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Saturday Savage 5-15-21
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MrBig Away
XWF Management
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(has an old school wrestling mentality; no nonsense; less appealing to some younger fans)

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05-15-2021 10:52 PM

[Image: V3i33MC.png]



Ariel Dixon
- vs -
Singles Match

- vs -
Atara Themis
- vs -
Triple Threat

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

Jenny Myst
- vs -
Sil Frigida
Singles Match - Television Title Savage Main Event Rules - 15 Minute Time Limit!!!

A Leap of Faith banner hangs high in the rafters of the TD Garden as XWF Saturday Savage starts off with a bang once again!

[Image: frQc4lp.png?1]

“Money Talks” by AC/DC starts blasting through the arena immediately bringing the fans to their feet as Theo Pryce steps out from behind the curtain. The King of Kings and partial owner of the XWF wastes no time walking down to the ring. He ascends the steps and climbs through the ropes where Steve Sayors is waiting in the middle of the ring with a mic for him.

“So here we are two weeks out from the Leap of Faith Pay Per View, the only event in the XWF which gives out the coveted 24/7 Briefcase to it’s winner and we have how many people entered into that match? How many Steve?”

Steve Sayors looks over his notes real quick before offering up a sobering response.


”Four. Two weeks out and we have only 4 entrants..And who are they Steve?”

Theo asks as he jams the microphone back into Steve’s face. “Corey Smith.”

”Corey Smith. Corey fucking Smith. Now don’t get me wrong, Corey is a good wrestler, his record speaks for itself but he’s also a bore. Much like our current Universal Champion Chris Page. Seriously I would think people would be batting down the doors for a chance to win a case and take the title from him. Just like I thought people would be batting down the doors for the King Doc Battle Royale for the chance of facing him at Leap of Faith for the title and yet in both instances the response has been as sad as Centurion after losing a match. Who else Steve?”

“Money Oswald.”

”Seriously? You’re not joking? The guy who has basically fronted all of BOB’s money but isn’t good enough to be considered BOB Elite is entering this match? Does Chris Page know this? Miss Fury? It doesn’t matter. Oswald has as much of a chance of winning this match as you getting laid without having to pay for it. Who else?”


”That makes sense. Can’t beat Chris Page or Sarah Lacklan one on one so he figures he might as well try and win a case and back door his way into being a Universal Champ. Pretty on brand for that guy. And lucky number 4?”

“RL Edgar.”

”Ok so take what I just said about Demos, subtract the part about Lacklan and you have the exact same thing. Are you sensing a pattern here Steve?

Obviously we can’t have a Leap of Faith match with just these 4 participants and so once again I am here to save the day. I am here to enter someone into the match. Someone who love him or hate him is a draw. People show up either to cheer for him rabidly or they show up in hopes he gets beaten into vegetative state. A former Universal Champion. A former TV champion and a former 2 time Tag Team Champion and now he is going to be my CHOSEN CHAMPION. Ladies and Gentlemen I give to you the newest entrant into the Leap of Faith Match...CORPORATE CHAOS!!!

The arena goes dark as the XTron comes to life. A video montage begins by showing highlights of Chris Chaos’s career and it ends with the words CORPORATE CHAOS appearing on the screen as “The Animal I’ve Become” by Three Days Grace starts playing.

A suited up Chris Chaos walks onto the stage. He stops at the top of the entry ramp and stares off into the crowd who is seeing this new version of Chris Chaos for the very first time and seems unaware how to respond. Chaos takes in the cheers and the boos as if they are fuel to his soul as he slowly makes his way down to the ring to join Theo Pryce. Once in the ring Theo hands Chaos a microphone and then takes a step back yielding the stage to him.

“For years now, I have been fighting a losing fight. For years I have been going against authority, blazing my own path, causing my own chaos, and doing whatever the hell I wanted to do whenever the hell I wanted to do it. For years I fought my ass off and got nothing to show for it while these 'superstars' on the roster kissed ass and were handed everything. I wanted to be the face of this company and I saw guys who I refused to believe were better than me rule the roost around here, and every time I got within a fingernails distance of recapturing was taken from me.

I sat back and made excuses, because that is all they were, to why I wasn't where I wanted to be. Long story short....I blamed everyone but myself. All this time I did everything to find the negatives....but never once looked at the positives. Never once looked at the…….advantages.I used to take pride in telling people how much smarter I was….I used to think I could beat the system….come out of the shit smelling like roses…..but every single time I was a rose that ended up smelling like shit. In this place, there is an inner circle and I have spent my entire career on the outside of that circle......well all of that changes here and now."

Pip: I cannot believe what I am seeing here. Heather, pinch me. This cannot be real!

"Theo and I have had quite the checkered past. In fact, it was me who forced Theo's hand to give me a Universal Title match, but he played his cards right and made me win to keep my job. Ya'll remember that. I was playing checkers, Theo was playing chess. See, he's in it for the long game. I wanted the fame, the fortune, the glory, and I wanted it NOW.

What did that get me?

One thing I have always been good at......hurting people. I have no remorse, no compassion. I have no qualms with causing pain. I said a long time ago that I would do anything to get my hands on that Universal Title again and Theo Pryce has provided that "anything". He has opened my eyes.....why continue to be knocked down when I could be the one doing the knocking down? So I am here, in my $1400 Armani suit, to tell you all that I am entering the Leap of Faith Briefcase match......and there is someone on this roster who longer in the running. Sucks to suck, doesn't it?

Heather: Who's he talking about?

Pip: God only knows

”From this point forward, the XWF as you know it is going to be drastically different. This is the dawn of a new age, a new era. Corporate Chaos has arrived…….prepare to be equalized”.

Chaos tosses the microphone down to the mat as he and Theo Pryce exit the ring as a chorus of boos rain down upon them.

Pip: Ladies and Gentlemen......I never thought this day would come....Chris Chaos has officially sold out.

Heather: And what does that mean for the rest of us?

Pip: I shudder to think

The show fades to commercial.

Savage returns from it's first commercial break as the camera opens on “Nefarious” Ned Kaye walking through the backstage area with that characteristic smug, shit-eating grin plastered across his face and the XWF Hart Championship wrapped around his waist. Atypically, he’s alone - his Avalanche teammates nowhere in sight. Still, that grin isn’t going anywhere. Until…

“Fancy seeing you here…”

A voice speaks to Kaye from off-screen, and he stops to turn towards it. There, sitting cross-legged on a pile of crates is Alias. Both the X-Treme Championship and the 24/725/8 Briefcase sit on his left side. As Kaye stops, Alias dismounts from the crates, dragging his championship and briefcase with him. He steps forward, inches away from Kaye.

ALIAS: You know, it’s been a few months and I’m not sure that we’ve actually met before. What a time for it, huh?

He winks at the Kaye as he nods towards his briefcase.

KAYE: What do you want?

ALIAS: Oh, not much. I just keep running through different scenarios in my head about what to do with this thing, and lo and behold, here you are, just a-walking into my path. Maybe it’s destiny?

KAYE: Please, as if I believe after everything you’ve said that you’d be cashing in on me instead of on Chris Page or whoever winds up being the Universal champion. Compared to me, they’ll be a much easier target.

ALIAS: Oh, but there’s one thing that taking that championship from you would do that no other option would…

KAYE: And what’s that?

ALIAS: It’d give me Thaddeus Duke.

KAYE: No, it won’t. There won’t be a Thaddeus Duke left after Avalanche and I are through with him. He’ll be nothing but a piece of crap on my shoe.

ALIAS: Well, we can probably agree that he’s a piece of crap, but you and Avalanche somehow being any better? Ha! That’s a good one.

The Hart champion glares at the X-Treme champion.

ALIAS: Maybe it’s better I wait though? It’d probably ruin Thad’s day even more if I take the championship from him after he smacks your… legitimately beautifully maned… head around. Seriously… Thad thinks I need to shower more, so what’s your shampoo?

