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Warfare Results: 4.21.21
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04-21-2021, 07:48 PM

WEDNESDAY - 21 - APRIL - 2021


From !!!

[Image: 20170825_ELY_4989-2.jpg]


- vs -
3 RP'S

- vs -
MISS FURY w. Chris Page
3 RP'S

- vs -
ANDRE DIXON w. Chris Page
3 RP's

- vs -
3 RP's

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -

2 Teams will start at random. Once one team is eliminated another team will enter. This will continue until one team is left standing and will challenge for the XWF Tag Titles at Leap of Faith

WEDNESDAY - 21 - APRIL - 2021


From !!!

[Image: 20170825_ELY_4989-2.jpg]


Just as the last couple of shows have begun, Warfare starts with the sound of trumpets!

Pip: It looks like the King will be gracing us with his presence once again, fans. Welcome to Warfare, by the way.

The orchestra of trumpeters line up on each side of the stage as a red carpet rolls out between them. When the carpet reaches its end the King's Official Herald springs up and unravels a scroll that rolls out a mile long just like the red carpet. He clears his voice and speaks!

"Hear, ye! Hear, ye!"

The herald gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Some in serious anticipation for thr arrival of the King and others anticipating the start of the show.


The Duke of Destruction!!!!

The Ambassador of Disaster!!!!

The Emporer of Pain!!!!!

His Royal Majesty!!!!!!!



The typical parade makes its way out from backstage including several chefs carrying all types of cuisine followed by dozens of maidens spinning and dancing about the stage in a choreographed fashion. Next would be the bust of Atara Themis, but, unfortunately, during Saturday Night Savage a scuffle broke out between Alias and Lycana which resulted in the bust being broken. Instead, the two tiger handlers make their way out and past everyone up to the Royal Throne. Next, two rows of peacocks, of all different colors, waddle out rhythmically to the music and are directed up to the throne. And finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for; on a liter carried by several men in togas, the King arrives. They slowly carry him up to the throne where he steps off and faces his many subjects.

HHL: Oh, boy! Is the King going to speak??

Hello, my most glorious subjects!

Doc holds his hands together and wears a wide, wholesome grin.

Tonight is a very, VERY special occasion, indeed! Now, before I go any further, I would like to request the company of the members of the Brotherhood of Baddies! Lady and gentlemen, if you please!

The crowd erupts with massively loud boo’s from all over the building as the XWF Universal Champion emerges out to the top of the ramp with the Universal Title slung over his shoulder with the bWo World Heavyweight Champion Miss Fury on his arm with her belt around her waist. They are followed by the XWF World Tag Team Champions Thunder Knuckles and Bobby Bourbon; Them No Good Bastards, and rounding out BoB Elite is the future XWF Television Champion Andre Dixon.

The group walk out collectively towards the stage that houses King Doc.

They all take a knee as The King comes down the stairs.

The King draws Docscalibur from the sheath on his belt, holds it high into the air, and it shimmers brilliantly in the lights of the arena.

This group of baddies, champions, and even Kings, in their own right, have shown nothing but undying loyalty under my rule. They have proven their worth, they have stayed strong, and they have NOT missed a beat, my friends. As the strongest force going in this most FINE federation to date, it is my absolute pleasure to bring these warriors into Knighthood!!

Another mixed reaction from the crowd. Some of the true, life-long baddies out there show awe and excitement, but they are few and far between.

King Doc approaches XWF Universal Champion "Chronic" Chris Page first. He holds the blade above the champs head as he speaks.

To the Champion of Champions! The KING's Champion! Mister Page, you have shown nothing but loyalty and respect towards your King since the very night that I was crowned. You defend your championship selflessly and with pride. It is my honor to name you the King's First Knight!!! Ladies and gentlemen….

Sir Chronic!!

CCP bows his head as the blade touches each of his shoulders. King Doc takes a step to the side where Miss Fury is knelt down.

Miss Fury! As the founding mother of this extravagant and most dangerous company of baddies…. There is no question that YOU too belong in the King's Royal Court!

Doc holds Docscalibur above Miss Fury just as he did CCP.

It is my honor to Knight thee, as the eyes looking past the King's shoulder! As the shield to the King's back! As quick, elusive, and very, very sneaky that you are…. Rise Lady Fury!!! As the King's Assassin!!!

Lady Fury bows her head as she is Knighted by the King and he moves onto the XWF Tag Team Champions, Them No Good Bastards.

King Doc stands above Bob and TK whom are both kneeled and smiles down at the two of them with Docscalibur shimmering above them.

Here we have two very strong fellows who have managed to take something the King held very dear! However! Even as they now decorate themselves in gold that I, too, have most recently shared the pleasure of holding…. They have done far more in celebrating the crowning of their King compared to anyone else that I shared the title as champion with! Therefore it is my pleasure to Knight these two gentlemen and award them the title of the King's Royal Enforcers!!!

TK and Bob both bow their heads as the blade touches each of their shoulders.

Presenting…. Sir Bobby Bourbon and Sir TK!!!

Doc moves down to the final fellow kneeling before him, the newest member of BOB ELITE, Andre Dixon.

Mister Dixon has proven from the moment he walked through the doors of this most glorious organization that he has a fierce weapon in his words!! A man of legacy!! A man of pride!!! A man who needs no introduction, but from this day forward will be providing one for his KING…. As the Royal Herald!!!! Ladies and gentlemen….. Sir Dre!!!

Dixon bows his head like all the others as the blade touches his shoulders.

Now rise, my Knights!! Rise!! Prosper!!! Pillage and destroy!! We are the faces of this most excellent place and we will continue to rule over those who adore and accept my Royal Presence and punish those who do not. With an iron fist….

King Doc squeezes the fist wearing the Royal Gauntlet.

With an iron fist, I will crush anyone and everyone that steps into our path. I will strangle the dear life from anyone who dares cross the King. And I will not stop until this Company of Baddies is decorated in the entire treasury of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation. My mission… my journey started long ago…. And my eye is on a new prize that I will soon be claiming…. Very soon.

King Doc quietly bounces out a sinister laugh before holding Docscalibur high in the air as his Knights stand beside him in a golden aura of bright light.

HHL: KING DOC has just assembled a very dangerous and deadly court! What does this mean for the rest of the XWF?

PC: Getting kicked off here with what should be an interesting match. Both Mickey The Kink and Ash Quinn are looking to bounce back from losses and should be hungry for a win here tonight.

HHL: You’d like to see something good happen for Ash Quinn for once. Let’s hope she’s put in the work this time to get a win.

As the cameras come to ringside, the fans are excited to see what action is in store for them. They don't have to wait long however, as a song hits the speakers.

Bitches love me 'cause they know that I can rock!
Bitches love me 'cause they know that I can rhyme!
Bitches love me 'cause they know that I can fuck!
Bitches love me 'cause they know that I'm on time!
Throughout the projects!

There's a shockingly pleasent reaction from the crowd as "Bitches" by Mindless Self Indulgence rocks the house with it's catchy, cocky lyrics. As the lyrics kick in about how this style should be done, "The Addictive One" Mickey Kinkade himself walks out with a set of raised eye-brows, nodding in approval at the appreciation.

[Image: w5LrJnr.png]

"First, residing in Stockton, California, weighing in at 207 pounds, he is "The Addictive One", "The Kink" Mickey Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiinkaaaaaade!"

HHL: We saw him last week go toe to toe with Chris Page in non-title action, and while Kinkade came up short, he talked a big game, and claims he brought his A-game.

Pip: Well, not to be a party pooper, but that "A" game of his hasn't brought him a single win here in the XWF yet. He's going up against Ash Quinn, someone who's looking to make sure to gain some momentum after losing to Marf last week in a tables match.

Kinkade walks down the ramp and sees a few fans, shockingly, offer some high fives! He shrugs, and slaps their hands as he walks up the steps and enters the ring. Rather then posing on the second rope however, he tells the announcer to come near him, and takes the mic from them. The music dies down as he begins to speak.

Mickey Kinkade: Well then, that's the kinda thing that gets my rocks off. When I was in the back, preppin' for my match, I heard my music hit and walked out, ready to get rid of this unlucky losing streak once and for all. Believe me, that's still going to happen, but while I walked down that ramp, I realized I needed to get something off of my chest.

The crowd was interested as Roderick licked his lips, gathering a breath as he paced around the ring slowly.

Mickey Kinkade: I know what the motto is. The Kink is this mega-star of octane sex appeal, an icon in the making, a certified ass kicker. Since day one being in this business, I made damn sure that I get everything I deserve, and speaking my mind as I pleased to standout from the rest of these whimps that just wait in line for a shot at the big time. Make no mistake, I am the big time. But last week, you could say I ate a piece of humble pie.

There was some confusion in the crowd to hear Kinkade admit such a thing.

Mickey Kinkade: You all saw what happened, "our" XWF Universal Champion Chris Page pinned my shoulders to the mat for the 1... 2... 3...

He looked down at the three fingers he put up, with his smile being long gone for a look of grimace.

Mickey Kinkade: I lost. For the second time in a row, I spoke so highly about how I was a shoe in too win... about how I was going to topple my oppenents, only to have the taste of victory be replaced with the bitter taste of defeat instead. To some of you, I look like a fool... but after last week? To some of you, I looked like a hero.

There's a soft pop from the crowd as Kinkade looks around at the people, considering his next words carefully.

Mickey Kinkade: It doesn't take a genius to guess that BoB is public enemy number one to the entire XWF. They're a cancer who survive off of the attention the rest of this roster gives them. I knew their rep, I knew that going in, people would side by me, and to be honest, I didn't give a fuck. Because I thought that the only person I needed was me, and me alone. But something clicked... to hear people cheer for me? I never thought I'd see the day. And I sure as hell didn't expect to be admitting that to you, and the most shocking bit of it all?

He paused, took a deep breath, and sighed.

Mickey Kinkade: ... The most shocking part, is that I wanted to say "thank you".

Some of the crowd look geniunely suprised as Kinkade nodded, mouthing "I'm serious" to them, before a much louder pop. There are still some doubters, but they're shunned out for the most part.

Mickey Kinkade: It's the honest to God truth when I say that without you people, The Kink wouldn't have this fire lit under his ass. Without any of you, I wouldn't have the motivation to be here tonight, and to declare my intentions.

Just then, Kinkade looked over at the hard-cam with a mile long stare.

Mickey Kinkade: Chris Page... listen up you old-bastard. I'm not some rookie who's going to let last week slide. I'm not scared of you or your underlings, and I sure as SHIT am not going to admit that you bested me. You know what you did you fuck, and while you're strokin' your dick by usin' my name, you better get ready for the world of shit you just entered. I'm not just another enemy to add to the list, I'm the guy who's going to keep his word. I said I AM the next generation, and that I WILL be the guy who dethrones you!

