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Warfare Results: 5.5.21
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05-05-2021, 05:51 PM



From !!!

[Image: cpa-arena-video.jpg]



- vs -
Handicap Match
Cooper and Stone can do 4 RP's while Thad can do 3 RP's


- vs -
3 Roleplays


- vs -
3 roleplays


- vs -
2 roleplays- Savage Rules


- vs -
Pulpit Match- Match takes places inside Morbid's Mega Chruch
3 roleplays

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

[Image: tTqkE57.png]

- vs -
Champion's Choice- Chris Page names the stipulation in his first roleplay
Universal Title Rules




From !!!

[Image: cpa-arena-video.jpg]


Pyro explodes from every corner of the arena in Seattle as the Universe can barely contain themselves. The XWF’s popularity is white hot these days as the cameras pan the screaming Universe before settling in on Heather and Pip at the announce table.

HHL: Welcome XWF Universe! We are LIVE from the sold out Climate Pledge Arena right here in Seattle, Washington! I am the voice of the XWF and my partner tonight as always, Pip Collins! Pip?

PIP: Heather we are hot off the heels of the MayDay extravaganza that came to us live from Coreytopia!

HHL: Four title matches plus a number one contender battle royal to determine just who would face Chris Page, or depending on the result of tonights Universal title match, R.L. Edgar coming up at Leap of Faith!

PIP: My man! Dean Rose walked into MayDay as the reigning defending Internet Champion against an internet force in her own right, Atara Themis and it was Ms. Themis that walked out the new Internet champion!

HHL: The Brotherhood of Baddies added yet another championship to their collection as Andre Dixon bested Marf Swayson to become the new XWF Television Champion!

PIP: Speaking of BoB, Them No Good Bastards continue to prove they are the best tag team in the business as they successfully defended the Tag Team titles against Centrubion in one hell of a fight!

HHL: And in the main event, Alias defended his XWF Xtreme Championship in the final required defense before receiving the 24/7 briefcase in by far his toughest singles challenge to date...

PIP: The King himself! The Good Doctor, Louis D’Ville!

HHL: Alias pulled out what some might say is an upset victory...

PIP: I don’t think he’d call it that!

HHL: Alias is STILL the XWF Xtreme Champion and as a result of that mega-defense at MayDay, Alias now holds a 24/7 briefcase which he can cash in at any time on any champion!

And in arguably the biggest story to unfold from MayDay, The returning Robert Main outlasted ten other men and women to become the new number one contender to Chris Page’s XWF Universal Championship and those two will meet one on one for the title in the main event of Leap of Faith provided Page, again, can get through Edfar tonight in the main event.

PIP: What a match that’s gonna be! I can’t wait!

HHL: That much is certainly true, but folks, in this business, and especially within the XWF, it’s always a game of Top That and tonight right here on Warfare, we’ll try to do exactly that and top MayDay with both the Universal and Hart Championships on the line and...

The XWF Universe growing restless as Heather and Pip went over the results of MayDay, now once again come unglued, unhinged… all the un’s really, as Thaddeus Duke’s entrance hits the airwaves.

HHL: ...and it seems as if we’re not gonna wait! Thaddeus Duke is on his way to the ring for his handicap bout with EXP.

PIP: Stone and Cooper make up one half of Ned Kaye’s Avalanche and on the last edition of Warfare, Thaddeus Duke found himself on the receiving end of an Avalanche beatdown.

HHL: In the aftermath of that beatdown, Ned Kaye laid down the challenge to the Lionheart: beat Stone and Cooper and he’ll get his Hart title match at Leap of Faith!

The opening contest here on Wednesday Night Warfare is a special two on one handicap match scheduled for one fall!



Lion roar.


Being accompanied to the ring by Paul Heyman...

Gold light bursts through the darkness pointing straight up from beneath the stage illuminating a lion banner above the entrance way. More guitar, the screen flashes to behind the curtain where Thaddeus is shown wearing a white Lionheart hoodie with the hood up, rocking back and forth in anticipation and excitement.

Currently residing in New York City, weighing 217 pounds...

Back to the mostly darkened arena. 'OKAY,' the arena lights pop on, strobing in gold colored lighting with Thaddeus Duke, hood up, standing on stage not moving.


GUITAR WINDS UP, CHORUS: The crowd cheers as he throws off the hood and walks to either side of the stage, pointing out toward the fans. He backpedals toward center stage and then heads toward the ring. Once he can reach fans, he slaps hands old school style, going from side to side. He runs up the steps and pauses, looking at his admirers before hopping over the top rope into the ring. He makes his way to each corner, giving the Bret Hart "I love you" pose.

Thad continues playing to the white hot crowd as Paul Heyman stands center-ring.

PIP: It looks like Paulie has something on his mind!

HHL: Like him, love him, or hate him, Paul Heyman has never met a microphone he didn’t like.

Paul gets ready to speak but is overwhelmingly boo’ed by the Seattle faithful. The reaction gives Thad a chuckle as he mouths I don’t think they like you to Paul.

You can boo me if you choose, Paulie begins. You can loathe me if you choose, but ladies and gentlemen, you need to be aware of something. You need to be aware that no matter whether you love or loathe my existence within this universe, that the only thing that matters is that when my face is on camera, when my lips are moving… the only thing that matters is you reacting.

The fans boo Paul loudly and again it gives Thad a laugh.

PIP: They’re giving him exactly what he wants!

HHL: Strange pairing, these two.

Paul leans the microphone toward Thad which immediately turns the loud boos to even louder cheers. Thad goes to speak but Heyman yanks the mic back, turning the loud cheering into louder booing. Heyman just about busts a gut with laughter.

That was cruel, Thad mouths to Paulie.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is...


PIP: They really can’t stop themselves from being manipulated by Paul Heyman.

Just in case the world has forgotten, just in case the roster has forgotten… what stands before you in this ring is the greatest pure athlete in the business. What stands before you is a 22 year old seven-time XWF champion…

Crowd pop.

What stands before you… is the cash cow and ratings whore of the XWF! What stands before you, and this is no disrespect to Morbid Angel… is the next XWF Hart Champion!

Heyman then hands the baton to Thad to a rather boisterous crowd reaction.

It’s been awhile since I haven’t had a championship, I kinda forgot what to do with my arms, Thad jokes. I’m not gonna take up too much time, but I wanted to explain exactly what’s happening tonight. You see, very few, if any, can pull the ratings like I can so what you have with me in this opening match is a gift to the XWF.

What you have is a gift to Ned Kaye.

What I mean is, I know he’ll be out here sitting right there...
Thad points to the commentary table.

HHL: He’s correct, Ned Kaye will be providing guest commentary for this match!

So the gift to Ned Kaye, is he gets to sit here and have the highest rated wrestling match he’s ever been a part of without him even having to lift a finger...

Crowd pop.

You don’t have to thank me Ned, but you’re welcome all the same.

His opponents… representing Avalanche… being accompanied to the ring by Ned Kaye, Thias Watts and Dean Rose… with a total combined weight of 515 pounds… Eobard Stone… Steven Cooper…




Thad stays in his corner as EXP enter the ring. Dean Rose remains on the floor. Thias Watts stays behind Ned Kaye.

HHL: Ned Kaye, giving some last minute advice here to his EXP brethren!

PIP: If Heyman can do it, why can’t Ned?

HHL: No one said he couldn’t, Pip!

The referee orders both Heyman and Ned Kaye from the ring and Ned retreats to the commentary table as Heyman drops to the floor in Thaddeus’s corner.

HHL: Ned Kaye, the XWF Hart Champion, welcome to the team!

PIP: It’s an honor and a privilege, sir!

NED: You know, Pip, when the change first happened, you were as vocal about decrying my actions as your broadcast partner. It’s good to see you come around! Heather, I trust you’ll be as needlessly righteous in your commentary as always.

HHL: If I see cheating, champ, I’m gonna call it for what it is.

NED: People like yourself have always had the most closed minds about ingenuity.


- vs -
Handicap Match

The bell rings as Eobard and Cooper stand in their corner, debating who’s going to start the match. Thaddeus though, really doesn’t care as he hightails it across the ring toward EXP and delivers a flying double clothesline type maneuver to both men to a huge pop from the capacity crowd. Stone tumbles through the ropes and out of the ring and Cooper tumbles head first into the top turnbuckle, ringing his bell a little bit.

Thaddeus then goes to town on Cooper in the corner, nailing him with stiff right shots to the jaw. The referee intervenes though, requesting a break out of the corner. Thad holds his hands up and steps back a few paces allowing the break.

On the floor, Stone regroups with a little aid from Dean Rose.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke, doing a fine job here in the early going rendering the numbers game irrelevant.

NED: He looks to be trying to limit the length of this match to the best of his abilities. Sound strategy against another team, but futile here.

PIP: It’s early, Heather! Besides, he was the dumbass that accepted a handicap match in the first place!

Back in the ring, Cooper shakes off the early assault from Thaddeus and locks it up in the center of the ring with a collar elbow tie up. Cooper uses his size advantage over Thad to his own advantage and forces Duke back into a far corner. The referee once again intervening, requesting a clean break. Cooper does as requested and backs off a step, only to throw a hard right hand toward Thad. Thad though, ducks under the wild throw and Cooper is now backed into that corner.

Thad lights him up with a few more shots to the jaw and laces him across the chest with a knifedge chop that echoes throughout the arena. Cooper shoves him away and tries to gather himself, but Thad rolls backward right back to his feet then flies back to the corner and hops up, monkey flipping Cooper toward the middle of the ring. Cooper gets back to his feet and protests to the referee, claiming Thad pulled his hair.

