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Clean Up On Aisle...who gives a sh*t
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11-24-2021 11:39 AM

A few weeks ago in a land called Thunder Pro Wrestling, independent contractor Drew Archyle squared off against Victoria Strader-Knox in the companies first ever main event. It was a hard fought match where both competitors laid it all on the line but when the final bell rang only one of them would have their hand raised and that person was Drew Archyle. For a moment Drew had stepped out of the shadow of his more successful Apex brethren Jim Caedus and Robert Main and won the inaugural main event on a brand new companies first ever show. For a moment Drew Archyle was at the center of an albeit extremely small wrestling universe. And it was truly just a moment as former OCW World Champion and recently signed XWF "talent" Peter Vaughn showed up to steal Drew's moment and take it for himself, and with it, Drew's vision...temporarily.

Since that match on 11-5-21 Drew has not been medically cleared by TPW personnel to compete. Drew keeps telling himself that it is just a new company being extra cautious and not wanting to get caught up in a law suit that could close it's doors before they ever really open but even with that sound logic swirling around in his most definitely CTE riddled brain Drew is angry. Angry that he has not had a chance to extra revenge for what Peter Vaughn stole from him. Not his moment in the spotlight, Drew was used to being in the shadows, truthfully that is where he is most comfortable. No what Drew is most angry about is that Peter stole time. Time with which Drew could have been in the ring showing the world that he was more than just the laughable sidekick to Caedus and Main. Time that he could have reminded people that he had a pretty successful solo career in the XWF having won the TV, Hart and X titles all by himself. Time that he could have been punching Peter Vaughn's face in. Over and over again.

But then suddenly a lightbulb went off in Drew's head. If TPW wouldn't medically clear him then he'd go to the only other place he was currently under contract and get his match that way because in the XWF medical clearance is nothing more than a suggestion not a mandate. And thankfully Peter Vaughn did the hard part for Drew already by signing an XWF contract. From there it was as simple as Drew calling out Peter and letting Peter's ego do the rest.

Now here we are a few days out from Bad Medicine. The XWF's November Pay Per View where Drew Archyle will face Peter Vaughn in a no holds barred, broom closet match. Everything in the arena will be a weapon, a tool with which Drew will slowly and cautiously pick Peter Vaughn apart. Piece by piece until there is nothing left of poor Peter except for his tattered Janitor's uniform...

...but in the meantime Pirate for the sick kids by day and wrestler by night, Man of the People and all around Good Guy Drew Arcyhle has been chosen to enter the illustrious ranks of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program.

That's right friends of the wrestling world, Drew Archyle is now a Big Brother. His little is a 10 year old boy from Henderson named Cornelius. Some background information on Cornelius. He is currently being raised by his mother Amanda far more than she should have to just to support her and her son now that Cornelius's father is a guest of the government as they say for the next 15 years for an attempted robbery and assault with a deadly weapons charge while already on parole for prior charges. Needless to say Cornelius does not have much of a relationship with his father or any male figure for that matter which is why Amanda felt that the Big Brother's program would be perfect for her son as it would not only get him out of their crappy one bedroom apartment and out into the light but it might help him to establish a functioning relationship with someone other than her. And really who better than a guy who loves cats and to cook. But definitely not cook cats because that would be illegal. And gross.

***Henderson, Nevada***




The white wooden door with a few scuff marks swings open and there stands a woman on the wrong side of 30 named Amanda. We know this because she is wearing a badge that says Amanda [Redacted] - Registered Nurse Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center.

"May I help you?" The woman asks.

"Hello Amanda. My name is Drew Archyle. I am your son's Big Brother. Not literally of course. I feel like you would probably have a lot of questions if that was the case."

"Well my ex husband was a piece of shit so you very well could be Corney's big brother but I know that's not the king of Big Brother you are talking about. They called me this morning to tell me you'd be stopping by."

"I'm sorry but did you say Corney?"

"Yes I did. That's my little pet name for my son. Corney."

"I see." Drew says as his eyes start looking in every direction except directly in front of him. "Is your son home? I was wondering if it would be ok to spend some time with him this morning. Maybe take him to a park or something. Does he like going to the park?"

