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Wednesday Night Warfare - 5/8/18
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05-08-2019 11:32 PM

WEDNESDAY - 8th May 2019


From !!!

[Image: 174623_0.jpeg]


Warfare is about to start when the audience attention is directed to the main screen.











- vs -


Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace plays over the sound system as a large man walks out from the curtain and stands on top of the ramp, looking around with Henry standing behind him before he walks very slowly to ringside as he steps on the apron and goes over the top rope with his feet and goes to a corner to rest himself up on, looking at his opponent with intensity before the match starts.

“The Reason” by Stevie Stone plays over the sound system and Fuzz makes his way to the ring.

The bell sounds for the match to get going, and both Samuel and Fuzz walk towards one another talking smack. Suddenly Samuel breaks into a run, and trkes an attempted spear but Fuzz side steps him at the last possible moment and then uses the remainder of his strength to whip Samuel into the corner. The firce of Samuel hitting the corner pole nakes his body buckle and he collapses in a heap.

Fuzz looks down at Samuel and starts laughing, he keeps laughing as he makes his way over to the opposite side of the ring. Suddenly his laugh disappears, as he focuses on the other side of the ring. Suddenly he takes off at top speed and he connects with the RUNNING CORNER BIG BOOT on Samuel that the impact is heard at the very top of the stadium in the nose bleed seats.

Fuzz grabs Samuel and pulls him out of the corner and sets him up for the Stalling Brainbuster which he executes perfectly. He then goes for a cover.



Fuzz lifts Samuel's shoulders off of the canvas. But why? Is the question the fans are asking.

Fuzz gets up and drags Samuel into another corner. He then climbs to the top rope himself, and sets himself up for his TOP ROPE ELBOW DROP move.

He steadies himself and chooses his time. He then leaps and executes his TOP ROPE ELBOW DROP very well and connects flush on Samuel. FUZZ gets to his feet smiling. He looks down at the hurt Samuel, helps him to his feet and then he executes his Finisher: THE INJECTION - a modufied Dragon Slerper which he wraps his legs around his opponents waist.

He locks it in tight and at first Samuel struggles hard but he doesn't tap. He eventually succumbs by losing consciousness and the referee has no choice but to call for the bell to end the match.

Winner - FUZZ BY K.O


- vs -
- vs -



“Tonight is the night in which we’ve all been waiting for.”

The scene opens as the voice of Chris Page is heard before we catch a glimpse of Chris as he stands in front of an XWF backdrop which shows a huge red X over the XWF logo itself.

CHRIS PAGE: Tonight is the night in which I fire the first shot at the Xtreme Wasteful Federation and it will only culminate at War Games, right Jimmy?

There’s a slight pause from Chris before he continues.

CHRIS PAGE: In just a little while I’m going to walk to that ring and I’m going to publicly call you out JAMES; not only am I going to publicly call you out but I’m going to publicly pull your punk card. Do you have the guts to answer me, JIMMY? Do you have the balls to walk that aisle and stand face to face, nose to nose with the one man that can and will embarrass you like you’ve never been embarrassed before because this time, this time the roles are reversed and I’m not your boss… I don’t have to put people over in order to placate to ego’s… nah, not this time at all Jimmy!

There’s a sly smirk that graces CHRIS’S face.

CHRIS PAGE: Tick tock JAMES, tick… tock…


- vs -
- vs -

Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays on the sound system and Double G makes his way to the ring.

Big D walks down to the ring without acknowledging the crowd.

Griffin emerges from the entrance; eyes set straight ahead, he marches to the ring without much attention or emotion shown towards the crowd. Climbing the steel steps, he then takes his place within the ring and awaits his opponent's arrival.

Double G starts posing for the crowd when all of a sudden Big D attacks him in the back with a steel chair!

Heather: Now THAT'S how you stop a God!

Double G drops to a knee as D nails him with another chair shot, followed by an even harder one. Griffin McAlister watches from the ring, a bit shocked. He acts like he's gonna go help GG, but then throws his hands up and waits.

Pip: McAlister knows helping his opponent will only hurt his chances of victory.

Heather: The match hasn't even begun, yet.

Big D gives Griffin a thumbs up and kicks Double G, along with another chair shot. Paramedics run out and stop the attacker from doing any more harm. Big D throws the chair to the ground and begins to make his entrance to the ring as the fans hurl boos at him. He climbs up the steps and through the ropes as his other opponent eyes him down. The ref calls for the bell, despite one of the competitors being laid out on the ramp.


Griffin delivers a shot to Big D right at the bell, followed by another. He backs Big D into a corner and delivers a couple kicks to the midsection. He then whips D to the opposite corner and runs after him, hitting a big clothesline. McAlister whips his opponent to the other corner again, but is met with an elbow. Big D runs at Griffin and gets hit with a step up enzuigiri.

Heather: Cover by McAlister



Griffin picks his opponent up in DDT position, but he gets pushed away. He then swings at Big D who ducks and gets behind him. D locks his wrists and attempts a German Suplex, which McAlister blocks with his leg. He tries again, but Griffin blocks again and walks them to the ropes where he grabs on.

Pip: Big D forced to break the hold.

