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Saturday Night Savage 07/13/19
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07-14-2019 06:04 AM

OOC: Apologies for the lateness of this show, I won't bore you with excuses but I'll try not to make a habit out of this.

[Image: V3i33MC.png]


[Image: Rushmore_Plaza_Civic_Center_in_Rapid_Cit...Dakota.jpg]


Decker Hollis
- vs -
Steve Justice
- vs -
Triple Threat

Big D
- vs -

Hanari Carnes
- vs -
Sarah Lacklan

[Image: czwultraviolenttitle.png]

Tommy Wish ©
- vs -
- vs -
Robbie Bourbon
Ladder Match

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]

Lux ©
- vs -
"Chronic" Chris Page

There’s a pop from the crowd as a large white HUMMER style limousine is shown pulling into the loading dock of the building. The pop quickly shifts to loud boo’s as the limo pulls to a smooth stop and out steps one “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE. CHRIS is in a nice three-piece black GUCCI suit as he’s shown straightening his tie before stepping to the side where he’s followed out by THE TRISTAN SLATER who has with him the XWF Television Championship and he is followed by MDK and BILL BLAKK!

CHRIS PAGE- “Let’s stick to the plan and much like we’ve ran over APEX-PROPHECY it’s time to start running over the rest of these “so called” Champions.”

CHRIS and company start to walk towards the backstage area as the scene fades back to ringside.

The camera goes over the roaring crowd as they cheer and throw up their signs.




The camera falls onto our commentary team as Pip Collins welcomes us.

PC: "Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to another amazing edition of Saturday Night Savage! LIVE from beautiful Rapid City, South Dakota; I'm Pip Collins and I'm joined as always by the ever-lovely Heather Halliwell-Laciewicz." ]

HHL: "Thank you kindly, Pip. How you feelin' after that Cinnabon on Anarchy?"

PC: "Let's not talk about that, thank you."

Heather giggles.

HHL: "Back to Savage, we have a stacked show for y'all tonight!"

PC: "That we do, we're graced with Sarah Lacklan's presence as she faces off against the returning and former Television Champion, Hanari Carnes."

HHL: "We've BigD versus the legend that is Centurion in somewhat of a bad blood match."

PC: "The Xtreme Title is on the line in a triple threat with three amazing veterans of the wrestling business."

HHL: "And the current TV champion, Lux goes one on one with THE "Chronic" Chris Page! What a night!"

PC: "Sadly we have to talk about the elephant in the room and that is Doctor Louis D'Ville and Rebel Star will not be happening tonight, due to 'flight' issues."

HHL: "Darn shame, I know a lot of people were excited to see the Doctor make a house call after his long hiatus."

PC: "As the saying goes, shit happens. Now without further ado, let us get right into the action as we see the debut of TWO talented wrestlers along with the enigmatic Decker Hollis in triple threat action!"

Decker Hollis
- vs -
Steve Justice
- vs -
Triple Threat

The arena goes dark for a minute, a single circular spotlight shines in the ring and StigMaryr basks in the light bathed in mixed cheers and boos before taunting to the crowd and taking to his corner.

New Noise by Refused starts playing as the arena lights dim. A spotlight illuminates the aisle. Steve emerges from the back wearing a red satin robe with the hood up. He walks the aisle shaking his arms and cracking his neck. He rolls into the ring, throws his hood down and climbs the middle turnbuckle. He glares at the crowd and raises both his arms in the air.

Upon "96 Quite Bitter Beings" hitting the speakers, Decker Hollis emerges from the entrance. Greeted by a generous pop from the audience, he traverses down the ramp. Engaging fans, randomly and sporadically as he journeys to the ring. Eventually climbing the steel steps, Decker enters the squared circle and takes his position, resting his back against the ring post, his arms casually thrown over the ropes on either side of it, he awaits his opponent's arrival. While the crowd continues to cheer.

The three competitors start in their respective corners.

HHL: "Always good to see fresh talent but can they overcome the advanced human Decker Hollis?"

PC: "We're gonna find out!"

The bell sounds and StigMartyr is the first to move like an animal being let off his leash, he darts to Decker Hollis, perhaps looking to prove himself, and swipes at Hollis' eyes! Decker covers his face and StigMartyr follows up with a jumping spinning heel kick to Decker's sternum sending him hard against the turnbuckle, Justice serves out some... Justice as he blindsides StigMartyr and throws him down to the mat with a belly to back suplex!

Steve keeps hold and lifts Martyr to his feet but StigMartyr throws an elbow behind and glances Justice's temple, Stig follows up once more but it is ducked and Justice counters with a beautiful overhead belly to belly!

