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Wednesday Night Warfare - 9/2/2020 - results
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09-02-2020, 07:42 PM



From !!!

[Image: allianz-arena_s345x230.jpg?1375122976]



[Image: 516px-Alberto_Del_Rio_in_April_2016.jpg]
- vs -
[Image: Dzv3QdtU0AASz5l.jpg]



[Image: avatar_1860.png?dateline=1497599099]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_2498.jpg?dateline=1597336313]
- vs -
[Image: profilepic_689.jpg?dateline=1594947812]




[Image: avatar_204.jpg?dateline=1593649963]
- vs -
[Image: 340?cb=20131214162231]



[Image: roy-nelson-headshot.png?quality=0.85&wid...&crop=true]
- vs -
[Image: NXT_AdamCole_1920x1080.jpg]



[Image: avatar_1750.png?dateline=1566580658]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_1668.jpg?dateline=1497599471]



[Image: JggTqeU.png]


[Image: Q_gFcaEE_400x400.jpeg]

[Image: avatar_2489.jpg?dateline=1595203077]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_2493.jpg?dateline=1595417967]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_1350.jpg?dateline=1433908100]






From !!!

[Image: allianz-arena_s345x230.jpg?1375122976]



[Image: 516px-Alberto_Del_Rio_in_April_2016.jpg]
- vs -
[Image: Dzv3QdtU0AASz5l.jpg]

Sparks start up on the entranceway and Pedro Golden Patron makes his way through those sparks and head straight to the ring.

Bilbo slaps his balls on the side as he wheels down the ring in his chair, trying to make sure the beast stays awake. When in the ring, he rubs it for a minute before eyeballing his opponent.

The bell rings to start the match and Pedro Golden Patron walks to the middle of the ring. He watches as Bilbo gets up out of his wheelchair, and hobbles his way across to Pedro who just looks like he looks at him feeling sorry for him. Bilbo doesn't want his pity so slaps Pedro into making a move.

The slap indeeds angers Pedro and so he grabs Biblo and knees him in the guts. Then grabs him and hits him with a GERMAN SUPLEX.

Pedro then gets up, and then helps Bilbo back to his feet. and then in one huge move delivers THE LAST CALL. He throws Bilbo up in the air, and as he comes down he catches him in mid air and drops him with a DDP/RKO cuttter.

Bilbo hits the canvas hard. Pedro rolls him over on his back, and steps on him. The referee starts counting.




Just like that the match is over.


HEATHER: "Wow, just wow, Impressive!"

HHL: Welcome back here on Warfare, folks!

PIP: I'm told that Steve Sayors is backstage and has something for us, Heather!

HHL: Wonderful!

The camera cuts backstage to Steve Sayors who is standing by with a strange expression on his face. It is Steve Sayors though, so it's just kind of natural for him to have a strange expression.

HHL: Earth to Steve!

[Image: ifnhLBX.jpg]

SS: I was going to get a word from Thaddeus Duke as he's just arrived here at the Allianz Arena.... but...

HHL: ...But what?

PIP: Yeah, c'mon Steve! He's a nice guy, he won't bully you.

SS: Thing is, he didn't come here alone.

The camera looks down the hallway and shows who is presumably Thaddeus Duke in a hoodie with the hood up ducking into his locker room, shutting the door behind him. Once the hallway is empty, the camera returns to Steve Sayors.

SS: Well, who he was with shocked me a little and... well...

HHL: For hells sake Steve, go interview Thaddeus Duke and we'll come back to you after the next match.

SS: Right Heather. Good idea.

Sayors ventures off down the hall as we fade back to ringside.


[Image: avatar_1860.png?dateline=1497599099]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_2498.jpg?dateline=1597336313]
- vs -
[Image: profilepic_689.jpg?dateline=1594947812]

Pip: And with that, we get to see Ash Quinn, the new comer here in the women's division. I'll tell ya, she's got her hands full tonight.

Heather: Oh yeah, two veterans in that ring and both of whom are out for blood.

Lights go dark. Smoke billows as the lights rise and the first beats of the song are heard. Ash springs through the smoke eyes wide with a Chesire cat grin and runs down the ramp climbing onto the ring apron flipping over the ropes entering the ring-spinning as the song fades.

She is stretching in the ropes as the pink strobes fill the arena.

Heather: Shhh! It's the Queen! Come on Pip, stand up! Pay your respects.

Pip: Sit down.....can't take you anywhere.....

Jenny walks out onto the ramp, but doesn't pose. She looks up at the cage above the ring, then back at Ash standing in the middle. The cage begins to come down as Jenny walks down the ramp, eyes straight ahead.

Heather: She looks focused tonight. I have never seen Jenny this way before. She has a look on her face that could kill the immortal.

Pip: I agree there, she isn't the fun loving troll we are accustomed to.

Jenny walks to the side of the now down cage, opening the door, and stepping in. She looks at Ash with an eye roll, and then back towards the ramp. No pose, just business.

Mandii Rider makes her way out onto the entry way. Her stare meets Jenny's and never leaves it. She has a focused look on her face as well.

Pip: Here we go.....this is going to be the final chapter between these two, and its not going to be for the weak at heart.

Heather: These ladies are about to put their bodies through hell, but its for pride. Mandii has finally gotten under the Queen's skin, and Jenny has had enough of it!

Mandii steps under the ropes. Jenny hasn't taken her eyes off of Mandii, and same the other way. The hatred is heavy in the air.

The door shuts, and the bell rings.


Pip: Here we go!

Jenny attacks as soon as the bell rings, tackling Mandii and raining down a series of punches to the side of the head. Ash pulls Jenny off, but Jenny unloads on her, then goes back to Mandii. Jenny is enraged. Ash is back up and pulls Jenny off again, grabbing her around the waist. Myst hits a back elbow, staggering Quinn back. She turns around and shoves her into the corner. Mandii, however, is up, and Jenny turns around to a kick right to the side of her head.

Mandii then cartwheels and splashes Ash in the corner. When she stumbles out to the middle, she plants the new comer with a DDT. Jenny is up, however, and comes off the ropes with a shoulder block, knocking Mandii down. Mandii pops right back up and shakes her head at Jenny. Jenny's eye narrow and she lunges, but Mandii grabs her into a scoop slam, dropping her onto that already tender back.

Pip: An early flurry from Myst here, but so far Mandii has dominated this cage match

Mandii stomps twice on Jenny, then picks her up by the hair. Mandii whips Jenny hard into the ropes, and the blonde bombshell flies over them and back first into the steel.

Ash is up and fires off a series of shots on Mandii, but Rider blocks the last few and knees Ash in the gut. Mandii jumps and devliers a viscious scissors kick. Ash is out. Mandii smiles and covers.



Mandii pulls Ash up. She laughs as she grabs her hair and slams her back down.

Pip: Mandii doesn't want to win that easily.

She has Ash back up. Jenny is back in the ring now also. She grabs Mandii, spinning her around. A knee to the gut doubles her over. Jenny hits a double arm DDT on Mandii and then pops up and kicks Ash in the side of the head. She crumbles.

Jenny looks down at Mandii. A small smirk crosses her lips. She looks at the turnbuckle.

Heather: She's going up top here!

Jenny climbs to the top. Ash is beginning to stir. Jenny takes a deep breath then jumps, twisting in the air for a 450 splash, a move she calls "Gold Digger".

Mandii gets the knees up. Jenny groans and rolls over, holding her stomach and kicking her feet.

Ash is up and flies off the ropes, drop kicking Mandii. Mandii stumbles back against the ropes and Ash continues the assault. She ties Mandii up in the ropes. Her arms are stuck in the twisted ropes, and Ash runs and baseball slides, connecting with Mandii's mid section. She unhooks from the ropes and grabs her stomach. Ash turns around, and Jenny is up. Jenny swings, but ash flips her over her shoulder. Jenny hits the mat and Ash locks in an arm bar!

Jenny is screaming, trying to get out of it as Ash Quinn pulls harder. Just as it looks like Jenny is about to tap, Mandii breaks up the hold with a kick to the face. Ash lets go and Jenny rolls away, holding her arm. Mandii picks Ash up, scoop slamming her again. Coming off the ropes she hits an elbow drop. Mandii then looks to the top of the cage.

Pip: I think she's gonna plan to climb out of this one while both these two women are down!

Jenny is using the ropes to get to her feet, wincing and holding her elbow. Mandii decides that maybe they aren't far enough down yet to try to climb, and she turns towards Jenny. Grabbing her by the air, she slams her face off the steel.

While she is focused on Jenny, Ash rolls Mandii up in a small package.



Mandii kicks out. Both women pop up. Jenny explodes from the corner with a clothesline but Mandii ducks and Jenny takes out Ash. Jenny turns around to a kick to the side of the head from Mandii. Jenny is on her back again.

Pip: Mandii is utterly dominant here. Ash and Jenny just can't seem to get anything going early on.

Mandii picks Jenny up by the hair. Jenny, however, is running on adrenaline. She fires off a few shots to the face of Mandii and Rider stumbles back. Ash is back on her feet now. Jenny and Ash begin to double team Mandii in the corner with a flurry of kicks and punches.

They whip Mandii into the far corner. She slumps a little. Ash runs and Bronco busters Mandii in the corner as Jenny watches. When Ash pops off Mandii, she turns around into a kick in the gut from Jenny.


Jenny lays out Ash, and turns her attention to Mandii. Mandii is still in the corner Jenny walks over and puts a foot on Mandii's throat. The ref begins to count. At 5 she breaks the count, then as Mandii is coughing, puts the foot back on the throat and extends the legs.



Jenny doesn't take the foot off. The ref grabs her by the shoulder, trying to get her off. She turns and shoves the ref, he tumbles.

