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Saturday Night Savage 09-11-2021
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09-11-2021 02:57 PM

[Image: V3i33MC.png]

September 11, 2021



James Evans
- vs -
Betsy Granger
Singles Match

Them No Good Bastards©
(Bobby Bourbon & Thunder Knuckles)

- vs -
The Dissentients
(Marf & Lycana)
- vs -
Xtreme Rules Tornado Tag Match

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]
[Image: xwftv.png]
- vs -
Jack Inthebox
Rampage may choose the stipulation in his 1st RP

The crowd erupts with a heavily mixed reception as the countdown clock strikes down to zero before breaking into “Judas” by Fozzy. All attention shifts towards the top of the ramp as we see Chris Page sauntering out to the top of the ramp. Page stands at the top of the ramp looking out across the sold-out crowd that’s gathered at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

HHL: We are just under two weeks away from Relentless 2021, on a night in which that man right there will meet Robert Main in a 3 Stages of Hell match set to take place over the course of Relentless weekend. It is the Final Battle of Cataclysm.

Pip: CCP is going to be in anything but a good mood, especially coming off of Warfare and another loss to Apex-Legacy in that 12 Man Tag Team Main Event.

Chris starts to make the long walk towards the ring. His eyes catch a sign from a fan which causes him to snatch it away before holding it up for the camera.


Page hands the sign back to the fan before continuing his walk towards the ring. He reaches ringside where he climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes where he enters the ring.

CCP walks across the ring where he calls for the microphone. With the microphone in hand he walks back out towards the center of the ring as the music fades away leaving a solid ovation of cheers mixed with just as many boos from the massive crowd. Chris raises the microphone in his right hand before spouting off.

” James Evens, Betsy Granger, The Bastards, The Thugs, Lycana, Marf, Rampage, Jack Inthebox… We couldn’t have a Stadium show and NOT deliver at least ONE Hall of Legends player, am I right! BABY!

The boos start to take over the cheers which draw a smirk to the face of Chris Page as he then states.

” If it wasn’t bad enough that Vinnie Lane screwed me out of rightfully entering Relentless as the Universal Champion two weeks ago on this very program…”

Now the crowd starts to fully turn on Chris as he sarcastically speaks over the boos.

” It’s true. It’s true.”

Pip: Page does have a point there.

HHL: You can’t be serious?!?! Vinnie Lane only made things right after BOB got involved. Check the tapes.[/white]

” It’s never been more clear that the XWF and XWF Management are out to put as many screws in BOB as they can for they know that BOB is an unstoppable fucking force!”

Now we start to get an “ASS-HOLE, ASS-HOLE, ASS-HOLE” chant filtering throughout the stadium.

” And it’s not like XWF management hasn’t always had an awful lot of fun when it comes to the mishandling of me dating back to the JON BROWN days, but what they’ve done with BOB is completely atrocious; for example, how the fuck does BOB not win War Games when damn near every team involved carbon-copied BOB’s style?”

The camera draws in tight on Chris Page as he gazes into the camera with his cold blue eyes.

” Often imitated but never duplicated!”

The chant of ASSHOLE grows louder and louder as Chris shifts gears to more recent actions.

” What you dumb fucks fail to realize is that BOB is everywhere… you just don’t know it yet. But something we do know is Relentless 2021 is two weeks away, and we know that yet again Chris Page is carrying this fucking company to another meaningful Pay-Per-Event. Much like last year I am scheduled to compete in a Three Stages of Hell match against the guy that everyone HATES to LOVE… Robert Main.”

There’s a loud pop for the mention of Main’s name which garners an eye roll from Chris Page.

” A two and a half year rivalry finally comes to its conclusion on the biggest stage the XWF has to offer and based on the “win” Legacy procured for Mr. Main on Warfare that means that Robert gets to name the Stipulation of Night One’s match which I assume will happen Wednesday night, but I could be wrong.”

There’s a brief pause from Chris before he continues.

” But what about Night Two’s Stipulation? My suggestion would be that when I beat you on Night One in a match that YOU select, that I name Night Two’s stip… but before you get your panties in a bunch I am man enough to say that IF you beat me on Night One then by all means you can name Night Two’s stip all the same. The bigger picture revolves around how it doesn’t matter WHO names the stipulations because this FINAL BATTLE of CATACLYSM ends in two nights either way with you choking when it is ONLY YOU who is fighting your battle.”

Massive boos are heard as the North Carolina crowd has completely turned on CCP.

” This is your last chance for you to use me to carry you, Robert. Those words will never have more meaning than they will on Sunday morning and you are left butt-hurt because you failed, again. It’s the nature of your beast. Don’t try and hide it. I’ll see you Wednesday Night.”

Page drops the microphone as we fade.

PC: "It's time for our opening match, and it should be a good one as Betsy Granger goes one on one with James Evans."

[red]HHL: "Betsy is no stranger to challenges and she's got quite a tough one ahead of her. Evans had quite the showing in the High Stakes Battle Royal and I'm sure I speak for everyone in XWF when I say I'm very curious to see what else he can do here."

The opening of “Beg" can be heard blaring through the PA system. The camera will pan through the curtain as the face of James Evans appears, igniting a positive reaction from the crowd, as they shower him in cheers. The camera remains on James as he breaks through the curtain. The cheers intensify as James looks out at the crowd.

"I poke the needles under your skin
Tastes like blasphemy and treason
No, you're never getting far away"

James slowly makes his way to the ring, as images of him winning various championships and hitting various moves appear on the screen. James reaches the ring and makes his way up the ring steps, before turning and facing the crowd.

"See hope fading out of your eyes
This time the pain is going to feel unreal
I think you're gonna be some easy prey"

James then steps into the ring and walks to the center of it, removing his black hoodie, maintaining his focus.

"Beg motherf*cker
Beg motherf*cker
Beg motherf*cker

James then goes to the corner and sits on the top turnbuckle, his back to the crowd, as the music dies down, his eyes on the center of the ring.

As the opening notes begin, the lights go out, save for a single spotlight on the top of the stage. Betsy comes out, but she’s only a silhouette at this point. Just as the drum strikes it’s second note, Betsy dabs and the lights come back. The song starts from the refrain as Betsy starts dancing down the ramp.