StigMartyr sails through the air and lands hard on his neck. Justice gets back to his feet only to be dropped back down by Hollis with a hellacious spear! Hollis throws a heavy punch into Justice's head and goes for the cover but is quickly dragged away by StigMartyr! The Moonlit Madman strangles Hollis in a rear-naked choke; Hollis' face turns red but he fights back driving elbows into StigMartyr's gut, this loosens the hold only for StigMartyr to drop Hollis with an improvised neckbreaker! StigMartyr covers!




Justice driving a knee into Martyr's temple hurling him away from Hollis. Steve grabs Decker by the hair and lifts him to his feet before sending him to the corner; StigMartyr stands back to his feet and rushes Justice with a side kick but its countered with a dragon screw by Justice! Justice hooks Matyr's leg on the way down and goes for a quick cover but it's instantly stopped by Decker Hollis!

Justice throws a punch but Hollis gets in close and...


Hollis sends Justice crashing to the mat with a deadly Burning Hammer!

Hollis gets back to his feet only for him to meet the eyes of Martyr! Kick to Hollis' gut and lifts him into a powerbomb!

PC: "StigMartyr looking to end things!"

Stig sends Decker into the mat spine first and lifts him up once more looking for an X-Factor BUT HOLLIS COUNTERS!

HHL: "Hollis just planted StigMartyr's face into the canvas!"

The crowd get hype and chant for the competitors as they lie on the mat.

Hollis pushes StigMatyr over to his back and throws an arm over him for the pin!







Hollis and Justice brawl to their feet and trade blows.

Steve Justice finally gets the upper hand with a palm strike to Decker's chin and discombobulating the Magnetic Man.

Justice grabs him by the collar and sails him over the top rope, looking to follow him outside but he's grabbed by StigMartyr!

StigMartyr turns Justice and goes for a kick but he's stopped and chopped across the chest!

Justice closes the gap!





Hollis struggles on the outside.


He gets up to wobbly feet and goes to the apron.




Winner via pinfall - STEVE JUSTICE!

Justice's music hits as Hollis slumps onto the apron.

The crowd cheer as the scene fades out into Atticus Black's office who stands watching a monitor, his fingers curled around his chin. He smirks as Savage goes to commercial.

We open up backstage, intrepid XWF reporter Steve Sayors standing alongside a familiar face, albeit one that hasn’t been seen on Saturday Night Savage in quite some time. The fans pop loudly as they realize it’s Vita Valenteen! The 24/7 case holder and beloved fan favourite! Vita smiles at the camera and turns to Steve who holds an XWF branded microphone in front of his lips.

STEVE SAYORS: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Vita Valenteen and Vita… I’ve heard some rumours that you’ve thrown your name into the proverbial hat at Leap of Faith. Is that true?

Vita continues to smile sweetly, and slowly nods her head.

STEVE SAYORS: Well what sort of contest are you hoping for? You’ve got a briefcase already so the rafter match seems unlikely, and Chris Page seems to have snaked his way into a match with Robert Main. I’m sure several fans would love to see you challenge for the Xtreme belt, or maybe try and derail the run of Tony Santos, but are you ready for a full time return if given a championship opportunity?

Vita considers the question, looking around thoughtfully. Finally she takes a deep breath and shrugs.

VITA VALENTEEN: Well Steve, I think that I-

Suddenly a shadowy figure cuts in front of the camera and blocks Steve and Vita from view.

STEVE SAYORS: Hey! We’re filming here!

VITA VALENTEEN: What do you think you’re doing?!

STEVE SAYORS: Get out of the way!

The figure finally slides out of the way and the camera pans over to reveal their face. It’s…

… it’s…


STEVE SAYORS: What are you doing here? Do you even work here anymore?

Griffin smiles and winks at Steve, but says nothing. He turns slowly and stares down Vita, who bravely puffs herself up and sticks out her chin defiantly. Griffin takes a step towards her, neither superstar even blinking!

STEVE SAYORS: Whoa! Easy you two! Save whatever this animosity is for the ring… say, Griffin! Are you interested in participating at Leap of Faith?!

MacAllister side eyes Steve, as if to ask ‘what do you think this was about?’ before refocusing on Vita and taking a few steps back. He grins at Vita before turning and walking out of the shot, chuckling to himself. Steve watches as Griffin disappears and then returns his attention to Valenteen.

STEVE SAYORS: Wow, Vita, what are your thoughts on what just happen-

VITA VALENTEEN: Not now, Steve. Sorry, but not now.

