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XWF Presents: Relentless 2021 - Night 3
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"Chronic" Chris Page
- vs -
Robert Main
Third Stage of Hell
Best of 3
Warfare Rules

Big D
- vs -
Mr. BoB
Anarchy Rules


Latina Submission Machine ©
- vs -
Terry Borden
Of all the Gin Joints Brawl
Match will take place in a speakeasy
Anarchy Rules

Charlie Nickles
- vs -
Dick Powers
Death Race Match
Match will take place on the track as cars speed around the circuit
Warfare Rules

Talia Areano
- vs -
#1 Contender for Hart Championship
Warfare Rules


Thaddeus Duke ©/Ciela Luiz
- vs -
Mark Flynn
Iron Man Match
Warfare Rules

Alias ©
- vs -
Doctor Louis D'Ville
Falls Count Anywhere
Universal Rules

We open to darkness.

Then a bright light shines, various voices groan and in a backstage area we Shawn Warstein, Thunder Knuckles, Mark Flynn, Jim Caedus and Vita Valenteen. They squint there eyes as they look around, all are handcuffed to their seats. The sound of a cigarette lighting causes the individual's attention to turn to the front. Dick Powers, wearing a fedora and trenchcoat admires the cigarette in front of him.

DICK: "Gah, this city makes me sick to my stomach. It's like a two-bit whore gumming your balls, it's a dangerous game filled with grime and..."

SHAWN: "Mother fucker if you don't uncuff me right now I will Sin City your ass."

Dick turns to Warstein with a raised brow. Mark Flynn hushes Shawn.

FLYNN: "C'mon man he's monologuing, you don't interrupt when someone is monologuing!"

DICK: "Thank you, Mark!"

Flynn smiles like he's been praised by the teacher.

VITA: "Can we turn down that light?"

Vita squints trying to face away.

DICK: "I don't think there's a dimmer switch."

TK: "You ever heard of a lampshade?"

DICK: "You ever heard of sucking my cock?"

JIM: "HA! Nice one, cap'n!"

Dick clicks his tongue with the finger guns. Dick drops the cigarette and stamps it out before dusting his hands.

DICK: "I'm sure you're wondering why I gathered you all here."

JIM: "Kinky sex?"

Shawn's eye bulge and turn into pure rage as he looks to Dick who thinks for a moment.

DICK: "We'll see who stays after. I am investigating who ran down our sweet Australian angel and cost me thousands of dollars in bribing the police to stay the fuck away!"

TK: "Shouldn't you be interrogating us separately?"

DICK: "You would think that! But I am lazy by nature and just thought gangbanging my way through this could work."

SHAWN: "Okay, I'll just get this out the way so I can leave. Noah's my son and I want to find out who ran him over more than any other cunt in this room."

DICK: "You say that Shawn, but didn't you lie to Noah about the fatherhood in the first place?"

Dick places a finger and thumb to his chin.

SHAWN: "Yeah like 2 years ago! Plus I have an alibi, I had a match in another state when it happened."

DICK: "Don't name the fed, please, with those twinks from that bottom barrel place interrupting MY PAY-PER-VIEW I don't want anyone gaining traction. How can we know you had a match."

Shawn scoffs.

SHAWN: "I'm a headliner. If I fought it's recorded. Now get me the fuck out of these cuffs."

Dick thinks to himself before nodding.

DICK: "Fine, you're off the hook, for now! Riley, let Fuzz here loose."

Riley Reed appears from the shadows startling Shawn before uncuffing him. Warstein rubs his wrists before walking out of the room, shoulder checking Dick on the way out.

DICK: "First, ow! Second, rude... And thirdly... Mark Flynn!"

Mark smiles looking around at the room.

MARK: "This. Is. So. Stupid. I love it."

DICK: "Why did you run down Noah Jackson you damn hippy!"

MARK: "Fine copper, you caught me! Now listen here, see, I got this room surrounded by goons and they'll fill you full of holes before can say Yonkers!"

Dick thinks for a moment, visibly impressed with Flynn's mobster voice.

DICK: "Okay, you're free."

Dick cocks his head for Riley to uncuff him.

TK: "Fuck, what!?"

Mark smiles as he's let loose.

VITA: "Why? Do you think he's serious?"

Mark pats Dick's shoulder as he walks out the room.

DICK: "No but clearly someone that charismatic wouldn't harm a fly."

JIM: "... He's a wrassler, bro."

TK: "Yeah and Jeffrey Dahmer could sweet talk too."

DICK: "Well, well, well."

Dick saunters over to TK, shoving his bulge dangerously close to the Tag Champ's face.

DICK: "You know about serial killers, huh? How convenient."

TK: "You for real, bro?"

DICK: "You beat Noah Jackson for the TV title, a fiiiiine reason to drive the nail in the coffin and humiliate him by running him down!"

TK: "Okay, so first of, why would I run over some cunt I already beat legitimately and have done better than for way over a year and why is your dick still in my vision?"

Dick backs up a little.

DICK: "It follows you around the room, like the Mona Lisa's eyes. Also, fair point. Riley?"

TK is let go and also gives Dick a shoulder check.

DICK: "Dude! Why!? I got a match tonight! Jim!"

JIM: "Sup, bro?"

DICK: "Why are you here? Obviously, you're too cool to do something as lame as attempted murder."

JIM: "You'd be surprised."

DICK: "Fair. Riley, let him go."

Riley goes to move but Jim puts his free hand up to stop him.

JIM: "Nah, I'll stick around."

Jim gives Dick a wink who blushes before turning to Vita.

DICK: "And then there was one."

Vita looks to Jim then back to Dick.

VITA: "Technically, two."

JIM: "Three if you count, Riley."

Dick scoffs.

DICK: "No one counts Riley! VITA! You whore bitch!"

VITA: "Hey!"

DICK: "Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn, and baby you were scorned. Your former lover re-appearing after all this time acting as a cheap Stone Cold parody, I bet that got your blood boiling something fierce, myeh!?"

Vita nods her head.

VITA: "Yeah it was... Weird! But I didn't want to kill him! I'm moving on, I have my own thing going. I saw Noah move on so why shouldn't I!? He hurt me, I hurt him... But I will NEVER harm him."

Vita's eyes don't leave Dick's who stares down at her in deep thought.

DICK: "I think I believe you, I don't know why, you're actually my only real suspect but... I don't know why'd you lie... Riley?"

Riley moves over to Vita and uncuffs her.

VITA: "I hope you- ... I hope someone competent catches the driver."

DICK: "Rude but fair."

Vita moves past Dick who watches her leave with his hands on his hips. He sighs before speaking gruffly.

DICK: "There's a deep pit in my stomach, this case doesn't add up. Surely I exhausted every possible alley but little did I know that this alley opened up to a parking lot of questions. I won't sleep until I catch this bastard, I'll look everywhere, especially to the bottom of a whisky bottle..."

The room falls silent briefly.

JIM: "You know she's a vampire?"


Cut to black.

Night Three of Relentless takes the air live…

Chicago EXPLODES with a thunderous ovation!

HHL: It’s time for the culmination of a blood feud that is two and a half years in the making, and Pip, in just a few minutes when the bell rings the next time it rings one of their careers is going to be over as far as the Xtreme Wrestling Federation is concerned.

Pip: When you think about Chris Page versus Robert Main the word personal doesn’t even describe just how far things have gone. We started the weekend off with an Ironman Match that Page won, and last night it was a No Holds Barred fight that Robert Main tied the series… which brings us to here and now. Hell in a Cell.

”Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is the FINAL STAGE OF HELL in the THREE STAGES of HELL match and is a CAREER versus CAREER match set to take place inside HELL IN A CELL! Introducing first, about to make his way to the ring… ROBERT “THE OMEGA” MAIN!

Over 55,000 strong welcome Main as he walks out to the top of the ramp with a heavy limp on the right leg. His head he wrapped in white bandages as he starts to make the walk towards the ring.

HHL: I honestly don’t know how either Main or Page are standing after the brutality they’ve put themselves through thus far over the course of this weekend, but it brings us to hear and now.

Robert reaches ringside where he slowly climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and entering the ring. The crowd responds loudly for Main as he throws his arms up in the air.

The crowd responds with heavy boos.

”And introducing his opponent, about to make his way to the ring…. “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE.

Attention diverts to the top of the ramp where Chris Page walks out to the top of the ramp with Miss Fury on his arm. Much like last night, they share a kiss and “I love you’s” before she turns and walks back through the curtain. Chris Page turns his attention towards the ring, his head bandaged, his face bruised. Page gazes up at the Hell in a Cell as he continues to walk towards the ring where he shifts his gaze back down to Robert Main.

HHL: This is the last walk to the ring for one of these two men. It all comes down to this one match, this one moment in time because we are about to witness the Final Battle of Cataclysm, the last stand of Chris Page versus Robert Main.

Pip: Now here we stand on the final night of the greatest weekend in the history of the XWF!

Page climbs up on the ring apron where he steps into the ring. He removes his ring jacket and tosses it down to the floor revealing a bruised body from the weekends festivities. Page and Main look across the ring at each other as the music fades away.

Suddenly the lights dim out to darkness.

Strobe lights start flickering up around the rafters as the ominous structure starts to lower.

[Image: hel...ll-wwe.gif]

HHL: Here comes the third participant, the Hell in a Cell structure itself.

The crowd roars loudly as the Hell in a Cell structure lowers down to the ground surrounding the ring and the ringside area around Chris Page and Robert Main.

Pip: It just got real.

“The Memory Remains” by Metallica fades out leaving nothing but a massive ovation from the Chicago Crowd at the Superspeedway with the only thing left to do is for the official to call for the opening bell for Relentless Night Three.

The crowd explodes louder as the opening bell rings out.

HHL: Page versus Main, XWF Career versus XWF Career at stake.

Main and Page gaze across the ring from each other as the crowd gets louder and louder.

Pip: They stole the show on Night One and Night Two- can they steal the entire weekend? We’re about to find out.

The massive ovation breaks out into a thunderous “THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME!” chant directed towards the ring.

HHL: You know it’s been special when you get a chant like that and you haven’t even locked up.

Page and Main start to make their way out towards the center of the ring where they go face to face, nose to nose. You can see both men talking some smack towards each other as the crowd gets louder and louder with anticipation.

Page spouts off to Main causing Main to lash back out towards Page which draws a slap across the face from the Hall of Legends Member and a gasp from the crowd as he smacks Main so hard his head nearly spins around.

Main shifts his head back towards Page where he immediately snatches him by the throat and starts walking him back towards a neutral corner only to see Page start stomping at the right knee of Main which breaks Main’s grasp and knocks his right leg out from under him dropping him down to it. Page quickly bounces off the ropes looking to deliver a straight kick to Main’s face only to have Robert drop out of the way. Main steps back up to his feet where he unloads on Page with a series of right hands garnering a loud ovation with each strike. Main hammers away at Page knocking him back into a neutral corner where he starts laying in reverse elbows to the left side of Page’s face and temple!

HHL: The ultimate question is how much can these two have left after the Ironman Match on Friday, that hellacious No Holds Barred Match last night and now this Hell in a Cell.

Main lands several reverse elbows before bringing Page out towards the center of the ring where he locks on a front waist lock before snapping off a Belly to Belly Suplex which he quickly makes a cover.




Page escapes with a kick out as he’s able to roll over towards the ropes and out to the floor.

Pip: In case you need some reminding; there are no count-outs or disqualifications inside Hell in a Cell.

HHL: Page is looking to create some distance in the early goings.

Main comes forward dropping down to the mat before rolling out to the floor. Chris turns around to see Robert now on the floor causing him to turn back around and evade as he comes around the corner of the ring drawing Main into a chase around the ringside area before Page slides back into the ring. He’s followed closely by Main and as Main dives back into the ring Page is back to his feet where he unloads with a series of stomps across Main’s back and spine.

Pip: Main can’t allow his emotions to take over here, Heather.

Page continues to unload with stomps to the back of Main before picking him up off the mat. He laces him with a stiff knife-edge chop that echoes throughout the Speedway. Page follows it up with a second and equally as devastating knife-edge chop sending another echo throughout the Speedway. Page takes Robert over to the mat with a snap mare take over putting Main in a seated position on the mat.

Page bounces off the ropes where he delivers a hard running kick to the spine of Main. Page drops down to the mat forcing Main back down with a chokehold across the throat. The referee is forced to sit back and watch as Page chokes away at Main. He releases his grip on the throat before getting back up to a vertical base. Page reaches down picking Main up off the mat where he hurls him over the top rope and out to the floor.

Page walks towards the ropes where he drops down to the mat rolling out to the floor. Page stomps away at Robert’s body before reaching down picking up him where he drives him face-first into the side of the Cell! Page starts raking Main’s face across the mesh of the steel before flipping off some unruly fans at ringside.

Page turns and sees a cameraman. He snatches the camera off his shoulder before kicking him in the gut. Page turns back around towards Main where he smashes him in the forehead with the camera busting it into pieces. Main crumbles to the floor.

HHL: Page is trying to cave in the skull of Main!

Pip: It’s all on the line tonight.

Page starts ripping the bandage off the head of Main exposing stitches that have been busted wide open again. Chris kneels down on top of Main where he starts hammering away into the open wound with the fist of fury. Every shot lands before standing back to his feet. He reaches down picking. Page reaches down picking Main up off the floor before hurling him into the ring.

Page tosses the ring apron back and reaches under the ring where he pulls out a Ladder.

We see CCP slide the Ladder into the ring under the bottom rope before sliding back into the ring. Page picks up the Ladder where he hoists it up into the air and slams it down on top of Main violently. Page bounces off the ropes where he delivers a running back senton onto the ladder crushing it into Main’s body!

Page pushes the Ladder off Main’s body before making a cover hooking the near leg.




Robert escapes the near fall as Page starts choking Main again with both hands across his throat!

HHL: They have the license to kill inside this demonic structure known as Hell in a Cell.

Page releases the choke on Main as he steps up to his feet where the crowd roars with boos. Page eggs it on as he cups his hand to his ear before flipping off the crowd. He turns his attention towards the Ladder where he picks it up off the mat and takes it back into a neutral corner where he props it up against the buckles.

Page turns back around towards Main who is starting to stir as the blood continues to run down the side of his face. Page picks Main up off the mat by the hair before lacing him across the chest with a knife-edge chop echoing throughout the Speedway before backing Main across the ring into the opposite corner from the Ladder.

Page fires Main across the ring towards the Ladder, Main reverses to a huge ovation as Page smashes back first off the ladder where he staggers forward into a boot to the midsection from Main who delivers a Falcon Arrow! Main makes the cover.




Page fires a shoulder up off the mat.

HHL: This right here is what it all boils down to if you’re Chris Page or Robert Main. Over two years of history culminating in front of our very eyes.

Main steps back up to a vertical base where he snatches Page up by the hair before drawing him into a front waist lock! Main delivers an overhead release belly-to-belly suplex sending Page crashing back first off the Ladder where he slides down the rungs to the mat as the crowd roars with approval.

Robert drops down to the mat where he rolls out to the floor.

He tosses back the ring apron where he pulls out a Kendo Stick Wrapped in Barbwire! The ovation grows insanely as Robert holds it up in the air for all to see before he slides back into the ring.

Pip: We saw enough barbwire last night with that bloodbath between Caedus and Dolly! We don’t need any more of that!”

