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Wednesday Night Warfare - 3/17/21 - Results
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03-17-2021, 03:43 PM



From !!!

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSr09j_gckTCHI1ncVZXDm...g&usqp=CAU]


Backstage, Vinnie Lane is hanging around the Palacio Veldromo, as one does sometimes in the middle of the week.

As he makes the rounds on his Segway, sucking down a sour apple Slurpee through a crazy straw, he happens to see Marf minding his own business and possibly eating some Laffy Taffy. It LOOKS like Laffy Taffy, but it could be Airheads or something else like that. He just walked away from a vending machine, so really there possibilities are endless. It could even be Fruit by the Foot! They still make that, right? Whatever.

Anyway, Vinnie sees Marf, and he knows it's the moment he's been waiting for... this is it. His time to shine. It's been YEARS since he pulled one of these off, but after watching Charlie and Marf for the past few weeks it's obvious that things are BACK IN VOGUE, BABY!

"Heh. Vogue."

Vinnie does the Vogue dance, momentarily forgetting what he was doing. Then he remembers. Marf! Backstage! Minding his own beeswax! This is PERFECT. Vinnie quits Vogueing, even though the song is definitely stuck in his head now...


And he Segways down into a little side hallway where he hinds behind a large potted plant. He crouches, tightening his bandanna in anticipation of his first successful backstage attack in like five years. He knows it is going to be BITCHIN'. He's so stoked to go back to the office and tell Dave and Johnny about it. Maybe Rox too, but she won't care. She's always so busy on Candy Crush or talking over apps to her friends. Well, not friends I guess. Vinnie shrugs. Roxy swears they are "only fans."

Oh crud, Marf walks really fast! Vinnie spaced out and almost missed his chance! But here he is!

"Hey Marf dude!"

Vinnie jumps out, and Marf turns around.

"Nice candy... NOT!"

Vinnie laughs uproariously over this sick burn then grabs the potted plant and swings it at Marf... who dodges easily.

"WHOA! WHooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

The weight of the potted plant sends Vinnie spiralling off balance and out of control! Vinnie stumbles all the way across the hallways where an escalator is purring along, doing escalator stuff, bringing folks up a level above. Vinnie trips on the landing and falls right down the escalator, bouncing off of every step on the way!







This takes WAY longer than it should, since it's an UP escalator. You'd think there would be some entropy at play here, but Vin seems to have found the secret of perpetual motion as he just keeps flopping over ad bouncing on his head as more and more steps slide out from the escalator floor.







By now a crowd has started to form. Fans and crew members and other XWF performers are all watching Vinnie somersault in perpetuity, most of them reording it for the Gram or on their TipTops or whatever Rox calls it.

After a solid five minutes, Vinnie finally crumples in a heap down at the bottom of the escalator. About two seconds later the potted plant crashes onto his face. Everyone thinks this is hilarious, especially Demos who was probably just about to go up the escalator to get some Laffy Taffy.

"This is YOUR fault, dude!"

Demos looks confused, but then Vinnie punches him in the shoulder... HARD!

"Yeah, that oughtta shut him up... hey wait! I did it! A smooth, successful backstage attack! Looks like the old guy's still got a few moves!"

Vinnie grins from ear to ear as Demos rubs his shoulder muscle, because Vinnie definitely laid that one in there. There's gonna be a knot, for sure. Vinnie 1, Demos ZERO, my friends. Ha. Got em!

"So totally did get 'im."

Vinnie turns and heads for what he thinks is an autoatic door, walking directly into it and falling over into a decorative fountain made as a copy of one of the works of Gian Bernini. He sits there grimacing while all the cell phones come out again.


The lights in the arena all turn purple and start to flash as the opening chords of ‘Demons’ by Icon for Hire cues on the loudspeakers. Ash walks out onto the stage, crouched, her eyes sweeping the crowd as the smoke swirls around her. She hops up and runs down the ramp and slides under the bottom rope, leaping to her feet and jumping onto a turnbuckle. She pumps her fist to the beat before her music starts to fade, and she turns around to sit on the top turnbuckle, watching the top of the ramp.

‘Too Much’ by the Spice Girls kicks on, blaring through the arena as Melanie ‘Crayzee’ Childs steps out onto the stage. She tilts her head and smiles at Ash, as she skips down the ramp in time to the music, Antony the Jerk following behind. She jumps up on the ring apron and turns around, laughing out at the crowd.

She steps through the ropes, still giggling as Ash watches with disgust on her face from her perch in the corner. Antony remains outside the ring, prowling the outside as Ash slips down and hops in place waiting for the bell to ring.

Pip: Ash Quinn looking to get some revenge on the Misfits after they taunted her so long ago.

HHL: She faced the Huntress on Anarchy and lost, let's see how she fairs against Melanie ‘Crayzee’ Childs tonight.


- vs -

The two women step towards each other, meeting in the middle of the ring to trash talk one another, Ash leans in, her mouth going a mile a minute when she is rocked back by a slap to the cheek by Crayzee. She lifts her hand to her face as she nods slowly, eyes on Melanie’s smug expression. Ash rushes her, slamming forearms to Crayzee’s head as she tries to cover up, falling back under the assault.

Ash gets a good grip on Mel’s short hair and runs with her across the ring, plowing her face into the top turnbuckle but she doesn’t let go. She hangs, on leading her to another corner to do the same thing. Again, she pulls her along, heading for the third corner driving her face hard into it, letting go this time as Melanie stumbles backwards. Ash slides through the ropes, climbing up top but Melanie is up, she grabs Ash’s leg and knocks her down off the corner.

Ash nimbly lands on the apron, keeping her feet under her. A hard right hook from Melanie misses as Ash ducks. Ash swings her leg high, kicking Crayzee in the head over the top rope as she falls back, clutching her nose. Ash pops up to the top rope looking to springboard off, but Melanie turns around, grabbing her by the hair and sending her flipping over her onto the mat. She leaps on top of Ash and starts pounding away at her head with sharp rights and lefts, as Ash tries to block off the attack.

A quick hook of the leg by Crayzee!


Ash kicks out immediately.

Pip: Ash not ready to go down that fast!

HHL: Childs is going to have to work a lot harder than that.

Melanie gets up, bringing Ash with her. She slams Ash’s face into the corner turnbuckle, paying her back for what she had done earlier. She pushes her back in and starts laying her boots into Ash’s ribs. Mel lays her boot to Ash’s throat and applies the pressure until the ref yells at her to back off. She complies, dragging Ash to hang her on the middle rope. She leans a knee on the back of her neck, throttling her once more until the ref pushes her away.

She complies again, but gets a running start, jumping on the back of Ash Quinn with both knees as she is hung up on the ropes. She bounces up and down, drawing the ire of the ref once more. She prances to the middle of the ring with her arms up as the red admonishes her. Antony, taking advantage of the official’s distraction, grabs Ash’s hair, pulling down to choke her once more. He lets go and quickly moves away, feigning innocence. Ash rolls onto the mat, holding her throat.

Melanie quickly covers again.



Kickout by Ash!

Pip: Ash not staying down tonight!

Annoyed now, Melanie pulls Ash to her feet and goes to plant her face into the corner once more, but Ash’s leg comes up, stopping her momentum. She throws a hard back elbow to the face of Crayzee Childs. She whirls around and capitalizes, grabbing her about the head for a running bulldog. She goes behind with a rear choke to Melanie. She wrenches, holding on tight as Melanie battles to get to her feet. Mel jabs her elbow into Ash’s gut, loosening her hold. She follows that with a hip toss sending Ash sliding across the mat.

As Ash gets to her feet, Crayzee runs at her, but Ash sees her coming and back elbows her as she plows right into it with a head full of steam. She stumbles back, going to a knee for a second as Ash starting stepping backwards up the corner. Mel comes again, eating a boot to the face this time as Ash kicks her back. Mel turns back around to a diving crossbody off the top by Ash!

Both women get up quickly and Ash throws a leg, but Melanie catches it. Ash hops for a second before spinning in the air, bringing her other foot up to connect solidly with Mel’s head and both hit the mat. Ash is up first, but Mel crawls quickly over to the ropes, starting to drag herself up as Antony talks to her from the outside. Ash comes flying in the 619 hitting both of them! She jumps on top of Melanie for the pin.



3.... NO! Kickout but Crayzee Childs!!!

HHL: Close one but Melanie gets the shoulder up!

Ash argues with the ref a little before pulling Melanie to her feet. She met by a rake to the eyes. Both step back. Mel runs at Ash and swings, but Ash ducks. Mel keeps running and bounces off the ropes as Ash does the same on the other side. They charge at one another, Mel leaping into the air to connect with a flying back elbow. Both pop up, and Mel repeats the move. Again both are up to their feet Melanie grabs Ash and tries to send her into the corner, but she reverses, sending Crayzee there instead.

Ash runs in and eats a face full of sole as Mel gets both boots up in time. Ash goes down and Mel brings her knee up solidly into Ash’s face. She whips Ash into the corner, where she crouches. Mel rushes in and Ash rises, sending her over the top rope, but she lands just right. Ash turns to grab her, but Mel throws a shoulder between the ropes knocking her back long enough to climb to the top. She dives with a leaping clothesline, taking Ash out. She rolls over her looking for the win.



Pip: NO!!! Ash again not giving in!

HHL: She is showing a lot of her old spirit in this one Pip!

Ash kicks out again, leaving Melanie to slam her hands on the mat with anger. She goes to the corner to climb once more, but Ash grabs her leg. Mel tries to shake her off as Ash hangs on. Mel spins and tries to kick her, but Ash dodges it, pulling her other foot out from under her, putting Mel on her back. Both scramble to their feet as Mel advances on Ash. She ducks between the ropes as Mel grabs her, the ref getting between them forcing her to let go of Ash.

Ash quickly turns around as Mel is being backed up and throws a forearm to her face. She grabs the back of Mel’s head and drives her face down into her lifted knee. She tucks her head under her arm, and plants Mel with a face plant. She staggers to her feet, looking down at Melanie with a look of annoyance. She glares over at Antony, pointing at him before jumping straight into the air, dropping both knees into the stomach of Crayzee Childs.

She tumblesaults and gets to her feet on the other side of Mel, doing a back handspring to drive her knees into Mel’s guts once more. Mel tries to rolls away and Ash drags her back, slamming her fist into her head multiple times. She stands up and drags Melanie’s body closer to the corner before she begins her ascent to the top. She gets to her feet and is about to leap off when the X-Tron crackles to life, drawing her attention.

As the Left Hand logo appears, she bares her teeth and slides down warily looking around the arena to see where they would be coming from. For a long moment, nothing happens, then the image shifts and is replaced by Lycana’s cheerful face. Ash’s expression turns thunderous.

Lycana: Hey Ash! Have you been missing me?

Ash looks furious as she glares at the screen.

Lycana: I know you’re probably wondering why we didn’t come out to play with you like we’ve been doing. I figured we would be nice and let you off the hook this week... No, no truly! I have no desire to come out there right now. Consider this a very short reprieve if you will. But I didn’t want you to forget about me, so I thought we could have a nice chat about the pay per view!

