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Now Leaving New York: RP #1
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07-28-2020 08:34 AM

Blacked Out Land Rover SUV || Interstate 95

We came upon the ‘Leaving New York’ sign awhile ago as we entered Connecticut. I haven’t been home since my plane was shot down. I’m anxious. When I’m anxious, I get a little quiet. If I said I wasn’t a little nervous, I’d be lying. I’ve been gone for so long and to put the icing on that particular cake, I’m coming home with a woman they don’t even know.

”Are you nervous?” I ask Liz as I make a right turn onto Galileo Drive. Oh right, I can drive now. That might be important, but probably not. Anyway, here I was, stuck in my own head and considering my own feelings over coming home that I totally forgot to consider how Liz is feeling coming to a strange place she’s never been, filled with strange people- and we are strange- that she’s never met.

”A bit, yeah,” she answers as she watches the trees go by.

”You’re with me, no one will fuck with you,” I mouth the words no doubt, but I’m not entirely certain that I even believe it. There have been traitors numerous times. There may be again.

”It’s not that,” she informs me. ”I love that you brought me home with you. I love you for being the good hearted, kind man that you are.”

”So what is it that’s bothering you?” I ask her as we round the bend. Ahead, flying high above the property that’s still hidden by the trees, a gigantic Illuminatus flag sways and flaps in the winds. A smile creases my lips.

”Will they accept me?”

”They’ll accept you as a person immediately,” I answer her. ”As a power, a person with authority and influence… That’ll take some time but I’m sure you’re up to the challenge.”

I turn into the driveway and we pass signs: ‘Leaving U.S. Territory’; ‘Private Property’; ‘Keep Out’; ‘Trespassers May Be Shot’; ‘Now Entering Sovereign Land of the Illuminatus Nation.’ Among others.

”Sovereign land?” she inquires.

”When we were formally recognized by the United Nations as a legitimate government, the old homestead here,” I begin.

”You mean fortress,” she jokes, causing me to chuckle.

”Yeah, the fortress and the ground it sits on, like any embassy, became our territory.”

As we approach the gates, we’re met with four guards armed to the teeth and their barrels pointed at my car.

”You’re serious about security around here, aren’t you?”

”Part paranoia, part necessity.” Mostly paranoia.

The lead guard, a woman, stands in front of my car, her palm up, telling me to stop. I’m so proud right now. Jim is my right hand, you could equate him to the chief of staff in the White House. Leaving him as the man in charge while I was away was never in question. Being gone for so long I never really got to incorporate my vision for what it meant to include women into the ranks. This is precisely what it meant. Allowing them in, in the first place. Treating them no differently than we treat our men. Training them no differently than we train our men. Promoting them no differently than we promote our men.

As I slow the blacked out Land Rover to a stop, she approaches my door, instructing me to put down the window. I hit the switch and the window lowers. It barely takes the woman a second and she recognizes who she’s looking at. Immediately she kneels, slamming the barrel of her rifle into the blacktop and resting her hands on the butt. We’re gonna need to change that. That’s a little rough on the equipment.

”Mr. Duke,” says the woman, causing me to vomit in my mouth a little. The men with her follow suit, jamming their guns into the blacktop.

I put the car in PARK and open my door, standing in front of the woman.

”Stand please,” I request of her. After she stands, she salutes at attention. ”At ease soldiers, what’s your name?”

”Karen, Mr. Duke,” she answers. Of course its Karen.

”You don’t ever have to kneel, Karen. And please never refer to me as ‘Mister,’” I say with a light laugh. ”Are you tryin’ to make me vomit when I’ve just gotten home?”

”No, Mist… Sir.” She corrects herself midcourse.

”I might be at the head of the table, Karen, but we’re all equals here. Your thoughts, your concerns, your ideas… they’re just as important as mine, or Jim’s or anyone’s.”

”Yes, sir,” she says, cracking a light smile. ”If I can be frank?”

”Can I still be Thaddeus? I’ve only just returned to him and I don’t plan on leaving him again.”

”I’m so very honored to finally meet you. I’ve heard so much about you.”

”I assure you, the honor is mine,” I reply to her. ”Do you like it out here?” She looks at me, perplexed by my question. ”Do you like standing out here day after day with very little to do?”

”It’s an honor to serve in any...”

”Honesty,” I instruct her.

”No sir. It’s rather boring.”

”Give me some time, I might have another job for you,” I inform her as I step back into the car.

”Open the gates!” Karen orders.

As the gates slowly open, I reach into my bag in the backseat and pull out a Detroit Lions football helmet and place it on my head.

”What the actual fuck?” Liz questions aloud with a smile.

”What? It’s been awhile and my cats miss me,” I say as I put the car in gear. ”I’m about to get mauled.”