Robert slides into the ring with the Barbwire Wrapped Kendo stick in hand as Chris Page starts getting back to his feet. Robert measures Page and as Chris turns around he’s blasted in the skull with the Barbwire Wrapped Kendo stick busting Page wide open as he falls back to the mat.

Main walks forward as Page rolls over to his stomach exposing his back.

Main raises the Kendo Stick and starts driving it into the lower back of Chris Page with repeated shots! The shards of barbwire tear at Page’s flesh as the crowd roars louder and louder with every strike. Main picks Page up off the mat where he uses the barbwire wrapped kendo stick to assist with a Side Russian Leg Sweep!

Main makes the cover on CCP.




Page kicks out to a mixed reception from the crowd. Robert immediately starts hammering Page’s bloody forehead!

HHL: Main isn’t holding anything back!

Repeated shots before he gets up to his feet. He picks Page up where he hurls him back out through the ropes to the floor area. Main steps through the ropes before dropping down to a seated position on the ring apron where he slides down to the floor. Main picks Page up off the floor where he sends Page sailing into the side of the Cell!

Page bounces off the side of the while Robert swings with a clothesline. Page ducks sending Main towards the Cell. Main spins around where Page thumbs him in the eye before taking him head first into the mesh of the Cell! Chris starts raking Robert’s bloody face across the mesh of the steel!

Pip: Finish him off Page!

Page drives Main repeatedly into the Cell framing before turning his attention towards the steel steps. Chris detached the top portion of the stairs before sliding them into the ring. He then snatches Main by the hair where he hurls him back into the ring.

Page slides into the ring after Robert where he gets back to a vertical base.

Page picks up the top portion of the steel steps where he measures Robert who now is pushing himself back up to his feet. Page charges forward belting Main in the skull with the top portion of the stairs! Main drops like dead weight as Page drops the stairs on the mat before dropping down making the cover.




Main kicks out to a huge ovation from the crowd! Page pushes himself back up to his feet where he barks at the referee to count faster. The referee shows him two fingers and inches with his hands. Chris turns back to Main where he stomps down on his bloody forehead several times before picking him up off the mat.

Page bounces off the ropes opposite the back of Main delivering a chop block to the right knee taking it out from under Main causing him to collapse on the mat as the crowd boos intently. Chris’s eyes shift towards the Ladder that’s propped in the corner. He walks over snatching the Ladder as Main clutches at his right knee on the mat.

HHL: This has been a weekend assault on the right knee of Main that has been executed perfectly, and I hate saying that.

Pip: Page said coming in he had a plan. Clearly taking the leg out was apart of it.

HHL: And now he’s got that Ladder.

Page walks over to Main kicking his hands from his knee before raising the Ladder up in the air and jabbing it down into the knee cap! The sickening sound of steel on bone echos throughout the Speedway as Page hoists the ladder up a second time crashing it into the knee cap then a third followed by a fourth as the boos get so loud you can hardly hear yourself think.

Page walks towards the ropes where he tosses the Ladder over the top rope and down to the floor as Robert is in agonizing pain in the center of the ring.

Pip: At some point you’d have to imagine the referee might need to stop this thing.

HHL: He can’t Pip. One fall to a finish.”

Chris walks over to Robert before turning and running towards the ropes where he springboards off the middle ropes with a moonsault to perfection. Page makes the cover hooking back on the right leg.




Main kicks out to a thunderous ovation from the crowd! Page is to both knees as he shoots a look that could kill towards the referee while resting his hands on his hips. Page gets to one knee before stepping up to a vertical base. He looks down at Robert, smirks when the lights go dark.

Pip: Uh…

HHL: Hello? Are we still on?

The lights draw back up to reveal…

There’s a sizeable response from the crowd as The Beast stands in a neutral corner gazing across at Robert Main who is struggling to get to his feet.

Pip: The Beast has shown up in Chicago!

The crowd is on fire as Robert Main uses the ropes across the ring to pull himself up to his feet before he’s able to turn around where his eyes lock on The Beast.

HHL: What is about to happen here?

The Beast removes his bat hat tossing it out to the floor followed by the spiked jacket. The Beast comes forth across the ring where he blocks a Main right hand and counters with a headbut across the nose. The Beast starts gnawing on the bloody forehead of Main before spitting his blood out towards the framing of the Cell.

The Beast starts unloading with a series of right hands before looking to send Main across the ring with an Irish Whip which see Main’s right knee give way as he falls to the center of the ring. The Beast picks up the Barbwire Wrapped Kendo Stick.

Pip: I don’t think this is going to get any better if your name is Robert “The Omega” Main.

The Beast stalks Main as he walks over before breathing the ever loving shit out of the right knee with the Barbwire Wrapped Kendo Stick! Shot after violent shot after shot until finally the referee has seen enough and attempts to interject which The Beast crack him in the skull with the Barbwire Wrapped Kendo Stick drawing a massive gasp from the crowd out of shock factor alone. The official hits the mat, now busted open himself. He’ll learn.

HHL: This is getting way out of control! Theo, Vinnie, someone do something.

The crowd’s joy shifts to heat as the boos fill the Speedway.

The Beast turns his attention back towards Robert who is sliding himself back into a neutral corner to create some space. The Beast smiles at Robert when the lights suddenly go dark a second time!

This time the crowd roars loudly within the black out.

The lights come back up revealing…

A huge ovation as The Omega stands in the neutral corner gazing across the ring at The Beast.

HHL: THE OMEGA versus THE BEAST! The Battle of Cataclysm!

The massive ovation shifts into a thunderous chant of “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” bellowing out from the Speedway.

Pip: The is the first time The Beast and The Omega have been inside the same ring at the same time since High Stakes back in November of last year!

The chant of HOLY SHIT shifts into “THIS IS AWESOME!” from the massive crowd as the anticpation builds. There’s no words between the former partners and the roof explodes as they clash center ring trading series haymaker right hands that brings the crowd to a fever pitch!

HHL: Here we go!

The Beast lands, The Omega lands, The Beast lands, The Omega lands, The Omega blocks before landing three right hands and then he fires the Beast across the ring with with an Irish Whip, The Beast bounces off the ropes and into a Tilt-A-Whirl slam by The Omega! The crowd erupts as The Omega takes a full mount on The Beast before hammering down with vicious right hands!

Pip: I can’t believe what I am seeing!

The Omega gets up off the Beast where he picks him up off the mat. The Beast throws rights to the midsection of The Omega before gouging him in the eyes! The Beast drives the Omega back into a neutral corner where he starts laying in a series of shoulder blocks to the midsection.

The Beast stands up where he shoots The Omega across the ring into the opposite corner. The Beast charges across the ring where he runs into a boot to the face by The Omega rocking him backward several feet but only to see The Beast charge back forward toward The Omega who elevate the Beast over the ring post and crashing down to the floor with a back body drop!

The crowd roars loudly as The Omega comes out from the corner where he picks up the steel steps!

HHL: Oh shit!

The Omega walks towards the corner as The Beast is shown starting to get up on the floor. The Omega hurls the Stairs down at The Beast who narrowly escapes as the stair punctures a hole in the fencing! The Beast gazes towards the side of the Cell and makes his way over where he exits the Cell!

The crowd roars as The Omega rolls out to the floor giving chase to the Beast who catches The Omega coming out through the opening with a boot to the midsection where he takes the Omega by the head and slams him face first off the Cell!

The Beast scooped the Omega up over his shoulder before charging towards the Cell smashing the Omega face first into the Cage before dropping him down to the floor!

The Beast stomps down on the body and face of The Omega.

Pip: The Battle of Cataclysm is only intensifying!

The Beast looks up to the top of the Cell which garners a pop from the crowd. It only gets louder as we see The Beast starting to climb the side of the Cell structure!

HHL: The Beast is headed to the top of the Cell!

The Omega begins to negotiate himself back to his feet where he looks up seeing the Beast nearing the top of the Cell! He starts to climb up after him garnering a louder ovation from the crowd.

Pip: The Beast and The Omega are headed up to no man’s land!

The Beast climbs up to the top of the Cell structure with The Omega trailing not far behind. The Omega reaches the top of the Cell structure and as he throws a leg up on the top of the Cell the Beast comes forward laying boots to the back of his head before snatching The Omega by the hair and pulling him up to his feet.

The Beast scoops up the Omega where he slams him on the top of the Cell!

HHL: Folks this is a very dangerous place to be if you’re The Beast or The Omega.

The Beast stomps down on the face and forehead of The Omega before signaling for the Judas Effet elbow strike to loud boos from the crowd! The Beast reaches down picking The Omega up off the top of the Cell.

The Beast sizes up The Omega where he looks to land the Judas Effect!

The Omega ducks while latching on to a back waist lock where he delivers a snap german release suplex on top of the cell to the Beast! The crowd explodes as both The Omega and The Beast are laid out on top of the cell!

Pip: Heather the top of that Cell could give way at any point under the weight of both The Omega and The Beast.

The Omega starts to work his way back up to his feet where he points down at The Beast before running his thumb across his throat garnering a thunderous ovation from the crowd. The Omega reaches down snatching up the Beast by his hair where he sets him up for a Dead Man’s Hand on top of the Cell!

The Beast is hoisted up in a Torture Rack position where he manages to slide down the back of The Omega where he shoves him towards the side of the Cell structure! The Omega puts on the brakes as he nears the side of the Cell! He spins around as The Beast lunges towards The Omega who snatches him by the throat!

The Omega walks The Beast backward towards safer territory if that’s even a thing before he attempts to hoist him up for a Chokeslam, The Beast frees himself in midair landing behind The Omega, The Omega spins around where he takes a boot to the midsection from The Beast that doubles him over!

The Beast sets up The Omega for a Page Plant!

The Omega counters with a back body drop sending the Beast crashing down onto the rooftop of the Cell structure!

HHL: Back and forth they go high above the right and the area floor.

The Beast starts to work his way back up to a vertical base where he staggers around into The Omega’s right hand across his throat! The Omega hoists up the Beast before driving him down into the top of the Cell with a thunderous Chokeslam which sees pieces of the roof start to snap, yet not cave.

Pip: The Cell is starting to give way!

The Chicago crowd hasn’t quieted down one bit as The Omega reaches down picking The Beast up off the top of the Cell where he’s met with a low blow by The Beast stopping him in his tracks. The Beast steps up to his feet where he sets up The Beast and delivers a PAGE PLANT on the section of the roof that’s giving way!

The section buckles and gives way as The Omega crashes down on top of it sending him free falling some eighteen feet down into the canvas where his velocity sends The Omega crashing through the RING! The Beast, still on top of the Cell, looks down into the hole in the ring as a thunderous chant of “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” bellows out from all over the Speedway.


The referee, who never left the ring slides over towards the hole in the ring before getting to his knees where he looks towards the entrance throwing up the “X” sign. The Beast starts to climb down the section of the cell roof that dangles above the ring! He hangs down before dropping down to the ring where he shoves the bloody referee out of the way. We see some trainers and EMT’s reach ringside where they enter the Cell through the opening created by the steel stairs but as they enter the ring The Beast hits one with a Judas Effect before the other opts to stay his ass outside on the floor.

Pip: For God sake Robert Main, The Omega, whoever the fuck he is needs some help here!

The Beast as an evil smirk on his face as he turns his attention back towards the hole in the ring when suddenly the lights start to flicker… sections start shutting off at a time which brings a huge ovation from the crowd as the Speedway goes completely dark for a third time!

HHL: Oh no…

The blackout lasts for roughly ten seconds before the lights come back up to reveal that Chris Page is in the ring back in a neutral corner where he looks over at the massive body sized hole in the ring.


The crowd explodes as The Monstrosity emerges up through the hole in the ring!

HHL: Holy shit!

The Chicago crowd is on fucking fire as The Monstrosity climbs out of the hole while Chris Page has a look of utter shock etched across his face! The Monstrosity stalks towards Page who comes forward with a right hand that has no effect!

Page decks the Monstrosity with a second right hand which again has no effect.

Page boots the Monstrosity in the midsection which doubles him over for Chris to deliver the PAGE PLANT!


The crowd boos as Page reaches both knees here he looks down at the Monstrosity before he starts to laugh. The fans erupt as The Monstrosity pops back up to his feet!


The Monstrosity looks down at Page who is on his knees! He kicks Page square in the face knocking him backward to the mat! The Monstrosity reaches down picking Chris up off the mat where he drives him back into a neutral corner! He lays several side elbows to the face of CCP before hoisting him up into the Torture Rack position!

The Monstrosity turns and faces the corner before stepping up to the first rope!

He steps up to the middle ropes.

Finally to the top rope where he delivers the DEAD MAN’S HAND to Chris Page off the top rope! Chicago goes ballistic as we see The Monstrosity make the cover!





The lights go dark once again!

The blackout lasts for five or six seconds before they come back up revealing Robert Main on his knees in the ring as the referee raises his arm to a massive ovation from the crowd.

HHL: Robert Main has done it! He has finally gotten the revenge of a lifetime tonight by not only defeating Chris Page, but ending his in ring XWF career in the process.

Robert staggers up to his feet as the crowd roars. He limps towards the ropes before looking back at Page who is laid out on the mat a bloody mess. Robert turns his back on Chris as he exits the ring and then the Cell.

Pip: Victory has to taste sweet for Robert Main tonight.

HHL: It lived up to everything we thought it would and then some.

Robert starts to make his way back up the ramp towards the entrance. He wears the wounds of an absolute war before being joined by Drew Archyle and Jim Caedus who help their Apex Brother the rest of the way to the top of the ramp before turning Robert around where they each raise an arm in the air of Main before they head backstage.

We cut back to the ring where Chris Page is finally starting to stir on the mat.

HHL: Reality is starting to set in for CCP as he starts waking up that his in ring career is over.

Chris reaches both knees as we can start to hear a round of applause from the Chicago crowd out of respect for what they’ve witnessed over the course of the weekend.

Pip: The crowd showing some appreciation.

Page slowly gets to one knee as he clutches at his neck. He steps up to his feet drawing a louder reception from the crowd. He nods his head as he does indeed realize what we’ve just witnessed.

Jessica (Miss Fury) walks out to the top of the ramp with The Bastards and Ozzy. All applauding Page as they walk towards the ring. The Cell starts to rise and has as they reach the ring. Jessica slides into the ring where she walks up to CCP and slaps a big hug on him as they both find themselves overcome by the moment.

PIP: “What a touching moment here, at the end of Chris Page’s XWF in-ring career!”

HHL: “This is a tender side of Miss Fury that’s rarely seen on Television PIP!”

Next up The Bastards enter the ring, Bobby, followed by TK. Ozzy pulls up the rear and closes the door behind him. The Bastards’ and Ozzy are all smiles as they applaud the career of “Chronic” Chris Page as he stands there in Miss Fury’s arms.

PIP: “All of BOB-Elite are here to share in this heartbreaking moment with Chris Page!”

HHL: “BOB aren’t nice guys, but you have to admire their undying devotion to each other! So far, nobody in the XWF has been able to put a wedge between this group!”

Bobby extends his arms, welcoming Page in for a hug.

Gut kick!


HHL: “Page "masterminded" BOB how could he not see this coming!?”

Fury jumps back in shock as Bobby sets up and lands a…



HHL: “True PIP, but did you ever consider that maybe THAT'S WHY this is happening!?”

TK and Ozzy begin laying the boots to CCP! Fury rushes up and pulls them off, demanding to know what they’re doing!

HHL: “Whatever this is, BOB sure isn't on the same page at all tonight Pip!”