Kaye looks uncomfortable at Alias’s response.

ALIAS: Whatever. Now or later, it all ends one way, right? A new Hart champion.

KAYE: No. THIS only ends one way.

He grins again as a shadow falls over Alias. Suddenly, Alias is hoisted into the air and driven against a wall. Zooming back, the monstrous Thiass Watts is revealed to have his hand around Alias’s throat, pinning him to the wall with one arm. Ned Kaye slinks up beside Thiass, ducking under his arm.

KAYE: This show, this company, and DEFINITELY this championship are mine. Avalanche runs things now. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Thad and his delusions of grandeur, or you and your stupid little briefcase, there is NOTHING that will change that.

While Kaye talks, Alias keeps his eyes locked squarely on Watts’. He begins… laughing?

KAYE: You’re a real freak, you know?

Kaye turns to Watts.

KAYE: Drop him. Weirdos like him aren’t worth the time.

Watts lets go of Alias’s neck, and he drops, landing on his feet and still clutching both his championship and briefcase, but falling against the wall and stretching his jaw out. With a final glare, Kaye and Watts leave. Alias calls after them.

ALIAS: See you when I see you, friends!

The show then transitions to the ring as the entrances for the first match are set to begin.

Lights roll over the arena searching the crowd. Smoke billows over the entrance ramp and stage. All of a sudden we hear a blooding curdling scream followed by a girlish giggle. Rel pops out of the smoke flipping her dreads smiling a big broad smile. Jumping up on the apron she slingshots over the ropes crawling around the ring climbing the turnbuckle she sits on it grinning wide

Rel calls for a mic and gets tossed one from a stage hand. After tapping it to see if it is on and giving it the ol testing bit, she climbs up on the turn buckle and flips upside down.

“Whoa, this is cool. The blood rushing to your head gives you this crazy buzz. Kinda like cocaine and a red bull. Where was I?? Oh yeah cocaine and Red Bull. There was this chick that used to snort lines of chalk and run around slapping people screaming “Coke RAGE!!” The guards always had to shock her and drag her out of the common area. She was kinda trippy.”

One of the crew whispers in her ear…..

“MMM Hmm, yes I like what you’ve done here. Oh I have to talk about something called Leap of Faith huh?”

Rel snaps at him running him off by barking and growling.

“Ok I will get down to it. The new girl wants in on this big match! I like leaping and stuff. It sounds like a blast. So far a who’s who of the dimmest stars in the company have turned out to make it a heluva time. It looks like a great place to make my mark. So basically what I’m saying is bring on the cocaine and red bull, it’s party time!!

HHL: Well that was certainly unexpected. Rel Dixon is going all in for her first PPV.

Pip: Yeah going all in to get squashed but whatever.

The music hits as Demos steps onto the entrance ramp. The crowd pops, but boos are mixed in with the cheers. The television championship is slung over his shoulder and the heavymetalweight championship is strapped around his plump waist. The masked man gets halfway down the entrance ramp before stopping and turning to his side. He turns his head so that he is looking behind him. Demos stands still for a few moments, then, he starts yelling at the air behind him. Demos point an accusatory finger at nothing in particular before abruptly turning around and making his way to the ring once more. Demos walks up to the steel steps before gracefully ascending them. The television champion ducks underneath the top rope as he steps into the ring. Demos unclips the belt from around his waist before handing both of his championships over to the referee. Demos plays to the crowd for a few moments before walking over to the corner. He stands still in the corner as he directs his gaze at his opponent, waiting for the bell to ring.

Ariel Dixon
- vs -
Singles Match

The two meet in the center of the ring and tie-up. Dixon easily pushes Demos against the ropes and Irish whips him to the other side. At the pace of a jog he bounces off the ropes and eats a dropkick that takes him down to the mat. Demos starts to slowly get up, but Dixon dives down with another dropkick sending Demos rolling across the mat towards the outside.

He smiles as he uses each rope to pull himself back to his feet. Rel bounces off the ropes and runs towards Demos, she leaps over the top rope with a cross-body, but Demos catches her! He holds her for a minute, then falls to his back on the outside!

HHL: Did Demos lose his balance or did he fall back on purpose?

Pip: No idea.

Rel is back to her feet and pulls Demos up then slides him into the ring. He rolls towards the middle and stands up. Rel slides inside the ring and Demos backs himself into a corner. Rel follows and starts planting stiff, hard kicks to Demos’s midsection. One after another they buckle him over. After four kicks Demos catches the last one, throws her leg down and knocks her straight to her back with a clothesline!

Pip: There’s some offense from Demos! He doesn’t seem to be to proud of that though..

Demos waits for Rel to get back up and lays down on the mat in the center of the ring.

HHL: You were saying?

Rel takes advantage and covers Demos.




Demos stands up with Rel and raises her hand in victory and the two leave the ring together.


The scene transitions from the ring to the hallways of TD Garden where we see Theo Pryce and Corporate Chaos chatting when Vinnie Lane appears on the scene.

Theo dude what the heck is going on? I thought we agreed that Chaos can’t be trusted and had to be kept on a leash? Wasn’t that what we talked about after you left him bleeding in the ring a few months back? I can’t believe you’d pull this without talking to me first.

Your’e right Vinnie we did talk about that and honestly in principle I agree with you but have you seen the state of things lately? Especially in the upper echelon divisions? It’s like a stale fart out there and so I decided to upend things, add a little Chaos to the picture you know?

I get that... but him? Come on, dude! Chris Chaos as a stooge? You know this is a terrible id...

Vinnie Lane doesn’t even get to finish his sentence before he is slammed into the wall by the behemoth known as Sil Frigida. The muscle bound mammoth then picks Vinnie Lane up and then slams him through a wooden table and onto the cold hard concrete floor. Sil reaches down again and grabs Lane by the neck ready to inflict more damage.

”Enough. He’s had enough. You’ve made your point.”

Sil releases his grip on Lane’s throat and Lane falls back down to the ground barely conscious as Theo leans down to say a few more words to his fallen business partner.

”Well I was gonna wait a little bit but I guess now is as good a time as any to let you know Vinnie that not only have I personally seen to it that Chaos is in the Leap of Faith match but I have also entered his body guard and insurance policy, the man that is going to ensure Corporate Chaos’s success at Leap of Faith, Sil Frigida into the match as well.”

Theo stands up and straightens out his suit before turning to face Chaos and Sil.

”Alright you have a match to prepare for Sil, against his ex girlfriend no less. Why don’t you two go take care of that while I take care of this.”

The show fades to commercial.

Savage returns from commercial we see Vinnie Lane in his makeshift office with an ice pack on his head as the XWF medical staff tends to his injuries.

Guys, I appreciate what you all are doing but i’m fine. Just some bumps and bruises. Nothing I can’t handle.

The medical staff take the hint and exit the office as Vinnie reaches forward with a groan and grabs the receiver end of his desk phone. He punches a few numbers into the phone and then places the receiver to the ear. We can hear the phone ring a few times before someone on the other end answers.

”Hey dude how you doing? You watching Savage by chance? You see what just happened out there with Chaos and Sil….You did? Good. Look I know we haven’t interacted much over the years but now that you’re back I need a favor, one I think you’re gonna like. Since Theo entered a ringer, two actually into the Leap of Faith match I need one of my own, you wanna be that ringer? The guy that throws a wrench into Theo’s plans….You do? Great. Then consider yourself entered into the Leap of Faith match. Thanks dude.

Vinnie Lane hangs up the phone just as Theo Pryce enters the office.

”Hey Vin sorry about what happened back there. You know how these guys get with their roid rage. Sil went a bit further than he needed to. He and I have spoken and he promises me he won’t put you through any more tables.”

”You know what, I’m glad you're here Theo so I can tell you to your face that as a result of what you just pulled with Chaos and Sil I decided to reach out to someone who is going to personally see to it that Chaos does not in fact walk out of Leap of Faith with a 24/7 case.”