Pip: Come on! That's ridiculous! She should be ashamed!

Heather: All legal in a cage!

Jenny goes back to the corner and puts a foot on the throat of Mandii again. She screams at her, gnashing her teeth as she presses down harder. When Jenny finally takes it off, she walks to the middle of the ring. Taking a few deep breaths she runs and hits a Shining Wizard on Mandii, who is in the corner, causing the back of her head to hit the turnbuckle.

Jenny see's Ash starting to stir. She picks her up by the hair. Jenny says something to her that we can't quite make out, then tosses her by the hair back to the mat. Mandii is using the ropes to stand, but she is wobbly. Jenny picks up Ash and snap mare's her down, kicking her hard in the small of the back. She then grabs the wobbly Rider.

"I am going to make you just as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside!"

She rakes Mandii's face against the steel. Over and over.

"See if Chris wants you now!"

Slamming Mandii's head into the steel 3, 4, 5 times.

Mandii has been busted open, her entire face a crimson mask. While Jenny is doing this, Ash is climbing the cage.

Heather: Ash going to try to steal one here while Jenny is taking out her Mandii-rage!

Pip: Honestly, probably a smart strategy. She's over matched in there right now!

Jenny see's this and lets Mandii drop. She begins to climb the cage. Ash sees this and kicks at Jenny, trying to knock her off. Jenny catches up to Ash. The two trade punches and elbows. Jenny almost loses grip a few times.

Now, Mandii, her face covered in blood, is in the equation. Mandii grabs Jenny's foot, tries to pull her off. Jenny kicks at her. Mandii then grabs Ash by the back of her pants, exposing her thong. She throws her off the cage. Jenny keeps climbing. Mandii catches up!

These two trade elbows while 3/4 of the way up the cage. They make it to the top. The two women tight rope the top, trading blow after blow. Jenny is reeling, and is about to fall when she pokes Mandii in the eye, then reaches into her bra.

PEPPER SPRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandii grabs her aready bloody face, screaming.

Pip: That hurts even more with all those open cuts!

Heather: She said she was going to hurt Mandii here.........this is her chance......OH MY GOD!

Jenny throws Mandii off the cage...she goes tumbling to the ring below and lands with a crash. Jenny, looking down with a smirk, wipes her lip. She then looks at Ash, who is starting to get up.

Pip: Don't even tell me!



[Image: 5TvMpF1.gif]





Heather: She did it! The Queen did it!

Pip: Jenny survived, to say the least! She's hurting but she closed the door on the Mandii Rider saga! Myst now goes on to her Shooting Star title match on Savage! That's gonna be another brutal one!

The cage raises as EMT's enter the ring to check on the other two women.


Steve Sayors nervously approaches Thaddeus Duke's locker room door and knocks.

SS: Ummmm. Thaddeus? It's me, Steve Sayors. You know the backstage interview guy for the XWF?

HHL: Smooth, Steve.

SS: Hey, thanks Heather.

HHL: I was... nevermind.

The door opens and much to the surprise of the fans in attendance here in Munich, it is not Thaddeus Duke that appears, but:

[Image: bVbiM4K.jpg]

PIP: Paul Heyman!?

HHL: What the hell is he doing in Thaddeus Duke's locker room?

"Hello, Steven," Heyman says softly. "It's nice to see you again."

SS: Mr. Heyman, I was wondering if I could get a word with Thaddeus Duke about his recent string of bad luck and...

"My client has no interest in speaking with you at this time."

HHL: His... his what?

PIP: Did he say "client"?

SS: I mean, I'd just like to...

"Steven," Heyman says with a smile as he places a hand on Sayors' shoulder. "You will hear from Thaddeus Duke tonight, but when Thaddeus Duke chooses for you to hear him. Not a moment sooner. My client has got a lot on his mind and he is not in a particularly good mood tonight so please, allow him the respect he so richly deserves and please, he will address the XWF and his fans when he's damn good and ready to do it.

"Allow him this quiet time with his family."

Heyman retreats back inside Thaddeus Duke's locker room and closes the door, leaving Steve Sayors even more dumbfounded than usual.

SS: Peather, Hip, back to you.

The camera cuts to ringside to Heather and Pip.

HHL: Paul Heyman, Pip!

PIP: And Thaddeus Duke is his client?

HHL: Something strange is afoot and I don't mean Steve Sayors.

Not this time at least.

The scene cuts to a nice house on a well manicured lot. It is shot vignette style, with an old movie filter and blackened edges. The camera takes us around the property, from the white picket fences surrounding the various vegetable gardens to the freshly cut grass. There was a large pinwheel out front, and the awnings hung over both sets of windows...lightly flapping in the breeze.

Light breathing can be heard behind the camera.

It pans around the property some more, zooming in on the windows every few seconds. There is an SUV in the parking lot. The camera zooms into the plate. There is a cut, then we are taken to the bottom of the driveway. The mailbox. The house number. A gloved hand reaches out and runs a black leather finger over the letters that spell the name.


A series of jump cuts shows the inside of the house. It's been ransacked. Tables tipped over, broken glass, the TV laying face down, papers strewn across the floor.

The kitchen is a mess as well. All the food is on the floor, the fridge hanging off the wall. The kitchen table is turned over, and all the chairs have the legs broken off.

The bedroom has clothes everywhere. The camera zooms in on numerous pairs of underwear on the floor. The bed is messy and unkempt.

The back porch has garbage all over.

The jump cuts end. The scene is back to the driveway where a black Lincoln Town Car pulls in and parks behind the SUV. An officer steps out adjusts his hat and belt and walks up towards the front door. He knocks a few times, a somber look on his face.

After a few knocks, a woman answers. She asked if she can help him, and why he is there.

"Ma'am, its your son, Ned. There's been an accident. May I come in?"

The woman's face drops. Tears well up in her eyes.

"Whats wrong with Ned? What happened?!"

"Ma'am, I'd really like to do this inside."

She nods, stepping aside to let the officer through.

The officer sits down, she sits across from him.

"'am......your son Ned, has made a bad decision. It is okay, we all do at one point or another, but your son has had several chances to make it right.........."

She is frantic now, asking over and over what happened in if he is okay.

The officer sighs, taking his hat off. His long blonde hair flows out from its unkempt position. It's Chris Chaos! Her eyes squint in a questioning position, as she had never seen a long hair police officer. She immediately regretted letting him inside. He smiles, his eyes are behind her though. She turns around, and behind her is Ares Creed, smiling, holding a police baton.

She screams but its cut off as the screen jump cuts.

Showing her tied to a chair. No gag in mouth.

Showing her tied to a chair. Gag in this time.

Chair in sitting position.

Chair on ground.

Scene cuts to her crying, gagged, Chaos and Ares standing over her.

"Your son's fine.........for now" as they step over her. "And if you see him, give him this message....."

Ares, holding something in his hand that looks like a knife, steps forward as if he is going to slice her with it and the screen cuts to a little boy. He's holding a knife.

[Image: jr9Ev4j.gif]
[Image: qN0ROK0.gif]
[Image: XJPK9kL.gif]
[Image: LH43eoM.gif]
[Image: LH43eoM.gif]
[Image: LH43eoM.gif]
[Image: LH43eoM.gif]
[Image: LH43eoM.gif]
[Image: U4VvZVN.gif]

Pip: Oh.....oh my god.....that was Ned's mother.....we......we gotta go to break

Warfare goes to commercial


[Image: avatar_204.jpg?dateline=1593649963]
- vs -
[Image: 340?cb=20131214162231]

As soon the beat drop on the X-Tron, green pyro blast out of no where on the entrance stage, and Tommy is walking down to the ramp and he gives each people some high fives. Then he slides into the ring, and he raises his arms up to the crowd, then stands in the middle of ring as his theme cuts off.

A figure is seen walking out from the back wearing a black hooded sweatshirt on. The hood was over his head so he couldnt be seen, and his head was looking down.

He stood in a stance. And as a white light appeared on his front, he unzipped his sweatshirt and showed the front of the t-shirt:

[Image: 4235893084%20Front.jpg]

As it continued he turned around and took off his hooded sweatshirt and revealed the back of the t-shirt which read:

[Image: 4235893084%20Back.jpg]

He turned back around and stood in a pose as the white light bathed on him to reveal: MASTERMIND

He then smirks as he walks all the way to the ring, with the Misfits Manager Antony The Jerk, walking not far behind. Followed by Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs, Kris 'The Hammer' Von Bonn, and new Misfit Scarlet The Hunteress Donaldson. Mastermind jumps into the ring and awaits the bell.

The bell rings, and the match is underway.

As Mastermind heads towards the center of the ring, he expects Tommy to do the same. At first Tommy calmly walks towards Mastermind, before he breaks into a run, and launches himself at Mastermind, and hits him with a FOREARM SMASH. Down goes Mastermind.

HEATHER: "Mastermind was clearly expecting to start the match like he always does with a war of words in the middle of the ring,"

PIP: "Obviously Tommy Wish had other ideas,"

Tommy quickly helps Mastermind back to his feet, and then SUPLEXES him.

He then quickly gets up, helps Mastermind up again and then SIDE SUPLEXES him. It's like Mastermind can't even find a way into this match.

HEATHER: "Tommy is deceptively fast at the moment. Mastermind has no way to stop him,"

PIP: "This could be an early end to this match. Mastermind could be in serious trouble here."

Tommy gets up, and looks down at Mastermind, and starts laughing.

Suddenly Melanie jumps up on the apron, and starts squealing her lungs out. Tommy looks at her, and just gives her the finger, which infuriates her even more.
She tries to get inside the ring, but the referee stops her, and orders her to leave the ring, not only the ring but he orders her to the back.