I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am! Just think of all the fun we get to have! I hope you plan on bringing a little something special to the ring with you. You’re going to need it... because you see, I have no intentions of letting you walk away from this match of your own volition. No, you will need to be wheeled out when I'm through with you.

This has been a long time coming, and now there will be no Betsy to get in between us. No Left Handers to share you with... Marf sends his regards by the way. No, I get to be greedy and have little Ashley Quinn all to myself...

Her voice trails off as her eyes focus on something off camera. Ash comes to the ropes and leans on them, narrowing her eyes as Lycana’s gaze is brought back to the camera, an unusual look on her face, one of expectation.

Lycana: Sorry, I seem to have some other pressing business to attend to... As I was saying, you won't have to worry about me in the ring until the 28th, you’re free from me tonight! But not him...

The screen abruptly shuts off as Ash spins around to see Melanie about to her feet on the be taken off of them again as Ethos plows right over her like a freight train, flinging her up and over like she wasn’t even standing there to begin with. Ash steps to meet him with a swing, but he ducks under and grabs her up, lifting her high in the air before suplexing her back onto an unfortunate Melanie.

The ref calls for the bell, only to be grabbed up and thrown out of the ring, where he hits the floor with a thud. Antony the Jerk hops onto the apron, yelling to Melanie to hurry up and get out before he meets the same face, going flying as Ethos smashes into him full force. He turns his attention back to the two girls, starting with Crayzee Childs. Ethos picks her up, and tosses her over the top rope at her manager before looking back at Ash who is climbing to her feet.

She turns around to meet a clothesline as she tumbles from the ring like the other three before her had, leaving Ethos standing alone to a chorus of boos.


Pip: Double DQ thanks to Ethos...

HHL: Ash got off rather light tonight compared to usual.

Pip: I’m sure she’s grateful... let's get to the next match.

HHL: Wait... what's this?

We suddenly go live in the parking garage of the Palacio Veldromo Luis Puig, where Jim ‘the Jim’ Jimson is whistling a sprightly tune as he makes his way through the cars towards the entry to the arena. His bald dome fairly glows under the overhead lights as he cuts through the cars to cut his walking time down. As he makes his way between two cars, a figure steps in front of him. He slows, looking up to spy a familiar blue haired vixen blocking his way.

Pip: Oh no...

He offers up a grin to Lycana.

Jim: Ope, gotta sneak past ya to go request my vacation time!

He presses his back against one of the cars as he tries to sidle on by her. She stares at him with a disbelieving look on her face, a soft giggle emerging as she steps out of the way. This brings another smile to his face as he turns to face her, curious as to what made her laugh.

Her chuckle comes once more as the door of one of the cars opens behind Jim, and a hulking figure emerges to tower over him. The slam of the door makes him jump, and he spins around to stare directly into a solid wall of muscular chest. He looks up, his head tilting slowly back until he meets the bold blue eyes of Marf. A slow smirk creeps across his face as Jim’s smile wavers nervously.

Jim: Ah... Hiya big guy.

He produces a set of bloody dolphin fins out of nowhere and holds them out to the big man who swats them out of his hand. Jim cries out with horror as they hit the ground with a light splat noise. He drops to his knees and gathers them back up as The Dissentients stand on either side of him watching. They look up at the same time, their eyes meeting and locking over Jim’s kneeling body.

Jim looks up to scold Marf about his actions, but without a single word, gets a close up introduction to the bottom of Marf’s boot instead. He falls backwards onto his ass, hands coming up to hold his nose. He scuttles backwards but bumps into the legs of Lycana, he looks up as she looks down at him. She wiggles her fingers and unable to help himself, he raises his hand and responds in kind.

Her hand closes into a fist, and his little wave dies a slow death as she drops to her knees, driving that fist into his face directly into his already hurting nose. He makes a small noise and rolls, trying to crawl away under a car. Marf grabs ahold of his leg, and drags him across the pavement and out away from the parking spaces. Jim kicks at him, but Marf ignores the ones that land entirely. Lycana comes skipping along after them, watching her partner work.

Marf reaches down and closes his fingers around Jim’s throat and lifts him, clawing and gagging to his feet. He holds Jim out at arms length and stares at him.

Marf: Did you think that you were going to be able to escape us after what you pulled on the last Warfare? Did you really think that we wouldn't make you pay for your part? That we would just let that shit slide Jim?

Jim makes some sort of indecipherable noise, waving his hands like he is trying to offer up some sort of explanation.

Marf: What's that Jim? I’m squeezing your neck too hard? You can't talk? You can't breathe?

Jim tries to nod best he can, pleased that Marf understood.

Marf: Here you go!

He lifts Jim high in the air, then slams him down onto the hard surface of the parking garage in a hellacious chokeslam. Jim arches sharply, his hand going to his back as he writhes in pain. Marf wastes no time in yanking him back up, connecting with a hard right hook, sending him stumbling over to Lycana who gladly takes her turn, putting hard jabs randomly from Jim’s face to his ribs and abdomen, not giving him a chance to cover up as she backs him up against a pick up truck. She takes a step back and levels her boot into his throat, throttling him for an extended period of time before she relents, and he slumps to the ground, legs splayed, his back against the tire.

He doesn't have much time to rest though, Lycana comes skidding across the asphalt -probably putting holes in her jeans- to connect with a baseball slide to Jim’s jewels. He makes an awful high pitched squeal and keels over, curling into a ball.

A large hand spans across the back of his head, squeezing hard as it lifts a whimpering Jim back to his feet. He turns Jim to look at him. As a sinister smile lights Marf’s face, Jim’s eyes widen. Marf starts smashing Jim’s face repeatedly into the edge of the truck's bed, relentlessly drilling it into the metal over and over until it is reduced to a bloody mess.

He lets go of the back of Jim’s head, grabbing him by the arm, pulling him back then sending him rocketing into the side of an atrocious bright pink Hummer H2 complete with magenta rims. Jim leaves a dent in the side of the vehicle before falling to the floor once more. Marf is on him within moments, pushing him against the Hummer and throwing punches.

Pip: That's Vinnie Lane’s H2!

Lycana steps in front of the camera as the violence rages on behind her.

Lycana: Oh hey Demos! You didn't want to bring us your little friend here tonight, but don't worry, we are taking care of it so you don't have to concern yourself about partnering with him again!

She glances over her shoulder.

Lycana: Err, possibly ever again… One less thing for you to worry about right? You should really be thanking us for doing you the favor. Or… did you think that you had distracted us by pairing with Reggie and Neddy?

Jim’s body goes flying through the air behind Lycana as she pauses to look to the side where it disappeared off camera, Marf stalking after him with blood splattered all over the front of him. Lycana shrugs and looks back at the camera.

Lycana: Oh dear… Perhaps you should have warned Jimmy what happens when you mess with Marf, The Dissentients or the Left Hand! Guess he’s learning that now!

She is distracted as Marf slams Jim onto the hood of the Hummer, before climbing onto it right along with him. He gets Jim to his feet and tucks his head between his knees before lifting him up and powerbombing him right through the windshield of the Hummer. The glass gives way, ripping into Jim’s skin. Marf yanks him right back out, as the pieces of glass scatter with small tinkling noises.

He shoves Jims head between his legs again, bringing them as close to the edge of the Hummer's nose as he can before flipping backwards and driving his head into the hood with a Canadian Piledriver with a loud thunk. There is now a large dent in the hood of Vinnie’s car as Marf slides off and motions for Lycana to come over.

Pip: The Sway on the hood of Vinnie Lane’s car! This is an abomination!

HHL: And they aren't done yet Pip!

Lycana scampers swiftly over as he points to the roof of the vehicle. She eagerly nods, rising on tiptoes to press a kiss to his cheek. He lays an affectionate, albeit bloody palm on her cheek before boosting her up so she can climb on top of the Hummer. She walks forward, looking down at the bloody and broken body on the hood.

Without hesitation she flips off, slamming down with a shooting star knee drop, with a loud crunch as the hood gives even more, now sporting a Jim Jimson shaped indent in it, the man fairly well imbedded into the H2.

Lycana slides off into Marf’s waiting embrace.

Marf: Enjoy your vacation!

They wrap an arm around each other as they take a few moments to survey their handiwork before slowly backing away and disappearing as paramedics and personnel arrive on the scene.

HHL: Medical staff seeing to Jim Jimson after this heinous attack by The Dissentients.

Pip: Too late as always! Let’s just get back to the ring.

HHL: Poor Jimmy!

Pip: Serves him right, he should have had some backup.

The crowd explodes with a huge ovation up “Judas” by Fozzy hitting the speakers. The ovation only gets louder as the XWF Universal Champion emerges out to the top of the ramp with the Universal Title slung over his right shoulder. Chris starts to make the walk to the Warfare ring.

HHL: There is a lot on the mind of Chris Page as he is walking into an unknown situation a week from Sunday Night at March Madness where he will be defending the Universal Champion against this unknown “Anarchy” who has been playing some mind games with the Champion.

Chris walks down the ramp to ringside. He climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into the ring. Chris walks across the ring calling for the microphone. He reaches through the ropes and is handed the microphone by the ring announcer. Chris walks back out to the center of the ring.

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=17827648]

The music fades away leaving the Universal Champion standing in the center of the ring. He slowly raises the microphone up to his lips where he begins to address the hard camera.

”Guys and gals I appreciate the warm reception, as many of you know this has been a very trying and difficult time for me since stepping up and challenging for the Universal Championship at Snow Job.”

The crowd starts to quiet down as Chris continues.

”I knew when I stepped to the plate and challenged in Robert’s place that the rumor mill would be turning, accusations would be made… but never in a million years after proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that I am innocent when it comes to the attack perpetrated on to my best friend, Robert Main. What is crazy is I was not and am not even upset that I have to answer to all the bullshit; I am more upset that people are stupid enough to believe some clown that does not even have the balls to show his face to make his accusations like a man as opposed to acting like a little bitch!”

The crowd pops for Page’s statement as he takes a moment before he continues.

”I have listened to all this for the last six weeks when ultimately I know just like Thunder Knuckles knows he and BoB have a large role to play in all this, and it is a matter of time before the light is fully cast in that direction the moment “Anarchy” shows his face a week from Sunday Night at March Madness!”

Pip: I cannot wait to see who is behind all of this.

HHL: You, me, Page, and the world Pip.


Chris stares intently into the camera as if he is speaking right to “Anarchy”.

”Unlike you I do not have to hide behind the scenes nor do I have to need to resort to playing meaningless mind games that will not equate to a hill of fucking beans when this game reaches its conclusion; because you see “Anarchy” you are going to answer to me a week from Sunday at March Madness, and while you will hide until the last possible second I am not going to hide behind anything… including the match you and I are going to have.”

HHL: Oh shit…

”No Disqualifications…”

There’s a loud pop from the crowd as Chris continues.

”No count outs…”

The pop gets louder from the crowd.