Vinnie adjusts his ice pack as a smirk spreads across Theo’s face.

”Oh really? Who’s that? Scully? Gilmour maybe? No wait, Rayne? It’s Rayne isn’t it?”

”Actually I decided to get a guy that you essentially paved the way for his return with by getting bWo’s TV rights. I guess we could say that when Chaos doesn’t walk out with the case it’s your own fault because my ringer is none other than former Universal Champion, the wildman himself, Jim Caedus. I think your hand picked winner might need another couple bodyguards, dude!

Theo doesn’t say a word in response to Lane’s revelation. Instead he buttons his suit jacket and then exits the room as Lane continues to ice his head.

A quick transition takes us backstage where Alias is seen walking down a corridor. With his 24/725/8 Briefcase still in his left hand, the X-Treme Championship is now wrapped around his waist, freeing a hand up for him to do… stuff… with. Apparently that ‘stuff’ includes juggling an onion, a fossilised piece of dinosaur faeces, and a taxidermied hedgehog. Don’t ask. Regardless, he’s really good at it.

It doesn’t last though. The onion and hedgehog tumble to the ground, as does the briefcase, and even Alias himself! The dinosaur poop lands squarely upon Alias’s forehead, while… wait minute. Alias hasn’t tumbled! It’s a schoolboy roll up!


Referee Lawanda Sass slides in out of nowhere and counts the pin!



(Of course)

Both Alias and Demos scramble to their feet and square off. Alias shoves the former Television champion against the wall.

ALIAS: Knock. It. The. Fuck. Off.

DEMOS: THE GALL! THE INDIGNITY! The battle is raging across the field but the people’s champion refuses to heed the call. The people cry out for a change of the banner!

ALIAS: Look, I got your note. Real creepy slipping it inside my tighty whities like that. We’re not on the same side here though. I’m not out here fighting for the people. This isn’t their story, man. It’s mine.

DEMOS: Have you been smoking, Alias? You reek of bourgeois individualism!

ALIAS: Call it whatever you want, but everything to date, The Left Hand, Reggie Estrada, Louis freaking D’Ville… all of that is only the start for me! See, you’ve got your mission, and that’s great. You’re really… good?... at it. But me? As cliche as it sounds, my mission has been to find my meaning in all of this. And I am this close to doing so.

He holds up his hand, with his index finger and thumb less than an inch apart.

ALIAS: I’m not going to blow everything that I’ve worked for. Not now.

DEMOS: You want to know your purpose? Your mission? You want some meaning?

Demos shakes his head from side to side in disgust with Alias. Demos quickly raises an accusatory finger and pokes it into Alias’s chest.

DEMOS: THERE IS NO HIGHER PURPOSE! There is no puppet master up above pulling the strings of fate. You are a fool to search for something beyond the stars. All there is, all there ever will be for you, is right here.

Demos points down towards the ground.

DEMOS: This land. This community. This is all there ever is for you and me alike, pal. The working families and desperate children are being slaughtered by federals and ruffians. The class struggle is all there will ever be for all of history! If you refuse to pick a side between the boot of the oppressor and the neck of his victim….you have already chosen the most foul side.

Demos glares angrily at Alias.

ALIAS: Think what you will and do what you must…

He bends down and picks up the briefcase from the ground, leaving the onion, dinosaur poop, and hedgehog, where they lie.

ALIAS: ...I know exactly what I’m doing.

Demos spits towards Alias’s feet as he leaves Demos alone to plot his next pin attempt as the show goes to commercial.

Savage returns from commercial and for a moment, the television display fizzes. Then, the screen is replaced with static. After a few seconds of buzz, we see the North Korean flag. The anthem of the North Korean people plays in the background.

A voice rings out.

“The NorthKoreanWarCriminalHeavyweight Championship Belt Will Be Up For Grabs at Leap of Faith. Its holder, a true champion of the world, who has held this most honorable belt, completely undefeated for the last six years, welcomes all challengers.”

“Come, you American dogs. Kneel at the feet of your master.”

After another moment, the feed returns to normal XWF programming. It seems one North Korean War Criminal will be returning to in-ring action at Leap of Faith!

PC: "Coming up next, we've got the Internet Champion taking on the former TV Champion, along with XWF's resident grandpa, Centurion!"

The fans cheer as Centurion makes his way out from the back, a playboyish smile on his handsome face. He heads down the aisle and over to the steps, where he climbs up onto the apron and into the ring. Cent' heads over to his corner where he awaits the arrival of his opponents.

The honeyed rasp of Atara's voice blares over the facility's PA in unison with those words appearing on the multitude of screens and displays littering the arena.


The crowd pops and gets to their feet shouting in near total unison a single word.


Arena lights start to pulse in time with the music and multiple vertical streams of pyro erupt across the front of stage. Strutting with purpose Atara emerges from the back taking spot centerstage atop the ramp. Posing for the camera, a wink and kiss is given to the viewers at home.

Grunge walking to the ringsteps, she climbs and stops at the top to posture again for her adoring public. Hand on her hip, the Grecian moves to the middle of the apron to blows a final kiss to the camera and enters the ring through the middle rope.

HHL: "The Internet Championship may not be on the line, but that's not gonna make her any less motivated to win this one."

[white]PC: "Absolutely not. Beating a former World Champion, as well as the former Television Title holder, would make quite the statement!"

"Lights in the Sky" hits as the fans begin to boo. Marf makes his way out onto the stage, looking around at the audience and shaking his head in disgust. He marches to the ring while the crowd continues to boo and insult him. Marf rolls into the ring and goes to a corner, climbing up and then flipping off the crowd for more heat.

PC: "Marf is gonna be looking to build some momentum heading into Leap of Faith."

HHL: "That's right, Pip. Him and Lycana won the Tag Team Turmoil on Warfare to become the #1 Contenders to TNGB's Tag Team Titles, last eliminating the team of EXP in doing so!"

PC: "All three of these competitors has their own motive for winning, but only one of them will walk away with their hand raised when it's all said and done; let's find out who!!!!!"


- vs -
Atara Themis
- vs -
Triple Threat Match

Marf immediately goes after Centurion, who turns him around in the corner and begins hammering away at his ribs. As this is going on, Atara yawns to herself and leans against the turnbuckles, watching the boys being boys. Eventually, Centurion whips Marf in her direction causing her to pop forward and drop him with a Superkick that sends him rolling to the outside. Atara then rushes at Centurion, who cracks her in the skull with a Blood Sympathony. He then lifts her off the mat and connects with a Saito Suplex that sends Themis sliding under the bottom rope and out to the floor.

PC: "Cent' is showing these young whipper snappers he's still got it!"

HHL: "Do you think the geezer jokes will ever get old?"

PC: "I believe that, much like Centurion and fine wine, they'll only get better with age!"

HHL: "I see what you did there."

Marf goes to climb back in, but hops down upon seeing Centurion ready for him. He then points behind Cent', who sees Atara climbing back in, causing him to turn his attention towards her. This allows Marf to quickly slide back in and attack Centurion from behind.

PC: "Marf just pulled one over on the vet!"

HHL: "You can be sure Centurion doesn't appreciate that."

Atara joins Marf in beating down Cent', before assisting him with an Irish Whip. On the rebound, the two of them go for a Double Clothesline on Centurion, who ducks under both their arms and bounces off the other side. On his way back, Cent' drops BOTH of them with a Clothesline of his own, covering Marf immediately after.




Centurion crawls over to Atara and attempts to cover her, but she kicks out almost instantly.

PC: "Centurion's trying to end it quick!"

HHL: "That's exactly what you gotta do when you've got more than one opponent; go for the win while both of them are down."

Centurion bends down to grab Atara, but she reaches up and drags him down for a quick roll-up.



Marf kicks at Atara, causing them to roll forward, allowing Centurion to get into pinning position, instead!