PIP: "Wow, just wow, Melanie "Crayzee' Childs has managed to get herself sent to the back. Tommy Wish has managed to get rid of 1 Misfit early."

Melanie squeals at the referee, meanwhile on the other side of the ring, Kris can be seen sliding his hammer towards Mastermind, who barely grabs it. Tommy is looking at what's going on with the referee and Melanie.

More referees pile out from the back. and they pull Melanie from the ring apron and they force her towards the back. The main referee is still focus on telling Antony The Jerk that if there is one more interference with any more of the Misfits the whole three of them that are left will be sent to the back.

Suddenly Mastermind makes his move, and sits up and tries to hit Tommy in the stomach with the Hammer. But somehow Tommy manages to jump back, and as Mastermind tries to get to his feet, Tommy hits him with a fist to the face. The hammer goes flying out of Mastermind's hand as he hits the canvas hard.

The main referee turns around and sees Kris trying to grab the hammer which is now near the ropes, and he's had enough. He walks over to the ropes, picks up the hammer and yells at Antony to take Scarlet and Kris to the back and stay there. He starts counting to ten. If they don't leave within ten he's going to award the match to Tommy.

HEATHER: "Wow that's a big call right there, a very big call."


Antony is standing there, looking angrily at the referee.


Scarlet joins Antony by his side, and she looks concerned.


Scarlet whispers into Antony's ear. At first he wants to stand his ground. He orders Kris to stand his.


Once again Scarlet whispers into Antony's ear, and tries to pull him away from the ring.



Suddenly Scarlet yells at Antony that the referee is serious and that they are about to cost Mastermind his most important match at this point in time, and that they can't afford to have him equal his 9th loss in a row.


Antony suddenly holds up his hands as if admitting defeat, and yells at Kris to head back to the locker room. Scarlet turns and they head back to the ramp. This seems to make the referee stop his ten count.

PIP: "Wow just wow, Antony was going to be a real jerk and try and test referee out,"

HEATHER: "Lucky someone in the Misfits had their heads screwed on. Now this match is going to be 50 50 for both participants.

As Antony, Scarlet and Kris get the back, Tommy is seen smiling and waving at them, and giving them the finger. They angrily disappear through the door.

Tommy turns around to see Mastermind trying to get up. He looks in all sorts of trouble already. Tommy smiles.

Tommy runs at Mastermind, and connects with a DROP KICK. Mastermind hits the canvas once again very hard.

This time Tommy decides to go for a quick cover.



2 and a half.........

Kick out.

Some how Mastermind manages to kick out.

PIP: "Mastermind has not yet been on attack. It's all defense, with what little he has. Tommy Wish has been all over him."

Tommy gets up smiling. He helps Mastermind to his feet. He suddenly executes a JAPANESE ARM DRAG, and executes it perfectly. It sends Mastermind flying across the ring, and as he tries to get up, the force of the move makes him collapse into the corner of the ring, almost near the corner post.

Tommy gets up and sees where Mastermind is, and claps his hand in glee. He knows what he wants to do now. This could finish Mastermind off, and he gets set to run at Mastermind with a FOREARM SMASH onto the corner post. He starts running towards the dejected looking Mastermind.

HEATHER: "This is it. If, no, when Tommy Wish connects with the Forearm Smash, it HAS to be all over for Mastermind. He won't survive getting his head knocked into the corner post. No one can survive having their head smashed into the corner post. It's virtually impossible."

Tommy picks his spot, and leaps into the air, and throws out his forearm in front of him. But to his horror, Mastermind dives out of the way, and he connects his forearm with the corner post.

PIP: "Now that has to hurt. Did he just break his arm?"

Tommy recoils backwards clutching his arm.

Mastermind senses his opportunity. He jumps quickly to his feet, grabs Tommy by his head, and throws him head first into the corner ring post, and it's Tommy who has his head smashed into the corner post. Tommy stumbles out. The force of hitting his head on the ring post has opened up a small gash in his forehead, and it is bleeding.

Mastermind grabs Tommy, and puts him in a headlock and runs across the ring. He connects with a RUNNING BULLDOG.

HEATHER: "Now it's Mastermind who has somehow managed to seize control of this match from out of nowhere. It's kind of amazing considering how far he was to losing this match."

Mastermind gets back to his feet, at first unsteady. The crowd is going crazy. They are supporting both sides. The match has lived up to its expectations if not more.

Mastermind drops a couple of ELBOWS into Tommy's back, before deciding to roll him over and going for a quick cover.



Kick out but only just.

Mastermind stands up. He doesn't look worried. He helps Tommy to his feet.

He then sends Tommy back first into another of the corners, and once again but this time Tommy hits the corner post hard. He yells out in pain.

Suddenly Mastermind, senses this could be his chance and only one chance to end this match now. He runs towards Tommy.


Mastermind just SPEARS Tommy Wish.

PIP: "Wow I felt the full force of that from here,"

Tommy hits his back back against the Corner Post again very hard with the full force of the spear, and he is crying out in pain as he collapses to the canvas. Mastermind quickly gets to his feet, and pulls him back into the center of the ring. He turns him over and sets his up for.


HEATHER: "We haven't seen the Mind Controller in months. He has after all lost his last 8 matches.

Tommy is screaming out as Mastermind locks the Mind Controller in. All he has to do is tap. But he refuses too. But then Mastermind continues to be more forceful and Tommy has no choice but to tap out.

PIP: "He did it. Mastermind did it. After 8 straight losses Mastermind finally wins a match."

Mastermind lets go of Tommy and drops to his knees as the crowd goes wild. Mastermind punches the air in celebration.


After the bell had rung for the winner, the lights goes out in the arena. Then the lights suddenly comes back on, and the whole arena is in green lights, with smokes fuming in the ring. Mastermind then looks around the ring confused, as someone voice was booming on the X-Tron.

???:"I HaVeD ArrIved!"

As the words kept booming in the X-Tron, Mastermind looks around to see if anyone is trying to attack him. But then, a familiar face comes onto the screen from someone's past...

Heather: "Wait a minute is that..."

Pip: "Oh yeah it is, ITS CULTY JAMES!"

[Image: James-Mitchell-2.jpg]

CULTY JAMES: Hello to all of my fans within Germany, I have managed to make a return back on the scene within this dreadful company. Ever since I was fired from this place, it had me thinking of a new plan within this current year. Maybe, I might manage someone to the Universal Championship... or maybe not. I don't even care about what they want to do, so long they are able to dish out pain in that ring.

Then the fans are giving mix jeers as Culty smiles with his devilish grin.

CULTY JAMES: You see people, you all known a guy who gone by Tommy Wish. The same guy who ended up getting buried in the snow somewhere a year ago, a man who ended up going to jail on beating up on a minor in London. He might have been the MVF of Warfare, or whatever it was.. but that wasn't who he truly could be. I have seen him at his highs and lows, even though he removed me from his path to pain and misery... i always had respect for him. I always knew deep down inside, he's a FREAK among the beautiful people in this world. A man, who knows what he wants, and gets what he wants.

Heather: "Wait, is this man saying something about Tommy?"

Pip: "Yeah, it's getting kinda lame... in fact, you know where he is Culty?"

CULTY JAMES: But now, here is the case.... if you seen his promos, he's hinted on this present he dubbed the fReAk. It was in his memos, in his thoughts, and even in his odd transitions in his promos he did, that you fans had witness prior. Tommy is not here anymore in XWF, now... he's going to become what manifested in his sick, depraved, and twisted mindset that he warned you ALL about. Now, looks like he's going to come out and play....oh FREAK!

The arena lights start to flicker and comes back to normal, and this time Mastermind turns around to see a man in a Fiend like mask with jean shorts, black t shirt and he punches Mastermind in the face. Then he locks him into an STO position, and hits a KISSING THE FREAK on MASTERMIND. Then the fans starts to boo at The Freak, who sits up like the undertaker, and he stands on his feet.

Heather: "What is going on here tonight?... Did Tommy manifest into the Freak?"

Pip: "Looks like he did, and now... where next seg--"

Then he heads outside, and looks at Pip, who takes down his headset and tries to run off. But Freak grabs him by the collar, and hits him with a KISSING THE FREAK on the padded floor. Then the lights goes off, then it comes back on with him disappearing the arena as the next segment happens.

Moments later

HHL: Mastermind gets to his feet after the attack!

PIP: This has been a hell of a night here in Munich and we're not even close to done.

Suddenly the lights go out and the crowd roars with anticipation. Several seconds later, the lights come on as the bass drops for Thaddeus Duke's entrance theme.

"My Name Is Human" by Highly Suspect

HHL: Clearly, its time to hear from the Lionheart, Pip!

PIP: Earlier tonight, Paul Heyman said his client, who is apparently Duke, isn't in a particularly good mood.

HHL: He's had a rough August for sure.


Mastermind looks on toward the stage as the arena is filled with gold colored lighting. Thaddeus Duke still not in sight.


Not Thaddeus Duke, but Paul Heyman emerges from backstage flanked by four Riot Cops to a mixed chorus of a reaction from the XWF faithful. More cheers than boos because as they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder. Heyman heads down the ramp toward the ring and stops at the bottom. He mouths something to the riot cops in his employ and they stand at the bottom of the ramp. Paul then turns to the ring steps and walks up and into the ring.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman!

The Munich crowd cheers a little louder.

Relax, Mastermind, those guys are here only for my protection. Nothing more. Now, I didn't want to interrupt your match because my client knows how it feels to have his matches interrupted and he doesn't like it. So out of the kindness of his heart, he instructed me to wait until after your match was through. He wants you here though because this has a lot to do with you.

PIP: Why would Thaddeus Duke have any kind of beef with Mastermind?

