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Saturday Night Savage - November 12th 2022
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11-12-2022, 09:16 PM

11 - 12 - 2022

[Image: V3i33MC.png]



- vs -
Singles Match

- vs -
Two Out of Three Falls Match

- vs -
Singles Match

- vs -
Singles Match

- vs -
Xtreme Rules Tag Team Match
If Mark Flynn or Jenny Myst pins Marf, they'll win the Xtreme Championship!

- vs -
Singles Match for the XWF Television Championship
Champion's Advantage - Clean Rules Match, No DQ, No Countout

The Savage cameras cut to the entrance of the Wells Fargo Center in Downtown Philadelphia. The crowd roars as we see Raion Kido making his way towards the back entrance of the arena where the superstars enter for the night. He has a grin on his face as he looks excited to come into work.

His excitement soon wanes as he sees 5 men standing in front of the door, their arms crossed. Their yellow shirts say SECURITY. Raion, being the man he is, nods to the men who are seemingly just doing their job. However, when he goes to pass one of them he steps in front. Raion looks a bit taken aback, and his brow furls a bit. He goes to step by again, but the man moves with him.

Security: “Sorry Mr. Kido but we were instructed not to admit you.”

Raion: "What? By whom?"

Security: “Just our orders, sir. Please, let’s not make this any more difficult than it has to be.”

Raion: "Well, I suppose you're only doing your job, but I have to check this with Theo Pryce. It won't be long before I'm back."

Security: “Call whoever you need to, but you aren’t coming in."

Raion: "Hm? If the order comes that I am to be let in, then you will have to let me in."

Raion turns around, realizing he left his cell phone in the rental car, along with his travel bag and whatever else he brought with him. His eyes go wide and he begins to run towards the parking lot.

A tow truck has Raion's rental up on the lift, and is beginning to pull away.

He gets close but the truck is already moving. The window opens and out of the passenger seat window leans Jenny Myst. She smiles and waves at Raion as the truck accelerates away, taking everything he brought with him to wherever the hell it was going.

Jenny: "Looking for someeethinnnnggg?!"

She giggles, pulling Raion's cell out of the bag she wiggles it in front of him as the truck pulls away. She laughs as the truck speeds out of view, and Raion stops chasing it.

Raion: God DAMNIT!

Aggravated and frustrated, he walks back towards the front doors. He needed to tell Theo about this, he needed to be let in for his match! But the look of surprise on his face tells its all. The camera pans back to the doors where the Security detail was standing. The men were gone, and on the floor were their security shirts. He picked one up, confused. Pulling his hand off, he looks down at it.


Fresh spray paint.

He flips the shirt over and where it normally says SECURITY, it was painted over. In big black, and apparently fresh, letters it said CHAOS.

Raion crumples the shirt in his hand and pushes open the door, entering the arena in a huff.

Pip: The mind games by the Chaos camp are starting to get to Raion Kido! There is a crack in the armor, and they found it. They are in his head, I feel it!

HHL: I am not so sure this is a fight they want to pick, but I think its too late for that. God I can't wait for Bad Medicine!

Avo starts in the ring.

The arena lights turn gold as the intro of “Soldier Dream” by ROOT FIVE hits the PA.

Raion Kido appears on stage, letting out a lion’s roar.

“Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Mezasu kiboo no iro wa
Kedakai hodo utsukushii…”

Raion spreads his arms and breaks into a bird run towards the ring, slapping the fans’ hands along the way. He slides into the ring on his belly and springs into his feet.

“Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Tsubasa wa ten wo kakeru
Erabareta moushigo no you niiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

Facing the camera, Raion throws a one-two punch forward, his final pose as the music dies down.

- vs -
Singles Match

Ding! Ding! Ding!

And Raion Kido runs into a sprint! Knocking Avo down with an ATOMIC THUNDER off the bat and continuing the momentum, getting a foot on the middle turnbuckle and leaping back into a flying elbow drop landing straight onto Avo's sternum!

Kido bounces off and kips up, thrusting his right arm into the air and circles the ring, Avo clutches their chest and tries for a sneak attack, going for a low blow but Kido blocks the attack with a quick left arm and throws the back of heel into Avo's temple, keeping hold of Avo's arm as they fall to the mat, Kido transitions with a roll and gets Avo back up to their feet before immediately dropping them with a short-arm clothesline!

HHL: "Kido dominating from the get-go!"

PIP: "Yeah, yeah, he usually does. Just imagine what he could do with the POWER of the Optimal Path!"

Avo grabs the ropes and uses them as an aid to slowly and drunkenly get to their feet, meanwhile, Kido charges his ki to the growing cheers of the crowd and as Avo turns.


The rock-solid heart punch act as a defibrillator! Avo's legs buckle and they stumble into the ropes, their arms hanging onto the middle ropes. Kido smiles as he looks around at the crowd and points to the hard camera before performing the Lion's Roar along with the entire crowd.

Kido plucks Avo away from the ropes and sends them to the opposite ropes, as they bounce off Kido launches forward and...


The crowd pop huge as Kido gores his helpless opponent and transitions into a pin, both hands pressed down on their chest as Kido stares into the camera with a determined grin.





HHL: Bit of a warning shown off by Raion Kido there towards Chris Chaos as he won tonight with that Spear! Let's just hope the mind games aren't too much for him...

Pip: Well, he's got one last date to get through until that point.

The X-Tron comes to life from the GoPro-esque point of view of someone walking down the arena's hallways. You see the crates and boxes of show lights, pyros, costumes and the like littered around the back. A table full of slightly mouldy croissants and limp ham - quality .

You hear the jovial whistle to the tune of Queen's platinum hit "We Are The Champions" coming from whoever's shoulder you're attached to. In the faint distance you see the figure  of a smaller man, rubbing something vigorously. A few steps later, you manage to make out John Madison Jnr, furiously rubbing his tag-team title belt, presumably to get it to shine just a little bit brighter. The sound of the whistling stops, but not quick enough to not alert John. The smaller man's head turns to face the camera.

His eyes widen for a second, before narrowing into a determined squint. Breathing in deep, his chest puffs out while his hand wraps around his title belt, cloth and all. He holds his title close to his body, and squares up as the camera approaches him.

"Well, well, well - just thought I'd wish the snivelling rat some good luck before our big match."

The crisp, velvety voice of Isaiah King comes through the speakers as some of his adoringly lustuous fans cheer at the revelation. King approaches John Madison Jr. real close, the camera almost touching the other.

"Would hate to have you taken out by some masked rat before our big fight... Wouldn't we?"

Isaiah's hand comes into the frame and taps John Madison Jr's title three times, both menacingly and assuringly. He steps away and and begins to walk on his way once again, the sweet whistling tune back on his beautiful lips.

"Break a leg, sonny."

The X-Tron cuts to black with the last thing you hear being his sweet voice.

HHL: Well, Pip! We move onto match two and I think this one has a dark horse chance at being the match of the night!

Pip: For once, I agree with you, Heather! In just a few moments, We’ll have two former titleholders! Two former champions! Wrestling to build momentum heading into Bad Medicine. And this is not the first time they’ve met!

The smoke fills up with red on the stage, as the arena lights flicker.

"The Rebellious One" blares on the X-Tron. Then, we hear the voice of Bone Thugs and Reggie walks down to song. The crowd pops, hooping and hollering!

The camera follows Reggie walking down the ramp. Halfway through his stroll, Reggie seems to notice the cam. He stops at the camera gives it the finger.

HHL: Reggie Estrada! Three-Time X-Treme Champion! The pride and joy of Glenmont, Maryland!

Pip: And on July 2nd, earlier this year, Reggie Estrada pulled together what some critics called an upset victory over one of the longest reigning Anarchy champions of All-Time!

HHL: Yes!

Reggie rolls into the ring, and goes to the top rope and poses. Then he jumps down, and chills on the corner as his theme cuts off.

A ring of fire appears at the top of the entrance way in the midst of a blackout in the arena, as “The Other Side” by Alter Bridge hits the speakers. About 30 seconds into the song, Elijah Martin slowly rises through the ring of fire in his patented black mask, a full length black jacket, purple and black wrestling tights and all black leather wrestling boots. Once he completes his rise to the stage, Elijah takes a few steps out of the fire ring and into a purple spotlight. Then the beat drops and as Martin extends his arms out to embrace the hatred from the fans, a set of pyro goes off and the fire extinguishes behind him.

Pip: A lotta showmanship here from Elijah Martin! What an entrance!

HHL: Important to remember just how dominant Elijah Martin has been on Anarchy. Which is why it was shocking on the July 2nd, Savage, Reggie Estrada managed to eke out a HUGE victory over Martin!

Elijah makes the slow, methodical walk to the ring, eventually climbing the ring steps and stepping inside the squared circle. As he does, Reggie steps out to the apron, giving him space to do his little show.

As another purple spotlight shines in the middle of the ring, Martin steps in and after a few seconds, extends his arms again and pyro goes off from the ring posts, causing the house lights to finally come up.

HHL: Quite a few interesting parallels between Estrada and Martin, Pip.

Pip: How do you mean, Heather?

HHL: Well, Reggie debuted as the masked luchador, Wrestler82, then removed his mask and began wrestling as himself. Meanwhile, Elijah Martin debuted maskless… And has since donned a black mask for his entrances.

Pip: Okay, that’s one.

HHL: They’re both former champions!

Pip: …Two.

HHL: Both are in the heavyweight division, but can get surprising agile! And both of them can snatch victory from the smallest opening!

Pip: Yeah, okay, I can see there’s a comparison to be made.

The spotlight drops, Reggie climbs back through the ropes. Elijah is staring daggers into Reggie’s eyes. Reggie looks game and ready to rumble.

The official signals to the timekeeper.


- vs -
Two out of three falls match

The split-second the bell rings, Elijah charges forward, clobbering Reggie about the face with right hands! Reggie stumbles backwards into the corner, covering his face.

HHL: Interesting strategy here, Pip! Elijah is coming out of the gate red-hot! Is that wise in a 2-out-of-3 falls match, where longevity and stamina are key to victory?

Pip: This is more about sending a message, Heather. Elijah wants to start off this match knowing that he’s made clear to Reggie, “Hey, forget that last match. I OWN YOU.”

Indeed, Elijah has cornered Reggie is the corner and his using his bearpaw to press him against the turnbuckle… SHOULDER TO THE GUT! Reggie is drive up into the space between the pads…


HHL: Every one of those shoulders, designed and perfectly executed to knock the wind out of you!

Elijah grabs Reggie by the scruff of his neck… He wraps his arm under Reggie’s shoulder, going for a hip toss!

…Reggie’s feet bounce six inches up before climbing back down! He DEADWEIGHTS!

Before Elijah can try again, Reggie swings his arm! HUGE LARIAT! That just about DECAPITATED Elijah Martin!

Pip: Wow! What a clothesline!

HHL: You have to remember that Elijah Martin is a huge guy. Very used to being the bigger man in the match. But Reggie Estrada outweighs him by 40 pounds!

Pip: That kid is thin as a rail! Where the hell does he keep it, Heather?

Elijah is lying center of the ring… Reggie leaps! HUGE SENTON! Landing with all that weight right on Elijah’s chest!

Reggie leans back, hooking the leg! The official counts!



THR- No!

Elijah finds the will to shove Reggie off him, sitting up as he does so.

Reggie takes the hint, standing back up and pummeling Elijah with clubbing forearms!

…But Elijah, instead of covering his face, just takes them, trying to stand up through the strikes!

As Elijah reaches his feet, he shoves Reggie backwards against the ropes!

Reggie rebounds off… Elijah goes for a huge discus elbow!

…But Reggie ducks under! Reggie bounces across the other ropes… Just as Martin spins around, Reggie leaps! SHOTGUN DROPKICK!

Martin collapses onto his back! Blasted off his feet like he just took a cannonball to the chest!

Reggie pops off the mat, both arms raised!

The crowd cheers for Estrada!

Furiously, Martin shoved himself off the mat. While Estrada is off-step, Martin charges forward and two-handed SHOVES Reggie!

Reggie bounces off them and catches Elijah with a forearm smash to the chin!

Elijah takes one step back from the blow… AND SOCKS Reggie! Closed-fist punch to the skull! Reggie drops to the mat!

HHL: Wow! Back in the olden days of wrestling, that kind of strike was an automatic disqualification!

Pip: Yeah, try telling Elijah that. He seems like a huge fan of trivia.