"Not really and there isn't any park within 15 miles of here and I don't see a car. Did you walk here?" Amanda asks as she peers her head out the door and tries to locate Drew's car.

"I don't drive ma'am."

"You don't drive? A grown man and you don't drive? How do you get around?"

"The charity of others. Mostly my friend Rob and my buddy Ubey."

"Ubey? Is that Hungarian?"

"German maybe? Anyway, can Cornelius come out and play?"

"Sure. Let me get him down here. You mind waiting outside?"

"Not at all."

Drew takes a few steps back from the door and leans up against the car in the driveway. A white Toyota Camry. It takes a few minutes before the door opens again and there stands Cornelius...


"Well hey Cornelius I'm your Big Drew. Drew Archyle. Pleased to meet you."

Drew extends his hand outward for the boy but the boy just stands there and stares at Drew. He doesn't say anything, he doesn't do anything. He just stares. After a few seconds of awkwardness Drew retracts his hand and instead stares back at the kid.

"The staring game. I used to play that with my friend's Rob and Oliver when I was younger. I won most of the time. Rob won sometimes and Oliver never won."

The staring continues for another few minutes and is only broken up when the front door opens again and Amanda walks out.

"Make sure you take your jacket with you Corney!"

"But it's almost 70 degrees mom."

"Take it anyway. You never know when it's going to get cold or rain."

"Yeah you do mom it's called a weather app."

Drew continues to stand there awkwardly as mother and son continue to go at it for a few more seconds. The discussion only ending when Amanda tosses her son his jacket and then returns inside the home, shutting the door behind her.

"So uhhhhh what do you like to do Corney? Should I call you Corney?"

"If you want to." The kid says as he looks down at the ground.

"Honestly kid I'd rather not. Do you have some other nickname or something or should I just go with your government name?"

"My what?"

"Nevermind. So Cornelius it is. So what do you like to do Cornelius? You like parks or laser tag? Anything like that?'

"Parks are boring and I've never played laser tag."

"Never? You've never played laser tag? Let me see if I can change that."

Drew walks past Cornelius and back to the front door where he knocks three times and again is greeted by Amanda.

"Can I use your phone please?"

"You don't have a phone?"

"No man. I don't like the idea of having a tracking device on me at all times. I know that probably makes me sound crazy but it's the truth. Plus it seems like every time I see someone they can't put their phone down. I don't want to be attached to it like everyone else seems to be."

"I get that."

Amanda reaches into her pocket and pulls her cell phone out and hands it to Drew.

"Thank you." Drew says as he taps a 7 digit number into the phone and then places it to his ear as the dial tone begins. "Rob it's Drew...It doesn't matter whose number this is, listen I need you to do me a favor. I need you to get Jim and your brother and meet me at the Laser Tag place, the one on Sahara....Because I need you to man. Look, this kid, he doesn't have a lot of friends what I can tell.... Drew says as he looks over at Amanda who is sort of nodding in agreement. "I know you guys got matches to prepare for. So do I but some things are bigger than wrestling. Can you guys do it or not...Ok thanks man. Also, you think you could swing by this kids house and pick us up...Ok thanks the address is [Redacted]. See you in a few."

"Your friends didn't sound thrilled."

"They'll get over it. I've almost died like 4 times for Rob. The least he can do is give me an hour of his time play Laser Tag and make a kid smile."

"Did you say something about wrestling? Cornelius used to watch wrestling with my scumbag ex husband."

"Did he? Well then we should get along famously. I'm a professional wrestler. So are my friends that are on their way over. Well, two of them are. One is trying to be one. We'll see how that goes. Anyway thanks for letting me use your phone Ms. I'll go back outside and wait with your son. Any specific time you need him home by?"

"Well he's 8 so not super late. Like maybe 7?"

"Is it ok if we grab a bite to eat while we are out? My friend Rob's treat? He have any food allergies I should know about?"

"Just peanuts and gluten."

"Perfect. I am a vegan myself so I know the perfect place for him. My friends will hate it but they'll do it for the kid."

Drew walks back out the front door to see Cornelius still standing there, still looking at the ground. Drew slaps Cornelius on the back which startles the kid and brings him out of his trance.