HHL: I think I know.

First of all, allow me to explain to you just why I'm here. You see, many years ago there was this listing little ship taking on water and very close to going under. Let's call it the S.S. Madness.

HHL: Paul Heyman, whatever you think of him, is revered in the Xtreme Wrestling Federation for his time as the General Manager of Monday Night Madness!

Now who did Shane call to right that ship? Who was it that thought to himself if anyone could save that sinking little shit show of a ship, it was this guy. That was Paul Heyman. Me. He called me to right the ship and that's what I did... because I can.

Tonight isn't about me and it's not about Madness but I have a track record of fixing broken things so here I am all these years later and the S.S. Lionheart is listing and taking on water.

So who does he call?

That's right.




Mastermind mouths the words: "What's your point?"

[Image: vQI6CB9.jpg]

My point?

Mastermind the point is, that while Thaddeus Duke isn't broken, he is extremely pissed off right now. You've been around a long time. Almost as long as I have and have you ever seen anything more destructive than a pissed off Duke? In the years I have been in or around this company there have been few forces in the wrestling world as destructive as a pissed off Duke and here's the thing: Mastermind, you've never seen a pissed off Thaddeus Duke. The world hasn't seen a pissed off Thaddeus Duke.

That's why I'm here.

I'm here to harness all of his frustrations and all of his anger to pinpoint laser focus and Mastermind, you're on his list.

Thaddeus Duke hops the security railing to a loud crowd pop and grabs a chair before rolling into the ring behind Mastermind who has no idea he's there at all.

HHL: Oh man!

PIP: Mastermind has no idea!

It's time to get Thaddeus Duke back on track. It's time to harness the destructive power of that vitriolic Duke blood and Mastermind... You're first.

Heyman backpedals toward the corner as ..... CRACK!

Thaddeus Duke hits Mastermind across the back with the chair. Mastermind staggers forward from the blow and turns around slowly, his back aching from the blow.


HHL: Better Than You from Thaddeus Duke!

Duke hits the superkick on Mastermind and he's about out. Thaddeus Duke stands over Mastermind staring down at him. With the chair still in hand, he kneels, using as a sort of crutch to lean on as he shouts: Stay awake! You are going to remember this day! Thad then slaps the shit out Mastermind forcing him back to some semblance of consciousness. Duke stands up again and stabs the chairs edge into Mastermind's right elbow, then his shoulder. Then his left shoulder and elbow. He then moves onto his left knee and Mastermind writhes in pain, rolling over.

AGAIN! Heyman shouts with a sadistic smile on his face as his client stabs the chairs edge into Mastermind's left ankle.

HARDER, THADDEUS! Paul instructs him as Thaddeus stabs Mastermind's right ankle with the chairs edge. This time, dropping to his knees with his body weight on the chair and Mastermind yells out.

CUFFS! Heyman yells out to his riot squad. One tosses a pair of handcuffs to Heyman who hands them to his client. Thaddeus takes the cuffs and Mastermind, know on all fours and trying to clutch his ailing ankle, is trying to get to his feet. Thad straddles Mastermind's back as he cuffs Mastermind's wrists together behind his back.

GO GET THE CHAIR! Paul shouts to his riot squad and they leave the ringside area toward the back.

Back in the ring, Mastermind, his hands cuffed behind him limps to his feet only for Thaddeus to ring his skull with the chair. Mastermind falls to his back but rolls over and is trying to get up again but only makes it to his knees as Thaddeus unleashes a vicious chair shot to his skull that would make Babe Ruth blush. Mastermind lies on the mat fading in and out of consciousness as Paul Heyman's riot squad re-emerges from backstage with a large wooden chair. Thaddeus Duke's Illuminatus throne. Made of a shiny mahogany with plush crimson cushions, lion heads carved into the knobs at the edge of the arm rests.

In the ring, Thad places Mastermind's right ankle between the seat and back of the bent up steel chair then climbs to the middle rope. He takes a seat on the top turnbuckle as Heyman's riot squad maneuver his throne into the ring and set it down. Thad looks around at the crowd. Many are in shock over his actions. Most cheer on in approval. He then stands and leaps off the middle rope, his feet landing on the legs of the chair, snapping it shut on Mastermind's ankle. Mastermind writhes in pain for a few seconds before passing out of consciousness.

Thaddeus Duke steps over Mastermind's body and sits his throne as the lights go out. Only a golden colored spotlight is lit as it lights up he and his throne. Paul hands him the mic.

Do I have your attention now? he asks as he looks around the darkened arena. A lot of cheers, a few boos. See, I have a thinking chair too. I just don't really show it to people often because... well... being a King is too fuckin' serious.

Hey Squirt,
he nudges Mastermind with his foot. I respect you for taking this beating like a man. I respect you because no matter how much you lose, you're still Mastermind. You believe in yourself no matter what.

I can relate.

For all the good and bad that has come my way in this industry, I've never lost belief in myself and my ability. Never. Not once. Not even now, so if you're thinking that I've changed because I've called upon Paul Heyman to give me a little guidance or because I've really fucked up Mastermind's night, you'd be wrong. Granted, it's an easy mistake to make, but here's the thing: I was always capable of this and I'm capable of so much more.

I went easy on him.

I suppose I owe those of you booing some kind of explanation for what exactly is going on right now. See, I've never been afraid to own up to my failures. At times I wear my losses like a badge of honor. Yeah I lost, but fuck that was a great match and I almost had him. What's pissing me off these days isn't the string of losses I've had through August. It's the fact that while I own my losses like a fucking man, something or someone in this company doesn't want me to own my successes.

That's where you come in, Squirt.

At Leap of Faith, you stuck your nose in my business and aided me in defeating Thunder Knuckles for the Television title. I didn't need your help. I didn't want your help. I didn't ask for your help. Thunder Knuckles deserved to go out as the fighting champion he was, and not because some undersized never-was, filled with jealousy and fear might knock him from his perch as the second longest-reigning TV champ.

Makes sense right?

He interferes to avoid falling to third because second means.... absolutely fucking nothing.

It wasn't the first time though. You interfered when I beat Big D to become the TV champ the first time and I pretty much let that go. I might have kicked you in the face or something but its been awhile and I don't actually remember.

See, people do this shit because I'm a nice guy. I have a good heart and love my people, my fans... that hasn't changed. What it does is illegitimize my successes. I own my failures but my successes are always because this that or the other thing and I'm fed the fuck up with it. I do not accept outside interference help. I will win or lose on my own so let this be a shot across the bow to those watching in the back. You fuck with the outcomes of my matches, and I will come after you.

Maybe not right away.

I like to choose my spots, right Squirt?

All this shit does is make people think I am somehow 'less than' despite winning this title or that title, this match or that match. It gives this perception that I am less than what I really am and that's nothing short of the absolute fucking best in this ring. On this roster. In this entire company.


That's what you're seeing right now.

You're seeing Thaddeus Duke in relentless pursuit of redemption for a shitty August and relentless pursuit of righting wrongs done to me by, I don't know. The powers that be? People like Mastermind thinking he can interfere in my business and I'll let it go? I'm all the way over the bullshit so here's what's going to happen, Mastermind.

Consider this a formal challenge for Relentless.

Thad looks over at a grinning Paul Heyman, who nods once. Thad looks back at the camera trained on him.

Inside Paul Heyman's House of Horrors. You're gonna find out just how mean and nasty and vicious the good guy, the nice guy, the kind hearted Thaddeus Duke can be.

Duke spikes the mic on the mat and stands from his throne. He exits the ring with Paul Heyman as Warfare cuts to commercial.


[Image: roy-nelson-headshot.png?quality=0.85&wid...&crop=true]
- vs -
[Image: NXT_AdamCole_1920x1080.jpg]

Comes in riding a clydesdale with a corncob pipe in his mouth, twirling a lasso high above his head. He rides the horse down the ramp and around the ring, back to the end of the ramp, jumps off, smacks the horse in the ass and the horse runs up the ramp, returning to its place backstage. Then Brian tosses his lasso in a corner and rolls into the ring under the bottom rope, gets up and waits for the fight to start.

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then see fire emiting from the ramp after a bell tolls a few times. We then hear "SUCK MY DICK" blast from the PA and the crows begins to go ape shit. "FUCK EVERYBODY" by Steel Panther begins to kick in as res strobe lights and lasers hit the stage. We see Peter Gilmour and his demon assassin Valerie Sky appear on the stage. They look around as Peter bobs his head to the music. As soon as the chorus kicks in we see Peter start singing into the camera saying, "EVERYBODY CAN SUCK MY DICK!" They head to the ring and then get in normally. Peter then throws his hands up in an "X" pose as fire and fireworks go off above the ring in the same manner. Peter looks at Valerie and smiles wickedly as they look at the stage waiting for their next victim.


”Gilmour and Brainstorm are about to hook it up!”

Brainstorm and Gilmour circle each other before locking up center ring. They jockey for position before Brainstorm uses his size to muscle Gilmour back into a neutral corner where a clean break is given from Brainstorm as he backs away towards the center of the ring. Gilmour comes out from the corner immediately locking up a second time where they jockey for position a second time and again Brainstorm looks to back Gilmour up into a neutral corner only to have Gilmour reverse the positioning at the last second and it’s Brainstorm back in a neutral corner. Gilmour looks to give a clean break before delivering a sucker punch to the jaw! He follows up with a rake across the eyes as he brings Brainstorm out towards the center of the ring where he scoops him up for a body slam, Brainstorm slides down the back of Gilmour rolling him up with a School Boy!




Gilmour escapes the near fall as he pops back up to his feet swinging wildly at Brainstorm who ducks and counters with a side suplex to Gilmour!

