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Wednesday Night Warfare - Results - 2/17/21
Author Message
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02-17-2021, 11:43 PM



From !!!

[Image: 400x600.jpeg]



- vs -

The winner has to make their opponent say 'I Quit'."


- vs -

To win you must make your opponent can't recover in time from a 10 count.


- vs -

The match must end by using their Finisher and making the pin.


- vs -

You can use the entire stadium to get a win


- vs -



- vs -

This match takes place inside a boiler room, and the first person to make the pin, wins.


- vs -

The first person to make their opponent bleed, wins.


- vs -

The first person to put their opponent through a table wins.



- vs -
- vs -


[Image: JggTqeU.png]


- vs -

Chris Page will name stipulation in first Roleplayr.




From !!!

[Image: 400x600.jpeg]


The scene opens back on the loading dock of the Stadium where a white stretch limo is shown pulling into the building where it pulls to a smooth stop. The crowd erupts with a loud, mixed reception of cheers and boos as stepping out of the limo is the XWF Universal Champion “Chronic” Chris Page. Chris is dressed in a purple sport coat with green pot leaves stamped all over, no shirt, of course, black leather pants, black shades and he slings his beautiful Universal Championship over his right shoulder.

HHL: The Universal Champion is in the house!

” Tonight it is Chris Page versus Big D, but with what we say to close out Savage you have to wonder if whoever is leaving messages is getting inside the head of CCP?

HHL: Listen, I have known Chris Page for a very long time, and one thing that he is when it comes to title defenses is always coming in prepared. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding him, he knows it just as well as the rest of us, but he is also a master of playing mind games. So are we following this trail that he has laid out?

Chris barks out towards the driver as he steps out of the limo.

” Get the bags.”

Chris walks towards the camera, does not acknowledge it as he passes by while his driver gets his bags.

Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is an I QUIT match!

” Introducing first, about to make his way to the ring…. TOMMY WISH!

On the X-Tron, it shows a Heartless symbol that shatters into pieces, then the camera cuts to Tommy who's standing on the entrance way with his Pink Kendo Stick, which he raises in the air. Then as the beat drop, he walks down to the ramp and gives some fans some high fives in the process, then he stands at the apron and rolls into the ring. Then he raises his stick in the air, and then he leans on the corner while waiting for his opponent.

Introducing his opponent…

”About to make his way to the ring… He is THE WHYTE SPIDER, SHAWN WYLDE!

Arachnophilia hits the speakers and the lights dim to a purple hue. A spotlight hits the top of the stadium where Shawn is perched in a web. Strobes begin to flash and Shawn leaps towards the ring. A zip line carries him from the top of of the arena till he is roughly ten feet in the air and drops from the the line into the center of the ring and blasts of Pyro go off from the four corners. The polished armor he wears engraved with spider webs glimmers in the light. He runs to the ropes climbing to the middle, raising both hands in the air and Shouting Woooh! as a pyro curtain showers behind him. The stadium erupts as the fans respond by raising both arms back and responding with a deafening Woooh! He then slides out of the ring and begins removing the armor in preparation for the match. High fiving several fans up against the baricade then sliding back into the ring and perching himself in a squat on the top rope and awaiting his opponent.


- vs -

Attention diverts towards the top of the ramp waiting the arrival of Shawn Wylde only there is not a Shawn Wylde coming out to the top of the ramp. Tommy Wish starts pacing back and forth in the ring as he questions the referee who just shrugs.

HHL: Shawn Wylde is not coming out. Now that I think about it I have not seen him in the building today.

Pip: That is not like the Whyte Spider to not show up.

The music fades as Shawn does not come out to the top of the ramp. The referee is seen conversing with the ring announcer who then states.

” Ladies and gentleman, I have just been informed by the referee in charge that is Shawn Wylde does not get to the ring before the ten count that Tommy Wish will win this match via forfeit.”

The crowd starts to boo as the referee begins his count.













Pip: Paydays do not get any easier that that if your name is Tommy Wish.

Tommy is pissed as his arm is raised in victory.

Backstage, standing in a hallway, we see Bobby Bourbon and Thunder Knuckles, Them No Good Bastards.

Bourbon: Y'know, TK, we haven't been doing too hot.

TK: I know what you mean, Bobby.

Bourbon: Between watching our title opportunity slide away because Marf was too easy for Doc D'Ville to pin and that fluke of a victory last week...

TK: I can't believe we had to be nice!

Bourbon: We were nice, TK, we were. I guess there's no counting for that when passive aggressive, tongue in cheek insults are being lobbed about.

TK: I guess not, Bobby.

Bourbon: Imagine, we could have done what we're gifted at!

TK: Fucking right, we could have been mean.

Bourbon: We could have been nasty.

TK: We could have been...

BOTH: Them No Good Bastards!

The crowd roars as both Bobby and TK put their hands on their hips, standing tall and triumphant looking. A photo of Big D drops down between them. They both look at it, and look utterly disturbed.

Bourbon: Woah!

TK: I know, holy production values, Bourb-man!

Bourbon: Shit, we might not have won in a bit, but hey, at least we're not a loser like this guy!

TK: Fuckin' A-Right! This simp had to dig up a dead championship and has begged and pleaded for management to give him some kind of credence for being a fucking dollar-store brand champion?

Bourbon: A Doe-stow Brand-pion?

TK: Did you just make that up?

Bourbon: Faster than it takes Big D to come up with a promo.

TK: Fuck, did you notice he cut the same promo over and over again against Chris?

Bourbon: I noticed he cuts the same promo over and over again, period.

TK: Well, I guess since we have the photo up, maybe we should give the fucker a proper wake.

Bourbon: A fond farewell to the World Champion and the goofy belt he bought off Etsy.

TK: Shit, bro, maybe we should buy a couple of matching belts and go around claiming to be some kind of champs!

Bobby shuts his eyes and slowly shakes his head. He raises the index finger on his right hand as he glances at TK.

Bourbon: Now now, TK, we don't need a fake championship to be taken seriously. Besides, once Chris finishes this doofus off tonight, that fake championship will be good and gone. But, shit, what's to stop the guy from coming up with...

Both Bobby and TK gasp exaggeratedly.

BOTH: Another fake championship!

TK smirks and looks at Bobby.

TK: Oh, I think you fucking know damn well that won't be happening again.

Bourbon: Oh, I agree, because tonight, what Big D needs to do, rather than harp about your finisher, is bring a condom, a tube of Astroglide, and his security blanket with him to the ring, because he's fucked.

TK: Fucked like a pocket pussy on death row.

Bourbon: Fucked like a groupie.

TK: Fucked like a ring rat.

Bourbon: Fucked as fuck.

TK scratches his head at that one.

TK: That sounds pretty fucked.

Bourbon looks excited.

Bourbon: Oh, yeah, that's right! Operation Smash Time Spectacular!

TK: Shhh! That's top secret!

Bourbon: I know, but, I mean, is it?

Bobby and TK look at the camera, smile, and shrug.

Bourbon: So, TK, I was thinking, maybe we need to polish up our image, since now Corey and Duke seem to be defending the Tag Titles at Savage.

TK: Oh, I guess Louis is still fucking sore from Snow Job.

Bourbon: Must be. Maybe he's doing the boys' laundry. Getting their suppers ready, being the wonderful adoptive father they never had.

TK: Wait, I thought Thad has a father.

Bourbon: Yeah, yeah, but that's his father. D'Ville is Corey and Thad's Daddy. Huge difference.

TK: How so?

Bourbon: Well, you see bro, a father is a person who gushes inside your mom's guts to make you and then scars you horribly with abandonment issues.

TK: Really?

Bourbon: Well, no, not really in our case, but for Corey, well, I have my suspicions. Maybe the reason he's adopted so many different personas is because he's ashamed of carrying on his old man's lineage. Anyhow, that's a father. A daddy, on the other hand, is someone that they can rely on for assistance, nurturing, and in some cases, discipline.

TK: That sounds pretty fuckin' kinky, bro.

Bourbon: I reckon, but hey, to each their own.

TK: Fair enough, but what about our image?

Bourbon: Well, see, since we're in B.O.B., and we're Them No Good Bastards, maybe, just maybe, we need to create our own sub-sect within, you know, to really set us apart.

TK: What did you have in mind?

Bourbon: For starters, we need a cool name that makes a cool acronym. I'm thinking Lethal Arsenal Recon Resilience Yakuza!

TK: L.A.R.R.Y.?

Bourbon: Fuck yeah.

TK: Alright, I'm all for it!

Bobby and TK give each other a fistbump.


As they exclaim "Larry Thyme" a hillbilly walks up to them.

Hillbilly: Hey, y'all, I'm Pappy Moonshine!

TK looks at the hillbilly then back at Bobby.

TK: Uh, who the fuck is this?

Bourbon: That's Pappy Moonshine, he just said so. He's our new manager since we're members of LARRY.

TK: What does he do?

Bourbon: I dunno, I figured he could hit people in the head with his corn cob pipe and play banjo during our matches.

TK: Really?

TK removes the corn cob pipe from Pappy's mouth. He strikes Bobby on the noggin with it.

Bourbon: Hey!

TK: Did that really hurt?

Bourbon:, not really.

TK: And do you really want banjos playing while you fight?

Bobby frowns.

Bourbon: Not at all.

Hillbilly: Y'all, I'm here to have a good time!

Bobby and TK look at Pappy Moonshine.

TK: Wait, did you get him to be our daddy?

Bobby looks appalled.

Bourbon: Absolutely not. He's not Daddy Moonshine, he's Pappy Moonshine.

Bobby turns to Pappy Moonshine.

Bourbon: Mr. Moonshine, thank you for being our manager, but I think we're officially disbanding LARRY.

Hillbilly: Dag nabbit!

The hillbilly storms off, frustrated. Following behind him is none other than Miss Fury, holding a kitchen knife. Off screen we hear a blood curdling scream. Bobby and TK turn to watch whatever Miss Fury did to Pappy Moonshine, cringing.

The arena goes pitch black and all of the monitors including the XWF-tron turn off.

What’s this?

Uh, fans… We are apparently having some technical diffi--

All of the monitors flash back on and are filled with static! The loud crackle fills the arena for a few seconds then switches to a black and white security camera watching the entrance to the boiler room! The crowd erupts knowing what is next!

Oh, well… Uh, I guess it’s time for the boiler room match!

This wasn’t set for…

The announcer’s microphone cuts out as Bearded War Pig is seen entering the boiler room and slamming the door shut behind him. The camera switches to inside where BWP marches around the narrow hallways in search of Doctor Louis D’Ville.

Doc! Where you at?!

The hallways become longer and narrower, he reaches an intersection and stops.


BWP turns left then to his right. He decides to go straight and a few pipes burst and crash down in his path. He turns immediately to the left and the catwalk above crashes down and blocks his way. BWP turns around and rushes to the right! He dives through just as that path crashes down! With the crash goes what little lighting he had and he’s left in pitch darkness!

Come out, Doc!

A red haze rises up from the floor as BWP continues searching from corridor to corridor. Yelling in the distance and sounds of machine guns echo loudly as if they were around every corner. The camera follows close behind him as he cuts one corner after another. More yelling, the sound of helicopters flying, gunfire…. It all screams through the tight halls as BWP bounces off each wall before finally reaching an open area where he sees a generator on the other side of the room. He approaches it and locates the pull-cord on the side of it and gives it a couple of yanks!



On the third pull the generator kicks on lighting up the room and Doctor D’Ville is standing right behind BWP! He turns around and is face to face with Doc and takes a swing! Doc ducks the punch and ducks another as BWP chases him across the room with lefts and rights and kicks and lunges… Everything BWP throws at the doctor he evades and dodges with ease. He throws harder punches and harder kicks but to no avail until Doc lands a straight punch to his chest that sends him flying back! BWP feels his spine break in half but then realizes it was just a pipe that had snapped off from his impact. He picks it up and leaps after Doc swinging downward with the pipe! The red haze in the room has made it much more difficult to see, so BWP swings the pipe wildly around hoping to connect with Doc, but hitting the walls around him over and over again. The generator begins to sputter now and finally quits killing the lights and the video feed.

The lights in the arena come back on and the XWF logo is displayed on all monitors.

I, uh, guess we’re back…?

That was weird, Pip…

Let’s continue on here, fans…

Claude Savage makes his way to the ring.

Azrael walks out and basks in the adoration of fans, as always with a clever smirk upon his handsome face. Then he bolts to the ring. Just jets at high speed and when he reaches it, vaults upward and flips into the ring. Landing on his feet with a satisfied smile. He does a little dance, winks and takes his appropriated place within the squared circle.


- vs -

Azrael and Savage square off, staring each other down as they slowly walk up to each other. Claude stands head and shoulders above Azrael, and he's got the thickness of two Azraels. This doesn't deter Azrael, though. Erebus steps up to Claude and shoves him roughly! Claude is forced to take a few steps back, much to the surprise of the audience!

PC: Azrael knows that size doesn't matter!

HHL: Phrasing!

Claude takes a step up to Azrael, only to be shoved back once more! He retaliates by hitting Azrael with a vicious uppercut, knocking the man to the ground! Azrael's bloody spittle drips onto the mat as the alien pushes himself up to his feet. Just as Azrael is about to ride, Claude hits him with back to back body jabs! Azrael bends over as he clutches his gut. Savage grins before wrapping his arm around the man's hunched over head. Savage sends Erebus back to the mat with a powerful DDT! Claude quickly rolls to his feet and starts circling Azrael as he shouts at the "little emo boy" to stay down for ten seconds! The referee begins to count.





Azrael stirs to his feet, albeit a bit wobbly. Claude charges at him and clotheslines him back to the mat! The referred counts again!




Azrael climbs to his feet again, even groggier than before. The Murder Horse gallops towards him….but Azrael ducks! Claude Savage goes flying over the ropes, landing awkwardly on his neck! Azrael runs to the far ropes, gains momentum, then hops through the middle ropes and lands stop Claude Savage! The crowd goes wild!

As soon Azrael lands on Claude he starts clobbering him with fists to the face! One after the other! The Murder Horse's head is rocking back and forth like a punching bag! Azrael is relentless!

HHL: It looks like Claude pissed off the wrong alien!

Azrael delivers one final blow to Claude's face before picking him up and flinging him against the steel stairs! Claude's body smacks against them with a wicked thud! Azrael motions for the ref to begin the count!








The Murder Horse pulls himself to his feet using the steel steps as a crutch. As soon as Claude's head is up Azrael hits a superkick! Claude's body falls limp against the steps. Azrael takes a few steps backwards before sprinting towards Savage and hitting a dropkick against the steps! Savage rolls to the floor!

[white[PC: Azrael is a man on a mission![/white]

HHL: That's not a man…..that's an Alien!

Azrael picks Claude up and rolls him into the ring. Azrael climbs up to the top turnbuckle as Savage starts to slowly come back to consciousness. Claude, still on his back, starts to slowly blink and turn his head as he tries to get a sense of his surroundings. Azrael takes advantage of the situation and jumps off the top rope, delivering his iconic finishing move!

PC: Quintessential transcendence!

HHL: This could be the end of the track for the Murder Horse!

Azrael executes the move perfectly! He jumps to his feet and receives immense applause! The referee starts the count.












Steve Sayors stands in the center of the ring with a microphone in hand.

”Please welcome my guest at this time,” Sayors begins before pausing a moment. ”The former XWF Universal Champion! THADDEUS DUKE!”

As the Hitman theme hits, the fans packed inside the arena in Rome come unglued for their returning conquered hero. Gold lighting strobes throughout the arena as a number of Thaddeus Duke’s Lionheart logos pan across the XWF Universe.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke went an hour in the middle of the ring with Chris Page and while he didn’t come out on top, he can’t be disappointed!