"So good news kid. A couple of my friends are coming by to get us and we're gonna go play laser tag and then grab a bite to eat. Don't worry your mom told me about your food allergies and as luck would have it most of what I eat is peanut and gluten free so you and me are a perfect match. Oh and your mom tells me you like professional wrestling which is great cause me and the guys coming to get us, we're all professional wrestlers."

"I used to watch wrestling with my ..."

"Your dad. Hey look kid I get it. My dad let me down too. Not in the same way yours did but pretty close. Anyway one of the places I work for, the XWF is hosting the first ever Denzel Porter Super Show in February. Right here in Las Vegas. I'd love if your mom and you came as my guests. Backstage passes. You could hang out in the Apex locker room if you wanted. I could even make you one of my locally famous Dark Chocolate Almond Milk Milkshakes. And the best part. The absolute best part is that it is 100% healthy and tastes amazing. I kid you not. Even my friends who aren't into the whole healthy living thing, which is all of them, love the Dark Chocolate Almond Milk Milkshake."

"I don't like milk."

"Trust me kid, this isn't like any milk you've ever had. I promise you. I'd never lie to a kid. Except for that one time but he saw me coming out of his mom's room only wearing a sock on my, you know, area, and it was just easier to say I was the plumber. Anyway, that was the one time I ever lied to a kid. Never again... what kind of wrestling do you like? Any specific companies or wrestlers?"

"I said I don't watch wrestling anymore."

"Ok who did you used to watch? Anyone I might know? I've been in the business for about 5 years or so."

"I used to watch this company called GCWA but they aren't around anymore."

"Sounds familiar but I can't say I know much about it. Anyone in particular stick out?"

"There was this guy Outcast and this bald dude...Lux something. James Raven and Shawn Warstein were there towards the end."

"James Raven he's a friend of mine actually. Would you like to meet him? I bet I could set up some kind of facetime or something. I hear that's a thing kids do these days. You know, now that you mentioned it I think the guy I have a match against in a few days was in GCWA. Peter Vaughn. Ring a bell?"

"The Janitor?"

"That's him.'

"You have a match with Peter Vaughn?" The boy says as he starts to show a hint of excitement.

"Sure do. In a few days actually. Out in New York. That's where my friends and I are heading tomorrow morning. Getting on a plane and flying east to the Big Apple. Gonna try and take in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Only ever seen it on tv but now I'll get to see it live which was always a dream of mine."

"That's a weird dream to have. Seeing a parade."

"To each their own. Anyway, you know this Vaughn guy much? Any tips you wanna share with your pal Drew?"

"Watch your eyes. The dude likes to go for the eyes."

Drew chuckles a little bit before rubbing his hand through the stubble on the top of his shaved head. "Good tip. Anything else?"

"Not really. I wasn't a big fan of him. Plus whenever I did see him wrestle he was usually getting beat on so there wasn't much to really learn him."

"Well our match in a few days won't be any different. As soon as that bell rings I am going to beat that man from pillar to post. In fact I may not even wait for the bell. As soon as I enter that arena I'm gonna go looking for him and when I find him the beating is going to start. But I won't attack him from behind like some coward. Like him. And no I'm not gonna do what he does and go for the eyes first. No I want him to see me when I smash things over his head. I want him to see it when I use a wrench to adjust his nose. I want him to see when I grinds his face into hamburger. I want him to see it. I want him to feel it. And I want him to know it. I want him to know that he may have thought he was safe picking a fight with the "weakest link" in Apex as they say but all he really did was set himself up for failure. People have over looked me long enough. Peter Vaughn and everyone watching in the arena and at home can consider Bad Medicine my coming out party cause kid I am going to beat Peter Vaughn so badly that he's going to wish he had stayed in the broom closet where he belonged instead of venturing out of his safe space and into a world he doesn't.

So what do you say kid? You up for some laser tag?"

"I guess."

"That's the spirit kid. Oh and I should warn you, my friend Jim is a few french fries short of a Happy Meal. Whenever he plays Laser Tag he acts like he's back in Vietnam. Except he's never been to Vietnam so figure that one out. Anyway here they come now." Drew says as he points towards a black Escalade heading down the road towards them.

Fade out

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