“Sin City’s cold and empty
No one’s around to judge me
I can’t see clearly when your gone-one-one”

Arms out, Betsy begins twirling around wildly, blonde ponytail whipping about with her, as she slaps hands with fans on both sides of the ramp. The chorus hits just as Betsy baseball slides into the ring.

“And I said ooooh, I’m blinded by the lights
I can’t sleep until I feel your touch
And I said ooooh, I’m drowning in the night
Oh, when I’m like this, you’re the one I trust”

As the chorus chimes on, Betsy bounces up and hops up onto every ring corner, pumping her fist and bobing her head in time with the song, getting the fans amped up for the upcoming bout. When she finishes playing up the fans, she starts bouncing in place, preparing mentally for the bout. The referee then checks with her and her opponent, before calling for the bell.


James Evans
- vs -
Betsy Granger
Singles Match

HHL: We are underway with our opening contest on our Go Home Edition of Saturday Night Savage for Relentless.

Pip: There’s not a person on the roster more red hot than Betsy Granger. A huge win over Chris Page on Warfare several weeks back, picking up the win for Apex-Legacy in that massive 12 person tag on the last Warfare, and with the collision course she’s on with The Bastards for Relentless she cannot afford a loss tonight.

Betsy and Evans lock up center ring with Evans using his size and strength to muscle Betsy back into the ropes. The referee calls for a clean break before starting to lay the count to James who releases Betsy and backs out towards the center of the ring.

HHL: Clean break by Evans.

Evans backs out towards the center of the ring as we see Betsy takes a moment to gather herself before they circle each other. They locks up again and once again Betsy is muscled back into a neutral corner this time. The referee calls for the break and this time it isn’t given as he starts to lay the count to Evans. The referee reaches four when Jack swings wildly at Betsy who ducks out of the way switching positions with Evans as she lands several stiff kicks to the right leg and quad before backing out towards the center of the ring.

Evans explodes out from the corner and into a drop toe hold where she floats over into a front face lock and starts driving a series of knee’s to the top of the skull of Evans. She lands four knee strikes before flipping over Evans while landing on her feet maintaining an inverted chin lock. The referee is in position asking James to surrender which he refuses.

He breaks the hold with a gouge to the eyes of Betsy.

Pip: When you’re in that kind of position any break is a good break.

Evans gets to his feet where he picks up Granger and locks a front face lock before delivering a snap suplex! Evans floats over into a cover.




Granger kicks out of the near fall as we see Evans get back to his feet. He picks Betsy up where he takes her back into the ropes, he shoots her across the ring with an Irish Whip, she bounces off the near side ducking under a lariat where she catches James with a Pele Kick to the temple as he turns around! The crowd pops for Betsy as she hops back up to her feet where she drives Evans back into a set of buckles.

Granger starts unloading with a series of forearm shots to the jaw before shooting James across the ring and into the opposite buckles. Granger charges in after Evans where she eats a reverse elbow staggering her backward. Evans comes out of the corner with a boot to the midsection that doubles Betsy over for him to deliver a butterfly suplex into a back breaker! Evans forces the cover on Granger!




Betsy kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd.

HHL: Evans is going to need to stay on top of Betsy. If Granger hasn’t show the world that all it takes is one mistake for her to put anyone away.

Pip: With a shot at the seemingly unstoppable Bastards and the Tag Titles in her future every step is critical.

Evans is back to a vertical base. He picks Betsy up off the mat where he fires her across the ring, Granger bounces off the far side and into a Tilt-A-Whirl back breaker attempt that Granger counters into a flying head scissors snapping James over to the mat!

Evans and Granger are both back to their feet where Evans charges Besty! We see Betsy side step Evans sending him bouncing off the ropes and into a Round House Kick that takes Evans down to the mat! He pops back up to his feet where he’s met with a boot to the midsection, Granger bounces off the ropes delivering an Axe kick across the back of the neck!

Granger makes the cover on James!




James kicks out of the near fall. Betsy gets back to her feet where she picks Evans up off the mat and hammers away with another several forearms to the face only to be caught with a knee lift to the midsection from Evans!

Pip: Evans cuts off Granger with that knee lift.

Evans lands several clubbing blows across the back of Granger dropping her to one knee. He drives a straight kick to the side of the head knocking her down to the mat. Evans starts stomping away at Granger before picking her up off the mat.

He sets her up and delivers a butterfly powerbomb! There’s a cover made by James Evans!




Kick out from Granger to a thunderous ovation from the crowd!

HHL: Granger’s got a lot left in the tank!

Evans locks in a rear chin lock on Granger. The referee is in position asking Betsy to surrender as James cranks back on the head and chin which she refuses. Evans releases the hold as he gets up pulling Betsy up to her feet.

He takes Granger back into the ropes shooting her across the ring, Betsy bounces off the near side where she leaps with a flying cross body block! Evans catches Granger in mid-air! Evans scoops Betsy up over his shoulder and looks to deliver a Snake Eyes, Granger slides down the back of Evans while shoving him forward sternum first into the turnbuckles of a neutral corner!

Evans staggers back towards Granger who delivers a Camel Clutch Legsweep! The crowd pops huge as Granger makes the cover.




Evans kicks out to a gasp from the crowd!

Pip: Impressive showing by James Evans as he continues to keep things going for himself.

Granger is the first to her feet where she sets up James and sizes him up before bouncing off the far side delivering a shotgun single leg dropkick knocking him back into the buckles where he staggers forward into an inside cradle!




Evans escapes to another gasp from the crowd. Betsy is the first back to her feet where she looks for a clothesline as James stands to his feet. He ducks sending Betsy back into the corner! She turns around as he runs forward delivering a Helluva Kick!

Granger falls down to mat as we see Evans reach down picking Betsy where he takes her up across his shoulders into a tourture rack position. He hoists her up into the air only to see Granger reverse as she slides down the back and into position to hit the Full Nelson Face Crusher! The crowd pops as Granger makes the cover.





HHL: "I'm just getting word from backstage that Ned Kaye's trying to cause trouble for APEX again! Let's get the picture back there now!"

The camera cuts backstage, showing Nefarious Ned Kaye walking towards the APEX locker room, purpose in his step and a crowbar in his hand. As he gets closer, seeing it at the end of the hallway, the speed in his legs seems to increase, but before he can even make it halfway down the corridor, he's cut off by Drew Archyle! The seafaring Archyle blocks Kaye's path, his arms crossed with defiance in front of his friend and former ally.