Bobby puffs out his chest and crowds Miss Fury into the corner as TK and Oswald creep up behind him!


HHL: "What!?"

Suddenly a thick mist rolls into the ring obscuring our view! As it clears we see VAMPIRE Vita Valenteen standing between Them No Good Bastards and Miss Fury!

HHL: “They may not be friends anymore, but there’s no way Vita Valenteen was going to stand by and watch this three-on-one attack!”

PIP: "Stop exaggerating Heather! Page is there! It's Three-on-Two!"

HHL: "Then Vita evens the odds!"

Suddenly Vita swings around with a flurry of rights, hammering Jessica into the corner!

HHL: “What in the hell is she doing!?!”

Vita violently rips Jessica out of the corner and hits the Canadian Destroyer, leaving Fury unconscious in the middle of the ring! Vita HIGH FIVES the Bastards before they too set their sights on the fallen Miss Fury!

HHL: "What is Vita Doing!? What does this mean for BOB!?"

Vita makes her way over to Page who is struggling to get to a vertical base.

PIP: "Why do you keep asking me, Heather!? Are you insinuating that I'm somehow in on whatever THIS is!?"

HHL: "No, I... What!?"

PIP: "Pay attention to the action in the ring, Heather!"

Vita has little trouble locking CCP into the Rings Of Saturn and using the maneuver to force him to bear witness as Them No Good Bastards and "The Billion Dollar Man" Big Money Oswald have their way with poor defenseless Miss Fury, until finally!

Rainbow Laser Death Sequence!

Vita lets Page loose and he immediately begins crawling to the downed Jessica as Vita, Oswald, and The Bastards raise each other's arms and posture for the crowd.

HHL: “What have we just witnessed PIP? Was this a rebirthing of BOB or something else entirely!?”

PIP: “AGAIN! Why are you asking me!"

HHL: “I'm NOT accusing you Pip! I'm just looking for some insight! Jeez!”

PIP: “I'm not going to speculate on ANYTHING the Bastards are involved in, and I suggest you do the same! I'm sure we'll know more about tonights actions soon enough!”

HHL: "But PIP!?"

PIP: "I said let it breathe Heather!"

PC: "Coming up next is a Singles showdown between Big D and Mr. BoB."

HHL: "At Sin After Sin, Big D had Miss Fury beat to retain his Title, when Mr. BoB came out, ripped off the Cell door, and drove D through, not only a flaming table, but the ring as well!"

PC: "Big D thought the confines of the Cell would protect him from the rest of BOB, but he never expected their resident robot to throw THAT safety net out the window!"

HHL: "And now they're set to square off at the biggest event of the year! Will Big D get revenge on BOB, or will technology prove to be too much for mere man?"

PC: "If you can call D a man............"

Big D's theme song begins to play as the fans give a mixed reaction. The lights go out and multiple searchlights in the shape of 'D's begin scanning around the arena until they all eventually converge at the top of the ramp where The Man Called D is standing. The sight of him sends the unsure crowd into a frenzy of positive energy.

PC: "Sounds like these fans want to see an XWFer kick some BOB tail!"

HHL: "I know we're supposed to be impartial, and I've never been much of a Big D fan, but I'm rooting for him tonight."

PC: "Impartial?! What the hell does that word even mean?"

Big D basks in the aura of the crowd for a moment, before slowly making his way down the aisle. Once he finally reaches the ring, D climbs up onto the apron and into the squared circle, where he eagerly waits in the corner for his opponent to arrive.

"Intergalactic" by Beastie Boys starts and the arena turns green. Mr. BoB trots out from the back, bouncing to the twang of the guitar in the intro of the song and stops out on the stage. A light shines down from high up in the arena to accent its gold plated exterior. Gold fireworks shoot off like rockets and explode behind it. Mr. BoB makes its way down to the ring while waving to the booing fans, as it doesn't know the difference. When it reaches the ring, its jetpacks activate to boost it up and over the ropes where it lands in the center of the ring. A large "BoB" flag drapes down from a balcony across the arena which it faces and salutes. With it's back turned to him, Big D charges forward and attacks the robot from behind, prompting the referee to call for the bell!


HHL: "Big D couldn't wait any longer!"

PC: "I know he's upset, but he doesn't have to stoop to their level!"

D bashes Mr. BoB across the back over and over again, but it doesn't seem to have much affect on him. Mr. BoB turns around and shoves Big D to the mat, who immediately gets up and comes back for more. BoB pushes D back down with ease and drops him with a Loaded Big Boot as he heads towards him, again.

HHL: "Despite the sneak attack by Big D, it's been all Mr. BoB here in the opening minute of this match!"

PC: "He's making it look easy!"

Mr. BoB drags D to his feet and goes to Irish Whip him, but Big D tries to reverse it! Unfortunately for him, his attempt to counter-whip his opponent proves ineffective, and he is instead pulled into his opponent who delivers multiple RoBoButts that instantly crack D's skull open. As blood begins to pour down the humans face, BoB activates his jetpacks and soars up into the air, before planting Big D, head first, into the mat!

PC: "He calls that one Jetlagged and it's a good way to keep his opponent down for, well, GOOD!"

Upon connecting with the move, Mr. BoB uses a lone foot to roll D onto his back and cover him.



SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HHL: "I'm amazed Big D could kick out at all! He's already a bloody mess, and likely concussed, as well."

Despite kicking out, Mr. BoB's foot hasn't moved an inch, leaving Big D pinned to the mat. The robot begins applying pressure to the former bWo Champion's chest, causing him to violently spit out blood.

PC: "Someone needs to throw in the towel before Big D gets seriously hurt!"

HHL: "It might be too late."

Mr. BoB drags his limp opponent to his feet and sets up for a RoBobby Bomb. As he goes to hoist Big D onto his shoulders, though, D is able to slip behind him. This allows him to grab BoB around the waist and lift him up for a Dan Slam!!!!! The move sends the fans into a frenzy, as D's arm drapes across the robot for a cover!


As soon as the ref's hand hits the mat, Mr. BoB sits up as if it was nothing, causing Big D's weak little arm to roll off as he makes it to a vertical base.

PC: "That was Big D's best move, and he just kicked out of it like it was nothing!"

HHL: "I think Big D is in big trouble, Pip. Maybe someone SHOULD give up on his behalf!"

The Man Called D tries to make it to his feet, but Mr. BoB is right there to put him back down with a RoBoB Jab. He then activates two more arms and uses them to pick D back up, where he rains down on him with a flurry of Loaded Punches, very obviously knocking his opponent out with the first couple.

HHL: "This is almost too much for ME to watch."

PC(sipping on a drink): "Not me!"

After about a dozen or so Punches, Mr. BoB lifts Big D up in the air and tosses him across the ring. D's body bounces across the mat and up against the bottom turnbuckle, where he lies motionless. The ref goes to check on him, but Mr. BoB shoves him aside and picks his opponent up for more punishment.

PC: "Do you think Miss Fury ordered him to do this?"

HHL: "I wouldn't be surprised."

Mr. BoB puts Big D's head between his legs and hoists him up, before Slamming him to the mat for a RoBobby Bomb! Rather than cover, though, BoB picks D back up and Slams him back down for another one!!!!!!! He does this one more time, pinning D's shoulders to the canvas upon impact.




PC: "That may have been the dumbest thing Big D's ever done, and that's saying aLOT!"

HHL: "I have to agree, Pip, he's in no shape to continue and I think even he knows it. Good luck telling him to lay down for BOB, though."

PC: "I understand wanting to put up a fight for the biggest show of the year, but this is pure stupidity!"

Mr. BoB stands there, looking down at D as he attempts to use the robot in order to pull himself up. Big D barely is able to make it to his feet, using his opponent's body to keep him there. BoB goes to deliver a heavy right hand, but D grabs onto it and attempts to pull him down for a Big D Face Cruncher!

PC: "He's gonna try to make a robot tap out!"

Despite giving it all his might, Big D is unable to get BoB to budge even an inch. This allows him to grab hold of D and pick him up into a Vertical Suplex, which he converts to a Thunderstrike Foot DDT on the way down!!!

HHL: "Rainbow Laser Death Anomaly!!!!!"

PC: "There's no kicking out of THAT!"

Upon connecting with the move, Mr. BoB rolls Big D over and lays across his body for the pin.



One of Big D's legs barely lifts off the mat, but it isn't enough to kick out of a fly's cover.


Winner- Mr. BoB via pinfall

PC: "And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the decimation of D."

HHL: "We knew it wasn't gonna be easy, but I don't think ANY of us expected that!"

PC: "Big D is a former Xtreme AND Television Champion, and Mr. BoB just made him look like a chump!"

HHL: "This certainly wasn't the Relentless Moment he was looking for."

PC: "Far from it."

The referee raises Mr. BoB's hand, as he looks down at Big D without any sort of expression. With his job complete, the robot heads for the side of the ring and exits it as EMTs hurry out to check on his opponent.

PC: "Big D could have internal injuries in addition to the external ones."

HHL: "This is one of those moments where you have to wonder: how power IS BOB?"

PC: "Enough to do THAT, Heather."

The crowd is silent as Mr. BoB makes his exit and the medics work on D. They eventually load him onto a cart and wheel him away as the camera fades to black.

We cut to a basement speakeasy! People dressed like gangsters in the time period are drinking and gambling generally jovial.

Suddenly, the bar’s patrons start to circle around two competitors.

Dressed in his blue mask with a white star, “Mr. America” Terry Borden!

And across from him… wearing both the Anarchy championship AND the Billion Dollar championship… Latina Submission Machina!

Bar patrons start shouting and calling out odds. Piles of money get shoved to the center of the circle betting on its outcome!

As LSM and Terry where going at it in the speakeasy place, Tommy comes into the place with a baseball bat and dressed up in a suit and tie. He then starts to swing at the bar area, and he manages to scare the locals. Then he lunges his bat towards Terry, and clocks his back; then he started to beat him with the bat, until LSM stopped him.

Then she takes the bat away from Tommy, and he backs up from her, then once Terry slowly got onto his feet, he clocks the bat up his gut. He then clenched both of Terry’s arms behind, and she started to punch him him in the gut, then Tommy lets go Terry as he falls on the floor.

Then he simply watches her stomp on him, as he beams his eyes on the Million Dollar Championship that was at the table. Before he could go up to it, two security guards had escorted him out before anything could happen, and the match continues between Terry and LSM.

The pair move to the center…

All of a sudden, a bouncer runs inside!


The door is broken down! The Chicago Boys in Blue are here in full force! Who would have figured having a televised wrestling match at an illegal hooch parlor and gambling den would end this way!

LSM spins to face the police, weighed down by her title belts…

BAM! A glass full of hooch clocks her in the back of the head!

Terry Borden is taking advantage! LSM topples face-first onto the floor of the speakeasy… AND BORDEN DROPS THE LEG DROP ACROSS THE BACK OF LSM’S HEAD!

As the police start rounding up the speakeasy’s slow customers while the rest are climbing out windows and disappearing down alleys, Borden hooks the leg…





Terry takes the Billion Dollar Title as he runs past the police holding it up in the air while screaming out.


We cut back to the Speedway.

Charlie Nickles makes his way to the track.

The beat kicks in and I Invented Sex echoes through the race track, the crowd cheers and parties! Balloons and streamers fall from all around as Dick Powers saunters onto the track with a rose between his teeth and bounces his head smiling. Dick drops to his knees and opens his arms wide, flaunting what he's got to the crowd as his pyro goes off behind him. He hops to his feet clapping, dancing and high-fiving fans on his way to the tracks. He keeps singing along to his theme as he poses to his adoring fans.

As we span over the track of Chicagoland Speedway we go to the starting line seeing a row of cars rev their engines in anticipation.

HHL: ... Is that a DeLorean?

PC: Sure is! There's also Terry Borden's monster truck, the Sick Cunt's Subaru, Vinnie Lane's hot pink AMC Gremlin and even Mastermind's chair!

HHL: That thing sure looks fierce. Oh yay! Taco's in the Popemobile!

Taco sits happily behind bulletproof glass wearing an adorable helmet and ascot.

PC: Hope he's safe. Who else we got? ... I can see a Dragula, cool. What looks to be General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard with a less controversial flag? What is that?

HHL: Chicago's state flag. There's Christine from the Stephen King classic, Christine and also the Green Goblin truck from the Stephen King movie Maximum Overdrive.

PC: Bunch of others too, looks like locals and what I believe is an evil ice cream truck driven by a crack-addicted clown.

HHL: This is going to be such a clusterfuck.

PC: It'll be fun though! Now let's go to the official to start this match and/or race!

We go to a very nervous Chaz Bobo wearing protective gear halfway down the track; Dick Powers stands on one side of the track opposite Charlie Nickles. Dick looks calm and collected while Charlie seems like a pissed Rottweiler ready to be let off his chain. The ref looks between both men and calls for the flag to start the match. The sound of screeching tires acts as a bell and Nickles wastes zero time, covering half the track the second the cars speed off. Dick is startled and throws a right but Charlie dodges and gets to Dick's side and gets a knee into Powers' side knocking him back and follows up with a heavy hook. Dick's head throbs in pain as he grabs his brow, his mane of hair flying back as he steps onto the track.

Charlie tackles Dick and mounts him, throwing punch after punch into Power's face before grasping both his hands and pummeling them down into Dick's mush and then transitioning into elbows, trying his best to make Dick's head one with the road. Blood spurts from Dick's nose and lips but he grits his teeth and throws a knee into Nickles' coin purse! Charlie groans he slumps forward and Powers' cradles Charlie's neck before flipping him over for a leverage pin. The ref keeps one eye on the circuit ahead of him and one eye on the pin as he slaps the tarmac.



Kickout before the 2!

Nickles gets back to his feet with a snarl and lunges back towards Powers who dashes away from Charlie's grasp. Dick backs away, wiping the blood from his face as he's on the backfoot; Charlie lowers his guard and stalks Dick but both men stop dead in their tracks when the roar of engines grows louder.

Dick narrowly avoids the Sick Cunt's Subaru as it flies past blaring the La Cucaracha horn!

HHL: Woah! That was close!

Nickles jumps back avoiding a collision with General Lee!

PC: The "Subbie" in first with General Lee nipping at it's heels and I hope Dick and Charlie got their dancing shoes on because here comes a tight pack!

As the flurry of cars pass, both men try and get off the track to avoid becoming a headline. Dick Powers moves his hips like he's dancing the lambada to avoid each oncoming vehicle as Charlie stops and starts reaching the pits and hopping over the barricade. Both men breathe heavily in safety and their eyes lock as the stream of cars seems never-ending.

HHL: You could cut the tension with a knife! Charlie looks like he wants to kill while Dick is weighing on how to get out of this in one piece.

And the stream of cars ends, Charlie hops over the barricade and begins to stomp towards Powers, as Dick takes a deep breath, swallowing the lump in his throat before he goes to meet Charlie in the middle, both men stop as Mastermind's chair wheels forward with a squeaky wheel and lightly hits Dick's leg, both men look down at the office chair and back to one another. Dick quickly grabs the chair and hurls it towards Charlie who is bowled over, the chair landing on top of him and he quickly throws it off but Dick is on top of him with a running groin! Powers' pride and joy bouncing off Charlie's dome and knocking back down momentarily as Dick turns on a heel and goes for a low dropkick but skids across the tarmac as Charlie leaps up, swinging the chair up and throwing it back down on top of Dick who cries out in agony as the chair snaps on top of Dick's side. Charlie grabs a handful of Dick's hair and begins to lift him but Dick with desperation throws a gut punch and rolls Nickles up with a schoolboy! Chaz Bobo gets back on the scene and begins the count!






