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Saturday Night Savage 04-17-2021
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04-19-2021 03:33 AM

[Image: V3i33MC.png]



Slash Hopkins
- vs -
- vs -
The Predator
Three newcomers make their debut in this 3-Way No Holds Barred Match! No count-outs! No disqualifications! Anything goes! Who has what it takes to stand-out amongst the freshest blood in the XWF!

Ash Quinn
- vs -
Singles Mach - Ash Quinn makes her XWF return and takes on the debuting Owl-Man!

Dean Rose
w/ Sarah M.G.
- vs -
Andre Dixon
Dog Collar Match - Shots were fired and answered quickly! The ever impressive Andre Dixon looks to bounce back after March Madness when he takes on the outspoken, FPJ slaying, XWF Internet Champion Dean Rose! The first to drag their opponent and slap all four turnbuckles consecutively is the winner!!

Champ Sportsman
- vs -
Jenny Myst
Rage in a Cage! Both of these competitors have a chance to take out some aggression in a match that surrounds them in steel! A barrel filled with YOU NAME IT is placed in the center of the ring and its up to these two to take advantage of it! No rules except get out of the cage! First one out wins!!!


Atara Themis
- vs -
Alias ©
The title is on the line in this XTREME RULES MATCH! Atara is looking to stop Alias in his quest for the ever so elusive XWF 24/7 Briefcase in Alias's 4th title defense! Can Alias keep his streak going and hold onto the title? Or is it Atara's time to grab the gold?


- vs -
"Chronic" Chris Page ©
Singles Match - The aftermath of March Madness has left Chris Page looking over his shoulder at every turn as he returns to Savage to defend his title against the very hungry Demos! Demos made it to the finals of March Madness through the 2nd Chance Battle Royale and is looking to redeem himself by taking the most prestige title in the UNIVERSE!

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]


Clint Fatwood
- vs -
Marf ©

15 Minute Time Limit - The Television Title is on the line in this Savage Main Event! Marf picked up his first title at March Madness after defeating Demos and he brings it home as Savage's Champion when he defends against the God lovin', Texas grubbin', stiff choppin' Clint Fatwood!

OOC: All matches are 2 RPs with 3k Word Limit. You must post 1 cold open RP before the soft deadline (Friday 4/9 @ 11:59pm board time) if you wish to post 2.

Fireworks blast off the stage and the crowd goes wild as another edition of XWF Saturday Night Savage is underway!

Pip: “Well, hello, everyone! It’s Saturday night and you know what that means!”


Pip: “We have a wild night planned ahead, folks! The Xtreme Title is on the line! The Universal Title is on the line! And tonight, the Television Championship returns to its glory in the MAIN EVENT OF SAVAGE as Marf defends the title for the first time against Clint Fatwood! We also have….”


The trumpets sound as several men in red and white tunics have already lined up on the stage.

Pip: “And, yes! It looks like we will be graced with the presence of our King for Savage, as well!”

Heather stands up from her chair and nudges Pip to do the same. On the stage, a line of maidens in togas carrying fruit, plates of turkey, an entire roasted pig, and pitcher after pitcher of golden mead. They are followed by the tiger tamers, who are then followed by several men carefully carrying the bust of Atara Themis. They all make their way in a single file line up around the stage to the golden throne. After everyone is in place, the music stops and a courier steps out from the crowd holding a scroll that unravels to the floor.


The man drones out.







The trumpets and music begin again as several men carrying King Doc on a liter appear out of the entrance way. King Doc smiles and waves to his subjects and holds Docscalibur, the gold sword gifted from BOB the Universal Champion, CCP, high into the air!

Pip: “The King making his presence known here on Savage! Let's get this show on the road!

King Doc is carried up to his throne where he is placed on the ground where he can safely walk the rest of the way to his throne.

HHL: Wait just a minute!

The crowd erupts with loud boos as the XWF Universal Champion emerges out to the top of the ramp flanked by Andre Dixon. Chris is dressed in his ring gear, a black leather jacket with various spikes sporadically is sported with the XWF Universal Championship secured around his waist.

Pip: I have heard some rumors that CCP is not happy with his placement on tonight’s show.

Chris stands at the top of the ramp with Andre Dixon in the background. Chris turns towards King Doc who sits upon his throne, he gives him a head nod before he turns and starts to walk towards the ring. The crowd boos intently as Chris can careless about the reaction as he reaches the ringside area.

Chris and Andre have a few words before they bump fists.

Chris walks up the ring steps to the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into the squared circle. He walks across the ring with his right hand out calling for the microphone. Andre has come around the ring towards the time keeper where he yanks the microphone out of his hand before handing it over to Chris Page through the ropes.

The music fades away leaving the solid boos from the crowd as Chris raises the microphone and starts to address the Savage Universe.

” I have never been more insulted in my life.”

Chris gazes into the hard camera as he continues.

” Not only did I have to waste my time over the last several weeks talking about Demos and just how fucking stupid is he, I show up here on Savage poised to defend MY Universal Championship only to see that Karen Hunt and Mr. Big do not know how to book a show to save their lives.”

The crowd continues to boo Chris as he states.

” The billed a comedy match between Marf and Clint Fatwood over the XWF Universal Champion? Nah man, let me make this simple, as the Universal Champion I refuse to go on anywhere BUT last; however, since you fuckers want to be cute allow me to be cute right back with you by saying that if I am not on last… I am on FIRST… and good fucking luck following the legitimate Main Event, chumps!”

Chris shifts his attention towards his alleged challenger.

” Demos, go ahead and pull your foot out of your mouth and bring your ass down to this ring so that I may get this defense out of the way and enjoy my boy Andre ripping the head of Dean Rose.”

We see Demos backstage. He’s surrounded by wires and crates, the usual backstage mess. He’s warming up, wrapping tape around his wrists and doing a few jumping jacks. A set of footsteps approaches Demos, the camera pans over and we see the reigning internet champion, Dean Rose.

“Hey there, Demos.”

“Greetings, Rosethorn.”

Dean leans against the wall and pulls out a lead pipe, he grins and begins to talk.

“I came to a decision about your proposition.”


“Yeah, recently BOB have been rubbing me the wrong way. You had my back when that fat fucking pudding cup tried to pull a quick one over the champ. It was pretty badass how you kidnapped him and BOB didn’t do shit about it. I can rock with that, so, I figured I'd help you tonight.”

Dean Rose playfully swings his lead pipe around a few times like a master martial artist.

“CCP is a bitch, let’s be honest. He’s gunna need backup, i wouldn’t mind breaking open a few BOB skulls.”

“The Demos appreciates your willingness.”

Demos and Dean Rose shake hands as Demos’s theme music begins to play.

“Looks like they’re calling your name, big man! Go give em’ hell.”

Dean Rose escorts Demos through the backstage area and out to the entrance ramp. Demos and Dean start walking down the ramp. Demos gives high fives to some of the braver children along the edge of the barricade while Dean Rose looks at him with evil intent. Just as Demos is about to slide underneath the ring Dean Rose cracks him over the skull with the pipe! Demos falls to the ground, only to catch another piping on the way down! Dean Rose lets out a mockingly loud laugh before delivering a couple of boots to Demos's midsection. Demos starts crawling towards the steel stairs only to get hit with the pipe in the back!

Dean Rose curses at Demos before tossing the big man under the bottom rope and into the ring. After Demos is in the ring Dean Rose charges at RL Edgar with his lead pipe in hand! The two men are both in a full on sprint back up the ramp.


- vs -
"Chronic" Chris Page ©
Singles Match - The aftermath of March Madness has left Chris Page looking over his shoulder at every turn as he returns to Savage to defend his title against the very hungry Demos! Demos made it to the finals of March Madness through the 2nd Chance Battle Royale and is looking to redeem himself by taking the most prestige title in the UNIVERSE!

Page looks down at Demos as he continues to roll into the ring. Chris simply shakes his head before stomping away on his challenger. Page lays in several more stomps for good measure before he reaches down picking Demos up off the mat where he laces him across the chest with a stiff knife edge chop that echoes throughout the building, he lands a second chop then a third before backing Demos up into the ropes, Page shoots him across the ring, Demos counters and it is Page who bounces off the ropes ducking under a Demos clothesline, Demos spins around catching a boot to the midsection from the Champion before being drives face first into the top turnbuckle of a neutral corner. Page starts hammering away with piston like right hands before he yanks the leather mask off the face of Demos and hurls it out into the crowd! The crowd roars with massive boos at Page as he hammers away at the exposed face of Demos.

HHL: CCP is out to prove a point tonight on Savage with the Universal Championship on the line.

Page brings Demos out of the corner and into a front waist lock before snapping off a Release Over head belly to belly suplex! Chris quickly makes the cover.




Demos kicks out to a pop from the crowd as they then start to rally into chanting his name. Chris steps up to his feet as he taunts Demos drawing more boos from the crowd. Page reaches down snatching Demos up by the head and hair before taking him back into the ropes where he fires him across the ring with an Irish Whip, Demos bounces off the ropes and into a swinging neckbreaker from Demos!

The crowd pops big as Demos lays on the mat for several seconds before be starts to push himself up to his feet. Demos starts stomping away at Chris Page over and over and over again as Andre watches on from the Page’s corner. Demos picks Page up off the mat where he unloads with a flurry of right hands backing the Universal Champion up into a neutral corner where now the right hands turn into violent right forearms to side of Page’s head knocking him down to the mat seated against the buckles!

Demos back across the ring before turning and charging forward driving a vicious running knee into the face of Page whiplashing him back into the lower and middle turnbuckles! Demos yanks Page out towards the center of the ring by the right ankle before dropping down into a cover.




Page kicks out before the three count as Demos wastes absolutely no time in hammering down with straight right hands to the forehead of Page before leaning down and BITING him! The referee lays the count to Demos who releases his chompers at the referee’s four count allowing Page to escape out to the floor.

HHL: Demos is going to have to stay all over Chris Page if he is going to leave Savage as the Universal Champion.

Demos rolls out to the floor to go after Page but before he can get to him Andre Dixon steps in front of him as an intense stare down between the two men with Dixon all but daring Demos to take a shot at him.

Pip: Let me grab the popcorn because Andre wants to rip Demos head off , wonder if Demos will take the shot!

The crowd pops as all attention diverts towards the top of the ramp as R.L. EDGAR emerges out to the top of the ramp as he walks with a purpose towards the ring!

HHL: R.L. Edgar is live on Savage! He is teaming with Demos on Warfare in Tag Turmoil AND will challenging for the Universal Title on May 5th against the winner of this match!

Demos rolls back into the ring as R.L. reaches ringside and makes his way around the ring towards Demos corner where Demos leans through the ropes giving Edgar a high-five. Out on the floor Page gets back to his feet where he and Dixon share a few words before Chris climbs up on the ring apron.

Pip: Not that the playing field was not even but if it wasn’t it certainly is now with Edgar watching Demos back.

Chris steps back through the ropes and enters the ring where he and Demos slowly circle each other before looking to lock up, Page slips a thumb to the eye drawing loud boos from the crowd as he scoops Demos up and slams him down to the mat. Page runs towards the ropes where he springboards off the middle rope looking for a moonsault that Demos rolls out of the way of only to see Page land on his feet!

Demos scurries up to his feet where he turns and walks into a bitch slap across the face by the Universal Champion to a shocking gasp from the crowd!

HHL: Demos is seething!

Demos drops the Universal Champion with a stiff right hand! Demos picks Page up off the mat before taking him back into the ropes where he fires him across the ring with an Irish Whip, Page bounces off the nearside and into a Side Walk slam by the challenger! Demos makes a cover.




Page kicks out of the pinfall attempt as Demos is shown getting back to his feet where he picks Page up off the mat where he positions him for a Powerbomb! Demos hoists up the Universal Champion who counters with an unexpected Hurrincanranna!

Page is back to his feet followed by Demos who charges towards Chris swinging with a wild clothesline, Page ducks while latching on to a back waist lock where he delivers a German Suplex! Chris does not release the grasp and rolls through picking himself and Demos up off the mat where a second German suplex is delivered and again Page does not release his grasp, he rolls through picking both himself and Demos up off the mat where a third and final release German Suplex is delivered by the Universal Champion who pops back up to this feet taunting his challenger to loud boos from the crowd as Edgar cheers on Demos from the floor.

Pip: It is going to take more than a pep talk from Edgar to get Demos in the mix here; and you know, what is going through Edgar’s mind knowing there is a possibility that he could be challenging his partner for the title?

HHL: You stop trying to stir the pot.

Chris turns his attention towards Edgar and flips him off before turning his attention back to Demos. He makes his way over picking him up off the mat where he locks in a front face lock but before he can deliver a suplex Demos counters with an Inside Cradle!




Page escapes the pin attempt and is quickly back to his feet where he charges towards Demos who is getting back to his feet and eats a reverse elbow to the jaw rocking him back towards the ropes where Demos charges forward with a clothesline that sends Page sailing over the top rope and out to the floor with Demos going over the top rope landing on his ass on the ring apron!

Demos stands up on the apron of the ring where he backs up to a ring post and climbs up on the middle rope!

HHL: Demos is taking a high risk move looking for high rewards!

[Image: AgKgdVe.gif]

The crowd roars as Demos lands the flying elbow from the middle rope down to the floor on to Chris Page! Andre Dixon starts to come around the ring only to see R.L. Edgar come around his side of the ring keeping an ever watchful eye on Andre. Demos reaches down picking Chris up off the floor where he hurls him back into the ring under the bottom rope.

Demos slides into the ring where he executes another cover!




Page pops his left shoulder up off the mat before the fatal three count to a collective gasp from the crowd. Demos does not let it deter him, he stands back up to his feet where he reaches down snatching Page up off the mat. He drives the Champion back into a neutral corner with a shoulder block to the midsection where he then drives repeated shots before finally hoisting Page up to the top turnbuckle.

Demos decks Page with a right hand before stepping up to the middle ropes where he locks in a front face lock! Demos looks to deliver the superplex! Page blocks as he latches on to the top rope. Demos tries a second time and again it is met with the same outcome. Page counters with shots to the ribs, followed by a second and then a third before hoisting Demos up and dropping him down to the mat face first off the middle rope. Page sits on the top turnbuckle as he waits for Demos to start pushing himself up off the mat and as he nears his feet Page comes off the middle rope with a high impact Code Breaker that brings KING DOC to his feet from his throne! King Doc applauds his number one gladiator before retaking his seat on his throne while in the ring Chris makes the cover hooking the far leg of Demos.