PC: "Drew's trying to get his ass kicking early!"

HHL: "He's just finally standing up to Ned after this unfair targeting of his friends in APEX for the past month!"

The two men stare at each other, motionless for a few moments before Ned opens his mouth, a devilish grin over his face.

Ned: "I thought you were the kind of guy who knew his place in APEX, Drew. How about you go stand to the side where you belong and you let me handle my business with Robert?"

Archyle's expression does not change and his body doesn't move an inch. Frustration immediately sets on Ned's face as he raises the crowbar, tracing a finger over it.

Ned: "Do you know how easy it would be for me to slap you to the side and send you to the hospital? To just brutalize APEX's weakes-"

Drew: "You won't and you know it."

Kaye's demeanor shifts once the words sink in. He raises the crowbar quickly, as if to prepare for a rough strike to his former stablemate's skull, but he only leaves it hanging above them both. Despite Ned's threatening movements, Drew's body stays perfectly still, a calm disappointment uncharacteristic of his usual demeanor.

Drew: "Ned, I have no idea who has been chirping in your ear but this isn't you. This isn't the Ned that I stood beside in Apex Prophecy. The Ned I know went to war for his friends; he didn't try to go to war with them. Don't you remember the poker game we had with your father? I don't know if you are going through a crisis of conscience or what but you broke bad and you're hiding behind Avalanche while you do it."

Tossing the crowbar to the floor, Ned almost begins to storm off before getting right into Drew's face. His eyes stare daggers into Archyle.

Ned: "You don't know me. Don't pretend like you do."

Drew: "I think the opposite actually. I think I know you better than you want to admit but I'll tell you what. You've wanted to get at Rob for a while but as you know he's got a prior engagement at Relentless so I guess you are stuck with me. But here's the deal. If you lose to me you have to cut ties with Avalanche for good."

Kaye smirks, bringing himself backwards and nodding at the challenge, seemingly amused somewhere in between all this rage.

Ned: "Very well, but two more things. First, if I win, you leave APEX and join Avalanche. And second, we're not going to toy with some ordinary contest for your initiation into Avalanche. Three words: Last. Man. Standing. Do we have a deal?"

Ned, like the devil himself, outstretches his arm towards Drew, waiting for a handshake. Archyle doesn't think it over for a moment, shaking Ned's hand before the two part ways, Kaye heading away from the APEX locker room and Drew stepping back towards it.

HHL: "A match has just been set for Relentless! Huge stakes for this one, Pip! Whoever loses, leaves their faction, and in the case of Archyle losing, he'll actually have to join Avalanche of all groups!"

PC: "Way I see it, Drew should just lay down for the 10 count! It'd be an upgrade for him if he got a place in Avalanche, plus they'll get a busboy for the HQ!"

HHL: "You can't seriously think that Ned stands a chance of winning this? Drew's got too much spirit and endurance to lose a Last Man Standing! Ned's basically asking for a loss here!"

PC: "Or he knows that he'll get that endurance to pick up everybody's coffee."

HHL: "Shut up, Pip. We'll be back after these messages, everyone."

It's time at last
to let you all know
I believe it would be fair to say
You look bewildered
And you wonder why I'm here today
And so you should I would
But in the shape and form
I will appear soon enough

PC: "Coming up next is our first of TWO Title Matches as Them No Good Bastards put their belts on the line against The Dissentients AND THUGS in a Triple Threat Xtreme Rules Match."

HHL: "That's right, Pip, two established teams looking to end the long reign of BOB's premier Tag Team. So far, everyone who's tried has failed, will tonight be a different story?"

The light suddenly go out, bathing the arena in darkness. 'Zero Signal' by Fear Factor hits the loudspeakers as the lights come back up slightly. turning red. A thick fog fills the entrance area as purple strobes begin to flicker around it. Lycana skips through the fog, stopping to look out over the crowd with a smirk. A large outline appears behind her in the smoke, Marf slowly emerging to stand at Lycana's side. They both pose for a brief instant, as pyros shoot off around them. They look at each other and nod, walking down the ramp in unison.

Lycana hops up onto the ring apron, with Marf stepping up next to her. He holds the ropes open for her to step through, following closely behind. They run to opposite turnbuckles and jump on them. Lycana sneers at the crowd, while Marf flips them off. The lights come back to normal as The Dissentients leap down from the turnbuckles, Lycana moving to stand by Marf's side as he cracks his knuckles.

PC: "Marf and Lycana have been near the top of the Tag Division ever since their arrival; will tonight be the night they finally break through and claim the belts for themselves?"

HHL: "To do so, they're gonna have to knock off, not only the Champions, but the team of John Black and Tommy Wish, as well!"

We the X-Tron come to life with the words "THUGS"  in flames, and we see the thugs in jackets and ski masks on their faces as they walk down to the ring. Then we see them getting thrown garbage in the process, which they ignore as they reach the ring. There they enter the ring, and take off their jackets and Ski Mask to reveal the THUGS to mixed reactions as their theme cuts off.

HHL: "John Black came up short last Savage in challenging for the TV Title, will this week be different for the Tags?"

PC: "For his sake, I hope so. It's not too often you get multiple Title opportunities, let alone on back to back shows. If him and Wish can't pull it off here, I don't know if they ever will!"

The entirely epic XTron video of TNGB takes over the arena as the lights dim. A spotlight highlights the ramp, and Thunder Knuckles walks out onto the entrance ramp, hyped and ready to fight, pointing out into the crowd. Behind him, Bobby Bourbon deliberately walks out and stops, also pointing out into the crowd. Both men glance at each other and clink their Tag Team Championships together, then in unison point into the ring. The crowd sings along with the song.


TK slides into the ring and gets up onto a knee, beckoning the crowd as Bobby climbs the steps and enters the ring behind him. TK stands and appeals to the crowd as Bobby raises his arms at 45-degree angles.

PC: "They may not always be liked, and they're most certainly bastards, but they're also the Tag Team Champions. Until someone says otherwise, they ARE the top team in all of XWF."

HHL: "Absolutely! Their reign has not only solidified them as one of the best Tag Teams of the present, but possibly all-time!"

Bobby and TK hand their belts to the referee, who holds them up before presenting them to the other two teams. After both the Dissentients and THUGs have their chance to touch 'em, the ref takes them over to the timekeeper and calls for the bell.