Like a rallying cry, the fans are on their feet, with the intensity on Mickey's face boiling.

Mickey Kinkade: Right here, right now, I'm delivering THE DECLARATION OF ADDICTION! I PROMISE, that by the end of the year, Mickey Kinkade WILL have beaten you! I WILL have taken out that arrogant sonuvabitch Andre Bishop, AND I WILL, BE, THE XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPION! Mark my FUCKIN' words!

[Image: pmfKv3o.png]

HHL: Pip, I've NEVER seen someone so new make such a bold statement! He can't be serious!

Pip: I... have no idea. But he needs to worry less about Chris Page and Bob, and worry about Ash Quinn!

He tosses the microphone to the side, before taking off his jacket in preperation of Ash Quinn, as the crowd are on fire now.

Purple lights flash. Ash walks out crouched, eyes sweeping the crowd. As the music picks up she runs down to the ring sliding under the bottom rope. Jumping up on the turn buckle she pumps her fist to the beat.

- vs -


The ref calls for the bell The Kink pounces on Ash, knocking her down with a clothesline. Mickey laughs and blows kisses to the fans, gyratiing his waist in a sexual manner while standing over top of the downed Ash Quinn.

PC: Say what you will about Mickey’s tactics of showmanship, but this young man has a lot of promise!

HHL: He sure does, and as I feared, it looks like Ash didn’t come prepared tonight.

Mickey lifts Ash and slaps her. Then he takes her down with a backdrop suplex! Mickey stands to his feet flexing and making sexual gestures to the crowd again. Mickey laughs knowing he is in complete control of this match, he lifts Ash again, and slaps her across the face



Ash goes to fall bacxkward but Mickey catches her before she can.


Mickey crushes Ash’s neck to the mat with an olympic slam and covers her.




Winner by Pinfall - Mickey Kinkade!

HHL: You talk about an impressive win on his way to the Number One Contenders Battle Royale!

Pip: Short work made out of Ash Quinn tonight and Mickey Kinkade appears to have his sights set of Chris Page.

Morbid Angel is seen giving a sermon to his congregation in his beautiful church. There is a tranquil and solemn sound to his voice as he reads from a large, leatherbound Bible. He reads a passage from Romans.

“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the L-”

He is cut off by a loud, piercing noise!

“LAWD have mercy!”

He storms from the podium and peers out of one of the many windows, his congregation holding their ears in discomfort. He frustratedly looks at the property next door, noticing a conspicuous “SOLD” sticker on the “For Sale” sign. As the music rages on, he announces that they’ll be taking a short break for the time being.

Walking outside, Morbid marches over to his new neighbor, visibly pained by the volume of the heathens' music. He pounds on the door, shouting a bit to gain the attention of whoever’s inside, but it’s no use. Frustrated, he begins to head back towards his church.

Backstage before Warfare, we see the one and only “baddest team on the planet,” The Disintigrators, as they chat it up with bossman XWF owner “Loverboy” Vinnie Lane. Vinnie doesn’t seem too thrilled to have to deal with them, but “Dangerous” Dave Mustang and Johnny “Twisted” Steele are enthusiastic and pumped up.

”Loverboy” Vinnie Lane: “Look… Dave, John… I hired you two to help with the road crew. Keeping the trucks safe as they travel, getting the gear loaded and unloaded, setting up the ring, and adding some muscle to the roadies…”

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “And we’re doing a damn fine job!”


”Loverboy” Vinnie Lane: “Relax Johnny, he literally JUST told me that.”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “WOO!”

”Loverboy” Vinnie Lane: “HEY! Don’t start that! Listen to me, dudes… you do an awesome job on the road, no doubt… but you guys have been making people nervous backstage. You’ve got access that most folks don’t have, plus we’ve got our history… I just don’t want people thinking that you’re some kind of a threat, you know?”

Dave Mustang strokes his whiskers and laughs, slapping Steele on his meaty shoulder.

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “Heh… you hear that, J? The HNIC around here doesn’t want people to think we’re a threat.”


‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WEEEEEELLLLL…”

”Loverboy” Vinnie Lane: “GUYS! Seriously! It’s not time for a promo, okay? We need the lights rigged and the camera cables pulled out to the arena. Just do your jobs, man! Jeez!”

Vinnie walks off, shaking his head. The Disintigrators stand there and watch until he’s completely left the area.

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “I was about to tell him how we’re the baddest.”


‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “Hey! Look at those two jackaninnies over there!”

A bit down the hall, the camera pans and shows a fan in full cosplay posing for a photo with surprise Anarchy winners Gabe and Hans - the Big Upps!

[Image: tumblr_o1u1ggBl4T1rg89a6o1_500.jpg]

The Upps were scheduled for an untelevised dark match and are now just doing their best to be consummate professionals for the XWF Universe, but it doesn’t appear to sit well with Mustang and Steele.

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “Can you believe those two goofballs are standing right here in front of the future tag champs as if they belong in the same arena as us?”

Johnny Steele quivers with unbridled anger.


The Disintigrators then run over to the Upps and start throwing hands. Before Gabe and Hans know what’s happening, Hans has been tossed onto the lid of a big trunk and then choked by Mustang, and Gabe has been whipped into a set of those ubiquitous clanging poles that are always backstage at wrestling events by Johnny Steele!

Steele and Dave Mustang keep putting the boots to the Upps until officials swarm the area and cover up the battered and bruised Idahoan brothers, sending the Disintigrators walking off with matching smirks on their faces.

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WEELLLLLLL it looks like these two goobers weren’t ready for the D-Grators! Just like on Warfare when five other teams are gonna get put over our knees and spanked like whiny babies that just got yanked their mama’s titty!”


‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “Bet your sweet bippy! And bet the farm on Johnny and me while you’re at it, because the twisted steel and sex appeal of the Disintigrators won’t be contained this Warfare, JACK! Line ‘em up like whack a mole, because the Disintigrators are rolling up with the biggest hammers you ever seen swinging!”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “YEAH! OUR FREAKIN’ DICKS! WOO!”

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WOO!”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “WOO!”

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WOO!”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “WOO!”

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WOO!”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “WOO!”

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WOO!”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “WOO!”

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WOO!”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “WOO!”

PC: "Coming up next, we'll see a rematch from March Madness round 2 as hero and villain clash once more on Warfare!"

HHL: "That's right Pip, "The Whyte Spyder" Shawn Wylde will face Miss Fury in a Fury's rules match as he looks to defeat the XWF's resident super villain in singles competition!"

Suddenly Tommy Alvino appears on the stage with a microphone in hand causing the crowd to erupt in a chorus of boos due to his association with BOB and the bWo.

Tommy Slavino: "Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a special treat as Miss Fury lowers her standards of competition to branch out from Anarchy and the far superior bWo in order to meet the hero of Wednesdays in the ring of battle! Tonight, you all will bare witness to what will surely become a historic day in BOB history! The death of a spider!"

Tommy Slavino: "Introducing first, your bWo World Champion and "The Face Of Anarchy" A woman who has NEVER lost in singles competition here in the XWF. She's currently has 3 successful defenses under her belt, and while tonight's contest is not for the bWo World Championship, the result will remain the same. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you MISS FUUUURY!"

Arm in arm, Miss Fury and CCP walk out to the stage as the crowd goes nuts, and not in a good way. Miss Fury breaks from CCP and steps ahead of him at the top of the stage, soaking in the crowd reaction.

PIP: "Look at her! She's feeding off of the crowds hate of her like they loved her!"

Tommy Slavino: "That's because they do love her you dickless midget!"

HHL: "Wait, he can hear us?"

Tommy Slavino: "Damn right I can, and if either one of you open your mouths for the remainder of this woman's glorious entrance, I'll make sure that BOB makes it so that neither of you call a wrestling match again!"

Miss Fury shoots Tommy an approving look before heading down the the ring, followed close behind by the Universal champion!

At ringside, CCP hops up on the apron as Miss Fury heads to the steps. As Fury walks down the apron towards CCP, the gentlemen in him shines as the Universal Champion holds the top and middle ropes open for her, much to the crowds displeasure.

Tommy Slavino: "Hey, how about you idiots shut your traps and show the proper respect! You're looking at the two top champions of XWF and bWo respectively!"

In spite of Tommy's interjection, the crowd boos even louder as CCP helps Miss Fury prepare in the ring.

Tommy Slavino: "And her opponent, this CHODE!"

CCP laughs and shoots Tommy a thumb's up!

The lights dim to a purple hue. A spotlight hits the top of the stadium where Shawn is perched in a web. Strobes begin to flash and Shawn leaps towards the ring. A zip line carries him from the top of of the arena till he is roughly ten feet in the air and drops from the the line into the center of the ring and blasts of Pyro go off from the four corners. As Shawn disconnects himself from the zipline harness, Fury and CCP take advantage of the minor distraction and bum rush him from behind!

- vs -
MISS FURY w. Chris Page
3 RP'S

HHL: "What the hell!"

PC: "C.. Can we speak now?"

The two BOB's proceed to stomp a mud hole into The Whyte Spider as he struggles to disconnect himself from the tether, but Miss Fury grabs hold of the line and wraps it around his neck before her and CCP pull him to his feet and whip him over the ropes!

PIP: "The match hasn't even began, but BOB doesn't care! They're trying to lynch The Whyte Spyder on national TV!"

Tommy Slavino: "POP QUIZ HOTSHOT! In a world where all of your heroes are FALSE. Where none of them truly care about TRUTH, JUSTICE, or any of that jazz. One where MONEY and FAME are the real driving forces behind their actions, and in reality very little separates any of them from the BOBs that they hate..."

Shawn Wylde pulls at the terather around his neck as he violently kicks his feet in desperation.

HHL: "They're trying to kill him!"

Tommy Slavino: "Tell me hero, what do you do? What do you do when you know that not a single person in the back in going to come out and save you? What do you do!?"

Tommy's legs begin to go limp. The life is fading out of him fast. Tommy Slavino begins laughing on the stage.


Tommy Slavino: "Oh man, things are looking bleak for the Whyte Spyder! Too bad Ruby isn't here! What about Charlie Nickles, dimes, quarters, demo mode!? Oh, that's right, CCP knocked the hero right out of him! Quick, someone call out Betsy! No, no life saving Tardus for you Spyder!"

Shawn Wylde's arms and legs go limp and CCP and Fury drag him back over the top and into the ring by the tether around his neck!

CCP begins to argue with Chaz BOBO to start the match, but Chad's arguing that he can't because Shawn Wylde isn't fit to compete.

PIP: "If you people wanted this match to happen, maybe you shouldn't have tried to kill your opponent prematch!"

Still arguing, CCP seems to be loosing his cool with Bobo. CCP places his hands on his hips and looks to his side in frustration as he plots his next move.