HHL: Steven Cooper! Lying through his teeth to the referee!

PIP: It’s subtle but it was there, Heather! Duke grabbed his hair!

NED: Your distaste for my brothers in Avalanche has clearly blinded you, Halliwell. Looking for foul play where none exists and ignoring clear violation of the rules.

Thad insists to the referee that he’s innocent as Cooper tags out to Stone behind the referees back. Instead of protesting the blind tag, Duke shoves the referee aside and goes right after Eobard Stone. Stone isn’t quite ready for it, so Thad dives into the air with a Stinger-like splash on Stone. Stone staggers out of the corner and Thad grabs him then takes him to the mat with a side Russian legsweep and quickly goes for a cover.

HHL: Duke trying to end it early here!



PIP: Here comes Cooper for the save!

Cooper jumps into the air with an elbow but Thad rolls off of Stone and Cooper slams his elbow down into his own tag team partner.

NED: Goddammit! Back on tempo, boys! Don’t let him breathe a second longer!

HHL: A little disconnect between EXP!

PIP: The referee needs to put a stop to this cheating from Thaddeus Duke!

NED: I can assure you that if the ref doesn’t, Avalanche surely will.

Thad get back to his feet as Cooper tries to help up Stone. The referee intervenes and tries to get Cooper out of the ring. Amid the distraction, Cooper eats a crisp dropkick from Thaddeus Duke and he spills out to the floor. Duke gets back to his feet quickly and Stone tries to clobber him from behind only for Thad to telegraph. Stone bounces off the ropes and Thad tackles him to the mat with a side headlock take down.

Stone pounds the mat in frustration.

HHL: Frustration creeping in here on the young buck.

NED: Stone isn’t about to come undone that easily, least of all to Thad Duke!

PIP: Stay patient Eobard! He’ll make a mistake!

HHL: Well, he’s not prone to making too many!

Stone begins to fight out of the headlock and back to his feet. He sends a couple stiff elbows to Thad’s midsection as Cooper makes his way back to the apron with the aid of Dean Rose. Stone then shoves Thad off of him toward the EXP corner. Stone rushes in toward Thad as Cooper grabs a hold of Duke’s arm and shoulder in an attempt to keep Thad cornered. Thad though sidesteps anyway and Stone clobbers Cooper with a clothesline sending Cooper back to the floor. Stone, beside himself for the moment takes his eye off the ball. Rose tries in futility to warn Stone what’s coming. Stone turns…


HHL: Heat Seeker from Thaddeus Duke to Eobard Stone!

Thad nails the superkick and quickly hooks the leg.




HHL: Dean Rose yanks the referee out of the ring!

PIP: He tripped!

NED: I told you that if the officiator wasn’t going to uphold fair play on the side of Duke, then we would, so you can hold off your outrage, Heather! Dean is simply setting things right!”

HHL: This match should be over and Thaddeus Duke should be heading to Leap of Faith as the number one contender!

Thaddeus Duke is raging in the ring after getting off of Stone and jacks his jaw at Dean Rose on the floor. The referee meanwhile slides back into the ring, and is trying hard to maintain order as he admonishes Dean Rose.

Before finally…

[Image: j47SfPS.gif]

Giant crowd pop.


HHL: It’s right!

NED: So much for the standards of the referees! Can we get a replacement out here?!

HHL: The official has done the right thing here and has sent Dean Rose to the locker room!

Amid the commotion, Steven Cooper has rolled Eobard Stone out of the ring and has taken his place on the mat. Thaddeus, not realizing the ole switcheroo, leans down to grab Cooper by his hair only to get rolled up in a small package!




HHL: And Thaddeus Duke kicks out here!

Thad and Cooper get back to their feet almost simultaneously and Thad goes for a lariat but Cooper ducks beneath it. On his way by, Cooper grabs Duke by his arm, spins him around and grounds him with a short arm clothesline with enough impact to send spit flying from Thad’s mouth.

Stone does his best in his teams corner to recover from the earlier superkick. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Cooper does his best to keep Thaddeus Duke grounded with a series of repeated elbow drops to his sternum. Cooper lifts Thad back to his feet then immediately takes him back to the mat with an arm drag take down culminating in an arm bar.

Cooper demands the ref ask Thad because apparently in an alternate universe, wrestlers submit to arm bars.

HHL: Duke clearly isn’t about to tap to an arm bar.

NED: Stranger things, Heather. Besides, don’t discount the strength of Steven. He was breaking arms while Thaddeus was still planned to be a stain on his parent’s bedsheets.

PIP: Steven Cooper is in firm control now! Thaddeus has no tag team partner! All Cooper and Stone need to do, is be smart, tag quick, and keep the Lionheart grounded!

Trapped in the arm bar, Thad starts to fight his way out of it and back to his feet. Unable to break the hold, Duke sends a series of forearm smashes to Coopers face. The last of which stuns Cooper momentarily, allowing Thad to break his grip. Duke goes to run toward the ropes only for Cooper to grab a couple handfuls of the Lionheart’s mane and rip him back to the mat.

The referee steps in immediately to admonish Cooper for grabbing the hair. Cooper’s no nonsense approach allows him to basically ignore the referee and go back to work on Thaddeus Duke as he lays in a quick succession of heavy stomps to Thad’s upper body. Duke slowly works his way back to his feet and Cooper grabs Thad’s arm and twists it with an arm wringer and backpedals to the corner where he tags in Eobard Stone.

HHL: The door may have already closed on Thaddeus Duke here tonight!

PIP: Of course it did! EXP is just too good to be beaten by this loud mouth punk!

NED: The door was closed the second he walked into this building tonight and my hand has been firm on the handle since long before that. He was never going to win here.

HHL: He had this match won! Rose yanked the referee from the ring and that’s the only reason EXP is gonna win this thing!

Stone enters the ring and Cooper backs Thad against the ropes and whips him to the far side. Cooper approaches the middle of the ring where his hits the mat, forcing Thad to leap over him on the rebound. Just after he leaps, Eobard Stone nails him with a spinning heel kick.

HHL: Hitscan from EXP!

PIP: This might do it! Put that damn kid out of his misery!

Cooper quickly retreats to the apron as Stone hooks the leg of Thaddeus Duke.




HHL: The Lionheart survives here on Warfare!

PIP: The end is nigh though!

NED: You have to show a little bit of respect for Duke tonight. Who else would insist on being so thoroughly dismantled for another few, short minutes?

After the kickout from Thad, Stone gets back to his feet. He dead stares the referee for a moment before refocusing his attention on Duke. Stone reaches down, grabbing a handful of hair of Duke and pulls him to his feet. Stone backs off for a quick second then drops to his knees and sends a knuckle thrust into the throat of Thaddeus Duke.

Duke struggles to regain his breath after the shot to his windpipe. Stone gets back to his feet and runs toward the ropes. On the rebound he leaps into the air sending a high knee into Thads face just as he turns around. Thad drops to the mat nursing his face.

HHL: The former Universal Champion is in a bad way here!

PIP: It’s just a matter of time before they put the final nail in this coffin, ending once and for all Thaddeus Duke’s desires for the Hart Championship!

HHL: I think Morbid Angel might have something to say later tonight about who’s going to Leap of Faith as Hart Champion!

NED: He hasn’t had a damn word to say on that matter if you’ve been paying attention, so don’t get your hopes up, dear.

Stone gets back to his feet and initially looks like he’s about to go for a cover, but chooses otherwise as he retreats to his corner and tags out to Steven Cooper. As Cooper takes his time getting into the ring, Stone returns to Thaddeus and pulls him to his feet.

Stone runs toward the ropes behind Thaddeus as Cooper lifts him into the air. On the rebound, Stone leaps into the air with a modified lariat and the EXP tag team tandem plants Thaddeus Duke on the mat with a Hart Attack.

HHL: What impact!

PIP: It’s all over but the singin’!

HHL: Clash at Demonhead is successful!

Stone retreats to the apron as Cooper hooks the leg of Thaddeus Duke.




HHL: Again! The Lionheart kicks out!

PIP: Why won’t he just stay down!? He has no chance of winning this match as it is!

HHL: That would be contrary to the content of his character.

As Thaddeus kicks out, Ned Kaye sends Thias Watts over to EXP’s corner for some instruction. In the ring, Cooper gets to his feet and argues the speed of the count with the referee. As he turns to return his attention to Thaddeus, Duke lunges at him from his knees, sending a hard shot to the solar plexus igniting the crowd and stunning Cooper momentarily.

Thad tries to get to his feet, but Cooper sends a double axe handle blow across his shoulder blades and Thad collapses back to the mat.

XWF Universe: Let’s go Thad! Let’s go Thad! Let’s go Thad!

With the crowd urging their man on and trying to help him make a comeback, Cooper smirks before sending a few stiff stomps to the side of Duke’s head.

STEVEN COOPER: Yeah! Let’s go Thad!

HHL: Cooper, mocking this crowds support of Thaddeus Duke.

PIP: As he should!

Cooper grabs Thad by his hair and pulls him to his feet before whipping him hard into the corner. Thad bounces out of the corner momentarily before retreating back as he tries to work out his ailing back. In the far corner, Stone tries to enter the ring causing the referee to intervene. In the interim, Thias Watts climbs the apron and grabs Thad by his head and neck, strangling him a bit while trapping him in the corner as Cooper charges in and delivers a hard shoulder thrust into Thad’s midsection.