Demos kicks out of the near fall to a pop from the crowd. Now it is Page who starts immediately teeing off on the face of Demos with right hands! The referee lays the count to Page who breaks away at the four count as he gets back to his feet and looks towards the staging setup at his King garnering a thumbs up from his majesty.

Chris turns his attention back towards Demos as he picks him up off the mat. He drives him back into the ropes before flinging him across the ring, Demos bounces off the far side where Page leap frogs over him sending him bouncing off the near side where Page looks for the Judas Effect Elbow strike! Demos ducks, Page spins around in a circle where he’s met with a boot to the midsection doubling him over for Demos to hoist up and driving violently down into the mat with a Powerbomb!

Pip: Page has been folded up like an accordion!

Demos bounces off the ropes where he drops a leg across the throat of the Champion! Demos makes the cover hooking the far leg.




Page kicks out of the near fall to another massive gasp from the crowd.

HHL: The challenger has got to stay his course because he is now in the driver’s seat!

Demos starts pulling himself back up to his feet as RL Edgar cheers him on from the floor while across the ring Andre Dixon shouts out at Page.

We get a split screen as KING DOC looks on while being fed grapes.

Demos is back to his feet as he comes forward and starts stomping down on the sternum of the CCP before he reaches down picking Chris up off the mat where he hurls him out to the floor between the ropes. Demos drops down to the mat and rolls out to the floor while the referee starts to lay the count to both men.

Page is picked up by Demos who lands a swinging neck breaker on the padding surrounding the ring.

Pip: Demos must have heard you because he is taking this back out to the floor.

Demos starts to work his way back up to his feet as we go full screen on the action, he reaches down picking Page up off the floor before taking him and smashing him head first into the ring steps! Demos slides into the ring breaking the count before immediately rolling back out to the floor where he scoops Page up over his shoulder and starts to run towards a ring post!

Page slides down the back of Demos while shoving him face and shoulder first off the post with a violent thud heard echoing throughout the SOLD OUT arena. Demos bounces off the post and around the ring where he crumbles to the floor near Andre Dixon. Chris shakes the cobwebs loose before turning and walking towards RL Edgar who is just around the other side of the ring. He spits at him! RL immediately comes around the ring as Page back peddles while the referee quickly slides out to the floor cutting off RL!

Dixon pounces as he picks Demos up off the floor and drives him lower back first into the ring apron before taking him with both handfuls of hair and slinging him even more violently into the security barrier! The crowd roars with loud boos as Andre backs well away by the time RL Edgar is sent back around to Demos corner.

Pip: Like it or not you cannot look past how smart that was by Chris Page to lure RL Edgar in and allow for Andre Dixon to insert his will.

Page slides back into the ring before the referee turns around drawing his attention there. The referee slides into the ring as Demos lays out on the floor. Page calls for the count out.





Demos gets to all fours and starts crawling towards the ring.




Demos reaches the ring apron pulling himself up off the floor and rolls back into the ring. Chris comes forward stomping down on Demos, he picks him up off the mat where he laces him across the chest with a knife edge chop before biting Demos in the forehead! The referee lays the count to Page who releases his bite at the referee’s four count.

Page backs away throwing his hands up as he is admonished by the referee. Page comes forward where he walks right into a boot to the midsection…


Demos rolls Page over making the cover hooking the near leg!




Page kicks out eyelashes away from the fatal and final three count to a massively loud gasp from the sold out crowd.

Pip: Page kicks out!

Demos cuts his eyes towards the referee who only shows him two fingers as he spouts something off but it is not heard by the camera before rolling Page over and immediately locking in the Demos Crossface!


The crowd roars as Demos locks in the Crossface and cranks back while the referee slides into position asking the Champion to surrender!

Pip: Demos has the Demos Crossface locked on Page in the center of the ring!

Page refuses to surrender as Demos cranks back on the crossface as the referee asks him to surrender a second time. Page flips off the referee with his free hand before he starts to inch his way towards the ropes.

HHL: Demos could have Page right where he wants him!

Chris inches his way closer and closer before finally reaching out and grabbing the bottom rope forcing the referee to call for the break. Demos holds on to the hold forcing the referee to now start laying the count to him which he releases at four.

Page rolls out to the floor only on the side of the ring that houses RL Edgar!

Demos distracts the referee and RL cuts through the Universal Champion with a spear! The crowd roars with approval only to see Andre Dixon start to make his way around the ring which is pointed out by Demos!

The referee slides out to the floor cutting him off as we see RL pick Page up and hurl him back into the ring!

The referee gets Dixon back to Page’s corner as Demos makes the cover on Page. The referee sides back into the ring where he hurries to make the count.




Page barely pops his left shoulder up off the mat to another massive gasp from the crowd!

HHL: Chris Page keeps this thing alive!

Demos pounds the mat out of sheer frustration as he starts to work his way back to his feet. He reaches down picking Page up off the mat where he under hooks the arms looking for a second Devil’s Hook! Page with a sudden burst of strength drives Demos back into a neutral corner breaking his grasp.

Page drives repeated shoulders to the midsection of Demos before bringing him out of the corner where he quickly takes a back waist lock before delivering a release German Suplex into the turnbuckles! Page quickly gets to his feet where he snatches Demo up by the hair where he locks in a front face lock where he delivers a Hangman’s DDT spiking Demos head first into the canvass!

Page makes the cover hooking the near leg.




Demos kicks out to a huge ovation from the crowd! Page gets back to his feet where he picks Demos back up off the mat where he positions Demos for a Piledriver. Page picks up Demos and delivers a Cradle Piledriver to the challenger!

Page works his way back to his feet where he makes his way towards the ropes where he steps out to the ring apron. Chris starts to make his way towards the nearest set of buckles where he starts to climb up to the top rope!

Pip: CCP is going to set sail!

Page leaps off the top rope delivering the Diving Headbut to Demos! Page gets to both knee’s signaling it’s over. He makes the cover hooking the far leg with front press.




Demos kicks out to another massive ovation from the crowd!


The crowd is solidly behind Demos as Page argues the count to the official on his way back up to his feet. Chris starts to measure Demos as he calls for the Page Plant.

Pip: The pipe dream for Demos is about to come to an end, and when it does he is unable to challenge for any championships held by BoB members.

Demos starts to push himself up off the canvass to one knee before standing to a vertical base. Page comes forward driving a boot into the midsection doubling Demos over where he positions him for the Page Plant!

The crowd pops as Demos counters with a back body drop to Page!

Page bounces up off the mat where he turns around ducking under a clothesline attempt from Demos, Demos spins around and into a JUDAS EFFECT elbow strike rocking him back several feet where Page drives a second boot into the midsection doubling Demos where he looks for a second Page Plant! Demos yanks the legs out from under Page and flips over him stacking his shoulders to the mat.




Page escapes the near fall to a huge gasp from the crowd! Both Page and Demos get back to their feet with Page running towards Demos swinging with a forearm that Demos ducks and causes Page to blast the referee unintentionally knocking him down to the mat. Page spins around where he walks into a second DEVIL’S HOOK DDT! Demos rolls Page over making a cover.

HHL: There’s no referee!

Andre Dixon comes around the ring snatching the Universal Title from the time keeper! Dixon slides the title in a corner but is spun around by RL and an exchange of rights to a roar from the crowd. Demos reaches down picking Page up off the mat where he is met with a low blow! Page rolls towards the corner housing his Universal Championship! He pulls himself up to his feet, Page charges towards Demos cracking his skull with the Universal Championship!

Out on the floor Dixon side steps a charging Edgar sending him crashing into the steel steps!! Page tosses the title out to the floor as the referee starts to come to.

Page rolls him over making the cover.





HHL: You talk about earning it tonight, Chris Page retains the Universal Championship over a very game Demos; but now this means Demos, Charlie Nickels, Charlie Dimes or any other persona cannot challenge for any Championship that is held by any member of BoB.

Chris Page is to his feet as Andre Dixon slides into the ring while the referee retrieves the Universal Championship. Andre is there to snatch the title from the referee as he awards it to Chris Page before raising Chris’s arm in the air to massive boos from the crowd.

Pip: Oh it is a beautiful day for BoB.

RL Edgar slides into the ring where he starts to tend to Demos which draws the ire of Chris Page and Andre Dixon. Page motions towards RL and immediately Dixon springs into action attacking him from behind! RL does not even see it coming as Dre drives him down to the mat and starts a ground and pound on Edgar before getting back to his feet where he yanks RL up off the mat where he shoots him towards Page who blasts Edgar in the skull with the Universal Championship!

Demos is nearing his feet where he is met with the DEADLY FORCE Spinebuster from Andre Dixon.

The crowd EXPLODES as we see Andre and Page start looking towards the top of the ramp!

HHL: Business is about to pick up!

Page and Dixon start looking all over the arena when ROBERT MAIN and DREW ARCHYLE are spotted coming through the crowd with BASEBALL bats in hand! Big Puddin’ and Money Oswald storm down towards the ringside area just as Main and Archyle hop the rail with Main catching Kiss with a shot to the ribs with the bat while Drew tee’s up on Oswald! Drew and Main beat down Kiss and Oswald with the baseball bats before shifting their attention towards the ring.

The crowd roars as Dixon and Page starts to back away while Main and Archyle climb up on the ring apron. Robert points at Page with his bat drawing a massive ovation as Page gazes across the ring at Main throwing him the middle finger! Robert steps through the ropes and into the ring followed by Drew.

The crowd erupts with loud boos as THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS and MISS FURY hit the ring attacking Drew and Main from behind! Dixon joins in on the attack making it a four on two. Page kicks Demos and RL out of the ring as Them No Good Bastards land the…


Dixon and Fury work over Archyle as we see Dixon plant him with a Deadly Force Spinebuster!

HHL: The numbers game is just too much for Main and Archyle!

Pip: You should have known it was coming.

Thunder Knuckles reaches down picking up the baseball bats as we see Bourbon and Fury holding on to Main while Andre holds up Drew. Thunder Knuckles tosses Page a baseball bat. Thunder Knuckles puts the barrel of his bat under the chin of Archyle while Page walks over to Main. He snatches him by the face where he screams directly.


Chris takes aim at the side of Robert’s skull while Thunder Knuckles sizes up the side of Drew’s skull.

HHL: They are going to crack their skulls, again!

Page and Thunder Knuckles rear back to swing the bats when suddenly….


Suddenly Chris and Thunder Knuckles turn their attention towards King Doc who has stood up from his throne glaring down towards the ring. Chris looks towards Bourbon and Miss Fury and nods his head as they then throw Main down to the mat while Dixon tosses Drew down beside him. Chris and Thunder Knuckles toss the bats down beside Robert and Drew.

Pip: "Did... King Doc just call off the hounds?

Chris Page pulls Bobby Bourbon, Thunder Knuckles, Andre Dixon and Miss Fury in as he looks directly into the camera and says emphatically.


Miss Fury hands Chris the Universal Championship as BoB Elite exit the ring and start to make their way up the ramp and as they reach the top we see Chris turn towards King Doc, he give the King a nod of the head before leading BoB Elite back through the curtain.

Ring Announcer: This match is a Double Jeopardy match for the Splat Multiuniversal Championship. There are no disqualifications, no countouts and falls count anywhere. The winner will be the person who scores two consecutive pinfalls. Introducing first, the challenger.

Ruby hops out from backstage with her Anarchy Championship and makes her way to the ring.

Ring Announcer: She is the OG of PG, welcome current XWF Anarchy Champion, Ruby! And her opponent!

The arena plunges into darkness apart from a shimmering red strobe on the stage which moves in tune to the beat of “Seventeen Girls in a Row”, and there is a sudden explosion of fiery pyro. Lash gets a mixed reaction as he strolls out with a stuff upper lip and looks around, scanning the crowd.

Ring Announcer: He is the current reigning and defending Splat Multiuniversal Champion! This is Lash Donohue!

Lash Donohue strides down the ramp confidently, his arms stretched out, slapping the hands which reach out.

The fans seem to be a little nonplussed as Lash spits his gum into their zone and then gives them a smile as if he did something kind.

Lash reaches the ring and he smirks as he shows off his raw athleticism by skinning the cat. He walks to the center of the ring and raises his Multiuniversal Championship high in the air.

CD: We are so happy to be here at XWF Savage and calling this Multiuniversal Championship match. I’m Christine Donahue and joining me as always, “The Voice'' Biff Franklin.

BF: We have the battle of the superhero vs. the superzero. Just kidding. Lash is alright for a dummy.

CD: Stop.

The two competitors meet in the center of the ring and as the referee goes over the rules for this match, Lash offers his hand to Ruby. Ruby goes to shake it and Lash pulls it back and grins as he turns his back and walks towards his corner. Ruby charges after him and dropkicks him in the back and sends him out of the ring and tumbling to the floor as the crowd goes crazy.

CD: Ruby isn’t taking any of Lash’s crap today. I don’t believe these two have ever met in the ring and Ruby isn’t wasting any time.

The bells rings.

BF: As well she shouldn’t. It ain’t about running a marathon, it’s about running a spring. Get in there, get it done and get out as quickly as possible. She’s gotta get two pinfalls in a row to win the championship.

Ruby quickly scales the turnbuckle as Lash staggers to his feet and tries to take the championship from around his waist and remove his jacket. He doesn’t see Ruby up top as she flies down from turnbuckle to cross body block him on the floor. Lash is all wrapped up in his jacket as the referee drops down and counts.




RA: Ruby has gained a fall. She needs one more to win the match!

CD: That was quick! Lash has to be taken by surprise by that pinfall.

BF: Well, no kidding! And that was hardly fair, the champ hadn’t even taken his jacket off.

Ruby is to her feet as the crowd is going nuts over the quick pinfall. Lash gets to his feet and throws down his jacket after finally getting it off and he complains to the referee, who tells him the match was started and the pinfall stands. Lash doesn’t see Ruby leap up and land on the guardrail and moonsault back and as Lash turns around, he is taken down.



Kickout by Lash!

BF: You can’t take advantage of the champ twice in a row.

CD: Ruby sure has taken it to Lash tonight.

Lash is all out of sorts as Ruby gets to her feet and slides into the ring. Lash gets to his feet and Ruby runs towards the ropes and rebounds off, diving between the ropes towards Lash but he sidesteps and Ruby crashes right into the guardrailing. Lash is quick to pounce as he pulls her up and hot shots her on the ring apron and covers her.




RA: Lash Donohue has the advantage.

CD: This turned around quick.

BF: Looks like Ruby may have cracked her skull there. Probably the safest place for her to land if you ask me.