PIP: Not at all! His future as the face of this business is as bright as its ever been and putting on the instant classic that was Page versus Duke only solidified that!

Thad along with Paul Heyman make their way toward the ring. Duke wears his customary sleeveless hoodie, the hood up as per usual with the tag team championship slung over his shoulder. Near the ringside area, Thad slaps some hands with the fans and despite coming up short at Snow Job, he’s still all smiles.

HHL: No matter whether he wears gold or not, Pip, that young man is a champion of the people!

PIP: He’s a generational talent and the Universe is smart enough to know it!

In the ring, Thad passes the Tag belt off to Heyman who cradles it in his arms. Still with his hood up, he paces the ring behind Sayors as Heyman steps to the microphone.

”So the question, I think, that’s on everybody’s mind Paul,” Sayors says, beginning the interview. ”Is now that Thaddeus Duke has lost the Universal Championship, what’s next for him? What’s next for the Lionheart?”

”Is that even a legitimate question?” Heyman asks rhetorically. In response, Thad stops pacing a moment to eyeball his manager. ”What’s next for YOUR LIONHEART,” he shouts toward the Universe as Thad resumes his pacing. ”Is the same level of dominance the preceded and included his reign as YOUR Universal champion!”

”What’s next for me,” Thad says as he steps toward the mic and throws off his hood. ”Is becoming the King of the XWF!”

The Universe explodes at the remark as Thad resumes his pacing.

HHL: Oh no!

PIP: He doesn’t know!

Heyman has a wide eyed look on his face.

”That’s all well and good Thaddeus,” Sayors states as he keeps looking over his shoulder to eyeball Duke. ”But...”

”Enough of the what’s next garbage!” Heyman shouts out as he steals the microphone from Steve Sayors. ”The only thing that’s important here,” Heyman says as he starts to pace. Behind his back, the time keeper hands Sayors another microphone.

”Is that you never signed Thaddeus Duke up for the King of the XWF tournament,” Sayors interrupts.

HHL: Uh oh!

Thaddeus Duke stops pacing and snaps his head to the right, dead staring at Paul Heyman across the ring. Paul, with his back turned to both Sayors and Thad is stopped in his tracks. He swallows hard, knowing full well that this revelation is going to anger his client.

”Thad listen,” Paul states into his mic, refusing to turn around and face his client.

”What the hell did you do!?” Thad asks heatedly as he takes the mic from Sayors. ”LOOK AT ME!” Duke shouts as he steps toward Paul. Heyman swallows hard again, and slowly turns to face the Golden Boy.

”You don’t… need it,” Heyman says with his head pointed down.

”Who said anything about needing it!?” Thaddeus asks his business manager. ”I wanted it and you don’t get to choose what I want, Paul!”

Heyman steps back from Thad a moment, then returns to him and gets right in his face.

”You don’t need a stupid crown Thaddeus! You don’t need to be called the King of any god damn thing because Thaddeus Duke is already… wrestling… royalty!”

HHL: Paul Heyman, trying hard to cover his ass in the face of his extremely pissed off client!

PIP: It really isn’t a good idea to piss off one of wrestlings bonafide mega-stars!

”You’re gonna want to step the hell out of my face,” Thad says as he steps toward Heyman. Paul naturally backs up. ”Your job, is to do what I instruct you to do. Your job Heyman, is to take the money I contractually obligated to pay you and EARN IT!

“By failing to do what I tell you to do, you’re in breach of contract so I’d think real carefully about the next thing you say to me.”

HHL: Paul Heyman, scared speechless!

PIP: There IS a God!

Thad holds his hands out, urging Heyman to say something, anything. Still, no words fall from the loud mouth of Paul Heyman.

”Nothin’ to say?” Thad asks and Heyman mouths the words “don’t do this” as he looks at Thad. Heyman hits his knees, begging Thaddeus. Duke though rolls his eyes.

”Failure isn’t an option for you,” Thad states before shaking his head. ”Look at you, on your knees, begging for your god damn job. Maybe Chris Page was right and you have overstayed your welcome.”

Thaddeus drops his mic and heads for the ropes to exit. Just as he starts to step through, Paul grabs onto his leg, still on his knees.

”I did this for you Thaddeus,” Paul states into his mic as Thad steps back into the ring. Heyman gets back to his feet. ”You’re reeling, you’re disappointed at the outcome of Snow Job and that you’re no longer the Champion but I promise you Thaddeus, you will climb that mountain again. You will be the Universal Champion again and jumping right back in chasing accolades that are… quite frankly… beneath you…

“Just isn’t where I see you.”

Thad runs his fingers through his hair a moment but urges Paul to go on.

”Louis D’Ville is already entered and there’s no doubt in my mind, or in yours, that he’ll go all the way to the end. If I entered you into that tournament, there’s no question that you’d be right there along with him.

“So where does that leave the tag team titles?

“Where does that leave your best god damn friend Corey Smith?”

HHL: That’s actually a valid line of questioning.

PIP: He doesn’t give a shit about Corey Smith! Paul Heyman is a master manipulator and all he’s doing is trying to toy with Thaddeus Duke’s emotions to save his own ass!

HHL: I guess that remains to be seen.

”Could you live with yourself?” Paul asks as he steps toward Thaddeus. ”Would you be able to look yourself in the mirror if Corey Smith had to go to March Madness alone and defend YOUR tag team championships with no one to tag? With no one to help him?

“I’m sorry Thaddeus, but I couldn’t sign you up to be the King of the XWF in good conscience because I know what it would do to you if you abandoned your best friend.”

Thaddeus takes the mic from Heyman.

”You’re good man,” Thad states as he starts to pace a little in front of Heyman. ”But don’t think for a second that I don’t know when I’m being manipulated.

“That said Paul, I have a question for you…

“Do you know what happens when big men such as yourself stand on thin ice?”

Heyman doesn’t answer.

”If you ever pull anything like this again without my consent, you can set yourself up an office of the former manager of Thaddeus Duke,” Thad concludes as he slams the microphone into Paul Heyman’s chest and exits the ring.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke! Firing a warning shot across the bow of his own manager!

PIP: Honestly, he should’ve just kicked him in the face.

HHL: Be that as it may, Paul Heyman’s days as a manager here in the XWF could very well be numbered!

Warfare comes back to the ring and we see Mandii Rider in the ring and ready to go. She is stretching, preparing herself for war.

Just then the arena lights glow orange and a new song hits.

Pip: That's Hell's Bell's music. Jenny Myst and Sarina Hazard. But Myst and Sarina are technically opponents this week.......this is odd.

The two blonde Bombshells come out onto the ramp, followed behind closely by Ash Quinn. The three pose on the rampway before walking to the ring. Jenny has a velvet bag in her hand, and a smile on her face.

Pip: So this is a unique situation. How often do we see opponents coming to the ring together?

Heather: Well this booking was wonky from jump street Pip. Not sure if someone in the administration is trying to punish Mandii because of her affiliation with Chaos or what but this match didn't make sense from the get go.

Pip: And I wonder the dynamic Ash Quinn brings to this match. She has been getting involved in nearly every match Jenny and Sarina have had in recent weeks.

Mandii is staring at the three of them as they walk slowly to the ring.

Heather: And what on earth is in that you you think it's Charlie's hair/ear?

Pip: Oh god, you don't think......

Sarina and Jenny climb into the ring, Ash stays on the outside. Jenny hands the bag to Ash, who skips around the ring flaunting it like a dog that just caught a rodent.

Jenny waves at Mandii as Sarina walks to the other corner. Jenny goes for a fist bump to Mandii but the red head just stares at her.

Jenny gives her the "whatever" look and flips her hair, turning towards the ramp way as B.O.B shows up on the X-Tron.

PIP: "Coming out next, making a rare appearance on the Warfare brand and representing BOB, the one and only, I think? Miss Fury!"

HHL: "You say the one and only, but it was just last week on Anarchy that Osira Themis dressed as Miss Fury and wrestled in her place. Can we even be sure that we're actually getting the real Miss Fury tonight?"

PIP: "Well Heather, that's a good point, but right now I'm wondering if we're going to get any Miss Fury! Where is she!?"

Sure enough the crowd begins to grow restless as Fury's music continues to play, but there's no sign of the Anarchy star. Suddenly her music stops.

PIP: "We're not sure what to make of this. Where is Fury?"

HHL: "Maybe she doesn't want to face off against her stablemate, Jenny Myst?"

PIP: "Maybe, but that's absurd! There's so many BOBs that you'd really be pigeon towing the staff if you refuse to work against each other!"

HHL: "Okay sure, maybe next week we can team Doc D'ville and Kris Von Bon against Thaddeus Duke and The Huntress for no reason!"

The crowds attention turns to the stage as the Xtron fires back up with a shot of Miss Fury in an undisclosed location!

Miss Fury: "When I agreed to to lower my standards and make an appearance on the real C show around here, Warfare, I did so under the impression that the agreed upon match between Lycana, Demos, and myself would be the match that was booked."

"Imagine my surprise when I saw a fellow BOB teamed with Mandii Ryder against myself and some random nobody!"

"I see what you are trying to do here, Smoking Bob, and I refuse to play your games!"

"Besides, I am far too big a star to allow my talents to be wasted in such a forgettable affair!"

PIP: "In her own mind MAYBE!"

HHL: "Are you kidding Pip!? She's a former Anarchy champion! She holds two victories over Ruby, and just last week she defeated Kenzi Grey in singles competition!"

PIP: "By cheating!"


- vs -

The X-Tron turns off and Sarina and Jenny turn towards Mandii, both with a sick grin on their faces.

Heather: uh-oh.

Mandii immediately knows what it happening, and begins swinging, knocking down Sarina with a hard right hand. She turns into a few hard rights from Jenny but battles back, the two former arch rivals going at it in the ring.

Mandii is able to back Jenny into the corner before Sarina, who is back up, pulls her off by the hair. Mandii spins and kicks Sarina in the gut, doubling her over and turns back to Jenny, who clubs Mandii in the face with a forearm.

Pip: This isn't a match, this is an absolute mugging! B.O.B and Hells Bells pulled one over on us and now Mandii Rider is fixin' to get destroyed out here!

Sarina is back up and the two double Mandii in the corner. The ref is trying to pull them apart but Jenny hauls off and decks the referee.

She looks back at Mandii with a fire in her eyes.

Heather: She's been wanting to get her hands on Mandii in the worst way since Chris dumped her for Mandii on national TV. This one could get ugly. Where the hell is Chaos, by the way?"

The X-Tron shows Chris Chaos and Mandii's locker room. The door has been jarred by a broom handle and a table has been slid in front of the door. There is a banging coming from the room, clearly Chaos is trying to get out.

Back to the ring Mandii is fighting off the two Hells Bells women as best she can. The ref is still rolling around, holding his face.

Jenny whips Mandii off the ropes, goes for a clothesline but Mandii ducks. Mandii hits the ropes on the other side but Ash Quinn pulls the ropes and Mandii tumbles over to the mat outside, tweaking her knee on the landing.

Ash walks away with an "oops" and a child like grin, throwing her arms up.

Sarina rolls out of the ring and grabs Mandii, standing her up on her hurt knee. She says something to Mandii, who spits in Sarina's face. Hazard slaps Mandii and rolls her back into the ring. Rider is trying to get up but Sarina holds her. Jenny comes from behind with a chop block to the back of the knee.

Mandii cries out and withers, holding her knee. Sarina picks her back up by the hair and Jenny, posing quickly for the crowd, chop blocks her again, taking her knee out from behind.

Pip: The numbers game has caught up to Mandii, and these women are trying to cripple here! Somebody needs to stop this before something really serious happens!

Mandii is wincing, holding her knee as Sarina pulls her up onto her knees by the hair. Jenny comes off the ropes.


But Mandii moved!

Mandii moved and Jenny's knee connects to the face of her best friend and stablemate!

Mandii pops up and hits a snap DDT on a shocked Myst! Both Hells Bells women are down! Mandii is hopping, limping on her tortured leg when Ash Quinn slides into the ring from behind, clubbing Mandii in the bac of the head with what looks like a spray paint can.

Mandii falls face down as Ash tries to revive her new friends.

Sarina is up first, Jenny soon after and Mandii is beginning to stir. Jenny, wincing, points to Mandii. Sarina grins and grabs her legs, sitting down into a sharpshooter! Mandii is reaching for the ropes but shes in the center of the ring, not that its an actual match and they would have broken the hold anyway.

Sarina sits deeper into it as Mandii's nails dig into the canvas. Jenny rolls out of the ring and grabs a mic and the velvet bag. She rolls back into the ring.

Jenny: " think you can just steal my boyfriend, flaunt it on TV and I'd do nothing about it? I said I'd get you, bitch, and I've got you. Aww whats the matter Mandii-kins, that hurt?! DEEEEPER!"

Sarina sits all the way into it, arching Mandii into almost a C position.

Jenny: "They took everything from me Mandii. They took my belt. They took my title reign. They took my integrity....but what they didn't take? My friends. Let me introduce you to Hell's Bells. That's Sarina Hazard. She's been on the Covid reserve list but as sick as she was, she was never as sick as her mind. Or mine, for that matter. And this......."

She points to Ash Quinn, who has a crazed look in her eyes.

Jenny: "This is Ash Quinn. The women who proved how crazy she was when she tried to burn me alive on several occasions. They are loyal to ME, Mandii, ME, and do you know why?"

Mandii's head is down, she's gritting her teeth trying to fight off the pain.

Jenny: "LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!"

She grabs Mandii by the hair and lifts her head up.

Jenny: "Because I am the the Queen. I've gotten soft as of late. I let myself get comfortable. Baphomet and his band of goons were right about one thing.........there is a dark side to Jenny Myst. There are demons within me that are fighting their way out. With every opponent in that ring, I take a piece of them. Their mind, their body, their soul. They belong to ME. At March Madness, Betsy Granger belongs to ME. And too will finally belong to me....."

Pip: I don't have words for this. Jenny Myst has snapped here.

Heather: She's been pushed to the breaking point, Pip. Everyone has their limit. They've created a monster.

Ash smiles and giggles, reaching into the velvet bag. She hands Jenny Charlie's ear, and some of his hair. Jenny bends down, putting it in Mandii's face.

Heather: Rider has been in that sharpshooter for almost 5 minutes. Her back has got to be destroyed here!

Jenny shoves the ear and hair into Mandii's mouth and Ash approaches Mandii with the sissors.


Pip: Oh my god. They are gonna cut Mandii's ear off! No! Stop this! Someone get out here!

Jenny cocks her head and grins a toothy grin as Ash grabs Mandii's arms, stretching her out further. Jenny bends down, and begins to run Mandii's hair through the open scissor blades. Mandii begins to wiggle, but Sarina and Ash have her in tight.

Just then, Jenny switches positions and rolls up Mandii's fishnet shit. She digs the scissors into the back of Rider, causing her to yell out.

The X-Tron lights up and we see Chris Chaos's locker room...the door now broken open and the room empty. The crowd cheers.

Jenny carves "BETSY" into the back of Rider, Mandii screaming with every letter.......

Just as she finishes the Y....CHRIS CHAOS HITS THE RING.

He spears Ash Quinn out of her shoes!


Sarina lets go and rolls out of the ring. Jenny grabs the ear and rolls out of the ring as well. The two pulls Ash out and hold her up, backing up the ramp.

Heather: Hells Bells and Jenny Myst sent a message to Betsy Granger here. Jenny isn't afraid to get down and dirty, and Mandii Rider is the sacrificial lamb! My god, this is going to be an explosion at March Madness!

Chris is comforting a wincing Mandii in the ring, rubbing her head as he holds her close. He is staring daggers at Jenny who blows him a kiss with a wave as Warfare cuts to commercial.

The lights in the arena go out and the XWF-tron goes to static once again!

Oh, crap!

