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Anarchy - 11/11/21
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"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane Online now or has been in the last 30 mins
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(cheered; very rarely plays dirty but isn't lame either; many likable qualities)

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11-13-2021 09:38 PM



Big Money Oswald
- vs -
Open Challenge!

Oswald will take on ANYONE! Title or no title, Oswald wants some FRESH BLOOD!

The FIRST person to post a 1,000 word RP marked for the open challenge, from any brand in the XWF, will come face Big Money!

Referee: HoloRef Dot Gif

Elijah Martin
- vs -
- vs -
Edward Jr.
Triple Threat!

Referee: Chaz Bobo

(Tommy Wish & John Black)
- vs -
Jax Hart & John Caedus
X-Treme rules!

ONE RP per team

Referee: Virginia Hymen

- vs -
Lord Raab
Last Man Standing!

The competitors will go at it until one of them is unable to get back to their feet before a count of ten!

Referee: Mr. Referee

- vs -
Latina Submission Machina
- vs -
Vita Valenteen
Kansas City Bullrope Match!

The two will be tied together by a bullrope with a cowbell at the center. The first competitor to touch all four corner turnbuckles in a row without interruption will be the Anarchy Champion!

Referee: Ari Silverstein

[Image: gR8affl.png]

The beginning of the Anarchy broadcast is indicated by the brandishing of the XWF logo on the bottom right-hand corner of the feed. A disclaimer flashes on the screen:

The sound of crutches clicking on the concrete floor can be heard as we see XWF Anarchy Commissioner Dolly Waters rounding the corner backstage with none other than Loverboy Vinnie Lane. The crowd begins to roar in the arena over the replay of the footage. Dolly still looks banged up, a full cast keeping her left leg extended, but she still looks much better than when we last saw her being loaded into an ambulance following the Main Event of Relentless Night 2.

”Dude. You know you didn’t have to come back to work so soon.”

Vinnie reminds Dolly as they continue walking down the hallways towards the camera,

I know. But with all of this exciting new talent being signed to the XWF, I wanted to get back to work. I think there’s more than a few of these new signees who can make a big impact on Anarchy.

”Suit yourself, Waters. But if you need any extra help, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Dolly smiles and rolls her eyes,

Like I’d ever do that.

Vinnie smiles and nods, and shows Dolly to her office for the evening, the placard on the door reads: COMMISSIONER WATERS
Vinnie opens the door and camera from inside of the office picks up the feed, only catching Dolly and Vinnie’s perplexed reactions in the doorway.

What in the world is HE doing here?

Vinnie’s face sags as if he’s remembered something that he forgot to mention. He lets out a long sigh and turns towards his young protegee, ”I totally forgot, dude.” he says as Dolly shoots a troubled glare at the sound of Vinnie’s tone, What’s going on?

”Just come on in and sit down. We’ll have to give this guy some of our attention for a moment.”

As Vinnie and Dolly enter the office, and the door begins to close, we see what looks like a man’s feet shifting off from the desk. The door closes and we hear muffled conversation beginning on the other side of the door.

Back to the live feed…


Soooooo many fireworks, bro. So many. This is a red state, so it’s basically anything goes when it comes to explosives and ammunition. Vinnie hired an F-15 to shoot missiles over the arena. It’s freakin’ wild.

A bunch of veterans stand on the stage saluting or whatever army guys do, and then LEE FREAKIN’ GREENWOOD hits the stage!

Wow, so moving. He’s here because this is ARMISTICE DAY ANARCHY, BABY!!!!

We find Vinnie Lane sitting at his announce desk waving a little American flag.

Vinnie Lane: “Welcome to Anarchy everyone! Remember, back in 1918, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month… WE KICKED SOME BUTT! WOO!!!!”

The crowd cheers because jingoism rocks.

Vinnie Lane: “Now, I’ve got a special surprise for you… and not just tonight’s awesome episode of Anarchy. Sure, we’ve got top to bottom action including a TRIPLE bull rope match for the Anarchy Championship… the REAL surprise is my NEW ANARCHY ANNOUNCE PARTNER… everyone welcome BAMA T. and Sassafras!”

[Image: tumblr_nbo3ezQ5eN1tlazt9o1_1280.png]

Bama takes a seat next to Vinnie, who pulls some Snausages out of his pocked for Sassy.

Vinnie Lane: “I love this little guy. Welcome to Anarchy, Bama!”

Bama: “Glad to be here, baby! I know this is the spot where the magic happens, I cain’t wait to see these warriors clash horns!”

Vinnie Lane: “Well lucky for you, the waiting is over! ANARCHY IS BACK, DUDE! Let’s get to the ring!”

[Image: gR8affl.png]

Big Money Oswald
- vs -
Open Challenge!

Oswald will take on ANYONE! Title or no title, Oswald wants some FRESH BLOOD!

The FIRST person to post a 1,000 word RP marked for the open challenge, from any brand in the XWF, will come face Big Money!

Referee: HoloRef Dot Gif

His music hits, soon the ramp opens up and slowly Oswald begins to rise. His ornate cane planted in the platform, dressed to the nines like always. The crowd starts to chant "MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! " Once he stands on equal footing with the stage, he flung open his arms to form a t, letting out a loud roar, before grinning as he steps forward. He makes his way down the ramp, slowly unbuttoning his suit jacket, his tie, his dress shirt. Finally, he unbuttons the XWF Anarchy Championship belt, handing it, his clothes, and the cane, to one of his servants. He stands in the center of the ring, ready to face off against his opponent.

Vinnie Lane: "Wow dude! We’ve got another killer night of Anarchy lined-up for our capacity crowd! And once again, we open this wild ride with a Big Money Oswald Open Challenge! Oswald, even though he dropped the Anarchy Championship, is determined to prove he’s the future of this brand!"

Bama: "Big Oswald is like a Mack truck with the brakes cut. He's just straight ahead violence, baby."

The crowd excitedly murmurs, waiting for Oswald’s opponent!

The honeyed rasp of Atara's voice blares over the facility's PA in unison with those words appearing on the multitude of screens and displays littering the arena.


The crowd pops and gets to their feet shouting in near total unison a single word.


Arena lights start to pulse in time with the music and multiple vertical streams of pyro erupt across the front of stage. Strutting with purpose Atara emerges from the back taking spot centerstage atop the ramp. Posing for the camera, a wink and kiss is given to the viewers at home.

Vinnie Lane: “Gnarly! Atara Themis, Three-Time XWF Shooting Star Champion, is answering Big Money Oswald’s Open Challenge! No disrespect to his previous challengers, but Big Money Oswald will have his work cut out for him here!"

Bama: "I am so stoked, Vince! I am plum in love with this woman! MARRY ME ATARA I GOT ACRES IN MONTGOMERY!"

