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XWF Presents: BACK... to RELENTLESS! Night 3
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09-25-2022, 04:55 PM




Match #1

- vs -

"Are you yella" I Quit Match

Standard I Quit Match that takes place in a ring set up on Main Street 1885 Hill Valley.

Savage Rules

Match #2

- vs -

"Mad" Dog Collar Saloon Match

This match will take place in a ring set up in the saloon located on Main Street of 1885 Hill Valley. Anything inside the Saloon can be used on your opponent. Tables, Piano, Poker Table, Spittoon, Whiskey Bottles. If you can find it you can use it.

One Pinfall

1 RP Unlimited Words

Match #3

- vs -

I Hate Manure Match

Like Match # 1 this takes place in a ring set up on Main Street 1885 Hill Valley however in order to win this match you must smash or plant your opponent in a wagon of fresh manure that will be placed right outside of the ring.

Anarchy Rules

Match #4

- vs -

"Calvary and Indians Match"

This match will take place out in the middle of Hill Valley circa 1885 while a battle between the United States Calvary and a tribe of Native Americans is waging.

Not only must you pin your opponent you must do so while trying not to be shot by bullets or arrows as well as being scalped. Good luck.

One Pinfall

Special Guest Referee - Michael J. Fox as Seamus McFly

Savage Rules

Mid Show Concert will be performed by...Z.Z. TOP

Music to be performed in the 1885 Hill Valley Time Square.

Match # 5

- vs -


This match takes in a ring placed on a train car right before the engine. This match will be timed for 60 minutes. Both opponents must shovel coal into the trains engine to keep it at exactly 88 miles per hour while also fighting each other. In order to win you must make your opponent submit before the 60 minute timer goes off. What happens if the match does not end before the timer goes off...

Special Guest Referee - Thomas F. Wilson as Buford "Don't call him Mad Dog" Tannen

Champs Advantage
Raion Kido gets to determine the RP rules for this match.

Post Show Concert To Be Performed By Huey Lewis And The News

OOC: PPV Rules Varies By Match which are listed within each match box You must post 1 cold open RP before the soft deadline of SATURDAY, 09-17-2022 at 11:59pm board time
Hard deadline for Savage will be SATURDAY, 09-24-2022 at 11:59pm board time. Good luck!

HHL: We're starting tonight off with a bang, as we're getting ourselves an "Are You Yella" I Quit match!

PC: Just think of what you just said, Heather. We are STARTING the night with an I Quit match! How insane is that??

HHL: These are the most brutal affairs you can imagine, because neither wrestler will want to be on record at having quit at the biggest show of the year. Still, this one won't end until somebody says they're done!

PC: Which is EXACTLY why you don't start with this match! By the time it's over, we might not have any airtime left for the rest of the show!

The sounds of music and a snorting bull fill the area as smoke rises from Main Street. Buster Gloves rises from through the smoke as the words "BUSTER GLOVES" play on the tron. "Burn" as played by Stabbing Westward plays along with the video on the screen.

A black and blue training mask attached to his face, Buster scans the audience. You can’t see many of his facial features, but it’s undoubtedly him, the Bull of the North. He checks his chin, by giving it two short punches with a black padded glove on his left hand. The letters W.I.F.E. (Wrestling is Forever) printed on the backside of it. He heads for the ring.

HHL: Buster Gloves just recently signed with the XWF. Just think of it, Pip. You sign on the dotted line, wondering what your first match will be, and they put you into an I Quit match at Relentless!!

PC: It's a hell of a way to start your career here. But it also be a career-ender if Buster's not careful. I know you want to make a good first impression, but this is kind of ridiculous.

Art of Blade begins to riff through the area, and with it comes none other than Finn Kühn. Looking out around Main Street at the crowds gathered there, drinking in their mixed reaction to the new yet familiar sight of him, he smiles. He wastes little time in walking down the ramp, letting the crowd reaction flow in through one ear and out the other, before coming to ringside.

Finn gets up on the apron before dusting his boots off. After showing the proper respect to the mat it deserves, Finn heads in, determined and ready to walk away with a W.

HHL: Kuhn was originally booked to face Xavier Lux tonight, but there was a scheduling change that led Buster Gloves to become the opponent instead.

PC: See, people? We don't just put that "Card Subject To Change" dialogue on your tickets for kicks! Sometimes shit happens.

HHL: Still, normally matches like this are for when two people truly hate each other. These two don't seem near that level of violence.

PC: Hopefully that changes quickly. I want to see some bloodshed here!

Match #1

- vs -

"Are you yella" I Quit Match

Standard I Quit Match that takes place in a ring set up on Main Street 1985 Hill Valley.

Savage Rules

As the bell sounds, the two men approach each other in the ring. Finn looks extremely confident, bouncing back and forth on his heels, ready to go. Buster nods to him, then sticks out his fists, looking for an honorable fist bump to start the contest.

Finn looks down at the hands, then at Buster, thinking things through. The people watching on Main Street give a cheer, wanting to see it, so Finn shrugs and steps forward... and then begins to spin, trying for the Swan Song (Discus Elbow)!!

But Buster immediately dodges it, avoiding the strike. As Finn hits the ropes and turns around, Buster charges him, clotheslining Finn out of the ring!! The fans love it, even as Buster steps through the ropes himself and follows. with the referee staying close behind.

HHL: This one's not staying in the ring long!

PC: Matches like this rarely do. After all, what's the point in staying between the ropes if all you need to do is hurt your opponent?

HHL: I hope the crowd is ready to move away, for their own safety...

Buster has hold of Finn now, slamming his head into the side of the steel steps. The loud ring echoes throughout the square, as Finn raises up, only to turn around and nearly fall backwards onto the steps. Seeing this, Buster lines Finn up, and unleashes a devastating chop across his chest!

As Finn staggers away, hurting, Buster continues to follow him, sizing him up from behind. He grabs around Finn's waist, prepping for a suplex, but Finn's instincts kick in. He swings around, reversing it, and instead gives a surprised Buster a German suplex on the outside!! Buster rolls away, in a lot of pain from the impact, as Finn sits himself up.

HHL: Even in hardcore matches, we usually have plenty of padding in and around the ring. Here, though, it's not that far from the concrete sidewalks!

PC: Buster's best bet is to direct this one over to one of the grassy knolls. Slightly softer landings, at least.

HHL: Maybe. It does stir up the allergies, though.

PC: Somehow I doubt either of these guys is going to worry much about a stuffy nose.

As Buster gets back to his feet, rubbing the back of his head, Finn comes in from behind. He grabs Buster by the shoulders, shoving him forward... right into the side of a fire hydrant!! The impact is enough to cause the hydrant to move out of position, spraying some water up into the air, as Buster rolls, agonized from the damage done to his rotator cuff!

Finn, sensing an opportunity, steps into the 'rain' with him and drops onto his back, applying a version of the Cobra Clutch! He works to pull back on Buster's head while delivering damage to his shoulder and spine, while demanding that the referee ask him the question. The ref, not really wanting to get soaked but having no choice, leans in with the mic, as the question is asked.

"Not... Gonna Happen... "

Finn keeps hanging onto the hold, since there's no time limit, trying to wear the Bull of the North down.

HHL: This is our first opportunity to see if someone will tap out...

PC: You hope it won't happen this early, but both men have just started their careers here, so logically it'd be smarter not to allow yourself to get badly injured.

HHL: Logic has very little to do with wrestling.

As Finn shifts his weight, trying to get a little more leverage on the hold, Buster reaches out and grabs at his leg, yanking at it. Finn, off-balance, stumbles forward, but Buster doesn't release his grip.

Instead, he manages to straighten up while taking Finn's leg with him, sending Finn sprawling to the ground. Buster then applies an ankle lock, hanging on tightly, with the 'rain' still falling all around the two men.

The referee stays close, checking, as Finn fights to get out of the agonizing maneuver. The mic comes close...

"No... get that... mic away from me!"

Finn grabs at the referee's shirt, with the ref trying to pull away. This gives Finn the slight edge he needs to lift up, kicking Buster off of him before limping away, trying to get the blood circulating through his heel again.

HHL: The damage is already starting to pile up!

PC: Not enough of it. C'mon, guys, there's weapons everywhere here on Main Street, you've just got to be creative!

The two have moved further across the street now, with Finn's ankle still bothering him. He turns towards Buster, trying to set himself... and gets nailed by a Sparta Kick that sends him flying back onto the asphalt!

