She loved them if you ask me.

The figure shifts to stand in front of the young man, revealing none other than Andre Dixon.

Dixon: My man.

Andre surreptitiously slips the young man some money, then walks away, a huge grin lighting up his face.

The scene cuts back to the loading dock of the building where a black limo is shown pulling into the venue. The limo pulls to a stop before the back door kicks open and out steps the XWF Universal Champion “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE with his Championship in tow. The crowd boos intently at Page as he is followed out of the limo by MISS FURY and the XWF World Tag Team Champions THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS when they are approached by bWo commentator TOMMY SALVINO.

Tommy Salvino: Chronic Chris Page, Miss Fury and Them No Good Bastards are in the house...”

Tommy’s eyes drift towards the Universal Championship that rests of CCP’s right shoulder.

Tommy Salvaino: Wait… John Black destroyed that belt earlier tonight in front of my eyes. How could he have done that if it is over your shoulder now?

” Much like John Black is a cheap knock off so was what he destroyed earlier today. There are more replicas of my Championship than any other title this federation has ever produced. I mean, what’s not to love about it, right? None the less, John Black is about to find out exactly why I am the measuring stick… and why is will always be a fucking joke.

Chris and company enter the arena with Tommy at their side.

PC: Ladies and gentlemen, are you getting tired of Wednesday Warfare bringing you pay-per-view caliber matches with every episode?

HHL: Of course they’re not!

PC: Well that’s a good thing, because up next is EXACTLY that!

HHL: That’s right! Two men who both will be squaring off in big time matches at Leap Of Faith, will first go to battle with one another here on Wednesday Warfare!

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Steubenville, Ohio:

The music hits as Demos steps onto the entrance ramp. The crowd pops, but boos are mixed in with the cheers. The masked man gets halfway down the entrance ramp before stopping and turning to his side.

Ring Announcer: DEMOS!

PC: And here he comes, Heather! One of the eleven men who will be challenging for a 24/7 Briefcase in the Leap of Faith Match!

HHL: Say what you will about The Demos, I know he’s been on a bit of a losing streak but he’s simply one of the most talented competitors on the roster today. And those multi man matches? Those are his specialties.

PC: You’re absolutely correct! Let’s see if he can pick up some momentum headed into that contest at Leap of Faith!

He turns his head so that he is looking behind him. Demos stands still for a few moments, then, he starts yelling at the air behind him. Demos point an accusatory finger at nothing in particular before abruptly turning around and making his way to the ring once more. Demos walks up to the steel steps before gracefully ascending them. Demos ducks underneath the top rope as he steps into the ring.Demos plays to the crowd for a few moments before walking over to the corner. He stands still in the corner as he directs his gaze at his opponent, waiting for the bell to ring.



Lion roar.

BASS! Gold light bursts through the darkness pointing straight up from beneath the stage illuminating a lion banner above the entrance way. More guitar, the screen flashes to behind the curtain where Thaddeus is shown wearing a white Lionheart hoodie with the hood up, rocking back and forth in anticipation and excitement.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent… from Old Saybrook, Connecticut: THADDEUS DUKE!

Back to the mostly darkened arena. 'OKAY,' the arena lights pop on, strobing in gold colored lighting with Thaddeus Duke, hood up, standing on stage not moving.

GUITAR WINDS UP, CHORUS: The crowd cheers as he throws off the hood and walks to either side of the stage, pointing out toward the fans. He backpedals toward center stage and then heads toward the ring.

PC: And now a man who has been embattled as well, Heather who is ALSO facing a huge opportunity at Leap Of Faith!

HHL: Thad Duke, the young Lionheart of the XWF will be taking on the Nefarious One for the Hart Championship. And given that pairing, you have to wonder just how closely Ned Kaye is paying attention to this match tonight.

Once he can reach fans, he slaps hands old school style, going from side to side. He runs up the steps and pauses, looking at his admirers before hopping over the top rope into the ring. He makes his way to each corner, giving the Bret Hart "I love you" pose.

- vs -

Thad glares from across the ring at Demos who is still sitting on the corner of the ring rocking back and forth, looking out towards the fans. The ref calls of the bell and Thad approaches with a cautioned confidence. But Demos still isn’t paying attention to his opponent and is instead muttering something to himself. Thad throws his hands in the air and charges in to kick at Demos, but the masked man was baiting Thad!

Demos olls out of the ring quickly as Thad’s leg smacks the middle rope causing him to lose his balance. Demos slides back in and tackles Duke to the mat, throwing a series of elbows to Thad’s face as he tries to cover up. But one of the elbow strikes lands flush across Thad’s forehead. Demos grabs Duke by the ears and starts slamming the back of his head into the mat repeatedly. Demos climbs off of Thad who is rolling away while clutching his arms over his head, but Demos grants no quarter. He pulls Thad to his feet and slings him into the ropes, on the rebound, Demos takes Duke down with an impressive scoop powerslam.

Demos covers!




Thad is able to get out!

PC: a decisive kick out there by Duke, but he is getting manhandled here in the early going!

Demos yells and throws himself on Thad again who is trying to recover. An assortment of punches to the gut and knees to the ribs followed by a painful claw to the face has Duke reeling. Demos grabs Duke up again, throwing him back into the ropes. Another scoop powersla-


A beautiful, desperation slingblade sends both men to the mat as the ref begins to count.




Each man crawls to an opposite side of the ring and begins pulling up on the ropes.



Demos is on his feet!


Thad is on his feet!