Lash pushes her back down and tries to get another quick cover to finish this off, but Ruby kicks out after a one count. Lash kneels down and begins to hammer at her forehead with his fist with several rough punches before he stands up and lets out a shout.

Ruby reaches up and tries to pull herself up using the guardrail. Lash just grabs her by the tights and flips her into the lap of the fans in the first row. Security rushes in as the fans scatter and Lash hops over the guardrail.

He pulls her up and hiptosses her several rows deep as she falls in between the rows of seat. Lash steps over each row until he gets to the row in which she landed and steps on her and jumps up and down on the superhero, crushing her underneath him.

CD: What kind of champion is that? He needs to get this match back into the ring.

BF: Says who? It’s falls count anywhere. He can drag her ass next door to the Burger King and pin her on the grill while he makes himself a double cheeseburger if he wants to.

Lash’s eyes suddenly go wide as he starts to rise from between the seats. Soon we see that Ruby is rising up with him on her back and Lash finally takes a tumble as a bloody Ruby stands up and drives a boot right to the face of Lash as he tries to get to his feet, but he goes straight down.

Ruby does not look happy as she scoots between the rows to get to Lash, who crawls out from the end of the row and gets to his feet and hurries down to ringside and leaps over the rail to the floor. Ruby is right behind him and as she hops over after him, Lash tries a cheapshot but Ruby blocks it and nails him in the face with a punch, and another, and a third one that sends Lash to the ground.

Lash scrambles backwards as he tries to get up his feet, distancing himself from the onslaught of Ruby but as he gets to his feet, Ruby flies in with a tackle that sends them both over the rail and into the crowd.

BF: The crowd is getting more action than most wrestlers do.

Lash with a dig into the eyes of Ruby allows him to create some distance and he falls over the railing onto the ramp and starts to go towards the back.

CD: Where’s the champ going?

BF: There’s no countouts, so it’s not like he can retain by walking out. This match doesn’t stop until there’ve been two pinfalls in a row.

Ruby gets to her feet and sees Lash bailing and she leaps over the guardrail and runs after him, tackling him on the stage. The crowd is going crazy as Ruby is all over Lash. She gets up and as she pulls him to his feet, Lash grabs her around the waist and just charges forward until they both fly off the edge of the stage.

BF: What the hell?!

CD: Oh my God...

The camera rushes over to see them both lying on the concrete below the stage, neither of them is moving. The referee rushes down and hops down and goes to check on both of the competitors on the floor, but as he gets to the duo Lash lazily drapes an arm over the still body of Ruby.

The referee drops down...




The referee leaps to his feet and immediately waves off the count and holds up two fingers while motioning that Ruby lifted her shoulder.

The crowd has started to chant “Holy shit!”

BF: Ruby is absolutely a superhero to have kicked out of that crazy drop. I don’t even know how Lash is alive either.

CD: Other than Lash draping an arm over Ruby and Ruby lifting her shoulder, neither wrestler has moved since that fall. The referee may have to have them looked at before the match continues.

The referee is checking on both competitors who really haven’t moved much since the drop. The referee actually looks like he might just stop this match when the fans start to come unglued as Ruby raises a hand dramatically into the air and then slowly rolls over onto her stomach.

CD: Ruby is getting to her feet!

She’s obviously banged up pretty bad, but the XWF Anarchy Champion is standing on her feet as the crowd goes crazy. She limps over and reaches down and tries to pull Lash up, but Lash rolls her up on the concrete!



Thre---Kickout by Ruby!

CD: Was Lash playing possum?

BF: After that fall? I doubt it. They’re both gonna feel that fall tomorrow.

Both wrestlers get to their feet, Lash goes to grab Ruby but she blocks and grabs his head, tucking her head under his chin and drops down with a jawbreaker, sending the Multiuniversal Champion staggering backwards. Lash’s legs are a little wobbly as he turns back towards Ruby who nails him with a Pele kick, sending him down to the cement. Ruby struggles to get back to her feet after landing hard with that kick and looks around. She spots what she’s looking for as she grabs a steel chair.

BF: Well, this is taking a turn.

CD: No disqualification, wasn’t that what you pointed out earlier?

BF: No one likes a know-it-all.

Ruby hops up onto the guardrail and moonsaults with chair in hand and lands right on top of Lash. She hooks the leg…



Thre-------KICKOUT by Lash!

BF: The champ stays alive! Just barely.

Ruby looks up at the ref as if asking if he’s for real. The ref holds up the two count. Ruby gets to her feet, ready to finish this once and for all. She eyes the guardrail once more and then limps over and she climbs up…

CD: Ruby in the Rough?

Ruby leaps off…

BF: Oh shit!

The crowd gasps.

CD: Oh my God.

As Ruby comes off with the double stomp, Lash chucks that chair at her and it hits her in the feet, causing her to fall forward and she lands hard on the concrete floor, head first. Lash grabs the bloody Ruby and spins her around and drops her on her head with a berkocet that Lash calls the Bury-Go-Round and he covers.




The referee calls for the bell. Someone rushes from ringside with the belt and hands it to the referee who turns and hands it to Lash.

Ring Announcer: Winner of the match and STILL Splat Multiuniversal Champion, Lash Donohue!

CD: Medical personnel arriving to take a look at Ruby while Lash celebrates his second successful victory here at XWF.

BF: Under these rules, you do what you gotta do to win. That’s all I can say and Lash pulled it out. I had almost forgotten he had pinned Ruby several minutes ago and this was his second consecutive pinfall. That Ruby has some heart though.

CD: She’s the Anarchy Champion, of course she has heart. Perhaps another shot at the Multiuniversal Championship will be in her future. As Ruby is being helped to the back, we want to thank the XWF for hosting this championship match. We will be back at Splat’s Unlucky 16 Tournament on May 10th as we now know that Lash Donohue will defend in an Unholy Trinity Effect match against former Multiuniversal Champion, Sierra Silver and Mariah Lopez-Robinson. Enjoy the rest of the show!

We open to Slash Hopkins standing in the ring, arguing with the referee. Up at King Doc's throne, it is seen that XWF Universal Champion, Chris Page, has taken a seat next to the King and is enjoying some of the fine delecasies that is laid about.

HHL: "It looks like the King has some company for the show tonight, Pip. So, what's next now that we have probably the biggest match out of the way already?"

PIP: “Heather, this is a triple threat with three relative newcomers to the XWF. Slash Hopkins has been here a little while and he’s looking to add to his win column against the Predator and Sil Frigida!”

HHL: “That’s right but it won’t be easy! This match is sure to be a barn burner!”


The trumpets of the Natty Anthem perform over the capacity crowd of (insert city here). The masses in the arena begin to rise to their feet, as the colorways of red and yellow illuminate the ramp. Sil Frigida slowly walks from behind the massive tron, a sleek grin on his face as he eyes the thousands in attendance. His hands are at his waist as he takes in the pandemonium before walking down the ramp and through the walkway. Before making a stop at the walkway he turns around before doing a double bicep pose in front of the camera.


A shower of sparks rain down from the X-Tron, as Sil turns around with another sheepish grin on his face. Taking in the moment. Sil eyes every fan as he walks towards the ring, jawing off a conversation with a few fans that may be talking some smack or showing some love, it’s always a mixed reaction everywhere he goes. He shows off his unique symmetry as he does a side chest pose for the camera, as he jaws off some unintelligible words to the hundreds of thousands watching at home. He then sprints to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He walks towards the far right turnbuckle as his massive frame climbs up to the top, letting out a loud scream as he does flex that shows the vascularity of his chest and arms.

HHL: “Muscles Mahoney over here really trying to make sure everyone notices his physique.”

PIP: “He’s worked hard for that body, Heather, we can’t all look as good as you do on a diet of ice cream and hard liquor.”

HHL: “Pip were you going through my trash again?”

The Predator slinks down to the ring, snarling and writhing as he creeps from the entrance ramp. He slides into the ring and snaps his head back and forth looking at both of his employees.

HHL: “Pip, this Predator guy freaks me out. He’s not normal.”

PIP: “This is the XWF, Heather, normal doesn’t exist… the referee is calling for the bell, we’re all set to go on Savage!”

Slash Hopkins
- vs -
- vs -
The Predator
3-Way - No Disqualification/No Holds Barred


The bell sounds and Sil lets out a massive roar before flattening Slash Hopkins with a clothesline. He yanks him off the ground yelling in his face to “do a few more reps next time!”

Sil then lifts Slash over his head and starts gorilla pressing him, getting a good burn on his traps with deep lunges added for extra rip. Just when it looks like Sil might need a spotter after about 40 or 50 reps, the Predator takes out his leg from behind with a chop block!

PIP: “Smart move from the Predator!”

Sil yelps in pain and staggers back to his feet. The Predator meets him right as he stands with a CTE dropkick into the corner! Sil’s head ricochets off of the top turnbuckle and the Predator lets out a primal scream.

HHL: “Predator making a statement here tonight!”

Slash Hopkins clubs the Predator from the back, staggering him. Predator spins around with a back fist that sends Slash for a loop. Predator then scoops him into a Saito suplex that folds Hopkins in half. Hopkins rolls from the ring and hits the concrete floor with a thud, and that’s when Sil turns Predator inside out with a Frigida Line lariat! Predator is dazed and confused, and Sil takes a moment to do some one handed push ups while screaming “I DID IT FOR THE GAINS!”

Frigida reaches down to pull Predator up, but Predator rolls into a heel hook takedown and extends Sil’s leg in a nasty looking leg bar! The veins in Sil’s gastrocnemius muscle are thick and swollen from the strain, and Sil’s face is a portrait of agony.

HHL: “Will Captain Dumbbell have to tap out!?”

Letting go of the hold, Predator rolls off and crouches in wait… as Sil limps up to a vertical base, Predator drops him with a vicious sling blade! Predator then turns his attention outside of the ring where he sees Slash getting to his feet, and he sprints across the canvas and leaps over the top rope in a tope suicida, sending Hopkins sprawling!

PIP: “WOW! Huge air from Predator there!”

Sil gets to his feet again and sees the carnage outside the ring and decides to get invited to that party. He flexes his latissimus dorsi muscles and flares them like wings in the same manner a desert lizard might extend its neck pouch to attract a mate. He then scales the corner turnbuckles and leaps down in a huge flying double ax handle just as Predator and Slash get standing, chopping both of them down with hammer fists dropped on top of their heads. Sil’s momentum tasks him into the guard rail and he has the wind knocked out of him from his own momentum.

HHL: “Seems like Sil doesn’t know his own strength! Or maybe he just doesn’t understand physics.”

PIP: “Ah, entropy. The second law of thermodynamics! Perhaps brains are as attractive as braun after all, Heather?”

HHL: “No.”

PIP: “Ah.”

Predator finds his legs and grabs Hopkins, rolling him into the ring. He then stands on the outside of the apron and slingshots himself over the top rope, hitting the prone Slash with a flipping senton. Hopkins soon finds himself lifted and jackhammered down into the mat with a brainbuster, and Predator makes a cover!



Sil dives in to break up the pin!

Predator is up quick though and overwhelms Sil with fast leg kicks and forearm shots to the least muscular part of Frigida’s body - his skull. Sil is staggered and Predator looks to take advantage by climbing the top rope, but Sil spots it and runs into the corner, knocking Predator off balance so he crotches himself on the top! Sil grabs Predator onto his shoulder and hits a big muscle buster! Frigida with a lateral press!



Predator kicks out!

PIP: “Sil looks a little surprised Heather. He thought the impact would put Predator down for the count!”

HHL: “Yes indeed, Frigida looks like he hadn’t considered the possibility of ever having someone kick out!”

Sil pulls Predator up by the head and Predator spins on him, hooking Sil’s arms and looking for a backslide… Sil does a pec flex to block! Sil turns and throws a big scimitar clothesline but misses. Predator grabs Sil’s wrist… DECAPITATION!

Sil is down, and Predator slides on for a lateral press!



Predator hops up as he sees Slash Hopkins coming off the top rope - Predator catches him in mid-air with a drop kick!

HHL: “Incredible precision! I can’t believe Predator’s awareness!”

PIP: “It’s like he has eyes in the back of his head… but look out!”

Sil lowers the boom on Predator with a running boot to the head from behind. Predator rolls under the ropes and lies on the apron holding his head as Sil grabs the downed Slash Hopkins and whips him into a corner.

Sil rushes in and looks for a big splash, but Hopkins gets a foot up! Sil eats boot and staggers with a hand on his jaw counting his teeth, and Hopkins again pulls himself to the top, looking for an impact move.

Sil Frigida recovers and runs to the corner, runs right up the turnbuckles, and snags Slash in an electric chair lift! He leaps off the top with Slash on his shoulders! JOKER DRIVER FROM THE TOP! ONE DAY YOU MAY!!!

PIP: “I think he killed him…”

Sil hooks his arm around Slash’s neck and his other arm pulls Slash’s leg into a curled up position, pressing Hopkins’ shoulders hard to the mat!




Predator jumps on Sil to break it up, but just a hair too late!

Winner by Pinfall - SIL FRIGIDA

Morbid Angel said to Mastermind as they congregate around the food table behind the scenes of the show.
Mastermind looks at Morbid Angel and shakes his head as he fills his plate with random cheese’s. Morbid, being the health nut that he was stuck to the salad and chicken.

What were they even doing here at the show? They weren’t even booked to be here.

Simple answer.

Morbid Angel wanted to spread the word of the lord to everyone here on Savage.
They were surrounded by the likes of Ash Quinn, Alias and even Chronic Chris Page. All of which were here for the food, not Morbid Angel and his bullshit peddling.
Between Morbid Angel and Mastermind standing right in front of the tables eating made it hard for others to get in there for the food. People that came to actually wrestle for titles and for victories were being blocked by some motherfuckers that shouldn’t even be here.

Alias had just about enough of all this waiting and walked up to the table, Morbid just stuffed his mouth full of chicken breast and was chewing away as Alias reached in front of him to grab the salad tongs so he could get some nourishment from the bountiful spread before them. Morbid looks down.

“DON’T GRAB MY DICK!” Morbid screamed as food sprayed from his mouth and all over the arm of Alias and the food he was attempting to gather.

Alias looked at Morbid with fury in his eyes! He was just spat upon by someone he just defeated at March Madness.

“YOU!” Morbid said in a deep growling tone. Food particles still dangling from his beard.

Alias smirks as he tosses the tongs back into the bowel now covered with chicken chunks and saliva. Morbid looks back at Alias and chews slowly. Alias had the title around his waist looking just polished.