Before Reggie can get back any wherewithal, Elijah leaps onto him, wrapping his throat in a guillotine choke and pulling him off the mat! He extends his knee aaaaaaand…

BACKBREAKER! Elijah just dropped Reggie’s spine against Elijah’s knee!

Reggie rebounds, grasping his back… Elijah turns over his opponent and drives his elbow into Reggie’s face! He covers!




HHL: We’ll see if that backbreaker plays a long role in this match… It’s going to become harder and harder for Reggie to kick out if his back is outta-wack!

Elijah again grabs Reggie by the scruff of his neck… he wraps Estrada in a front-facelock!

Pip: Martin might be going for a suplex here!

HHL: I don’t see how he’s going to pull that off. Reggie is just too strong!

Elijah heaves… Estrada’s feet…

Come about a foot off the ground this time, before hitting the mat again.

…ELIJAH HEAVES… He grunts like an obnoxious dude at the gym trying to max out…

Estrada… ESTRADA…

Comes a full two feet off the ground this time. Almost halfway up.

But his feet return to the mat! And when they do, Reggie grabs Elijah and swings him up!


Pip: WOW! Not nearly as much trouble for Reggie there!

Reggie dives to stay ontop of his opponent… But Martin rolls out under the bottom rope! The crowd boos, wanting some action… As Martin furiously slams his fist against the apron, pissed off he’s having trouble physically imposing himself on the sizable Reggie.

Reggie looks down at his opponent, angrily tantruming… He smiles.

He sprints across the ring, bounces off the ropes… He’s heading back towards Martin at breakneck speed!


…But, Elijah Martin sidesteps the slide! Estrada slips out under the bottom rope, landing on his feet…


…Elijah stares down at his opponent angrily… The official directs them both to get back in the ring…

Elijah ignores the official. Instead, angrily fuming at his opponent… He reaches under the ring… And retrieves…

A steel folding chair!

The official’s eyes widen! He admonishes Martin, telling him no!

Estrada slowly climbs to his feet… As Martin reels back!


The official turns and points toward the timekeeper!

HHL: Why the Hell would Martin do that? He just got himself disqualified!



Now, much worse for wear, Estrada woozily falls to one knee…

Martin tosses the chair aside and scoops him into a front facelock!

Martin heeeeeeeaves!


Pip: Brilliant! Martin burns his first fall to mangle Estrada with a vicious chair shot! He now has a significant advantage for the next two falls!

HHL: Brilliant?!? That’s not in the spirit of this match at all!

Pip: Pretty sure it is, Heather.

The official is shouting now at Martin to take the action back inside the ring… Elijah scoops up the much less resistant Estrada by the scruff of his neck and slides him under the bottom rope.

Martin covers Estrada!

The official counts…




Obviously in a lot of pain, Reggie still finds the will to turn over his shoulder off the mat, breaking the pin!

HHL: We already mentioned how his aggravated back might make kicking out more difficult for Estrada! That snap suplex to the floor did him no favors!

As if on cue, Elijah climbs to his feet and starts stomping the prone Estrada on the spine! Estrada tries to roll away, but Elijah stays on top of him with vicious boots straight to the vertebrae!

Martin climbs on top of Estrada in a mount and starts pummeling him at the top of the skull. The official barks, latching onto Martin’s arm!

Pip: What the Hell is going on here, Heather?!? Estrada is nowhere near the ropes!

HHL: The official is looking out for Estrada, he wants to check and see if Estrada is in shape to continue!

Pip: Now, THAT is not in the spirit of the match! Until Martin pins Reggie twice, there’s no stopping this!

The official manages to pull off Martin, then stands off Estrada asking if he needs to forfeit… Estrada shakes his head, rising up to one knee… When Martin shoves the official out of the way! The crowd rains down boos!

Martin goes to resume the attack! But Reggie catches him with a boot to the gut! He spins, gripping Martin’s skull!

HHL: We might see the Mashful! This one could be a sweep!

…But, when Reggie turns his back to Stunner Martin, Martin gives him a quick jab to the spine! Estrada hesitates from the pain… And that’s all the opening Martin needs!

He reels back… BOOM! FOREARM TO THE SKULL! DEATH BY FOREARM! Estrada drops to the mat…

Martin sneers confidently at the booing crowd… He quickly flips Estrada onto his back and hooks the leg!

The official looks down disgusted. Martin shouts at him to count. The official does..




The official, with a bad taste in his mouth, points back toward the timekeeper.



Martin runs up and stands on the turnbuckle, jaw-jacking with the displeased crowd… Reggie continues to look very wounded… The official kneels down asking if he’s able to continue…

Martin hops down for the turnbuckle and shouts for the official to get out of the way… The official steps back.

Martin sneers arrogantly. Still standing, he lifts his leg and plants it on Reggie’s chest. He shouts at the official to count.

The official does…




Reggie rolls his shoulder off the mat!

HHL: There’s no quit in Reggie Estrada! If there’s breath in his body, he’s not gonna quit!

…Martin looks pissed off that Reggie’s still putting up a fight… He wraps Reggie in a front facelock and drags his limp body, back to his feet!

Martin sneers at the camera as he tucks Reggie’s head under his arm!

Pip: Martin looking to end this right and now! A Prologue oughta do it!

Martin does a little more jaw-jacking…

…Just as Reggie shoves his way out of Martin’s grip!

Martin tries to grapple him once more as Reggie spins around…



Shocked, Martin hits the mat! Reggie, as quick as he can, slides on top of Martin! The official dives to the mat to make the count!




At the last FRACTION of a second, Martin forces his shoulder off the mat!


Pip: Careful, Heather. Journalistic neutrality.

HHL: …Yes, at the last possible moment, Reggie Estrada pulls off a MAJOR COUNTER! This is still anybody’s match!

Pip: But, probably Elijah’s.

HHL: Oh FUCK OFF, Mister Journalistic Integrity!

Pip: Can't hate me for being right, Heather! That chair shot is gonna come back to haunt Reggie at this rate!

Both men are slow to get back onto their feet, a lot of their offensive options having been exhausted throughout the course of this match. Elijah sees Reggie coming in to try and seal the deal, and nails him right between the eyes with a HEADBUTT! And here come some sharp forearms to try and keep Reggie down!

Reggie is staggering, wobbling on both feet as the ref looks on, clearly concerned. Elijah cracks a smile, knowing he's about to have this over and done with right here and right now. He turns Reggie around, and he goes for another DEATH BY FOREARM!

HHL: This is bad! Elijah's setting up to end this match right now with the move that's got him his first fall!

Pip: Told you, Heather, this match is-



HHL: Yeah, right...


Glen's Park hits to perfection, and Elijah Martin slumps down to the ground! Reggie Estrada is feeling every bit of the energy coursing through his veins right now! He grabs Elijah's legs, and proceeding to twist him in order to lock in a TEQUILA SUNRISE!

HHL: Reggie's got the Dancing Fool locked in tight! Center of the ring! Nowhere to go! What is Elijah Martin going to do?!

Pip: He just pulled this out from out of NOWHERE! Reggie's insane in there right now!

Like a rabid dog, Elijah is scratching and clawing towards the ropes, trying to make it there... but it's way too far! Elijah has no other choice - HE TAPS OUT TO THE DANCING FOOL!

Winner by 2-1 - REGGIE ESTRADA!

HHL: What a dominant performance by Reggie Estrada! Capable of fighting from behind after that chair shot knocked him silly and got a victory by submission!

Pip: It's impressive and all that he got that done... but let's be fair, Heather. If this match was No-DQ and one fall to the finish, Elijah Martin would be the victor right now!

HHL: If it was No-DQ, then I assure you Reggie would have been able to better anticipate that shot. He's the victor and deserves all the praise and then some considering Martin's underhanded tactics!

We’re in the backstage area where Steve Sayors is standing by, looking as eager as ever.

Steve Sayors: Hi everyone! It’s me, Steve, nope I haven’t gone anywhere… Just people keep doing their own thing instead of using me proper but I’m not one to complain… Anyway, I am here with “Venom” Xavier Lux, who later this evening will be going one on one with “The Bull of the North” Buster Gloves.

Xavier comes into view, already wearing his wrestling gear but sporting his World Series of Wrestling exclusive t-shirt. The crowd in the arena give a mix reaction as they always seem to do when he comes on.

Steve Sayors: Now Xavier you have asked for this time to address the war that Buster seems to have declared on all of CCPE and the hatred that seems to have come out of nowhere towards you.

Yeah, I wanted to address “Mr. Temper Tantrum”, who, just a few weeks ago I didn’t even know who he was, but now he’s coming at me like I’ve slept with his girl or something… But you know what Steve? I’ve seen her, hard pass…

Half of the crowd give a loud: ‘ooooooh’ while others boo loudly, knowing exactly who she is and that she’s not bad at all.

When this match was first made, it was just another match for me, but little did I know this man had his own little agenda against Chris Page and the CCPE. I had no idea he had issues with Vaughn because frankly I keep my nose out of other people's business... But now he wants to rope me into his little feud, and take out his anger on me? On the whole CCPE? Calling us a den of snakes? Well like I said on twitter, the last guy that went into a den of snakes willingly, didn't walk out... But he wants to try to do the same on behalf of a guy who could be considered the biggest snake of the industry in James Raven? Come on now...

The crowd cheers loudly at the mention of someone who is considered by many not as a snake but the G.O.A.T.

You know Bull, you want to act like you are so smart and so much better than the rest of us, but you can't see what is in plain view to everyone else: James Raven is using you just like he uses everyone else around him. You think we trusted him at the TFCE? Nah, we tolerated him... It took everything in me to not rip his head off... and if I didn't respect Chris so much, I would have... You are just his puppet, his plaything, and the minute you fail him and the little check list he gave you gets marked with x's instead of check marks, he will cut your strings off and send you to the island of misfit toys... The island of forgotten toys... The island where all those who challenge the CPPE go.

Steve goes to ask a question but Xavier continues, not giving him a chance.

And what's funny about this whole thing is that the genius that is Buster thinks I'm some sort of snake cultist because I have 'venom' as my moniker? But how smart can you be when you name yourself buster? Well, listen up 'bustah' because the 'gloves' are coming off... If you had done your homework, you would know exactly why I call myself Venom... But no matter, in a few short minutes you will see that not only do I go by that moniker but that I am that man with venom in his veins. The poison I spew with my mouth is nothing compared to what I can do inside that wrestling ring. When the CCPE is done with you, you might as well shorten your name and change it to just a “bust”.

Xavier grabs the mic and then looks intently at the camera while pointing at it, as if Buster was right in front of him.

Whether you agree with this or not, my venom IS the cure... The wrestling world is filled with guys like you buster... I may be a snake, but you are an infection... and the infection must die.

He gives the microphone back to Steve by slapping it hard against his chest. Steve grabs it with both hands, hurting, and as Xavier walks off camera, Steve bends over in pain. He then motions with his finger to ‘wrap it up’. The show goes to commercial…

The lights go out. The sounds of music and a snorting bull fill the arena as smoke rises from the stage. The lights return to the arena and Buster Gloves rises from the floor of the stage as the words "BUSTER GLOVES" play on the tron. "Burn", as played by Stabbing Westward, plays as blue and white lasers bounce around the arena

A black and blue training mask attached to his face, Buster scans the audience. You can’t see many of his facial features, but it’s undoubtedly him, the Bull of the North. He checks his chin, by giving it two short punches with a black padded glove on his left hand. The letters W.I.F.E. (Wrestling is Forever) printed on the backside of it.

Buster descends the ramp high fiving kids, pointing to the cheap seats up top, and bouncing his head to the music. He crawls up the ring steps like a silverback gorilla, wipes his shoes on the apron and ducks in under the top rope into the ring. Then side hops a circle around the ring before coming back to center. He removes his mask and checks his chin one more time as he poses for the hard cam.

HHL: "Here comes Buster Gloves, "The Bull of the North!"

PC: "He doesn't look like he's messing around here tonight, Heather!"

HHL: "Buster looks as serious as a heart attack tonight! A very, very friendly heart attack!"

PC: "Buster has been making enemies left and right in the XWF, let's see if he can make another one tonight!"

The lights in the building start to flicker, matching the opening riffs and drums of Disturbed's 'The Infection'. After the intro, a brief pyro explosion goes off in the entrance and as lyrics of the song begin, Xavier Lux steps out from behind the smoke left by the pyro. He stands there sporting his finest black and green gear and a black CCPE T-shirt. He looks around at the crowd who give him a mix reaction, not knowing which "Venom" is going to show up tonight. He focuses on those that do cheer, and even try to fight the boos with a brief “Venom! Venom!” chant. He smirks before making his way down the ramp, keeping his focus on the ring. Once he gets to ringside, he hops on the apron, wiping his boots, showing his respect to the canvas where he is about to practice his craft. He then gets inside and makes his way to the corner, climbs to the second turnbuckle and again just looks around at the crowd who is still giving him a mix reaction. He takes off his CCPE T-shirt, and acknowledges a fan here and there and picks one whom he tosses the t-shirt too.  He then hops down from the ring, checks in with the ref and then gets ready for the match as his music dies down.

