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What's Past Is Prologue
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05-17-2019 07:09 AM

Saturday Night Savage - May 4th, 2019 - Bud Walton Arena - Fayetteville, Arkansas

We open up backstage in a temporary office set up for James Raven, XWF superstar and recently revealed co-owner of the company. He sits in a simple office chair, looking across his desktop at Centurion who stares intensely back at Raven.

CENTURION: ... you know we need to figure this out, right?


CENTURION: Do you, though? This has been lingering for weeks now and nobody is any closer to an answer but you.

James sits in silence, knowing full well that his longtime friend and mentor is right. He’s let this go on too long, and in his effort to not offend anyone on either side he’s wreaked havoc on both.

JAMES RAVEN: Yeah, I know…

CENTURION: It's not enough to keep saying that you’re aware of the situation. Make a decision. Roxy and I are here and we’re waiting for you, but if you’ve made new friends and have new obligations that’s fine… you just need to tell us to move on if that’s what’s happening. She and I are more than capable of fending for ourselves, and if you decide you’re sticking with Archyle to defend those tag belts maybe she and I throw our names in that hat.

James looks to Centurion, shocked and horrified.

JAMES RAVEN: You’d really do that?

CENTURION: She and I have always done well in the tag division. You know that. You can’t ditch us and then tell us what titles we can or can’t chase, James…

JAMES RAVEN: I know, I know… I just didn’t know you two were so eager to chase a loss to Apex…

Centurion arches his eyebrows and grins at James, clearly more confident in his ability to beat Raven than Raven is, but before he can say anything else the duo is interrupted by a third party and they both turn to the open doorway where Drew Archyle is standing.

DREW ARCHYLE: Am I interrupting something?

Centurion jumps to his feet, jaw clenched as he looks at the young superstar that’s been such a constant thorn in his side the past few weeks on social media. Drew looks at the XWF Legend, more than willing to match the confrontational attitude.

CENTURION: Yes, actually you are.

DREW ARCHYLE: Hm. Well. You wanna pick it up later? Raven wanted to talk to me.

CENTURION: What exactly do you think we’re doing? Fishing?

Centurion and Drew each take a half step forwards, inching closer to each other when James holds up his hands to calm them both down and walks quickly to the middle of the room.

JAMES RAVEN: RELAX! I asked you both to come here… it’s time to hash this out…

Drew and Centurion look at each other, then both turn to James. The trio stands in silence for a long moment then nod their heads slowly, making their way back to the desk and chairs as the camera shot fades out.

Drew and Centurion each take a seat in one of the empty chairs across from the desk as James walks over to the dry bar and pours a couple of drinks which he then promptly brings over towards Drew and Centurion.

Centurion happily accepts the drink that is brown and amber in color while Drew politely declines.

CENTURION: Are you serious? Turning down a drink? What are you one of those treat your body like a temple holier than thou guys?

DREW ARCHYLE: Absolutely not. I treat my body like an amusement park, I just don't drink alcohol You got any chocolate almond milk?

JAMES RAVEN: No sorry Drew I don't. I have bottled water. Would that suffice?

DREW ARCHYLE: Is the water from the natural springs of Colorado?

CENTURION: Seriously? What is wrong with you?

DREW ARCHYLE: Why are you such an aggro douche? Did your mother not hug you enough as a child? Do you want to hug it out? Come on let's hug it out.

Drew says as he gets up from his seat his arms outstretched waiting for another man's embrace that will likely never come.

JAMES RAVEN: Sit down Drew. I know you're just screwing around but Cent doesn't really know your humor the way I do.

Drew nods and then sits back down in his seat as James hands him a bottle of water.

JAMES RAVEN: So look here's the deal. You both know that I feel a sense of loyalty to both of you. As well as Betsy and Robert. Apex and the Prophecy are huge parts of my life. The Prophecy helped me become a house hold name and Apex was there for me when I came back to the XWF and had no one...

DREW ARCHYLE: Are you breaking up with us?

CENTURION: That is how it sounds doesn't it?

DREW ARCHYLE: A little bit yeah.

JAMES RAVEN: That's not what this is. I'm not breaking up with either of you.

