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12-01-2019 12:47 AM

Mid-flight, Atara had begun the near day long journey from the US to Johannesburg, South Africa. Trapped in her little coach seat with little but her thoughts for company, the hours had seemed longer and longer. The in-flight movies where hardly binge worthy. Each one worse than last and the current showing had made her consider jumping off the plane altogether. The Mortal was like watching an hour worth of her upcoming opponent's promos. The books where considerably better.

She had considered a nap but of course coach meant she had neighbors. Neighbors who had taken the nap coarse of action before she could. The sounds people made in their sleep, the stuff they said, it made her shutter. She had little to occupy herself with save a pen and notepad. Between the holiday, training, and this flight, there had been no time to shoot any additional promotional pieces for Lethal Lottery so instead..she put ink to paper. A hand written letter to be delivered once they landed.

The fans may have been robbed, yes, but they would have their fill once the cameras rolled and the bell rung. That Atara had promised and it was a promise she intended to keep. Her aim was to make sure Jessalyn knew she hadn't lost focus this time. To enforce how personal this bout was for Atara

Dearest Jessalyn,

Hello Dove, I hope you are well, especially given the recent holiday and the passing of your friend Abigail. Losses of such an intimate kind are hard to shoulder, I know. Don't concern yourself with how I know, it's an insignificant and trivial thing to focus on. Just know that you have my condolences. I must stress though, this is the digital age, where everything is everywhere and ascessible to everyone. We don't have to be archaeologist, historians, or even present to know a thing happened. I'm sure you can agree, were you there when she died?

I apologize, that was disrespectful, using your friends death to prove point...such a bitch thing to do. May your god, if he exists, be compassionate and grant her spirit access into this heaven I hear you people foaming at the mouth about. It's a silly notion, forgive me for saying, but if it helps you to cope thinking she is in some asomatous utopia, so be it. I don't want any excuses for our upcoming match.

I do wonder however, if you'll indulge me, if Abigail's deceased friends and loved ones are in this hell, is it much of a paradise? There I go again, being an insensitive bitch. You have my sincerest apologies again. I only assume as much because she was your friend and I don't peg you as much of a follower. I mean, it is a faith that suppresses basic human desire and fosters a slave morality.

You're no follower right? You're at the forefront, fighting for what you want. No turning the cheek and loving the enemy with you is there? A trendsetter much like Homer. Remember the Odyssey? Odysseus' decent into the underworld, sort of like Jesus and the harrowing of hell, or Dante and Virgil's journey through the same fiery underworld. Darth Vader's turn to the darkside and his return to light, symbolic resurrections like you hope to have with your career. All original tales right and in no way derivative of anything else? Seriously, I'm asking, rumor has it your the go to for original concepts and ideas.

Like the mispronunciation of my name you came up with.'s cute and I have never heard it before. I think I'll take it and run. Pong smacking Jessalyn's ass back and forth across the arena. Maybe we can get the marketing team to put that on the next poster...of course that means I would have to actually fight.

Oh dear, I have never had to fight before. The dilemma. My life has been perfect, everything handed to me. Looks, brains, my career, this notepad. I just had to exist and simply ask and it all just appeared. Like a Mary Sue, I am just naturally inclined to excel at everything and get everything you had to beg and crawl for. Crisis averted. I'll just ask to win at Lethal Lottery.

Who do I ask though? Oh right...myself. An athlete in a competitive sport were the object is to fight win. Is that right oh wise and mighty Jessalyn who barely got the best of me a few weeks ago. Or should I ask Vita? That would require her to pop a breast out of your mouth I'm afraid, or do you plan to suckle the Jess and Vita thing until it runs dry? Are you fighting, I'm about to name drop, Noah for nursing time?

My suggestion Dove, stop resting on your laurels. Vita is off achieving greatness, stop dragging her name in your mediocrity, she's unhitched the wagon you were on and your own name drops won't change that. Like your recently departed friend, she's possibly moved on to greener pastures. Last time we were in the ring is not this time.

You got yourself into this, you could have shown some dignity and took the win with grace, kept your mouth shut and moved on. (Something you clearly have trouble with, see a therapist by the way. Not a priest, an actual medical professional.) You didn't though, you had to gloat, degrade me, and that's an insult I will not take from someone clearly beneath me.

Remember the Odyssey. A whole epic devoted to how hubris cost a man so much. Years of his life, his closest companions, robbed of witnessing the growth of a child. Lethal Lottery is your Odyssey Jessalyn. I'm taking years off your life. So chin up honey, you might meet Abigail sooner than expected.

Yours Truly
- Bitch

P.S. Vote Drezdin/Knuckles 2020

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