Grunge walking to the ring steps, she climbs and stops at the top to posture again for her adoring public. Hand on her hip, the Grecian moves to the middle of the apron to blows a final kiss to the camera and enters the ring through the middle rope.

A projector rains light down from above and the projection of Holoref Dot Gif appears… A very gentle mist get blasted into the ring so Holoref Dot Gif can operate in three dimensions of administration!

Holoref Dot Gif points at the timekeeper!


Big Money Oswald
- vs -
Atara Themis
Open Challenge

Oswald will take on anyone

Oswald goes to grapple up just as Atara ducks and elegantly steps out of his reach. Oswald again drives himself forward to get a hold of his much slenderer opponent, but Atara quickly hits the mat and slides between his legs…

Bama: "Lucky fella..."

Vinnie Lane: “Bodacious! Atara is taking a much different strategy than Oswald’s previous challenge opponents. Instead of taking the fight to Oswald, Atty is staying just out of reach… She might be angling to wear him out over time… Or trying to frustrate him into making a mistake!"

Atara continues to baseball slide out of the ring and gestures, once again greeting her ‘doves’ in the crowd, who whoop and holler for Atara!

She spins and… turns straight into a 350 pound dive from Big Money Oswald!

Big Money catches her in the neck with his shoulder and the top collapse in a heap.

Vinnie Lane: “WHOA BRO! I say this a lot, but I’ll say it again. Big Money Oswald? Deceptively agile!"

While Atara is still recovering from that hellacious dive, Oswald has already gripped her by the top of the head and is rolling her back in the ring. He crawls in after her and slides into a cover!


Atara throws her shoulder up at one-count, refusing to allow herself rest after getting hit with one move.

Oswald tries to keep the offensive pressure up by grabbing Atara… One hand on her waist and another on her neck… AND HE DEADLIFTS HER FROM FLAT ON THE MAT TO INTO THE AIR OVER HIS HEAD!

Vinnie Lane: “FAR OUT! Incredible strength on display from Big Money Oswald!"

Oswald casually alters his grip and goes for a Military Press slam… But as he drops Atara, she lands on her feet and hits the ground running!

Vinnie Lane: “And equally impressive body control by Atara twisting like a cat to land on her feet!"

Bama: "I'd let her control my body..."

Atara rebounds off the ropes and goes low with a baseball slide to Oswald’s ankle.

Oswald hops on one foot, trying to stretch the attacked ankle quickly.

Vinnie Lane: “Atty might have found Oswald’s Achilles heel… literally!"

Atty bounces back off the ropes and hits the ankle Oswald is still standing on… Oswald drops like the tallest tree in the forest, landing on his knees!

Vinnie Lane: “Wow! It’s a feat all on its own taking Oswald off a vertical base!"

Bama: "I'd let her take me off a vertical base."

Vinnie Lane: "Okay Bama we get it!"

Atty isn’t done yet, though, slapping her knee…. Signalling for the Judgment of Paris…

Vinnie Lane: “Killer! Atty took Oswald down a couple feet and now he might be in prime position for a big knee to the skull! Which Atara seems more than willing to provide!"

Atara wheels backwards one more time off the ropes and runs…

Just as Oswald sprints past her, bouncing off the ropes himself.


Vinnie Lane: “Wow! It’s hard to believe Oswald didn’t know who his opponent would be, given how prepped he is to counter some of her offense in the early-going..."

Oswald tries to crawl back onto his opponent, but Atty rolls to her right… And regains her footing outside the ring.

Vinnie Lane: “Wiley move by Atty to avoid another pin by Oswald. This is a chance to regroup."

Bama: "This match is already a memorable one! Cain't wait to see the way it ends!"

Atara bends over coughing, regaining her breath after one hell of a spinebuster… Oswald reaches over the ropes and grabs a fistful of Themis’ hair, trying to pull her back into the ring!

Oswald actually manages to get Themis’ feet a foot of the ground… But Atara latches onto Oswald’s neck and deadweights! Oswald lurches forward and gets pulled neck first into the toprope! Atara has her claws in deep, Oswald claws at his throat choking before HoloRef steps up to start the five count!

Atty cleverly hangs on ‘til the count of four… Before releasing her grip. Oswald rebounds off the top rope and collapses onto the mat.

Atty climbs up to the ring apron… Slapping her knee again!

But Oswald shakes his head and scrambles back up to his feet, using the ropes on the opposite side of the ring to ease his climb.

Vinnie Lane: “Mondo impressive ring awareness by Oswald. Not only creating distance but getting back to standing up. Atty is going to have a hard time getting that big knee 6 feet and 8 inches into the air..."

Regardless of Oswald standing, Atty is still standing on the apron, gripping the top rope and slapping that knee.

Oswald goes across the ring towards her and…

Lightning-quick, Atty springboards to the top-rope and leaps knee-first!


Oswald collapses like a rubbery ragdoll as Atty lands on top of him… HoloRef drops to count.



Oswald throws a shoulder up!

Vinnie Lane: “Tubular! What a big shot by Atty! Nine times out of ten, a knee that big would win her the match."

Atty blows a bit of hair out of her face, thinking about her next move as Oswald stirs shakily…

Atty rolls behind rising Oswald and looks to prepare herself for a big move…

Vinnie Lane: “Whoa. There’s no way. Oswald weights 200 pounds more than Atty..."

Still, as Oswald gets to his feet, Atara wraps an arm between his legs…

Vinnie Lane: “Atara is going for a 326-pound Birth of Venus!"

Atty liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…



Nothing doing.

Oswald remains flat-footed, firmly in the center of the ring.

Bama: "Dang! My favorite female just about had herself a prolapse trying to lift up that half ton of man!"

Vinnie Lane: “Damn. Just too much Ozzy to lift."

Before Atty can release Oswald’s waist, Oswald does a standing switch and now has Atty’s back! He follows up this gaining on control with a GERMAN SUPLEX!

He doesn’t release the grip and works both himself and Atty to his feet! A second German Suplex!

Vinnie Lane: “Grody! Oswald is going for that Sextuple German! Which, even one or two of these can leave someone knocked out, anything after that is just cruelty."

Atara is looking pretty dazed and confused as Oswald works her back to a vertical base, looking for German number three…

Oswald heaves upwards…

And Atara slips out of his grip and backflips onto her feet!

Vinnie Lane: “Radical! Atara just spun 360 degrees to land her feet and didn’t even ralph! Impressivo, yo!"

Oswald turns around… Just as Atty bounces off the ropes…

And catches him with a running yakuza kick to the face!

Oswald staggers backwards and ends up backed to the ropes…

Atty runs at him full-speed…

But Oswald catches her under the armpits and heaves her with a massive belly-to-back suplex over the top rope!

Atty lands on her back and the loud smack of flesh on padding reverberates around the arena…

Vinnie Lane: “Yeesh! Ouchtown!"

