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Saturday Night Savage 06/27*
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06-28-2020 02:09 PM

OOC: Sorry for the delay all, hope you enjoy the show.

[Image: LKNS3dh.gif]



The Wizard
- vs -
Chris Chaos
- vs -
Liam Roberts
- vs -
Fatal Four Way

Tula Kealiʻi
- vs -
Melanie "Crayzee" Childs
- vs -
Gage Gannon
Triple Threat

Felix Jones ©
- vs -
Hanari Carnes
Xtreme Rules

[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]

Thunder Knuckles ©
- vs -
Atara themis
Thunder Knuckles may name the stip in his FIRST RP
15 Minute Time Limit

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

Shawn Warstein ©
- vs -
"Chronic" Chris Page
30 Minute Ironman

OOC: All matches are 2 RPs with 3k Word Limit. You must post 1 cold open RP before the soft deadline (Friday 19th 11.59pm board time) if you wish to post 2.

All Hail The Queen from the album GRL and the hit series Queen of the South begins to hit. The arena lights begin to flash. "All Hail The Queen" comes up on the screen every time the lyric is said in the song. The crowd looks towards the still empty stage as pink glitter begins to fall from the ceiling. The crowd dances with the beat.

At about the 1:30 mark, at the words "The Greatest" hit, the voices deepens, as if being chopped and screwed, and the lights go off. Big purple letters come up on the X-Tron.

[Image: P4OI4FG.png]

HHL: We are starting off with Queen's Court tonight from the Garden!

PC: Oh yippee. What a way to kick off the broadcast. Fans, if you have to use the bathroom, this is your chance!

Pink Pyro explodes on the stage, as a pink mist fills the staging area. Jenny's music cuts in.

[Image: LFv3uH0.gif]

Jenny makes her way out into the ramp way as the crowd is a mix of cheers and boos.

This time the set up is on the stage, off to the side, as the ring is being prepared for the opening match. Two chairs, a table, and two microphones sit on the table, one standard XWF mic, and the other one is bedazzled.

[Image: t1Y4pUh.gif]

Jenny sits in one of the posh white chairs, crossing her legs and grabbing her bedazzled mic.

Jenny: They say the third time is a charm. This is my third show on Savage and the interest for a more intimate, longer, in depth interview is mounting. I could have done this one from within the confines of XWF headquarters, but with everything going on recently in the pro wrestling landscape, I needed to do this here. Plus, what kind of Queen would I be to deny the fans of New York City an episode of the hottest talk show on television?"

There was a mixed reaction. A little girl in the crowd had a "JENNY IS MY QUEEN" sign, and Myst pointed at it, smiling and giving the girl a thumbs up. She crossed her legs the other way.

Jenny: "So, I went out and booked a guest who all of you know. A guest who is a big time player here in XWF. And a guest with a lot of uncertainty surrounding his health, his mindstate, and his next move.........."

PC: God...tell me its not Chaos.

Jenny: "So without further ado....I bring to you.........XWF's Head of Creative....THEO PRYCE!"


PC: Good, maybe he'll put an end to this virus of a program.

Theo walks out, bandaged and bruised but still dressed to the nines with perfect hair. He smirks as he sits down and picks up a mic.

Jenny smiles at him.

Jenny: Theo....Theo Theo Theo Theo Pryce. Long time no talk, budday. We've really been through the ringer the last few years haven't we? We haven't been on the best of terms. Shame. Nice suit, by the way.

Theo adjusts his collar.

Jenny: You sit here tonight, all bruised up, band-aids all over. I am gonna talk about the incident that happened on Wednesday Night, but I don't wanna make it seem like that's ALL this show is about. I invited you on tonight because you are head of creative. You are a majority of the reason I can even have the number 1 talk show in wrestling history. You have XWF by the reigns. You oversee everything.

*Theo looks out into the crowd, as if bored with Jenny's rambling.*

"There has been a lot of debate about XWF now versus XWF during the 'Shane Carver Era'. Can you touch on why its different and the direction XWF is going in?

Theo: It's different, because the federation has evolved, as most things do in time. The Carver Era was fantastic. Obviously that's where I made a name for myself as a wrestler, without it, I wouldn't be where I am now. But this new era, I guess you can call it the modern era, is about having a federation that allows for different types of wrestlers. A place where there is a little something for everyone.

Jenny nods approvingly, with a touch of sarcasm. She picks up the clipboard with the big pink bow on it.

Jenny: As you know, I am out here with the Bombshell Title. That makes me, by default, the top female wrestler on this roster. Would you agree?

*Theo rolls his eyes.*

", someone with your stroke......I'd sign the petition to bring the title back?"

We tried to Bombshell Title, it hated by pretty much everyone except for you. By all means, keep wearing it and calling yourself the Bombshell Champion, or the Bottle Blonde Champion, or whatever it is you want, but that title will not be making a return to XWF.

Jenny looks visibly irritated, but smiles again, shaking it off.

Jenny: So, I am the Bombshell Champion?

Theo: Sure are, champ.

The crowd begins to get a bit restless, obviously wanting to talk about the elephant in the room.

Jenny: Don't worry, we're getting to the juicy stuff. I am just making some small talk with my buddy here. We are buddies, aren't we?

*Theo rolls eyes again*

"So before I get into it and address the 700 pound gorilla in the room......."

*she clears her throat*

"The XWF is hands down the best wrestling promotion on the planet. But the talent right now needs a bit of a charge up. You're a well connected guy. I like the suit, have I mentioned that? Do you have anything looming on the horizon you want to share with us? Breaking news that you all heard here first, exclusively on the Queen's court?"

Theo: We have many things looming actually, but I would prefer not to discuss things until all the T's are crossed and the I's are dotted.

Jenny exhales, obviously upset that she wasn't going to get the juicy answer's out of Theo.

Jenny: Now.....we've had our girl talk sans the cosmos. We need to get to the pressing issue here. Chris Chaos. My two have met. He is in a bad place right now, he's off the rails. He hasn't been sleeping at home, he won't answer his phone.......and on Warfare he savagely attacked you along with Peter Gilmour. Embarrassed you on national television. Do you have a plan? Are you suspending him? Because quite frankly, he needs it.........

Theo: I wouldn’t say Chris and his new fluffer Peter Gilmour embarrassed me. Getting sneak attacked and subsequently beaten down by two people when you aren’t an active wrestler anymore isn’t really embarrassing. Not as embarrassing as saying “Chris Chaos is my boyfriend” on national television with a straight face but here we are. As for any types of suspensions for Chris or Peter, no I don’t think I’ll be doing that. That’s the easy thing to do. Send them home for a few weeks without pay but what does that really do? We know Peter has money. Every single promo he’s ever cut shows us his mansion and his cars and Chris, I’m sure he is comfortable enough that missing a few pay checks will do little to his bottom line. No, you see what I am going to do to both of them, but primarily Chris since he is the brains of this operation is that I’m going to book Chris. And I’m going to keep on booking him. He seems to care about his reputation. About winning, about getting back his dignity, well, what I’m going to do is I’m going to kindly bury him in the hole he dug for himself. Instead of a night off he gets a night where he is booked in 3 separate matches. Or maybe one match, a 3 on 1 match but all 3 wrestlers are in the ring at the same time. Who knows, maybe I’ll book him in a handicapped match, except his handicap will be that his eyes are covered and his hands cuffed together. Of course I’ll consult with Vinne and James as there are safety concerns to consider here but as of right now that’s my plan.

*The lights go dim, and static is heard*

Jenny looks around, aggravated.

Just then, the words "FOLLOW ME" in blue letters appear as the purple Queen's Court begins to flicker on the X-Tron.

The crowd begins to react as coming out from the entrance way is Chaos. He has his wrestling tights on, as he has a match upcoming, and his XWF=CHAOS tee shirt on, except the XWF has a line through it. He has a mic.

Chaos: Oh Theo, Theo showed a lot of guts being here tonight, knowing I was in the building. You took quite the beating Wednesday Night. Got all that spraypaint off your back yet?

He smirks.

PC: He's disgusting.

HHL: For once we agree on something

Chaos: "So now that you're done talking, let me tell you how this is really going to go down, capeesh? You're gonna piss and moan to your superiors, because yes you have superiors, you aren't the boss you think you are. They are gonna come up with collective ideas to bury me........but nothing is different. You've all been doing that every week, every show, since 2017.You're gonna come up with bullshit matches, like the one tonight, and I am going to run through them. All of them. You know I am dangerous, and you aren't going to waste your "top talent" on me. You're too busy giving them title shots. You're out here talking to Jenny, whose only kissing your ass so she can get her stupid belt back, telling the world how you're gonna kindly bury Chris Chaos........but what about the other times----"

Jenny steps in front of him.

Jenny: HEY! This is my show! Mine. You have a match to get ready for so I suggest you do it. You've caused enough trouble for yourself."

Chris pushes her lightly aside, as if she wasn't even there, and keeps talking.

Chaos: .....what about the times outside the ring. The attacks on superstars. The attacks on officials, and executives. Sabotaging your production truck. I'll be out here, interfering in every match we have if I have won't be able to control're gonna have to fire me........

Jenny eyes go wide.

Theo is staring a hole through Chaos.

Chaos: "You want to fire me, don't ya?! I can sense it, you wanna fire me. You WANT to fire me!"

He takes a step towards Theo and Jenny gets in his way again

Chaos: "Do it, Theo. Fire me. Save yourself the it."

Jenny is doing her best to push him back but he continues to advance towards Theo.

Chaos: Oh, that's right. You can't. You gotta ask daddy Vin Man its okay. You walk out here in that suit like a big shot, when you have about as much power as I do. You're pathetic."

Theo is looking annoyed now.

Chaos: " can't fire me..........but you want to. So how about hit me. You CAN hit me, and I know you want to........."

He makes a move toward Theo until they are just a mere feet apart.

Chaos: "Hit me, Theo. Lay me out. Come on 'King', HIT ME."

Jenny can't hold him back anymore. He breaks free and gets in Theo's face.

Chaos: "HIT ME, THEO! DO IT! Come on, make my night!"

Theo continues to show poise.

Chaos: "HIT ME!"

He is nose to nose with Theo now, his spit from his rabid yelling spraying out onto Theo's lapels.