”Brainstorm is one step ahead this far of Gilmour!”

Let’s be fair, who isn’t”

Brainstorm pops back up to a vertical base where he looks to drop an elbow across the sternum, Gilmour rolls out of the way sending Brainstorm driving his elbow into the mat. Peter is back to a vertical base yanking Brainstorm up of the mat, he locks a front face lock where he hoist Brainstorm up in the air before driving him down with a Brainbuster suplex! Gilmour makes the cover on his foe.




Brainstorm kicks out of the near fall as we see Gilmour start choking Brainstorm with both hands across the throat! The referee lays the count to Gilmour who breaks at the four count before immediately going back to the choke where the count is administered a second time and for the second time it’s broken at the four count. The referee admonishes Gilmour as he gets back to his feet holding both hands up in the air. The referee turns to check on Brainstorm where he gets the middle finger from Gilly before Gilmour blows past the referee to pick Brainstorm up by the hair where he then shoots him into a neutral corner. Gilmour charges in after him where he eats a reverse elbow that staggers Peter back out towards the center of the ring! Brainstorm comes out of the corner latching on to a front waist lock before delivering a Belly to Belly suplex!

”Brainstorm weathered the early storm from Gilmour, no pun intended.”

Brainstorm is back to a vertical base as he measures Peter who is shown rolling over to his chest and starts push himself up off the mat and back to his feet only to receive a hook punch to the stomach that doubles him over for a swinging neck breaker!

”Neck breaker from Brainstorm! He’s shooting the half!!”




Gilmour kicks out! Brainstorm immediately works his way back to his feet before reaching down picking Gilmour up off the mat where he takes him back into the ropes, Brainstorm shoots Peter across the ring with an Irish Whip! Peter reverses and it’s Brainstorm that bounces off the ropes and into a Samoan Drop from Peter! Both men lay on the mat as the referee starts to lay the count to each of them.

”A counter into a Samoan Drop has brought this one back to square one.”

The referee reaches a five count and seemingly both men start to stir and work their way to a vertical base where we see Gilmour land a right hand! Brainstorm fires right back with a right of his own! Gilmour throws a right, Storm throws a right and the exchange of right hands from each man grow faster and faster before Gilmour thumbs Brainstorm in the eye! Gilmour takes Brainstorm back into the ropes before shooting him across the ring, Brainstorm bounces off the ropes and into a Roaring Elbow from Gilmore dropping Brainstorm in his tracks! Suddenly Gilmour back up against a neutral corner before stepping up to the middle ropes.

”What’s Gilmour got in mind here?!”

Gilmour comes off the middle ropes with a fist drop to the top of the cranium of Brainstorm!

”Soaring on the WINGS OF EAGLES Peter Gilmour lands a second rope fist drop that’d make a King in Memphis blush!”

Gilmour makes the cover hooking the near leg!




Brainstorm kicks out before the three count!

”The King almost had another hart attack!”

Gilmour lands several right hands to the forehead before he steps back to his feet, he reaches down picking Brainstorm up only to have Brainstorm counter with a jaw breaker! Brainstorm is back to his feet where he takes Gilmour down with a clothesline, Gilmour pops back up off the mat where he’s mowed over by a second clothesline! Once again Gilmour pops back up off the mat where he’s met with a boot to the face from Brainstorm sending Gilmour crashing down to the mat!

”Gilly might have lost some teeth!”

Brainstorm drops an elbow across the chest of Gilmour before getting back to his feet where he follows up with a running senton across the chest! Brainstorm covers with a back press as he hooks the leg.




Gilmour escapes the near fall as Brainstorm has no wasted motion as he gets back to his feet. He reaches down picking Gilmour up off the mat and decks him with a right hand, followed by a second which sends Gilmour back into the ropes. Brain charges forward clothesline Peter over the top rope and out to the floor! Brainstorm drops down to the mat and rolls out to the floor. He stomps on Gilmour several times before picking him up where he drives him face first off the ring apron!

”Some floor action!”

Brainstorm looks to send Gilmour into the ring post, Peter reverses and sends Brainstorm smacking face first off the post! The referee continues to lay the count to both men before Pete slides into the ring under the bottom rope breaking the count and slides right back out where he makes his way over to Brainstorm and picks him up off the floor and sends him shoulder first into the ring steps!

”Gilmour’s in his element out here!”

Brainstorm clutches at his right shoulder as he is picked up by Gilmour and rolled back into the ring. Peter slides in after Brainstorm as he gets back to his feet and starts sizing Brain up for perhaps the Gilmour Cutter! Brainstorm starts to push himself up off the mat and as he reaches his feet Peter looks to deliver the Gilmour Cutter! Brainstorm counters as he shoves Peter forward and slips away from his grasp! Gilmour spins around and ducks a running clothesline attempt from Brainstorm! Brainstorm spins around and KA-BAM… GILMOUR CUTTER!


Peter rolls Brainstorm over executing the cover hooking the inside leg.







[Image: avatar_1750.png?dateline=1566580658]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_1668.jpg?dateline=1497599471]

HHL: Pip, up next is the Xtreme Rules match between Chris Chaos and Thaddeus Duke and with Duke is Paul Heyman.

PIP: What does that mean for Thad? Aligning himself with someone as conniving as Heyman, is the XWF faithful still going to cheer him?

HHL: I… I don’t know, Pip. He’s said it himself, being the good guy in this business is a lonely place to be. And he isn’t wrong.

PIP: It’s a curious decision. I’m interested in seeing how that plays out.

HHL: After battling and losing twice to Bourbon here on Warfare and losing his Television title on Savage, something was clearly off. Say what you want about Paul Heyman, but if anyone can get a young talent like Thaddeus Duke refocused and back on track in short order, it’s Paul Heyman.

The bell rings and all the attention is set on the ring announcer.

RING ANNOUNCER: The following contest… is an Xtreme Rules match, set for one fall!

RA: Being accompanied to the ring by Mandii Rider. From Tampa, Florida weighing in at 2 hundred 40 pounds…. CHRRRRRRISSS! CHAAAAAOSSSSSSS!

The words FOLLOW ME show up on the X-Tron screen as smoke billows at the entrance. Blue and white lights flicker. At the 10 second mark, he steps through the smoke wearing his jacket (Rated R Edge trench coat). Looking to both sides of the crowd. He walks slowly to the ring until he gets about 3/4 of the way down, then jogs and slides into the ring (edge style)...When he gets into the ring he gets up on the far turnbuckle and gets up on it, throwing both arms up.

HHL: Chris Chaos! Former Universal Champion who has recently been involved in a bit of a dust up with Theo Pryce!

PIP: Yeah and Chaos has a history with Thaddeus Duke and not a particularly good one. They’ve battled multiple times and Chaos has only gotten the better of Duke on one occasion!

HHL: It's still strange seeing Mandii Rider and NOT Jenny Myst alongside Chaos!

RA: And his opponent...

Paul Heyman’s Sound of Madness hits, interrupting the ring announcer. Heyman enters the stage as Chaos and Myst look on. Heyman smiles as he quickly makes his way toward the ring with a microphone in hand.

HHL: The aforementioned Paul Heyman, ladies and gentlemen!

PIP: The… I guess you could say, business manager of the Lionheart!

Heyman climbs into the ring.

Ladies and gentlemen… it is a distinct honor and a privilege to introduce to you… from Old Saybrook, Connecticut!

The hero you love!

The charming! The charismatic! The high flying, gravity defying! The Rembrandt of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation! I give yooouuuu! Your Lionheart!



[Image: y1ZkmbS.jpg]

HHL: That was one hell of an introduction!



BASS! Gold light bursts through the darkness pointing straight up from beneath the stage illuminating a lion banner above the entrance way. More guitar, the screen flashes to behind the curtain where Thaddeus is shown wearing a white Lionheart hoodie with the hood up, rocking back and forth in anticipation and excitement.

Back to the mostly darkened arena. 'OKAY,' the arena lights pop on, strobing in gold colored lighting with Thaddeus Duke, hood up, standing on stage not moving.

GUITAR WINDS UP, CHORUS: The crowd cheers as he throws off the hood and walks to either side of the stage, pointing out toward the fans. He backpedals toward center stage and then heads toward the ring. Once he can reach fans, he slaps hands old school style, going from side to side. He runs up the steps and pauses, looking at his admirers and catches the eye of a teenage girl holding a particular sign at ringside:

Ich Kam Um Zu Umarmen Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: What’s it say?

HHL: I came to hug Thaddeus Duke!

Thaddeus ventures back down the steps and fulfills the girls wish to give him a hug.

PIP: How did he know what it says?

HHL: He’s fluent in German, idiot. His grandfather was once the German Chancellor! Do you know anything personal about anyone on the roster?

After taking a selfie with the girl and her friends and family, Thaddeus hits the ring and gives his Bret Hart inspired “I love you” pose to the capacity crowd that earlier in the night was threatening to turn on him. They shower him with cheers and adoration and he basks in it until…

Chris Chaos from behind, charges into Duke’s corner while he’s still posing for the fans and clubs him in the back.

HHL: The referee signals for the bell and this match is officially under way!

Duke hasn’t even taken off his hoodie yet and Chaos is still wailing on him with clubs to his back and neck area. Thaddeus retreats to the ropes so Chaos chases after him and grabs him by the wrist, sending him to the other side of the ring. On the rebound, Chaos goes for a clothesline, but Thaddeus ducks under it. He rebounds off the other side and leaps into the air with a cross body block on Chris Chaos, sending himself crashing down on top of him.

Thad pops back up and takes off his Lionheart hoodie then slingshots himself over the top rope to the floor. He hands his hoodie to the teenage girl from earlier.