HHL: "It looks like CCP has about had his fill with Chaz Bobo!"

Just then CCP hauls off and blast Chaz Bobo with a right hook! Bobo drops like the sack of shit that he is and CCP kicks him under the bottom rope to the floor. CCP then motions to Tommy for something.

Tommy Slavino: "Ladies and gentlement, as you know, the card is always subject to change, and tonight is no exception. Allow me to introduce you to your official for this match..."

HHL: "I think I know who this is!"

PIP: "Oh no!"


Ari jogs down the ramp and slides into the ring to heavy boos.

PIP: "Can they do this!? Can they name their own referee!?"

HHL: "Officially? Of course not, but it's BOB, so who's going to stop them!?"

After some quick instruction from CCP, Ari calls for the bell!


Miss Fury doesn't waste anytime locking the ALREADY unconscious Shawn Wylde into the Black Widow! Ari checks on him and deduces that he's out coled! Ari jumps to his feet and calls for the bell!


Winner - Miss Fury!

Tommy Slavino: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winner in what has to be a RECORD BREAKING 3 second match! MISS FURY!"

CCP and Miss Fury celebrate in the ring as the crowd throws trash into the ring and boo's like it's 1996!

An hour or so seems to have passed since the last clip of Morbid Angel at his highly respected church was played, he’s looking far more relaxed since the incident with the disruptive music. He begins to speak, choosing to resume where he last left off. Before he even gets a few words in, though, he’s immediately interrupted by the loud sounds of construction equipment outside. Once again, he stomps towards the window, peeking outside to see the “SOLD” sticker mocking him, several different crews walking out of trucks and beginning to work on installing something in the concrete.

The jackhammers blotted out any silence remaining in the church’s halls, prompting Morbid to trek out to the opposite parking lot again, finally having someone to yell at for all this disruptive behavior.

He waved at one of the employees, finally getting someone’s attention and temporarily ceasing the majority of the deafening noise.

“‘Scuse me, but you’re ruining my sermon today, sir! The Lord says to hold no grudges, but YOU’RE MAKING THAT A LITTLE HARD!”

“Sorry, bub, but it’s just the work we’ve been hired to do. No hard feelings or nothin’, but the client comes first.”

“Well, could you bring your client out here? I have quite a few words I wish to share with him WHEN I TELL HIM HOW LONG HE’S GONNA BURN IN HELL!”

“Sorry, but I hear he’s not here right now. God knows most people wouldn’t be able to put up with the noise. We’ll be out of your hair in two hours, though.”


Morbid’s righteous anger was cut off by the resuming jackhammers, leaving him to fume and prepare his “pleasant” conversation with his new neighbor.

The XWF crowd suddenly comes to life as the theme music of Centurion begins to play. Out from the back steps the suit clad XWF legend.

HHL: Centurion is not scheduled to be here tonight, but that doesn't appear to be stopping him.

Centurion stands at the top of the stage with a mic in hand. He glances around at the crowd for a second before turning his attention toward King Doc.

Centurion: I know I'm showing up here a bit unannounced, but I just had to see the King Of The XWF myself. Doc, good to see you.

King Doc casually gives a nod toward Centurion.

Centurion: I wanted to congratulate you in person for what you accomplished. A two time March Madness winner? A feat never before accomplished! The people on your home planet must be proud.

The crowd gives a slight laugh. Doc cracks a slight smile.

Centurion: And your accomplishment is made all the more exciting just by all you've had to go through. Your career as long as it has been. The injuries you've battled through. I mean, you give young folks like myself something to look up to!

The crowd laughs again, though Doc looks less than pleased.

Centurion: And now you have the Universal Champion and everyone in his stable bowing before you. What more could you possibly want? Personally, I was never a fan of the feudal system, but you..


Centurion is clobbered from behind with a steel chair!

PC: Good Lord, that sound!

HHL: That's Osira Themis!

Centurion falls to the ground clutching his back as Osira stands over him, chair in hand. She looks out into the crowd, who is giving her a a heart helping of boos. Osira tossed the chair to the ground before picking Centurion up. She kicks him in the stomach and hooks both of his arms, before delivering a devastating Double Underhook DDT onto the stage! The sound of Centurion's body hitting the steel echoes throughout the arena. The crowd boos louder as Osira gets to her feet. She casually bows towards King Doc before turning to walk backstage.

PC: Did Osira do that as a tribute to the King, or did she do that for herself?

HHL: I think it's a little of both. Either way, Centurion is going to need to be escorted to the back.

Michael McBride makes his way to the ring where it has now been covered by a steel cage.

He goes inside.

Andre Dixon makes his way to the ring followed by Chris Page. Chris gives him some final piece of advice before Andre walks through the door, and the door is shut by the referee.

- vs -
ANDRE DIXON w. Chris Page
3 RP's

The bell rings to start the match.

Within seconds McBride runs at Dixon catching him offguard. He grabs him, and hits him with several punches before grabbing him and pulling him towards the walls of the cage.

McBride tries to ram Dixon's head into the cage wall. But Dixon stops him. He grabs the side of the cage.

All of a sudden Dixon throws his head back catching McBride. McBride lets go of Dixon, and grabs his nose and stumbles backwards.

PIP: "I thought McBride had control right from the get go, yet somehow Dixon manages to stop him."

Dixon turns around and hits McBride with a CLOTHESLINE.

McBride hits the canvas hard.

Dixon grabs McBride and pulls him to his feet, and sends him flying into the cage wall.

HEATHER:"Well it looks like Dixon has all the control now."

McBride tries to steady himself. But Dixon has him again and throws McBride into the cage wall. McBride is starting to bleed from his nose now.

Dixon grabs McBride and sends him across the ring. He rebounds off of the ropes and comes back.

SPEAR. Dixon meets McBride in the middle of the ring with a SPEAR.

PIP: "This is all but over."

Dixon gets to his feet. McBride is moaning. He pulls him to his feet.


HEATHER: "That's Andre Dixon's finisher. It's all over now."

Dixon pulls McBride onto his back, and puts one foot on his chest. The referee does the three count.





HHL: Andre Dixon continues to impress like no other. Next stop is Terry Borden on Anarchy and then the Television Championship opportunity a week from Saturday.

Pip: BoB is stronger than ever before.

Andre gazes up towards King Doc as he as Chris Page stands and applauds his comrade.

Morbid Angel stands in front of his congregation. Everyone is tired and ready to return to their homes. He is preparing a short send-off, but he can almost predict further interference without a single utterance. He extends his jaw and begins to wrap up the day.

“While the circumstances weren’t ideal, I am happy that all of you could come here in the house of God and join with me in His heavenly word. And to remember that vengeance is not ours to take, but His to claim. If you could all join me in a short prayer.”

Morbid closes his eyes, realizing that there has been a small hum as he was speaking. Slowly, it begins to get louder, whirring and roaring like the winds of God’s wrath itself. Morbid skips checking his window, simply stepping out the doors to see a helicopter land in the parking lot, it’s blades slowing as his new neighbor’s door opens…


Ned walks out with his Hart Title over his shoulder and a bucket of chicken in his other arm, snacking on a drumstick with a smile plastered on his face. The two men approach each other, Morbid taken aback by the absurdity of it all.

“Hey you doin’, neighborino?” Ned smacks his mouth as he chews, eating as he speaks.


“I warned you, Morbid. It’s your fault you didn’t trust me to follow through. How do you think my new Avalanche HQ looks, though?”

“I’ll have you know I’ll be seeing the city council about this! I won’t have the Lord’s word impeded by your antics, Kaye! I expect you to bend over backwards to let God know how sorry you are for angering his prophet!”

“Why even bring in the city council? This is between you and me. You want your peace and quiet back. Fight me for it. My title versus this property. Winner takes all next Wednesday Night Warfare.”

Morbid looks the heathen in the eyes.

“You have yourself a deal. I’ll enjoy extending your eternal damnation to a few minutes of your God-forsaking life.”

“We’ll see about that. Oh, and Morbid?”

Ned walks towards the helicopter, stepping inside.


“Get used to the scenery.”

Ned cackles as the helicopter starts up again, soaring away with Ned aboard.

“A the things you want one day will come if you keep waiting” is heard through the arena as the cameras turn to the big screen, as it fades to a woodland scenery, a man sits onto of a rock looking out over the edge of the woodland cliff.

“A man is nothing if he doesn’t believe in himself, you know what I mean?”

The camera slowly moves forward towards the unknown man, as he holds his hand up to stop them still yet to turn around. The muscular man sits there with a tight white shirt on showing some tattoos on his shoulder and his arms, most of the shoulder tattoo is covered by a dark red waistcoat. There is a glistening of gold around his neck and on the wrist he is currently holding up.

“You see, if a man doesn’t believe in himself, then nobody else would. Men, like woman, think the same. You have to amount to something before you can become something, unfortuanetly this is the wrong way of thinking, this is the old way of thinking. You want to make a name for yourself, you want to make an IMPACT you need to go for the top dog.”

The man stands up and rolls his shoulders as he slowly turns towards the camera and smiles with a devilish grin, his eyes wide and his facial expression is numbing, he wipes his thick black goatee and places a foot on the rock he was once sitting upon and rests leans on his leg looking at the camera.

“You can’t do anything without someone judging, you can not be a man with out going through the best…I am Jordan Knoxville and I am on my way to take what ever I see fit, The Nottingham Ripper is coming to XWF… what you saying?”

Jordan smiles as he adjusts his waistcoat and walks past the camera man as he does this he says one final thing.

“The Nottingham Ripper takes no prisoners, please I beg of you…do not take my kindness for weakness as you will regret the day you stepped in that ring with me.”

HHL: Still to come tonight here on Warfare, tag team turmoil to determine the number one contenders to the XWF Tag Team Championship!

PIP: Them No Good Bastards went into March Madness looking to do the impossible in conquering Continuum and they did just that, Heather!

HHL: Six tag teams will compete for the right to challenge Them No Good Bastards at Leap of Faith!

PIP: Lest we forget! Bourbon and Knuckles have to get through Centrubion coming up at MayDay live from Coreytopia, presented by Dolly Waters!

Paul Heyman’s theme hits the airwaves at the Moda Center.

HHL: Speaking of Dolly Waters… her former manager, Paul Heyman!

PIP: Current manager of the XWF’s Lionheart!

Heyman makes his way to the ring with purpose. The fans in Portland give the Thaddeus Duke advocate a mixed reaction.

HHL: On last Warfare, there was a rather interesting conversation between Ned Kaye and Paul Heyman concerning a potential challenge for the Hart title coming in the form of Thaddeus Duke!

The announcers lay out as Heyman paces the ring for a few moments before pulling a microphone from inside his jacket.