Chaos: "DAMNIT, HIT ME!"

Theo begins to walk away, Chaos steps in front. He smirks then SPITS A LOOGIE IN THEO'S FACE.

Theo shoves Chaos now who stumbles back. Jenny spins him around and slaps him. He goes still for a second. Then his head snaps towards Theo with a sick grin.

PC: We've seen this looks before!

HHL: Uh oh!

Just then the crowd cheers.


HHL: He must have come through the crowd! He's right behind Theo and he doesn't even know it!

PC: They're gonna get Theo again here! Hes trapped, someone get out here!

Chaos charges toward Theo like a rabid animal just as Little Feather and the entire security team, plus arena security and NYPD officers flood the stage. Jenny runs down the ramp to avoid the commotion as they surround Theo.

Chris and Peter look at each other, smile, and swing.

PC: Chaos and Gilmour are fighting the entire XWF, MSG and NYPD security crews! This is madness!

Chaos takes Little Feather and throws him OFF the stage! He crashes to the floor below with a loud crash, and a few sparks from some electrical wires. Chaos and Peter are trying to get to Theo as literally dozens of security and police hold them back. Theo manages to escape to the back, where he has a car waiting.

PC: Oh my god. Little Feather is hurt badly. Get someone out here. We.....we....need to go to commercial.

As EMT's arrive to work on Little Feather, the NYPD and security still work to subdue Chaos and Gilmour.

The screen fades

The screen appears with the purple lettering.

[Image: P4OI4FG.png]

Savage comes back from commercial and Chaos is in the ring. He has a crazed look in his eyes, and he is almost foaming at the mouth as he awaits his opponents.

PC: Chaos is still charged up here from his altercation with Theo. I don't feel good for these opponents. He is in a baaaaad mood.

Liam Roberts came to the ring during the commercial break but didn't enter the ring, he stands outside, waiting, not taking his eyes off Chaos.


Arena goes dark. Silence. Fans are curious. POOF. Big puff of smoke. The WIZARD is in the ring...Guile's Theme hits.

HHL: Wizard is in the ring already! That was cool!

Chaos isn't having it. He tosses the Wizard outside the ring, and he tumbles down near Liam, who.....helps him up to his feet.

Chaos turns back towards the ramp.


Wrestler 82 runs to the ring.

PC: Here comes Wrestler 82! Shotmout of a cannon!

HHL: Chaos is ready!

Chaos greets him in the center of the ring. The two begin to hammer away on each other in the center of the ring.

The Wizard
- vs -
Chris Chaos
- vs -
- vs -
Liam Roberts
Fatal Fourway


Chaos and 82 are exhanging punches in the ring as the Wizard and Liam enter the ring from opposite sides. Chaos has 82 in the corner, hammering away, when Liam grabs Chaos by the hair. He pulls Chaos away but the veteran ducks under, looping around and grabbing Liam around the waist, suplexing him. Wizard was on him, kicking away, Chaos hits a back elbow that knocks him on his backside. 82 is on Chaos now, kicking him in the corner.

PC: This is like a pack of dogs. Chaos certainly has no friends here, and his "strength in numbers mantra may be coming back to bite him here!

Chaos is able to back 82 off with a few punches as he gets to his feet. The two exchange punches again, and Chaos ducks the last one and hits a sidewalk slam on 82.

Liam is back up, Chaos throws him off. The Wizard is on him now, but Chaos ducks and spins, kicking him in the face and sending the Wizard tumbling over the ropes to the outside. Liam charges again, and 82 is up, but Chaos ducks and Liam crashes into 82. Chaos picks Liam up by the head, hits a reverse DDT. A sick grin, he looks at 82, whose using the ropes to get to his feet. Chaos charges, going for a flying forearm, but 82 moves and Chaos crashes and burns.

He grabs at his elbow and backs into the middle, 82 rolls him up.



Chaos kicks out.

PC: Wrestler 82 almost stole one there! Almost 1 upped the legend!

The Wizard is back in the ring, and he attacks 82 this time. Those two are battling in the corner. Liam is back to his feet, Chaos seems him. A grin crosses his face.........

He crouches in the corner, he's lining Liam up for the spear.

Liam sees this and ducks out of the ring, rolling to the outside. Chaos grins at him, but doesn't follow. Instead he lines up Wizard, who is in the middle of the ring after slumping 82 in the corner. Wizard turns around


Chaos lays the Wizard out.

Liam takes advantage of the spot, rolls in and begins to stomp on Chaos. He gets on top and begins to throw hard punches. Chaos is eventually able to fight Liam off but 82 is up now, and he is stomping away. The numbers are beginning to catch up. Wizard is rolling over trying to catch his bearings. Liam and 82 stomp on Chaos, who is still trying to get up. Eventually, he battles to his feet, and they shove him into the corner. Both are throwing punches and chops. Wizard is back up.He charges the corner and clubs Liam Roberts, backing him off. Wrestler82and Chaos are still battling in the corner. Chaos flips him and begins to fire away on him. He picks up Wrestler82 and sits him on the middle rope, hitting an uppercut and Wrestler82 wobbles.

Liam Roberts and Wizard and battling in the middle of the ring when The Wizard whips Roberts right into the back of Chris Chaos. Chaos turns around furious that Roberts had the audacity to interrupt his beating on Wrestler 82. Roberts looks a bit dazed and confused from his head smashing into the back of Chaos which gives The Wizard the opening he needs. He grabs Roberts by the waist and rolls him up with a school boy pin.


Chaos sees this immediately and attempts to break up the pin but is instead tackled by Wrestler 82.



Winner - The Wizard

Backstage Michael Graves is seen walking down the locker room hallway, watching out for predators. When suddenly Jim Jimson rolls Michael Graves up.

PC: It’s the former multi-time HMW Champion, Jim Jimson!

HHL: Yay…

The referee counts.



Micheal Graves kicks out! The two men get to their feet and Jim Jimson shrugs. Michael Graves looks annoyed but then he begins to twerk.

HHL: What the hell is this now...

Five humanoid dolphins appear behind Michael Graves. Jim Jimson prepares himself, he knows what he has to do. Michael Graves slips away as Jim Jimson tears through the dolphin men. The first dolphin man tries to approach Jim. Jim punches straight into his chest pulling out its still-beating heart. The second tries to attack, that's when Jim Jimson rips out its throat. While the second attacks, three and four, try to get behind Jim Jimson. But Jim ducks out of the way kicking the fourth dolphin man's knee out while three trips over the fourth. While both three and four are laying on the ground Jim Jimson jumps on their skulls crushing them almost instantly. The gargles of the two have the fifth and final dolphin man standing in fear. Jim Jimson cracks his neck and pulls a pinecone of his tights. The final dolphin man turns to run away, he makes it about three steps. Before Jim Jimson throws the pinecone so hard it goes into the back of its skull. The last dolphin man lays there, bleeding, as Thunder Knuckles walks up.

Thunder Knuckles: Have you seen Graves?

Jim is still in a trance. Thunder Knuckles gets a call on his cell phone.

Thunder Knuckles: What the fuck, Jimmy?! How’d he get there so fast? Good talk, Jim!

Thunder Knuckles pats Jim Jimson on the shoulder and runs off, yelling back at Jim.

Thunder Knuckles: Glad your back, buddy!

PC: Jim Jimson is back!

Tula Kealiʻi walks down to the ring to the delight of the fans.

Melanie Crayzee Childs steps out onto the ramp, and in time with the music skips to the ring. She jumps up on the ring apron. Turns around and starts laughing. She then makes her way inside the ring, followed by her Manager Antony The Jerk

“The Mecca” Gage Gannon saunters down to the ring all cocky and confident.

Tula Kealiʻi
- vs -
Melanie "Crayzee" Childs
- vs -
Gage Gannon
Triple Threat

So the bell rings and the match is underway. All three opponents stand their ground not wanting to make the first move in case they make a serious error. Melanie looks at Tula and waves at her. Tula shakes her head. Melanie tries again trying to get a different reaction. The real reaction that she wants from Tula, and that's blowing her a kiss.

[Image: giphy.gif]

This makes Tula smile for a few seconds.

HHL: "So are these two going to flirt all match?"

PIP: "Gee I hope not."

Suddenly without realising that Gage has snuck up a few metres towards Melanie, Gage suddenly makes his move, and runs at Melanie. Melanie doesn't have time to react, and Gage hits Melanie with a SUPERKICK.

The force of the SUPERKICK sends Melanie flying backwards hard into the corner. Her back hits the corner post very hard, and she screams out in pain. Gage follows up with a flying knee to the gut, and this puts more pressure on her back, and down she goes.

HHL: "Wow that wasn't very nice from Gage

PIP: "He had to do what he had to do, but I agree it wasn't very nice,"

Melanie collapses to her knees. Gage helps her back to her feet, and without warning whips her towards Tula.

Now Tula has to make a split decision on what she has to do? Attack Melanie or help her out.

Tula chooses to attack Melanie, and as Melanie gets near her, Tula CLOTHES LINE'S her. Melanie hits the canvas hard.

Gage starts clapping, and Tula looks across the ring at him. Tula looks down at the fallen Melanie, and mouths the word sorry. She then delivers a few knees onto Melanie, and once again Melanie cries out in pain.

HHL: "I did not think this could happen the way it started. Both Tula and Gannon are very full-on. At this stage, Melanie has no chance."

Suddenly without warning, Gage is on to Tula and hits her with an a flying knee to her back. Gannon then delivers a few elbows to her back, and Melanie can be seen crawling towards the ropes, with tears running down her cheek because of the pain that she is in.

Gage continues to focus on Tula. By delivering elbow after elbow onto the back of Tula.

PIP: "Gage didn't waste any time changing things up."

Gage then helps Tula back to her feet, and then DDT's her. He quickly gets back up, and looks across the ring at what Melanie is doing. Melanie is trying to get to the ropes by crawling there. Gage slowly starts to stalk her. But unbeknownst by him or referee while Gage's focus was on Tula, and so was the ref's, Melanie's manager Antony The Jerk, slips brass knuckles underneath the ropes and slides them towards Melanie, who takes them and quickly puts them on.