Bama: "My mam was from Ouchtown. Daddy was right out of Johnson City, Tennessee."

Oswald rolls under the ropes and pushes Atty back into the ring… She’s looking a little loopy after that last maneuever.

Vinnie Lane: “Mondo credit to Oswald! Every move he’s made in this match has been high-impact and high-damage!"

Oswald goes to step over the top rope… But with the last of her strength, Atty leaps to her feet and lifts the top rope! Oswald ends up crotched, heaved a half-foot into the air by his legs!

Atara loosens her grip on the rope as Oswald is still hung by his nethards… And she lurches forward behind Oswald yet again...

Vinnie Lane: “Oh my God! No way! Oswald is just too big!"

To Atty’s credit, she doesn’t try to lift Oswald this time… She simply drops her shoulder behind Oswald, uses the elasticity of the ropes to get his feet off the ground! Then rotates the lifted Oswald straight onto his neck!

Using some simple kinetics and elasticity, Atty just managed to deliver a 326 pound Birth of Venus Suplex to Oswald!

Vinnie Lane: “Yeah! Science!"

Atty clings onto the bridge for the pin! HoloRef makes the count!




Winner by Pinfall - Atara Themis

Big Money Oswald throws up a shoulder just after the count is made… But he’s still loopy as he falls over onto this side.

Atty cradles her neck, sitting on the mat, but lifts her arms in the air, basking in the applause of the crowd.

Vinnie Lane: "An incredible showing by both competitors here! Oswald demonstrating impressive strength and gamesmanship, countering Atty at many, many turns. But Atara Themis, proving to be just too good on this occasion! What an incredible fight!"

Bama: "Atara Themis is a gosh darn legend. Slow clap for the goddess, baby. Slow freakin' clap. Ain't that right Sassafras?"

Sassafras barks.
[Image: gR8affl.png]
It opens up to the backstage at the arena, where Tommy and JB are getting prepared for their tag team match by getting into their wrestling outfits. JB then noticed a pair of wrestling boots that had “LSM” inscribed on the sides, and he notices a green mask right next to him as he was getting his Kendo Stick from the floor.

JB: So, these are what you going to give to LSM right?

T: Hell yeah, these are my gifts to her and I hope to see her shortly around to give her some “courage” so to speak.

JB: Yeah, what about the green mask tho… what’s that all about?

Then he whispers into JB’s ear about it, and JB nodded his head and both men zipped their lips as he placed the mask back into his carry on. Then about a minute later, they are in the hallway at monitors, and he see’s LSM stretching and he see’s she had no shoes on her feet. So he then taps her on the shoulders, and she jumped at the sight of him as he handed her a pair of wrestling boots he made for her.

T: Hey Latina, not sure on what size you wear on your beautiful feet of yours so I had to make some guess so to speak. So anyways, don’t let me distract you on getting yourself prepared for your title match tonight, I hear it’s going to be a barn burner classic with ropes on, which I find kinky with Centy in the mix. I’ll make sure to um.. “even the odds”… so to speak, and in return you can give me something better, mamacita.

Then she walked away disgusted at the sight of smiling Tommy, and Tommy comes back to JB who was then shaking his head for how weak his game is.

JB: Really bruh?… that was some weak shit you spat at her!

T: Oh you think you can do better, she’s the one who put them moves on me, bro

JB: Fine.. fine, all I can say is----oh fuck it, do you think we have a shot against Zillionare Jax Hart and Jimbo’s inbred brother John tonight?

T: Look at us, and look at them… they might be a threat as singles wrestlers, but as a duo? They know full well that they will have a hard time trying to keep up with us, and to be blunt they might win over us… but we’ll still get the last beatdown anyways. Just gotta remember that we aren’t in that bracket of relevance any longer, so we can get away with much more shit.

JB: I see your point there T, let’s go out there and beat them into pulp… oh, after that you think you can really even out the odds in that bull rope match for your chick over there?

Tommy then pulls out his Kendo Stick and he uses a rag on the table to wipe it down as he eyes into it. Then he places it over his shoulders, and swings around a bit with it and looked at JB dead in the eyes.

T: Let’s just say… she won’t come home as the champion… but she’ll come out as fuckked up as I can be for her.

Then both men just head back into their locker room, as the scene shifted back into the ring.

[Image: gR8affl.png]

Elijah Martin
- vs -
- vs -
Edward Jr.
Triple Threat!

Referee: Chaz Bobo

The lights on the entrance way go dark as "Blueprint 2" by Jay-Z begins... as the song reaches the 21-second mark and the beat drops, an explosion is heard and the stage lighting comes back up, revealing Elijah Martin standing at the top of the entrance way. After about ten seconds of standing still to take in the crowd in the arena, Martin casually makes his way to the ring, yelling some random things at the crowd on the way. As Elijah yells, the tiny dog in Bama T’s lap instantly perks it’s ears up and starts growling in the direction of the entrance ramp! Sassafrass the chihuahua begins barking rapidly in Elijha’s direction. Elijah Martin looks slightly confused at the sudden barking, but quickly dismisses it.

Vinnie: You really got to put a bark collar on that thing, dude.

Bama T: That’s abusive! You’re a sick man, Vinnie! My beautiful Sassafras doesn’t deserve to be shocked for expressing themselves!

Elijah walks around to the hard cam side of the ring and hops onto the apron towards the end of the first verse of the song. When the song transitions into the chorus with the beat drop at the 1:25 mark, Martin raises both arms in the air and yells "I'M THE KING, MOTHAFUCKAS!" After a couple of seconds taking in the mix of cheers and boos, Martin steps into the ring and just paces around a couple of times before stopping at his corner and taking an ass bump to sit against the bottom turnbuckle. As the music cuts out we can still hear the high pitched barks of a tiny dog.

HGH walks to the ring with confidence as his entrance music plays. The hard rock anthem seems to relax the dog as Sassafras begins to sit down peacefully in Bama T’s lap. The crowd jeers and boos at him as he walks down the entrance ramp. He uses the stairs to get onto the ringside apron before he ducks beneath the top rope and walks towards his respective turnbuckle.

Vinnie: This is a big match here for Harmon Grayson Hays! He's looking to move up the ranks with a win here tonight.

Bama T: He's looking to show Elijah Martin and EDWARD that he's stronger than them, and they ought to know it!

EDWARD is not fancy. He walks to the ring in a not fancy manner before sliding underneath the turnbuckle…...and then immediately charges towards Elijah Martin! Edward bashes Elijah across the head with his mechanical hand, causing Elijah to drop to the ground! And now the match is underway as the referee is already ringing the bell!

Vinnie: EDWARD here subbing in for his son, and he seems ready to shake the ring rust off right away!

Bama T: EDWARD is a wild animal between those ropes. That's all instinctual- you never lose that!