”Portland, Oregon!” Heyman shouts out as the mixed reaction turns positive. ”While the Lionheart is away, Duke Nation will play!”

Crowd pop.

PIP: No one has even seen Thad since March Madness!

”We’re not gonna beat around the bush. We’re not gonna mince any words or play any games. There… is a man… parading around backstage with a championship… and a spot he never truly earned.”

The Universe’s response to Heyman continues to grow.

HHL: Paul Heyman, getting the Portland chapter of the XWF Universe worked into a frenzy!

”And you know EXACTLY who I’m talking about! He is your current…. Reigning…. Defending….”

Heyman waves his hand side to side as if to say “mehhh, not so much.”

”XWF Hart Champion! We’re talking about Ned Kaye!”

HHL: Ask, and you shall receive!

PIP: Here comes the Hart champion himself, the Nefarious One, Ned Kaye!

Ned Kaye slowly makes his way toward the ring with the championship slung over his shoulder to a chorus of boos from the sold out Moda Center. He pauses briefly at the bottom of the ramp, basking in the hate from the XWF Universe before climbing the steps and entering the ring.

”Mr. Kaye, I cede the floor to you, sir!” he says to Kaye, with a hint of sarcasm.

"Oh, you cede the floor to me? Paul, let's be serious here, you can't give me what's already mine. This floor, this ring, this federation is tucked away in my pocket and there ain't a goddamn thing you or your client can do about it. Speaking of… he's not really been here as of latet, has he? Maybe he's too scared to lose another grand stage for the world to see. Hell, it'd explain why he's not here. If he really wanted to challenge me, he'd do it himself."

PIP: I couldn’t agree more, Heather! I think Thaddeus Duke is stepping on some toes in trying to wrangle a Hart title shot out of the champion while he’s not even here!

HHL: Issuing a challenge isn’t stepping on anyones toes, Pip. Ned Kaye is free to decline that challenge.

”It’s funny you should mention that, Mr. Kaye…”

A lion’s roar is heard.

Thad Duke’s theme hits the airwaves at the Moda Center to a raucous response from the XWF Universe. A large golden colored Lionheart logo hits the center of the ring shrouding Ned Kaye as he turns his attention toward the entrance way.

Several seconds later, Thaddeus Duke emerges from backstage dressed in plain clothes. Just his customary hoodie and a pair of jeans.

HHL: Once again Pip, ask and you shall receive!

PIP: I knew he was here, I was just down playing it for the viewers at home!

Thad makes his way toward the ring, soaking up the love from the crowd a little while returning that love right back to them. Duke climbs the steps and hesitates, looking at Ned Kaye, before looking over his shoulder toward the Universe a moment. Stepping through the ropes, he stands a second as Ned back up a step. Thad steps forward toward the center of the ring as Paul Heyman hands him a microphone.

On a split screen, Corey Smith, Thad’s partner and best friend is in his own locker room watching all of this when he gets a text.

”What the hell does that mean!?” Corey cries out as he feverishly types away on his phone. ”Just stay in the locker room,” he repeats under his breath with a roll of his eyes.

”He’s about to do somethin’ stupid,” Smith mutters to himself.

Back to the ring.

”My apologies, Duke Nation, for my lack of availability the last few weeks,” Thad begins as he refuses to take his eyes off of Ned Kaye who looks on with a half scowl, half smirk. ”Sometimes life outside the ring has to take precedence over life inside of it and those who deny that are lying to you and themselves.”

HHL: I have it on good authority that Thaddeus had been attending his anger management courses in compliance with the judges orders in order to get his foster son back.

PIP: Kids probably better off…

Heather shoots a glare toward Pip.

PIP: ...what?

”Honestly I worry sometimes that I’m stepping on someone else’s toes, that I’m cutting in line in front of someone else when it comes to challenging for championships but here’s the thing… I’ve been away for almost four weeks and not a single person backstage, not a single man or woman that calls Warfare their home has stepped to the plate to lay down a challenge to the Nefarious One.

“Except Paul Heyman as he stood in for me.”

Thad pauses and takes a step toward Ned Kaye.

”You wanted me present, you wanted me live, you wanted me in person to issue the challenge myself. So here I am Ned.

“As requested.

“Live and in living color.

“So here’s the challenge: You, defend against me, at Leap of Faith.”

The fans in attendance pop loudly at the prospects of Ned Kaye versus Thaddeus Duke.

“It’s only a challenge Ned. You’re free to accept. You’re free to decline. But you know what happens in this business when you decline a challenge.”

"All true words, but you know as well as I that you haven't earned your shot at me, Duke. Maybe Big Puddin will come out here to challenge me? Thing is, I hold no obligation to jobbers, Duke. Don't let your hype convince you otherwise. Besides…"

All of a sudden, Steven Cooper, Eobard Stone, and Dean Rose begin to enter the ringside area from the crowd! The two men eye down Thad, circling like vultures, ready more than ever due to their match in the Turmoil later in the night.

"If you want to compare entourages, mine's bigger. You couldn't keep up with any one of these men that walk alongside me, so if you wanna keep begging for attention… it'll be your funeral."

”Ned, if you think a numbers game would stop me from fighting, if you think for a second that this is somehow going to intimidate me, that this is somehow going to make me back down and withdraw my challenge, then you haven’t been paying attention.”

HHL: We’re treading perilously close to the precipice here!

PIP: Avalanche is here to support their fearless leader, Heather! Nothing more!

Stone, Cooper and Dean Rose each step inside the ring on their respective sides as Paul Heyman eyeballs each of them nervously. Thad looks at Heyman and motions for him to split.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke ordering Heyman out of the ring here on Warfare.

PIP: You and him are both overreacting!

Heyman exits the ring behind Ned Kaye to the floor leaving Thaddeus surrounded on all four sides by the whole of Avalanche.

HHL: The Lion now finds himself alone in a den of wolves!

Thad looks around one by one at his potential enemies… then tosses his mic at Dean Rose.



PIP: Cooper never saw it comin’!

Thad hits his renamed super kick on Cooper and lays out cold on the mat as Dean Rose and Eobard Stone advance toward him. Thad tries to fight them off but they soon overwhelm him. Ned Kaye stays back, directing traffic like a crossing guard.

Backstage in his locker room, Corey Smith is fighting the urge to intervene despite receiving a text from Thad earlier insisting that he stay out of it.

Back in the ring, Thad is whipped into the corner by Rose. Stone follows that up with a hard clothesline in the corner. Rose then follows that up with a splash in said corner causing Thad to stagger out and fall to his hands and knees as Stone delivers a punt kick to Duke’s ribs sending him rolling to the other side of the ring and wincing in pain.

HHL: Ned Kaye continuing to direct traffic here on Warfare!

PIP: Thaddeus Duke has always had more balls than brains and tonight, he’s proving that yet again.

Rose lifts Thaddeus from the mat and whips him off the ropes. On the rebound, Thad ducks under a Rose attempted lariat but gets caught by Stone going for a flapjack like maneuver. In the air, Thad contorts himself and takes Eobard down with a hurricanrana. Thad pops back to his feet quickly and avoids a charging Dean Rose.


Thad bounces himself off the ropes and drops Rose with a slingblade maneuver and yet again pops back to his feet to a roarous crowd reaction. This time he’s met with Eobard Stone’s calf kick!

HHL: Headshot!

PIP: Thaddeus Duke is seeing stars!

HHL: It was a valiant effort from Thaddeus but the numbers game is just too much!

Steven Cooper starts to get back to his feet after eating the super kick earlier on, albeit his brain is still fogged over.

Corey Smith still in his locker room, bites his clenched fist as he paces back and forth, not taking his eyes from the monitor. He continues trying not to intervene at his best friends request.

A shot of King Doc is shown with a look of what one might consider ‘concern’ upon his face.

HHL: Corey Smith looking on backstage and it’s gotta be eating him alive to stay back there while his friend is being assaulted!

PIP: King Doc looking on as well here at the Moda Center!


HHL: It seems as though the Universe tonight wants Corey Smith to ignore Thad’s request!

With Avalanche now collected, they return their attention to the down and out Thaddeus Duke. Cooper lifts Thad from the mat and whips him off the ropes. On the rebound, Dean Rose catches him and slams him down with a side slam to the mat.

Avalanche now in firm control of the proceedings…

The shot returns to Corey Smith’s locker room… it’s now empty and the crowd pops.

PIP: Someone needs to warn Avalanche!

HHL: It’s a four on one assault, Pip! They need nothing!

Back in the ring, Rose and Cooper lift Thaddeus Duke from the mat as Eobard Stone waits. Rose and Cooper lift Thad and place him on Stone’s shoulders in a power bomb like position.

HHL: Critical Hit! Incoming from Stone to Thad!

Shrieks, screams and the like emanate from the younger portion of the ladies and gay boys as normal cheers emanate from the rest of the crowd.


As Smith hits the ring, Ned, Cooper and Rose all hightail it from the ring. Just as Stone is about to drop Thad head first on the corner, Corey delivers a hard shot to Eobard’s midsection. Stone doubles over forward and Thad escapes the maneuver but still lands on his back on the mat. Smith meanwhile, sends Stone toward the ropes but his stable mates grab him by his legs before he can rebound and they drag him from the ring and begin to retreat up the ramp.

A shot of King Doc is shown as he gives a standing golf clap ovation for his Continuum brethren.

Corey stands near the ropes facing the ramp and starts running his mouth toward Avalanche before he retreats toward Thaddeus Duke. He leans down and lends Thad a hand in getting back to his feet. The two exchange a bro hug before Heyman re-enters the ring and hands Thad a mic.

”My friends are better than your friends, Ned,” Duke begins. ”What’s it gonna be Ned? We gonna do this or what?”

Ned turns around, a demented smile on his face as he shouts with an intensity in his voice at Thad!

"You wanna test that, Thad?! You want me? You'll have to get through them! You vs. EXP next week! You lose, Duke? No Hart title match! Not as long as I hold this belt! Bring your best, Duke, I could use a good laugh!"

”You’re on, Ned!”

Ned spikes the microphone onto the ground and retreats with the other members of Avalanche backstage!

PIP: Wow!

HHL: Next Warfare, Thaddeus Duke will attempt to defy the odds as he faces the tag team of Eobard Stone and Steven Cooper!

PIP: In a handicap match! I LOVE IT! Sayonara Thaddeus Duke!

HHL: He loses, he never gets a Hart title shot from Kaye, he wins? Thaddeus Duke will meet Ned Kaye for the XWF Hart Championship at Leap of Faith!

PC: Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to Wednesday Warfare! It’s no secret that the XWF features the best wrestling talent in the world.

HHL: You’re not joking, Pip, and our next match is a perfect example.

PC: In a matchup that could main event any wrestling show in the world, we have two of the best in the business today getting ready to square off when, for the first time ever, The Impossible Traveler, Betsy Granger, meets Corey Smith LIVE on Warfare.

