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06-21-2020 09:16 AM

We see Roberts walking down the corridor with his belt in tow, and he stumbles upon a pie with some cherry filling. He see's a note that was attached to it and it read...

Roberts, if you read this you earned this pie...
You managed to pin LeStrange when i couldn't...
Although i used a huge Crucifix to cover them...
Its look like you were the chosen one....
Enjoy this pie champ

Roberts grabs a knife and fork, and as soon as he cuts into the pie, the pie itself started to expand into a fleshy gut with stitches on it, and it explodes with organs all over the place. Roberts then slippin on the blood and guts, and gets loopy off the fumes of the Victory that rolled into his nose and passes it out.

Suddenly he see's JB over him, as picks up the guts of the fleshy pie that managed to Sunset Flip him on the floor. He then hands it off to some guy in a ref shirt who salivates over it, and he covers Roberts as the "ref" counts it...



I hope you liked the pie, Roberts. Never In my Pathetic life i made this happen!

[Image: John-Black.jpg]
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