She then covertly looks back and watches Gage stalk her. As Gage gets a little bit too close, Melanie makes her move. She does a little roll up, and then jumps to her feet, and as quickly as she can hit Gage with her fist. Gage drops like a led ballon, and Melanie drops backwards acting like she has been hit, but all the while as she hits the floor, pushes the brass knuckles out of the ring into the hands of Antony.

Within seconds she jumps back to her feet, and is on top of Gage.

The referee is wondering what the hell is going on with both Gage dropping like a sack of potatoes, Melanie falling backwards like shes been shot by a gun, and then weirdly getting back to her feet within seconds.

HHL: "What the hell happened?"

PIP: "Pass."

Melanie grabs Gage by the hair, and throws him face first back into the canvas. Really hard. She then rolls him over, and goes for the cover.




Kickout by Gage. Just.

KNEE DROP onto Gage's stomach by Melanie, and another cover.




Broken up by Tula.

Tula breaks the 3 count. Tula pulls Melanie up to her feet, and they face one another. Suddenly Tula slaps Melanie, and Melanie shocked grabs the side of her face, before smiling, and then slapping Tula back. They trade more slaps. The crowd is going nuts. Some of them are screaming out 'cat fight.'

Melanie turns towards the crowd and squeals at them. Why she takes her attention off of Tula, no one knows.

PIP: "Well that was stupid, why squeal at the crowd, when you can just keep focused on Tula?"

Tula suddenly grabs Melanie and whips her into the corner, where again she hits the posts hard. Tula follows up with a kick to the stomach. Then she forces Melanie around and bashes her head on top of the metal post. She then delivers a SUPLEX before a cover.



Broken up by Gage.

Gage gets to the pair, and pulls Tula off of Melanie, and sends her sprawling to the other side of the ring with such force that Tula doesn't have anytime to prepare for the impact of the other corner, and her head hits the corner hard, and she collapses.

Gage grabs Melanie, and runs towards the other side of the ring, and throws her over the ropes with such force, then she goes flying into the crowd.

Gage then turns and focuses on Tula.

HHL: "He had his chance of winning the match against Melanie but for some reason didn't take it, and instead she goes flying. Now he is stalking Tula. I don't understand his motives at all."

Tula is trying desperately to get to her feet, but every time she does, she keeps dropping back to the floor. It's like she has a concussion. Gage gets to her.




All 3 moves within seconds of each other. Then Gage grabs Tula by her hair, and it's like she has no life left in her. He sets her up for the MALEFICENT DIVINITY finishing move, by placing her between his legs. The move is akin to the PEDIGREE.


Gage then rolls Tula onto her back, and with Melanie nowhere to be seen goes for a cover.



2 and a quarter.......

2 and a half........

2 and 3 quarters.................

2 and whatever coves after 3 quarters...............


With blood appearing on his cheeks from a small wound caused by the brass knuckles, Gage gets to his feet as the bell rings.

PIP: "Wow in the end Gage Gannon was too much for Tula who had her hands full with Melanie, and with Melanie out of the way she proved no match in the end for a very strong and committed Gage Gannon."

Winner - "The Mecca" Gage Gannon

Michael Graves is shown walking around backstage, looking a little paranoid. In the distance, we can see a referee following him, far enough back that Graves doesn't seem to notice him.

After a bit of walking, Graves stops and turns around. As soon as he does so, the ref steps aside and hides behind a stack of metal folding chairs. He then shrugs and keeps on moving, peeking around every corner he comes across.

Eventually, the Dark Warrior turns around, again, but this time there's nowhere for the referee to hide. An irritated Michael Graves stomps towards the official, ready to lay into him.

What the hell do you think you're doing?!?!"

As Graves towers over the frightened ref, he responds by pointing behind Michael, who then turns around, only to be met with an Internet Championship shot to the face from Big D.

"Who's the pussy NOW?!"

Big D bends down and begins hammering away at the Dark Warrior, letting out a hard exhale with every shot. He then gets to his feet, bring Graves with him, before hoisting him up and laying him out with a Dan Slam. D lays over him for a cover, which the referee happily counts.

Right before the ref's hand hits for the 3, however, Big D lifts Graves' shoulder up, slapping himself in the forehead.

"What am I doing? There's no way they'll EVER let me become a Double Champion!.............."

Big D gets up, dusts himself off, and grabs his Championship. He then turns and walks away, leaving Graves laid out on the concrete.

Danza Kuduro hits and Hanari spins and dances his way out to the ramp in traditional latin Bachata style. He is carrying the flag of the Dominican Republic on a flag pole over his shoulder. He swings his hips and points at the ladies in the front row, winking and making the gun symbol with his thumb and index finger of his free hand. He spins again and walks his way down to the ring with a cocky head swing and a million dollar smile. Climbing the ring steps he gets into the ring, getting on the top rope and waving the flag a few times before jumping down and preparing for the match.

As Felix Jones' theme hits the 2 time Xtreme Champions makes his way out from the back looking damper and well prepared for his battle with Carnes. Jones rolls into the ring, hands the belt off to the ref and takes a corner opposite Carnes as the two await the opening bell.

Felix Jones ©
- vs -
Hanari Carnes
Xtreme Rules


Hanari and Felix circle each other. Just as Felix goes to jab, Hanari hits the deck and rolls out of the ring. Felix watches as Hanari walks around the outside of the ring. Felix rolls out, following him. Hanari slides back in. Felix, frustrated, slides back in as well.

Felix charges towards Hanari, and again he hits the deck and rolls out. Felix throws his hands up.

PC: Mind games here from Hanari, he's trying to frustrate the champ into making a mistake

HHL: Veteran move.

Hanari cockily walks around the outside of the ring, and Felix finally comes out to meet him. Hanari rolls in again as the crowd boos.

When Felix rolls back in this time, Hanari begins to stomp, not letting him up to his feet. Hanari is furiously stomping at Felix before lifting him up on his own, and tossing him into the corner. He charged in with an elbow, then laid n some body shots to the X-Treme champion. He brings Felix out to the middle of the ring and locks him in for a DDT but Felix blocks, flipping Hanari over his back. Hanari lands on the mat but pops but back up. Felix turns and walks into a drop kick from Hanari, and he flies into the ropes. Hanari comes at him with a clothesline, taking him over the ropes and tumbling to the mat below.

PC: Hanari is dominating early here....trying to get Felix out of his element, off his game a bit

HHL: He hasn't even gotten extreme yet, he's toying with the champ right now

Hanari, cool as a cucumber, picks up Felix by the head. He goes to whip him into the barricade but Felix blocks, choping Hanari in the chest...Hanari steps back and Felix uppercuts him, sending him back against the apron. Felix lifts Hanari and drops him fast first onto the apron. Hanari stumbles away, and Felix kicks the back of the leg, taking the challenger to one knee. Felix goes under the ring and pulls out a table, sliding it out. hanari is getting up, using the apron. Felix grabs a chair, shoving the bell guy off it. He goes to swing, but Hanari ducks and low-blows Felix. He drops the chair and goes down holding his junk. Hanari grabs the chair, and bring sit down over Felix's back.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

The chair is dented and Hanari grins. He smiles and covers on the outside. The ref slides down and makes the cover.



3---Felix gets a shoulder up!

The crowd pops as Hanari grins, getting back to his feet and looking at the table.

PC: Felix kicked out and Hanari doesn't even care!

HHL: He wants to punish him here.

Hanari sets the table up on the outside, but when he goes back to get Felix, the cha,p is up. He fires off a few shots, knocking Hanari towards the table. Grabbing him by the head, he bounces Hanari head off the table, and he stumbles away. Felix drop kicks Hanari and he flies back first into the ring steps. Felix goes back under the ring, pulling out even more items to hit the challenger with. Wrenches, a stop sign, a bat, a ladder.

He picks Hanari up by the head and rolls him into the ring. Felix picks up a stop sign as well as an aluminum trash can and throws them into the ring as well. Hanari is getting to his feet. Felix sets up a stop sign wedged between the turnbuckles. Hanari is up, and Felix puts him down again with a scoop slam. Picking up the trash can he wedges it in between the turnbuckles in the other corner.

PC: The champs got bad intentions here.....

Hanari, who won't stay down, is back on his feet. Felix kicks him in the gut, doubling him over and then throws him, head first, into thr stop sign, with folds in half in the middle around his head.

HHL: Oh my god....

Hanari is motionless. Felix grins, and picks the challenger up. Droping him in the center of the ring with a reverse DDT he goes for the cover.




Felix punches the mat, frustrated but still confident.

He picks Hanari back up, standing him on wobbly legs. Felix chops him a few times, but on the 4th chop, Hanari ducks and puts Felix on his shoulders, hitting a back body drop out of desperation.

Hanari drops back to one knee, shaking off the cobwebs.

Felix is up quick, and Hanari goes for a kick. Felix catches his foot. Hanari comes around with an enziguri, cracking Felix in the side of the head. He strumbles back first into the trash can he set up. A woozy Carnes charges, crashing a knee into the upper body of the champ, crumbling the trash can.

Hanari stays on the assault, driving knees into the upper body more as he slumps. Hanari throws his arms up....he turns with a smile, and a cocky wink.

Turning back to the champ, he picks him up by the head. A few more hard shots, he brings him out to the middle of the ring. Hanari locks him under his arm and drops Felix with a DDT, planting him dead center.

PC: Hanari is going to go for the kill soon

HHL: I have a bad feeling he isn't done quite yet

Hanari rolls out of the ring, setting up the table that Felix kept on the outside. He also sets up the ladder. What does he have in mind here? Just as Hanari finishes setting up the table, he looks over at the last second to see Felix on the top rope.

MISSLE DROP KICK sends Hanari into the barricade. Felix landed hard though, and grabs at his back. The crowd pops as Felix rolls over, using the steps to try to help himself to his feet. Hanari is up, too, and lunges. Felix ducks, hitting a drop toe hold and bouncing the challengers face off the steps.

Hanari is bleeding a little, the front of his forehead cut open from the steps. Felix stays on the assault, trying to get the advantage before Hanari gets his second wind. He kicks the back of the leg again, bringing Hanari to one knee. He grabs the camera chord, and goes to wrap it around his neck.

Hanari has his arms out, trying to block this from happening. Felix is determined, but Hanari is able to elbow him away, and snatches the camera from the camera man......


PC: Felix is bleeding too....the champs bleeding!

HHL: This is insane......