DREW ARCHYLE: A menage? James I'm not that kind of girl.

JAMES RAVEN: Would you let me finish please?

DREW ARCHYLE: Is that what this is about? Look James delayed ejaculation is not something to be ashamed of but I don't think two of us is really going to solve your problems.

Centurion buries his face in his arm so as to not reveal that Drew's humor is actually growing on him but we all know that when it comes to Drew Archyle it's only a matter of time before the walls come tumbling down.

JAMES RAVEN: You're not gonna make this easy on me are you?

DREW ARCHYLE: Is that what you want James? Someone easy?

JAMES RAVEN: I walked into that one didn't I?

CENTURION: A little bit yeah.

This time it was Centurion's turn to take a swipe at James Raven.

JAMES RAVEN: Look what I'm trying to say is that there is no reason why Apex and the Prophecy can't work together. Especially now that Chris Page has shown back up. God only knows what the guy has planned. He's no good. Full stop. I need you guys to get along. Bury whatever ill will you have towards each other and let's work towards one common goal. Can you guys do that?

Neither Centurion or Drew Archyle respond to James’ request instead they each do anything and everything they can to avoid eye contact with each other and with James.

JAMES RAVEN: Seriously guys what gives? What do I have to do to get you guys on the same page? Is it a pride thing? A jealously thing?

DREW ARCHYLE: You wanna tell him?

CENTURION: No you. It was your idea. It should come from you.

DREW ARCHYLE: James I think you should probably sit down for this.

James stares at both of the men sitting across from him trying to see something in their faces before eventually acquiescing to Drew’s request.

DREW ARCHYLE: Ok so I guess I should probably start at the beginning. A few weeks ago me and Cent ran into each out at Kinko’s. He was buying printer paper and I was buying glitter. I’m not gonna lie it was awkward at first but we got to talking while we waited in line and then we went for some coffee. He had coffee, I had an Earl Grey Tea and a blueberry scone. We talked about some things, mostly you and how conflicted you seemed to be now that he and Roxy were back in the fold. We thought about working out some sort of shared custody agreement…

CENTURION: No we didn’t.

DREW ARCHYLE: No. No we didn’t. That’s right. That was something else completely. Anyway we talked things out and realized that there was no reason why Apex and Prophecy couldn’t work together. Especially with Chris Page coming back and his unending hardon for you. Seemed like now more than ever you could use some backup so I talked to Main, he talked to Roxy and we came to an understanding.

JAMES RAVEN: Wait a second…you two…came to an understanding…weeks ago? But what about all that back and forth stuff on twitter? And that promo you cut?

DREW ARCHYLE: We were just having a laugh bud. You seemed so worked up by everything. We both felt like it would be in your best interest to destress a bit so we decided to play up this “feud” a little bit.

JAMES RAVEN: You thought acting like you two hating each other would help me de-stress?


JAMES RAVEN: Well it didn’t work.

CENTURION: Didn’t it? How do you feel right now?

JAMES RAVEN: Annoyed. Very annoyed.

CENTURION: Annoyed but not stressed.

DREW ARCHYLE:I knew it would work.

CENTURION: Yeah you did.

DREW ARCHYLE: You owe me a dinner.

DREW ARCHYLE: Now a good time? I think Jim over here might need a nice hearty meal with a few drinks. What do you say Jim?


DREW ARCHYLE: It’s ok Jim. We get it. You’re overcome with emotion right now and can’t adequately put into words just how happy you are.

Drew and Centurion get up from their seats and look over at a still silent James Raven as the camera shot fades out.

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=5522521]

Before I talk about the XWF's upcoming event War Games I want to take a short trip down memory lane to what I would consider the crowning achievement for Apex...War Games 2017. You see for those of you who weren't here or don't remember it was at that event that Apex put the world on notice. It was at that event that Jim Caedus sealed his legacy as one of the best wrestlers the XWF had ever seen. It was at that event that Robert Main made it clear that he was more than just a solid upper mid card wrestler, but rather a man destined to wear the very belt he has around his waist today. It was at that event that Apex erased The Mothercuckers once and for all. A team made up of a former Universal Champion, a future Universal Champion, some might say the greatest Universal Champion of all time, and Bearded War Pig, a solid wrestler in his own right. And then AFTER doing that Apex went out and won the entire event winning their second match of the night against two other teams.