The roof explodes with the announcement of the No Holds Barred stipulation.

”I want to make something perfectly clear to you here and now so there is not any room for misinterpretation... I am coming to Las Vegas, Nevada; the hometown of Robert Main, and I am going to destroy you!”

Suddenly the lights go out as the Xtron comes to life...






[Image: cropped-anarchy_0.jpg]

Returning to the ring Chris Page, standing unamused yet again as he then states.

"Can't say that I'm surprised that you once again hide like a bitch. Let me tell you this, and I hope to god that I have your undivided attention.... Keep hiding why you can...."

Suddenly the lights go dark again!

Pip: Is Anarchy here?

The crowd is in a frenzy as the blackout continues before the lights come up and standing behind Chris Page....

[Image: cOCjyKS.jpg]

HHL: Is that ANARCHY?!?!?

Page drops his title and lunges at the masked figure but the lights go dark AGAIN! When they draw up Chris Page is left in the ring by himself! Page, irritated storms over towards his title where he picks it up off the mat. Chris snatches his microphone.

"Fun and games are over! See you at March Madness!

Chris tosses the microphone as we get ready for our next contest.

HHL: Ladies and gentlemen, the next match here on Warfare is one that a lot of us have been looking forward to since it was announced.

PIP: That’s right Heather, Shawn Wylde goes one on one with Thaddeus Duke!

HHL: These two young men are two of perhaps the most naturally legitimate pure athletes in the entire industry and they both call the Xtreme Wrestling Federation their home!

PIP: We first got a sampling of what these two might do in a tag team match a couple months ago right here on Warfare, but this time Heather, it’s one on one!

HHL: It’s the former Universal Champion and current Tag Team Champion, the Lionheart Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: It’s who many consider Duke’s equal athletically in the up and coming Whyte Spyder, Shawn Wylde!

HHL: And it starts, right now!

The bell rings putting the eyes of the universe at center-ring and on the ring announcer.

The following contest is set for one fall!

‘Arachnophilia’ hits the speakers and the lights dim to a purple hue. A spotlight hits the top of the stadium where Shawn is perched in a web. Strobes begin to flash and Shawn leaps towards the ring. A zip line carries him from the top of the arena till he is roughly ten feet in the air and drops from the line into the center of the ring and blasts of Pyro go off from the four corners.

Introducing first, from Cherry Hill, New Jersey weighing 1 hundred 80 pounds… he is the Whyte Spyderrrrrr…. SHAWWWWWN WYYYYYYYYYLDE!

The polished armor he wears engraved with spider webs glimmers in the light. He runs to the ropes climbing to the middle, raising both hands in the air and Shouting Woooh! as a pyro curtain showers behind him. The stadium erupts as the fans respond by raising both arms back and responding with a deafening Woooh! He then slides out of the ring and begins removing the armor in preparation for the match. High fiving several fans up against the barricade then sliding back into the ring and perching himself in a squat on the top rope and awaiting his opponent.

HHL: Shawn Wylde ladies and gentlemen, very much a fan favorite here in the XWF!

PIP: I’m on pins and needles, Heather! I’m really looking forward to what these two young men can show us in the ring!

‘Arachnophilia’ fades out and Wylde remains perched on top rope.

….and his opponent...

The Universe lets out a deafening roar.

HHL: They know what’s comin’!

For several seconds of silence, the crowd starts to get louder and louder.

PIP: Leave ‘em waitin’ Heather!

HHL: Always building up the anticipation!

As the high pitched guitar riff winds up, the arena lighting turns to a bright shade of gold. As the intro winds down and the drums hit, the golden lighting switches to a strobing effect and a number of Lionheart logos roam over the crowd. Thaddeus Duke emerges from backstage, hood up and head pointed forward. He lingers on stage for a moment and looks around the Universe cheering him on before beginning his walk toward the ring.

Being accompanied to the ring by Paul Heyman… from Old Saybrook, Connecticut weighing 2 hundred 17 pounds...

Mid way down the aisle, he throws the hood off and spins around. Walking backward, he holds out his arms in an almost messiah like pose as gold and glittery pyro shoots from either side of the stage in multiple bursts. At the end of the aisle way he spins back toward the ring and hops up on the apron. There he pauses again looking out at Duke Nation, loving it up for a moment.

He is one-third of the XWF Tag Team Champion… The LIONHEARRRRRT…. THADDEUUUSSSS DUUUUUUKE!

Thad then slingshots himself over the top rope and into the ring. Once inside, he does a backpedal around the ring in a circle, pointing out toward the screaming Universe causing them to grow even louder. He takes a pause as he reaches Shawn Wylde’s corner where he’s still perched upon the top rope. Thad holds his hand out for a “5.”

Initially Wylde refuses, even shaking his head no, but finally relents and gives Thad a high 5 before Duke continues his backpedal around the ring.

He then approaches the hard camera side of the ring and steps on the bottom rope with his left foot, then slings his right leg over the top rope, resting his right foot on the middle rope and gives the "I love you" hand gesture toward Duke Nation as no less than a dozen bursts of old-school pyro explode over the ring.

Duke’s TV theme fades out and he removes his hoodie, handing it off to Paul Heyman through the ropes. Across the ring, Shawn Wylde jumps down off the top rope. With the cameras back on Thaddeus Duke, he peels the tag team championship belt from his waist, folds the straps and hands that too to Paul Heyman.


- vs -

Wylde and Thad approach the center of the ring and the referee gives both of them last minute instructions before finally signaling for the bell. Before either man peels off toward their corners, they exchange a friendly fist bump and begin to circle each other.

HHL: Duke and Wylde! Right now on Warfare!

PIP: And if you’re just tuning in……… what are you, stupid?

The two men come together and lock it up old school style. Thad uses his weight advantage to force Wylde back into the corner. The referee steps in and asks, then receives a clean break from both competitors. Duke backs off near the center and Wylde steps toward him. Again they lock it up old school style and this time Wylde catches Thad in a side headlock. He wrenches for a second before taking Duke to the mat with a headlock take down. Thad though, uses his legs to head scissor Wylde and pull him out of the headlock. Wylde handsprings up out of the head scissor and Thad nips up, and both men are back to their feet.

Wylde and Thad circle each other again and lock horns in the center of the ring one more time. This time its Thad that locks in a side headlock on Shawn Wylde. Wylde though reverses it into a hammerlock on Thaddeus and Thad tries to reach over his shoulder with his free hand but can’t quite grab a hold of Wylde’s head. Instead, he rushes forward toward the ropes. With Wylde not releasing the hammerlock, he goes right with him but as Thad nears the ropes, he drops to the mat and sends Shawn Wylde out to the floor through the ropes and referee begins his ten count.

HHL: And we’ve reached yet another impasse here on Warfare!

In the ring, Thad charges to the far side ropes and bounces off. As he nears the near side ropes and begins to leap, Shawn Wylde wisely side steps, but Thad cancels his intentions at the last second by grabbing the ropes and swinging back into the ring.

PIP: He must’ve mashed R1 a bunch of times to cancel!

Wylde hops back onto the apron and Thad backs off to let him in the ring. Shawn steps inside and he steps toward Thad. Duke though takes him down to the mat with an arm drag. Wylde pops back to his feet and again Thad takes him down with another arm drag. Shawn again pops back to his feet. Thad goes for a hip toss but Wylde flips and lands on his feet, maintaining a hold of Duke’s arm. Wylde takes Thad down this time with an arm drag of his own. Thad slides half way out of the ring on the landing and looks up at Wylde. Duke then drops to the floor and the referee starts his ten count.

HHL: Thad Duke, applauding Shawn Wylde here tonight on Warfare!

PIP: If I didn’t know any better Heather, I’d think these two were looking forward to this match as the rest of us.

Like Thad did moments ago, Shawn Wylde backs off and lets Duke get back in the ring. Once inside, the two men go to lock it up again, but Thad quickly ducks under Wylde grabbing his arm on his way under. Duke gets upright again with Wylde’s arm fully twisted. Thad twists it again then yanks down on the arm causing Wylde to flop chest first to the mat. Maintaining a hold of Wylde’s arm, Thad starts to lift him back to his feet. Back to a vertical base, Wylde sends a shot to Duke’s midsection doubling him over. Wylde lifts his leg and lays it across Thad’s neck and Duke elevates to a full upright position and Wylde does a backflip landing on his feet before lifting Thad and planting him on the mat with a belly to back suplex.

HHL: Hook of the leg by Shawn Wylde!



But Thad Duke kicks out here!

Wylde gets back to his feet and grabs a handful of Thaddeus Duke’s hair and helps him to his feet. With both men to a vertical base, Wylde backs Thad against the ropes and whips him to the far side. On the rebound, Wylde leapfrogs Thad and Duke bounces off the other side. On that rebound, Wylde nails Thad with a pele kick and Duke drops to the mat clutching his forehead.

Momentarily, Wylde debates going for another cover but grabs Thad by his wrist and pulls him to his feet again before whipping him into the corner. Wylde chases in after him and Thad side steps out of the way. Wylde telegraphs the empty corner and scales the top rope and backflips into the ring behind Thad and grips him in a rear waist lock before planting Thad with a bridging German suplex.



HHL: Duke kicks out and this match continues!

Wylde gets back to his feet and again pulls Thaddeus to his. Shawn sends Duke into the corner and follows him in crashing into Thad with a Stinger-like splash. Thaddeus staggers from the corner and Wylde closes in on him from behind but eats a hard elbow to the midsection. Doubled over, Wylde goes for a hard elbow of his own but Duke side flips up and over Shawn Wylde, landing on the opposite side before planting him into the mat with a side Russian leg sweep.

PIP: Amazing athleticism on full display here tonight on Warfare, Heather!

HHL: And Thaddeus Duke might have bought himself the separation that he needed!

Taking several moments to gather himself, Thad finally makes it back to his feet and immediately drops a leg on Shawn Wylde. Thad rolls back to his feet and runs to the ropes. On the rebound he drops another leg on Wylde before again popping back to his feet. He stands over Shawn Wylde before sending a hard boot into the wrist joint. Followed up with the elbow joint. Shoulder joint.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke! Tapping into his more aggressive side here with the classic Garvin Stomp on the joints of Shawn Wylde!

Thaddeus backs up into a neutral corner as he starts to measure Wylde who rolls over and starts pushing himself to his feet. As he reaches his feet Thaddeus explodes from the corner with the BETTER THAN YOU Supkerkick that is right on the money as it sends Wylde dropping like a ton of bricks to the mat. Thaddeus makes the cover hooking the near leg!





HHL: Chaulk one more up for Thaddeus Duke as his road to March Madness continues with this victory. Now it is time for him to watch as he finds out who is going to be challenging him and Corey for those titles.

Pip: All eyes are on the number one contenders match for sure but def an impressive win for Duke tonight against a game Wylde.

The scene opens backstage to a completely non-descript room in the arena, where Demos is seen talking to himself. On each hand he wears a sock, decorated in a vastly different manner. One is bloody and dirty, the other has a strand of blue hair glued to it’s… ‘head’. Demos screams passionately at the hairy sock.