Felix is holding his face, trying to get away from Hanari......but the challenger catches him. He rolls Felix into the ring. Backed into the corner again he rains down punches but Felix shows a lot of grit and heart, and fights his way back out of the corner. The two are in the center of the ring, exhanging blows back and forth, blood flying, both wobbling.

Hanari comes off the ropes.

Misfortune!!!!!!! (judas effect!)

Felix flattens Hanari with the Judas effect, but collapses down and doesn't go for the pin right away. He looks over at the latter that is propper against the turnbuckle/ringpost on the outside. Hanari has rolled out of the ring at this point, and has grabbed the X-Title. Felix rolls out after him, and Hanari, who is bending over so Felix doesn't see the belt, clobbers him across the face with the title belt!

Felix is out!

But Hanari isn't done!

Dropping the belt, Hanari positions the ladder so it is still against the ring post but directly above the table. Picking up Felix, who is still trying to fight, and Hanari rolls him into the ring. He pushes Felix back into the corner. A hard chop. The another. Both men are bloody. Hanari goes to sit him on the ropes but Felix reverses.......he sits Hanari on the middle rope. They are battling, and eventually they end up on the top rope. Felix stands above Hanari, hammering shots down, blood flying. They are on the top rope, both battling with punches, headbutts and chops.

PC: They are up on the top, this isn't good! They're right above that table!

Hanari gets a few hard body shots in. He grabs Felix, and tiptoes with him, off the turnbuckle top, onto the ladder. The ladder wobbles. Felix is flaling, trying to push Hanari off. Carnes pokes him in the eye, Felix grabs his face and Hanari picks him up, feet in the air....

PC: What goes up..................must come............oh my god.............DOWN!


Both men are down!!!!!!!!

HHL:Neither man is moving........oh either of them breathing?!

After nearly 3 minutes, Hanari stirs first. He crawls, slowly, towards a chair that is sitting outside the ring. His face a crimson mask........

Grabbing the chair, he gets to his feet but can barely stand. He even falls a couple times. He makes it over to Felix.

Putting the champs arm between the folds of the chair, he locks in Viva La Republic!!!!!!!

PC: Felix is out! Hanari is going to snap his arm! He can't tap out because he is unconcious!!!!!!

The ref calls for a stoppage.

The bell rings, but Hanari won't break the hold. The bell continue to ring.

PA: Here is your winner, due to referee stoppage, and NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW XWF X-TREME CHAMPION.....HANARI CARNES!!!!!!!

Felix's arm is bend in a weird position and Hanari is handed the belt, though he can barely process what is going on.

Just then.....................



HHL: I thought he left!!!

PC: Apparently not! He's there on the ramp!

Theo: So....I understand you're a new ref, and you have morals. That's adorable, truly, but this was an X-Treme Title match...which means there is no disqualifications, no counts outs, no hold barred and certainly no stoppages. There needs to be a decisive pinfall or submission. Its an unfortunate reality but if Hanari is going to break Felix's arm, it's what has to happen. But there has to be a winner....since Felix was unable to submit.....Hanari didn't force submission....therefore, this match is to continue...........

The crowd roars. Hanari is in the ring, leaning against the ropes pointing and yelling at Theo.

EMT's have Felix in the ring, and they all bail as he begins to get up, babying that arm and holding it against his body.

PC: No rules! No disqualifications..........and............its chaos!

HHL: Yes, these matches can be chaotic!

PC: No...IT'S CHAOS!!!!

Chris Chaos, who apparently came through the crowd, is in the ring, crouched in the corner with a sick look on his face. Hanari is still distracted by Theo......


[Image: lyOn92p.gif]

Chaos rolls out of the ring and exits through the crowd as Theo shakes his head with a scowl.

Hanari sees the downed and bloody Felix.......and falls into the cover.




PC: HANARI WON THIS MATCH BUT CHAOS MADE HIS MARK! Theo is not going to be happy about this! Add 1 title to the Chaotic Inc trophy case!!!

HHL: Two, if you count Jenny's bombshell!

PC: Oh stop it!!!

Winner and NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW XWF X-Treme Champion..........Hanari Carnes!

"X-Men Theme" by Powerglove hits over the PA system, as the fans give a mixed, yet generally positive, reaction. Big D walks out onto the ramp, newly won Internet Championship held high above his head.

PC: "Thanks to an unconventional, as well as controversial, pinfall over Bobbi London, Big D is the new XWF Internet Champion!"

HHL: "Despite his questionable method of victory, you gotta give D props for hanging in there with Bobbi like he did. They both gave it their all and, had it not been for some quick thinking on D's part, London might still very well be Champion."

PC: "I'm sure even Big D knows that."

Big D slings the belt over his shoulder before making his way down the aisle, walking with a bit of swagger. He heads over to the steel steps and climbs up onto the apron, entering the ring. D takes another moment to show off his Championship before going and grabbing a mic.

D: "I know there's alot of people out there surprised to see me, once again, with gold.........."

Majority of the fans respond positively, praising the showdown him and London had just a few nights before, as well as his newest accomplishment.

D: "I appreciate that, really, I do. Like I said, there's plenty of people in the back who would rather watch me fail than EVER grace the squared circle as a Champion, again."

A chorus of boos fill the arena as the audience let Big D's haters know what they think of them.

D: "Robert Main. Chris Page. Atara Themis. Shawn Warstein. Everyone who has a spot within the company they're afraid to lose wants Big D to fail. Retirement was a blessing for them. Chris Page could get his 100th Title shot, which he'll probably fail; his Cataclysm 'partner', which we all know is what gay people call their lover, could continue to play Shaun of the Dead and 'dominate' a division that doesn't even really exist! Atara would have one less veteran to compete with, a huge relief because that veteran BEAT her; AND our dear Champion, Fuzz, could do his best Engineer impression, dodging a REAL challenger........... one who's failures took HIM all the way to the top!"

Big D drops his arm aggressively for a moment, as the crowd looks and sounds baffled.

HHL: "Is Big D trying to get beaten back into retirement?"

PC: "It certainly sounds like it! Maybe it's a sexual thing for him?"

HHL: "..................."

D: "That's just the nature of this business, though. It's survival of the fittest and if you can't take the heat, then you better get your ass out of the fire! This ain't nothin' new! I've made a career out of being that guy! What do they call us, the workhorse? Everywhere I go, I get to compete for that Federations mid-card Titles. X-Division, Xtreme, TV......... you know, the so called 'stepping stones.' Well guess what? I gathered up all of the stones, but I'm NOT stepping forward!"

The fans go nuts as he nods in agreement with them.

D: "I've been held back my ENTIRE career, but yet I keep on truckin', AND succeeding, despite it! Every Fed has their own Big Evil, NFM, Robert Main........ just like they all have their Big D, too! No, that's not a shot at me being 'generic', like these terrified wolves might lead you to believe! The reality is............. the only thing generic about ANY of this, is THEM!!!!!!"

The fans go absolutely wild over Big D's words. Whether they truly believe what he's saying or not, they know HE does and it's showing with the confidence in his delivery.

D: "What are they gonna do, FIGHT ME????"

Big D stops and makes a ridiculously overexaggerated face similar to Macualy Culkin's aftershave scene in Home Alone, before continuing.

D: "That'd be nice, wouldn't it?!?!"

Big D tsks and waves his hand at the camera, to indicate he was changing subjects.

D: "It doesn't matter, eventually they'll be left with no choice but to give me the opportunity I deserve. Vinnie did and look what happened............"

Big D proudly pats the gold plate of his Championship.

D: "Can you imagine what I could accomplish if Smokin' Bob or Atticus White gave me a REAL opportunity?! I'd be unstoppable!!!!!........................... I AM unstoppable!!!!!"

Just as Big D's intensity level begins to rise near 9,000, Atticus White walks out onto the ramp, laughing his ass off.

ATTICUS: "Big D, you should be a fuckin' comedian with jokes like that, you'd be alot more successful, that's for sure!"

D: "Atticus, the only joke here is YOU and how poorly you run this brand!"

The fans cheer as the General Manager's demeanor quickly changes.

ATTICUS: "Big D, why are you here? That pipebomb was better suited for Anarchy, where I suggest you finish your sad little career; with whatever dignity you may possibly have left. Last time you wrestled for me, you lost to a security guard!"

The fans boo, but Big D simply nods his head and shrugs.

D: "Sadly, Atticus speaks the Cold Big D Truth............"

Atticus looks pleased with himself for a moment, before remembering who it was agreeing with him.

ATTICUS: "I'm sure I can convince him to do it again, too, if you don't get your ass out of my ring!"

D: "Calm down, Atty, I'm not here to fight anyone................... tonight. I AM, however, here to issue a challenge for Leap of Faith."

ATTICUS: "A challenge? To who?"

Big D looks down at the mat for a second, doing his own little laugh, before looking up at pointing to the Savage GM.

D: "You."

Atticus frowns as the audience goes their approval for the match. Big D begins throwing fake punches, and dodging punches from ghosts as he awaits a response.

PC: "Atticus is an old man, there's no way he can take Big D!"

HHL: "Not fairly, at least."

ATTICUS: "I'm not gonna fight you."

The audience reigns down with boos as Big D shakes his head in disappointment.

D: "You're scared, huh?"

ATTICUS: "I'm not a wrestler!"

D: "And I'M not a General Manager.................. but I bet I could be!"

ATTICUS: "What the hell are you talking about?"

D: "You vs Me. If I win, I get to be your co-General Manager!"

ATTICUS: "Absolutely not!"

D: "Oh, I see, you're scared!"

Atticus White laughs at Big D, refusing to let his emotions get the better of him.

ATTICUS: "Calling me a chicken isn't gonna work! I have no intention of stepping into the ring with you, or anyone else, for that matter. We all know you'd have me beat in less than 5 minutes, and there's no way in hell I'm gonna allow you the satisfaction of that!"

The fans begin to boo, as Big D hangs his head in disappointment.

D: "Well, I actually would've let the match drag on while I teach you a lesson, BUUUUUT apparently you're just too smart for me, Atty."

ATTICUS: "Stop calling me that!"

D: "You're right, Atara wouldn't be afraid to step in the ring with me, even IF it meant losing again. But you? Scared to fight me, scared to risk being showed up as a GM.........."