Buster, confident now, steps in and grabs at Finn, pulling him up. He tries to set up Finn for the Richmond Knee Party, but Finn breaks free, catching Buster under the jaw with a forearm. As Buster staggers back, Finn stumbles the other direction, reaching into the nearby crowd... and pulling out a steel chair!

As Buster comes back, Finn rears up, smashing him straight across the head with the steel!! Buster goes down, as Finn straightens up again, this time slamming him across the back! The chair bends from the impact, basically becoming unusable as anything other than a collectible, as Finn tosses it away and tells the ref to ask Buster if he's done.

"You... you think that's... enough? What... else have you got?"

Buster pulls himself up, bleeding from a deep cut on the forehead, but still looking ready to brawl, much to Finn's annoyance.

HHL: We've got some blood, happy now, Pip?

PC: Eh, it'll do for a start.

HHL: This is definitely going to make it more difficult for Buster Gloves to continue, although if he passes out from blood loss, this match may never end.

Looking angry now, Finn steps over the hurting Buster and grabs at his arms, trying to twist him into the Vernichtung submission hold! Buster fights, blocking it with one arm, then suddenly pulls Finn down and lashes out with a headbutt, sending Kuhn rolling away from him.

As Finn shakes his head to clear it, Buster calls on whatever reserves he's got left and pushes off the street. He runs forward... and ducks under a Kuhn swing, getting behind him...


Finn's on the ground, barely moving, as Buster rolls onto his side and works to pull himself up, in spite of the bad shoulder that just took another bounce.

HHL: A move like that could easily lead to a pinfall, but Buster doesn't have that option!

PC: No, but he just scrambled Kuhn's brains a little. Guy might just say yes to giving up without even realizing it...

HHL: But doesn't it have to be "I Quit"? Or is it "I'm Yella"?

PC: I think the ref will accept any interpretation...

After a few more seconds, both men start to get themselves back up, feeling the wear and tear of this conflict building on them. Buster's up first, seeing Finn slowly rising up. He heads towards him, fists raised, determined to continue towards victory. Finn, though, sees him and spins around, this time landing the Swan Song!!!

Buster takes the hit, faltering back several steps. Finn steadies himself, smiling as he steps forward... but Buster then leaps back at him purely on instinct, hitting the Heartbreaker!!!

Both men just stare at each other for a moment, as if considering their life choices, before both men fall backwards onto the street, stunned. The referee can't do anything except for circling around both men, seeing if either one wants to give up.

"Back... off... "

"Fuck... no... never..."

The two men struggle to get up, with Buster making it there first. Finn is clearly feeling the pain from that heart punch, struggling to breathe. It doesn't get any better as Buster somehow manages to jump forward, catching him with a leaping forearm shot that puts Kuhn back down!

HHL: Buster Gloves is really taking it to Finn as much as possible! These two men are laying everything on the line here, but it might be coming up to the end of the line for Finn!

PC: They're hammering away at each other, but fuck me, I just wanna see something get BROKEN at this rate! C'moooooooon, guys!

Finn staggers back to his feet, wiping the sweat off of his forehead as he takes a long, look at Buster. A long moment passes between the two as Finn finds it within himself to even stand again at this point, eventually managing to do so. Buster holds out his hands though and tells Finn to bring it! Finn lunges in -


HHL: Buster Gloves is setting up for that Pop-Up European Uppercut! That's lead to him setting up to put many people away here, and we might be seeing the first of many such cases here as he throws Finn into the air!

PC: That's the good shit - break his jaw in!


PC: Wait, wait, wait - WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!

HHL: A Flying Armbar and it's trying to get properly locked in! Finn looks like he's placing his final gamble on that move, and I have to say - I'm shocked! I didn't even know he had a move like this inside his repertoire!

Finn is trying to sit back on the Armbar and apply all the pressure in the world so he can force an 'I Quit' here, but Buster Gloves is hanging onto his wrist for dear life here and trying to block the submission! Finn is frothing at the bit in trying to lock it in, but it just won't budge! OH - BUT HE'S BRINGING HIS FOOT THAT WAS ACROSS BUSTER'S NECK ONTO HIS FACE, PRACTICALLY TRYING TO CAVE IT IN IF IT MEANS HE CAN STUN HIM ENOUGH TO BREAK THE GRIP!


The ref moves in, checking as Buster desperately fights to get free...


Winner: Finn Kuhn

The fans gasp, even as Finn continues with the hold, only relenting when the referee grabs at his arm, pulling him off. Finn falls backwards to the ground, breathing heavily, as even he looks a little confused.

HHL: Wait... that voice sounded different...

PC: Hey, your voice would sound weird too if your arm was being ripped off!!

HHL: No, I mean... was that actually Buster? Could you tell?

PC: It must have been! Who else would have it been?

HHL: I'm... I'm not sure. But what an absolute monster of an opening match we just saw here to kick off Relentless - neither man has absolutely anything to be ashamed about here, regardless of what the record books state!

PC: Yeah, I guess it was alright...

Finn manages to get onto all fours, looking almost surprised at himself as he looks at his own hands for a long while, before looking at the man laying near him too. He wipes off the blood pooling in his mouth, before leaning over to show the ultimate deference by patting at the street. And then, finally, as he gets back up, he extends a nod of respect to Buster Gloves who's caught up with the ringside crew checking on him after such a hectic match.

HHL: And a distant show of sportsmanship shown by the King in Rags. Both of these men have truly arrived here, and this match proves it. The roster better be on the lookout for both of these men and what they can do!

PC: Yeah, it was a good match, we get it, props to them, yada yada. Now, what's next on the chopping block here tonight?

The camera cuts to the backstage area, where a clearly annoyed Vinnie Lane is walking with Theo Pryce. They are discussing the attack on Sayors and several other personnel and staff when Theo notices something on the ground. He points down and notices that there is a nickel on the ground……in fact, there is an entire trail of Nickels leading down the hallway.

”Really? You think he’d wanna be less obvious?

”No I don’t. It’s Charlie. He WANTS us to know.

Vinnie bends down and picks up the nickels, collecting them.

The two turn the corner, and the nickels run out. They end at a door. Both, who were looking down at the coin on the floor, look up at the door in front of them. It’s Mark Flynn’s dressing room. On it was a picture of Flynn’s head on a stake, blood running from his mouth and “I KNOW in bold letters written in red sharpie. Red X’s were over his eyes.

”Damnit. No. I told Charlie NOT to get involved in my Universal Title Match. This is a clear threat to the champion.

”Well, we have minimal security now for the remainder of the event, thanks to him.

”I don’t care if we have to have a LAPD battalion detail, I will NOT have my Universal Title Main Event compromised!”

Relentless heads to commercial.

HHL: Next up, we've got ourselves a Saloon match!

PC: So the first person to get drunk under the table loses?

HHL: No, but that's a good idea for the future, write that down. No, this is a pure brawl in a saloon, where you can use anything and everything to KO your opponent!

PC: So there you go, you convince them to get drunk and pass out, and then you pin them. Easy!

HHL: Somehow I doubt that's what's going to happen.

As "Wild Thing" begins to play, Centurion walks into the saloon, taking a moment to look around at some of the characters standing nearby before heading towards the bar and signaling for a drink.

Baratholomew "Boots" Lichter pushes through the doors of the saloon, putting a big smile on his face as he nods to some of the bandidos around the pool table. They ignore him. He turns and walks over to the bar, taking a seat next to Centurion, who scowls over at him.

Match #2

- vs -

"Mad" Dog Collar Saloon Match

This match will take place in a ring set up in the saloon located on Main Street of 1885 Hill Valley. Anything inside the Saloon can be used on your opponent. Tables, Piano, Poker Table, Spittoon, Whiskey Bottles. If you can find it you can use it.

One Pinfall

1 RP Unlimited Words

The official pulls out a pistol and…

Shoots the hanging cowbell!


The moment the bell rings, Cent scoops Lichter by the collar and hurls his slight frame of the side of the bar! The bartender, sporting General Burnside-length sideburns, cushions the fall!

HHL: Centurion coming out the gate swinging! Clearly, no love lost between Cent and Lichter.

Lichter desperately scampers away behind the bar, crawling on all fours to create distance.

Cent hops over the bar, grabbing the squirming Lichter by the ankle!

Lichter clings to the wood, desperate to not end up in Cent’s grip again! Cent only tugs harder…

Lichter’s grip loosens… He loses his hold on the bar, but grabs a bottle of whiskey!

