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The Pink Mist and Ruby Issue 2 (part 1)
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11-29-2019 02:26 PM

[Image: The-Pink-Mistand-Ruby02.jpg]

The following is a viral video that’s being shared all across various forms of social media.

The camera is close up and shaky, most likely it has been filmed with the selfie camera on a smartphone. In it we see VV, in her full Pink Mist getup!

The Pink Mist: “With the masked hero Ruby missing, and crime on the rise, a new superhero has hit the streets and I call myself The Pink Mist! I have come to Ottawa to kick crime in the butt and hopefully find Ruby and convince her to suit up and help me vanquish the evil in the XWF!”

“Ruby, find me!”

[Image: Previously-On.jpg]

Previously on The Pink Mist and Ruby Vita Valenteen decided to dawn a mask and head to Ruby’s home town of Ottawa Canada to fight crime and gain the attention of her Lethal Lottery semi final partner. Surprisingly, her plan worked and Ruby hastedly returned to her home town hoping to stop VV before she did something… Stupid.

Ruby: “You really should start heeding your own advice, bud!”

She reached into her back pocket, and drew it over her forehead, snapping the mask into place.

Ruby: ”Take it from someone who knows.”

Vita looked up to the newly remasked Ruby, awestruck by how magnificent she looked in her superhero gear. Vita’s expression quickly changed to genuine excitement as Ruby finished securing The Finch and repealed down from the catwalk. Vita had actually found her sidekick!

Ruby: ”Vita, what exactly do you think you’re doing? I’ve half a mind to tweak your ear on this very spot, young missy!”

Vita quickly widened her stance and began to playfully throw punches in the air.

The Pink Mist: “Cleaning the streets of evil doers and looking for you!”

Ruby surveyed the scene, broken bodies and puddles of blood covered the surrounding area.

Ruby: “Well, you found me. Or I found you, I guess. What exactly happened here? You owe me an explanation because if you had anything to do with this duder lying there with this throat sliced open...”

The Pink Mist: “Well I came here to beat up the mastermind of this operation when that weird Finch guy showed up and just merc’d the dude!”

The thought had been with her from the beginning. As soon as she found out about what Vita was doing in fact, but after seeing the carnage that was left behind at the ACME warehouse, Ruby was certain what the right path was. The banana-lime blur walked up to her Lethal Lottery taggie and put an arm on her shoulder, trying her best to sound friendly instead of condescending.

Ruby: “Veevee, I think it’s best that you hang up your mask and never do that again. That could’ve gone seriously wrong for you back there. And you saw what happens when people mess with stuff they don’t know anything about.”

No! Vita couldn’t believe it! She had thought that Ruby would be just as excited as she was at the prospect of a superhero team up.

The Pink Mist: “WHAT!?! I JUST found you, and now you want me to stop fighting EVIL before we even have a chance to...”

Ruby: “This isn’t a game Vita. What you’re doing is dangerous, and from what I’ve seen so far, you’re far too reckless! Where was your backup plan? Where were your contingencies? And you barely had any tools. You’re putting yourself in danger unnecessarily.”

The Pink Mist: “It’s not dangerous! No more than wrestling anyway!”

Ruby: “You attacked an innocent man!”

The Pink Mist: “Say Wha?”

Ruby: “Your “pedophile” wasn’t a pedophile at all! He was that girl’s father!”

Ruby pulled her tablet from her bag, the same one she’d used to track her down earlier. She opened the file on the man that had been brutally assaulted by The Pink Mist, shoving the proof right in VIta’s face.

The Pink Mist: “Um, yeah…. That was the joke!”

Ruby: “Joke? Like I said, this isn’t a game, and you’re far too immature for me to allow you to continue on the way that you have!”

The Pink Mist: “Reckless? Immature? Sounds to me like someone is jealous! What’s the matter, can’t handle the pressure of there being a BETTER superhero ANNNND CHAMPION in town!!?”

Ruby sighed, shaking her head.

Ruby: “I hate to break it to ya bud, but you’re neither.”

The Pink Mist: “Okay, true on the superhero part MAYBE, but you can help me change that!”

Ruby: “Wha...”

The Pink Mist: “No seriously, I’ll come clean, all of these guys were just bums I paid to act.”

Ruby: “Actors?” Ruby said as she looked around the room and all of the very real bodies lying on the floor.

The Pink Mist: “Yeah, just actors…. Hey Terry, show’s over!”

The criminal “mastermind” who was murdered earlier by the Finch lifts his head to look at VV.