Big D and Griffin circle the ring for a moment before locking up. McAlister headbutts D, then hits him with a couple rights before whipping him for the ropes. Big D manages to slide under the bottom rope to the outside. This doesn't stop The Mechanic, who runs and suicide dives to the outside.

Pip: Big D moves out of the way!

Heather: He could take advantage right here.

Big D lifts his opponent up and rolls him into the ring for a cover, but Griffin instantly kicks out. McAlister gets lifted up by D, who Irish whips Griffin and hits him with a big spinebuster on the way back. Big D covers.




Big D stands up and delivers a couple stomps to The Mechanic. He takes a deep breath and brings his opponent back up in a side headlock.

Heather: Oh my God, Double G is heading for the ring!

Pip: He's hobbling and NOT in a good mood.

Double G slides in the ring and clotheslines Big D, causing him and McAlister to fall to the mat. GG ignores Griffin and goes right for D, picking him up and hitting him with a Full Nelson Slam. The move takes alot out of him, though, as he drops to a knee.

Heather: The fact GG is even trying to continue after Big D's assault is amazing.

Pip: It could be foolish, though, he can barely stand.

Griffin McAlister takes advantage of GG's struggle, hitting a hard kick to his head. He quickly covers.



Pip: Big D breaks the cover!

Big D brings Griffin to his feet and whips him to the ropes, but Big D catches himself on them. McAlister then runs at Big D, clotheslining him over the top rope.

Heather: The Mechanic better watch out, Double G is getting back to his feet!

GG runs at Griffin, who ducks under his opponent's arms. As Double G goes to turn around he gets hit with the P.O.A., locking in the submission hold. As Big D tries to recover and get back into the ring, the ref sees Double G is completely out and calls for the bell.

Griffin is added to Number 1 Contenders match next warfare


- vs -

On the X-Tron, the birds chirp the Star Spangled Banner, about twenty seconds.Later on, the X-Tron plays the instrumental of BMF, and Bearded War Pig comes out with Red, White, Blue pyro blasting as he walks down to the ring. As he walks down the ring, he holds up his Broomstick in the air and waves it around. Then he climbs into the ring, and hops on the second rope and the fans chant…


He then climbs down and walks around the ring as he awaits for his opponent.

The arena lights fades into a black and white filter, and Centurion walks down to the ring with Roxy Nova by his side. He stops midway through the ramp, and taunts to the camera, while Roxy blows it a kiss. He walks down to the ring apron, and climbs up ring to enter. Roxy climbs to the ropes, and encourages Centurion, as his theme cuts off and the lights come back to normal.

As soon the bell had rung, BWP takes a cheap shot on Centurion on the back. Roxy hops down on the floor, and Centurion is leaning on the ropes. BWP then strangles his neck on the ropes, and he breaks it up by the four count. BWP grabs Centurion by the hair, and knees him in the gut, and Irish Whip him to the ropes. BWP attempted a Big Boot, but Centurion ducks the Big Boot, and Whips back into ropes and lands a Dropkick. BWP tries to stay on his feet, Centurion kicks him on both of his legs, and he drops on the mat.

“This one is an instant classic!”

“Tell me about it, Centurion is working smart against BWP.”

Centurion stomps on his leg, and locks in a Single Leg Lock on his left knee. Centurion tries to lock it in, but BWP powers out of it. BWP lifts up Centurion, and Headbutts him a few times. Roxy gets on the rope, and distracts BWP by taunting him. BWP goes too that side, but Centurion finds a roll up in the process….



“Centruion tried to swiftly beat this be moth of a man.”

“With Roxy by his corner, i’d take the fall…”

BWP rolls to the outside to confront Roxy, and while Roxy is begging BWP to not hit her, Centurion goes to the apron and hit a Bloody Symphony on the outside to BWP. Centurion lifts BWP, and slams his head on the barricades. Then he tosses him into the steel steps, Roxy comes up and kicks BWP in the face for revenge. Centurion drags BWP back into the ring, and goes for a cover….




BWP kickout, and Centurion then tries to lock in the Fall Of Rome…. BWP ended up breaking the lock. He then hears the fans chanting his name, and he immediately get on his feet. He punches Centurion in the face and lands a Spinning Back Fist. He then hits a Belly To Belly Suplex on Centurion.

He then goes to corner and punching his fist on the mat. BWP charges and hits a Superman Punch, but Centurion dodges it and he hits BWP with a Saito Suplex. Then he hits BWP with a V Trigger. The camera cuts to Roxy cheering on, and back to Centurion locks in a chin lock on BWP.

“Man, Roxy Nova is ecstatic with Centurion dominating BWP.”

“Of course she is, she managing one of the greatest XWF superstar of this sport today, Pip”

As he locks it in tight, BWP hand gets raised up by the ref. The ref does it again. By the third arm raised, BWP powers out of the chinlock and hits a Judo Toss. BWP stomps on Centurion, and he drags him to the corner of the ropes. As he climbs up on the ropes, he taunts to the fans, but Roxy goes on the ropes and pushes him off the top rope.

The ref warns Roxy, it gives Centurion some time to get on his feet. Centurion lock BWP with a Crossface, BWP foot was on the bottom rope. Centurion breaks the hold. Both men are on their feet, and they lock up, and Centurion pushes him to the ropes.