Cent tugs him close on his back! And Lichter swings! KERASH! The bottle shatters over Cent’s head.

PIP: Waste of good whiskey.

HHL: But legal! Unlike all the other times Lichter hit Cent with a foreign object…

PIP: Is the Bible a foreign object?

HHL: Depends on where it was printed.

PIP: Ha! Got you there, Heather, I actually have a copy of the MAGA Bible (available wherever books are sold), and it says on the back cover…

PIP: …Made in China.

PIP: Let’s get back to the match.

Cent, dazed and bleeding from his forehead, stumbles backwards…

Lichter quickly scrambled back to his clumsy unathletic feet…

He scampers, climbing atop the bar…

HHL: Lichter taking a trip to the high-rush district!

Lichter very carefully, very slowly, like an infant deer learning to walk, shakily stands upright…

Of course, he takes so long, that by the time he’s done so, Cent has now shaken off that offensive strike.

Lichter gulps.

Cent goes for his ankles… But Lichter leaps! Latching onto the chandelier! He swings like an (older, less flexible) swashbuckler! He lands on his feet at the foot of the stairs!

Lichter grabs a pool cue off the wall, wielding it like a fencing sword… He jabs it at Cent!

Cent leaps backwards, dodging the strike!

Lichter feints! And slashes!

As he does, Cent forward-rolls under his strike toward the wall… Grabbing his own pool cue!

Cent spins, rotating the cue in his hands…

Lichter swings wildly… And Cent simply and effortlessly strikes him in the hand!

Lichter’s face contorts in pain, blowing on it.

HHL: Lichter looking like he’s in big trouble! He’s been disarmed!

PIP: Don’t be so sure! Perhaps Lichter is secretly a left handed sword… er… cuesman!

Lichter takes the cue in his left hand and… weakly swings it. Cent side-steps the blow and smacks it on the back of Lichter’s other hand.

Lichter grits his teeth… The cue drops to the floor… He blows on his left.

PIP: …Never mind.

As Lichter spins, giving his back to Lichter, Cent latches onto his back.., Looking for that 1000 Mile Slam!

But Lichter latches onto the bar…

HHL: This is not where Lichter wants to be!

As Cent tugs Lichter’s back… As Lichter’s grip loosens…

Lichter calls out to a nearby poker table of banditos! He holds up his wallet!

PIP: Wait. I know you’re allowed to strike your opponent with anything in the bar. Does that include bribing the banditos?

HHL: I’m receiving word now… Yes! It is allowed!

Cent finally pulls Lichter away from the bar… He lifts Lichter int-

BUT THAT MOMENT! A bandito hammers his forearm against Cent’s back!

Cent arches in spine in pain, as a Bandito holds his arms behind his back! Another gives him a series of body blows straight to the gut!

A third bandito… OH MY GOD, leaps onto Cent’s shoulders and delivers a hurricanrana!

HHL: Oh my god! I think we just watched Lucha libre get invented!

PIP: …Wait, hold on, is this a set from 1885 or did Cent and Lichter actually time-travel? Are the bandits from 1885 or are they actors?

HHL: Hey, Pip? Just try to have fun, okay?

Lichter crawls across the saloon floor onto the fallen Cent!

The official counts!




Nooooo! Cent forces a shoulder up!

Lichter (who *might* be 120 pounds wet), flies off Centurion… As the three banditos circle in and stomp the fallen Grecian!

The three bandits scoop the stomped Cent (laying face-up! Good luck!) off the ground.

They jointly lift Cent onto one's shoulders…

HHL: Oh my god! The banditos are setting up Centurion for a power bomb through their poker table!

The three heave Cent upwards… The two supporting banditos back up!

The one holding Cent runs for the table!

He goes for the slam!

But Cent, with catlike reflexes, lifts himself up, clinging onto the bandito’s neck’

Aaaaaaand! SMASH! Sit-out face buster through the poker table!

PIP: Oh man, that wood is sub-prime quality! That bandito’s face is sure to be covered in splinters!

HHL: And back in 1885, that was basically a death sentence!

PIP: …So… it IS 1885?

HHL: Pip, shut up about what year it is.

The two remaining banditos are shocked! Cowering behind the bar, Lichter shouts that he’s paying AMERICAN DOLLARS, he expects results!

The two snap to and surround Cent on both sides…

They both hoist Cent to their feet, one in front of Cent, one behind him…

Cent shoves the bandito in front away, creating distance!

Cent grabs the bandito behind him by the neck! JAWBREAKER! The bandito snaps backwards against the wall, shell-shocked!

The front bandito dives forward and… WHAM!

Cent catches him with a superkick! The front bandito rolls backwards into a grandfather clock, falling into the mechanics!

The final bandito tries to wrap his arms around Cent, holding him by the arms!

He calls out, ‘Señor! Ahora!’

Lichter creeps up from behind the bar! He sees Cent held in position!

He reaches behind his back…

And retrieves… A GOLDEN BIBLE!

PIP: The same golden Bible that Lichter used to beat Cent at the Plump Pigeon earlier this year!

Lichter reels back! Cent tries to wriggle free with all his might, but the Bandito holds on tight as a vice!

Lichter lurches forward, the 20-pound Golden Bible over his head!

Cent wiggles right… The Bandito grips tight!

Cent struggles left… The Bandito clamps down!

Lichter is in the strike zone! He swings!

…Just as Cent agilely dips his face forwards! The bandito clings on, lurching forward aaaaaaand…

WHAM! THE GOLDEN BIBLE CRUSHES… THE BANDITO’S SKULL! The Bandito collapses backwards into a bloody heap…

Centurion is released! He charges forward, scooping Lichter off the ground! SPINEBUSTER SLAM!

Centurion goes for the cover!

The official counts…




WHAT’S THIS!?! The Bandito that Cent super-kicked tackles the official to the floor! The count is broken!

HHL: Great ring awareness by… *checks notes*… Bandito #2.

Cent lifts himself off the pin… Right into a front-face lock by the now last standing Bandito.

The Bandito latches onto Cent tight… But Cent standing switches out of the front face lock, getting the Bandito under his arm!

He liiiiiiifts! Backing towards the piano player…


HHL: The saloon looks a tornado has blown through it! Pretty much no part of this saloon is still functionally sound.

Cent, exhausted after pounding three banditos unconscious… spins ‘round…


Lichter clinches Cent in a front face lock aaaaaaaand HUGE DDT TO THE WOODEN FLOOR!

Lichter, with his meager strength, struggles to flip Cent onto is back… He does so!

The official, woozy after that bandito tackle, drops to count…




At the last possible moment, Centurion kicks out!

HHL: Wow! I don’t know what else these guys can do from here! They have both been put through the ringer from start to finish!

PIP: We're going to need some more Bandidos...

Lichter struggles up to his feet, looking around at all the devastation.

He sees the bartender and offers him some cash, but the bartender walks away.

Shaking his head, Lichter decides to do it himself, preparing as Centurion gets up for the This Is Not A Superkick!!

He jumps forward... and Centurion catches him!! He takes a few steps to the side...


The bartender looks damn glad he stepped away, as the debris is everywhere.

PIP: Rest in peace, Boots...

HHL: Rest in peace, bar...

Centurion gets up, slowly putting an arm on Lichter's chest. The ref is right there.




Winner: Centurion

HHL: Centurion gets the big victory here tonight at Relentless!

PIP: I don't think we're going to be able to resell anything at this saloon.

HHL: You never know, fans will buy just about anything.

PIP: You're right, Heather. Everyone, be sure to keep your eye on the XWF Store tonight for some special deals!

Centurion pulls himself up, pulling out a few splinters from his arm as he looks down at Lichter. He then turns and pushes through the saloon doors, with one of them now hanging weakly by one hook. He walks off into the sunset, leaving Lichter behind.

Theo comes out of his office on a cell phone. His suit is prim and proper as always. He appears to be on the phone with a high-ranking member of the LAPD, as Vinnie requested, when he stops.

”I’ll call you back.”

He bends down, and the camera shows us that there is yet ANOTHER string of nickels, leading somewhere in the distance. He shoots a text to Vinnie quickly and follows the trail. The string of coins ends at another door. Looking up from Theo’s designer shoes and the trail of coins, we see another dressing room door. This time it is the dressing room of Universal Champ Raion Kido,

Hanging from a noose that was fixed from the top of the door was an anime character. Like Flynn, it had red X’s over the eyes. Vinnie appears next to Theo at the door.