Here we go aga----


The scene is in a deep jungle where Bearded War Pig is lying face down on a riverbank. He picks his head up and looks around. Standing up, he notices a large knife to his side which he decides to pick up and carry with him. He walks up the bank and notices a plume of smoke above the trees just ahead and walks towards it. He uses the knife to whack down a few weeds and trees to make his way through to find a wrecked helicopter still smoldering and burning from a recent crash.

He approaches the crash and sees several corpses scattered about the ground and one clutching an automatic rifle. BWP looks around him before picking it up. He searches around the unknown soldier’s vest and pulls a cigar from it and lights it up. He turns away from the crash and starts down a dirt path through the jungle. He stops just before exiting the opening and looks back at the crash.


As he finishes his sentence the helicopter explodes sending him to his back!! He gets to his feet and stumbles into the woods.

The jungle is dense. And as soon as BWP entered he knew he wasn’t alone. He pushes through the brush and hears a rush pass him from time to time, but pays no attention to it. The eyes on him become too obvious and it causes him to freeze in place. BWP closes his eyes and looks up into the sky in a tree where he sees a shadowy figure looking down at him. Without hesitation he pulls the rifle up and takes aim!! The figure poofs away like a puff of smoke before the first bullet left the chamber.


BWP wipes the snarly spit from his beard and marches forward looking up, down, and all around for his target. A shadowy cannonball blast shoots out from behind him and BWP cunningly rolls out of dodge as it lands close to where he was just standing and explodes in a fiery purple inferno! BWP reaches his feet and the shadowy figure takes shape behind him! Doc taps him on the shoulder and mid tap BWP uses his ninja skills to flip Doc over his shoulder and into an armbar!!! Doc poofs away in a puff of cigar smoke again and out of BWP’s grasp!


Doc appears again in a tree above BWP who grabs his rifle and tries to open fire again, but the gun jams!! He throws it down and pulls out the knife he found earlier and readies himself for another attack but Doc is gone out of the tree!

BWP walks forward until an arrow zips by his head and sticks in a tree in front of him. He stops and turns around to see Doc dressed like Rambo, red bandana and all, facing him and tossing a bow to the side. Doc pulls a large knife out from his boot and slowly licks up the blade. The two smile before charging each other and…..


Static blasts over the monitors again and the arena lights come back on.


Was Doc Rambo?!

Arkin Blackwater emerges from the entrance dancing, with a smirk upon his face. He makes his way to the ring and slides under the bottom rope, after which, he hops to his feet with a grin and takes his place within the squared circle.

PC: "The next generation Blackwater is gonna be looking to match the success of his father, if not surpass it!"

HHL: "A win over a former Xtreme Champion here tonight would certainly be a step in the right direction for him."

"Tank!" by Seatbelts hits over the PA system as the fans react to Felix Jones making his way onto the entrance ramp. He casually strolls down the aisle, carefree attitude on display, before climbing up onto the apron and into the ring.

PC: "One thing to keep in mind, this is a Falls Count Anywhere Match. You can pin your opponent outside the ring, by the concession stands, inside the bathroom, wherever you want!"


- vs -

HHL: "That would be the definition of anywhere, Pip."

PC: "I just wanna make sure the fans at home understand, they're not always the brightest."

The referee makes sure both men are ready to go before turning his attention to the time keeper and calling for the bell.


(insert match info)

PC: "If the fans are lucky, they might make their way out into the crowd!"

HHL: "I can just imagine what it'd be like to get a handful of Felix's butt!"

PC: "Heather!"

HHL: "Oops, did I say that out loud?"

PC: "You did, unfortunately."

Arkin Blackwater charges at his opponent, only to get caught off guard by a Misfortune(Judas Effect) from Felix Jones, stumbling him.

PC: "Not a good start for Blackwater!"

With Arkin in a daze, Felix is able to take advantage with a Royal Flush Cutter out of nowhere, laying the newest member of the Blackwater family out cold on the mat. He then lazily lays across him for the cover, confident in his one-two punch.


Winner- Felix Jones via pinfall

HHL: "Wasn't a good end for Blackwater, either!"

PC: "So much for Falls Count Anywhere!"

A confident Jones stands up and gets his hand raised, as Arkin rolls around on the mat in defeat. Felix takes a moment to celebrate before heading back up the aisle and through the curtain.

Steve Sayors is standing outside of a closed locker room door with the name CHRIS PAGE written across the front of it. Steve is facing the camera as he speaks into his microphone.

Steve Sayors- “ Ladies and Gentleman I am standing outside of the locker room of the Universal Champion “Chronic” Chris Page. I am going to attempt to grab a few words before his first XWF Universal Championship Title Defense.”

Steve turns and knocks on the door. It swings open to reveal Thunder Knuckles standing in the doorway.

Steve Sayors- “ Thunder Knuckles I was not expecting you! I am trying to get a few words with Chris Page…”

” Listen up mother fucker, the Champ has nothing to say to you; aiight? Ole Thunder Knuckles is doing you a favor, forget that you saw me.”

Thunder Knuckles closes the door in Steve’s faces as Steve turns back towards the camera.

Steve Sayors- “ Heather, Pip… back to you.”

The music hits as a video package of Charlie Nickles laying fools out rolls on the X-tron. Charlie pops out through the entrance, absolutely vibing to the music and hyping himself up. He walks down the entrance ramp with his arms held wide out at his side ala the passion of the Christ. He seems absolutely unconcerned with the jeers and taunts of the audience. As he nears the ring he suddenly brings his arms back to the center of his body, shaking his closed fists in the air while screaming something incoherent. He hustles over to the stairs, quickly ascending them before grabbing the top rope and stepping onto the ring apron. Charlie looks back at the audience with a toothy grin before ducking under the top rope and stepping the ring proper.

Fireworks blast across the entranceway and through the fog emerges Calypso in a robe sparkling form head to toe!! He reaches the stage and stops, looks out at the crowd and gives them a WHOOO!!! He slowly makes his way down the ramp, carefully with each step not to step on his robe….

Calypso just making his return here this evening, fans… I’d say it’s just like his debut, wouldn’t you, Heather?

I would, Pip… Calypso made his XWF debut against Ghost Tank in a Meat Hook Match… which he won actually…. I think Ghost Tank was more into piercing himself and getting weird with it than actually winning the match.

I would not put it past him…


- vs -

Calypso enters the ring and takes straight to a turnbuckle. He steps onto the middle turnbuckle and again embraces the crowd! Not for long though as Demos comes up behind him and cracks him in the back with a kendo stick! The stick snaps against Calypso’s back and he curls up in pain and begins falling back from the corner before Demos grabs him by the robe and pulls him down. Calypso falls flat to his back and Demos pulls the robe the rest of the way off sending Calypso twirling away unraveling him like a rug.

As Calypso reaches his feet Demos cracks him between the eyes with the kendo stick sending him face-planting down to the mat. Again and again across the head the kendo stick snaps drawing blood from Calypso’s head early-on.

Oh… Oh, my..

Things aren’t looking good for Calypso early on here… Demos with the merciless strikes with the kendo stick.

He grabs Calypso from behind the head and sends him through the ropes and out to the floor. Calypso rolls and hits the barricade as Demos looks under the ring and pulls out a chair. He pulls it behind his head and lands it across the top of Calypso’s dome as he looks up and dents the chair!! Demos throws the dented chair up over the ropes and into the ring then grabs Calypso and sends him face first into the ring steps! He throws him so hard that the top steps fall off and tumble onto the floor! Calypso lies flat on the bottom steps and cries out loud for a medic over and over again. Demos grabs the other set of ring steps, lifts them over his head, and slams them down onto the back of Calypso!!!


This is ugly.

Demos grabs the steps after they tumble away and slams them down onto Calypso once more!!! What a crushing blow!! He wastes no time and pulls Calypso back up and throws him under the bottom rope and into the ring. Demos goes after the mangled chair that he left in the ring, unfolds it, and props it in the middle of the ring… He picks up Calypso onto his shoulders, but Calypso starts to kick and runs into the referee who stumbles off the ropes and into Demos!!

Calypso knocked the ref!!

Demos drops Calypso and trips over the chair he set up as the referee falls to the mat! Calypso waits for Demos to get to his feet and KICKS HIM IN THE GUT TO SET UP A CALYPSONATOR!!!!!!!

Calypsonator!! Out of nowhere!!! This is it!!!!

Both Demos and Calypso hit the mat and the crowd goes crazy!!! Calypso slowly crawls …. He crawls so slowly… very slowly and throws an arm over Demos’s chest!!! The ref crawls over for the count…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Demos kicks out right into standing up and grabs the chair in the ring and makes Calypso wear it again. Two, three, four more times. Demos leaves the ring and grabs every chair around the outside of the ring and piles them up in the middle of the ring. He grabs Calypso and hits him with the Devil Hook Drop on the chairs!!! Demos covers Calypso!!!!





The XTron Playing a Recap of Snow Jo Said:PC: The Check Ya’ Neck!

HHL: That might be lights out!

Edgar slowly rolls over and pushes himself back up to his feet. He picks Shawn up again. Edgar punches him in the gut and delivers another gut-wrench piledriver.

PC: He’s trying to finish him off!

HHL: He’s already finished off! All he’s got to do is throw him through the wall!

Edgar takes a deep breath before picking Shawn Wylde up once again. He holds the Whyte Spyder up by the chin and looks deep into his eyes. R.L. Edgar slaps Shawn before grabbing him by the neck and throwing him through the final glass wall.


Tig O’ Bitties:


The PalaLottomatica crowd goes wild as R.L. Edgar, with no flashy lights or pyro explosions, just Royce and Eminem’s: Caterpillar blaring through the stadium’s sound system makes his way out from under the XTron.

Pip Collins: Heather, in what had to be one of the biggest surprises at Snow Job, this man, R.L. Edgar walked away as the new XWF Hart Champion.

Heather Halliwell: And as he alluded to during those promos leading up to Snow Job, here he is! Repping the BEST brand in Professional Wrestling today, the home of the Hart Championship, Wednesday Warfare!

The camera slowly works its way to a close-up of R.L.’s face as he takes a moment just at the top of the runway, scanning the crowd. The new Hart Champion chuckles in a brief showing of humility and looks at the camera:

”I’ve been waiting a long time for this, and I’mma’ make these moments matter.”

He says to the camera before throwing up a shaka sign and taking off towards the ring, holding the Hart Championship in his right hand as the strap dangles just above the ground.

Edgar climbs up on the apron and moves directly to the turnbuckle, scaling it to the top and throwing both arms, along with the Hart Championship up in the air causing the gold to glimmer in the barrage of camera flashes coming from the raucous crowd. R.L. climbs over the turnbuckle and hops into the ring, still carrying the Hart Championship in one arm as he walks over and receives a microphone from the smiling Tig Ol’ Bitties.

As the music fades, the crowd’s chants of “ED-GAR! ED-GAR!” swell, and overtake the sound space. The champ nods his head, an unsmiling look on his face as he begins to speak:

”I want to make one thing crystal clear to all the fans in attendance, to all those watching at home, to the ring commentators, to all the people who thought it was some sorta’ joke that R.L. Edgar would be standing in this ring-”

He hoists the title up in the air, the fans go wild

”-holding this title on Wednesday Warfare!

And I ESPECIALLY want to make clear to the XWF Superstars in the back that as long as I’m holding up this title, this title is going to BE Wednesday Warfare. And until someone comes and takes it from me, this show belongs to the Hart Champion: R.L.-by god- Edgar son!”

The audience erupts with roars of approval and applause at Edgar's declaration! As an "X-DUB-F" chant begins to start, the cameras all stay on him as he continues to hold the belt high for all to see. The crowd's excitement drowns out Pip and Heather when the first sets of lights begin to cut out in the arena. Starting with the lights for the nosebleed seats, each set of lights goes out until only the ring is illuminated. And in the span of a breath, the final light switches off, leaving the arena pitch black. Some sounds of struggle are heard coming from the ring as fans desperately try to see what's happening!

Heather Halliwell: "Pip, what's going on? Can you make any of it out?"

Pip Collins: "I'm just as blind as you! It sounds like a fight, though!"

After a brief period of darkness, the lights flicker back to life, revealing XWF Hart Champion R.L. Edgar flat on his back, the title draped over his face! A group of doctors and referees rush to his aide as the crowd stares in shock.

Heather Halliwell: "Deja vu."

Pip Collins: "...What do you mean?"

Heather Halliwell: "Ned Kaye was assaulted in almost the exact same way as Edgar this past Anarchy. Something tells me these two men getting targeted was anything but coincidence."

Pip Collins: "Whoever it was, they didn't sign their work. How disgraceful! They trampled over Edgar's moment and they won't even show their face! And I'm doubtful that this is anywhere near over, so hopefully, Edgar will get much-deserved payback! Let's take a quick break while they tend to the champ and we'll be right back with you, folks."


- vs -

Poor Calypso….

His big return didn-----

The lights go out in the arena and the XWF-tron turns to static AND the announcers microphones cut away……!!!!!

The monitors switch back to a black and white feed in the boiler room where BWP and Doc each lie on the ground, bloodied up, opposite of each other across the room. They stare each other down, barely unable to move, but they begin to crawl towards each other to finish the fight. Doc is the first to his feet and he grabs a nearby four foot long pipe wrench. BWP reaches his feet as well and just lets out a war cry before charging forward after his foe!! Doc winds up and swings!!!!! He cracks BWP across the face with the gigantic wrench and how BWP’s head didn’t come flying off is unbelievable…..

Doc grabs BWP back the back of the head and drags him across the floor towards a door. Kicking it open on the other side is a room with a large furnace. Doc tosses BWP head first into the wall and marches straight over to the furnace and opens the door. The fire and flames roar out from the inside and reach for the doctor as if trying to pull him in but he pulls away from its grasp. He reaches down for BWP but is shoved away!

BWP charges and shoves Doc into the furnace and slams the door shut!!! Doc is being burned alive!!! BWP leans against the door and slides down to sitting on the floor. He breathes heavily and holds his head on his lap…



He picks his head up in disbelief.



BWP rolls forward and back to his feet just as the door to the furnace blasts open and off from its hinges. The inferno that BWP tossed Doc into is no longer there and he watches as Doc emerges from pitch darkness.


BWP shouts and produces the knife again and charges the Doc, but Doc was ready for him… He pulls a handful of ash from the ground and throws it up into BWP’s eyes blinding him! Doc grabs BWP and lifts him into the air and hits the LOBOTOMY ON THE COLD CONCRETE!!!!!! Doc finds the four foot pipe wrench he was toying with before and takes it over to the unconscious BWP… Doc extends the mouth of the wrench and wraps it around his skull and cranks on it!!!! BWP flails about and screams in agony as his skull is cranked and twisted while Doc keeps a steady boot on the top of his back!!! Doc would leave up for a moment, then begin cranking again causing BWP’s screams to echo through the boiler room…. The feed is cut once again the broadcast goes back to normal….

The Warfare broadcast returns from commercial to a narrow and dimly lit hallway backstage, possibly in the basement of the arena. The setting feels eerie, with concrete walls as cold as the glare from the face of R.L. Edgar who is incensed, and marching passionately towards the camera, the Hart Championship in his hand and dangling just above the floor.

He stops walking, turns and starts banging on a closed-door to his left,


He demands before continuing his march,

Pip Collins: Heather Halliwell, our new Hart Champion is obviously not happy about what took place in the ring earlier!

Heather Halliwell: “Obviously not” is right! That’s not the best way to start your new reign as champion, being laid out on live television!

Pip Collins: It begs the question: Who would do something so bold?!

Heather Halliwell: Well, it seems like Edgar already has a good idea who that might be!

”Have you seen The Left Hand?”

He asks an italian janitor (who looks oddly similar to Big D), mopping the floor, getting only a “Io non parlo inglese” with a shoulder shrug.