Roxy gets on the ropes, and strangles BWP with a pink feather boa, until the ref caught her. As BWP is in a groggy state, he hits a Suplex on BWP. He then goes to the top, and connects with a Elbow Drop on BWP and covers him…




Centurion lifts BWP legs up and tosses him into the corner. Centurion hits another Bloody Symphony on BWP. Then he sets him for a…

“Uh oh…”


Centurion mocks BWP taunts to the fans, and this time locks his leg into…



BWP resists and struggles...........

Continues to resist..........

Centurion keeps the move locked in tight..............

BWP starts to look weak.......

BWP finallly TAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xenturion lets go of the hold and starts celebrating as Roxy joins him in

Winner - CENTURION BY SUBMISSION - Centurion will meet the Hart Champion at the next Warfare


- vs -

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of DADDYS FALLEN ANGEL by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his main madame of malady and mayhem, Valerie Sky come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. They get in the ring together and Peter gets on the turnbuckle and throws up an "X" sign as pyro goes off above the ring. Peter hops down and kisses Valerie. They wink and smile sadistically towards each other and then, Valerie Sky the dark demonic, demented diva of destruction exits the ring and Peter turns his attention to the stage

The lights go out. The music starts to play... the lights come on very dim with a blue haze with fog smoke everywhere. Eli makes his way to the ring smiling and taking is precious time.. he's in no hurry.

The ref stands in between the two men.

"Y'know Pip, it's a shame I was looking forward to seeing Eli's new side this week but we got disappointed."

"All that matters is if he's still a fierce competitor in the ring."

The bell sounds and Gilmour rushes from his corner with a roar and squashes Eli in the corner with a vicious clothesline. James slumps to the mat and Gilmour gives a quick facewash before stepping back and cracking Eli in the face with a stiff Yakuza Kick!

"... Hm."

As James is dazed in a seated position, Gilmour charges against the opposite corner, hits the turnbuckles and sprints back to James before dropping to a slide and nailing Eli with an elbow to the sternum. Peter Gilmour slides under the bottom rope and gets himself hyped up to the roar of the crowd as he strolls around on the outside, the ref tells him to get back into the ring but is meant with a chorus of


From Gilmour and the crowd. The King of Xtreme wickedly walks up the steps and smiles sadistically as Eli is crawling around, not knowing where he is. Gilmour climbs the corner and leaps from the top rope, landing a leg on the back of James' neck! Gilmour doesn't relent, he picks Eli up and sends him against the ropes, Eli bounces back and...


Gilmour kills Eli, figuratively, of course, and goes for the pin.






Winner - PETER GILMOUR - Peter will face Mastermind for his X-treme title next Warfare should Mastermind retsin on Savage.



[Image: S2wXAE9.png]

- vs -

All That Remains' remake of Garth Brooks' legendary "Thunder Rolls" hits on the speaker system, and a mixture of cheers & boos rises from the crowd. Rain & Snow step through the curtains, as bright blue sparks shower down upon the stage. They bump knuckles and then raise their fists in the 'devil horns' sign. They then both rush down the ramp, sliding into the ring, and taking to opposite corners. They holler to the 'Storm Watcherz' in attendance, their cult following showing love for the brother/sister tandem... while other XWF fans show just how much they hate the pair. Rain and Snow hop off the turnbuckles and high-five eachother as they prepare for the battle ahead.

"Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons hits the airwaves as the XWF Tag Team Champions Drew Archyle and James Raven walk out from the back Drew slaps hands with some of the fans that are lined up along the entry ramp. Raven then looks to the crowd to his left and then right rolling his shoulders. He smiles shaking his head and slowly walks down the ramp with Drew right beside him. Raven stops at the ring steps looking to the crowd once more before slamming his hands on the ring steps entering the ring. Once Drew reaches the ring he quickly follows Raven up the steps and climbs in between the top and middle rope and into the ring. Drew removes his leather jacket and tosses it outside of the ring while he leans against the turnbuckles chatting with Raven.




James Raven and Rain step out of their corners and circle each other in the middle of the ring, tying up quickly to the delight of the fans. Raven leans on Rain and drives him back into the ropes, shooting him across the canvas with an irish whip and catching him on the rebound with a beautiful dropkick. Rain tries to crawl away but James is immediately on top of him, pummeling him with hard right hands before applying a headlock and dragging Rain back to his feet. Raven uses his size advantage again, powering Rain back into the ropes then firing him across the ring once more. This time Rain collides with Apex turnbuckle, clutching his chest as he stumbles backwards and spins to face the charging champ…


PC: Raven nearly decapitates Rain with that flying knee and Drew Archyle loves it!

Raven pops to his feet and tags Drew in, Archyle climbing the ring post and posing for the fans as Rain writhes and struggles to stand up. Finally Rain reaches his feet, flying shoulder tackle from Archyle! He flattens the challenger and Snow is in the Perfect Storm corner, helpless and absolutely furious about it! Drew stands slowly and lifts Rain, propping him up in the corner and firing several brutal punches into his head and body.

HHL: Rain is getting lit up here!

PC: Like a mu’fuggin Christmas tree!

Drew catches Rain before he can collapse and hooks his head, DDT! Drew rolls Rain over and quickly covers him! The referee slides into position, and the fans rise to their feet!

PC: It’s OVER!



