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This Ain't A Match! It's A Massacre!!
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(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

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06-10-2021 02:52 PM

In the studio with Tommy Slavino and Bama T!

Tommy Slavino: "Good evening and welcome to a BOBtube exclusive look at UNKNOWN championship reverse ladder match taking place on Saturday, June 18th on XWF Saturday Night Savage!"

Bama T: "Wait a minute baby! What do you mean, UNKNOWN?! How can we not know which title is on the line?"

Tommy Slavino: "Because apparently there's a weak link in the chain over there, but one things for certain, you don't see flubs like that with bWo despite out two-plus decades less experience!"

Bama T: "Damn right baby! Because in bWo, just like BOB, we get shit done and done right! YEAH BABY!"

Tommy Slavino: "Now while the XWF sorts out just which title this is going to be for, let's take a moment to look at just how this match came to be!"

Pre-recorded clips of Dolly Waters promoting on a blacked out set play.

"At twelve-years-old, I was a fucking prodigy!"

Clips of Dolly when she was just entering the business play. It's sensational to see a twelve year old girl tearing it up in the ring with men twenty and thirty years her senior.

"By fifteen, I was a world traveled veteran with multiple championship runs under my belt!"

Clips play of Dolly Waters winning, and defending the Television, Hart, and Xtreme titles, the former two of which she was champion twice!

"But I've come to realize that championships alone do not pay the bills!"

Clips play of a twisted version of reality where Dolly is portrayed as cast out from the wrestling world and forced to mooch off of her "friends".

"And friends are only friendly when they suspect you have something they want!"

Clips play from Anarchy showing Duke and Dolly making out and getting undressed!

"Micheal Graves! this was meant to be a friendly competition between two newly joined sisters of BOB, but you just had to go and stick you nose in my business, like always! Now top top it off, you're running around trying to convince the world that you're ME!?"

Clips play of Micheal Graves exchanges with Corey, Cadryn, and pretty much any hot camera he happens across where he tries his damndest to convince the world that HE'S Dolly Waters and I'm a pod person or something.

"As annoying as all of this is, you're you, and I like everyone else here with half a brain, have learned to just let you do your thing till you tire yourself out and just go away! But then you went and earned yourself strike number three!"

Going back to the Anarchy clip of Duke and Dolly making out, we continue where we left off as Micheal Graves plays his cockblock card! We fade into the studio on a shot of Dolly in a blacked out room.

"When you start fucking with my love life, you're fucking with my livelihood! Thad was just moments away from joining BOB before you barged in and screwed everything up! Do you know how big of a GET that would have been for ME!? To bring in the Hart Champion to BOB!? Big Deal! Big cash bonus! And one that I won't see on account of YOU and your wacko bullshit, but hey, good job getting yourself booked in a three-way with a couple of BOB's! I'm sure you realize that you're actually coming into a handicapped match, and I'm also sure that you remember that shit you both said and did to Atara not too long ago in GCWA, right!? Just because she's been "friendly" with you on Twitter doesn't mean that she hasn't been planning and plotting every torturous little thing she would do to you given the opportunity, and you're stupid ass just went and handed her that opportunity on a silver platter! Go ahead Gravy, call her Atari now. I fucking dare you!"

"And with all of the confusion over which belt is going to be on the line, the Internet or the Shooting Star, all I have to say is that it doesn't matter! Because whichever belt they decide to put on the line will be leaving with the same woman who walked in with it! Let it serve as the cherry atop the cake of her, no, our most painful revenge on "The Dork Warrior" Micheal Graves!"

We cut back to the studio with Tommy and Bama!


Tommy Slavino: "Breaking news folks! The XWF still has not commented on which of Atara Themis's titles will be on the line! Word coming out of camp BOB is that it doesn't matter since Dolly and Atara plan on working together to eliminate common BOB enemy Micheal Graves!"

Bama T: "Now what in the hell was the point of that baby?"

Tommy looks to Bama confused.

Tommy Slavino: "The point of what?"

Bama T: "The point of THAT! We all just watched the damned video baby! We heard what Dolly said! Why do we need you repeating it baby?"

Tommy Slavino: "I just thought BOB's working together to defeat, dismantle, and dismember a constant pest to both XWF and BOB was news so nice it was worth stating twice!"

Bama T chuckles.

Bama T: "Fair enough baby, Saturday Night Savage! The Unknown championship will be on the line as Dolly Waters and Atara Themis team up in a reverse ladder match to butcher, maim, and kill that psychotic clown, Micheal Graves! Be sure to tune in! Illegally on BOBtube!"

Tommy Slavino: "BOBtube investigates and removes all illegal streams from our servers! If you are a copyright owner and you need to request a removal, please email [email protected] with a link to the video and evidence to your ownership of said material. Offices are open Monday through Friday six am to five pm eastern! If you file a claim afterhours it will be investigated and removed the next business day!"

Bama T: "Gotta follow the letter of the law baby, YEAH!"

Fade out.

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