Marf bends over and pulls Centurion out of the pin, tossing him over his head for a Fall Away Slam as the fans begin to boo. Swaysons eats it up, though, asking the fans to keep it coming before stomping Cent' in the back of the head.

HHL: "Marf may have lost the TV Title, but it hasn't caused him to lose his step."

PC: "That's right, Heather, him and Lycana know more gold awaits them at Leap of Faith."

Before Marf can dish out anymore punishment, Atara sneaks up behind him for an attempted Schoolboy................................. except Marf is able to roll through it, completely, hop to his feet, and lay Themis out with a Big Boot. He then drops down and hooks a leg for the cover.




HHL: "Not only does Atara keep herself in this match, but Centurion as well!"

PC: "So what you're saying is she, essentially, helped Cent' cross the street?"

HHL: "More or less."

Marf gets to his feet and drags Atara with him, setting up for a Perfect-Plex. He attempts to lift her, but Themis is able grab onto the top rope, preventing him from doing so. Marf responds with a few rights, causing her to let go for a moment, but as soon as he goes for the move, again, she reaches right back for it. The two of them go back and forth like this, until Centurion walks up behind Marf and hoists him up for an Olympic Slam, allowing his opponent to hit The Perfect-Plex on Atara at the same time!!!!!

PC(simultaneously): "Echoslide!"

HHL(simultaneously): "1,000 Mile Slam!"

Centurion crawls over to Marf and lays across him for a pin attempt.




HHL: "I think having Atara's arm behind his head really softened the blow for Marf on that 1,000 Mile Slam!"

PC: "The same can't be said for Atty."

Cent' wastes no time rolling off of Marf and over to Atara, where he lays across her in similar fashion as the former TV Champion.



THRE---Marf drags him off!!!!!!!!!

HHL: "Great save by the former Television Champion!"

PC: "Great save, indeed. I don't know if Atara would've kicked out, otherwise!"

Marf brings Centurion to his feet, kicks him in the gut, and puts his head between his legs.

PC: "Looks like he could be going for The Sway!"

Before Marf can do anything, however, Centurion tosses him over his shoulders onto the mat. Marf quickly gets back to his feet, only to get knocked back down by a Standing Dropkick. As Cent' waits for Marf to get back up, Atty jumps on his back and wraps her arm around his neck for a Rear Naked Choke.

HHL: "Atty's trying to choke Centurion out!"

PC: "Well, it is way past his bedtime, maybe he DOES need some sleep!"

It doesn't take Cent' long to toss Atty off, only to get hit with a DDT from Marf on his way back up.

PC: "Knock one opponent down, another gets up!"

HHL: "It takes perfect timing to win a Triple Threat Match."

PC: "Well it looks like the timing's right for Marf, right now."

Marf drags Centurion to his feet and whips him towards the ropes, connecting with a Powerslam onto his way back. The Dissentient hooks both legs in an attempt to finish things off.




PC: "Cent's taken hundreds of Powerslams throughout the years, there was no chance that one was gonna keep him down!"

Marf goes to pick Centurion up, but Atara grabs him from behind and hoists him up in a German Suplex variation, slamming his shoulders HARD into the mat! The Internet Champion doesn't have anytime to follow it up, though, as Centurion is right there for another 1,000 Mile Slam.............................. which Atty is able to slip out of, land on her feet, and kick at her opponent. Cent' is able to catch her foot with one arm while, at the same time, Marf comes over and kicks at him, as well! To the amazement of everyone in attendance, Centurion is ALSO able to catch Marf's leg with his other arm, before flipping BOTH his opponents over in a Double Single Legged Walls of Jericho!

PC: "Centurion's got both Marf AND Atara locked in a modified Fall of Rome!"

HHL: "He only needs one of them to tap out! Who's gonna give in first???"

Centurion leans back, applying pressure on both his opponents' legs. Atty and Marf stretch their arms out in a desperate attempt to reach the ropes, but they're too far away. This prompts them to push themselves up and crawl towards the side of the ring. They slowly make some progress, only for a pumped up Cent' to muscle them back to the center.

PC: "I can't believe my eyes! The old man just dragged BOTH his opponents like it was nothing!"

HHL: "Who says this guy is past his prime?"

Centurion continues to hold on, putting Atara and Marf into a world of hurt. They make one last ditch ever to pull themselves forward, but Cent's will to win is just too strong. Unable to find a way out, both Marf AND Atty tap out simultaneously to a roar from the crowd.

Winner- Centurion via tapout

Centurion celebrates his victory inside the ring as the referee raises his hand. Atara and Marf lay down on the ring, neither one looking to be in particularly good shape. Centurion shakes the referees hand and asks if he's registered to vote. All seems to be going well for the XWF's all time win leader when, suddenly, a streak of blue sprints down the entrance ramp!

Heather: It's Lycana!

Pip: Someone needs to warn Centurion! This can't be anything good!

Lycana slides under the bottom rope in what feels like mere seconds. Centurion turns around just in time to see one half of the Dissentients coming at him! Centurion raises his hands to defend himself, but it's no use!

Lycana SUPERKICKS Centurion! Centurion flies over the top rope and lands outside the ring!

Heather: And superman goes flying!

Pip: He's going to feel that one in the morning!

Atara and Marf both begin to stir as the commotion shakes them awake. The two of them pull themselves up to their feet with the ropes at the same time. Lycana turns to look at Marf. She smiles at him before shifting her gaze over to Atara. Lycana's expression sours as she bounces off the ropes and charges towards the Themis sister! Before Atara knows what's what she's taken down by a dropkick! Lycana quickly scrambles to her feet and starts laying the boots to Atara while she's down!

Heather: Lycana came out here to teach Atara a lesson!

Pip: It looks like Centurion was just collateral damage!

Lycana continues to stomp Atara's face against the mat until Marf whistles at her from the far turnbuckle. Lycana swivels her head around. Marf and Lycana make eye contact, slow smiles growing on both of their faces. Marf gestures for Lycana to pick Atara up and toss her over. Lycana chuckles with a nod, before reaching down and grabbing Atara by her long hair, beginning to haul her up. As Atara is lifted to her feet,she's given a stern punch to the gut courtesy of Lycana. Atara groans in pain before being irish whipped into Marf's corner.


Heather: Lycana on a collision course!

Lycana comes full momentum at Marf courtesy of Atara, who uses the opposite turnbuckle to get her bearings!

Pip: This isn't going how the Dissentients thought it would!

Marf catches Lycana in his arms anti-climactically. Lycana smiles and thanks Marf as she looks up at him.

Pip: Well....I don't want to say I'm disappointed, but-

Atara charges at the two of them before leaving her feet and dropkicking Lycana in the back! The force of the impact sends Marf reeling into the corner back first!


Atara scrambles to her feet before running at the ropes. She bounces off them and comes sprinting full speed ahead at Marf and Lycana...but Marf pushes Lycana off of him and scrambles away from the turnbuckle just in time! Atara slams into the corner post before stumbling back into a haymaker right hand from Marf! Atara falls to the ground as soon as the blow hits.

Pip: He just dropped her like a sack of potatoes!

Heather: Where was this tenacity from Marf DURING the match?!

Pip: Maybe he had a point to prove! Maybe Marf wanted to lose tonight! He DID demand a rematch for the TV title on this show, after all, and Andre Dixon isn't even here!

Marf and Lycana grin at each other before looking down at their wounded prey upon the mat. The Dissentients start raining down a flurry of leather boots to Atara's body.

Heather: This is going too far.

Pip: The Dissentients always do!

The referee has seen enough. He puts his hand on Marf's shoulder and tries to pull him back, away from Atara.

Pip: Uh oh...

Heather: That was a bad move, Pip!