HHL: Ropebreak! Drew didn’t realize where Rain’s foot was, and he got it up just in time!

PC: That’s what she said!

HHL: I know, I’m sure you’ve heard it plenty of times…

Snow screams furiously for Rain to get up and make the tag but Rain has nothing in the tank, he’s been absolutely pummeled in fairly short order. He stretches a hand out desperately, but he’s a good eight feet away. Drew looks to Raven and points at Rain, asking if he wants to get back into the match and finish it off. Raven shakes his head politely and tells Archyle that he clearly has it under control.

HHL: This is why these guys are the champions, they work so well together.

PC: Raven is just being lazy, stop trying to make your friend look good.

Drew stands and leans back against the ropes, waiting for Rain to climb to his feet. He waits, he waits, and he waits some more. He looks out at the crowd, then pretends to check his watch. Rain is moving at all.

PC: He might be dead.

HHL: Don’t exaggerate.

PC: I’m not exaggerating. I’m just hoping…

HHL: That was Pip Collins speaking, folks. Don’t mention me in your angry letters.

Drew gives up on the patient act and drags Rain to his feet only to plant him viciously with his trademark headlock driver.




Drew makes the cover, and the referee makes the count!










[Image: iMa5SD2.png]

- vs -

Noah Jackson runs onto the ramp with a burst of energy, taunting to the crowd. He walks towards the ring going to high five fans before faking out and giving them a dab like a dick. He rolls into the ring and rests in his corner.

"A Lesson Never Learned" hits, roaring guitars filling the arena. Tony Santos descends down the entrance ramp, black trench coat on his back, taking slow, confident strides toward the ring. The disdain from the crowd pouring in, Tony Santos takes it all in with a smirk that would put Alex Rodriguez to shame.

The chorus (Could be the end of the world, I'd still be laid here on my own, wasting my life away!!!) hits, Santos ascends the stairs and climbs the turnbuckle, one hand raised in the air, depicting the championship he always assumes he holds. Boos mixed with indecision rain in from the crowd, Tony still smiling, still loving the life he lives and the job he holds.

Santos jumps off of the turnbuckle and hits the mat with his two feet, giving one more raised arm to the crowd, then turning toward his opponent...

The men circle eachother and lock up. Santos, the stronger man, easily backs Noah into the corner. Noah looks for a rope break but the ref shakes his head no. Santos unloads with kicks to Noah's midsection, buckling the challenger against the turnbuckles. Santos lifts Noah and whips him across the ring...

Leg lariat!

Santos drops Noah in the center of the ring with the crushing impact. Noah rolls over holding his head as Santos begins to stomp away at him. Santos drops down on top of Santos and begins raining down punches on the prone Noah. Noah tries to roll over and escape but Santos place a knee into his back starts punching him in the back of the head! Santos grabs Noah by the hair and lifts him to his feet, but Noah counters with a snapmare! Noah lands a kick right to the spine of Santos.

"Ooh! Right to the spine! That had to sting!"

"Like a weekend in Guadalajara with a prostitute named Lupe who stole my wallet..."

Noah rolls Santos under the bottom rope and runs to the opposite ring, gaining momentum. Noah drops down for a baseball slide to the prone Santos!

But Santos manages to use the middle rope to bridge himself over the approaching Noah! Noah slides right underneath Santos and directly out onto the floor. Noah quickly turns to retaliate...

Flying neckbreaker from the apron!

"Santos dropped Noah like a bad habit!"

"Dropped him like our script writer dropped the ball with creating original dialogue!"

Noah reels as Santos stalks him, flicking a few kicks out landing square into Noah's midsection. Santos lifts Noah to his feet, but Noah lifts Santos off his feet and rams him into the ring apron! Noah keeps his arms locked around Santos' waist as he attempts to slam him into the apron again, but Santos breaks the hold with a series of punches to Noah's head. Noah manages to fire back with punches as the two men brawl all around ringside. Santos tries to hit Noah with a big punch but Noah manages to counter with an enziguri that sends Santos over the barrier and into the crowd!

"Prime autograph time!"

"Have them sign a blank check!"

Noah leaps on top of the barrier and connects with a missile dropkick to Santos! Noah crawls over and covers




Noah mutters something under his breath (likely 'cunt') as he lifts Santos to his knees with a headlock. With Santos still trapped in his hold, Noah charges the security barrier, runs off and...

Santos drops him back first on to the barrier! Noah cries out in pain as he bounces off the barrier and rolls back toward ringside.

"Holy shit, that sounded like a kitten trapped in a Nutri-blend."

Noah attempts to crawl back into the ring but his skull his introduced to the ring apron by charging boot of Tony Santos. Noah flops to the ground as Santos begins his ascent to the top turnbuckle. Santos steadies himself and mesaures...

Diving legdrop! Right across Noah's throat!

"Eat your heart out, Marie Antoinette!"

Santos quickly rolls over and pins Noah



Kickout! Noah barely manages to lift his shoulder as he struggles to regain his breath. Frustrated, Santos stomps away at Noah's shoulder before applying an armbar on the floor. Noah grits his teeth as he tries to break the hold, to no avail. Santos pops his hips, hyperextending Noah's arm! Noah's free arm frantically searches under the ring apron, until it reappears with a kendo stick! Noah desperately swings at Santos...