Watts lets go of Duke who falls to his hands and knees, then he jumps down off the apron as the referee returns his focus toward the in-ring action.

In the corner, Cooper lifts Thad from the mat and forces him back into the corner before sending a stiff knife edge chop into the upper chest of Duke, leaving a reddened welt in its wake. Cooper then sends him across the ring into his partners corner and follows him in. Duke though, one hop back flips off the corner and over Cooper causing Cooper to send his intended lariat crashing into his tag team partner instead.

Cooper turns to find Thad but Duke lifts him up, spins and plants him in the center of the ring with a Double A Spinebuster to a huge pop frm the capacity crowd. Winded and nearing exhaustion, Thad lies sprawled out on the mat beside Cooper. A few moments later, Thad rises from the mat and rolls over, draping an arm over Cooper’s chest.




HHL: And Steven Cooper with the kickout!

PIP: Thaddeus got lucky, but as soon as Cooper gets to make the tag, this match is over.

XWF Universe: Let’s Go Thad! Let’s Go Thad! Let’s Go Thad!

HHL: Duke Nation! May be on the rise here in Seattle!

Slowly, Thad gets back to his feet. Eobard Stone has recovered from the earlier mishap and is urging Cooper to make the tag as Steven Cooper crawls toward his corner. Nearing the corner, Cooper gets to his hands and knees and reaches for Stone, but he’s not quite close enough. Seeing this, Thad charges across the ring and uses Cooper’s back as a springboard to leap off and dive into Stone with a forearm smash, sending Stone tumbling to the floor.

At commentary, Ned Kaye has ripped off his headset and abandoned the table.

Back in the ring, Thad peels off to what would be his own corner as Cooper starts to make it back to his feet.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke! Winding up for the Heat Seeker!

PIP: This can NOT be happening!

Just as Cooper reaches a vertical base, Thad starts to launch from the corner. Simultaneously, Ned Kaye is on the ring apron causing a referee distraction as Thias Watts grabs a hold of Thad’s ankle, stopping his advancement. Thad stops himself, feeling that death grip from the huge Watts fist and stomps down on his wrist with his free leg.

Watts retrieves his own hand, shaking off the pain from the vicious stomp as Thad scales the turnbuckles.

Ned Kaye drops to the floor allowing the referee to return his attention to the match.

From the top rope, Thad moonsaults onto Thias Watts on the floor to a massive pop from the Seattle crowd. Thaddeus gets back to his feet and turns to slide back into the ring, but Ned Kaye is there and clobbers him in the head with the Hart Championship!

WINNER by DQ: Thaddeus Duke

The crowd delivers deafening boo’s toward Ned Kaye and Avalanche.

PIP: HAHAHAH! He said he wanted the Hart title!

HHL: This match is over! Thaddeus Duke will win by disqualification, but the real story here is the Lionheart is busted open!

PIP: The fearless leader of Avalanche! Directing traffic tonight on Warfare! I love it Heather!

HHL: Be that as it may, Thaddeus Duke WILL meet Ned Kaye at Leap of Faith, Hart title or no Hart title!

EXP waits in the ring on Ned Kaye’s orders and Ned climbs to the apron. On the floor the down and out and now bloodied Thaddeus Duke lies wearily on the floor, lifting his head for a moment every now and then. Thias grabs him a handful of Thad’s hair and pulls him to his feet then lifts him up and drapes Thad across his right shoulder before dropping him head and neck first across the security barrier with Snake Eyes.

Watts lifts him to his feet again then viciously tosses him into the ring.

HHL: Where the hell is security!?

PIP: You really think they want to tangle with Thias Watts!? He’s 7 foot 3! He’s 330 pounds Heather!

HHL: Where the hell is Continuum for hell’s sake!?

PIP: The King is off licking his wounds and I don’t think Smith is even here yet!

In the ring, Stone pulls Thaddeus to his feet…

HHL: Snowfall from EXP to Thaddeus Duke!

The referee tries to intervene on Thad’s behalf but eats a gigantic boot to the face from Thias Watts. After the Snowfall finisher from Stone and Cooper, Ned lies on top of Thaddeus Duke and hooks the leg. Eobard Stone hits the mat to count:




HHL: This is disgusting!

PIP: I think that kid finally bit off more than he can chew!

HHL: It’s a four on one assault after the Lionheart just fought tooth and nail against EXP in a handicap match!

PIP: Ned Kaye just pinned his challenger! I love it Heather!

HHL: That pin meant nothing! It’s gonna be a whole new ball game when these two square off for real!

Ned Kaye gets back to his feet, feigning exhaustion over his moral victory over his would-be challenger. Thias Watts holds Ned’s arms up in victory as he stands over the beaten, battered and bloody Thaddeus Duke as the boos and trash begin to rain down on Avalanche from the XWF Universe.

Cooper hands the Hart title to Kaye who holds it up for the cameras to see.

HHL: Your disgraceful Hart Champion! Proud of Thaddeus Duke’s blood smeared across the shining gold!

Ned stands over in victory formation over Thaddeus Duke before rearing back and spitting on him.

HHL: He’s not out!

Thaddeus raises his head from the mat as he looks up at Ned Kaye. Ned’s smile fades momentarily as Duke smiles up at him before flipping him the middle finger.

HHL: The ever-defiant Thaddeus Duke letting Ned Kaye know exactly what he thinks!


Thias Watts drives his foot down, sandwiching Thaddeus Duke’s head against the mat with a variant of the curb stomp.

HHL: Whatever fight was left in him, it’s gone now!

HHL: Ned Kaye’s Avalanche stands tall over Thaddeus Duke tonight on Warfare!

PIP: So much for victory, Heather! HAHAHAHA!

Avalanche celebrates their dismantling of Thaddeus Duke on stage. With Thad lying out cold in the ring, Ned Kaye is all smiles as he raises the Hart Championship, still smeared with Thad’s blood high into the air as Warfare fades to a commercial for Haynes Baked Beans.

Press play and wait for it.

We cut back to the loading dock of the arena where a white limo is shown pulling into the building.

[Image: Limo-Pulls-Up.gif]

It pulls to a smooth stop before the back passengers door swings open. The crowd erupts with loud boos as the XWF Universal Champion CHRIS PAGE emerges from the limo in his street clothes as he has the Universal Championship in hand before slinging it over his right shoulder.

HHL: The champ has arrived!

The boos grow louder as he is followed out by the bWo Heavyweight Champion MISS FURY, and then the XWF World Tag Team Champions THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS and finally the XWF Television Champion ANDRE DIXON.

BOB Elite, with all the gold, starts to walk into the building.

Pip: It has been a very long time since one faction has been as dominate as BOB Elite; the Universal Championship, the Tag Titles, the Television Title all rests within one crop of talent that are just head and shoulders better than the rest.

HHL: Later on tonight we are going to find out who is going to move forward to Leap of Faith to defend the Universal Championship against Robert Main; is it going to be Chris Page or is it going to be R.L. Edgar?

Pip: That a trick question?

BOB Elite are shown disappearing down a hallway as various production and crew members part like the red sea for them to pass though. Page and Fury hold hands as the scene fades.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first…

Beast by Puppy plays over the sound system as there's a massive amount of boos when Kieran Overton walks out as he screams on top of his lungs.

PC: Ladies and gentlemen, the last time we saw Kieran Overton he put a beating on King Doc prior to their match at March Madness.

HHL: A smart strategy, but not one that paid off, as in the end, KO found himself another patient of the Lobotomy.

With his hands in the air on top of the ramp, wearing shorts, shirt, gloves and boots before walking down, KO ignores each one of the fans before he goes up the steps and goes over the top rope and places his hand on his left arm, basically not giving a damn about them before he turns to anger, while he goes to sit in the corner, waiting for his opponent to come to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…

The beat kicks in and I Invented Sex echoes through the arena, the crowd cheers and parties! Balloons and streamers fall from the ceiling as Dick Powers saunters onto the ramp with a rose between his teeth and bounces his head smiling followed by his manager Riley Reed who smiles nodding his head to the rhythm.

PC: Heather? When was the last time we saw Dick Powers?

HHL: Hum. I wonder. WINK WINK.

Dick drops to his knees and opens his arms wide, flaunting what he's got to the crowd as his pyro goes off behind him. He hops to his feet clapping, dancing and high fiving fans on his way to the ring. He jogs up the steps and climbs the top turnbuckle singing along to his theme as he poses to his adoring fans.

With both men situated in their corners, the ref calls for the bell.


- vs -

KO is immediately charging at DP like a raging bull, but Powers leaps from the corner and connects across KO’s face with a discus punch, sending the big man tumbling back. DP stays applying pressure. He grabs KO by the leg and takes him to the mat with a dragonscrew takedown! But KO pops to his feet quickly, nearly decapitating Powers with a fierce short arm clothesline.

KO covers.



Easy kickout by Powers, who grabs ahold of Overerton’s trunks on his way up. Dick rolls backwards with a school boy!



KO kicks out and looks furious.

He snatches Powers by the hair and sends a vicious kick to his face. He doesn’t relent. Kicking Dick over and over until Dick is bleeding from the tip of his head! KO whips DP into the ropes, he leapfrogs as DP tries butting in with a shoulder. DP hits the opposite set of ropes and dropkicks KO in the face!

Kieran is back to his feet quickly, but eats a one legged dropkick from Dick. He bounces up again, and now a low drop kick! KO is slower this time and DP moves over to the turnbuckle where he climbs up and sizes up his opponent. MISSILE DROPKICK! THAT’S ALL OF THEM!