Marf smiles as he gently removes the referee's hand from his shoulder. Centurion has pulled himself to his feet and is starting to come to his senses outside the ring as Marf's demeanor changes. Marf grabs the referee by the throat with his right hand and begins to squeeze. The referee is quick to collapse to his knees as Marf's overpowering grip constricts his airways. The referee grabs Marf by the wrist but it's no use. The ref's eyes grow wide as Lycana chuckles to herself from the side.

Suddenly the lights go out as the crowd gasps.

Heather: Now what’s happening!?

Pip: Power outage?

Heather: Right, because this never happens of course.

An unfamiliar theme track plays over the speaker system as flashing beams of red light begin to sporadically flash down onto the audience from the rafters.

The crowd roars in confusion as the lights roam around the darkened stadium. The scattered beams of light all work their way to a small portion of the ringside area where we we see a new figure outside the ring standing next to Centurion!


The red lights and music vanish as quickly as they arrive when the arena lights flip back on! Marf looks down in surprise at the limp and flaccid referee still caught in his grip. The crowd is going crazy as Centurion turns to his side. Cent quickly jumps back reflexively as the presence of a newcomer startles him.

Heather: Who is that?!

Pip: I have no idea!

Thrax looks at Centurion before raising his left hand and pointing over to the unconscious referee still being choked out by Marf. Centurion looks warily at the newcomer before looking up towards the injured referee in need of help. Thrax takes a few steps towards the ring before looking back at Centurion and gesturing for the man to follow.

Heather: This guy might be a hero like Ruby!

Pip: Well he's definitely going to need Cent's help if he wants to play hero like Ruby!

Centurion tosses a skeptical glance at Thrax before giving in to the angel on his shoulder and walking towards the ring. Thrax nods at Centurion as the two men approach the ring apron. Centurion takes a half step ahead of Thrax and is just about to slide into the ring when, all of a sudden....


Heather: Oh no!

Pip: I knew this guy was no good!

Thrax wraps his arm around Centurion's neck before bringing the XWF's all time wins leader down to the floor with a reverse DDT! Marf throws the referee to the mat as he steps over to the ropes to get a better view of the ringside action. Lycana laughs wickedly from the corner of the ring as she beckons for a staffer to bring her a microphone.

Heather: What the hell!?

Pip: I have no idea what is happening, is this newcomer somehow aligned with Marf and Lycana?

Heather: Sure looks like it! This can’t be good for anyone...

Thrax rolls Centurion into the ring as Marf looks down with suspicion at Thrax from just inside the ropes. A staffer places a microphone inside Lycana's hand as Thrax lifts up the ringside banner and starts rummaging for something underneath the ring. Lycana walks up to Marf with the microphone in her hand. She places a friendly hand on his shoulder as she smiles at him.

Lycana: The runes foretold of such long ago. An omen of the future. I had not thought it would come to pass.. but it appears I was wrong. The destined one has arrived, and the prophecy has begun.

Thrax pulls a table out from underneath the ring before sliding it underneath the rope. Marf looks at Lycana with acceptance before nodding at her. Thrax slides into the ring and gets to work setting up the wooden table as Lycana and Marf watch on.

Heather: Someone needs to come out and put a stop to this before it gets too gruesome!

Pip: Well Heather, this is Savage, not Anarchy. Ruby isn't here to save the day!

Heather: But what about Betsy Granger? Demos? RL Edgar? Why won't any of them come to the rescue?!

Thrax motions to the Dissentients as he walks over to Atara Themis and pulls her up to her feet. Thrax practically throws the woman over to the Dissentients. Marf pulls the groggy woman up to her feet with devious delight. Meanwhile, Centurion has used the table to pull himself up to his feet. He swings wildly at Thrax but the fresh newcomer swiftly moves out of the way of the blow. Thrax punches Centurion in the windpipe which the man falling against the table. Thrax hammers Centurion in the side of his head before rolling his body onto the table.

Heather: This isn't going to be good! I can't watch!

Pip: I can watch! I'll tell you what's happening!

Marf lifts Atara up over his head in a gorilla press. He drops her onto the table as both Lycana and Thrax catch her with a double X factor, hitting a three person D Drop on top of Centurion's body.


The trio stands over the wreckage and then give props to one another before Lycana lifts the microphone back up to her mouth.

Lycana: Reborn from the flame you have risen for one purpose and one purpose alone.

Thrax nods at Lycana before she turns around to taunt the audience.

Lycana: I hate to break it to all of you who thought we were only going to walk away from the moon with the X-treme championship and the tag team championships. I'm sure you all thought you could rest easy at night knowing that at least one of your heroes would win the leap of faith match! Maybe it would be Corey Smith! Maybe it would be RL Edgar! Maybe it would even be Demos! That would be something, wouldn't it?!

The crowd cheers as Lycana name drops three of the most popular wrestlers on the XWF roster.

Lycana: Well, I'd say I'm sorry to be the one to tell you that isn't gong to happen.... but I'm not. That briefcase isn't going home with any of your precious heroes, your icons, or your favorite vanilla repetitions! No, not at all. You can hate us all you want, you can despise us until your heart is content, you can call us evil, brutal, savage, whatever you want. But after Leap of Faith you will have to call us....CHAMPIONS!

The crowd boos intensely as Lycana and Marf smirk. Lycana looks back at Thrax, extending her arm out in a sweeping gesture.

Lycana: And briefcase holders!

Pip: That's quite the assumption! Those words might come back to bite her in the ass!

Heather: I hope so! I couldn't stomach watching these three monsters win all those championships!

Lycana laughs heartily as she tosses the microphone on top of Atara and Centurion. The trio all exit the ring together while some more officials come out to check on Atara and Centurion.

[bAs that is happening we go backstage to see Morbid Angel walking around the back of Saturday Night Savage. He walked clutching his bible to his side and looking for a camera.

He was here to enter the Leap of Faith pay per view.

Why else would he come to Saturday Savage if not for the last chance to enter the program?

Morbid walks looking mildly defeated after a few losses from his past matches. Feeling kind of low, he decides to enter the tournament and see what he can do. After all, you can’t keep a Morbid Angel down. He was always quick to recover from a loss…considering this was his first set of losses since 2016. I guess this is a good thing but at the same time still disheartening to some.

Morbid seemed psyched to get into another brawl with someone and give them the Mandible Cross!
Could it be because of his infatuation with sticking things in people’s mouths? Maybe.
He likes doing a lot of things that most would consider unsavory for a holy man, but it is accepted because some have no other choice if they want to hear his preaching and accept the pathway into heaven. Because there can only be one way and that is the way of Morbid Angel!

He rounds a corner and sees a camera fixing to shoot a promo for Sil Frigida.
Sil was standing there in all his buff tattooedness, ready to speak on his match but is abruptly shut down by the towering Morbid Angel stepping in front of him, hardly casting a shadow over Sil’s large frame.

“Excuse me for a minute Sil, I need this camera for a second.”

Sil looks at Morbid Angel angerly as Morbid straightens up his suit, the interviewer standing there looking dumbfounded as to why Morbid Angel was stealing the camera from someone else when all he needed to do was wait. But to him waiting was for Atheists. Fuck them!

“I just wanted to say, I want to join the Leap of Faith Pay Per View. FOR GLORY! Or to die…”

With that Morbid Angel smiles his award-winning smile and turns to face Sil Frigida who looked like he wanted to slap the piss out of him. Morbid was not afraid though, he defeated tougher in his day.

“Sil, do you have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ, your lord and Savior?”

The scene fades to commercial!

Savage returns from commercial as we prepare for the Main Event...

Or not...

A quiet murmur rumbles throughout the TD Garden when suddenly towers of flame burst from the ring posts. The lights dim - not darken - and a spotlight finds a body moving through the throbbing masses of people.

HEATHER: It’s Alias!

Alias makes his way through the crowd who, in spite of his resistance to freeing the XWF from the Brotherhood of Baddies, respond with a vociferous roar. The crowd’s music of ‘Eat The Left Hand’ takes over, as Alias finds his way down a winding staircase to ringside. He leaps the barricade, with his X-Treme Championship strapped around his waist and the 24/725/8 Briefcase in his hand. He slides the briefcase under the bottom rope and rolls in behind it.