HHL: Good guy Thaddeus Duke does good guy Thaddeus Duke things!

PIP: These fans have seemed to put him in a bit of a better mood compared to earlier when he laid Mastermind to waste.

As Duke goes to get back in the ring though, he’s met with a baseball slide to the chin from Chaos and Duke crashes into the barricade, then falls to the floor. Chaos slides out of the ring and peels back the protective floor padding and returns his attention to Thaddeus Duke who is back to all fours. Chaos grabs him by his hair and sets him up for a piledriver, the intent, to drive Duke’s skull into the exposed concrete.

Chaos lifts him up, but Thad kicks his legs out, shifting his weight and stopping Chaos’s progress in the process. Chaos attempts a second time, but before he can, Duke back body drops him to the mat behind him, momentarily knocking the wind out of Chaos. Thaddeus takes a moment to regain his bearings as Chaos rolls over and starts to get to his feet. Duke grabs the closes camera man and pulls him along toward Chaos. As Chaos gets vertical, Thaddeus rips the television camera away from the cameraman and smashes Chaos in the face with it.

PIP: I don’t think Chaos was ready for his close up!

HHL: Shut up Pip.

Chaos falls to his back on the floor and Duke still has a hold of the camera.

Hit him again!

HHL: Heyman, shouting instructions to his protege!

Duke raises the camera high in the air but Mandii Rider runs over and gets in between he and Chaos, begging Thaddeus not to do it. Thad rolls his eyes. Get out of my way, Mandii!

You do what you have to do, Thad!

HHL: What did that mean?

Thaddeus backs off and gives the camera back to the camera man. Mandii smiles for herself and a job well done.


OHHHH! Heyman smiles and applauds his protege.

PIP: Holy crap!

HHL: Better Than You from Thad to Rider!

The crowd roars its approval of the superkick to Mandii Rider and Thaddeus Duke smiles a little as he looks around them. Returning his attention to the task at hand, Chris Chaos, Thad grabs him by the hair and starts to lift him to his feet only for Chaos to drive him back first into the fan barricade. Thad arches his back after the impact and drops to all fours. Chaos rips the camera away from the camera man again and smashes it across Thad’s back, collapsing him to the floor.

Chaos with a crazed look in his eyes, grabs Duke by his hair and lifts him to his feet before sending him hard, shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Chaos surveys the damage and the booing crowd before retrieving a chair from the same ringside girl Thad hugged earlier. The girl tries to keep her chair, but Chaos shoves her away giving him a chorus of boos from the capacity Allianz Arena crowd.

He turns his attention to Thaddeus Duke but Duke tackles him to the floor to a huge pop from the crowd. He gets back to his feet and lays in some stomps to Chaos before taking that chair from Chaos. Chris rolls over to his stomach and reaches his hands a knees and Duke swings…


HHL: Duke with a vicious chair shot to the back of Chris Chaos!

He then hands the chair back to the girl and makes sure she’s okay. Thad then rolls into the ring as Chris Chaos is slow to get up.

PIP: It’s been like 7 minutes and we’re just now getting back into the ring!

Chaos slowly makes his way to his feet on the outside. Thaddeus, eyeing up his opponent, runs toward the far side ropes and bounces off. As he reaches the near side, he leaps over the top rope and crashes into a standing Chris Chaos on the floor!

PIP: Well, I stand corrected!

HHL: Thaddeus Duke, with shades of his legendary father leaping over the top rope! God damn what a match this has been already!

Thaddeus, slow to get up after the impact, goes to the side of the ring and rips back the apron, pulling out a table to a pop from the crowd. He leans one edge against the barricade and the other edge against the apron, then turns to Chaos. Lifting Chaos to his feet by his hair, he rolls him into the ring then rolls in himself.

Duke gets to his feet in the ring and again, grabs Chaos by his hair and places his head between his legs.


Thaddeus lifts him up into a powerbomb and runs forward toward the ropes where the table is set up. Taking a page out of Thaddeus Duke’s playbook, Chaos hooks his legs around Thad’s head as he thrusts him down effectively hurricanrana-ing Thad over the top rope…


HHL: And Chaos sends Thaddeus through that table!


Chaos, lying on the apron, looks down at Thaddeus in a crumpled heap among the crushed table, smiles momentarily as he regains his bearings a bit. He rolls off the apron to the floor on his feet. He grabs the flattened Thaddeus Duke by his hair and rips him to his feet before rolling him into the ring. Chaos follows him in and goes for the cover as…

HHL: It’s Theo Pryce!



PIP: Meanwhile, Thaddeus Duke kicks out here just in the nick of time!

Theo Pryce makes his way toward the ring. He says “hey” to Paul Heyman as he reaches the ringside area. Pryce makes his way toward the time keeper area and leans against the barricade, watching the action unfold.

Chaos, momentarily distracted by Pryce’s presence, can’t take his eyes off of Theo. Out on the floor, Mandii is finally coming to after the superkick several minutes ago. With Thad still down on the mat and flat on his back, Chaos finally returns his attention to his opponent. Chris bends over to grab Thad by his hair when…

HHL: Pandora’s Box!

PIP: Thad was playing possum there!

HHL: Great observation, Pip!

Thad locks in the Hell’s Gate submission as Chaos struggles to breathe and tries to fight out of it. Thad’s shin firmly against Chaos’s throat.

Ring the bell!


HHL: Theo Pryce is ordering the time keeper to ring the bell!

Thaddeus Duke looks over toward his uncle, hearing what he said.

I said ring the damn bell!


HHL: Theo Pryce just screwed Chris Chaos! He never gave up!

Thaddeus Duke releases the hell’s gate submission and sits up. Chaos struggles on the mat regaining his wind. Mother fucker! Thaddeus yells out.

PIP: Thaddeus Duke is pissed!

Thaddeus rolls out of the ring.

RA: The winner of this match as a result of submission...

Thaddeus smacks the microphone out of the ring announcers hand, then shoves Theo Pryce with some authority, causing Pryce to almost trip over a ringside photographer. Pryce holds out his arms, not really wanting to fight his own nephew.

Just calm down, Thad!

Restart the fuckin’ match!

HHL: Theo Pryce and Thaddeus Duke continue to argue here as a lot of confusion and unrest has befallen this capacity crowd!

PIP: He meant what he said earlier, about being aided and undercutting his successes!

Thaddeus looks like he’s about to hit his own uncle, but Paul Heyman steps in, calming his client.

I’m tired of this shit!

Fine! Ring the god damn bell!

The bell rings, restarting the match as Theo Pryce shakes his damn fucking head and heads toward the back, but we digress. Thaddeus Duke rolls back into the ring.

HHL: This match has been restarted and it looks like Thaddeus Duke is tuning up the band, so to speak!

PIP: Oh he’s revving up for the kick, no doubt about it!

Chaos is struggling to his feet as Thaddeus stands in the corner shaking his right leg, gearing up to figuratively take Chaos’s head off. Just as Thad advances forward, Mandii Rider grabs a hold of his plant foot, causing him to stop his progress. With Rider firmly gripped to his ankle, Thad can’t hit his kick and struggles to fight her off of him before he loses his balance and falls to the mat. He kicks her in the head and she let’s go of him. He gets back to his feet and returns his attention to Chaos.


Chaos hooks Thad’s leg for the pin.


Come on, Thad!


Kick out!

PIP: Thad kicks out!

HHL: God that was close!

Chaos pounds the mat out of frustration and gets back to his feet. He grabs Thaddeus by his hair and pulls him to his feet, then lifts him to a fireman’s carry position.

HHL: This one is over! Chaos is gonna win it here on Warfare!

PIP: He’s about to exorcise the demon in his mind that is Thaddeus Duke!

Chaos tosses Duke over his head to hit him with the Equalizer…



Both men are down after the RKO and their chests are heaving from this classic confrontation. Slowly, Thad rolls over and drapes an arm over Chris’s chest.








Thaddeus Duke slowly gets to his feet as Chaos struggles to get off his back. Duke makes his way to the corner where he starts to rev up for Better Than You again. In the corner to his back, Mandii Rider has climbed the apron and scaled the turnbuckles to the top rope.

THAD! Heyman shouts, trying to point it out to him.

Chaos gets to his feet and Duke advances from the corner...

Mandii goes to leap off the top...

From outta nowhere...

Jenny Myst rushes the apron and jumps up, shoving Mandii Rider off the top rope!


Thad hits the cutter on Rider, catching her out of the air! He gets back to his feet quickly and looks back at Jenny Myst.

[Image: D9m6ZlI.jpg]

He nods in her direction, then flashes her the "I love you" hand gesture.

Chaos charges towards him. Duke sidesteps his charge and Chaos crashes chest first into the corner. He staggers out and spins toward Thad…



The crowd pops loudly after the superkick as Thad lands on Chaos for the cover.





HHL: Thaddeus Duke picks up a hard fought, hard earned, much needed victory tonight here on Warfare!

My Name is Human starts to play as Thaddeus, winded from the match, gets to his feet. Paul Heyman enters the ring.

Cut the music! Heyman yells as he hands the microphone to Thaddeus Duke.

HHL: He’s said a lot tonight! Yet there’s more!

Thaddeus leans against the ropes, facing the crowd as he regains his wind.

This was a start. Thad begins as he’s still regaining his breath. And it is just the beginning. For too long. He pauses. For too long I’ve treated this business like a playground. Just something I also do among the hundreds of other things. Wrestling is a business and its time I treat it like one.

I’m no business man, evident by my wrestling business ventures outside of the XWF. So on the advice of my father, I called someone who is and that’s Paul Heyman. Excuse the forthcoming breaking of the fourth wall, but what you’ve seen tonight isn’t a heel turn. It’s me treating professional wrestling like a business.