DEMOS: “Harlot! HARLOT! I’m going to hit you so hard you start loving me like you love that Baphomet! Jim was a beautiful butterfly with a pure heart, but you couldn’t help but pick off his wings!”

The bloody sock begins moving it’s jaws as Demos begins speaking in what can only be described as an impression of a coked out mickey mouse.

'Marf': "We got him! We got him! Hyuhp! Sure did! I’m gonna have wet dreams about this one for a long time, hyyyyyyuuuuhp! Great Atrocity! Great Atrocity! It comes today! Hyyyyyuuuuuhhp!”

Demos turned towards the dirty sock with a scowl underneath his leather mask.

"You shut your filthy mouth!”

The jaws of the hairy sock begin moving up and down. Demos speaks in a mocking, yet oddly sexy, tone.

'Lycana': “Ooohhhh Demos. I can’t wait to see you again tonight. Jim was fun, but you’re a different beast all together. You are the pinnacle. The ultimate target of our great atrocity. That belt looks so sexy on your waist. Why don’t you let my partner slip it off you next week. Mmmmm you’ll look so good with less clothing, my big chunky monkey.”

Demos looks up to something off camera.

DEMOS: “What? What’s going on?”


“This isn’t a game to me! It never has been! This is the only way they can understand! This is the only way they can hear me!”

“Jim wasn’t just another piece of the puzzle! He’s a pure soul and a hero of the people!”

“But when? When is the great atrocity going to come?”

The camera pans back to reveal that Alias had been standing just out of the camera’s lens. The conversation continues as neither man looks each other in the eye.

ALIAS: “I’m telling you, I've got it under control. We'll make it work.”

DEMOS: “I already know that! But Jim was never a part of the prophecy, and now he’s in the hospital!”

ALIAS: “There’s just… there's still something that’s not quite sitting right with me. We can’t rush into this emotionally. I've tried that before and it ended… poorly for me."

He glances down at his gloved right hand.

ALIAS: “There’s something deeper going on here. They’re sowing the seeds for something bigger.”

DEMOS: “I’M NOT EMOTIONAL! Jim is a legend! The great atrocity is on our doorstep! They have to be put down, NOW!”

ALIAS: “I believe you. I trust you. I just have this… feeling… that there are more twists to come in this story.”

DEMOS: “The Left Hand must be destroyed! My body serves a higher purpose tonight. Under this moon my body will become a dolphin seeking tomahawk missile, and I will destroy the left hand even if it costs me everything I have!”

ALIAS: “Eat The Left Hand. Feast on them tonight.”

The two continue speaking as the camera pans back even further. Tommy Romeo happens to walk by, busy texting on his phone. He looks up as he notices the two of them bickering.

ROMEO: “Uh… what are you two doing?”

Both Alias and Demos startle at the sound of Romeo’s voice. They then jump again when they turn and see each other.

ALIAS: “Whoa! How long have you been standing there?”

DEMOS: “How long have you been standing there?”

ALIAS: “Stop listening in on my private conversations!”

DEMOS: “You stop listening in on my private conversations!”

Things look like they’re about to take a turn for the worst as both Alias and Demos raise their fists. Tommy Romeo steps between them.

ROMEO: “Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down guys! I’ve actually been wanting to speak to the both of you.”

DEMOS: “Huh?”

ROMEO: “I said I was actua…”

The bloody sock lunges at Tommy Romeo.


Demos retracts his hand just before it smacks Romeo. Demos lifts the sock up to his face and starts cussing it out as he walks off screen. Baffled, Romeo turns back to Alias who is still standing there.

ROMEO: “Umm… you know what? I'm not going to ask."

ALIAS: "Probably for the best."

ROMEO: "Right, so look, it’s been a while since Oliver Danielson asked you to come to speak to me… you never did.”

Alias doesn’t respond, instead looking off camera and nodding.

ROMEO: “Can we talk?”

Alias turns back to Romeo.

ALIAS: “Let’s talk.”

ROMEO: “Come with me to my office...”

The scene fades as the two walk off screen.

Caterpillar by Royce da 5’9” starts up and the crowd pops as the Hart champion RL Edgar makes his way out onto the stage. He looks around, taking in the cheers before raising the title over his head. Edgar makes his way down to the ring while the crowd cheers him on. He slides into the ring and then climbs to the top rope. He hoists the title up once again as the audience gives him another pop. He hops down and passes the title over to the referee before waiting for his partners to arrive.

Heather: This should be an interesting one, the current Hart champ teaming with the former Hart champion and current television champ.

Pip: They need all the firepower they got to put a stop to the Left Hand.

The entire stadium goes black as Burning Bright by Nine Inch Nails begins. Slowly, the X-Tron begins to show scarce, glowing embers, the light of each one illuminating smoke growing at the entrance of the ramp. As the song continues, more embers are seen until a large fire is displayed on the screen. The ramp then glows Ned's famous blue, revealing a silhouette in the smoke. Slowly stepping from the fog is none other then Notorious Ned Kaye. He stops for a moment, calming himself in front of the clamoring crowd. He lifts an arm, eyeing the stands to watch the many audience members who follow suit. With a single smile, he drops his arm and rushes towards the ring, slipping in from under the bottom rope, picking himself up immediately.

Within temptation’s Solemn Hour hits as Demos steps onto the entrance ramp. The crowd pops, but boos are mixed in with the cheers. The television championship is slung over his shoulder and the heavymetalweight championship is strapped around his plump waist. The masked man gets halfway down the entrance ramp before stopping and turning to his side. He turns his head so that he is looking behind him. Demos stands still for a few moments, then, he starts yelling at the air behind him. Demos point an accusatory finger at nothing in particular before abruptly turning back to walk to the ring. Out of nowhere Marf comes flying down the stage and levels Demos from behind to take him down. He starts pounding on him while Edgar and Ned look on in surprise.

Heather: Marf not even waiting for the entrances to finish!

Pip: No love lost between these two!

Heather: We knew this one was going to be intense but here we go right away.

Pip: Wait a minute look in the ring!

Marf slams Demos into the barricade as Lycana and Ethos enter the back of the ring. Edgar steps out on the apron while Ethos clotheslines Ned from behind to knock him down. Lycana runs over as Edgar turns back to the ring and tries to come back in to help Ned. Lycana hits a flying knee to trap Edgar in the ropes. She grabs him and pulls him into the ring and DDTs him to the mat. Demos and Marf trade vicious shots to one another outside the ring as the crowd roars with approval. Ned tries to get back up but Ethos hits a big shoulder tackle knocking him through the ropes to the apron.

Ethos steps out onto the apron with Ned and starts clubbing him across the back. Ned drives his elbow into Ethos’ gut but Lycana pulls Edgar up and throws him into Ned, knocking him off the apron and to the floor. He crashes into Demos which allows Marf to hook Demos by the head and slam him off the barricade. Edgar grabs Ethos by the head and drapes him across the ropes, sending him stumbling off the apron into the other three. They all begin brawling as Lycana runs at Edgar to clothesline him over the ropes. He ducks and back body drops her over the ropes but she gracefully lands on the apron.

Edgar turns and fires a forearm but Lycana blocks it before suplexing him up and over then down to the floor. Marf and Demos catch him and then drop him to continue punching each other. He gets up and tries to grab Ethos who is hammering away at Ned. Lycana looks down at them all before hopping onto the ropes and hitting an outstanding asai moonsault on the other five. She lands perfectly on top of the carnage, wiping all five men out. She gets up and helps her partners get back up and all three roll into the ring. The referee argues with Marf before he goes to the corner with Lycana. Ethos stays in the ring while Edgar rolls back into the ring. The referee finally calls for the bell and the match officially starts.


- vs -


Heather: Wow these teams really battling hard right out of the gate.

Pip: This could be hard to keep up with.

Heather: Well the match is underway now so here we go.

Edgar and Ethos lock up and Ethos lifts a knee into Edgar’s stomach. He hits another and another while backing him into the ropes. He pushes Edgar against the ropes and then Irish whips him to the opposite side. As Edgar comes running back Ethos winds and fires off a big clothesline that Edgar runs and ducks right under. He hits the other ropes and comes racing back but Ethos drops him with a shoulder block. He stomps on him for a moment before pulling him back to his feet and applying an arm wrench.

He starts walking him towards the wrong corner where Lycana and Marf wait. Edgar suddenly counters into an arm wrench of his own. Ethos stuns him with a head butt though and shoves him into the corner. Ethos starts hitting some heavy blows the Edgar struggles to cover up from. The referee pulls Ethos back and warns him while the crowd boos loudly at Marf and Lycana cheapshotting Edgar in the corner. Ethos then hits a big splash to keep Edgar stunned in the corner. He tags in Lycana before exiting the ring. Lycana hops over the ropes and hits a high kick to the chest which stops Edgar from leaving the corner.

Heather: The Left Hand doing a good job of isolating Edgar here.

Pip: He’s got to get himself far away from there!

Lycana drives her shoulder into Edgar. She boosts him up into a seated position on the top rope. She climbs up but Edgar hits her with a stiff forearm and knocks her back to the mat. Edgar jumps off with a double axe handle but Lycana hits a standing drop kick to knock him down. She tags in Marf before pulling Edgar back up. She hooks him for a Russian leg sweep and hits it at the same time hits a power clothesline. Lycana rolls out of the ring while Marf pulls Edgar right back up. He tosses him into his own corner and glares at Demos. He waves back at Marf but let’s Ned tag into the match instead.

Marf sneers before turning his attention to Ned. They lock up and Ned applies a quick wrist lock. Marf reverses it into a hammerlock before Ned twists and counters into a side headlock. Marf pulls him up for back suplex but Ned rolls through and lands behind him. He grabs a waist lock and tries for a German suplex but Marf is able to hook a leg to block it. He feigns throwing an elbow to his right and then throws it to the left and catches Ned in the side of his head. He spins and grabs Ned for a belly to belly but Ned counters with an arm drag that Marf rolls through and turns to face Ned while the crowd applauds the back and forth.

They tie up again and Marf goes for a front headlock but Ned drops him with a quick drop toe hold. He swings over and goes for an ankle lock but Marf turns quick and shoves Ned back with both feet. He goes to get up but Ned rushes him with a shining wizard. Marf is able to block it and bring Ned down. He quickly wraps up Ned’s legs and puts him into a Texas clover leaf. No sooner does he lock it in Demos runs into the ring and drills Marf with a running big boot. He backs out of the ring while the referee yells at him to get back to his corner.

Heather: Demos returning the favour with a cheap shot of his own.

Pip: Ned and Marf countering every thing they try, nobody saw it coming.

Ned gets back to his feet while Marf rolls over and checks his mouth for blood. He pulls himself back up and Ned connects with a spinning heel kick to the gut. He grabs Marf and then hits a sit out shinranui to take him down. Ned looks to lock in a modified triangle choke but Marf is able to roll away from him. He tries to get back to his feet and Ned goes for a step up enziguri that connects with a loud crack. Ned hops to the top rope and immediately leaps off with a shooting star press. Marf pulls his knees in and Ned crashes ribs first onto them. Ned rolls off in pain and Demos reaches over and tags himself in.