Both men shake the cobwebs and scowl at one another as they charge the center of the ring. The men exchange clean punches before beginning a series of chain-wrestling reversals. Thad pulls in a hammerlock as he catches Demos’ next punch, but Demos reverses out and moves behind for a waist lock, he’s going to take Thad down, but Duke grabs the head and flips Demos to the mat with a snapmare take down. Thad locks in another hammerlock that keeps Demos unable to move up from his knees, and instead buries him back down into the mat. Demos hollers out as Thad applies more pressure, showing his awesome athleticism and turning his body vertically into a headstand. He flips his body forward and bridges.

PC: What painful looking maneuver this is!

HHL: That IS a painful maneuver! If Demos doesn’t get out of this hold soon, he’ll be forced to tap.

BUT DEMOS! He sacrifices his own shoulder and bear crawls with a tackle at the bridged Duke.


Demos stands, his right arm dangling and useless. He punts Thad in the face as he tries to stand. Demos leans over with his left arm and grabs Duke by the hair, picking him up and screaming in his face. He whips Duke into the corner and charges at him, connecting with an ugly looking running knee that sends Thad’s head bouncing from the turnbuckle pad. Demos drapes the left side of his body over onto Thad for the cover.



NO!!! Thad kicks out again!

Demos stands and tries lifting Thad again, it looks like he’s setting up for a powerbomb! But Demos’ right arm gives. He hollers and stumbles back to the center of the ring. Thad is still down and trying to recover as Demos rolls out of the ring. He’s swinging his right arm around, trying to pop it back in place, but wait!

The fans begin to pop with excitement!


HHL: This is an interesting dynamic! Rel and Demos have been getting awfully… close? Lately, but both of them will be forced to face one another at Leap of Faith. So is Rel here as friend, or foe?

Dixon runs to the bottom of the ramp and checks on Demos, asking if he’s okay. Demos points to his bum shoulder . Dixon grabs his arm and wrenches it back into place. Demos rolls the shoulder and smiles at his comrade, he turns back to the ring, but Duke!

Thad flies over the top rope and crashes onto both Demos and Dixon. The crowd roars as Thad pops back to his feet and taunts showing his adrenaline rushing. He hurries back into the ring and runs towards the opposite ropes, he bounces off and charges back towards Demos who is just getting to his feet. Thad leaps! A springboard hurricanrana!


Demos catches him and powerbombs Thad into the ring apron! Demos and Thad are both down, and Rel scurries up to her feet, helping Demos up and pushing him back into the ring. The ref begins to count Thad out as he lies in great pain on the arena floor.




Dixon begins laughing and cheering, clapping her hands, sensing that her friend is about to pick up the win.



In the ring Demos has pulled himself up by the ropes



Thad makes it to all fours on the floor.


He hears the count!





Thad slid back into the ring just in time!

But he’s met with a sick DDT!

Demos covers!





Thad kicks out AGAIN!

Demos can’t believe it, and on the outside Rel is screaming and slapping the ring in frustration. He stands quickly and kicks Thad in the ribs before picking him back up and hooking the arms.







Out of nowhere Thad plants Demos with the fierce cutter, but he can’t make the cover! Both men are down and the ref begins the count again!



The crowd boos loudly! It’s NED KAYE! He’s running down the ramp!


PC: Well Heather you called it!


HHL: Thad’s opponent for Leap of Faith is here!


Ned stands on the apron and the ref stops the count, ordering Ned Kaye to leave. Ned throws his hands up as the ref turns around to see that Thad is standing. Thad goes to swing at Ned, but the Nefarious One, true to his name! He shoves the ref into Thad causing the official to eat a strong fist. Thad immediately checks on the ref as Ned dips back to the outside, he catches a nasty glare from Dixon as he pulls a chair from under the ring. Ned climbs back onto the apron and back into the ring. He sizes Thad up swings chair, cracking Duke right over the head as Thad turns to face him. Ned grabs Demos by the arms and pulls him over onto Thad for the pin. Ned shakes the ref, getting him to recover. He makes the count!





Ned is pissed, he stands behind the ref with the chair, where the official can’t see him, and takes the ref out with a chair shot. He lifts his hand, sizing Duke up again, begging for him to get to his feet. Thad staggers up and Ned charges with the chair!




He tries covering Ned for a moment before noticing it’s not Thad. He stands dazed and confused as Rel screams for him to turn around!


Thad blasts Demos in the chin with his trademark superkick!

He falls on top of Demos just as the ref recovers!




Winner -Via Pinfall- Thaddeus Duke

PC: What a hard fought contest between these two! It’s a shame that Ned Kaye had to come and ruin this match!

HHL: But to the victor goes the spoils! Thad Duke now with a ton of momentum heading into his match against Ned for the Hart Championship!

The scene fades as Thad stands in the ring, pointing at a limping Ned Kaye who is retreating up the ramp while Rel Dixon tends to Demos.


PIP: Well it’s about that time for the tag titles’ contract signing.

HEATHER: This has all the makings of a boiling volcano ready to burst.

The entirely epic XTron video of TNGB takes over the arena as the lights dim. A spotlight highlights the ramp, and Thunder Knuckles walks out onto the entrance ramp, hyped and ready to go, pointing out into the crowd. Behind him, Bobby Bourbon deliberately walks out and stops, also pointing out into the crowd. Both men glance at each other and clink their Tag Team Championships together, then in unison point into the ring. The crowd sings along with the song.


TK slides into the ring and gets up onto a knee, beckoning the crowd as Bobby climbs the steps and enters the ring behind him. TK stands and appeals to the crowd as Bobby raises his arms at 45-degree angles.