She shakes her head still smiling. As we make our way up the drive to the gigantic house, I can’t help but watch her eyes. The cats, as I call them, are outside prowling in front of the main entrance. She shrinks into her seat.

”You said cats!”

”They are!”

”Yes but not house cats!”

”They don’t act different than house cats. They’re just... so much bigger. And louder. And stronger.”

”Lions are not house cats.”

”You’ll see,” I inform her.

I place the car in PARK again and kill the engine. Mufasa and Simba are pacing in front of the steps, eagerly anticipating meeting whomever is in the car.

”Are they your children? Like the Mother of Dragons? Are you the Father of Lions?” she jokes.

”Sort of, but no matter how many times I say Dracarys, they have never once spit fire on my enemies.

“So disappointing too, because I have so many enemies.”

”Lots of gold… lions. You’re probably more Lannister anyway.”

I grab her hand as she reaches for the door handle.

”How fucking dare you?” I say to her, feigning hurt. I step out of the car and both of my boys stop pacing. They look at me with their tails straight back and their heads pointed forward but lowered. Like they know me, but they can’t quite place me in their minds eye.

”Mufasa!” I call out. ”Simba!” Simba was always the aggressive loving one. Mufasa was always a lot more subdued. Simba hears my voice and sprints to me and leaps into my arms. Being that I’m a mere mortal, his weight crashing onto me causes me to fall to the ground with a thud. Hence, the helmet. Once I’m down, I slide off the helmet and Simba showers me, quite literally, with kisses. Mufasa sits beside me on the warm grass not taking his eyes off of Liz.

I make my way to my feet, my face soaking wet and sticky from lion saliva.

”You’re home,” comes that familiar British voice from behind me. ”With a girl of all things,” says James Edwards, better known as just Jim. He’s my chief of staff and my best friend. ”Here I thought you were gay!”

”Only for you baby,” I say with a wink as I throw my arms around him with a big friendly hug.

”And Garrett,” he says with a laugh.

”I forgot about Garret,” I say. It’s true. So much has been going on that I forgot my other best friend.

”Who’s Garrett?” Liz asks.

”Sorta my boyfriend,” I answer honestly.


”So who’s the lady?” Jim asks a bit rudely.

”As if you don’t already know,” I answer him sarcastically. ”Like you didn’t know exactly where I was at all times, exactly who I was with at all times.

“You probably hacked into the cameras at Henry’s place.”

He smiles.

”It’s nice to meet you, Elizabeth,” he greets her warmly. ”James Edwards, chief of staff.”

I think she’s still thrown off by the Garrett thing. I might have mentioned the fact I like guys too, but honestly, I don’t like boxes and labels. People have this incessant need to place others in categories.

That’s not me.

Love is love.

”I should have mentioned the guys thing, I’m sorry.”

”No it’s okay,” she says a little shyly. ”That could get interesting down the road.”

NOW she’s talkin’.

”Mister Duke,” Jim interrupts.

”You did that on purpose you son of a bitch,” I say to him, referring to him addressing me formally.

He smiles.

”I might have, mate,” he says with a smile. ”Illuminatus business doesn’t stop though.”

No. It surely doesn’t.

”The militia knows you’re still alive.”

”Militia?” Liz inquires, sounding quite concerned. As well she should be.

”In a bit Jim. I have to talk to Liz about some things first,” I inform him. ”She needs to know exactly what she’s getting into.”

”You didn’t bring her up to speed in New York?” he asks accusingly, which is fair.

”Partially, but not everything.” I sheepishly look over to her.

I grab her by the hand and lead her into the mansion. Jim and the lions follow. It’s not that I mislead her or anything. I’ve told her mostly everything. I told her that I was a basket case at 15 years old and took pleasure in killing dissenters. I’m not proud of it, but it’s part of me. She knows that I lead my grandfathers forces to victory over both Polish and Italian forces when I was 17. She’s fully aware that I sat on the throne of Saint Peter as I awaited the arrival of my father and grandfather when the Church surrendered Vatican City on Christmas. I brought her fully abreast of what lead to the division between my father and I that culminated in my forces being victorious over my fathers army in France when I was 19 and lead to me becoming the King of the Illuminatus.

I still hate monarchy.

What I neglected to mention is the Ares Project. The armed militia that has been gunning for my head for 2 years. What I didn’t mention yet is just how close they were to succeeding. It’s a difficult story to tell. Yet she needs to know. Maybe it’ll change her mind about staying with me. I sure hope not, but I’d understand. This life isn’t for everyone. I’ve ran from it more times than I can count.

”Ello mate, you alright?” I say to Jim as he enters my private quarters aboard Illuminatus Two, of course, imitating his thick British accent.

”Are you mocking me?” he asks with a smile as he plops down on the sofa.

I hold my thumb and forefinger about a quarter inch apart. ”A little bit, yeah.”