Vinnie: I can’t help but think EDWARD was getting revenge for the time Elijah cost JUNIOR a tag match!

Bama T: Or he’s just smart and knows how to play dirty!

Vinnie: Well of course EDWARD knows how to play dirty! I mean, just look at the dude!

EDWARD is immediately on top of Elijah Martin and continues to hammer his head with the mechanical fist! Elijah instinctively brings his forearms up to protect his face, but there’s nothing stopping EDWARD from continuously hammering down upon Elijah’s defenses! Over in the other corner HGH can’t help but laugh. HGH tosses a few mocking words Elijah’s way before turning around and climbing up the turnbuckle. The fans boo HGH as he ascends the top rope and begins informing the crowd that he is in fact stronger than them, and they surely know it.

Meanwhile, Chaz Bobo is closely monitoring the action between EDWARD and Elijah Martin! Chaz squints at EDWARD’s mechanical hand as the filthy man continually brings it down on top of Elijah’s bracing forearms. Chaz quickly turns away from the action as he pulls out a pocket guide to the XWF rulebook. Chaz starts furiously flipping through the rules and regulations as EDWARD continues his merciless assault.

Bama T: What’s Chaz doing?! Don’t you hire refs that know the rules, Vinnie?!

Vinnie: I do, dude! But I think Chaz is trying to figure out if a mechanical hand counts as a foreign object or a weapon! And honestly…..I don’t think we thought about that situation when we wrote the rules! I think Chaz is going to have full discretion here!

Bama T: Then he needs to take his damn eyes off of the book and get back to looking at that man mounting man action!

Vinnie: Phrasing, dude……

EDWARD lifts his mechanical hand high up in the air as he prepares for another hammer fist, but all of a sudden, EDWARD finds two thumbs inside of his eye sockets! Elijah Martin screams furiously as he digs his thumbs in deeper! EDWARD has no choice but to roll off of Elijah and out of the ring! As EDWARD rolls down onto the ringside mats he clutches eyes as bloody tears roll down his cheeks.

Vinnie: I’m not sure that move is strictly legal, but Chaz Bobo didn’t see it!

Bama T: You really can’t hire refs for shit, can ya, Vin?

Sassafras yaps at Vinnie just as Bama does.

Vinnie: Chaz is a fine official!

Bama T: I’m not talking bout’ the way he looks!

As the commentators argue, HGH finally gets the good sense to turn around. As HGH leaps off of the top rope and back onto the mat he is absolutely shocked to see Elijah Martin running at him full speed! HGH doesn’t even have a chance to dodge the head swiveling lariat! HGH drops to the floor and rolls out of the ring.

Vinnie: DAAAAAAMN, DUDES! Did you see that lariat?! He almost took Harmon’s head off! But still, that was a good veteran move by Hays to roll out of the ring. You don’t want to be a sitting duck!

Bama T: That wasn’t a veteran move! Elijah knocked his ass out and he’s out cold, I mean, just look at him!

The camera zooms in on HGH, and true enough, he does look completely out cold! He’s laying face down on the mat. The camera zooms out and it looks like Elijah is going to slide out of the ring…..but he can’t get out before EDWARD slides INTO the ring with a steel chair! Chaz Bobo tries to grab the foreign object but he’s too slow, EDWARD is already running at Elijah!

AND ELIJAH MARTIN DUCKS OUT OF THE WAY AS EDWARD SWINGS FOR HIS HEAD! Elijah quickly rolls out of the ring to get away from the madman with the chair!

Vinnie: Quick thinking by Elijah!

Bama T: Quick thinking? If he just takes a chairshot to the head he would have won by DQ!

Vinnie: No one wants to take a chairshot to the head! Besides, Elijah wants to win the old fashioned way, dude- by kicking someone’s ass!

Chaz Bobo grabs the chair from EDWARD’s hands and immediately begins admonishing him for bringing a weapon into the ring. EDWARD tries to argue his case but Chaz doesn’t at all seem convinced.

Meanwhile, Elijah Martin is rounding the outside ring posts as he circles the ring to get to HGH. He crosses a post and walks past the announce booth….when Sassafras suddenly jumps out of Bama’s lap and begins charging at Elijah with fearsome yips!


Bama T: Sassafrass is too fast! I’ll never be able to catch them! They’re a good dog, though- they wouldn’t hurt anybody, and they’ll tire out soon enough and come crawling back!

Vinnie: DUDE!

Elijah Martin looks down in annoyance as the tiny dog charges and yaps at him. Elijah stares the barking hound down as he cracks his knuckles, almost as if he’s daring the dog to try something. The dog stops right in front of Elijah and begins barking incessantly… HGH all the time he needs to get himself upright! HGH sleuths over towards Elijah as he cusses out the yapping chihuahua.

Vinnie: Oh no! Elijah’s going to get it!

Elijah can hear the commentary from this close and immediately yells at Vinnie that a tiny dog will never be able to hurt him.

Bama T: He’s not talking about my Sassafras!

HGH LOW BLOWS ELIJAH MARTIN WITH HIS FOREARM! Elijah drops to the ground near Sassafrass, causing the dog to go running back towards Bama T.

Bama T: See I told you Vinnie! My dog wouldn’t hurt a fly!

Vinnie: It distracted Elijah, helping Harmon get the upper hand!

Chaz Bobo throws the chair far up the entrance ramp as he wags a final finger in EDWARD’s face. HGH grabs Elijah by the shirt and lifts him up just enough to slide him back into the ring. When EDWARD sees the unconscious Elijah come back into the ring, he immediately ditches Chaz and charges right back at Martin! He dives down on top of him, mechanical fist first!

Vinnie: EDWARD AGAIN with the big punches!

Bama T: You know mechanical hands aren’t a half bad idea! I’m thinking more wrestlers should get some of those!

Vinnie: If more wrestlers get them, we might just have to make a rule about it!

EDWARD continues pounding Elijah’s face with his mechanical fist...until HGH sneaks up from behind him and RAKES HIS EYES! Chaz Bobo wags a stern finger in HGH’s face, but the dirty player pays the ref no mind.

Vinnie: ANOTHER SHOT TO EDWARD’S EYES! Brilliant move by Harmon, targeting a part of his opponent that had already been weakened earlier in the match! Harmon is turning into an experienced wrestler in front of our eyes every week of Anarchy!

Bama T: EDWARD may need to get himself mechanical eyes after this one!

EDWARD stumbles forward towards the ropes. He leans against the ropes as he clutches his scratched and gouged eyes. HGH approaches the unsuspecting EDWARD and begins hammering him with forearms to the back! After the third forearm blow EDWARD collapsed to his knees against the middle rope. HGH lands a few more forearms for good measure before he wraps his arms around the man’s neck and pulls him back up to his feet. Harmon Greyson Hays locks in the sleeper hold as he walks EDWARD into the middle of the ring! Chaz Bobo squats in front of EDWARD as he listens for any sign of a submission!