ATTICUS: "Have you ever been a General Manager of ANYTHING?! Something tells me you couldn't even GM a McDonalds!"

D: "I was a temporary General Manager for WWC.............. but then it went under."

Atticus laughs even harder at Big D's failure, but D shrugs it off.

"That's fine, Atticus, your reluctance to book the match speaks volumes. You don't HAVE to face me, I don't care, but I still want the chance to show you how it's done! So why don't you go back there, find yourself a representative, and sign the match for Leap of Faith! Hell, I'll even put my Internet Championship on the line just to sweeten the pot! But good luck finding someone that can handle the D!!!!"

Big D does an overexaggerated hip thrust in Atticus's direction, as the fans go absolutely ballistic. White puts his hands. on his hips and nods.

ATTICUS: "I have no doubt that over half the roster can kick your ass, D! So you know what? It's a deal.........."

Big D pumps his fist as the crowd joins him. in celebration. Before they can get too carried away, however, the Savage GM adds in one more stipulation.

[color=#87CEEB]ATTICUS: "But, when you lose.......... I don't ever want to see your face on my show eVeR aGaIn!!!! Not as a commentator, not as a fan, and certainly not as a wrestler! If you want to continue your XWF career after my choice is finished with you, you'll have to do it on Anarchy or Warfare.......... what do you say?"[/blue]

Big D thinks for a moment as the fans give their opinion. Some of them boo, trying to discourage D from risking so much, while the majority cheer for him to accept. Finally, he puts the mic to his lips and responds with one word.

D: "deal"

"X-Men Theme" by Powerglove hits over the PA system, as the crowd goes wild. Atticus makes a cut throat motion at Big D, who holds his Championship up and smiles. White makes his way to the back as D exits the ring and leaves the arena through the crowd.

Atara searches the halls of Madison Square Garden looking high and low for Michael Graves; she opens a closet and gets spooked by a broom falling out and hitting the floor, she steps back and breathes a sigh of relief, one that doesn't last long as Graves blindsides her and smashes her body against the brick wall, restraining her arms as he laughs maniacally in her ear.

Themis struggles but Graves throws his head against the back of hers and the struggling stops, Graves huffs and grabs Atara in a chokehold, slowly sapping the life from her; Atara flails in the hold until...




[Image: x1BkKKs.gif]

Graves and Atara look wide-eyed at Noah Jackson in some kind of mech; his legs still heavily bandaged up inside the mechanical monstrosity. Atara flops to the ground as Graves raises his hands in a panic as Noah approaches and backhands Graves with a heavy steel claw, smashing him through the wall intoanother room; Themis rubs her neck and looks up to Noah with a smile.

"Sup step-mum, like my loader? It's fucking ripper ain't it, cunt?"

Themis stands to her feet and gives the loader/Noah a tight hug.

"Good to have you back."

"I'm just passing through, now go pin that fat Skeletor looking cunt."

Themis gives a nod as she passes through the wall and Noah Jackson walks away doing the robot dance.

"Gonna go thrash Vinnie's car, cunts."

As Noah leaves with heavy steps; Atara enters through the large hole left by Graves into the catering area, Graves lies in the rubble on the ground as Atticus White and Theo Pryce look on enjoying some whisky together. Theo nudges Atticus.

THEO: “Hey, why don’t you pin him? GM and TV Champ sounds pretty sweet.”

White snickers while shaking his head.

ATTICUS: “I don’t think I could deal with the competition at my age.”

Atticus tips his drink in the direction of Atara as she moves towards Graves and grabs him by the scruff of his neck, picking him up and running him into the buffet table besides management; the scarce crowd gives an ‘ooh’ and a few claps, Themis cracks her neck and blows a kiss towards Theo and Atticus as the two watch on. Atara is at Graves and is caught by surprise as Graves throws a handful of chips at Atara’s eyes and scrambles to his feet tossing every type of food and condiment in Themis’ direction who deftly dodges and darts in chase. Graves grabs a coffee pot but Themis quickly places a hand on the table and hops over, knocking The Dark Warrior down with a hellish kick!

Graves writhes on the ground in pain as Atara goes for the pin but jolts up as Thunder Knuckles rushes onto the scene and sends Atara against the spare barricades against the wall with a destructive gore! Graves catches his breath as he crawls away from the scene as the attack takes its toll on both competitors. As Graves makes a hasty escape; Thunder Knuckles is the first to get up but Atara catches TK’s heel and causes him to trip; Themis quickly crawls over the fallen food and the TV Champ’s prone form to chase after a limping Graves; TK throws an elbow in Themis’ gut and turns her over and goes into a full mount; TK raises a fist but Atara, with some quick thinking, raises a knee and gets TK in his ‘bank account!’ Knuckles’ arms fall as his face contorts and Atara gets a leg free to kick TK away with a kick to the jaw.

Meanwhile, Graves gasping for air makes it to the carpark in search of a getaway vehicle only to find Noah Jackson in his loader trashing a beautiful classic car; Noah turns around gives a nod hello.

NOAH: “Sup cunt.”

As Noah turns his loader fully ready for a brawl, Graves weighs his options before noping the fuck out of there and making his way down the hall towards the entrance ramp as Savage cuts to a quick commercial break.

When Savage fades back in, Michael Graves appears at the top of the ramp, frantic and wide-eyed he hisses at the booing crowd, the commentary team perk up.

HHL: “Oh shit! I kinda forgot we even had a match!”

PC: “Yeah, it’s mostly just been people fighting wherever like a riot of sorts.”

HHL: “Was that a reference? Let’s not get political or anything here, Pip.”

Graves makes his way down to the ring and begins to crawl under it.


Hello Doves appears briefly on the X-tron in pink accompanied by Atara's voice saying the same over the arena PA right before her theme hits the speakers. The crowd goes pops like crazy. Arena lights start to pulse in time with the music and multiple vertical streams of pyro erupt across the front of stage as Atara appears from backstage in a full grunge walk to center stage right before the ramp chasing after Graves who hides around the ring.

As the theme hits and fake xbux rain around the ring Thunder Knuckles marches down the ramp his eyes meeting with Atara.

[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]

Thunder Knuckles ©
- vs -
Atara themis
Thunder Knuckles may name the stip in his FIRST RP
15 Minute Time Limit

The ref sees both competitors in the ring when their eyes meet and calls for the bell!


The crowd pop as a beaten Themis and Knuckles look at one another; Graves skirting around the ring looking for his best exit.

HHL: “And it’s now official, the TV title is on the line and these three already have gone through a WHOLE lotta shit tonight.”

TK and Atara rush one another, both throwing a forearm into each others heads before bouncing off one another, TK goes in for a clothesline which is dodged by Atara who slides around to TK’s back and drops the champ with a beautiful German Suplex; Atara rolls to her feet with Thunder Knuckles still in the lock and attempts a second German but TK shakes the cobwebs quickly and pushes his hands in between Atara’s and breaks the hold before dropping Themis with a snapmare putting Atara into a seated position; TK hops over Themis and throws his back against the turnbuckles before returning and spiking Atara with a devastating knee. Graves peeks into the ring and slowly goes around the side. TK picks up Atara and throws her into the ropes and looks for a big back body drop but Atara gracefully drops to the mat and slides in between TK’s legs and carries on with momentum throwing two boots into Graves’ dome. Atara slides out of the ring and locks an arm over Graves’ body! The ref leaves the ring to count as TK hits the ropes.


TK returns in full sprint towards the pair.

And at the 2 count leaps over the ropes and crashes down on Atara with a senton! The pin is broken, as well as Atara’s back, and TK quickly gets to his feet to grab Themis by the hair and toss her over the barricade taking down a line of fans. TK then covers Graves!






Atara from the top of the barricade gives Thunder Knuckles a taste of his own medicine with a deadly elbow drop to TK’s spine! TK falls away from Graves, who's being used as a crash mat at the moment, and TK cradles his back whilst Atara catches her breath.

Atara grabs Graves but the hold is quickly broken by a thumb to the eye followed by a disrespectful open palm uppercut to Atara’s jawline. Atara goes against the barricade and Graves sneers before stomping mudholes into Thunder Knuckles!

HHL: “Jeez, he is piiiiiiiisssed.”

PC: “You said it, Graves is tired of being the mouse and wants to be the cat.”

And the crowd agrees as they chant “PUSSY” at Michael Graves who gives a deadly stomp to TK’s skull and then spins around to Atara, dropping her with a back suplex, her head bouncing off the floor. Graves steadies himself to his feet before limping away, the crowd jeers him and throws trash as he makes his way to the ramp. Graves turns around, walking backwards and raises his arms with a sadistic laugh but his joy is cut short as a steel pipe rattles his knee causing Graves to collapse!


PC: “What? NO!? IT’S GREGGO!”

Greggo from out of nowhere beats the shit out of Graves with the pipe with a manic laugh, leaving Graves a bloody pile on the ramp, the pipe bent out of shape. Greggo tosses it to the crowd which will surely end up on ebay later as he goes for the pin!

The ref slides in!





Thunder Knuckles with the save falls over laying a haymaker into Greggo’s temple!

Greggo rolls off Graves and gets to his feet as Thunder Knuckles in on a knee, Atara runs forward and springboards off TK’s back and lands a hurricanrana on Greggo and drops him down on the steel ramp.

PC: “Possible concussion there but I bet Greggo isn’t complaining about being between Atara’s thighs.”

HHL: “Gross.”

Greggo bounces off the steel and falls between the ramp and the barricade, never to be seen again… At least for tonight.

Atara and Thunder Knuckles lock eyes once more, the still body of Graves between them, the crowd chant them both in turn as they rush towards each other. Atara reacts first!

HHL: “Atara with a Front Kick!!!”

PC: “NO! Thunder Knuckles counters!!!”

Grabbing her foot he twists her leg around and…


The Leg DDT cripples Atara but the glory urges her to hop to one foot and goes for a desperate bicycle kick but Thunder Knuckles telegrams the move! Ducking under her strike and gets to her back!


TK locks the sleeper hold in tight! Atara flails looking for non-existent ropes to break the hold.

Trying her best to stay conscious!

Her legs giving way she can barely stand!

She rocks in the hold, trying everything!


Her arms drop!

And becomes motionless in the hold!