As the cheers and music die down, Bourbon and TK turn towards the tables set up in the center of the ring. Bourbon walks over and picks up the paper set on one, scanning it over and nodding his head. He selects a pen and signs it with a flourish, before passing it over to TK as the crowd begins to roar their approval once more .He barely glances at it before scrawling his own signature on it, then holds it up in the air to raucous cheering from everybody in attendance.

Bobby Bourbon motions for a mic, when all of a sudden the lights go out.

PIP: Ohhh boy!

HEATHER: Had to know this was coming!

The lights rise back up and turn to red as Marf and Lycana step out onto the stage together. They stand side by side, eyes focused on the ring and Them No Good Bastards. They turn their heads, eyes meeting. They smile and nod, turning in unison to head towards the ring. Lycana skips merrily ahead hopping up onto the ring apron as TK glares at her.

Lycana flashes him a grin, her mouth moving as she says something to him. TK responds with a sneer and his one of a kind jerking off hand motion. She mockingly pouts at him as Marf steps up next to her, politely holding the ropes so that she can step through first, before following behind her. Lycana remains bubbly and mocks Bobby and TK while Marf just glares over at them, slowly entering the ring.

TK gives him a few gestures but Marf ignores it while never breaking eye contact with Bourbon who returns the cruel gaze in kind. Even Lycana and TK can’t help but notice the intensity from the two men staring at one another. Lycana raises a hand and lightly brushes it under Marf’s chin, giving his beard a quick tug while TK punches Bobby in the arm. Both men look over at their partners with minimal patience and then back to one another.

Heather: What a scary standoff between these two behemoth teams.

Pip: All four of them are chomping at the bit to tear each other apart...

Heather: Do people still say that?

Pip: Huh?

Heather: Chomping at the bit? Do people still actually say that or is it a dumb you phrase?

Pip: ........

The two teams continue their posturing while the crowd buzzes for an obvious brawl. Marf approaches the table and looks down at the contract. Bobby holds up a pen and chuckles while staring at Marf. He motions for him to have it but hardly makes an effort to reach it forward. Marf goes to take it but Bobby doesn’t let go. Neither man lets up and it looks like an air arm wrestling match. TK yells to Lycana to calm her boy, so she smirks and nods while turning and reaching into her pocket. She quickly turns back and tosses a strange blue powder directly into TK’s face.

Bobby looks over at TK who swings around wildly while momentarily blinded. Marf flips the table over and Bobby looks back at him and smiles. The two big men begin teeing off on one another as Lycana lunges at TK and drives him into a corner, ducking the shots he throws, slamming her own into his ribs. His back hits the turnbuckle and she quickly follows.

Lycana leaps onto the middle buckle, mounting TK as she rains sharp forearms blows down onto his head. He manages to get his arms up, giving her a shove, but she lands on her feet before him. TK wipes at his eyes, struggling to clear his vision from the blinding powder. With a short laugh, Lycana plants her foot into TK's abdomen, taking the wind out of his sails with a loud 'oof'. She laces into him with hard boots until he subsides. Lycana hops back up, continuing her assault.

Marf and Bobby continue to brawl until Bourbon grabs him for a power bomb but Marf reverses out of it and shoves him into the ropes. Marf goes for a clothesline but Bobby catches him and then hoists him up and slams him down with a spine buster. He looks up at Lycana attacking his partner and races over. Lycana hears him coming and rolls under his powerful clothesline. Bobby is able to stop himself from crashing into his partner but unfortunately TK is still struggling to see and decks Bourbon in the side of the head. Lycana hops onto his back with a chokehold and leans over and gives him a kiss on the cheek before hopping off, shoving him into TK.

Bobby fumes and tries to turn back for Lycana but TK grabs him. Bobby grabs him back and then throws him into the approaching Marf. TK clobbers Marf with a running clothesline before getting taken out by a drop kick from Lycana. She gets up as Bobby grabs a hold of her by the throat. He hauls her up over his head and smiles at her but she just smiles right back while coiling her legs around his left arm. She torques to his surprise and locks up his arm. He grimaces but refuses to let her down. Suddenly Marf gores him with a big running spear and he drops Lycana. Before she can recover TK grabs her and tosses her across the ring with a belly to belly suplex.

Heather: This has immediately broken down into a brawl!

Pip: We’re going to need every available official in the country!

TK grabs hold of the table and flips it back up while Marf and Bobby pound on one another. TK grabs Lycana but she rakes at his eyes. He shoves her away while stumbling back. She reaches into her pocket again while Marf and Bobby get back to their feet. He spots Lycana and shields his eyes but this time it isn’t powder. She throws whatever is in her hands and a short blast of flames hits Bobby in the face, knocking him down. TK grabs Lycana from behind and drops her with a reverse DDT. As he gets up Marf grabs him from behind and gives him a release German suplex, sending him through the table.

Bobby gets up and thankfully isn’t blind but is clearly having some vision issues from the blocked fireball to the face. He grabs hold of Marf and hauls him up in a reverse Death Valley driver but Lycana stops him with a low blow. Marf drops down beside the hunched over Bobby and then picks him up while Lycana hops up and they give him an old school 3D through the other table. Marf crouches down and picks up the pen while Lycana finds the contract. Marf jams the pen into the palm of Bobby’s hand and draws blood. He coats the pen in it before signing the contract. Lycana smiles and lets out a laugh before taking the pen from Marf and signing her name in blood as well.

