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Men and Lesbians

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11-11-2021 12:59 AM

2512 Holmes St.
Kansas City, Missouri

[Image: UXSxRss.jpg]

The rooftop of KC’s hottest Mexican restaurant is packed from half-wall to half-wall with latino people of all ages. The camera jumps from crowd member to crowd member as it moves through the crowd. We see smiling children, confused mothers, and neckbeard men all standing around a common commotion: LSM’s meet and greet table!

LSM is constantly busy shaking hands, signing autographs, and hugging kids. A fat man in a black polo is standing next to the table, ushering each fan along to keep the event running smoothly.

“You’re my favorite lady wrestler!” a small boy wearing a KC Chiefs hat screams.

“Gracias! But we call ourselves LUCHADORAS because we must always preserve our culture!”

“Will you sign my toy?!”

“I would love to!”


He places a replica Anarchy Championship belt on the table. LSM looks a bit uneasy for a few seconds as she stares down at the belt. She quickly pushes the feelings of disappointment and loss back down as another smile spreads across her masked face. LSM signs her wrestling moniker across the empty nameplate on the replica. She can’t help but remember what it was like to be on top as she holds the replica belt in her hands.

“I can’t believe that old man is the new champion. He almost makes me want to throw away my favorite toy!”

“Jajaja! He sure is old. In fact, when I was in the ring with him last week he smelled like he had just come back from the retirement home! Even worse, when I was grappling around with him on the mat I think I felt a pair of depends underneath his tights.”

“What are depends?”

“They are diapers used by old men to keep their poops from running down their pants during matches.”

“EWWWWWWW! Why’d you have to lose to him!”

“I KNOW, RIGHT! It sucks and I am not happy about it...but in my defense, it was very gross to wrestle him! I was not prepared for the smells he dealt in that ring! Really I only tapped out because my NOSE couldn’t take anymore! But I’ll be ready for those poopy pants smells tomorrow night, I promise you! That old man won’t beat me again!”

“He’s like, the most boooorrriiiiing wrestler of all time!”

The Mexicana MILF standing behind the small child nods her head in agreement as she places her hands on his shoulders.

“He really is! In fact, I put on Centurion’s promos to help my little Juan go to sleep at night sometimes!”

LSM hands the championship back to the child as she eyes the Mexicana MILF up and down with sensuous intrigue.

“Yeah, Centurion could put anyone to sleep! Back in his bachelor days I heard he even used to put VITA to sleep at night! Well, I guess that’s just how men are.”

LSM winks at the mother of the small child as the joke goes right over his head.

“Tell me about it! My ex-husband was just like Centurion. He only ever really cared about his own satisfaction.”

“Women do everything better it seems…”

LSM lowers her gaze from the mother to the child. While doing so she takes a solid second or two to look at the bouncing melons spilling out of the MILF’s blouse.

“So, you said I’m your favorite luchadorA….who’s your favorite luchador?”

“Vita Valenteen!”

LSM scratches her head.


“Yeah! I love vampires!”

“Oh my little Juan! He thinks anyone without ‘feminine features’ is a boy. I’m sure he will learn soon enough!”

“Well Vita just recently transitioned to a vampire, so I suppose transitioning to a man is not out of the question! It’s just a shame that Vita’s wrestling transitions are so sloppy. Ever since she got those vampire powers she’s been fighting like an idiota! NOT jumping in front of flamethrowers is wrestling 101, but it’s clear that vampirism has infested Vita’s brain!”

The man in the polo pipes up with clear annoyance in his voice.

“Alright, you got your autograph- time to move along. We still have at least 30 more VIPs to get through….”

“Woah woah woah, not so fast! Let’s let the lovely mother and her son get a photo!”

“Photos cost extr-”

“This one’s on me!”

LSM darts out from behind the table and hands her cellphone to the guard. She then takes a position behind the child and next to the mother. LSM places her arm around the older woman’s waist as the group poses for the photo. The child holds his signed championship belt proudly in the air.


“I will text you a copy of the photo. What is your cell phone number?”

LSM takes her phone back from the guard and sends the photo over to the milf. The woman’s phone chimes and she looks back at LSM.

“Oh...I guess I have your phone number now. Hah, that’s funny. I won’t bother you, I promise!”

“Oh it’s okay, you can text me whenever you want! But I might only be in Kansas City for a few more nights...”

The mother raises a telling eyebrow at the implication.

“Winning championship belts is a lot of hard work, and it’s always fun to celebrate my big wins with my favorite fans!”

LSM rubs the woman’s shoulder softly as the MILF giggles sheepishly. The guard looks at the huge line of people behind this family and rubs his eyes in clear agitation. LSM looks at the security guard briefly, then back to the mother.

“Why don’t you go get you and your son some tacos- on me! Just tell them LSM said you deserve something special. I have a lot of fans left to meet...but I’d love to talk to you more later tonight!”

The woman giggles again as she leads her son away from the table. LSM can’t stop herself from taking a quick glance at the woman’s bottom as the camera fades to black…...

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