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03-05-2021, 08:43 AM

Here is the most recent incarnation of the XWF top 50 of all time, as of 2021.

Every year or so, we will take another look at the list and see if any new names should be added or any names removed, as well as re-positioning of existing names. As the months/years progress, names may move up or down.

Also in this update, we decided to pull off anyone who is already in the Hall of Legends - we see the Hall as an unranked Valhalla

This was a multi-party effort, with input and debate from representatives across the 20-plus year history of the XWF. This is the best reflection of an "all-time" list that can be asked for, taking into account RP careers going back to 1999 up to just this year.

The ranking is primarily based on a formula that takes many aspects into consideration, such as "which name would probably beat which name" and several other pieces of criteria such as how good the name was at establishing themselves in the fed overall (not just by RPing well) and who is most remembered even during times they aren't here or active. Length of time active is taken into consideration to SOME extent, but not weighted as heavily if it's an older name who had a somewhat shorter stay but still is highly regarded for what they accomplished in a short time. A more recent arrival would have a harder time ranking highly because we don't know how well they'd be remembered for what they accomplished if they were to leave, take time off, etc... a lot goes into it. You get it.

The newer a name is to our fed, the more difficult it was to rank higher on this list, or in some cases appear at all. If you're somebody who joined in the last few months to a year and you're not on here yet, or you're ranked lower than you think you should be, just keep doing what you do best and you may end up moving up the ranks higher when we reevaluate the entire list in 12-18 months. People from across eras had say in these names/placements and we have done our best to come up with what we feel is a fair and realistic list of both past names AND current era names.

This is considered an official list both OOC and IC, so yes, you are welcome to reference this in your RPs and such. If you see a name with a slash before another name, it means it's the same character who had more than one alias at different times.

The names appear IN ORDER of their top 50 ranking, starting with #1 onward.

Also: Big Preesh to my boy Noah Jackson for all the sick name graphics used here, and to Gravy for the top banner. Thanks homies!

[Image: is9z6Xp.png]

[Image: OkEGMBI.png]

[Image: MvxSFUn.png]

[Image: uzJI1or.png]

[Image: 8lmcjqp.png]

[Image: chQUwWy.png]

[Image: GiczJCQ.png]

[Image: JTprpYw.png]

[Image: O5d4cJP.png]

[Image: 6wLDmI7.png]

[Image: 48cXdbz.png]

[Image: Q1kS8t5.png]

[Image: g9XvHPO.png]

[Image: vNVN1xC.png]

[Image: enzQW4u.png]

[Image: Mkq90kT.png]

[Image: u5DXbkN.png]

[Image: L1uH6Wx.png]

[Image: z1wG3RE.png]

[Image: ESd6k26.png]

[Image: 1ja8Vt4.png]

[Image: sz2Cr5s.png]

[Image: X1Tt2bV.png]

[Image: 2EhKkri.png]

[Image: FGOp3cP.png]

[Image: cAuoFnI.png]

[Image: ERFhyDH.png]

[Image: Ry57J1Y.png]

[Image: xpkAzx1.png]

[Image: NVR17xM.png]

[Image: h4rT5Ky.png]

[Image: sIqCGLb.png]

[Image: K8WOmeJ.png]

[Image: QXz4Fxg.png]

[Image: mtaJLj1.png]

[Image: aAMmxhp.png]

[Image: Gt6Bjnw.png]

[Image: ZgD6K5c.png]

[Image: WT4LMSv.png]

[Image: vxPPFw2.png]

[Image: h8iBJba.png]

[Image: TgItn6c.png]

[Image: mhIPZL6.png]

[Image: VH461yd.png]

[Image: 16Bhldk.png]

[Image: wZf9DFv.png]

[Image: skWqqJa.png]

[Image: t2dCy6O.png]

[Image: 8UrGorc.png]

[Image: 8rhcdlN.png]

[Image: BVP2xAD.png]

[Image: 14ErOnp.png]

[Image: dR5ZguS.png]
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