PC: "Xavier Lux comes down to the ring amidst the chanting fans!"

HHL: "'Venom' Xavier Lux is a CCPE mainstay here in the XWF, and tonight he has a great opportunity to take down the one and only Buster Gloves!"

PC: "We'll see if Xavier can get it done! He's had some trouble in big matches so far, but he hopes to get back on track with a big win here tonight!"

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The referee calls for the bell as Buster and Xavier walk out of their respective corners. As the men near the center of the squared circle it becomes clear that they are practically the exact same height, although Buster Gloves does have a slight weight and gut size advantage over Xavier. Buster reaches out to invite Xavier into a grappling contest of strength, but Xavier doesn't seem interested at all in locking up. Instead, Xavier sends a few quick jabs Buster's way before stepping back out of the clinch attempt.

PC: "Smart moves by Xavier Lux! The last thing he wants here is to get into a greco-roman style contest with The Bull of the North. If Venom is going to get the big win tonight, he's not going to do it by grappling!"

HHL: "Buster was hoping to play this match to his strengths, but it seems Xavier is far too smart for that!"

As Buster begins stalking Xavier across the ring with his hands raised, ready to grapple, Xavier continually eludes him. After a few seconds of moderately slow chasing action, Xavier makes a mad dash to the ropes before bouncing off of them. Before Buster even realizes what's happening, Xavier is charging straight towards him with the momentum of the ropes behind him! Buster ducks under a clothesline attempt, but Xavier keeps on charging right to the next set of ropes. Instead of whipping around on the ropes Xavier instead uses his momentum to leap into the air, landing perfectly on the top rope! The fans gasp in awe before Buster turns around and sees Xavier standing on the top rope, with his back towards the ring.

HHL: "What an incredible show of athleticism from Xavier Lux!"

PC: "But if he's not careful right now, Buster could turn this whole match around!"

Buster charges towards the perched Xavier Lux, but Xavier does a backflip off the rope before Buster can reach him! As Venom flips over Buster he wraps his right arm around the man's neck, using the momentum of his flip to bring Buster down to the ground with a diving reverse DDT! Xavier immediately hooks the leg as Buster places a hand on his neck!

HHL: "He really busted his neck with that one!"

PC: "This could be it right here! What an amazing reverse DDT!"




Buster Gloves pops a shoulder up just in time for the near fall. Xavier looks pretty happy still, clearly content to be in control of this match. As Buster tries to get back to his feet Xavier smacks him around with some big elbows to the forehead, forcing Buster Gloves back down to the ground. Xavier then starts laying into Buster Gloves with some big hammer fists, eventually splitting Buster open right above the eye!

PC: "And we have leakage!"

HHL: "Usually Xavier isn't one for the ground and pound, but he is absolutely TAKING IT to Buster Gloves right now!"

PC: "So much for Buster's ground-game advantage!"

HHL: "But if Xavier isn't careful here, he could get carried away!"

Buster Gloves gasps for breath as Xavier Lux continues to rain down blow after blow. Buster squirms over onto his back, an unusual move for such a renowned greco-roman fighter. This offers Xavier the opportunity to lock in a rare rear naked chokehold, which he takes!

HHL: "Xavier has the choke! He might make Buster tap out!"

PC: "This match is not going how Buster Gloves planned it, that's for sure! Xavier is looking like a future universal champion out here tonight!"

Buster gasps for breath as Xavier locks in the chokehold. The referee gets down in a kneeling position and asks Buster if he wants to submit, but that only brings back bad memories for Buster Gloves, driving the man to the brink of tears as he tries to fight through the painful hold! Xavier Lux is grinning and laughing while locking in the choke, and the referee is looking on with a cringe! This is getting bad, and Buster's face is turning blue!

HHL: "He might be forced to tap here!"

PC: "I know I'd be tapping right now, and I think most of the roster would be, too!"

HHL: "Xavier isn't known as a submission specialist, but maybe after tonight he will be!"

Buster reaches out for the ropes, but it's no use- they're too far away. Blood gushes down Buster's face as Venom holds onto the rear chokehold. Buster brings his hands up to his neck and tries to loosen the hold, but that doesn't work, either.

PC: "Buster Gloves has tried everything to get out of that choke, but he's all out of tricks!"

Buster, using every ounce of strength and energy he has, pushes himself up to his hands and his knees as Xavier Lux wraps his legs around Buster's midsection mid-choke.

HHL: "Very unusual technique here for Xavier Lux, who usually hates to be grounded!"

PC: "He caught his opponent off guard and it's working!"

As Xavier squeezes the rare chokehold tighter and tighter, Buster Gloves begins slowly pushing himself to his feet. Buster lurches up with blood spewing out of his face, with Xavier Lux clinging on to his back while maintaining the chokehold. After over a minute of struggle, Buster is finally able to rise to his feet- but he's woozy, and he's pretty much stumbling all around the ring. Buster looks like he's going to collapse back to the mat, when suddenly- he falls into the ropes! The referee comes rushing in, calling for a rope break, but Xavier doesn't look like he wants to get off!

PC: "What an incredible show of strength by Buster Gloves!"

Buster clings onto the ropes for dear life as eventually the referee is able to force Xavier Lux off of his opponent. None the less, Xavier does NOT give Buster the required time to recuperate after a rope break, because as soon as he's off Buster's back he begins laying into him with wild Enziguri kicks! Buster, bloodied and battered, starts stumbling back around the ring as the momentum from Xavier's jumping kicks forces "Venom" to land against the mat.

HHL: "This match has been all Xavier Lux so far!"

PC: "Let's see if Buster Gloves can change that!"

Buster Gloves wipes blood out of his eyes as Xavier Lux quickly rushes back up to his feet. Now that his vision isn't being impeded by sticky scarlet juices, Buster can look around and see that Xavier is now charging right at him once more! With his head down and his feet really moving, Xavier is trekking across the ring at incredible speeds! Buster sets his feet and prepares himself. Once Xavier nears Buster, Gloves grabs him and tosses him over his hip with a judo throw! The force of Xavier's own momentum sends him bustling across the ring, but Buster Gloves wastes no time running after him. Just when Xavier tries to stand back up, Buster Gloves tackles him back down to the ground!

HHL: "That's the opportunity Buster has been looking for!"

PC: "If Lux isn't careful, he might just get busted up here! I think Buster's going to give Lux some payback for that ground-and-pound from earlier that cut him open!"

Lux is forced back to the ground and immediately Buster begins paying him back with open hand slaps, that soon devolve into massive hammer fists. Xavier holds his hands in front of his face to block much of the damage, but now that Buster is in the top mount position there's not a ton Lux can do to slow his roll. Buster breaks through Lux's defenses with a huge elbow that causes a red gash to open up in the middle of Xavier's forehead.

HHL: "Now that's what I call pay back!"

PC: "Buster Gloves has been trying to get to this spot all match! Now, he can just wear down Xavier Lux!"

Xavier notices another elbow coming his way and is able to bat it away with his arm, only now, Buster Gloves has grabbed a hold of Lux's arm! Within seconds Buster Gloves is able to lock in a kimura armbar, and Lux immediately begins screaming in pain!

PC: "I don't think arms are supposed to bend like that!"

HHL: "Buster's an extremely nice and friendly guy but getting shown up MMA by Xavier Lux earlier in the match seems to have offended him. He looks like he's trying to break Xavier's arm now!"

Buster twists and contorts Xavier's arm to such a point that you could swear it was about to break. The referee asks Xavier is he wants to retire, but Lux just screams 'NO'. The blood from both men's faces drip down to the mat, and begin congealing together in a pool. Buster goes to reposition himself atop Xavier, presumably to get better leverage for the armbar- only to have his foot slip in the blood, causing him to lose his grip on the armbar entirely! Xavier quickly scurries away, scampering to his feet as he darts over towards the turnbuckle post. Buster Gloves slams the mat in frustration, knowing he was just seconds away from winning this match via broken arm.

HHL: "Buster Gloves has to be kicking himself after that one!"

PC: "I'm not sure if Xavier's going to be able to jerk off properly for WEEKS after that armbar!"

HHL: "...."

Venom climbs atop the turnbuckle, facing the audience. Buster rushes up to his feet and charges over to the corner where Xavier is. Xavier, knowing what's coming, flips off the turnbuckle at the perfect time- just like he did off the top rope earlier in the match! Only this time however, Buster knew exactly what to expect! Buster halts his progress just in time, and Xavier lands on his feet just a few paces ahead of Buster! Xavier turns around in confusion, and his jawbone feels the full force of a Pop-Up European Uppercut from Buster Gloves! Xavier drops down to the mat, seemingly knocked out. Buster hurriedly makes the pin.

PC: "Buster Gloves has amazing ring IQ! He knew exactly what to expect, and he had the perfect counter-punch lined up!"

HHL: "This could be the end of the road for Xavier Lux!"




The referee calls off the pin when he realizes Lux's foot is barely touching the bottom rope!

HHL: "Lux got his foot on the rope! He's still in this thing!"

PC: "I'm not sure if he put his foot on the rope or if he LANDED with his foot on the rope, but either way this match isn't over yet!"

Buster Gloves rises to his feet and raises his hands in the air in victory. He walks around for a bit, celebrating his presumptive victory, waiting for the referee to come signal the win: but that never happens. A good deal of time goes by before Buster looks over in confusion at the referee, who informs him that Lux's foot was on the rope before the count of 3. Buster can't believe it, and you can tell from his facial expression that his heart sank with the news.

HHL: "Buster thought he had him there!"

PC: "Even I thought he had him there!"

Buster doesn't waste any time arguing with the referee though. Instead, he spends only a few seconds getting his head back in the game before he turns around to look for Xavier Lux on the mat....only to find a bloody spot where Xavier just was. Buster looks around in more confusion, only to finally settle his gaze upon one of the corner posts- where he sees Xavier Lux leaping into the air once more!

Buster's jaw drops as he tries to prepare himself, but it's no use! Xavier Lux crashes into him with a frog splash elbow! Both men hit the mat hard!

HHL: "Xavier Lux just turned around the momentum of this match again!"

PC: "Buster Gloves thought he had this match won, so he took his eyes off the prize! He thought it was over!"

Both men rise back to their feet, clearly staggered. Buster stumbles towards Lux, who hits him with The Toxin out of nowhere! Lux Irish Whips Buster Gloves into the corner, followed by a picture-perfect drop kick to the jaw!

HHL: "Xavier just hit his trademark move!"

PC: "You know what's coming next!

As Buster Gloves stumbles out of the corner Xavier Lux executes a standard DVD!

HHL: "THE CURE! This could be it!"

With Buster bleeding and out of breath after the move, Lux drapes his body over Buster and makes the pin.




Winner by PINFALL - "Venom" Xavier Lux

HHL: VERY close victory by Xavier Lux there! That rope break really made the difference there between victory and defeat for him! If they were to match up again, the results could very well be different!

Pip: Well Heather, should've, could've, would've. Point is, right here tonight, Xavier Lux got the win, no matter HOW close it was!

The camera shot seems to be coming from a drone, as we’re zooming too fast for a cameraman to run through what appears to be a deserted warehouse. As we veer right, then left, the shot seems to focus on an individual standing in the only lighted room in the building. The drone comes in fast as the man turns around, giving us a relative close-up of Peter Vaughn’s face.

“Some people are so easily manipulated."

Vaughn shakes his head, turning to look at a nearby television screen. The drone zooms in on it, where we see a shot of Buster Gloves walking down a hallway in slow-motion. The image seems to shift, becoming an actual shot of Buster, as he turns a corner… coming nose-to-nose with Finn Kühn. The two men seem to consider each other, as the picture quickly grays out, bleeding away all color from the scene. We hear Vaughn again, as if looking down on the two men.

“It feels like throughout his XWF career so far, Buster has been manipulated, and never was it more clear than at Back To Relentless."