”I know, I know. I’m tracking Charlie down now. We need to stop this before it starts.”

Vinnie nods, grabbing the doll. He gasps, realizing that it is a voodoo doll of the champ.

”You know this cat better than I do. Find him. Handle this.”

Theo nods with a sigh, pulling his phone back out. ”Get me Charlie. Now.”

Vinnie Lane: “Bama, welcome to Relentless! I’m so glad you and I get to call this next match together… it’s the Anarchy Championship Match! Jason Cashe and EDWARD, the unlikely champion… in an ‘I Hate Manure’ match… tell me your thoughts, dude!”

Bama: "My thoughts are that this match is gonna light Relentless UP! The Blue Crew is about to show the rest of the roster exactly what we are all about… and what better way to do it than with a Title Match with one of the top stars on the show in Jason Cashe taking on the brand new champion EDWARD?"

Vinnie Lane: “Right you are, Bama! I think that’s all that needs to be said…”

Bama: "Let’s freakin’ go, baby!"

The hymn-like hum vibrates through the area before Lauren Hill soundfully brings in the chorus. Jason Cashe comes out from the back with Josslynn Spencer holding his hand. His eyes are covered by sunglasses. Looking around the arena at the live audience, his eyes stay hidden behind the shades. Taking a long drag off an air joint, Cashe howls up into the sky, a few fans howl with him. Josslynn gives him a 'good game' slap to the butt and they head down to the ring.

ANNOUNCER: From Houston, Tejas by way of Decatur, Georgia.. A truly Troubled One they call DiOGee.. Jaaaassoooon! CAAAASHE!!

Stopping as the aisle turns to ringside, Cashe drags a foot creating an imaginary line. This is the line where when passed, the talking stops. Giving Josslynn a kiss, she heads around the ring as Cashe steps into a jog, leaping up on the apron onto his left knee. He stands, ducking under the top rope to enter the ring. Taking off the sunglasses as he enters, he rushes across the ring and launches them deep into the crowd. Growling a roar to the live audience, showing he was ready to scrap.

Vinnie Lane: “Jason Cashe has quite possibly been the top performer on Anarchy in the last six to twelve months. The man has only dropped a couple of matches, and he’s beaten some of the biggest names on the brand! He just got a HUGE win over Latina Submission Machina… in a SUBMISSION match no less! Could this be his moment?”

Bama: "Look I ain’t never gonna say never, but Jason Cashe is a sloppy wrestler. Who could possibly be prepared for the sort of offense a guy like EDWARD brings with him to the ring? Mastermind definitely wasn’t ready!"

From the back, EDWARD is pulled on a small cart inside a bamboo cage. His eyes are wide and he’s sweating profusely due to all the camera flashes that frighten him. He’s just a simple unfrozen caveman, you see, and cell phones might just be tiny gods of mischief hiding inside of little squares. In the cage with him is his new manager Taco, who he hugs tightly.

EDWARD’s handlers pull him to the ring and then use a pole to open the latch on his pen from a distance, then hurry to the back as EDWARD carries his two shinnies into the ring with him like a security blanket, swingin them over his head to keep predators away. EDWARD goes to his corner and sits down, trying to eat the ropes. Taco nods in approval.

Vinnie Lane: “Bama, is there a stranger turn of events in the XWF recently than EDWARD THE GREAT walking out of the last Anarchy as champion… a DOUBLE champion, even?!”

Bama: "Honestly no! EDWARD is the greatest warrior! He said so himself Vinnie! And now he’s got Taco by his side… who is gonna stop those two?"

Match #3

- vs -

I Hate Manure Match

Like Match # 1 this takes place in a ring set up on Main Street 1985 Hill Valley however in order to win this match you must smash your plant your opponent in a wagon of fresh manure that will be placed right outside of the ring.

Anarchy Rules


The bell sounds and EDWARD immediately tries to run towards the wagon filled with manure.

Taco suddenly bursts from the bamboo cage where he’d been napping (he loves to nap) and tackles EDWARD right before the Anarchy Champion can reach the manure.

Taco stands on the chest of EDWARD outside the ring and gives him a pep talk, explaining what the manure means for his shinnies. No matter how much EDWARD wants to cover himself in the manure, he has to put the shinnies first!

EDWARD, with a tear in his eye, nods to Taco and reaffirms that he will NOT go into the manure… until AFTER the match is over!

Taco and EDWARD embrace, and then EDWARD goes back to the ring, and Taco climbs into the manure. What? No one said Taco couldn’t get in there. He settles in, happy as a pig in shit.

EDWARD slides into the ring and Cashe pounces on him, dropping hard knees onto EDWARD’s head and torso before he can even get up to his feet. Cashe stands up on the bottom rope and jumps ont EDWARD with a hard forearm drop. EDWARD rolls into the corner and covers his face, but Cashe doesn’t let up. He buries his boot into EDWARD over and over and over again, until EDWARD bails and rolls out to the street the ring is in the middle of.

Cashe climbs the turnbuckles and jumps off, knocking EDWARD to the ground with a big flying double ax handle.

Vinnie Lane: “Cashe is really taking it to the champion, Bama, is it smart to not let up like this?”

Bama: "It’s the best thing Cashe could do! EDWARD has that neanderthal strength, Vinnie, Jason Cashe can’t let EDWARD start swinging!"

Cashe grabs EDWARD and tosses him against the ring apron, then grabs him again and slams him right into the manure wagon!

The wagon shakes and poor Taco ends up falling out and rolling down a hill!

[Image: pig-rolling.gif]


EDWARD sees his pal Taco squealing and rolling down the hill, and it flips a switch in him. He screams and knocks Jason Cashe onto the ground and hops onto him, gorilla fisting him right on the chest over and over like an EMT trying to get some overdose victim’s heart started again.

Cashe has to just wait and take the beating as the enraged hominid keeps battering him. Eventually, EDWARD wears himself out and, assuming Cashe has died, EDWARD lays down on top of his conquest and starts snoring.

Cashe slips out from underneath of the slumbering simian and lifts him onto his shoulders, then runs forward and hits a rolling somersault samoan drop on the champ! EDWARD gets the wind knocked out of him and Cashe grabs his arms from behind while EDWARD is face down.

Cashe pulls EDWARD upward and plants his foot on the back of EDWARD’s head, then stomps him down into the ground. Cashe scrambles up onto the ring apron and waits while EDWARD slowly raises up onto his knees… and Cashe flies off the apron and hits a blockbuster onto the street!

Cashe stands and celebrates as the crowd cheers him on. He soaks it all in and even takes the time to go over and give Joss Spencer a big passionate kiss while EDWARD moans on the ground.

Vinnie Lane: “Cashe is making a big mistake here, Bama… he’s got EDWARD right where he wants him, he needs to focus on the match, not playing tonsil hockey with his woman!”

Bama: "Well you can’t blame him for wanting to touch Joss, but you’re right Vinnie! He’s giving EDWARD way too much time to recover!"

Cashe swats Joss on her tight ass and then turns back to EDWARD, who has begun to crawl the other direction on his hands and knees.

As EDWARD nears the steps to the ring, Cashe grabs him in a front face lock and pulls him up to his feet, then suplexes him right across the stairs! EDWARD howls as the metal steps collapse under his body, and Cashe plants a foot on EDWARD’s chest and flexes while pinning him there on the stairs.

Cashe decides to go ahead and put an end to it, and he grabs EDWARD by the hair and slaps on a tight side headlock, walking EDWARD toward the manure cart. He peppers him with punches to the forehead and temple along the way as EDWARD struggles to break free.

Cashe boots EDWARD in the gut and sticks his head between his knees, setting him up for the Scrap Actio Driver… but EDWARD drops his weight down and… oh wow… he starts biting Cashe on the junk.

Vinnie Lane: “OH MY GOD! EDWARD is going to castrate Jason Cashe with his prehistoric incisors! Bama hoyl crap we need to cut the camera feed, we can’t have this broadcast all over the world!”

Bama: "You hate to see it… we are watching a genuine emasculation live right in front of us!"

Cashe makes an incredibly high pitched whining screaming noise and falls over as EDWARD continues gnawing on his crotch. Cashe’s eyes roll back in his head and he blacks out… luckily his girlfriend Joss Spencer is there to tackle EDWARD off of what she sees as something that belongs to her!

Spencer knocks EDWARD off of Cashe and sends him right into the ring post, leaving him sitting against the corner of the ring.