“I lost my watch because of you! And…AND you fucking cheated to win!” He says as he points his fork at Alias as if it were an extension of his own finger.

“But I forgive you. The Lawd wouldn’t want me to hold a grudge. He would want me to convert you!”

Alias turned to walk away.

“Don’t walk away from me! YOU TAKE THE LORD INTO YOUR HEART!”

Alias keeps walking while shaking his head at Morbid Angel’s ridiculousness.


Morbid goes back to eating his chicken. Mastermind noticeably embarrassed by Morbid and his antics starts to back away from him and heading for the door, leaving Morbid Angel at the table alone.
Dean Rose comes into the room looking like a Dean Rose bag of douche.
He wanted some of that sweet, sweet chicken that was offered before every show.
He see’s Morbid standing there blocking most of the good stuff on the table with a plate mounded with the seasoned goodness. Mostly a stack of bones at this point.
Dean walks over and gestures for Morbid to get the fuck out of his way.
Morbid just stands there chewing the bite of chicken he just ripped off like a cannibal tearing into some tender flesh. He pays Dean no mind at all.

“Hey, move your fat ass out of the fucking way!” Dean said with conviction in his voice.

Morbid swallows his food and looks at Dean.

“That’s not very nice, God does not tolerate people talking to the living prophet like that. APOLOGIZE TO THE PROPHET OF GOD! NNNOOOWWWWW!”

“Fucking make me! You are nothing more than a fake ass piece of trash with a fake piece of trash god! Now, GIVE ME SOME MOTHERFUCKING CHICKEN!”


“I’d rather just beat your sorry old ass into the ground then take the fucking chicken.”

“Do it! I fucking dare you! I have the power of Go……” Before Morbid Angel could finish Dean tosses a glass of lemon seltzer into his face. The carbonation hit’s him directly in the eyeballs.

“AAAAHHHH! MY EYES! IT BURNS! What the fuck was that? Devil’s water? IT’S SATANIC!” Morbid drops his plate on the table causing chicken bones and his uneaten chicken to spill into everything as he clutches his face.
Dean grabs a piece of chicken and walks out of the room as Morbid scrambles to compose himself for a battle.

As he vigorously rubs his eyes Nefarious Ned Kaye walks in, his title over his shoulder and walking like he owned the place.
Morbid opens his now severely red eyes. The burn was still there but he could see. He see’s Ned Kaye standing in front of the table fixing to grab himself some fucking chicken.

Hell no!

Morbid reaches out and grabs Kaye’s arm mere inches from the delicious chicken.

“That’s the lords chicken.” Morbid said

“The lord's? Psh, it's the XWF's chicken. And if you haven't noticed, the XWF is mine to claim, including this last piece of crispy, sacrificial poultry. Besides, in a few short weeks, this locker room will practically be praying to me, anyway.”

Ned Kaye slowly reaches with his bare hand to grab the chicken but Morbid was faster and quickly stabs the chicken with his fingertips and yells “Touch!”. It was the last piece of chicken that didn’t have teeth marks in it or spit all over it.

“You... you touched my chicken!” Ned said like someone just stole his wallet and pissed on it after they took all the money.

Morbid smiles as he lifts his hand, chicken impaled on his fingertips. He brings it to his mouth to take a bite.

“I’ll get you for this Morbid! I’ll fucking get you for this!” Kaye said as he pounded his fist on the table.

Morbid takes a bite with a shit-eating grin on his face.

The Nefarious one flips the table, storming away as he screams.

“I'm gonna make you regret this, Angel! You'll find out what happens when you fuck around in my fed!”

Purple lights flash. Ash walks out crouched, eyes sweeping the crowd. As the music picks up she runs down to the ring sliding under the bottom rope. Jumping up on the turn buckle she pumps her fist to the beat.

Owl-Man descends from the rafters like a bat or something.

Ash Quinn
- vs -
Singles Match

Batman the animated series’ intro music starts to play and the fans look around in confusion and amusement. Suddenly while the arena is blackened out, a spotlight shines to show the incredible Owl Man soaring through the sky. He glides with the help of a zip line directly into the ring. He drops inside and then runs over and perches on top of the top turnbuckle. He raises his arms up and yells out with a “Whooooooo” which some folks in the crowd answer back with. He remains resting on top of the turnbuckle while awaiting his opponent.

Heather: Well here we go with the newcomer Owl Man!

Pip: Ash Quinn is playing the role of gatekeeper in this one.

Demons by Icon for Hire hits now and the familiar purple lights start up. Out comes Ash Quinn but she simply walks out. She doesn’t do her normal entrance and walks slowly to the ring instead. She ignores the crowd and just stares forward in the direction of Owl Man. Ash enters the ring and stands there seething for a moment as Owl Man watches her from his perch. She slowly walks around the ring then suddenly races over and knocks Owl Man off the top rope and out to the floor.

Heather: Ash with the cheap shot!

Pip: All her time spent trying to get away from Marf and Lycana and she still uses some bad tactics.

The referee argues with Ash but she looks completely disinterested. Owl Man climbs back to his feet and starts to re-enter the ring when Ash kicks him in the gut to stop him. She tangles Owl Man in the ropes and then pounds on him while the referee tries to separate them. Finally Ash backs off and the referee helps Owl Man get freed up before calling for the bell to officially start the match. Ash runs over and connects with a running drop kick to take Owl Man down again. Ash rolls over and gets back up before stomping on Owl Man repeatedly.

Ash grabs Owl Man and pulls him back up to his feet. She hits a few stiff knees to the gut before applying a tight headlock. She tries to tighten it but Owl Man fights back and then hoists Ash up for a back drop. Ash rolls through and drops behind him then hits a chop block to the back of his knee. She then runs forward and bounces off the ropes. Ash comes running back but Owl Man is able to lunge forward and nail a claymore kick that takes Ash out in mid-stride. The two lay downed for a moment before they both get back up to their feet.

Heather: What a collision!

Pip: What speed by Owl Man there!

The two start firing fists at one another going back and forth for a moment. Ash stuns Owl Man with a nice spinning heel kick. She grabs him and hooks for a suplex but he blocks it. Ash let’s go and tries to drill him with an elbow but Owl Man Whoos and blocks it. He grabs hold of her and hoists her up then brings her down with a big vertical suplex. He floats over and then brings her back up to her feet. Owl Man re-positions her and then takes Ash down with a modified Emerald Fusion driver. He holds it for the pin.



Kick out by Ash!

Owl Man gets back up while Ash is down holding her back. Likely still battered from her tables match with Marf on Warfare. She pushes herself up but Owl Man drops an elbow across her back to keep her down. He applies a shoulder lock but Ash hits him with an elbow to back him off. She pulls herself up as Owl Man stands back up. She goes for a clothesline but her counters with a hip toss. She gets back up as Owl Man backs her into the corner. He drives his shoulder into her gut but she jumps over him with a sunset flip and rolls him up.



Kick out by Owl Man!

Heather: Ash almost catches him there!

Pip: These two are both very fast!

Heather: Could end at any second!

Ash is up first while Owl Man scrambles to get back up. He goes for a clothesline this time but Ash clips him with a low drop kick. Owl Man falls forward and slams into the lower turnbuckles. Ash runs and hits the ropes then comes racing back. She leaps and smashes her knees hard into the back of Owl Man. This crushes him into the turnbuckles as she slams into him. Owl Man crumples onto the mat in pain while Ash gets back to her feet. She goes over and climbs up to the top rope while Owl Man is still down.

Ash raises her arms and then leaps off, spinning wildly in the air looking for a 450 splash. Owl Man carefully rolls out of the way at the last second and Ash hits hard, crash landing on the mat in a heap. She rolls in pain and drops out of the ring to the floor. Ash pulls herself back up with the ring apron while Owl Man gets up inside the ring. Ash suddenly jumps back and looks at the apron. She checks underneath and then crawls back into the ring while looking out into the crowd for a moment.

Heather: What is Ash doing!?

Pip: She’s still looking over her shoulder...

Ash climbs back into the ring and Owl Man flies over and clotheslines right back over the ropes. She manages to drop onto the apron. Owl Man tries to hit her with a forearm shot but Ash leans back and throws a high kick, catching him in the head and sending him falling back. Ash grabs hold of the ropes and springboards into the ring. As she comes flying down though Owl Man runs forward and stops her with the Owl-a rang running uppercut. Ash drops to the mat and Owl Man makes the cover.



THR...NO!!! Kick out by Ash!

Heather: Wow that just about ended it right there!

Pip: What an uppercut out of nowhere!

Owl Man gets back to his feet and prances around the ring while flapping his arms. He runs over and hops up to the top turnbuckle. He lets out a massive “Whooo” to the fans who give him a much more enthusiastic one in return. Ash slowly pulls herself up as Owl Man dives off. He goes for the Winged Justice diving drop kick but at the last possible second Ash moves out of the way. Owl Man bounces onto the mat and as he tries to get back up Ash grabs him and hits him with Malevolence!!!!




Winner - ASH QUINN

Heather: Great hard fought match by the newcomer Owl-Man but it just wasn't enough as Ash Quinn secured the victory!

Pip: About time she won a match.

Heather: Rude!

Backstage before Savage, we see the one and only “baddest team on the planet,” The Disintigrators, as they chat it up with bossman XWF owner “Loverboy” Vinnie Lane. Vinnie doesn’t seem too thrilled to have to deal with them, but “Dangerous” Dave Mustang and Johnny “Twisted” Steele are enthusiastic and pumped up.

”Loverboy” Vinnie Lane: “Look… Dave, John… I hired you two to help with the road crew. Keeping the trucks safe as they travel, getting the gear loaded and unloaded, setting up the ring, and adding some muscle to the roadies…”

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “And we’re doing a damn fine job!”


”Loverboy” Vinnie Lane: “Relax Johnny, he literally JUST told me that.”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “WOO!”

”Loverboy” Vinnie Lane: “HEY! Don’t start that! Listen to me, dudes… you do an awesome job on the road, no doubt… but you guys have been making people nervous backstage. You’ve got access that most folks don’t have, plus we’ve got our history… I just don’t want people thinking that you’re some kind of a threat, you know?”

Dave Mustang strokes his whiskers and laughs, slapping Steele on his meaty shoulder.

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “Heh… you hear that, J? The HNIC around here doesn’t want people to think we’re a threat.”


‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WEEEEEELLLLL…”

”Loverboy” Vinnie Lane: “GUYS! Seriously! It’s not time for a promo, okay? We need the lights rigged and the camera cables pulled out to the arena. Just do your jobs, man! Jeez!”

Vinnie walks off, shaking his head. The Disintigrators stand there and watch until he’s completely left the area.

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “I was about to tell him how we’re the baddest.”


‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “Hey! Look at those two jackaninnies over there!”

A bit down the hall, the camera pans and shows a fan in full cosplay posing for a photo with surprise Anarchy winners Gabe and Hans - the Big Upps!

[Image: tumblr_o1u1ggBl4T1rg89a6o1_500.jpg]

The Upps were scheduled for an untelevised dark match and are now just doing their best to be consummate professionals for the XWF Universe, but it doesn’t appear to sit well with Mustang and Steele.

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “Can you believe those two goofballs are standing right here in front of the future tag champs as if they belong in the same arena as us?”

Johnny Steele quivers with unbridled anger.


The Disintigrators then run over to the Upps and start throwing hands. Before Gabe and Hans know what’s happening, Hans has been tossed onto the lid of a big trunk and then choked by Mustang, and Gabe has been whipped into a set of those ubiquitous clanging poles that are always backstage at wrestling events by Johnny Steele!

Steele and Dave Mustang keep putting the boots to the Upps until officials swarm the area and cover up the battered and bruised Idahoan brothers, sending the Disintigrators walking off with matching smirks on their faces.

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WEELLLLLLL it looks like these two goobers weren’t ready for the D-Grators! Just like on Warfare when five other teams are gonna get put over our knees and spanked like whiny babies that just got yanked their mama’s titty!”


‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “Bet your sweet bippy! And bet the farm on Johnny and me while you’re at it, because the twisted steel and sex appeal of the Disintigrators won’t be contained this Warfare, JACK! Line ‘em up like whack a mole, because the Disintigrators are rolling up with the biggest hammers you ever seen swinging!”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “YEAH! OUR FREAKIN’ DICKS! WOO!”

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WOO!”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “WOO!”

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WOO!”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “WOO!”

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WOO!”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “WOO!”

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WOO!”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “WOO!”

‘Dangerous’ Dave Mustang: “WOO!”

Johnny ‘Twisted’ Steele: “WOO!”

The lights go bright gold and purple as Sarah M.G walks out onto the stage, dressed in a beautiful outfit. She smiles and points at the curtain, where out walks Dean Rose, his music playing as he swaggers down the aisle.

PC: "Dean Rose has had a short, but interesting, career in XWF so far; from winning the Internet Championship in his debut match, to his feud with Freddie Prinze Jr."

HHL: "That's right, Pip, and it was the latter that ended up costing him the 2nd Chance Battle Royal at March Madness."

Dean Rose climbs in the ring and poses with his Internet Championship, receiving boos from all the FJP fans in attendance. Despite the negative reaction, Sarah M.G claps for Rose and cheers him on until his opponent's music hits.

Andre Dixon emerges from behind the curtain to a mixed reaction.

PC: "Here comes the man who eliminated the Internet Champion at March Madness, albeit thanks to a distraction from Freddie Prinze Jr.!"

Andre looks focused and ready to go as he marches his way down the aisle, past Sarah M.G and into the ring. Dean Rose immediately rolls out and heads over to Sarah, where the two of them talk strategy as Dixon poses for the crowd.

HHL: "Dean's gonna have his hands full trying to avenge his elimination here tonight. There's a reason Andre Dixon was runner up to Demos at March Madness."

The referee presents the wrestlers with the dog collar, but Dean Rose isn't too keen on getting back in the ring. Andre Dixon steps forward and allows the ref to put the collar on him, all the while motioning for his opponent to join him.

HHL: "Dean doesn't seem to be in any hurry."

PC: "I like it! A smart man does things on HIS terms, not because other people expect him to!"

Eventually, Dean slides in the ring, hesitantly, before allowing the ref to put the other collar on him. Once both men are strapped in, the referee calls for the bell and the match is able to get under way.


Dean Rose
w/Sarah M.G.
- vs -
Andre Dixon
Dog Collar Match

As soon as the bell rings, Andre Dixon jerks his head backwards, yanking Dean Rose to his hands and knees. Dixon then steps forward and goes to hoist his opponent up for a Powerbomb, only for Rose to slip out and choke Andre with the chain holding them together. As Dean does this, he backs up and walks them over to a corner, where he slaps the too turnbuckle.