TK tosses Atara’s limp body away as he breathes heavily and drops down onto Graves’ prone body.

The ref counts!





Jenny is walking back to her locker room. It has been a crazy night, and she just needed to relax. Chris is out of control, Hanari now has a title that Chris is sure to be jealous about, and Peter Gilmour is lurking. Theo might be blaming her for this as a "set up". What if he takes her show? Her mind was racing a mile a minute. It has been a chaotic show to say the least and she just wanted to put her feet up and watch trash TV. She got back to her locker room and opened the door, closing it behind her with a sigh.

She locked it behind her. No more visitors for her tonight.

Just as she was about to turn on the TV, watch the main event, and maybe paint her nails, she heard rustling outside her door.

Grabbing a wine bottle off the table and holding it by the neck, she walked towards the door. Slowly as the rustling got louder. Jenny unlocked it, ripping open the door but there was nobody there. Looking back and forth in the hallway she saw nobody. She was about to just chalk it up as her mind playing a trick on her when she looked down and saw a small folded piece of paper at the entrance to the room. Bending down to pick it up, she opened it.

"JOIN B.O.B" it said in bright pink letters.

Jenny smiled as she shut the door behind her.





”The following contest is your Main Event of the evening and it is scheduled for one fall… and is a THIRTY MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH!….

”Introducing first, he is one half of the XWF World Tag Team Champions…. “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE!”

The house lights dim as a single spotlight hits the top of the ramp as a thick white smoke bellows out to the top of the ramp, seen walking through the smoky haze with his Tag Title thrown over his right shoulder without his Tag partner is none other than Chris Page.

”It’s a battle not for titles but for personal respect that’s about to unfold in front of our very eyes.”

Chris Page starts to make the walk towards the ring as the crowd boo’s all around him with some members giving Chris the middle finger as he walks past them which Page pays no attention to as he reaches ringside with a look of intense focus etched on his face. He climbs up on the ring apron with Tag title in hand before stepping through the ropes and entering the ring.

”Hard to believe Chris Page didn’t want this to be for the Universal Title, but when I spoke to him earlier today he simply reiterated that his issues with Shawn have zero to do with the title and everything to do with proving he’s the better man.”

Page takes center ring hoisting up his Tag Title to a louder reception of boos from the crowd as he passes it off to the referee before turning his attention up the ramp where he calls Shawn out.

”And his opponent…”

The crowd responds with a pop!

”About to make his way towards the ring, he is the XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPION… SHAWN WARSTEIN!”

The MSG crowd roars as Shawn Warstein emerges out to the top of the ramp with the XWF Universal Championship thrown over his right shoulder. He soaks in the ovation from the crowd before starting to make the walk towards the ring.

”This is not for the Universal Championship, this is a match Chris Page requested because he feels he’s got something to prove… but what if he loses? What if Shawn rises to the occasion and slays the beast that is Chris Page?”

”What are you talking about? It’s simple, if Shawn beats Page tonight he shuts Page’s mouth once and for all.”

Warstein reaches ringside where he locks eyes with Chris Page who paces back and forth across the center of the ring seemingly salivating over what’s about to unfold. Shawn puts the Universal Title in his corner before climbing up on the ring apron and stepping through the ropes and into the ring. He and Page go face to face in the center of the ring….

Shawn quickly backs away from Page before shifting his attention towards the top of the ramp where ROBERT MAIN emerges out to the top of the ramp looking down at the ring at Shawn and his tag team partner Chris Page.

”We should have known this wasn’t going to stay one on one regardless of what the mastermind Chris Page said.”

Robert starts to walk towards the ring. Shawn points at Main while spouting out towards the referee as we see Robert walking with his hands up as he reaches ringside. He starts to walk around the ring towards the announcers table.

”Looks like Robert’s coming this way.”

As Robert approaches the table he motions for Heather and Pip to leave which they reluctantly do leaving Robert to take one of the headsets and place it upon his head before taking a seat at the announcers table.

”I don’t know why that fuck nugget is pointing at me I’m just here to watch as my tag team partner does exactly what he says he’s going to do and that’s humiliate Shawn Warstein.”

The music fades away as Chris has a smirk on his face as he looks across the ring at the Universal Champion. The referee calls for the bell.



Chris turns his back on Shawn Warstein where he turns towards the announce table as he hollers out towards Robert.

”I dedicate this match to you buddy.”

Warstein rushes up behind Page who side steps Shawn sending him crashing sternum first into the turnbuckles! Page rolls up Warstein with a School Boy cradle snitching a handful of tights!





Warstein can’t believe it as he gets to one knee while Page is back to his feet holding up one finger as he spouts out.

”That’s one, champ.”

Warstein steps back to his feet as he collects himself.

”Shawn better keep his head in the game or Page is going to run this score up and leave no room for error when it comes to why he’s one of the best to lace a pair of boots.”

Page and Warstein circle each other inside the ring where they look to lock up only to see Page duck under and take a back lock where he picks Shawn up before planting him down into the mat on his chest. Page floats over into a front face lock where we see Page paintbrush slap Shawn across the back of the head several times before getting back to his feet.

”The ever so accomplished Chris Page is just out classing the Universal Champion in the opening minutes of this match, let’s not forget Page is already up one fall to none.”

Page pops back up to his feet as Shawn is back to both knees showing some early signs of frustration as Page calls for him to get to his feet. Shawn stands to a vertical base where he and Page circle each other before they look to lock up, this time Shawn ducks out of the way while taking a back waist lock before clubbing Page on the top of the spine! Shawn spins Page around lacing him across the chest with a knife edge chop that echoes throughout the Garden as Page scream out in pain! Shawn follows up with a right hand backing Page up against the ropes where he shoots him across the ring with an Irish Whip, Page bounces off the far side and into a reverse elbow from Shawn putting Page down! Shawn drops down forcing a cover.




Page escapes the near fall as Shawn immediately latches on to a rear chin lock.

”It’s going to take a hell of a lot more to knocking off the GOAT that is Chris Page! COME ON CHRIS!”

The referee is in perfect position as he asks Page to surrender, Chris refuses before he starts to work his way back up to a vertical base where he turns into the chin lock and drives a series of elbows into the ribs of the Universal Champion breaking his grasp! Page raises up chopping Shawn across the chest with an open handed chop followed by a knife edge chop! Page lands a right hand, then a second before taking Warstein back into a neutral corner before shooting him across the ring into the opposite buckles! Chris charges across the ring with a full head of steam look to splash Shawn into the buckles! Shawn evades contact sending Page crashing sternum first off the turnbuckles back peddling and into a Back Stabber from Warstein!! Shawn makes the cover hooking the near leg.




Page kicks out of the near fall before rolling out to the floor.

”Smart thinking by Page to slow the pace.”

The referee starts to lay the count to Page as we see Chris clutching at his lower back as he flips off some ringside fans. Shawn slides out to the floor behind Page spinning him around while taking a front waist lock where he peels off an overhead release belly to belly suplex on the floor! The New York crowd is on fire for the Universal Champion as he pops back up to a vertical base where he looks over towards Robert and waves at him before turning his attention back towards Page where he picks him up off the floor and hurls him back into the ring under the bottom rope where he slides in after him making another cover hooking the near leg.




Page kicks out once again before the fatal three count.

”Warstein is pulling out all the stops as he’s chasing Page in this Iron Man match.”

Shawn cuts his eyes towards the referee holding up three fingers as he gets to his feet. The referee shows him two and inches. Shawn shakes off the referee before turning his attention back towards Page where he reaches down picking up Page only to see Page counter with an Inside Cradle!




Shawn escapes the near fall where he beats Page to his feet swinging with a right hand, Page blocks as he stands and drives a knee into the midsection of Warstein. Page positions Shawn and hoists him up before spiking him head first into the mat with a Piledriver!! Page quickly makes a cover hooking the near leg of the Universal Champion!




Shawn kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd.


”One-third through this Iron Man match and Page is still up 1-0 on Warstein, can’t say I’m shocked.”

Page gets back to his feet where he reaches down picking Warstein up off the mat. He hurls him into a set of buckles before charging forward looking for a diving shoulder block to the midsection that see’s Shawn side step and send Page smashing right shoulder first off the ring post! Warstein pulls Page back out towards the center of the ring where he locks in a front face lock before delivering a devastating Spinning Falcon Arrow! Warstein has the cover!




Page kicks out to a massive gasp from the crowd as the nearest fall for Warstein thus far in the contest has just taken place! Shawn again cuts his eyes at the referee who shows him two fingers.

”Warstein should worry less about the referee and more about putting some offense together that can keep the warrior that is Chris Page down.”

Warstein whips the sweat from his brow as he gets back to a vertical base. He reaches down picking Page up off the mat where he rocks Chris back into the ropes with a European Uppercut. Shawn comes forward shooting Chris across the ring, Page bounces off the ropes and is met with a Spinbuster Slam from the Universal Champion! Warstein makes the cover yet again!




Chris Page kicks out again! Warstein is livid as he reaches a vertical base and starts arguing with the official on the count. The referee shows him two fingers and inches once again which garners a shove from the Universal Champion!! The referee immediately Disqualifies Warstein!!



”Well that was pretty stupid and just put yourself down two falls, what an idiot.”

Reality sets in with Shawn as he realizes now that he’s just made things more difficult on himself as he admonished by the referee. The crowd starts to rally behind Shawn as he turns his attention towards Page who has reached both knees. Shawn immediately sizes Chris up and charges where he looks to deliver the KING’s CROWN! Page avoids contact at the very last second and manages to get to his feet where he catches Shawn with a front waist lock and delivers an overhead release belly to belly suplex of his own! Warstein crashes to the mat with the momentum sending him under the bottom rope and out at the foot of the announcers table.

”Let the record show that I am not antagonizing or sticking my nose in Shawn’s business. I’m simply here entertaining the masses with some verbal intellect.”

Page rolls out to the floor where he stomps away at Warstein before Chris reaches down picking the Universal Champion up off the floor where he holds him by his head towards Robert.

”Shawn says high!”

Chris bounces Shawn’s face off the announcers table! Page drives Shawn’s face into the announcers table a second time before taking Shawn and hurling him into the ring post!

”Chris Page is in firm control of this as we’re approaching the half way point of this thirty minute Iron Man match.”