”No?” he replies to the janitor while leaning his head down to make more direct eye-contact with him. Edgar then quickly shifts his attention and begins meandering further up the hallway,


He sings out while punching doors as he walks by them,


There’s a sudden glow accompanied by the soft chuckle of a female from down the hallway. R.L.’s brow tightens as his eyes dart towards the sound,

”Well, well, fucking-well… just the smurf-haired heina I was looking for…”

Lycana slides her way out of a dark, and doorless doorway with a smile as R.L. storms toward her,

”Why darling Reggie! Can I call you Reggie? I shall... How wonderful to see you again! To what do I owe this pleasure?”

She practically chirps the words as she stands in wait, showing zero concern for Edgar’s current mood.

”My goodness! What happened to your poor, poor head!? Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?”

She tuts lightly as she eyes his wound. Edgar moves closer to the dark vixen of violence, sizing her up down with his eyes as they’re now practically face-to-face. Lycana reaches up and gently touches the wound on Edgar’s head, her fingers coming away bloody after R.L. swats her hand from the open gash. She cant help but smirk.

”For starters, only my friends call me Reggie, and after that little stunt y’all pulled on me earlier tonight? Make no mistake about it, Lycana… I ain’t got friends in such low places.”

”Oh, Reggie, you hurt me. Insinuating that we aren't friends!”

Lycana pouts her lips a moment, before wiping her face free of expression as she studies him from head to toe. Her head cocks to the side as she contemplates him.

”You think it was the Left Hand? We have all been back here all night. Seems to me you pissed someone off, my dear.”

Her eyebrow arches upwards as she aims a smug grin up into his face. Edgar’s upper-lip snarls and twitches away from his mouth as he starts talking through his gritted teeth,

[green]”Yeah? I tend piss people off, you’re right. Especially little devil’s rejects looking to make up for a loss with a…”

Edgar pulls the Hart Championship up towards Lycana as the shimmering gold begins accentuating the fetching angles of her face,

”...consultation. So y’all wanted a prize?”

He says taking a step back from her and opening his arms,

”Come get it now.”

Lycana stiffens, her chin angling upwards as he makes the challenge. She growls low in her throat as she approaches him this time.

”I can assure you, that it was not Left Hand! When do we not stick around after destroying someone? We want people to know it's us!”

She pokes a finger into his chest, going toe to toe with him once more, leaning in as she hisses the words. Her eyes glimmer with malicious promises.

”We don’t hide Reggie... If I come for you, you are going to know it's me.”

She mimics him, lifting her arms and holding them wide.

”Oh yeah? Well when you find yourself wearing a neck brace you’re gunna’ rethink that strategy.”

Appearing from the shadows of the doorway behind Lycana are Marf and Andrew Logan, they flank her shoulders and begin cracking their knuckles.

”Everything okay here?”

Marf’s voice is deceptively calm, the steady heat in his gaze towards Edgar clearly showing what would happen if he laid a hand on Lycana. Logan rolls his head, standing at the ready to back up his stablemate.

”Reggie here has made a few mistakes... One blaming us for something we didn’t do. Two, coming to seek us out. Three... putting himself in my sights with this little show.”

Lycana makes to step towards him once more, but Marf’s hand comes down on her shoulder, stopping her in her tracks. She spares him a quick glance, before turning back to Edgar with a baleful expression, her eyes spitting venom. Marf chuckles as he looks from one to the other.

”That was foolish of you.”

Marf chides Edgar, keeping his grip on Lycana.

”What?! You think I’m scared of these goons? Absolutely TREMBLING I-tell ya!”

Marf laughs, Logan slowly joining in.

”Oh, you should be. But as much as I’d love to crush your thick skull, she doesn’t need us when it comes to a pathetic piece of shit like you.”

He dips his head to whisper in Lycana’s ear, as she visibly relaxes a little, a smile appearing on her face as she nods. He releases her shoulder, as both he and Andrew Logan take steps back. Lycana throws her arms out once more, daring Edgar to do something, throwing out a taunt.

”Come on then.... bitch.”

Edgar slams the Hart Championship to the floor and rushes towards them,

“Whoa! Whoa! Hold on there, champ!”

Pip Collins: That’s Ned Kaye, ladies, and gentlemen!

Heather Halliwell: Why is the FORMER Hart Champion coming to the side of the NEW Hart Champion?!

Ned Kaye pits himself between R.L. Edgar and the Left Hand,

” Get your tiny hands off of me, Ned!”

Edgar starts to move past Ned but the former Hart Champion insists on pleading his case,

“Edgar, listen to me. I saw what happened out there, and I don’t think it was the Left Hand. The same thing happened to me at Anarchy, so you know I'm not talking out of my ass here."

Edgar breaks eye contact with Lycana and looks curiously at Ned,

”You and that fucking Indy show.”

Edgar shakes his head,

”What makes you so sure that it wasn’t…”

R.L. holds a pair of middle fingers up, taking turns directing them at the smiling members of the Left Hand,

”...these pricks who attacked us both?”

Lycana crosses her arms over her chest, glaring daggers at him. Marf flicks him off right back as Logan cracks his knuckles once more, shaking his head as he curls his lip derisively.

"Something about it just doesn't seem right! I wanna see these groups get a taste of their own medicine as much as the next guy, but-"

”Well I’ll by-gawd give em some of that shit right now!”

Edgar shouts while pushing away from Ned, but being stopped as Ned again please,

”Just trust me man! The Left Hand doesn’t really want none of our problems anyway.

Edgar nods, and the scene fades to commercial as the groups walk away scowling at one another.

The scene fades in with Thaddeus Duke and Paul Heyman in the gym somewhere backstage at the arena in Rome. The XWF’s resident Lionheart does one handed pullups as Heyman counts and shouts encouragement.

”64!” he shouts as he gets right in Thad’s ear. ”Champions don’t quit!”

HHL: Earlier tonight, Heyman found himself in hot water with Thaddeus Duke, but it seems now that all is well in Camp Lionheart.

”66!” Heyman shouts out the count. ”When you’re already THE king, you don’t need an arbitrary title!”

Thaddeus’s stare burns a hole through Paul Heyman.

”What? Too soon?” Paulie asks of his client.

”You think so?” Thad grunts as he pulls himself up.

”69!” he counts.

Just off screen, a delicate arm reaches in, grabbing Thad’s bicep and giving it a gentle squeeze. Shocked and surprised, the Lionheart let’s go of the bar and falls to his ass on the floor as the camera pans out a bit, revealing LYCANA standing nearby.

”Smooth Thad,” he mutters aloud to himself. Paul hands him a bottled water as he eyeballs Lycana for a second.

”I’ll um… leave you two alone.”

Thad stares straight ahead as he pulls the top of the bottle open with his teeth and squirts some water into his mouth. Hesitantly, he looks up at Lycana a moment before returning his gaze straight ahead. Lycana crosses her arms, slowly leaning against the wall as a small smile tilts the corners of her lips up. She lets her gaze roam Thad before she speaks, just as he takes another squirt of water.

”I’m not into watching sunsets, but I’d love to see you… “ her voice drops a couple octaves, suggestively. “... go down.”

Her voice is a low purr as she tosses her hair over her shoulder, running her tongue over her teeth. She grins at Thad playfully. In response to her comment, Thad chokes on his water as he tries to swallow, spitting water over himself and a few feet in front of him.

In a fit of a little embarrassment, Thaddeus gets to his feet, brushing the water from his shirt… for some reason. Thaddeus though, stares in the distance, unwilling to make eye contact with Lycana.

HHL: Something is in the air tonight in Rome!

PIP: Lycana and Thaddeus Duke!?

HHL: That was not on my 2021 Bingo card, Pip!

With a soft chuckle, Lycana pushes off the wall and makes her way in front of Thad, moving in so her body is a mere hairsbreadth away from his. She tilts her head up to look at him, as he stares studiously off into the distance.

”Oh c’mon Thad, I won’t bite you, you know.”

Her palm comes up to cup his cheek in an endearing manner, her thumb sweeping lightly across his skin, drawing his gaze to hers for a moment. It tracks across her face, holding there for a brief moment, before travelling down her neck, and lower still until he jerks his head back up again. He stares off to the side now, jaw slightly tenser than it had been previously.

”Unless you want me to….” she adds, teasingly, her eyes sparkling.

Thaddeus, tense as ever, reacts to her comment by squeezing his water bottle, causing water to shoot from the tip.

PIP: That’s happened to plenty of men over the course of history!

Setting down his water on a nearby bench and picking up his draught beer sitting there, he takes a swallow as he gazes after Lycana as she walks away, still with a deer in the headlights look on his face. She glances over her shoulder and tosses him a saucy wink, before disappearing from sight.

[Image: bhDKHmK.jpg]

”What’s that about?” Doc asks as he appears from out of nowhere. Thad though doesn’t answer. Instead he continues to stare in the vicinity of where he last saw Lycana.

Doc plucks a blue hair from Thad’s shirt.

”What are you doing?” he asks, reacting to Doc touching him, before realizing the hair. He then returns to his deer in the headlight look as Doc sniffs the hair.

”Lycana,” surmises to himself.

”Huh?” he asks as he continues to stare. He finishes his beer and retrieves his water bottle, and starts for the door.

”Who were you talking to?”

”The Blue Woman,” he replies as he walks off.

”That’s Lycana,” Doc informs him. In response, Thad squeezes the bottle too hard again and once more water squirts from its tip.

”Fuck! There it goes again,” Thaddeus remarks as he disappears out of the gym.

Doc D’Ville sighs deeply.

”Young Duke,” Doc begins with a pause. ”I do think there’s hope for you yet.”

HHL: Get you some of the young lion, Lycana!

PIP: God damn homewrecker!

Lights in the Sky hits as the fans begin to boo. Marf makes his way out onto the stage, looking around at the audience and shaking his head in disgust. He marches to the ring while the crowd continues to boo and insult him. Marf rolls into the ring and goes to a corner, climbing up and then flipping off the crowd and raising his left hand for more heat. He hops down and leans against the corner while watching the entrance intently.

Heather: Marf looks all business here and boy does he have his work cut out for him tonight.

Pip: Not only is he taking on one of the best, he’s facing him after a title loss at a pay per view...good luck!

Heather: Well to be fair both of them lost at the pay per view in title matches so...

Pip: Always so quick to undermine me!

As the high pitched guitar riff winds up, the arena lighting turns to a bright shade of gold. As the intro winds down and the drums hit, the golden lighting switches to a strobing effect and a number of Lionheart logos roam over the crowd. Thaddeus Duke emerges from backstage, hood up and head pointed forward. He lingers on stage for a moment and looks around the Universe cheering him on before beginning his walk toward the ring.

Mid way down the aisle, he throws the hood off and spins around. Walking backward, he holds out his arms in an almost messiah like pose as gold and glittery pyro shoots from either side of the stage in multiple bursts. At the end of the aisle way he spins back toward the ring and hops up on the apron. There he pauses again looking out at Duke Nation, loving it up for a moment while Marf smirks at him from the corner.

Thad then slingshots himself over the top rope and into the ring. Once inside, he does a backpedal around the ring in a circle, pointing out toward the screaming Universe causing them to grow even louder. He then approaches the hard camera side of the ring and steps on the bottom rope with his left foot, then slings his right leg over the top rope, resting his right foot on the middle rope and gives the "I love you" hand gesture toward Duke Nation as no less than a dozen bursts of pyro explode over the ring.


- vs -

Heather: The Warfare crowd showing big love to Thad as usual!

Pip: I think I saw a sign asking Thad to be their new adopted son...

Thad meets Marf in the middle of the ring as the referee calls for the bell to start us off. Thad reaches a hand out and Marf looks at it with amusement. He nods and grabs the hand, giving Thad a quick shake before backing up a few steps. The two men lock up and Marf tries to back Thad into the corner. Thad slips behind Marf and holds a wrist lock. Marf tries to throw an elbow with his free arm but Thad let’s go and ducks while shoving Marf into the corner. Marf turns as Thad hits a quick European uppercut. Thad goes for another but Marf catches him with a half nelson.

Thad tries to wriggle loose but Marf holds on and tries to turn it into a full nelson but Thad counters with a snapmare takedown. He pops up and then hits a drop kick to the back of Marf’s head. Thad is right back up while Marf tries to shake the cobwebs. Thad gets a head of steam by bouncing off the ropes and runs at Marf only to get caught with a big side slam out of nowhere. Thad rolls away after slamming to the mat while Marf gets back to his feet, rubbing the back of his head.

Heather: These two wasting no time here.

Pip: Well enjoy it while it lasts this is a first blood match, only a matter of time before weapons are introduced.

Heather: They both had incredible matches at Snowjob that didn’t end how they would have liked, the aggression could come out in this one.

Pip: Well then this could get bloody fast...

Marf gets up and throws a hard kick at Thad as he tries to get to his feet. Thad catches it and spins Marf to the canvas with a dragon screw. Thad holds the leg and applies a leg lock but Marf rolls through and yanks his leg free. He throws a back kick that surprises Thad and hits him in the side of the head. Marf grabs Thad from behind and goes for a release German suplex but Thad manages to land on his feet. Marf spins around right into a super kick from Thad, knocking him to the mat. Thad runs and jumps off the middle rope and goes for a short moosault but Marf gets both knees up to counter.

Thad lands on top but is able to brace for the impact. He grabs Marf’s legs and starts applying a sharpshooter. As he turns and locks it in Marf starts immediately crawling for the ropes. Thad wrenches back but Marf powers to the ropes and grabs hold. The referee just kind of keeps watching them until Marf uses the ropes to pull himself out of the ring, causing Thad to break the hold. Thad runs and goes for a baseball slide but Marf dodges it and clotheslines Thad to the floor. He pushes himself up but Marf kicks his arm out and then drives a hard elbow into Thad’s back to keep him down. Marf grabs the side of Thad’s head and presses it against the hard floor while Thad struggles to get loose.

Heather: Jesus, he’s really putting all his weight on him here.

Pip: What’s Marf doing this isn’t going to make Thad bleed?

Heather: Pretty sure he’s just trying to hurt him you heard the things he said.

Pip: Oh I’ve learned not to watch his promos, they give me nightmares.

Thad is able to lift a knee up and knock Marf off balance. He then turns and sweeps Marf’s legs out to take him down. As they both get back up Thad lands a quick jab. Marf responds with a stiff shot right back. Both men continue throwing punches while slowly getting back to their feet. Thad hits a loud cross chop which gets a big “woo!” from the crowd. Marf smiles and lands a huge chop right back. Thad smiles right back and responds with another big chop, followed by another and then another. Marf reels and then grins and beckons for more. Thad goes for another chop but Marf ducks under and then launches Thad with a belly to belly overhead suplex. Thad lands awkwardly into the steels steps.

Marf gets up and goes over to the downed Thad and once again grabs him by the head, this time slamming him onto the steps and pressing his face into them. Marf pushes and grinds Thad’s face against the bottom step while he growls in pain. Marf leans in but Thad gets an elbow into his ribs. Thad drives his shoulder into Marf and then pushes off the ground and drives him hard into the barrier. Thad pulls himself up as Marf doubles over before getting up. The side of Thad’s face is red but no blood or broken skin. Marf turns to him but Thad uses the barrier to jump up and hit a heavy kick to the side of Marf’s head.

Marf stumbles back and then rolls under the ropes and back into the ring. Thad slides into the ring and they square off once again. They lock up and Thad quickly drives his knee into Marf’s ribs. He hooks him and hits a suplex. Thad holds on and rolls through then hits a second suplex before following up with a third for the three amigos. Thad still holds on but rolls on top of Marf and then locks in a modified butterfly sleeper hold. He wrenches on Marf’s neck while holding him in a seated position. The referee just shrugs while Thad keeps the hold locked. Marf slowly powers himself up to his knees. Thad shifts and then hits a butterfly suplex on Marf to bring him back down.