Them No Good Bastards©
(Bobby Bourbon & Thunder Knuckles)

- vs -
The Dissentients
(Marf & Lycana)
- vs -
Xtreme Rules Tornado Tag Match

HHL: "As already stated, this is an Xtreme Rules Match, Tornado Tag style. Neither one of the Champions has to be involved in the deciding fall to lose the Titles."

PC: "That means their percentage of winning is, uuuuuuuuuum.................. hmmmmmmmmm, well, not very good!"

As soon as the bell rings, both challenging teams rush over to the Champions and begin laying a beatdown on 'em. This forces the Bastards to quickly retreat to the outside, leaving the Dissentients alone in the ring with THUGs. The two teams turn their attention to one another, exchanging blows as Bobby and TK regain their composure.

PC: "No need for the Champions to rush. They can let their opponents wear each other down and strike when the opportunity arises!"

HHL: "If the opportunity arises."

Both teams continue to trade shots, until Tommy and JB each Kick Marf and Lycana in the gut, setting up for a pair of DDTs. Before they can hit them, though, the Dissentients flip the THUGs over their shoulders, causing them to roll under the bottom rope and onto the floor. Seeing the perfect chance to strike, Thunder Knuckles and Bobby Bourbon hurry back into the ring and attack the Dissentients from behind!

PC: "Opportunity has arrived!"

TK tosses Marf through the ropes, into Wish and JB, as Bourbon Clotheslines Lycana over the top rope. With all four of their opponents grouped together on the outside, Thunder Knuckles runs to the ropes and back, where Bobby lifts him up into a Military Press and tosses him over the top rope onto the challengers!!!!!

PC: "Now that's what I call teamwork!"

HHL: "I don't think there's a team out there that gels better than Bobby and TK!"

PC: "Absolutely not! That's why they're the Champions!"

Thunder Knuckles gets to his feet and takes a deep breath as Bobby holds up both hands, as if to signify a 10/10. TK climbs up onto the apron and back into the ring, as Tommy Wish crawls towards it. Knuckles motions for Bourbon to step aside, which he does, before running towards the other three opponents as they're getting back up. He goes for a Topè Suicida, only to get cracked in the face with a Kendo Stick from Wish, mid dive!!!!! The shot causes TK to drop down to the floor, as an angry Bourbon heads on over.

HHL: "Bobby doesn't appreciate Tommy doing his partner like that!"

As Bourbon heads over to the nearest corner, Marf and Lycana grab John Black and toss him into the announce table. This causes Tommy to turn around and begin fighting them, allowing Bobby to make his way to the top turnbuckle, unnoticed. With his opponents too busy swinging at each other to see him, Bourbon is able to connect with a Diving Senton that lays all three of them out!!!!!

PC: "Flying Circus!!! If he can get one of them back into the ring, it could be all over!"

Bourbon grabs Marf, who took the brunt of the move, and rolls him in the ring, following close behind with a cover.




On the outside, John Black hurls Marf into the announce table before picking up Tommy's Kendo Stick and motioning for Bobby to come at him. Unfortunately for JB, a recovered Thunder Knuckles sneaks up behind him and cracks him in the back with a steel chair as his partner applauds him.

HHL: "You gotta constantly be aware of everyone's position in a match like this."

PC: "You almost have to, literally, have eyes in the back of your head!"

Having TK's back to her, Lycana is able to sneak up behind him and connect with a Low Blow that causes him to drop the chair. She picks it up and smashes him over the head with it, sending blood flying everywhere. The Dissentient then climbs up onto the apron as Bobby begins heading her way. Before he can get there, she tosses the chair right at his face, forcing him to back away for a second. He quickly recovers and charges back towards her, only to have the bottom rope pulled down, sending him tumbling to the outside and into Tommy Wish's arms!

PC: "This doesn't look good for Bourbon!"

With Bobby practically falling into perfect position, Wish is able to plant him with a HideYaFace that sends the fans into a frenzy!

HHL: "Both Champions are down! This is exactly what the challengers need to do if either of them are gonna dethrone the Bastards!"

Tommy barely gets the chance to stand up, as Marf is there to grab hold of him and connect with a Fall Away Slam that actually tosses him into the ring! He then brings John Black to a vertical base and Whips him into the steel steps as Lycana covers Wish on the inside.




PC: "Tommy's a tough cookie. There's a reason he's held the Xtreme Championship twice!"

HHL: "Absolutely! This match is right up his alley!"

Marf joins his partner in the ring and assists her with transporting Tommy to the nearest corner. Once there, he holds him in place as Lycana climbs up onto his back, allowing her to rain down with a flurry of punches. After about a dozen or so, she hops down and backs away as Marf grabs at Wish's feet. He drags Tommy out of the corner and spins him around on the mat, eventually lifting him in the air as he whirls around. Lycana waits in anticipation, lining up her shot, and cracking Tommy's skull with a vicious Dropkick.

PC: "Holy smokes! Tommy could have whiplash!!!"

Lycana drops down for the cover as Marf flips off the crowd, a smirk on his smug face.




HHL: "Marf got cocky and let TK slip past him!"

PC: "It could end up costing them the Titles!"

HHL: "Only time will tell."

Marf grabs Thunder Knuckles and goes to toss him into the steel post, only for TK to reverse it and throw him into it, shoulder first, instead. The No Good Bastard then turns his attention to John Black, who's climbed up onto the apron. He approaches the THUG, only to have his head grabbed and pulled down across the top rope, catapulting him backwards into a Chronic FLUKE pin from Lycana!!!!!! JB tries to slide in to stop it, but Marf falls backwards from between the buckles and grabs hold of his legs, preventing him.







HHL: "Bobby and TK almost retained their Titles right there!"

PC: "This is incredible! I don't want this match to ever end!!!"

HHL: "At the rate they're going, it might not!"

An annoyed Bourbon grabs Lycana and shoves her head between his legs, setting up for a Powerbomb. That's when Marf comes over and tries to stop him, only to get punched in the gut and stacked on TOP of his partner!

PC: "He's not gonna try............."

HHL: "I think he is!!!"

Bobby Bourbon reaches underneath Lycana and hoists BOTH Dissentients up onto his shoulders, before slamming them down onto their shoulders, shaking the mat upon impact!!!!!


HHL: "If THAT doesn't keep them down, I don't know WHAT will!!!"

