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bWo Uprising 05/09/2021 (Start Time 7:00pm Est) ORDER NOW!
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The show opens to a giant pyro explosion that fills MSG with an unbearable heat!

[Image: Waterlogged-Inborn-Hydra-max-1mb.gif]

The pyro keeps pyroing to the point that something has to be wrong! The camera is blinded by the intense light coming off of the pyro show, so we cut to an outside shot instead only to see this!

[Image: boom.gif]

Holy shit Pyro! After a moment the scene cuts backstage at what appears to be some sort of control room. We see a satisfied Miss Fury standing over the poor pyro tech.

Miss Fury: "Perfect! Let's see Lane top THAT pyro show!"

Fury smirks, satisfied with her efforts. We then cut back to ringside as the camera swings over to the desk with our host, Tommy Slavino and Bama T looking awfully sweaty and uncomfortable after that huge pyro show!

Tommy Slavino: "Welcome and thank you for ordering bWo Uprising!"

Bama T: "And if you're watching this show illegally, then kudos baby, but you play a risky game! Just saying baby, I wouldn't want to steal from the worlds premier super villains! No way baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "We have a very special card in store tonight. Miss Fury defends the bWo World Title against The XWF's very own Terry Borden! BOB Elite will be in 8 man tag action, and Big Money Oswald defends the Billion Dollar Championship, but up first we will see two promising upstarts battle it out in the very first ever live televised bWo match!"

Bama T: "What a honor baby! Let's take a look at the competitors!"

The big screen fires up with a promo video before transitioning to full screen.

We see the silhouette of a man on beach clumsily practicing various Karate moves. Based on the buildings in the background we can see that it is in fact Miami Beach.

Voice over: "Born...we don't know wherever but hailing from Miami, Florida....circa the 1980's..."

The man then reaches down and takes a big swing of Sunny D...

Voice over: Or so he believes....

The camera zoom's in to reveal the man's face

[Image: orange-cassidy-twitterorangecassidy.jpg]

Voice Over: "b.W.o proudly presents it's newest megastar....JOHNNY MIAMI!!!"

Johnny makes his way out to the stage. He is met with a luke warm reaction from the very PRO BOB fanbase!

Tommy Slavino: "What do we know about this guy Bama?"

Bama T: "Well Tommy, Judging by what we've just seen, I know he sucks at karate! I know he drinks over produced imitation orange juice, and I know that our next competitor is going to eat this scrawny kid alive baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Speaking of our next competitor, take a look at this!"

We open in a brightly lit gym. All of the equipment painted purple. The camera pulls up behind the HUGE dude lifting big heavy looking dumbbells in a butterfly motion. With each rep he grunts louder and louder, until he’s screaming out a war cry from the top of his lungs!

Suddenly a voice calls out from behind him.

Voice: “Excuse me sir, but we have a no intimidation policy!”

The HUGE man drops the dumbbells to the floor with a clang! (which is also against the rules) He turns around, snarling at the gym attendant before shoving him into some equipment!

[Image: huge.jpg]

HUGE Jackman: “Outta my way pipsqueak!”

The HUGE man stomps his way over to a bench and begins benching some more heavy looking weights. With each rep he yells out a bloody roar. Now surrounded by 3 purple shirted gym attendants, the HUGE man sits up on the end of the bench and wipes the sweat from his brow with a towel.

Attendant: “Sir, we’re going to have to ask you to leave.”

A smirk crawls onto the HUGE man's face at the thought of someone telling HIM what to do.

HUGE Jackman: “Fine, you want me to go? I’ll go!”

Jackman stands up and starts towards the exit before turning around and double clotheslining 2 of the 3 gym attendants! The 3rd tries to run, but Jackman grabs him up by his shirt collar and throws him about 15 feet across the room and into some gym equipment! The other 2 try to get away as well, but Jackman grabs them up, smashes their faces together, and throws them across the room like ragdolls as well!

In a berserker rage, HUGE Jackman continues to smash up the place as the scene ends and we cut back to Tommy and Bama at ringside!

Huge Jackman walks out to a strong reaction from the pro heel crowd.

Tommy Slavino: "Judging by what we just saw, I think it's safe to say that Johnny Miami has his work cut out for him tonight!"

Bama T: "The only thing getting cut tonight is the length of Miami's career, and the only work he'll need to worry about is what the doctors have to do to put him back together baby!

Johnny Miami - vs - Huge Jackman
Fury’s Rules (No DQ)


Huge Jackman rushes Johnny Miami with a running clothesline, turning Miami inside out. Jackman plays it up to the fans who are loving the fact the muscle man took the head off of Miami.

Tommy Slavino: "Huge Jackman displaying some real power with that clothesline that has left Johnny Miami reeling!"

Bama T: "And the fans love him baby!"

Jackman doesn't waste anymore time as he picks up Miami. Jackman then whips Johnny into the corner. Jackman again rushes Miami and goes for another clothesline this time in the corner. Miami rolls out of the corner in the nick of time as Jackman runs chest first into the turnbuckle. This staggers Jackman, Miami on the other hand is shaking off the attacks from Jackman. Miami starts using his karate strikes with chops to the chest.

Tommy Slavino: "I've seen better karate in a RZA flick!"

Bama T: "Those strikes are as limp as Vinnie Lane's dick baby!"

Miami takes off to the ropes, with a full head of steam, once back to Jackman, Miami hits Jackman with a spinning back fist. It barely fazes the musclebound Jackman. Miami, not giving up, hits the ropes and hits Jackman with another spinning backfist. Jackman is still barely fazed, Miami hits the ropes again this time however Miami goes for a drop kick to the right knee, forcing Jackman to drop down to his left knee. Miami gets up and tries to lift Jackman's large frame, Miami manages to scoop up Jackman for a very bad looking scoop slam.

The pro BOB crowd doesn't exactly like seeing Miami slamming the bigger man. Which prompts Johnny to pick up the weakened Jackman to hit a DDT. The pro BOB crowd doesn’t seem to bother Johnny, at all, as he takes off to the ropes again to deliver a leg drop, then another, and another leg drop.

Tommy Slavino: "Does this guy not know any other moves!? I'm starting to think this kid just walked in off the streets!"

Bama T: "As far as I know he did baby! You saw the same video I did! I have no reason to believe this idiot knows how to do anything except wrangle carts at the local Publix baby!"

Johnny grabs up Jackman by his hair. Jackman looks faded and winded. Johnny hoists the faded man into the air for a Pina Colada!

Bama T: "Holt shit, he knows a move! That looked DEVASTATING, what's it called again!?"

Tommy Slavino: "Just a moment, I'm checking my notes... That was a Blue Thunder Bomb! Apparently this clown has renamed it "The Pina Colada"!

Johnny, still with momentum on his side, gets to his feet to pick Jackman up again. The crowd seems to be coming over to the side of Miami as a vocal few being to root for him! Johnny sets Jackman up!

Tommy Slavino: "C'mon Jackman, this is embarrassing!"