Vinnie: HGH has EDWARD right where he wants him! This isn’t good for EDWARD at all!

Bama T: EDWARD entered this match in JUNIOR’S place because he knew the family needed a win…...but he needs to fight out of this maneuver quickly if he wants to win!

EDWARD swinging arms soon start to slowly go limp. A few seconds pass before Chaz lifts EDWARD’s arm up in the air. It falls straight down. Chaz lifts EDWARD’s arm again...and again it falls straight down.

Bama T: I think EDWARD is out!

Vinnie: He needs a miracle here!

Chaz lifts EDWARD’s arm straight up into the air again……..but before it falls Elijah Martin is on the scene! He hits BOTH MEN WITH THE D.B.F (DEATH BY FOREARM)! His hunky forearm smashes into both men’s heads and sends HGH and EDWARD FLYING over the top rope and right in front of the announce table.

Vinnie: What a save by Elijah Martin!

Bama T: He just hit BOTH MEN with his finishing move! This match is his to lose!

Vinnie: But both men flew out of the ring from the force of the blow! He’s going to need to get them into the ring in order to win.

Bama T: Well, couldn’t the referee just count both men out and declare Elijah the winner?

Chaz Bobo, as if on cue, reaches back into his pocket and pulls out his quick reference book. He flips to the triple threat rules section and begins looking at the sanctioned regulations. Elijah, sick and tired of waiting around, slides out of the ring!

Vinnie: Chaz….dude….we’re going to have to talk after this.

As soon as Elijah steps in front of the announce table Sassafras is immediately barking at him from the safety of Bama’s lap! Elijah sneers at the dog and spits on the ground. Elijah points at the dog before he picks EDWARD up and hits The Prologue (future shock DDT)!

Vinnie: EDWARD looks out of it! He has to be done, he’s taken so much punishment!

Bama T: He’s a man from the wilds, Vinnie! I’m sure he’s wrestled gorillas and orangutans before!

Elijah picks EDWARD up and looks set to throw him in the ring….when suddenly his gaze drifts back towards HGH. Elijah tosses EDWARD back down to the ground and stands still for a moment, simply glaring at Harmon Grayson Hays. A few more seconds pass before Elijah Martin takes a few steps towards HGH!

Vinnie: What is he doing here?! He just needs to roll EDWARD into the ring and pin him! He could even hit another Prologue for good measure!

Bama T: Harmon Grayson Hays has been running his mouth off at Elijah ever since he lucked into that tag team win! Elijah Martin said he was going to show HGH who the better fighter was, and I think he’s fixing to do just that right now! He wants to teach that newbie a lesson about disrespecting the vets of this business!

Elijah Martin stomps on HGH’s head with a satisfied grin on his face. After that he grabs HGH and lifts the groggy man to his feet...only to bring him right back down to the ground with a T-Bone suplex!

Bama T: This is how you teach manners into the minds of the youth!

Vinnie: HGH might think twice about disrespecting Elijah again after that nasty suplex, that’s for sure!

HGH screams and clutches his back as he rolls to his side. Elijah Martin stands up with a smirk as he grabs HGH and rolls him under the bottom rope and back into the ring. As Elijah steps towards the ringside apron Sassafras the chirping chihuahua leaps out of Bama T’s lap and onto the table!

Vinnie: Control your dog, dude!

Bama T: Come here!

Bama T reaches out for the dog but the dog is far too quick! It leaps off the table and onto the ground just as Elijah Martin is lifting himself up to the ringside apron with the help of the ropes. The dog LEAPS into the air nips near Elijah’s ankles! The dog falls back down to the ground, but with a small piece of Elijah’s pant leg in it’s mouth! Elijah starts cursing out Bama T and his dog as the Chihuahua continues to scream at him from down below!

Bama T: Come back here Sassafras!

Vinnie: Go get your dog, dude!

HGH stirs to his feet and sees his golden opportunity. Elijah stands on the apron with his back against the ropes as he barks back at the shorthaired menace. HGH picks himself up to his feet before sneaking over to Elijah Martin. HGH places his OWN back against the ropes before INTERLOCKING his arms with Elijah’s! Elijah cusses again as he tries to pull his arms free, but it’s no use, he’s already being lifted into the air! Harmon Grayson Hays locks Elijah Martin into a backslide pin against the mat! Chaz drops down to count as the chihuahua continues to yip and yap, never shutting it’s trap!


Vinnie: This is your dog’s fault, Bama T!

Bama T: Nothing is Sassafras’s fault!

Elijah Martin tries to kick out but is held firmly against the mat!


EDWARD picks himself up to his feet and looks into the ring with an agape jaw. He starts rushing into the ring….

but he’s too slow to break up the sneaky pin!


Winner by Pinfall - Harmon Grayson Hays

Bama T: I can’t believe it!

Vinnie: I can’t believe it either, dude!

Bama T: HGH came out here tonight and DOMINATED! He showed his worth in this division and he threw his weight around like a true pro’s pro! He beat Elijah Martin again, just like he said he would!

Vinnie: What?! Your dog did this, dude!

Bama T: My dog didn’t even go in the ring!

HGH celebrates victoriously in the center of the ring as Elijah Martin immediately begins complaining to the referee. EDWARD leans back against the turnbuckles in a seated position with a look of defeat across his face. The crowd boos relentlessly. No one in the arena seems to be happy…..except for Harmon Grayson Hays, who is smiling from ear to ear as he walks his way up the entrance ramp to the sound of his own theme music.

Bama T: What a happy scene here tonight as HGH proves all the doubters wrong!

Anarchy fades to commercial as EDWARD wistfully reminisces about his estranged son.

[Image: flat,1000x1000,075,f.u2.jpg]

[Image: gR8affl.png]
[Image: gR8affl.png]

(Tommy Wish & John Black)
- vs -
Jax Hart & John Caedus
X-Treme rules!

ONE RP per team

Referee: Virginia Hymen

The feed is interrupted by a show of Vinnie in his office, clearly pre-recorded just in case of emergency.

Vinnie Lane: “Folks, the standards and practices made us edit out this match. Here’s a video of dogs failing to catch things instead.”

The scene reverts back to the live broadcast.

Winners by Doctor’s Stoppage - THUGS

Bama: “I have never seen a man vomit as much as Jax Hart just vomited. Who let these two get drunk before the show? Are we allowed to air this with John Caedus just naked and crapping everywhere like that?”

Vinnie Lane: “I’m sure it’s fine! I’ll double check with HR just in case. Hey, Bama, what’s that on the stage?!”

The camera pans to show the entrance ramp, with a brand new November surprise!

[Image: geneokerlundegg.jpg]

Bama: “It’s a big egg! Boy I bet my Nana coulda made a dee-licious omelet out of that thing, with okra and chicken fried steak on the side!”