Chris picks Shawn up off the floor where he hurls him back into the ring. Chris climbs up on the ring apron before climbing the turnbuckles. Page is poised up top looking down at Warstein before setting sail and landing a Diving Headbut off the top rope to the collar bone of the Universal Champion! Page makes a cover hooking the near leg.





Shawn escapes before the fatal three count to a thunderous ovation from the crowd as now Chris cuts his eyes towards the referee holding up three fingers!

”Perhaps a slow count because that should have put Warstein away.”

Chris stands back to a vertical base where he reaches down picking Warstein up off the mat where he rocks him with a European Uppercut driving Shawn into the rope. Page comes forward with a boot to the midsection where he latches on to a front face lock and looks to deliver a suplex, Warstein puts on the breaks to a pop from the crowd as we see Page attempt a second suplex that’s blocked again by the Universal Champion and countered with a suplex sending Page over the top rope and out to the floor!!

’That should be a blatant Disqualification! “

Page lands rough on the floor as he is shown starting to get back to his feet with Warstein charging forward delivering a baseball slide dropkick sending Page crashing into the security barrier at ringside!! Warstein slides out to the floor where he takes a mount position on Page and starts hammering away with right hands to the face! The crowd gets louder and louder with each shot that’s landed before Warstein gets up off Page and picks him up off the floor before hurling him over a barricade and into the time keepers area!

”The Uni Champ realizes he can’t out wrestler the GOAT so now he’s trying to break this down into a fight… he’ll lose that too.”

The crowd is roaring for the Universal Champion as he comes around the barricade and as he does Page waffles him with the ring bell causing a Disqualification!!



The Universal Champion has been busted wide open as he’s laid out on the floor.

”The means justified the ends, sure it narrows the gap but it’s put the advantage firmly in Page’s favor as Shawn Warstein has been busted wide open.”

Page drops the ring bell and staggers around the barricade where he reaches down picking a limp Universal Champion up off the floor where he tosses him back into the ring under the bottom rope, the mat staining with his blood in the process. Chris manages to slide back into the ring his self where he makes a cover on the Universal Champion.




The roof explodes as Warstein kicks out before the fatal three count!! Page gets to both knees as he intently gazes towards the referee with a look that could kill.

”Not really sure why this referee is suddenly finding it difficult to count to three.”

Chris stands back to a vertical base where he reaches down picking Warstein up off the mat. Chris hammers Shawn with a right hand that rocks the bloody Universal Champion back towards the ropes. Page comes forward with a knife edge chop across the chest before sending Shawn across the ring with an Irish Whip, Warstein bounces off the ropes ducking under a Page clothesline! Page spins around where he eats a Superkick from Warstein dropping Page where he stands!!



Shawn falls on top of Page making a cover.




Page fires a shoulder up off the mat to a massive gasp from the crowd!

”Warstein can give it up now because Page is not going to fail.”

Shawn reaches both knees where he wipes blood away from his face as he looks towards the referee as he shakes his head. Shawn takes a second or two before stepping back up to a vertical base. The Universal Champion reaches down picking Page up off the mat where he rocks him with a stiff European Uppercut rocking Page back into the ropes! Shawn charges forward with a clothesline sending Page sailing backwards over the top rope and out to the floor where he lands hard on the mats. Shawn rolls out to the floor where he picks Page up off the mats and positions him for a Powerbomb! Shawn hoists Page up in the air before delivering a Buckle Bomb to the ring posts!! The crowd erupts into a thunderous ovation towards Warstein as Page’s spine crashes into the ring post before he falls to the floor!

”I might stand corrected because is Warstein can get Page back in the ring he might tie this party up!”

Shawn reaches down picking a limp Page up off the floor where he manages to muscle him up to the ring apron before rolling him into the ring under the bottom rope. Shawn slides into the ring where he makes a cover hooking the near leg of CCP!




Page pops the left shoulder off the mat at the final millisecond before the hand hit for the third time to another massive gasp from the crowd as a very frustrated Universal Champion starts hammering away with right hands to the forehead of Page as he forces the referee to lay the count to Warstein who stops at the four count before he starts to get to his feet.

”Shawn’s frustration is going to lead to his downfall, mark my words.”

Shawn stomps down on the forehead of Page before he reaches down picking him up off the mat. Shawn drives a headbut between the eyes of Page! Warstein bounces off the ropes where he’s caught with a Spinbuster Slam from CCP! Several critical seconds pass before Page is able to make the cover.




Shawn kicks out to a massive ovation from the crowd!



Page takes a few seconds to gather himself before he works his way back to a vertical base. He reaches down picking Warstein up off the mat where he laces into his chest with a knife edge chop! He follows up with a second and harder one that echoes throughout Madison Square Garden while knocking Shawn back into a neutral corner. Page comes forward where he climbs up on the middle turnbuckle before he starts to hammer away with right hands to the bloody forehead of Warstein! The referee starts to lay the count to Page as he hammers down with right hand after right hand before Shawn holds the legs of Page as he walks out from the corner before dropping Page face first on the top turnbuckle!!

”Page ate the top turnbuckle! We’re less than five minutes from the time limit expiring! COME ON PAGE!

Shawn is the first back to his feet as he’s behind Page, Chris pushes himself up off the mat and up to both knee’s when we see Warstein explode towards Page delivering the KING’S CROWN to the back of the head of CCP! The New York crowd erupts as Warstein rolls Page over making a cover while hooking the near leg.






”This can’t be happening!!”

Shawn Warstein raises up off Page before making an immediate second cover!!

”NO! NO! NO!




Page kicks out!!

”Thank god!”

Shawn works his way back to his feet where he picks Chris up off the mat before taking him back into the ropes where he shoots him across the ring, Page bounces off the near side as Shawn drops his head looking for a back body drop that Chris counters into an inside cradle!




Shawn shifts his weight rolling his shoulder off the mat and forcing Chris’s down to the mat.




Page kicks out as Shawn is the first to his feet where he snatches Page and sets him up for the Ego Trip! Chris counters with a Northern Light Suplex with a bridge!




Shawn escapes the near fall to a huge ovation from the crowd as he and Page both reach a vertical base where Shawn rocks Chris with a right hand, Page fires back with a right hand of his own that staggers the Universal Champion! Shawn comes back with a right hand staggering Page back several feet only to see Page come back with a right hand, Shawn fires back, Page fires back and a heated exchange begins to unfold as the crowd roars with approval!!!




The referee manages to get in the middle and separate both Warstein and Page as the time limit has officially expired.

”Ladies and Gentleman the Thirty Minute Time limit has expired, this match has been ruled a DRAW!”

The crowd boo’s intently at the decision as a massive “LET THEM FIGHT! LET THEM FIGHT! LET THEM FIGHT!” chant starts to echo throughout Madison Square Garden.

”It can’t end in a draw! That solves nothing!!”


The crowd responds with a pop as ATTICUS WHITE walks out to the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand.

”I’m inclined to agree without SOLD OUT crowd here at MSG!”

The crowd caters to the cheap pop.

”Yes the thirty minute time limit has expired, and with both men having two falls a piece there’s only one way to settle this… Sudden Death!”

The sold out crowd goes ape shit as Atticus continues.

”The winner of the next fall will be declared the winner! Referee, ring the bell!”




Shawn and Chris talk shit at each other from across the ring as the crowd is on fire knowing we’re going to see a winner.

”Finally a member of management has actually done the right thing by allowing this to continue, kudos Atticus!”

Warstein and Page hit center ring picking uo right where they left off with a heated exchange of right hands! Back and forth they go with neither man refusing to give an inch until Page gouges the Universal Champion in the eyes! Page continues with a knife edge chop across the chest that echoes throughout the Garden while knocking Shawn back into a neutral corner. Page charges in driving a clothesline into Warstein driving back against the buckles. Page continues by driving Shawn face first into the canvass with a running bulldog headlock from the corner! Page gets back to a vertical base where he rolls Warstein over to his back before running towards the rope delivering springboard moonsault off the middle rope to perfection! Page scores the cover hooking the closest leg!




Warstein kicks out! Page cuts his eyes towards the referee holding up three fingers complaining about the count. Chris works his way back to his feet where he starts to walk towards the ropes. Chris steps out to the ring apron before walking towards the nearest set of turnbuckles. Chris starts to climb as there’s a pop from the crowd and as he reaches the top turnbuckle Shawn has made it to his feet and lunges into the ropes causing Chris to fall and crotch himself on the top turnbuckle to a massive ovation from the crowd!

”Neither man can afford to make a mistake at this point in the contest.”

Shawn makes his way towards the corner where he decks Page with a hard right hand while still crotched on the top turnbuckle! Shawn lands a second right hand before stepping up to the middle turnbuckle where he latches on to a front face lock on Page. Shawn hoists Page up in the air stalling as he stands on the middle turnbuckle!!

”Warstein got Page in trouble!”

He continues to hold Page up in the air allowing blood to rush to his head before driving Page head first into the mat with a Brain Buster off the middle turnbuckle!! Warstein makes the cover on Page!!




Page drapes the left foot across the bottom rope at the final second to break the count to a massive gasp from the crowd! Shawn immediately hooks both legs looking to score the final and deciding fall.




Page narrowly escapes with a kick out to another massive gasp from the crowd as Warstein slowly starts to work his way back to his feet where he reaches down picking Page up off the mat. Shawn delivers a stiff open handed chop across the chest of Page to staggers Chris back several feet. Shawn comes forward lacing him across the chest with another open handed chop across the chest echoing throughout Madison Square Garden!

”Page is going to feel that in the morning…”

Warstein charges towards Page who latches on to a front waist lock before shifting his body towards a neutral corner where he delivers a release belly to belly overhead suplex into the corner! Chris lays on the mat after delivering the move as Shawn is crumbled in the corner, Chris rolls over looking over at Warstein with a sadistic look in his eyes as he starts to push himself up off the mat.

”That’s not the look you want to see coming from Chris Page because nobody knows what’s running through his head. “

Chris gets to a vertical base as he watches Shawn exert his own energy to start pushing himself up off the mat with one hand while clutching his neck with another and as he stands Chris comes forward with a boot to the midsection where he hooks Shawn up to deliver the PAGE PLANT!