The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!

As the opening notes begin, the lights go out, save for a single spotlight on the top of the stage. Betsy comes out, but she’s only a silhouette at this point. Just as the drum strikes it’s second note, Betsy dabs and the lights come back. The song starts from the refrain as Betsy starts dancing down the ramp.

Introducing first! From Toronto, Ontario, Canada! THE IMPOSSIBLE TRAVELER! BETSY GRAAAAAAANGER!

“Sin City’s cold and empty
No one’s around to judge me
I can’t see clearly when your gone-one-one”

Arms out, Betsy begins twirling around wildly, blonde ponytail whipping about with her, as she slaps hands with fans on both sides of the ramp. The chorus hits just as Betsy baseball slides into the ring.

“And I said ooooh, I’m blinded by the lights
I can’t sleep until I feel your touch
And I said ooooh, I’m drowning in the night
Oh, when I’m like this, you’re the one I trust”

As the chorus chimes on, Betsy bounces up and hops up onto every ring corner, pumping her fist and bobing her head in time with the song, getting the fans amped up for the upcoming bout. When she finishes playing up the fans, she starts bouncing in place, preparing mentally for the bout.

The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Someone Else” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entryway, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly.

Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song.

And her opponent! From Coreytopia, Florida!
Corey comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way.


Corey gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. He looks pumped as hell, and starts pointing out at the fans before rushing to the top rope, surveying the crowd from on high, before dropping down to the canvas and handing off his jacket. He paces the ring now, waiting for the match to begin as the music and lighting effects wind down.

Betsy eyes Corey up and down, a determined look on her face. Smith throws the extra pieces of his entrance gear outside of the ring and stretches his shoulders before hopping up and down on the mat like a boxer. The two close the gap between one another as referee Lawanda Sass pulls them into the center of the ring. Betsy reaches out with a showing of sportsmanship and offers Corey a hand shake. He obliges. The two give each other a bit of space between Sass as she calls for the bell.

- vs -
3 RP's

PC: And the dream match is underway folks!

Corey Smith wastes no time! He jumps straight at Betsy, spinning in the air with a back kick, but Betsy ducks underneath. Betsy kick’s low at Corey, but he leaps over her leg. As soon as he’s back to his feet Betsy rushes him, a karate kick to the head is avoided as Corey is quick and back peddles. Betsy doesn’t let up, charging still now with a rolling Koppu kick, but Corey starts a series of back handsprings away from Betsy who continues her charge. The crowd is going wild at the show of athleticism.

Smith back handsprings almost to the left corner of the ring nearest the entrance ramp. He stops but as soon as he does he’s met with a single leg dropkick to the chest! Betsy Granger scoring the first blow of evening. Smith falls back into the corner and Granger goes on the attack. A corner foot choke keeps Smith pinned in the corner, frustrated, trying to break the hold. Finally Lawanada Sass calls for the break on Betsy. As Granger lets her leg down, Corey slips to his butt, grabbing at his throat, trying to pull oxygen back into his lungs.

But Betsy has already gained momentum, running to the opposite corner and now charging at Smith full speed. She lets out an impassioned yell as she slides towards her seated challenger for a kick attack, but Corey rolls out of the way, and Betsy’s knee collides with the steel turnbuckle post!

HHL: OH! Possibly a big opening here for Corey Smith! Betsy may have just injured her knee!

Corey looks at Betsy as she holds her knee writhing in pain. He walks over to her…

PC: This is it! A big opportunity for Smith, he’s going to capitalize on Betsy’s mistake.

HHL: Wait! What in the hell is Smith doing?

Smith grabs the attention of the ref and has her check on Betsy. He mouths what appears to be a few inaudible words of encouragement as he gives Betsy time to get back to her feet under her own strength.

PC: Corey Smith is a class act! And a great sportsman. He wants to make sure he gets the very best out of each match, and this one with Betsy Granger ESPECIALLY being no exception.

HHL: Being honorable doesn’t always pay the bills. This may come back to bite him.

Betsy bounces up to her feet and beats the hurt away from her leg. Lawanda Sass puts an arm up between each competitor, restarting their positions, and then signals for them to begin again. Corey steps in focused and meticulous, his arms up covering his face. Granger charges but stops just before reaching Corey and shuffles to the side as Smith goes to parry. Granger grabs for the arm, looking to drag Smith down into submission. But Corey with the weight advantage shifts away and spins around behind Betsy’s back, locking her up around her waist.

He releases her and shoves Betsy’s in the back sending her running into the ropes. On the rebound, Betsy swings with a clothesline but Smit ducks under. They both hit the ropes now and rebound towards one another. Corey meets Betsy and swings her back about the mat before planting her headfirst with a running STO.

Smith covers!




Betsy kicks out! AND BETSY GRABS SMITH’S ARM! She holds onto the wrist and yanks Corey’s arm around awkwardly. She holds on, and gets up to a knee, twisting Smith’s arm again putting him down on a knee with her. She wrenches tight again and now is to her feet. She twists the arm again and Corey flips over to the mat on his back as Betsy keeps the hold locked in. Betsy sits her damaged right knee onto Corey’s bicep and tugs again at the arm. Smith shouts out, swinging his free arm around as Lawanda Sass comes to check on him. But before the ref can even ask, Corey flexes his stomach and jumps from his back to his feet. Betsy still has ahold of the arm lock, but Smith spins hard, breaking the hold and coming over the top to catch Granger in the forehead with a clubbing spinning back fist.

The strike sends Granger stumbling backward. Smith hits the ropes and connects with a running dropsault to Betsy’s chest that sends her tumbling all the way back between the ropes and onto the apron. Betsy barely grabs the ropes, holding tightly to keep herself from hitting the floor. Corey lands on his feet from the dropsault and already has Betsy lined up.

He rushes her!

A spear through the ropes!



Smith suicide dives face-first into the arena floor as Betsy regroups on the apron. She rolls under the bottom rope back into the ring as the ref starts to count.


PC: Heather, what an impressive match we’ve witnessed to this point!

HHL: Indeed, Pip! These two are very evenly matched it appears, and go ahead and sign me up to buy stock on both of these young stars!


Corey winces and grabs at his scraped-up face and begins to stir around to a knee.


Betsy watches Corey and rolls out to the side of the ring, breaking the ref’s count. She walks around to the front and grabs Smith up in a headlock, but Smith is stirred. He pops Betsy in the ribs with a few elbow strikes breaking the hold.


Lawanda Sass starts counting both Corey and Betsy out.


Betsy turns towards Smith holding her ribs, she recovers quickly and goes to grapple Smith. But Smith pops Granger directly in her wide-open throat with a punch.


Betsy gasps holding at her throat as she rises to face Corey. She turns around to cover up as Smith goes to attack her again,


But out of nowhere a falling Pele kick from Betsy catches Smith clean across his face. Both fall to the floor as Sass continues to count.



Betsy is up and scrambling to the apron.


Smith grabs at the ropes from the floor


Granger rolls in the ring.


Smith just pulls himself up just before the 10-count and dangles on the ropes, kneeling on the apron.

Granger is already in the ring and running at the unsuspecting Smith from the ropes.

PC: OH! A clean and fluid Tiger Feint Kick!

Corey crumbles away from the ropes and falls to his back in the ring as the swinging kick strikes his face. Granger, scrambling, dives back through the ropes and ontop of Corey for the pin.




Smith powers out of the pin, and Betsy is already grabbing his arm, trying to lock in another submission. But Corey counters out. He whips Granger into the ropes and on the rebound shows his athleticism by leaping directly onto her shoulders, flipping the smaller woman down easily with a hurricanrana. Betsy’s neck folds awkwardly on the mat, and she doesn’t seem to be moving at all. Smith covers.




Betsy refuses to stay down. Smith rolls off the cover and grabs his rival by the leg, he easily flips Granger over to her belly and applies an ankle lock. This springs Betsy up from the mat and onto her hands, howling in pain. Betsy crawls her way towards the ropes, but Smith locks the hold in tighter and drags her back to the center of the ring. But Betsy is quick, she gets to her back and grabs Smith by the arm.

She wraps her legs around it and flips him down to the mat, tugging back his arm at an awkward angle. Bets gets an impressive Lotus Lock worked in on Smith. Corey hollers out, veins popping from his neck, his arm on the verge of being snapped in two at any moment. Sass runs over to Smith asking for a submission. He refuses. But as he does Granger flips him again, putting him flat on his back and turning the Lotus Lock into a full-on armbar. Granger pulls and wrenches and tears at Smith’s arm, but still he won’t tap. Granger lifts the leg over Corey’s face and goes to slam it down on his face, but it was a mistake!

Corey uses the opportunity, the slight change in balance to mount Betsy. He grabs the leg, brushes it to the side, and falls on Betsy with a sick elbow! No! Betsy rolled out of the way! Smith springs up from his elbow bouncing from the mat. His arm is damaged. Betsy is up already, she wrenches his arm again, wraps herself around into a cobra clutch!


Betsy drives Smith to the mat with her trademark Cobra Clutch Leg Sweep. She covers!






Smith just barely shifts his damaged shoulder from the mat. Betsy stands above him and sizes Smith up as he climbs to his feet. Betsy sends a karate kick to Corey’s midsection, he bends over and Granger locks around his head again. She’s going for a Snapmare Driver! But Smith powers through, He lifts Betsy like he’s going to do a back drop and flings her body out in front of him. Corey is already sprinting towards Betsy he dives and connects his shoulder to the side of her bad knee as she stands.

Betsy front flips in mid-air and falls to the canvass. Corey is up he darts over to her and swings his legs, smacking Betsy right in the back of the head with an axekick. Betsy goes down and Corey moves to the turnbuckle. He climbs to the top and waits for Betsy to stand. He’s going for his Corey Special Number 4!

Betsy staggers to her feet. Corey is behind her on the turnbuckle waiting for her to turn and as she does he leaps into a front flip jaw breaker.



Granger rocks Smith with the snapmare driver this time and covers.




Smith kicks out! The crowd is going wild and chanting for the two warriors to ‘fight forever. Betsy leans up from her pin, a perplexed look on her face as she looks over to Smith who is barely moving as she breathes heavily. Granger composes herself and stands to her feet, pulling Corey up with her, she’s setting up something big!

But as she gets full to her legs, that bad knee gives, and opens her up.



Betsy’s eyes glaze over as she collapses backward. Corey is still shaking cobwebs from the crucial snapmare driver he ate and stands there wobbling and staggering around. He may not even realize he can cover Betsy and win this match!

Finally, Corey finds a good balance and looks down at Betsy, who is somehow up off of her back, but still unable to get to her legs. Her mouth is busted open, and yelling at Corey as he stares at her in disbelief.