Standing in the middle of the ring, he slowly scans the crowd in a circle. With a tense jaw, his eyes widen and flames erupt from the turnbuckle posts once more, no dramatic hand gesture needed.

PIP: Jesus, that flames a bit much.

As the flames settle, a microphone pokes through between the ropes from the outside, and Alias collects it, raising it to his mouth as the crowd begins to settle.

ALIAS: The Left Hand is dead…

The crowd erupts.

ALIAS: No, no, no… don’t do that. I’m not out here making a grandiose promise, I’m just stating a fact. I heard your words as I came down to this ring, and ‘Eat The Left Hand’ has become irrelevant. There is no Left Hand left to ‘eat’. But… there is still a Marf, and there is still a Lycana.

Again the crowd takes over, with a chant of ‘Eat The Dissentients’. It doesn’t flow very well, but a crooked smile appears on Alias’s face.

ALIAS: Now that…

He starts, cutting through their chant.

ALIAS: ...that sounds a lot more like it. It also sounds like something that is very, very, VERY doable. This has been going on for five months by now: five months since my hand was scarred; five months since they tried to strip me of my self-determination; five months since The Left Hand made their name at my expense. But now, their name is dirt, and mine… mine is promised.

He raises the briefcase into the air to another cheer.

ALIAS: At Leap of Faith, I get a chance to put all of this behind me. I get Lycana, one-on-one, and when I put her down in the lunar dirt, every last barrier holding me back from my true purpose will have been banished. And then… two words, kids: Cash. In.

Again, a roar. Seems to be a bit repetitive really.

ALIAS: I know what this means for you all. I know it means sitting with people as champions that you might not be as comfortable with. But I can’t rush this. I can’t, I won’t. The end is in sight, I’ve just… I’ve just got to do this one thing first. I’ve just got to Eat Lycana.

The cheer is there, but perhaps a little quieter this time.

The lights fade to black - completely this time - as lime green and red pyros shoot off. Lycana steps out onto the stage and looks around the crowd with a condescending look. She has a microphone of her own.

LYCANA: Alias, Alias, Alias... Do you really think it will ever be over between us? Do you think that if you win at Leap of Faith, all the history will magically be erased? That you will just be able to put things aside and move on, knowing that I still roam these hallways? The scars on your hand will vanish? No... none of those things are likely to happen.

But it doesn’t matter, does it? Finally getting our hands on each other, one on one in that ring? That’s what it's all about. At long last, being able to do whatever the hell we want, with nobody trying to break us apart. No limits. After all this time....

You’re right though. The Left Hand might be gone from the XWF, but The Dissentients still stand. Making our mark on all who cross our path. Marf and Lycana, still making their presence known, Do you truly think we will be ‘eaten’ that easily? Oh no my darling. Certainly not. And what will you do, should you leave that match still hungry? If you lose.

ALIAS: You act like that’s an option. Worse, you act like that could be reality. I’ve sifted through the delusions, and when it comes time for the two of us to dance our dance and sing our song, I will…


Something clobbers Alias from behind. No, someone!

HEATHER: Marf’s here!

PIP: Of course he is, he literally had a match earlier.

HEATHER: He’s never too far away from Lycana either.

Marf begins stomping on Alias, as Lycana makes her way down to the ring. She slides in and joins Marf in laying into the X-Treme Champion. After several unrestrained stomps, Marf bends down and picks Alias up, holding him face down with his arms behind his back. Lycana winds up and slaps Alias across the face with her left hand.

PIP: That’s not The Other Left, it’s the original!

Alias grimaces and spits at Lycana - a wad of saliva connecting on her cheek. She scowls as she wipes it off with the back of her hand.

Alias begins to fight, violently shaking himself free from Marf’s grip. He scrambles across the ground, putting some space between himself and The Dissentients. Lycana closes in, but Alias reaches up and grabs her by the hair, pulling her down. She collides face first into the middle turnbuckle. Alias rolls away.

Marf closes in now as well, as Alias gets to his feet. He charges at Marf with his head down and manages to take him down with a double leg take down. Floating up to a mount, Alias starts getting his own shots in on Marf, but the numbers game catches up to him. Coming up from behind, Lycana turns the tables and takes a hold of Alias’s hair. She drags him back and delivers a stiff kick to the side of his body, catching Alias right around the kidney. He doubles over in pain, and soon enough both Dissentients are on him again, pummeling him into the ground.

PIP: This is a mugging!

HEATHER: It feels kind of like déjà vu, to be honest.

With Alias grounded, Lycana makes her way to the top rope. Marf drives one last stomping boot down into Alias’s midsection before making his way over to the corner. Lycana steps onto his shoulders, and Marf walks her - elevated even higher than the turnbuckle - over to where Alias is lying. Lycana leaps, crashing down on Alias with a skyscraper senton.

She bounces, holding her back after the elevated damage. Marf helps her up, and Lycana begins shrieking orders at him. His meaty palms grab Alias and hoist him up, lifting him over his shoulder. Lycana circles behind, and Marf drops Alias down into a DDT from Lycana.

PIP: Problem Solver!

HEATHER: Alias is out!

Hovering over Alias’s prone body, The Dissentients pose for the crowd, who rain boos down upon them. As they leave the ring and make their way back up the ramp, Alias begins to stir. He crawls on the mat over to where his microphone had fallen, and pulls it close to his face.


He calls out, and The Dissentients stop on the stage, turning back to face Alias who can barely even get to all fours.

ALIAS: Is that the best you’ve got?

Another little pop from the crowd who respect the moxy.

ALIAS: This is old hat by now, ‘friends’. And pretty weak sauce at that - nobody even brought a blowtorch into the mix!

He forces himself to a seated position in the ring.

ALIAS: I know how this works though, when it comes to the two of you. I’ve been through this scenario enough times by now to know that where one of you goes, the other follows. So… Lycana… we’re not playing this game again at Leap of Faith. Despite what people seem to think, there is no rule that says the X-Treme Championship needs to be defended in a typical X-Treme Rules match. So for you and I… it won’t be. I’ve already had the conversations that are needed, at Leap of Faith, there are going to be not one but TWO steel cages around that ring. There will be no Marf coming in to save you. It’s just going to be you vs. me, and the only way to win is to escape BOTH steel cages.

See you on the moon, or in hell. Whichever comes first.

The camera fades out on Lycana’s sneering face.

PC: "Coming up next is our Main Event, "the Queen" Jenny Myst against the all natural athlete, Sil Frigida."

HHL: "That's right, Pip, and what an uphill battle it's going to be for the self proclaimed Queen. I don't know if she's EVER faced someone with the strength of Sil Frigida, before."

PC: "One of his arms is the size of Jenny's ENTIRE body! How's she gonna be able to combat THAT?!?"

HHL: "I don't know, Pip, but we'll find out soon enough."

Jenny enters the arena when the Drums hit for the first time in her entrance music, around the 20 second mark. She is taunts the fans and pretends to give high fives, the pulling away at the last moment with a sarcastic smirk and an eye roll. When she gets to the ring, she climbs on in and poses with attitude as the crowd gives a mixed reaction.


The trumpets of the Natty Anthem perform over the capacity crowd of Boston, Massachusetts. The masses in the arena begin to rise to their feet, as the colorways of red and yellow illuminate the ramp. Sil Frigida slowly walks from behind the massive tron, a sleek grin on his face as he eyes the thousands in attendance. His hands are at his waist as he takes in the pandemonium before walking down the ramp and through the walkway. Before making a stop at the walkway he turns around before doing a double bicep pose in front of the camera.