Heather: Thad’s athleticism never ceases to amaze!

Pip: He certainly isn’t shy to dish out the pain.

Thad gets to his feet and rushes to the turnbuckle, hopping up to the top rope. He times it as Marf pulls himself back up. Thad leaps off with a stunning moonsault and lands perfectly on top of Marf, bringing him down once again. Thad gets up, races to the ropes and jumps to the second rope again but this time hits the moonsault before Marf can gets his knees up or move. He gets up and yells out while pumping up the crowd as they go wild. He turns back to Marf as he’s pulling himself back up. Thad sizes him up and snaps a kick into his ribs while Marf gets up.

Thad throws another mid kick but Marf blocks it this time. Marf cracks Thad with a forearm to the head. Thad spins and catches Marf by surprise with a spinning back fist. Marf stumbles back but then stops Thad’s rush with a quick kick to the gut. Marf tries to pull Thad in but eats a jab to the jaw instead. Thad goes for a front face chokehold but Marf shoves him back. He goes for a lockup but Thad catches him in an arm wrench instead. Marf reverses it into his own arm wrench, kicks Thad in the stomach and then pops a leg over Thad’s head and hits the rocker dropper out of nowhere.

Heather: Nice back and forth but did Marf just use Marty Janetty’s move?

Pip: I’m not going to dignify that with an answer.

Heather: Don’t try to hide it, you were a huge fan of the rockers!

Pip: They weren’t a bad team! What’s wrong with them?

Heather: The original team sure but I know you were a NEW rockers fan, you know with Marty Jannetty and Leif Cassidy!

Pip: We had a deal you’d never bring that up on air!

Heather: Oops...

Marf is up first while Thad shakes his head and starts to get up. Marf stalks Thad and then goes for a running boot but Thad catches him by the foot. Thad holds on to Marf foot, steps over his leg and goes for a roundhouse kick but before he can complete it Marf grabs hold of him in a rear naked choke. They both lose their balance and drop to the mat where Marf hooks both legs tightly around Thad and sinks the choke in deep. Thad tries to free himself but the awkward fall left him at a disadvantage. Marf tightens the hold as Thad continues struggling to pull them both to the ropes while the referee once again looks at them without being able to do anything.

Thad somehow manages to get their bodies close enough to the ropes to grab hold of the bottom rope but again the referee can’t do much. He tries to tell Marf to release the hold but has no way to count. Thad starts to fade out with the lack of air while Marf stays latched on. Thad tries desperately to throw elbows to break it before he finally goes unconscious. The referee is screaming at Marf to stop while he holds on tightly. He leans his head around and sees Thad is out so he finally releases the hold. Marf shoves Thad over and then crouches by his head, patting his face for a moment. The fans are raining down jeers and boos while Marf grins.

Heather: That man is not right in the head...

Pip: They both fell really oddly there, Thad basically fell into that chokehold.

Heather: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a first blood match with so many submission holds.

Pip: Well on paper, using submissions in a first blood match is a bad strategy.

Marf rolls out of the ring while Thad is down in the middle of the ring. He starts coughing and coming to while Marf pulls a table out from under the ring. He sets it up on the floor while Thad is getting back up. Marf goes to climb back into the ring through the middle ropes when Thad suddenly flies over and catches him with a modified Running Waters shining wizard. Marf falls back out of the ropes onto the apron. Thad gets back up still coughing a bit as Marf tries to pull himself back up. Thad rushes him and goes to hit him with a diving forearm but Marf blocks it. He grabs hold of Thad and tries to suplex him out of the ring but Thad manages to drop down on the apron with Marf.

The two of them trade shots before Thad blocks a forearm attempt and then drills Marf in the ribs with a knee. Thad pulls Marf in and hooks him for what looks like a fisherman suplex. He then swings them both off the apron, stealing Marf’s Echoslide swinging fisherman suplex. They fly off the apron and go crashing through the table Marf set up. The fans roar with approval and break into a “Holy shit!” chant. Thad stirs first and gets up from the wreckage. He grabs a jagged piece of the table and turns to Marf. He leans over and presses it to his face. Thad tries to rip open his face but Marf is able to grab his wrists first and hold still.

Thad goes to use all his weight to push down but as he does this Marf lifts a knee and cracks him in the head, knocking him off. Marf throws the piece of table away from his face, revealing no cuts still or blood. As he scrambles to get back to his feet Thad grabs him and tries to go for a DDT right onto the pieces for table. Marf counters into a behind the back wrist lock. Thad counters by pushing his feet off the barrier and flipping up and over Marf landing behind him. Marf turns as Thad throws a perfect super kick right into his ribs. Marf doubles over and Thad quickly grabs him and pulls him in. He pulls him up and hits a pile driver right onto the smashed up table debris.

Heather: That was a nasty spot to land!

Pip: He is going to be pulling splinters out of his face for weeks after this!

Thad rolls over and screams about having splinters in his ass before pulling himself up and leaning against the side of the ring with a smirk and several noticeable bruises now. Marf begins to pull himself up and Thad steadies himself but then stops. As Marf looks up his face is covered in blood from multiple chunks of table slashing him in multiple spots. The referee calls for the bell as Thad rolls into the ring. Marf gets up slowly and wipes at his face, cursing loudly when he sees the blood. The fans cheer wildly once again as Thad goes to the top and plays to the rabid audience.

[wmatch]Winner by drawing first blood, Thaddeus Duke!!![/wmatch]
Marf leans on the apron, pulling the pieces of table still stuck in his face out. A couple fans in the front rows closest to wear Marf is appear to vomit on themselves. Marf wipes his arm across his face to get the blood out of his eyes. Thad exits the ring and high fives some lucky kids before stopping in front of Marf. He once again offers a handshake while some of the nearby fans cry for him to watch out. Marf nods for a moment and surprisingly shakes Thad’s hand. Marf leaves while Thad goes around the rest of the ringside area to high five his fans.

Heather: Wow what a great sign of respect there from both men.

Pip: What a great match as well! And a great win for Thad!

"Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is a TABLES match!

"Introducing first, about to make his way to the ring... MORBID ANGEL!

The lights go out…the crowd screams with anticipation for who is to enter! The rhythmic drumming sounding like a battle march gets louder. The lights slowly come on turning the arena red.

Double bass starts drilling as Aeon’s - God Gives Head in Heaven roars over the loud speakers!

Morbid Angel storms from the backstage area and flexes his massive arms for the crowd who screams with excitement!

Morbid stomps down to the ring and steps over to the top rope and walks to the center of the ring and flexes again!

" And his opponent...."

"About to make his way to the ring... representing BoB, he is the XWF Internet Champion, BARNEY GREEN!!"

"Realize" By AC/DC starts to play as the fans start booing. Out walks Barney Green, dressed in his garbage man uniform. He slowly walks out and starts arguing back with the fans. He reveals his trash can and dumps a bunch of trash out of it onto the fans. He slowly enters the ring as fans start throwing garbage back at him. He waits in the corner as the music fades.


- vs -

” Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is a TABLES MATCH where the only way to win is to put your opponent through a table!”


Barney and Morbid square off center of the ring where Barney shoves Morbid showing no intimidation only to be decked immediately by a right hand, Barney fires back with one of his own and immediately the exchange begins bringing a roar from the crowd.

HHL: They are not here to wrestle! They are here for a fight!”

Barney catches Morbid in the midsection with a knee lift before powering him back into a neutral corner where he drives repeated side elbows to the temple of Angel.

” The Daddy of Violence is not wasting anytime in trying to establish some dominance.

Barney lands several repeated elbows to the side of the head before backing out towards the center of the ring where he charges forward looking for a body splash! Morbid evades and Barney is sent crashing into the buckles sternum first where he staggers backwards and into a side Russian leg sweep from Angel!

Morbid pops back up to his feet where he starts stomping away at the right knee of the Internet Champion.

HHL: Morbid Angel wasting no time in going after the well documented right knee of Barney Green!

Pip: You can’t put someone through a table if you are not able to stand.

Morbid reaches down picking Barney up off the mat where he sends him into the ropes, Barney bounces off the ropes ducking under a big boot attempt from Morbid, Barney stops and waits where he catches Morbid with a boot to the midsection before planting him with a DDT!

Barney rolls out to the floor under the rope where he tosses back the ring apron and starts pulling out a table! The crowd responds with a pop as he opens the legs and sets it up on the floor. He climbs back up on the ring apron just as Morbid reaches his feet where he lunges forward delivering a big boot to the face attempting to knock Barney off the ring apron and through the table! Barney hangs tight on the top rope before dropping to one knee on the apron.

Morbid runs across the ring bouncing off the far side where he looks to land a diving shoulder block into Barney who moves out of the way sending the upper part of Morbid’s body through the top and middle rope where Barney kicks him square in the chin turning Morbid over on his back on the middle rope for Barney to drop and Atomic Elbow!

Morbid tumbles down to the floor at by the table.

HHL: The Daddy of Violence has turned things around!

Barney gets down on the floor where he reaches down picking Morbid up off the floor. He smashes him head first into the table before rolling him on top of the table itself. Barney turns and climbs back up on the ring apron where he makes his way towards a set of buckles! Barney runs down the apron with a cannon ball only to see Morbid roll off the table and send Barney crashing through it at ringside!

Pip: The match will continue, Morbid has to put Barney through the table and vice versa with an offensive move.

Morbid starts to slowly begin to make his way back to a vertical base while Barney lies in the midst of the broken table at ringside.

HHL: Morbid has the golden opportunity to go ahead and put Barney through a table.

Morbid reaches down picking Barney up off the floor where he hurls him into the ring steps with such force they separate upon impact. Morbid walks over where he picks up the top portion of the stairs and lays it on the floor. Barney starts to stir as Morbid reaches down picking him up off the floor. Morbid snatches Green by the throat before he hoists him up and drives him down into the stop portion of the stairs with a chokeslam!

Morbib looks down at Barney who is prone on the steps.

He turns and tosses the ring apron back where he pulls a second table out from under the ring and slides it into the squared circle under the bottom rope. Barney rolls off the top portion of the stairs where he falls a foot or so to the floor. Morbid turns around and starts to make his way over towards Barney where he reaches down to pick him up only to get a low blow from the Daddy of Violence.

Pip: That low blow from Green just bought himself a little time.

Barney starts to push himself up off the floor as Morbid drops to one knee. Barney reaches a vertical base where he goes under the ring apron and pulls out a five foot lighting tube! Barney turns and shatters the light tube across the upper back of Morbid! Barney follows up with a kick to the back of the head of Morbid knocking him down to the mat.

Barney reaches down picking Morbid up off the floor before hurling him back into the ring. Barney slides into the ring after Morbid where he reaches his feet and catches the glimpse of the table laying in the ring. Barney shifts his attention towards the Table where he picks it up off the mat and starts to head towards a neutral corner.

Behind him Morbid starts to work his way back to his feet. Barney sets the table up leaning it against the buckles while Morbid sizes up Barney and charges forward with a full head of steam! Morbid lunges towards Barney as Green turns around side stepping Morbid sending Morbid crashing through a Table!

HHL: Same concept, the match continues because Barney did not put Morbid through the Table!

Barney reaches down picking Morbid before bringing him out towards the center of the ring where he hits a throat punch dropping Morbid to one knee. Barney bounces off the ropes but it is Morbid who steps back up to his feet where he catches Barney and drives him into the mat with a Bossman Slam!

Morbid rolls out to the floor where he reaches back under the ring where he pulls out another table. He slides it into the ring where he slides back into the ring after it. Morbid gets back to his feet where he opens the legs of the table before flipping it over setting it up in the center of the ring. Morbid turns and reaches down picking up Barney. He positions him before hoisting him up in the air and driving him through the Table with a Crucifix Powerbomb!



PIP: "What a great win by Morbid Angel, his first time back on Wednesday Night Warfare in two years. The fans are going beserk.

HEATHER: "They heard he was back, so they came out in force."

Suddenly from out of the crowd on all 3 sides of the ring, jumps Kris The Hammer Von Bonn, Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs, and Scarlet The Hunteress
Donaldson. They surround the ring.

PIP: "Wait what's happening. It's it's..."

HEATHER: "The Misfits, we haven't seen them together for a few weeks. Scarlet just had her return match on Anarchy which has just gone.

Morbid is seen watching all three Misfits as best as he can, as they come closer.

The Misfits Manager Antony The Jerk is seen walking down the ramp and getting close to the ring, smiling, urging his clients to attack.

PIP: "This isn't going to end well for Morbid. These guys are after him for some reason."

Just as all three Misfits jump on each side of the ring apron the music hits.

A figure is seen walking out from the back wearing a black hooded sweatshirt on. The hood was over his head so he couldn't be seen, and his head was looking down.

He stood in a stance. And as a white light appeared on his front, he unzipped his sweatshirt and showed the front of the t-shirt:

[Image: 4235893084%20Front.jpg]

As it continued he turned around and took off his hooded sweatshirt and revealed the back of the t-shirt which read:

[Image: 4235893084%20Back.jpg]

He turned back around and stood in a pose as the white light bathed on him to reveal: MASTERMIND

The fans go crazy.

PIP: "Holy shit that's Mastermind. We haven't seen him since October, since his match with Doctor D'Ville where both of them disappeared, but the Doc has since come back."

HEATHER: We haven't seen these two together for over two years since Australia, where Morbid disappeared when that Earthquake struck."

PIP: "This is going to be a massive showdown."

Mastermind walks down the ramp. It seems him being there comes as a shock to all of the members of the Misfits, as they all look on confused. Mastermind walks towards Antony and whispers in his ear and then heads towards the ring. As he jumps up on the ring apron, Antony is seen whistling to the rest of the members of the Misfits, and all 3 of them jump down and head back to where Antony is standing.

Mastermind is seen with a microphone in his hand, and Morbid backs away from him and takes a fighting stance, ready to go! The crowd goes quiet as Mastermind begins to speak.

"It's good to see you again Morbid. The last time we were face to face was in Australia in November 2018. That's at least nearly 2 and a half years. We fought in a 5 Stages of Hell match. Remember that Morbid?"

Morbid had backed away to the back of the ring and signaled for a microphone which he was given one. He then walked to the center of the ring.

"I fucking remember! I had you right where I wanted you before that."

"Well that day you disappeared after we had that Earthquake. And it's only been in the last few weeks that we've seen you again, after 2 and a half years."

What can I say, I was preoccupied with other shit. If you haven't noticed I am leader of my own mega church...Sorry I had no time for this XWF shit. Fucking Lane and his blackmail!

"So here's the thing Morbid Angel. You owe me. YOU OWE ME big time."

The crowd goes wild obviously expecting Mastermind either to attack Morbid Angel or to issue a challenge.

"I DON'T OWE YOU SHIT! I owe you less than shit! I don't even owe you the steam off my piss!...But, I'll humor you for a second. Lets pretend I give a shit. What do I owe you?"

Mastermind takes a couple of steps towards Morbid.

"I don't want to take you on one on one. But together we could be very strong, so I challenge you to join me. Just me. Not the Misfits"

"Well...That was unexpected. So my challenge is to join you? I NEVER BACK DOWN FROM A CHALLENGE! NEVER!!!"

"You join me just once and we team up and take on the Tag Team Champions at March Madness. And after that, if we win, we stay together as champions and see it through. But if we don't we go our separate ways."

Mastermind holds out his hand towards Morbid. The whole stadium goes crazy. What is Morbid Angel going to do?

HEATHER: "Wow what a challenge Mastermind has just laid. He certainly makes the case that together they are strong and a very good chance of claiming Tag Team gold at March Madness. What is Morbid Angel to do?"

Morbid Angel looks at Mastermind's outstretched hand and listens to the crowd going wild.