PC: "That's one!"

Dean Rose continues to choke Andre Dixon while shuffling over to the next corner, slapping the turnbuckle there, as well.

HHL: "That's two!"

Before Dean can make it to anymore corners, Andre Dixon is able to bend over and fling Rose over his shoulders onto the mat. Dixon falls back into the corner where he takes a moment to recuperate, checking on his throat as he does so.

HHL: "Andre's back technically touched that corner, meaning he's only got three more to go!"

PC: "Let's see if he tries for them, or wears his opponent down a bit, first."

An irritated Andre grabs hold of the chain and begins whipping Dean Rose in the back with it as Sarah M.G watches on helplessly. Dean cries out in pain, begging Dixon to stop, only to be ignored. Eventually, Andre stops and heads over to the next consecutive corner, where he touches the turnbuckle before heading for another one.

PC: "That's two, about to be three!"

Andre slaps the third turnbuckle before making his way towards the last one. As he does, Dean Rose grabs onto the chain and does everything in his power to stop Dixon. A tug of war ensues, with Andre eventually getting fed up and diving on top of his opponent. He wails away at Rose, who does his best to cover up and protect himself.

PC: "Dixon knows how close he is to putting this one away!"

HHL: "He better be careful not to let his emotions get the better of him."

After firing what seems like a million shots, Andre Dixon gets up and heads back towards the final corner. Before he can reach it, though, Dean Rose yanks the chain up between Dixon's legs, causing it to slap against his balls. Andre grabs at his crotch, drops to his knees, and face plants into the mat as Sarah M.G points and laughs at him.

PC: "Oooooooo, I felt that from over here!"

With his opponent writhing in pain, Dean Rose gets up slowly and delivers a stomp to the back of Dixon. He then lifts his opponent up and delivers a Fall Away Slam into one of the corners Andre already touched, breaking his streak.

PC: "Smart move by Dean Rose!"

HHL: "Absolutely! Better for your opponent to have three more turnbuckles to touch as opposed to one!"

Dean gets back to his feet and touches the same corner before heading over to the next one. He successfully slaps the turnbuckle there, as well, and turns his attention towards a third. As he tries to walk over to it, Andre Dixon latches onto Rose's leg, preventing him from moving. The Internet Champion bends down and begins hammering away at The King, who uses the pain as motivation to pop to his feet and deliver a devastating Olympic Slam that leaves both men sprawled out in the middle of the ring.

HHL: "That Olympic Slam took more out of Andre that he would've liked."

PC: "We have no idea what kind of condition he's in right now after being strangled earlier."

HHL: "No doubt that chain took alot out of him from the get go, but he's gonna have to dig deep if he wants to come out on top."

After taking a moment to catch his breath, Andre Dixon gets up and approaches his downed opponent. Dixon brings Rose to his feet and goes to Irish Whip him towards the ropes, but Dean reverses it, sending Andre in that direction, instead. Before Dixon can hit the ropes, Dean Rose yanks on the chain, violent pulling Andre to the mat.

HHL: "Quick thinking by the Internet Champion!"

PC: "That's why HE has gold and Dixon does NOT."

Andre rolls around on the mat, grabbing at his throat, as Dean Rose begins to make the rounds in each corner.




As he tries to go for the last one, Andre Dixon tugs on the chain, keeping him JUST out of reach.

PC: "Andre's doing everything he can to stay in this match, but Dean's almost got it!"

Dixon slowly makes it to a knee, followed by his feet, all the while hanging onto the chain for dear life. Dean tries everything in his power to touch the final turnbuckle, but his fingertip can't quite get it. All of a sudden, Andre uses the chain to pull Rose in his direction, allowing him to hit a MASSIVE Spinebuster that leaves his opponent sprawled out in the center of the ring.

PC: "Deadly Force!!!!"

HHL: "That could be all she wrote for Dean Rose."

Andre Dixon gets to his hands and knees, where he takes a moment to shake out the cobwebs, before standing up and heading towards the corner. He slaps the top turnbuckle like a fine booty and makes his way towards the next one. As he moves, Dean Rose drags behind him, allowing the Internet Champion to jump up and tag the same one at the instruction of Sarah MG. Dixon then heads over to the next one and touches it without struggle, with Rose doing the same thing shortly after.

HHL: "Andre doesn't realize Dean is right behind him evening up the score!"

PC: "Which is exactly what the Internet Champion wants!"

Dixon heads over to the third turnbuckle and slaps it before holding up his index finger to indicate he only has one more to go. As he walks over to the final one, Dean Rose manages to touch the third one, as well, setting himself up to steal the victory. To make matters worse, Sarah MG slides in a chair, which the Internet Champion grasps tightly while sneaking to his feet behind Andre. Just before Dixon can make it to the last corner, Dean winds up to hit him.......................... but Andre turns around just in time to catch the chair!!!!!

PC: "Oh no! Looks like he knew Dean was behind him the whole time!"

HHL: "This doesn't bode well for the Internet Champion!"

Andre Dixon rips the chair out of Dean Rose's hands, causing him to drop to his knees and beg Andre not to hurt him. Dixon shakes his head, stepping closer to Rose as he continues to plead with his opponent. All of a sudden, the Internet Champion leans forward and hits a Low Blow that sends Andre toppling forward, dropping the chair.

HHL: "The cowards always come alive in matches like these."

PC: "What are you talking about?! ANDRE was about to hit ROSE with a chair! What else was Dean supposed to do?"

HHL: "Did you forget who introduced the chair in the first place?"

PC: "My monitor cut out, Heather! All I know is Dixon had a chair, and the Internet Champion did everything in his power to protect himself."

HHL: "Times like this, I wish I worked with Vinnie on Anarchy."

With Andre Dixon down, Dean Rose is able to get up BUT, rather than go for the final corner, who chooses to bring his opponent to his feet, instead. Rose grabs Dixon by the head and begins turning him around, setting up for a Hangman's Neckbreaker.

PC: "Dean's looking to put Dixon away with a Hope Lost!"

HHL: "If he can hit it, there'll be nothing stopping him from tagging the last turnbuckle!"

Before Dean can connect with the move, Andre Dixon is able to use his strength to break away from his opponent's grasp, allowing him to dive forward and touch the final corner, giving him the victory.


HHL: "He did it!"

Andre Dixon takes off the dog collar and celebrates his victory as Dean Rose sits on his knees, shaking his head in disbelief.

PC: "The Internet Champion knows he let this one slip out of his grasp."

HHL: "You gotta wonder if things would've been different had he focused on tapping the turnbuckle instead of hitting his Finisher?"

A disappointed Dean Rose takes off his collar, stands up, and turns around....................... where he finds Andre Dixon standing with a hand extended. The Internet Champion looks around as the crowd urges him to be a good sport but, before he can do anything, Steven Cooper & Eobard Stone run down the aisle and attack Dixon from behind!!!

HHL: "Not these guys, again!"

PC: "YES! These guys, again!"

Dean Rose backs up and watches as the two men beat down his opponent, while "Nefarious" Ned Kaye casually walks out from the back with Watts by his side.

HHL: "Help him, Dean!"

Rose looks hesitant to help, but eventually steps forward as the Nefarious One climbs onto the apron and scales his head at Dean. Stone & Cooper hold Dixon up, motioning for the Internet Champion to take a shot. After taking a moment to think about it, Dean Rose delivers a swift kick to Andre Dixon's balls as the fans begin to boo.

HHL: "Is Dean Rose IN Avalanche???"

Ned claps for his newest ally, giving him a high five before motioning for them to continue.

PC: "He must be! Oh man, it looks like Avalanche just got a little bit richer!"

Before the beating can progress any further, Miss Fury and Them No Good Bastards run out from the back while Chris Page directs traffic from King Doc's throne, causing the members of Avalanche to retreat into the crowd. Fury checks on Dixon as the Tag Team Champions point at the group, motioning for them to come back in. Ned Kaye shakes his head and laughs, holding up their newest member's arm before disappearing out of sight.

Champ Sportsman
- vs -
Jenny Myst
Rage in a Cage!

As soon as the lyrics for "Sedona" begin, Champ Sportsman bursts through the curtain with intensity. He jumps onto the stage and punches the air in front of him, sending sparks flying from the X-Tron. Champ walks down the ramp with a little spring in his step, high fiving a few random fans before running towards the ring, hopping onto apron, and climbing into the ring.

Jenny enters the arena when the Drums hit for the first time in her entrance music, Around the 20 second mark. She is usually taunting the fans or pretending to give high fives and the pulling away at the last moment with a sarcastic smirk and an eye roll. When she gets to the ring:

The cage comes down as Jenny smirks. She seems to be very confident, as if she has something up her sleeve. Champ is stretching and jumping, trying to loosen up before hell overtakes him.

The bell rings and the two explode forward. They meet in the center of the ring with rights and lefts, but the athletic Champ is able to pick up the small woman and toss her into the corner. He goes after her with a flurry of punches and kicks before whipping her into the other corner. He charges, but Jenny moves, and Champ crashes into the turnbuckle. Bouncing off, Jenny drop kicks him hard in the back. Once he hits face first, she immediately goes for the padlock on the large weapon box in the middle of the ring. She sees that it is key-locked, and rather frustrated, begins to look around for the key bag.

Champ is back up at this point and grabs Jenny by the hair. She turns around and slaps him. This backs him off a tiny bit, and she delivers a kick to the gut and a nasty DDT. Not even paying any mind to Champ, she looks for the key bag some more. Finally, pulling the turnbuckle cover off, she finds the bag hidden inside. Pulling out a ring of keys, however, she rolls her eyes as she begins to thumb through them.

Pip: Jenny has no interest in escaping this cage! She wants whatever is inside that box. Something is up here and I don't like it!

Champ is back up again. Jenny is down, trying all the keys on the padlock. Champ sees the opportunity and grabs Jenny, locking her in a rear naked choke. Her arms begin to flail and she drops the key ring. She is reaching for something, anything, but he has the MMA hold locked in. She is fading quickly. When she is finally out, and he verifies this, he grabs the key ring. Rather quickly he finds the right one and unlocks the pad lock. He opens the box and gasps, backing away. Jenny is coming to, and sees this. She chop blocks him in the back of the leg, sending him down to one knee.

Jenny is holding her throat and shaking it off when he goes to get up. Another chop block and he's back to one leg. Jenny goes to rip the padlock away from him but he uses his quickness and nails her with it, right between the eyes. She falls flat on her back as a small trickle of blood runs down her forehead.

Champ, limping a little, gets back to his feet. He looks inside the box again and with a deep breath reaches in, pulling out a pair of handcuffs. Dragging her over, he handcuffs her to the steel grate. Now that he has time to think, he walks back over to the box. Another deep breath as he reaches in..........

and pulls out a chainsaw. The crowd goes nuts.

He looks to the door, then back at her. Back to the door, then back at her.

Champ doesn't wanna do it. He has qualms even hitting a woman, much less de-limbing her.

He cranks the chain saw, and Jenny, who is coming to.....freaks. Her eyes go wide.

He looks at the chain saw, then back at her.

He turns the chainsaw on with the pull start.

She begs no as he walks closer.

Pip: He doesn't wanna do this! Damnit, damn these gimmick matches! Just leave the ring champ! She's handcuffed! Just walk out the door!

He walks over to her, a nervous look on his face as the chain blades get painfully close to her pretty face. He says "I'm sorry" and goes to bring the chainsaw down. Jenny, no longer begging, springs into action and kicks him in the nuts. He grabs his junk and drops the chainsaw. Jenny tries to slide it over to her with her foot, but she can't reach it.

Just then, Hells Bells, Ash Quinn and Sarina Hazard run down the ramp.

Jenny, who has a trail of blood running down her face from the padlock shot, is urging them to hurry an Champ starts to get up. Sarina has handcuff keys.

Pip: What the hell?! How did she gets the keys? Was this.....was this a set up? Did Jenny KNOW what was in that box!?"

Just as Sarina undoes the keys, Champ now angry, grabs Jenny by the hair and plants her with a a hard DDT.

He now is distracted by the two ladies on the outside, who are now stalking the cage. Jenny is up on all fours, and grabs the chainsaw. Champ turns around and Jenny lays him out with the base/handle. This busts him open as well. Jenny stands over him, smirking with satisfaction as she walks towards the cage door.

Champ reaches out, however, and grabs her foot, putting her in an ankle lock and pulling it deep. Jenny tries to roll out of it, but he has it on tight. Sarina and Ash are yelling to her to make her way towards the door, to crawl, anything.

Jenny reaches for the door but champ pulls her back into a grapevine, putting even more pressure on that leg. Jenny knows she can't tap, the only way to end the match is to escape the cage. She begins to kick at the arms/chest of Champ Sportsman. Finally she is able to get a hard enough kick to break the hold, and she rolls off, holding her leg.

Champ is back up now, and goes for the leg again. He wants to make sure she cannot escape the cage. Jenny sees this, and rolls, kicking him in the side of the leg and bringing him to one knee. She shoots up, bouncing off the ropes and delivers a kick to the side of his head. He crumbles, and her leg which is now damaged gives out.

She reaches for the ropes, and props herself up. She seems Champ, who is now crawling for the door, and decides to climb the cage. With one arm still in cuffs and the other arm holder danging beside her, she begins to climb the cage. It is now a race to the finish as both bleeding competitors scramble for the exit. Jenny is getting close to the top but her bum leg is slowing her down. Champ gets to the door. Jenny keeps climbing. Just as the ref opens the door the let Champ out, Ash Quinn shoves him out of the way and slams the door on the head of Champ! He goes tumbling backwards.

Jenny puts a leg over the cage and begins to climb down.

Pip: Damnit, not this way! Not this way! Jenny had this planned from jump street and she is gonna steal one from champ here!

Champ, now bleeding even heavier, gets back and and towards the door but just as he exits, Jenny falls to the mat below as the bell rings.

Sarina and Ash hold her up as the three ladies back up the ramp, leaving a shocked and bloody Champ Sportsman pondering what went wrong.

Heather: She said her goal in this match was simply to survive and she's done just that! She survived and proved once again why she is one of the most dangerous in this business!

Pip: She better buy drinks tonight because without her "friends" this is just another loss for the former 'Queen'!


We cut backstage to find Ruby heading back to the dressing room after her grueling and hard fought match for the Splat! Multiversal Championship. Just as Ruby starts to open the door, a voice calls out from behind.

Vita Valenteen: “Ruby!”