DP pins KO




KO gets a shoulder up. Dick stands to go back on the attack, but KO grabs the arm, pulling Dick in and smashing into him shoulder to shoulder. KO grips Dick tightly, squeezing and ramming Dick’s head between his legs. KO lifts him and slams him down with a sick looking powerbomb that folds Dick over. KO covers.




Dick POWERS out!

But before DP can recover, KO has sat all of his weight on his back, pulling his legs under his arms and wrenching in a painful Boston Crab. Dick shouts out and tries crawling to the ropes. The ref is asking DP if he gives up, but the sex icon refuses.

DP muscles up to his arms and begins an army crawl towards the ropes, while KO tries desperately to hand on to his submission move. DP gets in arms reach of the ropes. He sticks his hand out, but as he does KO starts dragging him back to the center of the ring!

But with the momentum, DP is able to flip to his back. He frees a leg and punts KO in the gut causing the big man to suck-air and let go of the move. Powers scrambles up to his feet to meet KO and connects with a hellacious superkick! The move sends KO tumbling backwards, flipping over the top rope and out onto the floor.

The crowd roars with excitement as Dick Powers taunts for them. He hits the ropes and runs towards KO, vaulting over the top rope with a diving crossbody! BUT KO CATCHES HIM MID AIR! Overton holds onto Powers and takes off running towards the steel ring post, smashing Powers’ spine into the post. KO doesn’t let go, and drops Powers’ ribs across this knee! He still doesn’t let go, holding onto Dick sideways. He turns and takes Dick down to the floor with a nasty power slam!

KO rolls under the rope as the ref begins the 10-count!





KO comes out of his corner sweating and breathing heavily. He looks outside of the ring but can’t spot Dick.



KO looks around confused



PC: I don’t see Dick anywhere! But he’s about to get counted out of this match!

KO holds his arms open laughing, insinuating that DP was scared and ran away.


But the ref stops the count as the fans start screaming!

HHL: Dick went under the ring and crawled across to the other side! What a smart move!

KO turns around and gets his legs swept out from under him. POWER TRIP! When KO hits his back Dick Powers lands a standing moonsault and covers!



NO!!! KO just barely gets a shoulder up!

Dick pops up to his feet and bounces around the ring in a circle. Feeling a course of adrenaline through his throbbing veins as the crowd cheers, Dick stands firm. He yanks KO up and slings him to the corner where KO smacks the back of his head against the pad and falls to his ass.

PC: He’s going for it!


Dick pulls his tights up, accentuating his bulge before slapping his own groin and charging at KO!

Dick leaps!



A dropkick to the chest!

KO falls in the corner again!


Dick mangles KO’s face with the bronco buster, then pulls on the rope, lifts his legs and sends a sick knee right to KO’s chin.

Overton collapses!

Powers covers!




Winner via Pinfall - Dick Powers!

"Bitches" by Mindless Self Indulgence, hits the speakers much to the displeasure of the crowd. As the song ramps up, talking about how much bitches love the man about to appear, "The Kink" Mickey Kinkade walks down the entrance ramp with a slow pace, taking up the extra time just so you...yes, YOU, can have more quality content on your screen. A vibrant smirk is on Mickey's face as more and more people boo. He laughs in an oh-so confident fashion, grabbing his delectable sack with one hand before thrusting it in the direction of whatever fat mark is booing him, blowing kisses to him and everyone else in the process as they hate him.

Announcer: Residing in Stockton, California, weighing in at 207 pounds, he is "The Addictive One", "The Kink" Mickey Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiinkaaaaaade!

Mickey yells "That's Me Bay-Bee!" as he slides into the center of the ring, heading up to the second turnbuckle to undo his Gucci jacket, showing off the goods with six pack, which he counts out one by one, before stepping down and getting ready for the match-up.

Jordan Knoxville walks to the ring confidently as his music plays.

HHL: Looking to be a good one tonight! Both of these men are hungry for a victory.

PC: I think this is going to be a hard fought, knock em down, drag em out style brawl!


- vs -

Knoxville and Kinkade circle each other as the bell rings. The two men trade insults before Kinkade suddenly stops. Kinkade makes a hip thrusting motion at Jordan Knoxville. Kinkade makes a few more thrusting motions before imitating spanking a buttocks. The referee tells Kinkade to cut it out as Jordan Knoxville glares at Kinkade from across the ring.

PC: Mickey might want to focus more on wrestling and less on theatrics!

HHL: He’s playing mind games, Pip! This is all part of his strategy.

Mickey thrusts towards the referee who quickly backs away. Jordan Knoxville holds his hands out in front of him while bending his fingers towards himself. He tells Mickey to ‘come at me!’. Mickey Kinkade chortles before making a jerking off motion towards Knoxville. Jordan throws his hands up in frustration as he turns his back on Mickey.

PC: There aren’t any mind games going on here, Heather! This guy is just a nasty per-

Mickey charges towards Jordan Knoxville out of nowhere! Jordan Knoxville feels the vibrations on the ring and turns around just in time to see Kinkade charging at him! Jordan buries his heels into the ring and tucks his chin as he prepares for the full frontal!


Mickey barrels headfirst into Jordan! The sound of their skulls cracking against each other echoes throughout the arena as the two men collapse! Kinkade falls to the ground while Jordan bounces back against the turnbuckle. Knoxville falls down the post, his head banging against each post pad on his way to the ground. Both men lay still as the referee checks on them.

PC: Oh my god! That can’t be safe!

HHL: Oh they’ll be alright, Pip! They’ve both gotten worse head than that before!

PC: ……

After checking on both men the referee quickly steps up to his feet. He raises an X over his head with his arms as the two unconscious men lay still on the mat.


We return to the loading dock of the building where a set of motorcycles are heard in the distance of the dark Seattle skies when suddenly two headlights are seen approaching the door to the loading dock. The two bikes pull in behind the white limo.

[Image: tumblr_o9wtalkd2o1uycn5fo1_500.gifv]

The crowd erupts at the site of Robert Main!

HHL: ROBERT MAIN is in Seattle and live on Warfare! Chris Page just shit a brick!

Pip: If Main knows what is good for him he will stay as far away from Chris Page as humanly possible.

” I hope that prick had fun at May-Day because tonight we are going to have a little bit of fun ourselves.”

Main pulls out a baseball bat before entering the building. He walks past the limo that housed BOB Elite and take notice of the license plate which reads BOBELITE. Main stops walking and smashes the back window in with the bat to a huge roar from the crowd which sparks the driver to get out of the limo where Main cracks him in the gut with cut with the bat the doubles him over upon impact for Robert to crack him across the back!

Main smashes the front windshield repeatedly with the bat before he start to walk towards the backstage hallways.

” BOB ELITE! Come out come out where ever you are!”

Pip: Main is going to pay for that!

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “It is CINQO DE DRINKO big daddy J! Time to turn up!”

The Disintigrators, “Dangerous” Dave Mustang and Johnny “Twisted” Steele, are backstage at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle. Dave is pouring shots from a huge bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila with a grin on his face.

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “TIME TO EAT THE WORM, DADDY! WOO!”

Mustang slides a shot glass over to Steele, who pounds it back in the blink of an eye. He slams the shot glass down onto the table with a loud bang.


‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “You damn right it does, ‘Balls Of!’ Hey… look over there! Ain’t that one of them no good, fat, out of shape, ham and egger nobodies the Dreamamaniacs right over there? It smells like LOSER right now!”


Steele grabs the Cuervo bottle, takes a good long chug of it, and then struts over to where Clint Fatwood stands, innocently minding his business in full ring gear the war all professional wrestlers always do.

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “HEY FATASS! YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS???”

Fatwood instinctively looks at his wrist, thinking Johnny Steele is just asking him an innocent question.

A half second later, though, and Johnny flips the bottle in midair, catching it by its neck. He then swings it in a backhand, shattering it into a million pieces against Clint Fatwood’s face! Fatwood slumps against the wall as glass and tequila go flying everywhere.


‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “You sure did, Big John! You can put a fork in this Stay Puft Sucker, because he is DONE!”
Dave hurries over and helps Johnny drag the limp body of Clint Fatwood away from the wall. Mustang notices a nearby Men’s Room door.

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “Johnny I think this big mess of a man is overdue for a hair washing, don’t you?!”


Steele kicks open the bathroom door and the Disintigrators drag the unconscious body of Clint Fatwood inside. They make their way to the first stall and then shove Fatwood down onto his knees, and Mustang puts a snake skin boot on the back of his head and pushes his face into the commode! Steele flushes the toilet as the cold water wakes Fatwood up a bit, and he sits there flailing and kicking as the D-Grators laugh and continue holding him down and flushing.

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “How do you like that, JACK!? Free swimming lessons from the BADDEST MAMMA JAMMAS in the XWF!”


‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WOO!”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “”WOO!”

At that moment, the bathroom door opens up again and Terry Borden wanders into the room with a newspaper rolled up under his arm and a can of air freshener in his hand.

He sees what’s happening to his partner and he throws the can like a fastball, barely missing Mustang’s face!

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “Party’s over, Steely J! Let’s hit the road before we end up killing these two old GEEZERS!”