I’m a hero to millions of kids around the world and that’s not going to change simply because I’ve aligned myself with a world renowned villain like Paul Heyman. Paulie does what is best for business in any given situation. This situation is guidance and he knows it. He won’t be trying to aid me in achieving victory in any way other than tough love, encouragement and his wealth of experience and knowledge.

So what’s next for Thaddeus Duke?

What’s next for The Lionheart?


That’s next.

I plan on being the living, breathing, human embodiment of the word. I’m having a match every night of the show as long as Squirt accepts my challenge to go to war with me inside Heyman’s House of Horrors. Graves is already on deck.

HHL: That’s two matches, potentially.

PIP: Who’s the third?

That brings us to the final challenge. That brings us to the point of me holding the stick.

Chris Page.

HHL: Ohhh!

PIP: Page just defeated Thaddeus Duke on Savage to take the Television title!

HHL: He cuffed him to the ropes, Pip! It’s not like he beat him convincingly.

I know you’re watching, Chris. So here’s my proposal. No, I don’t want a rematch for the Television title. I don’t want to be the first to make you bleed, I don’t want to beat you by a ten count. I want to beat you by you tapping out. I want to beat you, by your shoulders staying on the mat for the three count.

This is right up your alley just as it is mine.

Chris Page, the challenge is for an old school wrestling match. No gimmicks needed. No weapons needed. No cages, no ladders, no barbed wire.

You and me.

One on one.

Let’s settle this thing once and for all and leave no doubt just who the better man is. You know you proved nothing at Savage. I know you proved nothing at Savage. Hell, the world knows you proved nothing at Savage other than I got cocky and you wisely took advantage.

I’m better than you, Chris. I’m better than you and I’m going to prove it at Relentless.

That’s not a prediction! It’s a spoiler!

Munich, Deutschland!

Ich lasse dich mit nichts als Liebe!

Pip looks over at Heather.

HHL: I leave you with nothing but love.

PIP: Thanks!

We go backstage, where we see Thaddeus Duke along with Frankie.

"You said he'd be here!"

Frankie's brow furrows. Thaddeus half smirks.

"He stays busy, who knows."

Robbie Bourbon approaches the two of them, in his ring gear, but also wearing a fake mustache on the upper lip cover of his mask, a fedora, and a trench coat.

Excuse me, fair gents, have you seen Robbie Bourbon anywhere?

Frankie looks up at Thaddeus.

"I'm too old for this."

Robbie rolls his eyes. Thaddeus rolls his eyes. Frankie rolls his eyes. Robbie peels off the fake mustache.

Okay, okay, I know it's cheesy, but Thad here said you wanted one of my masks, so I wanted to bring you one myself.

Frankie's eyes light up. Robbie reaches into the pocket of the trench coat and pulls out one of his masks.

Bud, this is the very mask I wore when I faced Thad on the streets of Paris. You can still smell the soda he threw in my face, and there's even a little slobber from one of the superkicks he nailed me with.

Robbie slides the mask over Frankie's head, and Frankie looks overjoyed. Thaddeus cringes at the sight of the filthy mask sliding over the boy's head.

Wear it in good health!

"What do you say?"

"Thank you!"

You're welcome, bud. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go defend being the MVP of Warfare and whoop the daylights out of Charlie and Lynx.

"How are you going to beat them?"

Robbie stoops to a knee and faces Frankie at eye level.

Meanly, viciously, and purposefully.

Robbie sticks a fist up, and Frankie bumps it. Robbie turns, takes the fedora off, hands it to Thaddeus, and heads away to his match.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]


[Image: Q_gFcaEE_400x400.jpeg]

[Image: avatar_2489.jpg?dateline=1595203077]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_2493.jpg?dateline=1595417967]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_1350.jpg?dateline=1433908100]

Lynx makes his way to the ring.

The music hits as a video package of Charlie Nickles laying fools out rolls on the X-tron. Charlie pops out through the entrance, absolutely vibing to the music and hyping himself up. He walks down the entrance ramp with his arms held wide out at his side ala the passion of the Christ. He seems absolutely unconcerned with the jeers and taunts of the audience. As he nears the ring he suddenly brings his arms back to the center of his body, shaking his closed fists in the air while screaming something incoherent. He hustles over to the stairs, quickly ascending them before grabbing the top rope and stepping onto the ring apron. Charlie looks back at the audience with a toothy grin before ducking under the top rope and stepping the ring proper.

The lights in the arena go deep blue as smoke fills the air. Pink and silver laser lights cut through the smoke and it looks fucking rad.

"Here, we are! Born to be kings; we're the Princes of the Universe! Here we belong, fighting to survive, in a world with the darkest power!"

As Princes of the Universe blares throughout the arena, slowly walking out onto the entrance ramp is Robbie Bourbon. He stops, surveys the whole of the arena, raises his fists at 45 degree angles, and continues his deliberate plod towards the ring. Robbie climbs the steps, then climbs the nearest ring post half way and raises his fists at 45 degree angles. The lights go back to normal and the music stops. The XWF Universe in attendance, becoming hooligans, all chant in unison:


The bell rings.

The three men circle each other. Lynx and Nickles know how important it is to get Bourbon down early, so they team up as both men begin to hammer on the giant Robbie Bourbon in the center of the ring. Both are putting their all into it, but it doesn't seem to be having the desired effect.

Bourbon head butts Lynx, sending him flying. Bourbon whips Nickles into the ropes, and on the rebound goes for a clothesline but Charlie ducks, coming off the ropes on the other side. Robbie catches him and drops him with a back body drop.

Lynx is back up, and drop kicks Bourbon who falls back into the corner. Lynx goes for the splash, but the big man moves and Lynx crashes and burns. Robbie grabs him from behind and drops him with a German suplex.

Pip: Remember, this MVP match is a submission match. The only way for Robbie to win is to make BOTH of these competitors submit. Submission isn't his strong suit, so the deck is a bit stacked here.

Nickles is back up. He hammers Robbie a few times in the center of the ring, backing him into the opposite corner that Lynx just had him in. He fires off a bunch of punches and elbows, and whips Robbie hard into the opposite corner. The big man bounces out of the corner as the entire ring shakes. Nickles catches him and nails a double arm DDT. He throws an arm up and smiles a crooked grin as he grabs Lynx. He drive Lynx's face down onto his knee. Lynx bounces off and Nickles hits a standing clothesline, taking him down. Robbie is back up now, and grabs Nickles but the back of the head, walking him over and bouncing his head off the turnbuckle.

Robbie tosses him outside the ring. He walks over to Lynx.

Pip: The defending MVP is in control here. Robbie is so diverse, and can beat you in so many ways. He is going to use his size to wear these two out before he goes for the submission.

Heather: He's just a big brute. The size may be too much for both of these men, and they aren't small.

Picking Lynx up off the canvas, he picks him up, setting up for a Robbie bomb. Lynx fights it off, punching and clubbing at the masked head of Bourbon. Fighting out of it, Robbie loosen's his grip. Lynx hits a Reverse Enzuigiri, cracking his foot against the side of Robbie's head. The big man goes down to one knee. Lynx comes off the ropes and hits a running knee to the face, putting Robbie on his back. Nickles is back in the ring on the other side. Lynx steps on Robbie's mid section as he launches himself for a cross body, but Nickles was ready. Charlie catches him, locking in the Mounted Triangle Armbar.

Pip: There's no getting out of this! Nickles caught him, and Lynx is trapped like a rat!

Heather: He's gonna break his arm!

Lynx realizes this, and taps quickly, the ref ringing the bell.


Lynx rolls out of the ring, holding his arm. Nickles, a sick smile on his face, walks over to Robbie. Bourbon is playing possum, as Nickles goes to lift him up by the head and Robbie explodes off the mat. He has Charlie up.


The entire ring shakes as Bourbon goes to one knee, and Nickles is out flat.

Pip: Remember, Robbie can't pin him here, he needs to submit him

Robbie breaks out his go-to submission hold, the Phrenology Claw (kona clutch). He squeezes down and Nickles begins to flail his arms.

Heather: Could be it here!

He presses on harder. Nickles, however, fights out of it, able to get to his feet. He fires a few elbows to Robbie's mid section, and the 5th one breaks the hold. Nickles comes off the ropes, and Robbie hits and atomic drop. Nickles winces and grabs his lower part and Robbie knocks him down with a clubbing blow. He makes the belt symbol as he picks up Nickles.

Phrenology Claw applied again!

This time Robbie keeps good distance between himself and Nickles. He uses his long arms to put pressure on. Nickles is trying to fight it off, but eventually begins to fade. He drops to his buttox.

Pip: I think he's out!

The ref raises his arm. It drops.


Raises again. Drops.


And third time. Limp.




Pip: He did it! Robbie made Nickles pass out with the devestating Phrenology Claw! The defending MVP keeps his crown, at least one more week!

As Robbie celebrates, Charlie Nickles follows Lynx, dejectedly to the back.

Robbie Bourbon holds his head as he stands in the center of the ring of the Allianz Arena. Not only did he successfully defend his moniker as the Wednesday Night MVP again but he did so by not just beating one opponent but two.


Robbie looks up to see Smokin’ Bob, the man in charge of Warfare, walking down the entry ramp of the arena and frantically waving him over. Robbie takes his eyes off the crowd and instead looks over towards the approaching GM.

SBW: “Just the man I wanted to see. I have great news for you. You see-”




The lights go out as a red spotlight shines down on the entrance ramp as a metal version of the Moonlight Sonata plays. Sarah calmly walks out onto the ramp and stops, taking the time to look at the crowd. As the guitars play, she slowly walks down the ramp, careful to avoid the touch of any fans, with an arrogant sneer on her face. As she approaches the ring steps, she carefully climbs them before entering the ring. She then stands in the center of the ring a few feet from Robbie Bourbon and Bob Williams

ugh...get to the point already… Sarah says as she flashes her Billion $$$ Smile up at Robbie and gives him a wave.