Ruby smiles and she turns to see Vita standing behind her. Vita is still on crutches and recovering from the leg injury that took her out months ago thanks to a dirty backstage attack from BOB’s very own Jenny Myst! Vita’s face lights up as she reaches out for a hug from her bestie super bud!


Tommy Slavino: "A distracted and unprepared hero!"

Yep, Tommy Slavino walks out of the locker room behind Fury as Ruby drops to the cold cement favoring her shoulder. Fury moves like light, grabbing the same arm, twisting it around her leg and falling back to the ground in an effort to pop the shoulder out of socket! Ruby yells out in pain, rolling on the ground and holding her shoulder.

Tommy Slavino: "Pays the ultimate price for her lack of attention!"

Vita reacts slowly, seemingly in shock at how fast this just went down. Tommy Slavino marches up to Vita.

Tommy Slavino: "What about you Ashley!? What is your role tonight!?"

Snapping out of it, Vita hobbles on one leg as she raises her crutch like a bat. Slavino puffs his chest defiantly!


Vita grits her teeth and rears back, but as Fury stands the two lock eyes, and Vita seems to become lost in the moment. Fury smiles, knowing that she has full control over this situation. She reaches out, lightly brushing her fingertips across Vita's cheek as she casually walks past.

Miss Fury: "Thanks for the assist friend..."

Tommy straightens his jacket and hurries down the hallway with Fury. Once at a safe distance, he continues his commentary as the two continue to vacate the scene of the crime.

Tommy Slavino: "Breaking news Anarchy fans! It seems that Anarchy Champion, Ruby, better known as Lacklan's stinky friend, has suffered a potentially MAJOR injury to her right shoulder!"

Tommy looks to Fury who's still obviously high from the adrenaline rush as she charges down the hall!

Tommy Slavino: "Hey Fury, I think now is a good time to ask you, what body parts would you say are most stressed when you lock in the Black Widow!?"

Tommy holds the mic up for Miss Fury.

Miss Fury: "Pressure is applied on the neck, the abs, and the right shoulder!"

Tommy Slavino: "Oh yeah!? WOW! Did you know that somebody JUST attacked Ruby and dislocated her shoulder!?"

Fury stops dead in her tracks and pretends to look shocked.

Miss Fury: "Oh Really!? Aww, that's such a shame for her! Rumor has it that she's facing me come Leap of Faith! After all, she DID agree to my challenge at March Madness! It's not MY fault that Vinnie didn't want to overwork his TOP STAR! Now Tommy, could you imagine if SOMEBODY who was the master of such a hold as MY Black Widow were to use their vast knowledge of said move in order to strategically punish and weaken each and every part of the body that were susceptible to such a hold?"

Tommy Slavino: "I would imagine that would put Ruby in a very venerable position considering that the Black Widow is one of the toughest moves to escape to begin with!

Miss Fury: "Damn right it would! Good thing there's no super villains in the XWF that would be willing to take advantage of such heinous plans!"

Tommy Slavino: "Damn right Miss Fury, and we can ALL thank the unwavering fortitude of Anarchy's very own super heroine for making the XWF such a safe place to work!"

Miss Fury: "You know what, you're 100 on that Tommy! Remind me to thank her next time we see her Tommy!"

Tommy Slavino: "Well now that you mention it! I believe she's in the main event of Anarchy this week!"

Miss Fury: "Oh yeah!? Well, we might just have to pay her a visit Tommy!"

Tommy Slavino: "I'll book the flight."

Fury smiles, pleased with Tommy.

Miss Fury: "Good boy."

Without another word, Fury turns and continues on her way.

Pip: “Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we are back and it’s time for the Xtreme Title Match!”

XWF Xtreme Champion, Alias, sits on the corner turnbuckle cross-legged with his title slung over his shoulder awaiting his challenger.

The honeyed rasp of Atara's voice blares over the facility's PA in unison with those words appearing on the multitude of screens and displays littering the arena.


The crowd pops and gets to their feet shouting in near total unison a single word.


Arena lights start to pulse in time with the music and multiple vertical streams of pyro erupt across the front of the stage. Strutting with purpose Atara emerges from the back taking spot centerstage atop the ramp. Posing for the camera, a wink and kiss is given to the viewers at home.

She looks over to King Doc, who kindly waves to the Greek Goddess from his throne and looks in adoration at the bust of Atara next to the throne.

Pip: “It didn’t take Atara long to find herself in the good graces of the King, did it? That statue is beautiful!”

Grunge walking to the ring steps, she climbs and stops at the top to posture again for her adoring public. Hand on her hip, the Grecian moves to the middle of the apron and blows a final kiss to the camera and enters the ring through the middle rope.


Atara Themis
- vs -
Alias ©
Xtreme Rules!

HHL: “This is Alias’s fourth title defense, folks! With just one more under his belt, he will receive the ultimate prize that comes with it, the 24/7 Contract that will award him ANY title shot and ANY time!”

”Along with the actual gold, this is something that everyone chases!”

The bell rings and the match is underway! Atara slowly and gracefully walks and stalks the champion who remains perched on the turnbuckle. Alias wears a curious look on his face with a faded smile as he hops off and joins Atara in her circle. After a couple revolutions, the two meet in the center in a tie-up! Atara tucks Alias’s head under her arm in a headlock and cranks on it! The champ lifts Atara up off the ground, but Atara cranks harder and finds her feet to the mat again! Alias pushes her off and Atty bounces off the ropes! Atara lifts a knee, but Alias ducks under! Anticipating the champ to continue to the other ropes, Atty waits, but Alias stops in his tracks and takes Atty down with a hard clothesline from Hell!!!

HHL: ”Down goes Atara!”

Atara attempts rolling away but is stomped in place by the Xtreme Champion! Over and over again Alias plants the bottom of his boot against Atara’s chest pushing the air from her lungs! She gasps and continues to helplessly struggle until Alias grabs her by the hair and pulls her to her feet! The champ drags her to the corner and throws her against the turnbuckles then starts going to work on her midsection with kicks. After each one it works Atara further down into the corner until she’s nearly lying on the mat with her head against the bottom turnbuckle pad.

Pip: “Alias has been relentless here! This has been an outright street fight from the start!”

Alias jumps in the air and brings his foot down, but Atara manages to turn out of the way and Alias hits the pad! The Greek Goddess pulls herself to the outside with the ropes and rolls out to the floor on her feet. She walks around the ring steps, keeping her eyes on Alias who watches her, too, hesitating to join her outside. Atara walks over to the time keeper’s booth and reaches over it to grab an unoccupied steel chair.

HHL: “It looks like Atara wants to take this up a notch, Pip!”

Pip: “Let her! This IS Xtreme Rules, after all!”

Alias smiles and hops out of the ring and walks straight over to Atara as she folds up the chair. She butts him in the torso with the end of it and then lines up a shot across his back! Alias eats the shot, winces in pain, and tries walking it off! Atara lines up another shot, but Alias fights back and jabs her in the face as she was winding up! Atty drops the chair and stumbles back! Alias goes under the ring and pulls out a baseball bat!

HHL: “Batter up!”

Alias swings across, but misses completely! Atara grabs Alias and lifts him in the air… dropping him on the chair with the Birth of Venus!!!

Pip: “OUCH!! The back of Alias’s head was the first thing to hit the hard steel of the chair! He could be out!”

King Doc chuckles and shields his eyes as CCP leans over and whispers something into the King’s ear. The two go back to observing the show as Atara lifts Alias’s limp body up off the floor and places him against the barricade. Atty jumps up on the apron, runs across it, and leaps off hitting a knee off of the champ’s face! He goes down again!

HHL: “Atara looking to capitalize here!”

Pip: “Could the Goddess be the one to play spoiler for Alias?”

Atara tosses Alias under the bottom rope and follows him into the ring. She goes for a quick cover!




Pip: “Not enough to put Alias away yet! Atara is on a roll though! If she keeps it up we could see a new champion crowned tonight!”

Atara lifts Alias to his feet and quickly flips him over with a snap vertical suplex! She throws her hair over her shoulder and walks around Alias before kicking him in the side of the head! Atara leaves the ring and looks under the ring for another weapon to bring into the fight. She grabs the baseball bat that Alias dropped earlier and rolls it into the ring, then pulls out a long wooden table and a wooden chair! She slides both items into the ring as well as the chair that the back of Alias’s head found earlier and slowly walks up the steps.

HHL: “Atara is looking to take any means necessary to get the win here tonight!”

Alias just begins to reach his feet when Atara kicks him square in the gut knocking the wind right out of him. The challenger picks up the steel chair and sets it up in the center of the ring. She looks far up the stage to where the King and CCP sits and waves to them and in return, they both look at one another and wave back.

Pip: “The Goddess respecting her King once more here with a wave.”

HHL: “Was she waving at King Doc or the bust of herself?”

Pip: “You know, that’s a very good question!”

Atty lifts Alias up to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes! She takes a step onto the chair and looks for the Judgement of Paris off the chair! But, Alias catches her and delivers a spinebuster onto the chair!

HHL: “OWWW!!!!”

Pip: “That was gruesome! Atara looked like she just got folded in half over that chair!”

Atara groans as she reaches around and holds her back in agony. Alias rubs the back of the head where he’s recently taken the most damage and reaches down for the wooden chair that Atara brought to the party. Alias winds up with the chair over his head, but Atara reacts quickly and tosses the chair she fell onto at Alias striking him in the face! She crawls to the corner as fast as she can and uses the turnbuckles to pull herself to her feet. Alias charges the corner and swings the chair! Atara rolls and ducks out of the way and Alias hits the wooden chair on the ring post shattering and splintering it!

Pip: “That chair just exploded! Good thing Atara moved out of the way or the Greek Goddess would be picking wooden splinters out of her face later tonight!”

Alias throws what’s left of the chair out of the ring and charges Atara again, but is met with the end of the baseball bat in his gut! Alias bends over and sets Atty up for her best Babe Ruth! She points to left field and takes a swing cracking Alias in the side of the head! He remains still for a moment, then slowly tips over like a statue onto the mat! Atara throws the bat down and makes a quick cover!!

Pip: “For the win!!”





HHL: “Alias pulled it together at the last second!”

Pip: “I seen Alias’s eyes roll to the back of his head! He had to have been out!”

Alias blinks over and over, regaining his bearings as he crawls away. Atara sits up, frustrated that she could not put the champ away, and heads over towards the table. She pulls all four legs out and sets it up near the center and never takes her eyes from the champion who is now slowly getting to his feet in the corner. Once Atara is happy with the position of the table, she approaches Alias in the corner and hits him with a stiff kick to the gut then lifts him up onto the turnbuckle! She sets up for From a Dove from the top rope, but as the two of them stand on the top turnbuckle, the champion fights back! One fist after another he punches Atara in the face and manages to grab Atara around the waist and switch places! Alias jumps with Atara off the top rope and through the table!!!!

Pip: “From a Dove on Atara! Alias just stole the move from the Greek Goddess!!”

Alias stays on top and pulls the leg for the pin!!




Both are crippled from the fall from the top through the table and remain on their backs. The crowd notices King Doc giving a standing ovation from his throne while munching on some grapes. CCP follows in the applause with his retained Universal Championship slung over his shoulder.

Pip: “Well, the King is showing his appreciation over the hard work from these two competitors.”

HHL: “I’m pretty sure his majesty enjoys a good fight!”

Alias is the first to stir as he slowly starts crawling away from the rubble towards the ropes. Atara shortly follows and rolls towards the side of the ring opposite of the champ. Atara rolls to the outside once more and pulls the steel chair from earlier out with her. Alias is now to his feet and sees Atara on the outside. The champ takes a bounce off the ropes and dives to the outside through the ropes!

But Atara saw him coming!

She swings the chair just as Alias dives through and cracks him in the head!

Pip: “Wow! Perfect shot!”

HHL: “Alias has just been decapitated AGAIN!”

Atara throws the chair down and tosses Alias back into the ring. She rolls in after him and sets up camp in the corner opposite of him and waits.

Pip: “Could this be that wicked flying knee that Atara attempted earlier?”

HHL: “I’m not sure, but giving Alias time to recover isn’t the wisest move…”

Pip: “She’s calculating her next move!”

Atara waits impatiently as she screams across the ring for Alias to get up! The champion finally reaches his feet and takes a couple of steps forward. Atara starts across the ring and goes for the Judgement of Paris a second time!!


Alias hits the deadly uppercut out of nowhere as Atara leaped into the air to hit the knee!! She flies backwards and lands on the mat and quickly Alias dives on her!!!




Pip: “We have a winner!”

HHL: “It’s all over!! Alias defends again!!”


After a hard fought match, both Alias and Atara Themis pull themselves up in opposite corners of the ring.

PIP: What a contest we just saw!

[red]HEATHER: Not just us, Betsy Granger too!

PIP: Here she comes now!

Betsy Granger comes down the ramp and slides into the ring. Immediately she stands in front of Atara Themis, confronting her. They stare each other down, Atara standing on groggy legs. Suddenly…


HEATHER: That… that’s Lycana’s music!

Sure enough, Lycana steps out onto the stage. Granger mumbles something under her breath and takes a step backwards from Atara - better to position two of her greatest rivals in her vision at the same stage. Atara glares back at Lycana over her shoulder, but with her back in the corner, has more confidence in focusing her attention back on the current Shooting Star champion.

PIP: Just last Warfare, Lycana scored an enormous victory over Betsy Granger.

HEATHER: Let’s not just gloss over what happened afterwards. Lycana actually helped Betsy against Atara!

PIP: Something tells me that this situation is only going to get more complicated. Lycana’s got a mic!

Standing at ringside at the bottom of the ramp, Lycana begins to speak.

LYCANA: Hello Betsy darling! I saw you come out and just had to join in on the fun. We were having such a wonderful time with one another last Warfare... you remember? Last week when you lost? The one where I beat you? Oh, I see from your expression that you do! Good! Yes, well... it seemed like we were going to play some more until THAT...

Lycana lets her eyes roam over Atara as her lip curls derisively. She waves her hand dismissively as she looks back to The Impossible Traveler.

LYCANA: …. interrupted us. Really, she has some nerve, doesn’t she, Bets? It’s alright... perhaps she might turn my head after you and I are through. Until then, she is nothing to me, unless she gets in our way. However, there is one person I’d love to see you take down, and that is Corey Smith. Please feel free to do me a favor, and punch him in his CUNTISH…..


Out of nowhere, Alias sprints from one side of the ring to the other, dives through the ropes and wipes Lycana out with a suicide dive! She is sent sprawling up the ramp.