Bama T: "Holy shit baby! Hey Tommy, does he have a cute name for that one too?"

Tommy Slavino: "Get this, Miami Vice!"

Johnny with the cover!

Bama T: "What a clown!"


Tommy Slavino: "What the!?"


Tommy Slavino: "This clowns about to win!"



Tommy Slavino: "I can't believe it! Hugh Jackman was SUPPOSED to be a stand out talent!"

Bama T: "Hey baby, every dog has his day! Maybe Jackman can recover next time and prove Johnny Miami's win tonight to be a fluke baby!"

Big Daddy Cool Diesel - vs - Owl Man
Fury’s Rules (No DQ)

Tommy Slavino: “Well, folks, coming up next we've got one of the coolest members of BOB in action; Big Daddy Cool himself, Diesel."

Bama T. “That's right, baby!”

Tommy Slavino: “Diesel hasn't been seen since being captured by the mystery man at that 2nd rate company's March Madness pay-per-view, but we have no doubt that he'll be here tonight!"

Bama T. “Absolutely, baby! Big Daddy Cool ALWAYS honors his commitments and, baby, tonight's not gonna be any different!"

Tommy Slavino: “Well, we're gonna find out in a few short minutes if he was able to escape the clutches of said Mystery Man, or if he's still locked away in that warehouse, mourning what was his WWF Championship."

The Batman Animated Series theme begins to play as the arena goes completely black. Through the darkness, we see Owl Man glide from the top of the grandstands down towards the ring as the fans react accordingly.

Bama T. "Ooo, baby, what an entrance! Who would've thought Owl Man could actually fly???"

Tommy Slavino: “He's living up to his namesake, that's for sure!"

Owl Man makes it to the ring, where he rolls forward and pops to his feet in one fluid motion, receiving a round of applause from the audience.

The Diesel Blues strikes up as the fans, and announcers, eagerly await the arrival of Big Daddy Cool. Unfortunately, he doesn't come out after a good minute or two of his music playing.

Bama T. "This doesn't look good, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: “Maybe he's just late. I'm sure he has alot to catch up on after being held captive for a good two months."

Bama T. "Baby I hope you're right!"

The sound guys cuts Diesel's theme, before restarting it to a small pop from the crowd. That sweet retro 1995 gold Pyro begins to shoot from the stage, hyping everyone in attendance that much more....................... only there's still no sign of Big Daddy Cool.

Tommy Slavino: “I don't really know what we're supposed to do here, but it doesn't look like Diesel's gonna make it tonight."

Bama T. "What is THAT, baby???"

Bama T. points up to the rafters, prompting the camera to look up. We see the Mystery Man from before standing there, Big Daddy Cool in his arms.

Tommy Slavino: “It's the Mystery Man! And he's got Diesel!!!!!"

The man repels down from the ceiling and lays the unconscious, and tied up, Big Daddy Cool in the center of the ring as Owl Man looks on in confusion.

Tommy Slavino: “I guess we should be thankful he brought him back at all!"

Bama T. "You can say that again, baby!"

The Mystery Man takes a few steps towards the referee, demanding him to ring the bell. The ref points at Diesel's condition, refusing to do so as the Mystery Man backs him into a corner. He then reaches around and grabs a chair that was strapped to his back, threatening to hit the ref with it if he doesn't agree to start the match.

Tommy Slavino: “This isn't right! Diesel's in no shape to fight!"

A few of the lower members of BOB run out from the back, but everytime they try to climb onto the apron, the Mystery Man swings his chair at them, forcing each of 'em to drop down before he can make contact. Finally, the man grabs the referee by the shirt and raises the chair above his head, leaving the ref no choice but to call for the bell.


The Man looks from the ref to Owl Man, who isn't quite sure what to do in this situation. He then points his chair at Owl Man, before moving it in Big Daddy Cool's direction. Taking the hint, Owl Man walks over, drops down, and hooks one of Diesel's massive legs for a cover. The referee refuses to count at first, but the Mystery Man grabs him and tosses him down next to the competitors, threatening to count the fall himself if he doesn't. With the members of BOB looking on helplessly from the outside, the ref is forced to count.




Winner- Owl Man via pinfall

Bama T. "Oh baby, THIS is a travesty!"

Tommy Slavino: “You can say that again, Diesel never stood a chance."

Bama T. "Baby, BOB needs to get in there and remind this guy who's show he's on!"

Almost on cue, bWo members, at ringside all climb onto the apron at once. The Mystery Man holds up his chair like he's preparing to fight, before shaking his head and dropping it to the mat. Before his foes can make it into the ring, The Man tugs on his chord and gets swooped away back up towards the rafters.

Tommy Slavino: “The Mystery Man is retreating!"

Bama T. "What a yellow bellied bitch! A REAL man wouldn't run! I damn sure wouldn't run, baby!"

A few of the bWo members untie Big Daddy Cool and check on him, while the rest look up towards the sky, trying to find the Mystery Man, to no avail.

Tommy Slavino: “Not exactly what you want to see when people are spending their hard earned dollars to watch, tonight."

Bama T. "Not at all, baby! That guy's got some nerve to waste the people's time AND money by ruining a match everyone wanted to see!"

Tommy Slavino: “Luckily there's still plenty more to come, including the highly anticipated Miss Fury/Terry Borden showdown!"

Bama T. "That's right, baby, can't ruin a bWo party! The show must go on and, baby, it most certainly WILL!"

Madison Square Garden erupts as….

[Image: savage1.jpg]

“Mean” Gene Okraland is standing in front of a bWo Uprising banner.

”Mean” Gene Okraland: Ladies and Gentleman joining me at this time is none other than the man that will be challenging Miss Fury for the bWo World Heavyweight Championship; TERRY BORDEN!

The crowd roars as Terry Borden enters the screen.

”Mean” Gene Okraland: Terry in just a little bit you are going to step in the ring with a very dangerous Miss Fury who will no doubt be looking for some revenge after what you did on Anarchy last Thursday Night.

Terry Borden: Let me tell ya’ somthin’ MEAN GENE! Never in a million years did I think when I came back to Professional Wrestling that I would be standing in Madison Square Garden challenging for a World Heavyweight Championship so soon, but here I stand leading a charge to take down members of BOB while the rest of boys and girls in the XWF cry and complain about their dominance DUDE! And you are absolutely right when you say Miss Fury is going to be looking for some revenge after last Thursday Night BROTHER, but she is also looking for revenge on another front JACK!

Terry takes a moment before he states.

Terry Borden: Miss Fury has already felt the power of AMERICANMANIA and it has left her laying DUDES! The only thing I have to do is walk to that ring and fire the first real shot within this war with BOB by taking away the bWo World Heavyweight Championship from that no good Miss Fury and to bring some semblance of honor and dignity to what it means to be World Heavyweight Champion, and WHATCHA GUNNA DO WHEN TERRY BORDEN AND ALL MY AMERICANMANIACS RUNS WILD ON YOU!