"It's been a long time since I've held gold in the XWF....A gold belt would match my gold watch...Could be fun."

Morbid Angel steps forward and fixes his hair then looks at Masterminds hand. He contemplates joining forces. He knows what he can do and together they could make a formidable team

"Let it be done then. I will Join forces with you for the titles! Together we will make them cry."

Morbid Angel shakes Mastermind's hand and the stadium goes nuts. Mastermind smirks at Morbid Angel. And gives him a nod, before his music hits again, and he leaves the ring, and heads to the ramp and starts walking down it, followed by the Misfits who are all looking back at the ring, with Morbid Angel looking on

The Xtron Displays an image of Pappy Moonshine.

[Image: popcorn-sutton-1.jpg]

On the image, we see the text: "Pappy Moonshine, 1944 - 2021"

Purple lights start to flash around the arena as ‘Demons’ by Icon for Hire starts to blare over the loudspeakers. Ash, crouched down, walks through the smoke as her eyes sweep the crowd. As the music picks up, she rises up and runs down to the ring, sliding smoothly under the bottom rope. Getting to her feet, she runs over to a turnbuckle, hopping on it and raising her fist, pumping it to the beat. She gets down, turning to face the entryway.

Pip: Ash Quinn is determined to get this win tonight; not only would defeating the Shooting Star Champion elevate her in the division, getting the opportunity to finish things with Lycana is icing on the cake.

HHL: Quinn has her hands full alright; as the veritable underdog, she’s got a hell of a mountain to climb.

The lights dim down to almost complete darkness and turn red. The Left Hand logo appears on the X-Tron followed by:

The red lights flicker as Lycana steps through the swirling smoke that fills the top of the stage. Her eyes lock onto Ash as she comes to a stop. She slowly raises her arms, ignoring all the boos and jeers, as purple pyros shoot off behind her. She walks down the ramp, her gaze intense. She leaps nimbly onto the apron, hopping over the top rope forgoing her usual routine to glare at Ash who glares right back at her.

The two continue their intense stare down as Lycana’s music dies down and…

HHL: No love lost between those two, Pip!

Pip: Lycana looks ready to tear Ash apart while Ash looks ready to pick up a win to build some momentum.

HHL: As much as these two would love to settle their differences, they need to remember to focus on the threat Betsy Granger poses.

The sound of ‘Blinding Lights’ by Fame On Fire reverberates out into the air, causing the fans to rise to their feet. The lights fade as the melody plays for a few calm notes. The Shooting Star Champion hits the stage, only a silhouette, her arms flung out and head tipped upwards. As the band kicks in, Betsy poses for her signature dab and the lights flood back on. The Impossible Traveler removes the new Shooting Star belt from around her waist and holds it over her head with one hand, staring directly down to the ring. The crowd cheers wildly.

Granger shuffle dances her way down the ramp, stopping to interact with gaggles of cheering fans with the cash to pay for ringside seats. Irritation is visible in the impatiently pacing Ash Quinn, while Lycana merely switches her gaze steadily from the show-boating Shooting Star Champion and the former stable mate she couldn’t wait to get her hands on. Finally, Granger slides into the ring under the bottom rope and quickly gets to her feet to make her rounds at every corner. Holding the belt up high, she headbangs in time with the music. Once she finishes this at the last corner, her music fades and she turns to the competitors at hand. Quinn just rolls her eyes while Lycana stands stoically in her corner, her eyes focused on Quinn.



- vs -
- vs -

ntense, pulsing music begins to play as the cell begins to lower from overhead. All three women look up at it intently; one could only guess what was going through any of their heads. As the cage continues it’s slow, dramatic descent, Ref. Genie takes the belt from Granger, handing it off to a member of the ring crew. She then begins a half-assed search of each of the women for any illegal objects.

Not finding anything blatantly obvious, she steps back out of the way and nods for the door of the now fully in place cage to be locked. All three now watch as the chains are wrapped around, the padlock secured into place. Lycana’s eyes return to Ash as the scrappy brunette starts mouthing threats under her breath. Lycana’s eyes narrow in response. Ash turns her attention from Lycana to taunt Granger as well, a confident smile on her face. Granger just smiles right back. Genie waves her hand in the air for the bell to ring to start the match.

Pip: And here we…

Before the tolls of the bell have even faded from the air, Lycana has exploded from her position in the corner, taking Ash off her feet and spearing her down to the mat.

Pip: …….. Go?!

HHL: Granger looks as surprised as everyone feels at the vicious attack on Ash Quinn by Lycana to kick things off. The Left Hand loyalist has made it clear that the only thing she wants to take out of this fight tonight is Ash Quinn’s head for her wall.

Lycana starts with a flurry of rights and lefts, aimed at Ash’s face, never letting up for a second. Ash tries to fight back, but is forced into covering up her face in defense when Lycana gives her no room to breath, striking blow after blow. She relentlessly uses both fists and elbows before hauling Ash to her feet by her hair. She sneers out at the booing crowd.

Betsy's emerald eyes go wide as Lycana moves in for the kill on Ash. She hops up to the top rope and perches there like an eagle. The Impossible Traveler crosses her arms over her chest and watches on, her face full of amusement, as Lycana tears into the self-proclaimed Queen of Ashes.

Lycana tucks Ash’s head under her arm, looking over to Granger with a malicious smirk, before she takes her up and down with a quick snap suplex. She kips up and drops an elbow. Then another. Then another, before leaping atop her again, resorting to the furious closed fist punches once more. She finally ceases, coming to her feet, her breathing harsh. She snarls at Ash as she lays a boot into her ribs, shoving her body towards the ropes and out of the way.

Pip: Lycana showing absolutely no mercy towards The Queen of Ashes. This goes far beyond revenge, Heather: Lycana wants Ash to feel every bit of the betrayal she left in the wake of her abrupt exit from the Left Hand.

HHL: Such a cult like move on behalf of the Left Hand representative, but I digress. Lycana has turned this match into a brawl as the champion continues to watch the violent attack go on.

Lycana spins around to face The Impossible Traveler, impatiently swiping her wild blue hair off her face. Her arms come up in front of her, moving her fingers in the ‘bring it’ motion as she smiles breathlessly, eyes locked on the blond bombshell.

Betsy slips down from the ropes, striding forward without hesitation until the two are inches apart. The air seems electrically charged as they stand face to face, neither giving a single milimeter to the other. Slowly, in unison, their hands raise, never taking their eyes off of each other. In one swift motion, they lock up.

Their arms shake as they test one anothers mettle. Lycana is the first, her knee barely brushing the mat before she is up again. Betsy this time, takes the knee for the briefest of moments before she too is back up. Lycana yanks her in for a headlock, but Betsy reverses into her own headlock.

HHL: The crowd is absolutely pulsing with excitement now, Pip! Despite the fact that we have three competitors, this is the fight the fans have been waiting to see!

Pip: No doubt about that, Heather. The Dark Vixen and the Shooting Star Champ entering into a beautiful sequence of locks and reversals, keeping the crowd on their feet.

Lycana twists, breaking the headlock, grabbing Betsy’s arm and wrenching it around and shifting into a hammerlock on The Impossible Traveler. Granger responds in kind, spinning herself around and countering Lycana with a hammerlock of her own! Lycana reaches back, wrapping an arm around her neck, and moves to drop, but Betsy pulls back, causing Lycana to sink slowly to the canvas, not releasing her grip on Granger’s neck.

Betsy flips forward, forcing Lycana to let go. As both women regroup, they exchange a glance. Lycana is smiling wolfishly, regarding The Impossible Traveler with curiosity; Granger, on the other hand, is grinning ear to ear. The fans, however, are absolutely wild as Lycana and Granger show them what the women’s division could truly be. The cheers get louder with each hold and reverse between the two powerhouses.

Pip: These two are giving these people what they want to see.

HHL: This is much more entertaining than the Ash Quinn beat down that started things off.

The two meet in the middle of the ring once again. Betsy, feeling froggy now, raises her hand into the air for another lock. Lycana slowly begins to lift her hand to do the same before switching gears and delivering a hard kick to Granger’s ribs. The champ stumbles, favoring her torso. Wasting no time, Lycana lunges herself at Granger, dropping her with a clothesline from behind. Climbing onto Granger’s back to keep her pinned down, she grabs the blonde ponytail, wraps it around her fist, and begins slamming Granger’s head into the mat! The ref instinctively begins to hollar at Lycana to knock it off, but the Left Hander only grins and continues.

HHL: Grand gesture by the ref, but Hell in a Cell means no DQ. Lycana could destroy the face of the Shooting Star Champion if she really wanted to.

Pip: She could, but I do believe she’s grown bored with that.

After using Granger’s face as a basketball several times, Lycana rises and begins to pull Granger up with her by the hair. Using her MMA training, Betsy lets loose with a succession of quick strikes to any part of Lycana she could land her fists. As soon as she feels the grip on her hair loosen, Granger drops to the mat, releasing Lycana’s hold completely, and sweeps Lycana’s legs out from beneath her. Hopping on top of her, Granger begins to pummel Lycana blindly; after a while, she grabs Lycana’s hair and begins bouncing the back of her head off of the mat.

Pip: Granger returning the favor Lycana bestowed upon her; she’s stopped trying to retain her title and just wants to kick Lycana’s ass at this point.

HHL: It does seem that the Champ has lost her focus, which is precisely what Lycana wanted.

Lycana finally manages to force Granger off her and rolls away to catch her breath. Granger, hopping to her feet with renewed energy, rushes forward to spear Lycana back to the mat…


The face of the Impossible Traveler changes focused determination to comical shock as the force of Quinn’s tackle sends them both plummeting to the mat. Quinn springs to her feet, filled with renewed energy, and begins to curb stomp the Shooting Star Champion. Granger attempts to roll out of reach, unfortunately she rolls right into the cage. Grabbing the ropes for momentum, Quinn hops into the air and comes down hard on Granger’s chest. Pain explodes through the Impossible Traveler as the air leaves her body.

HHL: Ash Quinn is making sure that neither woman has forgotten that she’s also in this fight.

Pip: She was taken out early on by Lycana, but she’s back and ready to take some revenge!

Lycana is now to her feet and sees Quinn preparing to land another jump down onto the throat of the Shooting Star Champion. Lycana rears and lunges once again, but Quinn spots the movement out of the corner of her eye. Just as Lycana approaches with a spear, Quinn moves aside, sending Lycana head first into the cage! Lycana stumbles backwards, favoring her head. Using her momentum, Quinn leaps to the ropes and flies off the middle, sending Lycana face first to the mat with an airborne bulldog.

Ash, now looking to extract her own payback, straddles Lycana starting in with her own blows to Lycana’s head. Lycana covers up, still reeling from hitting the cage as Ash’s fists come fast and furious. Blindly, she lashes out, raking Ash’s eyes. Her fingers fly to her face as she rolls off, getting to her feet, trying to clear her vision. Lycana gets to her knees as Quinn turns around to spy her nemesis in motion. She runs in, looking for a dropkick but Lycana lets herself fall back down onto the mat, Ash soaring harmlessly over her.

Both women scramble to their feet, wasting no time in rushing one another. Lycana and Ash start trading blows in the middle of the ring, which quickly deteriorates to them grabbing one another's hair and landing punches on whatever flesh they can manage to. They fall to the mat, grappling, fists still flying as they snarl and screech; all semblance of an actual wrestling match gone between them.

HHL: Is this even a wrestling match anymore or have we just desolved into an absolute blood fight? Neither Lycana or Quinn seem concerned with going for the pin. The focus is solely on going for each other's throats.

Pip: This match was never about the title for Lycana. All she wanted was to get her hands on Ash Quinn. This isn’t just about the betrayal of her exit from the Left Hand; It’s all the blasphemy she left in her wake. The false witness. The backpedalling. And the cowardly distancing from her actions as part of the group. Ash Quinn has much to pay for and Lycana is ready to make her pay every cent of it tonight.

Landing a stunning blow to Ash’s nose, Lycana gets to her feet, hauling her victim along with her. She eyeballs Granger, who is getting to her feet in the corner. Pulling Ash back, she sends her hurtling into the turnbuckle, crushing The Impossible Traveler between the unforgiving post and the momentum of Ash’s body. Betsy slumps back down, the wind knocked from her once more, clutching her midsection.

Lycana laughs as Ash stumbles backwards, right into her clutches once more. She grabs her about the head, running forward and over Betsy’s body, using the ropes to take Ash down with a Dudley Dog. Rolling with the adrenaline rushing through her body, Lycana yanks Ash to her feet and wraps her arms around her, snapping her through the air with a belly to back suplex.

Ash bounces on the mat and lies still for the moment. Lycana’s attention shifts back to Betsy Granger who is on her feet in the corner. The emerald eyes clash with the sapphire ones once more. Granger grins at Lycana as she comes forward towards her. An unwilling answering smile appears on Lycana’s face as she steps to meet her. The two start to circle around, appraising each other.

Pip: If the crowd is anything to go by, the fans are ready to see this fight finish out, once and for all.

Indeed, the crowd is wild now at the prospect of seeing these two go at one another once again. They seem ready at lunge at one another, when motion turns Lycana’s head. Granger follows her gaze, both of them spying an ever scrappy Ash Quinn pulling herself to her feet using the ropes. Quinn gains a standing position once more, turning to face the other two. She yells at them that they can't keep her down that easy. She lifts her fists, showing that she is ready for more.

Lycana’s eyebrow arches slightly as she turns her face back to Granger. She motions to Ash and walks over to a corner. She leans her shoulders back, swinging her feet up onto the top ropes and crossing them, essentially using the corner as a ‘hammock’ as she watches the proceedings from her negligent position. Quinn looks absolutely stunned while Granger remains in a defensive pose, glaring at Lycana suspiciously.

HHL: Lycana is… bowing out? Just like that?

Pip: She got what she wanted out of this. Ash Quinn hasn’t stayed down yet, kudos on the determination from the Queen of Ashes. Lycana is content to let Betsy handle business so she can continue with what Lycana does best: destroy.

Quinn attempts to capitalize on the distracted Granger, but the Shooting Star champion dodges. Using her momentum to turn back towards Granger, Quinn throws out an arm at the same as Granger and they take each other down to the mat with a double clothesline. This earns a merry laugh and applause from Lycana, who sways dangerously on the ropes. Granger gets to her knees and glares over at Lycana again, flipping her off for good measure. Lycana chortles throatily and waves a finger at Betsy. Before Betsy can get in a retort, Quinn strikes from behind.

HHL: Granger allowed herself to be distracted by Lycana, allowing Quinn to gain the upperhand.

Pip: If Granger wants to retain tonight, she better focus on the opponent who is willing to fight for the title.

Before Betsy has a chance to recover, Quinn is on her back. Scooping Granger up under her arms, she locks in a full-nelson on the Shooting Star Champion. Betsy flails her arms wildly, and manages to find the ropes. Ash doesn’t let go and Granger looks around for the ref desperately. She locks eyes with Lycana who is smiling wickedly and shrugs. Realizing that Granger isn’t going to tap, Quinn releases the hold. Betsy slumps over, pain written all over her face. Quinn begins to work her over with a series of stomps up and down her body.

Sensing victory, Quinn turns towards Lycana and stomps her foot.

HHL: It looks like Quinn is warming up for her trademark Mechanical Heart!

Granger slowly gets to wobbly feet, looking around the ring in a daze. Without missing a beat, Quinn launches herself forward and connects with a massive superkick to the chin of the Shooting Star Champion. The crowd explodes as Granger crumples to the mat in a heap.



Ref Genie drops to make the count as Quinn covers.




The crowd goes absolutely bonkers as Granger manages to get the shoulder up just before Genie’s hand hits the mat. Even Lycana peers over at them with mild interest before returning to the braids she was putting into her hair. Quinn looks at Genie in stunned disbelief as Genie holds up two fingers. Screaming in frustration, Quinn gets to her feet, dragging Granger up with her by the hair. Pushing Granger into the ropes, she traps The Impossible Traveler’s neck in the middle rope and begins to choke her mercilessly.