Bourbon rolls both Dissentients onto their backs and places a hand over each of their chests for a double cover.




PC: "I don't believe it! Tommy keeps both the Dissentients' AND THUGs' hopes alive!!!!!"

HHL: "Maybe this match WILL go on forever!"

PC: "I hope so! These three teams are at the top of their game and ALL deserve to leave Savage as the Champions!"

HHL: "Unfortunately, only one of them will get to!"

Tommy grabs hold of Bobby's foot and tries to apply the Fetish Lock, but Bourbon uses his powerful legs to push him backwards. This sends Wish flying into the arms of Thunder Knuckles, who lays him out with a Full Nelson Slam. Rather than cover him, TK instead slides Tommy out of the ring as his partner picks John Black up for a Vertical Suplex, while motioning for Knuckles to join him.

PC: "They could be looking to put it away with a Rainbow Laser Death Sequence!"

As TK heads towards his partner, Lycana manages to pop to her feet and shove him out of the ring. While she does that, Marf hurries over to Bourbon and yanks JB down, abruptly, allowing him to reposition himself in mid-air and connect with a Piledriver!!!!!

HHL: "Tha Underground Noise!!!"

PC: "Too bad he isn't gonna get the chance to follow it up!"

Before John Black can even think about going for a cover, Marf drags him to his feet and hoists him up, by the waist, onto his shoulders.

PC: "The Dissentients are going for the Problem Solver!"

Before Lycana can grab hold of JB's head, though, Tommy Wish runs up behind her and connects with a Bulldog! This allows John to escape Marf's grasp and slip behind him for a modified Sunset Flip!!!!!




PC: "And, just like last Savage, John Black comes up short in winning a Title!"

HHL: "He's still got time, though, and a little bit of help, too!"

JB rolls Marf out of the ring with his foot before turning his attention to his partner, who's been laying a beatdown on Lycana this whole time. Black calls for the Drive-Bye, with Wish nodding his head and bringing Lycana to her feet in response.

PC: "Looks like the T.H.U.G.S are looking for one of their finishing maneuvers!"

HHL: "You're gonna be eating your words about JB if they hit this!"

Tommy positions himself as John whips Lycana to the ropes. As she bounces off, Thunder Knuckles slides in the ring and drops Wish with a vicious Super Kick as JB hoists Lycana in the air. TK then proceeds to take the place of Tommy, grabbing hold of the Dissentient's head and bringing her down to the mat as if he was John Black's partner!

PC: "I don't think JB has any idea what just happened!"

John gets up to celebrate, only to see Thunder Knuckles standing there instead of Tommy! His mouth drops open, only to have it slammed shut by a brutal Running Knee that damn near turns him inside out!!!!! Following the move, TK rolls Black onto his back and lays across him for the cover.



AN EXHAUSTED TOMMY WISH PULLS TK OFF HIS PARTNER!!!!!!!!!!!!! He shakes his head, and finger, at TK as Bobby Bourbon runs over and drops an Elbow to his lower back.

PC: "Tommy done messed up!"

HHL: "Please don't ever say that again."

Outside the ring, Marf grabs a table from underneath it and begins setting it up as TNGB lifts Tommy Wish up and delivers a...................

Rainbow Laser Death Sequence!

PC: "And that's gonna be all she wrote!"

Bourbon goes to turn Wish over for a cover but, before he can actually pin him, Marf reaches in and yanks Tommy out of the ring. He then flips the Bastards off, prompting Thunder Knuckles to run to the ropes and back, diving through them for a Tope Suicida...........................

..................................except Marf ducks out if the way, causing TK to go through the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PC: "Do you think Marf intended to use the table like THAT?!"

HHL: "Probably not, but it works all the same!"

Bobby goes to help his partner, but Lycana hits him with a Low Blow from behind!!!! Marf then slides into the ring and lifts him up onto his shoulder before dropping him into a DDT from Lycana!!!!!!!!

HHL: "Problem Solver!!!"

PC: "There's no-one around to make the save! We could have new Tag Team Champions!!!!!"

Lycana makes the cover as an anxious Marf looks around to ensure no-one's gonna stop her.




HHL: "I don't believe it! Bobby Bourbon keeps their Title reign intact!!!"

PC: "Yeah, but for how long?"

Marf sees John Black getting to his feet, so he runs at him and nails him with a Canadian Destroyer OVER the top rope, all the way out to the floor!!!!!!!!

PC: "Holy shit! That may have been the greatest Sway Marf's ever connected with!!!!!"

HHL: "It looks like he may have hurt himself, too, though!"

PC: "He sacrificed himself so his partner could win the Titles for them; can she pull it off?!?"

Lycana heads over and brings a dazed Tommy Wish to his feet, before dragging him over to the corner. She begins climbing the turnbuckles, bringing Tommy with her, as the fans get to their feet.

HHL: "She could be looking for Metamorphis!"

Lycana tries to set up for her move, but Tommy is able to slip out and land in the ring. From there, he grabs hold her foot and yanks her off the top rope into a Fetish Lock!!!!!

PC: "Lycana's gonna tap!"

Wish applies pressure, the fans cheering him on as he does so. Lycana refuses to give up, though, grabbing at her head and shaking it in denial. She manages to pull them over to the bottom rope for a moment, but Tommy overpowers her and is able to drag them back towards the center.

HHL: "The T.H.U.G.S. are about to win the Titles!!!"

All of a sudden, Bobby Bourbon hobbles over to Tommy and clobbers him from behind, breaking the hold. Lycana grabs hold of her ankle and rolls out of the ring as Bourbon lifts Wish up onto his shoulders and drives him into the mat with a massive Bobby Bomb, keeping Tommy's shoulders pinned to the canvas!!!!!!!!!




Winners and STILL XWF World Tag Team Champions, TK and Bobby Bourbon, THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS!!!!!!!

PC: "What a match!"

HHL: "Absolutely! These teams left it all in the ring tonight but, in the end, Bobby and TK show exactly why they are the #1 Tag Team in the world!"

The referee hands Bobby both belts and raises his head, but he doesn't cherish it, instead going to check on his partner. TK gives him a thumbs up and Bourbon hands him his Title before helping him to his feet.

PC: "I don't know if there has ever been a Team better than the Bastards. If there's one out there, we have yet to see 'em."