Santos shakes his head no as he torques back on Noah's arm. Noah swings again...


Santos laughs as he feels Noah's will fading. Santos pops his hips once more for leverage and then glares at Noah!

Crack! Noah manages to connect with a shot from the kendo stick right between Santos' eyes! Santos releases the hold and recoils in pain. Both men struggle to their feet but Noah charges Santos...

"Crack the shits! I don't understand the name but it looks like it hurts!"

The one legged dropkick connects with Santos' face as he struggles to regain his composure. Noah lifts Santos to his feet

Arm drag!

Santos slowly recovers just in time for Noah to grab ahold of him again

Arm drag!

Santos drops to the floor as Noah slides back into the ring. He psyches himself up and moves toward the ring ropes...

Death Defying Leap!


Santos hops up onto the ring apron and hits a piledriver from the apron to the floor, driving Noah's head straight into the padded floor below!

Santos grabs Noah and throws him into the ring. Santos scales the top rope and leaps off and splashes onto Noah with such force that it takes the wind from out of both competitors and Santos collapses onto his back beside Noah. They both lay side by side unable to move, winded.

They both place place their arms over the others bodies at the exact samet tme thatt the Referee has no choice but to make a double count.



They are both starting to stur..........

2 and a half............ .

2 and three quarters...................



Winner - DRAW

BUT still HART Champion - TONY SANTOS

The Boston Bruiser has a message for Robert "The Omega" Main. Delivered from the parking lot outside of a XWF event. He has a Robert "The Omega" Main fan next to him.

Write it out exactly how it should appear in results::
The Boston Bruiser appears on the screen standing next to a college age looking guy wearing a Robert Main t-shirt. They appear to be in the parking lot outside of the stadium where an XWF event is occurring. Boston Bruiser begins to speak to the young man.

Boston Bruiser: So I take it young man you're a big Robert Main fan.
Young man: Hell yeah! He's the toughest SOB in the XWF!
Boston Bruiser: What exactly makes him so tough?
Young man: He is like super hardcore and has a way of punishing anybody he faces.
Boston Bruiser: I think he's a pussy ass bitch and nothing but a poser. What do you think
of that?!
Young Man: I think you're an asshole and that The Omega would destroy you!

[The Boston Bruiser becomes enraged. Kicks the young man in the stomach and jack knifes him onto the near car. He proceeds to pull him off the car. Then the Boston Bruiser climbs on top of the car jumps off and comes slamming onto the young man. He stands up and stares into the camera.]

The Boston Bruiser: Hey Roberto, that's nothing compared to what I am going to do to you in the ring. You say you're hardcore? You only think you know hardcore. While you obviously grew up with a pampered lifestyle, I had to fight 1 on 1, 1 on 10, and some times 1 on 20 just to survive on the streets of Boston. You don't have a clue what hardcore is. You're a poser nothing more nothing less. You claim you're good with weapons, you better bring every weapon you can when you face me in the ring. I'm going to give you the worst beating of your life. You will be begging for mercy but will be offered none. I don't just want the championship gold you wear around your waste I want to end your career. You better watch your back "Omega man!"

[Police sirens can be heard in the distance. The Boston Bruiser hops in his vehicle and drives off as the camera fades away.]

[Image: JggTqeU.png]


- vs -




The entire stadium goes black as Burning Bright by Nine Inch Nails begins to play. Slowly, the X-Tron begins to show scarce, glowing embers, the light of each one illuminating smoke growing at the entrance of the ramp. As the song continues, more embers are seen until a large fire is displayed on the screen. The ramp then glows Ned's famous blue, revealing a silhouette in the smoke. Slowly stepping from the fog is none other then Notorious Ned Kaye. He stops for a moment, taking in the intensity of the situation. He lifts an arm, eyeing the stands to watch the many audience members who follow suit. With a single smile, he drops his arm and rushes towards the ring, slipping in from under the bottom rope, picking himself up immediately.

Broken Dreams' by Sharman's Harvest hits the Arena's sound system and Robert walks through the curtains after the instrumental “I make them for you”! He then looks to the crowd to his left and then right rolling his shoulders. He smiles shaking his head and slowly walks down the ramp. He stops at the ring steps looking to the crowd once more before slamming his hands on the ring steps entering the ring.




The fans are on their feet as “Notorious” Ned Kaye stands confidently in his corner, staring down the XWF Universal Champion “The Omega” Robert Main to begin the biggest match of his career. Main steps out of his corner slowly, a hand extended in a show of sportsmanship. Ned looks to the fans for approval and slowly steps forward and shakes. There’s a roar of applause as the two men separate and begin to circle each other, the championship belt strung high in the air above them. Main tries to twist Ned into a hammerlock but the indie darling is able to pull free and bounce off the ropes, looking for a flying knee! The Omega sidesteps and sends Kaye sailing harmlessly past. Main tries to wrap Ned up from behind, looking for a signature suplex, but Ned is able to break Robert’s grip early and slip away once more. Ned throws a quick kick to the body, Robert blocks it! Robert tries an overhand right but Ned is able to duck underneath and look for a leg sweep that The Omega easily hops over!

PC: Holy crap!

HHL: The fans are loving this! Ned is putting up a hell of a showing!