Demos enters the ring as Marf is getting back up. He runs him over with a clothesline and then stomps on Marf several times until the referee backs him off. Demos picks Marf up and pounds on him for a moment before throwing him into the corner. They both trade punches now until Demos tries biting Marf’s forehead. The referee gives him a warning and Edgar reaches over and tags himself back in now. Demos looks at him with anger as he exits. Edgar comes into the ring and clocks Marf with a hard kick to the gut. He sizes him up and hits a beautiful standing drop kick.

Heather: Well now Edgar, Demos and Ned are isolating Marf it seems.

Pip: Why do I feel like Marf might be enjoying this?

Heather: Because that lunatic probably does!

Edgar gets up and looks over at Marf’s corner. He makes a mocking gesture at Lycana and she rolls her eyes at him. He turns back to Marf trying to get back up. Edgar grabs him with a clinch and hits some knees to the midsection. Edgar hooks Marf by the head and goes for a running bulldog but Marf throws him into his corner before he can hit it. Ned slaps Edgar’s back to tag in. Edgar turns and looks at him, unimpressed, as Ned climbs up top. Edgar yells at him but Ned tells him off before leaping at Marf with a flying double knee. Marf counters by lunging forward and hitting a huge spear mid air. He makes a cover.



Kick out by Ned!

Heather: What a counter by Marf!

Pip: He needed that!

Marf pushes himself up and goes over to tag in Lycana. She makes the tag as Ned rolls over to his corner and Demos tags himself in. Demos yells something at Marf and spits at him before turning to Lycana. The referee holds Marf back while Demos laughs at him. Lycana rears back while the referee is occupied with Marf and swiftly kicks Demos hard below the belt. Demos drops to his knees in pain, letting out a surprised grunt. Lycana grabs him and hits a snap DDT as the referee turns around. She hooks a leg for the cover.



Kick out by Demos!

Lycana gets up and quickly makes her way to the corner and climbs to the top. Demos gets up, still holding his possibly shattered balls, and turns as Lycana leaps off with a flying crossbody. Demos is able to react by catching her in the air. As he turns with her body Ethos rushes the ring and body splashes into them, knocking both to the mat, squashing Demos underneath. Edgar and Ned both look at one another and nod before entering the ring now. They go to attack Ethos as the referee is trying to restore order.

Ned and Edgar grab Ethos and hit a big double suplex. Marf enters the ring and runs over and kicks Ned in the gut then goes for a suplex. Edgar boots him in the gut as he’s lifting Ned up to stop him. Ned and Edgar grab Marf and go for a double suplex but Lycana hits a running crossbody to take out Edgar. Marf falls onto Ned and all four are taken out. Ethos and Demos both get up and begin trading blows as all hell has broken loose at this point. Demos grabs Ethos and goes to throw him out of the ring but it’s reversed and Demos goes through the ropes and to the apron.

Marf gets up with Ned and rocks him with a head butt. Edgar grabs Marf and hits a reverse DDT. He gets back up but Lycana roars over and clotheslines him out to the floor. She turns and runs at Ethos. He boosts her up and she nails Demos with an insane flying drop kick, sending him crashing to the floor. She goes out to the floor after him as Ethos turns around and Ned smokes him with a Notorious Knee out of nowhere. He goes for a cover but the referee yells at him that neither of them are the legal person.

Heather: This match has spiralled out of control!

Pip: I don’t even know what’s happening anymore it’s chaos all over the place!

Heather: They should have made this a multiple referee match.

Outside the ring, Lycana grabs at Demos but he tries to shove her back, still dazed from falling off the apron. She retaliates with a short shining wizard before he can get to his feet. Lycana reaches into Demos pockets while the referee finally gets everyone else back to their corners. Lycana pulls out several clumps of different coloured hair from Demos pockets. She pulls out a lighter as Demos starts to get back to his knees. Lycana lights the ball of different women’s hair on fire and holds it in her left hand for Demos to see. The fans actually cheer this as Marf applauds from the apron.

Demos screams out in horror before she blows what’s left into his face and rolls back into the ring. Demos throws a fit at ringside before climbing into the ring after Lycana with a look of death in his eyes. He roars and runs at her but she hits a low drop kick to his knee to take him down. Lycana once again looks for a snap DDT but Demos yells out in rage and reverses it into a northern lights suplex. He just barely holds on for the bridge.



Kick out by Lycana!

Heather: What a counter by Demos!

Pip: Back up a second, did she just burn all that hair that Demos has been collecting from the women of XWF?

Heather: Yup! And he wasn’t collecting it, he’s been taking it without permission! I’m no fan of the Left Hand but that was actually pretty cool to see.

Pip: I somehow doubt Lycana did that to show solidarity with the other females in XWF...

Demos is up first while Lycana slowly pulls herself back up. Demos turns and points at Marf while backing up. He flexes before going for a big clothesline from hell but Lycana ducks at the last second. Demos misses and then turns around into a desperation pele kick to the head from Lycana. Demos goes reeling back as his partners yell at him for the tag. He tags in Edgar as Lycana somersaults to her corner and is able to make the tag to Ethos. Edgar rushes him but gets taken down with a bulky shoulder block. Ethos jumps up looking for a big splash but Edgar is able to roll out of the way.

Both men get back up and trade a few chops and stiff punches before Ethos grabs Edgar with a bear hug. He lifts him up and squeezes the life out of him but Edgar uses his presence of mind to box the ears and drop out of the hold. He goes for a front kick but Ethos sees it coming and catches the leg. Edgar immediately jumps and hits a deafening enziguri. Ethos stumbles forward in pain and bounces into the ropes. He turns back to Edgar and eats a kick to the gut this time that he can’t catch. Edgar hooks him and hits the C.Y.N snap gut wrench pile driver that gets a roar of approval from the fans. He makes the cover.



THR...NO! Marf dives in and breaks the count! Ned, Demos and Lycana all enter the ring now and begin brawling once again as the referee looks on in exasperation.

Heather: Marf with the save and now it’s broken down again!

Pip: This referee needs to restore order come on!

Marf and Demos tackle one another out to the floor and go back and forth with punches now. Ned and Lycana pair off and also exit the ring while Ethos and Edgar are both down in the ring. Demos hurls Marf into the ring post sending him face first off it before climbing up to the ring apron where he reaches for the tag. RL starts to stir as he inches his way towards Demos while Ethos starts pushing himself up off the mat. Edgar makes the tag as Demos enters the ring where he boots Ethos in the gut before dropping him with the DOUBLE ARM DDT! Demos rolls him over making the cover! Lycana tries to slide in for the ssave but is pulled out by Ned!





The stadium lights begin to dim after the match! Edgar and Ned stare up at the X-Tron, seeing a 17 blurred by a fuzzy, low quality TV effect. Abruptly, it cuts to the face of a man unfamiliar to the XWF audience.

[Image: cmUbinX.jpg]

PC: "Who in the hell is that?!"

HHL: "Not immediately sure, Pip. Trying to get a hold of management as we speak."

The man on the X-Tron clears his throat, grabbing the camera and its operator to focus it more clearly upon himself.

"Well, kids, betcha all been asking the big questions these past couple months. Who has the audacity to attack some popular young men out here? Who'd beat on Ned  Kaye repeatedly? Who would dare drop ol' Edgar on his head? Well, I've got a few answers for all of you fans to be!"

The crowd openly boos the man, although if he can hear them, he doesn't seem to care.

HHL: "Alright. I'm just getting word from management about the man on our screens right now and it's one Steven Cooper. He apparently had some popularity back in the 80s that didn't have any longevity. There seems to be some confusion on who recommended him to the company, but he clearly wants to upstage two up and comers on a program he's just debuting on!"

PC: "What a sleazeball!"

"Answer number one: I did give you the ol' Tornado DDT, RL. And I'll tell you what, I will have a lot of fun doing it again! And again! And again! Answer number two: I am not working alone! I might have been a bit of a lone rider in the past, but I've come here with allies, boys, and I cannot wait for you to meet them."

"Oh, and finally, before I forget, one last answer for you all: This fraternity? This group that'll kick your ass twelve ways to Sunday?"

Cooper licks his lips, clearly intoxicated by being the center of attention and having a grand announcement.

"I ain't the leader of it. He is."

The shot on the X-Tron pans over to reveal…


HHL: "Say it ain't so, Ned..."

PC: "I-I can't believe my eyes! Is that a deepfake? O-o-r a costume!?"

Ned in the ring looks up at the screen helplessly as he backpedals into the turnbuckles, disbelief and horror in his eyes. He falls to the mat, sitting with his back to the ringpost, holding his head in his hands.

"That's not me," he whispers, "that's not me."

The Ned on the X-Tron grins wickedly, giving an almost knowing wink. He begins to speak, his words oozing with the pleasure of knowing the turmoil Edgar now faces.

"Oh God, none of you can comprehend just how long I've waited for this! Just to let the world know who I really am! I mean, what can I say? I'm my own worst enemy!"

The image of Ned cackles, clapping as he does.

"But I gotta give you credit, Edgar! As moronic as The Left Hand is, I don't believe I've ever witnessed them spoon feeding their enemy with all of their little personal secrets! You have really outdone yourself! You got played by the man you thought you could trust. But hey, you're just the first example, Ed."

"There's gonna be a change around here. And I cannot wait for you to see it."

The image cuts out, leaving the two men stranded in the ring with a deep intensity between them.

Edgar motions for a microphone, the betrayal burning in his eyes as Ned looks up at him.

"It's pretty clear now that you've been eyeing this title, Ned. If you wanted a rematch so damn bad all you had to do was ask. March Madness. You and me. One on one. I'll shut you down just like I have the Left Hand."

Ned shakes his head "no" as Edgar tosses the mic out of the ring, turning his back to Ned and preparing to exit when Steven Cooper himself walks onto the entrance ramp from backstage to a chorus of boos, soaking in the negativity. He holds a microphone and stares Edgar down, bringing it to his lips.

"The Nefarious One accepts your challenge."

He leaves as quickly as he came with the same reception on his way out.Edgar turns his head to look at Kaye, but only shakes his head and walks out of the ring with Hart Title, leaving Ned in a catatonic state, alone in the ring.

HHL: "I think… I think we all could use a good commercial break about now."

PC: "I'm right there with you, Heather."

”Ladies and gentleman the following contest is a Falls Count Anywhere match to determine the Number One Contenders for the XWF Tag Team Championship at March Madness!

Instantly the crowd erupts with loud boos from the crowd.

”Introducing first, about to make their way to the ring, representing BoB…. BOBY BOURBON and THUNDER KNUCKLES- THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS!