Joss Spencer goes to Cashe, who is openly weeping now and grabbing his private parts. His trunks down there are spotted with blood, and he asks Spencer to just kill him because he doesn’t want to live with mangled junk.

Spencer slaps him across the face and brings him to his senses, pulling his waistband away from his body to show him he isn’t disfigured at all, just a little cut up. Cashe turns red with anger and stands up, then runs at top speed toward EDWARD and throws a knee…

EDWARD moves! EDWARD gets out of the way just in time and Cashe slams his own leg into the ring post. Cashe yells sharply in pain and grabs at his knee, and EDWARD stands and puts his hands on either side of his mouth, then lets out a guttural, animalistic call..


Taco gallops at top pig speed back up the hill and starts chasing Joss Spencer around the ring! Spencer screams and is chased away from the ringside area by Taco, leaving EDWARD able to take advantage of Cashe’s injured leg.

EDWARD starts jumping up and down on Cashe’s leg. He grabs Cashe by the boot and swings his leg right back into the ring post, then starts twisting the foot like he’s trying to pull it off!

Vinnie Lane: “EDWARD is about to cripple Jason Cashe, Bama… has anyone ever been mangled like this on pay per view?”

Bama: "You know, I seen them old Faces of Death VHS tapes back in the rental days… but that stuff wasn’t booked by a promoter!"

EDWARD watches as Cashe crawls away and then limps up to his feet, trying to put a little distance between them. EDWARD then ululates to the full moon, and runs at Cashe… MARK OF JASON!!!

Cashe clobbers EDWARD right in the face with the huge bullhammer elbow, and now both EDWARD and Cashe are on the ground.

Cashe is up first, favoring his leg. He stalks EDWARD and when EDWARD is vertical again… UTI!!!

Cashe is up quick this time and he just starts rolling EDWARD toward the manure cart, not wanting to waste the time and energy on a bum leg getting him up on his feet.

Cashe leaves EDWARD in front of the cart and then goes to the other side of it and starts lifting it up!

Cashe tilts the cart and manure starts falling out… but EDWARD rolls out of the way!

Vinnie Lane: “EDWARD just barely got away without getting any manure on him… he actually looks kinda sad about it!”

Bama: "Yeah, he really does… but he’ll feel better if he leaves here with his belt!"

Cashe looks like he’s tired of dealing with EDWARD now and he just hits him with a headbutt right in the face. EDWARD yelps as Cashe grabs him and drags him to the top of the manure pile that is now in the middle of the street.

Cashe hooks EDWARD up for the Scrap Actio Driver!

He has him up!

EDWARD starts kicking his feet, and he clips Cashe in the face with one shitty boot, and it gets in Cashe’s eye! That’s how you get pinkeye!!!

Cashe lets go of EDWARD and starts clawing at his poopy eyeball… and EDWARD grabs him around the throat…


Cashe gets buried about a foot deep into the manure, and the bell rings!


Winner and STILL Anarchy Champion - EDWARD

Vinnie Lane: “EDWARD retains! He really is the strongest warrior!”

Bama: "I told you from the beginning, Vinnie! EDWARD is just too strong for the Anarchy roster! He’s gonna be your champion until the next ice age!!!"

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We cut to a shot of HHL and PC sitting at an old-timey table at the top of a grassy hill. Pip is seated in a booster seat on top of a chair, while Heather just rocks back and forth on an old rocking chair. They’re both wearing cowboy hats and spurs. You suspect that Pip Collins may in fact be wearing assless chaps, to celebrate the momentous occasion that is this next match!

HHL: “We’ve got a great one coming up next!”

PC: “We sure do, Heather! We are here LIVE, over 100 years in the past, at the starting point for tonight's TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!”

HHL: “Reigning champion Bobby Bourbon, ½ of Them No Good Bastards, is taking on DICK POWERS is a match stipulation that has questionable racial implications!”

PC: “You have to think Dick Powers could have an advantage tonight, because the Midnight Dolls put Bobby’s body through hell just two nights ago!”

HHL: “Maybe, but Bobby Bourbon will never go down easy! He is a fighting champion through and through.”

Match #4

- vs -

"Calvary and Indians Match"

This match will take place out in the middle of Hill Valley circa 1885 while a battle between the United States Calvary and a tribe of Native Americans is waging.

Not only must you pin your opponent you must do so while trying not to be shot by bullets or arrows as well as being scalped. Good luck.

One Pinfall

Special Guest Referee - Michael J. Fox as Seamus McFly

Savage Rules

As Pip and Heather intro the match, the camera slowly pans down to the valley of the hill, where we see Dick Powers and Bobby Bourbon standing about twenty or thirty feet away from each other. Bobby Bourbon is dressed up like a cowboy, the slickest talking bastard outlaw in the west! Bobby taps the TV championship belt across his shoulder before giving a big thumbs up to the camera. His face looks freshly bruised and battered, but the spark in his eyes says he’s ready to go!

PC: “Bobby Bourbon looks every bit the TV champion we’ve seen these last few weeks! He has been dominant on Saturday nights, and he’s trying to extend that dominance streak to Sundays now!”

Across the valley from the reigning champion we see Dick Powers, dressed up like a Native American sans redface. He’s dressed in nothing but a loincloth, and oh yeah, you can really see his bulging member. Dick Powers applies some ‘tribal’ marking to his face with a tube of lipstick. Then, Dick throws the lipstick off to the side as he pounds on his chest with one hand and makes ‘indian noises’ on his mouth with the other.

HHL: “Dick Powers looks ready for action, too! He’s really embracing this match stipulation!”

Michael J. Fox is struggling to stand in between the two men, dressed up as Seamus McFly. Fox’s parkinson's disease seems to be really acting up as his arms start shaking wildly, but maybe he’s just calling for the bell! Either way, this match is quickly underway!


40 union soldiers on horseback come charging down into the valley behind Bobby Bourbon, complete with bayoneted Winchester rifles and sharpened steel sabers! Behind Dick Powers, we see about 40 Native American warriors charging out with spears and bows! The tribal warriors are moving with clear purpose, howling into the winds, clearly eager for the fight.

The camera pans over to the space just behind the Native American warriors, and we can see that there is a full-fledged village with many elders and children seeking cover. From the clear implication, it appears that the Union soldiers are approaching this town with genocidal intent. No wonder the Native American warriors seem so determined to win this battle!

Michael J. Fox, the elderly citizen that he is, is knocked onto the ground as the Union cavalry charges past him! McFly starts screaming and shaking on the ground as dozens of horses stampede over top of him, towards Dick Powers and the Indian warriors! Bobby Bourbon punches one of the Union soldiers, dismounting him from his horse! Then, Bobby joins in with the army and starts trying to run down random Native American soldiers, as if he’s totally lost focus on the match already!

Dick Powers looks around, all of a sudden much more startled than he was before. As bullets blast and bayonets, well, bayonet- we see Native American warriors quickly meeting their bloody ends. A few Native warriors are able to chuck some spears and dismount a few Union cavalrymen, but so far the Union soldiers are taking a clear advantage! A bayonet comes slicing down towards Dick Powers- and he deftly dodges it- but his foreskin is nipped by the tip of the blade! Dick Powers howls and shrieks in pain, immediately catching the attention of Bobby Bourbon! Bobby tramples over a handful of Native warriors before circling back to Dick Powers, who is now desperately trying to climb up a tree to escape the cavalry charge!

PC: “Cowboys vs Indians…..well, this did historically only end one way, right? I’m not sure this was fair.”

HHL: “But what’s that Native American village got to do with all this?”

PC: “I think Dick Powers must’ve cuckolded all the men in the tribe, and all those kids are his- so no wonder he wants to protect the village!”

HHL: “Protect the village? Bobby’s chasing him up a tree!”

PC: “That’s called a DISTRACTION, Heather!”

Dick starts scampering up the tree as Bobby pulls up. Bobby looks up at Dick’s bleeding dick, which is juuuust outside of his reach. Bobby mutters something to himself under his breath as his TV title still rests atop his right shoulder. Meanwhile, the Native American warriors seem to be turning the tide of the battle! General Custer has been hit in the knee with an arrow, and when he fell to the ground a crew of warriors immediately started stopping him in the ribs with their spears! When General Custer screamed out in anguish, all the Union soldiers immediately looked afraid! They haven’t seen this type of resistance before, usually the Union soldiers just raided Native villages with no consequence!

