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World War A(ids): 'The Running Life' (Prelude)
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07-13-2013 09:40 AM

The cold wind drew corsets of energy in the air that fed off the eruption of spirit and vigor that light up the moonlight sky . The sands of a metaphorical time keeping hourglass was beginning to drip through the cracks and fade to the world's sad demise. Just like the sands that sifted through that hourglass, was the same as the slow dismantling of the human race. The air grew thinner with each passing step, as the two moved forward through the underbrush of the dense forest outside the escaped laboratory. A thick trail of blood and other bodily fluids leaked behind them so thick that even the grass behind them began to welter underneath of it.

Dr. James Maclaughin and Michelle had somehow survived the infection for days locked inside the laboratory. That was, until James found a blowtorch and was able to melt away the thick steel infrastructure that kept them sealed inside. Some force or person must have locked them inside to ensure this virus was inseminated inside the embryo and bloodstream of both new zombie party members in this story...

What virus you ask?

The A(ids) virus of course. The most deadly infection known to cause not only brain starved blood thirsty zombies, but also increase sexual pheromones to help spread this wicked disease.

Many have called it... Word War A

The story you are about to hear is in fact the biggest war our civilization, or any of those outside the relative universe, will have to endure during it's time of existence. Told through the eyes of where the infection started, until the day it wiped out the entire existence of life on earth as we all know it. This time the world of the human race will not be glorified for it's ingenious heroes and melodramatic soap operas. Because this time the zombies will be chasing...

'The Running Life'

Will watch as James and Michelle turn from innocent gorilla bait to blood thirsty zombies who take over the world.


Michelle: "Slow down James... I think we've made enough distance from the laboratory and my feet are exhausted."

James looked down at Michelle's feet and could see the bruises mixed with a faint hint of dark blue which could very well have been frost bite.

James: "What the hell is wrong with your feet Michelle?"

It was then that the insane doctor noticed it certainly couldn't have been frost bite. The ball of her heels had fallen off and now the blood was pouring so profusely from it that it was a dark purple color. When blood continues to seep and pour continuously for hours on end it becomes very dark in color.

James: "Holy Fuck! How long have you been bleeding like that?"

James shouts with a startled rasp in the back of his throat.

Michelle: "For about two days now... I've been bleeding all over the place... and so have you! Haven't you noticed the small gash in your back?"

James started circling his back like a dog chasing his tail. Michelle pulls a small mirror out of her pocket that she used for make up and held it so that James could stop spinning and see this two inch gash that was protruding blood from it's center like a nonstop lava flow. The blood started in the center of his back just below his shoulder blades, then worked it's way down his back and the crack of his ass.

James: "Whoa holy shit! Why won't we stop bleeding?"

Michelle: "Something happened when you let that gorilla inside of me."

James: "Oh really, well, something happened when I was inside of you."

Michelle: "UGHH! Don't remind me!"

The two couldn't help themselves after the hours of hiding from one another and eventually gave in to sexual impulses. No matter how hideous she found James as a person before that, he suddenly became a penis that would thrust her.... The sexual desires were a natural reaction due to the infection and to fight them would mean unbearable 'sex withdraws'. She hated it, but had to satisfy them none the less. She gushed from her clitoris the same as the blood flowed from her leg. Always, always horny and fully aroused. She gushed harder than a woman who would be watching Peter Gilmour take a shower. The infection of the A(ids) virus encourages this type of sexually deviant behavior.

James: "What the hell do you think is wrong with us?"

James asks her inquisitorially.

Michelle: "We need to find someone."

James looks immediately confused.

James: "Why?"

Michelle: "Because I'm hungry? Arn't you?"

James: "Hungry for sex?"

Michelle: "Hungry for life..."

James: "And Sex?"

Michelle: "Yes... A threesome this time..."

James: "Yes!..... YES!"

Michelle: "This time without the gorilla."

The two sex driven, blood oozing zombies roam through the woods in the middle of the moon filled night. The faint twinkling of the stars guiding them down a path of destruction. The scientists, geologists, and forensic specialists would later trace back this 'blood path' to the breeding ground of the A(ids) infection.

But for now, the couple moved onward. Instead of subtracting from their population, the two blood soaking fiends intended to add to it.

It's time the world see the zombie destruction of the planet earth through the eyes of the predator.

while we chase down....

'The Running Life'

.... coming soon to SATAN! TV! ....

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