[Image: RrG5.gif]

Tommy Slavino: "Wishful thinking on the part of Terry Borden!"

Bama T: "Oh yeah baby! This mother fucker doesn't realize what he's in for!"

Billion Dollar Championship Match
Muscle Midget - vs - Big Money Oswald ©
Fury’s Rules (No DQ)

Oswald walks out with his Billion Dollar Championship around his waist. His servants moving to pull the top rope down so he didn't have to touch anything, in his suit as always. He is then handed his own personal microphone and begins to speak out.

"Since no one was worthy enough to take my belt away from me, I'm going to give a chance to every last loser out there in the back that thinks they have the SPINE to come face the God of Fates and Destruction, one on one!

You heard me right!


Come, come to me and let me end your careers.

Dare you choose it? Or will you choose to lose all respect from your peers, from your children, or your significant other? Do you want to be known forever as the coward? Or as someone who tried to and failed, like Solace?"

The bWo crowd inside Madison Square Garden erupts as the house lights go dark. The blackout lasts for several seconds bringing the crowd louder and louder before all eyes shift towards the bWo-Tron.


Bama T: “Oooh BABY! Y’all know who this motherfucker is?”

Muscle Midget walks out to the top of the ramp and flexes for the ladies live and at home.

Tommy Slavino: “MUSCLE MIDGET!”


He winks into the camera and takes two big (at least for him) steps back and then takes off running. Muscle Midget dives to the ground chest first and lands on a slip and slide that has been conveniently placed on the ramp. He slides down to the ring where another ramp is placed which shoots him into the ring. He lands perfectly and flexes again, giving the ladies what they want to see.

Big Money Oswald immediately starts laughing at the sight of his challenger. Towering over three feet above Muscle Midget. The bell rings and Ozzy sends his giant hand down to snatch up the super-buff mini luchador. But Muscle Midget rolls between his legs, swinging his head up and catching Big Money right in the nads with his forehead.

Big Money’s eyes pop from his head as he falls to his knees. Muscle Midget hits the ropes, and with his super-cut thighs leaps and wraps them around Ozzy’s neck and smacks his head to the canvas with a hurricanrana. Muscle Midget covers.


Ozzy’s face turns red and he rockets Muscle Midget into the air, kicking out of the fall. Ozzy gets to his feet as Midget falls. He catches MM midair and wraps him into a bear hug. Squeezing the life out of the smaller man.


He latches onto Ozzy’s nose with his teeth. Big Money hollers out in pain.

Tommy Slavino: "Holy shit, the billion dollar nose!"

Muscle Midget starts wailing on his head. MM turns his body and smashes Big Money face first with a falling facebuster.

MM covers again!



AGAIN! Big Money just slings Muscle Midget off of the cover. MM flies in the air but lands on his feet, as Big Money stands. He sees the giant coming towards him and jumps on the middle ropes! He springboards off for a drop kick!


He smashes MM midair with a wild haymaker that sends the muscular midget flipping down to the mat. Ozzy laughs rubbing his fingers together showing everyone who is keeping the Billion Dollar Championship as he puts a big boot on MM’s chest.




Muscle Midget gets out from under Ozzy’s foot. Big Money is beside himself. He sees MM getting to his feet to charge him and squashes him down quickly with a big boot to the face! He snatches MM up with authority and begins laughing wildly as he swings the little man down with ease. Crushing him with the beginning of a chain of German suplexes.

Tommy Slavino: “Bama T, I know we were both excited to see Muscle Midget, one of the most notorious luchadors in the world, but this is what Big Money does!”

Bama T: “Yeah BABY! Big Money showing us why he da man. OH! DAMN! A FOURTH GERMAN SUPLEX!”

AND A FIFTH! Big Money rolls and lifts Muscle Midget again to drop him for the SEXTUPLET, but the little man flips backward out of Money’s arms. He runs around beneath Big Money’s legs, hitting the ropes, bouncing back and forth. Osy turns and finds himself crashing to the mat from a springboard cutter from MM.

But MM doesn’t go for the cover. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair from under the apron. MM slides back in and places the chair over Ozzy’s face. MM hits the ropes again!


MM collides onto the chair and bounces off! Ozzy withers in pain as does MM.

Tommy Slavino: “Big baby moonsault, but was it worth it!?”

MM recovers and crawls over for the cover!




Ozzy throws MM off of him and pushes up to his feet. He stomps after MM, but MM slips over the ropes to evade him! Ozzy kicks the bottom rope in anger and yells down to MM. MM taunts him and tries to lure him outside. Ozzy falls for it and steps though the ropes. MM takes off around the ring and slides in on the other side! Ozzy Slaps the apron and slides in, but MM catches him with a dropkick to the face as he does! MM jumps up and drops an elbow across the back of Ozzy’s neck, then grabs his arm and drags him to the center of the ring!

Tommy Slavino: “It’s really impressive how strong this little fella is!”

Bama T: “Oh baby, back in the day I knew this fella that was strong as an ox, but only 4’2. Some of those midgets can surprise you baby!”

MM slaps Ozzy a few times, trying to wake the giant. Ozzy swats at MM, nearly striking him down with a devastating blow! MM runs the ropes and as Ozzy pushes up MM springs off of the ropes!

Tommy Slavino: “MUSCULESAULT!”


Tommy Slavino: “MORBID MINI!”

MM drops to the mat as Morbid Mini stands on the apron with a broken guitar!

Bama T: “Morbid’s playing Muscle Midget some of that sweet Memphis blues baby!”

Oswald stomps up to his feet and shakes the cobwebs loose. He looks over to MM laying on the mat and smirks. Ozzy scoops him up!

Tommy Slavino: “The DELETION!”

Ozzy laughs as he steps on MM’s chest to make the pin!





Morbid Mini tosses the broken guitar to the floor and spits on MM who’s still laying in the ring in pain!


The crowd ERUPTS as the countdown clock starts to tick away down to zero before breaking into “Judas” by Fozzy. The bWo crowd starts to sing the song along with the music until breaking out into a loud ovation when we see…

[Image: SillySingleBangeltiger-size_restricted.gif]

The XWF Television Champion ANDRE “THE KING” DIXON, belt strapped around his waist. New York pops huge for Andre Dixon. The ovation grows even louder when he is followed out by.

Bama T: "It's the roughest toughest TV champion the XWF has ever seen baby!"

[Image: tenor.gif]



[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=3579616]

BAMA T: "I sure do baby! THUNDER KNUCKLES!"

The XWF Tag Team Champions; Bobby Bourdon and Thunder Knuckles, THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS with their respective Championship in their hands before the crowd goes ape shit to see emerging out through the curtain.

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=17827651]

With the XWF Universal Championship over his right shoulder is none other than “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE!


Bama T: "Look at all that gold baby!"

”The following contest is a 8 Man Tag Team Attraction that is scheduled for one fall. About to make their way to the ring… the team of the XWF TELEVISION CHAMPION ANDRE DIXON, the XWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS, and THE XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPION “CHRONIC CHRIS PAGE- They are BOB ELITE!”