Heather: Well nobody asked them to but the Dissentients have just signed in blood!

Pip: I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the brutality that will be their match at Leap of Faith…

The Dissentients roll out of the ring, backing slowly back up the ramp, observing the carnage left in the ring. Them No Good Bastards begin to stir as they hit the stage. The two teams eyes clash and hold as we fade out to commercial.

”Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is your Wednesday Night Warfare Main Event of the evening, and is a STEEL CAGE match for the XWF Universal Championship! You can win this match via pinfall, submission or escaping the Cage!”

”Introducing the challenger, representing the THUGS, JOHN BLACK!”

Gun shots sounds blast on the X-Tron, the smoke arises on the entrance way and the camera pans around the arena, and then it pin points Black who's coming out of the entrance stage. He takes a look around the ring, and he walks down the ring ignoring some of the fans, then he gets to the steel steps he goes at it with one of the fans, and he pushes one of them on the floor. Then JB smiles and climbs the steps and enters the ring, then stands in the ring rising a fist in the air.

”And his opponent…”

The house lights dim out to complete darkness.

”About to make his way to the ring, representing BOB ELITE… he is the XWF Universal Champion…. “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE!”

A spotlight hits the top of the ramp as a cloud of thick white smoke floods out to the top of the ramp as the crowd erupts with massive boos as the XWF Universal Champion walks out to the top of the ramp to a pyro display.

Chris starts to make the walk down the ramp towards the Steel Cage that houses the ring, John Black and the referee.

HHL: Freshly named Superstar of the Month regardless if you like him, love him or despise him you cannot take away that he has defended that Title against anyone the XWF has thrown in front of him and he has done it under his circumstances playing the game his way. Tonight is the final stop on the way to Leap of Faith and all eyes are on John Black.”

Pip: Absolutely hitting the nail on the head with that statement because Chris Page has not taken much of a break since capturing the title back in January, and with Leap of Faith right around the corner and a possible date with Robert Main one might say that CCP could be on thin ice with the Universal Championship around his waist.

Chris reaches ringside as he looks through the steel cage at JB who paces back and forth ready for a fight. Page removes his ring jacket as the Universal Title is around his waist. He makes his way up the steel steps to the ring apron before entering the Steel Cage where he reaches back and slams the door shut before stepping through the ropes and into the ring. He removes the Universal Title from his waist before passing it over to the referee. The music fades away as the referee holds up the title for all to see while Page removes his ring jacket. The official shows JB the title before walking towards the Cage door where he passes it out to the outside official and then he calls for the bell.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]
[Image: tTqkE57.png]

- vs -

The crowd roars loudly as there is a “JB! JB! JB!” chant directed towards John Black which takes his attention for a moment.

HHL: Well we just found out who they despise the most between Page and Black.

Pip: It is not like it was a challenge; haters have been hating on CCP for years.

Page and Black walk out towards the center of the ring where they square off with a war of some words between the two before they step back as the crowd roars louder and louder before they lock up center ring! Black quickly snatches a side headlock on Page where he cranks down several times on the head and neck before being backed up into the ropes where Page attempts to shoot him across the ring only to see JB latch on to Page’s long hair and snatch him forward back into a side headlock before snapping him over to the mat where his shoulders are down!




Page rolls the left shoulder off the mat before the three count before starting to work his way to one knee as JB maintains the side headlock control as Page stands back up to his feet where he drives a series of elbows to the midsection and ribs of Black before looking to deliver a standing side suplex! Black flips over the back of Page landing on his feet where he immediately rolls him up with a School Boy!




Page escapes the near fall as he and JB are both quickly to their feet with Page swinging with a wild clothesline that JB ducks out of the way off sending Page running and bouncing off the ropes where he takes JB down to the mat with a running shoulder block. Page bounces off the near side as JB rolls over to his stomach, Page leaps over JB bouncing off the far side, JB pops back up to his feet and side steps Page while using Chris’s momentum to send him sailing over the top rope bouncing face first off the Cage! Page staggers backwards into a back stabber from Black to a huge ovation as John makes the cover on the Universal Champion!




Page kicks out once again!

HHL: John Black has come out the gates hot!

Pip: He has been all over the CCP!

JB takes a mount position on Page before hammering down with right hands to the face in an attempt to open CCP up via the forehead! He lands six or seven shots before stepping back up to his feet to a roar from the sold-out crowd. Black listens to the crowds response before reaching down and picking Page up off the mat. He points towards the Cage as the crowd gets louder and louder! Black charges towards the Cage with Page where he looks to send him face first off the mesh of the steel, Page counters the positioning and it’s Black that sent bouncing off the Cage and into a front waist lock from CCP who delivers a release over head belly to belly suplex!

HHL: Page just created some distance between himself and John Black.

Pip: This is where the Champ becomes more dangerous when he is on the offensive.

Chris negotiates himself to his feet where he makes his way over to Black and starts stomping away at his masked face and upper body before reaching down and picking him up off the mat. Page takes Black back into the ropes where he hurls him across the ring with an Irish Whip, Black bounces off the ropes into a drop toe hold that Page transitions into Labelle Lock! The referee is in perfect positioning as he asks John to surrender! Black shakes off the referee as Page cranks back on the submission attempt. Black shakes off the referee again before managing to rakes the eyes of Page with his free hand breaking the hold to a roar from the crowd!

