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Operation: Broken TVs And Fist Full Of These
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08-26-2021 07:16 PM

[It opens up to people having TV’s at home, and each and everyone one of them were turned on to hear Rampage’s Press Conference, and each of them all cheered on this supposed bad guy on TV. As each of them cheered on Rampage, the other part of town we see all the TV being stockpiled around in some junkyard, each one of them all broken and destroyed. Then it cuts back to people watching the fallen hero Vita past her glory as the TV champion, and we see all the little boys and girls dressed up as their idol. Then it cuts back to the broken TV, as we see a man with his fist raised and it was JB in his THUGS Jersey, black jeans and a black bandanna on his head. He then speaks to the crowd of none.]

JB: Let me tell you all something important, as I stand in this Junkyard with all these broken Televisions around me, it’s to show that not only TV is dead and gone, we got to move on from the past of the same ol bullshit. Let me be real with y’all, ever since I have shown my face around here, all I get is flack for being a thug who’s ignorant to the game; and to that I say, believe in what you want to believe in. I can’t knock off what you people think, and I have nothin but luv for those that love me back. For those that don’t, including Big Rampage Wight, you guys know what to do, and like what that racist piece of dog shit Resident Parm King used to say… Suck My Thuggish Ruggish Bone Dick… not close to the OG, but fuck em and his slogan anyways.

I mean, look how far i’ve gone in this place since 2012, and the funk won’t stop until I say it will stop, and I can say that as I stand here… I sense that my work isn’t done yet, and I have to keep on hustling until I get what I need. What I need or want, is anyone guess or not really since i’d love to have a never ending saga with Atara with or without the X-Treme title that Jimmy boy claims too. Yes, for a black man like me having a soft spot for a snow bunny has no bounds since the days of Ann Thraxx… don’t worry about who that is, she’s dead and gone. But on the real side, I am honored to really be apart of this triple threat match with no match stipulation from the Champion herself, it’s like guessing who’s going to come home with the bacon. I don’t know if she’s busy colluding with BoB in the cut, but if she is… well, I guess that means whomever paid off Vita not to show up, did me and Rampage a favor, because I am not afraid to admit that I don’t like to hit ladies if it’s not a big deal.

[Then we see moments of him having various encounters with the ladies in the fed, some in the ring and in the back, including that infamous strip off match against Ruby and Kenzi on a throwaway episode of Anarchy. Then we see images of Vita capturing her slew of belts, until it cut to Rampage’s speech that was pitched very low that sounded like a Barry White’s incarnation. Then it peers out from one of the broken TV screens, where he had a replica Television Championship on his shoulders as he speaks.]

JB: I might not be the champion now, or ever in my time in the XWF. What I do claim for is a shot at that so called fifteen minutes of fame, a fleeting moment in my storied career that would rival Vita and Rampage’s by a long shot. If I had the TV title, maybe I can the only second black man besides Andre Dixon to hold this championship, y’ah dig? I feel like, no matter what I could be involved with a title match, and still never could get the job done with what I need to do. Am I pressed over the TV title on my shoulder?

I honestly am not, because think about it…

I have been in about two or three or even four title matches, and each of them attempts never been in my favor. So, I told myself to not be all hyped about shit like this, hell it’s a never ending gag about THUGS not getting the tag titles since 2020. I can’t lie though, being in a match with a non involved champion and totally over his head rookie makes it easy pickings for a man like myself. Let Vita get all soft and gushy, and let Rampage throw his tall ass around like a knock off Thais Watts with getting his shine in against Vita.

Then Bam… I beat down Rampage, and dump him out like the trash he is, and cover the soon to be former champion, I guess i’m the new corporate Chaos with my ultimate opportunist steelo…

[Image: boyz-in-the-hood-fuck-that.gif]

I wouldn’t sell myself out like that, I know Rampage would for a paycheck, and for a paycheck you’d whore yourself out at some press conference that most people wouldn’t even care to watch, since who’s there to see Rampage? Who’s there to hear his big man so evil rhetoric? If I was there i’d be asleep right now, as I wake up and steal the broken TV title you showed on TV that Vita would use to cheat with. Like what you said, you’d do illegal and dirty shit to get far in a match that has YET to be stipulated, too much pride I see.

So much pride, I would cry right now…

You think these fans would even care you’d bash me and Vita with a chair? This isn’t the 80s when that type of style would run wild, brother. You can lie, cheat, and steal like a wannabe Eddie but you still wouldn’t come out of the arena as the champion. Even if your size will deter someone like Vita…

[Image: wwe.gif]

But to me, you don’t deter me from whooping that ass of yours. I promise that I will break your legs and make you reach to Vita’s height, maybe she’ll be able to have herself a new boyfriend who isn’t a golden potato, since you’d be better off in Ocean City instead of being a threat to me. So Rampage, you better pray to the lord that Vita will have her way with your 7 foot ass on Saturday, because when that time comes, I will make sure to embarrass you like you Great Khali getting swung by Ceasro, or being chloroformed like Giant Gonzalez, and many of your typical big men who think height and size means something. It might work back in the 80s and 90s, but you won’t even manage to outlast me nor Vita if the time comes your way when you’d be blown up by five minutes into the match, my friend.

To Vita……

So long to your briefest reign as TV Champion, you’ll get your fair shot next two Saturdays from now when I beat you and Rampage for it… even if I don’t win it, I will still be able to say I beat up a fluke champion and the transitional TV Champion to the highest bidder on Saturday nights.

I’ve said enough here tonight, and I want to say get ready for the New Face Of Savage as I finally achieve and break that Jake The Snake cruse this coming Saturday.

[Then JB places the replica TV title on the ground near the broken TVs, then it cuts to a 50s show with Rampage’s Circus act, mixed in with still image of Vita holding the TV Championship; then the footage burns out as it fades to Junkyard where the title and broken TVs stood as it closes off.]

An Unknown Thug.
[Image: method-man-1589189458.5756896.430x241.jpg]
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