[Image: ShyWarmheartedGraywolf-size_restricted.gif]

The BIG APPLE welcomes BOB Elite with open arms as we see Chris bump fists with Andre, TK and Bourbon at the entrance. Chris leads BOB ELITE towards the ring as the crowd is rocking! Chris reaches ringside where he turns towards the steel steps leaving Bourbon and Dixon to climb up on the ring apron as Thunder Knuckles and Page chat on the floor before they laugh.

Bourbon and Dixon step through the ropes as Chris Page makes his way up the ring steps followed by Thunder Knuckles. They enter the ring joining up with their BOB ELITE counterparts. Bourbon and TK stand beside each other with Page standing beside TK and Dixon standing beside Chris Page. Collectively the foursome raises their belts up in the air garnering the loudest reception of the night. The crowd is on fire for BOB ELITE as Chris walks over calling for the microphone. The music fades away leaving nothing but the sold out Madison Square Garden chanting “BOB-ELITE! BOB-ELITE! BOB-ELITE!” in unison as Chris looks towards his incredible champions.Page nods his head before running down the line giving Dixon a high five then Thunder Knuckles and then Bourbon as the chant gets louder and louder. Chris turns towards the hard camera as he raises the microphone and address the Pro BOB crowd.


The chant breaks out into a thunderous ovation as Chris Page continues.

Bama T: "Listen to that reaction baby!"

CCP: ” When my lovely vixen envisioned a Pay-Per-View we had to offer our services because we ARE the proudest faction that has ever graced this goddamn profession. BOB Elite said we would dominate and hold gold; you got the XWF Television Champion in Andre Dixon, you got the XWF Tag Team Champions Them No Good Bastards, you got the bWo World Heavyweight Champion and soon to be Anarchy Champion; and the love of my life Miss Fury… oh, and you got me, the Universal Champion!”

Tommy Slavino: "If you're count along at home, that's nearly every belt between two companies that are all owned by BOB!"

Bama T: "I hear that sorry sack of shit Charlie Demos has been reduced to chasing novelty belts after losing his side bet with Bobby Bourbon!"

The crowd roars in approval.

CCP: ” We are a group that unlike the rest of the wrestling world that DOES NOT need titles to be the focal point; we just choose to take them and keep them because the rest of the talent that reside in the Xtreme Wrestling Federation are talentless hacks that would rather run their mouths behind the curtain than step to the plate and get embarrassed! Speaking of embarrassment; do we have four talents in the back that are prepared to come down to this ring and get their asses handed to them by BOB ELITE!?!!”

Page turns towards the entrance ramp as TK reaches for the microphone. Chris hands it over as no one emerges out to the top of the ramp.

THUNDER KNUCKLES: "Let’s go mother fuckers! We don’t got all goddamn night!"

Tommy Slavino: "You can hardly blame whoever the poor souls are for not wanting to come out and face THIS machine of wrestling brutality known as BOB!"

Bama T: "No doubt about it baby, whoever's behind that curtain are pissing their britches at the thought of stepping through that curtain!"

BOB Elite stand in the ring as Andre reaches for the microphone. TK hands it over.

ANDRE DIXON: "Did someone not tell them boys it is ass kicking time?"

Andre hands the microphone to Bobby Bourbon.

BOBBY BOURBON: "Come on boys! I am hungry, and a little thirsty. Catering is off the chain today."

Suddenly we get a split screen where we see four random local talents are laid out on the floor. The camera starts to pan backwards where we now see three sets of feet all in black combat boots. The camera starts to rise up when one set of feet step out of the frame. The camera rises up revealing the culprits behind the attack on the local talent to reveal…

[Image: tumblr_inline_ov93m1ZEVt1s50qig_400.gifv]

Bama T: "WHAT!?!"


[Image: giphy.gif]

Tommy Slavino: "What are THEY doing here!?"

The hostile crowd shits all over ROBERT MAIN and DREW ARCHYLE!! We go full screen on the ring where BOB Elite starts removing ring jackets and gear and titles as they eagerly await the arrival of ROBERT MAN and DREW ARCHYLE!

Bama T: "It makes no difference baby! If those two idiots are coming out here to face BOB Elite, then they're in for a world of hurt baby!"

All eyes dart to towards the entrance ramp including BOB ELITE. Attention comes from behind Page, Bourbon, Dixon and Thunder Knuckles as we see Robert Main and Drew Archyle come over the barrier!

Tommy Slavino: "Wait a minute! LOOK OUT!"

They slide into the ring behind BOB Elite! Robert and Drew blast Dixon and Bourbon from behind sending them spilling out to the floor and as Page and TK turn around Drew hammers away at TK with Main hammering away on CCP!

BOB - (CCP, Andre Dixon and Them No Good Bastards)
- vs -
Cockpuncher, Sayidd Kahn and The Badd Brothers APEX!?!
Fury’s Rules (No DQ)

The official calls for the bell!

Tommy Slavino: "Wait, is this the match now!?"

Bama T: "Card subject to change baby!"

Drew takes TK back into the ropes before clotheslining him over the top rope and out to the floor while Main has a right hand blocked by Page who counters by gouging Robert in the eyes before hurling him out to the floor! He turns around and is met with a double leg take down by Archyle who starts clobbering down on top of Page with vicious rights and lefts! Out on the floor Dixon and Bourbon are back to their feet where they start stomping away at Main! Andre reaches down picking up Main where he holds him by both arms for Bourbon to land clubbing forearm shots right and lefts while in the ring Drew starts biting Page across the forehead! Thunder Knuckles slides back into the ring where he pulls Drew off Page only to be mule kicked in the nuts!

Tommy Slavino: "What a dirty shot! Drew Archyle should be ashamed!"

Out on the floor Bourbon continues to lay in clubbing shots to both side of Main’s face before backing away and charging forward with a strong clothesline only to see Robert duck his head and Bourbon clothesline Dixon down to the floor! Bourbon turns around where he eats a boot to the midsection before being driven face first into the ring apron! Page gets back to his feet where he ducks a clothesline from Archyle, Drew spins around and walks into a front waist lock from Page who hurls him over head with a release belly to belly suplex! Drew crashes on the canvass before rolling out to the floor!

Tommy Slavino: "This is an all out brawl folks, but how long can Robert Main and Drew Archyle withstand the numbers game!?"

Main hurls Bourbon towards the ring steps sending him shoulder first into the steps before rolling into the ring where Robert Main and Chris Page officially go face to face inside the hallowed halls of Madison Square Garden. The crowd reaches a fever pitch before the two legends start trading stiff shots back and forth! Page takes the upper hand as he drives Main back into the ropes where he flings him across the ring, Main reverses and it is Page who bounces off the ropes and into a scoop up attempt by Main! Page slides down the back of Main while shoving Robert forward towards Thunder Knuckles who drops Main with a discus clothesline!

Tommy Slavino: "Thunder Knuckles just leveled Robert Main!"