Dick shifts himself around while in the tree, so that he can PISS BLOOD down towards Bobby’s face! This angers Bobby Bourbon, who hops off his horse and sets his TV belt on the saddle while bloody piss continues to drizzle atop him. Bobby looks like a mad fiend as he rolls up his sleeves and gets to PUNCHING the tree….RELENTLESSLY! Dick’s giddy pissing eventually comes a natural end, and that’s when Dick Powers realizes that this tree is about to come down! One more big fist from Bourbon uproots the tree, and causes it to go falling towards the ground!

HHL: “Oh no, look out!”


As the tree starts falling Dick Powers looks around in a panic. He leaps off the tree desperately, with his feet extended down towards Bobby’s face! Bourbon is preparing to catch Dick as he jumps from the tree, but then a Native American warrior shoves his spear through Bobby’s achilles heel, shocking him into a temporary paralysis!

That’s when Dick Powers nails one of his big time signature moves, a moonsault double foot stomp! Bobby is flung back into his horse from the impact, causing his horse to kick backwards, totally slamming Bobby in the head with both hooves! The horse gets spooked and starts sprinting away, dropping the TV title on the ground near the carnage!

PC: “Dick Powers just hit the ‘You’re Gonna Go Far Kid’ from the top of a falling tree!”

HHL: “I think Bourbon was going to catch him and slam him with a Bobbybomb, but then that spear went through his leg!”

PC: “A spear through the leg is never helpful!”

Dick Power scurries over towards Bobby Bourbon’s bloody body and covers his chest for a pinfall. Conveniently, a shaking and traumatized Michael J. Fox is already laying on the ground next to them. McFly’s arm seems to shake wildly, but the ref’s wild hand starts slamming against the grass!




Winner by Pinfall and NEW Television Champion - Dick Powers

Dick Powers grabs the TV championship off the ground before standing up and lording over the defeated Bobby Bourbon. Dick Powers places one foot on Bobby’s chest as he holds the TV title up in the air and screams out like a wild man. This gives the Native American soldiers all the confidence they need, and soon they start chasing the rest of the cavalry out of the Valley, away from their idyllic village!

PC: “What a win for Dick Powers- and for those Indians!”

HHL: “But I think someone should probably check on Michael J. Fox…”

PC: “I’m sure he’s fine- he’s just shaking in excitement after crowning the new TV champion!”

Mid Show Concert performed by...Z.Z. TOP

Music performed in 1885 Hill Valley Time Square.

Theo, clearly annoyed, is trying to get information on the whereabouts of Charlie Nickels as the Main event draws closer. He seems satisfied when he is told the room that Charlie is sitting in. He has an entire LAPD security detail around him, and he nods to them before he opens the door.

In the room, Charlie has his feet up on the table, lighting up a doobie.

”Charlie, we need to talk….you need to stop with the threats. You already caused enough havoc for the night and the boss is furious. I have never seen him like this. I swear to god if you get involved in tonight’s Universal Match I’ll—”

”Wasn’t me boss.

”Mmmhmm. Right. Charlie the gig is up. We’re onto you. And I swear to god that—”

Just then, a red faced member of the arena staff runs up Theo. He is panting and out of breath. He is stammering.

”Slow down….what is the matter?!”

He finally gets the words out.

“MYST. It’s Jenny Mysts locker room. It’s trashed, she’s…..she’s been attacked.”

Charlie scoffs. ”Told ya.” He takes a puff and blows out the smoke.

Theo points to the cops he brought in. ”Watch him. I’ll be back. He so much as blinks wrong, shoot him.”

He races down the hall to the dressing room that Jenny was given for the event. It is trashed. All of the furniture is turned upside down and everything is smashed. Lying on the ground is a blonde woman, face down. EMT’s and other personnel run in along with Vinnie Lane. Theo bends down to check on her. He rolls her over.

IT’S NOT JENNY! It’s a Tig O’ Bitties with a blonde wig on, and she has a big gash on her forehead!

”Damnit. Damnit it all to hell! Where is Jenny! Find her!”

Just then, the door shuts with everyone inside. We wee a forklift backing up to the door, blocking it in. Jenny smiles, clapping like a child. She jumps down and pulls her iPhone from her bra. She dials a number.

“All clear” she says with a giggle. She hangs up the phone and walks away with a satisfied grin as there is pounding and shouting coming from inside. She tosses the key in the garbage as she walks away.

“Bonnie and Clyde…..”

PC: Oh no.....

Relentless heads to commercial.

Match # 5

- vs -


This match takes in a ring placed on a train car right before the engine. This match will be timed for 60 minutes. Both opponents must shovel coal into the trains engine to keep it at exactly 88 miles per hour while also fighting each other. In order to win you must make your opponent submit before the 60 minute timer goes off. What happens if the match does not end before the timer goes off...

Special Guest Referee - Thomas F. Wilson as Buford "Don't call him Mad Dog" Tannen

Champs Advantage
Raion Kido gets to determine the RP rules for this match.

The engines to an old train are cranking over. The steam whistle howls out as a conductor outside can be heard announcing:


Millions of fans around the globe watching on pay-per-view, in sold out arenas streaming Back to Relentless, and the handful of psychopaths who have boarded this suicide-trap of a train are all eagerly waiting in anticipation for the conclusion of this three-day wrestling spectacular.

The door to the train-car holding our wrestling ring bursts open:

[Image: R.76b2ae9169d84c981614e0595b5e9ecd?rik=K...ImgRaw&r=0]


The special guest referee for this contest, Thomas F. Wilson “Mad Dog” Tannen has arrived, and walks up and down the train car, intimidating the fans who wait quietly in their seats. He walks by the announce booth and gives a tip of the hat to:

PC: What are we doing here, Heather?

HHL: Hopefully living long enough to see a winner in this highly anticipated Universal Title match. But as you know, it can never be as simple as just having a wrestling match to find out who’s, in fact, the best wrestler in the universe.

PC: …nope, because in THIS submission match, timed for one hour, the competitors must also ensure that they keep the train rolling at a steady 88 miles per hour, by keeping the coal engine fed. If they fail to keep the train moving, or, if they fail to submit one another before the 1-hour mark….

HHL: Then we plunge off of an unfinished rail, into a ravine and a gruesome, fiery death.

PC: Interesting that none of our executive ownership, or management team for that matter is here to watch the action live.

HHL: Gee. I wonder why.

The commotion aboard the train car goes silent, only the sounds of the engine chugging along the tracks is heard, until an old dirty looking cowboy beings plucking away at guitar:

A door to the back of the car opens, and in walks the most hated man in the XWF, Mark Flynn. He walks by the guitarist and nods… it’s… it’s GEORGE HARRISON!

PC: I thought he was dead!

HHL: Maybe Mark Flynn has reanimated the corpse of his favorite musician, which is highly unethical… but man, George sounds great doesn’t he?

PC: Mark Flynn has waited a long time for this opportunity, to finally challenge for the Universal Championship. Why spare any theatrics now?

Flynn climbs in the ring and hangs over the ropes, watching the cab door as George Harrison finishes plucking out the strings to Eleanor Rigby. The response from his rival is met immediately,

The door swings open, the lighting shines with glimmering gold, and in walks the XWF Universal Champion, Raion Kido.

PC: Ugh…

HHL: What’s wrong, Pip?

PC: Talk about killing the atmosphere. We went from the smooth and serious guitar stylings of zombie George Harrison to ComicCon hell.

HHL: Say what you will, Pip. Raion Kido has done more than kill any atmosphere that the XWF has been accustomed to, the man has set ablaze the Cosmos in his quest to be Universal Champion.


HHL: Love him, which most people not named Pip Collins DO, or hate him, but you cannot deny Raion’s meteoric rise in this company. From complete unknown, to the master of the universe.

PC: An impressive wrestler, it’s undeniable. But tonight, he faces Mark Flynn. A man who had to sit around and wait for his opportunity, being screwed at every turn, for YEARS. Tonight, he puts it all together and submits the Lion!

HHL: Well, we’re about to find out if that prediction is true or not, Pip.

Kido steps through the ropes and hands the belt over to Tannen, who smiles wildly at the big hunk of gold. Tannen struggles handing the belt over to the time keeper, but he does finally relinquish it…

Kido and Flynn, for the Universal Championship, starts… NOW


The bell rings and the clock begins counting down. Raion and Flynn circle each other slowly, each looking interested to see what the other might do. Kido makes the first move, a simple jab step to try getting Flynn to overshoot, but the experienced veteran doesn’t bite. Instead, Flynn sends a nasty looking kick into Kido’s shin, and followed by a punch to the side of Kido’s elbow. That one hurt both of them. Kido winches and Flynn shakes out his fist, but then immediately dives his shoulder down at Kido's knee.