HHL: A dirty tactic that’s perfectly legal in this particular match-up. It just goes to show how desperate Quinn is to leave here the Shooting Star Champion tonight.

Pip: Quinn will do anything to put Granger away and walk out of here with the strap and the upper hand on the Left Hand.

Releasing Granger, Quinn rushes back to the opposite side of the ring. She waits until Granger has pulled herself up and hangs over the middle rope, gasping for air. Running forward, she uses her momentum and swings right into Angel Eyes… But Granger scouts the move and dodges out of the way! Unable to catch herself, Quinn is launched out of the ring and flies into the unyielding cage. She drops to the floor with a hard thud, making Lycana cringe dramatically from her perch.

HHL: Momentum has shifted quickly as the champion struggles to gain her breath and the upperhand!

Quinn begins to crawl towards the ring, flipping up the apron and looking underneath it for something. Granger, recovering now, looks around for Quinn. When her eyes reach Lycana, the Left Hand beauty shrugs and motions towards the side of the ring Ash is puttering around at. Turning in that direction, Granger is just in time to see Ash pop up again with a canister in her hand. Shaking her head and growing, Granger launches herself towards Quinn and flies out of the ring through the middle and top rope. She and Quinn both crash to the mat. Granger rolls away quickly and snatches up the canister; yanking up the apron, she launches it under the ring out of reach.

Pip: Granger isn’t allowing Quinn any of her usual fallbacks tonight. If Quinn wants to walk out of here with the win, she’s going to have to do so on her own devices.

Quinn is just getting to her feet; she’s met with a roundhouse kick by Granger that sends her crashing back to the unforgiving floor pads. Picking her up by the hair, Granger pushes Quinn’s face against the cold steel of the cage and begins to rub it across the links with as much pressure as she can. Lycana watches in morbid fascination at the out of character display of violence from the Impossible Traveler.

HHL: This is a surprising move from the champion.

Pip: Can you blame her, Heather? She’s put up with a lot of crap from Ash since day one in XWF; one shouldn’t be too surprised she’d want a little revenge.

Quinn’s forehead catches a sharp chink in the fence link and blood begins to pour down the side of her face. This seems to bring Granger back to herself. Grabbing Quinn by the arm, she pulls up the Queen of Ashes and launches her towards the ring. Quinn collides with the metal steps and slides down them. Wasting no time, Granger is picking up once more and sliding her into the ring. As soon as she’s in, she quickly locks in the Tuez Les Etoiles in the middle of the ring. Lycana studies her nails nonchalantly, though there’s a grin on her face as she soaks in the sound of Quinn’s painful shrieking.

Quinn resists for as long as possible before tapping desperately!

The bell rings!

HHL: The Impossible Traveler has done it! Betsy Granger has retained her Shooting Star Championship!

Pip: It was a brawl for the ages, but the champion stands tall tonight, albeit with some unexpected help from Lycana.

“Blinding Lights” begins to blare loudly as Granger releases Quinn and rolls away, favoring her sore spots. Lycana golf claps from her perch, watching as Betsy remains on all fours panting, barely aware of what was going on around her.

Announcer: Here is your winner, and STILL the XWF Shooting Star Champion… The Impossible Traveler, BETSY GRAAAAAAAAAAAANGEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!

Lycana’s feet hit the mat with a soft thud, all pretense of being indifferent gone as she turns her cerulean gaze to Betsy Granger and the fallen Ash Quinn. She starts walking slowly, almost playfully towards them, sweeping an arm out to indicate the ramp, where a large figure has appeared on the stage area, watching the proceedings in the ring, previously unnoticed in all the drama.

Pip: It’s Marf!

HHL: How long has he been there?!

Betsy warily turns her head to follow Lycana’s sweeping gesture and immediately tenses upon seeing Marf watching. He waves at her playfully before blowing her a sinister kiss. Betsy’s emerald eyes narrow as she glares back at him.

HHL: Fate seems determined to keep Granger in the orbit of the Left Hand. Following tonight’s victory, her next task is the first round of the March Madness tournament. Incidentally, Marf was drawn as her opponent.

Pip: Granger has a lot of fire and spunk at her disposal, but it’s got to be nerve wracking when you barely get a fight out of one Dissentient, knowing that the next one you face is going to try and take your head off.

Gesturing towards Marf, she indicates to him without words that he’s next on her list before turning back to Lycana. Marf wiggles his fingers at her in an ooh so scared motion, laughing at her. Lycana has reached the other two women now, staring down at the blond beauty who glares up at her. After long moments, she extends her hand towards Granger, a smile playing about her mouth as she stands motionless, waiting. Granger stares at it as if it were a snake ready to bite. Eventually, her nature forces her to extend her own hand and clasps Lycana’s.

HHL: A remarkable… and quite frankly, surprising, show of sportsmanship on the behalf of the Left Hander!

Lycana helps Granger to her feet, still hanging onto her hand as the duo look each other in the eyes once more, emerald versus sapphire. Lycana moves to hold The Impossible Traveler’s hand in the air, proclaiming her the victor in the match. Granger allows this to happen, holding up the Shooting Star belt after Genevieve hands it to her. The crowd cheers wildly. After several moments, the two drop hands, but Lycana doesn’t release her. Confused, Betsy turns back to Lycana with a startled grin on her face. Lycana responds to this expression with an evil smile of her own as she yanks Betsy in close.

Pip: Just kidding, I knew that was too good to be true.

Lycana pushes her face close to Granger’s ear, visibly whispering something into it as Betsy’s eyes widen in surprise before narrowing in confusion. Lycana finishes and pulls away, keeping her face close as her smile grows wolfish. Having had enough, Granger pushes her off and takes several steps back, still staring in mingled confusion and vexation.

Lycana chuckles venomously as she spares a glance down to Ash Quinn, who was now pulling herself up in the corner, before sending a wink towards Granger. Without further ado, she rolls over the top rope, sliding down onto the floor and making her way to the now unlocked door of the cell. She moves out onto the ramp and turns back to smile at the Shooting Star champion and Ash. She slowly steps backwards, until she feels an arm go around her.

Marf and Lycana stand together, matching wicked expressions on their faces. Lycana’s mouth moves, inaudibly to Granger, presumably something to do with what was whispered into her ear.

Betsy has slid out of the ring as Lycana made her slow backward walk towards Marf. Once the two are together, Betsy makes her way around to the front of the cage and stands off against them on the opposite side of the ramp. Letting the belt fall from her fingers to the floor, she stands with her hands held down and out, as if summoning the air around her. Marf and Lycana only laugh at her again as she stares up at them, saying nothing. After a few more moments, the Dissentients turn and slink backstage together, still arm in arm.

HHL: I have a feeling that things are only just getting started between the mysterious Lycana and the Impossible Traveler.

Pip: Whatever Lycana whispered to Granger left the champ shook, that much is for certain.

HHL: Only time will tell what lies ahead for those two.

Winner and STILL Champion - Betsy Granger via Submission

” The following contest is your Wednesday Night Warfare Main Event for the evening… and is for the XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

” Introducing first, he is the challenger… BIG D!”

As "X-Men Theme" by Powerglove begins to play over the PA system, spotlights begin to shine all over the arena of a 'D'. After a moment, Big D walks onto the entrance ramp. He puts his arms in the air, before heading down the aisle, focused on the ring. He then walks up the steel steps and climbs into the ring, before walking over to a corner, climbing to the second rope, and putting his arms in the air once again. After that, he hops down and waits.

” And his opponent…

The house lights dim.

” About to make his way to the ring… He is the new XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPION, “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE!”

A single spotlight hits the top of the ramp displaying a thick white smoke flooding out from behind the curtain to the top of the ramp. Walking out through the smoky haze in a black leather jacket an ring gear with HIS Universal Championship strapped around his waist is none other than “Chronic” Chris Page.

HHL: Snow Job saw the Final Chapter written between Chris Page and Thaddeus Duke… and as you can all see Chris Page finally captured the one title that has eluded him, the XWF Universal Championship.

Pip: No rest for the Champion as tonight he is already defending it against Big D and his “World Title”.

HHL: Finally someone will put an end to that joke of a title.

The crowd boos intently as Chris stands at the top of the ramp looking out across the arena. Chris locks in on Big D who paces around the ring like a caged animal. Chris smirks before making his walk towards the squared circle.

HHL: One has to wonder if Chris is going to be completely focused on this title defense considering someone is after him, claiming to know something about December 23rd.

Pip: I do not think CCP would be foolish enough to walk into this unprepared.

Chris reaches ringside where he makes his way up the steel steps to the ring apron. Chris steps through the ropes where he unstraps the Universal Championship as he raises it in the air for all to see.

[Image: c68369bb1471a41ed8cff82575dc95a1762ba14e.gif]

The boos from the crowd get louder as Chris hands his Universal Title to the referee. The referee takes the title from Chris before taking the “World Title” from Big D. Both belts get hoisted up in the air before the official in charge passes them through the ropes and calls for the opening bell,

[Image: JggTqeU.png]


- vs -


HHL: The Universal Championship is on the line…

Big D waits in the center of the ring as Page takes his time removing his ring jacket, he turns and drops it down to a ring attendant only to have Big D run up from behind with a School Boy!




Page kicks out as both he and Big D are quickly to a vertical base where Page slaps Big D square in the face! Big D immediately unloads with right hands to Page’s face backing the Champion up against the ropes. D shoots Page across the ring with an Irish Whip, Page bounces off the ropes ducking under a D clothesline, Page bounces off the near side as Big D turns around, Page leaps with a Flying Cross Body Block only to be caught by Big D who delivers a Fallaway Slam!

Page rolls under the bottom rope and out to the floor.

Big D slides out to the floor after the Champion. He comes up behind Page where he spins him around where he’s met with a thumb to the eye. Page drives a knee to the midsection before driving Big D face first off the ring apron. Chris follows as he use both hands to rake down the back of Big D. Page spins D around lacing him across the chest with a knife edge chop before taking D by the head and bringing him towards the steel steps. Page looks to smash D face first off the steps, D puts on the breaks with his hands, delivers a quick elbow to the ribs of Page before driving the Universal Champion face first off the steps to a huge pop from the crowd! D hurls Page back into the ring under the bottom ropes and slides in after him.

HHL: The question for Big D is can he elevate his self to level of Chris Page? And has he put too much pressure on himself to deliver a victory. If he loses he says he is done challenging for the BIG BOY belt.

Pip: Didn’t we hear that from Page coming into Snow Job? Sounds like Big D has been paying close attention to CCP.

D is back to his feet where he blocks a right hand from Chris and counters with one of his own! D drives a boot to the midsection doubling Page over where he delivers a gut wrench suplex to Page! D floats over into a side press.




Page fires a shoulder up off the mat as D transitions into rear chin lock. The referee is immediately in position as he starts asking Page to surrender. Chris waves off the referee as D cranks back on the head and neck while driving his knee deeper into the spine of the Champion. Chris starts to stir as he reaches one knee before turning into the chin lock as he backs D up into the ropes and shoves him across the ring, D bounces off the ropes running Page over with a running shoulder block!

Page scurries to his feet as D bounces off the near side delivering another running shoulder block sending Page back down to the canvass. Page pops back up to his feet as D bounces off the near side looks for a diving shoulder block takedown, Chris drops out of the way causing Big D to miss and land hard on the mat. Page is back up to his feet where he catches Big D with a back stabber as he reaches a vertical base. Quick cover by the Champion.




Big D kicks out to a pop from the crowd.

HHL: Page has made it through the opening flurry of Big D, and now if he slows the pace Big D is going to be in a lot of trouble here, folks.

Chris starts hammering down with right hands to the front of D’s cranium, piston like right hands drawing loud boos from the crowd before Page blatantly chokes Big D with his right hand. The referee starts laying the count to Page who breaks at four only to go right back to the choke garnering a second count from the official and again Page breaks the choke at the four count. CCP is admonished by the referee as he stands to a vertical base.

Chris reaches down picking Big D up off the mat. He laces him across the chest with another knife edge chop followed by a hard right hand. Big D is sent crashing into a neutral corner, he staggers out from the corner and into boot to the midsection before being planted with a DDT. Page rolls D over on to his back executing another cover on the challenger.




Big D kicks out to another pop from the crowd.

Pip: Chris Page is in firm control.

Page steps back up to his feet where he stomps down on Big D’s upper body before running towards the ropes where he springboards off the middle rope looking for a Moonsault! Big D pulls his knees up driving causing Page to crash down into them!

Big D rolls over to his chest and starts pushing himself back up off the mat.

Page isn’t far behind and as he reaches his feet he swings wildly at D who ducks and takes a back waist lock on the Universal Champion before folding him up with a Release German Suplex! The crowd starts to rally behind the challenger as he negotiates his way to his feet. Page starts getting to his feet only to be met with a swinging neckbreaker by the challenger! D makes the cover.




Page shoots a shoulder up off the mat breaking the referee’s count. Big D starts to get to one knee before stepping back up to a vertical base. Big D reaches down picking the Universal Champion up off the mat. D takes a front face lock on Page where he hoists him up in the air before falling backwards delivering a vertical suplex!

Page rolls towards the ropes and out to the ring apron.

He starts to use the ropes to pull himself up to a vertical base while in the ring Big D sizes Page up and as he stands on the ring apron Big D charges towards Chris with a full head of steam blasting Page with a forearm shot that sends the Universal Champion sailing off the ring apron and crashing sternum first off the security barrier.

HHL: Big D has created an opportunity for himself!

D rolls out to the floor where he makes his way over to Page, he stomps down on him several times before reaching down to pick him up off the protective padding. D scoops Page up and slams him hard on the padding surrounding the ring.

Pip: The referee is at a four count, Big D better stay sharp.

D slides into the ring before sliding back out to the floor. He picks Page up before driving him lower back first into the ring apron. D hurls Page back into the ring under the bottom rope before getting back up on the ring apron while in the ring Page starts to get back up to a vertical base. D quickly steps through the ropes where he comes up behind Page taking a back waist lock…

[Image: cenagerman.gif]

HHL: Snap German release suplex from the challenger!

Big D is quickly into a cover.




Page kicks out to a gasp from the crowd.

Pip: Big D is going to have to stay on top of Chris Page because now is his moment if he can seize it.

D gets back to his feet where he picks Page up and sends him sailing into a neutral corner. Page bounces off the buckles and staggers forward and into a boot to the midsection from D! Big D follows up with a Sunset Bomb to Page once again stacking the Champions shoulders to the mat!




Page kicks out once again before the fatal and final three count. Big D cuts his eyes towards the referee who shows him two fingers. Big D stands back to his feet where he reaches down snatching Page up by his long hair. D drives Page back into a neutral corner where he starts driving repeated shoulder blocks to the midsection. Big D hoists Page up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle!

D lands an open handed chop across the chest of Page that echoes throughout the stadium!

Big D steps up to the middle ropes where he grabs a front waist lock on Page! The crowd roars as Big D brings Page off the top rope with a Belly to Belly Suplex that ends up with Big D crashing down on top of the Universal Champion! The challenger has the cover hooking the inside leg!




Page kicks out of the near fall to a huge gasp as once again Big D thought it was over!

HHL: Big D cannot allow himself to get frustrated. He is going to have to continue the offensive assault on CCP.

Pip: All eyes are locked on Big D tonight! It is all or nothing.”

D stands back to his feet as he questions the count from the referee before turning his attention back towards the Champion, he reaches down picking him back up off the mat where he sends Page bouncing off the ropes, Big D ducks down taking Page up in a Fireman’s Carry position, he looks to deliver a Standing Death Valley Driver, Page floats all the way over landing on his feet where he transitions into a Code Breaker!