Bama T: "There's bad blood between those two on account of the attack that took Robert out back in December! If he isn't careful, TK's gonna put his out again, permanently baby!"

Dixon comes around the ring where he snatches up Archyle and sends him crashing into the ring post right shoulder first before hurling him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Dixon slides into the ring where he picks Archlye up and drives him back into a neutral corner with a shoulder block while Thunder Knuckles starts stomping down on Main! Bobby Bourbon gathers himself on the floor and slides into the ring. Page joins Dixon with a double team on Drew in the corner while Bourbon joins in with TK on Robert Main! Page takes Drew out from the corner where he shoots him towards Dixon who catches him with an Olympic Slam!

Tommy Slavino: "Drew Archyle getting manhandled by the TV champ!"

The referee finally gets this Handicap Match under control as he gets Page, Bourbon and TK out to the ring apron and Main rolls out to the apron. In the ring Andre makes the cover on Archyle.




Drew kicks out of the near fall. Andre gets back to a vertical base where he picks up Drew and drives him back into the corner housing BOB Elite. Bourbon makes the tag and Andre pins Drew back into the buckles for Bourbon to lay a series of stiff forearms to the side of Drew’s head while Dixon drives repeated shoulders into the midsection before stepping out to the ring apron.

Tommy Slavino: "BOB Elite are having their way with Team Main!"

Bama T: "What did they expect baby!? An entire company has failed at taking BOB out, what are these two assholes going to do!?

Bobby brings Drew out from the corner where he where he takes him down with a short arm clothesline. On the other side of the ring Robert is getting back to his feet. Page drops down to the floor and comes around the ring where he yanks Main off the apron drives him into the security railing! He laces him across the chest with a series of chops as Bourbon picks Drew up off the mat where he hurls him into the ropes, Drew bounces off the ropes and we see Bourbon drop his head and is planted into the mat with a double arm DDT by Archyle! Out on the floor Page swings a Main who blocks and headbuts Page across the nose backing the Universal Champion up before Main comes forward with a boot to the face taking Page down to one knee. TK comes around the ring where he snatches a chair from the time keeper where he cracks Main across the back! In the ring Dixon enters and charges towards Drew as he gets to his feet, Drew side steps Dixon sending Andre bouncing off the ropes and into a spinning powerslam from Archlye!

Tommy Slavino: "Lucky shot!"

Thunder Knuckles waits from Robert to turn around where he jabs him in the midsection doubling him over for a second shot across the back of Main dropping him to the floor. Drew bounces off the far side gaining a full head of steam perhaps looking for a suicide dive but is met with a massive pounce from Bobby Bourbon sending Drew sailing across the ring! Dixon rolls out to the floor where he tosses back the ring apron pulling out a table! Dixon slides the table into the ring while on the other side of the ring Page picks Main up off the floor before hurling him into the ring. TK slides into the ring with chair in hand while Dixon pulls out a second table and slides it into the ring. Page enters the ring on one side followed by Dixon on the other side. Andre starts to set up a table as Bourbon picks Drew up off the mat. Dixon sets up the second table as TK crashes the chair down on top of Main a second time. Page starts directing traffic as the numbers game has taken full control of this No Disqualification environment.

Tommy Slavino: "It was just a matter of time before the numbers game caught up to them folks!"

Bama T: "Damn right, and now Team Main are in for the beating of a life time for interrupting OUR show baby!"

Dixon picks Main up off the mat while Bourbon as Drew. Both men position Main and Archyle where they hoist them up into the air before driving them both down through the tables! Chris slaps TK on the side of the arm gaining his attention as he gives him a subtle head nod that brings smirk to Thunder Knuckles face. TK rolls out to the floor where he now goes under the ring apron where he pulls out TWO black baseball bats! TK rolls back into the ring where he tosses a baseball bat in the air to Page who catches it before turning his attention towards Robert Main who lays in the ruble of the Table.

Bama T: "Things are quickly going from bad to worse for Robert and Drew baby!"

TK and Page tap their bats together before Page turns and spouts out instructions for Andre and Bobby. Bobby picks Drew up putting him on his knees and holds him in position for Thunder Knuckles while Andre Dixon does the same thing to Robert Main. Thunder Knuckles and Chris Page turn towards the two men; TK to Drew and Page to Main. They place their bats to the temples of their prey and when they rear back the lights inside Madison Square Garden goes pitch dark.

Tommy Slavino: "Hey, what the hell!?"

Bama T: "Wait a minute, why is that song familar?"

Tommy Slavino: "NO WAY!"

The lights come back up to reveal….

[Image: 75395598e34c2128b74d28e1e8ffeba848f50bda.gifv]


Tommy Slavino: "NO WAY! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!"

Bama T: "Wait, is that!?"

Tommy Slavino :"JIM CAEDUS!!!"

“HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” echoes throughout Madison Square Garden as JIM CAEDUS starts to make his way towards the ring! Page directs Dixon and Bourbon to cut of Caedus! Dixon is out first followed by Bourbon! Dixon charges towards Caedus who ducks his clothesline attempt and charges towards Bourbon delivering a Purgatory Punch!

Bama T: "Get him outta here! Nobody invited him!"

Caedus hits the ring as both Page and TK escape out to the floor! The crowd is one fire as the ovation for the returning JIM CAEDUS is unreal. Caedus and Page engage in a heated stare down as Dixon helps Bourbon back to his feet. Thunder Knuckles collects all the BOB Elite Gold as he and Page comes around the ring joining their brothers. In the ring Jim helps Main and Archlye back to their feet . Dixon and Bourbon start to go towards the ring only to have Page call them back.

Tommy Slavino: "That's right boys, no reason to play their game!"

A reunited APEX stand tall in the ring with Robert calling for the microphone.

ROBERT MAIN: ” You wanted a War? You want to play strength in numbers? Enjoy it while you can Chris for the days of you carrying around that Universal Title are quickly coming to an end! You can run, you can hide but what you cannot do is stop fucking time and you can’t box with God!”

Main tosses the microphone down as Page, Bourbon, TK and Dixon are at the top of the ramp. Page points at Main spouting off at him before flipping off Jim Caedus.

Tommy Slavino: "Robert Main and his croneies have just started something that I don't think they can finish!"

Bama T: "No way baby! They might feel like they got the upper hand tonight, but when the return on that check comes in, I think we're going to see a very remorseful APEX baby!

bWo World Title
Miss Fury © vs Terry Borden
Fury’s Rules (No DQ)

Madison Square Garden erupts in boos as “Real American” hits the speakers. Terry Borden emerges out to the top of the ramp as yellow and red strobe lights flicker throughout the entire arena.

Tommy Slavino: "The bWo crowd being very vocal in their dislike for The American-Maniac!"

Bama T: "Yeah baby, and Terry's upset that we keep getting his name wrong!"