HEATHER: Alias out of nowhere!

PIP: I almost forgot that he was there.

As Lycana scrambles to her feet, Alias springs up as if possessed.

PIP: Where’s Alias getting this energy from?

He charges, tackling Lycana to the ramp and raining punches down upon her.

HEATHER: I think Lycana came out here to stir the pot, but made a big mistake taking her eyes off of Alias!

PIP: I’m half expecting Marf to show up at any moment to even the odds.

HEATHER: He might be busy preparing for his first TV title defence later tonight.

Alias gets up and drags Lycana to her feet by her hair. She scratches at his arms and causes him to let go of her as she retreats further up the ramp.

The commotion outside distracts Betsy Granger. As she turns her head momentarily, Atara Themis strikes! She lashes out at Granger with a stiff elbow to the side of her head that rocks her. Like Alias, she attacks with more energy than she should have at this stage - a sign those two have more to give next time - as she rains in stiff elbows to Granger.

Granger fights back and pushes Themis back as she gets to her feet. She closes in on her foe, who suddenly rakes her eyes and distracts her once more. Themis scoops Granger up and slams her back down to the mat. Granger keeps coming as she pushes to her feet once more only for Granger to take her down with a snap suplex. Themis begins stomping away on Granger while back on the ramp, Alias hunts Lycana on her way back to the who meets him with a quick, stiff kick to the abdomen.

HEATHER: Alias’s exhaustion must be taking over.

Letting out a frustrated scream, Lycana takes over and drives a hard knee right into his jaw that sends him to the ground. She circles her already injured foe and crouches down in front of his face, hurling abuse at him. Quick as a cat, Alias lashes out and gozzles Lycana with his maimed, gloved hand. His hand around her throat, he wills himself to his feet. Slightly taller and with a bigger, stronger build, Alias begins forcing Lycana back up the ramp to the stage with his hand around her throat.

Low blow! Lycana swings her foot back and drives it right up into Alias’s crotch!

PIP: A cheap shot from Lycana! And here’s Marf!

As Alias drops to his knees on the stage, Marf hurtles out of the back to the aid of Lycana. The two begin laying in blows on Alias until he is laid out on the ramp. In the ring, Granger has fought her way back to her feet and blasts Themis with a superkick. Themis falls back to the ropes as Granger buys herself a second to recover. Snapping back to Themis, she shoots in and rockets Themis back to the corner with a front dropkick. Themis falls to the ground.

With Alias laid out on the stage, Marf drags him to his feet and bear hugs him, holding him still for Lycana to point a finger into his face, mouthing off with a smirk before hauling off and landing a ringing slap across his cheek.

HEATHER: I don’t think Lycana liked Alias interrupting her.

Marf falls backwards, letting Alias’ body fly over his head with a suplex. Lycana is there in an instant, airborne, bringing both of her knees crashing down onto Alias’ abdomen. To add insult to injury, she leans forward and plants a kiss on his reddened cheek, leaving a ruby colored lipstick print.

PIP: There’s so much going on right now that it’s getting hard to keep up with it all!

Marf gets a handful of Alias’ hair, nearly ripping it out by the roots as he forces him to his feet once more, only to land an uppercut to send him right off them again. Lycana steps a little ways back up the ramp to watch as Marf puts the boots to Alias. She cheers him on, jumping up and down and clapping her hands with glee as the big man scoops him up and holds him high in the air.


Then Lycana is down!

HEATHER: Shawn Wylde and a steel chair to the rescue!

And Shawn Wylde is rushing by her body swinging his chair again as Marf manages to get a boot up, stopping his forward momentum and sending him back a few paces as the chair goes flying.

But not for long, Wylde charges Marf, who lets Alias drop to the ramp with a thud, rushing forward to meet his rival. The two clash together in a flurry of flying fists, pummeling each other's flesh wherever they can land a blow. It quickly escalates into an all out brawl, neither giving an inch to the other as their battle takes them back up across the stage to disappear behind the curtain, where a loud crash is heard.

Back out in the arena, both Alias and Lycana are beginning to stir.

They each get to a knee.

Then to their feet.

Their eyes meet.

PIP: Marf’s out of the picture thanks to Shawn Wylde. It’s just Alias and Lycana!

HEATHER: And Betsy and Atara in the ring!

With a thrust to the throat, Themis takes control of Granger in the ring once more. Meanwhile, with a snarl from Lycana and a shout from Alias, they rush at each other, laying into one another with vicious closed fist punches. Lycana brings up a hard knee, connecting with Alias’ abdomen. She readies herself, then grabs his head and brings it down to meet another knee, knocking him backwards, holding his nose.

Lycana eyes him with a predatory gleam of victory in her eyes, her mouth curving into a triumphant smile as she stalks her prey.

As Lycana closes in, Alias suddenly lurches forward and shoves his hand down the throat of Lycana with the Eat The Left Hand mandible claw!

HEATHER: He’s got her! He’s making the de facto XWF Left Hand’s leader Eat The Left Hand!

Lycana tries to fight, but Alias is using all his energy to keep his hand in place. Slowly, Lycana’s fight begins to die down. Alias screams as the crowd roars!

PIP: Lycana’s out! She’s passed out!

He keeps his hand in far beyond the necessary length until finally letting go. With eyes wild, he screams again to the crowd who shower him with enthusiasm. Looking down upon Lycana’s body, he takes a couple of steps to the side…

And he pushes over the bust of Atara Themis given to King Doc right onto Lycana! The crowd groans at the impact as the statue completely shatters upon impact.

PIP: Oh no! Doc’s gift from Atara!

In the ring, Atara Themis sees this and loses her mind. That gives Betsy Granger an opening. Ich Muss Dich Brechen! Full Nelson Face Buster!

HEATHER: Atara’s down!

As Alias and Betsy Granger both stand tall, the crowd begins to quieten and Alias yells loud enough so that those in the cheap seats can still hear his voice loud and clear.

ALIAS: It’s been five months! Five months of war against The Left Hand. It’s time to finally put an end to this! You, Lycana, vs. me. Leap of Faith. X-Treme Championship!

PIP: Alias has just laid out a challenge for Leap of Faith!

HEATHER: He’s seeking to end this conflict with anyone who had ties to The Left Hand!

PIP: Would that do it though? They’re like cockroaches!

HEATHER: I have no idea!

Before any further discussion, trumpets blare from the side of the stage. Alias turns to the sound and sees King Doc standing in front of his throne. Chris Page is grinning next to him.

KING DOC: What a lovely idea for Leap of Faith, troubled one. If you make it there…

He motions to a nameless court herald, in full regalia, who takes the steps up in front of a microphone and unravels a scroll.

CRIER: Hear ye! Hear ye! By proclamation of the unbiased King Doc, the rogue known as Alias has been accused of desecrating the royal bust of Themis and as such, insulting the royal kingdom!

PIP: Wait, how did that scroll get prepared so quickly?

HEATHER: Don’t worry about it.

CRIER: He has been sentenced to trial by combat!

The crowd roars in approval.

PIP: What does that mean?

HEATHER: Shut up and listen!

CRIER: His trial will occur on Mayday, and will be held at Ye’ Ole’ Commune. As a champion in his own right, he will NOT have the right to elect a defendant to fight on his behalf.

PIP: That means Alias is defending at Mayday!

CRIER: And acting as the plaintiff, his opponent will be…

The crier stops to look at King Doc with a querying look. He clearly mouths ‘are you sure?’ Doc nods.

CRIER: His Royal Highness, King Doc himself!

The crowd explodes as Doc steps forward.

PIP: Oh my God! Alias’s 5th X-Treme title defence will be against…


The deafening sound continues to echo around the arena as Alias and King Doc stare each other down. The camera pans slowly to the side, Betsy Granger steps up beside Alias and picks up the shattered head of the Atara Themis statue. While Alias and Doc remain locked on each other, she tosses the head into the crowd and the show goes to a break.

As the crowd buzzes after the Xtreme Title Match, the XtremeTron switches to backstage, where Betsy Granger is seen standing out of King Doc D’Ville’s office. This creates a buzz of curiosity through the crowd as they remember just a match or so ago when she gave both King Doc and CCP the cold shoulder. This had not been her intention; though her main goal was to scout Atara and creep her way into the Grecian beauty’s head. A snicker escapes her lips as she pictures Alias destroying the ridiculous bust Atara had made of herself to present to Doc as a gift of fealty. Licking her suddenly dry lips, Betsy scolds herself silently for stalling and opens up the door wide. She sweeps her emerald eyes across the room, taking in the black desk and matching rolling chair. To the right, the patient’s couch and Doc’s large leather chair were propped up by the wall, begging to be used. A cabinet full of strange liquids to the left corner catches her eyes and she can feel her feet drag her towards it unbidden. Vials of all shapes and sizes, containing different liquids of various colors tempted her curiosity. Using only her index finger, she begins to turn the first vial to read the small label, when the smooth, silky voice of King Doc himself floats over to her from the doorway.

“I wondered when you would make your way here, Miss March Madness.”

Leaping nearly a mile into the air as her heart jumps into her throat, Betsy spins around quickly to find Doc standing stoically at the doorway, his hands behind his back. He’s watching her with a cold expression, giving away none of his inner thoughts. Closing the door with one casual flick of his wrist, the King of the XWF now sets hard eyes on the woman who has proclaimed herself Miss March Madness. Nodding, Betsy steps forward, closing the gap between her and Doc just a bit more.

“Of course I would… I couldn’t leave here tonight without a chat from the His Majesty.” Even though she attempts to hide it, sarcasm drips lightly from her tongue at the last words.

This earns her another menacing look from Doc. “You acted with impunity and defiance towards your gracious ruler, Miss Granger. You refused to bend the knee, sat with me uninvited, and aided in the destruction of priceless gifts. Enlighten me as to why I should entertain an audience with you at all?” As he was speaking, he had taken a few short steps towards her; they now stood face to face in the center of his office.

All of time and space itself seemed to stop around them as an intense staredown commences. Betsy ponders her next words carefully, knowing that this would be the only chance she’d have to make her pitch. Taking a deep breath, she holds Doc’s intense gaze and makes her case in a husky voice. “You know by now that there are those around here who are going to mindlessly flock to you for a chance at something they believe you can give them. Many of these cretins are going to offer up meaningless tokens in an attempt to kiss your ass to further their own agendas. In their mind’s eye, he or she who holds the favor of the king holds some of the power he possesses. Damnable fools that they are,” For the briefest of moments, Betsy could swear she saw a flicker of interest cross Doc’s face. She hurries on while she has his full attention. “Anyone with no free will or someone with ulterior motives would bend the knee and acknowledge the influence you have over this place. I, however, am not one of those types; pouring over books about palace intrigue as a teen has educated me to quite a few interesting things. For example,” she begins, turning slightly away from Doc, though still watching his reaction from under her eyelashes. “It’s obvious to anyone who pays attention that the true power has never rested with the figurehead. Oh sure, a king may be built up to believe he gets the final say on the law of the land; but anyone who studies knows that true power has always rested behind the throne.”

Doc shifts visibly now, his face as dark as midnight. “Is that a challenge, Miss Granger?”

“Of course not; there is a lot of nobles in a royal court that would happily allow their king to believe he holds all the power. It’s the way they are able to influence him into thinking THEIR decisions are his. History has shown how easy it’s always been to manipulate a king.” Doc stalks closer to her; nerves attack her, but Betsy stands her ground. “But you are no ordinary king, and I am no ordinary lady in your court. I’m not here to rock the boat, your grace; you earned your way to the title of King fair and square. Mind you, if I hadn’t just come off of a ladder match, who knows how differently things could have gone? But I digress,” Betsy says hurriedly as Doc’s lip curls into a snarl. “I’ve come with an offer because unlike kings of old, you possess a certain power within yourself that… Well, quite frankly, I’m in desperate need of.”

The tension between them is thick enough to cut with a butcher’s knife; Doc’s face is now inches from Betsy’s as he beards down on her mercilessly. “You act defiantly towards me, refuse to bend the knee, offer me no pretty words or invaluable trinkets to prove your fealty... Then ask for my help.” Despite himself, Doc chuckles mirthlessly. “You truly are as foolish as you are mad. Why should I help you at all?” Reaching into her pocket, Betsy pulls out something small enough to hide within the palm of her hand. A silver chain slips from between her fingers, revealing a small, peacock blue stone. Holding it up in between their faces, she lets it dangle for a moment before waving it temptingly back and forth. Doc’s eyes follow it in confusion for a moment before narrowing towards her. “What use do I have for a stone?”

“Not all things are as they appear; it’s why I need your help. There’s something trapped inside of me, something trying to claw its way out. Memories have been repressed by outside forces and I’d like to see what’s been kept from me. There’s a block I haven’t been able to break through… I was led to believe that you have a certain way of helping people… Open their minds, so to speak.” The way Doc D’Ville looks at her when she says this sends a wave of ice-cold fear through her. She continues on anyway, swinging the stone absently-mindedly as she does. “This stone is also much more than it appears, but why spoil the mystery so soon? In return for your help in unlocking these trapped memories, I’ll give you one of these stones to mark you as an ally… And I’ll gladly bend the knee, as I’ll know that it’s to a king worthy of the gesture.”

“A wiser noble lady would have bent the knee without question, then beseeched her king for his help." Doc’s eyebrow lifts as intrigue sets in; he tilts his head as if seeing her in a new light. “Fortunately for you, Miss Granger, this unbiased, merciful king will grant you the request you’ve put before him. In return for your unyielding loyalty and devotion to my reign, I will help you discover whatever it is you wish to know. But be warned, Miss Granger,” his face darkens as he takes Betsy’s hand and pulls her closer. “Certain events are repressed for a reason; you may not like what you discover.” His voice is a hissing whisper now in her ear. “And if you try to betray me or back out on this arrangement… The consequences will be dire.”

Nodding her understanding, Betsy and Doc shake on their deal firmly. Her nerves finally break through the damn she’d had them locked behind and she begins to giggle nervously. “So… When should I book my first appointment?”

“There’s no time like the present…” Doc replies with a menacing smile, bearing down on a wide-eyed Betsy as the camera fades to the XWF Logo.

HHL: We are back folks and it is TIIIIIIME!!!

Pip: Time for what?

HH: You know what! The MAIN EVENT!!

Michael Buffer stands in the middle of the ring to an incredible applause from the crowd as the challenger’s music plays.

Clint Fatwood makes his way to the ring as he celebrates with fans along the way.