Shawn counters the Page Plant with a double leg take down before falling backwards and catapulting Chris over the top turnbuckle where Page bounces skull first off the ring post! Page bounces off the ring post and back towards the center of the ring where Warstein drives a boot to the midsection where he positions Page by under hooking the arms where he delivers a PAGE PLANT to Chris Page that blows the roof off the Garden!

”Dear God don’t let it end like this!”

Warstein rolls Page over making a cover hooking the near leg.




Page kicks out to the loudest gasp of the night!

”Page didn’t come to the most famous arena to lose.”

Shawn shows frustration as he gets to his knee’s before working his way back to his feet where he looks down to see Page has been busted wide open from his face bouncing off the ring post. Warstein starts stomping down at the open wound on Page’s forehead before he reaches down snatching him up off the mat where he set him up for the EGO TRIP! Page suddenly charges back driving Shawn into a set of buckles with a shoulder block breaking Shawn’s grasp, he takes Shawn over with a snapmare take over before coming out of the corner flipping over Shawn while snapping his neck forward!

”The deeper this match goes the more unpredictable it’s going to become.”

Page slowly works his way back to his feet where he wipes the blood away from his face before picking Shawn up off the mat where he positions him and drives him into the mat with the EGO TRIP!! Page and Shawn lay on the mat before Page opts not to make the cover and instead starts working his way back to his feet where Page reaches down picking Shawn up off the mat where he latches on to a back waist lock and delivers a German Suplex with a Bridge.




Warstein escapes the near fall to a thunderous ovation from the crowd which breaks out into a massive “THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME!” chant directed towards the ring. Page reaches down picking Shawn up off the mat where he locks in a Fisherman’s Suplex before driving Shawn into the mat with a Hangman’s DDT! Page executes another cover hooking the near leg.




Shawn kicks out again!! There’s a smirk from Page as he simply shakes his head before working his way back to his feet. Page walks over towards the ropes where he looks down at Robert where he screams out.

”This one’s for you Rob!”

Chris throws Robert a thumbs up before turning back towards Shawn where he walks over.

”Love the shout out from my boy.”

Chris reaches down picking Shawn up off the mat where he sets Shawn up for…. The DEAD MAN’S HAND! Shawn counters by sliding down the back of Page where he shoves Chris into the ropes, Page bounces off the ropes and into a spinning elbow to the jaw from Warstein that crumbles Page to the mat like he’s ran into a brick wall! Shawn falls on top of Page with a cover.




Page kicks out at the final second forcing this historic contest to continue.

”I don’t know who is leaving with the victory but what I do know is we are witnessing one hell of a wrestling match.”

Shawn works his way back to his feet where he reaches down picking up Page where he drives him back into a neutral corner before shooting Page across the ring into the opposite set of buckles. Shawn sizes Page up before charging full speed across the ring delivering a running boot to the bloody face of Page! Page takes three steps out from the corner before face planting into the mat! Warstein.

”What’s Warstein got left in the tank?!”

Warstein sizes Page up as he backs up into a neutral corner with the crowd coming alive with anticipation of what’s to come. Chris slowly starts to move and push himself up off the mat.

[orane]”These two are nearing the forty five minute mark of this incredibly contest and one has to think we’re one big move away from this being over!”[/orange]

Chris pushes himself up to one knee before standing back to his feet where Shawn uncoils from the corner looking for a SPEAR! Page side steps Warstein sending the Universal Champion smashing face first into the middle turnbuckle across the ring! Page quickly pulls Shawn back out to the center of the ring where he drives a boot into the midsection before under hooking the arms where he effectively delivers the PAGE PLANT!


Chris rolls Shawn over where he’s able to execute a back press as he hooks the near leg.




Shawn pops the left shoulder off the mat at the very final second to a thunderous ovation from Madison Square Garden! Chris Page pounds the mat out of frustration before complaining of a slow count from the referee as he pops up off the mat where he jumps in the face of the referee.

”A very questionable count to say the very least.”

The referee stands by his count as Chris flips him off before turning his attention back towards the Universal Champion. He makes his way over where he reaches down picking Shawn up off the mat where he takes him back into a neutral corner, Page laces Warstein across the chest with a stiff knife edge chop! He follows up with a second chop before shooting Shawn across the ring and into the opposite buckles! Warstein smashes against the buckles where he walks out from the corner and into a boot to the midsection where Page sets up for the Flip Piledriver! Before Page can peel off the move Shawn counters with an Alabama Slam! Warstein drops down making a cover.




Page kicks out!! Another “THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME!” chant breaks out all over Madison Square Garden as Warstein rolls off Page and lies on the mat sucking wind as the crowd continues to chant while the referee starts to lay the count to both men.

”This is exactly why Chris Page is one of the greatest of all time, he can even pull a great match out of Shawn Warstein!”

The referee reaches the six count as both Page and Warstein start to stir and at the referee’s eight count we see both men reach their feet wearing the wounds of war as the MSG crowd gives them the loudest ovation of the night. Shawn and Page square off opposite each other with fists clinched. The crowd is so loud you can hardly hear yourself think. Page comes forward landing a hard right hand that rocks Warstein! Shawn steps back up decking Page with a right hand rocking Page backwards several feet, Page comes back with a knee lift to the midsection of Warstein before delivering an Olympic Slam! Page rolls Shawn over making the cover!




Shawn is now the one who drapes his left foot across the bottom rope breaking the count of the referee stopping the count! Page knocks his boot of the ropes hooking both legs of Warstein!




Shawn kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd! Page pops back up to his feet where he measures Shawn before coming forward where he picks him up off the mat before positioning him for a second PAGE PLANT! Shawn counters with a double leg take down before locking in a Sharp Shooter dead in the middle of the ring to a monstrous ovation from Madison Square Garden!

”Warstein catches a submission and he’s got the GOAT locked dead in the center of the ring! We’re about to see what Chris Page has left in the tank!!”

Shawn sits back on the Sharp Shooter as the referee is in prime position as he asks for Page to surrender! Chris refuses as Shawn sits further back on the spine! The referee asks again for Page to surrender and again Page refuses before he starts to inch his way towards the ropes, Chris continues to inch his way towards the ropes and just as he’s able to reach the bottom rope Shawn drags Page back out to the center of the ring before sitting back on the Sharp Shooter!!

”Page is in a bad way here!!”

The referee continues to be on the spot as he asks Chris to surrender and again Page refuses as the blood continues to flow down the side of his face!! The referee asks Page again to surrender and again he refuses before he starts to inch his way towards the ropes a second time! The closer Page gets to the ropes Shawn transitions from the Sharp Shooter into a STF!

”A nice transition into the STF by the Universal Champion.”

Shawn cranks back on the STF as the referee repositions himself before asking Page to surrender, Page shakes off the referee before continuing to inch towards the bottom rope where this time he latches ont to the bottom rope causing the referee to call for the break.

”Jesus Christ this match will continue!

Shawn releases the hold and as he does Page rolls out to the floor to try and create some separation as both men have got to be physically spent. Page limps along the ring apron as Shawn rolls out to the floor behind Page where he spins him around where he swings at Page only to have Page block and counter with a drop toe hold into the steel steps!! Page doesn’t waste any time has he hurls Shawn back into the ring! Page rolls back into the ring, using the ropes to assist him as he pulls himself back to his feet. Shawn is pushing himself up off the mat as Chris burst towards him delivering a Code Breaker! Chris makes the cover hooking both legs of Warstein!




Warstein kicks out AGAIN! A massive ovation is heard before breaking out into a “FIGHT FOREVER! FIGHT FOREVER! FIGHT FOREVER!” chant from the sold out New York crowd. Page gets to both knees in firm shock and disbelief that this match is continuing. He slowly stands to his feet, limping towards the ropes where he steps out to the ring apron and while he starts to climb a set of turnbuckles we see Shawn start pushing himself up off the mat! Chris reaches the top rope only to see Shawn come forward with a right hand to the midsection taking Page to a seated position on the top turnbuckle where Shaw nails him again before stepping up to the middle turnbuckle where he locks in the EGO TRIP! Shawn steps up to the top turnbuckle where he takes Chris off the top rope with the EGO TRIP driving him down into the mat below! Page rolls into a seated position as Warstein works his way back to his feet before delivering the KING’S CROWN to the back of the head of Page! Shawn collapses on top of Page!






Special Thanks To:
Chris Page - that match was a fucking beast
Jenny Myst
Big D
Theo Pryce

As well as all of you who submitted segments and of course you the writers for doing the whole rp thing

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Big ups to Shawn. Was a blast going one more time with you.

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Massive props to Page for writing that hellacious match, I was spoiled for majority of the writing process on that and it still blew me away.

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You guys out did yourselves with this Savage. Kudos everyone.

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OOC: I want to thank everyone who submitted a segment personally. Thank you.

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good shit.. hanari.. shine that belt up for me by wednesday cuz daddy gilly is coming for it

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(06-28-2020 06:40 PM)Peter Fn Gilmour Said:  good shit.. hanari.. shine that belt up for me by wednesday cuz daddy gilly is coming for it

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(06-28-2020 05:15 PM)Thunder Knuckles™ Said:  OOC: I want to thank everyone who submitted a segment personally. Thank you.

You're welcome. Nice mullet, by the way. 1985, as well as modern day Kentucky, would be proud.

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(06-28-2020 07:43 PM)Hanari Carnes Said:  
(06-28-2020 06:40 PM)Peter Fn Gilmour Said:  good shit.. hanari.. shine that belt up for me by wednesday cuz daddy gilly is coming for it

Cállate y prepárate para perder de nuevo, parece ser una tendencia contigo.

good thing i learned spanish..

calliate la boca!

shine it up bitch

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06-29-2020 08:30 AM

*shakes fist in the air and, while Greggo isn't much of a screamer, he does that quietly yelling thing people do when they want to relay the yelling tone while not raising their voice, but we're still using exclamation points!* "I'll get that butt plug from you next time, Micheal Gravy balls! Just you watch and seeeeeeeee!"

"Chris Chaos I can't believe you lost to someone as weak as Der Whizzer! He/she/it/they isn't/aren't even relevant and you somehow lost! You freakin' suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"
and he starts breathing really heavily into the suckage, making like an "uhhhhhh" with a lot of heavy H'ing, before finishing the word... "hhuuuuuck!" Wow. Just wow. You are in awe.

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