Charlie lets loose and chokes Dick! His hand tightly wrapped around Dick's engorged neck. Nickles lifts Dick up and spit flies from his mouth as Charlie belittles Powers, Dick struggles, Charlie lifting Dick off his feet with both hands before headbutting the soul out of Powers who flops down to the ground.

But Charlie refuses to pin, instead looking down on Powers and waiting.

HHL: Charlie isn't going for the pin! Dick's been trying to end this quick and clean with two failed attempts but Charlie wants to watch Powers suffer!

PC: Suffer? No, Heather, he wants Dick splattered across the track.

Charlie paces mocking Powers who begins to stir, hacking up blood as he lies prone. Charlie boots Dick across the face with spite in his eyes and venom spewing from his lips. Nickles kneels down next to Dick's head and grabs his hair, turning Dick's face towards the oncoming noise of racing engines. Charlie's whispers into Dick's ear as a cruel smile creeps onto his face. Power's hand claws at Charlie's face before being slapped away and Nickles sticks his forearm under Dick's chin and laughs, slowly picking Dick but with a rush of adrenaline, Dick throws his head back and then an elbow into Charlie. Nickle's stumbles back winded and shocked as Dick Powers throws a hard right and follows up with a running knee to Charlie's chin!

As the engines grow louder and louder, Dick makes a sprint to the pits and flies over the barricade. Charlie stands up straight and stares at the headlights in front of him he begins to move but doesn't react quick enough as one of the cars just clip Charlie and he spins into the barricade with a cry of agony clutching his knee!

Dick peeks over the barricade and spots Charlie pushing himself off the ground and getting his back to the wall as tires speed past his face. Soon enough, the track grows quiet. Dick quickly gets up onto barricade before Nickles can react and...


Dick Powers lands the moonsault double foot stomp and races for a tight pin!






The crowd go wild, drowning out the engines as Charlie Nickles throws up a shoulder! Dick can't believe it! He punches the ground and freaks out, grabbing his bloodied face as Charlie tries to find his senses. Dick lays on the ground covering his eyes with his palms before stretching out staring at the sky. The crowd stomp and chants trying to rouse both men, Charlie tries to stand up but continuously falls down on his bum leg. Dick sits up, breathing heavily and just looks at Nickles in disbelief.

HHL: Dick has tried to take out Nickles but can't even do it after his finisher AND with the aid of a car!

PC: Well Dick better think of something quick, first place just entered its third lap.

Powers steps up to his feet and Charlie begins to stand using the aid of the barricade and limps towards Dick with a sneer. Dick motions around making Charlie come onto the track toward him; Nickles throws a punch and falls forward landing onto Powers who holds up and pushes him back with a hand on the collar. Dick yells at Nickles to quit or give up but Nickles spits in his face and laughs before pushing his palm into Dick's face and gouging a thumb into Powers' eye; Dick cries out in pain and retaliates with a forearm which knocks Charlie back down who reels in agony from his torn-up leg.

The sound of cars comes close again and headlights brighten the track, Dick looks out his good eye at the cars speeding towards him and steps forward but sees Charlie struggling on the ground.

Dick hesitates briefly.

PC: The hell are you doing you moron!? GO!

Dick closes his eyes and shakes his head to himself before picking up Charlie Nickles!

Dick tries to help the heavier Nickles to walk but it's no use.

A vehicle gets mere feet in front of them.

And Dick pushes Charlie towards the barricade!

Charlie's eyes go wide as he looks to the track, a smear of blood splatting onto his face as the crowd scream in horror.

And then go silent.


Winner via Vehicular Manslaughter - Charlie Nickles!

HHL: Oh my god... Is Dick... Dead?

Nickles is in disbelief as the remaining cars come to a slow as the yellow flag is waved. EMTs rush to Dick Powers' broken body twisted on the track and place him onto a stretcher carrying him past the wrecked car that did the damage.

PC: Oh shit. Taco took him out! That cold, calculated pig!

The scene fades stuck onto Charlie's face, his theme beginning to play in the background as medics tend to his wounds.

And now you will soon see another me
I've been reloaded
I'm fired up so don't shut me down.
I'm like a dream within a dream that's been decoded
I'm fired up I'm hot so don't shut me down.

I'm not the one you knew
I'm now and then combined
And I'm asking you to have an open mind
As I won't be the same
I'm not the same this time around
So I'm fired up and you all best shouldn't shut me down
You asked me not to leave
So here I am again.........

Say You Will by Evanescence is heard on the sound system. Talia Areano comes out from behind the curtain wearing a leather jacket. When she gets to the ramp, shower fireworks reign down on her. She walks down the ramp with her hips moving back and forth and she is swinging her arms. She gets on the apron and enters the ring between the ropes. After that, she walks over to the ropes on the right side and stands on the first rope. She then bends over and looks at the fans with a smile on her face. She then gets off the ropes and walks to one side of the ring and waits for the officials to start the match.

Heather: Well it looks like Talia is ready for this big opportunity of a match.

Pip: Opportunity for what? A nasty beating?

Heather: No! The winner of this one earns a Hart title shot!

Pip: Well she better be ready, you know who’s coming out next!

Lights in the Sky hits as the fans begin to boo. Marf makes his way out onto the stage, looking around at the audience and shaking his head in disgust. He marches to the ring while the crowd continues to boo and insult him. Marf stops and stares ahead at Talia, now pointing at her. Marf rolls into the ring and goes to a corner, climbing up and then flipping off the crowd and then hopping down and flipping off Talia. She sneers at him as the bell rings and the match starts up.

Heather: Well here we go, this is quite the face off we’re about to see.

Pip: Talia has been red hot with a handful of wins since her return.

Heather: Yes she has but Marf has been on a mean streak of his own.

Pip: Yes and my sources say he’s been chomping at the bit since the card went up.

Heather: What sources?

Pip: Don’t you worry about that!

Talia and Marf begin to circle one another cautiously. They eventually close in and then tie up in the middle of the ring. Talia quickly moves into a wrist lock and secures it. Marf is held up but then reaches with his free arm and grabs her head then drops for a snapmare takedown. Talia shifts in the air and rolls through with a cartwheel. She runs and hits the ropes and comes back with a shining wizard that Marf catches in mid air. He hoists her up for a spine buster but she frees herself and drops Marf with an arm drag to the delight of the crowd.

Marf rolls through and is on a knee as he looks over to Talia who pops up with her fists ready. Marf gets to his feet and they lock up once again. The smaller but quicker Talia once again slips Marf into a wrist lock. He throws an elbow with his free arm but she ducks and uses the momentum to hit a snap back drop. Marf scrambles back up in anger and Talia catches him by surprise with another quick arm drag. She goes for a drop kick as he gets up but Marf steps back from it. He then goes to kick her in the ribs but Talia takes him down with a leg sweep and then quick pin.


Kick out by Marf!

Heather: Talia doing the right thing early by using her speed.

Pip: Yeah but Marf is no stranger to mat wrestling she needs to be careful he doesn’t catch her with counters.

Heather: With that size advantage it just takes one wrong move.

Pip: Marf is almost a foot taller than her!

Talia is back to her feet while Marf climbs back to his own. He no longer looks amused at this as they lock up once again. Talia slides behind Marf with a waist lock this time. Marf struggles with her grip while backing them up until they are in the corner. The referee argues with them to get out and Marf raises his hands innocently. Talia finally let’s go of Marf’s waist and he immediately cracks her in the jaw with a back elbow. He walks away from the corner with his hands still raised while the fans boo.

Heather: Cheapshot by Marf!

Pip: That had to sting!

Talia rubs her jaw while Marf turns around with a smirk. Talia rushes out of the corner and flies at Marf with leaping knee but he side steps it. Marf throws a wild clothesline but Talia ducks underneath and runs to the ropes. She bounces off as Marf slides down to his belly to trip her. Talia hops over him as he gets back up. She hits the ropes on the other side and comes back with a spinning tilt-a-whirl takedown but Marf counters it into a big side slam instead and hooks a leg.



Kick out by Talia!

Heather: Beautiful counter from Marf to slow Talia down.

Pip: Slow her down? He slammed on the brakes!

Marf gets back to his feet as Talia rolls over and pushes herself back up. Marf gives her no time and they lock up again. Marf pulls Talia in with a side headlock. She hooks a leg into Marf’s leg then somersaults forward and winds up in a modified calf lock on Marf. He powers his way to the ropes and breaks the hold pretty quick. Talia gets up and snaps a kick into Marf’s leg before he pulls himself up angrily. Talia steadies for another kick while Marf stands back up.

Talia stands up straight and reaches out her right hand. Marf gives her a disgusted look but she insists it isn’t for a handshake but for a thumb war instead. The crowd get behind Talia as Marf looks around and then back at her with annoyance. He slowly steps closer to her and then begins to reach out his own hand. Marf and Talia carefully lock hands and slowly begin an actual thumb war. Before the thumbs can bow and kiss though, Marf drills Talia in the face with a vicious headbutt. Blood immediately starts to run from her nostrils as she stumbles back in surprise.

Heather: Another blatant cheap shot by Marf, come on!

Pip: Headbutts are legal what are you talking about?

Heather: They might be legal but that was cheap and you know it.

Pip: All I know is some idiot just tried to start a thumb war in a wrestling match against a brute…

Marf, still holding Talia’s hand, yanks her in and hoists her up into a fireman’s carry. He spins her around and then drives her into the corner, draping her upside down. The referee tries to help free her legs but Marf charges in for a running splash. At the last second Talia frees her legs and shifts them forward, driving her knees into Marf’s head. He stumbles back as Talia drops from the turnbuckle and lands on her feet. She throws a spinning heel kick but Marf manages to grab her leg. Talia jumps forward and cracks Marf in the face with her free leg.

Marf stumbles back once more as Talia gets back to her feet. Talia rushes at him but Marf goes for a lariat. Talia ducks underneath and bounces off the ropes then leaps and hits a bulldog on Marf to take him down. Talia quickly runs over and climbs to the top rope. Marf gets up as Talia leaps off the top rope with a big flying crossbody. Marf manages to catch her though before turning and launching her over his head with a fall away slam by the ropes. Talia sails over the top rope and crashes to the floor.

Heather: Nasty landing for Talia!

Pip: There’s a momentum killer for ya.

Marf laughs at the negative reaction from the crowd before dropping to the mat and rolling to the outside. Talia tries to get up but Marf grabs hold of her the tosses her into the barricade. He grabs a hold of her by the hair and drags her back to her feet. She meets him with a stiff forearm to the face. Marf responds with another nasty headbutt before turning and throwing her into the steel steps. Marf rolls back into the ring and then comes back outside to restart the referee’s count. With Talia seated against the steel steps, Marf runs at her.

Talia manages to shove herself forward and trips Marf by surprise, sending him crashing badly into the steel steps. Talia pulls herself up with the ring apron and rolls back into the ring. Marf starts to get back up, a bit dazed from the collision with the steel steps. Talia looks down at him and then races to the other side of the ring. She bounces off the ropes and comes running back before leaping over the ropes with a beautiful suicide dive. Marf sees her coming and side steps her at the last second so Talia smashes into the barricade and slumps to the floor.

Heather: Oh that was not good!

Pip: What a crash and burn!

Heather: This isn’t a joke I think Talia might have gotten hurt there!

Pip: I don’t think she’ll be moving too fast now…

Marf picks Talia up and then drives her body into the ring post to the disgust of the fans. He rolls her back into the ring and follows. Marf walks around with his arms raised, moving his hands like a music conductor while the fans loudly boo him. He stomps on Talia a few times before pulling her back to her feet. He hooks her and lifts her up into the air in a suplex position. Marf holds her up for a solid minute before finally driving Talia to the mat with a huge brain buster. Marf hooks a leg for the pinfall.



Kick out by Talia!

Heather: Talia showing some resilience!

Pip: Yeah but how many moves like that can she take?

Marf sits back up and let’s out a laugh while looking at the battered Talia. He gets back up and lifts Talia up as well. Marf hauls Talia up in the air once again, this time with a gorilla press. Marf slowly walks over to the ropes like he’s going to throw her to the floor again but the referee gets in between and yells at him to stop. As Marf argues with the referee, Talia wiggles free and drops behind Marf with a perfect roll up pin attempt.



Kick out by Marf!

They both get to their feet but Talia hops up and catches Marf with a standing drop kick. He reels back but uses the ropes for momentum and lunges right back with a clothesline that nearly turns Talia inside out. The fans boo as Marf gets back up and yells out. He picks up Talia and hooks her into a pump handle lock up. Marf lifts Talia up for a pump handle slam but she manages to counter it into a dropping reverse DDT. Talia pushes herself up somehow and runs off the ropes and as Marf sits up Talia hits him with the Rush Hour. She goes for the pin.



Kick out by Marf!

Heather: Talia with a last gasp of a second wind here!

Pip: She’s got to stay on the offensive if she wants to have a chance!

Heather: Talia is showing her toughness!

Pip: Yeah just don’t use the damn two dollar steak line…

Talia pulls herself back to her feet while Marf is still down. She starts a slow clap that the crowd immediately gets behind. The entire arena is clapping now as Talia turns and motions for Marf to get to his feet. He begins to get back up while Talia steadies herself. As Marf finally stands up and turns to face her, Talia rushes over to him and goes for the Solar Shower. Marf holds on though, spins and then slams Talia down with a vicious seated powerbomb. He holds her down for the pin.



THR..NO!!! Kick out by Talia!

Heather: Talia somehow kicks out!

Pip: Her body is going to be black and purple by morning at this rate…

Marf shoves Talia’s body aside and gets up, a look of surprise on his face. He nods before dragging her back up to her feet. Marf throws Talia into the corner where she slams into and leans against, barely able to stand. Marf charges for an avalanche but Talia slips through the ropes. Marf crashes into the corner and Talia grabs him while climbing up to the top rope. Marf headbutts her and then tried to climb up top with her. Talia jumps over him with a sunset flip and tries to powerbomb Marf off the top but he hangs on and then stomps on her head.

Talia let’s go of Marf and drops to the mat on her knees, holding her head in pain. Marf turns himself around so that he is in a seated position on the top rope. Talia slowly tries to pull herself up but Marf stands onto the middle ropes and hops off. Marf connects with Talia on the way down and hits the Sway in a perfectly fluid motion. Talia crumples to the mat and Marf rolls her over and then makes the cover.




Winner by pinfall Marf!!!

Heather: Marf does it! He secures the win and is the new number one contender to the Supercontinental championship!

Pip: First ever number one contender to that brand spanking new title!

Mark Flynn comes out in a dazzling blue robe. Across the back, it says "King of the Midcarders". He has no expression and makes no eye contact with his opponent. When the bell rings, he shifts gear and a snarl comes across his face.

Suddenly, pyro bursts from the top of the Speedway, illuminating the sky briefly as off in the distance helicopters and planes are heard and they’re getting closer.

Just as ‘Sirius’ begins, six Apache attack choppers fly over the Speedway. Behind them, three fighter jets.

HHL: It seems he’s brought along his military for tonights festivities, Pip!

PIP: You know him, Heather! The man is ready for war!