”Go on! Finish me!”

Betsy screams out,

Corey gulps, his face serious and still. He bites at his bottom lip as he waits to see if Betsy can somehow get to her feet, but he realizes that she can’t…





PC:Tuez les étoiles!!!!!


Betsy pulls Corey’s back over her knees, locking in the Indian deathlock surfboard! Smith’s body bends unnaturally. Sass is in his face asking for the submission. His face tightens from the excruciating pain. Betsy screams in agony as well, exerting every last bit of her strength to put Corey away.






Betsy eats the kick to the head and folds down to the mat with unconscious grace. Corey covers her.




Winner via Pinfall - Corey Smith

Corey’s music hits the speakers as both he and Betsy lie on the mat.

PC: What an incredible match we’ve just witnessed!

HHL: Two of the best in the business laying it all on the line, and tonight it’s Corey Smith who’s the victor!

Corey pulls up to his feet and looks over to Betsy who is now struggling to get her legs underneath of her. Smith walks over to lend a hand but Betsy shoes him away, pulling on the ropes and getting to a vertical base. The two warriors eye one another. Corey walks and stands face to face with Betsy who has limped over to meet him in the center of the ring. Corey nods with a smirk and offers a hand for Betsy to shake. She mirrors his facial expression and shakes his hand. The crowd erupts as the two share a quick hug before Betsy turns and raises Corey Smith’s arm in the air.

Mickey Kinkade: HEY! Is this shit on?

He looks around and takes a deep breath, looking at the hard cam.

[Image: 94f82be79c051344d6fffe3193eea3b8d56f8c87_hq.gif]

Mickey Kinkade: Good, because I got some more shit to say, and I know everyone is craving sloppy seconds from Mickey God-Damn-Motha-Fuckin'-KinKADE! People say actions speak louder then words, and if that's the case, then everyone is me I just got done beating Ash Quinn's head in a few minutes ago, and I've STILL got enough energy in me to lay down some truth for you sexy fucks in the XWF to hear. Ya see... things might not've started out all that great for The Kink... but tonight? Tonight showed that 3rd times the charm is a reality, babe.

He stopped for a moment, building up some saliva, and spat out his gumm frame before rolling on.

Mickey Kinkade: Chris Page! I'm talkin' to you again motherfucker! So listen up! How's it feel to know your grade school bully shit doesn't work on someone new, eh? How's it feel to be called out twice in the same show for your shit? Sucks, doesn't it? Well get used to it, because you have lit a fire under my ass. What I did to Ash Quinn was an example of what's to come with this new attitude I got. See, revenge has never been a luxory, but I'll be damned to be made into a fool just because of a cheap win you got over me. People think that I can't get the job done, people think that I'm just "hype"... but tonight? Tonight I dismissed that once and for all by getting my first victory here in the XWF.

With a lick of the index finger, he slashed down an invisible slash downward.

Mickey Kinkade: That's just one of the many wins to come before Leap of Faith, THE biggest show in the entire fuckin' universe. There's so much talk about May 1st, with names like the returning Robert Main, Lycana, and Jenny Myst being in the King Doc Battle Royal... people wondering WHO is going to battle you for that XWF Universal Title. Spoiler, it's going to be me. Fuck everyone else in that match, because the truth is I have more of a reason then anyone else to go after you. You can laugh me off all you want, but you won't be laughing once I ripped that title from your carcass when I get done whooping your ASS! The XWF is about to enter an era of fuckin' BEAUTY when my bitchin' waist is lathered in GOLD! You have yourself to blame for this shit Page! I'll see you soon BITCH!

With anger in face, he chucked the microphone down and flipped off the camera, walking out of frame as the screen faded elsewhere.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -

2 Teams will start at random. Once one team is eliminated another team will enter. This will continue until one team is left standing and will challenge for the XWF Tag Titles at Leap of Faith

”Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is the TAG TEAM TURMOIL match!”

The crowd pops huge for the match announcement.

”The rules are as follows; the match will begin with Two Teams, when one team is defeated via pinfall, count out or disqualification another team will enter. This will continue until there is one team left standing, and that team will challenge for the XWF World Tag Team Championship at LEAP OF FAITH!”

The crowd roars even louder.

”At this time I would like to introduce to you the special guest announcers; they are the XWF World Tag Team Champions, Thunder Knuckles and Bobby Bourbon… THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS!

Pip starts to talk but TK, who's standing, snags Pip's headset off. TK holds the headset high above his head, out of Pip's reach, before putting it on for himself. Heather looks over at Bobby who's hands extended. Without saying a word Heather hands over her headset and nods at Bourbon.

Alright, mother fuckers, Let's get the fucking show started. We don't have all goddamn night.

We're busy men. Busy being the Champions and proving it. Don't forget to watch Shove it! If you need to remember why.

Everyone give a round of applause for King BOB!

King Doc?

Yeah, that's what I said.

”Introducing the team who that drew Number One….”

”About to make their way to the ring… THE DISINTEGRATORS!!”

As Megadeth shrieks through the arena, "Dangerous" Dave Mustang and Johnny "Twisted" Steele roar down the entrance ramp on their twin Harleys. They circle the ring once and then park their bikes on either side of the ramp and strut to the ring, giving each other a massive high ten once they are on the apron together. Mustang gets in the ring first and waits for the match to start.

”And their opponents…”

The crowd erupts!

”About to make his way to the ring… CLINT FATWOOD!”

The ovation grows louder as Clint Fatwood emerges out to the top of the ramp where he looks towards the ring at his opponents. Clint starts to strut towards the ring as the crowd loves every minute of it. Once ringside he climbs up on the ring apron and steps through the ropes where he eyes down Dave and Steel.

”… And his partner…”

The roof EXPLODES!

”About to make his way to the ring… “THE REAL AMERICAN” TERRY BORDEN!

Seconds pass before the Number One Contender to the bWo World Heavyweight Championship emerges out to the top of the ramp where the ovation grows to the loudest of the entire night! Terry stands at the top of the ramp with his hands on his hips nodding his head before he starts to make the walk towards the ring, slapping some hands along the way. He reaches ringside where he climbs up on the apron before leaning over the top rope pointing a Mustang which garners a massive “YYYYOOOOOOUUUUUU” from the crowd before Terry steps through the ropes where he immediately tears off his AMERICANMANIA tank top. Terry and Clint slap hands as the music fades away.

The Dream-A-Maniacs?

These fucking guys have as much chance of walking out of this one the winners as Demos.

Them No Good Bastards begin to laugh.

Anyway, I guess if you want to fall asleep watching TV, they're perfect.

"Dream" is in the name Bobby. Nailed it!


Clint starts things off opposite Steel as the bell has sounded. The crowd is on fire for Fatwood which draws the ire of Steel who stomps back and forth cupping his hands over his ears while Mustang tries to tell everyone to shut the fuck up; naturally the exact opposite happens as they get louder. Steel removes his hands from his ear as Mustang pulls him into the corner and starts whispering into his ear which garners a head nod. Steel comes out towards the center of the ring spouting off at Fatwood. They attempt a lock up only to see Steel takes the short cut with a thumb to the eye. The crowd roars with boos as Steel opens up with right hands before hurling Clint back into the corner housing Mustang. Dave tags in as Steel holds Clint against the buckles with his shoulder into the midsection while Mustang now opens up with a flurry of right hands! The referee lays the five count to Steel who escapes to the ring apron at the four count. Mustang spouts off at the referee as he brings Clint out of the corner where he delivers a Side Walk Slam and forces the cover.




Clint kicks out as Mustang transitions into a rear chin lock. The referee starts asking for Clint to surrender which he refuses before he starts to work his way to his feet as the crowd responds with excitement. Clint turns into the headlock where he backs Mustang into the ropes, he shoots him across the ring, Mustang bounces off the ropes and into some BUTT-BUMPIN’ from Fatwood!

Clint follows up with a standing elbow drop into the sternum of Mustang before making the cover!




Kickout by Mustang!

The Disintegrators were born when two people had sex in a bathroom stall next to the stall where someone was doing blow.

Both of them?


Clint gets back to his feet where he turns towards his corner and points towards Terry Borden and points. The crowd roars loudly as Terry Borden extends his hand out. Clint walks over tagging in Terry to a thunderous ovation from the crowd. Borden steps through the ropes and enters the ring as Mustang reaches his feet. Mustang comes towards Borden swinging with a right hand, it’s blocked and countered with a right, followed by a second and then a third backing Mustang up against the ropes where he shoots him across ring where Steel makes the blind tag to Dave’s back as he latches on to the top rope. Steel steps through the ropes and charges towards Borden who elevates him up and over with a back body drop!

Mustang blindsides Borden which brings back in Fatwood who snatches Mustang by the hair before driving a bionic elbow into the skull sending Mustang out through the middle rope and down to the floor. Steel works his way back to his feet where he turns and it met by Fatwood who drives a boot into the midsection before hoisting Steel up and driving him down into the canvass with a Dominator!! Borden bounces off the ropes and drops the Atomic Leg Drop of Death across the throat! Borden makes the cover.





The Disintegrators smell like the Gravitron they run at their traveling meth carnival.

That and many many more fucking reasons are why they have been eliminated.


”Introducing the next entrant to Tag Team Turmoil.”


Black and Wish make their way towards the ring.


JB and Tommy looking fucking pumped tonight.

Look, they have a following, but so does Antiques Roadshow, only on there you see shit that's actually valuable

Damn, bro. Well, let's see if the THUGZ can get the fucking job done. Not that I fucking care. Whoever walks out of fucking turmoil tonight is going into Leap of Faith to get clowned.



Terry Borden starts off opposite Tommy Wish. The two circle each other where they lock up center ring. Borden muscles Wish back into a neutral corner, the referee starts to count and as Borden steps back Wish cheap shots him in the jaw before spinning Borden around into the neutral corner! Wish starts driving shoulder blocks to the midsection of Borden before yanking him out towards his corner. JB tags in and steps through the ropes, he climbs up on the middle rope as we see Wish deliver a back breaker! Wish holds Borden across his knee as JB comes off the middle rope with a leg drop across the throat! JB makes a cover.




Borden kicks out to a pop from the crowd! Clint starts to pace back and forth on the ring apron as JB gets back to his feet.

GODDAMN! I thought it was over!

JB isn't playing around tonight.

He probably heard what you fucking said about Antique Roadshow.

JB reaches down picking Borden up off the mat. He headbuts him with the mask knocking him back into the ropes. JB comes forward shooting Borden across the ring, Terry bounces off the ropes ducking under a JB clothesline, JB spins around where Borden scoops JB up and slamming him down to the mat. Terry makes his way towards his corner where he tags Clint into the match. Fatwood steps through the ropes where he waits for JB to get to his feet and as he does Clint twists the right arm where he delivers a short arm clothesline! Fatwood makes the cover.




