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09-02-2020 08:18 PM


In-Ring Name: The Freak

Wrestler's Real Name: Unknown

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: Who knows?

Wrestler Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 230 LBS

Hometown: Unknown

Personality: An eccentric, wiredo, and outcast of the world. He's a kind man, who isn't afraid to get crazy and get himself into trouble. He's basically hyper version of Tommy, but with his mask on his face.

Looks Description: Think of Aesop Rock, but slightly not as muscular. He's an average build man, with long hair with a mask on his face. Inside the ring, he wears his own Kane's half like mask (green n' black) with a pair of jean shorts, a "fReAk" titled black shirt, and black boots with no arm pads but with knee pads on.

Ethnicity: Unknown

Pic Base, if any: KANE CIRCA 2002

Strengths: He likes to take pain, he likes to cheat in the ring, and he usually has little to no regard to actually be decent wrestler.

Weaknesses: He shares the same weakness as Tommy (ie female feet), he tends to overdo his violent impulses that can either get him DQ'ed or sent to jail.

Entrance Theme Music: Freak's Soundtrack

Special Entrance (if any): We hear the glitch on the X-Tron, and shows images of Tommy/Freak on the screen, then once the song starts playing the whole arena is in green lighting, with green smoke filling the stage. Then we see Freak coming out, and he poses with his green and black Kendo Stick in the air, then he walks down to the ring and slides into it. Then he gets on his feet, and waves the stick and slams it on the floor and pyro blast on all four ring posts. Then Freak walks around the ring as his theme cuts off.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves: Brainbuster, Haymakers to the body, Uppercut, Sleeper hold, Stomps, Elbow Drop, Spinning Toe Hold, Larait, DDT, Powerslam, Mounded Punches/Elbows, Cactus Piledriver, Headlock, Reverse DDT, Flying Clothesline, Suplex.

Trademark Move(s): HideYaFace, The Freaky Driver, The Fetish Lock
Description(s): Implant DDT, Rikishi Driver, Ankle Lock

Finishing Move(s): Kissing The Freak (K.T.F), The Jenny Myst's Song (Two Finger Discount), Ode To Antebellum (O.T.A)
Description(s): Sister Abigail, Mandible Claw, Chokeslam

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: Kissing The Freak on the concrete floor, Powerslam on the table, A Green and Black Kendo Stick shots to the head and body.

Additional notes: This is an alter ego of Tommy Wish, this is all you folks need to know about him.

[Image: thefreaknew123-1.png]

The Freak's List Of Affable Achievements.
1x (Current) Federweight Champion
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