Vinnie Lane: “I wonder what it could be! I hope we find out on THANKSGIVING ANARCHY in two weeks!”

[Image: gR8affl.png]

- vs -
Lord Raab
Last Man Standing!

The competitors will go at it until one of them is unable to get back to their feet before a count of ten!

Referee: Mr. Referee

The camera fades back in on the Anarchy commentary table after commercial break.

Vinnie Lane: "Well, Bama. The arena is still buzzing from that last contest!”

Bama T: “Buzz-a-does, loopy-sue-me! This crowd in K.C. loves them some RUUUUU-bay, Ruby, RuBAY, BAY-BAY!”

Vinnie Lane: "I don’t even know if those were words, but I think the arena shares your excitement. They’re on their feet chanting the former Anarchy Champion's name, because she’s in action next!"


Vinnie Lane: Here she comes!

Ruby steps out under the AnarchoTron, running to opposite sides of the stage, throwing her hands in the air at the roaring audience. Before making her way to the ring.


Vinnie Lane: “All valid points I’m sure, if only they were coherent. But you have to admit, Bama, the task facing Ruby tonight may not be a favorable one. She has Lord Raab in a Last Compeditotr Standing Match.”

Bama T: “You hear the words, Loverboy. The Green Disease ain’t no man, baby. Lord Raab is a monster!”

Monster by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain wearing his green and black wrestling trousers with his nickname The Green Disease German Monster on the front of them with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers with black gloves on both of his hands and wears a black and green mask and ignores the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and crouches down in the corner moving backwards and forwards, rubbing his hands and moving his neck around while looking at his opponent with anger in his eyes while waiting for the match to start.

Vinnie Lane: “Lord Raab is dangerous, dude. He ended Sarah Lacklan’s in-ring career. Will he have his way with another former Anarchy Champion? We’re about to find out.”

Ruby and Raab glare at one another from across the ring, as Mr. Referee rolls to the center of the mat and beeps in a computerized mimic of a ring bell. Raab charges at Ruby, who meets his speed with some fast feet of her own. Ruby leaps in the air for a kick, but Raab uses Mr. Ref’s metal frame, like he’s hiding behind a punching bag. Ruby’s foot misses Raab and smacks into Mr. Ref, causing her to fall to the mat.


Vinnie Lane: A heady move there by Raab, luring Ruby in, and now he has Banana Lime Blur where he wants her!”

Raab ounces on Ruby, striking her in the head with repeated knee drops. Ruby tries to cover up, but this gives Raab an opening, he yanks Ruby up by the hair, bashing her in the face with a forearm and going for a DDT! But Ruby stays strong on her feet, pressing with her legs on the mat and pushing the two of them into the ropes.

Raab falls through the middle and catches himself on the apron. Ruby gathers herself and takes off running to the opposite ropes. She runs at the staggering Raab, and leaps toward him, but Raab stops her dead in her tracks with a sick european uppercut out of nowhere! Before Ruby can even fall backward, Raab grabs her limp arm and pulls her back to the rope, dropping her bicep over the top rope as he drops to his butt on the apron.

Ruby shouts out and immediately grabs her arm that bent awkwardly over the rope. Raab smiles and slides back into the ring, he charges Ruby again, going to spear her down to the mat, but Ruby spins out of the way! Raab flies shoulder first into the steel ring post. Just as he falls back to his rear in the corner, he’s met with a running dropkick to the face from Ruby.

Vinnie Lane:If it’s one thing we’ve learned about Ruby over the years, Bama, this girl has a tremendous motor.”


Ruby tries to take advantage of the ailing Raab by backing up to strike him again, but Raab rolls under the bottom rope and finds his footing on the floor, holding his jaw and trying to shake off the blow. But Ruby gives him no quarter! She’s already bouncing off of the ropes, running towards Raab!

Vinnie Lane:TOPE CON H-”


Raab shifts out of the way just in time and catches the flipping Ruby with another viscous european uppercut. Ruby’s body folds awkwardly onto the arena floor while the impact was so strong it knocked Raab back into the guardrail.

With both competitors down, Mr. Ref begins making an exact 10 count:


Raab climbs to his feet


Ruby is up on all fours, about to grab onto the ring skirt to pull herself up.


But Raab kicks her in the ribs. Lifts her and drops her promptly with a snap DDT on the floor, restarting the count.


Vinnie Lane:”Ruby appears to be in big trouble here, Bama.”


Vinnie Lane:”Dude, will you please quit yelling?”



She’s climbed up to one knee. Raab is livid! He sizes Ruby up and charges at her before she can stand. A running clothesline!


Ruby baits Raab with a crafty drop toe hold that sends the Green Disease smacking mouth first into the apron. Raab appears to be badly injured. He crumbles to the floor, half of his body rolling under the ring.


Ruby moves over to Raab’s feet, and drags his body out from under the ring, probably to se up her diving finisher. But while under the ring, Raab has gotten ahold of a kendo stick, and now he’s baited Ruby! Raab does a situp and swings wildly at Ruby’s knees with the kendo stick. But Ruby leaps over the swing. She kicks back at Raab, but he dodges with a roll! Raab is up to his feet, kendo stick in hand. Ruby runs and leaps onto the apron, and quickly catapults right back off with a flying drops kick!

The kick smashes Raab in the face, but at the same time he swung the kendo stick and caught Ruby across the throat. Both warriors fall to the floor as the count resumes.


Ruby is to her knees, but his holding her throat, gasping for air


Raab is up to his feet, trying to shake the cobwebs, his vision seems impared.


He trunks around, blinded by his welled up eyes from the dropkick to the nose and starts swinging wild haymakers. Ruby spots one of the punches coming very close to her face


She rolls out of the way and gets to her feet. Raab’s vision has returned, just in time to spot the kendo stick again. He swipes it from the floor and swings again! But Ruby roundhouse kicks the kendo stick from his hand!




Raab drops Ruby who lands on her feet, and grabs him again!



Vinnie Lane:”What an incredible sequence there! This one has to be over.”


Ruby stands back to her feet and keeps a close eye on Raab who is out on the floor


But Raab begins to stir again! UNBELIEVABLE! Ruby is in disbelief. She climbs up on the apron, then to the turnbuckle.


Raab is lifting up



Ruby smashes into Lord Raab with the diving double foot stomp to the back, flattening the Green Disease face first into the floor.











Winner and Last Hero Standing - Ruby

Vinnie Lane: “Wow! What an incredible outing from the Super Dear-O!”

Bama: “And it wasn’t even the main event! This show is incredible, baby!”

Sassafras starts barking like crazy, drowning out whatever Vinnie says next.
[Image: gR8affl.png]

- vs -
Latina Submission Machina
- vs -
Vita Valenteen
Kansas City Bullrope Match!