THAT is the history of Apex at War Games. So now let's talk about the future of Apex, and it starts in a little less than two weeks at War Games 2019 when the newly merged Apex Prophecy will defend the XWF against a team of invaders? Malcontents? Miscreants? I'm know sure exactly what the right term is but here is what I do know, these four seem to have some beef with my buddy Jimmy Bird which means they have beef with me, and Robert and Cent. And that has me downright giddy because I've been itching for a fight. A real fight, not like the one James and I had with The Perfect Storm on the last Warfare. I'm talking about a real knock down drag out slobberknocker.

Which I suppose makes for a nice segue to one of my opponents, a man I affectionately refer to as Fuzzybear. Fuzz, God love him, he tries so hard to sound tough and smart but when I see him I just see a cute cuddly little bear. A guy I just want to grab hold of, pull in close for a hug and say it's gonna be ok Fuzzybear. You see a few weeks ago Cent and I were engaging in a little twitter back and forth. Part of our fake feud to get Jimmy all riled up and during the course of said back and forth the aforementioned Fuzzy decided to dip his beak in to try and school me on what he believes is the right way to be a champion. The crux of his argument being that I should only have matches against talent that people would consider on my level and while I disagree with his argument I respect the fact that Fuzz has a different view on the matter. And you know what, maybe he's not wrong, but maybe he's not right either.

I get it, some people prefer to only punch up as they say. I admire that actually. I really do. But I've seen how people with bright futures can get extremely discouraged because while they want the challenge they also don't handle the results well. Losing sucks. Or so I'm told. I haven't actually lost a match yet. 12-0 by the way. But I've seen really good wrestlers get into a funk they never get out of because they insist on punching up. At the other end of the spectrum there are people like Ghost Tank who will only face people they think they can beat. Most people would call that the cowards way out. That was what Fuzz was accusing me of for accepting The Perfect Storm's request for a title shot. But that's not what it was.

It was Option C. The option I like the call the Oprah Option. That's the one that goes like this...

[Image: 8O768mU.jpg?1]

Catchy huh? See I'm a nice guy, a non discriminate guy. You want a match with me all you gotta do is ask and you'll get it. Sometimes that means I'll face competition that I am probably significantly better than, sometimes I'll face equals and sometimes I'll face people better than me. But you see, I'll face ANYONE. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. I believe in giving everyone a chance because as they say on the grid iron, "any given Sunday". Just because you are better than someone doesn't mean you are above making a mistake and having that mistake cost you. I've seen people win matches that no one expected them to win for a myriad of reasons. I run from no one. And I told this to Fuzz when he decided to get all up in my business. If he's that concerned with how Apex defends the tag team titles he can grab himself a partner and make a challenge. Step up or Step off. Pretty simple.

Speaking of people who DID step up, Chronic Chris Page who made his "triumphant" return to the cesspool that is the XWF, his words, not mine. I find it truly fascinating that CCP showed up and had the audacity to crack jokes about the state of the XWF This is a guy who would open and close his famed WGWF whenever he needed an ego boost. The same guy who couldn't hack it in the XWF because guys like Ranma Saotome and my boy Jimmy stood in his way so he had to tuck tail and go somewhere else where he could be the big fish in a tiny pool. I get it, I really do. Some folks need the pat on the back and the ass kissing to feel special. Some people, and I won't name and names need to go to another fed and engage in backstage politics and other shady shenanigans so they can get their precious titles because he can't be the top dog where it matters.

AND THIS GUY wants to come back to the XWF and talk about how it's closed it's door's multiple times and been handed from owner to owner but of course he ignores the fact that the WGWF, his little safety net is currently closed. For how long is anyone's guess but if I were a betting man I'd say it will probably open shortly after War Games ends and Chris Page is left to once again come to grips with the reality that no matter how hard he tries he isn't and never was better than James Raven. Make no mistake about it ladies and gents, Chris Page NEEDS the XWF way more than the XWF needs Chris Page.

