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07-25-2020 11:52 PM

In What Life

In What Era

In What World

For What Reason

Would I Ever Be Jealous of You?

[Image: e594d317e56bc533841555d35b20276f.png]

Saitama City
Saitama Prefecture, Japana

It was night in the prefecture's capital, a relatively quiet one on the streets thanks to a sudden down pour that had come and gone in an eyes blink. Lit like all metropolitan cities, with an endless barrage of advertisements and signage, the Grecian walked seemingly alone amidst Japanese neon followed only by the staff of an XWF production crew. The promo had yet to begin proper but the camera was on and film had been rolling.

[Image: 20GmVF0.png]

From behind Atara was framed in the viewers lens. A mane of balayage colored locks hung splayed across her back and had been made darker by the night sky. It's color was tinted by the luminous glow from Leap of Faith ads to her left and it was not just her hair, all of Atara features mimicked the hue of the face staring back her.

Her face.

The face of the company. Self titled perhaps but not without merit and Atara held firm to her belief. The camera caught a contemplative gaze from over her shoulder as she walked alongside the signs lining the street. Atara wasn't a champion. She wasn't the pillar of some dying division, held no real accolade to mention, she didn't even have a winning record, but Atara still held their attention.

A smile to the camera, 'a look at me' expression making evident her pride,
"This is just the tip of the mountain Doves. Japan loves Atty."

Tall and lissome, Atara's silhouette contoured by the glow in front her, she continued through the street balletic as the Prima who birthed her. A few silent moments passed and she cut a corner a into alleyway. No less luminescent than the previous street, pink faded to blue.

More commotion was found here than on the last, street vendors and stalls open for evening business. The smell of food permeated the air. The camera crew had now caught up and filmed alongside the brunette catching every interaction with the public. Smiles and polite bows, an autograph here and there and of course the occasional picture. It was after one picture with an elderly couple that Atara addressed the camera once more.

[Image: JSp0x6D.png]

"Look up Doves," she enjoined and directed the camera with a pointing finger. Across the alley, building to building hung her countenance again.

The camera stopped on the banner and in the seconds between and different voice traversed the crew's microphones into homes across the globe. A male voice.

"That's a really big fat head."

Spoken matter of factly, the voice belonged to no other than Big D. The Internet title slung over one shoulder, the possibly future GM, stood still with a bowl of ramen in his hands unaware of the potential of insult.

"Thanks D, a pleasure as always. Mind taking your weeb food elsewhere," Atara gestured with a hand the camera crew and politely nudged the big man off with a tilt of her head. The last of him was the surprised look of realization and silent mouthed apology.

With an agitated tight lipped smile, Atara beckoned her party forward.
"I know what you're thinking Jennifer and yes, there is a point to this. While you're held up all nice and cozy in your suite like the Queen that you are doing your best Margot Robbie impression, spouting off subjective bullshit and slut shaming me like there's no tomorrow, I'm down here in the real world among MY adoring public. This is where I reign Jennifer, where it matters most. With those whose opinions weigh heavier than any championship and mean more than any victory you'll ever achieve. They are what I'm here for and as long as they are lead by the leash in MY hand I will always be THE ONLY woman that matters in XWF."

"Leap of Faith Jenny. 63,000 plus Japanese and fans from the world over will pack the Saitama Stadium. A small city in one building, packed tight in this modern Coliseum and all waiting for two words...

[Image: fe5b3db4c20170b41d281cdd55a4bcf7.png]

You can hear it already can't you Jennifer? Bum bum bum bum, 63 thousand pairs of feet in perfect unison, in harmony with the music. Cameras are ready, my voice hits the PA and its pandemonium.

[Image: 3okPTY4.gif]

Every spectrum on their feet, race, religion, and creed, all those things that divide cease to exist in that moment and all attention is on me. My name, Atty! Atty! My face on the posters, the shirts, whatever merch they can afford and make. All for me, all here, in that moment for me. That's what I am Jenny. That's what I've become. That's why I am here. It's no secret, my first time on the microphone I made that clear.

The adoration, adulation, the applause. Through me the world is united and in the minutes between my entrance until my exit we are all as one equal in our love



Not Jenny Myst.

And not just in the arena Dove.

In Osaka.

[Image: V6uIHZn.png]

In Tokyo.

[Image: yiVWXp3.png]

"The whole world Jennifer."

"I exist beyond the realm of XWF Jennifer. I exist beyond the realm of wrestling. Be it as Wonder Woman, be it as Isis, be it as Centerfold or Cover Girl for CTN, or be it as cagefighter, the sun shines brightest wherever I am and those that follow bask in it's radiance. My ambition goes beyond the self serving goals of titles and wins, I'm making the world my memorial so that when my mediocre beauty fades and my ungrateful brats have buried me my name will still be on the people's lips."

You've seen my star on the rise Jennifer and like every simp in the back you've been anxious to get a bite. A smoldering remnant of the past hoping to reignite what was off my flame, but just like the words out of your mouth you didn't think it through. Tomorrow you will have your fill Dove because fundamentally you're fucked. Mine is the blood of the people who created this sport, mine is the blood of the people who used it to conquer the world, and mine is the blood that baptized me in it's violence at the tender age of 8. I am a 5'10" embodiment of Grecian aggression and perfection Jenny."

"A warrior goddess hellbent on tearing you limb from effin limb. I have nothing to gain from this match Jennifer except the satisfaction in knowing I am the WOMAN who finally shut you up for good. There's no pressure, There's no lofty expectation. All the things that cause me to cave as you say...they don't exist. Don't fret much, because even after you've been dominated. After you've been tripped of your clothes, your dignity, and'll still have solstice in knowing that you'll be footnote in the legacy I am building and I'll be left washing off your blood and glitter."

"Oh before I forget, you want a shoot, some objective information to show I'm not puffing my chest and spouting hot air. Open your browser, find the PPV promos, select the one viewed more times than any other then fucking pray I have mercy at Leap of Faith or drown yourself in that tub"

(Get your friend to help for best results)

The Following was to brought you by the XWF & Minimal Effort Attention Whore Productions.


[Image: LisfNrx.gif]

[Image: WBUWkVW.gif]
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