The video cuts, taking us back to the biggest PPV weekend of the year. We see some of the highlights of the match between Buster and Finn, as they fought to make the other quit the match. The final moments are highlighted from a different camera angle than we saw on the PPV, as Finn locks in the flying armbar. We can clearly see Buster’s face as he fights to get free, even as the words “I Quit! I Quit!” are heard. Buster’s mouth never moved. As Finn releases the hold, Buster slumps forward, then seems to look up at the referee in confusion.

“Everyone knew that you weren’t a quitter, Buster. But you left yourself open. You didn’t have the back-up required to protect you from someone else’s machinations. You weren’t prepared, and it was used against you."

We see Finn turn towards the camera as he celebrates his win, turning towards Buster to give him a nod of respect. But it’s distorted, as if showing more of a smirk appearing on Finn’s face.

“You and I, Buster, we’ve had some good times together elsewhere. We even made a pretty damn good team."

Still shots roll through the screen, one after the other, showing Buster and Peter tagging together in Level Up Wrestling. The final shot is of them victorious, each looking towards each other. There’s almost a glow of light added to the picture, as if to make it more angelic.

“So when I happened to be there when the first video was revealed, you know I was going to back you up… "

There’s an image of Peter standing outside the ring, having completed his match, watching as Buster and Finn enter the ring together. They demand to know the truth about Relentless. That’s when the ‘secret’ video airs, showing Finn talking to a producer in the back.

“Listen, it’s simple. When he’s locked in a submission hold, you end the match with this recording.”

“B-But, sir, I can’t legally do that…”

“You’re being paid plenty of money. That makes it ‘legal’.”

“That’s not the point, I-I…”

“If you make me, I’ll go to your ‘replacement’ and have them do it. I really don’t care.”

“This video showed that Finn had set you up, Buster. Obviously, he had the most to gain from it. I’m surprised you never saw it. And what did he do when you confronted him? Did he beg off? Did he say it wasn’t true? No… he attacked you."

The video shifts to an furious Buster shoving Finn backwards, with Finn immediately responding on instinct with the Swan Song. With Buster down, Finn stands over him, and whatever he’s trying to say is distorted and hard to make out. What we do see is Peter Vaughn returning to the ring and planting Finn with Revenged!

“Finn betrayed you, Buster. But I was there for you. I even encouraged you to let out that rage, to make it work for you."

We then see Peter cheering Buster on as he nails Finn with the Heartbreaker, sending Finn out of the ring. Peter puts an arm around Buster, celebrating, as the video again seems to shine brightly.

“It seemed like we had an understanding, Buster. Your career was on the way up, thanks to your association with me. You started taking down top wrestlers like Ned Kaye, and I was there to support you. But then… Finn came back, didn’t he? After, of course, he had plenty of time with the first video and plenty of footage of both of us…"

We go back to last week’s Warfare, where we see Peter and Buster in the ring for their contract signing, and Finn making his way down. He starts the new video, stating it as the truth, and now we see Peter as the one talking to the producer.

“Listen, it’s simple. When he’s locked in a submission hold, you end the match with this recording.”

“B-But, sir, I can’t legally do that…”

“You’re being paid plenty of money. That makes it ‘legal’.”

“That’s not the point, I-I…”

“If you make me, I’ll go to your ‘replacement’ and have them do it. I really don’t care.”

”This video showed a completely different result from the last one. You’d think that would lead someone to question which is the correct one. But you didn’t do that, did you, Buster? You immediately reacted, just as you did against Finn.”

The video now shows Buster’s face darkening as he glares at Peter, who is trying to plead his case. Buster doesn’t want to hear it, nailing Vaughn with the Heartbreaker and locking him into the Soul Crusher, taking Peter out. We get a different camera angle, showing the smug smile on Finn’s face shown on the Tron as he watches what’s going on.

”You wouldn’t listen to me, Buster. So you got your piece of skin, and you wanted more. You and Finn signed up for the Triple Threat, which means we’re going to meet again at Bad Medicine. And all I can ask you, Buster, is… which truth are you going to believe?”

We see Buster and Finn having a stand-off in the ring afterwards, before Finn gives Buster a nod and leaves the ring. Again, for a second, the video seems to distort, showing a dark grin on Finn’s face as he leaves.

”The truth is in the eye of the beholder, Buster. And you should know more than anyone about how easily things can be manipulated. So which one, Buster? Which one makes more sense to you? That I rigged a contest I wasn’t in, to screw you over? Or that Finn made sure that he would get the Relentless PPV victory? Which manipulation do you believe in more??”

Suddenly, the videos from earlier begin to play again. We see Finn grabbing hold of the producer, pushing him back, threatening him…

It then switches to Peter, lifting the producer up, ready to replace him…

Back to Finn, saying he doesn’t care…

Back to Vaughn, seemingly nodding towards the terrified producer…






“Listen, it’s simple. When I’m locked in a submission hold, you end the match with this recording.”

“B-But, sir, I can’t legally do that…”

“You’re being paid plenty of money. That makes it ‘legal’.”

“That’s not the point, I-I…”

“If you make me, I’ll go to your ‘replacement’ and have them do it. I really don’t care.”

The video freezes on Buster’s face, at least the face that’s been likely faked onto the screen. Nobody watching believes that Buster would arrange for his own loss. But the point has been made. Peter slowly walks in front of the screen, staring at Buster for a moment, before facing the camera.

”Some people are so easily manipulated. Buster… don’t be one of them… decide for yourself… FIGHT for yourself… and I’ll see you at Bad Medicine, boyo…”

Peter smiles without much humor in his expression, before he walks off. Behind him, we can see the image of Buster slowly being erased from the picture, as we slowly fade out.

The strong beat of Art of Blade begins to reverberate throughout the arena as the fans begin to get on their feet and cheer for who's about to come out. Before long, the sight of the King in Rags, Finn Kühn, comes out to a strong ovation. He looks out amidst the area, his kingdom for tonight as he does not smile, but instead looks at Buster Gloves as he walks to the back. He gives his frenemy a concerned stare, and he nods at him in response. The two sides pass each other as Finn makes his way down to the ring.

HHL: Finn Kühn still clearly has respect for Buster Gloves in spite of everything that’s happened, and after Warfare that respect was given right back to him.

Pip: I still don’t trust him even for a second. You and I both know that it’s very easy that Finn could have gotten a copy of the footage and edited it to implicate Vaughn!

HHL: Who are you going to believe - the man known to lie and cheat constantly and came out of the blue to offer his ‘assistance,’ or the man who stuck with Buster every step of the way during that investigation?

Pip: I dunno, but I can tell you Buster was at least winning matches when he believed in Vaughn’s friendship with him…

Finn’s pace as he comes down to the ring is slow, even and measured. Pip and Heather continue to argue and bicker over recent events surrounding Finn and the upcoming match as he makes his way to ringside. Finally, Finn surveys the area one last time as he steps into the ring.

As Art of Blade reaches its chorus, Finn thrusts his arms up to the air, posing passionately for the fans as afterwards he settles into a game face, picking a corner and getting ready for what is to come.

HHL: I have to say, Finn looks ready to go here. I like the determined glint in his eyes.

Pip: Determination will only get you so far, Heather. Especially when you’re winless throughout an entire month and your opponent is-


[Image: 200w.gif?cid=82a1493bsto855k9tk0ve81r3e5...w.gif&ct=g]

Green and purple lasers!




[Image: onkgw3.gif]

Gravy charges onto the stage! He actually gets a pop! It's quickly drowned out by the boos!

Pip: -that man.

HHL: Micheal Graves is surely wanting to work out his aggression here, indeed. Screwed out of his own championship, he’s going to want payback by finally getting his hands on the top prize in the entire INDUSTRY! We’ll see if he can get that road to Mark Flynn started right here, right now.

With a confident swagger brought to you by BarnCoin, Micheal heads down the ramp, flipping off fans, grabbing his junk and all together being a terrible person. Gravy rolls into the ring and postures for the crowd showing them just how fucking cool he is now!

Gravy leans into his corner, chewing gum with a sinister grin. He just can't wait for this to begin!

- vs -
Singles Match - 1 RP


HHL: The anticipation in the air is tense right now. You can tell both of these men just want to pulverize each other.

Pip: That is the name of the game here, yes… let’s see how long Finn can last with the big boys here though, or if he’s going to just end up parading ‘getting close’ as another accomplishment.

The two sides exchange looks with each other - Gravy, a sick, sadistic grin, and Finn, a deep, almost permanent scowl. The differences in these men couldn’t be more apparent with each other as they make their way to the center of the ring.

If looks could kill, one of these men would be kicking the bucket right about now… but Gravy fires the first shot with a right hand that has Finn stumbling back a bit!

Finn rights his footing almost immediately, his scowl becoming even more intense as Gravy loves it! He points right at his jaw, yelling right at Finn’s face as he gets himself down into a more square stance!

HHL: …I don’t get it. Is Graves… asking for Finn to hit him?

Pip: It makes sense…

Finn obliges, giving a sharp, harsh forearm right on Gravy’s jaw! Now it’s Graves’ turn to be rocked by the sharp blow, but it doesn’t take long for him to come back to normal- and SHOVES FINN RIGHT IN THE FACE! HE’S STILL POINTING AT HIMSELF AND STILL BEGGING FOR MORE!

HHL: How does this make sense in the slightest, Pip?!

Pip: Gravy’s learning the OPTIMAL PATH! Pain is good, Heather! Graves is trying to take all the negative energy and karma and pain surrounding this entire match so he can reflect it back - could be here, could be at Bad Medicine, could be anytime, anywhere!

HHL: I hope Graves knows what he’s doing - this strategy can come back to haunt him!

Graves’ strategy works at getting Finn angered, and the vein in his forehead throbs as he-


HHL: Micheal Graves’ head just got placed on a swivel after that open-palmed slap from Finn- and now the King in Rags is bringing the fight to the Dark Warrior!

Finn is trying to take down Graves with a Single Leg takedown! Gravy’s trying to fight it as best as he could, but as he’s on one leg now, the most he can do is just hop back into the turnbuckle and have spine meeting the turnbuckles as Finn goes in now with shoulder thrusts!




FOUR! The fans are counting along as Finn drives his shoulder into Gravy’s gut, knocking the air out of his lungs as the ref tries to come in and call for a clean break here!

Finn separates, just to give the ref a hardened glare! He raises his hands, sheepishly backing off allowing for Finn to turn back to Graves -



HHL: Gravy’s in-ring instincts are just too hard to overcome there! With a cheap tactic like that, he just instantly evened those odds again!

Pip: Finn should know how to handle himself! You take your eyes off your opponent, they’re probably gonna be able to strike back at you! That’s a near-rookie mistake there!

HHL: I’m inclined to agree, but… I think Graves trying to seek the ‘Optimal Path’ here is starting to get into Finn’s mind…

Pip: Well, maybe he should do something about it!

The ref admonishes Graves for the illegal tactics used, but Graves is in no mood to hear it as Finn is just getting angrier by the second! Graves takes advantage now of his opponent’s enraged mindset by moving up onto the second rope - DIVING CROSSBODY WIPES FINN OUT!

Graves is in the driver’s seat, and he wears that sickening grin with pride as he stays going to work, grabbing Finn by the hair and just driving his skull into the mat again and again! Finn’s brain is being rattled as he’s trying to break Graves’ grip, but to no avail! Graves finally lets up on the assault, but the grin has not faded.

Finn manages to get back onto a knee, but Graves is right on top of him. A clubbing forearm lands across the back and Finn arches back in pain. He looks to come in with another right hand - but Finn reaches up and hits a back elbow right to the gut! Graves doubles over in surprise, and Finn gets on his feet- SNAP ELBOW! AGAIN! AGAIN! A BARRAGE OF ELBOWS RAINS DOWN ONTO GRAVES, AND FINN FOLLOWS IT UP WITH A QUESTION MARK KICK!





HHL: Well Pip, Finn’s still hanging…

Pip: Barely in the driver’s seat right now. And Gravy’s still keeping his ‘Optimal Path’ strategy intact. He’s really taking that pain and then some right now…

Finn grimaces as he gets back up, trying to shake out the cobwebs after having his head bashed into the mat. He delivers a HARD stomp to the gut that causes Graves to sit up in shock as he holds onto his stomach. Finn then CARTWHEELS right over Graves’ shoulder in a motion that draws some ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s from the fans as- ROUNDHOUSE RIGHT TO THE SIDE OF GRAVES’ SKULL!

THAT scrambles Gravy’s brains in return, and Finn wastes no time in trying to keep up the pressure! Finn finds Gravy’s arm, settling it into a Hammerlock position and tries to follow it up with a chinlock, but it’s hard to get things moving on right! Gravy manages to get onto his feet and is constantly moving!