Sarah: HIIIII-iiiiii! Guess what, Robbie?! After scouring...and I do mean endless, unending, overwhelming, one could even say RELENTLESS, amount of people petitioning, begging, guiling, maneuvering, manipulating, and crying to the opportunity to fight ME in the main event of Relentless, YOU have been chosen!

Next to her, Bob holds up a clipboard with the XWF Universal Contract attached, which includes Sarah’s unnecessarily large and flowery red comic sans, because of course it is...down on the bottom.

Sarah: I believe you owe me a date.

Robbie smiles as he rips the clipboard away from Bob and begins to sign it when suddenly the crowd starts stirring.

The camera pans out to show the capacity crowd rocking with excitement. On the corner of the screen you can see a large man hopping the barricade! The champion doesn’t seem to notice! We switch to the ringside camera just in time to see the man in the plaid jacket sliding under the ring with a foreign object in his hand.

PC: Is that Charlie Nickles?! What’s he doing back out here?! And what’s that in his hand?!

HHL: I think he’s coming for the champion!

Sarah and Robbie turn around just in time to see Charlie Nickles slide into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Charlie pushes himself to his feet immediately as the two wrestlers in the ring ready themselves for whatever may be about to happen. Charlie’s gaze shifts from Sarah to Robbie as he brings his right hand up in the air before letting go of most of the steel chain that he had wrapped around itself in his palm! Charlie hangs on only to the end of the steel chain, letting it whip through the air and smack Robbie in the eye. Robbie falls to the ground immediately as the heavy chain bounces off their orbital bones. Sarah’s expression shifts from confidence to extreme caution as she attempts to get out of dodge. She tries to run out the ring but Charlie chases after her, grabbing her by her long hair and pulling her down to the mat. As soon as Sarah falls, Charlie smacks her in the legs with the steel chair.

PC: Somebody needs to stop this! This is madness!

HHL: This is great!

Robbie is crawling to the ropes, trying to pull themselves back to their feet. Groggy and slow, Robbie is only just able to make it to their feet before regaining the fullness of Charlie’s attention. Charlie dashes over to the barely standing Robbie before sending the steel chain back at their skull! A loud crack is heard in the front few rows as Robbie falls back to the ground, seriously injured from the shot to the skull.

PC: By god! We need the paramedics out here! That steel chain probably weighs twenty pounds!

Charlie walks over to the ropes and threatens the production staff at ringside with his chain. After only a few seconds of badgering the crewmember tosses Charlie a microphone. Charlie hangs on to his steel chain with his right hand while bringing the mic up to his mouth with his left hand.

Charlie: You bastards thought you had seen the last of me tonight, huh?!

Boos ruminate throughout the building.

Charlie: But Charlie can’t go away that easy. Where am I to go? Life is hard when you’re all alone. That’s why I had to come out here. It’s hard being alone! And I’m a good man, a decent man! I should not have to be alone. I have EARNED the right to a woman. Especially after a night like tonight!

Charlie walks over to Sarah, who is now crawling towards the bottom rope with her title belt in tow. Charlie kneels down on her back, holding her in place. He leans in and sniffs her hair.

PC: This guy needs to be locked up! He’s a serious creep!

Sarah headbutts Charlie as he leans in and smells her hair. Charlie stumbles backwards, his nose immediately squirting blood from the force of the impact. Sarah pulls herself up using the ropes. She looks back at Charlie, who’s shirt is now covered with the blood from his nose. He seems slightly dazed. Sarah senses the opportunity.

PC: She got him good with that one! Now she needs to get out of there!

Sarah brings up the universal championship belt and charges at Charlie with it! She tries to swing it at his head, but he ducks out of the way just in time! As Sarah runs past Charlie he lashes out at her with the steel chain! The chain smacks loudly against her back, propelling her chest first into the ropes. Charlie follows up with two more steel chain lashings to the back before Sarah falls back to the ground, clutching and arching her back as she moans in pain. Charlie brings the microphone back up to his lips.

Charlie: You’re a fun little trick, you know that? I like my whores feisty. And you, Sarah? You’re as feisty as they come. You know, I’ve had my eye on you for quite some time. My eyes on you and my hand on my junk, it’s always a good time you know.

Charlie smirks suggestively as the crowd boos him.

Charlie: You see Sarah, I’m a decent man. A good man. A night with me could do wonders for your soul. And I’ve earned it. And I want it. And the family man always gets what he wants. And at Relentless, I want you Sarah. I want to strip you down, take that belt off you, and pound your puss the way it was meant to be pounded. How’s that sound, baby doll?

Charlie kneels down by Sarah’s face, putting the microphone in front of her lips. She struggles to face him, but after a few seconds positions herself. Charlie waits patiently for her answer. A few moments of silence go by, before Sarah spits on Charlie’s face! Charlie’s cheeks grow red and his smirk turns into a scowl. He stands up, brings the steel chain back, and cracks it across Sarah’s skull for good measure. Sarah goes slump as the steel chain makes contact with the back of her head.

Charlie: Let’s try this again, baby doll. You don’t want to make daddy angry.

Charlie kneels in front of Sarah one more time. He keeps the microphone near his own lips as he brings his right hand to Sarah’s unmoving lips. He grabs her lips with his fingers, and moves them as he talks in a high-pitch voice.

Charlie: Yes daddy, I would love a date with you at Relentless.

PC: This is deranged!

Charlie: See Sarah, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Charlie blows Sarah a kiss as he reaches down for the contract Robbie Bourbon was about to sign and with Sarah's own blood signs his name on the line marked "opponent".

Sarah starts to slowly pull herself up via the ropes. Charlie looks over at Sarah one last time and Sarah an evil smile as he hands the contract to Smokin Bob Williams.

Sarah: Hey, Chuck! Sarah says as she spits some blood out on the mat. Do you know why I tell people to keep their eyes on me?

Charlie: -

Before Charlie can even respond, he is pushed further into the ring from behind. Sarah shoulders Bob out of the way as the big Charlie goes sprawling past them. Behind him, Robert Main storms into the ring with a steel folding chair in his hand! Charlie gets to his knees, but is only able to get a hand up to partially block the swing from the Xtreme Champion, and the metal slams into the side of Charlie’s head and shoulder. Charlie falls onto his back, and Main brings the chair down again, slamming it into his stomach. But as Main lifts up the chair for another strike, Charlie pushes himself up in desperation and slams his fist into his gut, doubling him over. Charlie scrambles to his knees and then to his feet, whipping his hair out of his eyes to see Main, but then eats a face-full of Red Mist! Charlie desperately tries to get the Champion’s mist out of his eyes so that he can see, but then is lifted into the air. Main drives him facefirst down onto the top turnbuckle busting Charlie Nickles forehead open.

Sarah: ...because then they don’t see what is behind them…

She turns to Main and flashes her expensive smile.

Sarah: Turn him onto his back, sil vous plaît.

Main gives Sarah a nod and turns the groaning Charlie over. Sarah picks up the discarded chair, nods in appreciation at the head-sized dent in the back, opens it up, and sets it across Charlie’s body to keep him pinned. She sits in it backwards, resting her arms on the back of the chair.

Sarah: I appreciate your efforts up to this point, Chucky. I really do! The people in this arena know all ABOUT making an impact, ya know? But unfortunately for you, Mr Lifelong Garbe Wrestling Darling has group a touch too big for his britches. Win a couple of ‘gimme’ matches and then think that qualifies you to go after Robbie’s MVP award, Main’s Xtreme Title, AND the Uni, all in one month? Ha!

She leans down as close to Charlie’s face as the chair allows.

Sarah: Time for you to have new britches sewn, Chuckles. And I just so happen to be a master seamstress. This dress I’m wearing? Made it myself! And I’ll be sure to sew you a new pair of Big Boy Undies for Relentless when I face...well...whatever the Omega decides to leave of you after Savage.

Sarah looks up at Main and puts on a pout.

Sarah: Save me a little bit, okay?

Main snarls through his mask and then looks down at Charlie.

Robert Main: See you in Iowa.

Main turns to leave but Sarah stops him.

Sarah: One more for the road, yeah?

Main complies and drives a boot into Charlie’s face before leaving, causing Sarah to giggle. The Universal Champ pushes herself off the chair and walks over to a wide-eyed Smoking Bob and signs the contract for her title defense at Relentless as the show comes to a close.

I would like to thank everyone who wrote matches this week.

Chronic Chris Page
Chris Chaos
Thaddeus Duke

Thank you also to those who submitted segments this week:

Sarah Lacklan
Charlie Nickles
Thaddeus Duke
Chris Chaos
Tommy Wish
Robbie Bourbon
Robert The Omega Main

And for everyone elso who sent in promos a big thanks.

Don't forget this is the last Warfare until after Relentless but watch out for the next Warfare Opt in, coming soon.
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Hey Ned.......

Mamma says hi!

Wave goodbye! Still don't want to come back? Keep cowering in your little corner but if you refuse to come back and face Ares Creed at Relentless, you'll never see her again. The choice is yours, don't make the same mistake your dad did.....


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OOC: Sorry I didn't show everyone, I had personal family issues.

I will be back for the next show and PPV
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back on the winning track. im gonna make relentless memorable!

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Somehow i doubt it.

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(09-03-2020, 10:24 PM)Peter Fn Gilmour Said: as much as i doubt that statement i hope u end chris page!

I'll try not to disappoint.

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