Both Champion and Challenger are down forcing the referee to start counting both men out.

HHL: Just like that Page breaks the momentum of the challenger and cuts him off.

Pip: But at what cost?

The referee reaches a six count before Page manages a cover on Big D.




Big D kicks out to a pop from the crowd!

Page gets to his knees before standing back up to a vertical base. Big D starts to stir as well, Page comes forward picking D up before putting him in position with his head between his leg. Page picks D up in a piledriver position! He holds him up several long seconds before spiking him head first into the mat with a Piledriver!

HHL: It could be the beginning of the end for the self-proclaimed World Champion.

Chris Page smirks as he works his way back to his feet. He calls for the Page Plant to a roar of boos from the crowd.

Pip: Heather I think you might finally be right for a change because Chris Page is looking to tie a bow on his first challenger since becoming Universal Champion.

Big D lays on the mat looking up at the lights before slowly starting to stir. Chris sits back stalking his challenger and making him exert his energy to work his way to a vertical base. Page comes forward with a boot to the midsection where he doubles him over! Page under hooks the arms of Big D… but before he can hoist him up into the air the challenger twists out taking Page down to the mat with an armbar takedown before transitioning into

[Image: T2Qui.gif]


Pip: Big D has Page trapped in the middle of the ring!!

The referee is in perfect position as he starts asking the Universal Champion to surrender. Page refuses as D uses his massive arms to crank back harder on the Crippler Crossface! Again the referee asks Page to surrender and again he refuses!

D cranks back harder and harder on the Crossface while we see Chris starting to inch his way towards the bottom ropes having to pull the muscled frame of Big D with him. The official again asks Page to surrender which he refuses before pushing himself up off the mat where he uses his momentum to roll through the Crippler Crossface while seamlessly transitioning into a cross arm breaker!

HHL: Tables are turned and now the challenger is in just as much danger as Chris Page transitions into a Cross Arm Breaker!

The referee now starts asking Big D to surrender as Page as a pitbull like grasp on D’s right arm. D refuses before rolling up where he is able to hooks his hands together as he reaches one knee. Suddenly with a feat of sheer upper body strength Big D stands up and hoists Page up into a powerbomb position while he still has the right arm of D.

Big D runs towards a neutral corner where he delivers a Buckle Bomb to Page!

Page staggers out from the corner as Big D bounces off the near side swinging with a clothesline from hell, Page ducks while taking a back waist lock and delivering a German Suplex! Chris does not release his grip as he rolls through picking himself and Big D up off the mat where a second German Suplex is delivered! Page does not release as he rolls through picking both himself and Big D up off the mat where he looks to deliver a third!

Big D counters with a standing side switch where he delivers a German Suplex to Page! The crowd roars as D rolls through picking himself and Page up off the mat where a second is delivered! The crowd gets louder and louder as D rolls through picking himself and Page up off the mat where a third German Suplex is delivered! D rolls through picking himself and Page up again looking for a fourth only now it’s Page countering positioning and landing another German Suplex of his own!

Pip: They are swapping German’s!

HHL: Wow.

Pip: Suplexes! They are trading German Suplexes!

Page hoists himself and D back up off the mat where another German Suplex is delivered! Chris, slowing down picks himself and D up again where D slings and elbow back connecting to the side of Page’s head causing him to release his grasp as he clutches the side of his head. Page circles around where he walks into a Spinbuster Slam by Big D! D pops back up to his feet to a huge pop from the crowd while he calls for THE DAN SLAM!
[red]HHL: Can he do it?!?!?!

The lights go dark!

Pip: What the hell is going on?

Upon culmination the lights in the stadium draw back up to see Big D turn around where he meets….

[Image: chris-jericho-pain-maker-2848.png]


Pip: You can sense the energy inside this stadium has completely shifted!

Big D stares across the ring to see The Beast with an intent and focused look in his eyes. D charges towards The Beast swinging with a clothesline…

[Image: a2a38d05af6aca50-600x338.gif]

HHL: The Beast connects with a Judas Effect!

The Beast reaches down picking Big D up off the mat where he plants D’s head between his legs, he under hooks the arms and hoists D up before planting him violently down into the cavass with a PAGE PLANT! Chris rolls D over executing a cover.






Pip: Just like that Chris Page has just ended any opportunity for Big D to challenge for the Universal Championship ever again.
Chris Page sits back into the corner of the ring, breathing heavily. He looks across the ring at Big D. As he does, "You're Dead" by Norma Tanega starts to play.

Page starts to laugh, his belly shaking as he points at Big D, who looks kind of dumbfounded by the song playing. The fans in the audience start to sing along.

"You're Dead! You're Dead!"

Thunder Knuckles slides into the ring, and Big D rolls his eyes. TK points at Big D's left foot, then slashes his own throat with his thumb. Big D beckons for TK to come on, but as he does...


Bobby Bourbon nails Big D in the back with a chair! D goes down like a sack of potatoes. As soon as he hits the ground, Bobby opens the chair and laces Big D's left leg through it! Bourbon then hoists Big D up to his feet, and TK points to the sky!

"Oh no, Big D's leg is trapped in that chair! What are they thinking? Someone get in there and stop this!"

Bobby lifts Big D up vertically, the left foot still wrapped up in a steel folding chair, like Brian Pillman's leg oh so many years ago.

"It looks like Them No Good Bastards were sick of hearing the man talk about the Thunder Strike!"

"Big D is about to learn the hard way that the foot DDT is just a foot DDT, but the Thunder Strike is an artform mastered by Thunder Knuckles!"

"That's not just a Thunder Strike!"


As TK finishes the maneuver, Big D's left foot is absolutely pulverized as the chair slams shut around it. Big D writhes on the mat in absolute agony, clutching his left foot!

"Oh my god, they've destroyed his left foot!"

Bobby and TK give each other a fist bump, then meet with Chris Page in the middle of the ring and give fist bumps to him too. Bobby strolls over to the body of Big D and nudges him out of the ring under the bottom rope and onto the apron. Bobby then kicks him off the apron, and on the hard arena floor, Big D continues to be in utter pain as medics come down and attend to his foot.

The lights go dark once again.

They draw back up just as quickly as they went down to reveal Chris Page in the ring while the referee awards The Beast with the XWF Universal Championship and the “World Heavyweight Championship” as D lays on the mat.

HHL: This one is over!

PIP: Chris Page has retained the Universal Championship!

In the ring, the official hands CCP his Universal title. Just as his music would hit, the arena falls dark.

PIP: I have a feeling Heather, we’re about to find out more about that cryptic message from the close of Snow Job!

HHL: I know what you did on December 23rd was the message!

The Hitman theme plays throughout the darkened arena and while the fans stay dark, the entrance way and the ring are illuminated with a dim golden colored light. Thaddeus Duke stands on stage in his white sleeveless Lionheart hoodie with the hood up, his Tag Team Championship around his waist.

The Romans come alive as Thad stands motionless, engulfed in a golden spotlight.

HHL: The former Universal Champion! His eyes glued to the NEW Universal Champion Chris Page!

PIP: Thad said back on Savage that it wasn’t over between he and Page and Heather, I think he’s here now to lay down a challenge for a rematch!

Thad throws the hood off his head and starts to make his way toward the ring with a purpose. Uncharacteristically perhaps, he foregoes fan interaction as he reaches ringside. Thad climbs the steps and walks out onto the apron, then turns toward the fans for a second.

In the ring, Page looks on unhappily. Big D meanwhile is on his hands and knees, trying to get up.

Thad peels the tag title from his waist just before he steps through the ropes and into the ring. Gripping the title between his fingers he steps right into Page’s face as the music dies out.

HHL: Former champion Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: Reigning champion Chris Page!

HHL: And you could cut the tension like a knife!

Thaddeus Duke starts jawing toward Chris Page and at one point, motions his free left hand in the direction of Big D. Thad smiles a little as he jaws to CCP and Page even looks in D’s direction and he himself grins his famous Chris Page grin momentarily.

Chris Page slings his Universal title over his shoulder.

“Hold this a second,” mouths Thaddeus Duke as he hands Page his tag belt. Page slings it over his shoulder too and takes a step back from Thad. Big D has reached his feet in the corner and Thaddeus peels off toward Big D, nailing him with a hard lariat that rocks D against the turnbuckle.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke is goin’ after Big D!

PIP: But WHY!?

Chris Page looks on, hanging out in the corner with both he and Duke’s belts slung over his shoulder. Duke meanwhile sends right fist after right fist into Big D’s face. D tries to cover up as he slumps to the mat, still trapped in the corner. Thad though, doesn’t let up, nailing him with right fist after right fist.

In an effort to retreat, Big D slides down to the mat and tries to roll away. Thad though drives a hard stomp into the back of D’s head. D grabs the back of his head as instinctively, he starts to get back to his feet. As he reaches his feet, he turns around and Duke sends him to the far side with an Irish Whip. On the rebound, Thad lifts, spins, and slams D to the mat with a Double A Spinebuster!

HHL: Thaddeus Duke sends Big D to the mat with a thunderous spinebuster!

PIP: Makes me wonder just exactly what Thad and Page were talking about!

”GET UP!” Thad shouts to Big D.

D struggles to his feet as Thad stalks his prey from behind. As Big D gets to a vertical base, Thad comes behind him and lifts him up into a “rack” position. Maintaining a hold on D’s head, Thad tosses him up and over off of his shoulders and sends a hard knee into the face of Big D (Sammy Guevara’s GTH, only not sloppy.) Big D collapses on his back on the mat.

HHL: Adopted Grace! From Duke to Big D!

From the floor, the ring announcer hands a microphone through the ropes to Thad. Duke then lies on his stomach on the mat right next to Big D.

HHL: It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Thaddeus Duke this pissed off, but the question is WHY!?

PIP: Well clearly he’s no longer the Universal Champion so now he’s lashing out at the innocents.

”My apologies to Chris Page,” Thad says as he looks at Page still hanging in the corner. ”This is something that just couldn’t wait. And if any of y’all think this has anything to do with me no longer being Universal Champion, then how soon you really forget.”

PIP: Oh.

”I sent a warning out months ago… remember Mastermind?”

HHL: Several months ago on this program, Thaddeus Duke took Mastermind to the woodshed. Is this another one of those moments?

”October 19… 2019,” Thad begins. ”You remember that day well don’t you Daniel? Of course you do because your only claim to fame, the only reason you still make money here in the XWF is because on that night, you got lucky and beat me in the middle of the ring.

“And you’ve been lying and living off that one win ever since, haven’t you Daniel?

“I’m not gonna sit here and revise history and say this or that in order to soften the blow of a loss from a year and a half ago. A loss is a loss no matter how you slice it, but what pisses me off is the fact that Daniel here has been running his mouth about that match and even has the audacity to claim he retired me.”

HHL: ‘Sent him packing with his tail between his legs’ is the most recent iteration of those comments.

”I didn’t quit. I was fired. Those are two different things and regardless of why Theo Pryce terminated my contract, losing a title to Big D is as valid a reason as any because if you’re losing to Big D then clearly your head isn’t really in the game…

“...and that’s very much true.

“So Big D, I warned you to keep my name out your mouth but you kept it up and now here you lay, having lost the biggest match of your life while Chris Page barely broke a sweat. Here you lay with my big mouth chirping in your ear. Here you lay with a challenge from me to you, to prove to the world that what you say is true.

“Step up and shut me up. You wanna live your life as if some fluke victory over me wasn’t exactly a fluke, so prove it wasn’t. Come beat me again if you think you have what it takes.

“Accept this challenge Daniel, because if you don’t, I’mma just keep following you all over the world doing exactly this… until you man up… and defend your claim.”

Thad gets back to his feet as the gold lighting fades and the arena lighting returns to normal.

PIP: Couldn’t he have just issued a challenge?

HHL: Maybe, but its a lot easier to get what you want when you embarrass someone on live worldwide television.

On his feet, Thad hands the microphone to Page and takes his tag title back before splitting from the ring.

” I have thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with this title.”

Chris slings the Universal Title over his left shoulder while looks at the World Title in his right hand.

” Naturally everyone assumes that I would throw it away considering the piece of trash that has been carrying; but that is not the case, oh no. You see I am going to do something with it that its predecessor was not willing to do… I am going to put it around the waist of someone that actually deserves it.”

The crowd erupts with boo’s as Miss Fury, Thunder Knuckles, Bobby Bourbon, Broken Oswald and Barney Green emerge out to the top of the ramp. Miss Furry leads BoB towards the ring. They all make their way inside the squared circle where the music fades away and it leaves Chris to say.

” I present to you… your NEW “World Heavyweight Champion”… MISS FURRY!”

The boos are unreal as Chris hands the “World Title” to Miss Furry. He hands Miss Furry the microphone and as she raises it to speak…

The lights go out and after a few seconds the XWF Tron fires up....




Thad smacks Chaos on the shoulder and Chaos exits the ring.

Suddenly the house lights go dark bringing a roar from the crowd…..

The camera then cuts to an alternate feed which shows Robert Main walking through the back halls of the arena...

Robert’s music is heard playing as he is heading towards the gorilla position but is still a ways away from it. He walks past a set of locker rooms when suddenly a figure dressed in all black with a black mask covering his face steps out from one of the locker rooms.

In his hand is a black baseball bat.

He creeps up behind the unsuspecting Robert Main and swings for the fences connecting to the left side of his skull! The masked culprit takes off down the hallway full speed ahead leaving Robert Main prone on the cold, hard concrete floor.

Several seconds lapse as Robert lays on the concrete floor when a Trainer coming out of one of the locker rooms sees him in the hall and instantly calls for help.

We get a live shot in the Stadium as Chris Page looks on with BoB behind him towards the X-Tron. Chris calls for the microphone from the World Champion Miss Fury.


The Universal Champion is completely enraged as he screams at the X-Tron like it is actually listening.

[green]” I am sick of all this! Show yourself!

The X-tron picks back up with a second shot elsewhere in the building on December 23rd where the masked man turns a corner. He looks over his shoulders and in all directions before pulling the mast off to reveal…

[Image: giphy-downsized.gif]




[Image: cropped-anarchy_0.jpg]

A big thank you goes out to everyone who wrote matches.

And for everyone who sent in a segment. Too many to mention.

And for all those who posted role plays.
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Jim Jinsunero rolls himself out to the entrance ramp nearly a half an hour after the show has ended. The bald and badly beaten lawyer is wearing a neck brace, back brace, and casts on both his legs. He sits in his wheelchair atop the entrance ramp. The feed has long been cut and the only fans left in attendance are the sleeping drunks that haven't been escorted out by security yet. He coughs into the microphone, then speaks.

"To all you who came out here tonight to see the DDS vs. Continuum trial over the legitimacy of the Free Bird rule......the network fucked you! Just as we were setting up to begin our trial preparations, the network axed the segment! They said it would be far too much Thaddeus Duke for one program, and that the ratings wouldn't recover! But don't worry! The fake freebird fucks will yet STILL be officially ruled illegitimate! That's right, folks! When DDS wins their lawsuit against the freebirds, Thaddeus Duke will have to fight a handicap match against Daymoist and Jim "The Jim" Jimson! You can catch the trial exclusively on SPLAT for a small fee! Get 100% off when you use the promo code 'THADSUXLUL'!

And to the family of Pappy, I WILL represent you against the XWF in a court of law! Letting anyone who is not trained extensively in the art of professional wrestling come near Miss Fury is absolute NEGLIGENCE! Call me, and we'll take down Vinnie Lane for good!"

Jinsunero drops the microphone, but luckily the speakers had long been disconnected. The lawyer rolls himself backstage with a smirk on his face.

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Banger of a show! Loved the read, good work everyone!

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Hey Marfy, nice job on the match write up. It was a fun read.

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OOC: That Pappy

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