The two challengers back away from each other, both smiling and acknowledging the other. Soon enough they look to tie up again, Ned shooting Robert into the ropes and looking for a dropkick. The Omega catches himself without bouncing and Ned falls to the mat, rolling quickly to his feet as Main charges with a heavy clothesline! Ned backbends under Roberts arm and flips backwards with a Pele kick! Robert Main catches Ned Kaye’s foot, and The Omega rolls Ned onto his belly and tries to apply a Texas cloverleaf! He nearly has it locked in when Kaye manages to get a foot free and kick Robert away! Ned tries to roll to his feet again, but stumbles ever so slightly turning around.


HHL: Even though Main couldn’t lock in the cloverleaf it seems he tweaked Ned’s ankle, and it slowed Ned down enough for Robert to finally land!

PC: There’s a reason Main is the champion, Ned couldn’t dodge him all night!

Ned rolls on the mat, clutching his ribs as Main pumps his fist for the crowd and fires himself up. He grabs Ned and lifts him to his feet before hurling him with a belly to belly suplex. Kaye skids across the mat and Main scrambles over to him and stands before dropping an elbow on Ned’s body. He pummels Ned with some powerful ground and pound and jumps to his feet, urging Ned to do the same!

PC: Ned needs to roll out of the ring or something, before he gets himself killed.

HHL: Call me crazy but I don’t think Ned is the type to back down!

Ned grabs the middle rope and pulls himself to his knees, still gasping for a full breath, then grabs the top rope and pulls himself to his feet. Robert Main has him lined up, and charges full speed before leaping in the air for a body splash! Ned drops to the mat, pulling the top rope down with him and sending the Universal champion tumbling out of the ring and to the floor below! The crowd is shocked as Main takes a nasty fall and Ned forces himself to his feet again, stretching his ribs before charging off the far ropes and leaping out of the ring with a suicide dive that smashes Robert Main back into the fan barricade just as he got back to his feet.

HHL: I told you! Ned is putting it ALL on the line tonight!

PC: As he should! This is the Universal title we’re talking about!

Ned crawls away from the downed champion, he’s going for a ladder! Ned folds a ladder slowly and carries it to the apron, sliding it underneath the bottom rope and taking a moment to breath. Ned rolls slowly underneath the bottom rope himself, setting up the ladder in the middle of the mat and doing his best to align it underneath the swinging title belt. The Omega is stirring outside on the floor! He can hear the fans cheering for Ned Kaye to climb the ladder and shock the XWF Universe. Ned begins to climb as Robert Main rolls into the ring and rushes over to the base, reaching up and grabbing Kaye’s ankle, pulling him violently down to the canvas!

HHL: That’s the same ankle Kaye hurt earlier.

PC: It was Kaye’s ankle, but Main was the one that hurt it.

HHL: … what a wonderful clarification, Pip.

Main tips the ladder over and leans it up in the turnbuckle, Ned climbs to his feet and The Omega boots him in the midsection and doubles him over… GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!

PC: Main just threw Kaye through the ladder! That thing is bent to shit, now!

HHL: That may not have been Main’s smartest move, he’s got to go get something else to climb now if he wants to win.

PC: Who cares if it was smart?! It was awesome!!!

Main sighs deeply and drops to the canvas, rolling out of the ring and walking up the entrance ramp to get himself another ladder. Ned Kaye moves, beginning to pull himself from the twisted metal wreckage of the first. He frees himself and crawls to the ropes, pulling himself to his feet. Main grabs a ladder and heads back to the ring! Ned sprints across the mat… he leaps into the air, using the top rope as a springboard… he soars towards the Omega looking for a cross body…


HHL: Robert Main uses the ladder and smashes Ned out of the air!

PC: Good CHRIST! That was incredible! It’s over now! It’s got to be! Ned Kaye can’t be conscious after that!

Robert Main takes his ladder and throws it over the top rope and into the ring. He climbs in confidently, eyeing the decimated Ned Kaye the entire time! Once inside the ropes he picks up the ladder and tries to unfold it, but can’t. He struggles furiously and realizes that this one’s been damaged too! The Omega has destroyed two ladders with Ned Kaye’s body so far tonight! Clearly irritated Main slams the second ladder into the corner atop the first and turns to go find himself yet another, but Ned Kaye has slid sneakily into the ring!


Ned Kaye nearly kicks through the skull of Robert Main, glazing the champions eyes over as he slumps to the canvas!


PC: This kid refuses to quit! He wants that Universal title so god damned badly! He was up against the wall after the spear, he should have been finished after that suplex through the ladder and he should have been DEAD after getting smacked out of the air! But he’s slumped over the Universal champions body in a match with no pinfalls!

Ned Kaye indeed lays motionlessly across the still body of Robert Main, both men totally spent. The fans begin to count symbolically!



Before they say three Ned hoists himself up and off of Main, the crowd deflating slightly at losing their opportunity to finish the count.

PC: If I was Ned I’d have waited a second there, just to say I pinned the champion.

HHL: Well, that’s why Ned Kaye is a better man than you Pip. He knows it wouldn’t count, and he’s not here to try and pick up frivolous moral victories. He’s here to win the title!