JB is the first to his feet followed by Page where CCP walks into a boot to the midsection that doubles him over for Black to lock in a front face lock before snapping off a suplex! Black pops back up to his feet where he backs up into a neutral corner where he hops up on the middle turnbuckle before stepping up to the top ropes where he leaps off with a flying elbow drop that Page evades as he rolls out of the way sending Black crashing and burning into the canvass!

Chris pushes himself up off the mat and back to a vertical base where measures JB who starts working his way back up to his feet. Page latches on to a back waist lock where he delivers a series of Rolling German Suplexes! On the fifth German Suplex he holds with a bridge!




Black escapes with a kick out!

HHL: John Black is going to have to weather the storm that is Chris Page!

Page pops back up to his feet where he takes both legs of Black where he drags him closer towards the ropes before catapulting Black into the side of the Cage! Black once again bounces off the Cage where Page drives a boot to the midsection where he locks in a front face lock and hoists up John Black before driving him down into the mat with a Fisherman’s DDT! Page quickly makes the cover on the challenger hooking the near leg.




Black kicks out to a pop from the crowd! Page reaches his feet where he shifts his attention towards the Cage and then down at JB before making his way towards the ropes where he starts to make the climb up the ropes as JB is shown starting to push himself up off the mat. Page reaches the top rope and begins to scale the side of the cage!

HHL: Page is trying to escape the Cage!

Pip: Well if that is not pointing out the obvious I do not know what is.

Black reaches his feet where he makes his way towards the side of the Cage as Page is nearing the top. The crowd responds as Black starts to give chase after Page who reaches the top of the Cage and throws one leg over the top followed by the second as JB nears the top. Page tries to scurry down the side of the Cage only to have reaches the top and reach over the Cage grabbing Page by two handfuls of hair!

The crowd roars as John starts pulling Chris back up the side of the Cage using his hair!

Black successfully pulls the top portion of Page over the top of the cage and into a front face lock! The crowd erupts as John Black brings Page off the top of the cage and down into the ring with the damnedest superplex we have ever seen!


The crowd explodes into a “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” as both participants are laid out on the canvass!

Pip: We are back to square one as both Champion and Challenger are laid out after that one!

There is nothing the referee can do but look on as John Black and Chris Page are both down. The crowd starts to come alive as JB starts to stir! He starts to crawl towards the Cage door slowly yet surely.

HHL: Black is going for the door!

As he crawls closer the outside official opens the Cage door for Black as now Page starts crawling after him! JB crawls under the bottom rope and starts to exit the Cage head and arms first! The crowd gets louder and louder as JB as JB reaches towards the floor as his upper half of his body is through the door before Page latches on to his ankles!

Chris starts to pull JB back into the ring as the crowd boos intently.

With JB back into the ring the outside official is forced to close the door to the cage. Chris picks JB up off the mat where he laces him across the chest with a knife edge chop that echoes throughout the building before taking JB and attempting to drive him face first of the cage! JB puts on the breaks and counters by driving Page face first into the Cage before grating his face across the mesh of the steel which opens Chris Page up!

Pip: Black has opened up the Universal Champion!

Black continues to shred Page’s face across the mesh of the steel like a cheese grater before slinging him backwards and down to the mat with blood flowing from his forehead! There a sudden “JB! JB! JB!” chant from the crowd as John Black! Black reaches down picking up Page up off the mat where he takes him up in the air in a torture rack position before driving him down into the mat with a DDT!

HHL: The RaWkUs Driver!!

The crowd pops huge as JB rolls a bloody Page over making a cover while hooking the near leg.




There is a massive gasp from the crowd as Page kicks out moments before the fatal and final three count!

HHL: Inside the body of Chris Page is the heart of a 21 year old because this old codger refuses to die.

Pip: It takes an awful lot to put Page down and John Black is finding that out first hand.

Black starts to work his way to his feet where he reaches down picking a bloody Page up off the mat. He takes him back into the ropes where he shoots him across the ring, Page bounces off the far side as Black ducks his head for a back body drop! Page puts on the breaks and positions Black as he hoists him up for a Powerbomb only to run towards the Cage and deliver a running Powerbomb into the side of the Cage sending JB sliding down the Cage to the ring apron between the Cage and the ropes!

Page picks JB up before smashing the back of his head against the Cage repeatedly to loud boos from the crowd before Page delivers a European Uppercut dropping Black to the apron. Chris walks out towards the center of the ring as he wipes blood from his forehead before throwing up middle fingers towards the crowd as the boo even louder.

HHL: Always the endearing Champion.

“FUCK YOU PAGE! FUCK YOU PAGE! FUCK YOU PAGE” echoes throughout the area as CCP smirks hearing the chant only getting louder and louder. John Black rolls back into the ring under the bottom rope where Page makes his way over to JB. Page reaches down picking him up off the mat where he takes him back into the ropes before shooting him across the ring, Black bounces off the ropes and into a Spinbuster Slam from Chris Page! The crowd immediately responds louder as the prelude to the Page Plant has just been delivered.

Chris gets to one knee before stepping up to his feet where he starts to size up Black.

John rolls over to his stomach and begins pushing himself up off the mat and as he reaches a vertical base Page comes forward with a boot to the midsection doubling Black over. Page underhooks the arms where he looks to deliver the Page Plant! Black spins out of the Page Plant and counters with a Three-Quarter Neck Breaker!


Page lays motionless on his stomach while Black recovers on the mat as he rolls the Champion over executing a cover!




Page pops a shoulder up off the mat to another massive gasp from the crowd!

HHL: John Black is so close to putting away Chris Page and becoming the new Universal Champion!