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=12175384]

Borden tosses off the red and yellow boas as he makes the walk towards the ring! It is so loud you can hardly hear yourself think! Terry reaches ringside where he steps through the ropes entering the squared circle where he starts to rip away the “AMERICANMANIA” tank top before twirling his right hand in the air where he cups it next to his ear garnering a massive chorus of boos from the crowd! Terry paces back and forth across the middle of the ring as the music fades away.

Tommy Slavino: “Here she is! The bWo World Champion! With FOUR successful defenses under her belt, Miss Fury is coming in as the odds on favorite tonight. Bama, do you think that Terry Borden, at 64 years old can find a way to upset the champion tonight?”

Fury walks out to the stage, the bWo World Title firmly around her waist. The crowd is poppin’ the roof off in support for the villainous mistress of BOB! In the ring, Terry looks on in disbelief of this bizarro world that he’s found himself in!

Bama T: “Wel, you’ve got to look at where Terry Borden pulls his strength baby! He almost gets energized by the fans, but as you see baby, these fans have no use for this DINOSAUR of a bygone era!”

Fury walks down to the ring confidently talking trash the entire way!

[Image: 8.gif]

Tommy Slavino: “Miss Fury is glowing with confidence, wouldn’t ya say?”

Bama T: “Damn right, and why shouldn’t she baby!? She’s defended this championship against THIRTEEN men and women baby! This champion has a proven track recorded, unlike her challenger!”

Fury climbs into the ring. She unstraps the bWo World title and holds it up over her head, turning for the entire crowd to see. Her and Borden lock eyes as Fury continues to run her mouth!

Tommy Slavino: “Didn’t you kick his ass last Thursday Bama!?”

Bama T: “Damn right I did baby!”

[Image: Ari-Holding-World-Title-UP.jpg]

Ari passes the belt off to the time keeper. He checks with the competitors to make sure they’re ready before calling for the bell. Borden and Fury push out of their corners. They circle the ring as Fury mocks Borden by reminding him of her snapping the flag over her knee. Borden looks hot, but he isn’t falling for her game and keeps his composure. Finally they move in to lock up. Fury slips a kick between the legs, but Borden catches it, almost having foreseen the cheap shot from a mile away. Fury begs him off as Borden keeps hold of her leg and tries to rally the fans behind him, but it becomes apparent that this is a hostile crowd for The Real American! The shock of this reaction seems to distract Borden. Fury springs up and catches him with an enziguri! Borden stumbles back holding his head, more in shock than pain. Fury rushes to her feet and pushes in, trying to maintain whatever advantage she has. Borden steps in with a lariat, but Fury easily ducks it, springs off the ropes and hits a crossbody, but Borden catches her in mid air! Fury flails her arms and legs wildly trying to break free, but Borden has her dead to rights. He stomps around the ring, taunting the booing crowd!

Tommy Slavino: “Look at this gloating! Not very sportsmanlike!”

Bama T: “Oh yeah baby, he’s got Fury in a baaad way! Don’t underestimate her though!”

Terry marches center ring and dumps Fury to the mat with a big scoop slam! Fury bounces and grabs for her lower back in pain before realizing that Borden is still looming over her. She scoots away from Borden, begging him off, but Borden charges forward! Fury slides outside of the ring and Borden gives chase! They circle the ringpost, first Fury, then Terry, but Borden is rocked by a leaping lariat as Herschel Kiss explodes from ringside and knocks Terry to the floor! Fury barks orders at Herschel and he grabs Borden and throws him into the steps knee first! Borden flips over the stairs, dislodging them in the process!

Tommy Slavino: “Remember, with “Fury’s Rules” this is all legal! ”

Bama T: “He knew what he was getting himself into when he plotted with Theo to get this match! I don’t pity him one bit baby!”

Terry is reaching for his knee! The same one that Bama T. ran over with Dangerous Dave Mustang’s Harley last Thursday! Fury points and laughs at the old man and his boo boo before instructing Herschel to throw him back into the ring! Fury slides in and stalks over Terry, taking occasional pot shots to keep him down while posturing for the pro BOB crowd!

Tommy Slavino: “Look at this Bama, the fans here in New York love Miss Fury!”

Bama T: “And why wouldn’t they Tommy? New York City is Miss Fury and BOB’s base of operations, and everybody knows that you just don’t shit where you eat baby! That’s why BOB takes great pride investing back into the community and our local New Yorkers love us for it!”

Fury wastes too much time gloating. Terry recovers and catches her foot when she tries to stomp him again! Terry slings her back and to the ground, Terry pushes up to his feet as Fury is rushing in! She fires off with a flurry of lefts and rights, but Terry is able to absorb all of the non damage being inflicted and fires back with a big right hand of his own that sends Fury tumbling scores the ring! Herschel Kiss yanks Fury out of the ring before Borden can capitalize!

Tommy Slavino: “What in the Hell was that! That damned son of a bitch just struck a woman with a closed fist!”

Bama T: “He should be ashamed baby! My mama always told me that a man ain’t to lay no hands on a woman baby!”

Herschel tends to Fury on the outside. Terry is pissed and argues with Ari to force her back into the ring. Ari refuses, citing Fury’s rules. Fury and Herschel taunt Borden from the outside, daring him to follow. Instinctively, Borden looks to the Americamaniacs for guidance, but there’s none of them in attendance tonight!

Tommy Slavino: “Look at this idiot! He doesn’t know what to do in front of a smart audience! They can smell the BS Borden, and they aren’t buying!”

Bama T: “Hell no baby! Terry Borden is the biggest two faced monster in the business baby, and our fans know it!”

Terry decides fuck it and heads out of the ring! Herschel and Fury rush him, but Terry manages to hold his own! A big right from Borden rocks Fury and she staggers back and leans against the barricade where the bWo fans try to motivate her back into the match! Herschel fires off with clubbing forearms across Borden's back. He stumbles forward against the ring as Herschel continues the assault, but Terry fires off an elbow to the midsection to stun Herschel and fires off three big right hands of his own with the final one sending Herschel into an earthquake causing back bump! Before he can celebrate, Fury dives in with a chop block to the back of his right knee! Borden crumbles to the floor and Fury grabs his leg and kicks the side of his knee repeatedly!

Tommy Slavino: “That serves him right for attacking a non competitor! I hope Fury breaks his geriatric leg off at the hip and beats him to death with it!”

Bama T: “Oh? Uh, yeah baby! Sounds sweet!”

Fury digs under the ring and finds a steel chair! She cracks it across Borden’s abdomen, then his knee, then his abdomen again! She tosses the chair to the side as Terry struggles to maintain consciousness. Fury coaches Herschel back to his feet. He looks pissed! He grabs Borden and yanks him to his feet, holding him from behind for Fury. Fury mocks Terry’s posturing and winds up for a big BIG BIG RIGHT HAND! She fires off and hits him square on the jaw. Truth be told, it does little damage, but that doesn’t stop Fury from delivering 2 more before Herschel tosses Terry back to the floor!

Tommy Slavino: “Three brain shattering punches from the powerful Miss Fury! How can Terry Borden possibly recover?”

Bama T: “HE CAN’T BABY!”