Mustang and Steele rush past Borden as Borden hurries to his partner’s aid. The tag partners run out of the bathroom laughing as Borden points at them with anger in his eyes, patting Fatwood on the back as Clint coughs up toilet water.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is an ‘I QUIT’ match! The only way to win is to make your opponent utter the words: I QUIT. Introducing first…

PC: Heather, for two men like Centurion and Corey Smith, who typically play within the confines of the rules, an I QUIT match seems very out of character.

HHL: Well, let’s make no mistake about it, good guys or not, these two do NOT like one another. This all started back in December when the team of Corey Smith and Dolly Waters defeated Centurion and James Raven on this very program. Centurion made some very off-character remarks about Dolly that Corey Smith didn’t take too kindly.

PC: That’s a great point, Heather. Well, now these two have a chance to get their hands on one another, with the rule book thrown out the window. WHO will be able to make the other man say I quit?

Centurion appears under the XTron to a mixed chorus of applause and boos. The confident veteran struts his way to the ring, looking ready to burst the bubble of one of the XWF’s newest, up-and-coming-stars in Corey Smith. Cent climbs in the ring and waits for the match to begin.

The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Someone Else” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. Corey comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Corey gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. He looks pumped as hell, and starts pointing out at the fans before rushing to the top rope, surveying the crowd from on high, before dropping down to the canvas and handing off his jacket. He paces the ring now, waiting for the match to begin as the music and lighting effects wind down.

PC: Heather are you as ready for this match as I am?

HHL: Hmmm. I guess we’ll never know.

She says looking down at Pip’s lap.

The official calls for the bell and we’re underway!


- vs -

Corey darts to meet Centurion in the center of the ring, but the veteran drops down and rolls under Smith who leaps over his opponent. As soon as Corey lands to his feet, he turns around to meet a stiff elbow to the jaw from Cent that rattles him. Centurion whips Corey into the ropes. On the rebound, Centurion drags Corey down by the arm, and quickly turns the take-down into an armbar.

But the hold isn’t locked in great, Corey is able to gain leverage. He rises up, Cent still attached to his arm, and drops the both of them back to the mat, breaking the hold. Smith mounts Cent and begins wailing on him with a combo of punches. But Cent is strong and rolls Corey over. He lands a forearm across Smith’s nose and stands. The young, former Lux, is dazed and slides back on his rear, but Centurion has already hit the ropes and connects with a devastating sliding dropkick to Corey’s mouth.

PC: The pace is absolutely frantic here in the early going!

As Smith collapses to the mat, Centurion grabs his leg and starts pulling him to the center of the ring. But Corey finds balance and rises up, Cent still holding his leg and leaps, connecting across Cent’s skull with a perfectly executed enziguri. Centurion falls to the mat, and Smith is on him. A forearm strike to the face, and another! AND ANOTHER! Over and over Corey drops the brunt of his bone into Centurion’s face, causing the veteran to go for a desperate eyerake. It works! Causing Corey to grab at his face in anguish. Centurion seizes the moment.

He stands and shoves Corey down to the mat, he grabs the young warrior by the legs and goes to lock in his modified Boston Crab, the Fall of Rome.

HHL: Centurion looking to make Smith submit here in the early going!

But Smith spins, causing Cent to fly off from his legs, spinning in mid air as well. Both men are at their feet and go to meet one another. Corey goes for a roundhouse kick, but Centurion ducks underneath and musters all of his power into a beautiful standing dropkick. The force of the blow send Smith falling back and tumbling over the top rope. Core tries gathering himself out on the apron but Centurion is already rushing him. He dives toward Corey, but Smith ducks and flips Cent flipping over his back and onto the floor. The arena pops with excitement as Corey moves across the arpon and climbs the turnbuckle. He crouches at the top, waving his hand, waiting for Cent to stand to his feet.

Centurion staggers to his feet, and trunks around just as Corey dives from the top, but the veteran shifts to the side, catching Corey at the waist and dropping Corey face first onto the guard rail.

PC: A nice counter by Centurion there! He might have Smith right where he wants him!

Corey staggers away from the guardrail, clutching his busted open mouth, and from Centurion grabs him around the waist. He german suplex’s Corey away from the rail, and Smith goes flying into the steps. A devastating collision occurs! Smith’s head smashes into the steel. The steps explode as Centurion’s eyes light up, sensing that he has Corey right where he wants him. Cent rushes towards Corey and punts him right in the mouth!

HHL: Oh my! It looks like Centurion has taken control of this match!

Centurion trips a bit over some TV camera cables. He looks down at the cords, and then back at Corey. The fans are screaming and realizing what’s about to happen. Centurion grabs the cords and rushes towards Smith who is crawling on his hands and knees. Cent wraps the cords tightly around Corey’s throat and starts pulling as hard as he can. The ref hops to the outside with a microphone asking Smith if he submits.

Only a grunt and a shake of the head.

Centurion punches Corey in the back of the head and wrenches back with the cords tighter. He begins to pull the two of them back to the ring, Corey’s hands desperately trying to pull the TV cables away from his throat. But Centurion has made it to the apron now and slings the cords over the top rope. He let’s go, only long enough to roll under the rope and pull back harder.

Smith’s feet lift from the arena floor as Cent pulls back. Corey tries to pull the cord away, his legs kicking and blood spilling from his mouth. Centurion screams out, his muscles bulging as he employs his opponent to quit. But Cent has pulled too far! Corey is able to get his bottom onto the apron. Centurion pulls again and feels the slack in the cord. His eyes dart at Smith with a fiery rage and he charges him. Centurion goes to spear Corey through the ropes. But Corey side steps and lifts a knee, catching Centurion right in the nose.

Blood sprays everywhere from Cent’s nostrils as he falls back into the ring. Corey sees his opportunity and springboards from the top rope. He springs into the ring and grabs Cent around the head. Planting the veteran on his skull with a swinging tornado DDT. Both men lay flat on the mat, blood spilling from each of their faces as the crowd stands to their feet in appreciation.

Corey, panting, rolls over onto his forearms, but unknowingly, Centurion has recovered quickly.

PC: Amazing the tank of energy that Centurion has. Especially after the war he just went through with TNGB at MAYDAY.

Centurion snatches Smith up.

1000 Mile Slam!!!!!

Centurion rocks Smith with the old school wrestling slam and quickly grabs for his legs again!


Centurion locks in the modified Boston Crab. Smith immediately awakens, shouting in pain as Cent digs his knee into the lower of his back. Blood spilling from Corey’s mouth and painting the canvas with a shade of crimson. Corey reaches for the ropes, but it’s no use. There’s no DQ in an I Quit match. Cent wrenches back harder as the ref implores Smith to submit.


Corey grabs onto the rope as Cent pulls back. Corey’s grip is strong and Cent cant get him to budge. The hold breaks and Corey falls against the ropes, breathing heavily. But he doesn’t have much time! Cent is rushing him with a running knee!

Smith rolls out of the way just in time, and Cent’s knee bounces against the ropes, sending him falling back. Centurion rolls, and gathers up on his knees, but Smith is waiting!



Cent ducks underneath!

He lifts and wraps Corey, a Saito Suplex! Corey Smith crashes to the mat. Cent pops back to his feet, and turns around grabbing Corey’s legs in the center of the ring this time, about t o lock in the Fall Of Rome again!

PC: OH my god, Heather! If Centurion locks it in this time, it’s over!

Cent has the lgs and turns Corey, but Smit is able to gather his on hands. He shakes his legs free from Centurion’s grasp, lands to his feet and spins.

A devastating spinning back fist!

Centurion falls to the mat! Corey leans over him and goes for another punch, but Cent rolls lout of the way. He pulls Corey down, about to lock in a submission! He rolls and has Smith on his back. But a sudden strike to the throat swings the momentum!

Corey pulls Centurion down and locks in a rear naked choke!

HHL: Look at this Pip! Could it be?!


Corey modifies the rear naked choke into The Engineer’s old finishing maneuver!

Centurion shouts in pain, blood dripping from his nose all over the mat. Corey wrenches back as hard as he can. Centurion’s eyes roll into his head. His face goes white. Corey screams with power, his muscles growing and pumping, strangling Cent around his throat

The ref runs to his side with the microphone holding it to his mouth, asking him if he quits. But after a second or two, Centurion is unresponsive. Corey pulls back the hold even tighter.

HHL: Centurion is unconscious!

The ref jumps up and runs over to the time keeper demanding the match end for the safety of Centurion.


Like a second impulse, Corey releases the hold as soon as he hears the bell as Centurion falls forward.

Winner via TKO - Corey Smith!

PC: What an amazing match! It looked like Centurion was in full control, but Corey Smith found a way to incapacitate his opponent.!

HHL: Say what you will! That was a hard fought match! I really hope we get another one between those two down the line!

Corey sits in a whirlwind, exhausted trying to catch his breath. He looks over at Cent who is starting to recover and gasping for air. Corey stands and looks at Cent who is finally opening his eyes. Corey holds a hand out as Cent looks on, incredulous at first. Corey reaffirms the hand gesture by motioning it forward again. Reluctantly, it appears, Cent grabs on to Corey’s hand and allows his rival to help him up. Corey pulls Cent from the mat and pats him on the shoulder. The two shake their heads at one another as Smith exits the ring.

The words “EARLIER TODAY” appear on the bottom right-hand portion of the screen as a black pickup truck is shown arriving to the building.

[Image: giphy.gif]

The driver side door swings open and the crowd ERUPTS as R.L. Edgar is shown getting out of the truck. He reaches into the cab pulling out his travel bag as he starts to head into the building.

HHL: This was earlier today as R.L. Edgar arrived to the building for what will arguably be the toughest match of his life when he challenges Chris Page for the Universal Championship a little later tonight.