JB escapes the near fall as we see Clint get to his feet where he picks JB up off the mat only to have JB gouge him in the eyes! JB unloads a flurry of right hands backing Fatwood up into the corner housing Wish. JB drives Fatwood back into the corner where he starts choking Fatwood! The crowd boos loudly as the referee lays the count to him! JB breaks away from the referee before drawing Borden into the ring. Tommy Wish wraps the tag rope around the throat of Fatwood! JB comes forward driving right hands into the midsection while Wish chokes away at Fatwood! Borden is forced out to the ring apron, Wish releases the ropes from around Fatwoods throat before the referee turns around to see JB tag Wish into the match. JB pulls Fatwood out towards the center of the ring where delivers a side Russian leg sweep. Wish climbs up on the middle rope where he comes off with a flying fist drop into the forehead of Fatwood!

Classic move there by Tommy Wish.

It doesn't have to be fucking pretty. It's just got to get the fucking job done.

Tommy gets to his feet where he spits at Borden drawing boos from the crowd before picking Clint up off the mat. He takes him back into a neutral corner before hurling him across the ring and into the buckles. Wish rushes in after Fatwood looking for a body splash! Fatwood side steps and sends Wish crashing into the buckles! Fatwood rolls him up with a school boy!




Wish kicks out! Tommy beats Fatwood to his feet swings with a wild right hand that Clint ducks! Tommy spins around where he met with repeated right jabs to the jaw before…

[Image: tenor.gif]

Fuck me! He came out of nowhere!

Yeah, I didn't see that coming! Things are heating up here in Tag Turmoil!

Fatwood starts to make his way towards his corner when suddenly ANDRE DIXON comes from the crowd. JB distracts the referee as Dixon hops the railing pulling Borden off the ring apron down to the floor where he immediately drives him down onto the padding around the ring with a Deadly Force spinbuster! Tommy Wish comes up behind Fatwood with a low blow! Wish pops back up to his feet. JB enters illegally where they deliver the OVER AND OUT!

Wish makes the cover!





HA! Dixion through the crowd causing Borden the match.

Baller! That's why you don't fuck with BOB, Borden! You'll find out May 9th! By the way, XWF fans around the world, if you haven't been paying attention bWo: Uprising comes to you LIVE on PAY-PER-VIEW May 9th.

Thanks for the money, Theo! What's this? It doesn't look like Dixion is done yet!

Man with a fucking mission!

Dixon slides into the ring before the ring announcements are made as he turns Wish inside out with a clothesline! JB charges towards Dixon who drives him down into the mat with a DEADLY FORCE spinebuster! He stands over John Black then looking over at Tommy Wish and then down on the floor at Terry Borden.

That's exactly why we wanted a guy like Dixion in BOB. Takes no shit!

Strong, cold, calculated, and a goddamn straight gangster. Fury and Page did a great job getting this guy.

No doubt about it Dixion is a compete bad ass!

Introducing the next team, Lycana and the XWF Television Champion Marf Swayson, THE DISSENTIENTS!

Lycana and Marf sprint down to the ring with the TV Champion sliding under the bottom rope starting the match as JB rolls out to the floor while Andre has exited the ring and takes a post at the announce table next to Them No Good Bastards.


Marf yanks Tommy up off the mat where he scoops him up over his shoulder where he delivers a running powerslam! Lycana calls for the tag. Marf makes the tag as he picks up Tommy and holds him up with an elevated Spinbuster position as Lycana comes off the top rope with a Blockbuster! Lycana makes the cover!





Not impressed.

Nope, Dixion cleaned fucking The THUGZ clock and cleaned house.

Easy work. Who's coming out next TK?

Fuck if I know.

”Introducing the team of DEMOS and R.L. EDGAR!

Edgar and Demos walk out together and make their way towards the ring.


Demos, what the fuck is he doing here? He can't even challenge us

I guess he figured since his career is dying he could Make-A-Wish.

Edgar slides into the ring starting things off with Lycana as Demos climbs up on the ring apron.


Lycana and Edgar stare across the ring from each other as this rivalry is more than heated to say the very least. The circle each other before looking to lock up, Lycana ducks under and as RL turns around she thumbs him in the eye to boos from the crowd. Lycana starts unloading with a series of forearms before Edgar cuts it off with a knee into the midsection. Edgar takes Lycana back into a neutral corner where he laces her across the chest with a series of knife edge chops before sending her across the ring into the opposite buckles! Edgar charges in after her where he eats a reverse elbow that staggers Edgar back towards the center of the ring. Lycana comes out of the corner with a boot to the midsection where she delivers a sit out face buster! Lycana makes the cover.




Edgar kicks out of the near fall to a pop from the crowd. Lycana s back to her feet where she makes the tag to Marf. Marf steps through the ropes as he picks up Edgar before throwing him towards his corner where he calls for Demos! Demos reaches over the ropes tagging into the match.

R.L. Edgar has the heart of a Special Olympian.

Barely kicked out of that one. That's for fucking sure.

Demos enters the ring where he and Marf immediately start trading right hands! Demos lands a shot, Marf fires right back, Demos fires back, Marf fires back, Demos lands a right followed by a second and then a third before headbutting Marf! Demos scoops him up and slams him down to the mat before he bounces off the ropes looking to drop a leg! Marf rolls out of the way causing Demos to crash and burn. Marf gets to his feet where he starts kicking Demos back down to the mat!

Marf reaches down picking him up where he delivers a Side Walk Slam. Marf makes the cover.




Demos kicks out. Marf reaches his feet where he picks Demos up where he hurls him into the ropes, Demos bounces off the ropes as we see Marf duck his head looking for a back body drop only to eat a swinging neckbreaker from Demos. Demos starts to get back to his feet where he makes his way towards his corner tagging RL back into the contest. Demos picks Marf up off the mat as we see Edgar enter the ring before jumping up to the middle turnbuckle while Demos picks Marf up off the mat, he positions and picks up Marf for a piledriver that Edgar assists as they deliver a Spike Piledriver!

I've been thinking about it TK.

What's that?

Lycana looks like she blew the manager at Hot Topic for her wardrobe and Marf watched.

Well, let see if Marf being a cuck can help Lycanna kick out of this one. Because that looked fucking painful!

Edgar makes a cover on Marf hooking the near leg.




Marf kicks out! Edgar works his way back to his feet where he picks Marf up off the mat before hurling him out to the floor through the ropes. Edgar sizes up Marf as he starts to get to his feet, he runs and bounces off the far side only to catch a knee to the lower back by Lycana to boos from the crowd! Marf slides into the ring where he catches Edgar with a Belly to Belly Suplex.. Marf gets back to his feet where he tags Lycana back into the contest. She sizes up RL before springboarding off the top rope looking to deliver a frog splash! Edgar draws up the knees driving them into her midsection while transitioning into an inside cradle!




Lycana escapes the near fall to a gasp from the crowd. Edgar gets back to his feet where he picks up Lycana and takes her back into a neutral corner. He hoists her up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle before stepping up to the middle turnbuckle and then up to the top where he looks for a Hurrincanranna! Lycana counters with a Sit Out Powerbomb off the top rope!

Big time powerbomb! By the much smaller Lycanna to Edgar!

That ways pretty fucking good. Too bad she couldn't do that to us!

Clearly. Oh, shit! I think she's going for it!

Lycana makes a cover.




Edgar kicks out of the near fall. Lycana works her way to her feet where she turns and takes a cheap shot at Demos knocking him off the ring apron! Demos slides into the ring where he is cut off by the referee as he continues to try to interject. Marf enters behind the referee’s back where he takes both legs of Edgar and starts a giant swing! He spins Edgar around several times and into a low dropkick to the face as they are spinning!

Demos is ushered out to the ring apron as Marf exits before the referee turns around. Lycana makes another cover.




Edgar kicks out!

The Were-Bitch is having a hard time putting away R.L here, Bobby.

Clearly, R.L. wants this opportunity too bad his partner dicked him.

Did you know Charlie Nickles owes me FOURTY SEVEN THOUSAND xbux?

No. I did not.

Well, it's been a while but with interest. Fuck it, if he ever really wanted a shot at the Tag Titles. He'd have to come up with ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND xbux and I'm sure we can make that work, right Bobby?

Oh, Definitely.

Should be easy enough. I mean, I didn it within my first 30 days in the business.

Lycana gets to her feet where she tags Marf into the match. Marf enters the ring where he picks Edgar up off the mat. He hammers away with forearm shots to the head. He takes him back into the ropes where Demos makes a blind tag! Marf shoots Edgar across the ring, Edgar latches on to the ropes on the other side of the ring as Demos enters the ring coming up behind Marf with a Side Russian Leg sweep taking him down to the mat.

Demos drags Marf back into his corner to a seated position in the corner before backing away as Edgar charges across the ring delivering a running Senton to the seated Television Champion driving Marf back into the buckles before sliding out to the apron for Demos to charge full speed across the ring driving a running knee into Marf!

Demos pulls Marf out towards the center of the ring where he makes a cover.




Lycana makes the save stomping on the back of Demos breaking the count. She is ushered out to the ring apron where she is admonished by the referee. Demos gets back to his feet.

Thought that was the end for Marf.

Ol' Thunder Knuckles was for fucking sure that was payback time for MarchMadess.

Nope, Demos still isnt getting the job done. While Marf and Lycana still battle showing that they're not here to play around.

Oh, Fuck! No way!

Demos picks Marf up where he hammers him with stiff forearms, he fires Marf across the ring, he bounces off the ropes as Demos ducks his head, Marf counters with a Perfect Plex!




Demos escapes as it is a race to their feet with Demos getting up first as he catches Marf with a boot t to the midsection before looking to deliver the Devil’s Hook!

Marf counters as he delivers a Northern Light Suplex.




Demos escapes with a kick out. Marf and Demos get back to their feet with Marf picking Demos up only to have Demos counter with a jaw breaker. Demos bounces off the ropes as Edgar makes the blind tag while Demos takes Marf down with a clothesline.

Marf starts to work his way to his feet we Edgar lands a sling shot spear through the middle ropes as he starts a series of right hands to the face of the Television Champion to a roar from the crowd! Piston like right hands coming from Edgar as he finally stops and gets back to his feet. He picks Marf up off the mat where he locks on to a side headlock where he runs towards the ropes delivering a spring board bulldog to Marf! He makes another cover.




Marf kicks out of the near fall.

Christ almighty! This match is fucking insane!

Do you think either team stands a chance against a fresh one coming in?

I don't fucking think so! No fucking way!

R.L. is back to his feet.

