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Latina Submission Machina Offline
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01-06-2022, 12:57 AM

”Hell Cop!”

Vita’s sudden locker room outburst does little more than confuse LSM.


”That’s who we’re facing, Hell Cop!”

LSM places her face in the palm of her hand.

“*sigh*.......¿Por qué?”

”Okay, so there’s this like, REALLY old movie from the 90’s called “ Highway to Hell”, and the bad guy is a cop of unknown origins, just like our buddy O. Bay T-Law! By the end, it turns out that he’s the Hell Cop and he works for Satan!”

“What do rehashed gimmicks from terrible films have to do with tag-team wrestling!?”

”REALLY!? Can’t you see!? O. Bay T-Law is the Hell Cop!”

”Oh, okay… And what? Bartholomew is supposed to be, what, el diablo?”

Vita laughs with a snort!

”Oh heck no! They call that guy “Boots”, and it’s not because he’s known for laying them to butts either! It’s because he’s a bootlicker to the real big man in charge… DONALD TRUMP!”

LSM laughs off the notion!

“¿El hombre naranja? No way! That’s almost as ridiculous as werewolf and vampire luchadors!”

A look of hurt falls over VV. LSM takes notice and tries to comfort her.

“No! I do not mean to insult. I’m just, uhhh….”

”I’m right! You’ll see! They even named their team MAGA!”

“Moral Army of Godly Americans. What is so wrong with that?”

”Moral Army? Did you watch their match against The Money Titans? There were more cheap shots than wrestling maneuvers!”

LSM shrugs.

“Oswald’s no técnico, what goes around comes around.”

”That’s fine, but do it in a hardcore match! These guys are trouble, I’m telling you!”

“Even if you’re right, who are they trouble for? Not us! There’s a reason those gringos were matched against the Money Titans and we were matched against each other in an epic co-main event. Honestly, we should be wrestling Centrubion on this show- that’s a real match! Four Anarchy champions sharing one ring, but instead, we get two Anarchy champions and two nobodies! But- if you think these nobodies are going to fight like dirty rudos, we can just beat them to the punch.”

LSM reaches down for her red, white, and green duffle bag. She unzips the bag as Vita looks at her with a raised eyebrow. LSM grabs an extra pair of green gloves out of her bag and throws them over towards Vita’s feet. They land on the ground with a loud thud.

Vita picks the green gloves off the floor with curiosity and felt their weight in her hands. A look of disappointment spread across her face.

“Tommy Wish left a few pairs of these special gloves in my locker after Warfare. Tommy boy is always looking out for his favorite luchadora.”

Vita shakes her head in disappointment.


Steel plates drop out as VV tears the gloves to shreds.


Vita says as she glares at LSM.


”Do you really want to win THIS way?”

She waves the shredded gloves in front of LSM.

”I mean, sure, you hit those guys with this, and our chances of winning raise tremendously, BUT!! Where’s the honor? Where’s the pride? I thought you were a proud luchador? Not a slimy rudo!”

“Mi madre told me a bunch of grand tales about honor, integrity, pride….but it was all a bunch of lies! The company she kept, my bloodline, there’s no honor there! The kind of men she sle-”

LSM pauses.

“Let’s just not go there, okay? I’ve learned a lot about the world, about my world, and trust me Vita….”

LSM looks down to the ground with complete dejection.

“There’s no honor there.”

Vita treads cautiously.

”Hey, whatever it is that “ your world” revealed to you, it doesn’t define you. Only your actions can do that! When we faced off I could tell that you were frustrated and on edge-”

“Wasn’t hard to tell, I made my intentions clear heading into the match.”

”Yeah, you did, and then when presented the opportunity to take the easy win, you didn’t. Instead, you put faith in your own ability and allowed your desire and skill to carry you to victory. It was a good day for LSM and her fans. You don’t need to resort to dirty tricks to win, and even if you did, what does it really get you in the end? Micheal Graves and Charlie Nickles-”

LSM winces at the mention of Charlie.

”-have carried their fair share of gold, but what respect or admiration do they have? None! And I can’t speak for Charlie, but having spent time with Graves, I can tell that the lack of respect drives him mad. Don’t be those guys, be you… Be The Latina Submission Machina!!”

”I was always told that wrestling is in the blood, that your heritage and tradition define you…”

LSM looks up with measured hope.

”But you’ve been in this business longer than me. Honestly, I thought wrestling was just about WRESTLING- and I was prepared for that….but I never expected all this other caca to get in the way!”

Vita chuckles to herself.

”Wrestling is… Something, for sure… You know, after I failed to successfully cash in my briefcase I began to question the world much like you. I convinced myself that I only lost because my opponents were cheating, and I wasn’t. I thought becoming “ vicious” would level the playing field, make me a champion. The fact is, my worst year in wrestling was the year I turned my back on my own morals and code, and it’s something that I still pay for to this day. Trust in your ability, not what you can hide from the officials.”

A soft smile spreads across LSM’s face as she considers Vita’s thoughtful words.

“Okay, Vita- let’s do this your way…”

”No, OUR way!”

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