HHL: "I may not like them personally, but it's hard to deny the greatness that is Them No Good Bastards."

PC: "Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for our Main Event and, honestly, I couldn't tell you if it's gonna be a good one or not."

HHL: "We know what we've got in Rampage, but this Jack Inthebox is the definition of a wild card."

PC: "Absolutely, his first XWF match and it's for the prestigious Television Championship. The belt's been passed around like a hot potato over the last few Savages and, for all we know, tonight's gonna be no different!"

HHL: "Bobby Bourbon, Vita Valenteen, Rampage............... could this Jack character be next in line to hold the TV Title or will the Champion have an easy first defense? We're about to find out!"

"Man in the Box" plays while Jack rolls down the entryway inside a shopping cart. The cart crashes into the side of the ring and he falls out nearly breaking his neck in the process. He scratches the lice out of his head and rolls into the ring, leaving a big spot of dirt on the mat.

PC: "I know they say not to judge a book by it's over, but that's one dirty book!"

HHL: "Stinks, too."

"Bodies" by Drowning Pool hits over the PA system as the fans give a mixed reaction. Rampage walks out onto the ramp, his arm in the air and TV Title over his shoulder as he makes his way down the aisle. Once he reaches the ring, Rampage grabs onto the top rope and uses it to pull himself up onto the apron. From there, he steps over it and raises his hand, once more, in an attempt to intimidate Jack Inthebox, who backs away into the corner, leaving stains on the turnbuckle padding.

HHL: "Ewwwwww."

PC: "Think I'd avoid that corner if I was Rampage."

Rampage shoves his belt into the ref's arms, who holds it in the air before seeing if either man would like to touch it. Back tries to, but seeing his disgusting hands prompts the referee to slickly avoid them and take it over to the time keeper, who rings the bell after.


[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]
[Image: xwftv.png]
- vs -
Jack Inthebox
Rampage may choose the stipulation in his 1st RP


HHL: Both of these competitors have a month or less with the XWF, Pip, and they're main eventing the go home Savage before the biggest, grandest stage of them all…. RELENTLESS!

Pip: This is a great opportunity for these competitors. Rampage, a behemoth of a man, has only two matches under his belt and with one of those stole one from Viya Valenteen to become Television Champion!

HHL: An impressive start for him, for sure! Let's see if he can continue to impress tonight with his first title defense!

Pip: Yes! I will also note that the winner of this match will be defending their championship on Night Two of Relentless on September 25th at the Guaranteed Rate Stadium in Chicago!

HHL: Any idea against who?

Pip: None. Hey, it looks like the action is about to start in this main event!

The bell rings and the two men step out of their respective corners. Rampage towers over Jack and stalks him as the challenger seeks an opening.

Pip: This being Jack Inthebox's debut in the XWF, he's already going to have his hands full with the champion.

HHL: What are you saying, Pip?

Pip: I'm saying that Rampage outweighs Jack by three hundred pounds and has a mountain to climb ahead of him.

Rampage takes a giant step forward and attempts to gran Jack, but the challenger is too fast for him and dodges out of the way. Jack takes a bounce from the ropes and smacks Rampage with a clothesline, but he just bounces off the big man. Rampage squares up with him and attacks again, but the champion lifts a boot and buries it into Jack's face.

Pip: Ooh!! I wonder how Jack's dental plan is?

HHL: I wonder who got the worse out of that? Jack's mouth or Rampage's boot….

Jack is sent straight to his back from rhe impact and holds his jaw. Rampage reaches down and pulls Jack to his feet. The champ lifts him onto his shoulders and starts a running powerslam, but Jack squeezes out of the hold and slides down and off of Rampage's back.

Pip: Jack slipped away! That could've been five hundred pounds of man crashing down with him!

Rampage stops in his tracks and slowly turns around. Jack catches him and dropkicks him in the stomach. Rampage felt it, but stayed strong and brushed off the move. He steps forward to clock Jack across the head with a fist, but, again, Jack is able to use his size disadvantage as an advantage and basically dive out of the way.

The momentum caused Rampage to stumble forward a bit and Jack uses all of his 180 pounds to try and shove Rampage into the corner, but the big man catches himself on the two ropes. As Jack rushes in, the champ turns and cracks him with an elbow! Jack stumbles back as Rampage winds up for an early Weapon of Mass Destruction, but Jack slides between his legs! He looks for a vantage point, but Rampage just backtracks and slams back into the corner again. Jack is then grabbed by the back of his head and slammed off the top turnbuckle. He sees stars for a moment before falling to the mat.


Rampage takes a bounce off the ropes, jumps into the air, and crashes down with an elbow across the chest! He holds for the cover!!!

Pip: That's a lot of weight coming down on Jack!! Could we see an early fall?!



Rampage starts to squirm and jumps off of Jack right after the two count holding the side of his face!

Pip: What just happened?!

HHL: Jack was biting Rampage's ear!! Disgusting!!

Jack tries to follow up on the attack but is pushed across the ring by Rampage where he rolls backwards clear into the other corner! He lifts himself to his feet with the turnbuckle while Rampage gears up to take off from the other corner! In a few heavy, thunderous steps the champ is across the ring looking to squash Jack in the corner but he pulls himself under the rope and out to the apron! Rampage slams into the empty corner and bounces put as he holds his back in agony! Jack pulls himself up to the top turnbuckle, leaps off, and brings the big man down with a bulldog!

HHL: The champ is down!

Pip: Jack Inthebox continuing to use his lack of size and his speed advantage to capitalize here! It is definitely not an easy task to bring a seven foot, five hundred pounder to the mat!

Jack jumps to his feet and immediately hits Rampage in the head with a double foot stomp!!

Jack with the cover!!!



Rampage kicks out by pushing Jack several feet into the air off of him! Rampage feels and checks his face for any damages then works his way to his feet as the challenger scopes out his next move.


Rampage takes his time and rests at one knee. Jack starts wailing on Rampage's back with kicks and the back of his head with elbows. The champ guards a lot of the blows to his head and shoves Jack away a couple of times with one hand, but Jack continues to stay relentless with his attacks as they don't seem to phase Rampage. Jack switches it up and faces his opponent, grabs him by his huge head and DDTs him into the mat from his knees and tries for another cover!



Kickout again by Rampage!!

Pip: Give Jack Inthebox some credit here, fans, in his debut match here on Savage he is showing he came prepared!