Black reaches both knee’s as he has his hands on his hips. Black steps back up to his feet where he reaches down picking Chris back up off the mat. He puts his head between his legs and looks to pick up CCP for a Piledriver! Page counters with a back body drop to Black sending him crashing down back first on to the canvass, Black rolls over pushing himself back up to his feet where Page takes him back into the ropes

[Image: dbc4d6d12d9a2e30727b4ab99158ec614d3db8ff.gifv]

Pip: Judas Effect!

Page picks Black up off the mat where he sets him up and delivers a thunderous Page Plant! Chris rolls him over making a cover while hooking the far leg.





Pip: And with a snap of the finger is one is over!

HHL: Major, major respect for John Black after that incredible showing but tonight was not his night as Chris Page has retained the title.

Page reaches his feet as the Cage starts to rise. The crowd roars with boos as his arm is raised in the air while being awarded the Universal Championship.Page raises the Universal Championship to louder boos from the crowd. Suddenly the camera cuts to the crowd, high up in the stands, where it zooms in on one particular face…

[Image: mXtIyfB.gif]

The crowd erupts as ALIAS appears on the X-Tron taking Chris's attention.

The ovation intensifies as Robert Main walks out to the top of the ramp! In the ring Chris lays the Universal Title across the mat as he calls Main out!

HHL: We are about to get a preview of LEAP OF FAITH!

Robert starts to walk towards the ring when suddenly we see a huge force of Black Shirted Security storm out from the back blowing past Main. We're talking like thirty guys split on the inside and outside of the ring to keep these two from tearing each other's heads off.

Pip: Robert Main will not have security to protect him come Leap of Faith!

HHL: Whatever you need to tell yourself Pip.

Robert Main and Chris Page stare each other down as we fade to commercial.

The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Someone Else” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry-way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. Corey comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way.

Corey gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. He looks pumped as hell, and starts pointing out at the fans before rushing to the top rope, surveying the crowd from on high, before dropping down to the canvas and asking for a mic.

Heeeellllooooooo PHOENIX!

Huge cheap pop.

HHL: Corey endearing himself to the fans early here.

Not gonna lie, I’ve had a lot of stuff on my mind lately. But chief amongst them has been….LEAP OF FAITH.

Another pop.

As you all know I threw my hat into the ring for the Leap of Faith week ago. I’m pumped AF for it! But...I feel like something’s been missing though. Like maybe this match hasn’t gotten the hype it deserves. I mean, let’s face it, the energy amongst what FEW entrants we have seem to have been directed elsewhere. *cough* RL *cough* Stinky Charlie *cough*

But tonight, that changes! Because tonight…

He gestures theatrically as two ringside crew members prop a pole up into position and affix it to the corner ring post. Hanging from the top of the pole is a replica 24/7 briefcase!

...we are having ourselves a mini dry run of the Leap of Faith match! In that briefcase right there, is...well, NOT a 24/7 contract. But it does have $24,700 of my own money in it! And whoever claims it gets the cash. Or, if I claim it, I keep my own cash. And this contest is open not just to those merry few who have already signed up for the real deal, but anyone else as well! It’s open season to anyone in the back!

The crowd becomes ecstatic!

PC: You hear those drums! You hear those trumpets! It can only mean one thing!


PC: Fresh off from his war with Universal Champion, Chris Page, this man RL Edgar appeared on Anarchy to tell Corey Smith simply: Challenge Accepted!

The music starts to die down as Edgar is half way down the ramp, smiling and pulling a microphone up to his mouth as he continues to walk.

”Now Corey…”

Smith looks on, donning a smile,

”...we all know getting a paycheck in the XWF can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, and as much as I’d love to get in that ring and take your money, I’m not sure that twenty-five grand is going to cover a ticket to the Moon. Which by the way-”

Edgar turns back and looks at the Xtron,

”- I really wish someone from the management team would explain how the hell we’re getting up there.

But back to you, Corey. Buddy. Pal. Comrade?”

Edgar walks up the ring steps and steps through the ropes,

”I don’t want your money.”

Corey listens intently as the crowd seems a little disappointed that we’re not getting a Money On The Pole match,

[green]“No. I want something else.

A few weeks ago on Warfare, you made it clear that there were certain people you were hoping to see enter the Leap Of Faith match with you, and I was one of those names. While those other people might have heard a young punk issuing challenges that they weren’t interested in - I heard something else. I heard the BEST in the business today telling the world that he wants a piece of RL Edgar at Leap Of Faith… and if everyone else in the back is too scared to get in this ring with the great Corey Smith, then let RL -BYGAWD- Edgar obliged you on their behalf!”

Oh good it’s Demos. Spoken as dryly and unenthusiastically as possible.


The masked man walks out onto the entrance ramp surrounded by a gaggle of masked cohorts and with Rel Dixon on his arm. An overpowering ovation suddenly rising from the fans around the arena as his music plays on. Demos looks incredibly flattered by this. RL and Corey however seem a bit confused with the overabundance of love as their attention remains plastered to Rel Dixon's seeming sexual interest.

The ovation ain't for Demos however, the fans are reacting to Jim Caedus having made his way through the crowd incognito and up until now, undetected. Jim hops up onto the apron nearest the briefcase, the ovation intensifies, coinciding with Demos raising his arms triumphantly for the fans...and with a quick scaling of the turnbuckle ropes-

Corey spins, catching Caedus in the act.