A shower of sparks rain down from the titan tron, as Sil turns around with another sheepish grin on his face. Taking in the moment. Sil eyes every fan as he walks towards the ring, jawing off a conversation with a few fans that may be talking some smack or showing some love, its always a mixed reaction everywhere he goes. He shows off his unique symmetry as he does a side chest pose for the camera, as he jaws off some unintelligible words to the hundreds of thousands watching at home. He then sprints to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He walks towards the far right turnbuckle as his massive frame climbs the to the top, letting out a loud scream as he does flex that shows the vascularity of his chest and arms.

PC: "Jenny looks a little uneasy about this one."

Myst is shown with a concerned look on her face but, nevertheless, she prepares for her massive foe like she would anybody else. Sil flexes from across the ring, showing off his sheer size in order to intimidate Jenny some more. With both competitors ready to go, the referee turns and calls for the bell.


[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

Jenny Myst
- vs -
Sil Frigida
Singles Match - Television Title Savage Main Event Rules - 15 Minute Time Limit!!!



HHL: "Don't forget, they are competing under Television Title rules, which means they will only have 15 Minutes to win the match, or else it'll go to a Draw."

PC: "I'm sure Sil will only need three minutes MAX to put Jenny away."

HHL: "We'll see, Pip. Never underestimate the Queen."

Myst and Frigida meet in the center of the ring, where Sil initiates a tie-up. He has no trouble pushing Jenny backwards, until she's trapped in the corner where the ref forces him to let go. Sil obliges, flexing his massive arms as he backs away from his nervous opponent.

PC: "Sil could probably pop Jenny's head like a pimple, if he wanted to!"

HHL: "I'm sure there's aLOT of people who'd love to see that."

Jenny takes a moment in the corner before stepping forward and meeting her opponent back in the center. The two of them lock-up once more, only this time Sil shoves Myst down to the mat, causing her to land on her ass. Frigida strikes a few more poses as Jenny looks on, helplessly.



HHL: "I sure hope Sil doesn't regret all this stalling when the clock strikes zero!"

PC: "Oh, poppycock! He's got PLENTY of time!"

Jenny Myst gets back to her feet and goes to tie-up with Sil for a third time. However, as soon as Frigida reaches forward, Jenny ducks under his arms and slips behind him. She waits there until he turns around, allowing Myst to connect with an Enzuigiri. The move has little effect on Sil, though, merely stumbling him back a step. He easily shakes it off and grabs Jenny, who does everything in her power to escape her opponent's grasp, unsuccessfully. With Myst right where he wants her, Frigida is able to toss her halfway across the ring with a powerful German Suplex that leaves Jenny motionless.

PC: "Told ya, three minutes TOPS!!!"

HHL: "It's certainly starting to look that way, huh?"

Sil casually struts over to Myst, gets to his knees, and puts his hands across her chest for a cover.







HHL: "So much for three minutes."

PC: "Dammit!"

HHL: "You sound like a man who just lost a bet."

PC: "No, just........... don't like being wrong on national television."

HHL: "Well, it happens on a weekly basis, so it's really nothing new."

Frigida gets to his feet, dragging Jenny with him, and wraps his arms around her before connecting with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Luckily for Myst, the move sends her flying under the bottom rope to the outside for a much needed breather.

HHL: "Jenny's gotta keep her distance and strike when there's an opening."

PC: "Easier said than done when your opponent's tossing you around the ring like a ragdoll!"

Not wanting to give his opponent a chance to recover, Sil climbs out of the ring and heads in Myst's direction. As he approaches her, Jenny delivers a swift Kick to the abdomen and nails a Twist of Fate out of nowhere, onto the floor!

PC: "Pink Perfection!!! If Jenny can get Sil back in the ring, this one's over!"

As the ref's 10 count hits "3!", Myst bends over and tries to pick Frigida up. Unfortunately for her, Sil's size makes it nearly impossible for her to lift him. She tries multiple times, before eventually deciding to go for the Count Out victory, instead. Jenny slides back in the ring as the count reaches "6!", with Frigida slowly starting to stir. As the count goes up, Sil gets to his feet and manages to roll in just before the referee can count him out.

HHL: "That may have been Jenny's only hope."

PC: "No kidding!"




As soon as Frigida makes it back in, Jenny hurries over and begins stomping him in an attempt to keep him down. It doesn't work, though, as Sil is able to get up and shove Myst back a few steps, clobbering her with a vicious Frigida Line as she rushes back towards him. The Queen stumbles back to her feet, where Frigida hits her with another one before setting up for a Dominator.

PC: "Sil's about to bring some California Deamin' to Boston!"

As Frigida goes to hoist Jenny Myst up, she's able to slip out behind him and deliver a Kick to the back of the bodybuilder's leg. The blow drops him to a knee, allowing Jenny to lock in a Sleeper Hold. This doesn't last long, however, as Sil is able to get back to a vertical base and charge backwards, ramming his opponent's back into the corner. He then turns around and begins firing away with multiple Elbow Strikes as Jenny does her best to block them. The referee orders Frigida to get her out of the corner, causing him to Irish Whip her over to the opposite side. He charges towards her, but Myst moves out of the way, causing Sil's massive chest to collide with the turnbuckles. Seeing a small window, Jenny runs at Frigida and hits a Butt Sash in the corner, stunning him even more. The Queen takes advantage and nails him with a vicious Enzuigiri that knocks him down.

PC: "Sil's down! This is exactly the opportunity Jenny needed!"

Myst hurries over and scales the turnbuckles, wasting little time in making it to the top and jumping off for a Twisted Bliss 450 Splash!

HHL: "Golf Digger................... CONNECTS!!!"

As soon as she lands on him, Jenny reaches down and hooks one of Sil's ham of a leg the best she can for a cover.







Frigida tosses Jenny off, but she runs back over and starts hammering away at him. The shots don't seem to do much, as Sil is able to leave them unblocked as he rises up and grabs his opponent with ease.

HHL: "This doesn't look good for the Queen!"

Sil picks his opponent up in Steiner Screwdriver position, but Myst is able to Knee him in the head, allowing herself to drop down behind him. Jenny points somewhere in the audience and tells the ref to "Look over there!", allowing for enough of a distraction to kick Frigida in the balls.

PC: "Two points!"

HHL: "A field goal's worth 3 you English bastard!"

The referee turns around, unsure of what he had been looking for and unaware why Frigida was now on the mat, grabbing at his genitals. Jenny, still a bit disoriented from the beating of this match, sees her opening. She looks at the turnbuckle and the crowd cheers. She climbs to the top......she points at the Leap of Faith banner hanging from the rafters.

PC: "Here we go! Jenny Myst is going for her own personal Leap of Faith here! She's looking to put the big man away!"

HHL: "Daring maneuver here, but since when has the Queen NOT been a risk taker?"

Jenny smiles, then her expression turns serious as she leaps through the air.

She lands on Sil's shoulders, trying to hurricarana the big man. He catches her.

PC: "Uh-oh"

Jenny's eyes go wide as she realizes the predicament she is in. She begins to hammer away at Sil, who still has her on his shoulders. Just when it looks like he is putting her in position for a powerbomb, she pulls the all-too-familiar canister out of pepper spray out of her bra. She blasts Sil in the face with a healthy dose, at an angle the referee cannot see it happening. He yells as his eyes and face turn red, but continues his strong grip on Myst.

She starts to hammer away at his head, desperately trying to get him to put her down. He is turning around, his eyes watering, but still a strong grip on her tights.

When he is turned so Jenny, still on her shoulders, is facing the ramp way. Sil's back is to the ramp.

PC: "We heard this music before! It's Corporate Chaos! What the hell is he doing out here?!

HHL: "He said he was taking someone's Leap of Faith Spot......"

PC: "Oh god, you don't think......"

Jenny sees this, and as Chaos makes his way to the ring steps, followed closely behind by Theo Pryce, she notices him. Her eyes go wide. She stops hammering Sil and stares at Chaos, eyes wide, shaking her head.

Sil takes the opportunity to stop her onslaught............


Sil put Jenny damn near THROUGH the mat!