R.L. gets back to his feet where he reaches down picking Marf up off the mat where he hurls him into a neutral corner, Edgar charges in after him looking for another diving spear, Marf side steps Edgar sending him through the ropes and crashing right shoulder first off the ring post. Marf staggers out towards the center of the ring where he shakes the cobwebs loose before turning around where he comes up behind Edgar where he latches on to a back waist lock and delivers a snap german release suplex.

Marf rolls towards his corner where Lycana tags in and immediately heads up to the top turnbuckle.

RL starts to get back to his feet and when he does Lycana sets sail with a Flying Cross Body block on the money!




Edgar kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd. Lycana pops back up to her feet she picks Edgar up only to be countered with an Inside Cradle!




Lycana reverses the inside cradle.






Lycanna puts on a wrestling clinch here and pins R.L.

Now, that's some funny shit. These two just had a hell of fucking fight, Bobby.

Let's see what they got left in the tank. We all saw what happened to The THUGZ!

”And introducing the final team… STEVEN COOPER and EOBARD STONE.”

The duo representing Avalanche sprint towards the ring where Stone dives in under the ring immediately starting the match.


Stone charges Lycana who drops down, Stone leaps over Lycana bouncing off the near side, Lycana leaps back up to her feet where she leap frogs over Stone, Stone bounces off the near side with a running shoulder block knocking Lycana down to the canvass. Stone immediately starts stomping away at Lycana as we see Andre Dixon come towards the ring.

Let's not fucking forget what Stone & Cooper did to our boy Dixion on Savage.

I'm sure Dixion is ready for it tonight!

Cooper’s attention is drawn towards Andre as is the referee. Marf enters illegally clipping the right knee of Stone. Marf rolls out to the ring apron before the referee can turn around. Dixon backs away but talks some smack in the process. Lycana rolls towards her corner making the tag to Marf who enters and immediately starts stomping away at right knee of Stone while the referee can only watch as Marc stomps away. He reaches down picking Stone up gouges him in the eye before tagging Cooper into the mat.

Cooper enters the ring running towards Marf who counters with a drop toe hold before floating over into a front face lock that Cooper spins out into a Japanese armbar! Marf scurries to the ropes taking a hold of the bottom rope. The referee calls for the break only to see Cooper hold on to the hold forcing a count from the referee. Cooper breaks the hold at the four count before getting back to his feet. He picks Marf up before locking a front face lock and delivering a vertical suplex which he floats over into a cover.




Marf kicks out. Cooper is back to his feet where he picks Marf up before taking him back into the ropes, Stone tags in as Cooper sends Marf across the ring with an Irish Whip, he bounces off the ropes into a Arn Anderson style Spinbuster from Stone into a back stabber by Cooper!

Mark kicks out!

Hey, Bobby.

Yeah, TK?

Did you hear Stone played football in highschool?

Most wrestlers start out in football. What position did he play?

I think he started a tightened.

Oh yeah?

Yeah, but I think he finished a wide receiver.

Eobard's finest athletic accomplishments were in high school, like about 75% of the crowd here tonight.

Stone makes the cover.




Lycana makes the save pulling Stone off the cover. The referee ushers her out to the ring apron as Stone gets back to his feet. He picks Marf up before driving him back into his corner where Cooper tags back in. Cooper enters the ring landing a flurry of right hands to Marf as he is pinned against the buckles by Stone while the referee lays the count to Avalanche.

Stone escapes to the ring apron at the four count while the referee admonishes him in the process.

Cooper locks in a Sleeper hold on Marf! The referee is in position as he asks Marf to surrender, Marf refuses and counters with a jaw breaker! Marf seizes the moment to roll towards his corner tagging in Lycana! Lycana spring boards off the top rope with a Missile Dropkick to Stone before popping back up to her feet and superkicking Cooper off the ring apron sending him down to the floor. Lycana turns her attention back towards Cooper who is getting back to his feet, she charges forward landing a sling blade clothesline before rolling out to the apron and immediately making her way to the top rope where she sets sail with a 540 Corkscrew Senton! Lycana makes the cover!




Cooper breaks the cover as he pulls Lycana off the count at the last second! The referee ejects him back out to the ring apron while Lycana reaches her feet.

Cooper breaks the count!

Really saved Stone's ass right there!

Lycana picks Cooper up off the mat where she rocks him with a series of open handed chops across the chest before looking for an Irish Whip that is reversed and it’s Lycana who bounces off the ropes and into a Pop Up Poerbomb from Cooper! Cooper tags Stone back into the mat as we see Stone pick up Lycana setting her up for Stone to bounce off the ropes delivering a Heart Attack! Stone makes another cover.




Marf dives on top of the cover breaking it at the last possible second! The referee now is forced to get Marf back out to the ring apron. Stone reaches his feet where he picks Lycana up off the mat, he hammers her with a forearm knocking her back into the ropes. Stone charges towards Lycana who ducks and yanks down the top rope causing Stone to spill out to the floor!

Lycana steps out to the ring apron where she sizes up Stone and delivers a spring board moonsault off the middle rope down on top of Stone sending them both down to the floor! Lycana is the first to her feet where she reaches down picking Stone up off the floor where she looks to send him crashing into the ring steps, Stone reverses and it is Lycana who crashes violently into the stairs.

Stone slides into the ring breaking the count before sliding back out to the floor. He picks Lycana up before taking a front waist lock and delivering an overhead belly to belly suplex on the floor! Stone pops back up to his feet where he picks her up and hurls her back into the ring. He slides in after her making another cover hooking the near leg.




Lycana escapes the near fall to a gasp from the crowd. Stone pops back up to his feet where he tags Cooper back into the match. Cooper stomps away at Lycana before picking her up off the mat. He scoops her up and slams her down to the mat. Cooper bounces off the ropes looking for an elbow drop that Lycana evades by rolling out of the way crashing down into the mat.

Lycana crawls towards her corner where Marf is tagged into the match!

Marf catches Cooper with a boot to the midsection before hoisting him up in the air and driving him down into the canvass with a Brainbuster! Marf pops back up to his feet as he see’s Stone entering, he side steps Stone sending him bouncing off the ropes and into a boot to the midsection where Marf delivers a Pump Handle Slam down on top of Cooper!

Stone rolls out to the floor as Marf drops down into the cover!




Kick out by Cooper!

I think fucking Marf and Lycanna really need to fucking dig deep here Bobby.

Definatly, Coopers not going to give up! In the lead-up to this Steven Cooper really hammered home that he's a wrestler. I want to point out that we're successful wrestlers. That's the difference between pond and spring water.

Marf reaches down picking Cooper up. He locks in a front face lock where he hoists him up before driving him down into the mat with a Falcon Arrow! Marf makes another cover.




Another kick out from Stone. Marf is the first to his feet as he reaches down picking up Cooper once again. He drives him back into a neutral corner where he hoists him up to the top turnbuckle. Marf decks him with a right hand before stepping up to the middle rope where he locks a front face lock thinking Superplex.

Cooper slips free and down to the mat where he brings Marf out of the corner with a running Powerbomb! Cooper makes the cover!




Marf kicks out!


Marf is looking tired though. I don't know if he can hold on!

Yeah, looks like he's on his last goddamn leg in there.

Cooper is back to his feet where he tags Stone back into the contest. Stone steps through the ropes. Stone soaks in some boos from the crowd before making his way over towards Marf. He lays some strategic boots to the face and upper body before he reaches down picking him up off the mat. Stone locks in a front face lock where he delivers a sling shot suplex!

Stone is back to his feet where he follows up with a running back senton!

Stone calls for Cooper who makes another tag as they look to set up for the SNOWFALL….

Marf is hoisted up in the Fireman’s Carry only to slide down the back of Cooper and shove him forward into Stone sending Stone spilling through the ropes and out to the floor! Marf tags Lycana before hoisting up Cooper in a Military Press! He tosses him towards Lycana who polishes off with the Face Buster completing the D-Drop! Lycana covers!





Looks like we got our challengers, TK.

Yep, and Edgar was right leading into this fucking thing, Bobby.

Leap of Faith is going to be easy.

Lycana and Marf turn towards the announcer’s desk at Them No Good Bastards and run their hands across their waists signifying they want the gold. Thunder Knuckles mockingly shakes his head while Bobby Bourbon begins to golf clap. The Dissentients exit the ring and start to make their way towards the back where King Doc is applauding the efforts.

Stone slides into the ring checking on Cooper when Andre Dixon snatches a folding chair and hits the ring. Andre waffles Stone across the back as he kneels over his partner! Dixon tosses the chair to the side where he picks Stone up and plants him with DEADLY FORCE! Dixon does not stop there, he picks up Cooper and delivers the DEADLY FORCE spinbuster on the chair!

Andre stares down over the team that attacked him on Savage getting a taste of revenge.

Suddenly the scene cuts backstage where NED KAYE is headed towards the gorilla position to assist his team when he turns the corner and stares down with….

[Image: jericho-champion-1-696x392.jpg]

” Let us go ahead and get this out of the way. You thought it would be cool to lay hands on Andre at Savage, right? Well consider what you just saw your receipt, and I assure you the next time you or your prison boys play with BoB Elite I will not settle for leaving them laying… because I will be leaving you laying. Consider Savage that's the ONE that you get; and if you think I am playing with you… try me.”

Chris winks at Ned as he pats Ned on the shoulder while walking off as Warfare fades to black.

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04-21-2021, 09:10 PM

Amazing show as always! I'm a Sir!

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'Dangerous' Dave Mustang: "Everybody done seen Terry Borden had a hand full of my tights! This is BULL! Borden! Fatass! We ain't done with you, JACK!"


'Dangerous' Dave Mustang: "WOO!"

Johnny 'Twisted' Steele: "WOO!"

'Dangerous' Dave Mustang: "WOO!"

Johnny 'Twisted' Steele: "WOO!"

'Dangerous' Dave Mustang: "WOO!"

Johnny 'Twisted' Steele: "WOO!"

'Dangerous' Dave Mustang: "WOO!"

Johnny 'Twisted' Steele: "WOO!"

FUCK[Image: GarvinHayes1990.jpg]YOU
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04-22-2021, 04:49 AM

Boy, one day I hope I can have my talents coopted by a bloated group of toadying pathological narcissists. Seems pretty sweet.

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04-22-2021, 06:02 AM

Phenomenal show! The matches and segs were all amazing! Great job all! <3

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lycana2 (1)
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Wonderful work as always!

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04-22-2021, 11:16 AM

//these shows just keep getting better and better. Big shout outs to DD and SBW, and all of the match writers

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04-22-2021, 01:32 PM

This was a great read!! Oh Corey ... You're a sexy lil morsel,,,,,YUMMY!!!
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04-30-2021, 10:16 AM

(04-22-2021, 01:32 PM)Ariel Dixon Said: This was a great read!! Oh Corey ... You're a sexy lil morsel,,,,,YUMMY!!!

Isn't he though?

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