A few seconds after the fighter jets leave the Chicagoland airspace, an Illuminatus C-130 Bomber flanked by two fighter jets on either side, enters over the Speedway. Just over the ring, the C-130 drops star shells that burst in the air. The showering pyro gives birth to a message from Thaddeus Duke: FUCK THE UNIVERSE

Reading the message, the Universe boos incessantly as Sirius transitions to Anti-You. Emerging from backstage with the Hart Championship proudly around his waist, Paul Heyman stands by his side cradling the OCW Savage title. His bodyguard, Cyrus Braddock, stays close to the back of his charge.

Wearing his customary sleeveless zip up hoodie, unzipped because he’s too cool for all that, he stops at the edge of the stage and drops to his knees with his now customary messiah-like pose as golden colored pyro bursts from the speedway.

After, the trio makes their way toward the ring. At the bottom of the ramp, Thad steps up the stairs and pauses a moment before entering the ring. Looking out over the hateful crowd, he peels off his title and steps through the ropes. Charging toward the far side corner, Thad hops to the middle rope and holds the Hart title into the air to a chorus of boos from the Chicago Universe.

Stepping off the ropes and retreating to his corner, he folds the straps of the title beneath it before planting a kiss on the center plate, then hands it off to the referee.

”Thaddeus Duke,” says Warfare GM Derrick Diamond as he emerges from backstage. The crowd cheers his arrival.

HHL: On the last edition of Warfare, Thaddeus sicked his dog Cyrus Braddock on the Warfare GM!

PIP: And he earned every bit of it, Heather! Diamond threw his weight around so Thaddeus threw his.

”I’m happy to see you’ve left your SWAT team in the back tonight, but I think I’m gonna do you one better. In the interest of fairness, as of this moment, Paul Heyman and that nasty son of a bitch you call a bodyguard are barred from ringside!”

The Universe pops loudly as Heyman is beside himself. Cyrus stares a hole through Derrick Diamond for a brief moment before he looks like he’s about to chase down Diamond. Derrick though quickly vacates the stage and disappears behind the curtain.

Heyman and Cyrus make their way backstage as Thaddeus doesn’t even seem to care, not once during the whole distraction taking his eyes from Mark Flynn.


HHL: Diamond has laid down the law Pip! Heyman and Cyrus have preemptively been ejected from ringside!

The bell rings and the 60 minutes pop-up on the screen.




The official directs the two to begin.

Flynn and Thad circle each other for a moment. Thad lifts his left hand, Flynn lifts his right. They switch to Thad with his right up and Flynn with his left up…

Thad accelerates his circling and snatches hold of Flynn in a side headlock!

Flynn stops in his tracks… Thad wrenches his grip down onto Flynn’s neck to sink the hold in tighter.

Flynn, still in the lock, walks himself and Thad back to the ropes and irish whips Thad across the ring!

Thad runs the ropes, Flynn goes to meet him in the middle… And side-steps! As Thad runs by, Flynn pulls a 180 and locks him in a rear-naked choke… Then, he wrenches Thad’s head down and secures his own side headlock!

PIP: Huh. Y’know, I was expecting a little more blood feud scrapping between these two.

HHL: Thad has made clear he has a lot of respect for Flynn’s wrestling ability and mental acumen. These two have a whole 58 minutes to beat the shit out of each other. Right now, this is how the masters say hello. Some catch-as-catch-can wrestling.

Thad walks Flynn back to the ring ropes… He goes to Irish whip Flynn! BUT FLYNN HOLDS ON, AND THAD REMAINS IN FLYNN’S GRIP CENTER OF THE RING!

Flynn laughs and wags a finger in front of Thad’s face... Suddenly, Flynn drops to a knee, trying to drag Thad to the ground. Thad maintains his stance, keeping his legs straight and pushes off Flynn’s back… His head slips out the back of Flynn’s grip… He does a backwards roll to create distance! Flynn does a forward roll himself and spins when he gets to the ropes!

The pair stands at opposite ends of the ring! Thad wags his finger back at Flynn. The crowd gives them applause for the sequence!

PIP: What is this, New Japan?

They begin circling each other again… Once again, Thad goes to accelerate, but this time, Flynn accelerates in turn to keep the circling going…

Suddenly, Flynn puts the brakes on and catches Thad mid-circling. Flynn grabs a hold of Thad’s hand, twisting it into a wristlock. Flynn twists once while spinning…

HHL: Oooh, excruciating wrist control here from Flynn.

Flynn backs Thad up to the corner, pressing his back against the turnbuckle. Thad winces in pain….

PIP: Thad does not want to get stuck in that corner… Flynn can unleash quite a few attacks on a cornered opponent...

Thad leans forward, into the wristlock, clearly putting him in greater pain, but pushing Flynn back to the center of the ring…

Flynn tightens his grip to maintain hold of the wristlock… Suddenly, Thad forward rolls out of the twist… And still grabbing onto Flynn’s arm, dials in a wristlock of his own!

Thad twists Flynn’s arms once over his shoulder… And before Flynn can duplicate Thad’s escape, Thad mounts position into a hammerlock behind Flynn’s back!

PIP: Wow! What a sequence here! Like watching Bobby Fischer and… um… a second chess guy!

HHL: Pip, these two speak the same language: A Love of the Sport.

Flynn backs himself and Thad up to the ropes… Thad raises Flynn’s arm against his own back to try and maintain control…

Flynn’s free arm reaches up to Thad’s head! He yanks down to throw Thad over his shoulder... Snapmare takedown to Thaddeus Duke... And Thad rolls through it! He runs to hit the ropes… At the same time Flynn bounces back to hit the ropes himself…

They meet in the center of the ring! DOUBLE SHOULDER BLOCK! They both take a couple steps back off the collision... but maintain their footing!

They both take a breath… Flynn smiles and stretches his shoulder. Thad smacks his fist against his own shoulder, beckoning to go again.

Another round of applause from this crowd… Some of them get on their feet, amped as hell watching these two trade-off moves…




Standing in the center of the ring, Thaddeus Duke extends his hand out toward Mark Flynn slightly. Flynn looks at Thad, down at his hand, and out at the crowd a moment.

HHL: A rare show of sportsmanship here from the champion to his challenger!

PIP: Say what you will about either of these men, but the fact is, this has been a chess game for four months and the time is now to put it to bed!

Flynn, showing respect to his competitor, accepts the hand for a moment to some applause from the Universe. Releasing hands, the two have the same idea at the same time and peel off towards opposite sides of the ring and bounce off the ropes. Off their respective rebounds, Flynn leaves his feet for another shoulder block, only for Thad to side step, grab himself a handful of Mark Flynn’s hair and pull him into a side headlock.

Flynn though, backs Thad up against the ropes and uses the rebound to attempt to free himself. Knowing it, Thad uses the forward momentum and cinches in even tighter before bulldogging Flynn to the mat in order to keep him in the side headlock. Flynn pound the mat in frustration for a quick moment, before spinning himself to his back, pulling Thad over into a pinning predicament.

The referee hits the mat for the count but doesn’t even get to one before Thad rolls through back to his feet. Flynn rolls to his side and Thad leaps into the air for an elbow drop, only for Flynn to roll again causing Thad to eat the mat. Both men kip up to their feet and Thad immediately runs for the ropes. On the rebound, he hooks the top rope to stop his momentum while Flynn attempts a dropkick.

HHL: And Flynn comes up empty!

PIP: It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a match where both competitors are this cerebral!

With Flynn a tad disoriented, Thaddeus grabs him in a front facelock as he climbs to his feet. Thad lifts him up in a suplex, but Flynn wiggles out and lands on his feet behind the champion, grabbing him in a rear waist lock. Flynn tries a release German, but Thad back flips out of it, landing on his feet.

Feeling it, Flynn quickly pops back to his feet and is trapped in a rear waist lock from Thad. He too goes for a release German, but Flynn hooks his ankle inside Thad’s knee, halting the attempt. Back on his feet, Flynn rushes toward the ropes with Thad in tow. He hits the ropes chest first and hooks the ropes. His backward momentum from the rebound forces Thad backward. He, however, rolls through and back to his feet.
Flynn turns…

HHL: Clothesline from Thad!

PIP: And Mark Flynn takes a hard spill over the top and down to the floor!

The crowd to this point, cheers their approval for the match.




The referee begins his mandatory ten count on the returning XWF legend and Thad attempts to exit the ring only for the official to intervene and order him to step back. Thad begs off and retreats toward the center of the ring where he watches in wait for Mark Flynn as the official returns to the ten count.

On the floor, Flynn is on his hands and knees and shakes the cob webs from his head before climbing back to his feet with his back toward the ring. As Flynn starts to get up, Thad bolts across the ring toward the corner where he steps up to the middle and then to the top rope before leaping off. In flight, he spins his body and lands on an unsuspecting Mark Flynn with a cross body block, sending both men crashing to the floor.

HHL: Like him or not, very few things are sweeter than watching that man take flight!

PIP: After years of hating him, I can finally agree!

Back to the action, Thaddeus is back to his feet while the referee starts a dual ten count while urging Thad to bring it back in the ring. Grabbing a handful of Flynn’s hair, Thad pulls him to his feet and tosses him hard into the fan barricade. With Flynn’s arms hooked over the top of the barricade effectively holding himself up, Thad doesn’t waste the opportunity to lace Flynn across his exposed chest with a knife edge chop.

Clutching his chest, Flynn staggers forward trying to shake the sting while Thad grabs a handful of his hair and rolls him into the ring. Thad himself rolls into the ring and as he does so, notices Flynn on his hands and knees. Reacting quickly…

HHL: Three-quarter Nelson!

PIP: That move made Barry Horowitz famous in like 1996!




HHL: Flynn kicks out and we’ve had our first near fall in our first official pinfall attempt!

PIP: Still a long way to go in this one, Heather! I don’t see a legitimate fall coming for quite awhile yet!

After the kickout, Flynn rolls to his stomach and Thad ends up locking him in a front face lock on the mat. Flynn struggles against the strong grip of the Lionheart, but Thad let’s him struggle and fail a few moments before he rolls over to a different ring position, taking the challenger with him.

PIP: We saw this against Ciela Luiz on Warfare! It’s a Gator Roll!

HHL: It’s very disorienting to the victim, Pip! You come out of it really needing to gather your bearings and recalibrate your compass.

On the third roll, Flynn lays out his arms stopping the roll with both he and Thad on their backs. Flynn bridges and uses his core strength to force he and Thad off the mat to an almost vertical base. In a last ditch effort, Flynn reverses the hold and spins Thad down violently with a swinging neck breaker, leaving both men laying!




Flynn is the first one back to his feet, but Thad isn’t far behind, working his way up to one knee. Flynn grabs Thad with a handful of hair and reels back his skull!


HHL: Not something we usually see in Flynn’s playbook here, Pip!

PIP: Flynn’s favorite strategy is to defy expectations, Pip! He’s got a deep arsenal to draw from… Thad’s made it clear he’s scouted Flynn’s favorite tricks! Flynn might just find out how deep Thad went watching old game tape!

Thad leans back crouching… And roars! He straightens back upright!

HHL: Thad’s got that unstoppable fighting spirit working overtime!

PIP: One might say Thad is... Relentless!

HHL: ...I hated that.

But before he can get up to his feet, Flynn hits the ropes and breaks into a full sprint! Dropkick to Thad’s throat! Thad explodes backwards through the ropes and flops outside!

HHL: WOW! Flynn may have missed his first dropkick, but he got all of that one!

Thad struggles to reach his feet on the outside… Flynn rolls under the ropes. As Thad rises to his feet, Flynn tucks Thad’s head between his legs…

PIP: Oh my God! Flynn going for a piledriver on the outside! Someone stop this!

HHL: It’s all legal and Thad’s backup has been sent to the lockers!

Flynn heaves…. HEEEEEAVES…

All of a sudden, Flynn starts rising! Thad reverses Flynn into the air with a back body drop! WHAM! Flynn topples mid-air and crashes onto the padded concrete!

PIP: Incredible spatial awareness by Thad blocking that one!

HHL: That drop onto padded concrete might have knocked Flynn out! Thad has a real shot to score the first fall if he can get Flynn in the ring...

Thad grabs Flynn by the top of his head and starts dragging him woozily back to the ring… Flynn’s legs are jello from under him…

Thad goes to toss Flynn under the ropes… Flynn rolls back into the ring. Thad follows him in. But Flynn cuts at ninety degree angle and rolls back outside!

Thad rushes to keep this momentary advantage, following Flynn outside the ring. He reaches to grab Flynn. In a flash, Flynn spins around, latches Thad onto the waist and fully tosses him over his head! Belly to Belly Suplex! Thad lands back-first onto the fan barricade before falling toppled over onto the padded area!

HHL: Holy shit! Flynn dug deep to find that move!

Flynn is breathing heavy, leaning against the side of the ring… The official finally gets the wherewithal to start a ten count…

By Four, Flynn has rolled under the ropes and gradually pulls himself back to his feet up a turnbuckle… Meanwhile, after untangling himself out of the barricade, Thad has worked his way up to one knee and shakily tries to rise back upright...

PIP: Flynn might get the first fall via count-out here!

HHL: Every point on the board counts the same!

By the count of seven, Thad breaks into a run and right before 9 rolls under the ropes, to the center of the ring…

PIP: Phew, Thad is back safe!

Suddenly, from the corner, Flynn leaps up to the top rope! He leaps, dropping a knee from the top turnbuckle onto Thad’s skull!

HHL: I wouldn’t say anyone is safe with Flynn in the ring!

Thad’s legs flop into the air from the force of that knee-drop onto his face, before falling back to the mat with a thud! Flynn rolls into a cover and hooks the leg…




Thad SOMEHOW rolls his other shoulder off the ground to break the count!
Flynn sits up, frustrated.

Thad crawls to the corner turnbuckle and wraps his arm around the bottom rope to start working his way up.
Flynn forward rolls to the opposite corner! He sprints with a full head of steam! Running dropkick to the corner!
And Thad slips under the bottom rope! Flynn’s hip eats mat and he crashes and burns!

PIP: Flynn is batting 1 for 3 on dropkicks tonight!

HHL: Those are hall of fame batting stats, but not the best wrestling numbers!




Laying on the apron after Flynn’s missed dropkick, Thad rolls to the floor to collect himself as the referee begins his ten count. In the ring, Flynn remains lying on the mat.

HHL: Wisely, Thad retreats to the outside to collect himself!

PIP: Well, he is the Collector, he may as well!

Numerous ringside fans hurl insults at the Hart Champion. He takes notice of such things before zeroing in on one fan in particular as she stands next to the barricade.

HHL: Wow! The undisputed Queen of Daytime Television!

PIP: Who the fuck let her graze in here!?

HHL: She’s having words with the Lionheart! And so is Steadman Graham!

Thaddeus looks at either of the Winfrey’s back and forth as they say whatever it is they’re saying. The Lionheart let’s out a little bit of a laugh before he palms Oprah’s face and shoves her backward. Oprah flies backward and trips over her chair landing hard on the ground behind her.

HHL: Oh my God!

Out of anger and probably fear of the billionaire wife, Steadman tries to hop the barricade to get to Thaddeus and Thad palms his face too, shoving him back over the barricade where he crashes to the floor.

PIP: YOU get a face shove! YOU get a face shove! EVERYONE GETS FACE SHOVES!

Chicagoland’s mood has soured on the (former) Hart Champion as they shower him with hate.

HHL: This crowd is giving Thaddeus a piece of their collective mind!

PIP: And he’s loving every second of it!