Pip: Good god......I am not the biggest Jenny Myst fan but dear lord....she may be broken in half here! She may have internal injuries from that power bomb!

Chaos is in the ring, and the ref is trying to get him to leave. Sil covers Jenny. Theo tells the ref to do his job and count. He is hesitant, but his boss gave an order.

He slides down.




The bell rings.

: Winner: Sil Frigida via pinfall

Chaos then tosses the referee outside the ring. He looks down at Myst and points at the sign for LOF. Sil, still trying to get the spray out of his eyes, is able to hand Chaos a mic however.

Chaos grabs a handful of his ex girlfriends blonde hair, balling into a fist. He gets right down in her face.

Chaos: "I told the world that I was taking the spot of an unfortunate superstar in the Leap of Faith match. That unfortunate one.....its you, kiddo. When I dumped your ass on Warfare last summer, I told you it wasn't over. Well....babygirl......checkmate. End game. Fin."

He smiles a wicked grin, Jenny is groggy.

Chaos: "This little independence was cute, but its over. You had your run, your little 15 minutes of fame and glory. Now, its my time. The fun and games, they're over. Jenny Myst as we know over. So.....enjoy yourself.....take some time off, get one of those spa baths you always used to rave about and watch your failure first hand. Once again you are taking your rightful place here....the only one you've ever been good in the shadow of Chris Chaos. All hail, The Queen is dead.........nothing personal...its just business."

He laughs and lets go of her hair. He kicks her once as Sil laughs. The three exit the ring as the she curls into a fetal position.

Pip: This is disgusting. Nothing personal? It looks pretty goddamn personal to me!

Heather: I cannot believe this. Jenny is out of Leap of Faith......

Theo mutters "Just business" as the trio of Theo, Sil and Corporate Chaos back up the ramp leaving a sobbing and injured Jenny in the ring.

Back from the commercial, we have the big bossman, Vinnie Lane, standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in his hand.

Vinnie: Ladies and dudes! Thank you all for coming out and tuning in with us tonight! What a show it has been! A LOT has unfolded here and it looks like...

Vinnie motions with his thumb up to the Leap of Faith banner hanging high in the air.

… we’re going to have ourselves one HELLUVA show!

Vinnie gets his usual awesome pop from the crowd here in Boston. “XWF” chants start and Vinnie takes it all in. He fist pumps along with the chants.

Vinnie: As you’ve all seen, the action NEVER slows down in the XWF and just a couple of weeks after we’ve handed out one 24/7, er 25/8, whatever we gave Alias, we’re going to be awarding another to the winner of one of the biggest matches we have all year…. The Leap of Faith Match!

Another great pop from the audience and the crowd chants of “Leap of Faith” start.

Vinnie: ANY one of these contenders could walk away with a guaranteed title shot to any championship in the XWF they want! Will it be….. Corey Smith? Will it be….. Sil?! Maybe R.L. Edgar will take this opportunity and get a rematch against Chris Page for the Universal Title! Ariel Dixon threw her name in the hat tonight as well as CORPORATE Chaos and even Money Oswald is in this match…. AND, of course, my own personal choice... The returning JIM CAEDUS!!!! The possibilities are really endless and I’ve just come out to finalize the entrants and wish EVERYBODY in the match the best of----

The power goes off in the arena. The lights, the X-tron, Vinnie’s microphone, the commentator’s microphones…. Everything.

A red haze begins to rise from under the ring and the X-tron begins to flicker and switches to static. The power comes back on, but the lights are a dark red.

Fans we are back here. We thought we were having some technical difficulties here, but I’m getting an eerie feeling we… uh… are not.

Is the ring on fire?!

The glow under the ring gets brighter and brighter which really does make you question if there was an actual fire burning underneath. Vinnie taps the mic and confirms it's on.

Okay, uh, yeah, show’s over everybody. Cut these lights… Cut the---

The X-tron lights up and everyone gives it their undivided attention.

HHL: Oh. My… God… What the hell is this?


When the music gets loud a corner of the ring explodes and Vinnie goes flying through the ropes to the outside!!!

[Image: hxubUZb.gif]

Something starts crawling out of the burning hole. This is about the time that “DOCK” appears in the video and the crowd flips their lid. Vinnie rubber necks around and sees the screen then looks back to where the burning thing is crawling out.


HHL: It’s hideous!!!

It stands in the middle of the ring. Burnt to a crisp.

HHL: DOCK?! Is that? Is that D’Ville?!

[Image: Hsb5fdx.gif]

The creature breathes heavily and stares at Vinnie Lane who is still sitting on the floor on the outside. Charred and trashed and tattered armor hangs from the man and he starts ripping it off. Vinnie gets up and readies himself just in case, but the burnt man reaches up and pulls its burnt face, hair and all, off and reveals a very pale… skeleton-like DOCK underneath with his single eye glowing a dark, ominous red…..

Pip: It is! We haven’t seen or heard from DOCK since his defeat against the Xtreme Champion Alias on May Day!!! Why is he here? Why is he on Savage?!

HHL: Why else would he be?!

DOCK smiles from ear to ear and looks up to the Leap of Faith banner….. And points!!

Pip: DOCK wants in Leap of Faith!!!

Vinnie is to his feet now.. He looks up at the banner, back to DOCK, holds up his arms and shrugs. In the ring, DOCK continues his smile and his stare and gives Vinnie a strong nod.

Vinnie bites his tongue and gives back a little nod back as Savage comes to a close.

[Image: frQc4lp.png?1]

Special Thanks to: CENTURION, SIL & all the segment submitters. Thanks for making the show special.

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05-16-2021 05:18 AM

OOC: All I gotta say is fuuuuuuck yeaaaaahhhhhh

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05-16-2021 06:51 AM

Great show! Thanks to my sexy Demos for my very first win!! I get to go to the friggin moon wait til Fluffy hears about that!

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ooc: I know there weren't very many matches but an awesome show nonetheless. Great match writing (shout out to Centurion and Sil), very cool segments, kudos to everyone involved!

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Great show with a load of awesome segments!

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I literally just said I ran that fucker out of town and he pops back up again like genital fuckin' herpes.

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05-17-2021 01:54 AM

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(05-17-2021 01:54 AM)Alias Said:  
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[Image: Cbm9f5G.gif]

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"This is what happens when corporate stuffed suits like Theo Pryce decide to get 'disgruntled' and become a disruption, dudes! Even the greasiest, shiniest, perfectly built machines get ruined when you throw a wrench into them. And MY wrenches names are Jim Caedus, my hand picked wildcard with one mission and one mission only - don't let Theo win, and Doc D'Ville... who, well, wasn't my idea, but I could have probably kept him away if a certain MINORITY owner hadn't gotten his custom tailored Brooks Brothers Bloomers all in a bunch and sold himself to the idea of - of ALL people - Chris freakin' Chaos into the face of MY company. Y'all should update your health insurance plans before Leap of Faith, dudes... because stuff's gonna go WILD on the lunar surface!"

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05-18-2021 07:09 AM

(05-18-2021 06:48 AM)"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane Said:  "This is what happens when corporate stuffed suits like Theo Pryce decide to get 'disgruntled' and become a disruption, dudes! Even the greasiest, shiniest, perfectly built machines get ruined when you throw a wrench into them. And MY wrenches names are Jim Caedus, my hand picked wildcard with one mission and one mission only - don't let Theo win, and Doc D'Ville... who, well, wasn't my idea, but I could have probably kept him away if a certain MINORITY owner hadn't gotten his custom tailored Brooks Brothers Bloomers all in a bunch and sold himself to the idea of - of ALL people - Chris freakin' Chaos into the face of MY company. Y'all should update your health insurance plans before Leap of Faith, dudes... because stuff's gonna go WILD on the lunar surface!"

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One of the owners is fighting another one of the owners and somehow i want them both to lose

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05-18-2021 07:14 AM


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