But the Lion leaps over the attack, lands on his feet and rolls away from Flynn, the two charge back at one another, but it’s a shotgun dropkick from Kido to Flynn’s chest that sends the challenger falling back, through the ropes and barely catching himself on the apron of the ring. Kido approaches the reeling Flynn who’s leaning over the ropes.

But he was playing possum. As soon as Kido comes near, he’s met with an eye rake, and then a high kick to the skull. This sends the champion wobbling out to the center of the ring. Flynn steps through the ropes quickly, darts to the nearest corner and swings from the second rope into a dropkick - - -THAT KIDO COUNTERS!

A swift side step and slam, plants Flynn on his back as the Lion goes to work he locks in a submission choke around Flynn’s neck, trying to submit the challenger early here. But Flynn is able to power up quickly, sending elbows into Kido’s gut until he’s forced to break the hold. As he’s leaned over, Flynn sends a kick this time to Kido’s elbow- causing the champion to holler out in pain. Flynn then grabs the arm, and takes off running with the champion. Flynn again does a double move, hopping onto the second rope and then over the apron and onto the floor, all while holding onto Kido’s arm. The elbow bends awkwardly over the top rope, and it becomes apparent now that Flynn has found his target, and is getting it softened up.


HHL: Not only is that a keen spot to target for an armbar submission, but that’s also the arm that Kido uses for his lightning bolt punch. If Kido doesn’t turn the tide soon, he might be rendered physically unable to defend his championship.

Kido is down in the ring, clutching his arm as Flynn wears a nasty looking smile on his face. He flings up the skirt to the ring apron, and pulls out his favorite weapon. A steel folding chair. Flynn slides under the bottom rope, he lifts the chair high above his head, ready to smash down on the lion, when suddenly he stumbles. The train begins shaking… IT’S LOSING SPEED!

Why does it matter if the train loses speed? The rickety wooden rail bridge cannot support all of this weight without the train moving (or so we guess.) If the train does not stay at a consistent 88MPH, it will be in  jeopardy of causing the bridge to collapse. If only there were some sort of Mastermind who knew a thing or two about proper bridge building to get us out of this pickle.
Instead, it’s up to Mark Flynn to save us… yikes.


Flynn darts to the engine room, and begins shoveling coal into the furnace. The train begins picking up speed, BUT FROM BEHIND IT’S KIDO!

The bashes Flynn in the back of the head with a closed fist, and the challenger’s skull cracks into the hot iron of the furnace. Kido lifts the challenger, and body slams him to the floor of the train, and follows up with a falling knee across Flynn’s throat. The Lion is obviously picking his spot to soften up as well.

Kido lifts Flynn again and locks in a sleeper hold as he walks Flynn back to the ring.


Flynn’s face goes white, his body goes limp, and Raion rolls him under the bottom rope. He jumps on Flynn and immediately locks in a rear naked choke. Flynn gasps and desperately holds as much breath as he can in his lungs. His eyes pop from his skull. He scrambles up to his feet, Raion fully in control now. But Flynn is fighting. He runs the two of them to the nearest corner, and uses the strength from his broad shoulder to smash Kido into the turnbuckle pads. It’s not enough to break the hold, but it’s enough for Kido to realize he’s slipping. So the champion plants his feet onto the second rope, swings around, and turns the rear naked choke into a swinging DDT.

The crowds across the globe explode with roars of approval.

Raion immediately locks the hold back in, but somehow Flynn is still able to sense the severity of his predicament, and unconsciously begins teeing off on Kido’s elbow again. Over and over Flynn connects knuckle to bone, until the top of his hand is split open and bleeding. The sight of his hand is ghastly. It’s swollen, bleeding and purple, but not all is lost, as Kido’s elbow looks the same.


PC: Mark Flynn is relentless, Heather! He will stop at nothing to be crowned Universal Champion!

HHL: That might be true, but it looks as if he’s broken his own hand in the process of softening Kido up. That could prove to be a big factor here as we move toward the home stretch of this contest.

Kido breaks the hold and both men wobble up to their feet, each one favoring their damaged areas. Kido tries for a grapple, BUT HE’S QUICKLY COUNTERED BY A POWERSLAM FROM FLYNN!


Flynn locks in the hold, using the heel of his boot across Kido’s chin multiple times to finally get the champion’s damaged arm to relax. That first yank of the armbar is devastating. Kido screams out, and has no choice but to scramble up to his knees, which he does. But Flynn wont relent. A left handed punch from Kido gets him some breathing room to shake the challenger off of his submission hold. Both men are up to their feet, and A STEEL CHAIR SHOT FROM FLYNN!

The chair cracks over Kido’s head who is somehow still standing, his eyes rolled into the back of his skull as a trail of blood rides down his hairline and between his eyes. Flynn looks shocked for a moment, but then smiles. He lifts the chair again and LIGHTNING BOLT!


Kido uses his off hand, to somehow, unconsciously deliver his trademark punch to Flynn. The challenger gasps, and sees black.


Both men have collapsed beside one another in the ring. Shockingly, Flynn is the first to start moving, being that Kido’s left-handed Lightning Bolt is not near as devastating as his right-handed variation. But his right elbow is in too bad of shape to extend into a solid punch.

Flynn stands and falls over into the ropes, but still grabbing the chair from the mat on his way to tumbling over. He leans there for a moment, allowing his blurred vision to fully restore. Just as he can see straight again, the Lion is coming from his slumber. His face now a crimson mask, drawing gasps from the audience. Flynn yells and swings wildly with the chair, Raion ducks underneath and hits the ropes, on the rebound he pounces.

A battering ram blasts Flynn back, but not without the challenger sending a direct chair shot into the champion's elbow again. The men have fallen on top of one another. Raion grows more frantic and primal with his attacks now, scrambling on top of Flynn to land some punches. Through the blood in his eyes, he spots Flynn’s mangled hand, and hammers down on it with his closed left fist. Flynn screams out and reaches up, cracking Kido in the skull with a headbutt.


These men have battled, and tried submission hold after submission hold, yet nothing can seem to break either one of them. The headbutt blast has Kido up, and stumbling backward. Flynn pushes off of the mat and grabs Kido from behind, AN ATOMIC DROP and Kido is now falling into the second ropes. He’s tangled up there, and exposed, Flynn steps onto the apron lifts his leg and… MISSES THE COUNTER POINT!

Kido moved just in time and Flynn’s knee smacked the steel turnbuckle post. The challenger falls and crashes into the ring steps below. Kido finds some strength and climbs the top turnbuckle, he spots Flynn and is ready to dive!


Kido falls from the top rope and lands near Flynn on the train floor. Flynn is up, and groaning his way onto his knee, Kido pleas that they have to add coal to the furnace. Flynn looks annoyed but obliges, kicking Kido on the chops before limping his way into the furnace room again. Only this time Kido recovered quickly. The lionheart, indeed!  He trashes Flynn through the glass window on the train car door, slicing the challenger up.

Kido begins shoveling the coal, just enough to keep them alive. His elbow is in now shape for this type of labor. He turns around, AND EATS A SHOT FROM A SHOVEL DIRECTLY IN THE MOUTH!

It looks as gruesome as it sounds.

Flynn scoops some more coal into the furnace with a smile. Then looks up at a digital clock inside of this antiquated train.


There’s not much time left. One of these men must submit, or everyone on this train will die. Flynn looks at Kido reeling on the floor, then looks at furnace, he smiles before lifting Kido and smacking his head against the furnace again. Only this time, afterwards, he pushes his head down, forcing with all of his might Kido's face into the open door of the oven. Though Kido’s face isn’t touching any flames, the heat is unbearable. He can’t breathe. His arms are flailing, and pushing, but every time he touches the furnace to push away, the hot iron nearly burns his hands into submission.

Is this it? Has Kido met his match?

Not likely, not yet anyway!

The cagey Kido flips his boots up onto the oven, and flips back behind Flynn, taking the challenger down with a variant of a sling blade. The blood that was on Kido's face is scorched and burned into his skin. He looks like a walking horror movie, his hair burnt up, his elbow nearly broken apart. But still, the champion stands strong.


Kido moves Flynn back to the ring. He stands the challenger up, BUT FLYNN COUNTERS!




Punch after punch after kick after kick has Flynn down on his knees.