Hopping back up on the apron, Thad enters the ring where Flynn is just getting back to his feet after the missed dropkick. Thad grabs him by his hair and pulls him toward the center of the ring before lifting him up and dropping him back first across his knee with a side backbreaker. Thad applies pressure for a few moments, hyper extending Flynn across his knee before shoving him off.
Taking his time now, Thad gets back to his feet and reaches down to grab a handful of Flynn’s hair. Pulling him back to his feet, Thad places Flynn’s head between his legs before lifting him up and planting him dead center in the middle of the ring with a pile driver.

HHL: Thad goes for the cover!

PIP: Hook of the leg!




HHL: Mark Flynn kicks out here at Relentless!

PIP: We’re a little more than half way home in this match and there still have been no falls for either Flynn or Thad!

HHL: Both of these men are very cerebral. Their ring awareness and intelligence is through the roof and both champion and challenger are careful not to make any huge mistakes that can cost them a fall!

After the near fall, Thaddeus goes back to work with the Garvin Stomp, sending vicious stomps to the joints of Mark Flynn, up one side starting at his ankle to his shoulder and down the other starting at his shoulder and down to his other ankle.

PIP: I know what he’s getting ready for!

HHL: So do I Pip, if I had to venture a guess, Mark Flynn is in his mind right now, already figuring out a counter!

With Thaddeus still on his feet, he bends down and grabs Flynn by his hair, pulling him to his feet. Hooking Flynn’s head, he sends him to the mat with a snap suplex. Staying hooked, Thad rolls over and gets to his feet, bringing Mark Flynn with him before sending him to the mat again with another snap suplex. Once more, he keeps Flynn hooked, rolls over and rises to his feet bringing Mark with him another time before taking him down one more time with a third snap suplex.

HHL: Shades of Latino Heat!

PIP: The Three Amigos, Heather! Everyone that ever steps between those ropes takes elements from the game of those that came before and Thaddeus is no different!




Both men are flat on their backs and Thad kips up to his feet before heading directly to the corner. Turning his back to the turnbuckles, he hops to the middle and takes a seat on the top rope, measuring the distance between he and Mark Flynn. Leaping off the middle rope, Thaddeus sends a forearm down into the forehead of Flynn.
Getting back to his feet quickly, he travels to Flynn’s feet and lifts his ankles. Flynn begs him off and as Thad places his foot through Flynn’s legs, Flynn is quick to try and avoid by scooting on his back toward the ropes. Thad grapevines his right leg with both of Flynn’s, giving the second most hated man in the XWF the opportunity to fight back by sending punches into Thad’s head. Moving as quick as he can, Flynn ducks his head under the bottom rope and uses his arms to pull himself out of harm’s way.

HHL: Wise strategy from Mark Flynn!

PIP: The Sharpshooter was a clear and present danger, and at least for the moment, Flynn is in the clear!

With Flynn half outside the ring, the referee forces Thaddeus off of his challenger. While the official gives Thad some warnings as it pertains to rope breaks in the XWF, Mark Flynn uses the ropes and starts to pull himself to his feet on the apron. Keeping a watchful eye on his challenger, Thad tries to go after Flynn only for the referee to stop him and remind him again that Mark Flynn is outside the ring and is therefore outside the legal battleground.

Knowing his opponent is distracted by the referee’s admonishment, Flynn hops to the top rope. He uses it as a springboard to launch himself toward Thaddeus Duke with a hurricanrana! Thad though counters, waiting until Flynn’s legs are wrapped around his head before sending Flynn hard into the mat with a power bomb!

HHL: And the head of Mark Flynn bounces off the mat!

PIP: Even without a history of concussions, a head bouncing off the mat after a power bomb will fog you over with the quickness!

Maintaining his hold on Flynn’s legs after the bomb, Thad steps through, grapevines, and easily turns Flynn over into the sharpshooter!

HHL: The challenger is in trouble Pip!

PIP: There have been many great men that have tapped out to that hold going back nearly 40 years! There’s a reason why that move is still used to this day!

HHL: Because it works!

Trapped in the devastating submission, Flynn cries out in pain and reaches for the ropes that he’s still at least a few feet from. Thad leans back as far as he can. Flynn raises his hand, preparing to tap out!

HHL: Mark Flynn! Fighting the urge to tap out!

PIP: Nearing forty minutes into this match and the hell their bodies have been through, I don’t think a man or woman on the planet would blame Mark Flynn if he did tap out right now!

Just when it looks like he’s gonna tap, Flynn digs down deep and slams his hand in to the mat, trying hard to power himself off the mat with the weight of Thaddeus Duke on his lower back. Powering himself off the mat, Thaddeus still refuses to release the hold. Flynn walks forward on his hands and elbows a foot or two and hooks his arm over the bottom rope before collapsing back to the mat under the weight and the intense pressure.
The official steps in to call for the break, but Thad shakes his head ‘no.’

HHL: Thaddeus refuses to release the hold!

PIP: He has to watch himself! It’d be a disaster if he went down a fall by getting disqualified!

The official steps in for the DQ count and waits until just before five to release the hold. Thad falls to his hands and knees as Mark Flynn slowly pulls himself through the ropes before falling to the floor.

HHL: Mark Flynn, forcing the separation between he and Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: This match has been a master class marvel in technical wrestling prowess complete with counters, counters to counters and counters to those counters and love these men or not, you have to respect just how good they really are!

HHL: There’s no doubt about it Pip, Thaddeus Duke and Mark Flynn are two of the best to ever step between those ropes!

On the outside of the ring, Flynn has started to get to his feet as the referee counts him out. Not wanting a countout fall, Thad intervenes in the count several times forcing the referee to restart. With Flynn getting to his feet on the floor, Thad charges toward the far side ropes and bounces off. Gaining a ton of forward momentum, Thad nears the near side ropes and leaps over the top with a top rope suicida on Mark Flynn.

HHL: The Lionheart goes aerial here in Chicagoland!

PIP: And this crowd is in awe of what they’ve witnessed for the last 40 minutes!

Winded, Thad struggles to get to his feet on the floor and pulls Flynn to his feet before sending him back into the ring. Thad follows him in and immediately goes for the cover.




HHL: Flynn kicks out!

PIP: THAT was god damn close!

Thad spends several seconds sitting on the mat with Mark Flynn lying on his back behind him. The champion climbs back to his feet before reaching down and grabbing a handful of hair. Pulling Flynn to his feet, the challenger digs deep for a burst of energy, driving his shoulder into Thad’s midsection before driving him backward across the ring and into the turnbuckles!




Thad buckles back to the corner… Flynn tries to stay on him, but his knees buckle… He drops to a crouch, breathing heavily.

HHL: That last offensive flurry took its toll on Flynn! A piledriver, a topa suicida and a lengthy period of time locked in the sharpshooter...

PIP: Thad might be able to take back control and end Flynn’s comeback before it begins!

Thad rushes back out of the corner to do exactly that. He goes to lock Flynn in another front facelock… But Flynn slips his head underneath Thad’s shoulder…

HHL: Wanna see the Northern Lights?

PIP: I think we’re about to...

Flynn lifts Thad… Thad starts to crawl up Flynn’s back, anticipating reversing the Northern Lights into a Sunset Flip…

But Flynn stops the lift in mid-air, grabs Thad’s legs mid-sunset flip! THEN FLYNN HURLS THAD FLAT ON HIS BACK! SPINEBUSTER WITH AUTHORITY!

PIP: HOLY HELL! WOW! So… Thad had Flynn’s trademark Northern Lights Suplex scouted...

HHL: But Flynn had scouted Thad’s scouting so he had a plan to use Thad’s counter to double the impact of Flynn’s actual move: a spinebuster! The torque on that slam was unreal!

PIP: Haha incredible! Guess Thad should have scouted Flynn’s... scouting of... Thad’s… scouting… Wow, I’m getting vertigo just trying to call this match...

HHL: Should I call for a substitute commentator?


Thad tucks in his knees to chest, trying to regain his breath after that hellacious spinebuster…
Flynn crawls on top of Thad for the cover… Wait, no, he’s flipping Thad onto his back!
Flynn stretches Thad’s right arm out onto the mat… KNEE DROP TO THE ELBOW!

Thad’s arm recoils and he howls in pain! Flynn coils his grip around Thad’s arm and straightens it again!

HHL: We might be seeing Flynn soften up Thad for that Fujiwara Armbar!

PIP: A possible severe strategic mis-step on Flynn’s part. Thad has never tapped out in his entire career!

Flynn forces Thad’s arm straight once more, pressing one arm holding Thad’s shoulder and the other forcing down Thad’s wrist… In an amazing feat of core strength, he presses himself into a handstand…

PIP: ...Of course, tonight could be the night...

Flynn goes to wrap Thad in a wrist lock to hoist him back to his feet!
He twists the arm over his shoulder once more… And he latches in that wristlock…
Thad seethes in a lot of pain, trying to fight his way out. He goes for a forward roll, as he did to reverse out of a wristlock much earlier… AH! He completes the roll, but hesitates on his way up… It looks like that elbow is really hurting…
That hesitation is all that Flynn needs to re-twist the arm back over his shoulder...

PIP: ...Ouch! Thad’s arm is being pushed to its limit!

HHL: Flynn showing just how dangerous he is! He’s gone in just a few moves from looking down-and-out to taking total control!

Flynn sinks his other arm under Thad’s shoulder and hoists him by the arm straight into the air! Thad howls hovering just barely above the ground as his injured joint is stretched in ways the human body was not meant to!
Flynn repeats this process, forcing all of Thad’s own gravitational force onto his arm…
Then, Flynn drops him to his feet and yanks him to the ground, still in that wristlock!


Thad wraps his free arm around a rope! The official immediately starts the count!

PIP: Incredible ring awareness again by Thad! He knew exactly where he was and did everything he could to prevent even a second of exposure to Flynn’s Fujiwara!

Flynn tries to detangle Thad from the ropes, but Thad holds on for dear life! Once the official gets to 4, Flynn gives up the goat and shakily works his way back to his feet.

Thad squeezes his fist, still in great pain from Flynn’s arm-based assault. The official asks him if he’s okay to continue… He starts to no-

Before he can give the okay, Flynn sprints past the official, catching Thad with a running knee to the side of the skull! Thad rebounds off the ropes, woozy!

Flynn tucks his head under Thad’s shoulder from behind… Heaves him into the air… And drops him onto his knee! Atomic drop! Thad tumbles forward into the ropes…

Flynn moves to the lef… No! To the right turnbuckle! He sprints on the apron! ANOTHER RUNNING KNEE TO THAD’S SKULL! COUNTER-POINT!

PIP: What did we just witness there, Heather!

HHL: If I had to guess, Flynn might have anticipated Thad would counter the CounterPoint with a clothesline… To minimize risk, he switched sides so that counter would require use of Thad’s injured right arm!

PIP: Really?

HHL: I’m trying as best as I can to follow this! Don’t second-guess me!

Thad might be unconscious now…
Flynn slides into a cover, hooking the leg!





PIP: Incredible! The Lionheart will not die!

HHL: But you can see less frustration on Flynn’s face coming off that pin. He might feel it’s only a matter of time now...

Flynn grabs Thad by the back of his tights to pull him to his feet! He grabs in a rear-waist lock! Heaves him up for a German…

Thad goes to block it by tucking his ankle inside Flynn’s!

Flynn pushes Thad forward to trip him in his own block and haymakers his right arm! Thad howls…

Flynn locks in the rear-waistlock again! And hits the German Suplex!

PIP: Thad is showing a lot of mental energy left when it comes to thinking up counters! But is his body too broken to execute?

Flynn heaves Thad off the ground and sinks in a front facelock! He’s grinning from ear-to-ear…

HHL: It might just be The End for Thad…

Flynn goes to lift! Thad’s feet start to climb into the air… But Thad wriggles! And the two end up back on the mat…

Flynn releases the front facelock and delivers another pair of punches to Thad’s right arm. Thad buckles back to his knees…

Flynn locks in the front facelock again… He liiiiiiiiifts! This time, Thad blocks it by setting his ankle inside Flynn’s…

Flynn releases his grip and opts to grab two handfuls of Thad’s hair and HEADBUTTS him into next week! Thad looks like a space cadet, blinking, staring off into nothing…

Flynn locks his front facelock once more! HERE COMES THE END!

Flynn lifts Thad! He gets him completely vertical!

HHL: Flynn is delaying the end… Savoring this moment! Allowing the blood to flow to Thad’s head...

Suddenly, Thad rotates! Incredible core strength as he latches down onto Flynn’s neck and forces his own weight downwards! Thad CUTTERS FLYNN’S SKULL INTO THE MAT!


HHL: Thad had three layers of counters thought out to get out of Flynn’s finishing maneuver!

Thad, crawling only using his left arm... exhaustedly flops onto his chest, covering Flynn…




Flynn throws a shoulder up…

At a half-count past 3! THAD IS ON THE BOARD!

Thaddeus Duke: 1
Mark Flynn: 0

PIP: And Thaddeus Duke takes a one-nil lead LATE in regulation! Time of fall: 49:35!

HHL: But, there’s plenty of time on the clock… This is still anyone’s game!




HHL: A few months ago, this would be the point where Duke Nation would be on their feet, willing the Lionheart to get up!

PIP: Truth is, he’s never needed them to will him to get up! To will him to victory!

After Thad rolls off of Flynn, both men lay exhausted on the canvas.

HHL: Four months of building for a sixty minute match to showcase two of the very best this business has to offer!

PIP: Thaddeus Duke will go down in history as the last great Hart Champion because in just under ten minutes, Heather, he’ll become the first great SuperContinental Champion!

HHL: Walking out as the new SuperContinental Champion remains to be seen, but I’ll give you the point about being the last great Hart Champion.

Suddenly, Thad kips up to his feet and straightens up his tights before zeroing his sights back on his challenger. Stepping toward Flynn, he reaches down and turns the nearly unconscious Mark Flynn’s head to his left, then sends a vicious stomp to the side of his head.

PIP: That’ll wake him up!

HHL: Up one to nothing, I think Thaddeus Duke is content to slow it all the way down and run out the clock!

PIP: Flynn is running out of time to even the score!

Showing off for the fans for a few seconds, he chooses to bask in their hate for him for a few additional moments as the clock continues to run. Returning his attention to Flynn, Thad bends down and grabs him some hair and pulls Flynn to his feet. Working quickly, the Lionheart attempts an Irish Whip toward the corner but Flynn reverses. Thad though, puts on the brakes before whipping him into the opposite corner.


PIP: That’s one way to run out the clock!

HHL: Unable to get out of the way in time, the referee goes down as Flynn collides with him in the corner!

After the collision, the referee falls to the mat in the corner and Flynn lands flat on his back with his legs pointed toward the turnbuckles. Using the ropes as an aid, Thad kicks the semiconscious referee out of the ring before leaving the ring himself.

PIP: What’s he doing?

HHL: Oh no!

Reaching in under the bottom rope, Thad grabs a hold of Flynn’s ankle.





Pulling Flynn toward the ring post, he pauses, then yanks hard, pulling Flynn crotch first into the steel post to a chorus of boos. Taking his sweet time, Thad follows up by ringing Flynn’s left leg around the ring post to increasing displeasure from the Universe.

Folding Flynn’s left leg around the post and on top of his right knee, Thad places his own left ankle upon Flynn’s, then leaps with his right.

HHL: And Thad Duke has the figure four on Mark Flynn using the ring post as an assist!

PIP: These fans are none too happy about it, but I think that’s what makes him want to keep it locked in forever!