Vita turns and makes her way off in the opposite direction of MacAllister, leaving Steve alone as the camera fades out.

Big D
- vs -

BigD walks down to the ring with style and grace.

Centurion comes down to the ring with dignity and swag.

The bell rings and both BigD and Centurion meet each other in the centre of the ring. Centurion extends his hand and BigD quickly accepts, they shake, before BigD uses his power to whip Centurion into the right-hand corner post, he follows up with a big splash and then watches as Centurion walks out clutching his chest.

BigD follows up with a CLOTHESLINE before going for a cheeky cover attempt.


Kick out.

Centurion's having none of that. BigD gets back to his feet, and grabs Centurion by the hair and pulls him up to his feet. He then snaps a VERTICAL SUPLEX.

BigD gets back to his feet and helps Centurion back to his, and then whips him into the ropes. Centurion rebounds off of the ropes, BigD attempts to CLOTHESLINE him again, but he ducks underneath it, and as BigD turns around from his failed attempt Centurion delivers a STANDING DROPKICK, that connects hard, and BigD stumbles backwards into the ropes, comes back, Centurion follows up with a BLOODY SYMPHONY a.k.a a Flying Kee, and down goes BigD.

Centurion scrambles to make a pin attempt...




Centurion quickly gets to his feet, and helps BugD back to his and sets him up for a SUPLEX, but BigD manages not only to block the move but manages to back body drop Centurion onto the canvas behind him.

This match is ebbing and flowing between the two it's hard to make out who is in control.

BigD turns and pounces onto Centurion, and starts hitting him with lefts and rights. Centurion is having trouble keeping them out.

Centurion manages to shift his weight while BigD is still on top of him, and he chooses the exact moment to roll to one side which makes BigD lose hold and fall off.

Centurion then quickly crawls towards the ropes. BigD recovers from being dumped off of Centurion, he gets up and runs at Cent, Centurion chooses the correct time to pull the top rope down, and as BigD comes to him, he uses his movement transference to help him pick a shocked BigD up, and catapault him up and over the ropes, out onto the floor below.

Centurion quickly jumps up on the ropes and catapults him onto BigD below using an elbow drop to hit him in the middle of his back. BigD screams out in pain.

Centurion gets to his feet as the referee starts the 10 count.


Centurion helps an injured looking BigD to his feet.


Centurion drags BigD to the corner of the ring.


Centurion then executes a STANDING DROPKICK to force BigD backwards into the corner post. He yells out in pain from the pain in his back.


As BigD drops to his knees in severe pain, Centurion with a smile on his face, rolls inside the ring and goes back outside again to restart the ten count.


Centurion grabs BigD by the hair and drags him around the outside of the ring towards the announcer's table.




With all his strength he flings BigD into the side of the announcer's table and once againBigD cries out in pain. We haven't seen BigD manhandle like this in a while.



Once again Centurion rolls inside the ring and out again to break the ten count.


Centurion returns to the side of the fallen Big D and helps him up. He positions him towards the middle of the announcer's table and sets him up in his 1000 MILE SLAM hold.


It is obvious what Centurion is trying to do and if he pulls it off he could be in a great position.......


BigD struggles!


But he can't break free!


HHL: "Oh man my coffee!"

PC: "Ah are mics are working again, sweet!"

BigD is out cold in the rubble of the table as Centurion breaths heavily laying beside him.

The ref stops the count and runs to the outside to check on the competitors.

Centurion gives the 'okay' but BigD is a different story as blood pools from the back of his head.

BigD says he's good... But his speech is slurred and his eyes won't focus. The ref throws up his arms in an 'X'

Winner by ref stoppage - CENTURION!

Centurion's theme hits as he's on his knees looking at BigD trying to get up with help from several officials, the two wrestlers give each other a respectful nod as Cent goes to interact with a few adoring fans.

We see Steve Justice making his way through the backstage area, excited after a big win to kick off the show and his XWF career. Several staff members give him congratulatory pats on the back as he passes them, but he rounds the corner and stops dead in his tracks having come face to face with Atticus Black! It’s the Saturday Night Savage General Manager, his arms crossed and brow furrowed as he studies Steve Justice from head to toe.

ATTICUS BLACK: Good match.

Steve nods but says nothing, clearly on guard as if expecting the GM to pull the rug out from underneath him somehow.

ATTICUS BLACK: You feeling fresh? Ready to go, no injuries?

Steve nods again, still not saying a word. Atticus notices his standoffishness but doesn’t seem to mind. He’s not looking for the guy to win any personality competitions… he’s looking for him to challenge for a championship.