Ned drags himself desperately to the ring apron, pulling himself out of the ring and dropping to the floor! He’s so beat up he can’t even walk right now! He’s dragging himself across the floor and up the ramp towards another ladder! Robert Main is still down but the crowd is on their feet! Kaye reaches the ladder and uses the fan barricade to pull himself up off the floor, using every ounce of his strength to carry the ladder back to the ring and slide it inside!

PC: If Ned Kaye wins the Universal title, I’ll lose my mind.

Ned pulls himself slowly to the apron, and steps slowly through the ropes. He picks up the ladder slowly, and slowly sets it up in the middle of the mat.

HHL: Ned is moving very slowly.


HHL: Has he been playing possum this entire time?!

Robert Main grabs an exhausted Ned Kaye!




Ned is sprawled on the mat and Robert Main scrambles up the ladder! The fans erupt out of a stunned silence as The Omega reaches the top of the ladder and snatches the title belt from where it hangs! It’s over!


Robert slowly ascends the ladder as the fans continue to cheer for him. Ned Kaye looks up at Main as the reality sinks in that he is not walking out the Universal Champion.

Once at the bottom of the ladder Main walks over to Kaye and extends his hand to his opponent. Kaye ponders the gesture for a second before reaching out and accepting Main's offer. Robert pulls Ned up to his feet, pulls him in close and whispers something into the man's ear before raising his arm in a show of solidarity as the fans respond with thunderous applause.

HHL: Ned’s got no reason to hang his head, he’s barely gotten started in the XWF and he’s already gone toe to toe with some of the best in the company. He’s got a bright future.

Ned staggers up the ramp and disappears behind the curtain as Robert continues to celebrate, the Apex successfully defending in both of the stables title matches tonight. With a final wave to the fans Main rolls out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp as well, disappearing backstage.

The lights flicker before dimming to darkness….

White strobe lights start to flicker throughout the entire area as white smoke floods out to the top of the ramp and starts to rise creating a smoky haze. Several seconds pass before we see walking through the smoky haze is none other than “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE! There’s a loud, split reception from the crowd as there’s those ecstatic to see him while others could care the fuck less. Chris is not endearing himself regardless as he’s wearing an XWF t-shirt with a large red “X” across the logo with a pair of jeans and some white hi-tops while his hair is pulled back into a ponytail as he starts to make the walk to the ring. CHRIS completely ignores the ringside fans on his walk to the ring, shoeing them away with each hand as he reaches ringside where he walks up the steel steps to ringside. Page shakes his head while on the apron before stepping through the ropes and into the ring. He calls for a microphone and is given one as he walks across the ring reaching through the ropes and takes a microphone from Steve Sayors who’s been waiting to make a final address to the fans. The music fades away leaving the very loud, but very mixed reception as CHRIS reaches center ring.

CHRIS PAGE: Look we all know why I’m here so let’s just cut right to the thick of things…

CHRIS shifts his attention from the “hard camera” towards the entrance ramp as he continues.


There’s a pop for the mention of Raven’s name, fresh off his title defense with Drew Archyle tonight.

CHRIS PAGE: It’s time for you to stop signing checks and get up from your desk, walk your ass down to this ring and the two of us have ourselves a chat… That’s right, as promised I’m here and I’m CALLING YOU OUT!

The fans erupt as “Bleed it Out” by Linkin Park blasts over the sound system and the one and only People’s G.O.A.T. makes his way out to the stage and storms down the ramp towards a grinning Chris Page. Raven is shouting inaudibly at Chris as the fans cheer, all business and ignoring the fans that lean over the barricade in hopes he’ll slap their hands. James reaches the ringsteps, eager to get his hands on Page when suddenly two men hop over the barricade and grab Raven from behind, driving him skull first into the ring post and leaving him in a heap on the steps. The fans turn, beginning to boo furiously as the two men lay vicious boots to Raven before picking him up and tossing him into the ring where Chris Page begins to pace around his body like an animal.

PC: Who the hell are those guys?!

HHL: I think I know, but I need to see their faces…

The two men roll into the ring after Raven, standing up and beginning to circle James’ body with Chris Page. The first man turns directly towards the commentary table and winks.

HHL: That’s what I thought! It’s MDK!

PC: Who?

HHL: A monster. A literal monster. He’s a legend in the sport and he spent years dominating XWF affiliates… but now he’s IN THE XWF and aligned with Chris Page!!!

The second man turns to the fans, soaking in the jeers until some of the long time XWF fans begin to recognize him. He looks different than he used to, older and battle weary with scars and burns and a variety of other prizes from his years in an XWF ring.

[Image: xwf-rage.jpg]

HHL: It’s Rage! A former Universal champion and a man that had a rivalry with James Raven that spanned years! He’s back in the XWF!

Rage and MDK stand Raven up, leaving him on wobbly legs for Chris Page who hits Raven with the Page Plant! Suddenly someone comes running down the ramp, sliding underneath the bottom rope and getting between Raven and the three men. It’s Fuzz!

PC: What the hell is he doing out here?

HHL: Raven has a lot of friends, someone needed to help him.

Fuzz screams at Chris, MDK and Rage demanding they back off from Raven and to the surprise of everyone in the building they do. Fuzz helps Raven to his feet… THE AFTERTHOUGHT! Fuzz lands his elevated roll of the dice and the trio of invaders explode as he pops to his feet, stomping their feet and pumping their fists as Fuzz makes it perfectly clear where his loyalties lie.