Pip: It is a make or break moment for this guy. There is a huge difference in dealing with the Hart Title versus dealing with the Universal Title. Can he put it all together and get the job done?

Edgar walks into the building with his bag as the scene fades.

We cut elsewhere in the building where BOB Elite members Miss Fury, Thunder Knuckles, Bobby Bourbon and Andre Dixon are walking down towards their locker room where a janitor is shown with a hoodie on mopping some of the floor. Thunder Knuckles drinks from a soda can before spitting it on the floor and as he walks past the janitor he pat’s him on the shoulder before pointing back.

[b]THUNDER KNUCKELS: You missed a spot mother fucker!

BOB Elite members enter their locker room, and as the door closes behind them the janitor draws his hood back…

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=14644770]

HHL: Drew Archyle is here tonight!

Drew exits the screen. We hear the sound of something cranking up! The crowd pops as Drew drives a fork lift and parks it in front of the locker room door of BOB ELITE!

Pip: Where’s Page!?!?

We cut to…

[Image: 6a00e554e8195d8833014e8b061cc8970d-pi]

We fade inside Morbid Angels MEGA Church where Morbid stands behind a podium on the stage when the set of doors swing open from the back of the church where Ned Kaye walks into the church.



- vs -
Pulpit Match- Match takes places inside Morbid's Mega Chruch

Ned followed by a referee as Morbid steps out from behind the podium and hops off the stage where he starts to walk up the aisle while Ned walks down the aisle. They meet and start trading shots with right hands before Kaye gouges Angel in the eyes! He takes Morbid and hurls him into one of the empty pews!

HHL: This is a very unique situation as I have never seen a match taking place inside a Church.

Ned snatches a bible from the back of a pew. Morbid sits up of the pew where Ned smashes him in the face with a Bible that knocks Morbid off the pew on to the floor. Ned drops down making a cover!




Morbid kicks out of the near fall. Ned starts to pound away on the forehead of his challenger before getting up. He picks Morbid up and yanks him towards the stage where he looks to drive Morbid head first off the stage, Morbid puts on the breaks with his hands before driving an elbow into the midsection of Kaye before driving him head first off the stage! Morbid takes Ned up across his shoulders with a Fireman’s Carry before landing an Ace Crusher! Morbid rolls Ned over making a cover!




Ned kicks out of the near fall attempt.

Pip: Nothing is off limits inside the confines of the Morbid’s Church.

Morbid reaches his feet where he picks Ned up off the carpeted floor where he hurls him up on to the stage. Morbid climbs up on the stage himself where he reaches down picking Ned up. He scoops him up over his shoulder for a body slam only to see Ned slide down the back while shoving Morbid forward and into his podium knocking it over in the process.

Ned comes forward driving a boot to the midsection of Morbid doubling him over for an ax kick to the back of the neck!

Ned stands back up where he walks over towards an organ where he picks up the bench. Ned comes back over towards Morbid who rolls over and starts pushing himself up to all fours where Ned crashes the sitting pew across his back! Ned makes the cover.




Morbid kicks out once again.

HHL: This is an all-out war!

Pip: Hard to believe how personal this has become so quickly.

Ned gets back up to his feet where his eyes shift towards a baptism pool in the background. He turns towards Morbid and picks him up off the floor of the stage where he starts choking Morbid before taking him towards a small set of stairs that lead up towards the baptism pool!

They reach the top of the stairs before Morbid counters with a Sky High into the pool!

Morbid stands up in the pool as he starts to shove Ned’s head and body down into the pool forcing the Hart Champion to fight his way up for air! Morbid shoves Ned’s face and body back down into the water before pulling him up and headbutting him across the bridge of the nose before bring Ned up the other side of the stairs and out of the pool.

Morbid hurls Ned down a small set of stairs back down to the top of the stage.

HHL: Ned’s been baptized by Morbid!

Angel come down the stairs to the stage where he kicks Ned in the ribs before making a cover.




Ned kicks out.

Morbid is back to his feet where he picks Ned up before slinging him into the organ!

HHL: I wonder if Ned regrets buying the lot next door now?

Morbid sizes Ned up and as he raises his head he charges forward with a Shinning Wizard! Angel makes the cover!




Ned kicks out of the near fall! Morbid gets back to his feet where he snatches Ned up off the stage. He positions him for a powerbomb! Ned drops down to one knee and delivers a low blow to Angel! Morbid staggers backwards before falling back down to the stage.

Pip: Ned goes low!

A soaking wet Kaye works his way back up to his feet. He gathers himself while Morbid is down. Morbid slowly starts to push himself up off the stage. He gets to one knee before Kaye charges forward with a step up enziguri! He knocks Morbid back down before scurrying into the cover.




Morbid kicks out of the near fall!

Ned does not waste any time or motion as he picks Morbid up and takes him towards the side of the stage and through a side door that leads to a back hallway. Ned smashes Morbid’s head into the wall before taking him down the hallway.

Ned hurls Morbid through a closed door going down the hallway that spills into Morbid’s office!

Ned comes into the office where he clotheslines Moribid over his desk!

HHL: They are in his office!

Ned comes around the desk where he walks into powder thrown into his eyes! Morbid lunges with a spear to Kaye! He covers him!




Kaye kicks out of the near fall! Morbid gets back to his feet where he starts stomping down on the Hart Champion! He reaches down picking him up where he smashes him head first on to his desk! Morbid picks up his wireless keyboard and cracks it across the back of Kaye before bringing him out of the office and back down the hallway towards a set of doors!

Morbid throws Kaye out the doors as they spill out into the back of the church parking lot!

Morbid comes out where there several steel chairs laying around. Morbid picks up one of the chairs . Kaye staggers away as Morbid comes running from behind cracking Kaye across the back! Kaye falls down to the asphalt!

HHL: This has spilled outside!

Pip: This is incredible!

Morbid drops the chair on the asphalt before picking Ned up off the asphalt . Morbid scoops him up over his shoulder looking for the tombstone piledriver on to the steel chair! Ned kicks free and slides down the back of Morbid! Morbid spins around into a low dropkick to the right knee of Morbid dropping him to one knee. Kaye pops back up delivering a NAFARIOUS V-TRIGGER to Angel!

Ned makes the cover.





We cut back to Wednesday Night Warfare Interview area where Steve Sayors is standing by.

Steve Sayors: Ladies and Gentleman, my guest at this time… is none other than the XWF Universal Champion, “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE!

The camera pans back revealing Chris Page with a smirk on his face with the Universal Title securely over his right shoulder and black shades covering his eyes.

Steve Sayors: Chris Page in just a few minutes you will be defending your Universal Championship against R.L. Edgar where the winner will move forward to Leap of Faith to defend the Title against the winner of the Leap of Faith Battle Royale winner, Robert Main.”

” Where is the question?”

Steve Sayors: Can I get your thoughts on Edgar and the possibility of squaring off against Robert Main?

” My thoughts are pretty simple when it comes to R.L. Edgar; everybody loves a Cinderella Story, and everybody loves to root for the underdog even if that underdog is a stupid prick that is not worth the toilet paper I wipe my ass with; and yes I am talking about Edgar and Main, because you see Steve I stand before you with an eight month undefeated streak in singles action intact… and I hate to be the bearer of bad news to Mr. Edgar and his legions of minions, but that is not changing tonight… at least not by his hands. As far as Robert Main is concerned, did you not see how I left him laying at May-Day? That will be the same fate that he is served come Leap of Faith!”

The crowd boos intently as Chris carries on.

” BOB Elite is the strongest force in the XWF at the moment in time as we all are holding gold, we have stomped the shit out of just about everyone that has crossed our paths and tonight that trend is going to continue.”

Steve Sayors: I have to at least ask about Alias and how now he carries a 24/7 briefcase.

” Fuck Alias.”

Chris states.

” Dude has beaten all of Doc since he arrived on the scene; you think ONE win makes me sweat? Contrary to whatever jock rider Corey has to say if Alias wants to cash in- I am right here waiting.”

Steve Sayors: Okay, any word on King Doc?

Chris stares at Steve without answering the question.

Steve Sayors: One last question, did you know that both Robert Main and Drew Archyle are in the building?

The question takes Chris by surprise.

” What?!”

Steve Sayors: Yeah, they arrived earlier tonight and took some aggression out on your limo.

” Sorry Steve, interview is over.”

We cut back to ringside.

”Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is your WEDNESDAY NIGHT WARFARE MAIN EVENT of the evening, and is scheduled for one fall for the XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP!”

The crowd erupts with anticipation.

The lights over the Climate Pledge Arena go out, leaving only the cellphones of the fans illuminating the arena.

Drums echo, and suddenly a family of brilliant white spotlights aim at the stage.

A horn blows...

Fanfare For The Common Man methodically rises through the arena sound system and underneath the spotlights appears R.L. Edgar. His eyes meet the ring as a camera rams around his entire body. He stands still at the top of the ramp soaking in the roar of the fans in attendance.

Edgar closes his eyes and inhales deeply, not saying a word. He drops to a knee and wipes his fingers across the entrance way. He stands and makes his way down the ramp, not even slapping hands with the audience. His focus is set. He’s ready to win the Universal Title for the Common Man.

[Image: giphy.gif]

He climbs up the apron, and up the turnbuckle, raising a single fist in the air. He jumps to the center of the mat as his music fades.

” And his opponent…”

The house lights go completely dark.

The countdown clock counts down to zero.