Flynn writhes in pain but is entirely defenseless from being inside the ring. After several long seconds, a team of XWF officials run down the entrance ramp and plead with Thad to break the hold. After several defiant moments, the officials then physically pry Thaddeus from Mark Flynn in order to force the release.
Annoyed at the interference from the XWF officials, Thad climbs to his feet on the floor and is bitching out anyone in ear shot.

In the ring, Flynn pulls himself away from the corner but remains on the mat holding and recuperating his injured knee.




After spending several moments arguing, Thad finally returns his attention toward the match while the officials head back up the ramp. With Flynn still on the mat, Thaddeus leaps up on the apron and quickly scales the turnbuckles. He barely takes time to measure his landing before leaping off and sending a Savage elbow into the chest of Mark Flynn.

Thad immediately goes for the cover, momentarily forgetting there is no referee, before leaning off of him. Getting back to his feet, he grabs a handful of Flynn’s hair and starts to pull him to his feet.

HHL: The ultimate equalizer!

The fans gasp as Mark Flynn sends a desperation uppercut into the family jewels of Thaddeus Duke. Thad doubles over and thinking quickly, Flynn pulls him down into an inside cradle!

PIP: But there’s no referee!

HHL: Here comes one!

With the roar of the crowd, another referee sprints down the ramp toward the ring before sliding in and starting the count.




HHL: That was too close for comfort as Mark Flynn nearly tied it up!




Flynn barely works his way to one knee… His injured knee maimed, limiting his mobility. Thad springs up back to his feet and clubs Flynn with a forearm on top of his head…

PIP: We’re at minute 56 and Thad is still out here looking like he has a full tank of fuel!

HHL: The Lionheart is in top form tonight!

Thad clubs Flynn across the back of his neck again and again, forcing him back into the corner…

Thad reels a big forearm to knock Flynn to the ground… But Flynn, in a sudden burst, wraps his arms around
Thad’s waist… He heaves him up and over his head! EXPLODER SUPLEX IN THE CORNER!

Flynn hobbles back to the center of the ring, backing up with one-footed hops...

PIP: Flynn is… looking a little less than 100% here...

HHL: But that doesn’t mean he’s not dangerous...!

Thad fruitlessly attempts to detangle himself dizzily from the ropes… Shakily rising to his feet… But he’s still partially stuck in the ropes...

Flynn drops to a crouch… And starts slamming his own fist sideways over and over into his knee!

PIP: What the … What the hell is this madman doing?

HHL: He’s trying to get the blood flowing back to his knee! That joint is gonna swell like a balloon tomorrow but like Flynn said, he’s not out here planning for the future! His world is this one match!

Flynn stomps the foot of his injured leg on the mat and howls in pain… Then sprints full-speed at Thad, who’s just untangled himself…

Thad collapses against the turnbuckle… But before he can fall to the mat, Flynn drags him to the center of the ring and follows up the strike with a Northern Lights Suplex!

HHL: Flynn’s Riparte!!

PIP: And he bridges into a pin...





Flynn gets cast off Thad’s body and collapses face first on the mat...

PIP: That last flurry might have been all Flynn had left in the tank...




The official starts a ten count to both down competitors...

Flynn turns his face onto his side… And starts taking quick deep breaths… Getting that oxygen flowing… He slams his fist one more time into his knee... Stepping onto his less injured leg to regain a vertical base… He’s up at 6, breaking the count.

HHL: No one can leave this match not thinking Flynn has the will of a champion!!

PIP: I’m sure if you tell him that when he comes in second, that’ll make him feel much better..

Thad tries to fire up and work himself back to his feet… But that riparte knocked a marble or two loose… He’s still a little loopy…

Flynn locks him in a front face lock and slips around Thad, taking him into a guillotine…

HHL: Flynn! He’s going for the Logical Conclusion!

Flynn brings Thad’s spine down against his knee… Then, goes to rotate into the Cross Rhodes…

Thad spins out of Flynn’s grip… Then leaps onto Flynn’s injured leg and kicks him in the side of the head! Step-Up enzuigiri!

Flynn drops to one knee…





Thad looks down at his downed opponent… Flynn tries to work back to his feet… But his knee gives out and he flops back down, face-forward…

Thad laughs, in relief…

Then points up top to the turnbuckle!


HHL: Thad is a showman, Pip! He doesn’t want this win because of proper clock management!

Thad climbs the top turnbuckle…
The official starts the count, but then turns to face Flynn, who’s gripping his knee, screaming in pain…

HHL: Oh God, Flynn might be unable to finish this match… The official is considering stopping the match!

PIP: Oh shut up, he’s fine… Have the official rub some dirt in it! Or have the ref punch him in the knee, that helped last time...

The official steps up to examine Flynn’s knee, Thad yells at him to get out of the way…
Flynn suddenly rises up and shoves the official into the ropes! Thad loses his balance and gets crotched on the top turnbuckle!

The crowd is on its feet… Flynn almost loses his stance, but pounds his fist into his knee rapidly… He sprints full-speed and scales the top rope! He tucks his head under Thad’s arm!


HHL: Nah, shut up, he’s fine.

Flynn liiiiiiifts Thad over his head!


The two crash into the mat painfully! Thad is down-and-out center of the ring!




Flynn exhaustedly crabs-walks a half-step back and bridges backwards over Thad...
The official is a little shaken from Flynn’s shove but drops to count…





Throws his shoulder up…


Thaddeus Duke: 1
Mark Flynn: 1

HHL: Incredible! Flynn evens the score just before the hour is up!


HHL: Okay... After careful review, the score is 1 to 1.





HHL: The bell has rung and Pip, for all intents and purposes, this match is over!

PIP: Flynn had to beat Thad, Thad didn’t have...

HHL: Exactly right Pip. So the title stays with Thad by default.!

PIP: Yeah but which one?

Paul Heyman and Cyrus Braddock make their way toward the ring. Not long after, North Korean War Criminal and his brass band of very short North Koreans also make their way to the ring.

PIP: The Koreans are celebrating as if they won!

HHL: The official is trying to sort things out but both entourages have entered the ring!

The timekeeper stands by the ring holding both the SuperContinental title AND Thad’s Hart Championship as he converses with the official. While Heyman is lending his client some professional advice, NK steals both titles from the timekeeper and rubs around the ring before sliding back in the ring. He hands Flynn the SuperContinental title and the duo pose in opposite corners. NK, posing with Thad’s Hart championship.

HHL: Uh oh!

PIP: North Korean War Criminal has just got the ire of the Lionheart!


NKWC jumps off the buckles where he eats a Superkick from Thad! Flynn hops off the ropes only to be clotheslined out to the floor.

HHL: And just like that, the epic confrontation that had been months in the making has ended. And what a match it was!

Thad, exhausted from his hellacious match, is leaning in the corner. Flynn is getting helped out of the ring by a couple of ringside officials.

HHL: And I think he’s about to receive his prize.

The referee has retrieved the Supercontinental Championship from ringside. Many in the crowd are still objecting to the match outcome, showering Thad with boos that only seem to intensify as the ref gets in the ring with the new championship. Thad, smirking and soaking in the jeers, drags himself out of the corner. The ref goes to raise Thad’s hand and give him the belt, but Thad snatches it away and holds it up himself.

HHL: This is not a happy crowd.

Thad’s music hits and get continues to hold up the belt, pointing at it and then at himself, mouthing something that’s getting lost in the noise. But, unbeknownst to him, there seems to be some commotion in the crowd. You can just barely make out some cheers and cries of surprise, and the crowd starts to part for….something!

HHL: Wait, what’s that?

PC: Oh hell! Is it more of those OCW assholes?!



Corey Smith explodes through the crowd, deftly hopping up and over the crowd control barricade and sliding in the ring behind Thad Duke! Thad is still showboating, admiring his new title!

PC: Turn around, Thad!

HHL: And look! Look at what he has in his hand!


PC: NO! No damnit!



HHL: It was never Thad’s to begin with!


PC: Well then he’s a liar! He said he was cashing in for a match with Alias!

HHL: Well, getting stabbed in the back and assaulted by your best friend may have changed his perspective on things!

Corey Smith, 24/7 briefcase in hand, is standing right behind Thad. His eyes may as well be boring a hole through the back of his skull. Gradually, Thad’s cocky smile starts to level out. He starts to realize that this suddenly jubilant reaction may not be for him. He scans the crowd curiously. And then, something clicks!

Thad wheels around on Corey, going for an elbow shot to the side of his former friend’s head! Corey ducks and fires back by slamming the briefcase into Thad Duke’s gut! The crowd explodes!

Thad falls to one knee, and Corey lifts the briefcase high to deliver a coup de grace, but Thad fires out with a fist to Corey’s groin! Corey reels back, holding himself in pain. Thad starts crawling for the ropes to escape. Corey dives for Thad, getting on top of him and showering him with closed fist shots!


Corey is enraged! He takes hold of Thad’s hair and starts slamming the back of his skull into the canvas. Then, dragging him up by said hair he tosses him into the ropes. Thad catches the ropes and tries to escape, going to the outside. Corey curses and launches himself at the ropes, and then up and over the ropes, crashing down on Thad Duke on the outside! Corey picks Thad up and whips him at the corner ringpost, where the new champ smacks it and pinwheels to the floor.

HHL: The champion can’t have anything left in the tank!

Corey stays on Thad, grabbing him again and rolling him into the ring. Corey follows. Thad keeps rolling, trying to get away, but Corey stops him, stomping him. Thad is finally able to grab one of Corey’s shots and toss him away. Corey lands on his back, but kips up right away to an explosive reaction from the crowd! Thad is at the ropes, and Corey sets his sight on him again. And that’s when Thad launches a superkick right at Corey’s face……



Corey gets under Thad, muscling him up and over with a release suplex. Thad Duke skitters across the canvas. Corey picks up the briefcase again and as Thad gets to his feet, COREY DRILLS HIM IN THE SKULL WITH THE BRIEFCASE! The crowd is electric! Corey calls the referee over and covers Thad!




HHL: He did it! His revenge on Thad Duke is complete!


Corey pops to his feet, reveling in the moment as the referee hands HIM the newly minted championship! Corey climbs the top turnbuckle, slapping the belt and letting out a primal scream of happiness!

PC: This is not over between these two. Not by a long shot! Thad is not going to take this laying down!

HHL: Well, for right now, he is.

Thad’s still not moving in the ring, and Corey makes a show of stepping over him to head to the opposite turnbuckle and play to the crowd there.

HHL: The Supercontinental championship is in its infancy and already it’s changed hands. What a way to introduce it. And speaking of championships, the mother of all XWF titles is being defended next!

”The following contest is your RELENTLESS MAIN EVENT for the XWF Universal Championship scheduled for One-Fall and is FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE match!”

The massive crowd gathered at the Chicago Superspeedway exploded into a thunderous ovation.

As the song plays a throne rises up through the flames and the stage… Standing on the stage with the Gauntlet of the King held high into the air is Doctor Louis D’Ville! He steps off the throne and stands next to the performers and fans praise him on his way by… Hail to the King Hail to the one Kneel to the crown Stand in the sun Hail to the King (Hail, hail, hail) Hail to the King!! Doc takes a stand on the stage and the lights go dark. Fog and a red aura rises up as the music cuts out and silence took over the place… Until…
The arena burns in this red aura as people grow uncomfortable from the head coming from nowhere… It was like they were standing on the peak of a volcano… The ground shook… The floors trembled… Until the good doctor entered the ring by sliding under the bottom rope and everything phased back to normal….

HHL: All we’re waiting for now, is the champion!

PIP: I don’t have to like him, to know that this is going to be something out. Doc vs. Alias. It’s going to be a war.

Darkness falls across the Chicagoland Speedway. Of course it does. The crowd rumbles; a murmur turns into a surge of anticipation.

And then, a torch. A small, solitary flame lit on the entrance stage. As it burns, it grows. Brighter and brighter; larger and larger! Something is above it!

A head.

On a pike.


In fiery letters, the X-Tron displays one word:

[Image: 1RTtcQQ.gif]

The crowd roars! Through the commotion, they begin to chant!


Another torch, elsewhere in the speedway, shines through the darkness. It burns, it grows, and it reveals another head.

It belongs to CHRIS PAGE. Another word accompanies it on the X-Tron.

[Image: 4dRQE5F.gif]

Another torch. Another head - THADDEUS DUKE. Another word:

[Image: 5DpyQ2l.gif]

One more, to cover all sides. And a head to accompany it - ATARA THEMIS. And the word:

[Image: WRDWiTv.gif]

With the word upon the screen, the fires die, taking the heads with them. The words begin to cycle, one after another. The crowd shouts them as they appear.

[Image: xz9JrMT.gif]


This continues in darkness for several moments, until one more torch is lit. Right at the edge the ramp, just before the ring. It grows and it… transforms.

A door.

Engulfed in flames.

[Image: bmaHcal.jpg]

It burns for a minute, maybe two. And then…

It explodes in a ball of fire!

And in the fire…

[Image: NV4FM3Y.jpg]

[Image: uFAZDB9.jpg]

Alias steps out of the flames. The Universal Championship over his shoulder.

He enters the ring, and stares, unblinking, across at Dr. D’Ville.

Ready for war.

The referee takes the Universal Championship from Alias where he hoists it high in the air for all to see before passing it out to the ring announcer before signaling for the bell.

HHL: All eyes are locked on this ONE Main Event, the rematch from May Day 2021… It’s Alias versus Doctor Louis D’Ville for the XWF Universal Championship.

Doc and Alias gaze across the ring from each other as the roar from the crowd is seemingly endless. Neither man takes their eyes off the other as the solid ovation continues to grow.

Pip: I have goosebumps!

HHL: You’re not alone Pip!

Alias nor Doc move from their corners as they stare each other down for several seconds before they finally walk out towards the center of the ring which brings a louder ovation from the massive crowd!

Pip: The electricity is so thick you can cut it with a knife!

The crowd is split as they break out into dueling chants LET’S GO ALIAS/ALL HAIL DOC! LET’S GOT ALIAS/ALL HAIL DOC!

HHL: Doesn’t matter who you’re rooting for, we're all about to be winners tonight.

Alias and Doc square off-center ring go face to face as thousands of flashbulbs from various cameras or cell phones flicker all throughout the Superspeedway. Alias and Doc mouth off at each other before they take some steps back, start to circle each other before locking up the center ring! The crowd roars in approval as they jockey for position to see each man shove off each other. They gaze across at one another before immediately locking back up in the center of the ring where once again they jockey for position and again shove off each other with a stalemate.

Alias and Doc lock up for the third time, the jockey for that very important positioning only to have used his weight to drive Doc back a foot, Doc counters and uses his height to transition into a side headlock. Doc cranks on Alias’s head with the side headlock. The referee gets in a position where he checks in on Alias. The Universal Champion drives three quick shots to the ribs of Doc before backing him up against the ropes.

Alias looks to send Doc across the ring only to see the challenger refuse to let go of the headlock, yanking Alias back out towards the center of the ring where he takes the Champion over with a side headlock takeover. Alias' shoulders hit the mat with the referee sliding into position.




Alias rolls to the right side lifting his shoulder off the mat in the process. Doc continues to crank on the head of Alias forcing the Universal Champion to start working his way back to his knees before stepping back up to his feet. Alias looks to pick up Doc for a Side Suplex only to see the challenger shift his weight effectively blocking the pickup attempt.

Alias jabs Doc in the ribs before shoving Doc away and slipping out of the headlock!