ATTICUS BLACK: Well congratulations kid. You’ve earned yourself a date with the Xtreme champion, whoever it is after tonights match. I hope you’re ready for the spotlight, because it’s gonna be on you. Don't embarrass me out there.

Atticus makes his way past the silent Steve Justice, when the young star turns and calls out after him.


Atticus pauses for a moment, then continues to move down the hallway with a smirk on his face.

HHL: What?! This rookie just got himself a title shot at the second biggest belt in the XWF! How did that happen?!

PC: Trumps America, baby.

Steve Justice stands in the hallway as the camera slowly fades out and takes us back to the ring.

Hanari Carnes
- vs -
Sarah Lacklan

Danza Kuduro hits and Hanari spins and dances his way out to the ramp in traditional latin Bachata style. He is carrying the flag of the Dominican Republic on a flag pole over his shoulder. He swings his hips and points at the ladies in the front row, winking and making the gun symbol with his thumb and index finger of his free hand. He spins again and walks his way down to the ring with a cocky head swing and a million dollar smile. Climbing the ring steps he gets into the ring, getting on the top rope and waving the flag a few times before jumping down and preparing for the match.

The lights go out in the arena and a spotlight shines on the entrance. Two men in marching band uniforms brandishing herald trumpets stand tall. After a few moments, they bring their horns to their lips and play a rousing fanfare.

As they end, God Save the Queen plays across the P.A. as the lights come on and four large men walk out from behind the curtain, a massive palanquin on their shoulders. Sarah Lacklan sits on the dais of red pillows and drapes, waving to the crowd and brandishing her Billion $$$ smile as they make their way down the ramp.

Upon reaching the ring, she takes a microphone from freakin' Kyle, the WORST XWF employee ever, and graces the audience with "Oh! And ANOTHER thing!" before here match begins.

Before she can finish, Hanari punches her in the face as the bell rang. He hits a combo of Punches, and whips her to the ropes, and connects with a Front Falling Dropkick. Then he locks her in an Armbar, but her foot reaches to the bottom rope. The counted to four, and he ends up breaking off the hold. Hanari lifts Lacklan, and toss her into the ringpost shoulder first. He takes her to the middle rope and does a Arm-Rope Guillotine, which she struggles for air, as he locks it tightly. The ref counts to three, and he breaks off the hold.

Hanari and the ref argue over it, as Lacklan pulls out a can of Hairspray of her gear, and sprays it over his eyes. Before the ref noticed, she tossed it out of the ring. She stalks on Hanari who is flailing, and she hit with her vicious Palm strikes and follows up with a Martial Arts Kick to his dome. She goes for the pin….



Hanari kicksout at 1 and Lacklan slows the pace and locks in a Fujiwara Armbreaker. Hanari is struggling to reach the ropes, then she flips it into a straight up Reverse Armbar. Then she soes Arm Wringer, and knees his left arm. As she tries another Arm Wringer, Hanari elbows her gut, and pulls her hair and toss her across the ring. Lacklan gets heated, and strikes him with more Palm Strikes, but he counters into a Chop Block. He whips her to the ropes, and connects with a Samoan Drop, he goes to the top rope, taunts to the crowd.

Lacklan crotches Hanari on the top rope, and she goes to the top rope. Hanari tries to push her off, but she hits a Super Brainbuster and both are laid out. Lacklan manages to cover him….




Hanari barely escaped his fate, as Lacklan rolls to the outside. She see a male fan heckling her,but she heckles back. Before things got escalated, Hanari gets on his feet and hits a Plancha on Lacklan. Hanari lifts her up, and rams her into the steel steps.

He drags her back into the ring, and reenters to stomp on her. He picks her up, and takes her into the corner. He goes to the opposite corner, and gets himself ready to his a Punta Cana Kick on her, but ducks it, and does a Schoolgirl pin…




Lacklan and Hanari have a stand off on the ring, with their fist up. Lacklan strikes him with a few Knee Stirkes and follows up with a Spinning Heel Kick. She Snapmare him and does her TOTES! Kick on his back.

She does it some more, and lift Hanari up the head locks him into…


After she hits it, goes around the ring parading herself, while the fans are giving straight boos, and she laughs at him as she does a Jericho like Cocky Pin as the ref counts…




Carnes kicks out and Lakhlan looks a little annoyed at his obvious indifference to her plans. The Anarchy Star gets to her feet and slowly brings Carnes with her. She grabs him by the back of the neck and attempts a lock up but Carnes delivers a pin point eye poke to both of Lacklan's eyes.

PC: "Well that's one way to try and get some momentum back."