The entirely epic XTron video of TNGB takes over the arena as the lights dim. A spotlight highlights the ramp, and Thunder Knuckles walks out onto the entrance ramp, hyped and ready to fight, pointing out into the crowd. Behind him, Bobby Bourbon deliberately walks out and stops, also pointing out into the crowd… suddenly there’s a huge ovation as MASTERMIND and MORBID ANGEL emerge out from behind blind siding both Bourbon with trays from Catering!



- vs -


HHL: This Falls Count Anywhere match has been jump started by Mastermind and Morbid Angel, and this crowd loves it!

TK and Bourbon turn around only to be whacked over the skulls with the large plastic trays!

Pip: Payback from two weeks ago catering attack with those trays!

Morbid snatches Bobby while Mastermind takes TK by the hair and they start making their way towards ringside where Mastermind hurls TK into the steel steps and across from them Morbid shoots Bourbon right shoulder first off the ring post! Mastermind starts to stomp away at TK who is leaning against the stairs while Morbid drops down and starts hammering down with right hands on to the masked face of Bobby Bourbon on the floor.

Two referees’ hit ringside, one with Mastermind and the other with Morbid.

Mastermind tosses the ring apron back pulling a steel folding chair. TK is shown getting back to his feet and as he does Mastermind swings the chair at him! TK ducks and Mastermind whacks the ring post! On the other side of the ring Morbid picks Bobby up off the floor where he fires him towards the ring barricade, Bobby reverses and it’s Morbid who crashes into the barrier.

TK gouges Mastermind in the eyes before bouncing him head first off the ring apron. Mastermind bounces off the apron and turns around where he is mowed over by a clothesline from hell by Bourbon! TK quickly makes a cover on the floor.




Mastermind kicks out. Bobby turns and charges towards Morbid looking to clothesline him into the crowd, Morbid ducks and elevates Bourbon into the crowd with a back body drop! TK starts to get to his feet He reaches down picking up the Steel Chair and as Mastermind gets to all fours TK cracks him across the back to massive boos from the crowd knocking Mastermind down to the floor. TK reaches up looking for a second shot only to have Morbid yank the chair out of TK’s hand from behind! TK spins around being jabbed in the stomach with the chair by Morbid! Morbid follows up cracking TK across the back dropping him to one knee! Morbid tosses the chair before taking Thunder Knuckles and yanking him up by the hair and taking him back up the ramp. Morbid drives a knee into the midsection of TK as they reach the top of the ramp before Morbid delivers a snap suplex! Mastermind starts to get to his feet while we see Bobby Bourbon pulling himself up by the barrier! Mastermind charges forward with a running boot to the face knocking Bourbon backwards. Mastermind steps over the security barrier and into the crowd. He comes up behind Bourdon only to be thumbed in the eye! Bobby hits a swinging neck breaker on the concrete floor before making a cover.




Mastermind kicks out again! We get a split screen on Bobby and Mastermind on one side of the screen while Morbid has taken TK through the curtain and they are back by the production trucks with Morbid smashing TK face first off one of the trucks! Bobby sees this and takes off in that direction as he get a full screen on Morbid and TK.

HHL: With fall counting anywhere we are going to try and call this as best we can.

Pip: As it stands now Morbid and Mastermind came out the gate hot.

Morbid bounces TK face first off the side of the production truck sending TK bouncing off the truck dropping to his knees on the concrete. Morbid comes up from behind where he starts pounding the side of TK’s skull with right hand only to have Bobby Bourbon arrive breaking a 2x4 across the back of Morbid!


Morbid flips over TK landing on the concrete floor. Bobby helps TK back up to his feet. TK reaches down picking Morbid up before driving him head first into the production truck! He slams him head first into the truck a second time and then a third time! TK holds Morbid by the arms leaving him open for Bourbon who starts driving rights into the midsection and ribs.

Bourbon snatches Morbid where he delivers a back breaker, he holds Morbid across his knee for TK to drop a knee into the head knocking him off Bourbon’s knee. TK makes a cover.




Morbid kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd. Bobby Bourbon is back to his feet where he turns around where Mastermind smashes a Ladder against his face and body! The crowd roars louder as Bobby Bourbon stumbles backwards before dropping to one knee! Mastermind turns towards Thunder Knuckles where he charges towards him ramming the Ladder into the front of TK’s face and body!

Pip: Mastermind is back in the mix with a Ladder!

HHL: This is going to be an all-out war!

Mastermind leans the Ladder up against a concrete wall before picking Bourbon up where he runs him face first into the ladder! Mastermind turns towards TK who reaches his feet and comes towards Mastermind rearing back with a right hand only to have Morbid grab ahold of the arm leaving TK exposed for a boot to the face that sends TK backwards into a back waist lock by Morbid who delivers a release German suplex! Morbid makes a cover!




TK kicks out.

HHL: A very dangerous German suplex on concrete!

Pip: This is a dangerous match because each of these teams desperately want to get to Corey and Thaddeus at March Madness.

HHL: The Tag Team division is starting to heat up, and all I can say is it is about time.

Mastermind cuts around the corner backstage where he returns with a table to a pop from the crowd! He starts to set the table up near Bourbon. Morbid takes the Ladder off the wall and sets it up as Mastermind stomps on Bourbon before picking him up off the concrete floor. He nails him with a right hand before driving Bobby face first off the table. Morbid starts to climb the Ladder as Mastermind lays Bourbon across the table! Morbid nears the top of the Ladder where he positions himself before leaping off the top of the Ladder with a flying elbow drop on to Bourbon driving him through the table with Morbid crashing down on top of him! Morbid hurt himself in the process as he crashes down on to the concrete!

Pip: Jesus Christ they are throwing caution to the wind at every turn!

Mastermind yanks Bobby out of the ruble of the broken table before making a cover.




Thunder Knuckles dives on top of Mastermind breaking the pinfall attempt to loud boos from the crowd. Morbid and Bobby Bourbon are still down as Thunder Knuckles is the first to his feet where he nails a low blow to Mastermind as Mastermind stands to his feet. Thunder Knuckles takes Mastermind by the head and starts taking him down a secondary hallway before sending him crashing into some large moving cases! Thunder Knuckles snatches an aluminum trash can and measures Mastermind, and as Mastermind gets back to his feet Thunder Knuckles blasts him over the head denting the trash can while sending trash flying everywhere in the process from the can itself!

We get a split screen again showing Morbid and Bobby Bourbon are each slowly making their way back to a vertical base while in the hallway Thunder Knuckles takes Mastermind further down the hallway where he comes up on a closed locker room door. Thunder Knuckles looks to drive Mastermind head first into the closed door only to have Mastermind block with his hands before countering by sending TK face first into the locker room door sending it sailing open where he spills inside.

The room is empty, some bags can be seen as well as a couple of wooden benches, a large oval table with chairs around them as Mastermind follows Thunder Knuckles into the locker room followed by a referee while on the split screen we see Morbid and Bobby Bourbon have gotten back to their feet and are trading right hands on the loading dock area. Bobby blocks a right hand from Morbid and counters with a gouge to the eyes! Bourbon rams Morbid face first into the Ladder knocking it over against the production truck. Back in the locker room Mastermind hammers Thunder Knuckles with a thrust to the throat before snatching him by the throat. He hoists Thunder Knuckles up in the air and chokeslams him through the large oval table! Mastermind makes the cover on Thunder Knuckles!




Thunder Knuckles kicks out to a gasp from the crowd.

HHL: Near fall for Mastermind but Thunder Knuckles refuses to say die.

Bobby Bourbon comes down the hallway where he hears Mastermind hammering away with right hands on to Thunder Knuckles; Bourbon comes into the locker room pulling Mastermind off Thunder Knuckles before delivering a belly to belly suplex on the locker room floor. Bobby gets back to his feet where he reaches down helping Thunder Knuckles up off the locker room floor. Together they pick Mastermind up off the floor before hurling him back out in to the hallway.

Thunder Knuckles and Bobby walk out into the hallway and as they do they are sprayed by a fire extinguisher by Morbid to a huge ovation from the crowd! Both Bobby and Thunder Knuckles are blinded as Morbid drops the extinguisher before clothesline Thunder Knuckles to the floor. He leaps on to Bourbon like a goddamn spider monkey before pounding away at his forehead causing Bobby to fall backwards down to the floor. Morbid pops back up to his feet where he snatches up a steel chair. Bobby is getting back to his feet where Morbid cracks him over the skull with a vicious chair shot sending Bobby staggering backwards several feet!

Morbid raises the chair for a second time only to have Thunder Knuckles yank it out of his hands from behind! Morbid spins around and is cracked in the skull with a chair shot from Thunder Knuckles that drops Morbid to one knee. Thunder Knuckles raises the chair up only to have Mastermind yanking it from his hands! Thunder Knuckles spins around and he is cracked in the skull with a vile chair shot and sends him staggering backwards before falling forward doing a face plant on the floor.

Bobby Bourbon shakes off his chair shot where he comes up behind Morbid and superkicks him in the back of the head! Morbid falls forward to the floor leaving Mastermind the throw the chair into Bourbons face!

HHL: The war between these two teams has raged on into the backstage hallways! Nobody and nowhere is safe!

Pip: And to think in just eleven days they have to turn around and take on Thad and Corey!

Bobby staggers backwards as Mastermind comes forward with a straight right hand before snatching Bourbon by the head before taking him down to the end of the hall where they take a left. Camera’s pick up a sign taped on the wall that says CATERING Mastermind hurls Bobby through the doors and into catering where a plethora of oval tables with white skirts and chairs surrounding them.

We see four long tables with white skirts each house two covered catering warmers.

HHL: They found Bobby’s spot!

Pip: Gotta love some catering!

Producers and crew members scatter out the secondary entrance and as Mastermind comes in after Bourbon we see Bobby gouge in in the eyes. Bobby makes for the first table where he opens the lid to one of the containers and pulls out a twelve inch loaf of honey oat bread before turning and cracking it over the head of Mastermind!

We cut away back to the backstage hallway as Morbid and TK are throwing shots at each other before taking the upper hand on Thunder Knuckles! He slams him face first off the concrete wall which sends him staggering down the hallway. Morbid charges towards Thunder Knuckles who elevates him up and over with a back body drop on the concrete floor! Thunder Knuckles makes a cover.




Morbid kicks out of the near fall to a pop from the crowd as we see TK start hammering down with straight right hands to the forehead of the Angel. He gets back to his feet before picking Morbid up off the floor. He brings him down the hallway where they cut to the left and through the doors into Catering to find Bobby Bourbon delivering a Bourbon Bomb through an oval table and down to the floor!

Morbid fights free of Thunder Knuckles where he hurls him over a table as Bourbon makes a cover.




Morbid dives on top of Bourbon at the very last second breaking the pinfall!

HHL: Morbid Angel saves the day and keeps this one alive!

Pip: At some point the body can only take so much and it is going to give way.

Morbid is to his feet where he takes a large stainless steel sweet tea pitcher and sizes up Bourbon and as Bobby gets up Morbid smashes the pitcher of sweet tea into Bourbon sending tea splattering all over the room! Thunder Knuckles is back in the mix as he comes up behind Morbid locking in the XBUX-DREAM!