In fact, he moves right over to the nearby corner the referee is hanging out at! Graves’ body is pressed right against him, and he holds his hands up while pointing to Finn still on his back! But with the referee unable to see-


HHL: More dastardly tactics! Micheal Graves is making sure to keep every trick in the book polished for when he takes on Mark Flynn at Bad Medicine!

Pip: Finn can’t keep his offense together at this rate! Imagine how things are gonna go when the enemy HE wronged, Peter Vaughn, finally gets HIS hands on him at Bad Medicine!

Finn holds onto his groin, clenching his teeth as he does so while limping out from the corner. Gravy turns Finn around, kick to the gut, and HOISTS HIM ONTO HIS SHOULDERS! EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT’S COMING NEXT-


Pip: And Gravy just planted the Rat King with the Grave Digger! Well, decent little showing here, but that’s all she wrote for ole’ Finneas!

Gravy settles into the cover as the ref counts!




HHL: Looks like your prediction was wrong, Pip! Finn’s still got a lot left in the tank!

Pip: Ah, well… he’ll run out of that soon! That glint in Gravy’s eyes says he’s got bigger and brighter things after this!

Graves shakes his head, dragging Finn up as he places his head in between his legs! It looks like he’s signaling for the Graves Consequence- FINN COUNTERS WITH A BACK BODY DROP!

Graves hits the mat hard, holding his back! Finn actually falls to all fours after that, as it looks clear that his anger was what was fueling that move! He manages to bring himself up though, and sees Graves trying to use the rope to bring himself up…

Finn kicks the arm holding the rope! Graves brings it back, recoiling, as he gets grabbed from behind! Finn manages to plant Graves down with an inverted DDT! Before Finn can go for the pin though, Gravy immediately starts rolling out of the ring and Finn can’t manage to quite catch him fast enough!

Pip: Good ring awareness from Gravy there! He might have taken some damage, but now Finn has to go tire himself having to bring him back in here!

HHL: Finn needs to be careful. His anger’s still showing throughout this entire match and it’s been leading him to walk right into Micheal Graves’ traps. Peter Vaughn is surely taking notes between this and Buster Gloves’ match earlier tonight…







GRAVY RELEASES! Finn moves right back into the middle of the ring! He’s coughing and wheezing, trying to come to again but manages to get back onto his feet - ONLY FOR MICHEAL GRAVES TO PLANT HIM WITH A SPEAR!

HHL: SPEAR! SPEAR! The same move Chris Chaos used to plant Finn last Saturday Night Savage! It hit to perfection - Finn can’t be feeling good after that!

Pip: Nothing like a bit of disrespect while you grab the win, eh Heather? NOW Gravy’s going to get the win and focus on Flynn.

Graves hooks the leg as the ref counts!




Pip: …or not.

HHL: Finn is still in this somehow, someway! Graves looks shocked!

Finn is practically frothing at the mouth now as he sits in his rage, and Graves flashes that smile yet again! Slowly, he mounts the King in Rags, looking to lower himself-

HHL: EW! He’s going to bite Finn’s nose! How disgusting!

Pip: It’s, it’s unsanitary alright…
















HHL: The last time Finn was this incensed was against Charlie Nickles! That sadistic fire is coming back in force, and Micheal Graves is the recipient this time!

Pip: Yeah, well Finn LOST that match with Charlie! And he’s just giving Gravy what he wants right now - MORE PAIN! The Optimal Path is about to bite Finn right in the ass!

Finn grabs Gravy by the wrists, dragging him by force up to his knees! Finn’s got Gravy in his sights for his finisher! For one last knee strike right to the face! Finn sets up-




Pip: And THERE’S the instincts showing themselves again, Heather!

HHL: If that were anyone else on the roster, they’d be out cold right now! That was at LEAST as hard as Finn’s headbutt against Charlie during their Warfare match!

Finn staggers, but that impact clearly brought him out from performing his Fatalism finishing move! Gravy smells blood in the water, and he reverses grip so now he has FINN by the wrists instead! He manages to get up onto his feet before driving his head against Finn’s!














HHL: And Finn’s bleeding like a pig right now! BOTH men are! This is disgusting!

Finn slumps down onto his knees again, only being held up by those wrists. But even those get let go of as Gravy looks at the fans, motioning for Graves Consequences yet again!


Finn hits the referee as he does so! It’s not enough for the ref to go down, but he’s clearly groggy as he stumbles into the ropes! It’s enough time for Gravy to deeply inhale-





HHL: After everything that’s happened on Graves’ side, NOW you’re the first one to cry out how something is disgusting?!

Gravy scratches and claws at his eye, trying to bring Finn’s blood-tainted saliva out from there, but that’s all the time Finn needs! He hits a DISCUS ELBOW RIGHT TO GRAVES ON THE NOSE!










HHL: What a victory for Finn Kühn! He managed to beat a multi-time former champion AND current #1 Contender for the Universal Championship in Micheal Graves! Peter Vaughn has GOT to be worried now!

Pip: Well, we know Gravy can shrug off a beating. But allllll that punishment is about to be coming back towards Mark Flynn at Bad Medicine… if Gravy gets his way, that is.

Pre Recorded footage

We return from a commercial break with a shot outside the front of Lexi Gold's palatial estate in Los Angeles. It’s a sunny but cool early November afternoon in Los Angeles, but there seems to be something a bit odd on this particular day. As we get closer towards the front door we see a hooded figure dressed in all black, being very sneaky on their approach to the front door of the estate. We get a little closer and the figure finally turns and faces out towards the road once they reach the front door – it’s Elijah Martin!

He looks around to make sure nobody is paying any attention to what he is doing, but given the amount of space Lexi’s property entails, there isn’t a neighbor anywhere close that could even yell to get his attention, let alone see what he could possibly be doing. Elijah pulls a screwdriver out of his pocket, undoes the screws from the door handle and eases his way through the entrance.

Upon walking into the main foyer Elijah finds a couple of collectible figures: ceramic snakes, porcelain dolls and other things of the sort that would freak out people not familiar with Lexi. Elijah picks up one of the porcelain dolls and just looked at it: top, bottom, sides, behind it. He has a real evil smirk before placing it back down in the exact spot he found it. Elijah continues to walk into the living room area where he sees one of the leather couches, with no semblance of anyone having sat there in a long time, given that Lexi has remained single ever since their breakup six months ago. Elijah pulls a switchblade out of one of his pockets and starts cutting into all the cushions on this leather couch, before turning his attention to the loveseat and finally to the recliner also in the living room.

Elijah then starts making his way into the dining room where he sees all the fine China sitting nicely in a beautiful China cabinet, alongside a table designed for about 18 to 20 guests in the dining room. Elijah walks to the front of the China cabinet, opens both main doors to the cabinet and starts tossing every piece of fine China onto the hardwood floor, breaking everything into a million pieces. Elijah makes his way through the plates and bowls, and then eventually comes to a couple of ceramic cats sitting as decor inside the cabinet. Elijah decides to grab both swim cats, play some inside the black backpack that he has been carrying this whole time, before finally making his way away from the dining room into the kitchen.

Elijah enters the kitchen area, opening each drawer and emptying out the contents on the floor every opportunity he gets: knives, forks, spoons, cooking utensils… Anything and everything you would find in a normal kitchen, dumped out across the entire kitchen floor and onto the top of the island in the middle of the room. Elijah then grabs a big frying pan and starts breaking the glass of every cabinet door inside the kitchen, while also running the pan through every cabinet that has glass and breaking all of those utensils and cups as well.

After all of this destruction that Elijah has done so far to Lexi‘s house, Elijah gets an evil smirk on his face: what could the evil soulless bastard possibly have in mind now?! He slowly walks away from the kitchen and starts making his way down a long hallway, where in the process he passes a production studio and a fitness room, but he has no interest at all in doing anything to those two rooms. At the very end of the hallway, he pushes a door open that was slightly ajar to begin with: it’s Lexi’s bedroom!

Elijah slowly takes one step after another into the bedroom and is immediately fixated on the group pictures sitting on her nightstand as well as hanging on the wall: none of the pictures have Elijah in them anymore, they are either solo pictures of Lexi or pictures of Lexi with her pet snakes. Elijah starts digging through his backpack trying to find the proper tool for whatever job he has in mind: Elijah pulls out a mini sledgehammer and starts taking it to every single picture frame, breaking the glass exterior.

Elijah stops at one point about 2/3 of the way through breaking all the pictures and looks down at a particular frame that fell from being hit so hard: he sees an old modeling picture of Lexi slightly ajar out of the frame revealing the beginning of another picture. Elijah picks up the broken picture frame and slowly pulls up the old modeling photo of Lexi, slowly revealing a picture of Lexi… with another man. A hideous rage starts filling up the eyes and the face of Elijah, but before he can act on that anger… He hears the front door close.

Lexi Gold entered her home after visiting her sister, but she sensed something was off, but she assumed she was just overacting, so she decided she would walk over to the living room area and relax for a few, but when she saw her couch had been torn up her eyes widened. What the fuck? How the hell did this happen? She knew her pets wouldn't do this, so she examined more of the house slowly and eventually came across the broken pieces scattered throughout the floor. She looked terrified, and unsure who could have done this.

What if the intruder was inside her house at the moment?  She panicked at the thought and quickly crouched down to where she was hidden in case the intruder was there, pulled out her phone with shaky hands and started dialing 9-11. As she heard the ringtone and waited for someone to pick up, tears started to form, yelling in the process.

Someone pick up the fucking phone already. Come on...

Elijah can smell the fear of Lexi all the way from the bedroom, so he starts to very slowly and quietly make his way out of the bedroom and into the main hallway that leads back to the kitchen area. Elijah continues and once he gets halfway down the hallway, he gets into an army crawl along the floor just in case Lexi is still walking around the house. Elijah finally makes his way to the end of the hallway at the start of the kitchen, where he decides to stand up quick and observe that no one is in the kitchen. Elijah quietly reaches into his bag, pulls out a roll of duct tape and slowly pulls her strip as quietly as possible and tears it off the roll.

Elijah puts the roll of tape back in his bag, goes into the army crawl position again and starts making his way through the kitchen. As he’s about to approach the entrance into the dining room, he lets out a whistle just loud enough so that Lexi could potentially hear it if she were in the living room.

She covers her mouth with her hands, so he doesn't hear anything. She prays by doing that he will think no one is there and will leave the premises. Along with closing her mouth, she rocks back and forth and closes her eyes shut.

Elijah slowly stands up to make sure he doesn’t step on any of the broken pieces of China that are on the dining room floor, gazing around the area to see if he can find whoever walked in and close the front door. Step by step, Elijah makes his way through the remainder of the dining room into the atrium that connects to the living room. Elijah scans his eyes through the living room and notices the tip of a shoe sticking out from the far side of the leather couch he had previously sliced open the cushions for. Thinking quick on his feet, Elijah takes the piece of duct tape he had already ripped off, crumbles it up into a ball and tosses it in the direction of where he sees the sneaker sticking out of.

She wanted to just get the hell out of there and avoid what could happen, so she quietly started crawling her way away from where she was and in the direction of the door in which she came out of. She was halfway there when Elijah could see from his peripheral vision that Lexi was on the move. Elijah takes a few quick steps towards her and dives, tackling her to the ground and getting into full guard position on top of her while she lays face down on the hardwood floor. Elijah quickly grabs the duct tape again from his backpack, rips off another strip and places it back into his bag, before pulling Lexi’s head up by the hair and putting the strip of tape across her mouth.

Martin reaches back into his backpack and pulls out a pair of zip ties, grabs Lexi‘s arms to place them behind her and zip ties her together at the wrists. He then dismounts her and sits next to her right side, grabs her by the arms and places her into his arms like a newborn baby. Lexi is moaning and breathing heavy with complete fear, not knowing what Elijah is going to do next.

Elijah: If I told you once, I told you a million times… I was going to be your last. Who have you been seeing?

Lexi‘s breathing continues to be heavy, as she shakes her head no to answer Elijah‘s question.

Elijah: Oh now Lexi, let’s not play stupid. I know you had old modeling photos in your bedroom covering up pictures of you with another man. Who is the guy?

Lexi shakes her head back-and-forth again, telling Elijah that there is no other man that she is seeing.

Elijah: Lexi dear, I want you to consider this your one and only warning… I will always be the last one for you, and everyone else will feel my wrath.