The two will be tied together by a bullrope with a cowbell at the center. The first competitor to touch all four corner turnbuckles in a row without interruption will be the Anarchy Champion!

Referee: Ari Silverstein

Vinnie Lane: “And here we are folks, the big main event of the evening!”

Bama: “Hot DOG I’m ready for this one. You ready for this match, Sassafras?”

Sassafras continues to stare off somewhere because it’s a dog.

Bama: “Good girl!”

Vinnie Lane: “You know Bama, a LOT of people think a match like this is impossible… I mean… a bullrope match is easy, right? But with THREE people? You need to be REALLY creative!”

Bama: “Well you could just-”

Vinnie Lane: “So what I did, was I engineered a special three-way bull rope. All connected at the center, three different ropes go out and are tied at the waist of our three contenders. One of them’s got to go from post to post and touch all four turnbuckles… but how will they do it with two others trying to stop them? It’s gonna be so rad!”

As the opening riff of "Wicked Child" tore through the arena the crowd jumped to their feet! Vita makes her way down to the ring, taking time to interact with her adoring fans along the way. Vita then slides into the ring and postures for the crowd as her music dies down.

The referee places her bull rope on her wrist and backs away quickly.

Vinnie Lane: “Here’s one of the more popular faces in the XWF, everyone’s little sister, “Vampire” Vita Valenteen! Ha! Hey Bama, you guys down South aren’t superstitious are you?”

Bama is seen shivering and holding a bible close to him. In his lap, Sassafras is howling.

Bama: “Dear Jesus, keep me safe from this evil from the devil. And bless poor Sassafras. Don’t let my puppy become the undead!”

Vinnie Lane: “Guess that answers that question…”

"La pistola, chambonea"

"Salió El Sooooollll"

Green and red pyrotechnics shoot up about five feet in the air on either side of the entrance platform as Latina Submission Machina pops out of the tunnel. The masked wrestler bounces around just outside the tunnel for a moment, her red hair flipping from side to side. She crouches slightly and begins overhead clapping along to the music as she steps forward. Some of the crowd begins to clap along as the luchadora descends down the entrance ramp. The latinx music continues to blast through the speakers as the woman in the green and red wrestling outfit rolls beneath the bottom rope and into the squared circle.

"La pistola, chambonea"

The crowd begins to clap along to the rhythm of the music with greater enthusiasm as Latina Submission Machina performs a modest belly dance in the middle of the ring. Moments later Latina Submission Machina quickly breaks away and starts running the ropes of the ring, testing out the squared circle and getting a feel for it's qualities. Content with it's fitness, the luchadora grabs a hold of the ropes and comes to a controlled halt. She turns to the referee and tells them she's ready to go. The luchadora heads to the corner as instructed and begins rolling her shoulders and neck, stretching in preparation for the coming battle.

Ari Silverstein approaches her and loops her rope around her wrist.

Vinnie Lane: “The former champion, Latina Submission Machina! Centurion JUST took the Anarchy Title off of her last Warfare, and you can see she is all business and ready to get that belt back around her waist!”

Bama: “You are right about that, baby! And you know what they say about latinas when they’re mad!”

Vinnie Lane: “No, what do they say?”

Bama: “Huh? I… I mean… you know. They say stuff.”

Vinnia Lane: “Right. Cool. Time for the champion to arrive!”

Centurion walks out from the back holding the Anarchy Championship high over his head, and bopping along to his music like he was Rick Vaughn taking the mound in Major League. Fans cheer and Cent takes a moment to sign a photo of him and Ruby holding hands for a young fan dressed in banana lime.

Centurion enters the ring and hands his belt off, then allows Ari to tie his wrist into the triple rope

Vinnie Lane: “Looks like we’re all set!”

Ari checks the rope and looks at each competitor to make sure they are ready, then calls for the bell!


Cent right away tries to ungth to his advantage, grabbing the rope attached to Vita and yanking it towards him to hit her with a clothesline. Vita is caught by it and hits the mat hard, but the split second of focus on Valenteen allows LSM to hit Cent with a high drop kick that sends him tumbling as well… right out of the ring!

Centurion hits the floor and rolls away, and the tension in the rope pulls LSM out onto the apron as well. Vita gets to her feet in the ring and rushes to slap one of the turnbuckles, but just then La Machina leaps off the apron onto Centurion with a moonsault, and Vita is pulled onto her back by the rope!

LSM bashes Centurion into the guard rail and then turns back to the ring just in time to see Vita coming down onto her with a double ax handle! Valenteen then slithers back under the bottom rope and pulls her rope hard, snapping Latina’s spine into the ring apron!

Vinnie Lane: “What a start dude! Fast paced and hard hitting action!”

Bama: “You got that right Vinnie, these three might all end up needin’ the amberlance tonight!”

Vita attempts to repeat the process on LSM, but Latina puts on the brakes and pulls Vita forward instead! Vita hits the ropes and LSM jumps up from the floor, grabbing Vita and guillotining her neck across the top rope!

Latina watches as Vita rolls to her back and then she jumps up for a springboard, but Centurion pulls down on the rope and makes her crash and burn on the apron! Centurion wraps his rope around her arms and nails LSM with a rope-assisted dragon suplex on the floor! He then grabs LSM and tosses her back into the ring, keenly aware that he needs some slack in the ropes to end this match.

Cent follows LSM under the bottom rope and turns his attention to Vita, who’s gotten to her feet. He hooks her for a vertical suplex but Vita blocks, then turns it into a spinning neckbreaker on him! Vita loops the rope around Centurion’s ankle and drags him toward the near corner, tapping the top buckle and then running straight across to hit a second! Pink lights over the two corners light up.

Vinnie Lane: “Vita’s got two turnbuckles, Bama!”

Bama: “That’s a third of the way there!”

Vinnie Lane: “It’s… oh, dude…”

Vita pulls Centurion toward the middle of the ring and goes for turnbuckle number three, but Latina breaks things up with a spinning heel kick from out of nowhere to flatten Vita and stop the progress.

LSM pulls Vita up and they start to brawl as Centurion shakes off the cobwebs. He gets up as well and heads to an opposite corner, slapping his hand down across it and causing a blue light to come on, catching the ladies’ attention.

LSM and Vita communicate and seem to come to an accord. When Cent heads for a second corner, both women pull their ropes and Centurion is slingshotted towards them, and they BOTH drill him with a V-trigger knee right in the middle of the ring!

Bama: “Now that was fancy!”

Vita looks pleased but then takes a big boot to the midsection from Latina, who then snatches Valenteen up and drives her right into Centurion’s chest with an impaler DDT! LSM hops over the pile of opponents and hits a turnbuckle, getting a green light. Then a second! Then a THIRD! LSM can taste victory as she skips over Cent and Vita again, headed for the fourth and final turnbuckle… but Vita has her by the ankle!

