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PlaceMarker Time and Pressure
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07-10-2019 10:09 PM

July 8th, 2019

The picture fades in, showing Ned Kaye sweeping with a pushbroom in his gym. His legs tremble and shake somewhat as he continues, face strained in a wince. He breathes sharply through his teeth, looking up as he hears the door open.

"Hey, I got you a dog with the works on it on the way here! That's usually what you like, ri-"

Ethan turns around, having used his back to open the door, holding a hot dog in each hand. His face shifts to slight annoyance as he sees The Notorious One.

"Dammit, dude. You really need to take it easy with your legs! How long have you been cleaning?"

"A couple of hours. It's fine. I need to give em' some exercise, regardless."

"I get that, but you've been overdoing it lately, man. Please sit down. Please."

Begrudgingly, Kaye goes to a hastily placed couch and falls onto it, relaxing a bit before chuckling.

"Y'know, it's just my luck. I finally recovered my focus and now my body's giving me trouble."

He sighs, looking a little disappointed.

"I was really hoping I'd recover quicker than the doctors estimated. I mean, Mastermind was able to jump back into the ring just a day or two after."

Abruptly, Ethan laughs, shaking his head.

"Ned, Mastermind's a walking tank! Plus, he's gotten roughed up pretty hard before. He has more experience with recovering. That match was the most strain I've ever seen you undergo. You're simply not used to getting that much punishment."

Nodding, Ned agrees, placing a hand to his chin.

"Besides, man, there's something I kinda need to talk to you about."

Ethan hands a hot dog to Ned, sitting down beside him carefully.

"What's that?"

"You haven't really been keeping me informed, lately. Like, I get it, I'm not entitled to know everything about your career and all that, but I've done a lot to help you because I know you'd do the same. I mean, you already do help me and my family out. But I can't help you if I'm clueless. So, I'd appreciate it if we could just..."

Ethan shrugs, exhaling.

"...just talk."

They share a short pause, letting the hum of an AC fill the air.

"We can talk whenever you'd like. And I'll try to keep you in the know from now on. Alright, buddy?"


They both eat quietly for a moment. After being about halfway done with his dog, Ethan turns to the Notorious One.

"So, what's going on with you, Main, and Raven? I didn't know you were even talking that much."

Ned grins, almost speaking, but catching himself. After a pause, he replies.

"I'll tell you when the cameras are off."

"Well, that's vague, heh. How are you feeling?"

"Honestly, I'm feeling great. I'm mentally ready to take on every challenge I've ever faced in my career. I just wish I physically could. Hell, I can't even help out down at the shelter."

"I hear ya, man."

Ned sighs, shifting in his seat slightly.

"I need to get this place up and running. I already made a few hires and they're expecting this place to be open pretty soon after my next match."

Ethan rolls his eyes.

"Y'know, Ned, you're the only guy I know who could be in a personal crisis and still make time to hire employees. Still, I know how important giving back to this community is to you, so I'll help out where I can."

"Thanks, buddy. That means a lot to me."

"Don't sweat it. You just gotta focus on your upcoming match. Do you even have a gameplan? You know Raph isn't gonna take this rematch lightly, right?"

"I'm counting on him not to."

Ethan turns to Ned, a confused look on his face.


"Raphael Blackwater isn't some push over, but he benefits heavily on the assistance of his brothers. He views himself as a diamond in the rough the same way I view myself. But, deep down, he knows his brothers are his key to success and I'm counting on that to eat at him enough to give me a chance to compete. Because he'll never get out of his brothers' shadows if he can only succeed by relying on them."

Ethan nods, shrugging a tad.

"Are you gonna be able to give enough to capitalize on that hypothetical insecurity? I mean, you barely beat Raph last time, and only with the help of Boston Bruiser's music providing the distraction. He's gone, Raph is hungry for a win over you, and you're not operating at your fullest. Are you sure you can pull through?"

Ned smiles coyly.

"I suppose that's the question, but I'm not gonna lay down and take a beating if that's your concern."

Getting up, Ethan laughs softly.

"Something like that... Well, I gotta go get some chores done at home, but I'll make sure to watch your match. Can you text me a list of the things you need taken care of before you can get this place open?"

"Absolutely. Can you grab me something while you're out?"

Beginning to walk toward the door, Ethan hesitates.

"Sure, man. What's up?"

"A get well soon card and some flowers."

Ethan gets a befuddled expression before a realization creeps over him, a subtle dread filling his features.


Ned nods, hunched over a bit.

"I'll pick up something nice, just promise me you'll take it easy on the legs."

"Sure," Ned answers somewhat absentmindedly.

"Hey. Dude."

Kaye looks up, shaking off the thought.


"He's gonna be alright. Don't let yourself get too worried over it. He didn't become tag champ for nothing, right?"

"Right. See ya, Ethan."

"See ya."

Ethan waves, walking to the door as the picture fades.

"You can't run from yourself."

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