HHL: "Problem is he did it right in front of the ref whose now giving him an earful."

While the ref is yelling at Carnes about his non legal attack Lacklan takes the opportunity to sneak behind her opponent and roll him up with schoolboy pin.




Winner - Sarah Lacklan

Following her match with Hanari, we see Sarah returning to her locker room. She gets to the door and spots a big pile of water on the floor underneath the door.

Cautiously she opens the door and instantly spots the chaos. The whole room has been flooded with water. Everything is wet, including her clothes which have been water damaged.

Following Anarchy where her possessions were destroyed by fire and now this. Again there is writing on the back of the door, and again it's in blood.

Sarah you complain
That no one looks into your past
Yet you have an affinity with fire
We know this now.
But in order to play with fire
You need water.
Opposites attract.

What does this cryptic message mean? Sarah is left to survey the damage.

[Image: czwultraviolenttitle.png]

Tommy Wish ©
- vs -
- vs -
Robbie Bourbon
Ladder Match

HHL: "Wait, is Bourbon not in this? Why!?"

PC: "Flight issues."

HHL: "Damn airports."

The lights go out, and when they come back on, Mastermind is seen on top of the top right hand corner of the ring, and acknowledges the crowd before climbing back down.

After the electric guitar riff plays on the X-Tron, the arena goes dark, then the lights come back on, and Tommy is at the entrance way surrounded by females. Then he walks down the ring, and gives out some high fives to the fans on the ramp. Then he taunts to the camera, with a smirk on his face as one of his ho's blows a kiss towards it. Tommy enters the ring, and stands in the middle of the ring jamming to the beat.

Tig O'Bitties takes to the center of the ring.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is a ladder match for the XTREME CHAMPIONSHIP! introducing first, the challenger, hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, weighing in at 200 pounds. He is the Master of Minds, MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTERMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII​IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNDDD!!!!"

Mastermind raises his arms into the air to cheers from the crowd.


Wish sits in his corner and nods his head to the chants from the audience.

The referee stands between the two and calls for the bell.

PC: "And we are underway! Excited to see this match."

HHL: "Robbie Bourbon was apparently the odds on to win, so I'm interested to see how this turns out."

The two circle each other in the ring and lock up; Mastermind maneuvers Wish into a headlock and wrings Tommy's neck.

PC: "Both these men have quite a bit of history; definitely some respect but also some very visible venom between the two."

HHL: "Nice alliteration there, Pip."

PC: "Thanks!"

Wish pushes Mastermind away and he bounces off the ropes; returning with a flying clothesline which knocks the champ to the canvas. Wish rolls onto his stomach and launches up from a sprinter's start and rocks Mastermind with a deadly uppercut! Mastermind is dazed and stumbles back and Wish takes advantage lifting and dropping the master of minds with a side suplex! MM drops to the mat like a sack of potatoes and Wish mounts Mastermind to throw some potatoes of his own.

Wish throws hook after hook against Mastermind's skull until finally MM telegraphs a strike and grabs Wish's arm, wrenching it in a way an arm should not bend. MM then positions himself up and guides Tommy away; Mastermind goes around to Wish's back and wrenches the arm tighter as Wish winces in pain; Mastermind then places his boot on the back of Wish's knee and stomps down, keeping a foot on his calf whilst keeping the arm hold locked in tight. Mastermind the uses his spare arm and wraps it under Wish's chin before snapping back in a reverse DDT motion. A loud crack is heard as Wish fumbles to the canvas in agony, Mastermind gets some impressed cheers as he stands back to his feet and rolls outside to the ring.

Mastermind goes to grab a ladder and slides it into the ring, he then grabs a steel chair and keeps a tight hold of the leg; Wish rolls and drops to the outside and Mastermind goes around to him, MM raises the steel chair but is stabbed in the gut with a kendo stick! MM doubles over and Wish, on a knee, swipes up and whips Mastermind across the face leaving a clean gash. Tommy gets to his feet and takes a mean baseball swing into Mastermind BUT he hits the steel chair instead! The resounding shockwave causes Wish to drop the kendo stick in sharp pain and Mastermind levels Tommy Wish with a chair shot to Wish's dome!

HHL: "Oooh that was nasty looking!"

Tommy drops onto his stomach as his eyeballs bulge out of their sockets and he focuses on not throwing up.

Mastermind looks at the crumpled chair and tosses it aside, he then slides into the ring and sets up the ladder in perfect position under the title. Mastermind starts to climb to the pop of the crowd.

MM takes his time as he keeps an eye on Tommy Wish slowly getting to his feet on the outside.

Mastermind is almost at the top when a stunned Wish slides into the ring!