Oh and while we are on the subject of people who need others to get by let's talk about Rage. Rage is a guy who has accomplished a decent amount in his career most of which he did in the shadow of greater men like Raven for instance. Be it the developmental roster of XWF Impact or chasing James again once he got the call up to the main roster. Sure Rage finally won the Universal Title but if memory served that was after most of the big hitters of the era had moved on to greener pastures. Rage was basically the 10 year old who finally conquered the big bad kiddie pool. Rage is a guy with little to no technical prowess, something I can appreciate as someone who really has no idea what he's doing out there but the difference between me and Rage is I didn't and don't try to get my matches created with special stipulations like Inferno Matches or Crucifix Matches because I can't hang with the big boys. Instead I opt for the challenge of wrestling in whatever match I have to. Be it standard, be it with crazy stipulations or a mix of the two. I don't go out of my way to try to stack the deck in my favor to try and gain and advantage over my opponent. Some might consider what Rage did to be smart but I'd call it bitch made.

Rage may have accomplished a decent amount in his career but he rarely did it on his own. Rage is a guy who made a career by having alliances that could have his back. Be it Cyren's "Black Order" or the Road Crew, or even his tag team partnership with Lunatic. And I know what you are thinking, who are you to talk about alliances when you are currently part of Apex Prophecy? Well see here's the thing. I won singles titles on my own and I have never, and I mean that word very literally, never won a match where my alliances or partners gave me an advantage my opponents did not have. Never once. The people I chose to surround myself with are there to watch my back and for me to watch theirs, they are NOT there to help me win matches I don't deserve to win. I would sooner get myself counted out or DQ myself before I let one of my friends cheat someone else out of a win and you can quote me on that. It's somewhat fitting that Rage would come back for War Games because we all know that Rage would get eaten alive if he were to face any of us one on one. His only shot at prolonging his career is to allow people like CCP and MDK carry him to victory.

Did someone say MDK? Why yes, I said MDK. Saving the "best" for last...I guess. Truth is MDK is a bit of a wildcard here in this match in that I'm not exactly sure why he's even here and teaming with a guy he spent a good portion of his career feuding against. Seriously, I've only been aware of Chris Page's existence for like 10 minutes and I can already tell he's the guy in his social circle that everyone acknowledges exists but no one wants to hang out with one on one. So why this guy who has spent most of his career feuding with Page is suddenly teaming with him is anyone's guess. I still haven't put my finger on that one yet and I'm hoping MDK can enlighten us all as to what his motivations are. But regardless of that while he is here I am going to enjoy taking down someone who was apparently a big shit back in his hey day. Ironically enough though the one time MDK's name matter most when was a certain guy by the name of James Raven wore an MDK mask and impersonated the guy. That's how utterly lackluster this dude is. He may have the gift of gab, he may be able to cut some cutting promos using choice language and he might even be a decent wrestler. In fact he's actually 2-0 against Raven, which, you might think that gives him some sort of mental edge but the truth is his perfect record against Raven is the extra motivation Jimmy needs to squash this guy like a bug and send him back into whatever hole he spent the last decade in a half hiding in.

And before any one of my opponents decides to go the route of hitting the long hanging fruit...yes I've mentioned James Raven a lot in here, some might even consider it "dick riding" but the truth is James Raven is why all of this is happening so yeah his name will come up, a lot. He has a history with these people that I don't and so of course I'll lean into that a little bit just like James will lean into the men standing next to him for this match because the past is over, it's all about the future. And the future is the Apex Prophecy.

So MDK, Rage, Fuzz, Chris Page, it doesn't matter who is standing across from us in the ring I can promise you all this, the match will not end the way you think it will.

I've never lost a match in my career. War Games is where Apex shines brightest and this year's edition will be no different. Best come to grips with that now.

[Image: P0SClwd.png]

[Image: eU3CWdT.png]

[Image: fMJwa5h.png]
Current w/ Robert "The Omega" Main and and James Raven "Apex"


[Image: nLYNvyj.png]
[Image: OZdvB4F.png]

February 2018 Superstar Of The Month
Winning Team War Games 2017 w/Apex
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