LSM is tripped up and Vita scrambles to her feet in time to execute a quick double stomp to the back of Latina’s head! All three green lights go out.

Vinnie Lane: “Back to the drawing board. I thought we were about to see a new champion, Bama!”

Bama: “We still might, Vince, Vita Valenteen is going after Centurion now!”

Vita pulls Centurion to his feet and looks to be setting him up for some kind of suplex, but the Anarchy Champion plants his feet and drives his shoulder into Vita, slamming her backward into a corner. Both a blue and a pink light come on over the, and it gives Cent an idea.

He turns around and drives Vita across the ring the same way, slamming her spine into the buckles of the opposite corner and driving the wind from her lungs in the process. Again, both lights come on.

Cent repeats the process again, heading across the ring and lighting up pink and blue bulbs over a third turnbuckle, and then he immediately transitions into a 1,000 Mile Slam onto Vita, right in the middle of the ring! The pink lights go off, but the blue ones stay on.

Vinnie Lane: “All Cent has to do is get to that fourth corner now to retain the title!”

Centurion walks quickly across the ring and raises his arm up, but he comes to a sudden stop just out of arm’s reach from the final buckle! He turns to look behind him and sees Latina Submission Machina across the ring, pulling on her rope for dear life.


Vinnie Lane: “No Bama, you already asked this like three times backstage before the show!”

Centurion digs his heels in and pulls back on the rope in a big tug of war. LSM starts to slip and Cent inches closer to the final turnbuckle… until Vita hops up onto the taut rope between Cent and LSM and runs across it like a highwire! She flips Centurion over with a hurricanrana and smacks the buckle, turning the blue light pink as the other two blue ones shut off. She then runs right at LSM and leaps into the air, smashing Latina with a flying side kick that sends her tumbling out over the top rope to the floor!

Vita smacks the second buckle, and then the third across from her. She heads for the fourth, but the deadweight of LSM outside of the ring stops her halfway, allowing Centurion to grab her in a desperation uranage! All the lights go out once again, and all three competitors are down.

Vinnie Lane: “I knew this contest wouldn’t be easily decided! All three of these warriors want that Anarchy Title!”

Bama: “Dang right! It’s the biggest prize on Thursday Nights!”

Vita and Centurion slowly get to their feet in the ring and look to swing on each other, but they’re interrupted when Latina finally pulls off the slingshot maneuver off the ropes from the apron, taking them both out with a cross body press!

Vita is up first but is whipped to the ropes by LSM. Latina ducks for a back drops… CANADIAN DESTROYER FROM VALENTEEN!

Vinnie Lane: “Vita got ALL of that! But Centurion’s got her in a sleeper!”

Centurion sinks his arms tight around Vita’s neck and squeezes the life out of her. Vita droops to the mat, but she finds a second wind from somewhere and manages to drop Cent’s jaw across the top of her head as she drops down to her butt! The jawbreaker stuns Centurion, and as Vita sees LSM getting back to her feet, Vita runs to a corner and lights it pink!

LSM follows her and lights it green!

And Centurion follows them both! Now all three lights are on over the first corner, and the three continue to chase each other around the ring!

Vita to corner two! Then Latina! Then Centurion!

Vita to corner three! Then Latina! Then Centurion!

Vinnie Lane: “All three have lit up three buckles… it’s gonna be a sprint to corner four!”

Bama: “Look at Vita go!”

Vita hits a high gear and takes off running for the final corner, and LSM hits the brakes, stopping her dead in her tracks!


The two women collapse into a tangled pile of limbs, looking like the victims of a car crash, and Centurion, exhausted, rushes over to the fourth corner, slapping his hand on top of it right before he collapses from having to run all the way around the ring!


Winner and STILL Anarchy Champion - Centurion

Centurion is handed his belt as Vita and LSM are brought up to speed and untied from the bull rope.

At ringside, Sassafras is barking relentlessly, even with Bama trying to cover up the little dog’s mouth.

Bama: “Sassy, come on now! You got to pipe down, we are on TV, baby!”

Vinnie Lane: “Pup is just excited for another great Anarchy in the books, Bama! I’m so glad you were here to witness HEY WAIT WHAT THE HECK!!!”

Just then, Elijah Martin charges the announce desk and snatches Sassafras right out of Bama T.’s hands. Martin holds the little dog in two hands, ready to twist its little head right off of its body.

Elijah Martin: “I HATE DOGS!!! This freakin’ dog cost me my win earlier tonight! You saw it! You know it, Lane!”

Vinnie Lane: “Dude I agree with you but don’t hurt the dog!”


Martin starts to twist Sassafras by the head.

Elijah Martin: “You owe me, Lane! I want my shot at Centurion and the Anarchy Title and I want it RIGHT AWAY! Give me the shot at Bad Medicine! I got no problem snapping this little mongrel’s neck, one less dog on the planet is a good thing in my opinion!”

Bama’s eyes start to well up with tears as he looks desperately at Vinnie.

Bama: “Give it to him, baby, I don’t want him hurtin’ little ‘Fras!”

Vinnie stands up and gets in front of Elijah. He holds his hands out.

Vinnie Lane: “Dude! DUDE! Stop! Fine, Elijah! Fine… you got the shot at Bad Medicine. You and Centurion for the Anarchy Title… just put the dog down, dude!”

Elijah Martin smirks and then nods. He hands Sassafras back to Bama, who starts openly weeping and hugging the chihuahua to his face, getting tears all over it. Sassafras howls in sadness and fear.

Elijah Martin: “Pleasure doing business with you, Lane. You ain’t so hard to negotiate with. We’ll do plenty more business together as soon as I’m the new Anarchy Champion!”

Eijah turns and heads away, but Vinnie calls to him and he stops.

Vinnie Lane: “Wait, Elijah, hold up dude. You got the shot like I said… but I’m still the booker here, my man! You and Centurion will face off at Bad Medicine all right… but it will be in a KENNEL FROM HELL match!”

Vinnie smiles wide as Elijah Martin seethes. Anarchy fades out on a shot of Bama and Sassafras shivering together at the booth.


Dolly Waters
Mark Flynn
Charlie Nickles
Tommy Wish

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LSM is seen unwrapping the multicolored tape from her hands, slowly, almost as if she can't bring herself to do it. The shoes that Tommy Wish gave her can be seen in the locker behind her, unused. LSM looks up to the camera and gives a small salute.

"I have no choice but to tip my cap to you, Centurion. You were the better técnico tonight! I left it all out there, again, and still came up short. It looks like I have a lot more training to do before I'm ready to go into the Hall of Legends."

LSM bites her lip beneath her mask as she looks down at her partially taped hands. She unwraps them slightly more before looking back up to the camera.

"So, Centurion, you need another sparring partner?"

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"Let's talk".

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