As Elijah is finishing that final statement, the word police sirens can slowly be heard coming closer to the palatial estate of Lexi Gold. Elijah calmly picks up Lexi‘s head and places her gently across the hardwood floor, before he starts making his way towards the back of the house again. Elijah sneaks out the back door and starts making his way through the courtyard, as a road can be seen about 50 yards away with a silver SUV parked. As six police cars roar into the front of Lexi’s estate, Elijah has entered the SUV and begins to drive away, as cops enter and find Lexi in the same state she was when Elijah left her.

- vs -
Xtreme Rules Tag Team Match
If Mark Flynn or Jenny Myst pins Marf, they'll win the Xtreme Championship!

PIP: "Next up, Tornado Tag Team Action!"

HHL: "That's right, PIP! We'll see the team of Mark Flynn and Jenny Myst-"

Mark Flynn steps out from the back and waits at the top of the stage.

PIP: "-I think that you mean the team of JENNY MYST and Mark Flynn! Remember, tonight is about Jenny Myst and the Xtreme Championship. The Uni champ is just a background player!"

HHL: "Of course, you're referring to Jenny's desire to recapture the X-Treme Championship that she lost only 1 week ago to a Swaysons School-Boy!"

Jenny leads the way as she and Flynn head towards the ring.

HHL: "Jenny Myst has made it very clear that she wants the X-Treme title back, and you have to think that Charlie Nickles and new X-Treme Champion, Marf will be looking to exploit that emotion tonight!

PIP: "Of course they will, Heather, but with The Universal Champion and real life success story, Mark Flynn playing clean up, Jenny's chances of achieving her goals are at an all time high tonight!"

Jenny and Flynn head to their corner and begin finalizing their strategy for tonight.

HHL: "Jenny Myst and Mark Flynn do have a proven history, but so do their opponents and former partners, until NOW, "The Nickleman" and current captor of Connie, Charlie Nickles and the current reigning and defending 24/7 Xtreme Champion, Marf!"

Charlie bursts through the curtain clutching Connie to his chest. He storms down to the aisle when he spots a sign in the crowd and snatches it for himself. Charlie holds it over his head. It's a chibi drawing of Jenny Myst crying as her golden locks fall to the ground and it reads: Jenny should dye her hair because she can't hold onto Gold!

HHL: "What an asshole!"

PIP: "What a bastard!"

Lights in the Sky hits as the fans begin to boo. Marf makes his way out onto the stage, looking around at the audience and shaking his head in disgust. He meets up with Charlie halfway down the aisle and they march to the ring while the crowd continues to boo and insult them. Marf rolls into the ring and goes to a corner, climbing up and then flipping off the crowd for more heat while Charlie clutches Connie tight and mocks Flynn and Jenny from across the ring!

Jenny's had enough and charges Charlie. Charlie draws back the SuperCon and drives it right for Jenny's face, but she knee slides under the attempt and springs up behind to catch an off-balance Charlie with a dropkick that sends him right into the waiting arms of the Universal Champion who plants him with a Reverse DDT! There's no time for celebration though, as Marf clobbers Jenny from behind with a stiff forearm and proceeds to lay boots to the former X-Treme Champion! Flynn charges in and begins trading blows with Marf, backing him against the ropes. Flynn whips him out and a recovered Jenny Myst brings him down with a Thesz Press immediately begins slapping and clawing at Marf's face while shouting about HER championship! Marf manages to shove her off and escapes to the outside, but Jenny pursues and catches Marf from behind and shoves him into the steel steps, but he fires a back elbow at Jenny's skull and throws her through the steps! There's an explosion of metal and flesh as Jenny crashes into the two piece steps.

Inside of the ring, Charlie has recovered and is trading blows with Flynn. Flynn rocks Charlie with a big right, but Charlie fires right back with a big bitch slap! Flynn's rocked and anger boils over as he holds his stinging cheek while listening to Charlie taunt and bait him. Flynn fires back kick after kick, something Charlie didn't seem to expect and they drive him into the corner as all he can do is try and protect himself from the rapid and stiff blows.

T-Bone Suplex!

NO! Flynn landed on his feet! Marf doesn't see it! Flynn wraps his arms around an unsuspecting Marf's waist and plants him with a Belly-to-Back Suplex! Flynn hurries back to his feet, but is blindsided by Charlie Nickles who clobbers him with a forearm to the back of the head followed by Elbow strikes to the head as he leads Flynn around the ring!

Jenny Myst reappears with a chair!


Charlie releases Flynn and writhes in pain as he turns to face Jenny.


Charlie hits the mat and Jenny raises the chair high above her head as she stands over him, but Marf grabs the chair out of her hand and Jenny turns right into;


Mark Flynn kicked the chair into Marf's face! Marf stumbles back into the ropes and rebounds right into a spike DDT!

PIP: "Jenny hit Marf with the Go To Hell!"

Jenny covers Marf!




Jenny freaks and slaps the mat before jumping up and stomping Marf in the head repeatedly! Marf rolls to the outside to escape her, but Jenny doesn't immediately follow and continues to vent her frustrations in the ring!

HHL: "Never before have we seen a more level headed competitor in this business than Jenny Myst."

Mark Flynn quickly covers Charlie!




Flynn doesn’t freak, but Jenny does and questions WTH he thinks he’s doing!?!

HHL: “Uh-Oh, looks like there might be trouble on “Team Jenny”, Pip!”

Mark Flynn climbs to his feet and smooths things over with Jenny.

PIP: “Just a small miscommunication, Heather! Nothing that they can’t work through with Mark Flynn’s superbly proven leadership!”

Jenny and Flynn are back on the same page, but not in time to do anything about Charlie and Marf who respawn into locomotives of pain and bully Jenny and Flynn into and through the ropes! On the apron, Marf pairs off with Jenny and Charlie with Flynn! Charlie smiles big as he locks Flynn’s head under his arm and points to Marf who does the same with Jenny!

HHL: “No! They can’t be thinking-”


Flynn and Jenny drop to ringside like lumps while Charlie and Marf celebrate and taunt the fans!

Marf digs under the ring and returns with a table! He sets it up at ringside as Charlie drags Jenny over. Marf climbs the apron and Charlie feeds him Myst where he sets up in a powerbomb position!

PIP: “I think he’s looking to hit The Sway! (Canadian Destroyer) from the apron through the table!

Indeed he is, but Jenny holds the ropes and back bodydrops Marf through the table! Jenny then moonsaults off the apron and drives her knees into his chest! Charlie’s on her quick though, and blasts Jenny with a step in Big Boot! Jenny reels in the wreckage as Charlie sets his sights on the Uni Champ!

Charlie peels Flynn off of the floor. Flynn fights back, but his strikes are limp. Charlie drills an elbow into the back of his head to make him more compliant and tosses him under the bottom rope. Charlie marches around ringside and takes the chair out from under the timekeeper's ass. He clanks it shut and heads into the ring.

PIP: “The Nickleman has a steel chair!”

Flynn springs to his feet as Nickles enters the ring. Charlie swings the chair, but Flynn catches it and delivers a kick to the midsection! Charlie doubles over and Flynn pops off a chair shot to his back!


Charlie stumbles forward as Flynn gives chase!


Charlie falls into the rope, but Flynn is unrelenting!


Flynn tosses the chair and takes off for the opposite side of the ring where he hits the ropes and flies in on the rebound, but Nickles moves and Flynn gets caught up on the ropes! Charlie pulls himself up by the ropes and jumps right in on pounding the tied up champ! He yanks Flynn out of the ropes and the two tussle and brawl, struggling for dominance over the other! Charlie hammers away with body punches, trying to take his opponent's wind away! Flynn absorbs the blows and shoves Charlie into the corner where he fires off chop and chop, lighting Charlie’s chest ablaze! Nickles grabs Flynn and forcefully reverses their positions! Now Nickles is hammering away right hands at Flynn in the corner, but Flynn rakes the eyes and throws Charlie back into the corner again! Flynn fires off another round of chops! Nickles drops to a seated position! Flynn races across the ring and shoots back in with a Running Knee to the chin!

PIP: “That knee rocked The Nickleman!”

Flynn drags Charlie out of the corner and hoists him up!


NO! Charlie deadweights his way out of it and fires a back elbow to break the attempt.

PIP: “Devil Hook Drop!”

Charlie plants Flynn skull first on the discarded chair!

HHL: “And on the chair no less! That could mark the beginning of the end!”

Smiling ear to ear, Charlie slithers over Flynn for the pinfall!




Charlie is furious, but Jenny doesn’t afford him time to do anything about it as she hits him with some Blissful Curb Stomps and then adds Insult to Injury with her knee drop combination!

Marf shows up from outta nowhere and snatches Jenny up, throwing her across the ring with a Belly to Belly Toss!



With Marf blinded by the mist, he has little defense to protect him from what's next.


HHL: “I don’t understand what Micheal’s trying to accomplish by attacking Marf Swaysons!?!”

Neither does Flynn, but Micheal’s involvement in this match has him heated!

”TAKE THE WIN!” Graves says as he aggressively points to Marf who’s suffering by his hands!

PIP: “It seems as though Micheal is trying to help Mark Flynn. Why he’s trying to help him is beyond me giving their recent history together!”

Flynn’s in Gravy’s face and looking livid!



As Gravy and Flynn continue to argue, Jenny Myst slides in and hooks Marf’s leg!





The official calls for the Xtreme Title as Flynn and Gravy continue to exchange words!

Jenny doesn’t wait for the belt to be handed to her and clenches it to her chest as she rolls under the ropes and skips up the ramp.


Jenny takes pause to celebrate at the top of the ramp, but inside of the ring, Gravy calls for a mic!


Graves paces the ring as an agitated Mark Flynn watches on!


Flynn’s shocked by the accusation and seems to question it!

”Let me explain something about customer service, bro! When you sell a product, you NEED to offer the customer every resource at your disposal to ensure their satisfaction!”


Flynn just shrugs.

”Yeah, no big deal, right? What’s one paying customer lined up against losing that championship that you fought so long and hard for, huh!?”

HHL: “Pip, do you have any idea what he’s going on about?”

PIP: “Does anyone ever?”

”You KNEW winning that belt would weaken you!”

Flynn’s actually laughing at this now.

Gravy turns to address the crowd.

”THAT’S why he got involved in my shit last week! He KNEW that because of how the Optimal Path works, him costing me my shit would rocket me to the top of the list to challenge him at Bad Medicine, because who doesn’t love a little “personal” drama, right!?”

Gravy turns back to Flynn.

”Problem is, you been jerking me this whole time, almost like you had this shit all worked out from the start. What is it, figure you take Gravy under your wing? Teach him wrong and laugh at him later? Well Mark, as shitty as that is, I think I am a believer in the Optimal Path and I want to personally endorse your program to each and every single wrestler in the back, but I’m not just asking them to take MY word for it; I’m just going to beat you and prove it!”

”Then we can rename the NEW PROGRAM: The Gravy Train to Fame: How To Make Misery and Suffering Work For You!”

Flynn is beginning to lose his patience with all of this and it shows.

”Hey! No worries! I won’t be impeaching on your telemundo business or anything! I’m far too lazy for that. I’ll just write a self help book or something. I dunno, maybe I’ll release a 7 set DVD? Oh! I’ll sell the rights to Netflix!”

THAT’S IT! Flynn snaps and snatches Gravy up by the collar! Flynn draws his fist back and oddly, Gravy doesn’t put up any resistance!

HHL: “I think Flynn’s had enough of this nonsense!”

Gravy smiles and spreads his arms, almost asking Mark Flynn to do it!


Okay, literally BEGGING Mark Flynn to do it!

HHL: “What in the Hell is happening right now!?”

Flynn seems to get it and hesitates on throwing that punch.

PIP: “If Flynn strikes him down, it will be more adversity for Graves to overcome, thus, according to Flynn’s own statements of how the Optimal Path works, would make Gravy stronger!”

HHL: “It's like his strategy with Finn!”

HHL: “That’s Gravy!”

Flynn releases Graves and takes a step back. Graves frowns and steps forward.

”Wait! What’s wrong!?”

Flynn backs away as Graves stomps near.

”Get back!”

Flynn shoves Graves, who falls back onto his ass comedically. Most of the crowd laughs.

Flynn looks around with a paranoid gaze.

Micheal absorbs his mocking humiliation like it’s a drug!

Flynn stumbles through the ropes and to the apron. His eyes like saucers. Flynn drops top the floor and backs up the ramp.

Some fans begin clapping and encouraging the distraught Uni Champ, but their support only seems to re-enforce his erratic behavior and he takes off stomping backstage!

