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This is a Trio (3 who prefer tagging) T.H.U.G.S
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Tribalistic Mindstas

XWF FanBase:

(loved by some; hated by some; dips between clean/dirty)

09-02-2019, 04:11 PM

Team Name: The Hateful Uncool Gangstas aka T.H.U.G.S 

Leader(if any) and/or Members:
John Black
Tommy Wish
Reggie Estrada

If members each have distinctive roles, list them: Black is the silent but violent type, Tommy is the “mouthpiece” and the one who gets into trouble. Black is more on the militant but light side of things, while Tommy is straight up insane, War ready son of bitch. REGGIE ESTRADA is the loud and bashful son of bitch, isn't willing to back down from a fight.

Manager(if any): Mr. Wiggles- The Attorney/Advisor/Spin Doc- Resigned

Type of Team(Stable, Tag or Trio): Trio

Date of Formation: Post Anarchy… Date unknown.

Alignment(Heel, Face, Neutral, etc): Neutral with a shade of bad tendencies in the ring.

Theme Music:

Entrace $hit:
[align=center][font=Trebuchet MS][youtube]fd3XkG-ROHk[/youtube][/font][/align]
[font=Trebuchet MS]
We the X-Tron come to life with the words THUGS in red font, and smoke comes out of the stage and the camera see's Tommy coming out first trash talking to the camera, then JB follows behind as he raises his fist in the air as they walk down to the ring. At the ramp area, Tommy and JB smack talk some people, and they both climb to the ring and enter it and bask in the mixed reactions as their theme cuts off.

With Reggie: The same as above, but with Reggie going at it with the crowd for a little.

Signature Moves: Double DDT, Double Muddle Hole Stomps in the corner, Powerbomb/Cutter Combo, Backbreaker/Leg Drop Combo, Double Elbows.

Finishing Moves: The Over And Out (Total Elimination), The Drive-Bye (The 3D), A Gangsta's Party (Aided Piledriver),

The angle, storyline or swerve (if any) that brought them together: Black and Tommy had been planning to work with one another for awhile, it wasn’t until Black picked him up from the airport, they both had discussed what they had in store. Both men feel like they want to go to war with the company, so they decided attack Vita as a message to anyone who gets in their way.

UPDATE: Reggie had been invited to join THUGS by JB and their former manager After Hours, during his brief stint in prison in San Diego. Reggie accepted the offer, and is now apart of their group.

Eric aka Freak has passed along into other side.

Another Update: Each members might have their own singles path, but they all have respect for one another, and will tear the ring up if shit goes south for one of them.

Update As Of Aug 18th: Reggie Estrada has taken some time off to heal himself, and won't be involved with THUGS in-ring until further notice.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 6 2021: Mr. Wiggles has resigned of being THUGS Spin Doctor/Attorney/etc, Mr. After Hours has declined his services for JB and THUGS members, and Reggie has rejoined the group.

Additional Info: 
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