Fury interacts with the fans in the front row as they cheer her on. Eventually she calls for Herschel to dump Terry back into the ring for her!

Tommy Slavino: “Uh OH! I’d say Miss Fury is tired of playing with her victim! Look for this one to be over sooner rather than later!”

Miss Fury rolls into the ring and stalks the downed Terry Borden for a moment before dropping to the mat and locking in the Black Widow!

Bama T: “Oh shit baby! It’s over! It’s over baby! Nobody has ever escaped The Black Widow baby, NO ONE!”

Miss Fury rears back, putting everything she has into the hold. Terry winces and grunts, but refuses to submit! He tries to crawl towards the ropes, pulling them both across the ring with his one free arm!

Tommy Slavino: “I don’t know what he THINKS he’s doing, but there’s NO ROPE BREAKS in Fury’s Rules!”

Bama T: “It’s an act of desperation baby! Terry knows the rules, but he’s out of options!”

Terry grabs the bottom rope, but the hold is not broken! After a moment he begins to fade and his hand slips off the rope. Miss Fury barks at Ari to check if she’s won! Ari lifts Borden’s arm up and watches it fall back to the mat. “AGAIN!” she barks, and Ari repeats, much to the same result! A third time and Once more Terry’s arm drops, but halfway to the mat he catches it and begins to shake his fist!

Tommy Slavino: “What!? What is this!? How’s he still conscious!?”

Bama T: “Did we test him for PEDS prior to the show baby!? Because something isn’t natural about this!”

By this point Borden has fought his way up to one knee, even with Fury clinging on for dear life with the Black Widow! Realizing it’s only a matter of seconds before Terry Borden becomes the first person to break her submission, Fury releases the hold, allowing Terry to march around the ring and get pumped up!

Tommy Slavino: “She released! She released it! Nobody has ever broken out of the Black Widow! She released it!”

Fury rushes in catching Borden with a shotgun dropkick! He hits the corner back first, but springs right out looking reenergized! Fury watches on in disbelief as Terry Border wags his finger “no” before pointing at her!

Terry Borden: “YOU!”





Fury dives through the middle ropes to the outside! She grabs a chair and barks instructions to Herschel as a pumped up Terry Borden watches on from inside of the ring! Herschel and Fury climb up on opposite sides of the apron. Terry has his fist up ready to fight as he tries to keep his eyes on them both. Herschel and Fury rush in. Fury swings the chair! Terry grabs it out of the air! He kicks Fury in the mid section! She releases the chair and falls back into the ropes! Terry turns just in time to catch the much slower Herschel Kiss over the head with the chair he took from Fury! Herschel wobbles in a daze. Terry throws the chair down and scoops the big 400 plus pound man up into his arms and slams him to the mat with authority! Fury comes in from behind, but Terry grabs her and whips her into the ropes, catching her on the rebound with a step in BIG

[Image: BIG-KNEE.gif]


Tommy Slavino: “Oh my God! Somebody check on her!”

Terry falls to his knees from exhaustion as Ari rushes in to check on Fury. Blood begins to pour from her nose as a shocked silence falls over the crowd.

Until Fury gets up and the crowd POPS like crazy at the site her!

[Image: bloody.gif]

Bama T: “Yeah baby! It’s gonna take more than THAT to keep this champion down!”

Terry seems somewhat impressed with a silent nod before the two of them push back up to their feet and begin to circle each other again. As they move in Terry hooks Fury into a headlock. Fury pops off a couple of elbows to the ribs! Terry whips her into the corner HARD! She collides into the turnbuckle chest first and flops back to the center of the ring. Terry cups his hand to his ear as he calls for the Leg Drop! He’s met with boos from the crowd! Terry flips them off and hits the ropes coming in hot with the Leg Drop, but Fury rolls out of the way and Terry catches all mat!

Tommy Slavino: “Amazing is the awareness of Miss Fury even still after the WAR that she’s been through tonight!”

Fury hits the ropes and catches the sitting Terry with a shotgun dropkick! He slams back to the mat hard, hitting his head. Fury pushes up and mocks Terrys ear cup taunt as the fans roar in approval! Fury hits the ropes and flies in with a Leg Drop of her own! She hits it and makes the cover!




Bama T: “C’mon Ari! You gotta count faster baby!”

Fury argues with Ari and tells him to count faster! She re-pins Terry!




Fury is getting frustrated! She grabs Terry by his hair and fires off a series of rights to the forehead! Terry shoves her off and she rolls backwards only to land on her feet and rush right back in this time scratching and clawing away at his eyes! Terry shoves her off again and rolls towards the ropes, but Fury’s right back on him, chasing him outside the ring where Herschel grabs him and tosses him into the barricade before walking off casually.

Tommy Slavino: “You know what, I’m going to say it! You have to respect the hell out of what you’re seeing tonight! Like him or not, Terry Borden is digging deep and putting up a hell of a fight against Miss Fury!”

Bama T: “No doubt about it baby, and it’s only going to make Miss Fury’s victory all the sweeter!”

Fury climbs to the outside and grabs Terry leading him to the ring post. She slams him headfirst, but he blocks it and slams Fury face first into the steel! Blood gushes from her already broken nose as she squeals out in shock! Terry whips her into the barricade and follows through with a clothesline that sends her up and over! Terry tries to step over the barricade, but the rabid bWo fans block his path and protect Miss Fury as she recovers!

Tommy Slavino: “You’ve just got to love bWo fans Bama!”

Bama T: “If he wants Fury out there, he’s going to have to take us all on baby! ”

Frustrated, Terry realizes that he can’t start knocking out fans. He backs off right into the waiting arms of Herschel Kiss! Herschel whips Terry, but Terry pivots and reverses, sending Herschel into the ring post! Terry whips Herschel into the ring and rolls in behind him. He pulls the big man up and whips him into the ropes!




Terry points out to Fury, letting her know that she’s next before hitting the ropes and delivering a crushing leg drop to Herschel! Terry points out to Fury again and demands she get back into the ring, but she politely passes. Terry rolls out of the ring and grabs a discarded chair. He slides back in and stands over Herschel, looking down at him with the chair firmly in both hands.

Tommy Slavino: “C’mon! Look at the American Hero! Threatening a NON PARTICIPANT AGAIN!”

Bama T: “These are the people that judge us! Look at their examples baby!”

Tommy Slavino: “Fucking hypocrites!”

In a surprising move, Terry’s plan works, and Fury pleads with him not to take the swing! Even Terry seems suspicious of how easily Miss Fury was coaxed into changing her mind. He watches her with hesitation as she steps over the barricade and approaches the ring. Terry nods his head and takes a few steps back from Herschel. He tells Ari to get Herschel out of her, and he does. Fury climbs up on the apron. Terry motions for her to step through the ropes, but she refuses and points to the chair. Terry looks at the chair and smirks before tossing it over the top rope and waving her in. Fury steps through the ropes and the two rush towards one another! They lock up! Terry pushes Fury back with his superior strength, but Fury pivots, trying to guide their travel! Terry slams her up against the turnbuckles and fires off knee to the midsection! Fury doubles over, but Terry shoves her back into the corner.