[Image: Dt4S.gif]

The pyro display ends as “Judas” rocks the arena. We see walking out to the top of the ramp is the XWF Universal Champion “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE

Chris locks eyes with RL Edgar who paces like a caged animal.

Chris starts to make the walk towards the ring.

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=17827651]

Chris walks down to the ringside area not paying any attention to the booing crowd. He reaches ringside where he makes his way up the steel steps to the ring apron. Page steps through the ropes where he unstraps the Universal Championship from his waist as he hoists it up in the air for all to see which garners louder boos from the crowd.

He smirks before removing his fedora and tossing it out into the crowd. Chris hands over the Universal Championship to the referee before removing his ring jacket as he tosses it down to the ring attendant. The music fades away.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

[Image: tTqkE57.png]

- vs -

HHL: Page and Edgar for the Universal Championship! The winner moves on to Leap of Faith and Robert Main waiting.

Page and Edgar walk out towards the center of the ring where the shit talking amongst the two begins. Chris looks down at the smaller Edgar who shows no fear before Page steps away and they circle each other before locking up center ring where Page lands a snap arm drag take over. Page pops back up to his feet where he washes his hands together.

Pip: With what transpired at May-Day you would think Page might not be as cocky with the smaller Edgar.

R.L. gets back to his feet where he walks up to Page slapping him across the face!

HHL: May-Day receipt!

Page holds the side of his face as he turns his head back towards Edgar where he gives him the middle finger before unloading with a series of right hands to Edgar backing him into the ropes. Page shoots the Irish Whip, Edgar reverses and it is Page bouncing off the nearside, he ducks under a leap frog from Edgar before putting on the breaks, Edgar spins around where Page slaps him across the face! Edgar lunges with a spear to Page taking him down where he transitions into the side headlock and starts hammering away at the face of the Universal Champion as the crowd roars with approval! The referee lays the count to Edgar who breaks away at the four count no to get disqualified.

He gets back to his feet followed by Page who explodes towards Edgar, Edgar takes Page down with a drop toe hold where he transitions into a front face lock before paintbrush slapping Page across the back of the head! The crowd erupts for Edgar as he is quickly to his feet followed by Page who gets to one knee. Edgar looks towards the Universal Champion and flips him off to a louder ovation from the crowd! Page steps up to his feet. Edgar and Page circle each other before looking to lock up, Page kicks Edgar in the gut before taking Edgar with a front waist lock and delivers a release over head belly to belly suplex!

HHL: Chris is going to try and dictate the pace at all costs.

Page pops back up to his feet where he walks over towards Edgar, he picks him up off the mat before driving him back into a neutral corner. He laces Edgar across the chest with a knife edge chop, he lands a second knife edge chop and then a third that echoes throughout the stadium. Page brings Edgar out from the corner with a snap mare takeover, Page back up into the buckles before coming forward leaping over Edgar while snapping his neck forward with modified neck breaker! Page pops back up to his feet where he throws his arms out while spouting out.


The crowd roars with boos as Page turns his attention towards Edgar where he puts his boot on his chest for the cover.




Edgar easily rolls a shoulder up off the mat breaking the count as Page immediately starts stomping down on the chest and body of RL before reaching down and picking him up off the mat where he laces him across the chest with a knife edge chop that echoes throughout the building. Page takes Edgar back into the ropes where shoots him across the ring with an Irish Whip, Edgar bounces off the near side ducking under a Page clothesline attempt while quickly locking in a Full Nelson before planting Page into the mat with a Face First Russian Leg Sweep!

Edgar now rolls Page over making a cover hooking the near leg.




Page kicks out of the near fall as the crowd starts chanting “EDGAR! EDGAR! EDGAR!” as RL reaches his feet. He steps out to the ring apron as Page slowly starts to stir and roll over to his chest where he pushes himself up off the mat and to his feet, and as he stands Edgar spring boards off the top rope with a Bulldog headlock driving Page face first into the canvass!

Before RL can follow up with a cover Page rolls to the ropes and out to the floor.

HHL: Smart move to create some space by the Universal Champion, but I do not think there is enough space to keep R.L. Edgar from getting him a piece of Chris Page!

Pip: Edgar is going to have to stay on top of him…”

Just as Pip is speaking it’s like Edgar heard his words as he delivers a baseball slide dropkick to the upper back of Page sending him crashing into the security barrier! RL slides out to the floor where he spins Page around and starts hammering away with right hand shots to the face and chin of Page before looking to send him sailing towards the steel steps, Page reverses and it is RL that crashes right shoulder first into the ring steps with such force they separate upon contact.

The crowd boos Chris Page as he makes his way over to RL. He picks him up off the floor where he twists the right arm into a hammer lock and sends RL right shoulder first off the ring post before hurling him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Chris turns and spouts off to the ringside fans before flipping them off.

HHL: That’s CCP for you.

Page climbs back up on the ring apron before stepping back through the ropes. He stomps down on the right arm and shoulder of Edgar before picking him up off the mat. Page twists the right arm before yanking down with authority in an attempt to separate the shoulder. He twists the arm a second times before looking to deliver a short arm clothesline, Edgar ducks the clothesline and counters with a School Boy!




Page escapes the near fall with a kick out as he beats Edgar to his feet where he catches him with a boot to the midsection that doubles over Edgar where he quickly looks to under hook the arms for a possible Page Plant, Edgar counters that by yanking his arms free and taking Page down with a double leg take down where he flips over Page stacking his shoulders to the mat.




Page bridges up and out of the pin attempt where he turns inside out countering with a back slide to Edgar.




Edgar escapes the near fall as both men are back to a vertical base where Edgar walks into a single arm DDT from Page to the right arm where he transitions into a Crippler Crossface!

Pip: Page is sticking to the right arm as he has Edgar in some trouble with this Crippler Crossface locked in the center of the ring!!

Page cranks on the head and neck of Edgar as the referee asks him to surrender. Edgar refuses as Chris continues to crank harder on the crossface as we see Edgar starting to inch his way towards the ropes before finally reaching out and taking a hold of the bottom rope forcing the referee to call for the break.

Page refuses to break forcing the referee to lay the count to him. Page breaks at the four count to loud boos from the crowd as he gets to his feet. The referee admonishes him for the actions but he can really care less as he reaches down snatching Edgar up by the hair.

Page shoots Edgar towards a neutral corner sending him crashing into the buckles. Page charges forward looking to clothesline Edgar back into the buckles, Edgar lands a reverse elbow before quickly getting up on the middle turnbuckle where he leaps off with a missile dropkick to Page knocking him down to the mat!

HHL: Edgar with a Missile Dropkick!

Edgar hurries into the cover!




Page kicks out of the near fall to a gasp from the crowd!

Pip: R.L. Edgar is hanging tight with the Champ!

The crowd rallies behind Edgar as he starts to get to his feet. He picks Page up off the mat where he snatches Page with a back waist lock and delivers a Release German Suplex!

The crowd pops huge for Edgar as he lays on the mat while the referee starts to execute a standing ten count. He reaches the count of four before Edgar starts to stir and negotiate his way back to his feet. Edgar shakes the right arm and shoulder before making his way over to Page. He snatches Chris up by the hair where he brings him out to the center of the ring where he plants him into the mat with an Implant DDT! Edgar rolls the Universal Champion over making a cover hooking the near leg!




Another kick out from the Champion to another gasp from the crowd! Edgar begins to work his way back to his feet where he makes his way towards the ropes and steps out to the ring apron. The crowd chants his name in unison.

HHL: Edgar taking things high risk!

Pip: With high risk comes high rewards!

Edgar starts to climb up to the top rope while in the ring Page motions for the referee while getting to one knee and as Edgar reaches the top rope Page shoves the referee back into the ropes causing Edgar to lose his balance while crotching himself on the top turnbuckle. The fans erupt with boos as the official admonishes Page once again as he gets to his feet.

Chris makes his way over towards the turnbuckles where he steps up to the middle rope where he locks a front face lock on Edgar. He thinks Superplex only to have RL latch on to the top rope blocking the attempt! Page looks for a second time and again RL blocks before he hoists Page up and sends him crashing down face and body first down on to the mat!

The crowd roars louder and louder for Edgar who steps up to the top rope where he looks down at Page! Edgar throws both arms up in the air where he leaps off the top rope looking to deliver the top rope elbow drop! Page rolls out of the way at the last second sending the challenger crashing and burning into the canvass!

HHL: I don’t know if Page was lucky or if he had it scouted but he avoids the Elbow Drop.

The referee once again starts to lay the count to both men as they lay on the mat. It is at the referee’s five count that Page and Edgar each begin to stir as they begin making their way to a vertical base at the seven count. Page comes forward swinging with a right hand, Edgar blocks and counters with a sit out jaw breaker to the Champion!

Edgar looks to take advantage as he pops back up to his feet where he sizes Page up for a Superkick!

Edgar looks to Superkick Page’s head clean from his shoulders only to see Page duck out of the way and when Edgar spins around Page delivers a Code Breaker! Chris rolls the challenger over making the cover!




Edgar kicks out to a thunderous ovation from the crowd!

Pip: There might have been a slow count right there!

HHL: Would you stop!?!?!

Page gets to both knees with his hands on his hips as he cuts his eyes towards the referee who shows him two fingers. Chris steps back up to his feet, shaking his head in the process. He reaches down picking Edgar up off the mat where he holds him by his face as he screams at him.