Doc spins around walking into a slap in the face from the ever defiant Universal Champion!

HHL: Oh man…”

Doc smiles at Alias before slapping him back across the face!

Pip: Intimidation isn’t in the equation for either of these gladiators tonight in Chicago.

Alias smiles back at Doc. Suddenly both men start throwing hard right hands back and forth bringing the crowd to a thunderous ovation! A right from the challenger, immediately answered by the champion! The challenger answers, the champion fires right back, the challenger swings with a right, the champion blocks, and counters with a headbutt to the nose that sends Doc back into the ropes. Alias charges forward where he sends Doc over the top rope and out to the padding surrounding the ring!

Alias slides out to the floor followed by the referee as falls count anywhere. Alias starts stomping away at the challenger on the floor before reaching down picking him up. Alias scoops up Doc slamming him down onto the protective padding. Alias wastes no time as he tosses the ring apron back. He reaches under the ring where he pulls out a wooden folding chair. Doc gets to all fours when Alias turns and raises the chair and shatters it across Doc’s back!

Alias makes the cover on the floor.




Doc kicks out to pop from the crowd as Alias starts choking Doc with both hands across the throat.

HHL: You have to know that both of these men are going to pull out ALL the stops tonight!

Alias releases his choke and reaches over snatching a piece of the broken chair that’s about the size of a stake. Alias takes it and looks to plunge it into the chest of Doctor D’Ville! Doc throws his hands up catching the wrists of Alias on the way down stopping his momentum! He reaches up raking the eyes of Alias causing him to grab at his eyes and drop the piece of the wooden chair.

Doc begins to get back to his feet where he comes up behind Alias and takes him by his hair driving him face-first off the steps! Doc hurls Alias back into the ring. He slides in after him only to get back to his feet. Doc looms over Alias before stomping down with repeated kicks to the sternum and head of the Universal Champion.

Doc picks Alias up where he starts biting him across the forehead!

Pip: Someone’s hungry.

Doc backs Alias up into a neutral corner before delivering an open-handed chop across the chest of the Champion followed by a series of reverse elbows to the right temple. Doc fires Alias across the ring into the other set of buckles, Doc charges in after Alias who throws a reverse elbow rocking the challenger back towards the center of the ring. Alias rushes out from the corner leaping at Doc taking him down with a flying bulldog headlock!

Alias makes a cover.




Doc kicks out to a pop from the crowd. Alias locks in a nerve hold into the collarbone of D’Ville! The referee immediately slides into a position where he starts asking Doc to surrender. Doc refuses as Alias works a deeper grip.

HHL: They are just toying with each other. Alias knows he’s not going to catch a submission this early but to use it to try and wear Doc down is a completely different story.

Alias digs deeper as we see Doc starting to get to one knee before stepping up to a vertical base where he reaches behind and he is able to grab Alias by the head where he delivers a snap mare takeover to Alias. Alias pops back up to his feet near the ropes where Doc charges and dives with a flying cross-body block taking Alias back into the ropes where the momentum carries both men over the top rope and tumbling down to the floor.

Both men land a hand on the protective mats on the floor in front of the announcer’s table. Both lay on the mat for several seconds before Doc begins to stir first as he rolls over pushing himself up off the mat and back to a vertical base.

HHL: They’re right out in front of us.

Doc reaches down picking Alias up off the padding surrounding the ring when suddenly a massive bright white light overtakes the Speedway. The audio goes dead.

The overtaking bright lights fade away leaving us in a black void.

Doctor D’Ville and Alias stand in the blackness with the referee as well as Heather and Pip who can finally be heard breaking back in with audio.

Pip: Where the hell are we?

HHL: Pip I have no clue.

Flames shoot up around Doc and Alias surrounding them within a circle of fire. Doc looks at his empty right hand where DOC-CALIBER appears from thin air. Alias looks at his hands where a sword appears in his right hand with a shield in his left.

Doc twirls Docs-Caliber as he walks towards Alias! Alias swings at Doc with his sword, Doc throws up his sword blocking the attack before kicking towards Alias’s chest, Alias throws his shield in front of the kick blocking it from connecting but the force sends Alias back towards the flames that surround them.

Alias stops the momentum before getting engulfed in flames.

Alias takes the shield off his arm throwing it through the abyss at Doc. Doc ducks sending the shield flying through the flames that surround them.

Pip: We still have ourselves a Universal Title match ongoing as Doc and Alias have been surrounded by flames that have to be six or seven feet tall.

Alias tosses his sword where he looks down at his empty hands and manifests a blowtorch.

HHL: A blowtorch!

Alias fires up the blowtorch as he charges towards Doc shooting flames out at him! Doc ducks and rolls out of the way where he hurls his sword at Alias who narrowly evades the blade as he sails past him and into the fire.

Alias charges forward shooting a blowtorch flame at Doc! Doc throws his hands towards the flames shooting freezing temperatures from his hands freezing the flames all the way back to the blowtorch! Alias hurls the torch as it freezes on the inside exploding within the circle of flames.

Doc clobbers Alias with right hand only to have it answered with a right hand before both men throw right hand with their fists colliding within the abyss sending a massive flash of light over the screen again.

The light eclipses the screen before fading as we are back at the Superspeedway with the crowd popping huge! Alias has a char jabbing it into the ribs as they are nearing a concession stand.

Pip: Somehow we’ve been brought back to Chicago and Alias and Doc are somewhere beating the piss out of each other!

Doc’s doubled over before being cracked across the back with chair shot as they’re surrounded by fans. Alias makes the cover on Doc.




Doc fires a shoulder up breaking the count. Alias gets to his feet where he picks him up off the concrete floor. Alias scoops Doc up slamming him down before walking towards the concession stand where there’s a merchandise table.

HHL: Alias is clearing the merchandise table!

To which he complete before walking back over to his challenger. He picks him up and brings him over towards the table. He looks to drive Doc face-first into the table, Doc blocks and drives an elbow into the ribs of Alias before smashing him face-first off the table. Doc scratches Alias across the back with both hands before driving him headfirst off the table a second time before spinning Alias around where he takes him by the throat where he hoists him up in the air and drives him down through the merchandise table!

Pip: Alias is in trouble!

The challenger drops down making a cover.




Alias kicks out to a pop from the crowd. Doc starts hammering down with right hands to Alias before leaning down where he starts biting the Champion!

HHL: You have to expect this is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better as the Universal Championship is on the line.

Doc gets back to his feet where he picks Alias up from the debris of the table. He yanks Alias towards the Men’s Room! Doc hurls him inside sending Alias slamming into a concrete divider wall. Doc comes forward where Alias fights back with a boot to the midsection before biting Doc in the forehead!

Alias takes Doc and drives him face first into the concrete wall divider!

Alias brings Doc into the Men’s room where he smashes him face first into a mirror above a sink shattering it upon impact!

Pip: Doc’s been busted wide open!

Alias takes Doc and slams him face first into a bathroom stall door sending it flying open and smashing into the partition wall. Doc turns nailing Alias with a gouge to the eyes! Doc headbuts Alias in the forehead sending him staggering backward and into the broken glass now on the floor.

Doc lunges at Alias driving him back into the porcelain sink! He bounces Alias head first off the sink before taking him back out of the bathroom, and as they walk back out the bathroom Alias delivers a side suplex!

Upon both men crashing onto the ground another massive bright light covers the entire screen.

HHL: Not again!

The bright light teleports us…


Alias and Doc are in spacesuits on the moon. Alias uppercuts Doc sending him up into zero gravity only for Doc to use his boot thrusters to shoot down at Alias spearing him down into the moon creating a crater in the process. Moon dust floats all around as Doc covers Alias. The referee, in his own suit mind you, gets into position.




Alias kicks out as we see Heather and Pip floating in the background.

HHL: We are LITERALLY on the freaking moon!

Doc pulls himself up out of the crater before being drug back down into it by Alias! Alias smashes Doc face first into the wall of the crater sending even more moon dust unto the astmophere!

Alias leaps up into the zero gravity before thrusting back down driving Doc through the MOON!

The bright light overcomes the screen again!

It fades as we are in the throne room of KING DOC!

Pip: Stop fucking teleporting us!

Alias chokes Doc driving him backward into his throne before looking for EAT THE LEFT HAND!

HHL: Alias is going for the win!

The referee starts asking Doc to surrender as the Mandible Claw is locked in! Doc starts biting the fingers of Alias effectively breaking the attempt! Doc kicks Alias off him sending him back several feet. Alias charges back towards Doc looking to deliver a spear!

Doc side steps Alias sending him crashing into the throne knocking it over!

Doc measures Alias and as he starts getting back to his feet he turns around and walks into a DOCKBOTTOM!


Doc makes a cover hooking the near leg.




Alias escapes the near fall!

HHL: The Champion still has fight left!

Doc gets back to his feet where he snatches Alias and picks him up. He decks him with a hard right hand followed by a double thrust to the throat of the Universal Champion. Doc rushes towards Alias with a clothesline from hell, Alias ducks and counters with a backstabber back breaker!

Alias crawls towards Doc where he starts choking him with both hands across the throat of Doc! Suddenly we see Doc and Alias start to break off into particles as the bright shinning light overtakes the screen. It fades away as we are back at the Super Speedway where Doc and Alias are trading right hands in the center of the ring!

Alias gets the upper head before delivers THE OTHER LEFT HAND that sends Doc spinning in a semi-circle for Alias to lock in a Rear Naked Choke!


Doc manages to work his way towards the ropes where he springs off the ropes taking both himself and Alias down to the mat where he rolls over stacking Alias shoulders to the mat.




Alias releases the hold to avoid the pinfall as he beats Doc to his feet. He makes his way over to Doc who reaches one knee where he walks into a Mini Chokeslam by the challenger!

HHL: What a weird Championship match!

Doc starts to work his way back up to his feet as the crowd is on fire for this contest. The Challenger makes his way toards the ripes where he steps out to the ring apron. He walks towards the nearest set of turnbuckles.

Doc starts to climb up to the top turnbuckle where he sizes up the Universal Champion before setting sail as he leaps off the top rope delivers a diving headbutt!


Doc makes the cover on the champion.




Alias kicks out of the nearest fall of the contest to a massive gasp from the crowd.

HHL: This match will continue!!

Doc starts to work his way back to his feet. He reaches down picking Alias up off the mat where Alias counters the pick up with an Inside Cradle!!




Doc reverses the positioning so that Alias’s shoulders are now on the mat.




Alias escapes the near fall as both he and Doc get back to their feet where they take each other down with a double clothesline.

Pip: Both Champion and Challenger are down!

The official can only look on as both men lay on the mat looking up at the hevans. The bright light overtakes the screen again only to fade out as we are now in the clouds with pearly gates. Alias drives Doc face first off the gates!

An older white man in a white robe emerges with a massive book in his hand. Alias snatches the book flipping though not finding Doc’s name before cracking Doc in the face knocking him silly with Saint Peter’s book!

Alias dives on top of Doc with a cover. Saint Peter removes the white robe revealing a referee’s shirt! He makes a count.




Doc kicks out! Alias is the first back to his feet where he calls for the EAT THE LEFT HAND! We see Doc starting to find his way back to his feet where Alias comes forward looking for the Mandible Claw!

Doc ducks and shove Alias into Saint Peter!

He spins Alias around where he delivers a Spinbuster through the clouds and back into the bright shinning lights that overtake our screen. The lights fade out as we are once again back in the Speedway as Doc calls for the Labotomy!

Pip: Doc is looking to end this thing and stake claim to the Universal Championship!

Doc reaches down picking Alias up off the mat. He locks in the front face lock before hoisting Alias vertically up in the air! Doc holds Alias up allowing blood to start to rush to his head only we see Alias cram his left hand down the throat of Doc!

Alias floats over the back where he crams the right hand down the throat of Doc!


Alias has both hands in the throat of Doc as he lands on both feet behind him! The crowd is on fire as Doc tries to fight his way free only to drop to one knee! Doc eventually starts to fade before dropping to the mat with both shoulders down!





HHL: Alias has done it! Alias has retained the Universal Championship!

Alias removes both hands from the throat of Doc as the referee awards him the Universal Championship! Alias’s arm is raised in victory!

Suddenly through the crowd is Cashe, Riddle and Bam Miller in OCW t-shirts as they hit the ring! Mille and Riddle dispose of the referee before jumping on Alias with a three on one assault! Riddle turns his attention towards Doc. He picks him up off the mat before hurling him over the top rope and out to the floor.

Pip: OCW is invading again!

Cashe picks up the Universal Champion holding him in position for Riddle to unload with right hands to the midsection!

The crowd pops as THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS hit to the ring after seeing enough!

The Bastards get some shots in on Bam and Riddle before the numbers game becomes too much as Riddle and Cashe double up on Thunder Knuckles as they hurl him through the top and middle turnbuckle of a neutral corner sending him smacking shoulder first off the ring post!

HHL: For the third straight night OCW is bringing the fight to the XWF!

Bourbon has driven Bam Miller back into a neutral corner only to be jumped from behind by Riddle and Cashe. Bourbon tries to fight back on both Cashe and Riddle only to be chop blocked from behind by Bam Miller. The crowd roars as BETSY GRANGER and JIM CAEDUS storm down towards the ring!

She dives under the ropes with Caedus only to have their ankle caught and yanked out to the floor by OCW stars ED HOUSTON and PETER VAUGHN! They yank Granger back out to the floor before hurling her into the steel steps by Houston while Vaugh drives Caedus lower back first into the ring apron before taking him and hurling him into the security railing! . Houston starts stomping away at Granger while Vaugh goes under the ring pulling out a steel chair!

He slides into the ring where Bam Miller picks Alias up off the mat. He hurls him towards Peter Vaughn who jabs him in the ribs doubling him over to be waffled across the back with a shot that echoes throughout the Speedway! The crowd roars with massive boos as Ed Houston slides into the ring joining his OCW roster members. The boos echo out louder as OCW management figure MARCUS WELSH times through the time keepers area snatching a microphone as he climbs up on the ring apron before stepping into the ring.

The XWF fans explode with massive boos as he joins his crew inside the ring.

Marcus Welsh: Do we HAVE your attention now XWF? Where’s Theo Pryce? Where’s Vinnie Lane? Where’s any member of XWF Management been ALL WEEKEND as we have made you all our bitches?

Alias tries to get up off the mat where he cracked with another chair shot from from Peter Vaughn!

Marcus Welsh: And this…

Marcus looks down at Alias.

Marcus Welsh: Pick him up!

Cashe and Riddle pick up Alias holding him in place by both arms.

Marcus Welsh: When it comes to you it’s nothing personal. You just happen to hold this shit holes top championship.

Marcus motions for Peter to crack Alias’s skull.

The crowd responds as Chris Page emerges to the top of the ramp in street clothes, his head bandaged from earlier this evening with a chair in his hand as well as he runs down the ramp where he dives into the ring holding the chair towards Welsh while demanding Alias be let go.

Houston, Peter, Bam and Welsh surround Page as Cashe and Riddle refuse Page’s demand.

Page suddenly turns cracking Alias in the skull with the chair sending him crumbling to the mat as Marcus Welsh reaches out shaking the hand of Chris Page. The OCW roster members are in complete and total shock as Marcus hugs Chris Page before he draws away. Chris tosses his chair down beside Alias before applauding the OCW roster members as a shocking Relentless 2021 fades to black




Chris Page
Thad Duke
Mark Flynn
Big D
Miss Fury
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