HHL: X-Bux Dream is locked in tight on Morbid Angel!

Thunder Knuckles continues crank in the pressure as Morbid shifts his body as he turns because Mastermind is starting to stir and is getting back to his feet where he picks up on the chairs and cracks it across the back of Thunder Knuckles causing him to break the Sleeper on Morbid. Morbid drops to one knee as Thunder Knuckles turns around where we see Mastermind hoist the chair up in air! Bobbt Bourbon snatches it from his hands from behind which spins Mastermind around into a boot to the midsection followed by a RAINBOW LASER DEATH SEQUENCE through an oval table!

Suddenly Miss Fury, Diesel, Hershall Kiss storm into catering holding Morbid back as Bobby makes the cover!





Miss Fury and BoB members shove Morbid to the ground on the other side of the room. Suddenly through the secondary entrance....

[Image: giphy.gif]

Chris Page spins Thunder Knuckles around before driving him into the floor with a PAGE PLANT! Page quickly escapes as Bobby and the rest of BoB members tend to Thunder Knuckles.

The smoke fills up with red on the stage, as the arena lights flickers. Then once we see "The Rebellious One" on the X-Tron, then we hear the voice of Bone Thugs and Reggie walks down to song. Then we see him with walking down the ramp, and stop at the camera gives it the finger. Then he rolls into the ring, and goes to the top rope and poses. Then he jumps down, and chills on the corner as his theme cuts off.

Alias makes his way to the ring with the X-treme Title belt strapped over his shoulders.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]


- vs -


The bell rings to start the match as Alias walks to the centre of the ring, and ushers Reggie to make the first move.

PIP: "Is Reggie going to take the bait and offer at the same time and make the first move?"

HEATHER: "We are about to find out."

Reggie smiles as he starts walking towards Alias, when all of a sudden he breaks into a ring, and heads straight for Alias.

Just as he gets to Alias, he takes a giant leap and tries to hit Alias with a...........................


But it was all for nothing as Alias drops to his knees and Reggie goes flying over him. He lands on his stomach just near the ropes.

Meanwhile, Alias jumps up, turns and heads straight for Reggie. Reggie is just getting to his feet, rubbing his stomach when he turns and is met by....


This sends Reggie crashing into the ropes backwards, and Alias follows up with a CLOTHES LINE that sends Reggie oout over the ropes to the floor below and the fans are going crazy.

PIP: "Wow what a start. Alias, the X-treme Champion, is on the front fort nice and early."

Alias slips out of the ring under the corner ropes on the other side of the ring as Reggie is trying to recover from the attack.

Alias finds a chair on the outside and picks it up. He heads straight for Reggie.

Reggie spots him and tries to back away on his bum but Alias is stalking him sideways.

Meanwhile, inside the ring, the referee starts the 10 count.


The crowd is urging Alias to hurry up and make the move before it's too late.


HEATHER: "It sounds like the fans are on Alias's side. Reggie seems to be in trouble."

Finally, as Alias gets closer, Reggie jumps to his feet.


Unbeknownst to Alias, he has grabbed some BRASS KNUCKLES which is just beside the ropes. He dives back into the ring.

Alias stops and watches Reggie jump back into the ring, and back away to the other side of the ring.


The referee is still counting.

Alias walks slowly back to the ring, and jumps up on the ring apron and goes inside. He looks at Reggie who is on the other side of the ring.

Suddenly Alias starts walking towards Reggie, and Reggie stands his ground.,

Then it's Reggie who starts running towards Alias.

Alias stops and waits for Reggie, and he starts to swing his chair.

Reggie gets to Alias, and isn't foolish enough to be hit by the chair as he ducks and pops back up with a stunning uppercut and connects with the Brass Knuckles.

The crowd boos as Alias stumbles backwards feeling the full effects of the Brass Knuckles, and he drops the chair, trying to feel his chin.

Reggie needs to keep on top of Alias and follows up with an ELBOW and a couple more PUNCHES using the Brass Knuckles. And suddenly the X-treme Champion is in all sorts of trouble.

The crowd is booing loudly but Reggie doesn't care.. The Brass Knuckles are legal in an X-treme Rules match.

HEATHER: "It looks as if Reggie Estrada is in complete control/."

PIP: "Looks can be deceiving."

Reggie grabs Alias and hits him with a


Reggie is straight up, he grabs the Brass Knuckles, and takes them off, and throws them out over the ropes.

Reggie pulls Alias to his feet and hits him with a


He runs towards the ropes and rebounds off them and comes back and tries to hit Alias with a


But somehow Alias rolls out of the way just in time. He is up on his feet as the crowd roars to life.

Reggie is also up on his feet and runs after Alias.

Alias turns and manages to avoid a couple of punches.

Reggie looks angry.

But Alias pokes him in the eyes to get away from him. He hits the ropes, rebounds and hits Reggie with a


Down goes Reggie. It is now Alias's turn to stalk.

Alias grabs Reggie and pulls him up. He whips him into the corner, and follows up with a.


Reggie's head hits the top turn buckle.

Alias gets back to his feet. And starts hitting Reggie with a few LEFTS AND RIGHTS.

Alias then grabs Reggie and hits him with

an ARM DRAG then follows up with


And then


Alias looks to be in control.

Alias walks over to the downed Reggie and pulls him back to his feet. He attempts to steal Reggies Trademark Move. Reggies


And snaps it.

PIP: "Wow Alias is now in complete control."

HEATHER: "And it looks to be all over."

Alias gets back to his feet, smiling. He grabs Reggie by the hair, and pulls him to his feet, and then sends him flying across the ring, and into the corner. He comes stumbling out of the corner, and collapses to his knees.

HEATHER: "This could soon be over."

Alias makes his way slowly to the other side of the ring, laughing. It looks like he is about to retain the X-treme Championship. As he gets to Reggie. He looks down, and smiles at Reggies unfortunate turn of events. Suddenly he runs backwards to the other side of the ring, and rebounds off of the ropes and comes flying back.

PIP: "It looks like Alias is about to hit Reggie with a Flying Knee Drop."

Just as Alias gets towards Reggie to start to jump, to use the flying Knee drop, Reggie all of a sudden jumps to his feet, and he has the chair that Alias discarded.

Alias can't stop the move, and Reggie hits him in Mid air with the chair.

The crowd goes wild. As Alias hits the floor hard.

HEATHER: "Wow I didn't see that coming."

Reggie picks Alias up and hurls him back into the ring. He slides in after him where he picks him up and shoots him towards the ropes, Alias bounces off the ropes where ducks under a clothesline and quickly locks in THE LOVE! Alias falls backwards to the mat wrapping the body scissors in forcing Reggie to tap out!


After the match, Reggie pulls himself to his feet. Suddenly, a fist flies from out of nowhere, and Alias connects him square in the jaw, sending him reeling into the corner.

PIP: Alias just clobbered Reggie after the match!

HHL: This is what he promised in the build-up to tonight. He told Reggie that this wouldn't be over when the bell rang!

PIP: This dates back to Snow Job, except that time it was Reggie who did the attacking.

Alias doesn't give Reggie any breathing space, pummelling him with fists and elbows. Reggie keeps scrambling, backpedalling from one side of the ring to the other. Alias doesn't let up and pursues him. He grinds Reggie’s face against a metal turnbuckle before irish whipping him across to the other side. Reggie hits the corner hard and staggers out, only to have a hand shoved into his mouth!

HHL: Eat The Left Hand!

Reggie struggles against it but gradually his fight starts to fade as the nerve hold takes effect. Alias drives him to the ground and Reggie starts to go limp.

PIP: Look at the look in Alias’s eyes. He’s a man possessed!

Through gritted, salivating teeth, Alias whispers unspeakable things to Reggie, as Reggie finally stops moving entirely. He keeps the hold locked in a second longer just to be sure, and then releases, standing above Reggie’s body.

HHL: Alias has put Reggie down here tonight!

PIP: Why do I still get the feeling that this isn't over?

HHL: Probably because he's sliding out of the ring and looking under it now.

Sure enough, Alias has slid under the bottom rope, lifted up the apron curtain and is rummaging around underneath the ring.

He takes a long time.

HHL: What the heck is he doing under there?

PIP: Do you think he’s looking for something in particular? There always seems to be a veritable treasure trove of carnage underneath there.

HHL: Oh! Of course he is!

PIP: What?... Oh…

Eventually Alias pops out again and in his hand is his trusty blowtorch. The crowd roars when they see it and Alias fires the flame out of the end holding it high in the air. He keeps the flame alive, rather than shooting it out in short bursts, as he walks up the steps to the edge of the ring. The flame dies while he re-enters the ring, but then re-ignites it once again once he’s inside. With the length of time it took Alias to find his baby, Reggie Estrada is now stirring on the ground.

Alias steps in close to Reggie, with the flames shooting through the air. The heat forces Reggie back to full consciousness as his eyes widen and he starts trying to scramble away. There’s nowhere to go! Alias, on his feet already and without the effects of the Eat The Left Hand, is faster and stronger. He corners Reggie.

Abruptly, the lights cut out. The arena is plunged into darkness as the crowd begins to murmur. In his surprise, Alias lets the flame die.

A few seconds later, the flame re-ignites, sending the smallest amount of light out into the arena. Alias uses the flame to scan the ringside area, and spies Reggie Estrada leaning against the barrier, having escaped from the ring to the relative safety outside. Alias grins when he sees him, target in sight.

The Left Hand logo appears on the X-Tron as the lights rise again to see Lycana and Marf standing on the stage.

PIP: The Left Hand is here! We’ve already seen them tonight, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that they’re out here once again.

HHL: Let’s not forget that last Warfare, Alias decided to bring the fight to them. Now it looks like they’re back for their pound of flesh.

Alias turns to face them, firing the blowtorch off in their direction and begging them to come down towards him. They begin a slow walk down towards the ring when all of a sudden Alias is jumped from behind!

PIP: It’s the newcomer Ethos!

Ethos starts brawling with Alias, backing him into the corner. As the brawling continues, Alias begins to tire first, having more recently competed. Ethos starts delivering several punches that go unblocked by Alias. He winds up to deliver a final haymaker, but Alias ducks!

Right into a Red Poison Mist!

HHL: Miss Fury’s here too!

Blinded, Alias is ripe for the picking as Ethos blasts him with a superkick. Alias drops down to one knee, and Fury charges in with a running knee straight into Alias’s temple. He collapses to the ground and the two Left Hand members start stomping Alias into the ground as the blowtorch flicks out of the ring. Lycana and Marf continue to meander towards the ring.

PIP: Look at them beat Alias down. He’s all alone out there and it’s about to get worse when The Dissentients get in there. They’re sure taking their time.

HHL: Wait… where did Reggie Estrada go?

The camera catches Reggie making his way through the crowd, having clearly escaped in the commotion. He looks back over his shoulder as he goes, making sure that nobody is following him.

PIP: He could have stayed to help, Alias.

HHL: Why? He wants to see Alias beaten down like this.