Jim lays a hand on the case, raising a mic with the other. And it's just that fuckin' easy Cor-Cor, boys. Regarding RL and Demos who, as his music fades away with the turn of a dial at gorilla position, looks about to protest the interruption. Nah, nah, nah, Demos you shut the fuck up for a minute and let me speak. For Christsake, you force enough 'a yourself upon the people in the 24/7 Halls, asshole. Jim looks to Corey as Demos turns around and starts barking out orders to the masked men in his militia before the entire crew slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Obviously what I did just now wasn't exactly fair and, despite my words, we all know it ain't gonna be quite that easy for any of us to claim that package of dreams-to-be-realized in the 24/7 'Case. Or THIS case, for the record. RL may not want your money, Corey, but I damn sure do. I have fines to pay for what I pulled 2 years ago. Nevertheless, the point needed to be made...every motherfucker in this match had better keep their head on straight. Lose focus on Space Station X- DEMOS -and I guarantee you'll be watchin' those dreams land in the lap of an OBVIOUSLY more deserving and dedicated individual. This-

One of Demos’s masked accomplices snatches the microphone out of Jim’s hand and calmly walks it over to Demos. Demos gives Rel Dixon a small peck on the lips before accepting the microphone and looking intermittently between the men gathered in the ring. Caedus definitely looks annoyed, cocking his head and glaring at Demos.

Demos: “I have come to claim this briefcase on behalf of my Palestinian brothers and sisters! With that money we will work on refilling their rocket munitions so they can continue firing indiscriminately into the occupier’s lands! There are far bigger things at play in this world than any of your petty desires or narcissistic aspirations. Now hand that briefcase over, Fake Jim-”

One of the militants posted up behind Demos interjects briefly with a thick arabic accent.

Militant: “'Iinah lays Jym Jimsun alhaqiqi! Mustahil!”

“For the good of humanity.”

Demos holds a hand out expectantly as Jim sneers at him. The militants behind Demos start moving towards the briefcase when suddenly…..

The arena goes dark.

DOCK’s Xtron lights up on the screen and an explosion of fire blasts out of the entrance way. When it clears DOCK is kneeling-down on the stage staring down at the ring with his one evil eye and gripping with his charred, burnt up, broken gauntlet. Pieces of him float away into the air with smoke like he is still being burnt from the fires that took him at May Day, but even so, he remains whole. DOCK's face is pearl white like a skeleton and he has no eye patch, just a gaping hole where it should be, and his clothes are black and covered in soot. He rises and slowly makes his way to the ring as he speaks.

Demos turns around and raises the microphone to his lips as he sees DOCK approaching the ring: unfortunately for Demos, his microphone appears to have been cut by the zionists.

Pip: DOCK looks like he was pulled straight out of an old….. OLD black and white film…

HHL: ….Or a pit of charcoal
… He is far more animated than usual…

Hello… my foes.

DOCK’s voice is deeper and raspier than ever. When he speaks it's like several people at different pitches are talking through him. DOCK reaches the bottom of the ramp and crawls up on the ring apron. All of Demos’s militants take a few cautious steps back as they look on in fear.

Jimmy…..? Jimmy Caedus is that really you?! HA! Man, I thought you were dead! We ALL did!

He enters the ring and joins the circle of competitors in the ring. He stares at the briefcase in Jim Caedus’s possession.

Now, you could ask Corey Smith here, I don’t usually partake in these little rallies to get everyone all excited for a show. How-eh-ver. As Slim Jimmy here was going on about keeping OUR heads on straight and US keeping focus…..

DOCK rolls his eyes, head, and entire body over towards Demos then back to the case.

Talking of deserving and dedication… Well…. I JUST KNEW that Jimmy Crack Corn HAD to be talking about DOCK, right?!?!?! RIGHT?!?! So, here I am, Jimmy!.

Caedus nods sarcastically and holds the case up in the air by the handle. Before he can get a word out there is a loud *BANG* that echoes through the arena.

Something pings and ricochets off the case!! It flies out of Caedus's grasp and right into DOCK's!!! He smiles even wider and looks up to the rafters. Thunder Knuckles reveals himself with a high powered rifle and gives DOCK a soldier salute. DOCK holds up the dented case and motions as if to say "What gives??". TK responds, and is apparently mic'd up, as well.

I was going for the fucking head!!! Sorry DOCK!!!

Not wasting a moment in time, Demos clubs DOCK in the back!!! His militants all scramble to claim the briefcase as Rel Dixon charges at RL Edgar! “Back off, that sexy porkchop is all mine now!” RL just looks completely lost as he sets in to fight off an attack from Demos’ crazy new girlfriend.

Just then, Jim Caedus and Corey Smith wade into the fray, each one gunning for the briefcase. They’re both fighting off militants left and right!

HHL: Well this went to hell pretty fast!

Dock is keeping a hand on the briefcase but now Demos is trying to pull it away from him! Caedus tosses a militant over the top rope, and then deflects a punch from another and knocks him to the canvas. Corey levels another one with a high roundhouse to the side of the head. Which leaves Corey and Jim staring face to face at each other in the ring! The crowd pops huge at the prospect of this confrontation! But just then, Ariel and RL’s brawl spills between them, breaking them up. Corey goes to intervene and grab Ariel off of RL, but in the process RL throws a punch at Ariel and she ducks, so he clobbers Corey instead! Corey hits the canvas.

What the fuck, man?!

Ariel laughs at both of them and spins around, right into the chest of Big Jim! She goes for a dirty low blow, but JIm grabs her hands and powers her up military press style and tosses her into a grounp of Demos’ militants!