HHL: “Mark Flynn Had Micheal Graves right there! He could have decked him, but he let him go! Why!? Has Micheal Graves successfully played mind games on the Universal Champion!?”

PIP: “What!? No way! Mark just caught a good whiff of the guy and realized that it wasn’t worth having to get deloused before he could return to his hotel!

HHL: “Whatever the case, it’s going to be Mark Flynn defending the Universal Championship against the man they call Gravy at Bad Medicine!”

John Madison Jr walks out of the back, appearing to be in a pretty good mood. He massages the Tag-Team Title on his shoulder, patting a specific spot, before making his way towards the ring.

HHL: I wonder if John managed to get Angelica Vaughn to kiss the belt tonight or not.

Pip: I’m still stunned by the fact that their tag-team managed to overcome the champions. It’s a major moment for them, for sure. Hell, they still haven’t decided on a tag-team name!

HHL: They’ll figure it out eventually. Preferably before their next defense. Tonight, though, John has to concentrate on a singles championship.

Pip: It’s been a while since we’ve had someone wear two belts!

The crowd immediately perk up at the sign of just who is about to be coming out. The chorus and instrumentals begin to pick up more and more, building to a crescendo...

"I will be one of the greatest, that is a vow, yeah, that is a promise!
Always wanted to be famous, just being real, yeah, just being honest!
My haters gon' always be nameless, give them no clout, I give them no power!
Creators built different, they ancient, sooner than later, all will be ours!"

With a magnificent flourish, the chiseled heir makes his way out from the back. Isaiah King's smirk is practically radiant as he looks out amongst the crowd, slowly making his way into the ring. The Television Title shines in the light, wrapped around his waist.

Pip: Isaiah is looking to stop a troubling trend in the Television Title division. He’s hoping not to lose his championship in his first defense.

HHL: It’s been a wild string lately. Bobby Bourbon, after a few defenses, was taken down by Dick Powers at Relentless. Powers then lost his first defense to Micheal Graves, who then got screwed last Savage in a Triple Threat, allowing King to become the champion.

Pip: You just know John is hoping for the pattern to continue one more time.

- vs -
Singles Match for the XWF Television Championship
Champion's Advantage - Clean Fighters Match, No DQ, No Countout

As soon as the bell sounds, the two champions slowly walk towards each other, facing off in the center of the ring. King sizes Madison up, looking extremely confident as he starts telling the man that he’s entered his kingdom.

John doesn’t seem too concerned, saying back his own comments about how he’s going home with two belts tonight. The two nod at each other, showing little resentment… then both start throwing punches, going to war!

The crowd cheers as John works in some alternating jabs and chops, while King comes back with a series of body blows. Both men keep swinging, as the referee makes sure to stay back, out of range.

HHL: One major change King brought to this match is the lack of a major stipulation in the contest. No costumes tonight, no dangerous hills to climb. This one’s all about the clean fight!

Pip: But it’s still no countout and no disqualification, right? So we might still get some blood spilled?

HHL: It’s certainly a possibility as the match goes on, but right now, these two men are content just to fight it out!

King, using his skills as a boxer, now appears to have the upper hand, landing a couple of shots to the jaw of Madison. He staggers back, then comes forward with a wild swing of his own, but King catches his arm, twisting him around to apply an abdominal stretch!

The ref checks on Madison, seeing if there’s going to be an early submission, as King works to do more damage to Madison’s ribs. But Madison is immediately fighting with all his might towards the ropes, spinning both men around the ring until he finally is able to reach out and grasp one.

King, despite their being no count from the ref, immediately drops the hold. But as Madison tries to recover, releasing the rope, King spins into a discus elbow, connecting to the temple of his opponent! Madison falls, with King quickly covering him. The ref points to Madison’s leg, though, which is already sticking out under the ropes, so King grabs at the leg to pull it away.


TW- and Madison kicks out before the second mat slap can land.

HHL: Isaiah said that as long as John keeps this one clean, he will, too.

Pip: Yeah, but it could really be in John’s interest to go grab a steel chair or a glass bottle or something…

HHL: Or he could become the Television Champion strictly on his wrestling ability!

Pip: I’m just saying, there could be easier, more violent ways to go…

King appears to be in full control now, as he stands over Madison. He grabs at Madison’s arms, while locking ankles with him, working to rock him back into a bow & arrow submission! But as Madison goes up, he manages to fight free and twist around… falling right onto King’s midsection! The challenger immediately tries for the quick pin…



And King kicks out! Both wrestlers get up quickly, with King trying to regain control as he swings at Madison. But Madison catches his arm and throws him with an armdrag! As King pops up and moves again, Madison gives him a second armdrag, continuing his momentum!

With King again getting back to his feet, Madison charges forward, hitting a dropkick that sends King through the ropes to the outside!! Madison gets up, looking out there before glancing at the referee, who can only shrug.

Pip: Nothing for the ref to do here, John! Time to get hardcore!

HHL: You are a little bloodthirsty tonight, you know that?

Pip: More than usual?

HHL: Okay, good point…

Seeing King slowly getting up outside the ring, Madison checks with the still motionless ref again before making a decision. He runs to the ropes, rebounding and coming back towards King… and diving through the ropes, crashing straight into him!! Both men are down, as the crowd gives a cheer for the big maneuver!

Neither man gets up quickly after that impact, as Madison had thrown his entire body into the strike, stunning himself. He’s still able to be the first one up, though, staggering to his feet. He looks around at the weapons that are always to be found around ringside. After a second, Madison turns and grabs King… tossing him back into the ring and following.

Pip: Damn it!

HHL: You’re getting a great match, Pip, try and enjoy it!

Pip: But that camera cable was right there for a good choking!!

HHL: …

Pip: Yeah, that sounded bad even to me. Okay, okay, come on, ‘clean’ match!

As King tries to get up, Madison is waiting behind him, preparing for another maneuver. He moves in, grabbing hold of King around the head, looking for a cutter! But King blocks it, keeping himself from going down with his opponent. Madison hits the mat on his own, taking all the impact.

Madison tries to recover quickly, rolling over onto his stomach, but King is already there, grabbing his leg and locking in a toehold submission! Madison struggles against the hold, trying to kick King with his other leg, but he can’t get him, as King works to truly limit Madison’s mobility with the hold, with the referee watching closely.

Pip: Isaiah’s playing a game of This Little Piggy with Madison’s feet!

HHL: The way he’s working that foot, King might really have plans on taking a few of those toes home with him!

Pip: Thank goodness for good wrestling boots, eh, John?

Once again, the referee is asking Madison if he gives up, and once again, Madison has no intention of submitting. He presses up with his arms, getting some clearance from the mat, and then manages to kick his leg back, throwing King off-balance. King tries to hang on, but Madison then does a roll, managing to free himself as he launches King into the turnbuckle!

King staggers back out, holding his head, as Madison pushes himself to his feet. He rushes at King, going for a clothesline, but King is able to duck under it. King then turns, trying for another elbow, but Madison manages to block it, then twist into King… applying a sleeper!

HHL: John is looking to knock out the champion!

Pip: This is what you get, Isaiah, when you don’t stack the deck in your favor!

HHL: John may be celebrating at the Waffle House later tonight!

King is fighting for his life, or at least his title, stretching as much as he can towards the nearby ropes. But Madison pulls him back, hanging on, and manages to drive King to his knees!! The ref moves in, checking the hand, to see if King’s still got fight in him…

And he does! King raises up his fist, fighting to get back to his feet, as Madison tries to hang on. But King drives them both back into the corner, managing to break the hold! Before Madison can recover, King spins and nails him with a European uppercut that hits hard enough to send Madison over the ropes and out of the ring!

As Madison lays outside, breathing heavily, King slumps to a knee, showing that the sleeper hold took a lot out of him. He works to recover his breath, as the fans cheer on both men.

HHL: We have a pretty split crowd tonight.

Pip: Why wouldn’t they be cheering for a great wrestler like Isaiah King?

HHL: There are some on the Madison Jr bandwagon as well, Pip.

Pip: Eh, that’s probably more because they’re hoping Angelica comes out if he wins…

Madison pulls himself to his feet, rubbing his sore jaw. He angrily kicks at the edge of the ring, then suddenly seems to make a decision. He starts moving around to the ringkeeper’s table, reaching past him in order to grab his Tag-Team Title!

Seeing this, King straightens up in the ring, even as Madison starts bringing the belt back towards him. As Madison jumps onto the apron, King rolls out another side, heading to the table as well. He picks up the TV Title, bringing it back with him as he rolls back in, jumping up quickly.

The two men stare each other down, with King pointing to Madison’s belt, then smacking his own with his hand.

HHL: John had a moment of frustration there, thinking about using his gold, but now we’ve got a stand-off!

Pip: This is more like it!

Madison paces back and forth, still holding his gold. He then makes his decision, suddenly running straight at King! The Television Champion reacts, rushing forward as well, with both men swinging with all their might…


The two men collide, each hitting the other and causing the belts to bounce off their heads!!!! For a second, King and Madison stare at each other, then both fall backwards, crashing to the mat!! The crowd roars, even as the referee walks forward, unsure of what to do.

HHL: Both men are down! What a collision!

Pip: Are they bleeding? Either one of them? Hey, what’s the ref doing?

HHL: I think he’s considering a double knockout!

Pip: Hey, there are no countouts here, ref!

HHL: But if neither man can continue…

Pip: No… countouts! We’ll sit here all night until they wake from their ‘naps’!

The referee still seems hesitant. He checks on Madison, who stirs, rolling over, but not getting up yet. The ref heads over to King, who is now painfully reaching out with one hand towards the ropes, trying to clear his head. Neither man seems to be unconscious, so the ref just lets it go, stepping backwards and signaling for them to fight.

Madison slowly pushes up off the mat, shaking his head gingerly. Behind him, King is using the ropes to his advantage, getting to his feet first. He leans on the ropes, likely still seeing double as he blinks his eyes rapidly. He’s able to see Madison getting up, though, so he steels himself and runs forward, spinning into the Crown Shatterer!! Madison goes down, with King falling on top for the cover…



THR- and Madison pushes a shoulder up, staying alive!

HHL: A close fall for the champion there!

Pip: You have to wonder how many hits to the head it’s going to take to keep John down!

HHL: Hopefully not too many, we don’t need a career ended here!

Pip: Nah, I mean, not necessarily…

King gets to his feet, looking frustrated that the match isn’t over just yet. He glances over at the belts still laying on the ground, then back at Madison. He walks over, kicking the belts together, pointing to them as if to say this was Madison’s choice.

He walks over to Madison, pulling him up, and drags him over to the belts, working to set him up for the Guillotine of Destruction!! But Madison reverses out of it at the last minute, grabbing a startled King by the head… and drops him with a cutter onto the belts!!!

The crowd gasps in surprise, cheering, as King lays there, not moving. But Madison is too weak to make an immediate cover. He wearily raises his head, as if trying to realize what just happened, before seeing King. He reaches over, pushing King onto his back, and puts an arm on him…



THRE-NO!!!! King’s arm gets off the mat!!

HHL: Milliseconds away!!

Pip: I really thought that was going to be it, and all thanks to the gold!

HHL: The titles might really be the decision-maker here tonight!

Madison slowly gets himself up, trying to maintain his balance. He looks down at King, then looks at the ropes. The wrestler grabs King’s arm and leg, dragging him closer to the turnbuckle, then opts to head up, one step after the other.

With King still down, Madison gets into position, preparing for a top-rope moonsault! But before Madison can leap, King suddenly rolls himself over, ending up on the apron on the opposite side! Seeing this, Madison, annoyed, climbs back down the turnbuckle and goes after him.

Since the moonsault became unavailable, Madison tries another tactic: grabbing hold of King’s legs and working to drag him out to the center for the Figure Four Maddy Lock!! But King hangs onto the ropes, pulling himself back up, allowing him to kick Madison off of him. As King yanks himself up, Madison comes in again… and King drops the ropes, causing Madison to go overhead!

HHL: Madison missed the charge!

Pip: But he’s not out yet! I don’t think King realizes he landed on the apron!

King drags himself to his feet, trying to focus. Behind him, Madison pulls himself back into the ring, having been able to save himself. He comes at King from behind, grabbing his head and pulling him backwards! But King shoves him off, then spins, firing off a three-punch combo that ends with a stiff uppercut, staggering Madison back into the ropes.

As Madison rebounds, coming back, King rushes at him, leaping into the air… and bringing Madison down onto the pile of titles with the Guillotine of Destruction!!! Madison isn’t moving as King pushes him over, managing to make the cover…





HHL: What a move!! And Isaiah King retains the gold!