But Mastermind expected this, baiting Wish to get close only to fly off the ladder with a clothesline!


Mastermind rolls to his feet and turns in time to see a kendo stick speeding towards his jugular!

The stick bursts into splinters as MM clutches his bruising neck, struggling to breathe. Wish drunkenly stands in spot looking at the splintered handle; MM clutches the rope trying to catch his breath. Tommy's gears turn and he advances on Mastermind, placing the kendo stick handle on the top turnbuckle and grabbing the back of Mastermind's neck before driving MM's forehead into the broken handle!

The crowd gasp or get hyped up.

Mastermind falls back followed by a spray of blood. The crowd chant.


PC: "This is what makes Wish a great Xtreme Champion, creativity and brutality."

HHL: "It's what made Mastermind a great champ too, don't count him out just yet."

Mastermind rolls to the outside of the ring, his hand trying to stop the bleeding. He wanders over to the timekeeper and rests.

Wish looks at the ladder and considers it before following Mastermind to the outside. Wish gets to Mastermind but is blindsided as MM whips around with a desperate chair shot which clatters against Wish's side! Tommy stumbles back and Mastermind goes for a strike but Wish bats the chair out of his grasp and throws a forearm into MM! The master of minds jabs Wish's throat and chops his trap before sailing him into the wooden table that Pip and Heather are sitting at.

HHL: "Don't break another table, please!"

Wish rests his hands on the top of the table and looks to Heather with a toothy smile but Mastermind comes out of nowhere with an RKO through the table! The crowd stand in applause as the two men lay in the rubble.

HHL: "Goddammit!"

Mastermind slowly gets to his feet and tries as fast as he can to get back into his ring, but his breath is shaky and he struggles. Wish is out cold, blood streaming from his head.

MM gets into the ring and gets a hand on a rung of the ladder!

The crowd pop!

MM gets up the first rung.

Wish is stirring.

MM keeps climbing, slowly but surely.

Tommy is on his feet!

Mastermind is at the top!

Wish just gets into the ring!!!

Mastermind reaches for the belt!


Wish climbs up with a belly full of fire and punches Mastermind in the jaw!

MM is shocked but fires back as the two trade blows on the top of the ladder.

Mastermind grows in anger and headbutts Wish!

The champ leans back about to fall.

Mastermind comes in close with a charge to knock Wish away!




Mastermind is gone!

Wish looks to the lights, his back in agony but he gets to his feet!

He goes to climb!

He gets halfway!

Mastermind stirs!

Wish trips but keeps going!

Mastermind doesn't know where he is!!!

Wish get to the top!


Mastermind crawls and grabs Wish's ankle!!!!




Wish's theme hits and he celebrates on top of the ladder in exasperation.

Mastermind lies on the mate breathing heavily.

HHL: "Another great win for Tommy Wish! Close match too could have gone either way."

PC: "Congratulations to Tommy and good luck to Steve Justice who'll be facing him at Leap of Faith!"

Savage fades to commercial to the image of Wish celebrating on top of the ladder.

The crowd completely erupts as LUX is shown warming up for what could be the biggest TV Title defense of her reign. She finishes doing a round of pushups before getting to her feet where she takes a white towel from a bench before patting the sweat from her brow and tosses the towel to the side. Her dressing room door is opened by a member of the XWF crew.

LUX- “Don’t you know how to knock?”

CREW MEMBER- “I’m sorry! I had to come tell you that I saw CHRIS PAGE arrive tonight… and he isn’t alone. He brought three of his brothers with him! I don’t want to see what happened to DREW happen to you!”

There’s a smirk come across the face of LUX as she walks across the dressing room to a table where she picks up her cell phone. She looks back towards the Crew Member as she states.

LUX- “Appreciate the concern and the news… but he isn’t the only one with a plan.”

LUX scrolls through her phone before dialling a number. She places the phone to her ear and as it’s answered on the other end we hear LUX state.

LUX- “You were right, he brought three with him.”

With that, the voice on the other end obviously speaks privately with LUX as a sly smile graces her face before she hangs up the phone.

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]

Lux ©
- vs -
"Chronic" Chris Page


There’s a HUGE pop from the crowd as the lights dim to darkness…

That ovation quickly shifts into massive boos from the crowd as white strobe lights start to flicker throughout the arena revealing a thick, white and smoke-filled ramp and entrance. Walking through the smoky haze is none other than “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE.