Edgar suddenly smacks Page’s hands away exposing his face for a sudden Superkick from out of nowhere that rocks Page back into the ropes! Page staggers off the ropes into a boot to the midsection which leads to Edgar hitting an incredible Gut Wrench Piledriver!!


The fans explode as Edgar hurries into a cover hooking the near leg!




Page fires a shoulder up off the mat at the last possible second!

HHL: Inches! We’re talking inches away from R.L. Edgar winning the Universal Championship!

Edgar realizes how close he was starts to get back to his feet. The crowd continues to rally behind him as takes a moment to think about his next move only to seemingly see a light bulb go off over his head as he turns back towards Page who is now starting to stir! Chris rolls over to his chest and starts pushing himself up off the mat and as he reaches his feet Edgar comes forward delivering a boot to the midsection that doubles Page over and allows Edgar to under hook the arms looking for a Page Plant!

Chris spins out of the Page Plant before ducking under a short clothesline attempt while taking a back waist lock! Page delivers a German Suplex! He does not release his grip as he rolls through picking himself and Edgar up off the mat where a second German Suplex is delivered, he rolls through picking Edgar up off the mat where a third German Suplex is delivered! Again Page rolls through picking himself and Edgar up off the mat where a fourth and final release German Suplex is delivered to massive boos from the crowd.

Pip: Vintage Chris Page with the rolling German Suplexes.

Page rolls towards the ropes and out to the ring apron under the bottom rope. He uses the ropes to help pull himself up to his feet before walking the apron towards the nearest set of buckles. It’s there that Chris starts to climb up towards the top turnbuckle.

HHL: The near fifty year old Champion is going to set sail.

Page stands up on the top sizing Edgar up before leaping off turnbuckle delivering a picture perfect Diving Headbut to the right shoulder and collar bone of the Challenger! Chris makes a cover hooking the closest leg!




The roof explodes as R.L. Edgar pops his shoulder up off the mat eyelashes away from the hand slapping the canvass for the third and final time.

PC: R.L. Edgar said this was going to be a war! It’s been nothing less!

Page slams his fist against the mat, sweat dripping from his pores.


Page kicks the still reeling Edgar in the ribs, causing the challenger to lift in pain, but Page doesn’t let up! Another kick to the ribs sends Edgar rolling towards the ropes clutching his side. RL rolls under the bottom rope and lies on the apron, but like a shark smelling blood in the water, Page stays on top of him ,licking his chops with a sick smile.

CCP climbs between the ropes and lifts Edgar, but the challenger shakes the cobwebs! A stiff kick to the gut, Page bends over…


Edgar lands the gutwrench piledriver again, this time laboring with his damaged shoulder. Page looks completely unconscious as he falls back out to the floor. The crowd is going crazy, rallying Edgar who begins to climb the turnbuckle. He makes his way to the top and points his non-damaged arm up into the air, wrapping his hurt arm around his ribs.

RL dives off to the floor with an elbow drop!



Page unconsciously pops to his feet and lands the spinning back elbow to the jaw of RL Edgar mid air. RL collapses and falls face first as Page collapses onto his back. Both men are down on the floor as the crowd rallies to their feet, the applaus for these two men’s efforts rocking the entire state of Oregon!



HHL: Both of these men have given everything tonight! I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if we get a double count out here!



Both Page and Edgar are still lying lifeless just outside of the ring near the apron.


Suddenly some movement, as SOMEHOW, RL Edgar is pushing up to his arms first. Chris Page starting to roll around on his back now.



Edgar grabs onto the apron and begins pulling himself up






Page grabs onto Edgar’s ankle and pulls him back out of the ring just as the ref is about to count the champion out!

PC: JUST IN TIME! Chris Page was about to lose this match!

Edgar lands on his feet and turns around into a JUDAS EFFECT!


Edgar ducks under the spinning elbow, he grabs Page bay the arm and slings him into the barricade. Page crashes back-first into the guardrail, his arms draped over either side. Edgar charges.



Both men are down again as they explode through the barricade and into the audience.





Edgar and Page start to get to their feet



Both men get to their feet, leaning against either side of the broken guardrail.


Edgar looks at Page.


Page looks at Edgar.

They both haul ass towards the ring. Sprinting side by side!




Both RL and Chris slide under the bottom rope at the same time. They stand and meet one another in the center of the ring. A punch from Page connects flush with Edgar’s mouth, but Edgar stands strong, swinging back and connecting with Page’s eye. The two men stand solid teeing off one one another’s head. Edgar swings with a haymaker! But Page ducks, grabs the arm and throws Edgar at the ropes.








Chris rolls Edgar over making a cover!




Edgar drapes his left foot across the bottom rope within eye shot of the referee causing the pinfall to be broken. Page gets up thinking the three count has been made as he throws his arms up in the air in victory.

HHL: Page has no clue RL got the foot on the bottom rope!

The referee comes up behind Page throwing his arm down while waving off the pin pointing at Edgar’s foot on the bottom rope! The crowd roars as Page starts to argue with the referee when suddenly our attention is drawn towards the XWF TRON!

The crowd erupts with the video transmission as Page flips off the picture of Alias before it fades away. Page turns back around where he makes his way over towards Edgar where he looks to pick him up off the mat only to be countered into an inside cradle!




Page kicks out to a massive gasp from the crowd! Page is the first to his feet where he charges towards Edgar, Edgar ducks a clothesline sending Page bouncing off the ropes and into a SUPERKICK to Page dropping the Champion to a thunderous ovation from the crowd! Edgar staggers towards the ropes where he steps out to the ring apron! The crowd roars louder and louder as Edgar makes his way towards the nearest turnbuckles!

Pip: Goddamn Edgar’s going to do it!

Edgar climbs up to the top rope!

[Image: RawTeemingArieltoucan-size_restricted.gif]

Edgar lands the elbow drop! The roof explodes as Edgar clutches the right arm and shoulder as he makes the cover hooking the near leg!




Page pops the left shoulder up off the mat to the loudest gasp of the evening!


Edgar cannot believe it as he cuts his eyes towards the referee who shows him how close he was! Edgar starts to push himself to get back up to his feet where he reaches down picking Page up off the mat. He boots Page in the midsection where he sets him up for the Page Plant!

Page counters with a desperation back body drop!

Edgar pops back up to his feet where he walks into…

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSHLCAxM6xLonyaFmlgrup...4&usqp=CAU]

RL is rocked by the Judas Effect sending him bouncing off the ropes into a boot to the midsection where Page drives Edgar down into the mat with a second PAGE PLANT! Chris rolls Edgar over making the cover hooking the near leg.





HHL: You talk about a war! You talk about a match! R.L. Edgar just left it all in the ring with “Chronic” Chris Page and you can do nothing but applaud the efforts but on this night Chris Page was the better man.

Page works his way back to his feet where his arm is raised in victory while being awarded the XWF Universal Championship.

Pip: What an incredible, incredible Universal Championship match; but CCP reigns supreme as his Championship reign continues.

Page looks down at RL Edgar who rolls out to the floor. There is a nod of the head from Page towards Edgar as he turns his attention towards the camera where he hoists up the Universal Championship to boos from the crowd.


The crowd EXPLODES as Robert Main walks out to the top of the ramp with the BASEBALL BAT in hand!

Pip: Robert Main is not alone! He’s got a bat!

Robert stands at the top of the ramp where he points the bat at Page to a thunderous ovation. Chris challenges Main to come on down; which he accepts! The fans erupt louder as Robert starts to make the walk towards the ring! Chris drapes the Universal Championship across the center of the ring!

Main reaches ringside where he looks at the bat and then at Chris Page before electing to toss it to the ground!

Main climbs up on the ring apron and as he steps through the ropes Page pounces with a flurry of rights and lefts! The music cuts as Page is all over Main as he sends him across the ring with an Irish Whip, Main reverses and it’s Page bouncing off the far side and into a big boot to the face from Main that sends Page crashing down to the mat!

Page pops back up where he walks into a double leg take down from Main who takes a mount position and starts hammering down with vicious fists of fury with malice and intent with each strike!

HHL: Robert Main is FINALLY getting him some of Chris Page!

Main continues to hammer down on CCP as the crowd is on fire! Main pops up off Page garnering a massive ovation as he picks Page up and sets him up for the Dead Man’s Hand! Chris slides down the back of Main where he slides out to the floor turning the cheers into boos!

Page starts to back track up the ramp with his back to the curtain as Robert Main reaches down picking up the Universal Championship. He holds it up in the air to a thunderous ovation. Suddenly coming out through the curtain is a janitor cart being pushed by Drew Archyle! He starts to place large orange cones at across the entrance area before turning his attention towards Page!

Archyle comes up behind Page where he snatches him up and runs him back towards the ring where he hurls him into the ring under the bottom rope!

Page gets to his feet where he turns around seeing Drew on the floor! Chris starts to motion towards the locker room calling for BOB ELITE! We get a shot on the XWF Tron of the fork lift parked in front of the locker room door of BOB ELITE as you can hear pounding on the door! Chris turns around where Robert takes him up in the air for the DEAD MAN’S HAND only to see Page gouge the eyes of Main and slip down where he takes his title and evades through the ropes out to the floor on the opposite side of the ring before bailing through the crowd!

Drew slides into the ring with Robert Main as they stand tall. Main points at Page before tapping his right wrist signaling time is ticking as Wednesday Night Warfare leaves the air.

Special Thanks To:
Thaddeus Duke
Chronic Chris Page
RL Edgar

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Thad can you please wait till I get to the arena the next time you decide to eat a beat down. Thanks babe.

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