Lycana and Marf near the ring now, and the blue-haired apparent leader of the XWF-sect of The Left Hand rolls into the ring. Fury and Ethos step back, as Lycana takes a running punt at Alias, connecting right under his chin. He flips over onto his back as Lycana laughs. Fury and Ethos get back to work, stomping a good ol’ fashioned mudhole in him.

Marf circles the ring, and bends down out of view of the camera. When he pops back up, he has the blowtorch in his hand! A stunned silence takes over the crowd.

PIP: Oh God, not this!

HHL: It was only a matter of time before the tables got turned.

PIP: They were the ones who started this damn blowtorch mess!

HHL: Tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to.

Marf enters the ring with the blowtorch in hand, as Ethos and Fury lift Alias up off the mat. Lycana tugs his hair back, some of his dirty blonde strands becoming tangled under her nails. She forces him to look in Marf’s direction as he smirks and shows Alias the fire he is already all too familiar with. Alias spits.

“Do your fucking worst.”

The entire Left Hand laughs.

At odds to that, the crowd erupts.

PIP: What’s this?

Betsy Granger, Tommy Romeo, and Shawn Wylde come sprinting down the aisle!

HHL: It’s Romeo Management Inc.!

The three slide into the ring and bring the fight to The Left Hand. Granger and Fury - the two potential March Madness opponents start trading blows. Shawn Wylde springboards from the top rope onto Ethos, and they both tumble to the mat. Tommy Romeo is the last in the ring, ripping off his suit jacket as he slides in and he guns straight for Lycana - recent events clearly on his mind.

PIP: Here we go!

HHL: The Left Hand has crossed A LOT of people, and these were some of the first!

Blinded by his anger towards Lycana, Romeo doesn’t notice Marf nearby too. Marf grabs Romeo’s shoulders, opening him up for a stiff kick to the midsection from Lycana. As Lycana takes control again, Marf fires the blowtorch in the air, laughing at the melee around him. Miss Fury is pressed against the ropes, and Granger takes a couple of steps back before charging at her. She’s snatched at the last moment by Marf who slams her back first into the mat with one hand. Fury pounces on her.

Wylde meanwhile gets the upper hand on Ethos with an enziguri, and as Marf turns his attention to try and grab the Spyder, Wylde slips free and hits another enziguri. It staggers Marf, causing him to drop the blowtorch. Wylde hits Marf with a headscissors takedown that spikes him face first into the mat and then turns to Lycana, who is choking Romeo from behind. Wylde hits a dropkick to her, pushing her back.

PIP: Shawn Wylde’s bringing the fight to everyone!

Fury, seeing Wylde attacking everyone as if he had eight limbs, drops him with a low blow from behind. Ethos rises again and the two of them start stomping Wylde just like they did to Alias. Marf rises and joins. Romeo unloads a few shots into Marf’s abdomen, but Lycana stops his momentum before he can accomplish much. She doubles him over and throws him toward Marf who quickly blasts him with a Canadian Destroyer.

HHL: The Sway, from Marf!

Romeo rolls out of the ring, leaving a rising Betsy Granger open to attack from both of The Dissentients.

Out of nowhere, Alias flies in and tackles Marf to the ground! He starts unloading fists, while Granger takes the distraction to do the same to Lycana. Both Alias and Betsy Granger waylay The Dissentients, which draws the attention of Ethos and Fury away from Shawn Wylde. They approach, but are both met by Alias and Granger. Alias pokes Fury in the eye holes of her mask, grabs her by the throat, and tosses her over the top rope. Granger ducks a clothesline attempt by Ethos and then unleashes a clothesline of her own, sending Ethos to the outside next to Fury.

As Wylde gets to his feet and joins Alias and Granger, Lycana and Marf notice they’re outnumbered. They wriggle out to the floor and join their compatriots as Ethos and Fury pick themselves off the floor. Suddenly, a lightbulb goes off in the minds of all four Left Hand members at the same time.

They see Tommy Romeo’s body lying on the ground next to them.

A wicked smile crosses the face of both Lycana and Fury, as the four stalk their prey.

PIP: Oh my God!

Shawn Wylde flies through the air and takes out the entire Left Hand!

HHL: That spyder can fly!

Shawn bounces to his feet to the approval of the crowd, and he checks on Tommy Romeo who begins to come to. In the ring behind them, Betsy Granger dares The Left Hand to come back as they start getting to their feet.

PIP: Shawn Wylde’s got to be careful here, he and Tommy Romeo are still not out of dodge.

A flame changes everything.

The blowtorch is back in Alias’s hands, and it’s roaring. It causes The Left Hand to think on their next move a little more. They start stepping backwards up the ramp, much to the ire of Marf in particular.

HHL: Hang on… I’m not sure Alias is even looking at The Left Hand.

Betsy Granger turns to see Alias staring directly at her, flames shooting out of his hands. She breathes a deep breath and steps forward.

“We don’t have to do this…”

The flame surges.

And then…

The lights cut out again.

Static takes over the X-Tron.

When the video ends, and the lights rise up again, The Left Hand is standing on the stage with the left hands raised in the air.

HHL: Words from The Baphomet, who we haven’t seen since he was arrested!

PIP: We heard on Savage how he is currently tearing his away across other promotions, but clearly he still has his eye on the XWF.

HHL: Not just the XWF, but two of its legends too! He’s just threatened James Raven and Shawn Warstein.

PIP: Who as we all know are both very close with Betsy Granger.

Sure enough, Granger’s expression tells a thousand stories, primarily ones of concern and anger. She whispers quietly to herself while shaking her head and staring daggers at The Left Hand on the stage.

Seeing Granger’s emotion, Alias steps up beside her.


He points at Tommy Romeo, whom Shawn Wylde is helping to his feet.

“Give it to me.”

Wylde looks confused, but Romeo seems to understand, stumbling to the ring and rolling inside it. He reaches down to his suit jacket, and pulls a pen and paper from it which he then hands to Alias.

Keeping his eyes on The Left Hand, Alias scrawls something onto the paper and pushes it back into Romeo’s hands. Romeo lifts it up, and the camera catches the title: ‘Romeo Management, Inc. Contract’.

PIP: What? Does this mean? Alias has joined RMI!

HHL: Does this guy even have a name? How would he sign a contract?

PIP: Don’t overthink it!

With The Left Hand still on the stage, Alias points the blowtorch at them. He then… passes it to Betsy Granger.

She takes it without looking.

X-Treme Champion and Shooting Star Champion, say…

”Eat The Left Hand!”

We cut backstage where a seething Morbid Angel burst into the office of Derrick Diamond and Smoking Bob as the two Co-General Managers are discussing what they've just seen.

Morbid: You all saw what the hell happened tonight! Mastermind and I were screwed by BoB..."

Derrick cuts off Morbid Angel.

Double D: Bob and I were just talking about that, good thing you rudely stormed in here. We took notice of what transpired and we agree, but we also know in a Falls Count Anywhere match that there is not any rules; but because BoB wants to be dick heads we can make it up to you. At March Madness it will be MORBID ANGEL with Mastermind in his corner taking on ALIAS... for the XWF XTREME CHAMPIONSHIP!

The crowd pops as Morbid smirks taking Wednesday Night Warfare off the air.

Thaddeus Duke
Chris Page

Segment Credits:
Vinnie Lane
Chris Page
Ned Kaye
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03-17-2021, 04:14 PM

Regarding the events past my trios match tonight: I am NOT involved with my own attacks. I am NOT associated with Steven Cooper. There isn't a "Nefarious One." That's all.

OOC: Great show! It was a lot of fun to work with Charlie and Edgar and I'm really excited to see the big reveal of "Anarchy" when that finally comes. The Left Hand was a lot of fun to face! I hope everyone enjoyed the show as much as I did!

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03-17-2021, 04:17 PM

(03-17-2021, 04:14 PM)Notorious Ned Kaye Said: Regarding the events past my trios match tonight: I am NOT involved with my own attacks. I am NOT associated with Steven Cooper. There isn't a "Nefarious One." That's all.

OOC: Great show! It was a lot of fun to work with Charlie and Edgar and I'm really excited to see the big reveal of "Anarchy" when that finally comes. The Left Hand was a lot of fun to face! I hope everyone enjoyed the show as much as I did!

We’ll see come March Madness, Ned. Way to shit where you eat, boy!

I should have known better than to trust you.

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03-17-2021, 05:15 PM

/// WOW! This show was wild! Great job to all!

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lycana2 (1)
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03-17-2021, 05:28 PM

"Enjoy your 'time off', Reg (read: running like a bitch). I'll still be here when you con The Wizard of Oz into giving you some courage, no matter what The Left Hand tries."

Do you have a light?

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03-17-2021, 05:32 PM

(03-17-2021, 04:14 PM)Notorious Ned Kaye Said: Regarding the events past my trios match tonight: I am NOT involved with my own attacks. I am NOT associated with Steven Cooper. There isn't a "Nefarious One." That's all.

OOC: Great show! It was a lot of fun to work with Charlie and Edgar and I'm really excited to see the big reveal of "Anarchy" when that finally comes. The Left Hand was a lot of fun to face! I hope everyone enjoyed the show as much as I did!

*Sighs* Jesus, dude...

If you can't even trust a Ned Kaye, man...

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03-17-2021, 05:38 PM

Great show everyone!

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03-17-2021, 06:17 PM

(03-17-2021, 05:28 PM)Alias Said: "Enjoy your 'time off', Reg (read: running like a bitch). I'll still be here when you con The Wizard of Oz into giving you some courage, no matter what The Left Hand tries."

I'd keep your mouth and your hand, and your legs shut from talking so crudely on me. I managed to go easy on you, even though you tried to threaten me with a blowtorch... i'm glad that you and Besty are takin down those satanic fucks, because that's gon be your legacy in this place.

Also, i'm glad that you said those humble words, because I will enjoy some time off... as I will be watching your every single move from the barricades, until the day The Left Hand turn you into scarecrow on your last legs, pal.

Good luck against Morbid "Thy Holyness" Angel... you gon need it, punto.

A Flithy Animal
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03-17-2021, 07:41 PM

Damn, it feels good to be The Trooper.

Don't miss me for too long, XWF. You're gonna see more of me real soon. Get used to it
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03-17-2021, 07:42 PM

Great show!

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03-17-2021, 10:01 PM

everyone DM me ur guesses as to who tf "anarchy" is i'm doing to sip the tea and hear the rumors

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03-18-2021, 04:22 AM

(03-17-2021, 07:41 PM)Steven Cooper Said: Damn, it feels good to be The Trooper.

Don't miss me for too long, XWF. You're gonna see more of me real soon. Get used to it

Steven Cooper? I thought you were dead.

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03-18-2021, 10:54 AM

Shit, Cent! You would not believe how many times I've heard that! You get it a lot, too?
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03-18-2021, 11:06 AM

(03-18-2021, 10:54 AM)Steven Cooper Said: Shit, Cent! You would not believe how many times I've heard that! You get it a lot, too?

More than I care to admit.

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