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PlaceMarker What It Means To Be A Champion
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02-13-2020 12:46 AM

February 10th, 2020

6:25 AM

Inside of a small room with no windows and one day within a secure facility, sits Ned Kaye, accompanied by his manager, stablemate, and friend, James Raven. Ned rubs his eyes, clearly exhausted, the weight of the past few days nearly visible on his shoulders. Trying to focus on something other than the cloudy feeling in his skull, Kaye takes a few looks around the featureless room. His attention is drawn to the one accessory placed within besides the table and chairs: a generic looking clock, ticking annoyingly at the two. Taking a second to self reflect in the absurdity of the whole situation.

"Despite knowing exactly how I got here, I still can't believe how this all turned out."

James pats him on the back slightly, empathizing with Kaye.

"Believe me, it's not how I pictured my Monday morning, either."

Checking his watch, Raven places his hands together, seeming already prepared to approach the next subject.

"Only a few more minutes. In the meantime I was hoping we could discuss your match with Geri."

"Oh... yeah. What specifically?"

In all the chaos of the past week, Ned hadn't really applied the thought to his Anarchy match that it deserved. He placed a hand to his head, the morning fog around his thoughts finally starting to disperse.

"Your mindset going into this match."

Ned nods, feeling he understands exactly what his friend means.

"You think the stuff with Daniel is throwing me off and I need to get to back on track?"

"Yes, but that's not the crux of what I'm getting at."

With an inquisitive glance, Kaye stares at the legend, waiting for the answer.

"Despite my advice, you've made a big deal about this whole Universal Title stipulation you've placed on yourself. You're adamant to a fault about it and, while that's frustrating as all hell, it means we have certain goals you could afford to meet. You've already pinned one Champion here. You'll handle the D match when it comes. But here with Geri, it's a whole different world. She's got the momentum. You don't. She's got the confidence. You don't. But most importantly, Ned, she has a belt, but she doesn't have something you've surrounded yourself with."

"And that is?"

"Insight. You talk a big game about holding yourself like a champ, but you've got to witness how Champions think from alongside them. You have that mindset, Ned. Geri, for better or for worse, doesn't have that example. So your job is to walk in there and provide it."

Ned leans forward, resting his arms on the table.

"You really think I can do it?"

"Look, you pinned Noah Jackson. Calvary or not, that counts for something. Now just do what you did then, again."

Running a hand over his face, Kaye slumps in his chair a bit, letting that weight press down slightly harder.

"Another thing."


"Lighten the fuck up. I just saved you several lifetimes in prison so you could continue your dream job. The least you could do in return is attempt to seem happy about it."

Ned pauses for a moment before giving a disingenuously bright smile.


The two share a chuckle in the room before a knock on the door interrupts them.

"That's your cue. You'd better do this right the first time because I am not wasting another Monday down here."

Ned gets up, looking towards Raven as he approaches the door.

"You know, I could've come here alone. You're not obligated to be here."

"Ehn," Raven shrugs, "unfortunately, as your manager, I have to handle dates your booked on."

"Even when that "booking" is a talk to SWAT members on how to not get beaten by wrestling manuevers?"

"Especially so."

Ned walks to the door, taking a breath as he gets a grip on the handle.

"Hey, James? Thanks."

"You're welcome. Hey, Ned?"


"Get a massage."

Kaye laughs somewhat before stepping out the door, readying himself for the government mandated lesson he was about to teach.


"You don't know what this means to me, Geri."

"Of course, you've fought off your fair share of admirable opponents, but you couldn't begin to understand what I've gone through for a title. What I've put myself through just to be in contention from gold. Sure, you dethroned Bobbi London. You've defended that title around your waste with ease against challenger after challenger. But that's not what matters to me. Nor is D's betrayal lingering over my head like a cloud filled with lightning ready to strike. Far from it, Geri"

"You're stepping in that ring for momentum. For another notch under your belt against an opponent that everyone likes to devalue when he's standing across from them, but suddenly becomes a big deal once they've beaten him. I'm not worried about your victory over a man who plunges his boss into flames because he feels like it. I'm not worried about a future title opportunity against you. What I'm here to do, Geri, is very simple."

"I'm here to show that I can outperform any damn Champion in this company. Not just a double champ, not just former champs, but any title holder. I've set my sights high and my stakes higher, Miller, and you have been given the unfortunate task of slowing me down when there's simply no stopping me. Geri, there's no arguing you earned your Internet Championship. But you carry it around in your backpack and I'm sure you'll likely use it as a hard surface to place a piece of paper to write on it or some other trivial use Fuzz is kicking himself for not having thought of yet. You have that title, but you don't respect it. Don't understand it."

"When you walk out of that arena, however, you'll get it. You'll know what it means to be a Champion because you'll be beaten by one in the wings. You'll know exactly what this means to me."

"You can't run from yourself."
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