HHL: He's doing everything he can in a definitely lob-sided situation!

Rampage slaps the mat with a big palm! Red in the face he stands up and sees Jack in the corner arguing with the official as he unties the top turnbuckle pad and throws it to the outside. Rampage barrels over anyway to slam himself and Jack into the corner, but Jack pulls the referee into the corner instead! Rampage crushes the man in the striped shirt sending him crumbling to the mat! Rampage bounces out of the corner, and off of the referee, and cracks Jack with a clothesline! He snarls as he brings the challenger right back to his feet and signals for the end by pointing up in the air. He wraps his big hand around Jack's neck, lifts him high over his head, and back down with a chokeslam!! He pulls Jack's leg up for a pinfall….

Pip: Rampage with the chokeslam! He's looking to end this and head to Relentless….


Rampage looks behind him to see the referee knocked out cold on the mat. Frustrated, he gets up and heads over. He grabs the official by the back of his belt and lifts him up and shakes him trying to get him back. Meanwhile, Jack slowly rolls to the outside and falls to the floor.


Rampage drops the referee and goes back to focus on his opponent again, but notices that he is gone. Taking a giant step he goes over the top rope and to the outside to find his challenger. When he gets around the one corner, Jack is waiting for him and hits him in the gut with a lead pipe!!

Pip: Where did he find that?!

HHL: Um, under the ring? Don't you know you can literally find anything under there, Pip?

Then he moves to the champ's knee which sends Rampage down to one knee! Jack runs over to his shopping cart, wheels it over, and sprints with it over to where Rampage had his head beside the ring post and Jack slams the cart into it! Grabbing the champion by the head he manages to shove all 500 pounds back into the ring where he follows. The official is still down so lead pipe in hand Jack readies his swing for when Rampage gets in position….

HHL: Batter up!

Rampage reaches his feet and Jack moves in for the kill…. But is caught!!! Rampage puts all 7 feet and 460 pounds into a wind up up and cracks Jack in the face with the boulder of a fist he has!!

Pip: WMD!!!

HHL: Rampage could have just "punched" his ticket to Relentless!!!

Pip: Nice!

Rampage covers Jack as the official slowly crawls over to make the slooooow count…





Rampage has his hand raised by the official as he notices Jack Inthebox coming to. Rampage pulls away from the ref and stomps over to Jack, grabbing him by a fist full of hair and jerking him up to a vertical base before throwing him into the corner!

PIP: "It looks like Rampage isn't finished with Jack Inthebox just yet!"

HHL: "What's the point of this Pip, what's Rampage trying to prove!?"

Rampage charges in like a bull and smashes into Jack Inthebox with all of his 460lbs!

PIP: "OHH! It looks like Jack is out cold!"

JITB slumps into the corner lifeless before falling on his face as Rampage moves out of the way with a big smile on his face.

HHL: "Rampage seems very happy with himself, I hope Jack Inthebox is going to be okay! Poor guy!"

Officials invade the ring to attend to Jack Inthebox as Rampage leans over the ropes and calls for a microphone.

Rampage: Everyone get a good look at what a true monster can do inside this ring! I do not care who you are I will smash you! I do not care what gender you are I will render you unconscious! My greatest ability is to make people pay for speaking ill against me.

Rampage kneels down pulling Jack's hair to show a bloody face.

Rampage: This is what happens what Rampage unleashes his true fury. Relentless is going to be a three-day event but I will be the only one getting headlines because when I show up people pay attention! I don't care who my opponent is at Relentless the result will be the same...ONE! TWO!! THREE!!! in the middle of this ring and I dare anyone to tell me differently!

Rampage drops the mic and turns his attention to Jack Inthebox he grabs the bastard by his throat and slams him down. He continues throwing him around the ring when suddenly!!

Rampage drops the limp Jack Inthebox and turns his attention to the stage with a snarl!

PIP: "Wait a minute, is that!?"

Vita Valenteen walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand!!

PIP: "IT IS! It's Vita Valenteen, the former Television champion!"

HHL: "After the nasty bump she took on the last show thanks to THAT man in the ring, I'm surprised to see her out here, to be honest!"

"So let me get this straight BIG MAN, you think nobody back there is ready to step into the ring with you? You really think everyone is just shaking in their boots at the thought of climbing into that ring with a Seven-Foot-Giant, such as yourself?"


The crowd pops at Vita's mocking tone!

"Look around man! In a company filled with prehistoric cavemen, interdimensional wizards, demons, and where I've personally beaten demi-gods, time-traveling assassins, and everything in between, you really think that your SIZE is enough for ANY of us to shy away from a fight?"

The crowd jeers at the thought!

"Last Savage I felt first hand the destructive force that is Rampage! I felt it as I was carried to the back, BOTH TIMES! I felt it the next day, the next week, I feel it TONIGHT, but do you know what that feeling is, RAMPAGE? Cause it isn't fear! I've taken your worst and I'm still standing here, and the only thing I'm feeling is a burning desire to kick your BUTT, take MY TITLE, and FEAST ON YOUR BLOOD! Because yeah, I'm a vampire now, and I'm getting really FRICKIN thirsty! Good thing the XWF is full of pricks like you just prime for a conscious free feeding!"

HHL: "Did she just threaten to drink Rampages blood!?"


Rampage: "What is this crap!? You're a vampire!? Maybe in make-believe world kid, but the power behind these hands is anything but fantasy! You want to give me the opportunity of finishing the job and ending your career, FINE BY ME! Let me give you a preview of what you're in store for at Relentless!"

PIP: "What's he doing!?"

Rampage grabs Jack Inthebox again and lifts him up high for a BIG Chokeslam and points to Vita who just smiles and lifts her arms seemingly causing the lights to go out in the arena!

PIP: "Wh...Something happened to the lights!"

HHL: "I think it was Vita!"

A red-hued light fills the ring just before hundreds of gallons of what appears to be BLOOD pours from the sky drenching the ring and knocking Rampage off of his feet! Jack Inthebox is unceremoniously washed out of the ring as Rampage struggles to swim in the ever pouring red liquid!

PIP: "Oh my God! there's BLOOD pouring from the rafters! What do you even call this!"

Rampage looks furious as he grips the ropes and sneers at Vita as he shakes in anger and frustration.