Tommy Slavino: “This is brutal! How do we allow Men to fight women anyway!?”

Bama T: “Equal rights baby!”

Suddenly an overzealous photographer hops up on the apron for that money shot! Terry tells the guy to move before he gets hurt when suddenly a burst of totally impressive PYRO fires out of the camera’s lenses!

[Image: explodingcamera.jpg]

Tommy Slavino: “Oh man! What bad luck! That camera malfunctioned at the worst possible time for Mr. Borden!”

Bama T: “I bet he bought that thing outta China baby, blame them!”

Terry stumbles the ring blind! Fury rushes in and wraps around him, locking in The Black Widow! Terry remains on his feet refusing to submit, but she has him trapped where he can’t walk! After a moment, she repositions, freeing his leg but applying much more pressure to the hold! Terry yelps out but pushes forward taking a slow and clumsy step! Fury begins rocking wildly, trying desperately to bring the big man down! Terry drops to a knee then falls over! Ari checks on him and he’s out cold! He calls for the bell and Fury releases The Black Widow, falling back onto the mat in exhalation as her theme plays.




Fury finally climbs to her feet. Ari presents her with the bWo World Title as the fans roar in approval!

Tommy Slavino: "What the hell!"

Bama T: "What's HE doing here!"

Centurion walks out to the stage to a chorus of boo's from the bWo crowd!

Centurion: "You know, it's nice to see that I was right about this just being an elaborate set up for you to get away with whatever you want. Not that you aren't already doing that on Anarchy!"

Fury is in the ring screaming and cussing, demanding to know what Centurion is doing out here!

Centurion stands at the top of the rampway as the crowd boos. He gives a wry smile, basking in a sound he hasn't heard in a very long time. Miss Fury, however, doesn't seem pleased to see him.

Centurion: Good job, Fury! Congratulations! You had to screw your way into a win over a man 20 years my senior. Well done, "champ". You're sure going places.

The crowd continues to boo, and Centurion flips off the crowd while continuing to look directly at Miss Fury.

Centurion: But now it's time to get real. I told you I was going to bring the fight directly to you. I told you I was done sitting around, waiting with my hands on my ass while you and your pals run roughshot over the XWF. So here I am, Fury. And I'm coming for your belt!

The crowd boos louder as Centurion gestures towards Fury's title. Fury leans against the ropes and points up at Centurion, screaming at him.

Centurion: Easy, kitten! You don't want to waste all that energy. I'd hate for you to have an excuse when I finally beat you.

Miss Fury: "Please!? Like you and the hero on Anarchy!? Don't make me laugh!"

Centurion nods along with a grin.

Centurion: Book it and find out! You can do that right? This IS your show, isn't it?

Fury steams for a moment before firing back!

Miss Fury: "You're damn right it's MY SHOW! This isn't YOUR XWF, and AROUND HERE, we don't reward PAST achievements! You want a shot at this!?"

Fury holds up the title with her free hand!

Miss Fury: "Then you earn it! And your first challenge...

Centurion has heard enough, and interrupts the villainous champion!

Centurion: You keep running, Fury. But I'll eventually get you, and I'll take what you hold dear to you. And when that time comes....

Before Centurion can say anything else, Osira Themis runs out from behind and clubs Centurion in the back of the head.

Miss Fury: "IS HER!"

The crowd explodes as Osira begins laying shots into Centurion's head, with Fury laughing in the ring. Osira picks Centurion back up off the stage and goes for a DDT, but Centurion reverses it and nails Osira with a 1000 Mile Slam! Fury's face drops as Osira bounces off the steel as Centurion gets back to his feet before staring back at Fury.

Tommy Slavino: "Centurion vs Osira Themis at Leap of Faith is set to be the first of many challenges for the newest addition to the bWo roster! That's all the time we have left! Thanks for ordering!"

Fury and Cent glare at one another as Centurion stands over the fallen Themis sister.

Bama T: "We're outta time baby!"

© TheoBOB Ent. LLC 2021


Big D
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And thanks to Lane for allowing me to do this.

Coming June 13th 2021

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Welcome back you scraggly son of a bitch

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Wild show great work!

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Welcome back Jim Caedus- glad to have you back.

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" And they said I had no friends"

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Winning Team War Games 2017 W- APEX
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Apex's Weakest Link duh

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05-09-2021 04:47 PM

(05-09-2021 04:45 PM)Robert "The Omega" Main Said:  " And they said I had no friends"

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w/ Robert "The Omega" Main and and James Raven "Apex" Longest reigning tag team champions in XWF history at 241 days.
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February 2018 Superstar Of The Month
March 2019 RPOTM For Captain Americhyle - The First Apexvenger
Winning Team War Games 2017 w/Apex
XWF Federweight Champion
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05-09-2021 05:07 PM

Ooc: Thank you Vin Vin 😁 ! And thank you for that message on the podcast, I heard it bro. It's good to be home again. Fucking love the XWF!

Thank you Page brother 🤜🤛

Robert and Drew thank you for having me back brothers, I really missed you guys.

Missed everybody. Kickass show to all the writers!

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Shout out to Gator/Noah Jackson for this kickass banner

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Shout out to Lycana for this kickass banner

~XWF ALL TIME TOP 50 - #6!!!!
~XWF XTREME CHAMPION - 2x (current)
~XWF TAG TEAM CHAMPION w/Chaos then Engy, w/APEX - 2x
~XWF 24/7 Briefcase - 2x
~XWF Trio Tag Champion w/Ax3 - 1x
~XWF Television Champion - 1x (undefeated)
~XWF Federweight Champion - 2x
~XWF Triple Title Holder - 1x (TV, Federweight & 24/7 case)
~XWF Double Title Holder - 3x (TV/Feder, Uni/Trio & Tag/24/7 case)
~XWF 2017 Lethal Lottery IV Tournament winner!!
~XWF 2017 Leap of Faith Rafter Match winner!!
~XWF 2017 2nd Annual Doc D'Ville Hosted Shove-It Rumble Co-Winner w/Chaos!!
~XWF 2017 War Games Co-Winner with Robert Main and Drew Archyle as APEX!!
~XWF Feb. 2017 J. Federweight Scramble Winner!!
~XWF January 2017 RP of the Month!! - "Like a Moth to the Flame"
~XWF February 2017 Star of the Month!!
~XWF March 2017 3-Way Star of the Month!!
~XWF September 2017 RP of the Month!! - "Lions and Tigers and Caedus, Oh Shit"
~XWF July 2021 QOTM!! - "Took It All"
~Proud final opponent of XWF Legend Barney Green for one of his retirements

---Love Me, Like Me, Hate Me. No Worries---

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I fucking love you Dick Powers

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Shout out to Gravy for these kickass banners
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(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

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05-09-2021 07:41 PM


Que será, será.

Ate 'Em All

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Banner courtesy of Atara Themis
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