The Mastermind: “Do we need a second take or are we good?”

VV rolled her eyes at the stupid question.

The Pink Mist: “O-V-E-R Terry, OVER! Go home!”

The Finch: “Um, can somebody untie me?”

Ruby: “In a minute!” She said without breaking eye contact with Vita. ”You mean to tell me that you set all of this up just to draw me out?”

The Pink Mist: “Yeah! Oh, and to get you to dress up in your super snazzy super mask too! Nobody wants to team with your alter ego, Captain Generic!”

Ruby: ”You are unbelievable! I knew that you had made some bad decisions as of late, but this… This is just…”


Ruby: ”That’s not the word that I’d use… This is almost as bad as that “Anarchy Championship” nonsense of yours!”

Oh no! Vita’s one true weakness, her NEED for the world to know that SHE is the rightful Anarchy Champion! Careful Rubes!!

The Pink Mist: “Nonsense? The only nonsense in the Anarchy title picture is YOU getting a shot at a fake belt, but then again, there’s no way you could beat me anyway!”

Ruby: “Just stop… Nobody believes you Vita!”

Vita couldn’t believe her ears! oO(You fucking bitch!!)

The Pink Mist: “Hey! It’s not MY fault that they had you fight for a worthless belt!”

Ruby: “It’s not MY fault you can’t seem to decide between what’s real and what isn’t! Here we just had another point in case!”

Remember that cool little device that Ruby had that alerted her whenever something terrible was happening? Well suddenly it started going crazy with all sorts of beets and boops which drew Ruby’s attention away from this little spat with VV. She picked up the tablet like device and stared at the screen for a moment.

The Pink Mist: “What’s going on?”

Ruby turned the tablet towards VV.



Vita may not like him much, but she couldn’t help but feel a bit of concern for Mastermind. Something was off about his performance, but she wasn’t quite sure what it was…

The Pink Mist: “That’s right, Lethal Lottery!! It’s the whole reason that I did all of this!”

Ruby: “I may not agree with what you’ve done today, but we need to stop this petty arguing and focus on the task at hand.”

The Pink Mist: “Agreed! We can finish this discussion at a later date!!”

oO(Like in the finals when I destroy you and prove once and for all who the REAL Anarchy champion is… Unless you lose to Sarah first!!)

The Pink Mist: “I know just the place for us to regroup and prepare for our EPIC battle to save the XWF!”

The next day at VV’s gym / apartment in New York which had been converted into a gym / apartment / “secret lair” thanks to the addition of a light dimmer, a laptop, and one of those super awesome glass case mannequins to model your superhero gear while not wearing it. Vita is already at the laptop as Ruby, sans mask, walked into the room with a steaming warm mug of coffee, or maybe coco? Who knows or cares? (it’s coco) - Ruby

The Pink Mist: “I’ve spent the last few weeks making detailed files on all of the potential opponents that I may face in the semi finals.”

Caught off guard by the level of prep VV had done, Ruby responded with surprise whilst peeking over her shoulder.

Ruby: “What, really?”

The Pink Mist: “Oh yeah, totally. Socio thought that I let him stay here out of the kindness of my heart or some crap after he broke in, but really, I just realized that the best way to study these guys was to cozy up to them and be all friendly like.”

Ruby: “So is that why I’m really here?”

The Pink Mist: “To help me save the day from evil? DUH!!”

Ruby: “No, so you can study me and find my weaknesses, Batman? Like some kinda World’s Greatest Detective ish?”

The Pink Mist: “I mean, I’d be a fool if I didn’t right? If we win, we totally have to fight, you realize that Don’t cha? But to even get to that point, we first have to work together, so you’re being here is just how it has to be!”

Ruby: “Well fair enough, Veevee. I understand any kind of alliance is only temporary if we make it through to the final. I guess that’s what the Lethal stands for, because no matter how much this tournament seems focused on co-operation, it ultimately just leads to people being forced to turn on each other. Butbutbut, that day is some ways in front of us, so let’s focus on the positives, eh? But before we do that, I need to know I can trust you, and that that stunt you pulled back there was the LAST one, okay? I can’t team properly with you if I get the feeling I have to look over my own shoulder all the time to see what my partner is doing. You get that? Because that works in your disadvantage as well. And even Gilly and Mastermind understood that well enough.”