Lights in the Sky hits as the fans begin to boo. Marf makes his way out onto the stage, looking around at the audience and shaking his head in disgust. He marches to the ring while the crowd continues to boo and insult him, but it doesn't bother him as he holds his newly won Television Championship high over his head. Marf rolls into the ring and goes to a corner, climbing up and then flipping off the crowd for more heat. The two competitors stand in their designated corners as Mr. Buffer centers himself between them.

MB: Ladies and gentlemen! IT’S TIME FOR THE MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!! This match is scheduled for one fall, has a fifteen-minute time limit, and is for… the XWF TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!! Introducing first, the challenger!!

From Loving County, Texas! Weighing in at 340 pounds…. Clint Fatwood!

Clint takes a step forward and holds his arms above his head to a good reception from the crowd.

HHL: I will say, Clint Fatwood hasn’t had much time here in the XWF, but here he is getting a chance at some gold!

MB: And his opponent…. From Canada Land, weighing 225 pounds… He is the XWF Television Champion!!! MARF!!!

The two lock eyes as the official for the match shows the title to the challenger and to the crowd.

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]


Clint Fatwood
- vs -
Marf ©
15 Minute Time Limit - Television Title

The bell rings and the Main Event is underway!


Pip: Marf is coming off a hot victory at March Madness where he defeated a tournament finalist in Demos!

HHL: He made him quit, Pip!

Pip: Taking down Demos is nothing to sneeze at folks! Marf is going to put his skills to the test coming to Savage as a fighting champion!

Marf raises his left hand to pledge his allegiance, but he is interrupted by a kick to the midsection by Fatwood!

Clint follows up with several forearm blows to the back of the champion attempting to wear him down before Irish whipping him across the ring! Marf bounces off the ropes and ducks below a clothesline! He bounces off the opposite side and meets Fatwood in the middle of the ring, both with shoulder blocks! The size of Clint knocks Marf to the ground as he bounces off of him! Marf quickly rolls out of the ring before the challenger could capitalize. A shower of boos follows Marf as he slowly walks around the ring, calculating his reentry.

HHL: Smart move by the champion! Gain your bearings, Marf!



Pip: He better gain them quick! The official isn’t hesitating to count out the champion in this contest!

Marf hops up on the apron and carefully steps back through the ropes. Fatwood allows the champion entry without rushing him and the two go back to circling the ring. The tie-up in the middle and Clint forces Marf into the corner before the referee gets between them. Marf reaches out past the official and sticks a thumb into Fatwood’s eye causing the challenger to stumble back! The official must’ve noticed something and warned Marf, but according to the champion he did nothing!


Marf grabs a hold of Fatwood by the head and throws him an elbow. Clint eats it and asks for another! Marf throws him another elbow, but Clint throws one up and down on top of Marf’s head! Marf staggers back! The champ marches forward and Clint throws another! THEN ANOTHER! Clint winds up and Marf dodges the last one! He bounces off the ropes and ducks a clothesline! Bounces again and shoulder charges Fatwood and bounces from it like a brick wall!

HHL: OH! Fatwood outweighs the champ by at least one hundred pounds! I don’t think Marf is going to---

Marf bounces off the ropes again and throws another shoulder into Clint Fatwood’s shoulder! He bounces from it again and bounces from the ropes again with ANOTHER shoulder! Fatwood laughs out loud, but the champion doesn’t take it lightly! He charges the opposite ropes and bounces from them more aggressively than before and dives towards the challenger! Fatwood’s eyes grow huge and he puts his shoulder forward but is forced to catch his balance after Marf’s impact!

Pip: The champ is rallying!

Marf is straight back to his feet, he takes another bounce off the ropes and hits the big man with another big shoulder block! Clint Fatwood falls back and hangs his arm over the top rope, Marf is already back to his feet and dives over the top taking Fatwood to the outside with him!

HHL: Oh no! The two land outside on the floor!

Pip: This has basically just been a back and forth of strength so far fans! Clint Fatwood using his size and Marf, the new Television Champion, using his momentum!

Marf is the first to his feet and grabs Fatwood by the head and smashes it off the barricade! He drags him along further and throws the big man against the ring steps before stepping up onto them and leaping off with an elbow onto Fatwood’s knee! The official in the ring has finally begun counting them out!





Marf pulls Fatwood from the ring steps and tries shoving him into the ring, but can’t. So, he crawls into the ring himself then back out to reset the count.


Marf grabs Fatwood by the head again, but the challenger was playing possum! He throws a quick jab to the jaw of the champion, followed by another, then another! He grabs Marf, throws him onto the apron, and follows him in. Marf gets right back to his feet and attacks Fatwood in the corner with a barrage of fists! Fatwood pushes him off and shoves Marf across the ring, but the champ charges back but is met with a clothesline! Marf hits his back! A cover!!


Marf kicks out almost immediately! He is brought back to his feet by the challenger and shoved into the corner. Fatwood pulls back and chops at the chest of Marf!


Followed by another!


Then another! And another!

Whoo! Whoo!

Fatwood lifts up Marf and seats him on the top rope. He follows him up and lifts the champion off with a superplex! The two land flat on their backs in the middle of the ring!


Fatwood crawls over top of Marf for the cover!

Pip: For the title!




HHL: It’s going to take more than that from Clint Fatwood to take down the new champion!

Clint stands up and runs his thumb across his throat signalling for the end!

Pip: Uh, oh! It looks like Fatwood is going to put Marf away!

Fatwood positions Marf and sets him up for “Down Whiskey River!”, the inverted front powerslam!

HHL: If Clint can hit this move it’s lights out for Marf and we’ll have ourselves a new champion!

Fatwood lifts Marf up on his shoulders and he yells:




Pip: WOW! What a show of strength by Marf! How did he get the huge man around?!

Marf rolls over top the challenger right after Fatwood’s head spiked off the mat!




HHL: It’s over!!

Pip: Marf picks up the win in his first title defense!


Following the match, Fatwood and Marf, both looking exhausted and spent from what they underwent in their battle for the Television Championship, stand. The crowd cheers on both men for the vaunted efforts they displayed. At that moment, You’re Dead starts to play throughout the arena.

Thunder Knuckles confidently struts down to the ring, grinning, holding both tag team championship belts as the crowd eggs on both Fatwood and Marf.


Both Fatwood and Marf, weary and worn, look to take some defense against the inevitable violence headed their way. The look of uneager readiness in the eyes of both men sets in as they, in their beleaguered state, stand at the maw of oblivion itself. Oblivion is sudden. Bobby Bourbon slides into the ring from out of nowhere and annihilates both men with a clothesline. The crowd roars in approval as TK hits the ring, hands Bobby his title belt, and then starts to stomp on the exhausted bodies of Fatwood and Marf.

This is sick! Why are Them No Good Bastards attacking these two gladiators after they gave everything they had in front of this crowd?

Because they’re No Good Bastards!

Following the call of the night, Bobby and TK each produce microphones. Marf and Fatwood, both men absolutely done after an exciting, but ultimately, tragic evening, somehow ooze their way out of the ring and proliferate the floor surrounding it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, for the thousands in attendance and the billions watching around the universe, on behalf of the entire Xtreme Wrestling Federation, we No Good Bastards, your Tag Team Champions, are here. Now, we heard about how there was some turmoil in the XWF about who was supposed to challenge us for the Tag Titles now that we’ve dusted off Continuum. Looks like that little experiment fizzled out, bet it looked great on paper, too bad the Relentless Legend and the Human Tsunami that I be weren’t in the original draft of that there equation. Welp, that didn’t really conflict me or TK at all, we just took the fucking Tag Team division by storm, to the point that hey, WE ARE THE TAG TEAM DIVISION NOW!

So, to whomever is signing our checks this week, and we get it, the revolving door in the front office makes things hard to track, so we’ll stay consistent for you, whoever you want to line up in front of us?

Bobby gestures towards the floor at both Marf and Fatwood.

See, these guys are just getting a sampling. TK, take it over, I’m getting fucking…

Bobby looks down and notices the Television Championship belt on the outside.

That shit. Hold on.

Bobby slides out of the ring as TK laughs. Bobby lays a boot into the side of Marf for good measure on his way to the Television Championship belt.

What is Bobby thinking?

The Television Title is a championship Bourbon has never held!

Bobby walks over and looks under the ring. He pulls out a towel. He then walks and drapes the towel over the Television Title.

Look, you can outshine the Universal and Xtreme championships all you want with that little toy, but when the real champs are out, put the fucking tinsel away you’re embarrassing yourself.

The crowd boos heartily at this.

Bobby Bourbon has just disrespected the Television Championship, the very institution of Saturday Savage itself!

Bobby runs and delivers a knee to Marf, who had shown signs of stirring to life. He then returns to the ring as TK panders to members of the crowd. A woman flashes TK causing a huge commotion. Bobby laughs and rolls his eyes.

That’s right, nobody is flashing titty meat for Fatwood or fucking Marf. TK, when you held that belt it meant something, now the entire division is in the gutter because you had to be the shining sun to my beaming moon of the Tag Team Division.

Folks, and all due respect to Chris, love you bro, I’m cool playing pawn for now, eventually when I hit the eighth square it’ll be checkmate for somebody, and Alias, you’re a helluva competitor, but people, the champs are officially here on Saturday Night Savage. Break out the fine china, we’re serving up prime choice cuts, no reason to sully the palate with whatever dish I just put away for now.

TK, say stuff that makes this all mean something or something. I’m getting pissed!

Bobby leaves the ring after dropping his microphone and picks up Fatwood. He hoists him on high, and then levels him with a Bobbybomb. TK laughs and looks into the hard camera.

He’s fucking right Savage has gone fuckin down hill since Ol’ Thunder Knuckles left to tag up with Bobby mother fucking Bourbon. You had a Champion barely defended. That’s okay because im fucking back. It’s just too fucking bad your champion is still a goddamn bum. BOB has conquered the World and the Universe. We’re causing complete Anarchy and soon we’ll be plastered all over your goddamn Televisions, mark my words mother fuckers, we’re taking it all!

Thunder Knuckles smirks as Bobby Bourbon rolls Marf into the ring.

Every goddamn Tag Team in fucking Turmoil has to watch out for us! Not the other fucking way around. All we gotta do is kick the shit out of the white bread CentRuben sandwich. Just so happens my partner lovers fucking Rubens and he’s fucking hungry. Just look at him feasting on your fucking Champion of Saturday night.

Thunder Knuckles gives a thumbs up, winks, and waggling with his thumb up and down, as if he is waving with it. This cue’s Bobby Bourbon to lift Marf up vertically. At that moment Thunder Knuckles takes off running, climbs to the top rope in one fluid motion, and jumps off to snatch Marf’s ankle in mid air to land…


Both Bobby and TK look very intense following the maneuver, as though they both know the devastation they unleashed. Both men stand in the ring.

Centurion? Ruby? Marf? Fatwood? Eobard?

Eobard… The fuck kinda name is that?

I don’t know, I do the fun kind of drugs, not the shit ones that make you name a kid Eobard. Look, it doesn’t matter how stupid their names are, the office can line up whoever they want, call in whatever name they think they got.

Names are cute.

On paper. That’s where they’re most valuable. In the real world most of us are generally gestured towards and given basic rudimentary titles like ‘sir’ or ‘buddy’ or maybe occasionally a ‘mac’ from some asshole, oh and ‘asshole’ is a title too, I would say a majority of the time, I am not referred to by my actual, and let’s face it, awesome sounding name.

But the ones who know it scream it, and they call for Thunder Knuckles too, and they want the two riders to blaze the way while we blaze it up.

The only name that matters right now in all of tag team wrestling, ladies and gentlemen, is…





Bobby tosses his microphone down onto the mat.

Pip: "The Tag Team Champions leave Savage by making a major statement, Heather! All teams in Tag Team Turmoil, heck even the ones that aren't, have been put on notice!"

HHL: "The No Good Bastards have proven they can win the belts, but can they hang onto them? This Warfare, we'll find out who will be challenging the champs at Leap of Faith, so be sure to tune in!"

Pip: "We're all out of time folks! Thanks again and see you next time!"

The XWF watermark pops up on the screen as TNGB looks strong in the ring.

Special Thanks goes to:

Big D
Jenny Myst
Corey Smith
Doc D'ville
Vinnie Lane
Segment Submitterers
and anyone else I missed that helped throw this show together. Sorry for the delay, as we know, shit happens.

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04-19-2021 03:59 AM

"No doubt that a member of BOB would win by slapping things and running around like a headless chicken. Enter the age of Avalanche."

Dean Rose:
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04-19-2021 04:25 AM

Bye-Bye Demos.

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04-19-2021 05:15 AM

That was a great show.

That was a great show.

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04-19-2021 05:27 AM

No doubt Sky Edwards made me dig deep and pushed me to put out better work. Facing him was motivation to shake off the rust after years of inactivity. I tip my hat to that man. Pleasure doing business with you, and I can see a bright future for you in the XWF.

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04-19-2021 05:55 AM

Ash is coming back y’all !! Great show all around someone needs to kick the hackers ass

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04-19-2021 06:40 AM

"Hey Louis..."


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04-19-2021 07:18 AM

Helluva show folks!

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04-19-2021 09:44 AM

Amazing show!

Solid effort from Demos and Page in that Uni match, King Doc can Alias! Yes please!

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Post: #10
04-19-2021 09:51 AM

Just remember Doc, I'm referee for that match. No funny business! I'm not afraid to disqualify a king for use of supernatural abilities, spells, incantations, whatnot.

Fair warning!

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04-19-2021 10:33 AM

(04-19-2021 09:51 AM)Corey Smith Said:  Just remember Doc, I'm referee for that match. No funny business! I'm not afraid to disqualify a king for use of supernatural abilities, spells, incantations, whatnot.

Fair warning!

Whatever you say, weirdo. Not sure how you're going to disqualify anyone in an XTREME RULES NO DISQUALIFICATIONS MATCH. But tell me how you really feel.

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04-19-2021 11:42 AM

(04-19-2021 10:33 AM)King Doc Said:  [quote='Corey Smith' pid='166032' dateline='1618851085']
Just remember Doc, I'm referee for that match. No funny business! I'm not afraid to disqualify a king for use of supernatural abilities, spells, incantations, whatnot.

Fair warning!

Whatever you say, weirdo. Not sure how you're going to disqualify anyone in an XTREME RULES NO DISQUALIFICATIONS MATCH. But tell me how you really feel.

Magic and or infernal powers are banned in Coreytopia. It says so on the sign I just made!

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04-19-2021 12:35 PM

Womp womp woooooooomp

Fuck those people trying to attack the site. Great job getting it up despite the obstacles!

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