This serves as just enough of a distraction for Demos to finally rip the case away from Dock. Dock reaches for Demos, but two of his militants get in his way. Dock starts laying into the militants as Demos grabs a stunned Rel Dixon by the wrist and tries to drag her out of the ring. They both spill to the outside where Demost starts frantically opening the case!

PC: I think he’s got it!

Demos gives a triumphant laugh and Rel claps her hands with excitement as they both look inside the case to see….

A signed picture of Corey in his sexy ref outfit from MayDay, with a post it note attached that says “Street Value: $27,400”. Rel screams in protest. Demos grabs the pic, crumples it up and tosses it out into the crowd. But no sooner does that happen than does Big Jim Caedus come flying through the ropes like a bat out of hell, tackling them both to the floor!

Back in the ring, Corey is on his feet squaring up with RL. He points at his face where RL clocked him and RL is shaking his head “no”. But then, one of the militants pushes Corey from behind into RL. RL pushes Corey back hard! Corey returns fire, and it’s not long until Corey and the former Hart champion are full on brawling!

And that’s when a stream of officials, led by Vinnie Lane, come storming out of the back! The crowd voices their displeasure with boos and “Let Them Fight!” chants. They reach Ariel, Jim, and Demos on the outside first, trying to cordon them off from one another. Back in the ring, Dock stumbles as Corey is shoved into him. So Dock responds by drilling Corey from behind with a reverse DDT! RL looks at Dock in surprise for a moment, and seems to consider going at the legend himself But the officials flooding the ring like a sea bursting through a dam soon put a stop to that.

On the outside, Jim unleashes a feral yell and knocks some of the officials away! Lane is there, trying in vain to direct traffic, but Jim nonetheless jumps up and over the men holding Demos at bay to attack him again!

PC: This is compete insanity!

Corey slowly gets to his feet now, none of the officials seem to be focusing on him. He gets up behind Dock and wheels him around, laying into him with rapid fire punches! Dock responds with a brutal headbut that staggers the young man, and now the officials floor Corey, forcing him into the corner!

Meanwhile, the “Let Them Fight!” chants continue unabated!

HHL: Wow! Any of these 6 competitors could walk away with a career altering prize at Leap of Faith!

PC: And there’s still Corporate Chaos, Sil Frigidia, the newcomer Thrax, and B.O.B.’s own Money Oswald to factor into the mix! This is going to be one of the biggest craziest Leap of Faith matches of all time!

The shot cuts back into the ring just in time to see RL break through a trio of referee’s and try to get at Corey! The fans pop again!

PC: We need to get this under control, and we’re out of time. Hope to see all you lucky people at Leap of Faith, live from the GODDAMN MOON BABY!

The shot fades out on the carange in and out of the ring as the XWF logo ushers us out.

Match Credits:
R.L. Edgar
Big D

Segment Credits:
John Black
Robert Main, Drew Archyle, Jim Caedus
Thad Duke/Ned Kaye
TNGB/Lycana and Marf
Corey Smith, Dock, Demos, Jim Caedus, RL Edgar, Ariel Dixon

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Suck it Demos.

And Ned, shine up my belt because I already have a place reserved for it in my trophy case.

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///Super fun show, as always! Amazing job to all! <3

See you soon, TNGB....

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OOC: So glad to have been able to work with you JB. I hope you had fun with it because I did. You are a testament to the fed

Incredible show with lots of great segments pushing the Hart and Tag Titles! Segment of the night has to go to the Leap of Faith participants (or most) getting into a nice piece of action to put some steam on what will be a very highly contested affair. Great work all around, and it is this kind of work that makes us all look good.

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Hello, my friends
The 24/7 Shot!

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05-19-2021, 06:19 PM

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Very random

(heel alignment but liked by many; has earned respect despite breaking the rules often)

05-19-2021, 07:34 PM

Excellent show!

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05-19-2021, 09:55 PM

Close but no cigar, 'ey Teekay?

Thunder never was anything more than a harmless fart from heaven. Now we all know why you ain't Lightning Knuckles, numbnuts. Stick to baseball bats, Babe Ruthless.

And as for you Dock......

[Image: qFMolBe.gif]

(ooc: lmao that show was DOPE! Awesome job from everyone involved, matches to segs to the RPs leading up to it, that was lot of fun!)

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05-19-2021, 11:09 PM

The Jim Caedus! Thunder Knuckles's time is money, but I can tell you one thing.

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05-20-2021, 01:19 AM

Alias, whom had been established as being in the crowd, exits the arena through a back-door. On his way out, he pulls a scrunched up thingamajig from his pocket. Unraveling it, it reveals the photo of Corey in his ref outfit that Demos had thrown into the crowd.

"More like priceless..." he says to himself, remarking on the alleged price. The clock strikes 11:59pm, and he disappears into the night.

Do you have a light?

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05-21-2021, 07:07 AM

Great show! Can’t wait for Leap of Faith boys. The final segment was glorious.

OOC: sorry about the no show I am having internet issues. At least they are sporadic now
Ariel Dixon

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05-21-2021, 10:05 AM

(05-20-2021, 01:19 AM)Alias Said:
Alias, whom had been established as being in the crowd, exits the arena through a back-door. On his way out, he pulls a scrunched up thingamajig from his pocket. Unraveling it, it reveals the photo of Corey in his ref outfit that Demos had thrown into the crowd.

"More like priceless..." he says to himself, remarking on the alleged price. The clock strikes 11:59pm, and he disappears into the night.

Alias goes through a back door!! Haha!! Was it Coreys perchance

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