The Pink Mist: “Rubes, seriously, I’m not an idiot. Sheesh! Everybody seems to have pegged me to turn on you, but frankly, I haven’t “turned” on anyone, like ever! WE have a match to win, and I fully understand that it will take the both of us to win that match, I’m just saying that once we do, all bets are off. I don’t dislike you persay, but I also don’t have a problem shoving my feet into you mouth when the time comes to do so, so relax!!?”

VV began to peck away at her computer. Typing isn’t her strongest skill, but she knows her way around a keyboard well enough. Soon enough, she had the first profile pulled up.

[Image: FUZZprofile.jpg]

The Pink Mist: ”Fuzz is totally top notch and definitely worth our concern, but he also has a way of standing in his own way sometimes, and he’s totally been doing that as of late. I mean, this whole fight he picked with Vinnie? Stupid on his part! He said that nothing was going to stand in his way of winning the Lethal Lottery, but then he went out of his way to add another obstacle that he would have to overcome!! It’s just not a smart play, especially from a vertern!”

“Then there’s also the fact that he specifically called me out and said that he doesn’t trust me!!”


“I’ve totally had the dudes back from the get go!! Sure, I tried to pin him while he was sleeping, but it was all in good fun, and he knows it!! I’d never do anything to hurt Noah, and taking that title would have totally hurt Noah’s chances of fulfilling his dream of winning the tag titles with his “dad”!! The way I see it now, if Noah is to get what he wants, then I need to be the girl to do it!! I’ll go on to win LL and I’ll make sure that the tag title shot is booked for Noah and Fuzz. It’s the best plan we’ve got, and it’ll prove to pops that I’m totally on his side!!”

[Image: TBSprofile.jpg]

The Pink Mist: ”Next up we have The Big Shank, or Shanks as some stupid people call him!! I have to admit, I kinda like Shank, and I enjoyed teaming with him in the last round, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s now standing between me and what I want!! Fortunately, while Shank is very good, I’m confident that the team of Shank and Fuzz will find it hard to work together as a cohesive unit. There’s a little bit of history between them, and while they seem willing to put it to the side to accomplish what they need to do, we all know that when you really dislike someone, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to stand there and pretend to be their friend. How long before this team melts down in the ring? How long before one of these knuckleheads decides to stay in the ring longer than they should, just try and prove that their the better of the two?”

“Separately, great guys and talented workers, but together? Ticking time bomb of nuclear egos!”

[Image: AMJETKUNprofile.jpg]

The Pink Mist: ”Okay, Amjetkun Socio is a total goober!! The guy’s on the juice, but not even that strong. He’s also a complete klutz!! His foot work is terrible, his balance is terrible, his speed is non existent, and his cardio is that of an 85 year old double heart transplant patient. Granted, if he hits you once, it’s gonna hurt so bad that you may not even bother getting back up, but that’s mostly because his arms are full of cheap mexican silicone, or in other words, cement. He’ll likely die from toxic shock before he ever makes a name for himself, but at least he’ll “look good” doing it?”

“Either way, we’re both speedsters, so we shouldn’t have any issue avoiding his blows. Also, he skips leg day like all the time, so target his knees!”

[Image: MMprofile.jpg]

The Pink Mist: ”And that leaves just Mastermind. As much as I hate to admit it, MM is another guy who in singles matches, is always a threat, but his biggest weakness here is his partner. Who would have thought that we’d be talking about weak links so deep into LL, but here we are. Socio making it this far was nothing more than the luck of the draw. He was lucky enough to be paired with me in the first round, and then in the very next, he had Fuzz to lean on. Well Mastermind isn’t the type of guy that you can lean on to carry the extra weight. He has enough trouble carrying his own, seriously, 43-63!!? I know MM can pull out a big win from time to time, but that’s not the record of a guy who can single handedly carry a retard…”

Ruby: “Please don’t use that word Vita!”

The Pink Mist: “Oh, um… sorry? Anyway, MM isn’t good enough on his own to single handedly carry a goober like Socio to the finals, especially not against as fierce of competition as the other teams in this match, but I’m sure MM will rebound with a number one contenders match or something soon enough, this just won’t be his night!! So what do ya think?” She said as she turned from the computer to see Ruby staring at her device that alerts her to evil doings as such.

Ruby: “What do I think?”

Ruby’s face lights up as she sees exactly what the message entails. She grins and claps her hand on Vita’s shoulder.

Ruby: I think it’s time I take you on a little field trip and show you how it’s REALLY done, miss flippy. No smoke and mirrors. No actors or deceit. Suit up, Pink Mist! We’ve got a mission!”


[Image: Mhusf9v.jpg]

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