CHRIS stands at the top of the ramp with his hands on his hips as he soaks in the highly negative reaction he’s receiving from the crowd. CHRIS shakes his head as he drops his hands to his side and starts to make the walk towards the ring where he meets the crowd with the same disrespect as both hands come up displaying middle fingers. CHRIS makes his way down to ringside where he climbs up on the ring apron and steps into the ring. He walks across the ring where he DEMANDS the microphone. He is handed it as he reaches through the ropes before taking center ring. The music fades away leaving the booing crowd as he raises the microphone and the house lights are brought back up.

CHRIS PAGE- “I want each and everyone of you fans in attendance, the fans watching around the world… but more importantly all six of the guys that bothered to even show up for the program to know that this wasn’t my idea. Breaking down the only relevant piece of business on the Saturday show wasn’t up to me, it was all her!”

“FUCK YOU PAGE! FUCK YOU PAGE! FUCK YOU PAGE!” starts to filter throughout the arena as it starts to gain some steam.

CHRIS PAGE- “However I do want a Thank You for single-handedly selling out another XWF event!”

The chant breaks out into massive boos as CHRIS continues.

CHRIS PAGE- “In just about two weeks there’s not going to be a place for DICK to run, there’s not going to be a place for DICK to hide… LEAP OF FAITH will mark the first night in which this fantasy world you all call the XWF starts to come crashing down when I leave as the new XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPION!!”

The lights dim and all the screens in the arena become a wall of green code. As the opening scream of “We Appreciate Power” is heard, the code starts to slowly twist and bend into the outline of a woman's face, interspersed with shots of Lux in action ruining people's shit with brutal kicks and strikes. Lux appears at the top of the ramp, looking determined and ignoring the crowd. She runs into the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and rolling to her feet like a little goddamn ninja. The lights all turn back on and she's mean-mugging CHRIS PAGE! The music fades away to a massive “FUCK EM’ UP LUX FUCK EM’ UP!” chant from the sold-out crowd as CHRIS smirks and takes several steps back towards his corner where he tosses the microphone out to the floor.


The chant from the crowd gets louder and louder as LUX stares across the ring at CHRIS PAGE before she walks out to the center of the ring drawing a respective line in the sand. CHRIS simply shakes his head before shrugging his shoulders as he spouts out towards LUX.

CHRIS PAGE- “You asked for this.”

LUX quickly takes a stance in the ring so that she has an eye on PAGE as well as one directed towards the top of the entrance ramp where we see THE TRISTAN SLATER walk out to the top of the ramp with the XWF TV Title draped over his right shoulder. SLATER starts to make the walk down the ramp towards the ring when suddenly we see coming from one side of the crowd is MDK and the opposite side of the area comes BILL BLAKK!

SLATER reaches ringside where he drops the TV Title on the floor as now both MDK and BLAKK have hopped the security barriers and the three of them climb up on the ring apron and have LUX completely surrounded! LUX survey’s her situation as she knows there’s nothing she can do, suddenly there’s a massive ovation as coming from MDK’s side of the crowd is JAMES RAVEN and coming from BLAKK’S side of the crowd is the XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPION ROBERT MAIN!

They hop the respective railings and as RAVEN yanks MDK off the apron MAIN does the same with BLAKK and LUX immediately charges SLATER diving through the top and middle rope with a SPEAR that takes both her and SLATER off the ring apron and crashing down to the floor! MAIN quickly takes BILL BLAKK and sends him shoulder and face first off the ring post sending him crashing down to the floor while JAMES RAVEN tee’s off on MDK with a flurry of right hands! We see LUX has taken a mount position on SLATER where he unloads with fists to his face as well!

MAIN slides into the ring where there’s an intense stare down with CHRIS PAGE as the crowd is on fire!!

MAIN charges PAGE taking him down with a double leg take down before hammering down with piston like right hands to a thunderous ovation!! LUX reaches down picking SLATER up off the floor where she sends him crashing into the security barrier while on the other side of the ring RAVEN has got himself a chair where he jabs MDK in the ribs that double him over for a vicious shot across the back! BILL BLAKK recovers as he gets to his feet and slides into the ring behind MAIN, he pulls him off PAGE only to have MAIN drive him back into a neutral corner with a running shoulder block; yet this allows PAGE to come from behind with a low blow!

BLAKK starts choking away at MAIN while CHRIS works his way back to his feet. RAVEN, with his back to the ring, is met with a baseball slide dropkick knocking him into the security railing by PAGE while on the other side of the ring LUX has now taking procession of her TV TITLE!

LUX charges towards SLATER blasting him in the face with the title belt which sends SLATER into the crowd!! MDK pulls himself to his feet where he picks RAVEN up off the floor and hurls him into the ring where PAGE starts laying the boots to RAVEN while MDK joins him in the ring. Once again the numbers game has prevailed for CHRIS PAGE and company.