The two founding members of Apex sprint down the ramp full speed and take the ring, Archyle blasting Chris Page with a double leg before MDK pulls him off and begins blasting him with powerful kicks. Main looks to grab a hold of Fuzz but Rage snaps him up and pins him in a corner turnbuckle where he and Fuzz begin hammering the Universal champion.

PC: This is ridiculous! Raven is down and out and there’s two guys to each Apex member, they’ve got no shot!


Centurion sprints out from backstage and heads towards the chaos in the ring, Fuzz and MDK getting ready to welcome him. Centurion slides into the ring and the duo immediately begin to stomp the legend but he powers his way to his feet and hits both with right hands! Drew Archyle is back to his feet and launches himself through the air, taking Fuzz and MDK down with a double flying clothesline! Rage and Chris Page drag Archyle off their allies, hurling him across the mat to the corner as Robert Main throws a heavy big boot to the side of Rage’s skull!

A stream of referees and security guards rush from backstage and towards the ring to restore some order! Seeing this Chris Page shouts to MDK, Fuzz, and Rage, and all four men fight their way out of the ring and head up the ramp with their hands held up innocently. They point at Centurion, Main, Archyle and Raven and tell the XWF staff to focus on restraining them.

In the ring Archyle and Main help Raven to his feet, then both look to Centurion and extend fists towards him. Centurion nods his head and bumps fists with both.

HHL: Archyle and Centurion seem to be on the same page, finally. The Apex and The Prophecy working together?! The Apex Prophecy, dare I say?

James Raven looks furiously up at Chronic Chris Page who laughs from the stage, flanked by three wrestling legends in Fuzz, MDK and Rage. The two sides of four all eye each other coldly, and slowly…

… ever so slowly…

… Warfare fades off the air.

OOC: Big thank you to the following people for their awesome help.

Big D
James Raven
Atticus Black
John Whyte
Darius Xavier
Notorius Ned Kaye
Loverboy Vinnie Lane
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Backstage, The Notorious One is slumped in a chair, his weight resting on the wall behind him. To his right is Ethan, lightly patting his shoulder.

"That was insane, man."

Ned lets out a strained laugh.

"Not insane enough, apparently."

Seemingly out of nowhere, Steve Sayors appears! With little regard for Ned's comfort, he leans in closely, microphone close at hand.

"And here we have Ned Kaye who put on a tremendous showing tonight, although it came up short against the dominant powerhouse known only as Robert Main!"

"Is it just me or do you make an effort to interview me after failed title matches?"

"It's my job. Do you have any comments regarding your defeat tonight and your upcoming plans for Warfare?"

"Well, I believe it's easily noticeable that I'm not quite to the point I'd like to be at. But I'm far closer than many gave me credit for. As for War Games, I can only tell you all to stay tuned. I've yet to be pinned or submit in an XWF ring and I plan for that trend to continue well past War Games."

"Even though it's possible your team will go head to head with Robert Main again, backed up by his team of XWF legends?"

Steve presses his mic even closer to Ned, prompting Ethan to speak up.

"Hey, Steve... could you back up a little?"

Steve adjusts his posture and position, looking somewhat embarrassed.

"My bad, gentlemen."

"Thanks, Ethan."

"Steve, if I was scared of legends, I would've never given it my all for this match. I can't undo tonight, but I can improve. So should I face Robert again at the War Games pay-per-view, backed by historic stars or not, I will give twice the intensity that I gave here tonight."

Steve stands tall for the camera.

"You've heard it here first, folks! This is Steve Sayors signing off!"


#OOC: Great show as always! Loved the match between Main and Ned! It was an honor to compete with such a talented writer so early, but I definitely have a lot of room for improvement! The promos for this Warfare were also pretty consistently good, in my opinion, so there was a lot of solid work put in by everyone! Thanks to the GM team for putting on another great show!

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Dude, Ned, I tried to tell you you weren't ready for the big time. Trust me, I know all about trying to cut in line! I spent a year toiling through the ranks before finally getting my big break... and I lost!

Imagine thinking you can just jump onto the main stage after a month or two... sad, really.

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[Rain is sitting in the Perfect Storm's lockerroom, Snow standing before him, raging at their loss... which she atributes to Rain; ]

Snow: Reeve.... what in the FUCK was that?! If you woulda tagged me in before ur ass was kicked, I coulda gone in there and atLEAST saved some face, but fer fuck's sake... Reevie, I cain't take this much more. Either you start strappin' on them work boots and kick some ass 'round here, or I'm gunna hafta go an' cut the apron strings! I REALLY want you to be succesful, yer muh brother.... not to mention my lover.... but regardless ah how yer career goes, I'm aimin' fer mine to soar into the stars, whether yer along fer the ride or not. So... War Games is comin' up quick. Whadya gotta say?? Gimme somethin' tah believe in...

[Rain stands up gracefully, before wrapping his arms around Snow's shoulders..... he gazes lovingly into her eyes, before locking in a beautiful, loving lip-lock, gently entangling his tongue with that of Sarah, his kid sister... Her fury melts into pure ecstasy.... the scene fades.]

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