Pip: Madison Jr had a few chances there, but he couldn’t shut the door on the champ! He really should have brought out a group of guys to attack, it would’ve gone better for him.

HHL: It’s been a great night of action! We’ll see you all again next time!

Somewhere in the bowels of the Wells Fargo arena sat a room with a red light. It appeared to be some janitorial break room of sorts, judging by the old punch clock on the wall and the various mops and brooms stacked up in the corner.

In the middle of the room sits Elijah Martin, wearing a janitorial jumpsuit with a name tag that reads “Marty.” It clearly belonged to one of the workers, but on him it seemed…..eerie. There were stains on the uniform that could be either ketchup or blood, depending on how you viewed dark red on dark gray. He sat there with his mask on, only his eyes visible through the allotted holes. His breathing was long and deep, but slow. He seemed to be in some sort of a trance.

The door to the room opens and in walks Myst and Chaos, the XWF’s Bonnie and Clyde. They see Martin sitting in the middle of the room, and Jenny elbows Chaos and whispers.

”He still here….”

Chaos sets a bag down on the table, dumping it out. Inside was an assortment of tools, from hammers to saws to scalpels. ”Good.”

Jenny looks at the tools with wide eyes, and an evil smile. She points at the power drill and mouths “mine”.

Chaos looks over at the masked man who still hasn’t said a word. His eyes haven’t even broken gaze from whatever they were fixed on on the wall.

”You ready for round 2?”

Jenny sits on his lap, crossing her legs with an arm over his shoulders.

” You know why I like you, Elijah? Because you’re wholesome. Out of all those spoiled, entitled brats that I gave the spotlight to at War Games, you’re the only one who sent me a text back. I congratulated each one of you, and they left me on read! Can you believe that?!”

She tickles behind his ear with a giggle.

”So, by answering my text, that told me that you want to be my friend. You want to be my friend, don’t ya Eli?”
She hops off his lap.

”He doesn’t say much, does he?”

”It’s hard to talk when your jaw is sewn shut, Jen.”

She looks at Chaos and stomped her feet like a young child in a toy store who just got told no.

”NO! He spoke! You saw the pre-recorded segment they aired earlier! He SPOOOOKKKKEEEE. And I want him to speak now! Make him speak baby!”

”Well no, I didn’t see it. I was busy dropping everyone’s favorite anime characters car off at the junkyard. You’re welcome, by the way. But Jen, it was a PRE-RECORDED segment. That could have been BEFORE we broke his face. You ever think of that?”

Jenny stomped her foot again.

”NO! It wasn’t! He can speak! Make him speak!”

Chaos shrugs, then turns quickly, driving the back of the hammer into the thigh of Elijah Martin and pulling down. His gray pants rip, and blood pours through the ripped fabric.

The masked man doesn’t utter a word, but his breathing does intensify.

Chaos hauls off and hits the other leg. Same response.

Jenny jumps and claps.

”Again! Again!”

Chaos changes the weapon of choice this time, picking up a nail gun.

Walking over to Elijah, he shows it to him.

”Last chance, douche nozzle.”

Martin says nothing.

Chaos looks at Jenny and shrugs before slamming the gun down on Martin’s hand, nailing it to the arm of the chair. He goes to do the other hand but Jenny stops him.

She sits on Elijah’s lap again, this time cowgirl style. She gets close to his ear.

”This is why Lexi doesn’t want you, Eli. No passion, no emotion. No feeling.

The simple mention of her name makes him shift in his seat.

[purple]”Lexi is a hard one to get….you have to earn her affection. Maybe I should pay her a visit…..beat it into her one more time……”

He shifts so hard that Jenny is shaken off. Chaos steps in and nails his other hand to the arm of the chair.

His breathing intensifies again. A low gurgle leaves his mouth. Jenny gets close to him again.

”We can help you, but you have to help us. If you want Lexi, we’ll make sure you get her….but you gotta do a little something for us…..”

His gaze never breaks whatever he is looking at. Jenny shakes her head, and gets off his lap.

She walks over to a photo of Lexi Gold on the wall. She rips it off the wall and brings it over to Chris. The two stand in front of Elijah. ”Lighter.”

She snaps her fingers, and he pulls a lighter out of his jeans pocket.

She flicks it with her thumb, igniting it.

She brings the photo to the flame, and the edges start to crinkle and char. Elijah makes moaning noises now, jerking in the chair so hard it is close to toppling over.

”Oooohh….looks like we’ve found his diamond in the rough…..”

”Enough of this shit…..we don’t have time to play games……”

He flips open a knife, and holds it to Elijah’s neck, pressing just enough to draw blood.

”Are you willing to die for that little whore? Because I’ll cut ya ear to ear right now you sniveling little—-”

It sounds as though he is going to say something, his eyes stuck on the burning photo at his feet.

”Wait…..wait….I think he is gonna say something!”

Chris pulls the knife back. Jenny lifts up the mask, and the two take a gander at Elijah’s ruined face. Jenny cringes, bringing the mask back down.

Chaos walks back towards him with the knife, but stops. He has a smile on his face.

”He isn’t going to sell out…….he was going to let me gut him like a stuck pig and wouldn’t have said a word.” He flips the knife back down and shoves it back into his pocket. ”He’s coming along nicely.”

He deranged former Universal Champion walks away and Jenny steps up. She grabs Elijah by the head and forces his head to look at the photo, which is now mostly ash on the floor. ”You’re my friend, right? Well friends help friends. We can help you, but you have to help us. If you want Lexi all to yourself, we can make that happen. But you need to understand that there is something bigger than your little love interest here……something that can change the entire face of the XWF forever……” she forces his head up to the wall again. His eyes meet something sitting there.

It is a photo of Raion Kido.

His breathing picks up again, face paced and loud.

”You help us with our little problem, we’ll help you with yours…..”

The two laugh as they walk out of the room. Chaos whips his knife again, shoving it into Raion’s forehead. The two laugh and walk out of the room as the audience is left with Elijah’s heavy, rapid breathing off screen as Savage goes off the air.

Special thanks to everyone involved who helped with match writing:

The GM Team
Mark Flynn
Charlie Nickles
Micheal Graves

And everyone who roleplayed and submitted segments for this cycle!

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"I told you that Marf couldn't beat me in that ring. Never has (as Flynn pointed out--thanks bud!) and never will. He used his assault and theft of me, and our back and forth this week, to put himself as a pin on management's map for a week. More than he's used to. So he gets a TV Title shot at Bad Medicine. Perhaps I should be happy for him? So I'll do that...I'll be happy for him.

Marf......enjoy my sloppy seconds.

Your Highness of Violence has arrived. The Queen of X-Treme is back in her rightful spot at the top, and all is right in the universe.

I took a ride down that Optimal Path, and I've seen the light. Chris and I have an ally in Mark Flynn, a reliable and dangerous one at that. Elijah Martin has become a monster......OUR monster. I have found my place in the food chain, at least for now.

I vow, at this moment, to never have what happened to me with Marf fucking Swaysons happen again. You can try, but you will fail. You want this title, beat me. Actually beat me. Stoop to my level of violence and bring me to within an inch of my life--as I look around this roster I don't see anyone with the intestinal fortitude to do so.

Soak it up, get your phone's ready and save this as your background screen for a long time to come.

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"You literally got gift-wrapped that title by Micheal Graves, because even Mark Flynn couldn't properly carry the two-ton weight you shackled onto him during that match. If you want to enjoy holding that title until Bad Medicine, then do it in silence, you fucking troglodyte."

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"I told you that Marf couldn't beat me in that ring. Never has (as Flynn pointed out--thanks bud!) and never will. He used his assault and theft of me, and our back and forth this week, to put himself as a pin on management's map for a week. More than he's used to. So he gets a TV Title shot at Bad Medicine. Perhaps I should be happy for him? So I'll do that...I'll be happy for him.

Marf......enjoy my sloppy seconds.

Your Highness of Violence has arrived. The Queen of X-Treme is back in her rightful spot at the top, and all is right in the universe.

I took a ride down that Optimal Path, and I've seen the light. Chris and I have an ally in Mark Flynn, a reliable and dangerous one at that. Elijah Martin has become a monster......OUR monster. I have found my place in the food chain, at least for now.

I vow, at this moment, to never have what happened to me with Marf fucking Swaysons happen again. You can try, but you will fail. You want this title, beat me. Actually beat me. Stoop to my level of violence and bring me to within an inch of my life--as I look around this roster I don't see anyone with the intestinal fortitude to do so.

Soak it up, get your phone's ready and save this as your background screen for a long time to come.

The X-Treme Title is back where it belongs."

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lol that's more than Mark Flynn let you talk during your "shared" promo!
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(11-12-2022, 11:01 PM)Jenny Myst Said:
"I told you that Marf couldn't beat me in that ring. Never has (as Flynn pointed out--thanks bud!) and never will. He used his assault and theft of me, and our back and forth this week, to put himself as a pin on management's map for a week. More than he's used to. So he gets a TV Title shot at Bad Medicine. Perhaps I should be happy for him? So I'll do that...I'll be happy for him.

Marf......enjoy my sloppy seconds.

Your Highness of Violence has arrived. The Queen of X-Treme is back in her rightful spot at the top, and all is right in the universe.

I took a ride down that Optimal Path, and I've seen the light. Chris and I have an ally in Mark Flynn, a reliable and dangerous one at that. Elijah Martin has become a monster......OUR monster. I have found my place in the food chain, at least for now.

I vow, at this moment, to never have what happened to me with Marf fucking Swaysons happen again. You can try, but you will fail. You want this title, beat me. Actually beat me. Stoop to my level of violence and bring me to within an inch of my life--as I look around this roster I don't see anyone with the intestinal fortitude to do so.

Soak it up, get your phone's ready and save this as your background screen for a long time to come.

The X-Treme Title is back where it belongs."

[Image: lgqfxZ0.jpg]

lol that's more than Mark Flynn let you talk during your "shared" promo!

"Whats the matter Char Char? Yet ANOTHER loss to Mark Flynn in the history books got you saltier than anchovies on a warm summer day? Or is it that YOU were the one who hand delivered me to the title picture when all I wanted to do was have fun and feel whole again....totally expecting me to fall on my face, Nickels style....only to have me be the face of Savage once again and be the name everyone loves to say while you floundered away in the Universal Title mud puddle? Flynn knows what he is doing, clearly, and he also has the utmost faith in ME to get the job done. Does anyone have faith in you to do anything but shit talk, lose big matches, and blame everyone else for your shortcomings?

Oh yeah, we have faith in that. 

How about you worry about keeping the belt you have because lord knows once its gone, you'll spend a year failing to get it back again. 

Give Connie a kiss for me, and then tell her naming belts is stupid. 

K thanks, byeeee."
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(11-13-2022, 01:42 AM)Jenny Myst Said: "Only to have me be the face of Savage once again and be the name everyone loves to say while you floundered away in the Universal Title mud puddle? 

The Isaiah King Corporation Said:"A friendly reminder to keep Mr Kings brand and his title out of your mouth while you hold on to your current championship. The only face of Savage is it's Television Champion, Mr Isaiah King. Thank you very much."
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Jen, you’ve never beaten me one on one. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Title or no title, I’ll take you on anytime, any place in a regular match. Fucking earn a win over me.
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As static appeared on the screen, we see Reggie and JB in a ski mask, speakin to the etherverse.

"Reggie might have committed some sins among the scenes, but he's told me he apologizes for his actions. But that's it, and he told me i have the free reign to hit em up style. I watched most of the show in the back, and from start to end it was pure magical and shit of that nature. I say everyone deserves they flowers an shit like that, including my boy Reggie and Elijah, they put on some mat classic shit that would rival that Isiah/Tommy mat classic that went up for three minutes of air time. 

Besides all that shit, I wanted to say that Marf was fucked over hard for that piece of strap, if I had my way I would fuck up that Myst/Chaos duo I wanted to do in the past, but things couldn't materialize, but fuck it. Marf, we might not be close at all but I will say that I will defend you till the end, and they want that smoke they can come get from me. I know you want to deal with em by yo'self but you know that I am around the block, that includes anyone in the back as well. 

To Myst, keep on blabin on about bein the queen bitch of x-treme while you be suckin dick to your hoe ass boyfriend of yours... I pray that someone will take that strap from you, and if you both think y'all can get your hands on Raion Kido... ya motherfuckas got somethin else to deal with.

I might not be a threat, but I promise you all that we three finna tear the rings up while helpin those in need... we dis bitch!"

Then it cuts back to static once again.  
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