”You’re in a rather chipper mood, mate...for a champion with no belt I mean.”

”No?” I question him as I reveal a new Television Championship and lay it on my desk. On the name plate it reads simply ‘Not Chris Page.’ ”Then what is this?”

”I thought Chris Page had...”

”He has a belt, but he’s no champion,” I interrupt him. ”If he wants it, he can damn well earn it like everyone else. Of course, he’ll have to come to Warfare because that’s where the champ resides.”

”It’s a Savage title.”

”Kind of not my problem.”

”They made you a new one that quickly?”

”No, it’s a replica. I bought it from the merch stand at Leap of Faith.”

”So what’d you think of Thunder Knuckles?”

”Let me tell you something about Thunder Knuckles. He’s weird, he’s unconventional, but he’s earned my respect. The guy is written off by everyone but somehow, some way, he always rises to the occasion. He may not have beaten me Jim, but he was game from start to finish. I wasn’t sure what to think of him going in, but I’m very proud to have beaten him and taken the title from him. He’s making a career out of silencing doubters and beating people he shouldn’t.

“There’s a special place in the Hall of Legends for people like him.”

”So Warfare you got Robbie Bourbon.”

”What do we know about Robbie, Jim? I mean, besides that he’s a fuckin’ grizzly in a lucha mask.”

”Clearly, he’s bigger than you.”

”Very true. He’s a big guy.”

”He’s definitely stronger than you.”

”I just said he was a grizzly.”

”He’s funnier than you are.”

”Okay! I get it! What the fuck man? Are you his friend or mine!?”

”You do cry better than he does.”

”…..I’m cuter though.”

”That’s true. You are quite handsome, mate.”

”You know what he should do? Get me down then just lay on me for 10 seconds. Easy win! There’s no fuckin’ way I’mma get his big ass off me.”

”He’s way better at insulting people.”

”I don’t try and insult, I just call things the way I see them.”

”You insult sometimes, and sometimes you’re funny.”

”You can stop ‘helping’ me anytime now.

“There’s a lot of things he’s better at than I am. He’s too touched in the head to really even care about what he’s doing. If he wins, he doesn’t care. If he loses, he doesn’t care. It’s just on to the next opponent for him. In a way, I kind of admire that about him. It’s got to be liberating to just give no fucks at all. Whatever happens, happens and Robbie Bourbon is still just Robbie Bourbon.”

”He’s a former Universal Champion.”

”He is, yeah.”

”That’s something you never did. In fact, you’ve been quite the disappointment the last few years.”


”Your initial debut, your first run? Fuckin’ magnificent. Legendary matches with Chaos and D’Ville and your boy James Raven. You won the Xtreme title three times! The sky was the limit for you yet you found a way to piss it all away, didn’t you? You just decided to bugger off. On to the slip road to the highway and Thaddeus Duke and all that promise was gone.”

”Jim, that hurts.”

”Then you came back and you really were a whiny cunt, weren’t you?”

”God dammit, Jim!”

”Woe is me, they don’t respect me, they don’t want me here.”


”I’m getting to a point, mate, shut the fuck up.

“You were good that second run, but not great. Then you buggered off once more and came back a couple months later. More whining and crying. You even won the Television title despite sucking the big suck.”

”I was on to something!”

”You were on your shit is what you were on. And I don’t mean you were on your game. You were being a cunt and everyone knew it. No one wanted to even work with you.”

”That’s NOT true, Jim! I had some plans worked out!”

”Yeah and then Theo Pryce fired you. Your own fuckin’ uncle, mate. He said it was because you bought into another company but let’s be real, cunt. Theo, Vincent, they don’t give a fuck what you do in your spare time. You were a fucking shit to deal with and they just didn’t want to anymore.”

”That hurt, actually.”

”You deserved it.”

”I thought you had a point.”

”I’m there now.

“Now you’re back. Smiling again and winning, having a great time. You are yourself again, figuratively and literally, for the first time since your debut run. On a night where your father was inducted into the Hall of Legends, you walked out of that night as the Television champion for the second time.

“You’ve been welcomed back with open arms. You’re clear eyed and level headed again for the first time in years and I think people that matter can see that.”

”That’s it? You do realize Robbie Bourbon is a serious god damn challenge and he could fucking pulverize me into oblivion with his fucking bear mitts, right? He might win.”

”He might, yeah.”

”Doesn’t that bother you?”

”No. And it shouldn’t bother you either. Whatever way it goes, mate, you’ll give Bourbon, the fans that love you, the people that pay you, a five star classic because it’s what you do. Whether you win or lose, you’ll dust yourself off and get back in the game because that’s what Duke’s do.”

”Go get my laptop. I gotta place an ad on Indeed for a new best friend because you really fucking suck at this.”

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