Wait a second!

Camera’s go to a split screen as an AMBULANCE is shown backing into the arena with the siren blaring before coming to a stop!

The driver's side door and out steps NED KAYE dressed in an EMT's uniform. He walks to the back of the ambulance and opens both doors as the crowd explodes as DREW ARCHYLE emerges in full hospital gown that’s tied around his back and still with an IV in his right arm! DREW totes the IV holder with him as he pulls it as it’s on rollers and makes his way towards the gorilla position with his pasty white ass cheeks are hanging out the back of his own! The crowd completely explodes as we go full screen in the area as DREW charges through the top of the entryway and out in front of the crowd!

He charges the ring yanking the IV from his arm where he tosses the roller to the side and dives into the ring! MDK turns around where he is punted right in the balls by DREW sending MDK crumbling to the mat clutching his junk only for NED to start laying the boots to the back of MDK's skull for good measure. BLAKK charges DREW who ducks a clothesline that sends BLAKK bouncing off ropes and into a bare-assed REARVIEW by ARCHYLE!

It’s complete pandemonium as LUX is shown going under the ring where she pulls out a large black sack! She slides into the ring as now CHRIS PAGE turns around and sees for the first time that DREW ARCHYLE and LUX are behind him while RAVEN and MAIN are behind him. LUX empties the black sack and falling out on to the mat are three pairs of Handcuffs! LUX reaches down taking a pair while she picks up a pair and tosses them to RAVEN!

The crowd continues to roar loudly as RAVEN handcuffs MDK to the bottom rope on one side of the ring while LUX handcuffs BILL BLAKK on to the opposite bottom rope! Out at ringside, a busted open SLATER climbs back over the security railing falling back to ringside as we see LUX snatch the third pair of handcuffs before she rolls out to the floor where she cuffs SLATER to the bottom rope on the floor!

LUX reaches back under the ring where she pulls out a Kendo Stick before unloading with stiff shot after shot to the back of SLATER! In the ring PAGE tries to escape but it’s DREW who latches on to PAGE’s tights as he tries to escape to the floor! DREW pulls PAGE back into the ring where he fires him towards RAVEN whom in turn drops PAGE with a FLIGHT OF THE RAVEN! RAVEN, MAIN and DREW look down at PAGE when we see DREW start shaking his head where he bends down once again displaying his ass cheeks to pick up CHRIS PAGE where he positions him and plants him with ILL-GOTTEN GAINES!

The rabid crowd roars as DREW reaches his feet where both he and RAVEN divert their attention towards ROBERT MAIN. ROBERT lifts a solid steel chair above his head as DREW AND RAVEN lift PAGE to his feet. MAIN nods his head as he rears back with the chair and with a violent swing CRACKS it on PAGES head busting him open instantly!!!

CHRIS PAGE is down on the ground laying face first in a quickly forming crimson pool of his blood. JAMES RAVEN reaches into his back pants pocket and pulls out a folded piece of paper that he then hands to ROBERT MAIN. MAIN unfolds the paper to reveal the contract for his match with CHRIS PAGE at LEAP OF FAITH. The contract has already been signed by PAGE. MAIN then reaches down with his pointer finger and dips it into the pool of blood. With the tip of his finger covered in PAGES blood he signs his name on the contract. He then writes DEATH MATCH in blood across the front of the contract.

LUX and NED KAYE slide into the ring to join the members of APEX-PROPHECY as we see MAIN, RAVEN and DREW each putting a boot on the chest of CHRIS PAGE before being flanked by LUX and NED KAYE.

Saturday Night Savage leaves the air with a resounding statement made by the XWF on to CHRIS PAGE and his “brothers”.

Thank you to those who helped on this show

Smoking Bob Williams
Chris Page
James Raven
Tommy Wish

And everyone that RPed this week

[Image: V3i33MC.png]
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I'll bore you all with excuses/reality. We are not getting much help from the roster when it comes to match writing for shows. We typically get help from the same 1 or 2 people and then the rest of the time it's up to the GM's and while we are happy to write some matches we really don't want to write entire shows in addition to the other work we do.

To that end, the PPV card was just posted. There are 13 matches which is a pretty big card. We would love and appreciate your help in putting the show together. So if you can please go here and select a match or multiple if you can. If you want to write a match and can't access that page respond below and we will rectify that for you.

Thank you.
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I might be very punctual, but I'll write a match for y'all.

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I'll lend a hand. I need to have the page unlocked though.
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