"Oh, and one more thing! As champ, I get that you get to choose the stip, but do me a favor and make sure whatever it is, it's a real BLOODBATH!"

HHL: "OHH! There you go PIP! Vita gets one over on RAMPAGE with a BLOODBATH!"

Rampage continues to seeth in the ring as Vita's music hits and she casually skips backstage!

PIP: "I'm not sure what that accomplished other than pissing the BIG MAN off, but it looks like we have a challenger for the Television championship at RELENTLESS!"

HHL: "Vita has something to prove, and Rampage is going to be on a, well, RAMPAGE after tonight! This match is going to be CAN'T MISS!"

The dust has settled and the crowd begins filing out, when suddenly, half the lights in the arena cut out. A rumbling murmur ripples around the arena, and progressively, more and more lights die out until the entire stadium is plunged into darkness, saved for the weak glow of the moon above.

HHL: What’s going on here?

PIP: Nothing good, I imagine!

He’s right. Because then comes the fire.

[Image: NZYRvyP.jpg]

PIP: Oh no…

HHL: What?

PIP: You know what this means, don’t you?

[Image: BE7XoqA.jpg]

HHL: He’s here?! He wasn’t announced!

PIP: I hope not.

[Image: CJBTJlS.jpg]

Silence once more.



The silence is broken by an uproar as the image of XWF Universal Champion Alias is found in the crowd, pushing his way through with his eyes never deviating from their target: the center of the stadium. The entire crowd comes alive, and even without music, they sing him to the ring, starting with the chorus.

Que séra, séra!
Whatever will be, will be!
The future's not ours to see!
Que séra, séra!”

Alias continues his push to the ring, as the crowd continues to sing. He fights his way to the barrier and leaps over, clearing it in one smooth movement. At the ringside area, he doesn’t make his way to the ring. Instead, he grabs a microphone from ringside and climbs on top on the announcer’s desk From his shoulder, he unsheaths the Universal Championship and holds it in one hand as he extends his arms out to the side.

“Que séra, séra!
Whatever will be, will be!
The future's not ours to see!
Que séra, séra!”

The fires die and the lights return. Slowly, the sound of the crowd begins to quieten, and Alias stands with eyes closed, comfortable in the quiet.

PIP: Will someone get this freak off our desk?

A moment passes in time. Several more. Eventually, his eyes open.

ALIAS: ‘Paper champ’, they said…

The crowd boos.

ALIAS: They told me I stole it. That I didn’t deserve it. But Chris Page came a’knocking; he played his hand, feigning leaving B.O.B. only to throw the freaking armada at me, but yet… here I am. Here I stand! THE survivor. THE Universal Champion.

Like flicking a switch, the crowd cheers.

ALIAS: Will it change anything? Probably not. I’ve been singing this tune ALL YEAR. It hasn’t changed. The people that need their excuses? They’ll cling to them, because it’s all they have. But every single time I step into that ring, I SURVIVE. And this…

He raises the Universal Championship into the air.

ALIAS: This is all the proof that I need. I’ve stared down kings, goddesses, legends, and armies. And I AM STILL STANDING! I’d say that you’d have to kill me, but that’s already happened too! So I’m…

The lights cut.

HHL: Again?!

PIP: Hopefully it’s to get rid of this goof.

HHL: That’s the Universal Champion, Pip! A man who has never been pinned, even going back to his first run here!

PIP: That’s an easy record to keep when you only fight once a month.

HHL: He won War Games for crying out loud!

A spotlight shines into the middle of the ring, interrupting the commentators’ bickering. Through it’s glow, Alias can be seen studying something that has suddenly appeared in the middle of the ring.

The lights return once more, revealing a door in the middle of the ring, inside a frame that isn’t connected to any walls. The camera pans around ringside, circling the entire the ring and showing nothing on the other side. The vision settles back to the front of the door that faces Alias. A deep brown stain washes down its front, sweeping past a plaque in the middle. The name should already be predicted.


Quicker than the camera can catch, Alias has bounded off the table and is… looking under the ring apron?

PIP: What’s he doing there?

He rummages around for a while until finally coming back out with…

HHL: That’s a Big Fuckin’ Gun!

PIP: Seriously?! That’s actually a BFG! What is this? Doom?

Alias shoves the giant weapon into the ring and slides in afterwards. Once in, he hoists it up again and takes aim at the door.

HHL: These doors have been appearing in front of Alias for several weeks now, but each time he has tried to open them, they’ve been locked. A blowtorch didn’t work, neither did a rocket launcher last week. Looks like he’s stepping it up!

PIP: No! That gun will kill everyone in here!

HHL: Only those in line of sight. We’re behind him.

PIP: That’s still too much death!

HHL: It’s the XWF.

Alias’s finger hovers over the trigger, but just before he fires, he spies the faintest movement in the door. Unlatching, it opens ever so slightly. Squinting, he lowers the gun, dropping it to the ground.

PIP: Can someone get that thing out of here?

The Universal Champion edges towards the barely ajar door, and it open. Stepping through, all of a sudden the stadium fades away and Alias finds himself in an old, dusty therapy room. He slowly turns in a full circle, taking in the tomes of books that surround the walls. A near-empty desk in the middle of the room catches his attention. On it, a still burning cigar rests in an ashtray next to a sheet of paper. In big, bold letters at the top of the page, is one word:


Below it are two boxes, marked ‘YES’ and ‘NO’.

Alias picks up the cigar and draws a deep drag. As he puffs smoke out into the air, he brings the cigar down onto the paper.

And with it, he marks the ‘YES’ box.

Putting the cigar back into his mouth, he puffs away again. Somehow, through the magic of fucking whatever, Heather and Pip see this happening and can comment on it from ringside.

PIP: Wait a minute… does that mean…

HHL: I think our Relentless main event has just been set! Alias will defend the Universal Championship against…



The show fades off the air on the image of the marked piece of paper.

Special Thanks To:
Big D
"Chronic" Chris Page
Miss Fury
Vita Valenteen
"Nefarious" Ned Kaye"

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I'm glad I'm not the only one that writes Pip Collins as the heel/color guy and Heather as the face. It just makes more sense to me that way.

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(09-11-2021 06:14 PM)Thaddeus Duke Said:  I'm glad I'm not the only one that writes Pip Collins as the heel/color guy and Heather as the face. It just makes more sense to me that way.

That's how I've always viewed them.

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