Kido reaches down, AND FLYNN GRABS FOR THE BAD ARM! But Kido is able to overpower, he spins around, locking up both of Flynn’s arms from behind.


Flynn’s is face down on the mat in this submission hold, his arms being yanked, the oxygen being ripped from his lungs.







“DONT BE YELLA BOYS!!!” Tannen finally reappears to call the end of this match.









HHL: Wait, what happened??

PC: Did one of them submit??

HHL: Or did Tannen just save his own ass??

The train brakes to a stop, managing to halt just inches from the incomplete bridge. Both wrestlers are thrown off-balance by the high-speed stop, breaking their holds as they fall to the side. As they both sit up, neither able to move very well, they look around in confusion. Tannen steps forward, offering a hand to one of them and helping him to his feet. He lifts the man's arm high.




HHL: We have a new Universal Champ!!

PC: After so many years, Flynn did it! He really did it!

Tannen congratulates Flynn, telling him he's about as dirty as they come, and Tannen can appreciate that. Kido drags himself up, yelling that he never submitted, but Tannen walks over to him and yells that Kido nodded yes at the end. Kido looks ready to KO Tannen, who anxiously drifts his hand over his gun, but Kido can't bring himself to attack a ref, even one like Tannen.

Suddenly there is a roar from the crowd as Theo Pryce appears. He quickly approaches the train and ascends the steps of the train's engine, in his hand is the XWF Universal Title. As soon as Theo gets into the train engine Mark Flynn reaches forward with both hands and tries to yank the title out of Theo's hands but Theo quickly steps forward and pushes Flynn backwards.

Theo then turns around and leans in towards Kido and says something in Kido's ear before patting Kido on the back and then saying "You have nothing to be ashamed of."

HHL: Classy move by Theo Pryce there, reassuring one of his guys even after losing the Universal Title.

Pip: Yeah. Yeah. Whatever. Give Flynn his title.

As Kido begins descending the engines steps Theo turns around and focuses his attention on his former friend turned rival Mark Flynn.

"Here you go Mark. I know you won't believe this because you operate in a reality that's different from the rest of us but I am proud of you. I am proud to be here in this moment to present this title to you. It's been a long time coming. You deserve this. I hope you are as honorable a champion as the one who preceded you."

Theo reaches out and holds the title out in front of Flynn. Mark hesitates for a second, no doubt waiting for the other shoe to drop...

...but it never does. After a tense few seconds Mark Flynn takes his new title and holds it high in the air as he receives a mixed reaction from the crowd. They want to love him but he hasn't given them many reasons to lately.

Mark Flynn the new Universal Champion of the XWF stands there, title held high in the air soaking in the moment. The moment he reached the pinnacle of the sport. The moment he finally reached the top of the XWF mountain. Mark Flynn has finally done it.

Theo backs away from Flynn and starts to descend the engine steps to follow after Raion Kido when there is a sudden groan from the crowd.

Raion, exhausted from his grueling ordeal and worse for the wear physically, turns around to see Jenny Myst standing there.He excuses himself, but looks a little perplexed as to why she is there. Kido turns around to see Theo stepping down from the last step of the engine car and then turns back to face Myst.

She stares at him, head cocked to the side, slim slit smile across her grill.

”What are you doing here, Miss Myst?

”We didn’t win War Games.” Her tone was very matter-of-fact.

”I am well aware of this.”

Her smile turns to a snarl.

”You didn’t get the job done. You lost it, Rainman. Lost it just like you lost your precious Goldi. You lost, you’re a loser, Raion…….

Clearly flustered and not trying to hear her bullshit right now, but also trying to stay classy, he nods.

”You’re upset, clearly. I get it. But do we have to do this now? We can talk about this any time else but…..”

Jenny begins to giggle. He enquires about what is so funny.

He points behind him.

He turns around.



Standing over him as he winces, holding his ribs, is CHRIS CHAOS.

PC: He doesn’t work here! Someone get him the hell out of there! Chris Chaos is NOT an employed superstar in the XWF. He has no business being here! This isn’t a wrestling attack, this isn’t a message to a former champion, this is cold blooded assault! Lock his ass up!

Theo Pryce comes charging towards them furious which is Jenny and Chris's que to hightail it out of  the wreckage they created as Relentless goes off the air.



You didn't think we forgot about you did ya?
Special Thanks to all of you who rp'd and submitted segments and especially to these match writers:

Jason Cashe
Jenny Myst
New GM Liam Desmond
Chris Page
Charlie Nickles
Raion Kido
The returning GM Atticus Gold
Mark Flynn
Dolly Waters
Big Boss Vinnie Lane
GM Jonathan Barrows
And your mom

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09-25-2022, 05:27 PM

Finn walks through the backstage of the sets on Universal Studios, struggling only slightly after such a neck-and-neck, hard-fought match with Buster Gloves. He brings a towel over his face, wiping the blood out of his mouth and the sweat off his forehead as he's intending on just relaxing for the time being. However, another pair of footsteps dart up from behind, grabbing Finn's attention as he turns around.

"Finn! Finn Kühn!" It's a familiar sight of an exhausted announcer, who's clearly still woozy on his feet and has a set of stitches covering up a gash on his head.

"Steve Sayors," Finn managed to get out with a small chuckle as he placed his rag on his shoulder. "Surprised you're even here right now after what happened to you last night."

"Wasn't pretty... Honestly, I'm surprised I'm here too, but a job's a job, and I'm still willing to go through with everything, so... here we are!" Finn leaned back on the nearby wall, crossing his arms as Sayors continued. "So, I know this got a little swept up with everything that happened tonight, but one of the questions I have to ask you is about your match out there. Strong rumors are going around right now saying that Buster Gloves was not the person who said they quit out there tonight. Would you happen to know anything about that...?"

"What," Finn snorted out as he turned to look at the portly interviewer. "You think I cheated out there or something?"

"I didn't outright say anything of the sort, but... you have to admit, Finn, it's a little suspicious when it comes to the people who are looking in from the outside. Your past when it comes to morality with your prior runs in the XWF is... questionable, shall we put it, and this makes two out of three matches you've had now in this run where outside interference was at least heavily speculated. So, I have to ask again... did you have anything to do with what happened in your match tonight?" Sayors leaned in close to Finn to get his response, with the camera that followed him doing the same.

Finn's expression turned into that of a scowl as he looked at Sayors. "I said it before when I was gearing up to face Lexi Gold and John Black, and I'll say it again. I despise cheating. There is no glory to be gained in that ring with dubious means like that. I'm going to figure out who got involved in my business, and if Buster Gloves - and yes, I'm going to say his name out of respect for the man who brought it out there tonight - thinks I was responsible in the slightest for that, then he can meet me in the ring on Warfare while I'll be out there talking, and we can discuss this like grown-ass adults."

"Well, that's... certainly an answer then..." Sayors managed to stumble out, straightening himself under Finn's harsh glare. "Oh, but if I may... you'll be talking on Warfare? What about?"

"Simple," Finn said. "For too long I've been trying to figure out my next move in this company now that I'm back, and intending to prove I'm better than ever."

"Before my match on the next Warfare, I intend to show everyone how I plan on doing so while I figure out who got involved in my match at Relentless."
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"Oh look, Chris Chaos has returned to rack up some L's to a whole new generation of talent. BRA-FUCKING-OH GO FUCK YOURSELF!"

"I can't wait for us to get reacquainted, dummy."

"Flynn, that belt is half mine and you know it, but for now, congrats."

"And Finally, I hope that Dick is into blood, cause Gravy's been working on his flow, and it's heavy every other Saturday night!"
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[Image: tenor.jpg]
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"Dick's got gold baybay! And damn do I look HOT as FUCK! You virgins better get used to seeing this handsome face on TV."

(09-25-2022, 05:36 PM)(Gravy_Xtreme_5000) Said: "And Finally, I hope that Dick is into blood, cause Gravy's been working on his flow, and it's heavy every other Saturday night!"

"Pfft. Baby Gravy you cannot handle Dick, listen sweetie maybe you should you stick to threatening the other mid-carders cuz you ain't ready for the main event."
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Hardcore, psycho fans

(cheered for breaking rules and bones; excessively violent; creative with weapons)

09-25-2022, 07:35 PM



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"Experience isn't always good, baby, you can be a master of doing something bad your entire life and only know when you cum up against a true professional. Something you'll learn when I shove my lootbox in your face on Savage and take back that money you stole from me you swine!"
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