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Special Reminder: To everyone most importantly Newbies
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02-03-2023, 01:00 PM

This is a special reminder to everyone but most importantly to the newbies who are having their first match in XWF this Weekend Warfare.

We have around 11 hours until Soft Deadline which means if you want to do 2 promos you need to do your first one before the Soft Deadline runs out in order to do a second promo and then you are able to attack what your opponent has said.

But if you are only focusing on one promo and intend to do it this week, you cannot at any stage discuss what your opponent throws at you if he has done two promos.

So basically it's just a cold open promo.

So it's best to promo before the Soft Deadline runs out so you have a chance of beating your opponent.
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